1901-1902 Manitowoc County Residents

From Schmidt's Directory, 1901-1902

Manitowoc Co:

The following is a list of residents of Manitowoc County (excepting those 
residing in the cities and villages), followed by their section, township 
and postoffice. The geographical townships sometimes are cut up and divided
among several political towns, consequently the same number of section 
appears twice in the same town; in such cases we give the number of 
township and range, together with name of the political town.  Where the 
name of the cities, towns or villages is the same as the postoffice, such 
name is only given once. The figures in parenthesis following a name, thus:
(160) denotes the number of acres in the farm of the respective person. If 
the farm is	rented, it is denoted thus: (160 r).

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