Gibson Township, Manitowoc Co., Wisconsin

Location: 0.1 miles north of the junction of Hwy. 147 and County Trunk Q on the east side of Q. The cemeter is behind a small house and visible from Q. There is no church in the village of Larrabee remaining. Transcribed by the Manitowoc County Old Cemeteries Society in July of 1975. The earliest remaining stone is from 1852. There are no new burials as of April 2007.

Tombstone pics taken 9 July 2001 by Shari.


John J. Chatterton/born Oct. 23, 1873/died Oct. 14, 1884, ossw:
Hannah/Wife of J. ANDERTON/died/April 3, 1870/Aged 48 yrs/Mother Tombstone Hanna

BIRDSALL: Note: the Birdsall obelisk is grown over with a dense thicket of flowering shrubs, probably planted in the 1860's or 1870's. The marker is located at the far east edge of the cemetery. Tombstone Ulysses G./died Sept. 8, 1869/AE 4 yrs. 9 mos., ossw: Eunice A./died Sept. 16, 1863/AE 10 mos. 11 ds./Children of J.E. & E.B., ossw: John E. Birdsall/died Feb. 7, 1872/AE 49 yrs. 11 ms., ossw: Fowler/son of J.E. & E.B./Died Oct. 25, 1859/Aged 9 yrs. 9 ms. 20 ds., ossw: George E./Son of J.E. & E. Birdsall/died Sept. 21, 1871/AE 16 yrs. 1 mon. Ellen H./dau. of B. & H. Birdsall/Born Jan. 21, 1861/Died July 4, 1871, ossw: Solom Birdsall/born Sept. 27, 1852/died Sept. 28, 1852 Tombstone Solom Clarinda RAMAGE Birdsall/Wife of John Birdsall/born Sept. 9, 1855/died June 28, 1889 Note: this stone also in the same thicket as the obelisk, above.

BROWN: Theodore/son of P. & M. Brown/Born June 5, 1863/Died March 3, 1870 Tombstone (this stone is completely overgrown on the far north edge of the cemetery.

BUKOSKY: Anton/Son of C.S. & M. Bukosky/Born Oct. 27, 1875/Died Febr. 26, 1891, ossw: Christoph S. Bukosky/Died Oct. 29, 1889/Aged 63 yrs. 5 mos., ossw: Mary Bukosky/Died Jan. 30, 1901/Aged 60 Years, ossw: Tombstone Christoph/Mary Frank C./Son of C.S. & M. Bukosky/Born Febr. 20, 1880/Died Febr. 15, 1891 Joseph H. Bukosky/1860-1924 Tombstone

BUKOWSKY: John Bukowsky/born Feb. 2, 1870/died June 30, 1909 (this stone is next to the previous Joseph H. Bukosky stone)Tombstone

BURTT: Martha C. Burtt/born Apr. 4, 1875/died Mar. 5, 1876 Tombstone M.B. Burtt/Co D/27 Wis. Inf. (Veteran's stone) Tombstone (June 5, 1843/April 22, 1895/from the Manitowoc County Civil War Roundtable) Clara Burtt/d. June 1881/from obit

CHASE: Hulda M./Aug. 23, 1854/July 4, 1888 Tombstone Hulda, ossw: Cornelia Chase/Jan. 28, 1832/Feb. 4, 1892 Mary Chase/born Feb. 9, 1866/died Nov. 17, 1915 Tombstone Emory Chase/Mar. 17, 1833/Feb. 4, 1924/A veteran of the Civil War/ Co. D, 27 Wis Reg. Tombstone Emory Chase/Wisconsin/Pvt. Co D 27 Regt. Wis Inf/Civil War/March 17, 1833/Feb. 4, 1924 Tombstone

CHATTERTON: John J. Chatterton/born Oct. 23, 1873/died Oct. 14, 1884, ossw: Hannah/Wife of J. ANDERTON/died/April 3, 1870/Aged 48 yrs/Mother


HAMMOND: Warren S. Hammond/died May 28, 1885/Aged 27 years 8 mos. 17 ds. Tombstone Clark Hammond/d. March 28, 1926/from obit

HEAP: Stanley & Martha Heap (nothing else)

HEATH: Charles Heath/born Jan. 17, 1870/died Feb. 14, 1884 Tombstone Charles, ossw: Alfred Heath born March 11, 1819/died Sept. 15, 1894

KIND: William/1850-1918, ossw: Henrietta/1856-1936 Tombstone William/Henrietta, ossw: William/1878-1902, ossw: Joseph/1882-1887, ossw: Louis/1888-1890 Tombstone William/Joseph/Louis W. Kind (at top of the marker) Rose Kind/wife of Walter Kind/1876-1919, ossw: Louise/1876-1935, ossw: Walter/Apr. 17, 1880/Jan. 1, 1969 Tombstone Rose/Louise/Walter Charles Kind/died Feb. 7, 1904/Age 86 Yrs., ossw: Margeret Kind/died Jan. 25, 1880/Age 56 yrs.(this may have been misread as her d. certificate says d. Jan. 25, 1900/she was b. 1844 - from researcher) 1860 census for Mishicot shows Charles Kind (40) b. Saxony and Deidema Kind (34) b. New York. 1870 census for Gibson shows "Nels Kein" (51) b. Saxony and Margaret Kein (33) b. New York 1880 census for Gibson shows Charles Kind (65) widower so Margaret probably died in 1880 as the tombstone says. The census is taken in June. Info from the researcher who stated her birth as 1844 is incorrect. Sooo..she died in 1880.. and was born 1824-1826, not 1844.), ossw: George Kind/born Aug. 3, 1879/died Oct. 8, 1908 Tombstone Charles/Margeret/George Mona H./Wife of Emery Kind/Died June 9, 1885/Aged 26 yrs. 3 mos. 29 ds. (U.S. War Vet marker) Tombstone Mona Leopold/Father/1852-1937, ossw: Mary/Mother/1858-1945 Tombstone Leopold/Mary Louis/Aug. 3, 1878/Aug. 27, 1878, ossw: Ira/Dec. 25, 1883/Dec. 1, 1887, ossw: Helen/Aug. 6, 1886/Nov. 17, 1887/Children of Leopold & Mary Tombstone Louis/Ira/Helen Walter Kind/d. Dec. 8, 1902/age 23/from obit/no stone

MCCALLUM: Janet/Born & Died/Jan. 27, 1862, ossw: Rosa/died April 14, 1866/Aged 2 days/Children of R. & A. McCallum, ossw: Roderick McCallum/Died April 3, 1878/AE 51 Yrs. 8 Ms. 23 da. Tombstone Tombstone Roderick Footstones Janet and Rosa behind this stone.

MOTT: Mary L./Wife of W. Mott/Born Feb. 8, 1833/Died Oct. 3, 1904, ossw: Welington Mott/Born Aug. 4, 1817/Died Apr. 2, 1905 Tombstone Eddie Mott/Sept. 12, 1872/Dec. 18, 1887 Tombstone Eddie

PALMER: Eleanor C. Palmer/born April 5, 1855/died Nov. 20, 1874 Tombstone

PEASE: Clarissa C. PEASE/Mother of R.W. Cole/passed to Spirit Life/ January 22, 1877/Aged 38 Y, 4 Mo 23 ds. Tombstone

PECK: Mathilde/wife of Henry Peck/died Dec. 8, 1876/ Aged 19 years. 6 months. 15 days Henry J. Peck/died Mar. 1, 1887/Aged 48 yrs. 5 Mos. 16 da. Willie H. Peck/died Nov. 18, 1896/Aged 21 yrs. 8 mo. 21 da. Tombstone C. Caroline/wife of Henry Peck/ (rest of stone is broken off, the part is laying in the ground by the base, but the death dates and birth dates portion could not be located. The part on /in the ground contains the epitaph only, which was not legible. This stone is the next to the right of Mathilde Peck, above). Laura/wife of George L. Peck/died/(illegible) (May?) 2? 187? (7?)/Aged/??? Tombstone

PELLET: Sarah Pellett/Dec. 31, 1797-Nov. 8, 1881, ossw: Hezekiah Pellet/died Sept. 4, 1870/Aged 75 years. Tombstone Hezekiah Luther Pellet/died Sept. 4, 1879/AE 45 yrs, 6 mos, 23 da., ossw: Jane/Wife of Luth. Pellet/died May 11, 1882/AE 42 Yrs 3ms 7 days, ossw: Dora Mabel/Our daughter/died July 5, 1871/Aged 2 yrs 6 mo. Tombstone Luther/Jane/Dora

REHBEIN: John F. Rehbein/Born June 29, 1827/Died Feb. 22, 1904, ossw: Martha Rehbein/born May 15, 1842 (no death date cut. Obelisk is separated from the base)

TORREY: Our Father/George H. Torrey/Born in Wayne Co. Pa./Feb. 7, 1802/died in Kewaunee Co., Wis./March 8, 1876 Tombstone Tombstone

UNKNOWN: Tombstone Tombstone Tombstone Tombstone Tombstone Tombstone

VIRSHEK: (Stephen Virshek/d. June 30, 1926/from obit)

WILSON: Children of O. & M. Wilson Tombstone (Oliver Wilson/June 14, 1850/Jan. 1928/from obit/no stone)