Gibson Township, Manitowoc Co., Wisconsin

Location: One mile east of Hwy. 141 on County Y. The cemetery is located in back of the church on the west side of the road. The oldest stone is that of Jiri Simonek, 20 Rijna 1868. Some interesting features include a full sized statue of a soldier who died in the war, mounted on top of one of the monuments. A monument in the form of a pulpit in honor of Pastor Teply: a raised platform type vault about one foot above the ground and covered with cement running for a distance down the center of the cemetery. (It also has pieces cut out in the cement for flowers to be planted. Indexed September 5 by Rosamund Lubeck and Marcie Baer of MCOCS.
Photos taken July 2007 by Becky Holly, Transcriptions updated by the Manitowoc Genealogy Sociey, August 2007, added to site Oct. 2010.


Ada Mae/1925-2008, ossw:
Clarence A./1914-1987 
Clarence A. Ahrens/July 16, 1914/Feb. 16, 1987/US Army World War II plaque

AKRMAN: K. Akrman

ALEOTO: Joan A. Aleoto/1934-1986

AUGUSTINE: Maynard F. Augustine/1922-2010/from obit

BALCAR: Rul/Dcera J. a E. Balcar, next to: Albert/Syn J. a E. Balcar/narozen 1 Kvetna 1891/Zemrel 12 Srpna 1891

BASKEN: George/1860-1954, ossw: Margaret/1866-1952 Small stones on each side of above read: George Basken/1860-1954 Margaret Basken/1866-1952 Allan W. Basken/1936-2005 Laura Basken/Aug. 4, 1891/Apr. 30, 1907 (in back of large stone, sent in by researcher)

BENYSEK: Antonia/Manzelka A. Benysek/Rozena KUBISTA/18 Srpna 1874/Zem. 25 Cerv. 1916

BOHACEK: Family stone Stephen Bohacek/Nar. 24 Srpen 1864/Zem. 9 Cerven 1927/Otec Tombstone, next to: Maria Bohacek/Nar. 8 Pros. 1867/Zem 18 Kvetna 1917 Tombstone William/1897-1978, ossw: Anna/1900-1981 Tombstone William/Anna, next to: Harvey Bohacek/Baby/1926-1927 Tombstone Joseph Bohacek/US Army/World War I/Apr. 27, 1895-Mar. 27, 1988 Tombstone Joseph/1895-1988 Tombstone Theresa Bohacek/1900-1969 Tombstone Tombstone Joseph/Theresa Theresa Bohacek/Wisconsin/May 18, 1900/May 8, 1969/Ladies Auxiliary/VFW 1248 Tombstone

BOHUMIL: Mayer/born in Jan. 1893/died July 10, 1899

CENEFELT: Matt/1858-1926, ossw: Delia/1893-1933, ossw: Anna/1867-1935, ossw: Ed/1891-1970 Also five separate stones on the above lot: Matt Cenefelt/Father/1858-1926, next to: Ana Cenefelt/Mother/1867-1935, next to: (Ana different spelling as such) Delia Cenefelt/Daughter/1895-1933, next to: Edward Cenefelt/Husband/1891-1970, next to: Ida Cenefelt/Wife/1897-1941

CHALOUPKA: Edwin Chaloupka/Nov. 24, 1903-Mar. 1974 Tombstone, ossw: Camilla/1907-1986 Tombstone Vaclav/Syn T. a M. Chaloupka/Nar. 23 Srpna 1884 - Zem. 8 Zari 1910, ossw: Emma Chaloupka/manzelka A. Mueller/Nar. 18 Ledna 1888 - Zem 16 Zari 1912, ossw: Thomas Chaloupka/Nar. 15 Pros. 1859 - zem 25 Srpna 1937, ossw: Anna/1870-1954 Charles Trnka/Dec. 1895-Sep. 1901 Adolph/Oteck/Sep. 21, 1893-Feb. 3, 1975 Tombstone, ossw: Mildred/1894-1975 Tombstone U.S. War Vet flag holder, next to: Edith Mae Chaloupka/July 14, 1921/June 14, 1922 (daughter of Adolph and Mildred Chaloupka), in front of: Lee Alan/son of Mr. and Mrs. Alan Chaloupka/Nov. 22, 1953/Nov. 24, 1953 Leslie "Les" J. Chaloupka/September 26, 1922 - August 23, 2007 (updated by researcher/see contributors page)

DOLEZAL: Jan Dolezal/narozen 11 Pros. 1856/Zamrel 29 List. 1911, ossw: Marie Dolezal/Zemrela 12 Dub. 1902/V. Stari/36 Roku, ossw: Emil W. Dolezal/Born Sep. 10, 1889/Died July 1, 1963/Age 73 John Dolezal/d. 14 Apr. 1902/age 80 yrs/from obit-no stone Chester Dolezal/1929-1980

DOUBEK: Ella/Mother/1900-1936, ossw: Joseph/Father/Dec. 23, 1887/Nov. 8, 1971 U.S. War vet flag holder.

DUSEK: Jan Dusek/Nar. 17 Cerv. 1843/18 Cervence 1895 Tombstone Jan, ossw: Barbora Dusek/1855-1947 Tombstone Barbora Tombstone Jan/Barbora

DUSHEK: Zdenek/1910-1991, ossw: Olive/1913-1992 (4 June 1913/Sept. 1992/from SSDI),in front of: Camille/1911-1980, ossw: Miloslaw/1880-1957, ossw: Caroline/1880-1963 Vincent J. Dushek/1st. Lieut. "Aviation Signal Corps" U.S.A./Born in Melnik, Wis./ Dec. 12, 1894/Died in Issoudoun, France/Oct. 16, 1918 Tombstone Tombstone

DUSKOVA: Blazena Duskova/Nar. 18 Unora 1882/Zem. 17 Unora 1921 Tombstone

DVORAK: Josef Dvorak/Zemrel 11 Zari 1899/Stari 71 Roku

FINKOUST: Adela Finkoust/Dau. of W. SKWOR/Oct. 12, 1889/July 1, 1918

FLETCHER: Marie Fletcher/1877-1945

GRAYCAREK: Joseph/1880-1950, ossw: Anna/1896-1983 Fred/1895-1981, ossw: Alma/1893-1969 Large monument, name only. Separate stones read: John Graycarek/1877-1923, next to: Antonia Graycarek/1884-1940, next to: William J. Graycarek/1905-1955, next to: Adolph M. Graycarek/1909-1960 Melvin D. Graycarek/1918-1980

GREJCAREK: Marie Grejcarek/Nar. 16 Brez 1886/Zemrela 29 Pros. 1898 (may be 1893- check the pre-1907 death index), ossw: Adolph Grejcarek/Nar. 11 Kvet 1891/Zemrel 25 Kvet 1892, ossw: Ludmila Grejcarek/Nar. 16 Zari 1889/Zemrela 27 Pros. 1895 (also have a Lillie d. 1893 in pre-1907 death index) Rosalie Grejcarek/Zemrela 12 Rijna 1900/R Stari 43 Roku, ossw: Johan Grejcarek/Zemrel 19 Dubna 1917/Stari 66 Roku

GRENIER: Joan M. Grenier/1937-1988

GRUBER: Helen Teply Gruber/nee Kubicek/1893-1977, next to: Katherine Gruber/1860-1933, next to: Joseph Gruber/1854-1923, next to: William Gruber/1894-1941 Emma M. Gruber/1884-1964 Large stone, name only. Separate stones read: Father/Joseph J. Gruber/1878-1950, next to: Julia Gruber/Mother/1835-1926 See PODRABSKY See TEPLY

GRULKOWSKI: Florence/nee Pavlichek/1926-2004

HABECK: Berta Ottilie/Tochter von C. & T. Habeck/Gest. 13 April 1893/Alter 19 Ja. 9 m. 29 ta.

HAGENOW: Christian Hagenow/Mar. 22, 1838/May 30, 1908, ossw: Charlotte Hagenow/His wife/Apr. 2, 1836/June 19, 1917 U.S. War Vet flag holder. Footstone: Father, next to: Christian Hagenow/born Mar. 14 and died Mar. 15, 1899, next to: William/son of Ch. and C. Hagenow/Born Oct. 3, 1871/Died Oct. 29, 1909 Charles/1902-1983, ossw: Laura/1905-1991, next to: Otto/Apr. 1, 1913/Mar. 4, 2007, ossw: Eleanor/1915-2006 Charles/1878-1960, ossw: Annie/1879-1965 Ladies Aux. flag holder Orville/son of C. & L. Hagenow/Jan. 22, 1928/June 22, 1945, next to: Footstones: in front of Henry and Emma Hagenow: Charles/Apr. 25/Apr. 27, 1929/next to: Kenneth/June 3, 1930/June 8, 1931, next to: Baby/Born and died/April 1, 1944 Henry/1867-1958, ossw: Emma/1877-1944 Henry/1903-1978, ossw: Mildred/1908-1991 Darlene Hagenow/June 13, 1940-Oct. 2, 2003 Donald Hagenow/May 3, 1938-April 8, 2011 John P. Hagenow, Sr./1952-1989 Edward J. Hagenow/Oct. 10, 1914/Jan. 4, 2001 Dean Donald Hagenow/July 24, 1982/Oct. 26, 1985 Sharon B. Hagenow/1937-2010/from obit

HAVLICHEK: Joseph Havlichek/Born Feb. 12, 1853/Died Nov. 14, 1914 (Picture inset), ossw: Ida/his wife/Born Sept. 18, 1874/Died Aug. 3, 1944 Footstones: Father/Mother, in front of: Joseph J. Havlichek/1897-1925/U.S. War vet flag holder

HERSHMAN: Edward Hershman/Wisconsin Pvt. U.S. Army/March 15, 1899/Oct. 17, 1944 Am. Leg. flag holder, next to: Frank Hershman/Jan. 19, 1855/Dec. 17, 1911, ossw: Bessie Hershman/1858-1952 U.S. War Vet flag holder. next to: Joseph Hershman/July 1, 1894/Nov. 23, 1963

HLINAK: Frederick J. Hlinak/Husband/1936-1974 Frank J./Father/1851-1943, ossw: Marie/Mother/1867-1957 Tombstone Frank/Marie Frank J. Hlinak/QM 3 US Navy/World War I/Sept. 30, 1893/Mar. 21, 1974 Tombstone Baby Hlinak/Dec. 13, 1905-Dec. 13, 1905/from record Frank J./1893-1974, ossw: Lillian/1894-1990 Tombstone Frank/Lillian, next to: Wesley J. Hlinak/1934-1935, ossw: Melvin/1923-1923 Tombstone Wesley/Melvin Thomas Frank/1964/Hlinak/1964 Tombstone Elizabeth A. Hlinak/1962-2006 Tombstone Roger Alan Hlinak/1966-1996 Tombstone

HOFFMAN: Joseph Hoffman/Father/May 6, 1862/May 17, 1954/Born in Bohemia/Co. Staniticich, next to: Magdalena Hoffman/Mother/May 14, 1867/Dec. 23, 1943/Born in Bohemia/Co. Plzen, next to: Joseph Hoffman/Born Aug. 11, 1891/Died Dec. 9, 1918 in Camp Hancock/ Augusta Ga. in the service of the nations World War. Picture inset/Joseph Hoffman/Rank Pvt. Co. M.P., next to: Marie J. Hoffman/June 28, 1888/June 7, 1972, next to: Baby/Viola Hoffman

HOLT: Marcella JEDLICKA Holt/1911-1942 Photo See JEDLICKA

HONZIK: Anton/1889-1951, ossw: Estelle/1892-1973

HOUDA: Anna Houda/born Mar. 30, 1889/died Aug. 11, 1934 Tombstone, next to: Joseph A. Houda/born June 5, 1885/Died Nov. 23, 1961 Tombstone Irene Ann Houda Widden/born April 30, 1915/died June 2, 1985 Tombstone

HRONEK: Joseph/Mar. 19, 1871/Jan. 18, 1968, ossw: Julia/Mar. 4, 1877/Sept. 13, 1960, next to: Hugo Hronek/Oct. 9, 1909/June 30, 1969, next to: Edward Hronek/Nov. 27, 1896/July 16, 1970

HUSSONG: Harlan Hussong/Nov. 10, 1931/Aug. 13, 1993/US Army Korea plaque Harlan Hussong/1931-1993

HYNEK: Joseph/1900-1977, ossw: Anna/1902-1998 Photo

HYPSA: Jan Hypsa/Narozen 3 Cerv. 1852/Zemrela Ponu/22 Led 1915 Tombstone Jan, ossw: Alzbeta Hypsa/Narozena 20 Zari 1856/Zemrela v. Panu/19 Cerv. 1939 Tombstone Alzbeta John Hypsa/Aug. 1, 1882/Sept. 23, 1980 Tombstone

HYPSA(I): Marie/Dcera J. a. A. Hypsi/ozenave Vehlovliech/c Cechach/15 Brez. 1879/Zemrela 25 Kvet 1898 Tombstone

JEDLICKA: See HOLT Next to: Marie Jedlicka/1885-1972/Ladies Aux. flag holder, next to: A.J. Jedlicka/1874-1936

JOHNSON: Frances Johnson/1913-1943

JUST: Large monument, name only. Separate stone read: Vaclav Just/narozen 7 Zari 1861/Zemrel 14 Pros. 1911, next to: Edward F. Just/Husband/1893-1960, U.S. War Vet flag holder. Separate stone: Edward F. Just/Wisconsin/Cpl Provost Guard Co./World War I/ July 14, 1883/Dec. 16, 1960, next to: Elsie Just/Wife/1898-1952, next to: Alfred Just/1899-1949, next to: Frances Just/1866-1948 (next to Vaclav above) Jiri Just/Narozen Zari 1822/Zemrel 13 Cervna 1903, ossw: Majdalena Just/Narozena 15 Rijna 1824/Zemrela 29 Brez. 1892 Tombstone

JUSTY: Emilie/Manzelka/V. Justy/decra V. & M. SIMONEK/Narozena 25 Srpna 1865/Zemrela 25 Unora 1889

JUSTOVA: Libuse Lilie Justova/narozena 22 Zari 1901/Zemrela 24 Pros. 1901 See TEKOVA

KARBON: Gordy J. Karbon/Wisconsin/PFC 379 Inf./95 Inf. Div./World War II/ Aug. 9, 1913/Dec. 4, 1944/U.S. War Vet flag holder, next to: John C./1889-1978, ossw: Rose/1891-1979 Mary E. Karbon/1929-2006

KETTNER: Anton/Father/1880-1945, ossw: Frances/Mother/1886-1973 Large monument, names only. Separate stones read: Elizabeth Kettner/Nov 18, 1822-Aug 31, 1902/from record Wenzel Kettner/1816-Aug 14, 1895/from obit Lena Kettner/Mother/1860-1949, next to: John Kettner/Father/1858-1929

KILBRIDE: James P./1918-1995 (27 Feb 1918/17 Mar 1995/SSDI), ossw: Lorraine/1923-1987 (23 Jun 1923/09 Dec 1987/SSDI), ossw: Gary L./1947-1975 Separate bronze marker: Gary L. Kilbride/Sgt. U.S. Air Force/Vietnam/June 24, 1947/Aug. 26, 1975

KIND: Erwin/1907-1971, ossw: Norma/1911-1996 Tombstone

KITTELL: Charlotte/1918-2001/married Nov. 21, 1942 Russell G. Kittell/1921-2011

KLIMENT: Frank/Husband/1896-1966, ossw: Lillian M./Wife/1899-1954

KONIECZNY: Alexander J. Konieczny/1937-2009/from obit LaVerne Konieczny/1938-2013/from obit

KOUBA: Anna Kouba/Great Grandmother/1821-1899 See SEDIVY

KOVARIK: Large monument, name only. Separate stones read: Frank Kovarik/Apr. 23, 1876/May 26, 1947, next to: Rose Kovarik/Aug. 13, 1895/Dec. 25, 1922, next to: Francie Kovarik/Nar. 10 Kvet 1842/Zemrel 26 Rijna 1926, ossw: Jan Kovarik/narozen 24 Cer. 1834/Zemrel 6 Cerv. 1907 Adolph/1870-1951, ossw: Anna/1877-1953 Wencel Kovarik/1901-1983 Mabel Kovarik/1913-2011

KOZLOVSKY: Edward/1899-1973, ossw: Mary/1904-1986, ossw: Elaine 1939.

KRAJNIK: Benjamin Krajnik/1909-1909, next to: Jan Krajnik/narozen 12 Unora 1833/Zemrel 10 Pros. 1915, ossw: Anna Krajnik/Zde Odpociva/narozena 2 Rijna 1843/Zemrela 14 Zari 1920

KRATOCHVIL: Anna Kratochvil/Nar. 1839/Zem. 28 Dubna 1922

KRISH: Edward/1899-1973, ossw: Beatrice/1900-1981

KRIZ: Harvey/Born June 1, 1917/Died June 4, 1917

KUBISTA: Anton Kubista/1836-1894, next to: Mary Kubista/1843-1925 See BENYSEK

KUNZ: Father/Gottfried/1877-1951, ossw: Mother/Rose/1880-1944

LEIGH: James Leigh/1939-1964

LODL: John A./1893-1971, ossw: Blanche/1897-1984

LOEH: Adeline Loeh/1908-1939

LOVICK: Jerome K. Lovick/1936-1996/married Oct. 6, 1956

MALY: Leonard Maly/Narozen 22 Cervna 1912/Zemrel 30 Cervna 1912

MARESH: Helen Marie Maresh/nee Soukup/Dec. 19, 1914/July 10, 2006, ossw: Joseph John Maresh/Nov. 23, 1906/Oct. 21, 1983

MARKVART: A_____Markvart/(missing)/Zemrel 7 Cervna 1892, next to: Josef Markvart/rozena 2 Srpna 1893/Zemrel 3 Srpna 1893 Anna Markvart/1872-1947, next to: John Markvart/1898-1955 Amanda Markvart/1897-1945 Vaclav Markvart/Nar. 25 Brez. 1863/Zem. 2 Zari 1929 Marvin J. Markvart/Nov. 9, 1929/Feb. 24, 2005

MATHIS: Gladys R. Mathis/1923-2003, ossw: Lester D. Mathis/1917-1990

MAYER: Bohumil/born in Jan. 1893/died July 10, 1899

MENCHL: Henry Menchl/1859-1949 Tombstone, next to: Henry Menchl/Apr. 18, 1883/Aug. 27, 1967, ossw: Margaret/May 8, 1889/Jan. 4, 1970 Tombstone Henry/Margaret Victor H./1913-1984, ossw: Elizabeth/1925 Tombstone Victor/Elizabeth

MESTAK: Vaclav Mestak/1816-1898

MLEZIVA: Father/Stephen/1886-1952, ossw: Mother/Bessie/1889-1964 Tombstone Stephen/Bessie

MOSS: Joseph/1874-1956, ossw: Frank/1883-1953, ossw: John/1889-1963 U.S. War vet flag holder

MOTT: Weldon/1882-1974, ossw: Anna/1884-1970, ossw: Donald/1916-2002 Donald Mott/Nov. 10, 1916/Nov. 13, 2002/military service plaque Arnold/1913-1974, ossw: Rosetta/1923-1987 Bonnie Mott/1955-1955, in front of: Baby Mott/Jan. 9, 1940, next to: Baby Mott/June 5-6, 1934, in front of: Anna/Mother/1891-1950, ossw: Willard/Father/1883-1972, next to: Melvin Mott/Wisconsin/Cpl. 2022 POW Overhead Det./World War II/ Feb. 16, 1926/July 2, 1949/Vet of Foreign War marker/POW, next to: Sidney Mott/Wisconsin/Tec 5 6004 Army Service Unit/World War II/ March 22, 1928/Aug. 29, 1948, next to: Laverne Mott/May 16, 1929/Jan. 9, 1933 Harvey Mott/1943-1966 Russell Mott/Father/Aug. 29, 1917/Jan. 25, 1980, ossw: Ruth H. Mott/Mother/June 12, 1925/May 15, 2006 Merlyn A. Mott/Sept. 20, 1944/Jan. 14, 1977 John G. Mott/June 12, 1947/Feb. 15, 1987 Virgil Mott/Oct. 9, 1948/May 24, 2002 Willard "Pat" Mott/May 22, 1916/Jan. 13, 1989/mar. Aug. 24, 1935, ossw: Gertrude Mott/Apr. 9, 1916/Apr. 17, 2007 George Mott/1910-1985, ossw: Ida Mott/1912-1994 Omar Mott/Dec. 28, 1924/Aug. 31, 1999/US Navy World War II Raymond Mott/Oct. 24, 1918/Feb. 28, 1989/US Army World War II, Korea

MUELLER: Emma CHALOUPKA/manzelka A. Mueller/Nar. 18 Ledna 1888/zem 16 Zari 1912, ossw: Vaclav, Thomas and Anna CHALOUPKA. See CHALOUPKA

MUSIL: Leonard Musil/Mar. 22, 1936/Nov. 29, 1986/married June 2, 1960 Charles Musil/1911-1995, ossw: Ladonia Musil/1907-1985

NAJEMNIK: Rosia Najemnik, next to: Kathrina Najemnik, next to: Anna Najemnik/1854-1939 Photo Tombstone, next to: Vaclav Najemnik/1854-1940 Photo Tombstone

NEJEDLEY: Wencel Nejedley/Oct. 15, 1858/Apr. 26, 1932

NOVAK: Frantisek Novak/Narozen 9 Cerv. 1879/zemrel 10 Kwiet 1898, next to: Jan Novak/narozen 9 Unora 1842/Zemrel 14 Srpna 1911, ossw: Alzbeta Novak/narozena 16 Zari 1848/zemrela 21 Ledna 1921, next to: John/1887-1954, ossw: Emily/1890-1989 Edward/1909-1995, ossw: Edna/1915-1988, next to: Allen Lee Novak/Son/Dec. 17, 1959/July 29, 1962, next to: Romy Dean Novak/Son/Feb. 16, 1935/May 1, 1954 Connie Jean/Dau. of Ron & Bea Novak/Mar. 9, 1973 Ronald O. Novak/May 11, 1933-Nov 6, 2008/from obit

NOVY: Leonard Novy/-1922-, in front of: Helen/1895-1989, ossw: Joseph/1894-1987 Large stone, name only. Two separate stones: John/1853-1903/Father, next to: Kathrine/1864-1925 Ben H. Novy/1901-1992, ossw: Leona O. Novy/1906-1998 (John Novy/d. April 18, 1910/from obit) (Mrs. John Novy/d. May 1911/from obit)

ORCHARD: Laverne Rose Orchard/Feb. 4, 1942-May 17, 2011

PAIDER: Martin Sr./Father/1864-1955, ossw: Katherine/Mother/1866-1946 Joseph/1892-1988, ossw: Bernice/1900-1956 Martin Paider/1894-1980

PAUKOVICH: Ann Paukovich/1889-1948

PAUL: Anna Paul/1841-1924

PAVLICHEK: Mary REZEK Pavlichek/1895-1935 See GRULKOWSKI See REZEK

PECH: Herbert/son of Wm. & T. Pech/Oct. 24, 1920/Nov. 7, 1920

PETERIK: Barbora Peterik/Born in Urope 1835/Died June 11, 1907

PFEFFERKORN: Richard/1890-1972 Tombstone Richard, ossw: Filia/1898-1972 Tombstone Filia Tombstone Richard/Filia Elizabeth/1861-1945, ossw: August/1838-1909, ossw: Johanna/1810-1898, ossw: Selma/1896-1988 Tombstone Selma Tombstone Elizabeth/August/Johanna/Selma

PILGER: Joseph/1891-1978, ossw: Emma/1891-1968 Frank Pilger/Narzen 18 Brez 1858/Zemrel 20 Kvet 1938, ossw: Marie Pilger/Manzelka Frantiska Pilger/Narozena 28 Ledna 1864/Zemrela 29 Prosinec 1911 Footstones: Matka/Otec Joseph Pilger (b. Dec 20 1892/d. Jul 1978/SSDI/placed here by researcher, see contrib page)

PODHOLA: Anna Podhola/Matka Alois Podhola/Narozen 14 Unora 1900/Zemrel 18 Unora 1900

PODRABSKY: Adolph S. Podrabsky/Nar. 14 Pros. 1868/Zem 5 Srpna 1915/ Odpocivey-V Pokoji, ossw: Barbara GRUBER Podrabsky/Jan. 6, 1874/Oct. 17, 1961

POLIFKA: Matt/1901-1980 , ossw: Mary/1898-1967 Photo

PRIBEK: Elizabeth/Apr. 15, 1895/June 23, 1990

PROCHAZKA: Carl F./1920-1975, ossw: Ruth A./1928-__, in front of: Frank J./1890-1965, ossw: Marie/1896-1958

REYNOLDS: Arthur/1888-1970, ossw: Annie/1889-1940

REZEK: Raymond Rezek/1900-1970, next to: Mary Rezek PAVLICHEK/1895-1935 - See Pavlichek Charles/Father/1877-1954, ossw: Katherine/Mother/1880-1951, ossw: Edwin/Son/1903-1951 Anna Rezek/Narozena/1 List 1865/Zemrela 23 Brez 1929, ossw: Frantisek Rezek/Narozen 18 Srpna 1861/Zemrel 17 List 1912 Anton Rezek/1891-1969 Anton Rezek/Otec/1864-1931 Julia Rezek/Matka/1870-1934 Emma Rezek/Mother/1890-1979 Louis/1895-1978, ossw: Tillie/1896-1977, next to: Harvey R. Rezek/Apr. 22, 1927/Dec. 12, 1927 Leo C. Rezek/1906-1983 Tombstone Lillian E. Rezek/1912-1997 Tombstone Helen A. Rezek/1907-1991, ossw: Hugo G. Rezek/1900-1994

ROBINSON: John Robinson/1866-1936 Charles/1883-1959, ossw: Frances/1885-1954

ROHDE: Vlasta F. Rohde/nee Menchl/May 29, 1909/Jan. 3, 2002 Tombstone

SALTA: Father/Frank/1868-1950, ossw: Catherine/1868-1942

SCHULTZ: Blanch M. Schultz/1923-1946

SEDIVY: Large family stones. Separate stones read: Karel Sedivy/1840-1920 Karel Sedivy/Grandfather/1835-1920, next to: Marie Sedivy/Grandmother/1844-1926, next to: Anna KOUBA/Great Grandmother/1821-1899

SESTAK: Vaclav/1824-1923, ossw: Anna/1833-1918 Large stone. Separate stones read: Jan Sestak/1863-1954, next to: Frantiska Sestak/1870-1928

SHEDIVY: Charles Shedivy/Father/1882-1971 Josephine Shedivy/Mother/1892-1946

SHESTAK: Olive M./1904-1965, ossw: John E./1894-1979 Our beloved mother and father Theodore Shestak/1908/1964 James E. Shestak/Wisconsin/Pvt. Co. D./1 Dev. Bn/World War I/ June 25, 1891/Sept. 13, 1965 US War Vet flag holder Alvina M. Shestak/1905-1977

SHIMONEK: Fred/1858-1946, ossw: Anna/1858-1944

SHORTS: Glenn L. Shorts/July 26, 1917/Apr. 6, 2005 Bertha Mildred Shorts/Oct. 22, 1919-March 3, 2015/from obit

SIMANEK: Mary Simanek/1858-1944, ossw: Karel Simanek/Narozen 17 Unora 1858/Zemrel 4 Cerv 1898

SIMONEK: Vaclav Simonek/narozen/24 Rijna 1832/Zemrel 23 Dubna 1893 Jiri Simonek/narozen u. Nebuzeli/22 Pros. 1802/Zemrel u. Gibson/20 Rijna 1868 Stephen/Syn V. & M. Simonek/narozen 8 Cervence 1862/Zemrela Gibson/24 Brezna 1877 See JUSTY

SIMONKA: Marie/Manzelka V. Simonka/narozena/u. Rosin__? Melnik v. Cechach/ 2 List 1831/Zemrel 13 Cervec 1891

SKARIVODA: Mary Ann Skarivoda/Baby/1957 Tombstone Sharon Mae Skarivoda/Skarivoda Baby/1954 Tombstone Helen M. Skarivoda/Apr. 2, 1928/Apr. 17, 1997/married May 18, 1948 Leslie R. Skarivoda/1925-2009/from obit

SKVOR: Alois Skvor/Nar. 1 Rijna 1893/Zem. 25 Zari 1918, in front of: Katarina/1862-1916, ossw: Wencil/1858-1935, next to: Blanka Skvor/Nar. 7 Srpna 1899/Zem. 6 Zari 1918, next to: Edward Skvor/Nar. 1 Rijna 1895/Zem. 27 Dub. 1917 Jindrich Skvor/Nar. 22 Rijna 1891/Zem. 6 Kvet 1920, ossw: Ruzena WEBER/Jeho Manzelka/Nar. 4 List. 1890/Zem. 22 Dub. 1920, ossw: Jindrich Jujich/Syn/Nar. 22 Dub. 1920/Zem. 6 Kvet 1920 See WEBRA

SKWOR: Mary/Mother/1887-1936, ossw: Wencel/Father/1876-1946, in front of: Eddie Skwor/1918-1930 (Mabel Skwor/d. Mar 10, 1906) Theodore Skwor/1910-1995, ossw: Marcella Skwor/1910-1988 See FINKOUST

SORENSON: Miles H. Sorenson/1938-1993/married 1957

SOUKUP: Fred/Father/1888-1940, ossw: Emma/Mother/1890-1979 Marketa Soukup/Zemrela 12 Rijna 1902/Stari 78 Roku, next to: Elizabeth/1863-1940, ossw: Joseph/1861-1934 Large monument reads: J.F. Soukup. Separate stones read: Joseph F./Father/Feb. 17, 1876/June 21, 1931, ossw: Rose/Mother/Nov. 14, 1881/July 11, 1956, ossw: Emma/Daughter/Sept. 26, 1902/Apr. 2, 1920 (Frank) Soukup/Nar. 25 List. 1846/Zem 28 Srpna 1929 (first name sent in by researcher), ossw: Barbora Soukup/Nar. 25 List. 1848/Zem 31 Pros. 1922, next to: Stephen/1886-1941, ossw: Anna B./1890-1961 (Infant Soukup/-Sep 1922-/from obit/no stone)

SPEVACEK: Antonin Spevacek/Narozen 23 Cervce 1822/Zemrel 16 Rijna 1899, next to: Anna Spevacek/Roz Kemplova/narozena/Roku 1819/Zemrela 4 Rijna 1898 Jan Spevacek/1854-1937, ossw: Marie Spevacek/1857-1927

STAMMER: Henry/1889-1964, ossw: Mary/1885-1963

STEPAN: Benjamin S. Stepan/Narozen v. Chicagri 4 Rijna 1894/Zemrel v. Melnice, Wis./2 Cervence 1895 Tombstone Tombstone Tombstone

STROUF: Edwin/1898-1981 Tombstone, ossw: Vera/1905-1987 Tombstone, in front of: Robert J. Strouf/1928-1966 Tombstone Adolph/1878-1961 Photo Tombstone, ossw: Mary/1876-1953 Tombstone Adolph Jr./1912-1937 Tombstone Anton Strouf/1884-1932 Tombstone, next to: Anna Strouf/1883-1949 Tombstone

SUCHAN: Fred Suchan/1888-1949/no stone-from obit

SUCHOMEL: Edward R./1911-1980, ossw: Evelyn/1923-1968, in front of: John/1876-1942, ossw: Emma/1882-1971, next to: Amelia Suchomel/1903-1973, next to: Willie Suchomel/Nar. 4 Dub. 1907/Zem. 24 Unora 1910 John Suchomel/Nar. 16 Brez 1840/Zem 8 Cerv 1928, next to: Anna Suchomel/Nar. 1 Brez 1850/Zem 8 Kvet 1932 Edward J. Suchomel/1950-2001 Olive Suchomel/1905-1988

SVOBODA: Frantisek Svoboda/narozen 19 Unora 1843/Zemrel 13 Unora 1894

SWETLIK: Charles/1875-1950, ossw: Mary/1883-1952, next to: Charles F. Swetlik/1904-1959

TAICHR(A): Josef Taichr/Narozen 9 Brez. 1830/Zemrel 9 Kvet 1918, ossw: Anna/Manzelka Jos. Taichra/Narozena 8 Brez 1830/Zemrela 19 Rijna 1906

TEPLY: Rev. Jos. Teply/1893-1928/Pastor 1920-1928 Monument in shape of a pulpit Helen Teply Gruber/nee Kubicek/1893-1977, next to: Wesley F. Teply/Son/Nov. 13, 1921/Mar. 21, 2003/son of Joseph and Helen See GRUBER

TETKOVA: Rosalie Tetkova/Rozena JUSTOVA/8 Rijna 1859/Zemrel 25 Cerv 1890 Tombstone Tombstone

THIEL: David Allen Thiel/Sept. 8, 1957 Tombstone Rosella Thiel/Aug. 31, 1922/Oct. 30, 1979 Tombstone

ULLRICH: Louis/1879-1965, ossw: Blanche/1887-1932

VALENTA: Anton/Oct. 30, 1892/Oct. 5, 1954, ossw: Caroline/Dec. 17, 1896/Jan. 27, 1984 Tombstone Anton/Caroline

VERHAGEN: Karen L. Verhagen/1960-1977

WATERS: Ralph A. Waters/1922-1980, ossw: Mildred A. Waters/1919-1987

WEBER: Ruzena Weber/Jeho Manzelka/Nar. 4 List 1890/Zem 22 Dub 1920, ossw with SKVOR Bajemil Weber/Nar. 9 Rijna 1915/Zem 24 Brez 1916 See SKVOR

WEBRA: Marije/Manzelka/Josefa Webra/Rozena SKVOR/Nar. 7 Srpna 1897/Zem 24 Pros. 1917

WENNER: Ward J. Wenner/Dec. 14, 1929-April 19, 2013/from obit Marjorie Wenner/May 15, 1933-Nov 5, 2008

WHIDDEN: Irene Ann Houda Whidden/born April 30, 1915/died June 2, 1985

WILDA: Large monument, 3 separate stones read: Rose/1885-1971, ossw: Emil/1883-1964, next to: Josef Wilda/Narozen 28 Pros. 1837/Zemrel 31 Ledna 1915, War vet flag holder, next to: Marie Wilda/Narozena 4 Dubna 1840/Zemrela 5 Unora 1930 William/Father/1890-1938, ossw: Anna/Mother/1892-1978

WILKES: Carol Pfefferkorn Wilkes/Mar. 4, 1932/July 25, 2012

WILTMAN: Robert/Father/1901-1998, ossw: Eleanor/Mother/1901-1945 Tombstone Robert/Eleanor

WITT: Fred Witt/1889-1974, Vet flag holder separate stone reads: Frederick Witt/Wisconsin/Mech U.S. Army/World War I/Nov. 4, 1889/Feb. 26, 1974 Frank Sr./Father/1857-1938, ossw: Marie/Mother/1864-1943, next to: Frank Witt/1892-1964, War vet flag holder Frank Witt/Wisconsin/Pvt. 7 Co. 161 Dept. Brigade/World War I/Dec. 4, 1892/Jan. 14, 1964

YOURA: Large monument, name only. Separate stone reads: Annie Youra/Oct. 5, 1868/Feb. 28, 1928, next to: Anton Youra/July 16, 1868/May 22, 1912

ZAHN: Donna Mae Zahn/Aug. 20, 1935-Oct. 20, 2009

ZEMAN: Charles F./1903-1991, ossw: Carmen/1905-1964 Victor Zeman/1911-1991, ossw: Eleanor Zeman/1913-2004

ZIMMER: Mother/Louise/Apr. 1, 1875/Sept. 14, 1968, ossw: Father/George/1865-1931

ZIMMERHAKEL: Wenzel/1847-1944, ossw: Mary/1856-1943

??????? 2 footstones between Markvart & Novy lots Footstone: on Chaloupka lot. Footstone: Zar 1901, on Chaloupka lot Laura/next to John Robinson and in back of Basken