(also Nettle Hill Cemetery)

Cato Township, Manitowoc Co., Wisconsin

Location: On top of a hill 0.2 miles south of the junction of Hwy 148 and Route 10, Cato Twp. Cemetery is on the west side of the road, and cared for as of summer of 1975. Most of the inscriptions were transcribed on May 18, 1975, and the rest on June 29, 1975. The May 18 portion was done by Dick & Carol Cote, and the rest by the members of the Manitowoc County Old Cemeteries Society. Reindexed by Kristin Spaude and Joseph Petska, April 2000. Updated by Bruce Huffer for the Manitowoc Genealogy Society, September, 2010

Most tombstone pics taken 15 July 2001 by Adam Kiehn.


Sophia M. Ahlers/Geb 26 Jan. 1820/Gest 8 Oct. 1897 Tombstone, ossw:
Albert H. Ahlers/Geb in Jahre 1816/Gest 8 Juli 1892 Tombstone
Full length of tombstone

BOHMAN: Margaret Bohman/1843-1921, ossw: Mathias Kolbeck See KOLBECK

BRODTKE: Anna Brodtke/4 Apr. 1861/20 Aug. 1917/Gattin von Johan Brodtke/5 Nov. 1860/11 July 1932/IH WEISS DASS MEIN ERLOSER LEBET Tombstone Johan/Anna Ernestine/Tochter von J. & A. Brodtke/Geb 12 Mai 1892/Gest/18 Apr 1909 Tombstone

BROWN: Margaret Brown/wife of/William Playfair/born/Jan. 19, 1830/ died/Jan. 21, 1911/A native of/Aberdeen, Scot. Tombstone (Husband see PLAYFAIR)

CAIN: Jeanette Cain/Mother/1896-1954 Tombstone

CHRISTMANN: George Christmann/geboren/2 Marz 1855/gestorben/23 Oct. 1917 Tombstone

CLASSON: Joseph C./Son of/A.R. & A. Classon/Born/in Fort Covington, N.Y./ Jan. 24, 1847/Died/April 12, 1869 Tombstone Agnes/wife of/A.R. Classon/Born/Jan. 23, 1807/Died/Sept. 18, 1892 Tombstone, ossw: Alandon R. Classon/Born in Vermont/May 12, 1804/died/July 26, 1886 Tombstone Lina Baxter Classon/(nothing else) Tombstone Also see WHITCOMB

CLAUSEN: James Eveard Clausen/d. 26 Aug. 1869/infant/cause: scarlet fever (no stone: from St. James Episc. ch. record)

COLTON: Winslow Colton/d. Feb. 1881 Wife and Child of M.W. Colton, ossw: Fanny H./Died/March 6/1858/AE 32 yrs. 7ms./& 2ds Tombstone, ossw: Annah G./Died/Oct 29, 1856/AE 2yrs. 6ms./& 13ds. Tombstone

COOPER: Lelia/1857-1906, ossw: Mathew/1850-1927 Tombstone

FRENCH: George A. French/Aug. 9, 1858/Oct. 27, 1914, ossw: Sarah French/Dec. 5, 1859/Jan. 22, 1940 Tombstone Selah T. French/Nov. 14, 1851/Jan. 28, 1914, ossw: Emeline R. Vanderlip/his wife/Dec. 29, 1850/Sept. 12, 1888 Tombstone Lois/wife of A. French/born/Nov. 5, 1820/died/Dec. 5, 1896 Tombstone, ossw: Andrew French/born/July 27, 1822/died/June 29, 1892/Erected by their son/Geo. A. French Tombstone

FRICK: Zde Odpociva/Emma/Manzekla/O.C. Frick/Narozena/9 Pros. 1862/Zemrela/9 Unora 1890 See PETRZILKA

GIRARD: [Mary Lucile Girard/1924-1925] Tombstone

GRIFFIN: Ester Griffin/Born/June 4, 1840/Died/July 1, 1870 Tombstone

HALLFRISCH: Jakob Hallfrisch/geb. in Kon'r. Wurtenberg, Deutsch/Gest/16 Juli, 1892/Alter/72 J. 11mo. 22T. Tombstone


HARRIS: Erwin E. Harris/Died March 2, 1862/Aged 34 years (rest of stone buried) Tombstone Nancy/Wife of/J.E. Harris/Born/April 6, 1796/Died/May 28, 1881 Tombstone John E. Harris/Died Jan 6, 1855/Aged 56 years, 5 months,/9 days Tombstone Tombstone Erwin/Nancy/John Hardy Allison Harris/1881-1910/Died in Peking China/At the U.S.Legation/ son of Eugene Harris Tombstone [Ida Bell/daughter of/I. J. & M. E./Harris/rest underground ] Tombstone (Ida Belle Harris/d. April 1869/from obit)

HEMPTON: James/1885-1950, ossw: Cora/1860-1939, ossw: William/1852-1931 Tombstone James/Cora/William Louisa Hempton/d. Feb. 1913/from obit Francis Hempton/1866-1889, ossw: Robert Hempton/1888-1915 Tombstone Francis/Robert Augustine Hempton/d. Sept. 13, 1871/age 1 yr. 1mo. 2 da.

HICKOCK / HICKOK: Alanson L. Hickok/2D Serg NY Militia/Patriot War/Aug 15 1815-Aug 1 1875 Tombstone Tombstone Certificate Charles C. Hickock/Co. K/21 Regt./Wis. Inf. (d. 12/28/1862) Tombstone

HICKOK: Cora M./Daughter of/J.A. & A.J. Hickok/Died Feb 25, 1877/Aged 9mos 14d'ys Tombstone Tombstone added Sep. 2007 Second tombstone photo and Alanson Hickok photos sent in by researcher/see contributors page.

HOWARD: Prucia A./wife of/Henry Howard/died/June 6, 1856, AE 27 yrs. Tombstone

HOYER: Andrew Hoyer/1845-1905, ossw: Emelie Hoyer/1848-1912 Tombstone Andrew/Emelie

KIRCH: Clifford J./US NAVY/12 24 1932/01 26 1997 Tombstone

KNAPP: Laura/1898-1983, ossw: Glenn/1893-1964 Tombstone Laura/Glenn

KOLBECK: Mathias Kolbeck/1830-1867, ossw: Margaret Bohman, his wife Tombstone Mathias/Margaret See BOHMAN

KRUEGER: Johann Krueger/geboren/in _____dorf in P____zen/16 Dez. 1813/Gest in Cato/26 Dez 1881 Friedericke Ch. M./Gattin von/J. Krueger/Geb/20 Jan 1816/Gest/31 Okt 1892 Tombstone Johann/Friedericke

LAVINE: Mary Ann/dau of/Timothy & ____(illegible)/Lavine/died/Nov. 23, 1863 aged/3 yrs 6 ms 1d. (stone broken as of 4-22-2000)Tombstone

LEGER: Edmond Leger/Co. D/27 Regt./Wis. Inf./1846-1863 Tombstone

LUEBKE: [Robert E. Luebke/3-15-1937/____], ossw: Dorothy B. Skinkis Luebke[/5-6-1937/1-7-2000] Tombstone Robert/Dorothy

MALESKI: Mary/1892-1964, ossw: John/Apr. 15, 1888/Dec. 29, 1972 Tombstone Mary/John Harold J./1915-1985 (veteran), ossw: Marjorie M./1912-1985 Tombstone Harold/Marjorie

MASON: Florence HAMMOND Mason/died Feb. 2, 1893/aged 25yrs, 13ds Tombstone, ossw: Infant daughter/of/C & F Mason/died/Jan 11, 1893 Tombstone Jared Mason/Born/Feb. 12, 1804/Died/Sept. 1, 1880, ossw: Ruth Mason/Born/Feb 17, 1812/Died/May 23, 1883

MCCORKLE: Wilson D./son of/J. & M.M. McCorkle/died/Aug 20, 1864/ aged/18ys 11ms 3ds (Note: everything below the word "died" is under ground) Tombstone

MESSMANN: Joseph (E or F.) Messmann/Co. D./27 Wis. Inf. Tombstone

MILLER: Agustie Miller/1879-1904 Tombstone Maria/Gattin von/J.F.Miller/geb./5 Juni 1851/gest./13 Aug. 1891 Tombstone Walter Miller (nothing else) Tombstone Lena B. Miller/1889-1943 Martha C./Wife of Theo. Miller/Born/Jan. 18,1870/died/Aug. 27, 1911, ossw: Theodore Miller/Born Oct. 6, 1867/Died July 19, 1936 Tombstone Lena/Martha/Theodore Martha Miller/Mar. 15, 1883/June 29, 1947 Ernst Miller/Mar. 19, 1878/May 31, 1921 Tombstone Emma/Mother/1892-1966, ossw: John/Father/1883-1933 Tombstone John/Emma Raymond Sherman Eugene Miller/Feb 25, 1913/July 4, 1913 Tombstone Mary A. Miller/Born/Feb. 26, 1882/Died/Feb. 7, 1897, ossw: Julia S. J. Miller/Born/May 27, 1891/Died/May 28, 1907 Tombstone Mary/Julia John A. Miller/Nov. 28, 1846/May 24, 1912 Tombstone

MILLS: Husband/Henry Mills/Born/Nov. 27, 1827/Died/March 29, 1902 Tombstone

MULLER: William J.C. Muller/Born/Dec. 13, 1839/Died/July 25, 1890, ossw: /His Wife (Magdelena)/Born/July 8, 1839/Died/May 13, 1915, ossw: Gerhard J. Muller/Born/Nov.1, 1805/Died/April 1, 1890, ossw: Johanna C. Muller/Born/Jan 1, 1805/Died/Aug. 21, 1885, ossw: Tombstone William/Magdelena/Gerhard/Johanna Ida M./dau. of/Theo. & M.C./Muller/born/Aug. 21, 1888/Died/July 10, 1891 Tombstone

NATE: Anna Margereth/wife of/J.B. Nate/born/Mar. 14, 1819/died/Nov. 10, 1895, ossw: John Bernhard Nate/Born in Germany/Apr. 3, 1816/died/Nov. 29, 1882 Tombstone Anna/John

NICHOLS: Lemuel P. Nichols/Died/Jan. 15, 1873/Aged 13yrs,/11mos 4dys/A Native of Springfield, Mass. Tombstone

O'CONNELL: Ella C./wife of/R.S. O'Connell/Nov. 25, 1849/Feb 13, 1896, ossw: R.S. O'Connell/1846-1907 Tombstone Ella/R.S. Geo. C. O'Connell/1883-1899 Tombstone

PALMER: H.R. Palmer/born/Apr. 20, 1835/died/Nov. 15, 1913, ossw: Micajan Palmer/born/Jan ___, 1813/died/Mar 16, 1876/Aged 6? yrs, ?mos. (partly illegible) Tombstone H.R./Micajan, ossw: Alzina R./wife of/M. Palmer/born/Mar 5, 1816/died/Feb 10, 1889 Tombstone Aged/73yr, 11mo (Dates hard to read, possibly wrong in this transcription)

PELTON: Harold Pelton/Died/Mar. 24, 1901/Aged 2 years Tombstone

PETRZILKA?: Zde Odpociva/Anna Petrzilka/narozena/15 Rijna [Oct] 1811/zemrela/25 Rijna [Oct] 1881, ossw: O.C. FRICK

PIPER: Josephine/wife of/Orin Piper/1875-1908 Tombstone, ossw: Edward Piper/1874-1904 Tombstone Eveline Piper/Mother/1846-1921 Orin Piper/Father/1870-1922 Tombstone Eveline/Orrin Alonzo Piper/Father/1856-1935 Tombstone Christianna Piper/1848-1862, ossw: Ruben Piper/1795-1860 Tombstone James/Ruben, ossw: James T./Piper/1823-1901, ossw: Mary A. Piper/1854-1874 Tombstone James/Mary Johanna/his wife/1835-1928, ossw: Seymour/1832-1908 Tombstone Johanna/Seymour

PLAYFAIR: Margaret Brown/wife of/Wm. Playfair/born/Jan 19, 1830/died/Jan 21, 1911/ A Native of/Aberdeen, Scot. Tombstone Tombstone, ossw: Wm. Playfair/born/Apr 15, 1878/A Native of Berwickshire/Scot. Tombstone Jane/wife of/Geo. Playfair/died/Nov. 6, 1872/Aged 85 yrs, ossw: George Playfair/died Nov. 25, 1872/Aged/82 yrs. Tombstone Jane/George

PRESTON: Frank Preston/1849-1930, ossw: Josephine Preston/1859-1926 Tombstone Frank/Josephine Frank Preston Jr./1878-1937 Tombstone George Preston/born Dec. 26, 1884-died Dec. 31, 1901

REINCE: Blanche Spaude Reince/1907-1981 (see SPAUDE/have obit)

ROBINSON: DeLoss S./son of/S.D. and S.R./Robinson/instantly killed/by the fall of/a tree which he/had chopped/Sep 22, 1873/Aged 13 years & 6 mos. (Note: the above very faded) Tombstone

SANTY: [Luella Hempton Santy/Sept. 2, 1885/Apr. 27, 1916] Tombstone

SHIMEK: Raymond/1921-1921, ossw: Norman/1923-1933 Tombstone Raymond/Norman

SMITH: Sanford S. Smith/died/Mar 13, 1867/AE 49 yrs/11 ms, 10 ds. Tombstone

SOPER: Zela Soper/Co. K/19 Wis. Inf. Jane/wife of Zela Soper/1842-1917 Tombstone

SPAETH: Henry F./Dec. 4, 1897/Nov. 10, 1968, ossw: Christina/1900-1975 (29 June 1900/Nov. 1975/SSDI)Tombstone Henry/Christina

SPAUDE: George/1923-1983 Tombstone, next to Blanche/1907-1981, ossw: Arthur/1903-1941 Tombstone Blanche/Arthur

STOEHR: Marie Stoehr/narozena/14 Kvet[May] 1838/zemrela/25 Dub.[April] 1902, ossw: Michael Stoehr/narozen/29 Rijna[Oct.] 1830/zemrel/20 Cervce[July] 1890 Tombstone Marie/Michael, ossw: Anna Petrzilka and Emma, wife of O.C. Frick. Tombstone Anna/Emma See those two listings

STROHFELDT: Bertha Strohfeldt/born/Aug 12, 1882/died/Mar 25, 1883 Tombstone Charles Strohfeldt/1851-1909 Augusta Strohfeldt/1855-1922 Tombstone Augusta/Charles John Strohfeldt/born at/DAM_ROFT ????/June 15, 1820/died/April 4, 1892, ossw: Johanna Maria Wilhelmine Strohfeldt/born in Fallenhagen, Prov ?????/Sept 9, 1819/died July 30, 1907 Tombstone John/Johanna


WHITCOMB: Clara Louisa/Dau of/John & Caroline/Whitcomb/Died Mar 4, 1862/Aged 3 yrs 3mos/& 6 Days Tombstone Caroline Classon/wife of/John Whitcomb/born Oct 6, 1842/died April 21, 1909, ossw: Alice May/Born at Grimms, Wis/June 27, 1875/Died Feb 13, 1895 Tombstone Caroline/Alice, ossw: John/Died April 23, 1902/Aged 82 years Tombstone Jno. Whitcomb/Co. D, 27 Wis. Inf. Tombstone Mary Whitcomb/08/28/1817 - 09/10/1899, ossw: Arron Whitcomb/04-__-1808? - 04/28/1871 Tombstone Arron/Mary Arron Whitcomb/12/14/1838 - 02/07/1907 Tombstone, ossw: Frances Whitcomb/03/23/1843 - 07/08/1922, ossw: Worthy Whitcomb/07/29/1861 - 12/22/1888, ossw: Clara Eveline Whitcomb/10/25/1871 - 10/22/1872, ossw: William Whitcomb/01/31/1880 - 04/14/1887 Tombstone Frances/Worthy/Clara/William The above information was supplied by Joyce Bohm, Two Rivers. The inscriptions on these stones were apparently overlooked either in copying or typing.

WILLIAMS: Ora May/Dau of/J.H. & F.A. Williams/Born/June 18, 1866/died/Oct. 27, 1867, ossw: James H. Williams/Born/April 13, 1823/died/Nov. 1, 1882 Tombstone Ora/James Benjamin M. Williams/Born Oct 28, 1807/Died Sept. 29, 1883 Tombstone Phebe L./Dau. of/B.M. & L. Williams/Died/Oct 26, 1862/Aged/20 yrs 4mos 20days Tombstone

????? Esther (footstone only - no marker) Baby (near above Esther stone) Ida Bell/daughter of/(rest of stone underground) Adam was able to get down far enough to see: Ida Bell/daughter of/I. J. & M. E. / Harris/rest underground so she has been added to the rest of the Harris' NOTE: There is a large pile of cuttings and stone remnants in the Southwest corner of the cemetery, which might contain complete stones or additional information. The pile is about 4' high and 15x15' in size, and overgrown with poison ivy. Since there are many unmarked depressions in the cemetery, there are probably at least 20 or more unmarked graves.