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In presenting to the public this work, as the revision of the City Directory 
of this city for 1875-76, its object and value in its preparation have been 
constantly held in view.  Every effort was made in the canvass to procure the 
correct location of all citizens, while in connection with their business they 
become recognized in each and all branches conducted by them, also containing 
much other matter of utility and interest to the citizens of Manitowoc and to 
strangers, rendering it a fit representation of the business and enterprise of 
the City.
For any imperfections or omissions that may occur - notwithstanding the diligence 
used in gathering the promiscuous matter requisite to complete a work of this 
kind, especially the large number of names, which is believed to include all 
that would claim recognition within its pages - the publisher asks the indulgence 
of the public, trusting that the work will meet with that satisfaction and 
approval which has been his earnest endeavor to achieve.

								Pryor & Co.


Mayor - A. D. Jones
Clerk - F. W. Borcherdt
Treasurer - Jos. Staehle
Police Justice - C. A. Reuter
Attorney - C. E. Estabrook
Street Commissioner - P. Schreihard


First ward - A. Bleser, C. Gelbke, F. H. Harris
Second ward - P. Johnston, C. Raymond, G. Torrison
Third ward - H. Vits, C. H. Schmidt, J. Knickrehm
Fourth ward - J. W. Barnes, C. Bock, A. Prochaska


First ward - John F. Zinns
Second ward - Reuben Sniffin
Third ward - John O'Hara
Fourth ward - Wm. H. Glover


Clerk - John P. Wickert
Clerk of Court - Adolph Piening
Treasurer - Q. Ewen
Register of Deeds - J. Franz
Judge - T. G. Olmsted
Surveyor - C. Tiedemann
Supt. Of Schools - Michael Kirwan
Sheriff - Wittenberg
District Attorney - H. Sibree


Gauger - D. S. Bertie
Dept. U. S. Marshall - R. T. Blake
Dept. U. S. Coll. Internal Revenue - T. C. Shove
Dept. U. S. Coll. Of Customs - C. Luling
U. S. Postmaster - Chas. Esslinger


Chief Engineer, Fred Seeger
1st Asst. - John Boecher
2nd Asst. - Daniel Boeluner
Manitowoc Steam Engine Co., No. 1 - Foreman, F. W. Borcherdt, Commercial foot of 7th
Torrent Engine Co. No. 2 - Foreman, Aug. Luebke, Marshall
Budger Engine Co. No. 3 - Foreman, G. Rudolph, cor 15th and Franklin.
Phoenix Hook and Ladder Co. - Foreman, Joseph Auman, Marshall
Protection Bucket Co. - Foreman, Walter Wittman, Marshall


Hall, York Street
Manitowoc Lodge, No. 65 - meets first and third Wednesday in each month.
Manitowoc Chapter, No. 16 - meets first and third Monday in each month


Hall, York Street
Chickoming Lodge No. 55 - Meets every Tuesday evening
Manitowoc Lodge, No. 5 - meets every Wednesday evening


Hall cor 8th and Jay
Thusnelda Lodge No. 7 - meets every Friday evening


Hall Franklin east of 8th
Clipper City Grove No. 9 - meets every Monday evening


Hall Washington east of 8th
Manitowoc Turn Verein - meets every Sunday


Baptist Church - Rev. John Freitag, Pastor. Services 10 a.m. 7:30 p.m. 
     Sunday school 1 p.m.  7th s Marshall
First Presbyterian Church - Rev. C. B. Stevens pastor. Services 10:30 a.m. 7:30 p.m. 
     Sunday school 2 p.m. 8th
German Lutheran Church - Rev. G. Thiele pastor. Services 10 a.m. 
     Sunday school 2 p.m. cor Marshall and 8th
German Methodist Church - Rev. - Allat - pastor. Services 10 a.m. 7:30 p.m. 
     Sunday school 9 a.m. 9th n Hamilton
Methodist Episcopal Church - Rev. L. N. Wheeler - pastor. Services 10:30 a.m. 7:30 p.m. 
     Sunday school - 2 p.m. 7th
Norwegian Lutheran Church - Rev. L. M. Biorn - pastor. Services 10 a.m. 7:30 p.m. 
     Sunday school 2 p.m. 8th
St. Boniface (Catholic) Church - Rev. G. Fessler - pastor. Services 9 a.m. 2:30 p.m. 
     Sunday school 2 p.m.
St. James' (P. E.) Church - Rev. J. DeForrest - Rector. Services 10:30 a.m. 7:30 p.m. 
     Sunday school 9 a.m. cor Chicago and 9th
St. Mary's Church (Polish Catholic) - Rev. S. Wieczorek - pastor. Services 10:30 a.m. 3 p.m. 
     Sunday school 2 p.m. Marshall



First Ward School - C. F. Viebrhn, principal cor Hamilton and eighth.
Third Ward School - J. E. Luce, principal cor twelfth and Marshall
Union School - principal, cor Sixth and State


German Lutheran School - John Grotheer principal, eighth n Hancock
St. Boniface School - in charge of Sisters of St. francis, Marshall w Main

Abel Charleslaborer13th north of Franklin
Abramson Abramsailorth north of St. Clair
Abramson Fredcarpenter Chicago east of 11th
Anderly Josephpainter13th north of Marshall
Anderson Anderscarpentercorner Wollmer and 20th
Anderson A. N. laborer corner 11th and Buffalo
Anderson Aleck N. lake captain 9th north of Chicago
Anderson Andrew (Anderson & Vogt) corner 8th and Quay
Anderson Mrs. Annie
corner 5th and State
Anderson Anton blacksmith Buffalo west of 5th
Anderson & Vogt (A. Anderson C. Vogt) flouring mill Commercial east of 9th
Anderson Charles carpenter 19th north of Wollmer
Anderson Charles lake captain Chicago east of 7th
Anderson Christian lighthouse keeper corner 5th and York
Anderson H. J. wagon and carriage maker
corner State and 9th
9th north of Park
Anderson J. S. attorney and counseller(sic) at law
8th north of York
corner 4th and State
Anderson Jacob sailor Huron west of 6th
Anderson Nels carpenter State west of 8th
Anderson Mrs.
6th south of State
Anderson Peter sailor corner 5th and St. Clair
Andraschek Martin laborer 20th south of Madison
Andrews James watchman corner 6th and Huron
Andrzsjewsky Ignotz laborer corner Marshall and 21st
Anshack Simon laborer 23rd south of Marshall
Anton Leonard sailor 4th south of St. Clair
Albrecht Christian lake captain 6th south of Jay
Albrecht Fred laborer 11th north of Columbus
Allan James basket maker Raymond & Shove 7th north of Chicago
Allat Rev. - pastor German Methodist Church 9th north of Hamilton
Allen Abraham laborer 6th south of York
Allen Mrs. M. E.
7th north of Chicago
Alter Eugene elk J. Schuette & Bro corner 8th and Commercial
Alvat Carl laborer 9th north of Madison
Armsby Fayette civil engineer 8th south of Franklin Chicago west of 9th
Aslagsen Oliver laborer 18th north of Wollmer
Aspen Christ laborer P. Schwarzenbart boards same
Aubergh Knud S. carpenter corner 8th and Marshall
Auermiller Joseph blacksmith Commercial east of Main Quay west of 8th
Auman Josephm blacksmith Main north of Marshall
Aumann Max blacksmith Washington west of 15th
Aumann Zavier blacksmith Main north of Madison
Austin Christian laborer corner Commercial and 6th

Bach Wm.
Hancock west of 7th
Bacon John express agt 5th north of Park
Bacon O. R. druggist 8th north of York Harris north of Huron
Baensch Emil clerk J. Schuette & Bro. corner 8th and Jay
Bahr Fred laborer corner 11th and Hamilton
Bahr John G. saloon corner 14th and L S & W R R Hamilton east of 11th
Baker Charles laborer 21st south of Washington
Balthes Edward mason 15th north of Marshall
Banson Mrs.
6th south of Huron
Banstein - cabinet maker J. Lenz 9th
Barclay George lake captain corner 7th and St. Clair
Barnes C. C. prest. First National Bank Michigan avenue.
Branes Jacob sailor 6th south of Huron
Barnes J. W. & Co. (J. W. Barnes H. Menklik H. Mulholland Jr.)
general merchandise
corner 8th and York
Barnes J. W. (J. W. Barnes & Co.) 8th south of St. Clair
Barker George Fireman 15th north of Franklin
Barkke Louis mason 17th south of Clark
Barrie Albert fisherman5th north of Chicago
Barry James laborer 5th north of Chicago
Bartke Carl carpenter H. Greve & Co. boards Washington House
Bartol Jacob laborer corner 21st and Hamilton
Barutzki Albert laborer Madison east of 21st
Barckholtz J. laborer 11th south of Hamilton
Barnstein D. carpenter corner Marshall and 9th
Barnstein J. E. teacher corner 9th and Marshall
Basant Walter painter corner Huron and 11th
Bates Henry propr Manitowoc Journal Milwaukee
Baumann George meat market and boarding house
corner Main and Marshall
Bausch Peter shoemaker C. Gelbke & Bro boards Northwestern House
Beach J. P. clerk J. E. Platt west of end of 12th
Beach Mrs. Lucia E. teacher 3d Ward School Quay
Bean F. A. (F. Schultz & Co.) corner 17th and Washington
Beck Fred blacksmith Tillson & Shimek corner 6th and Buffalo
Beck F. C. saloon corner Main and Park same
Beck John carriage and wagon maker
corner Chicago and Main
Becker Albert hardware stoves and tinware
corner Main and Washington
corner Washington and 8th
Becker F. saloon and restaurant
corner 8th and Washington
Becker Frank (Thomas & Becker) Rapids rd west of 22d
Becker Fred sewing machine agt. boards Williams House
Beers Charles saloon 8th near Bridge 7th south of York
Behler Joseph carpenter 11th south of Franklin
Behm August carpenter 18th south of Franklin
Behm John laborer corner Franklin and 19th
Behrens Fred cigar maker corner 11th and Madison
Behrens - peddler Hamilton west of 11th
Behringer Rudolph miller J. Schuette Main north of Hamilton
Beier Wm. Lab Main south of Columbus
Beierle Joseph laborer corner 21st and Madison
Bender Joseph blacksmith 8th south of State same
Bennet James
boards Windiate House
Benson O. farmer 8th north of Buffalo
Bentler - farmer 13 north of Columbus
Bently Gotlieb tanner Main south of Columbus
Bently John tanner F. Schultz & Co. Main
Berckholtz Wm. janitor corner 8th and Hamilton
Berens - musician 6th north of Marshall
Berndt Louis laborer Clark east of 20th
Berner Mrs. Amelia
Jay east of 8th
Berner August manufacturer of and dealer in
Hardware Iron Stoves and Tinware
8th south of Franklin
Marshall east of 8th
Berry Alfred laborer corner Wollmer and 18th
Bertan John laborer Pankratz & Co. Franklin
Berten John laborer corner 19th and Franklin
Berten Joseph laborer Franklin
Bertie D. S. U. S. gauger 6th north of St. Clair
Bertler A. (Bertler & White) Washington corner 20th
Bertler Stephen moulder White & Bertler Washington corner 20th
Bernald Albert carpenter corner 12th and Columbus
Bevratz Joseph carpenter 7th south of Hamilton
Bewonka Frank shoe maker Chicago west of 11th
Bezek Joseph tailor J. Janecek boards same
Bibinger Jacob saloon & billiard hall
8th near bridge
Bibinger John dealer in all kinds of farming machinery
Franklin south of 8th
9th north of Marshall
Bibinger Robert Salesman J. Biblinger 8th north of quay
Bickmann Charles laborer 8th south of Columbus
Bieling G. music teacher marshall west of 6th
Bigel B.
8th south of Marshall
Bigel Charles (Ohler & Bigel) 8th south of Marshall
Bigel Joseph machine hand C. Zander 8th south of Marshall
Bigel Joseph carpenter corner 7th and Washington
Bilinzky Anton butcher Main south of Marshall
Billard G. tailor C. Hoyer Marshall
Binkelman Leonard laborer 9th south of Marshall
Biorn Rev. L. M. pastor Norwegian Lutheran Church 9th south of Huron
Bischof John G. porter J. W. Barnes & Co. 9th north of Chicago
Blake - depot sheriff 5th south of St. Clair
Blank Albert laborer 18th south of Franklin
Blesch P. J. dry goods groceries etc.
corner 9th and Buffalo
Bleser Adam dealer in dry goods boots shoes clothing
groceries crockery hardware
and Victor sewing machines
corner 9th and Franklin
Bleser D. B. sewing machine salesman A. Bleser boards same
Bleser Joseph clerk J. H. Thornton Michigan avenue.
Blessing M.
boards Franklin House
Block Julius confectionary Washington east of 12th boards same
Blogaelle Gustav dry goods groceries guns and ammunition
corner 9th and Jay
Blonde George hostler Tillson & Kingholz boards Williams House
Bock Charles general merchandise 8th north of York same
Bock C. jr. clerk C. Bock sr. boards same
Boecher Conrad turner 8th south of Columbus
Boecher John wagon maker Washington east of 8th
Boeder Gustave brewer W. Rahr boards Franklin House
Boeder Wm. brewer W. Rahr
Bohman Alois boot and shoe maker Main north of Jay same
Boehman Daniel carpenter Buffalo east of Main
Boetcher Henry brick maker corner 21st and Wollmer
Bold Fred laborer 9th south of Columbus
Bolen John (Bolen & Sullivan) corner 6th and Park
Bolen & Sullivan (J. Bolen J. Sullivan)
dry goods & groceries
8th south of York
Bornier Albert carpenter 5th north of York
Bonen Frank saloon corner 18th and Washington same
Borcherdt Ed. editor and proprietor of Manitowoc Tribune Buffalo east of Main
Borcherdt Emil teamster 9th north of Columbus
Borcherdt F. W. city clerk office corner Jay and 8th Chicago east of 6th
Borcherdt Fred teamster 13th south of Madison
Borcherdt Joseph laborer 13th south of Hamilton
Borcherdt Stephen laborer 9th south of Columbus
Bormosky Frank laborer Hamilton east of 22nd
Brandeis J. L. general merchandise York east of 8th same
Brannigan Mrs.
corner Lake Shore and Buffalo
Brandt John laborer Park west of 8th
Brandt John laborer 9th north of Columbus
Brandt Fred laborer 19th south of Clark
Braun Carl laborer Main south of Columbus
Brause Herman printer boards North Western House
Braxmeier Joseph carpenter 13th north of Hamilton
Brei Charlos(sic) laborer 9th north of St. Clair
Breininger Mrs. C.
corner 8th and Quay
Bremer Fritz meat market Washington east of 14th same
Bremer Henry shoe maker C. Gelbke & bro boards Jay west of 8th
Brening Fred cabinet maker A. Vogt 9th south of Hamilton
Bresnahan Thomas laborer 5th south of York
Bressler Charles mason Washington west of 8th
Breuer H. & Co. (Hermann Breuer C. Amon
proprs. St. Charles Hotel
corner 7th and Franklin
Breuer Herman (H. Breuer & Co.) St. Charles Hotel
Brey Charles laborer Fliegler Wahle & Co. 9th
Brey Henry elk C. Bock 7th
Bri August laborer Huron east of 6th
Brick Charles teamster corner Columbus and 9th
Brick John laborer 9th north of Columbus
Brickner Rudolph cooper Jay east of 7th
Brink C. W. cigar manufacturer and
dealer in confectionery
corner 8th and Quay
Brown A. N.
15th north of Clark
Brown J. A. physician Main north of Chicago same
Brown - farmer Chicago west of 6th
Brrae T. K. carpenter 19th south of Wollmer
Brueckner & Klemm (R. Brueckner J Klemm)
manufacturers of all kinds of
barrels tubs beer kegs and cisterns
Jay east of 9th
Brueckner Rudolph (Brueckner & Klemm) corner 6th and Jay
Bruey Panley shoemaker W. Pasewalk Main south of Hamilton
Bruns Frank carpenter corner 7th and Franklin
Bruns Mrs. M. corner 7th and Franklin
Bry Henry dry goods boards Drewsen House
Budenik Joseph sailor Hamilton east of 22d
Buerson Edward sailor Huron west of 5th
Buerstatte F. C. druggist and apothecary dealer in
drugs medicines and chemicals
corner Jay and 8th
Buettner H. cigar maker boards St. Charles Hotel
Buettner Philip cigar maker J. Maresh boards St. Charles Hotel
Buldaupt - blacksmith Franklin east of 11th
Ball Charles laborer corner Clark and 18th
Bullis Charles laborer 8th south of Huron
Bullis Julius sailor 8th south of Huron
Burger George carpenter boards corner 7th and Franklin
Burger Henry ship builder corner 7th and Franklin
Burger Mrs. Mary clerk P. O. corner Franklin and 7th
Buri John laborer corner 18th and L. S. & W. R. R.
Burkard Andrew saloon corner Madison and Main same
Burnett Geo B. book-keeper and teller First Nat Bank 9th south of Park
Burnett G. W. book-keeper E. K. & E. H. Rand New York avenue
Bushman Albert cooper corner Quay and 6th same
Busse W. A. boot and shoe maker 8th north of Franklin Hancock west of 9th
Busz Fritz laborer corner 21st and Hamilton
Byron George basket maker Raymond & Shove 5th near York

Cames Louis brewer boards Franklin House
Canright Charles S. Ins agt 5th south of Park
Cappes Martin carpenter corner 12th and Franklin
Carle Henry bakery corner 9th and Washington same
Carus Fred hats caps and furs York east of 9th same
Carvell Mrs. Anna
Main south of Park
Cashon George sailor Buffalo east of 6th
Charnley Sylvester master mechanic corner Clark and 13th
Chave John laborer 20th north of Franklin
Chelewski Adrzg(sic) laborer Washington west of 23rd
Chelewski John laborer Washington west of 23rd
Chelofsky Andrew laborer Pankratz & Co.
Chicodski Anton fireman J. Schuette
Chloupek Adolph S. clerk A. Chloupek boards same
Chloupok Anton Flour & Feed Commercial west of 8 same
Chloupek Adam tinner P. Leubner
Chloupek Adolph tinsmith boards Zeman House
Chloupek E. (Prochaska & Co) Buffalo west of 9th
Christiansen Andreas sailor 8th south of State
Christiansen Andrew sailor 19th north of Wollmer
Christiansen Christ mason 6th south of York
Christiansen Christian Washington west of 14th
Christiansen C. D. fisherman 8th north of Madison
Christiansen David laborer 8th south of State
Christiansen M. bakery Buffalo west of 8th same
Christiansen Ole teamster Buffalo east of 6th
Christiansen Ole sailor Main north of Chicago
Christiansen Peter sailor State west of 8th
Chyouweth J. T. editor Manitowoc Pilot boards 6th south of Park
Cizek Wenzel saloon Chicago east of 8th same
Clark C. blacksmith A. Roberts same
Clark Job teamster 6th south of Huron
Clark Wm. blacksmith A. Roberts same
Clauder Wm. works Raymond & Shove Chicago west of 9th
Claussen Mrs. Flora A.
5th north of Chicago
Clockman John laborer corner Madison and 7th
Coakley H. Physician corner York and 8th Michigan avenue west of 13th
Coldwater C. H. shoemaker 7th north of York
Concordia (weekly) Bruno Ritter publisher 8th south of Jay
Conway Edward dealer in Agricultural Implements and grain
Buffalo west of 8th
Park east of 5th
Conway L. J. with E. Conway 9th south of Buffalo
Cone E. confectionery and toys 8th north of Quay 4th south of Park
Cone John building mover 4th south of Park
Cook Charles sailor Main north of Chicago
Cooper George lumber yard Quay east of 7th State west of 5th
Cornwall Charles basket maker Raymond & Shove
Caroliski Adam laborer Truman & Morse
Cox George painter 9th south of Huron
Cron Fred basket maker Raymond & Shove Chicago west of 9th
Crossman Charles U. S. Harbor Master boards corner 6th and St. Clair
Crusen Ernst miller Fliegler Wahle & Co boards 11th
Cumberliehge James boiler maker boards St. Charles Hotel
Cumberlidge James boiler maker 8th north of Hamilton
Czayjkowska A. saloon Washington west of 24th same

Daeke Christ harness and saddle maker
Washington west of 13th
Dahl Charles sailor 7th north of St. Clair
Daley Jeremiah proprietor Wisconsin House
corner 9th and Jay
Dallmann Charles laborer Chicago west of 11th
Dallmann Carl mason corner 11th and Marshall
Damrow Charles printer Manitowoc Journal 11th
Damrow Henry engine wiper 11th south of Hamilton
Damrow John machinist A. F. Dumke 11th south of Hamilton
Danialson Mrs. A.
Main north of State
Danialson Peter carpenter 9th south of St. Clair
Dasey Michael sailor corner 23rd and Clark
Dassler Herman carpenter 9th south of Marshall
Day D. S. ag agt corner 5th and St. Clair
De Forest Rev Joseph rector Episcopal church boards 6th N State
Dempsey Michael carpenter corner 4th and State
Dempsey Thomas caulker 8th north of. Quay
Deofler Joseph cigar maker C. W. Brink Washington
Deubler Joseph cigar maker Washington east of 9th
Deubler Joseph blacksmith Washington east of 9th
Deubler Thomas cigar maker C. W. Brink Washington
Dicke Mrs. Maggie dress maker Quay east of 9th
Dicke Wm. clerk J. Schuette & Bro Franklin east of 8th
Dillon John laborer corner 6th and Chicago
Dittman Mrs. D.
13th north of Madison
Dittman John laborer 13th north of Madison
Dittman John carpenter 13 north of Madison
Dittmar John shoemaker C. Gelbke & Bro. 15th north of Clark
Dittmar John fireman 15th north of Clark
Dobbert Charles tannery corner 13th and Quay same
Dobinski Joseph cap 19th south of Franklin
Doescher laborer 11th north of Hamilton
Domer Wm. laborer F. Pautz & Co. boards Hancock east of Main
Dominisky Geitaglaborer 21st south of Marshall
Donarski Joseph laborer 20th south of Hamilton
Donohue J. asst supt M. L. S. & W. R. R.
office at depot
4th south of Park
Donohue Michael plasterer boards Union Hotel
Doolan John W. laborer 5th south of State
Douglass Mrs. Sarah
Chicago east of 11th
Dow W. P. sailor Park east of 4th
Drake John wagon maker C. Leverenz 12th
Drehr Martin carpenter Clark east of 21st
Dreper Martin works E. J. Smalley
Drewsen Henry proprietor Drewsen House
Pleasant Rooms Good Tables
Try it once and you will come again.
Good Stabling in connection with the House
Chicago east of 9th
Drichta Anton laborer near river north of Huron
Drochel Jacob laborer 17th north of Franklin
Drost Henry shoemaker corner 9th and Quay
Dryer August mason corner Columbus and Main
Dubetzky Joseph saloon Buffalo west of 9th same
Duchec Joseph clerk boards Chicago east of 8th
Duebler Joseph blacksmith A. F. Dumke Washington
Duenow Fred engineer Hamilton west of 11th
Duhatch Joseph salesman Chicago east of 8th
Duhatch John shoemaker S. Sanderson boards same
Duheinel Charles caulker boards Zeman House
Dulsold Alex printer Nord Western corner 7th and Jay
Dumke A. F. foundry and machine shop Quay
north of 8th
corner Quay and 9th
Dumke August pattern maker A. F. Dumke boards same
Dumkie John F. boot and shoe maker York east of 9th 9th south of State
Duno A. machinist J. RichardsCommercial

Easton D. G. physician corner Chicago and 8th same
Eastwood Fred basket maker Raymond & Shove Manitowoc rapids
Eaton R. P. lawyer 8th south of State
Ebbers Bernhard whitewasher Jay east of Main
Echtenacher Wm. pottery Washington east of Main same
Eckert Anton shoemaker 13th south of Columbus
Eckert Frank shoemaker corner 14th and Washington
Edwards Mrs. Amy
corner Buffalo and 7th
Edwards George pattern maker J. Richards corner 11th and Chicago
Edwards George jr. machinist J. Richards
Edwards H. G. lake captain 5th and State
Edwards J. sailor 7th south of Huron
Edwards John Wm. carpenter 7th west of Huron
Edwards Joseph lake captain corner Buffalo and 7th
Edwards Robert engineer corner 11th and Chicago
Egan Wm. laborer E. Conway 5th north of York
Eggert Fred shoemaker G. Gelbke & Bro. corner Washington and 14th
Eldridge E. T. bank clerk Franklin near Lake
Ellsbeck Sam stage driver Windiate House boards same
Elmendorf F. C. watchmaker F. W. Seidl boards same
Emery Mrs. G. W.
corner 6th and St. Clair
Emmerson L. real estate dealer boards Windiate House
Engel Mrs. F.
11th north of Madison
Engel Wm. carpenter H. Greve & Co. 11th north of Madison
Engels Charles foreman W. Rahr Washington east of 7th
Engelbrecht John laborer corner 7th and Hamilton
Engelhat Wm. laborer 12th south of Marshall
Enochson Enoch laborer 9th north of Park
Enreich John laborer 14th south of Franklin
Eppert Frank printer Main south of Washington
Erdman - farmer 13 south of Columbus
Erickson B. carpenter Chicago east of 6th
Erickson Edward sailor Buffalo east of 6th
Erickson - sailor Buffalo west of 5th
Erickson Gilbert
Main south of State
Erickson Isaac carpenter 18th south of Wollmer
Erickson James sailor 7th north of St. Clair
Erickson John clerk E. K. & E. H. Rand 19th south of Wollmer
Erickson M. agricultural implements
Commercial west of 8th
town of Rapids
Esslinger Arthur clerk O. R. Bacon corner Jay and 6th
Esslinger Charles Post Master post office
8th north of Quay
corner 6th and Quay
Estabrook C. E. attorney at law
corner 8th and Franklin south side
boards corner 6th and St. Clair
Esch Henry dealer in dry goods clothing groceries hats
caps boots and shoes crockery glassware etc.
corner Jay and 9th
Evens E. N. (Fliegler Wahle & Co.) Cato
Ewen Q. county treasurer 9th south of Park

Fallows Michael
corner Park and 8th
Fandel Peter cabinet maker corner 6th and Hancock
Fechter Charles F. clerk A. F. Klingbeil Hancock east of 8th
Fechter Mrs.
Hancock east of 8th
Fehrnbach Joseph carpenter 9th north of Hamilton
Fehrs Gustav Watches Clocks and Jewelry
8th south of Franklin
Feiker F. E. book binder corner 9th and York 8th south of York
Feiker Mrs. R. millinery 8th south of York same
Fender Fred dry goods corner 9th and Madison
Ferring Charles harness maker F. Volchert 1 mile west of of city
Fessler Charles
Main and south of Marshall
Fessler Rev. George pastor of St. Boniface church Main north of Marshall
Fetting Louis carpenter H. Greve & Co. corner 8th and Columbus
Feuerphiel Wm. mason 7th north of Hamilton
Fick Christian brewery corner 20th and Washington same
Filholm J. C. merchant tailor York west of 8th corner 6th and Chicago
Finder & Juul (F. Finder E. Juul) general store corner Main and Jay
Finder Frederick (Finder & Juul) 9th
Fingoust W. blacksmith Tillson & Shimek York east of 8th
First National Bank C. C. Barnes Prest. C. Luling Cash 8th north of York
Fisch Peter printer Concordia 1 mile south of city
Fischer Adolph clerk A. Fischer boards same
Fischer A. general merchandise York east of 8th same
Fischel Joseph wholesale wines & liquors 9th south of Buffalo Buffalo west of 9th
Fischel Jacob clerk J. C. Barnes & Co. Buffalo west of 9th
Fisher Frank ag agt and grain dealer Main south of State same
Fliegler Wahle & Co. (J. Fleigler(sic) A. A. Wahle L. Haupt
S. A. Newell E. N. Evens)
proprietors of the Wisconsin Central
and Cato Falls Flouring Mills
Manufacturers of and dealers in
Flour and Grain Lumber and Shingles Store
8th st. north side
Fliegler J. (Fliegler Wahle & Co.) north of city limits
Flint Raymond engineer corner 9th and Washington
Flosbach Mrs
Washington west of 15th
Flolsbach John tanner Washington west of 15th
Flosbe John teamster J. Richards
Floszbach Fred. laborer 9th south of Hamilton
Fochtman Wm. saloon Washington west of 12th same
Forrest G. A. (White & Forrest) Buffalo east of 7th
Forster Frank laborer 20th north of Washington
Forster Frank cooper Main north of Hancock same
Francway Charles sawyer Chicago east of 11th
Frank Wm. farmer 11th south of Columbus
Franz John register of deeds Jay east of Main
Franzen - painter Jay west of 9th
Fredrickson Bernt. sailor 18th north of Collmer
Frehsee Mrs. Louisa
Lake near Lake Shore
Frick Henry J. conductor York east of 7th
Frick John watchman York east of 7th
Fricke Charles brick yard Huron east of 5th Main block 24th
Fricke Wm. brick yard corner 17th and Clark Hancock west of 9th
Friegel Charles carpenter Main south of Madison
Friegel John carpenter Main south of Madison
Fritz Wm. machine hand E Zander boards Franklin east of 7th
Froeland T. shoemaker Main south of State
Froeling Joseph laborer Columbus east of 8th
Fueks Anton confectionery Buffalo west of 8th same
Fulmer Mrs. Ellen
Chicago west of 9th

Galbreath Archefarmer Huron east of 5th
Galbreath John sailor Huron east of 5th
Gallagher Charles laborer 12th south of Huron
Gallogly James student boards Wisconsin House
Galvin John printer Michigan avenue west of 13th
Gammon George basket maker Commercial west of 5th
Gammon Mrs.
Commercial west of 5th
Garn Valentine cigar maker E. Weinschenk boards same
Garnett Abram well digger corner 8th and Madison
Gasper Henry blacksmith boards St. Charles Hotel
Gauger Albert farmer 14th south of Franklin
Gauger Charles blacksmith Washington west of 13th 15th north of Marshall
Gauger Julius shoemaker J. Knickerehm boards same
Gayden James barber York west of 6th same
Gebhardt Henry M. clerk E. Leubner
Gehbe August Manufacturer and dealer in
cigars and tobacco snuff pipes etc.
8th north side
Buffalo east of 11th
Gehbe Frank clerk E. Krummheuer corner 8th and Marshall
Gelbke C. & Bro. (Christian and Charles Gelbke)
manufacturers and dealers in
boots and shoes
Jay west of 8th
Gelbke Charles (C. Gelbke & Bro) Hancock west of 9th
Gelbke Christian (C. Gelbke & Bro.) same
Gelbke C. William shoemaker C. Gelbke & Bro 9th south of Marshall
Geleg Peter laborer Marshall west of 11th
Genrich August laborer 15th north of Hamilton
Georg John carpenter Main north of Franklin
George Theodore machine hand E. Zander Franklin east of 6th
Gerpheide J. D. brick yard 21st near river Rapids rd west of 23d
Getz Joseph miller 13th south of Franklin
Getz Joseph sawyer Pankratz & Co 13th
Geuger Gottfried laborer 13th north of Marshall
Gibson George W. lumber dealer 6th south of St. Clair
Gibson Henry sailor 6th north of Park
Giese Henry shoe maker S. Sanderson corner Buffalo and Main
Gieser Pott tailor C. Hoyer 9th
Giffin Wm. fireman 18th north of Wollmer
Gilbert G. J. clerk O Torrison 9th south of St. Clair
Gillett & Rowley (H. T. Gillett F. Rowley) dealer in fresh salt
smoked & dried meats hams lard & ct
a constant supply constantly on hand
8th north of York
Gillett Hugh T. (Gillett & Rowley) Michigan avenue
Gimler John brewer 13th north of Marshall
Gizy - shoe maker boards Zeman House
Gjermundson Gjermund ins agt 9th north of State
Glasow Fred blacksmith E. J. Smalley
Glave Fred hostler Washington east of 14th
Gleason Miss Annette dressmaking corner 8th and Commercial same
Gleich Mrs. -
Franklin east of 14th
Glisch Anton laborer corner Madison and 21st
Glover Mrs. Annie
5 north of Park
Glover Wm. lawyer corner 8th and York
Goetzler Valentine mason 9th south of Marshall
Goit Rand clerk boards 6th south of Park
Gomoll Charles laborer Marshall east of 20th
Gomoll Wm. laborer Marshall west of 13th
Gomoll Wm. tanner C. Dobbert corner 14th and Marshall
Grabo Herman (Guttman & Grabo) 8th north of Marshall
Grabo H. tanner boards Northwestern House
Graham James tinner Jay west of 6th
Graham Peter shoemaker A. Bohman boards same
Granat Joseph blacksmith Tillson & Shimek boards Chicago west of 7th
Gratz Adam laborer Pankratz & Co.
Greve H. & Co. (H. A. & C. Greve) planning mill Washington east of 8th
Greve Albert (H. Greve & Co.) corner 8th and Marshall
Greve Carl (H. Greve & Co.) 12th north of Washington
Greve Henry (H. Greve & Co.) corner 8th and Washington
Griebling Europe harness maker corner Main and Washington
Griebling Gustave machinist corner Main and Washington
Griebling Wm.
corner Main and Washington
Grimm George moulder A. F. Dumke Franklin east of 6th
Grimm Joseph moulder J. Richards
Grimm Mrs. Koni
Franklin east of 6th
Grimm Nicholas moulder E. J. Smalley
Grimm Philip moulder A. Prochazke & Co. 11th south of Marshall
Groffman George cooper Randolph & Son corner 7th and Marshall
Groll Fred carpenter H. Greve & Co Hamilton
Grolosky Christ laborer Marshall
Gross Edward teacher boards 11th south of Marshall
Grosstick August saloon corner 16th and Clark
Grotheer John teacher 12th south of Marshall
Grube Wm. laborer J Lueps boards same
Gruetzmacher Charles teamster 11th south of Marshall
Gruhle W. miller Buffalo west of Main
Guehlsdorf Joseph laborer 7th south of Hamilton
Guehlsdorf John laborer 15th north of Clark
Gulbrandson G. carpenter 12th south of Franklin
Gulickson Halga
Buffalo west of 5th
Gunderson Hans carpenter boards Drewsen House
Gunkerson Simon ship carpenter Chicago west of 5th
Gunstenson Mrs. Bergit
Buffalo west of 5th
Guttmann & Grabo (H. Guttmann H. Grabo) manufacturers
of and dealers in hides leather harness etc.
8th south of Quay tannery
7th north of Columbus
Guttmann Herman (Guttmann & Grabo) 8th south of Jay
Guyles Frank F. clerk Michigan avenue
Guyles George B. clerk J. F. Guyles same
Guyles John F. dealer in Muskegan lumber lath shingles
pickets cedar posts etc. office and
yard north end of Main st bridge
Michigan avenue west of 13th

Haaker Fred shoemaker W. Haaker same
Haaker Wm. boot and shoemaker
York west of 7th
9th south of State
Haase John laborer 13th north of Hamilton
Hacker Wm. harness maker F. Volchert corner Washington and 11th
Hackmann John laborer 14th south of Franklin
Hagen George carpenter Franklin east of Main
Haggerty Dennis sailor Lake north of York
Haggerty Mrs. J.
Lake north of York
Hall Samuel hay dealer Buffalo east of 8th
Hallan B. A. teacher corner Huron and 9th
Halverson H. salesman Chicago east of 9th
Halverson H. clerk boards North Western House
Halverson Jacob constable Chicago east of 9th
Handl John carpenter Main south of Hamilton
Handle Andreas laborer Pankratz & Co. 19th
Hansen Albert sailor corner 9th and St. Clair
Hansen Anton sailor 9th south of Huron
Hansen Anton clerk boards Washington east of 8th
Hansen Christ hostler Tillson & Klingholz boards Williams House
Hansen J. boat builder Commercial east of 6th same
Hansen Rasmus sailor St. Clair west of 6th
Hansen T. laborer corner Lake and Chicago
Hanson Andrew blacksmith and wagonmaker
Buffalo west of 7th
corner 7th and Buffalo
Hanson Anton clerk Fliegler Wahle & Co. Washington
Hanson Conrad laborer F. Veith 10th
Hanson Hans peddler J. Symes Chicago west of Main
Hanson Lars sailor 5th north of Park
Hanson Martin teamster boards Washington east of 8th
Hanson Martin sailor corner 11th and Huron
Hanson Ole B. caulker Main south of State
Hanson Ole sailor Marshall west of 7th
Hanson Peter laborer Main north of Chicago
Hanson Mrs.
9th south of Huron
Haracky John laborer F. Stupecky & Bros
Harder John machine hand C. Zander 11th
Hardow - carpenter 11th south of Hamilton
Harrison Herguy basket maker Raymond & Shove Buffalo east of 6th
Harris Fred H. clerk bank Quay east of 8th
Harrison H. printer Manitowoc Tribune Buffalo east of 6th
Hartman Mrs. A. confectionery 8th north of Quay same
Hartman A. harness maker 8th north of Quay
Hartwig Carl groceries corner 14th and 8th Washington same
Haslam G. machinist boards St. Charles Hotel
Hasper Charles furniture Washington west of 9th same
Hasse Emil C.
7th south of Huron
Hatson H. painter Tillson & Shimek Jay west of 9th
Haukohl C. & Son (C. & A. Haukohl)
boot and shoemaker
Franklin west of 7th
Haukohl Charles (C. Haukohl & Son) 7th south of Franklin
Haukohl Albert(C. Haukohl & Son) 7th south of Franklin
Haupt August miller Fliegler Wahle & Co. boards 11th
Haupt Charlesmachinist A. Prochazke & Co. 2-1/2 miles west of City
Haupt L.(Fliegler Wahle & Co.)2 miles south of City
Haupt Mrs. Sophia
11th south of Washington
Haverland Charlessaloon 8th north of CommercialMain north of Washington
Hayes Patrickengineerboards Wisconsin House
Haynes E. M.draymanPark east of 6th
Hays Shermantraveling agt. E. J. Smalley
Heavner Wm.
9th south of Marshall
Hecker Charles F. agt. Howe sewing machine
corner 8th and Jay
Hecker C. teacher 1st ward school8th
Hecker Emil butcher H. Lohe boards same
Heideman Ferd. laborer 12th south of Columbus
Heineman Fred editor Manitowoc Journal boards Marshall west of 6th
Heineman Fred carpenter 13th north of Marshall
Heineman Leopold physician 7th south of Marshall
Heingarten Charles shoemaker L. Rosenfeld corner Hamilton and 13th
Heinzen John tanner Guttmann & Grabo Main
Heinzen Nicholas tanner Guttmann & Grabo Main
Heise Albert shoemaker W. A. Busse
Heise August shoemaker W. A. Busse
Heise August laborer 13th south of Columbus
Heise Henry harness maker H. Schmiedicke 13th
Hellenbeck H. C. wood worker Tillson & Shimek boards Windiate House
Hellman Ferd. laborer 14th south of Hamilton
Henile S. works H. McAllister boards same
Hemschemeyer Wm. H. propr Williams House
good sample rooms attached
corner Franklin and 8th
Hendl Andreal laborer corner 20th and Washington
Hendricks Henry clerk T. & J. Robinson boards Northwestern House
Henrickson Ole shoemaker S. Sanderson 9th north of State
Hentscher Hermann photograph gallery 8th south of Chicago same
Herman August
Jay west of 6th
Herman Christian blacksmith A. Rank boards same
Herman Mrs. C.
corner Main and Madison
Herman Natz
Washington west of 15th
Herman Otto blacksmith A. Rank boards same
Herman V. dairyman Hamilton west of Main
Herman Wendlin laborer 14th south of Hamilton
Herman B. laborer 12th north of Columbus
Hermann George cigar maker C. W. Brick Main
Hermann Wm. saloon corner Main and Madison same
Hermanson Louis sailor 7th south of Huron
Herzog Wm. merchant tailor Main south of Washington same
Herzog Wm. foreman Tillson & Klingholz Jay east of Main
Hess Frank stone cutter boards Williams House
Hessel John tinner J. W. Barnes & Co. 8th south of Marshall
Hewit Martin saloon Commercial east of 7th same
Hickey Chales miller Fliegler Wahle & Co. boards Washington House
Highland Mrs. Ellen
8th south of Madison
Hill Homer city marshall Lake north of York
Hinz Fred blacksmith J. Beck 11th north of Madison
Hodge Mrs. James
corner 5th and Chicago
Hodges Miss Nellie teacher 3d Ward School 2d
Hoeh Gotfried cooper corner 8th and Marshall same
Hoes Mrs. R. H.
Franklin near Lake
Hoffman Adolph mason 15th north of Marshall
Hoffman August laborer Pankratz & Co. 13th
Hoffmann Fred farmer corner Clark east of 17th
Hoffmann Fred dyer G. Rudolph Clark
Hoffman Fred butcher F. Seeger 9th north of Chicago
Hoffman George tanner Guttmann & Grabo corner 12th and Marshall
Hoffman Mrs. -
12th south of Marshall
Hogan D. K. carpenter Main north of Chicago
Holender Mrs. Amelia
Quay east of 8th
Hollander Louis hostler Tillson & Klingholz boards Northwestern House
Hollenbach Henry carriage maker boards Windiate House
Holmes Frank printer Manitowoc Tribune York east of 7th
Holverson Christopher wagon maker Buffalo west of 7th boards Buffalo west of 6th
Holverson Erick laborer 8th south of Huron
Holverson Gunder ship builder corner 5th and state
Holverson Holver sailor 6th south of State
Holverson Jens. clerk O. Torrison boards Northwestern House
Holverson Onen laborer 4th north of Park
Holzkneckt Charles saloon corner 8th and Jay Jay west of 8th
Hopf Mrs. Bridget
7th south of Madison
Hopf Conrad cigar maker A. Gehbe 7th south of Madison
Hopf John cigar maker A. Gehbe 7th south of Madison
Horne John ship caulker State east of 5th
Hothersall George tinsmith 8th south of Huron
Hotz Fred Pottery Washington east of 15th same
Houghton Elija sailor 5th south of St. Clair
Howarth J. teacher 1st Ward School 8th
Howarth James laborer 8th north of Hamilton
Hoyer Charles merchant tailor and dealer
gent'south of(sic) furnishing goods
8th near Bridge
Hoyer Joseph saloon corner 11th and Washington same
Hoyer John clerk J Hoyer boards same
Hrndka Anton shoemaker boards Zeman House
Hubbard Harvey hub and spoke manufg corner St. Clair and 9th
Huckermeier -
Jay east of 8th
Hunk Mrs. Christian
Main south of Columbus
Hurlka Anton shoemaker A. Reits Main
Husar Jacob wagon maker F. Pelishek boards same
Huvatschek George tailor C. Hoyer Washington west of 14th

Idarius Peter painter corner 7th and Madison
Ingbretson Andrew shoemaker Main south of Huron
Ingebritson Andrew sailor York east of 6th
Ingbretsen Neils sailor 9th south of Huron
Ingrisch C. groceries and saloon Washington east of 14th same
Isley Mrs.
corner Columbus and 8th

Jacobs Christian carpenter 9th north of Hamilton
Jacobson Christian blacksmith A. Hanson Buffalo east of 7th
Jackel Charles clerk boards Northwestern House
Jagodzinsky Frank laborer corner 21st and Marshall
Jagodzinsky Thomas laborer Marshall east of 21st
Janda N. laborer Commercial west of 7th
Janecek John Merchant tailor Buffalo east of 8th same
Janecek Mathias clerk J. Schuette & Bro Buffalo east of 8th
Janke Carl laborer Madison east of 8th
Janrech August laborer 8th north of Columbus
Jansen C. machinist boards St. Charles Hotel
Jarchow John laborer 21st near Columbus
Jargo Adolpe(sic) laborer 14th south of Clark
Jarneck Michael laborer Madison east of 21st
Jarneck P. laborer 22d south of Marshall
Jasinzke Frank laborer 7th south of Madison
Jehbe Henry
Franklin east of 8th
Jakelfalusy Alex cigar maker E. Weinschenk Main south of Marshall
Jens Adam laborer 14th north of Hamilton
Jentz Fred stone cutter J. Mendlik & Co 20th
Jewel Edwin dry goods Marshall west of 8th
Jinks Susan milliner boards Northwestern House
Joerke Andreas laborer 7th south of Marshall
John Daniel laborer corner 9th and York
John Theodore saloon Main south of Washington same
Johns Wm. engineer corner 9th and York
Johnson Andrew sailor corner 9th and St. Clair
Johnson Andrew drayman 5th south of St. Clair
Johnson De Witt S. foreman Manitowoc Pilot 9th
Johnson Fred sailor 4th south of Park
Johnson F. A. traveling agt. 9th south of State
Johnson George A. grocer Buffalo east of 9th same
Johnson John C. tailor Commercial east of 8th 8th north of Chicago
Johnson John sailor corner 6th and York
Johnson John S. sail maker corner Huron and 6th
Johnson Miss Nellie
Washington west of 23d
Johnson Peter carpenter Main north of Chicago
Johnson T. S. sailor 6th north of Huron
Johnston Peter commission south of Park
Jones A. D. real estate York east of 7th 6th south of Park
Jones Benjamin real estate York east of 7th Buffalo east of Main
Jones George book-keeper G. Cooper boards 6th south of Park
Jones Library York east of 7th Mrs. E. Sharp Librarian
Jones Mrs. L.
Buffalo east of Main
Joplesky Thomas laborer Hamilton east of 22d
Jorgensen Gunder laborer 18th north of Wollmer
Jorgensen Jans tailor J. C. Filholm boards 6th north of St. Clair
Jorgensen N. P. carpenter 6th north of St. Clair
Jorsch Theodore carpenter Franklin north of Lake
Joswiak Thomas laborer 12th north of Huron
Jrunke Henry laborer 13th north of Hamilton
Juul E. (Fines & Juul) Main corner Jay