Centerville Township, Manitowoc Co., Wisconsin

Location: 0.2 miles west of the junction of Hwy. 141 and Manitowoc County Trunk F, on F. South side of the road. The church was torn down long ago. Indexed by Dick & Carol Cote of the Wisconsin State Old Cemetery Society. Maintained as of June, 1976. It is estimated that 50% of the stones or more are missing. This part of the cemetery is the older Eastern section. The newer Western section was indexed separately. This cemetery was updated but there were no new burials or dates.


August Bahr/25 Aug 1826/5 Nov 1904, ossw:
Louise Bahr/13 Apr 1831/1 Dec 1905  Tombstone August/Louise

BECKER: Herman Becker/Geb./16 Juli 1826/Gest./30 Aug 1906 Tombstone (next to the above: a base with 4" of headstone left.)

BERMEKE: Louise/Frau von/Franz Bermeke/geb/14 Juli 1826/gest./28 Mai 1883

BIBERMEIR: Charlotte/Frau von/F. Bibermeir/Gest./Mai den 27, 1875/Im Alter von/56 Jahre/7 Mo., 21 Tage Tombstone Frederick Bibermeir/1824-1905/from record

BURGER: Lee A. Burger/Feb. 13, 1951-Oct. 8, 2008/from obit

DASSLER: Maria/Gattin von/H.F. Dassler/geb'ne Bahr den/17 Marz 1867/gestorben/ 27 Marz 1893 (this stone next to August & Louise Bahr)

DEHNE: E. Heinr. Dehne/geb. d. 22 Mai 1818/gest. d. 23 Apr. 1858 Tombstone (Note: stone broken in 3 pieces) This grave marker for my wife’s g, g, gpa, Ernst Heinrich DEHNE. He came to America in 1854 aboard the ship Camillus out of LeHavre to NY with his wife Marie Amalie (SCHÜLER) and 3 children. Only 2 children are listed on the passenger listing. Henry died 4 years after immigrating.


FISCHER: Daniel Fischer/b. 16 July 1808, Grosst Germany/d. 26 Nov. 1863, Newton/

GOEKE: Friedrich W. Goeke/Geb. 28 Sept. 1831 - Gest. 21 Jan. 1912, ossw: Scharlotte K. Goeke/Geb. 26 Feb. 1833 - Gest. 10 Mar. 1875, ossw: Anna M. Goeke/Geb. Sept. 1802 - Gest. 24 Sept. 1873, ossw: Karl A. Goeke/Geb. 7 Dec. 1872 - Gest. 11 Oct. 1876 Tombstone Friedrich/Scharlotte/Anna/Karl

HECKER: Fr. Wilhelm Hecker/G. 26 Sept. 1853/G. 20 Mar 1918 Tombstone, next to: Agnes Hecker/Geb./13 Oct 1825/Gest./18 Feb. 1907, ossw: J.A. Hecker/Geb./18 Marz 1817/Gest./1 Feb. 1890

HEINZ: Mathilda Heinz/Mother/1881-1911

JANNIG: Ernestine Jannig/1852-1889 (replacement marker-fairly new stone) Tombstone (Note: original transcription had Janning..stone has Jannig. I changed the transcription to match stone.)

KEHDE: Simon Kehde/geboren/1821/gest./15 Mar 1901, ossw: Maria/Tochter v./H. & M. Kehde/geb. 1859/gest. 1860, ossw: Johann H. Kehde/geboren/1813/gestorben/5 Juni 1890 Tombstone, ossw: Maria E./Gattin von/J.H. Kehde/geb./28 Oct. 1814/gest. 9 Mar. 1901

KIELSMEIER: Maria/Gattin von/F. Kielsmeier/geb. Deka/in Amsterdam/12 Marz 1810/gest./1 Juni 1888, ossw: J. Friedr. C. Kielsmeier/geb. in Stemen/Lippe Detmold/3 Marz 1817/Gestorben/17 Feb. 1892 Paul/Sohn von/C. u. C. Kielsmeier/Geb. 10 Dec. 1892/Gest. 12 Jan. 1913 Tombstone, next to: Gustav A. Kielsmeier/Born/Oct 8, 1883/Died/Mar 27, 1904 Tombstone, ossw: Hugo W. Kielsmeier/Born/Nov. 13, 1880/Died/Nov. 17, 1887 Johann Fr. Chr. Kielsmeier/Geb./den 11 Mai 1812/Gest./den 9 Juni 1879 (Note: this stone broken in three pieces and discarded. It is no longer there (2012). See also STOCK

KILSMEIER: Heinrich Kilsmeier/Geb./den 20 Sept./1826/Gest./den 26 Oct 1875 Tombstone

KRAMER: Son/David Kramer/27 Aug 1923/13 Sept. 1928

KREIE: Mathilde C./Tochter von/Johann und Louise Kreie/Geb. d. 10 Feb. 1876/ Gestorben den 29 Juli 1876/im Alter von 5 Monate und 19 Tage Magdalena/Tochter von/Wilh. & Magd. Kreie/Geb. d. 20 Juni 1865/Gest. d. 21 Dez. 1870 Tombstone, ossw: Adelheid/Tochter von/Wilh. & Magd. Kreie/Geb. d. 21 Dez. 1855/Gest. d. 28 Dez. 1870, ossw: Anna/Tochter von/Wilh. & Magd. Kreie/Geb. d. 23 Oct. 1861/Gest. d. 6 Juni 1871 Tombstone, ossw: Friedrich/Sohn von/Wilh. & Magd. Kreie/Geb. d. 5 Dez. 1852/Gest. d. 26 Dez. 1870 Tombstone Joechem Kreie/1835-1870 Tombstone (Wilhelm Heinrich Kreie/d. Oct. 3, 1867/age 8 mo. 11 da./ parents: Friedrich Wilhelm Kreie, Magdalena Kreie/from death record/no stone)

KRIEGSMANN: Gustav Kriegsmann/Co. B./45th Wis. Inf. (Civil War Vet marker) (born July 29, 1826/died August 24, 1865/From Manitowoc County Civil War Roundtable)

KRIESTENSTEIN: Sophie/Gattin von/S. Kriestenstein/geb. 1806/gest. 10 Sept. 1881 (Stone fallen over, discarded in SE corner of the cemetery) Sophia/Gattin von S. Krietenstein/geb/1806/Gest./10 Sept. 1881, ossw: Simon H.A. Krietenstein/Geb. D. 22 Feb. 1808/Gest. D. 10 Jan. 1869. ossw: See STOCK

MATTHAUS: Clara/Geboren/d. 22 Feb 1870/Gestorben/d. 11 Sept. 1870, ossw: Anna/Geboren/d. 21 Juli 1867/Gestorben/d. 20 Apr 1868/Kinder von/Jacob und Friederike/Matthaus


RAUBER: Auguste/Mother/1885-1916, ossw: William/Father/1873-1937

REHME: Hermann H.A. Rehme/geb/25 Feb 1820/gest/1 Marz 1891

RODEWALD: Helena K.S./geb/29 April 1862/gest. 3 Febr. 1876, ossw: Wilhelm A.J./geb 30 Mai 1867/gest. 28 Jan 1876, ossw: Hermann H.J./geb./6 Oct. 1872/gest./28 Jan. 1876, ossw: Johann Rodewald/geb. 2 Juni 1825/gest. 14 April 1876, ossw: Mina Rodewald/gest 2 April 1875/Alt. 36 Jahre, ossw: Louise/geb./29 Oct. 1859/Gest. 9 Aug. 1860, ossw: Ida Ch./geb. 1 Oct. 1860/gest. 11 Febr. 1876

SCHMALFUSS: E. Robert/Sohn von/R. & A. Schmalfuss/geb. d. 6 Jan./1874/gest. d. 19 Aug./1874, next to: Pauline H./Geb. 4 Oct 1863/Gest. d. 21 Jan. 1866, ossw: Emilie L./geb. 1 Aug. 1861/gest. 14 Jan. 1866/Kinder von R. & A./ Schmalfuss

SCHOMBURG: Anna W./Tochter von/H. & C. Schomburg/geb/d. 9 Juli 1877/ gest./d. 11 Sept. 1877, ossw: Ernst H.C./Sohn von/H. & C. Schomburg/Geb./d. 1 Marz 1876/Gest./d. 17 Juli 1883, next to: Heinrich Schomburg/geboren/18 Nov. 1818/gestorben/8 Juni 1888 Tombstone, ossw: Eleonore M.S./Gattin von H./Schomburg/Senior/geborene Moller/ 16 Febr. 1819/gestorben/26 Jan. 1885 Friedrich J.E. Schomburg/Geb. 1826/Gest. 25 Sept. 1899/und seine Gattin/ Louise S.C. Schomburg/Geb. 1824/Gest. 25 Oct. 1887 Tombstone Friedrich/Louisa

SCHULTZ: Maria Amalia/Ehefrau von/F. Schultz/Geb./den 8 April 1814/ Gest./den 12 Oct. 1885 (Stone broken in 3 parts and discarded in the SE corner of the cemetery)


STOCK: Sophia/Gattin von S. Krietenstein/geb/1806/Gest./10 Sept. 1881, ossw: Simon H.A. Krietenstein/Geb. D. 22 Feb./1808/Gest. D. 10 Jan./1869. ossw: Friedrich G./Sohn von S. u. W./Stock, ossw: Sophia W. Stock/Geb. D. 22 Dez./1863/Gest. D. 21 Nov./1864 Tombstone, next to: Friedrich C. Stock/Geboren/17 Nov. 1861/Gestorben/10 Juni 1891, ossw: F. Simon Stock/1 Nov 1834/10 Feb 1916 Tombstone, ossw: C. Wilhelmine Stock/Seine Gattin/10 Mar 1835/26 Oct 1894 Tombstone F. Simon/Wilhelmine, next to: H.H. Con. Stock/geb./30 Juli 1826/in Langenholzhausen/Gest./20 Sept. 1900, ossw: Henrietta/Gattin von/Con. Stock/Geb'ne Kielsmeier/3 Jan. 1824/gest./24 Dec. 1899, ossw: Wilhelmine Auguste/Gattin von/Ch. Stock/geb'ne Stock/4 Juni 1870/gest./23 Sept. 1896 Tombstone Wilhelmine/Gattin von/Simon Stock (no dates - this stone discarded in the SE corner of the cemetery) Tombstone F. Simon Stock (no dates, same size and shape as the Wilhelmine Stock Tombstone stone above, also discarded in the SE corner of the cemetery)

STOCKMEIER: C.W. Charlotte Stockmeier/geborene/Steinmann/geboren/26 Juni 1836/ in Mohlenbeck Chur Hessen/Gestorben/13 Dez. 1892 Tombstone, ossw: Simon H. Stockmeier/Geboren/26 Feb. 1826/Gestorben/8 Mar. 1916 Anna S.L./Tochter von/F. & A. Stockmeier/Geb. d. 19 Oct. 1872/ Gest. d. 14 Sept. 1873 (Stone was discarded in the SE corner of the cemetery) Fred - Augusta/Stockmeier/Anna - Carl - Augusta Friedrich Stockmeier/1839-1921/from obit (Augusta Stockmeier/d. Mar. 1894/age 52 yrs. 4 mo./no stone) (wife of Friedrich above) J. Friedrich/Sohn von/S. & S. Stockmeier/geb. d. 13 Mai 1875/Gest. d. 7 Sept. 1875 Christoph - Amalia/Stockmeier/Arthur - Emma

STOCKSMEIER: J. Friedrich W. Stocksmeier/Geboren/8 Juni 1813/zu Lippe Detmoldt. D./ Gest./15 Juni 1901, next to: Sophia Christine/Ehefrau des/Fried. Stocksmeier/Geb. d. 8 Oct. 1819/ in Stemen, L. Detm./Gest. d. 19 Jan. 1876, ossw: Friedrich/Sohn von/Fr. & Soph. CH Stocksmeier/Geb. 1846 in Oct./Gest. 1848 in Mai

???? Footstones "Mutter", "Vater" piled with trash in SE corner of the cemetery. ???? Bottom 1/3 of twin stone: "geboren/10 Mai 1827/gestorben/8 Juli 1877, ossw: geboren/25 Jan. 1859/gestorben/5 Marz 1870" Rest of the stone (the part with the names) could not be located. This fragment was located in the SE corner "junk pile" ???? Sophia W. (no dates). Stone on base in SE corner of the cemetery. The stone is complete, no surname. An identical stone reads: Simon H.A. ???? Stone broken off base, only the base remains, between Kielsmeier and Stockmeier stones.