Cooperstown Township, Manitowoc Co., WI

Location: 0.5 miles north of the junction of County Trunk Z and Herold Road on Herold Rd. to Frelich Road, then 0.1 mile west on Frelich Rd. to the cemetery, which is on the north side of the road. Copied by the Manitowoc County Old Cemetery Society on August 24, 1975. Re-indexed in 2007 by the Manitowoc Genealogy Society and added Oct. 2010. The earliest remaining stone is 1863.

Note: Researcher who sent the church photo said it should go with the Westside cemetery on Frelich road.


[4]-Gottfried Berkner/Geb/6 Mai 1812/Gest/16 Feb. 1892 Tombstone

BRUSS: [3]-Michael F. Bruss/geboren/1 Mai 1794/gestorben/1 Oct. 1875 Tombstone

BUSSE: [2]-Richard Busse/Geb 14 Aug 1861/Gest 1 Jan 1920, ossw: [2]-Augusta Busse/Geb 14 Jan 1873/Gest 21 Mai 1940 Tombstone Richard/Augusta [7]-Herbert A. Busse/1914-1969 Tombstone [7]-Edwin F. Busse/1907-1993 [7]-Charles R. Busse/1909-1994 Tombstone Edwin/Charles [7]-Jesse Busse/Feb. 26, 1903/Jan. 3, 1989 Tombstone [7]-Malinda Busse/1900-1973 Tombstone (August Busse/July 22, 1828/Dec. 12, 1905/Civil War vet/from obit/no stone) August "Grandpa" Busse/d. Jan. 1917/from obit

GRAP: [4]-Christian F. Grap/Geboren/26 August 1820/Gest/27 April 1881 (stone broken through death date, laying flat on the ground) Tombstone

HABERLE: [1]-John Haberle/Died Oct 1910/Age 88 years, ossw: [1]-Barbara/His Wife/Died March 1907/Age 77 years Tombstone John/Barbara


HEINEN: [5]-Elizabeth/Wife of John Heinen/Born Dec. 26, 1860/Died June 6, 1914 Tombstone

HOEPFNER: [6]-Michael Hoepfner/Geb/19 Nov/1827/Gest/9 Marz/1917 Tombstone [6]-Augusta/Gattin von/Mich. Hoepfner/Geb/30 Sept/1823/Gest/8 Aug/1900 Tombstone

KRIESER: [1]-Minnie/1868-1950, ossw: [1]-William/1866-1949 Tombstone Minnie/William Louisa Krieser/Feb. 3, 1899-Feb. 4, 1899/from record [1]-William J. Krieser/Wisconsin/Pvt Vet Corps/June 21, 1936 Tombstone [2]-Albert/Father/1855-1929, ossw: [2]-Emma/Mother/1860-1939, ossw: [2]-Edwin/Son/1897-1928 Tombstone Albert/Emma/Edwin (top broken off)/Geb/15 Aug 1880/Gest/1? Sept 1880 [5]-Wilhelmine Krieser/Mother/1853-1933 Tombstone [5]-August Krieser/Father/1845-1930 Tombstone Tombstone Wilhelmine - August [5]-Edward W. Krieser/Our Son/Apr. 26, 1883/Sept. 1, 1926 Tombstone [7]-Arnold Krieser/1891-1972 (18 Dec 1891/Apr 1972/SSDI) Tombstone [7]-Emma L. Krieser/Apr. 1, 1880/Dec. 1, 1961 Tombstone [7]-Gustave/1874-1936, ossw: [7]-Louise/1880-1934 Tombstone Gustave/Louise The following are presumed to be Krieser footstones: Raymond, Amanda, Vater, H.A.J.P., G.S., Vater, A.J.T., Mutter, blank, blank, J.S., C.F., due to the proximity to the Krieser stones.

KUNZ: John Kunz/May 20, 1820-Feb. 26, 1904/from record

LUEBKE: [4]-William/Father/Mar. 14, 1850/Aug. 7, 1933 (same as record of St. John's United Ch. of Christ, Manitowoc), ossw: [4]-Emilie/Mother/May 11, 1844/Feb. 11, 1922 Tombstone William/Emilie [5]-George F./1881-1955, ossw: [5]-Ida L./1884-1964 Tombstone George/Ida [6]-Edgar A. Luebke/1913-1985, ossw: [6]-Helen J. Luebke/1919-2008 Tombstone Edgar/Helen

MAAS: [4]-Paul E. Maas/1936-1996 Tombstone [4]-Clara I.H./Toch von/J und E Maas/Geb 28 Nov 1877/Gest 27 Nov 1915 Tombstone [4]-Bernice Irene Maas, R.N./1919-1959 Tombstone [4]-Paul Maas/Father/1881-1929 Tombstone [4]-Johann Maas/Geb 7 Marz 1848/Gest 3 Dez 1917, ossw: [4]-Elizabeth Maas/Geb 28 Nov 1857/Gest 30 Juni 1927 Tombstone Johann/Elizabeth [4]-Elsie Carol Maas/Aug 6, 1934/Oct 14, 1935 Tombstone [7]-John/1908-1956, ossw: [7]-Rachel L./1914-1999 (12 Jan 1914/05 Jan 1999/SSDI) Tombstone John/Rachel

PERSEKE: [1]-Hermann J./Sohn von/G. & A. Perseke/Geboren 5 Jan 1885/ Gest 22 Marz 1885 Tombstone

PFEFFERKORN: [2]-Karl/Sohn von/A & ? Pfefferkorn/? Dez 1871/(illegible) [2]-Emma H.A. Pfefferkorn/geboren/7 Juni 1878/gestorben/25 Oct 1879 [2]-Eduard G. Pfefferkorn/geboren/27 April 1874/gestorben/21 Oct 1879 Tombstone Karl/Emma/Eduard [3]-Henriette/Geborene WORM/geboren/10 Dez 1846/gestorben/6 Nov 1882 [3]-Katharina Gattin von/A. Pfefferkorn/Geb'ne SPECHT/Gest/6 Feb 1893/Alter 34 Jah 7 Ta [3]-Henriette/Gattin von/A. Pfefferkorn Tombstone

REEDY: [2]-Ella Reedy/1887-1963 Tombstone

REINHARDT: [2]-Rose Reinhardt/1898-1932 Tombstone

SCHNEIDER: [1]-Emil A./Sohn von/E und I Schneider/Geb 10 Aug 1887/Gest 7 Dez 1889 Tombstone (Note: I think this is right) [5]-Heinrich Schneider/gest 26 Okt 1873/Alter 53 Jahre 11 Mo 7 Ta, ossw: [5]-Seine Gattin/Gertrud/geb SCHUTZ/geb 5 Sept 1823/gest 5 Apr 1908 Tombstone Heinrich/Gertrud [7]-Friedrich Schneider/Geb 14 Aug 1854/Gest 8 Nov 1921, ossw: [7]-Ida Schneider/Geb 11 Aug 1857/Gest 21 Dec 1940 Tombstone Friedrich/Ida [7]-Oscar G. Schneider/1897-1942 Tombstone See THIELE


SEIDEL: [3]-Wilhelm/Vater/10 Dez 1845/21 Juni 1921, ossw: [3]-Bertha/Mutter/10 Mai 1860/28 Juni 1947 Tombstone Wilhelm/Bertha [5]-William Seidel/Wisconsin/Pvt 1 Co 161 Depot Brigade/World War I/ Feb 28 1892/June 5 1964 (U.S. War Vet) Tombstone


THIELE: [5]-Elisebeth/Geb/Schneider/Gattin von Wm. Thiele/Geb/23 Jan 1822/Gest/6 Juni 1906 Tombstone

TRAPP: [1]-Fred Trapp/May 21, 1841/Feb 23, 1921, ossw: [1]-Catherina Trapp/Sept 23, 1846/Feb 25, 1928 Tombstone Fred/Catherina [1]-Footstones: Vater, Mutter, Alma [6]-Johann Trapp/Geb 16 Apr/1821/Gest 4 Marz/1907 Tombstone [6]-Caroline/Gattin von/J. Trapp/Geb 28 Mai/1823/Gest 1 Aug/1900 Tombstone [7]-Herman/Vater/1850-1932, ossw: [7]-Wilhelmine/Mutter/1845-1928 Tombstone Herman/Wilhelmine E. Trapp (footstone buried flat in ground) A. Trapp (footstone buried flat in ground)

UNKNOWN: [2]-Tombstone Unknown [3]-Tombstone Unknown [3]-Tombstone Unknown [3]-Tombstone Unknown [Thari? Pfefferkorn/end of row 3] [4]-Tombstone Unknown [7]-Tombstone Unknown Vater/Emilia Schneider/

WEBER: [6]-John R. Weber/Ges/3 Oct 1874/AE 58 yrs 5 ms/& 13 Ds, ossw: [6]-Dorothea/Sein Weib/Ges/8 Aug 1870/AE 54 Ys 8 Ms/& 7 Ds John/Dorothea

WERTHENBACH: [5]-Dillman Werthenbach/Geb/16 Okt 1816/Gest/24 Feb 1863, ossw: [5]-Elisebeth/Geb/SCHNEIDER/Gattin von Wm. THIELE/Geb 23 Jan 1822/ Gest 6 Juni 1906 Tombstone Dillman/Elisabeth See THIELE

WORM: [2]-Johann F. Worm/geboren/24 Aug 1817/gestorben/29 Dez 1886/aus Neuendorf, Preussen, ossw: [2]-Seine Gemahlin/Charlotte/geborene HAGENSTEIN/geboren/17 Oct 1808/gestorben/27 Sept 1886 Johann/Charlotte [3]-Carl L. Worm/geboren/13 Marz 1839/gestorben/12 Oct 1878 Tombstone [3]-Henriette PFEFFERKORN/Geborene Worm/geboren 10 Dez 1846/gestorben/6 Nov 1882 M. Worm (footstone flat in the ground)

????: There were a great number of small markers in this cemetery, usually about 8" wide and 20" long, fallen or placed flat in the ground and flush with the surface. All were dug out and checked for inscriptions. Many were blank, and looked more like stone scraps than formal markers. The following are the miscellaneous footstones that were found, which could not be matched with any particular family: J.H.M., R.M., Maria, Emil/Sohn von (bottom half of stone missing), Vater, A.P., CH.G., G.A. B.K., J.R.W., Vater, H.P., D.W., Mother, C.L.W., D.S., CHAS, Father, E.S., Father, Mutter, AEPL, W.M., M.T., J. FW, Raymond, Mutter, Amanda, H.A.J.P., G.S., Vater, Vater, A.J.T., Mutter.