Cooperstown Township, Manitowoc Co., Wisconsin

Location: North on Highway 141 from Francis Creek to Fisherville Road, west on Fisherville Road to junction of County A & H, North on County Trunk A, 1.0 mile to the cemetery on the west side of the road. Copied by the Manitowoc Old Cemetery Society on August 14, 1977. Earliest stone, 1862.

The tombstone pics taken August 2001 by Andrew. Transcriptions redone 2007 by the Manitowoc Genealogy Society, added to this page 2010.
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There is a large monument at the entrance of the cemetery that reads:
Requiem aeternam/dona eis/domine/1860-1910

ALBRECHT: Frantisek Albrecht/narozen/22 Unora 1815/zemrel/24 Rijna 1894 Tombstone Tombstone, next to: Antonie/manzelka F./Albrechta/narozena/1 Brez. 1824/zemrela/22 Cerv. 1897 Tombstone Tombstone

ALBRECHTA: See Albrecht

BARTEL: Mary REZBA Bartel/1823-1910 Tombstone

BECK: Joseph Beck/Geb. 1825/Gest. 28 Feb. 1902, ossw: Katharine/Beck/Geb. Mar. 1832/Gest. 8 Mar. 1906 Tombstone Joseph/Katharine Tombstone Joseph/Katharine Effa/Beck/Gest./15 April/1863 Anton/Beck/Gest./24 April 1862

BERGER: Anna/1854-1934, ossw: Jacob/1847-1941 Tombstone Anna/Jacob, next to: Emil Berger/1882-1967 Tombstone

BERNIER: Charles W./1916-2003, ossw: Lorraine M./1922-2015 Tombstone Charles/Lorraine

BILY: Martin Bily/zemrel/14 List 1909/stari 70 roku Anna Bily/Mother/Aug. 30, 1850/May 28, 1933 Tombstone, next to: Jan A. Bily/narozen 15 Cerv 1880/zemrel 6 Rijna 1911 Tombstone Tombstone

BLASHKA: Leon/Otec/1839-1928, ossw: Paulina/Matka/1852-1949, next to: Anna Blashka/March 27, 1894-June 14, 1896/from record Leo Blashka/Sept. 20, 1896-March 28, 1897/from record Julius Blashka/1875-1942 Marie Blashka/narozena/5 Dubna 1813/zemrela/22 Rijna 1905 Tombstone Tombstone

BORS: Stanley "Tim" Bors/SC2 US Coast Guard/World War II/Aug 26 1922-Aug 28 1988 Tombstone Stanley "Tim"/1922-1988 (married June 11, 1960), ossw: Emily/1912-2007 Tombstone Stanley/Emily

BOUDA: Vaclav Bouda/narozen/6 Rijna 1856/zemrel/7 Unora 1890

CERNY: Vaclav Cerny/narozen 26 Zari 1843/zemrel 13 Pros 1906, ossw: Marie Cerny/narozena ??/Unora 1848(d. 1941) Tombstone Tombstone Vaclav/Marie

CHARLES: Helen Charles (no other information) (Anna/September 16, 1909/after 2 months 15 days/daughter of Edward Charles and Rosa Tuma/ buried 19 September (Montana is in parentheses)/Source: St. Wenceslaus Church records/ Have church record only, no stone)

CHARVAT: Maria Charvat/narozena/1810/zemrela/9 Dubna 1879 (no day or month of birth) Vaclav M. Charvat/24 Pros. 1845/15 Rijna 1902, ossw: Anna Charvat/20 Cherv. 1852/14 Unora 1915

CHERNEY: Regina Cherney/1821-1865

CHVALA: Vaclav/1846-1938, ossw: Katerina/1848-1903 Tombstone Vaclav/Katerina See JENC

CIGLER: Franticek Cigler/V. Ranu/zemrel/29 Cer. 1906/stari/35 roku Tombstone Tombstone Betty Jane Cigler/Dec. 18, 1926/Mar. 29, 1927 Tombstone Jozef Cigler/narozen/29 Brez 1861/zemrel/10 Brez. 1910, ossw: Mary Cigler/nar./31 Ledna 1871/zem./10 Cervence 1936 Tombstone Jozef/Mary Tombstone Jozef/Mary Jozef Cigler/narozen/5 Brezna 1832/zemrel/19 Prosince 1904, ossw: Cecilije Cigler/narozena/5 Listopadu 1836-_____ Tombstone Jozef/Cecilije

DOHNAL: Barbora Dohnal/nar 4 List. 1848/zem 4 Dubna 1923, ossw: Josef Dohnal/nar 11 Unor 1837/zem. 21 List. 1923 Tombstone Barbora/Josef Priscilla/1882-1957, ossw: Miloslav Emil/1881-1918 Tombstone Priscilla/Miloslav

DOUBEK: Vaclav Doubek/zemrel/27 Unor 1906/stari 84 roku, ossw: Albeta Doubek/zemrela/19 Zari 1907/stari 88 roku Tombstone Vaclav/Albeta Tombstone Vaclav/Albeta, next to: Marie/manzelka/W. Doubek/narozena/4 Kviet 1861/zemrela/2 List. 1908 Tombstone Tombstone, next to: Vaclav Doubek/narozen/20 Zari 1861/zemrel/22 Ledna 1894 Tombstone Tombstone

DOUFEK: Jakob Doufek/narozen/10 List. 1822/zemrel/13 Unora 1907, ossw: Rozie/Doufek/narozena/24 Unora 1835 (balance uncut) Tombstone Jakob/Rozie

DUFEK: Mary Dufek/Matka/1869-1946 Tombstone, next to: Joseph Dufek/Otek/1864-1940 Tombstone, next to: Klara A. Dufek/nar 22 Dubna 1892/zem 16 Pros. 1912 Tombstone

ELMER: Wenzel/Mar. 3, 1807/Mar. 28, 1872 Tombstone Tombstone Anna Lodl Elmer/wife of Henry Elmer/Apr. 9, 1885/Dec. 30, 1918 Photo Tombstone Tombstone


FORMAN: Marie Forman/narozena/1852/zemrela/1883 Tombstone Tombstone John Forman/d. Oct. 12, 1906/no stone/from record

FORST: Maria/dcera Jah. A R/Forst/narozena/18 Zari 1891/zemrela/22 Srpna 1894 Anton/1896-1980 (b. 2 Jan 1896/d. Jun 1980/SSDI), ossw: Julia/1898-1971 Tombstone Anton/Julia Franciska Forst/narozena/9 List. 1834/zemrela/10 Rijen 1910/stari/76 roku Tombstone Tombstone, next to: Christina Forst/Daughter/1894-1918, next to: Jacob Forst/Father/1860-1943, next to:

FORT: Rozi/Fort/narozena/15 Rijna 1865/zemrela/1 Listopadu 1903 (on same lot with Forst) Tombstone Tombstone Jozef/Fort/narozen/19 Brezna/1824/zemrel/27 Cervna/1903


FRELICH: Anelka Frelich/narozena 1816/zemrela/5 Listopidu 1885 Christina Frelich/Dec. 18, 1919/May 28, 1928 Tombstone Albert Frelich/nar 16 Dubna 1875 - zem 12 Srpna 1919, ossw: Emma Frelich/nar 24 Cervence 1886 - zem 14 Rijna 1933 Tombstone Albert/Emma Joseph/1889-1957, ossw: Mary/1898-1963 Tombstone Joseph/Mary, next to: Frelich family stone next to: Frank Frelich/1858-1929 Tombstone Joseph Frelich/1840-1916, ossw: Magdalena Frelich/1847-1904 Tombstone Joseph/Magdalena

GREJCAREK: Annie/wife of/F. Grejcarek/died/5 July 1900/age 37 years Tombstone Tombstone (Baby Grejcarek/Jun 12, 1900-Sep 14, 1900/from record)

GRUBER: Simon Gruber/1841-1904, ossw: Marie Gruber/1845-1911 Tombstone Simon/Marie

GUEX: Baby/of/Louis & Ludmilla/Guex/1824 Tombstone

HAMERNIK: Rosalia/dcera J a F./Hamernik/narozena/20 Zari 1882/zemrela/2 Brezna 1908 (picture on stone) Tombstone Tombstone

HAMRNIK: Jan Hamrnik/narozen/16 Kvet. 1816/zemrel/5 Cerv. 1902, ossw: Katernina Hamrnik/narazena/23 List 1823/zemrela/16 Srp. 1866

HODIK: Frank/Father/1841-1928, ossw: Mary/Mother/1845-1923 Tombstone Frank/Mary

HOSTAK: Marie Hostak/zemrela/12 Led 1904/v. stari 76 roku, ossw: Frantisek/Hostak/zemrel/26 List. 1899/v. stari 79 roku Tombstone Tombstone Frantisek Tombstone Marie

HRDLICKA: Vaclav/Hrdlicka/narozen/17 Zari 1809/zemrel 3 Rijna 1871 Tombstone

HUCEK: Adolph/syn. liatt?? Hucek/narozen/25 Dub. 1871/zemrel/15 Cervce 1890, ossw: Vaclav/Hucek/narozen/28 Zari 1832/zemrel/13 Rina 1893 Frannseli/Hucek/narozena/2 Dubna 1868/zemrel/21 Carvrel 1868

HULEC: Vendelina/syn L. a M./Hulec/zarozen/27 Cervce 1899/zemrel/24 Ledna 1901

HULETZ: Huletz family stone

JENC: Jan/Jenc/narozen/16 Srpna/1805/zemrel/12 Rijna/1890, ossw: Anna/Jenc/narozena/29 Dubna/1805/zemrela/Rijna 1882, ossw: Anna/NOVAK, ossw: Alzbeta/CHVALA

JINDRA: Terezie/Jindra/zemrela/11 Cervce 1892/v. stari 71 roku Anna Jindra/narozena/11 Rijna 1846/zemrela/18 Unora 1920 Tombstone Tombstone, next to: Josef Jindra/narozen/27 Srp 1815/zemrel/28 Rij 1889 Tombstone Tombstone

KAFKA: Jakop Kafka/zemrel/15 Dub 1905/stari 92 roku Tombstone Tombstone

KAFKOVA: Marketa Kafkova/zemrela/24 Pro. 1905 Tombstone Tombstone Large stone - no name between M. Kafkova & K. Mazna, stone appears to have a coating of some sort, blotting out any trace of names.

KALISTA: John Kalista/born/Jan. 8, 1850/died/July 16, 1900, ossw: Mary/Kalista/born Dec. 30, 1853/died/Feb. 24, 1929 Tombstone John/Mary

KOCIAN: Katherine/Mother/1890-1927, ossw: Matt J./1881-1962 Tombstone Katherine/Matt

KOHOUT: Matt Kohout/zemrel/17 Ledna/1890/76 roku, ossw: Jan Kohout/zemrel/5 Ledna/1887/stari/76 roku Tombstone Tombstone, next to: Anna Kohout/zemerla/9 Dubna/1889/stari/38 roku Jozef Kohout/narozen/22 Brezna 1884/zemrel/14 Unora 1914 Tombstone Tombstone, next to: Mary/Mother/1859-1940, ossw: Joseph/Father/1858-1932 Tombstone Mary/Joseph Frank Kohout/1844-1929 Photo Tombstone Marie Kohout/nazena KOUBA/v Audoueu Tabarehu/v Cechach/zemerela 11 Pros. 1884/stara 67 roku

KONOP: Vaclav Konop (no dates) Small white stone in front of metal cross. Also metal cross right next to cross & stone. Josef Konop/1845-1931, ossw: Katerina Konop/1848-1925, next to: Footstones: Katerina Konop & Josef Konop

KORINEK: Baby/Korinek (no other information) Martin Korinek/zemrel/27 Prosince 1903/stari 84 roku, ossw: Marie Korinek/zemrela/25 Prosince 1904/stari 83 roku


KOVALCKI: Mates Kovalcki/zemrel/6 Zari 1917/stari 29 roku Tombstone Tombstone

KRALOVETZ: Edward/1915-1992, ossw Anna/1915-1983 Tombstone Edward/Anna

KREJCAREK: Daniel/1901-1970, ossw: Mildred/1910-2010 Tombstone Daniel/Mildred, next to: Marie/1868-1926, next to: Vaclav/1861-1927 Tombstone Marie/Vaclav See KREJCARKOVA

KREJCARKOVA: Katerina Krejcarkova/manzelka/narozena/29 Ho Rijna 1828/zemrela/29 Ho Pros. 1907, ossw: zemreli/Josep KREJCAREK/narozen/3. Ho Ledna 1825/zemrel/8. Ho Prosince 1890

KRISH: Krish family stone Anna/Mother/Jan. 1, 1862-May 27, 1935 Tombstone, next to: Frank/Father/May 18, 1860-Sept. 21, 1941 Tombstone

KRIVANEK: Marie Krivanek/narozena/14 Led. 1826/zemrela/26 Zari 1906 Tombstone Tombstone

KRIZ: Marie Kriz/rozena 2 Cervence 1872/zemrela 21 Zari 1917, ossw: Wencel Kriz/narozen 22 Cerven 1868/zemrel 18 Srpna 1936 Tombstone Marie/Wencel, next to: Footstones: Otec & Matka Karel Kriz/narozen 1 List. 1836/zemrel 14 Cerv 1914, ossw: Aneska Kriz/narozen 10 Led 1840/zemrela 25 Dub 1918 Tombstone Karel/Aneska Tombstone Karel/Aneska

KRIZEK: David Krizek/1904-1927 Tombstone

KRONFORST: Louis J. Kronforst/born Feb. 17, 1886/died May 10, 1918, next to: Rose V. Kronforst/born May 25, 1889/died Jan. 21, 1951

KUBICEK: Anna Kubicek/zemrela/One. 22/Pros. 1884/stari/32 roku. (stone on ground, off the base) Jan Kubicek/narozen/17 Srpna 1878/zemrel/24 Led 1906 Tombstone Jan Tombstone Jan Jan Kubicek/zemrel/One. 20 Listo 1899/stari/56 roku, ossw: Marie Kubicek/REZBA/zemrela/One. 4 Zari 1928/stari 68 roku Tombstone Marie Tombstone Jan/Marie Tombstone Jan/Marie

KUBS: Josef Kubs/nar 16 List. 1897/zem 29 List. 1915 Tombstone Josef Kubs/zemrel 21 Dubna 1912/stari 52 let, ossw: Anna Kubs/zem 10 Kvet 1942 Tombstone Josef/Anna Tombstone Josef/Anna Mayme Kubs/narozena/4 Cerv 1894/zemrela/11 Zari 1908 Tombstone Tombstone

KUNZ: Maria Kunz/narozena/23 List 1842/zemrela/18 Cervan 1907 Tombstone Tombstone

KVITEK: Vendelina Kvitek/narozena/20 Rijna 1904/zemrela/8 Dubna 1905 Tombstone Mary/Mother/June 8, 1853/July 18, 1937, ossw: Martin/Father/Jan. 12, 1851/Aug. 25, 1925 Tombstone Mary/Martin Jan Kvitek/nar 1844/zem 1924, ossw: Anna Kvitek/nar 1846/zem 1937 Tombstone Jan/Anna, next to: Rosalie K. Kvitek/nar 12 List 1896/zem 20 Zari 1914 Tombstone Rosalie, ossw: John/Father/1869-1944, ossw: Anna/Mother/1871-1954 Tombstone Rosalie/John/Anna

LAMAC: Jozef Lamac/narozen/23 Pros. 1822/zemrel/17 Dubna 1897 Tombstone Tombstone, next to: Mary Lamach/Mother/Dec. 16, 1822/April 2, 1918 Tombstone John Lamach/1848-1904/from record


LIPSH: Martin Lipsh/zemrel/27 Rina 1900/stari 72 roku Tombstone Tombstone Dorota Lipsh/zemrela/12 Unora 1902/stari 62 roku Tombstone Tombstone

LODEL: Henry E./1896-1956, ossw: Mary/1887-1960, next to:

LODL: Marie Lodl/nar 23 Pros 1861-zem 26 Srpna 1916, ossw: Anton Lodl/manzela/1855-1934 Tombstone Marie/Anton Tombstone Marie/Anton Henry E Lodl/Wisconsin/Pvt. Stu. Army Tng Corps/World War I/July 15, 1896 - Sept. 1, 1956 Tombstone See ELMER

MAREK: Katerina/Marek/narozena/18 Zari 1823/zemrela/29 Zari 1865

MARSHEK: Anna Marshek/narozen 1840/zemrela/29 Ledna 1916, ossw: John Marshek/1836-1925 Tombstone John/Anna Tombstone John/Anna Theresa Marshek/nar/29 Dubna 1880/zem/4 Kviet 1922, ossw: Anton Marshek/nar/16 Cerven 1868/zem/15 Brezen 1952 Tombstone Theresa/Anton Tombstone Theresa/Anton Victor J./1911-1991, ossw: Betty A./1923-1985 Tombstone Victor/Betty, next to: Anton W. Marshek/1907-1987 Tombstone

MARSIK: Marie K./Marsik/narozena/6 Pros. 1903/zemrela/12 Pros. 1903

MARTINEK: Vaclav Martinek/zemrel/10 Listopmilu 1885/stari/84 roku Tomas Martinek/zemrel 18 Cervence 1886/stari/82 roku, ossw: Anna ENGELBRECHT/zemrela 9 Cervence 1886/stari/28 roku Tombstone Tomas/Anna Tombstone Tomas/Anna

MAZANEK: J. Gedeon/Mazanek/Knez Katolicky/Hvozd Moravc/narozen 1/1841/zemrel/16 Dubna 1873 Tombstone Tombstone

MAZNA: Vavrinec/Mazna/zemrel/17 Brez 1893/v. stari/68 roku Tombstone Tombstone, next to: Frank Mazna/1856-1886 Tombstone, next to: Iron cross next to Vavrinec Mazna Tombstone Katerina/manzelka V. Mazny/narozena/29 Dub. 1826-1911 Tombstone Tombstone

MAZNY: See MAZNA Large stone - no name between K. Mazny & M. Kafkova. Stone appears to have a coating of some sort, blotting out any traces of names.

MLEZIVA: Josef Mleziva/nar 19 Brez 1863/zem 23 Brez 1916, ossw: Katerina Mleziva/Jeho munzelka/nar 10 Cervence 1865/zem 20 Dub. 1950 Tombstone Josef/Katerina Footstone: Otec Josef Mleziva/nar 16 Kvetna 1891/zem 7 Duben 1910 Tombstone Tombstone

MOSTECKY: Anna/manzelka/J. Mostecky/narozena/20 Rijna 1809/zemrela/7 List. 1866, next to: Footstone: Vaclav/Elmer

NEMEC: Anna/Mother/Nemec/1870-1934, ossw: Frank/Father/Nemec/1871-1908, ossw: Frantisek Nemec/narozen 10 Cervna 1871/zemrel 22 Zari 1908 Tombstone Anna/Frank Tombstone Anna/Frank

NEWSTROM: Elmer/1890-1973, ossw: Genevieve Newstrom/1894-1967 Tombstone Elmer/Genevieve

NOVAK: Frantisek/Novak/narozen/7 Srpna 1902/zemrel/16 Ledna 1903 See JENC

OPICKA: Marie/Opicka/narodila/1 Zari 1871/zemrela/18 Dubna 1901 (picture on stone) Vaclav Opicka/narozen/27 Zari 1833/zemrel/13 Rijna 1899 Anna Opicka/narozena/Roku 1832/zemrela/14 Unora 1916 Tombstone Tombstone Otto/narozen 28 Brez. [Mar.] 1889/13 Rijna [Oct.] 1899 Tombstone

OVES: Mary Oves/1838-1925 John/1804-1879, next to: Rose/1817-1892, next to: Anna/1853-1903, next to: Emil/1840-1927

PATRICNY: Amalije/Patricny/narozena/7 Ryna 1870/zemrela/5 Zari 1879, next to: Wencel/1883-1887, next to: Odpocivej V Pokoji (no other information), next to: Rose/1874-1888 Anna/1841-1923, ossw: Vit/1839-1925

PEAVONKA: Margarette/Peavonka/Gest./15 Apr/1864

PECKA: Simon Pecka/narozen/15 Rijna 1859/zemrel/6 Ledna 1891 Katarina Pecka/narozena/12 Kvet 1838/zemrela/3 Brez 1912 Tombstone Tombstone, next to: Adolf Pecka/narozen/11 Kvetna 1879/zemrel/17 Brezna 1884 Tombstone Tombstone Anna Pecka/narozena/5 Cerv 1863/zemrela/1 Cervna 1948, ossw: Tomas Pecka/narozen/18 List 1854/zemrel/9 Zari 1914 Tombstone Anna/Tomas Tombstone Anna/Tomas Tomas/Pecka/narozen/21 Cervence/1817/zemrel/22 Unora/1903 Tombstone Tombstone

PECKY: Bozsna E./ocera F. a M./Pecky/narozena/11 Crevce 1873/zemrela/1 Pros 1893 Anna M./dcera F. a M./Pecky/narozena/23 Brez 1882/zemrela/18 Led 1897 Tombstone Tombstone

PETSKA: Anna/1866-1948, next to: Albert/1869-1924 Frank Petska/nar 10 Pros 1847/zem 6 Cervna 1925, ossw: Mary Petska/zem 15 Kvet 1928/stari 77 roku Tombstone Frank/Mary Wencel/1893-1976 (07 Sep 1893/May 1976/SSDI), ossw: Anna/1897-1976 Tombstone Wencel/Anna Frank Petska/born/Aug. 16, 1900/died/May 23, 1919 Tombstone Petska family stone


REEDY: Patrick L./1892-1976, ossw: Lillian F./1898-1976 Tombstone Patrick/Lillian Lloyd J. Reedy/Jan. 17, 1936/May 5, 2004

REZBA: Adolph Rezba/1904 Jozef Rezba/narozen/7 Ledna 1849/zemrel/23 Kvetna 1920, ossw: Terezie Rezba/narozena/14 Cervna 1849/zemrela/9 Kvientna 1906 Tombstone Jozef/Terezie Tombstone Jozef/Terezie, next to: Josef A. Rezba/narozen/22 Unora/1883/zemrel/27 List. 1900 Tombstone Anna Rezba/Jan. 24, 1886/Dec. 27, 1967 See BARTEL See REZBY See KUBICEK

REZBY: Marie/J? dcera Jos. x Terezie/Rezby/nar. 3 Pros. 1875/zem. 28 Zari 1881

REZEK: Anna Rezek/narozena/9 Prosince/1838/zemrela/2 Cervna 1901 Tombstone Tombstone, next to: Frantisek/Rezek/narozen/29 Zari 1830/zemrel/1 Srpna 1897 Tombstone Tombstone

RHUBY: Catharina B./Rhuby/geb./25 Juni 1824/gest./31 Aug. 1892 Tombstone Tombstone

RIHA: Anna/Riha/narozena/11 Cerv/1824/zemrela/9 Cer. 1907 Tombstone Tombstone


ROZUM: Katerina/Rozum/narozena/24 List 1819/zemrela/22 Led 1892, ossw: Emilie/dcera Joa. A/Rozum/narozena/4 Led. 1882/zemrela/20 Dub. 1899, next to: Jan Rozum/narozen/15 Listopadu 1815/zemrel/25 Ledna 1871

SALTA: William Salta/born Feb. 23, 1892/died in Puilly, France/Sept. 20, 1918/ A soldier of the World War Tombstone Tombstone

SCHULTZ: Joseph Schultz/1890-1960

SIMON: Josef Simon/narozen/1 Kvema 1853/zemrel/25 Srpna 1887 Iron cross next to above stone & Vaclav Opicka Rosie/Simon/narozena/6 Ledna/1871/zemrela/8 Listopodu/1900 Tombstone Tombstone Katerina/dcera V. a. L./Simon/narozena/8 Zari 1872/zemrela/25 Zari 1885 Tombstone Tombstone

SKVOR: Frantisek Skvor/narozen/3 Cervence/roku 1817/zemrel/22 Cervence/roku 1909 (Franciscus/d. 22 Juli 1909/buried 24 Juli/husband of Catharina/after 94 years/ source: St. Wenceslaus Church records), ossw: Katerina Skvor/narozen/3 Rena/roku 1821/zemrela/22 Dubna/roku 1897 Tombstone Frantisek/Katerina Tombstone Frantisek/Katerina

SLADKEY: Matt/1875-1949, ossw: Anna/1865-1956 Tombstone Matt/Anna Tombstone Matt/Anna, next to: William/1911-1957, ossw: Norma/1913-1981 Tombstone William/Norma John J./1881-1957, ossw: Rose/1875-1960

SLADKI: Anna Sladki, ossw: Katarina Sladki, ossw: Tana Sladki/zemrela 1875, ossw: Maria Sladki/zemrela/next to: Iron cross, no information, next to: Kristiana/Sladky/narodila/se a zemrela/20 Pros 1910

SLADKY: Marie/narozena/11 Led. 1870/zemrela/10 Srp. 1894, ossw: Ruzena/narozena/3 Brez. 1886/zemrela/roku 1889 Jan Sladky/narozen 8 Srp. 1844/zemrel 8 Led. 1914, ossw: Mary Sladky/nar 4 Pros. 1845/zem 10 Srp. 1944 Tombstone Jan/Mary Tombstone Jan/Mary Mates/Otec/1834-1909, ossw: (Mathias Sladky/27 Dec 1909/buried January 3, 1910/age 75 years)/ Source: St. Wenceslaus Church records) Marie/Matka/1839-1905 Tombstone Mates/Marie See SLADKI

SNOREK: Katerina Snorek/narozena/1 List 1837/zemrela/30 Cerv 1917, ossw: Vojtech Snorek/narozen/23 Dub. 1828/zemrel/14 Cer. 1905 Tombstone Katerina/Vojtech Tombstone Tombstone Katerina/Vojtech

SOBISKY: Frank Sobisky/narozen 1 Brezna 1886/zemrel 30 Cervence 1915, ossw: Mary Sobisky ZEMAN/Nov. 21, 1883/April 23, 1977 Tombstone Frank/Mary

SPEVACEH: Martieta/Spevaceh (no other information)

SPEVACEK: Augustin. V./(illegible)/Spevacek/narozena/11 Unora 1897/zemrela/? Cervna 1898 Frank Spevacek/nar. 18 Kvet. 1865/zem 20 Cerv. 1925, ossw: Anna Spevacek/nar. 2 Cervna 1871/zem 15 Kvetna 1914 Tombstone Frank/Anna Tombstone Frank/Anna

STOCK: Joachim/Stock/narozen/7 Kvet. 1808/zemrel/13 Zari 1862

STROUF: Julia/Strouf/narozena/20 Srpna/1876/zemrela/21 Srpna/1883, ossw: Anna/Strouf/narozena/29 Rina/1871/zemrela/27 Srpna 1883


SUCHANA: Marie/narozema/Suchana/31 Pros 1823 zemrel/14 Cervara 1893

SULLIVAN: George R. Sullivan/1936-2003 Janet M. Sullivan/Jan 30, 1938-Jan 15, 2016

SUMLINCKY: John Sumlincky/Wisconsin/Pvt. 4 Co. Conv. Center/World War I/March 10, 1882 - July 29, 1969

SUSTA: Vaclav Susta/zemrel/1 Srpna 1907/stari/63 roku, ossw: Josefina/Susta/zemrela/7 Led. 1913/stari/72 roku Tombstone Vaclav/Josefina Tombstone Vaclav/Josefina

SUSTER: Marie Suster/nar. v. roku 1834 zem. 14 Pros. 1917, next to: Bartlomjy Suster/nar. v. Kraji Budejovis Cechy/v roku 1827/zem. 10 Brezna 1892, next to: Footstones: K.S., R.S., J.S., M.S. (Stone slabs over Marie & Bartlomjy Suster's graves)

SWEJKAR: Emma Swejkar/nar 1 Cervce 1877/zem 27 Dubna 1904 Tombstone Tombstone

TAICHR: Yan Taichr/narozen/dne 20, teho Zari/R 1820, ossw: Katerina/Taichrova/narozena/dne. 11 tehe Kuetna/R 1820/zemrela/dne. 14 Bresna/R. 1896 Tombstone Yan/Katerina Tombstone Yan/Katerina


TUMA: Clara Tuma (no other information) Tombstone Wenzel Tuma/1867-1931 Tombstone Elsie A. Tuma/Aug. 9, 1899/Nov. 22, 1921 Tombstone Vaclav Tuma/nar 13 Zari 1838/zem 27 Ledna 1910, ossw: Anna Tuma/nar. 10 List. 1840/zem 26 Cervna 1928 Tombstone Vaclav/Anna Mary Tuma/age abt. 60 years/b. abt. 1815/d. abt. mid June 1876/

UNKNOWN: Tombstone Tombstone

VACLAV: Jira Vaclav/narozen roku 1840/zemrel/28 Rijen 1900 Tombstone Tombstone See MOSTECKY

VANIS: *Fr. Vanis/16 Pros. 1814/14 Cervc 1874 +

VELEBIL: Anna Velebil/nar. 24 Dubna 1827/zem. 15 Cervna/1918

VODVARKA: Josef Vodvarka/nar 24 Brezna 1834/zem 20 Cervna 1912, ossw: Katerina Vodvarka/nar 23 Dubna 1837/zem 18 Srpna 1921 Tombstone Josef/Katerina Tombstone Josef/Katerina Footstone: Matka

WANEK: Baby/of/John & Emma/Wanek/1902 Cyril Wanek/Apr. 30, 1920/May 7, 1929

WANISH: Frank/Father/1859-1950, ossw: Pauline/Mother/1871-1954

WATRUBA: Daniel J/Watruba/May 18, 1920/June 7, 1920 Tombstone

WENZEL: Elmer Wenzel/Mar. 3, 1807/Mar. 3, 1872

WOTRUBA: John M./Wotruba/born/July 3, 1892/died/Nov. 1, 1918 Tombstone Ellen Wotruba/born/May 17, 1864/died/Jan. 24, 1928 Jacob Wotruba/July 15, 1862 - Aug. 5, 1912 Tombstone

YINDRA: Fred W./1894-1968, ossw: Helen R./1907-1971 Tombstone Fred/Helen, next to: Emilia Yindra/1876-1962 Photo Tombstone Joseph F. Yindra/1872-1922 Tombstone Emilia/Joseph

ZARUBA: Simon Zaruba/zemrel/26 Rijna 1889/stari 73 roku Tombstone Simon, ossw: Marie Zaruba/nar 2 Unor. 1824/zem 5 Zari 1917 Tombstone Marie Tombstone Simon/Marie

ZARUBOVA: Barbora/Zarubova/narozena 4 Prosince/1866/zemrela/7 Cervna/1899 Tombstone Tombstone

ZELINKOVA: Rodina/Zelinkova (no other information) Tombstone

ZEMAN: Victor Zeman/nar./4 Cervna 1912/zem./24 Rijna 1915 Tombstone, next to: Frank Zeman/1878-1958, ossw: Mary/1880-1965 Tombstone Frank/Mary Frances/1886-1925, ossw: Frank A./1877-1969 Tombstone Frances/Frank Footstone: Mother/Frances Anna/1877-1957, ossw: Wencel J./1874-1921 Tombstone Anna/Wencel Frank M./1870-1925, ossw: Anna/1871-1951 Tombstone Frank/Anna Mary/1879-1973 (18 Oct 1878/15 Oct 1973/SSDI), ossw: Louis/1879-1927 Tombstone Mary/Louis Vojtech Zeman/zemrel/23 Brez 1914/stari 73 roku, ossw: Maria Zeman/zemrela/4 Kvetna 1922/stari 76 roku Tombstone Vojtech/Maria Karel Zeman/narozen/25 Cervence 1886/zemrel/17 Ledna 1909 Tombstone, next to: Harvey Zeman/Sept 18, 1925/Dec. 31, 1925 Tombstone Josef Zeman/nar 1839/zemrel/23 Pros. 1888/stari/49 roku Tombstone Tombstone, next to: Antonin Zeman/narozen/16 Kvet 1860/zemrel/13 Cervce 1891 Tombstone Tombstone, next to: Mary Zeman/died/Feb. 1903 Tombstone Matias Zeman/narozen/6 Unora 1848/zemrel/8 Kvetna 1909, ossw: Anna Zeman/narozena/26 Cervence 1853/zemrela/6 Cervna 1913 Tombstone Matias/Anna Tombstone Matias/Anna See SOBISKY

ZIEGLER: (Joseph/7 March 1910/buried 14 March/age 45 years/)/Source: St. Wenceslaus Church records) (Note: He is apparently not in any other cemetery so I entered him here with the church cemetery. There is no stone for him here.)

ZUITEZIS: Timto/Znamenim/Zuitezis (information on metal cross, no dates)

?????: Jose? ?????? ??????/17 Pros. 1878/star. 30 roku