Cooperstown Township, Manitowoc Co., Wisconsin

Location: Highway Old 141 and County R to Cooperstown or 3/10 miles north of the junction of County CC and old 141 to Cooperstown. Located in back of the church on the west side of the road. Copied June 3, 1979 by Ruth and Hilary Vanderbloemen, August 19, 1979 by Rose Lubeck and Marcie Baer and completed on August 25, 1979 by Marcie Baer. Oldest stone: 1857. Tombstone photos taken in July 2007 by Shari


Henry Agenten/died/June 20, 1874/aged/23 years Tombstone Tombstone

ALBRECHT: Victor Albrecht/1915-1986, ossw: Margaret Albrecht/1918-1991

ALLEE: Moses Allee/Born/Apr. 6, 1828/died Mar. 20, 1865 Tombstone

ALLIE: Prosper Allie/d. June 1915/age 46/from obit/no stone Mrs. Allie/d. March 23, 1914

ALLEN: James A./1878-1956, ossw: Mary E./1880-1949 Tombstone James/Mary

ANDRUS: Michael J./Mar. 16, 1982-Sept. 10, 1994

ARENS: John Arens/Our father/Born/Apr. 2, 1811/died/Apr. 3, 1880 Tombstone Tombstone John, ossw: Charlotte/Our mother/wife of/John Arens/born in Zeeland, Holland/ Nov. 4, 1816/died/Dec. 31, 1890 Tombstone Albert/Father/Sept. 4, 1850/July 21, 1911, next to: Mary/Mother/Sept. 26, 1854/June 20, 1924, next to: Charlotte Arens/1888-1955

ARNOULD: Mary/wife of/J. Arnould/native of Shverdorf departenauf De Mosel Canton/ Basvil, France/Died (balance too deep in ground)

BARANOWSKI: Donna Baranowski/Sept. 14-28, 1960 George M. Baranowski/Cpl. U.S. Army/World War I/Apr. 9, 1895/Jan. 9, 1975 Tombstone Clara/1889-1985 Tombstone, ossw: George/1895-1975 Tombstone, ossw: Joan/1934-1978 Tombstone Tombstone Clara/George/Joan

BAROUN: William B. Baroun Jr./Feb. 4, 1943-July 1, 2007

BARRETT: John Barrett/Died Oct. 26, 1899/age 79 yrs/his wife/, ossw: Mary/Died Dec. 13, 1915/aged 85 yrs. Tombstone John/Mary Tombstone John/Mary, ossw: Richard Barrett/Born/Jan. 6, 1861/Died/Jan. 19, 1882 Tombstone Richard

BARTA: Sylvia O. (Barta) Siehr/Dec. 5, 1903/Dec. 21, 2001, ossw: Joseph F. Barta/1903-1968 Dale R. Barta/October 7, 1927/August 9, 1991 Jean K. Barta/Dec 15, 1927-Aug 31, 2017 Theresa A. Barta/Oct. 25, 1926/Feb. 24, 2005 James M. Barta/June 12, 1936/June 10, 1993 Joseph J. Barta/1925-1986 See SIEHR

BARTELME: Frank Bartelme/d. Feb. 16, 1901/from obit/no stone George Bartelme/Died Nov. 14, 1876/Age 53 yrs., ossw: Catherine Bartelme/Born May 15, 1839/Died Aug. 9, 1911/age 72 yrs Tombstone George/Catherine George M. Bartelme/Born Mar. 7, 1891/Died Aug. 13, 1928 Tombstone George, next to: Joseph Bartelme/Born/Feb. 9, 1871/Died/Feb. 2, 1892, ossw: George Bartelme/Born/Feb. 16, 1862/Died/Sept. 5, 1912 Tombstone Joseph/George B. Bartelme, ossw: Elizabeth/Wife/Died 1895, ossw: Odelia/Wife/Died 1883 Tombstone Elizabeth/Odelia Michael Bartelme/Geb. 1 Apr. 1819/Gest. 11 Aug. 1905 Tombstone, ossw: Margeretha/Gattin von/M. Bartelme/Geb. 19 Nov. 1819/Gest./27 Jan. 1896 Tombstone Tombstone Claude/Son of/M & M/Bartelme/Nov. 14, Nov. 21/1915 Charles/1887-1950, next to: John A./1893-1949, next to: Peter Jr.(no dates)(d. June, 1915), next to: John/Son/Dec. 28, 1901/Dec. 20, 1918 Nora/Mother/1863-1937, ossw: John/Father/1863-1928 Kathryn/nee Goesell/d.1945/from obit David/1890-1954, next to: Marcella/1885-1979, ossw: Michael C./1884-1970 Quinten O./1931-1996 (Peter Bartelme/d. July 1928/age 74 yrs./from obit/no stone) (John Bartelme/d. Nov. 10, 1898/from obit/no stone) (Min. Bartelme/d. Feb. 5, 1902/from obit/no stone) See DEWANE See KANE

BAUMGART: Eva/Mother/1890-1930, ossw: John/Father/1853-1941 Tombstone Eva/John

BLAZER: Robert L./Aug. 2, 1924/July 27, 2004

BLIGISKE: Barbara/1912-1985, ossw: William/1911-1961

BOHME: George Bohme/Wisconsin/Pvt. Co. G 14 Regt., Wis. Inf. Civil War/Jan. 6, 1831 - Nov. 23, 1886 Tombstone

BOLEN: James/Son of John & Mary Bolen/Born in Co. Kerry (balance too deep in ground) Tombstone


BORSKE: Anna Borske/Born/July 13, 1855/Aged 34 years Tombstone

BRADLEY: Lucy/1893-1930, ossw: Peter J./1889/1980 Tombstone Lucy/Peter Son of Peter/d. April 1920/from obit (Son of Peter Bradley/-Sep 10, 1922-/from obit) Bridget/wife of/Geo. Bradley/Sept. 8, 1859/Apr. 30, 1900 Tombstone Tombstone, ossw: George Bradley/June 14, 1859/Apr. 8, 1906 Tombstone, ossw: Susan/infant dau. of G & B Bradley/June 15, 1898/June 18, 1898 Tombstone, next to: Terrence Bradley/Born/May 2, 1856/Died May 2, 1906 Tombstone Tombstone, next to: Terrence/Father/1856-1906 Tombstone, next to: Nellie/Mother/1865-1939 Tombstone, next to: George/Son/1894-1908 Tombstone Bradley family stone, next to: Michael J./Father/1854-1919 Tombstone, next to: Mary I./Mother/1864-1948 Tombstone, next to: Mayme/Daughter/1894-1931 Tombstone, next to: Thomas Bradley/Died/Jan. 19, 1892/aged 41 years, ossw: Mary/1856-1934 Tombstone Tombstone Thomas/Mary, next to: Jane/1898-1974, ossw: Michael/1888-1891 Tombstone Jane/Michael, next to: Michael Bradley/died/July 22, 1900/aged 79 years Tombstone, ossw: Susan/wife of/Mich. Bradley/died/June 3, 1888/aged 66 years Tombstone Tombstone Nancy/Mother/1942-1968, ossw: Raymond/Father/1927-1970 Susan/1892-1984, ossw: Clarence/1899-1984, ossw: Michael E./1894-1964, next to: Darrell Bradley/1950-1964 Thomas/1886-1969, ossw: Philip/1884-1954 Frank Bradley/Nebraska/Pvt. Btry D. 6 FA Regt/World War I/March 15, 1891 - May 20, 1968 Nora Agnes Bradley/Jan. 15, 1896/Oct. 30, 1955, next to: Luella/May 24, 1896/Nov. 15, 1958, ossw: Thomas M./Oct. 19, 1889/May 30, 1962 (Mary Bradley/b. Cooperstown/d. 13 Dec. 1877) (Michael Bradley/son of Thomas Bradley and Mary McMahon/b. 7 Mar. 1876 at Cooperstown/d. 15 Feb. 1878 at Cooperstown) Michael J./May 18, 1921-July 14, 2003 Celestine "Sally" Bradley/July 18, 1925-April 13, 2015 Maurice E./Oct. 22, 1925/July 30, 2003 Angeline/1916-1994 Dennis Sr./1904-2000 Jonathan B. Bradley/Dec 2, 1923-Aug 27, 2015

BRADY: Laura wife of/Phillip Brady/Born Dec. 15, 1874/Died Mar. 19, 1901 Tombstone Tombstone Brady family stone, next to: Bridget Brady/1837-1912 Tombstone, next to: Patrick Brady/1819-1904 Tombstone, next to: John N. Brady/1909-1978 Tombstone, next to: Mary/1870-1936, ossw: Terrence/1857-1914 Tombstone Mary/Terrence, ossw: George/1899-1900, ossw: Michael/1903-1904 Tombstone George/Michael Tombstone Mary/Terrence/George/Michael Margaret/1880-1928, ossw: Joseph/1904-1934 Tombstone Margaret/Joseph, ossw: Mary Margaret/1910-1994, ossw: Phillip/1870-1944 Tombstone Mary/Phillip Tombstone Margaret/Joseph/Mary/Phillip

BRAUN: See JACKISH Anna/Mother/1899-__, ossw:

BREY: Michael/Father/1891-1976, ossw: Anna/1899-1980

BROSNAHAN: Brosnahan Family stone, next to: Mother/Hanora/Brosnahan/June 1832/Nov. 1910 Tombstone, next to: Father/Daniel/Brosnahan/May 1820/Dec. 1904 Tombstone, next to: Grandpa/Timothy/Brosnahan/1786-1864 Tombstone

BUCKLEY: Anna/1902-1996, ossw: William/1898-1974

CARBERRY: Patrick Carberry/Mar. 17, 1840/Apr. 12, 1914 Tombstone

CASHMAN: John/June 24, 1820 - Aug. 8, 1903, ossw: Mary/1828-1868, ossw: Barbara/1825-1901 Tombstone John/Mary/Barbara Mary/Josephine/Born/June 24, 1900/Died/Jan. 1, 1902, ossw: John/Edward/Born/Oct. 20, 1898/Died/Jan. 29, 1899, ossw: John/Elzear/Born/Sept. 22, 1897/Died/Oct. 17, 1897 Sophie Marie Cashman/Nee DUAIME/Born/Dec. 8, 1876/Died June 10, 1907, ossw: Her beloved husband/John E. Cashman/Born Nov. 18, 1865/Died June 4, 1946 Photo See O'BRIEN

CASPER: Michlane/Mother/d. 1933, ossw: Nicholas/Father Tombstone Michlane/Nicholas Tombstone Nicholas

CENEFELT: John Cenefelt Sr./Born/Dec. 8, 1832/Died/Aug. 3, 1913 Tombstone, ossw: Tombstone John G. Cenefelt/Born/June 16, 1877/Died Nov. 7, 1899 Tombstone, ossw: Katherine Cenefelt/Born/Apr. 4, 1884/Died/Feb. 20, 1923, ossw: Mary Cenefelt/1865-1925 Tombstone Katherine/Mary

CERMAK: Anna/Cermak/Zemrela 19 Dubna 1894/stari/25 Roku Tombstone Tombstone Tombstone Josef/Sun V u A./Cermak/Narozen/31 Kvetna 1864/Zemrel/18 Dubna 1886 Tombstone Tombstone Anna Cermak/Died/Apr. 24, 1914/Aged 76 years Tombstone

CHRISTENSEN: Rose B./Christensen/1907-1992, ossw: Julia May/Nov. 3, 2002/Mar. 17, 2003

CHVALA: Vaclav/Chvala/Narozen V Cizkove/v Krait Taborskim/17 Brez/1822/Zemrel/29 Kvet 1890 Tombstone Tombstone

CISLER: Molly E. Cisler/June 30, 2003/Aug. 8, 2003

CLANCY: (Arlene A. Clancy /1939-2010/from obit) Daniel R./1933-1997

COLLINS: Michael Collins/Died/Nov. 18, 1901/aged 54 years Tombstone, ossw: Thomas Collins/Died/Apr. 15, 1875, ossw: Johanna/his wife/died/Feb. 10, 1878, next to: Jimmie/Feb. 27, 1880/May 25, 1910 Tombstone, next to: Willie/July 19, 1888/July 1, 1911 Tombstone, next to: Mary A./Mother/Mar. 2, 1853/June 26, 1938 Tombstone Edwin Collins/1897-1925

COOKLE: Rose Cookle/1917-1952, next to: Floyd Cookle/1911-1958, next to: Adeline Cookle/Mother/1912-1945 Photo, next to: John Cookle/Son/1905-1944 Bertha/1874-1965, ossw: Frank/1868-1927 Aloysius Cookle/Feb. 7, 1913/June 4, 1986, ossw: Clara/Jan. 13, 1915/Jan. 9, 1996 Mary E./1899-1994 Lucille Metz Cookle/Feb. 26, 1914/March 27, 2000



CORBETT: Daniel/son of/P & M Corbett/Born/July 18, 1867/Died/Jan. 28, 1880 Tombstone William Corbett/1869-1931, next to: Anna Corbett/1865-1928, next to: Jerry Corbett/1876-1924, next to: Patrick CORBET/died/June 27, 1919, next to: Mary Corbett/Born in Limerick Ireland/Died June 9, 1910/Age 79 years Photo, next to: John Corbett/Born in/Ballycogran/Co. Clare Ireland/Apr. 3, 1817/ Died June 29, 1906/Aged 89 years, 2 mo, 26 dys, next to: Michael/son of/P & M Corbett/Died Jan. 11, 1894/Aged 37 yrs, next to: Edward/son of P & M/Corbett/Born/June 21, 1871/Died/Feb. 21, 1909 See GALLAGHER

CRIMMINS: Bridget T./Crimmins/1866-1941

CURRY: Malachy Curry/son of Cornelius Curry/Born in Parish of Kilmicknan/ Co. Clare Ireland/March 28, 1839/Died Aug. 13, 1868 Tombstone

DAVERN: James Davern and family/Born Mar. 11, 1827/parish of Cronk Fune, County Clair, Ireland/Died Feb. 3, 1917, ossw: his wife Mary/Born Aug. 15, 1832/parish of Toheran/County Clair, Ireland/Died May 19, 1914 Tombstone James/Mary Tombstone James/Mary, ossw: Thomas/Born/Apr. 3, 1870/Died/Aug. 30, 1916 Tombstone, ossw: James Jr./Born July 28, 1856 - Died May 3, 1875, ossw: Patrick/Born Dec. 1, 1863/Died Nov. 1, 1893, ossw: Michael/Born July 15, 1865 - Died May 28, 1888, ossw: Margaret Agnes/Born Oct. 3, 1867 - Died Mar. 30, 1885 Tombstone James/Patrick/Michael/Margaret

DECKER: Aaron Decker/1914-1968, ossw: Rose/1914-2006 (08 Oct 1914/08 Jun 2006/SSDI)

DEWANE: Family stone, next to: John/Son/1866-1883 Tombstone, next to: Mary SIMMERS/Daughter/1871-1932 Tombstone Catherine BARTELME/Daughter/1878-1913 Tombstone, next to: Julia/Daughter/1864-1951 Tombstone, next to: Mary/Mother/1844-1921 Tombstone, next to: James/Father/1832-1915 Tombstone William/1869-1873, ossw: William/1877-1878/sons of Ja's & M. Dewane Tombstone William/William Dewane Family stone, next to: Dennis J./Son/1877-1946 Tombstone, next to: Nell Dewane/wife of/Walter DUGGAN/1892-1943 Tombstone, next to: Bridget/Mother/May 3, 1845/Aug. 9, 1924 Tombstone, next to: Timothy J./Father/Apr. 15, 1834/Oct. 10, 1919 Tombstone, next to: Mary/1898-1981, ossw: William/1879-1957 Tombstone Mary/William Hon. Denis Dewane/Born Mar. 10, 1832/Died Oct. 1893/his beloved wife, ossw: Margaret/Born May 14, 1840/died Sept. 8, 1879 (Margaret (Scanlan) Dewane) Tombstone Denis/Margaret Tombstone Denis/Margaret (Dennis Dewane/Sep 22, 1863-Aug 1, 1918/from obit) John Dewane/Born Oct. 18, 1828/Died Aug. 4, 1894, ossw: Mary Dewane/Born Mar. 25, 1837/Died Oct. 29, 1909, next to: Denis Dewane/Born in Parish of Roscran/Co Tipperary, Ireland/ July 21, 1816/Died/Oct. 10, 1875 Tombstone Tombstone Cornelius/Father/1872/1950, ossw: Stanley/1909-1942/son, ossw; Alice/Mother/1873-1932 Tombstone Cornelius/Stanley/Alice James E./1868-1954, ossw: Dennis J. /1866-1943 Tombstone James/Dennis Kathleen Dewane/1922-1997 William V./1912-1963, ossw: Vivian/1912-1981 Robert W./1907-1966 Alice Dewane/Jun 29, 1902-Jun 21, 1997 Mary/1913-1999 (10 Oct. 1913/22 Oct. 1999/from SSDI), ossw: Melvin/1905-1963 George Dewane/Wisconsin/Pvt. Co. E/326 Glider Inf. World War II/Aug. 2, 1910/April 14, 1964 Mary/wife of/James J. Dewane/Jan. 6, 1881/June 25, 1915, ossw: James J./1871-1953, ossw: Kate/1871-1962, next to: J.J. Dewane/Sohn von/Born Jan. 25, 1904/Died Apr. 24, 1908 Dorothy/1919-1955, ossw: Kenneth/1910-1993 Alice/1902-1968 Walter J./Son/1915-1944, ossw: Elizabeth/Mother/1882-1965, ossw: James W./Father/1875-1918, ossw: Thomas F./1919-1920, next to: Walter James Dewane/Wisconsin/PFC 2 Marines/2 Marine Div./World War II/ July 20, 1914 - June 20, 1944 Sheridan/1905-1979 , ossw: Ann Marie/in memory of/-1947-, ossw: Dorothy/1912-1987 Clarence J./Son/1909-1936, ossw: William A./Father/1875-1937, ossw: Caroline/Mother/1881-1976, next to: Jerome Dewane/Baby/Age 1 mo. 1918 Andrew/son of/E & V Dewane/Aug. 18, 1940/June 20, 1944, next to: John J./Son/Nov. 10, 1917/Sept. 18, 1932, next to: Agnes/Mother/May 10, 1877/Aug. 17, 1953, next to: Patrick/Father/Mar. 27, 1862/Oct. 11, 1934, next to: John/July 14, 1868/June 13, 1927/Father, next to: Mary/Apr. 20, 1878/June 14, 1926/Mother, next to: Rolland/Mar. 10, 1911/May 10, 1941/Father, next to: Leo L. Dewane/Wisconsin/Pvt. 14 Bomb SQ AAF/World War II PH/ Feb. 12, 1917 - Sept. 7, 1944, next to: Gerald Jr./Feb. 17, 1927, ossw: Mary Margaret/Oct. 10, 1913/Oct. 22, 1999, next to: James/Baby/1911, next to: Thomas L. Dewane/1908-1975, next to: Richard J. Dewane/1907-1970, next to: Mary/Mother/1873-1957, next to: Thomas F./Father/1869-1920 Allen/1905-1994 Alice/1912-2009 J. Ben/May 16, 1914/Sept. 24, 2000 Eleanor/Nov. 29, 1911-Aug. 7, 2005 (John Dewane/August 4, 1870-August 24, 1910) This tombstone has no lettering anymore beyond Dewane Unknown Dewane Unknown Dewane Unknown Dewane See RAMER

DIMMER: Theo. Dimmer/1844-1917, ossw: Catherine/His wife/1841-1898 Tombstone Theo/Catherine, next to: Theodore Dimmer/Co. F/50 Wis. Inf., next to: Julia Dimmer/1869-1957 Tombstone, next to: Christ T. Dimmer/1868-1932 Tombstone

DORN: Michael/Oct. 9, 1815/July 31, 1891 Tombstone Tombstone

DOYLE: Baby Boy Doyle/d. Dec. 18, 1943/from obit

DRACE: Drace Family stone, next to: Katherine/Mother/1872-1952 Tombstone, next to: John/Father/1865-1941 Tombstone, next to: Catherine J./Mother/1840-1913, next to: Peter/Brother/1866-1910 Tombstone, next to: Elizabeth Drace/1863-1945 Urban/"Doc"/1906-1978, ossw: Arvilla/1908-1997

DREES: John Drees/Born/Aug. 15, 1823/Died/Nov. 27, 1905 Lena Drees/Born/in 1832/Died/Oct. 9, 1869 Tombstone, ossw: Anna Drees/Born Nov. 7, 1834/Died/Dec. 31, 1912

DRISCOLL: Patrick Driscoll/Died Sept. 4, 1865/Aged 60 yrs. 2ms. Tombstone James H. Driscoll/Born May 1, 1865/Died Nov. 29, 1913, ossw: Catherine Driscoll/Born Oct. 28, 1836/Died Nov. 20, 1916 Tombstone James/Catherine, next to: Mary Theresia/Dau. of M & C Driscoll/born April 17, 1864/Died/Mar. 28, 1887 Tombstone Timm A. Driscoll/Apr 29, 1946-Sep 25, 2013 (Murt Driscoll/1861-1943/from obit) See FAGAN


DUCKART: Duckart family stone, next to: Barbara Duckart/Mother/Age 42 yrs Tombstone, next to: John Duckart/Father/Age 75 yrs./d. Oct. 28, 1920 Tombstone, next to: Peter Duckart/Son/age 21 yrs Tombstone, next to: John Adam Duckart/Grandfather Tombstone, next to: Catherine Duckart/Grandmother Tombstone, next to: Barbara/Daughter/1874-1941 Tombstone Catherine M./1873-1951, ossw: Peter A./1857-1940 Michael/1879-1949, ossw: Katherine/1885-1972, next to: Gertrude/1907-1913, ossw: Allan/1943-___ Walter/1897-1978 Sylvester/1926-2006

DUFECK: Frank/Dufeck/Aug. 3, 1913/Oct. 4, 1913


DUNN: Dunn Family stone, next to: Patrick/Dunn/Died/Feb. 23, 1876/aged/40 years, next to: Mother/Isebella/wife of/Owen Dunn/Died/Oct. 6, 1898/aged/88 years Tombstone, next to: John Dunn/Died/May 28, 1900/aged 60 years Tombstone


ELMER: Maria Elmer/Jan. 13, 1812/Feb. 3, 1884 Tombstone Marie Elmer/footstone footstone Wencel C./Sept. 23, 1916/Dec. 5, 1983, ossw: Aileen H./Dec. 13, 1915/Dec. 11, 2000

ENGELDINGER: Peter/Father/1871-1949, ossw: Catherine/Mother/1875-1962, ossw: Alice R./Daughter/1910-1943 Tombstone Peter/Catherine/Alice Nick/1885-1971, ossw: Rose/1882-1933, ossw: Catherine/1895-1967 Tombstone Nick/Rose/Catherine Lillian/1887-1959, ossw: Paul/1883-1955 Tombstone Lillian/Paul Ella Engeldinger/Mother/1921-1946 Tombstone Theresia M./Toch/von Aug. & M. Engeldinger/Geb. 2 Aug. 1899/Gest. 28 Sept. 1906 Mary Engeldinger/Sept. 27, 1859/Jan. 21, 1919/wife of August Engeldinger, next to: August Engeldinger/Father/June 7, 1859/July 29, 1935, next to: August L. Engeldinger/Brother/Jan. 18, 1903 - Sept. 1, 1939 Arthur Engeldinger/1902-1990 Mary Ann Engeldinger/1879-1960, next to: Peter Engeldinger/Died Feb. 16, 1904/Aged 82 years, next to: Crescentia Engeldinger/Died Sept. 1, 1913/aged 75 yrs. Elizabeth Engeldinger/1864-1877 Anna Engeldinger/1866-1877 Rosanna Engeldinger/Mar. 15, 1881 - Mar. 19, 1963 George Engeldinger/1914-1993, ossw: Helen/1928-____ Tombstone George/Helen Tombstone George/Helen Roy A. Engeldinger/US Army/World War II/Jul. 20, 1926-Oct. 26, 1979 Tombstone David L./1955-1985 Isabel E./1922-1997 Bernard R./1916-1997 Joseph/June 30, 1938/Jan. 24, 2003 Anna M./1906-1981

FAGAN: Mary A. Fagan/Born Jan. 9, 1865/Died/May 15, 1895 Thomas Fagan, His wife/Ellen/DRISCOLL/and family Tombstone, next to: Patrick/(d. Jul 11, 1890/from record) Tombstone, next to: John/d. Feb 26, 1931/from obit Tombstone, next to: Timothy Tombstone, next to: Anna, ossw: Thomas Tombstone Anna/Thomas Helen, ossw: Mary Tombstone Helen/Mary Father, ossw: Mother Tombstone Father/Mother Patrick Fagan/Dec. 25, 1820 - Oct. 4, 1905, ossw: Bridget Fagan/Jan. 10, 1825 - Jan. 14, 1878 Tombstone Patrick/Bridget, ossw: Erected by Cath. RYAN/in memory of her/father &/mother Elizabeth/Dau. of T & E Fagan/Died Dec. 21, 1877/AE 3 yrs. 5 mos. 26 ds Tombstone, next to: Thomas Fagan/Born/Co. Meath, Ireland/Died Aug. 4, 1900/age 72 years, ossw: Elizabeth/wife of/Thomas Fagan/Born Co. Meath, Ireland/Dec. 23, 1832/ Died Aug. 13, 1903 Tombstone Thomas/Elizabeth Tombstone Thomas Elizabeth, next to: Footstones: Father/Mother (Niclas Fagan/son of Patrick and Bridget Fagan/d. 26 June 1878) See LYONS

FENLON: Marie G./1900-1991, ossw: John G./1901-1992

FESSLER: Christina/1898-1969, ossw: Frank M./1895-1980

FINNEL: Mary/1862-1958, ossw: James/1864-1939, ossw: Mary/Daug/1897-1994 Tombstone Mary/James/Mary James Finnel/Born County/Waterford/Ireland/Feb. 23, 1823/Sept. 14, 1897 Tombstone Tombstone, next to: Father, next to: Mother Tombstone, next to: Johanna TRACEY, next to: David Finnel Tombstone, next to: Charles Finnel Tombstone David Finnel/d. May 1927/age 55 years/no stone Mary C./1884-1957, ossw: Samuel A./1875-1954 Tombstone Mary/Samuel Earl/1914-1997 Tombstone, ossw: Alice/1920-1996 Tombstone, ossw: Nickie/1960-1961 Tombstone Earl/Alice/Nickie Tombstone Nickie Mary/Mother/1875-1962, ossw: John/Father/1870-1933 Tombstone Mary/John Kay F. Finnel/1948-1965 Tombstone Richard W./Father/1904-1978, ossw: Elsie J./Mother/1908-2006 Mary/1878-1970, ossw: James J./1867-1936 (Baby Finnel/d. Apr 1915/from obit) Art/Brother/1902-1976, ossw: Irene/Sister/1900-1989 Gladys L./1914-2000, ossw: John L./1910-1972, ossw: Thomas J./1959-1959 Margaret FINNELL/Baby/1919-1919, ossw: Minnie FINNELL/Mother/1884-1972, ossw: Nickolas FINELL/Father/1864-1948 Tombstone Margaret/Minnie/Nickolas Finnell family stone, next to: David/Son/1869-1954 Tombstone, next to: Mary/Daughter/1875-1942 Tombstone, next to: Jane/Mother/1837-1918 Tombstone, next to: Richard/Father/1825-1912 Tombstone, next to: Susan/Mother/1888-1903 Tombstone Jolene Hope/July 1, 1978/Aug. 4, 1995 Jerome A./July 3, 1968/Nov. 16, 1984 James H./Oct. 25, 1916/Mar. 30, 1995 John L./1948-1994

FITZGERALD: Mary A./Dau. of/Patrick & Bridget/Died May 31, 1869/aged 19 years Tombstone

FLAMMANG: Flammang Family Stone Flammang Family Stone Nicholas/Father/1845-1932 Tombstone, next to: Elizabeth/Mother/1850-1926 Tombstone, next to: Mary/Daughter/1886-1901 Tombstone Nicholas A./Father/1874-1921 Tombstone, next to: Bernard/Son/1901-1970 Tombstone, next to: Elizabeth/Daughter/1898-1989 Tombstone, next to: Anna/Mother/1875-1948 Tombstone

FLOYD: In memory of Mr. and Mrs./Wm. Floyd, ossw: Mrs. Wm. Floyd/Died July 22, 1903/aged 75 yrs., ossw: Wm. Floyd/Died______19____Aged____(dates uncut)/(d. Jan 1909) Tombstone Tombstone Tombstone Tombstone See REEDY

FRAWLEY: Jeremiah/1826-1893, ossw: His wife/Bridget/1830-1873 Tombstone Jeremiah/Bridget Tombstone Jeremiah/Bridget

FRAWLY: Thomas Frawly/Native of Parish Kilfarboy/Co. Clare Ireland/Died/Dec. 23, 1857/age 30 years Tombstone

FULTZ: Harry/1898-1984, ossw: Mary/1887-1964

GAFFNEY: Edward C. Gaffney/Died July 11, 1904/age 58 years, ossw: his wife/Johanna E./Died Apr. 18, 1883/age 30 yrs., ossw: John/Died Dec. 24, 1878/Age 6 mos.

GALLAGHER: Thomas Gallagher/Born Nov. 16, 1816/Co. Clair, Ireland/Died July 16, 1904/ Kewaunee Co., Wis./and his wife/, ossw: Bridget Gallagher/CORBETT/Born Dec. 16, 1814, Co. Clair/ Ireland/Died Sept. 28, 1905/Kewaunee Co., Wis. Tombstone Thomas/Bridget Tombstone Thomas/Bridget, next to: Footstones: Susan/Father/Mother, next to: Gallagher family stone, next to: John E.F./Brother/1894-1916 Tombstone, next to: John E.C./Father/1858-192_ Tombstone Bridget Gallagher/Born/Sept. 17, 1862/Died/Jan. 12, 1870/Kewaunee Co., Wis. Tombstone Tombstone John Gallagher Jr./Mar. 8, 1852/Oct. 13, 1877 Tombstone, next to: Edward Gallagher/Apr. 24, 1854/Feb. 3, 1911 Tombstone Thomas Gallagher/Born Jan. 13, 1849/Chester VT./Died Jan. 16, 1931/Kewaunee, Wis., ossw: Michael Gallagher/Born/Dec. 25, 1860/Died/Dec. 14, 1937/Kewaunee Co., Wis. Tombstone, ossw: Anne Gallagher/Born July 19, 1852/Orrville, Ohio/Died/Dec. 29, 1924/Kewaunee Co., Wis. Tombstone Sally LAWS/Jan. 19, 1941, ossw: T.W. "Tom Bill"/June 8, 1939, ossw: Freda J./July 13, 1908/July 4, 2001, ossw: S.J. "Bud"/Dec. 31, 1907/Nov. 16, 1975 John Gallagher/Father/June 17, 1819/June 7, 1899, next to: Bridget Gallagher/Mother/Sept. 8, 1822/Feb. 9, 1905 Mary E. Gallagher/Sister/May 18, 1855/Oct. 4, 1906 James/1854-1933, ossw: James/1896-1897, ossw: Ellen/1854-1937 John C./Dec. 5, 1928/Aug. 25, 1988

GASSNER: Anton Gassner/Dec. 24, 1824/Oct. 8, 1906, ossw: Hannah/Aug. 12, 1839/Dec. 1, 1888 Tombstone Anton/Hannah Tombstone Anton/Hannah

GEIMER: (extra material sent in by family researcher/see contributors page.) Peter Geimer/Oct. 15, 1826/Sept. 5, 1895/and his wife Tombstone Tombstone Tombstone (b. Rheinland, Kreis Wittlich, Bruck, Prussia (Germany) Son of Christopher and Barbara (Dillenburg) Geimer Husband of Catherine Beck), ossw: Catharine/June 5, 1830/May 30, 1881 (Catherine(Beck)Geimer, Wife of Peter Geimer (1826)), ossw: Charles/May 9, 1881/July 6, 1899 Tombstone Charles JacobFather//1829-1902, ossw: Anna/Mother/1854-1932 Tombstone Jacob/Anna, ossw: Cecelia/1829-1872 Tombstone (Cecelia Wipperfurt, b.22 Nov 1829, d.28 Feb 1872 Cecelia was the second wife of Jacob Geimer (1828) Note: Buried with Cecelia is an infant born and died with mother 28 Feb 1872), ossw: Kate/1872-1875, ossw: (Katherine Geimer, b.04 Dec 1872, d.01 Jun 1875 b. Town of Franklin, Kewaunee County, WI., dau of Jacob and Anna (Rippinger) Geimer), ossw: Math/1878-1901, ossw: Michael/1886-1911, ossw: Christopher/1887-1895, ossw: Elizabeth/1896-1896 Tombstone Kate/Math/Michael/Christopher/Elizabeth, next to: Footstones: J.G./C.G. Henry Geimer/Father/1874-1938 Tombstone Henry, next to: Rev. Eugene Geimer/Son/1908-1956/ordained June 1, 1933 Tombstone Eugene Emma L./1902-1979, ossw: C. Rudolph/1900-1964, next to: Wilhelmina Geimer/Mother/1862-1936, next to: Peter E./Father/1857-1936, next to: Veronica Geimer/1898-1906 Rev. Bernard M. Geimer/Born July 31, 1924-Died Aug. 25, 1987/Ordained Apr. 11, 1950 Tombstone

GELHAUSEN: John N. Gelhausen/Died/May 4, 1875/aged/61 yrs. 6 ms. Tombstone

GESSEL: David Gessel/Wisconsin/Pvt. Co. G 11 Regt. Wis. Inf./Civil War Tombstone [May 26, 1832/July 11, 1890/From the Manitowoc County Civil War Roundtable]

GOESSEL: Anna Goessel/Geb. den 13 Nov. 1868/Gest. den 13 Jan. 1884 (iron cross) Iron Cross Iron Cross Iron cross next to Anna Goessel Iron Cross

GOESSL: David Goessl/Wisconsin/Pvt. Co. G 11 Regt. Wis. Inf./Civil War/ May 26, 1832/July 11, 1890 Tombstone, next to: David Goessl/Born May 26, 1832/Died July 11, 1890, ossw: Ottilia/Goessl/Born/June 21, 1833/Died Apr. 10, 1907, ossw: Katharina Goessl/Born Jan. 26, 1812/Died/Nov. 11, 1888 Tombstone David/Father/Dec. 19, 1870/May 22, 1951, ossw: Rose/Mother/May 6, 1978/Mar. 3, 1941 Tombstone David/Rose Mary Goessl/1855-1935 Helena/1867-1941, ossw: Michael/1860-1922, next to: Frances/1910-1978, ossw: Charles/1890-1970 Clarence/1928-2004, ossw: Gertrude/1901-1961, ossw: Walter/1891-1959 (Baby Girl Goessl/b. & d. Apr 1930/from obit) Sylvester Goessl/1927-2007/from obit Joseph/Son/1900-1952, next to: Irene/Daughter/1905-1952, next to: Tillie/Daughter/1893-1939, next to: Bertha/Mother/1860-1947, next to: Charles/Father/1864-1932 Carl/Son/1902-1955 Jerome Goessl/June 24, 1938-April 13, 2015/from obit

GREENWOOD: Norbert/June 6, 1918/Dec. 15, 1995, ossw: Anita/1918-2013 Photo, ossw: Bruce/1949-1968, next to: Bruce J. Greenwood/Wisconsin/CPL 12 Infantry 4 Inf. Div./Vietnam PH/ Sept. 15, 1949/Sept. 4, 1968

GRETZ: Anna/1884-1962, ossw: Frank/1876-1941 Elizabeth Gretz/Mother/1878-1926, next to: Mary Gretz/1884-1905, next to: Ignatz Gretz/1871-1948 Adam Gretz/Apr. 13, 1844/Apr. 28, 1923, ossw: Antonia Gretz/Nov. 1, 1851/Dec. 28, 1929

HAGER: Johann Hager/Geb. 9 Juli 1822/Gest. 22 Aug. 1905 Tombstone, next to: Juliana Hager/Geb. 2 Feb. 1832/Gest. 12 Marz 1912 Tombstone Gustave Hager/Feb. 29, 1884-Aug. 14, 1935/from obit Mary/Wife of/Gustave Hager/Born May 22, 1856/Died Oct. 16, 1909, next to: Edward Hager/Father/1883-1940 Michael Hager/1888-1965, next to: Mary/1856-1923, ossw: Joseph Hager/Died/Nov. 14, 1906/Aged 52 years John Hager/Pvt 17 Wisconsin/Civil War/Jul. 9, 1822-Aug. 22, 1905 Tombstone

HALBROOK: Doris M. Halbrook/1931-2010/from obit

HAWS: Mary/1920-1996, ossw: Lawrence/1900-1960 Ronald/1941-1982

HAYES: Jesse Hayes/Uncle/1879-1955 Tombstone

HEBEL: Joseph Hebel/Gest. 28 Nov. 1900/Alter 54 Jahre Tombstone, ossw: Mary Hebel/Gest. 25 Aug. 1930/Alter 81 Jahre Tombstone

HEFFERNEN: Margaret/Dau. of M & B Heffernen/Died/Mar. 31, 1891/Aged 26 yrs., next to: Bridget/Dau. of M & B Heffernen/Died/Apr. 10, 1896/Aged 29 yrs., next to: Michael/son of M & B Heffernen/Died/July 20, 1897/aged 29 yrs. Photo Helen E./1867-1960, ossw: Patrick R./1869-1943 Photo Photo Photo Patrick/Helen Tombstone Helen/Patrick Michael Heffernen/Died Dec. 3, 1904/Age 78 years Photo, next to: Footstone: Father

HEISER: Nickolaus Heiser/Geb. 22 Dec. 1831/Gest./27 Jan. 1914 Tombstone, ossw: Anna/Gattin von/Nic Heiser/Geb./18 Mai 1844/Gest./9 Apr. 1905 Tombstone Tombstone Tombstone Anna Nicholas Heiser/Nov 18, 1873-Sep 18, 1955/from obit Magdaline Heiser/d. May 16, 1920/from obit Frank/Oct. 20, 1906-Nov. 5, 1906 Mathias Heiser/1836-1904, ossw: Catharina Heiser/1837-1909 Tombstone Mathias/Catharina Heiser family stone, next to: Archie J. Heiser/1905-1973 Tombstone Leo/May 31, 1910/Oct. 3, 1987, ossw: Helen/Mar. 7, 1918/July 7, 2007, ossw: Karen M. Heiser/Jan. 26, 1957/Nov. 18, 1957 Tombstone Leo/Helen/Karen Katherine Heiser/1882-1968, ossw: Michael/1878-1965, next to: Robert Heiser/June 18, 1911/Nov. 4, 1913 Mathias/Father/Oct. 20, 1865/June 9, 1939, next to: Bridget/Mother/Aug. 15, 1866/Feb. 13, 1935 Heiser base Tombstone Clement Heiser/1913-1981, ossw: Marian E./1911-1990 Michael Jr./1915-1995 Frank Heiser/Oct. 18, 1883-Oct. 8, 1923/from obit

HENGEL: Peter/Father/1856-1932, ossw: Minnie/Mother/1864-1945 Tombstone Peter/Minnie, next to: (tombstone photo sent in by researcher/see contributors page) Anna/Mother/1890-1964, next to: John P./Father/1894-1918

HENZLER: Rev. Eusebius Henzler/1825-1870 Tombstone

HESSE: Frank/son/of F. & B. Hesse/Born/Feb. 13, 1873/Died/Nov. 30, 1905 Tombstone Franz Hesse Jr./Cpl Co F 50 Regt. Wis. Inf/Civil War/1825-1896 Tombstone Joseph Hesse/d. 1923 Christina Hesse/d. Jul 15, 1952/from obit

HEWITT: Bridget/wife of P. Hewitt/Died/Nov. 9, 1890/aged 46 yrs. Tombstone, ossw: Patrick/Hewitt/Died/Sep. 28, 1899/aged 64 years. Bridget A./wife of James Hewitt/died/Jan. 28, 1883/aged 34 years Tombstone James Hewitt/Died/Dec. 23, 1887/Age 54 years Tombstone Bridget/wife of/James Hewitt/Died Jan. 19, 1865/age 31 years Tombstone, next to: Martin/Born/Aug. 20, 1860/Died Nov. 26, 1864 Tombstone, next to: Margaret/Born Dec. 1, 1876/Died Feb. 26, 1880 Tombstone John Hewitt/Born/June 4, 1831/Died Oct. 16, 1901, ossw: Bridget KELLY Hewitt/1837-1928 Tombstone John/Bridget Tombstone John/Bridget Annie/Born May 25, 1874/Died Apr. 25, 1902, ossw: Martin/Born Aug. 24, 1867/Died Oct. 14, 1899, ossw: Michael/Born/Jan. 25, 1870/Died Nov. 8, 1904 (John E. Hewitt d. 14 Jan. 1894) (M.H. Hewitt/d. May 1904/from obit)

HICKEY: Bridget/wife of P. Hickey/Died/Nov. 5, 1873/aged 37 years Tombstone

HOEFNER: Donald C./Sept. 22, 1934/Mar. 21, 1999

HOFFMAN: (extra info sent in by family researcher/see contributors page) Joseph Hoffman/Father/ Tombstone, next to: Catherine Hoffman/Mother/1830-June 22, 1899 Tombstone, next to: James J. Hoffman/1873-1936 Tombstone, next to: Joseph Hoffman/Wisconsin/Pvt. Co. B 13 Regt. Wis. Inf./Civil War/1824-1889 Tombstone Mathias Hoffman (Mathias Hoffman, b.06 Mar 1862, d. after 1870 b. Town of Gibson, Manitowoc County, WI Son of Joseph and Catherine (Geimer) Hoffman) Hoffman (no name) Tombstone

HOGAN: Johana/Bridget/_____/Hogan Michael Hogan/Born 1810/Died Nov. 15, 1897, ossw: Elizabeth Hogan/Born 1810/Died/Dec. 1, 1891 Tombstone Michael/Elizabeth Timothy Hogan/born 1788/died 1862, ossw: Margaret Hogan/born 1796/1888 Tombstone Timothy/Margaret See NOONAN

HOLDA: Stanley Holda/Jan 23, 1904-Jun 11, 1966/from obit Margaret Holda/1905-1989, ossw: Peter WYNGAARD/1903-1977 (18 May 1903/Jan 1977/SSDI) Michael J./June 24, 1960/Apr. 6, 1987 Scott J./Oct. 15, 1963/July 30, 1991 Robert R. Sr./June 20, 1939/Nov. 18, 2005

HOLLOWAY: Margaret M./1915-1995 Gordon M./1915-2000

HOLZINGER: James A./June 25, 1953/Mar. 24, 2001

HORSTKETTER: August Horstketter/1872-1924, next to: Regina/wife of/Aug. Horstketter/Mar. 3, 1857/Mar. 21, 1912

HOULIHAN: Patrick/1826-1903, ossw: Johanna/1831-1911, ossw: Thomas/1863-1936, ossw: Michael/1867-1877, ossw: Mary/1870-1877, ossw: Johanna/1875-1877 Tombstone Tombstone Patrick/Johanna/Thomas/Michael/Mary/Johanna Pat/1869-1947 See MELODY

HUCEK: Paulina K./Hucek/Narozena u Zemrela/15 Rijna 1891

HULTGREN: Darlene M./Feb. 23, 1959/Oct. 29, 1979

JACKISH: Joseph/Jackish/Narozen/11 Zari 1809/Zemrel/23 Unor 1884, ossw: Franciska/Jackish/Narozena/16 Mai 1816/zemrela/6 Ledna 1891 Tombstone Joseph/Franciska Tombstone Josef/Franciska, ossw: Maria A./Jackish/Narozena/8 Zari 1877/zemrela/3 Ledna 1889 Tombstone Franciska/Maria, ossw: Constantine/Jackish/Narozena/23 Rijen 1872/Zemrela/4 Srpen/1873, ossw: Josef BRAUN/Narozen/24 Srpen 1824/zemrel/22 Duben/1909 Tombstone Josef Braun, ossw: Josef Jackish/Narozen/19 Brez/1842/Zemrel/11 Brez 1909

JAKESCH: Constantin/sohn von/J & F Jakesch/Geb. Marz 24, 1839/Gest./Juli 15, 1866 Tombstone


JIRIKOVEC: Evelyn/1909-1970, ossw: Wencel/1903-1961

JOHNSON: Norah/1852-1929, ossw: John/1845-1890 Tombstone Norah/John April Ann Johnson/d. Mar. 24, 1978 Kimberly & Sarah/-May 4, 1982- See RYAN

KAKES: Helen A./Sept. 2, 1912/Sept. 10, 1995, ossw: William L./Sept. 8, 1910/Aug. 8, 1991

KALIES: Gerald Kalies/Nov. 22, 1929/Sept. 13, 1998

KANE: Kane family stone Edward/Husband/Sept. 29, 1881/July 14, 1959 Tombstone, ossw: May M. BARTELME Kane/wife of Ed Kane/Dec. 21 1886/Feb. 14, 1925 Tombstone Thomas/Feb. 8, 1908/July 5, 1978, ossw: Bernadine/Sept. 4, 1905/Sept. 16, 2000 Dennis P. Kane/Nov. 19, 1943/March 4, 1973 Helen/1883-1967 (14 May 1883/May 1967/SSDI), ossw: Henry/1877-1931 Mary J./Sept 29, 1911/Sept. 30/1995 Kenneth/Mar. 12, 1910/Jan. 23, 1986 Tyler G./1966-1987 Lucille B. Kane/March 30, 1941-Aug. 2, 2015 Thomas J. Kane/Jul 15, 1943-Apr 25, 2017

KARBON: Mark/Son of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Karbon/1956-1957 Tombstone

KARRELS: Alice Brady Karrels/Apr. 16, 1908/Nov. 16, 1980/Jesus have mercy Tombstone

KASDA: Thomas/Sohn von/J & M Kasda/Geb. 25, Juli 1839/Gest. 15, Juli 1865 Tombstone

KAZDA: Thomas Kazda/Co. B 82 Regt. ILL. Inf./Civil War Tombstone, next to: Thos. Kazda/Co. B 82 ILL. Inf. [25 Juli 1839/15 Juli 1865/From the Manitowoc Civil War Roundtable] Tombstone

KEEHAN: Michael L. Jr./Sept. 21, 1928-Nov. 1, 1997 Earl J./May 6, 1930-Dec. 4, 2000 Vernice Ann Keehan/Jan. 8, 1934-Feb. 7, 2011

KEENAN: John Keenan/June 24, 1820/the parish of Duduehre Co. _____, Ireland/ Died May 13, 1884/Age 64 years Tombstone Margaret Keenan/Mar 17, 1830-May 18, 1911 Richard/Son of J & M Keenan/Born Sept. 8, 1861/Died/Dec. 8, 1877 Tombstone

KEHOE: Anastasia Kehoe/Died/Aug. 12, 1866/Aged 77 years (stone laying flat in ground) Kehoe/William/1814-1871, ossw: Kehoe/Anastasia/1789-1866/Born in Ireland Tombstone William/Anastasia Patricia Kehoe/1941-1986

KELLNER: Afra/Mother/1888-1957 Photo, ossw: Eugene/Son/1915-1922


KIEFER: Kiefer family stone, next to: John/Aug. 18, 1844/Oct. 13, 1881 Tombstone, next to: Elizabeth/Apr. 10, 1846/Jan. 9, 1928 Tombstone, next to: Anton/Feb. 3, 1872/Nov. 19, 1950 Tombstone, next to: Mary/June 9, 1875/May 12, 1951 Tombstone, next to: Barbara/May 20, 1890/Nov. 15, 1957 Tombstone

KILEY: James Kiley/Mar. 16, 1884/June 21, 1960 Tombstone James Kiley/Apr. 25, 1849/Mar. 3, 1894, ossw: Julia Kiley/Dec. 22, 1852/May 29, 1888 Tombstone James/Julia (Michael Kiley/June 12, 1892-Sept. 4, 1962/from obit) Mary Kiley/1826-1906, next to: Patrick Kiley/1817-1911

KIMBALL: In memory of Baby/Kory Kimball/Aug. 15, 1971 Kenneth Chuck Jr./1962-1980 Donald S./1913-1990 Lois Kimball/June 10, 1937-Aug. 23, 2000/from obit

KING: Lucy King/Died Mar. 5, 1902/aged 81 yrs. Tombstone Tombstone, ossw: Henry/Apr. 13, 1850/June 28, 1919, ossw: Charles/Aug. 2, 1852/Feb. 21, 1920 Tombstone Henry/Charles Clifford King/1843-1929/Served in Co. D 27 Reg. Wis. Inf. in the Civil War from Aug. 1862/to August 1865 Photo Tombstone Tombstone, next to: Clifford King/Wisconsin/Pvt. Co. H 27 Reg. Wis. Inf. Civil War/1843-1929 Tombstone

KIRSCHER: Edward Kirscher/Born March 17, 1845/Died/April 6, 1882 Tombstone Photo, ossw: Louis/Born/Nov. 23, 1873/Died/Oct. 24, 1885, ossw: Magdalene M./Born/July 31, 1878/Died/Oct. 31, 1885 Tombstone Louis/Magdalene Tombstone Louis/Magdalene, ossw: Children of E & A Kirscher

KOENIG: Mathilda/Mother/1877-1965, ossw: Frank/Father/1879-1947 Tombstone Mathilda/Frank

KONCEWICZA: Tu Spoczywaja/Zwloki/S.P. Piotra/Koncewicza/Zylat 61 Umarl/12 Lut 1882 R. Tombstone

KRALOVETZ: Robert E./1940-2004 Kristine L./1974-1995

KRIVANEK: Maria/18 ?? 1883/??? 8 da. Tombstone Unknown Krivanek Tombstone

KRIWANEK: Karel Kriwanek/narozen/16 Brez 1856/Zemrel/18 Srpna 1884 Tombstone

KRONFORST: William/1934-1977, ossw: Lester/1906-1973 (02 Dec 1906/Jun 1973/SSDI), ossw: Olive/1914-1999

KRUMMEL: George/1902-1976, ossw: Julia/1903-1996

KUBICHEK: Delmar/1934-1971 Delmar T. Kubichek/Wisconsin/Pvt. Co. M 3 TNG Regt./Sept. 13, 1934 - Oct. 16, 1971, next to: Louis J./1908-1991, ossw: Theresa A./1909-1996

KUDICK: Frances/1927-___, ossw: Leonard/1926-1973, next to: Leonard Kudick/Wisconsin/PFC Army Air Forces/World War II/Dec. 19, 1926 - Nov. 4, 1973 Steve G./July 31, 1961/Oct. 19, 1992

KUNZ: Adolph/Kunz/Died/Feb. 27, 1899/Aged/25 yrs. 4 mos./4 das. Tombstone Tombstone

LAWLER: Michael Lawler/1821-1881, ossw: Mary Lawler/his beloved wife/1832-1904 Tombstone Michael/Mary Michael/Son/June 4, 1855/Nov. 29, 1932, next to: James Lawler Tombstone, next to: Bridget E./Daughter/June 30, 1868/July 13, 1936, next to: John/Son/June 4, 1857/Apr. 1, 1942 Tombstone Dennis/Father/1866-1947, ossw: Anna/Mother/1871-1939, ossw: Irene/Daughter/1899-1918


LECAPTAIN: Francis P. LeCaptain/

LEVENHAGEN: Ned/1930-1956, ossw: Ann/1898-2000, ossw: Roy/1895-1958, next to: Roy Levenhagen/Wisconsin/Pvt. 22 Co. 6 BN 2 Prov. Regt./World War I/ Aug. 31, 1895/Nov. 10, 1958 Roger J./1922-1991 Mary Ellen/1922-1987

LINZMEIER: Infant son/of Mr and Mrs. Charles Linzmeier Jr. -1966-

LOBERGER: Wolfgang/Father/1831-1920, ossw: Mary/Mother/1842-1922 Tombstone Wolfgang/Mary, next to: Franziska/Loberger/Aged/35 years Anna/Sister/1885-1937, next to: Mary/Sister/1876-1942, next to: William/Father/1887-1952 Emma/1888-1989


LYNCH: R.E. Lynch Tombstone R.E., ossw: Leo Lynch/Dec. 20, 1886/Sept. 13, 1913 Tombstone Leo, ossw: Kate/wife of/R.E. Lynch/Died Sept. 1, 1889 Tombstone Kate (John Lynch/d. Mar 30, 1903/from record)

LYONS: Patrick Lyons/no dates Tombstone Tombstone Patrick Lyons/Born 1823 in the parish of/Bruff County Limerick Ireland/ Died Dec. 24, 1910/age 87 years, ossw: Jane FAGEN/wife of Patrick Lyons/Born 1835 in the parish of Naven/County West Meath Ireland/ Died Dec. 16, 1909 age 74 yrs. TombstonePatrick/Jane Tombstone Patrick/Jane Katherine Lyons/1883-1959 Tombstone, next to: Brigat O'ROUKE/wife of Patrick Lyons/Born in Parish of Bruff/ Co. Limerick Ireland/Died Feb. 13, 1866/Aged 40 yrs, next to: Thomas Lyons/1855-1940 Tombstone Jane/1882-1946, ossw: John/1871-1920 Tombstone Jane/John Patrick Lyons/1916, ossw: Monica Lyons/1920 Tombstone Patrick/Monica Baby Girl Lyons/Dec. 6, 1921-Dec. 7, 1921/from obit John Joseph/1925-1928, ossw: Anna/1880-1963, ossw: Patrick/1869-1943 Francis/Father/1917-2005, ossw: Mabel/Mother/1915-1977, ossw: Francis/Son/1956-1960, ossw: Patrick/1947-1967, next to: Patrick N. Lyons/Wisconsin/PFC Co. B 1 BN 16 Infantry/Vietnam BSM-PH/ May 2, 1947 - Feb. 28, 1967 Francis and Mabel memorial Memorial

MACH: Frankie/1909-1917, ossw: Edward/1908-1917/children of/F & A Mach

MAHER: John Maher/1827-1865, ossw: His wife Mary Ann/1840-1906/Erected by Michael Maher Tombstone John/Mary


MALINOWSKI: John Malinowski/Died/March 6, 1871/aged 42 years Tombstone


MANCHESKI: Norman D./Jan. 22, 1953/Oct. 20, 2000 Ester/Nov. 11, 1922/May 9, 2006 Felix/Jan. 26 1918/July 2, 2008

MANEY: Peter Maney/and wife/Bridget Tombstone

MARINAN: Children of/J & B/Marinan Tombstone Tombstone, next to: Marinen/Mary, ossw: Margaret, ossw: Catharine, ossw: Joseph, ossw: Peter, ossw: Martin, ossw: William Father Marinan Tombstone Marinan family stone, next to: John Marinan/Aug. 3, 1857/Feb. 17, 1923 Tombstone, next to: Bridget Marinan/Mother/June 6, 1832/Dec. 8, 1919 Tombstone Joseph Marinan/Sept. 23, 1826/Nov. 4, 1899 Michael Marinan/May 6, 1863/May 13, 1910 Tombstone

MARSHEK: Brian D./1977-1978 Anthony/1943-1996

MARTIN: Henry Martin/Born in Ireland/Dec. 25, 1834/Died/April 10, 1904 Photo

MAXWELL: Frank/1958-2006

MCGINNIS: Bernard McGinnis/Died Sept. 13, 1884/aged/70 years Tombstone Bernard McGinnis/Died Sept. 8 1884/aged/50 years, next to: Margaret McGinnis/1864-1951 Tombstone, next to: Thomas J. McGinnis/1836-1939 Tombstone

MCKNIGHT: Julia E./Sister/1869-1945, ossw: Martin/Brother/1868-1942 Tombstone Julia/Martin Margaret/Mother/1887-1935, ossw: George/Father/1875-1934

MCNAMARA: James McNamara/Died/Mar. 19, 1888/aged 73 yrs., ossw: Mary/His wife/Died/Sept. 13, 1891/aged 72 yrs. Tombstone James/Mary Tombstone James/Mary, ossw: Catharine McNamara/Died/Oct. 25, 1869/aged 18 years Tombstone Tombstone Catharine

MEEHAN: Erected by/John & Christ/Meehan, ossw: James Meehan/Born/Oct. 15, 1798/Died/Mar. 17, 1871/Natives of Parish/ Knockmark Co./Meath, Ireland, ossw: Thomas Meehan/Born/Aug. 20, 1807/Died/Jan. 6, 1870 Tombstone, ossw: Edward Meehan/Born/Febr. 1, 1811/Died/Mar. 24, 1863 Tombstone, next to: Mary/Mother/wife of/Thom. Meehan (balance too deep in ground)Tombstone John Meehan/July 14, 1834/Mar. 28, 1908, ossw: Mary Meehan/May 15, 1842/June 30, 1912/next to: Footstones: Aunt/Uncle Margaret/Mother/1849-1921, next to: Anna M./1883-1920 Chris Meehan/June 8, 1888-July 13, 1968/from obit Christ Meehan/d. 1925/from obit Delia Meehan/d. 1927/from obit

MELODY: Bridget/1861-1935, ossw: John/1858-1918, ossw: Bernice/1903-1996, ossw: James/1901-1976, ossw: Pat HOULIHAN/1869-1947, next to: Father/John/1858-1918 Catherine/1930-1991, ossw: Margaret/1867-1947, ossw: Lottie/1888-1945, ossw: Mary/1865-1953, ossw: Patrick/1872-1942, ossw: William/1867-1956 Tombstone Catherine/Margaret/Lottie/Mary/Patrick/William Infant Melody/d. July 1928/from obit Katte/1884, ossw: Catherine/1888, ossw: Ann/1882, ossw: Martin/1892, ossw: John/1882, ossw: Pat/1908 Tombstone Tombstone Katte/Catherine/Ann/Martin/John/Pat

METZ: Anna/1882-1969, ossw: John/1882-1947, next to: Elnore Metz/Feb. 5, 1897/June 2, 1921 Carrie Ann Metz/Dec. 31, 1975 - Jan. 7, 1976 Cora/1905-1990, ossw: Joseph/1894-1979 Kate/1882-1937, ossw: George/1886-1942, next to: Martin Metz/1852-1928/Father, next to: Louise Metz/1852-1934/Mother Frank Michael Metz/May 24, 1888-Sept. 5, 1899/from record Lucille R./1914-2000 Leonard A./1907-1981

MICOLICZYK: Josephine/1902-1985, ossw: Lawrence/1892-1949 Tombstone Josepine/Lawrence Lawrence Micoliczyk/Wisconsin/Pvt. 5 Co. Casual Det./World War I/ Aug. 2, 1892 - Oct. 30, 1949 Tombstone

MILLER: Catharine Miller/Born July 11, 1883/Died Oct. 11 1909, ossw: Matt Miller/1872-1935 Tombstone Catharine/Matt Anna Miller/1883-1940/from obit Jacob Miller/Born Oct. 16, 1845/Died July 10, 1911 Tombstone Jacob, ossw: Margaret Miller/Born July 29, 1853/Died June 4, 1933 Jacob/Father/1880-1947, ossw: Margaret/Mother/1879-1929 Tombstone Jacob/Margaret, next to: Charles M. Miller/1917-1971 Tombstone

MOORE: John/Moore/Died/Mar. 23, 1899/Aged 76 years, ossw: Ellen/his wife/Died/Apr. 1, 1884/Aged 45 years (?)egan/Died Mar. 21, 187(2?)/aged 11(?) yrs___, ossw: ___ane/Died/____187(?)/Aged___/Children of John & Ellen Moore Tombstone

MORGAN: Mary Morgan Tombstone, next to: Ann/wife of James Morgan/Died/July 14, 1867/aged 35 yrs. Tombstone, next to: James Morgan/Born in Downpatrick Parish/County Down Ireland/1836/Died Mar. 4, 1903 Photo Tombstone James Tombstone James

MOYER: Marie C. Moyer/1906-1997

MULQUEEN: Michael Mulqueen/Died/Dec. 5, 1905/age 100 years, ossw: Anna Mulqueen/Died/Mar. 29, 1899/age 70 years, next to: Dennis Mulqueen/1868-1926 James Mulqueen/1880-1930 Tombstone Bridget Dell. MALONEY/Born June 6, 1868/Died Dec. 3, 1893 Tombstone, ossw: Patrick Mulqueen/Died Nov. 19, 1893 Tombstone Patrick Tombstone Patrick, ossw: Martin Mulqueen/Born/Dec. 1, 1871/Died/July 19, 1885 Tombstone, next to: Margaret Mulqueen/Mother/Nov. 1, 1840/Dec. 11, 1922, next to: Patrick Mulqueen/Father/Nov. 17, 1837/Nov. 19, 1893 Mary A. Mulqueen/aged 12 years Tombstone

MURPHY: Maurice Murphy/Died/Jan. 29, 1887/aged 68 yrs., ossw: Hanorah/wife of/M. Murphy/Died/Mar. 29, 1895/aged/72 years Tombstone Tombstone Maurice/Hanorah, next to: Michael E. Murphy/Sep 1, 1861-Mar 3, 1920/from record John Murphy/May 11, 1806 - Feb. 5, 1882, ossw: Margaret Murphy/June 24, 1811 - Jan. 19, 1869 Tombstone Tombstone John/Margaret Footstones: Mother/Father

NACHTWEY: Nachtwey family stone, next to: Joseph Nachtwey/1861-1949 Tombstone, next to: Anna Nachtwey/1863-1917 Tombstone, next to: Frances Nachtwey/1892-1971 Tombstone, next to: Victor Nachtwey/1894-1918 Tombstone, next to: Henry Nachtwey/Father/1818-1895 Tombstone, next to: Mary Nachtwey/Mother/1820-1892 Tombstone Roman/1901-1978, ossw: Margaret/1904-1978/Married/Aug. 30, 1927 Josephine/1875-1968, ossw: Mark/1873-1962 Judith Nachtwey/Oct. 21-Nov. 9, 1942 Tombstone Myrtle A./June 14, 1916/June 12, 1988 Norman E./Apr. 14, 1910/Aug. 27, 1993

NEJEDLO: Rose/1880-1953, ossw: John A./1876-1951, next to: Joseph M. WOTRUBA/1951-1952


NEMETZ: Tyler John/May 26, 1995 Raymond Nemetz/July 21, 1940-June 25, 2008 Judith Ann Nemetz/Nov. 21, 1946-March 3, 2014

NETZER: Base only - stone missing Tombstone Nicolaus Netzer/b. 1815/d. 01 June 1900/from obit (Margaret Netzer/1820-Jun 18, 1899/from record)

NEWMAN: John Newman/Died Feb. 10, 1902/aged 74 years (Agnes Newman/dau. of John Newman and Anne Doyle/d. 28 Dec. 1877, Cooperstown/age 8-1/2 mo./cause: measles/no stone)

NOONAN: Daniel Noonan/15 Wisconsin/Pvt Co C ? Regt Wis Inf/Civil War/1833-1894 Tombstone Ann Noonan/Born 1859/Died 1923, ossw: Margaret Noonan/Born 1857/Died 1929 Tombstone Ann/Margaret, ossw: Daniel Noonan/Born 1833/Died 1894, ossw: Julia Noonan/Born 1835/Died 1873 Tombstone Daniel/Julia, ossw: Margaret HOGAN/Born 1796/Died 1888, ossw: Timothy HOGAN/Born 1788/Died 1862, ossw: Margaret/MALBOROUGH/Born 1832/Died 1868 Tombstone

NOOYEN: Janice M./Jan. 29, 1936/July 17, 2000, ossw: Ervin W./Sept. 15, 1931/Sept. 20, 2002

NYSSE: Amy Lynne/Feb. 24, 1982/May 7, 2005

O'BRIEN: Denis J./Sept. 5, 1897/Feb. 2, 1898, next to: Patrick/Father/Mar. 17, 1862/Oct. 26, 1911, next to: Mary Ann/Mother/Nee CASHMAN/Mar. 13, 1862/Apr. 1, 1940 Margaret/Mother/1870-1937, ossw: William H./Father/1870-1921, ossw: Erwin/1899-1902, ossw: Joseph/1901-1902, ossw: Dennis/1911-1915 Tombstone Margaret/William/Erwin/Joseph/Dennis Cornelius O'Brien/Family Tombstone Patrick L./1935-1965 (war vet flag holder), ossw: Eva K./1912-2009, ossw: William H./1909-1972 Tombstone Patrick/Eva/William, next to: Patrick L. O'Brien/Wisconsin/PFC 2 MSL BN 71 Arty/July 6, 1935 - Nov. 17, 1965 Tombstone

OLSON: Arthur M./1899-1967, ossw: Mabel/1903-1970 Tombstone Arthur/Mabel


O'ROURKE: John O'Rourke/died Mai 12, 1864/aged 36 years Tombstone

OSWALD: Milton F./1929-1962 Rose M./1931-2003

PEER: Burt/1907-1988

PELISHEK: Pelishek family stone, next to: (Mary)/Mother/1840-1909 Tombstone, next to: David/1881-1882 Tombstone, next to: (Frank)/Father/1825-1881 Tombstone

PENNEY: Patrick/May 24, 1847/Nov. 24, 1916, ossw: Ann COONEY/His wife/June 12, 1852/June 9, 1914, ossw: John/Their son/May 4, 1869/Oct. 3, 1882 Tombstone Patrick/Ann/John John/son of P & H Penney/Born May 4, 1869/Died/Oct. 3, 1882 Aged 13 Y's & 5 M's (stone on ground off base)

PIONTEK: Gerald/Apr. 11, 1940/Jan. 3, 2003

POEST: (Jane Poestb. Cooperstown/d. 12 Dec. 1877, Cooperstown/age 19 yrs./no stone) (Anna Poest/b. Cooperstown/d. 21 Dec. 1877, Cooperstown/age 14 yrs, 9 mo./no stone) (Rebeck Poest/b. Cooperstown/d. 19 Dec. 1877, Cooperstown/age 12-1/2 yrs./no stone) (Note: Children of Mary Post below)

POST: Mary/wife of Thomas Post/Died Dec. 13, 1897/Aged 62 yrs Tombstone Tombstone (Note: Children listed as Poest above)

PRESTON: Lucas James/May 25, 2001/May 28, 2001

RABAS: Infant son of/Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Rabas/1960

RAMER: Lucille/Nee DEWANE/1906-1965, ossw: Fred/1900-1979

RAMESH: Sarah/Ramesh/wife of/Wencel Ramesh Tombstone

RASMUSSEN: Sarah E./1920-1997 Nels L./1920-1981

REED: Ellen/wife of Hugh Reed/Born in Town of Strat__ Co. Tombstone In memory of/Mr. & Mrs./Thos. Reed Tombstone Tombstone

REEDY: James Reedy/Died/Mar. 16, 1911/age 85 yrs., ossw: Margaret Reedy/Died/Oct. 23, 1888/age 70 yrs Tombstone Tombstone James/Margaret, ossw: Here lies John/Bridget and James/the Grandson Tombstone Anna Reedy WETAK/1898-1988, ossw: Antone WETAK/1905-1948 Tombstone Anna/Antone Wetak, ossw: James/1861-1925, ossw: Catherine Reedy/1860-1943, ossw: John/1886-1959, ossw: Martin/1894-1964 Tombstone James/Catherine/John/Martin, next to: Martin L. Reedy/Wisconsin/PFC Co H 1 GAS Regt CWS/World War I/ March 9, 1894 - March 20, 1964 Tombstone John Reedy/Born/in parish of Denass/Co. Clare Ireland/Died/ Apr. 23, 1890/aged 75 years Tombstone (can't read), ossw: Winifred/wife of John Reedy/born in the parish of/Denass Co. Clare Ireland/Died/June 16, 1893/aged 85 years Tombstone Winifred Tombstone Winifred, ossw: James Floyd/Born/in the parish of Denass/Co. Clare Ireland/Died/Jan. 6, 1886/aged 76 years Tombstone (can't read) Gilbert Reedy/Apr. 16, 1912/Oct. 24, 1977 Peter & Mary/Twins/1918-1918, ossw: Peter/1892-1963, ossw: Alvina/1894-1973, ossw: Ralph/1921-1945, next to: John Joseph/Son/1925-1928, next to: Ralph P. Reedy/Wisconsin/PFC 164 Inf./World War II/ Nov. 4, 1921 - April 15, 1945 Gary J./1956-1986 Thomas W./Feb. 2, 1924/Sept. 5, 1984 (Note: James Reedy was born in the Townland of Aughboy in the parish of Kiltenanlea, County Clare Ireland. His wife's name was Margaret Brandon. Also the James Floyd listed with the Reedys in Cem #16 should be listed as James FLOYD as Floyd was his last name. The transcribers also neglected to list Elizabeth 1883 and Margaret 1886 that are ossw John, Winifred (nee FLOYD) and James FLOYD. Also, the "son John Joseph" that is with the Reedys does not belong. It is actually a Lyons stone and it is duplicated there./from researcher, see contributors page)

REICHLAND: Carl Tombstone

REZEK: Mary Beth Rezek/Daughter/1949-1977, next to: Roy/1924-1988, ossw: Lucille/1920-1999 Matthew Philip/Dec. 11, 1979/Mar. 31, 1980

RICH: Maureen C./1939-1968, ossw: Joseph P./1930-___ Tombstone Maureen/Joseph

RICHDORF: Peter Richdorf/Died Feb. 26, 1886/aged 62 years Tombstone, next to: Margaret Richdorf/Died Jan. 7, 1882/aged 52 yrs. Tombstone Michael/Father/1867-1946, ossw: Elizabeth/Mother/1865-1937 (John L. Richdorf/Dec 28, 1901-Dec 20, 1918/from record) Irene/Dau. of M and E. Richdorf/Born/Aug. 10, 1904/Died/Aug. 12, 1904

ROSSINI: Lucille M./July 23, 1916/Mar. 30, 1995

ROUBIK: Julius/Son/July 5, 1897/May 11, 1915, ossw: Helen/Daughter/June 3, 1902/May 11, 1915, next to: Julius/Father/Feb. 13, 1872/Dec. 17, 1935, next to: Lena/Mother/Oct. 12, 1874/Jan. 8, 1970, next to: Julia/Daughter/Apr. 7, 1904/July 6, 1966 Leva Roubik/June 26, 1899/Mar. 17, 1983


RUTTNER: Theresa Ruttner/1952-2009/from obit

RYAN: Anne Ryan/Born/in Co. Limerick Ireland/Oct. 16, 1787/Died/Oct. 4, 1881 Catherine/Daughter/1893-1975, next to: Tom/Son/1894-1989, next to: Rose/Daughter/1890-1975, next to: Nola/Daughter/1900-1952, next to: Thomas/Father/1855-1924, next to: Mary/Mother/1857-1924 Patrick Ryan/1814-1903, ossw: His wife/Bridget/1826-1869 Tombstone Patrick/Bridget Johanna JOHNSON/wife of Wm. Ryan Sr./Died Aug. 4, 1882/aged 60 years/ a native of Co. Clare, Ireland, ossw: Erected by her son and daughter William & Mary See FAGAN

ST. PETER: Stephen A. St. Peter/Sept. 19, 1976-Aug. 13, 2012/from obit

SCANLAN: Patrick Scanlan/1810-1860, ossw: Catharine/His wife/1812-1884, ossw: Denis Scanlan/1838-1879, ossw: Catharine/His wife/1834-1872 Tombstone Patrick/Catharine/Denis/Catharine, next to: Dennis Scanlan/1870-1971 (b.25 Dec. 1870/d. May 1971) Tombstone Thomas E./Father/1905-1954 Henry/Father/1877-1931, next to: Susan L./Mother/1879-1967, ossw: Michael L./Father/1869-1949, next to: Reverend Lambert D./Born to life May 16, 1907/09 Jul. 9, 2000/ ordained June 1, 1933/ Served at/Stevens Point/Appleton/Oshkosh/Green Bay/New Holstein/ Menasha/Lebannon/McCormick Home, next to: Michael W. Scanlan/Son/Mar. 4, 1907/Aug. 24, 1934, next to: Greetings: Thank you for stopping. We buried here are grateful. All in all it has been great, an interesting adventure. Sincerely, Father L. Scanlan. Mary Wendt SCANLAN/1940-2006 Margaret Scanlan/1905-1995

SCHAFFER: Daughter/Margaret/1872-1940 Tombstone, next to: Daughter/Theresa/1860-1881 Tombstone, next to: Mother/Anna/1836-1909 Tombstone, next to: Father/Andrew/1826-1910 Tombstone, next to: Andrew Schaffer/Born Feb. 15, 1826/Died/Apr. 21, 1910, ossw: and his wife/Anna/Born/July 2, 1836/Died/July 12, 1909 Tombstone Tombstone Andrew/Anna, ossw: Theresa/Born/May 9, 1860/Died Jan. 13, 1881 Tombstone Theresa

SCHLIES: Robert J. Schlies/1925-1998 Alice Schlies/May 21, 1928-Jan. 6, 2014/from obit James J. Schlies/Sep 15, 1943-Aug 9, 2015

SCHMITT: (extra Schmitt info sent in by researcher/see contributors page) Edward Schmitt/Born Nov. 27, 1883/Died May 12, 1908 Tombstone Tombstone Edward (Edward Schmitt, b.27 Nov 1883, d.12 May 1908 b. Town of Gibson, Manitowoc County, WI Son of Michael and Dorothea (Haws) Schmitt Husband of Barbara Wegner (dau of John and Catherine (Stoppen) Wegner)) Michael Schmitt/1850-1922, ossw: Dorthy Schmitt/1855-1932 Note: Also at this grave site there lies buried: Joseph Schmitt, b.-- Sep 1889, d. 15 Oct 1902, adopted son of Michael and Dorothea (Haws) Schmitt) Henry Schmidt/May 28, 1896-May 31, 1896/from record

SCHNEIDER: John Schneider/Born Dec. 6, 1825/Died Feb. 23, 1901 Tombstone John, ossw: Catherine Schneider/Born July 25, 1823/Died Dec. 2, 1900 Tombstone Tombstone Catherine, ossw: Catherine Schneider/Born May 19, 1864/Died June 30, 1892 Tombstone Catherine, ossw: Joseph Schneider/Born March 24, 1860/Died May 24, 1886 Tombstone Joseph Jeremiah John/Mar. 5, 1986/June 23, 1986

SEIDL: Barbara/1912-1985 (see Bligiske/have obit)

SEKORA: Catherine/Mother/1849-1912, ossw: Paul/Father/1839-1932 Tombstone Paul/Catherine

SHEA: Donald J./Shea/July 5, 1917/Apr. 10, 1918

SHILLCOX: John T. Shillcox/Wisconsin/PFC 1876 Eng. AVN BN/World War II/ April 12, 1914 - Nov. 22, 1955 Dorothy H./1915-1991

SHIMEK: Wencil/1904-1991, ossw: Anna/1898-1989

SHIMON: Donald Shimon/1929-1991

SIEBOLD: Eleanor/Mother/1921-2010, ossw: William/Father/1918-1965

SIEHR: Henry/Grandfather/1831-1894, ossw: Margaret/Grandmother/1836-1876 Tombstone Henry/Margaret Lena/1871-1961, ossw: Nickolas/1867-1953, ossw: Edmund/1896-1926, next to: Edmund P. Siehr/Wisconsin/PVT Ordnance Department/World War I/ Nov. 19, 1896 - May 14, 1926, next to: Loretta Siehr/1906-1968, ossw: Clarence Siehr/1907-1996 Sylvia O. (Barta) Siehr/Dec. 5, 1903/Dec. 21, 2001, ossw: Joseph F. Barta/1903-1968 (11 Sep 1903/Oct 1968/SSDI) Baby Girl Siehr/d. Apr. 1916/from obit/no stone See Barta See Haws

SIMANEK: Marie/Manzelka/F. Simanek/Narozen/25 Brez 1838/Zemeral/13 Ledna 1893 Tombstone Marie Tombstone Marie (?) Simanek/Died May 3, 1884/age 91 years Tombstone Anastacie, ossw: Julie, ossw: Adolf Tombstone Anastacie/Julie/Adolf


SKARBAN: Andrew Skarban/Feb. 8, 1822/July 14, 1904, ossw: His wife/Catharine/Oct. 15, 1830/Sept. 30, 1906

SLADKEY: Mary/1912-1983, ossw: John/1907-1986

STADLER: Anton Stadler/Died Aug. 16, 1912/aged 80 years

STEINBRECHER: Steinbrecher family stone, next to: Anna Steinbrecher/1871-1957 Tombstone Henry Steinbrecher/1864-1902 Tombstone, next to: Edward Steinbrecher/1870-1891 Tombstone, next to: Magdalene SteinbrecherMother//1859-1927 Tombstone, next to: Charles Steinbrecher/Father/1835-1891 Tombstone, next to: Mathilda Steinbrecher/Mother/1847-1884 Tombstone, next to: Frances Steinbrecher/1880-1959 Tombstone Mary A./Mother/1885-1962, ossw: Carl J./Father/1884-1963 Tombstone Mary/Carl Libbie/1882-1963 Photo, ossw: Eugene/1877-1960 Photo, ossw: Ruth/1906-1908 Tombstone

STEINHORST: John/1918-1978, ossw: Rose/1922-2016, next to: John W. Steinhorst/TEC 4 U.S. Army/World War II/1918-1978

THELEN: Floyd P. Thelen/1928-1998 Geraldine M. Thelen/Feb 16, 1928-Sep 16, 2016


TOUHEY: John Touhey/Died/Nov. 6, 1894/Aged 66 years, ossw: Mary/wife of J. Touhey/Died/Feb. 12, 1873/aged 44 years Tombstone John/Mary Tombstone John/Mary, ossw: Mary/Touhey/Died/Nov. 30, 1902/Aged/45 years Tombstone Mary James/Mar. 12, 1863/Apr. 24, 1931

TRACEY: Johanna Tracey Tombstone See FINNEL

TROULLIER: Lloyd G./1937-2006 Diane M./1937-1995

UNKNOWN: Stone in bush Tombstone Stone in bush Tombstone Tombstone Unknown

VAN ABEL: Robert J. Van Abel/1930-1972

VAN CALSTER: Ervin M./1911-1997 Selma A./1913-1990

VAN LEISHOUT: Ethel/1915-1998, ossw: Joseph/1900-1980 Tombstone Ethel/Joseph

VOSBURGH: Elizabeth A. Vosburgh/Oct. 26, 1876/Jan. 9, 1902

WAGNER: George Wagner/1897-1976 (Pfeffer marker) Chester A. Wagner/1916-1999 Arlene J./1918-2000

WALTON: Infant/Son of Mr. and Mrs./J.L. Walton/1959

WANIE: Joseph Wanie/Son/1882-1923, next to: Joseph/Wanie/Father/1850-1924, next to: Magdaline Wanie/Mother/1853-1938, next to: Anna ROULLIER/Mother/1880-1939, next to: Christina/1883-1963, ossw: Andrew/1883-1921

WANISH: Catherine/Mother/1869-1929, ossw: John/Father/1857-1909, ossw: Mary/1892-1985, ossw: Elizabeth/1897-1988, ossw: Chloe/1908-2004 Tombstone Catherine/John/Mary/Elizabeth/Chloe Johnnie/son of JS & K Wanish/Born/Dec. 7, 1891/Died/Feb. 18, 1894 Tombstone, next to: Frank Wanish/Born/Mar. 25, 1835/Died/Sept. 27, 1906, ossw: Elizabeth/JENTSCH/his wife/Born Feb. 8, 1833/Died/June 10, 1897 Tombstone Tombstone Frank/Elizabeth Annie/dcera E u L/Wanish/Narozena/15 Dubna 1874/Zemrela/15 Ledna 1888 Tombstone Tombstone John F. Wanish/CPL U.S. Army/Mar. 31, 1931 - Nov. 1, 1974 Debra Wanish/July 21 - 24, 1958 Stephen Wanish/d. March 1914/from obit

WARPINSKI: Reginald (Regie) Warpinski/Dec. 22, 1930-Jan. 3, 2011/from obit Shirley Ann Warpinski/Sept. 29, 1932-Nov. 29, 2013/from obit

WEBER: Catherine Weber/1858-1897/Mother Tombstone, ossw: Mathias Weber/1848-1937/Father Tombstone, ossw: Anna Marie Weber/1887 Tombstone, ossw: Hubbard Weber/(1816-1888) Tombstone (Hanna Weber/Nov 23, 1891-1892/from record) (John Weber/-1896-/from record)

WEGENER: (extra info sent in by family researcher/see contributors page) Vater und Mutter/Johan Wegener/1814-1823 (stone reads 1823) (Johann Wegener, b.16 Dec 1813, d.-------? b. Rheinland, Kreis Saarburg, Freudenburg, Prussia (Germany) Son of Andreas and Maria (Kiefer) Wegener m. Helena Britten, 02 Jun 1840, St. Trinitus Catholic Church, Rheinland, Kreis Saarburg, Freudenburg, Prussia (Germany)), ossw: Helena Wegener/1820-1894 Tombstone John/Helena (Helena (Britten) Wegener, b.11 Feb 1820, d.------1894 b. Rheinland, Kreis Saarburg, Freudenburg, Prussia (Germany) dau. of Michael and Susanna (Klein) Britten Wife of Johann Wegener (1813) Note: This family emigrated to USA arriving in NY Feb 1855. Naturalization papers were filed 01 Nov 1856 in Manitowoc County, WI. Their children were: Michael, b.31 Aug 1841; Johann, b.18 Jul 1844; Peter, b.02 Dec 1846; Nikolaus, b.18 Jan 1850; Magdalena, b.17 Jan 1853; Children were born at Freudenburg)

WEGNER: (extra info on some sent in by family researcher/see contributors page) John Wegner/1844-1934, ossw: Katharen Wegner/1853-1900 Tombstone Tombstone John/Katharen A. Mathias Wegner/25 Dec. 1883/8 Jan. 1916 Tombstone Mathias Tombstone Mathias, next to: Elisabeth Wegner/1884-1969 (Pfeffer Funeral Home marker) Tombstone, next to: Mary Wegner/1858-1938 Tombstone, next to: Michael Wegner/Born Aug. 31, 1840/Died/May 19, 1909 Tombstone, next to: Michael Wegner/Wisconsin/PVT Co. D. 27 Regt. Wis. Inf. Civil War/ Aug. 31, 1840/May 19, 1909 Tombstone Elizabeth Wegner/Sept. 27, 1863 - Nov. 16, 1913/wife of/Mathias Wegner (Mathias Wegner/d. 1947/age 87 yrs./from obituary/no stone) Footstone: E.W., next to: Rose C./1913-1987, ossw: Leo R./1901-1972 (28 Mar. 1901/Dec. 1972/SSDI)

WELLNER: Michael/1902-1935 Tombstone Tombstone Ann Bridget Brady Wellner/Dec. 25, 1906/June 11, 2003 Tombstone

WERNER: Peter Werner/born/Feb. 15, 1815 died Feb. (rest gone) Lucy H._____/wife of/Peter Werner (part broken and balance too deep in ground) (Note: There is a Peter Werner on the death index and also a Lucia Werner on it. They may be these two people)


WIMMER: Loretta/1902-1997, ossw: Peter/1897-1991

WINNEKAUS: Jacob Lawrence/Apr. 27, 1983/May 3, 1983

WINNEKENS: Peter/Winnekens/Born/June 18, 1862/Died/Apr. 4, 1906

WITAK: Mary/Mother/1882-1976, ossw: Peter/Father/1877-1951

WOTRUBA: Joseph J./1884-1958/Father/, ossw: Margaret/1890-1979/Mother, ossw: James H./1927-1998/Father, ossw: Beverly A./1931-1976/Mother/ Lawrence M./Apr. 4, 1924/July 28, 1998/married June 22, 1949 Photo + Tombstone, ossw: Arlene M./Mar. 9, 1931-2014 Martin Wotruba/Mar 11, 1922-Feb 20, 2013 Joseph Wotruba/Jul 4, 1951-Mar 16, 1952/from obit See NEJEDLO

WYNGAARD: Margaret/HOLDA/1905 (Born 29 Apr 1905/Died Dec 1989/SSDI), ossw: Peter Wyngaard/1903-1977

YACKISH: Joseph E. Yackish/Born/Feb. 21, 1881/Died/Apr. 10, 1914 Tombstone Mary A. Yackish/Apr. 6, 1849/Dec. 2, 1925 Tombstone Tombstone

YORE: Peter Yore/Died/March 8, 1887/Aged 72 years and 8 mos./a native of Co. Meath/Ireland Tombstone Tombstone Tombstone Footstone: Peter

ZIMMER: Margretha/Ehefrau von/Nikolaus Zimmer/Gestorben den 1 Juni 1868/Alter 56 Jah u 6 Ta Tombstone, next to: Nikolaus Zimmer/Gestorben den/10 Juni 1881/Alter 69 Jah 4 Mo. & 10 Ta. Tombstone

????? Footstone: P.A. No stone nearby. Broken off stone flat in ground - Died/May 8, 1872/Age 40 yrs./ Native of the parish of Skull/Co. of Cork Ireland/Erected by his wife Catherine (between Driscoll and Dewane). Tombstone Two stones - just bases remaining, next to Ed Kane. Mar. 13, 1886/aged 70 yrs./native of Parish of Skull Co. Cork, Ireland/May her soul rest in peace (next to Driscoll and directly behind Bridget O'Rourke Lyons and John O'Rourke. Tombstone Iron cross - in front of John Gelhausen and next to Henry and Margaret Siehr. Base only - between Michael Heffernen & Laura Brady. Iron cross - next to Marie Elmer.