Kossuth Township, Manitowoc Co., Wisconsin

Location: 0.2 mile west of County Trunk B, on North side of Highway 310. Copied by Hilary Vanderbloemen, 1983-1984.
Typed and proofread by Hilary Vanderbloemen. Reindexed by the Manitowoc Genealogy Society from cemetery
printout of burials as of June 2007, added to this site November 2010.

Inside Crypt Addition EST: 1984


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Dorothy Aggen/1904-1999
Hubert Aggen/1904-1992

AHRENS: Fred G./1914-1971 Alice/1910-1987

ALFSON: Bennett Alfson/1904-1984 Tombstone Hertha Alfson/1908-1996 Tombstone Lawrence Alfson/Jan. 24, 1931/Oct. 3, 1995

ALLEN: Louise Allen/1914-2005

ALLIE: Albert Allie/Dec. 23, 1890/Feb. 23, 1983 Tombstone Elmere Allie/1894-1988 Tombstone Robert F. Allie/Feb. 1, 1932-Oct. 6, 2011

ALTERGOTT: Joyce Altergott/1925-2001 Tombstone Otto Altergott/1922-2001 Tombstone

ALVORD: Lloyd Alvord/1921-2006 Tombstone Thelma I. Alvord/Nov. 22, 1922-May 20, 2009 Tombstone

ANDERSON: Alex Anderson/Aug 1, 1904/Sep., 1987 Tombstone Elaine Anderson/Aug, 31, 1922/March 28, 2007 Tombstone Leeland Anderson/1916-2005 Tombstone Lillian Anderson/1903-1997 Tombstone Opal G. Anderson/April 11, 1922/May 18, 2006 Tombstone Rudolph A. Anderson/March 3, 1918/May 14, 2001 Tombstone James A. Anderson/Jan. 31, 1948-Aug. 24, 2014/from obit Patrice S. Anderson/April 9, 1915-July 15, 2014 Tombstone See IVIS

ANDRASTEK: Bernard Andrastek/1908-1988 Bernice Andrastek/1920-1999 Tombstone Daniel Andrastek/1916-1994 Tombstone Cecilla Andrastek/1910-2005

ANDREWS: Darwin D. Andrews Sr./August 21, 1925/July 21, 1998 Tombstone Ethel Andrews/Jan 26, 1926-Jan 18, 2015 Tombstone

ANHALT: Claude T. Anhalt/1922-2008 Tombstone Marie A. Anhalt/March 17, 1927-Jan. 9, 2013 Tombstone Joseph N. Anhalt/June 12, 1910/April 15, 1982 Floyd Anhalt/1936-2002 Tombstone Marie Anhalt/1914-2002 Orville Anhalt/1931-1999 Tombstone Dolores Anhalt/Apr 4, 1934-Dec 2, 2010 Tombstone

ANSCHUTZ: Betty Anschutz/1927-1997 (18 May 1927/4 Jul 1997/SSDI) Tombstone Lester Anschutz/1923-1991 Tombstone

APLIN: Audrey Aplin/Jan. 1, 1945/Feb. 18, 2006

ARMSTRONG: Rose Armstrong/1925-2001 Roger Armstrong/1928-2000 (3 May 1928/7 Jun 2000/SSDI) Willette Armstrong/1928-1988

ARNDT: Elroy Arndt/1920-1993 Lester C. Arndt/Aug. 11, 1930-March 14, 2011 Rose Arndt/1922-1990

ARNEMAN: Hazel Arneman/Feb 1, 1937-Feb 21, 2014 Tombstone

ASSMANN: Alfred E. Assmann/July 28, 1922/May 1, 2006

AUGUSTINE: Dorothy Augustine/1920-2007 Frank Augustine/1917-2007 Milton Augustine/1922-2002 Lucille M. Augustine/Dec. 15, 1929/May 3, 2002

AVERY: Reid F. Avery/Sept. 14, 1905/Aug. 17, 1979 Tombstone Isabel Avery/1904-1999 Tombstone

AWE: Genevieve Awe/1918-2005 Tombstone Lester E. Awe/Oct. 26, 1917-Oct. 12, 2009 Tombstone

BABLER: Beatrice Babler/1914-2001 Francis Babler/1904-1990

BACHNIK: Joseph Bachnik/1916-2006 Tombstone Mary Bachnik/1915-1991 Tombstone

BAJDAN: Stasha Bajdan/1974-1994


BALGE: Lydia F. Balge/April 8, 1914-June 4, 2013 Tombstone Lyle Balge/1913-1999 Tombstone

BALLARD: Ione Thielbar Ballard/March 8, 1914-June 11, 2010

BALZAN: Anthony/1917-1996 Marcella R. Balzan/Feb 17, 1925-May 18, 2016 Norma Balzan/1912-2008 Tombstone Orlando Balzan/1919-1992 Tombstone

BARBAROSSA: Paul A. (Patsy) Barbarossa/May 24, 1896/April 19, 1983 Tombstone Maria C. Barbarossa/16 July 1896/29 April 1984 Tombstone Arlene Barbarossa/1925-2003 Florian Barbarossa/1920-1995

BARBIER: Marcellin Barbier Jr./1935-2006

BAROUN: Bonnie M. Baroun/Jan. 1, 1940-Aug. 6, 2013 Photo + Tombstone Elsie Baroun/1912-1986 Harry Baroun/1908-1996

BARRETT: Oliver J. Barrett/1924-2008 Tombstone Patricia Barrett/June 26, 1928-June 4, 2015 Tombstone

BARTA: Ellen L. Barta/June 28, 1922-Feb. 16, 2012 Raymond Barta/1918-1993

BARTEL: Robert M. Bartel/July 6, 1926/Aug. 30, 1983 Jane Bartel/1928-1993 Verna E./Feb. 24, 1918/June 9, 2009

BARTELS: Constance E. Bartels/Dec. 31, 1960-Aug. 7, 2010 Donald Bartels/1928-1992 Generose Bartels/May 3, 1931/Dec. 13, 2008

BARTLETT: Charles Bartlett/1952-2008 Tombstone

BASKEN: Bessie Basken/1904-1995 Henry Basken/1902-1993 Lester R. Basken/1923-2007

BASLER: John N. Basler/1951-2008 Tombstone

BAST: Ferdinand Bast/1907-1985 Tombstone Gertrude B. Bast/Nov. 11, 1909-April 8, 2013 Tombstone

BASTABLE: Jeanette/1918-2011 Tombstone

BASTIAN: Edgar Bastian/1911-1990 Tombstone Pauline Bastian/1911-1999 Tombstone Roy Bastian/May 21, 1921-Sept 19, 2012 Tombstone

BATCHELDER: Evelyn Batchelder/1914-2007 Tombstone Louis Batchelder/1907-1998 Tombstone

BAUER: Raymond Bauer/1914-1986 Tombstone Gladys Bauer/1917-1996 Tombstone Joseph Bauer/1901-1985 Tombstone Leona Bauer/1906-1992 Tombstone

BAUMANN: Ervin L. Baumann/July 23, 1909/December 2, 2000 Tombstone Edna Baumann/21 Oct. 1911/5 May 2003 Tombstone Gary M. Baumann/1946-2010/from obit Ludmilla Baumann/1927-1994 Tombstone Norbert Baumann/1922-2002 Tombstone

BAVRY: Vernon Bavry/1928-2003

BEATON: Richard Beaton/1910-2001 Tombstone

BEAUPRE: Cooper James Beaupre/Dec. 2, 2006-April 13, 2011 Tombstone

BECKER: Roman N. Becker/Aug. 27, 1916/Jan. 7, 1977 Tombstone Elroy Becker/1925-1994 Lawrence Becker/1922-1984 Tombstone Lucille Becker/1924-2012 Tombstone Margaret Becker/1915-2000 Nils V. Becker/1927-1989 Tombstone Margaret Becker/1931-2015 Tombstone Richard Becker/1904-1997 Verl Becker/Feb. 19, 1926-Nov. 3, 2011 Photo + Tombstone Mark Becker/June 9, 1938-April 28, 2016 Tombstone

BEERNTSEN: Ione Beerntsen/1922-1989 Richard Beerntsen/1921-1990

BEHNKE: Geraldine Behnke/1934-1993 Tombstone Harold Behnke/1934-2006 Tombstone Arno Behnke/1908-1996 Tombstone Elsa Behnke/1912-1999 Tombstone Darrell Behnke/1956-1999 Lester Carl Behnke/1929-2008 Tombstone Paul Behnke/1915-2004 Paul H. Behnke/1936-1955 Tombstone Violet Behnke/1918-1995 Ferdinand Behnke/1938-2012 Tombstone

BEHRMANN: Anna Behrmann/1908-1997 Catherine Behrmann/1898-1989 Tombstone Edwin Behrmann/1911-1984

BEILFUSS: Genevieve Beilfuss/1926-1988 Tombstone Herbert Beilfuss/1920-2000 Tombstone

BELITZ: Milton E. Belitz/Sept. 16, 1896/Mar. 25, 1980 Tombstone Elsie Belitz/1898-1985 Tombstone Clarence Belitz/1904-1990 Tombstone Magdaline Belitz/1921-1997 Tombstone

BELLAND: Jean Belland/Sept. 9, 1932/Mar. 27, 2007

BELONGIA: Ervin Belongia/1917-2003

BEIMBORN: Richard Beimborn/April 16, 1940-April 24, 2015

BENNIN: Leona Bennin/1906-1990 Tombstone

BENNINGTON: Elaine Bennington/1922-1995 Tombstone William Bennington/1917-1993 Tombstone Elsie Bennington/1916-1998 Photo Robert Bennington/1913-2003 Photo Martin Bennington/1923-2006 Marcella Bennington/May 2, 1923-May 24, 2016 Photo

BENTLEY: Thecla Bentley/1911-1997 Walter Bentley/1912-1992

BENZINGER: Dorothy Benzinger/1931-1997

BENZSCHAWEL: Clifford Benzschawel/1922-1993 Tombstone Deloris Benzschawel/May 16, 1928-Oct 31, 2015 Tombstone

BERG: David Berg/1940-2006 Donald Berg/June 18, 1927-Sept. 27, 2009 Tombstone Eugene Berg/1934-1995 Stanley G. Berg/Jan. 30, 1936/Mar. 4, 2007 Photo LaVerne Berg/Dec 12, 1925-Jul 10, 2015 Photo

BERGELIN: Gerald Bergelin/1922-1987 Tombstone Arleen J. Bergelin/1921-2007 Tombstone Edward Bergelin/1920-1985 Tombstone June Bergelin/1917-1997 Tombstone William Bergelin/1919-2006 Tombstone

BERGENE: Janice Bergene/1939-2007 Tombstone Marcia Bergene/1953-2013 Tombstone

BERGSETH: Albert Bergseth/1918-2006 Tombstone Pearl E. Bergseth/Dec. 25, 1925-Sept. 4, 2011 Tombstone

BERKHOLTZ: Elroy A. Berkholtz/April 11, 1924/Nov. 11, 1982 Tombstone

BERNHARDT: Clara Bernhardt/1928-1990 Clarence Bernhardt/1917-2004 Photo Fern Bernhardt/1919-2002 Tombstone Harland Bernhardt/1934-2005 Patricia S. Bernhardt/April 24, 1935-April 6, 2011

BERO: Richard Bero/1923-2011 Tombstone Lillian Bero/1925-2015 Tombstone

BERRENS: Eugene Berrens/1921-2013 Photo Deloris Berrens/1926-2006

BERRY: Patricia A. Berry/1930-2012 Tombstone

BERTH: Norman A. Berth/Aug. 25, 1924/May 2, 1980 Tombstone Gladys Berth/1922-2001 Tombstone

BERTLER: Helen A. Bertler/Aug. 1, 1919-Nov. 8, 2010 Tombstone Ralph Bertler/Sept. 20, 1915/May 11, 1983 Tombstone

BESSERT: Geroge H. Bessert/July 27, 1924-March 27, 2010 Kenneth Bessert/1927-2016 Photo Margaret Bessert/1931-2015 Photo

BIALER: Edwin Bialer Jr./1930-1992

BIALKOWSKI: Edward Chester Bialkowski/1918-2007 Tombstone

BIELY: Charles Biely/1929-1984 Tombstone

BIESE: Eleanor Biese/1901-1990 Peter Biese/1898-1991

BIRKHOLZ: Daniel Birkholz/1915-1990 Tombstone Ludmilla Birkholz/1917-2007 Photo + Tombstone

BIRR: Cecilia (Cele) B. Birr/nee: WITCZAK/Nov. 6, 1916/ July 16, 1982 Tombstone Alfred Birr/1913-1989 Tombstone

BISHOP: Carl Bishop/March 24, 1930-March 11, 1980 Edward H. Bishop/Feb. 21, 1908/March 12, 1977 Carol I. Bishop/Dec. 12, 1920-Aug. 6, 2012 Photo Gertrude Bishop/1916-1997 Tombstone Ronald Bishop/1906-1986 Photo + Tombstone Earl A. Bishop/June 23, 1925/June 5, 2007 See MEISSNER

BLADOW: Alvin Bladow/1915-1987 Tombstone, ossw: Helen Bladow/1920-2014 Tombstone

BLAHNIK: Dr. Gilbert J. Blahnik/July 21, 1918/Sept. 15, 1978 Tombstone Edward Blahnik/1914-1985 Tombstone Eleanore Blahnik/1918-2005 Tombstone Emil Blahnik/1916-1987 Mabel Blahnik/1907-2001 Tombstone

BLOEDORN: Elroy Bloedorn/1914-1999 Tombstone Hubert Bloedorn/Feb. 14, 1907/Feb. 8, 1977 Photo + Tombstone Evalyne F. Bloedorn/May 18, 1913/March 18, 2002 Photo + Tombstone Carol Jean Bloedorn/Mar 4, 1950-Oct 22, 2011 Photo

BODART: Harold Andrew/Oct. 18, 1924-April 7, 2003 Tombstone Mabel E./Nov. 16, 1926-Feb. 23, 2005 Tombstone Arnold Bodart/1923-2008 Tombstone Mike J. Bodart/March 23, 1932-June 1, 2012

BOEDER: Delores Boeder/1941-2006

BOELDT: James R. Boeldt/Oct 19, 1933-Jan 27, 2016 Photo

BOETTCHER: Glenn/Aug 2, 1947-Sep 19, 2012 Tombstone Roland Boettcher/1929-1995 Tombstone Harlan/1936-Sep 19, 2009 Tombstone

BOFINGER: David Bofinger/1927-1992 Tombstone Margaret Bofinger/1932-2013 Tombstone


BOGENSCHUTZ: Richard Bogenschutz/1924-2005 Tombstone

BOHACEK: Raymond Bohacek/Aug 24, 1929-Mar 3, 2011 Tombstone

BOHART: Mark W. Bohart/Dec. 12, 1958/Apr. 12, 2005

BOHMAN: Jean Bohman/1934-2001

BOLDT: Donald Boldt/1933-1999 Barbara Boldt/Feb. 20, 1907/Nov. 12, 2007

BOLL: Donald Boll/1932-2002 (Boll Donald O./9/23/1932-5/23/2002/from Ss. Peter and Paul church records)

BOLTZ: Leland Boltz/1912-1986 Tombstone Margaret Boltz/1916-2003 Tombstone See Hoffer

BOLZENTHAL: Sylvia R. Bolzenthal/March 23, 1920/March 13, 1995 Tombstone Albert Bolzenthal/1918-1988 Tombstone

BONDE: Alex M. Bonde/Nov. 2, 1922-June 8, 2015 Photo Rita R. Bonde/July 16, 1922-May 21, 2015 Photo

BONFIGT: Benedict Bonfigt/March 30, 1916/Nov. 21, 1978 Tombstone Dolores K. Bonfigt/Feb. 1, 1918-Nov. 21, 2009 Photo + Tombstone Sharon Bonfigt/1944-1999 Tombstone

BOPREY: Dolores G. Boprey/July 6, 1930/Jan. 18, 2004 Edward J. Boprey/Feb. 25, 1930-April 12, 2009

BORCHARDT: Arleen Borchardt/1911-1995 Richard Borchardt/1908-1994

BORGWARDT: Alton A. Borgwardt/Nov. 12, 1921-May 30, 2010 Blondena Borgwart/1922-1986 Harold Borgwardt/Aug. 27, 1922-Dec. 8, 2013 Tombstone Chris Borgwardt/1964-2010 Tombstone

BORNEMANN: Clarence Bornemann/1918-2010 Tombstone Viola Bornemann/1917-2014 Tombstone

BOULANGER: Sylvia Boulanger/Aug. 20, 1923-Dec. 21, 2015 Photo

BOYD: Mardelle Boyd/1909-1987 Tombstone Rufin Boyd/1904-1992 Tombstone

BRAASCH: Laurretta Braasch/1913-1984 Tombstone Ulrich Braasch/1909-1985 Tombstone

BRADL: June Bradl/1920-2006 Robert Bradl/1928-1999

BRANDENBURG: Ervin Brandenburg/1915-1987 Esther Brandenburg/1917-2002

BRANDES: Elroy Brandes/Oct 12, 1921-Jul 17, 2014 Tombstone Lorraine Brandes/Aug. 5, 1920-May 19, 2010 Tombstone Louis Brandes/March 6, 1932-May 26, 2009 Tombstone

BRANDT: Norman Brandt/Jun 23, 1923-Oct 10, 2015 Photo + Tombstone

BRATZ: Harold Bratz/1916-1992 Photo + Tombstone Helen Clara Bratz/1924-2008 Photo + Tombstone Regina L. Bratz/1984-2003 Tombstone Richard Bratz/1941-2000 (28 Mar 1941/14 Jan 2000/SSDI) Gerhardt BratzSep 26, 1933-Dec 22, 2015 Photo

BRAULT: Del B. Brault/1910-1996 Tombstone Maynard Brault/Jul 17, 1940-Jan 9, 2014 Photo

BRAUN: Donald Braun/1927-1997 Henry Braun/1910-1991 Photo Dorothy Braun/1910-2004 Photo Fredric Braun/1919-1986 Tombstone Georgiana C. Braun/Oct. 8, 1923-Aug. 6, 2013 Tombstone

BREFCZYNSKI: Walter Brefczynski/1934-2014 Photo + Tombstone Patty Brefczynski/1934-2011 Photo + Tombstone

BREHMER: Gordon A. Brehmer/Mar. 5, 1942/June 11, 1997

BREIT: Georgiana Breit/1926-2002 Photo Leroy A. Breit/June 5, 1925-Aug. 13, 2013 Photo

BREIVOGEL: Ernie Breivogel/1901-1987 Tombstone Louise Breivogel/1900-1992 (13 Jul 1900/18 Apr 1992/SSDI) Tombstone

BRENNAN: Dean Brennan/April 20, 1930-Oct. 8, 2013 Photo + Tombstone Todd Brennan/1964-1994

BRETHOUWER: Richard Brethouwer/Jan. 20, 1937-Feb. 11, 2007

BREY: Clara Brey/1927-1990 Norbert G. Brey/Aug 6, 1925-Sep 23, 2017 Wilbert Brey/May 21, 1920-Jul 25, 2017

BREZONI: Frank J. Brezoni/Dec. 5, 1912/Aug. 25, 1978 Irene M. Brezoni/b. 05 Oct 1916/d. 09 Apr 2005 See ROSSO

BRISBIN: Iama I. Brisbin/1916-2010 Tombstone Rexford Brisbin/1902-1985 Tombstone

BRISCH: Michael Brisch/July 13, 1908/March 27, 1983 Tombstone Marie Brisch/nee FOUNTAIN/Oct. 17, 1909/March 7, 1982 Tombstone

BRIXIUS: Eunice Brixius/1924-1988 Tombstone Harold Brixius/1922-2006 Tombstone Verna Brixius/1912-1992

BROEHM: Ronald Broehm/1944-1996 Tombstone

BROOKS: Cleo M. Brooks/1924-2009 Francis Brooks/1918-1994

BROSE: Merlin Brose/1906-1996 Octavia Brose/1908-1994

BROUCHOUD: David L. Brouchoud/1943-2008 Tombstone

BROWN: Raymond G. 'Brownie' Brown/Sept. 14, 1918/Aug. 16, 2005 Edwin Carl Brown/1895-1949 Tombstone Louella Brown/1922-1984 Verna Brown/1899-1985 Tombstone

BRUECHERT: Dolores R. Bruechert/Jan. 5, 1926/June 8, 2003 William Bruechert/1919-1984 Tombstone Winifred L. Bruechert/Aug. 6, 1925/March 14, 2004 Tombstone Leroy Bruechert/1929-2000 Tombstone Mary Bruechert/1929-1987 Tombstone Ronald Bruechert/1950-2016 Tombstone Nancy Lee Bruechert/1956-2010 Tombstone Ashley A. Bruechert/1993-2009 Tombstone Raymond Bruechert/July 12, 1918/August 14, 1986 Shirley R. Bruechert/July 10, 1926/Mar. 1, 2003

BRUENIG: Marie Bruenig/1901-1990 Tombstone Raymond Bruenig/1904-1986 Tombstone Raymond W. Bruenig Jr./1942-2008 Tombstone

BRULL: Adolph (Red) Brull/Oct. 19, 1907-Jan. 27, 1980 Tombstone Sarah Brull/1910-1996 Tombstone Theodore Brull/Aug. 1, 1904-Oct. 15, 1976 Tombstone Clara Brull/1905-1993 Tombstone

BRUNNER: Kenneth Brunner/1917-1986 Tombstone Maginel Brunner/nee SCHWANTES/July 16, 1920/ Oct. 16, 1983 Tombstone Clarence Brunner/1918-1999 Photo + Tombstone Myrtle H. Brunner/1919-2011 Photo + Tombstone Roland Brunner/1908-1991 Tombstone Ella Brunner/1905-1992 Tombstone Raymond E. Brunner/1913-2010 Emogene Brunner/1912-1998 Photo Howard Brunner/1917-1990 Kathleen Brunner/Jan. 15, 1922-Oct. 3, 2014/from obit Marlene Brunner/1953-2004 Tombstone

BRUSKY: Janice Brusky/1943-1995 Myron Brusky/1925-1993 Tombstone Pearl Brusky/1931-2012 Photo + Tombstone

BRYAN: James Bryan/1926-1989 Tombstone Marcella Bryan/1926-1998 Tombstone

BUBOLTZ: Arthur Buboltz/1908-1996 Lillian Buboltz/1913-2011

BUBOLZ: Fred Bubolz/Oct 18, 1915/Mar. 30 1997 Photo June Bubolz/1924-2004 Photo Earl Bubolz/1934-1997 Tombstone

BUCHHOLZ: Agnes Buchholz/1921-1996 Tombstone Wilmer Buchholz/Oct 19, 1921-Feb 28, 2011 Tombstone Doris Boelter Buchholz/1921-2002 John Buchholz/Jan. 22, 1920/Feb. 11, 1977

BUCHNER: Edward Buchner/1918-1990 Elaine D. Buchner/1920-2008

BUECHNER: Elmer A. Buechner/July 9, 1908-Jan. 8, 1978 Hildegarde A. Buechner/July 18, 1919-Jan. 16, 2012 Photo

BUETTNER: Edward Buettner/1915-1985 Inez Buettner/1915-1998

BUGLER: June Bugler/Jun 21, 1929-Apr 1, 2014 Photo + Tombstone

BURETTA: Matthew A. Buretta/1988-2009 [Removed from Knollwood Mausoleum. Buried at Evergreen on 6/14/2013]

BURGETT: Clifford Burgett/1916-1996 Gertrude M. Burgett/1916-2007

BURKART: John F. Burkart/May 8, 1922/Sept. 25, 1979 Tombstone Caroline M. Burkart/Sept. 8, 1922-Feb. 12, 2011 Photo + Tombstone Harold L. Burkart/Aug. 30, 1927/Dec. 2, 1985 Photo + Tombstone Leo J. Burkart/1919-2010 Photo + Tombstone Dolores M. Burkart/1923-2012 Photo + Tombstone

BURMEISTER: Audrey Burmeister/1930-1988 Orrie Charles Burmeister/1927-2010

BURNETTE: Harriet Burnette/1925-2003 Tombstone Lester Burnette/1921-1977 Tombstone

BUSS: Milton G./d. July 20, 2009 Photo + Tombstone

BUSSE: Adolph F. Busse/April 6, 1897/April 2, 1980 Photo Martin P. Busse/April 29, 1907/October 30, 1989 Tombstone Wilma Busse/1915-1994 Tombstone Alice Busse/1904-1996 Carl Busse/1925-1998

BUTH: Elaine Buth/1923-2004 Elroy Buth/1923-1995 Ralph Buth/1925-1994

BUYESKE: Elaine D. Buyeske1926-2011 Tombstone Reginald Buyeske/1922-1988

BUZA: Theodore A. Buza/June 5, 1905/Nov. 7, 1983 Tombstone Violet E. Buza/March 4, 1916-June 20, 2010 Tombstone

BYDALEK: Floyd Bydalek/1920-2001 Tombstone Marilyn J. Bydalek/1924-2011 Photo + Tombstone

CADLE: Debra S. Cadle/1962-2010

CALAWAY: Peter Calaway/1930-2002 Tombstone

CAMERON: Earl Cameron/1916-2004

CAMPBELL: James Campbell/Feb. 20, 1938-May 20, 2010 Judy R. Campbell/Dec. 8, 1943-Aug. 6, 2013

CAPPARET: Edward Capparet/1911-1987 Tombstone Olive Capparet/1911-2001 Tombstone

CAPRARO: Arlene M. Capraro/b. July 8, 1926/d. Jan. 9, 2004/from obit

CARLE: Joyce Carle/1925-1987

CARLSON: Delores Carlson/1924-1999 Donald Carlson/mar 16, 1929-Feb 1, 2016 Photo See NEY

CARMODY: Evelyn Carmody/June 22, 1927-April 1, 2011 Tombstone

CARRON: Eugene Carron Sr./1918-1974 Tombstone Norman Carron/1914-1996 Tombstone Fyrne Carron/1918-2003 Tombstone

CARSTENS: Elmer Carstens/1925-2000 Emil H. Carstens/1920-2011 Photo + Tombstone Evelyn Carstens/1925-1989 Tombstone

CASPER: Katherine Casper/Aug. 23, 1920/Apr. 15, 2007

CAVANAUGH: Richard D. Cavanaugh/Sept. 4, 1935-Feb. 3, 2009 Tombstone

CAYEMBERG: Allen Cayemberg/Jan 7, 1929-Mar 26, 2012 Thelma Cayemberg/Dec 18, 1934-Nov 3, 2014

CHALOUPKA: Evelyn Chaloupka/1923-2001 Norbert Chaloupka/1923-2010 Helen Chaloupka/1923-1995 Roland Chaloupka/1918-1984



CHECK: Celestine Check/1923-2012 Tombstone Stephen Check/1920-1990

CHERNEY: Lloyd Cherney/1917-1998 Tombstone Marion A. Cherney/Feb. 4, 1921-June 4, 2007 Tombstone Louis Cherney/1912-2006 Tombstone Viola Cherney/1913-2006 Tombstone

CHEVALIER: Sharon Chevalier/1948-1995 Tombstone

CHIZEK: Alvina Chizek/1913-2002 Anthony Chizek/1910-2001 Fern Chizek/1921-1998 Jeremiah Chizek/1918-1993 Joseph Chizek/1914-1999 Tombstone Rose Chizek/1914-2005 Tombstone Janice A. Chizek/June 9, 1943-Feb. 23, 2014 Photo Liebert Chizek/Nov 25, 1937-Mar 8, 2015 Photo

CHRISTEL: Eugene J. Christel/April 19, 1923/Aug. 2, 2004 Photo + Tombstone Carol J. Christel/May 5, 1934-July 19, 2011 Photo + Tombstone Leo Christel/1913-1989 Tombstone Alma Christel/1921-2003 Tombstone William Christel/1961-1994 Tombstone Richard Christel/Apr 26, 1935-Jun 13, 2013 Photo + Tombstone

CHRISTOFFEL: Darlene M. Christoffel/1935-2007 Tombstone

CICHE: Mary Ciche/1925-2006 Tombstone

CIGLER: Dorothy Mae Cigler/Jan. 22, 1925-June 17, 2011 Tombstone Emil E. Cigler/October 11, 1921/March 4, 1999 Tombstone

CISLER: Charles Cisler/1954-1987 Tombstone Frederick Cisler/1920-2006 Tombstone Lois Cisler/1924-2003 Tombstone Janet Cisler/1936-2001 Tombstone William Cisler/1907-1995 Leona Cisler/1912-1988

CLARK: Iola Clark/1907-1985 Tombstone Orton Clark/1906-1991 Tombstone

CLARKSEN: Mary V. Clarksen/Jan. 20, 1921-Jan. 3, 2011 Tombstone Wallace Clarksen/July 27, 1908/October 10, 1987 Tombstone

CLOSE: George Close/1917-2006 Photo Marie Close/1922-2005 Photo

CMEJLA: Kermit Cmejla/1914-1988 Tombstone Mabel Cmejla/1917-2003 Tombstone

COENEN: George Coenen/1904-1984 Tombstone Leona E. Coenen/nee CHALUPSKY/April 2, 1910/ Sept. 13, 1983 Tombstone Winifred D. Coenen/April 29, 1930/July 29, 2004

COGSWELL: Virgil Cogswell/1926-2000

COMPTON: Gladys Compton/1925-2004 Tombstone


CONRAD: Georgina Conrad/1918-1999 Glenroy Conrad/1937-1999 Tombstone Phillip Conrad/1914-1988 Ruth Conrad/1943-1988 Tombstone

CONTER: Carl Conter/1914-1911 Photo + Tombstone Florence Conter/1920-2012 Photo + Tombstone

COONS: Oscar E. Coons/Oct. 10, 1897/Feb. 19, 1983 Tombstone Cora Coons/1899-1995 (Aug 10, 1899/Dec 1995/SSDI) Tombstone Donald Coons/June 9, 1926/May 3, 2006 Tombstone Rayma Coons/1930-2001 Tombstone

COOPER: Georgiana 'Jean' Cooper/1912-2008 Tombstone Lawrence Cooper/1909-2003 Tombstone

COPESKEY: Donald S. Copeskey, Sr./July 30, 1931/July 18, 2001 Larry S. Copeskey/b. Sept. 17, 1959/d. April 9, 2003 Florence Copeskey/1898-1985 Michael Copeskey/1999-1999 Wallace Copeskey/1903-1989

COPUS: Bernard "Jimmy" Copus, Jr./1948-1995/US Marines Tombstone

COX: Paul Cox/1914-1998 Tombstone

CRECHARD: Francis Crechard/Dec 15, 1929-Oct 18, 2013 Photo + Tombstone

CUMMINGS: Leonard Cummings/1919-1991 Bernadette Cummings/Aug 24, 1925-Oct 2, 2014 Photo

CUSHMAN: Mildred Cushman/nee MUSIEL/July 9, 1900/April 7, 1983

CZERWONKA: Cecelia R. Czerwonka/Dec. 17, 1914/Jan. 17, 2003 William Czerwonka/1913-1998

DAELLENBACH: Conrad Daellenbach/1910-2003 Tombstone Rebecca Daellenbach/1916-1985 Tombstone

DAETZ: Paul E. Daetz/May 25, 1920/June 25, 1980 Tombstone Viola Daetz/1916-2004 Tombstone

DAHLKE: Evelyn Dahlke/1915-1998 Tombstone Milton Dahlke/1917-2000 Tombstone

DAHM: James L. Dahm/Aug. 1, 1915/June 16, 1982 Tombstone Agnes M. Dahm/Mar 10, 1917-Jun 13, 2016 Photo + Tombstone

DAMM: Milton Damm/1927-1986 Tombstone Gertrude Damm/1922-2015 Photo + Tombstone

DANIELSON: Gretchen Danielson/1917-2006 Tombstone John C. Danielson/1912-1987 Tombstone

DAY: Alice Day/1918-2007 Photo Patrick Day/Apr. 10, 1919-Mar. 3, 2012

DAYTON: Clarine Dayton/1909-1998 Tombstone William Dayton/1911-1996 Tombstone


DECKER: Caroline A. Decker/nee SPORER/May 30, 1920/May 11, 1981 Edwin Decker/1930-1995 Tombstone Edward F. Decker/Dec. 28, 1928-June 12, 2015 Tombstone Elizabeth Decker/1928-1993 (25 May 1928/8 Jan 1993/SSDI) Tombstone Roman Decker/1911-1994

DEDERING: Elizabeth Dedering/1933-2010 Donald Dedering/Aug 26, 1931-Mar 20, 2015 Photo

DEERING: Carol Mae Deering/May 18, 1925-June 3, 2006 Robert Deering/June 18, 1923-March 9, 2016 Photo

DEFEO: Albert Defeo/1919-1991 Dorothy Defeo/1924-2004

DEGODT: Clarence D. DeGodt/September 22, 1919/September 6, 1996 David Degodt/1950-1965 Lenore Degodt/1920-1982 (1 Nov 1920/Sep 1982/SSDI)

DEHART: Joyce Cops Dehart/1943-2005 Gerald J. DeHart/1952-2013

DELSMANN: Clare Delsmann/1906-1996 Tombstone Frank Delsmann/1901-1996 Tombstone Katherine Delsmann/1908-1995 Tombstone Jake Delsmann/Oct. 28, 1907/Sept. 24, 1983 Tombstone Martha Delsmann/1912-1994 (19 Feb 1912/9 May 1994/SSDI) Tombstone

DEMBSKI: Alois Dembski/1912-1989 Tombstone Gladys Dembski/1919-1995 Tombstone

DEMMIN: Dorothy Demmin/1916-1987 Tombstone John Demmin/1911-1991 Tombstone

DEMPSKY: Chester A. Dempsky/Jan. 20, 1918/Dec. 29, 1981 Tombstone Dorothy Dempsky/1921-2003 Tombstone

DENIS: Alvin Denis/1920-2004 Tombstone

DENK: Frank Denk/1915-1987 Helen Denk/1913-2004 Shirley Mae Denk/1937-2010 Wilfred Denk/1934-1986

DENOR: Jerome Denor/1930-2001 John Denor/1921-2003 Photo Wilbert Denor/Jul 23, 1924-Nov 1, 2008 Photo + Tombstone

DENT: Lynn Dent/1906-1986 Tombstone

DEPREY: Peter Deprey/1895-1987 Adele J. Deprey/nee CHARLIER/March 30, 1896/July 5, 1983 Michael P. Deprey/Feb. 14, 1933/Aug. 26, 2004 Photo Laverne Deprey/Sep 30, 1933-Feb 3, 2014 Photo

DEROSIER: Cyril G. Derosier/1924-2007 Tombstone Erma Derosier/1927-2003 Tombstone

DERUS: Erwin Derus/1916-1994 (19 Oct. 1916/13 Nov. 1994/SSDI) Roxana Derus/1919-2013

DESMITH: Loraine A. DeSmith/nee: AGGEN/July 10, 1897/Sept. 20, 1980 Tombstone

DESWARTE: Renee DeSwarte/1967-2005 Photo + Tombstone

DETJEN: Edna Detjen/1901-1992 Photo + Tombstone Erich Detjen/1900-1968 (21 Sept. 1900/Apr. 1968/SSDI) Photo + Tombstone William Detjen/1928-2012 Tombstone

DEVROY: Daniel R. Devroy, Sr./June 1, 1945/Nov. 28, 2002


DEWITT: Seraphin DeWitt/1915-1996 Tombstone Anna Mae DeWitt/1916-2004 Tombstone Luke D. DeWitt/1937-2008 Tombstone

DEZEEUW: Irene Dezeeuw/June 19, 1908/June 24, 1995 Peter W. Dezeeuw/Dec. 20, 1906/Dec. 20, 1988

DIEDRICH: Ervin Diedrich/1917-1998 Ruth Diedrich/1922-1987 Raymond G./May 15, 1932/Aug. 28, 2009 Tombstone

DIEFENTHALER: Louise M. Diefenthaler/Nov. 25, 1915-April 21, 2009 Tombstone Roland Diefenthaler/1911-1998 Tombstone

DIEKVOSS: Ella Diekvoss/1913-2004 Tombstone Harvey Diekvoss/1904-1987 Tombstone

DIENER: Gottlieb Diener/1920-2001 Photo + Tombstone Helen Diener/1919-1998 Photo + Tombstone

DILLON: Patricia R. Dillon/1929-2006 Tombstone

DIMMICK: Florence Dimmick/1917-1999

DINS: Rosalie Dins/Mar 28, 1921-Dec 23, 2014 Photo + Tombstone

DIRKMAN: Keith P. Dirkman/1951-2002 Tombstone

DIRKMANN: Lorraine E. Dirkmann/1925-2007 Tombstone Paul Dirkmann/1921-1996 Tombstone Dawn Dirkmann/Apr 9, 1980-Jun 19, 2011 Photo + Tombstone

DOBESH: John Dobesh/1905-1985 Tombstone

DOBINSKI: Sylvester S. Dobinski/Dec. 12, 1926-June 21, 2009 Tombstone

DODGE: Charlotte A. Dodge/Oct. 4, 1926/Nov. 4, 2001 Photo + Tombstone Kenneth E. Dodge/April 20, 1926/Oct. 3, 2003 Photo + Tombstone

DOLEYSH: Cecilia Doleysh/1923-2004 (Clarence F. Doleysh/1923-2008/from obit)

DOLSKI: Larry Dolski/1961-2000 Phoebe Dolski/1923-1996 Raymond Dolski/1911-2003

DONDLINGER: Frank Dondlinger/1919-2004

DOOLAN: Clement (Clem) Doolan/Feb. 1, 1922/May 16, 1983 Tombstone Marian Doolan/1929-2003 Tombstone Gordon J. Doolan/Jan. 12, 1911/Sept. 4, 1983 Tombstone Luella Doolan/1914-1999 Tombstone

DORN: Dorinda Dorn/1916-2006 Richard Dorn/1915-2000

DOREY: Kathryn Dorey/Nov 16, 1923-Mar 6, 2015 Photo

DORNAUS: Edward J. Dornaus/1914-2007 Margaret Dornaus/1914-1992 (19 Sept. 1914/18 Nov. 1992/SSDI) Robert Dornaus/1922-1994 Tombstone David Dornaus/1961-1994 Tombstone

DRAB: Alden J. Drab/June 18, 1922/July 17, 1997 Tombstone

DRAHEIM: Elroy W. Draheim/1917-2008 Tombstone Allan Draheim/1924-2010 Tombstone Leona Draheim/1924-2015 Photo + Tombstone Irma Draheim/1926-2014 Photo + Tombstone

DREGER: Gerhardt Dreger/1901-1987 Gloria Dreger/1928-1972 Gordon Dreger/1930-1993 Mildred Dreger/1909-1991

DRESANG: Francis Dresang/1931-1993 (19 Aug. 1931/9 Mar. 1993/SSDI)

DRIDA: Clarence Drida/1924-2000 (22 May 1924/15 Mar. 2000/SSDI) Tombstone George Drida/1921-1991 Tombstone Joseph Drida/1918-1991 Tombstone


DRUMM: William Drumm/1925-2000 (25 July 1925/10 Aug. 2000/SSDI) Photo + Tombstone Margaret E. Drumm/June 16, 1926/June 15, 2006 Photo + Tombstone Roland J. Drumm/Dec. 28, 1931/Feb. 9, 2004

DUCKART: Donald Duckart/Jan 23, 1945-Jun 14, 2015 Photo + Tombstone

DUESCHER: Donald Duescher/Oct 5, 1937-Jun 3, 2016 Photo

DUNNE: Desmond Dunne/1923-1997 Geraldine D. Dunne/1930-2011 Photo

DURKEE: Francis Gerald (July 13, 1918-March 10, 1981 son of Edward Durkee and Lizzie Bailey -born Illinois -died from "myocardial infarction, acute) (from researcher of St. Gregory church records/see contributors page)

DUROCHER: Frederick Durocher/1909-1986 Tombstone Isabel Durocher/1913-2001 Tombstone

DURUZ: Paul Duruz/1920-2007 US Veteran Alice Duruz/Jun 21, 1919-Mar 6, 2015 Photo

DUVENECK: Isadore T. Duveneck/April 29, 1910/Nov. 5, 1981 Tombstone Amanda Duveneck/1905-1987 Tombstone Mary Duveneck/1935-2013 Tombstone

DVORACHEK: Adolph Dvorachek/1916-1996 Photo Caroline Dvorachek/1918-2007 Photo

DVORAK: Evelyn Dvorak/1914-1999 (Gordon O. Dvorak/1928-2008/from obit) Harvey Dvorak/1909-1990 (20 Dec. 1909/13 July 1990) James Dvorak/1943-2002

DWORAK: Ambrose Dworak/1902-1984 Franklin Dworak/1934-1998 Tombstone Linda Dworak/1955-2004 Rose Dworak/1908-2005 Florian Dworak/1926-2011

EASTER: Dennie Easter/1920-1990 Roberta Easter/1923-1994

EBERT: Raymond Ebert/1916-1990 Photo + Tombstone Dorothy Ebert/1918-1984 Photo + Tombstone Kenneth Ebert/1927-2003 Tombstone

EGBERT: Jerome Egbert/1919-1998 Tombstone Mary Egbert/1922-1999 Tombstone

EGGERT: Leona F. Eggert/nee MEWS/March 7, 1894/Sept. 30, 1983 Florence H. Eggert/1913-2008 Tombstone Erwin W. Eggert/Jan. 14, 1910/May 24, 1997 Tombstone

EHLENBECK: Norbert H. Ehlenbeck/Sep 6, 1922-Apr 15, 2002 Laynilda Ehlenbeck/Dec 2, 1922-Dec 29, 2008

EICHHORST: David J. Eichhorst/1960-2009 Tombstone

EILES: Leroy Eiles/1931-2000 (10 Sept. 1931/31 Aug. 2000/SSDI) Tombstone JoAnne M. Eiles/1933-2011 Tombstone

EIS: Harold Eis/Dec. 9, 1904/July 23, 1978 Tombstone Evelyn Eis/1906-1991 Tombstone

EISENMANN: Donald Eisenmann/1918-1992 (27 Feb. 1918/18 Aug. 1992/SSDI) Tombstone See HARDRATH

EISNER: William Eisner/Jun 20, 1924-Mar 11, 2016 Photo + Tombstone Alice Eisner/Aug 20, 1926-Oct 18, 2009 Tombstone

ELFNER: Harold Elfner/1922-2008

ELLIOTT: Alma Elliott/1914-2008 Tombstone Oscar Elliott/1914-2008 Tombstone

ELSEN: Dorothy Elsen/May 13, 1921/Feb. 1, 2003 Leo Elsen/Aug. 8, 1913/June 17, 1988

EMERSON: Clara W. Emerson/Jan. 6, 1897/Oct. 1984 Adolph Emerson/Feb. 23, 1893/Apr. 1983/SSDI

EMOND: Clarence Emond/1920-1987 Tombstone Marian Emond/1924-2005 Tombstone

ENDRIES: June Endries/1930-2002 Lawrence H. Endries/Sep 5, 1927-Apr 17, 2014

ENFORS: Edwin Enfors/1933-2000 (16 Oct. 1933/11 Jan. 2000/SSDI) Tombstone

ENGELBRECHT: Dolores Engelbrecht/nee KAHRS/May 20, 1915/May 1, 1979 Albert Engelbrecht/1906-1990 Alfred Engelbrecht/1925-2002 Tombstone Evangeline Engelbrecht/Jan. 21, 1931/Jan. 9, 1996 Edwin Engelbrecht/Feb. 7, 1921/June 1985 Marjorie Engelbrecht/Feb 26, 1920-May 25, 2016 Photo Edwin "Butch" Engelbrecht/1947-2001 Tombstone Tombstone Evelyn Engelbrecht/June 11, 1914/Aug. 2000 Walter Engelbrecht/1908-1992

ENGELDINGER: Robert Engeldinger/1917-1995 Tombstone

ENGLEMAN: Florence Engleman/1916-1993 (09 March 1916/13 October 1993/SSDI) George Engleman/1915-1996 (Family member placed them here from cemetery X where I had them, and another family member provided the full death date for Florence.)

ENGELS: Gladys Engels/1924-1987 Tombstone

ENNEPER: Eric I. Enneper/Dec 6, 1922-Nov 29, 2005 Photo + Tombstone Lucille Enneper/Apr 26, 1922-Jan 24, 2011 Tombstone

ENZ: Alvin Enz/1909-2005 Hazel Enz/1910-1995

ERDMAN: Elaine Erdman/1950-2006 Tombstone

ERICKSON: Norma L. Kuffel Erickson/d. Aug. 18, 2012 Richard C. Erickson/1932-2008 Tombstone

ERTMAN: Narcy Ertman/1906-1989 (Narcy/29 Oct. 1906/17 Apr. 1989/SSDI) Tombstone Evelyn Ertman/1908-1988 Tombstone

ESLINGER: Carol Eslinger/1935-2000 Tombstone Edward Eslinger/1929-2006 Tombstone Eugene Eslinger/Apr 4, 1926-Jun 22, 2015 Photo + Tombstone Lorina Eslinger/1924-1999 Tombstone Michael Eslinger/1955-2004 Raymond Eslinger/1930-1996 Tombstone

EUCLIDE: Norbert J. Euclide/March 31, 1925-July 6, 2012 Photo Vincent Euclide/1922-2001 Tombstone Arlene Euclide/Oct. 3, 1921-Nov. 8, 2014 Photo + Tombstone

EVANS: Isabelle "Pat" Evans/1922-2006 Tombstone

EVERARD: Thomas Everard/Sept. 28, 1950/March 21, 1976 Elaine W. Everard/Nov. 18, 1918/Apr. 18, 2007

EVERHARD: Florence E. Everhard/nee HOLLENDER/July 4, 1905/Aug. 8, 1975 (4 July 1905/Aug 1975/SSDI) Tombstone Lee Everhard/1902-1985 Tombstone

EVRAETS: Kenneth Evraets/1932-2003

EWALD: Armin F. Ewald/January 16, 1916/January 6, 2001 Photo + Tombstone Lorraine Ewald/Jun 13, 1921-Nov 14, 2014 Photo + Tombstone

FABIAN: Helen Fabian/1917-1999 Richard Fabian/1937-2013 Tombstone

FAKEN: Roger C. Faken/July 28, 1922/June 6, 1980 Tombstone Colleen Faken/1920-2001 Tombstone David Faken/1947-2007 Tombstone

FALLIER: Adolph Fallier/1898-1993 Tombstone Martha Fallier/1898-1985 Tombstone

FALVEY: William Falvey/1916-2000 (11 Nov. 1916/25 Sept. 2000/SSDI)

FANSLAU: Dolores Fanslau/1930-1988 Tombstone Helen Fanslau/1925-2005 Tombstone Raymond Fanslau/1923-1994 Tombstone

FARR: Glyn R. Farr/Jan 10, 1931-Aug 21, 1999 Carole Farr/1934-1996

FAUST: Elmer Faust/Mar. 22, 1932-Nov. 11, 2001 Tombstone Lester Faust/1934-2002 Tombstone

FECHTER: Lawrence "Larry" Fechter/1925-2001

FECTEAU: Agnes Fecteau/January 20, 1911/May 3, 1995 Photo Elmer Fecteau/1906-1997

FEDERWITZ: Adam Federwitz/1990-2006 Photo + Tombstone

FENLON: Thomas "Tommy" Fenlon/Jan. 21, 1974/July 1, 1978 Patrick Fenlon/1946-2004 Tombstone Rosie Fenlon/1932-1994

FICKETT: Adver Fickett/1916-1996 Tombstone Anna Fickett/1916-1989 Tombstone

FIECKO: Elizabeth Fiecko/1933-1999 Tombstone Kenneth W. Fiecko/1954-2012 Tombstone

FIERST: Ray Fierst/1922-2001 Tombstone Dorothy S. Fierst/1923-2014 Tombstone Marvin Fierst/1948-2011 Tombstone

FINK: Daniel Fink/1935-2000 Tombstone Emily Fink/1942-2009 Tombstone

FINNEL: Kenneth Finnel/1923-1999 Tombstone Frances Finnel/1928-1999 Tombstone

FISCHER: Leroy Fischer/1925-2015 Arline A. Fischer/1927-2010 Elsie M. Fischer/nee KOHLMANN/Jan. 17, 1910/Nov. 12, 1982 Tombstone Wilfred J. Fischer/Dec. 22, 1900/Oct. 27, 1981 Tombstone Alex Fischer/1909-1987 Photo + Tombstone Marcella Fischer/1914-1998 Photo + Tombstone Reinhardt Fischer/1911-2001 Tombstone Audrey Fischer/1922-2005 Photo + Tombstone Elmer Fischer/1914-2004 Tombstone Lorraine Fischer/1914-2003 Tombstone Elroy Fischer/Jun 26, 1922-Feb 16, 2013 Photo Gertrude S. Fischer/1923-2007 Eugene Fischer/1930-2010 Henry Fischer/1915-2010 Photo + Tombstone Mabel Fischer/1922-2014 Photo + Tombstone Howard Fischer/1928-1991 Photo + Tombstone Lorraine Fischer/1930-1990 Photo + Tombstone Leland Fischer/1940-2013 Photo + Tombstone Geneva Fischer/1910-1993 Glenmore Fischer/1938-1992 Helmuth Fischer/1902-1996 John Fischer/1910-1990 Margaret Fischer/1918-1984

FITZGERALD: Elaine Fitzgerald/1914-2000 Tombstone Willliam Fitzgerald/1916-2003 Tombstone

FLAHERTY: Isabel Flaherty/1896-1993

FLEGLE: Howard Flegle/Mar 9, 1927-Oct 21, 2013 Photo

FLEMAL: Adeline K. Flemal/Sept. 13, 1917/July 23, 2004 Photo Alex (Al) Flemal/March 23, 1911/Dec. 22, 1998 Photo

FLENTJE: Mildred F. Flentje/1914-2007 Ralph Flentje/1913-1996

FLESSERT: Arthur K. Flessert/1936-2003 Tombstone Maxine A. Flessert/Feb 26, 1942-Oct 6, 2012 Photo + Tombstone

FLINT: William Flint/1922-1992

FOGELTANZ: Leroy Fogeltanz/1928-1993 See RUMINSKI

FOLEY: Claire Foley/1913-1997 Tombstone Constance/Oct. 1, 1906/Aug. 9, 2009 Tombstone

FOTE: Salvatore Fote/Dec 31, 1939-May 31, 2016 Photo


FRANCISCO: Janice Francisco/1928-2001 Tombstone Shirley A. Francisco/1933-2009 Tombstone

FRANCL: George Francl/1905-1996 Lillian Francl/1908-1994

FRANK: Norman R. Frank/1927-2012 Jeannette Frank/1920-2007 Tombstone Marion Frank/1936-2007 Mary E. Frank/1962-2008/from obit William Frank/1920-1996 Tombstone

FRANZ: Victor F. Franz/July 18, 1922-March 21, 2009

FRANZEN: Delores Franzen/1942-2008 Photo

FRASCH: Henry Frasch/Oct. 15, 1888/June 15, 1980 Kevin Frasch/1968-1987 (Warren Frasch/1926-2008/from obit)

FREDA: Anton Freda/1913-1997 Louretta Freda/1914-1986

FREIBOTH: Clarence H. Freiboth/Jan. 6, 1914-June 11, 2010 Tombstone Ruth A./Dec. 16, 1917-Aug. 9, 2009 Tombstone

FREIS: Edward Freis/1950-1997 Gordon Freis/1908-1989 Margaret E. Freis/1912-2011 Photo

FRELICH: Adolph/1904-1997 Tombstone, ossw: Marion Frelich/1912-2004 Tombstone Edwin Frelich/Oct. 30, 1920/Apr. 13, 2007

FRENZ: Paul E. Frenz/November 4, 1935/February 15, 1997 Tombstone

FRICKE: Mary Fricke/1924-1984 Raymond Fricke/1915-1994 Photo

FRITSCH: Florence M. Fritsch/1919-2008 Photo + Tombstone William Fritsch/1915-2006 Photo + Tombstone Shirley Fritsch/Apr 4, 1938-Mar 2, 2013 Photo + Tombstone

FRUZYNA: Warren J. Fruzyna/1986-2006 Tombstone

FUNK: Lorraine Funk/1917-1985 Tombstone Wilbert Funk/1913-2002 Tombstone Marie A. (Jost) Funk/June 13, 1915-Jan. 30, 2001 Tombstone Raymond/March 9, 1908-March 20, 1989 Tombstone

GADICKE: Harvey O. Gadicke/July 3, 1914/April 25, 1983 Photo + Tombstone Gladys C. Gadicke/Feb. 18, 1919/June 2005 Photo + Tombstone

GADZINSKI: Bruce D. Gadzinski/Dec. 3, 1949-Jan. 18, 2012 Tombstone Marjorie A. Gadzinski/1941-2002 Tombstone

GAEDTKE: Paul Gaedtke/1915-1960 Arleen Anna (Kudick) Gaedtke/January 9, 1918/June 15, 2009

GAGNON: Joseph H. Gagnon/Jan 31, 1943-Sep 21, 2015 Photo

GARTZKE: Marie Gartzke/1904-1997 Walter Gartzke/1902-1988

GATES: Donald H. Gates/11 September 1926/May 28, 1997 Tombstone Earl Gates/1922-1989 (29 Mar. 1922/26 Dec. 1989/SSDI) Tombstone Emily Gates/1925-2006 Tombstone

GAUTHIER: Dennis J. Gauthier/May 11, 1950/April 13, 1980 Leslie C. Gauthier/May 7, 1923/Oct. 2, 2001 Harriet H. Gauthier Photo Robert Gauthier/1919-1985 Tombstone June G. Gauthier/Jan. 1, 1921/April 12, 2005 Tombstone Edward L. Gauthier/1915-1989 Juanita R. Gauthier/Oct. 8, 1923-Feb. 20, 2010 Elaine A. Gauthier/Jan. 15, 1950-July 26, 2005 Evelyn E. Gauthier/July 18, 1917-April 17, 2013 Photo Norman Gauthier/1916-1989 Peter Gauthier/1897-1992 Tombstone See SALATA

GEBHART: Angel Gebhart/Nov. 23, 2001/2001 Tombstone

GEHRKE: Butch Gehrke/1943-1996 (Gerald Gehrke) C. Fritz Gehrke/1914-1992 (Clarence) Louis Gehrke/1914-2006 Tombstone, ossw: Delores Gehrke/1915-2002 Tombstone Evelyn Gehrke/1921-2005

GEHRIG: Paul A. Gehrig/Feb 27, 1932-Aug 9, 2015

GEIER: Harry Geier/1895-1985 Tombstone, ossw: Laura Geier/1900-1997 Tombstone Howard Geier/1919-1999

GEIGER: Raymond Geiger/1924-2001 Tombstone

GEIMER: Gerald E. Geimer/b.13 Feb 1932/d.8 Mar 2000 Tombstone Marjorie Geimer/1917-2001 Martin Geimer/1912-2001

GEISER: Alois Geiser/1918-2008 Photo + Tombstone, ossw: Violet Geiser/1917-2013 Photo + Tombstone Alvin Geiser/1913-2006 Marie Geiser/1908-2001 Arnold Geiser/Apr. 6, 1917/Jul. 22, 2009 Photo Madeline Geiser/1919-1987 Photo Gregory Geiser/1914-1987 Celestine A. "Sally" Geiser/March 12, 1916/Aug. 24, 2002 Clarence J. Geiser/Jan 3, 1918-Jan 13, 2011 Photo Norbert Geiser/1910-2000 Victor Geiser/1915-1986 Photo

GELBUDA: Florence Gelbuda/1911-1994 William Gelbuda/1914-2004

GENZ: Donald Genz/1936-1986 Edwin Genz/1941-2003 See GROELLE

GERROLL: Robert O. Gerroll/1925-2008/from obit

GIBEAULT: Albert Gibeault/1912-1995 Harris Gibeault/1907-2001 Tombstone, oosw: Magdalene Gibeault/nee MUELLER/March 28, 1906/Aug. 29, 1979 Tombstone Leonard Gibeault/1919-1994 Tombstone, ossw: Margaret M. Gibeault/Oct. 3, 1925-Nov. 24, 2010 Tombstone Priscilla Gibeault/1914-2006

GILBERT: Catherine Gilbert/1920-2001 Ralph 'Buddy' Gilbert/March 9, 1923-April 12, 2009 See SIEHR

GILL: George Gill/1905-1984 Tombstone, ossw: Larelda Gill/1911-2003 Tombstone Margaret Gill/July 22, 1922/Jan. 5, 2007

GINTNER: Kiley Gintner/1989-1990

GLAESER: Dale Glaeser/Oct 15, 1936-Sep 3, 1999 Tombstone

GLANDER: Earl Glander/1919-2005 Tombstone, ossw: Ethel F. Glander/July 31, 1918-July 2, 2011 Tombstone

GLANDT: Frederic Glandt/1922-1987 Tombstone, ossw: Ruth "Ruthie" Glandt/February 2, 1923/March 22, 1998 Photo + Tombstone

GLASER: Alan Glaser/Oct 4, 1937-Jan 31, 2014 Tombstone LeRoy Glaser/1928-1999 Tombstone

GLASOW: Theodore E. Glasow Jr./1924-Sep 16, 2003 Tombstone, ossw: Evangeline Glasow/May 21, 1927-Apr 6, 2014 Tombstone

GLAVIN: Florence Glavin/1922-2004

GLINIECKI: Paul W. Gliniecki/Feb. 11, 1929/Nov. 16, 1982 Tombstone

GOEDJEN: Alvin W. Goedjen/Nov. 9, 1910/March 4, 1983 Helen C. Goedjen/July 25, 1914-June 11, 2009

GOEKE: Caroline Goeke/1924-2010 Wilbur H. Goeke/1928-2010

GOERTZ: Hugo Goertz/Sep 14, 1912-Jan 19, 2000 Tombstone, ossw: Alveda D. Goertz/May 25, 1925-April 20, 2013 Tombstone Tombstone Hugo/14 September 1912/19 January 2000/Parents are Fredrick and Ameolia (Molly) Zoerb Goertz from Gibson Township/ from researcher/see contributors page)

GOLATA: Della A. Golata/Jan. 7, 1915-May 22, 2010 Joseph Golata/1925-2004

GONZALES: Nicolas Briones Gonzales/1932-2008/US Army Tombstone

GOOD: Don Good/1917-1992 Joyce Good/1921-2007

GOOSSEN: Jack Goossen/1920-1997

GORDON: Burton Gordon/Nov 13, 1924-Aug 16, 2011 Tombstone, ossw: Dorothy Gordon/Feb 28, 1928-Oct 17, 2010 Tombstone Rosabelle Gordon/1926-2001 Donald Gordon/1913-1997

GOSZ: Arthur P. Gosz/1931-2008 Ethel M. Gosz/Aug. 21, 1908-Aug. 2, 2011 Frank Gosz, Sr./1904-1997 George Gosz/1906-1984 Lucille R. Gosz/April 14, 1911/Feb. 2, 2002

GOTTINGER: Jacob Gottinger/1917-2002 Tombstone

GRAF: Frederick N. Graf/Jan. 5, 1918-July 3, 1979 Photo + Tombstone, ossw: Elnora Lydia Graf/Feb. 28, 1920-March 5, 2011 Photo + Tombstone Bertha Graf/1903-2002 Rev. A.A. Graf/1902-1996

GRAINGER: Kurth Grainger/1917-2003 Loraine Grainger/Dec 28, 1919-July 15, 2015 O. Sherman Grainger/1912-2008 Sophia F. Grainger/Jan. 1, 1913/Aug. 24, 2009/from obit

GRALL: Dorothy E. Grall/1927-2009/from obit Frances M. Grall/Nee KOHLBECK/May 15, 1904/Jan. 6, 1981 Emil Grall/1929-2002 Photo + Tombstone, ossw: Dolores Grall/Feb 2, 1933-Feb 3, 2015 Photo + Tombstone Lawrence Grall/1907-1989 Lawrence Grall/1926-1995 Lyle Thomas Grall/1961-2008/from obit Doris M. Grall/1951-2015 Photo

GRANITZ: Betty Granitz/1922-1999

GRAPENTINE: Walter W. Grapentine Sr./March 19, 1919-Sept. 23, 2006 Tombstone, ossw: Sadie W. Grapentine/April 8, 1922-April 11, 2013 Tombstone

GRAYCAREK: Gerald Graycarek/Oct 21, 1942-Aug 29, 2013 Photo + Tombstone

GRAYKOWSKI: Lawrence J. Graykowski/April 7, 1907/June 2, 1979 Tombstone, ossw: Esther Graykowski/Nov. 28, 1910/Jan. 5, 1989 Tombstone Wesley Graykowski/July 22, 1910/Dec. 27, 1987 Tombstone, ossw: Magdaline Graykowski/1915-1994 Tombstone

GREENWOOD: Linda M. Greenwood/1945-2008/from obit

GRENIER: Hyacinth Grenier/1912-2012 Photo + Tombstone

GRENZER: John Grenzer/1910-1990 Ruth Grenzer/1918-2005 Elizabeth Grenzer/Jun 24, 1940-Feb 13, 2015 Photo + Tombstone

GRESL: Oscar Gresl/1915-1994 Tombstone, ossw: Marie Gresl/1919-2000 Tombstone

GRETZ: Hilary Gretz/June 18, 1943/Oct. 26, 2002 Orville F. Gretz/1940-2006

GREUL: Orville Greul/Mar 29, 1925-Mar 3, 2016 Photo

GREUNKE: Edwin Greunke/1902-1997 Tombstone, ossw: Blanche Greunke/Sept. 8, 1902/May 29, 1997 Tombstone Donald E. Greunke/1926-2010

GRIES: Joseph Gries/Nov. 12, 1918-Oct. 3, 1983 Tombstone, ossw: Mary Ann Gries/nee BOGENSCHULTZ/July 19, 1922/June 20, 1979 Tombstone Elmer H. Gries/Dec. 3, 1913-Aug. 16, 1995 Tombstone, ossw: Marie R. Gries/nee SCHULER/Feb. 25, 1919/July 31, 1978 Tombstone Raymond Gries/1908-1989 (22 Sept. 1908/9 Nov. 1989) Tombstone, ossw: Agnes Gries/nee SCHWINN/May 26, 1910/May 23, 1982 Tombstone Joseph Gries/Oct 3, 1956-Nov 7, 1989 Tombstone Ralph A. Gries/Aug 11, 1939-Dec 3, 2016


GRIMM: Lloyd Grimm/May 31, 1925/Mar. 19, 1997 Victor F. Grimm/Nov. 23, 1923-Nov. 9, 2013 Photo + Tombstone Reinhard "Reinie" Grimm/Nov. 3, 1926-Aug. 29, 2014 Joan Grimm/1935-2015 Photo

GROELLE: Delvin Groelle/Jan. 26, 1902/July 4, 1988 Tombstone, ossw: Linda Groelle/nee GENZ/Aug. 3, 1907/Jan. 9, 1980 Tombstone Diana (Dee Dee) Groelle/Sept. 6, 1957/Nov. 15, 1997 Henry Groelle/1925-2002 Tombstone, ossw: Loretta Groelle/1932-2003 Tombstone Milton R. Groelle/Sept. 22, 1928-March 29, 2011 Photo + Tombstone, ossw: Lucille S. Groelle/Nov. 5, 1931-May 5, 2010 Tombstone Mildred Groelle/Dec. 20, 1904/Dec. 14, 1989 Walter Groelle/1903-1996

GROESCHEL: James Groeschel/1963-1989

GROH: Paul Groh/1931-2004 Tombstone Patrick Groh/1970-1988 Tombstone

GRONKE: Ralph Gronke/1922-1986 Tombstone, ossw: Lucille Gronke/1930-1997 Tombstone

GROSS: John J. Gross/March 15, 1918/June 9, 2007 Photo + Tombstone, ossw: Esther L. Gross/Aug. 24, 1918-Dec. 4, 2013 Photo + Tombstone

GROSSHUESCH: Roland (Sonny) Grosshuesch/1932-2003 Tombstone

GRUETT: Hannelore Gruett/1930-2010

GRUMANN: Donna J. Grumann/Sept. 18, 1949/Oct. 11, 2002 Photo

GUEX: Ernest Guex/October 17, 1918/October 10, 1998 Marie Guex/1920-2006

GUSTAVSON: Grant Gustavson/1909-1998 Tombstone, ossw: Ruth C. Gustavson/nee BAKER/Feb. 18, 1916/April 21, 1983 Tombstone

HAAG: Erwin/1909-1989, ossw: Rosella M. Haag/1915-2009 Tombstone Erwin/Rosella

HABECK: Irene A. Habeck/Aug. 19, 1914-Jan. 17, 2012 Laurence Habeck/1909-1989

HABERMANN: Raymond Habermann/1909-1993 Photo Viola Habermann/1918-1996 Photo Roland Habermann/1911-2001 Photo Verna Habermann/1910-1987 Photo Marie Habermann/1945-2000 Ronald Habermann, Sr/Aug 8, 1966-Apr 10, 2015 Photo William Habermann/1915-1996 Dorothy Habermann/1915-2005

HACKBARTH: Bernice Hackbarth/1922-1988 Tombstone

HACKELBERG: Glenda Hackelberg/Sep 5, 1935-Aug 17, 2012 Photo

HAEN: August Haen/1911-2001 Dorothy Haen/1909-1983 Elsie Haen/1916-2004 Harry Haen/1907-1984

HAESE: Helen Haese/1922-2011 Tombstone Victor G. Haese/1917-2011 Tombstone, ossw: Bulah Haese/1922-2003 Tombstone

HAGBERG: Elsa Hagberg/1913-2001 Glenn H. Hagberg/1911-2008

HAGENOW: Ludwig L. Hagenow/Feb. 9, 1914/May 10, 1981 Tombstone, ossw: Dorothy Hagenow/1920-1999 Tombstone Alvin W. Hagenow/1919-2008 Tombstone, ossw: Clara Hagenow/Aug 12, 1922-Apr 29, 2016 Photo + Tombstone Harold Hagenow/1926-2000

HALBACH: Arvin Halbach/1922-2006 Dorothy Halbach/Mar 24, 1924-Apr 3, 2014 Photo

HALDERSON: Howard Halderson/Nov. 18, 1921/Dec. 14, 2007 Shirley M. Halderson/Sept. 20, 1924/Mar. 18, 2008 Alfred Halderson/1914-1990 Tombstone, ossw: Mabel Halderson/1913-1997 Tombstone

HALLADA: Carl J. Hallada/Nov. 15, 1908/April 4, 1976 Tombstone, ossw: Irene Hallada/1911-2005 Tombstone LeRoy R. Hallada/1930-2008 Tombstone

HALVORSEN: Raymond G. Halvorsen/June 15, 1906-Nov. 17, 1974 Tombstone, ossw: Marion Halvorsen/nee HOULE/Jan. 28, 1912-June 12, 1974/married Nov. 17, 1937 Photo + Tombstone

HAMACHER: Donald S. Hamacher/1928-2010

HANDL: Walter Handl/1913-2000 Photo + Tombstone, ossw: Dorothy Handl/1914-1985 Tombstone

HANKE: Melvin Hanke/1924-2003 Tombstone, ossw: Agnes Hanke/1929-2002 Tombstone

HANSEN: Diane M. Hansen/nee Sehloff/Nov. 28, 1941/Dec. 3, 1996 Claro Hansen/1914-1999 Richard C. Hansen/1936-2011 Tombstone Willard Hansen/1936-1993

HANSTEDT: Walter Hanstedt/1901-1994 (24 Mar 1901 26 Oct 1994/SSDI) Tombstone, ossw: Anna Hanstedt/1907-1986 Tombstone

HARDIE: Loretta Hardie/1940-2004 Tombstone Russell Hardie/1961-2006 Tombstone John L. Hardie/July 25, 1956-Jan. 9, 2015 Tombstone

HARDRATH: Marion Hardrath/nee EISENMANN/May 4, 1920/March 27, 1981 Melvin Hardrath/1916-1991

HARGRAVES: Gladys G. Hargraves/1926-2009 Roy Hargraves/1920-1999

HARTLAUB: Rudolph Hartlaub/May 2, 1927-Jan 15, 2016 Photo + Tombstone, ossw: Betty Hartlaub/nee SCHENIAN/Jan. 20, 1930/March 10, 1976 Tombstone Henry Hartlaub/1917-2004 Marie Hartlaub/1922-2007

HARTMAN: Leo A. Hartman/1931-2010 Tombstone

HASSE: Karl Hasse/1923-1995

HASTREITER: Raymond Hastreiter/1933-2004 Tombstone Gertrude Ann Hastreiter/1916-2012 Wilbert F. Hastreiter/1917-2007

HATFIELD: Jean Marie Hatfield/1958-2010/from obit

HAUCH: Alfred Hauch/1913-2000 Catherine B. Hauch/1922-2010

HAUPT: Glenn E. Haupt/April 6, 1932/February 21, 2001 Dustin Jerad Haupt/1995-1995 Frederick Haupt/1927-2006 Tombstone Hubert Haupt/1923-1995 Tombstone, ossw: Marian J. Haupt/Sept. 6, 1925-Oct. 11, 2013 Photo + Tombstone Robert Haupt/1926-1991 Salome Haupt/Sept. 27, 1928-April 20, 2013 Photo Ruby Haupt/1933-1984 Mary Haupt/Aug 17, 1950-Dec 7, 2014 Photo + Tombstone

HAUSER: Harold Hauser/1917-1999 Photo

HAVER: Eugene Haver/1917-1999 Tombstone, ossw: Margaret Haver/1926-1995 Tombstone

HAVLICHEK: Anton Havlichek/Nov. 25, 1905/March 27, 1982 Tombstone, ossw: Helen Havlichek/1911-1989 Tombstone Charles Havlichek/Aug. 21, 1902/Jan. 18, 1976 Tombstone, ossw: Loretta A. Havlichek/June 21, 1908/September 1, 2000 Tombstone Hazel O. Havlichek/April 27, 1929-April 30, 2009 Tombstone

HAVLOVITZ: Kenneth Havlovitz/1942-2003

HAYES: Leo Hayes/1917-2003 Laura Hayes/Oct 9, 1917-Aug 4, 2014

HEBERLEIN: Arthur Heberlein/1903-1993 Viola Heberlein/1904-2005

HEBERT: Richard Hebert/1936-1998 Tombstone Richard "Smokey" Hebert/Dec 8. 1938-Feb 1. 2016

HECKER: Vivian Hecker/1919-1994

HEDMAN: Donald J. Hedman/June 8, 1932/March 2, 2003

HEGEWALD: Julitta Hegewald/Mar 21, 1933-Dec 10, 2015 Photo

HEI: Charlotte Hei/1917-2005 Dennis Hei/1946-2000 Edward Hei/1918-1984

HEIM: Charles Heim/1917-1994 Tombstone, ossw: Betty Heim/1922-1991 Tombstone

HEIMANN: Albert Heimann/1924-2002 Alois Heimann/1920-1998 Photo + Tombstone, ossw: Genevieve Heimann/1924-1989 Photo + Tombstone Clarence J. Heimann/1926-2002 Photo Marie S. Heimann/Aug. 2, 1926/Nov. 27, 2007 Photo Robert Heimann/1934-1996

HEIN: Lucille Hein/1919-1998 Richard Hein/1918-2001

HEINRICH: Wilber Heinrich/1918-2005 Tombstone, ossw: Dorothy Heinrich/1925-2004 Tombstone

HEINRICHS: Elmer F. Heinrichs/1916-2005 Tombstone, ossw: Louise Heinrichs/1919-2004 Tombstone Lester Heinrichs/1911-1992 Tombstone

HEINZ: Alfred Heinz/1911-2007 Tombstone, ossw: Gertrude E. Heinz/Mar. 13, 1921/Aug. 27,2009 Tombstone

HEINZEN: Paul F. Heinzen/1928-2001 Tombstone

HELBICK: Richard J. Helbick/Dec. 12, 1917/Nov. 4, 1982 Dorothy Helbick/1919-2003

HENDRIES: Martha Hendries/1905-1991

HENNINGS: Carole Hennings/Aug 11, 1932-Oct 19, 2014 Photo + Tombstone

HENSCHEL: John Henschel/1919-2006 Tombstone, ossw: Emmy Henschel/1930-2006 Tombstone John Henschel, Jr./1951-1983 Tombstone

HENZELL: Jerold Henzell/1929-1994 Tombstone

HERMANN: Fred Hermann/1915-1988 Tombstone, ossw: Mabel Hermann/1917-2002 Tombstone

HERR: Frederick "Fritz" J. Herr/March 13, 1931-Oct. 29, 2010 Tombstone, ossw: Kathleen Herr/1939-1985 Tombstone

HERRIGES: Georgene Herriges/1931-1988

HERRMANN: Clarence A. Herrmann/Nov. 9, 1905/July 6, 1982 Tombstone Clara Herrmann/1911-1997 Tombstone Joseph Herrmann/1915-1996 Bernice M. Herrmann/1917-2007 Herbert Herrmann/Mar 23, 1929-Jul 29, 2013 Photo + Tombstone Reinhart Herrmann/1912-1989 Olive Herrmann/1911-1993

HESLER: David Hesler/1947-2006 Tombstone Emily Hesler/1946-2004

HESS: Roland Hess/1910-1989

HESSEL: Marie Hessel/nee MILLER/Died Feb. 17, 1979 Sylvan J. Hessel/March 9, 1919/Feb. 19, 2003 Photo Eli Hessel/1895-1986 Tombstone, ossw: Anna Hessel/1902-1995 Tombstone

HETRICK: Marilyn Hetrick/1942-1993

HETUE: Kenneth T. Hetue/Aug. 19, 1920/March 22, 2006 Lorraine Hetue/1922-1988 Kermit Hetue/1927-1984 Tombstone, ossw: Loretta Hetue/1928-2014 Tombstone


HEYROTH: Doris Mae Heyroth/June 13, 1930/March 19, 2002 Tombstone

HIBBARD: Regina (Peg) E. Hibbard/1930-2007 Tombstone See James

HILGENBERG: Theophil Hilgenberg/July 30, 1893/Jan. 25, 1983 Tombstone, ossw: Nathalia Hilgenberg/1898-1990 Tombstone

HILL: Theodore Hill/1933-1998 Tombstone, ossw: Luella J. Hill/1933-2011 Tombstone See Wetnight

HILLMANN: Carl Hillmann/1913-2004 Photo Mildred B. Hillmann/1916-2008 Milford Hillmann/1910-2000 Photo Helen Hillmann/1917-1999 Photo

HILLS: Fred O. Hills/1938-2005 Tombstone

HIRSSIG: James Hirssig/1926-2005 Tombstone

HOBAN: John F. Hoban/July 19, 1906/Sept. 26, 1981 Mary Hoban/1907-1988

HOCHKAMMER: Terry Hochkammer/1979-2004 Zachary Hochkammer/2000-2000

HODGE: Floyd D. Hodge/April 23, 1906/Oct. 16, 1981 Tombstone, ossw: Frances Hodge/1907-1985 Tombstone Daniel Merle Hodge/1939-1994 (cem. list has M. Daniel/SSDI has Daniel M.) Tombstone

HOFFER: Mary BOLTZ Hoffer/July 7, 1937/Oct. 3, 1994

HOFFMAN: Clarence Hoffman/Aug. 18, 1903/Nov. 3, 1983 Irene Hoffman/1908-1999 Paulette A./d. Aug. 10, 2009

HOFSLUND: Everitt C. Hofslund/Dec. 11, 1910/June 1, 1981 Photo Harriet Hofslund/1911-1989

HOIDA: John S. Hoida, Jr/December 26, 1889/March 24, 1994 Tombstone, ossw: Anna Hoida/1906-Jun. 3, 2000 Tombstone (Note: Anna V. Hoida/30 Jun 1904/03 Jun 2000/SSDI)

HOLDORFF: Edwin W. Holdorff/1924-2011 Joyce Holdorff/1923-1994


HOLLER: Ludwig Holler/Nov. 19, 1897/Dec. 27, 1979 Tombstone, ossw: Maria Holler/1899-1991 Tombstone

HOLLY: Donald Holly/Aug 28, 1923-Apr 15, 2015 Photo, ossw: Marie HollyJan 9, 1923-Nov 3, 2009 Tombstone

HOLMES: William Holmes/1928-2008 Tombstone, next to: Beverly Holmes/nee JANDA/Oct. 4, 1931/May 11, 1978 Tombstone Elwood Holmes/1914-1997 Tombstone, ossw: Adeline Holmes/1918-2013 Tombstone

HOLSCHBACH: Leo M. Holschbach/Apr 15, 1927-Apr 21, 2016 Photo

HOLUB: Emmanuel Holub/1919-2001 Ruth A. Holub/May 9, 1922-Jul 17, 2014

HOPPE: Melvin Hoppe/1916-1992 Tombstone, ossw: Marie Hoppe/1920-2011 Tombstone Milton A. Hoppe/1910-2008 Tombstone, ossw: Verna Hoppe/1907-1989 Tombstone

HOPSON: James Harlan Hopson/September 20, 1924/Feb. 2004

HORN: Ida Horn/1904-1993 Norbert Horn/1895-1987 Willis E. Horn/1929-1995 Tombstone

HORNER: Benjamin Horner/1912-1986 Tombstone Grace Horner/1913-1985 Tombstone Otto Horner/1914-1999 Tombstone, ossw: Marie Horner/1901-1992 Tombstone

HORSTMAN: Hildegard Marie/Oct. 23, 1905-June 16, 1990

HOUGHTON: Walter J. Houghton/1927-1994 Tombstone, ossw: Florence Houghton/1927-2006 Tombstone


HRONEK: Raymond Francis Hronek, Jr./1932-2013 Tombstone, ossw: Gwyneth Hronek/May 31, 1934-Dec 6, 2015 Photo + Tombstone

HUCHTHAUSEN: Lois A. Huchthausen/1933-2006 Tombstone Richard C. Huchthausen/1933-2001 Tombstone

HUDY: Howard Hudy/1923-1995

HUEBNER: Ralph Huebner/1910-1987 Photo + Tombstone, ossw: Mildred Huebner/1916-2003 Photo + Tombstone

HUEMPFNER: Austin Huempfner/1914-1998 Marvel Huempfner/1914-2000

HUINKER: Olive T. Huinker/1918/June 27, 1991/age 73 Raymond Huinker/1914-1987

HUNT: Clinton D. Hunt/1924-1995 Tombstone, ossw: Marie Hunt/1924-2006 Tombstone

HUTCHINS: Faye Hutchins/1909-1996 Merle Hutchins/1903-1981

HUTCHISON: Clarence Hutchison/1913-1997 Tombstone, ossw: Ruth Hutchison/1917-2005 Tombstone

HUTTERER: Jerome Hutterer/1903-1999 Tombstone, ossw: Anna L. Hutterer/June 13, 1913/March 4, 2007 Tombstone

HYNEK: Eugene Hynek/1914-2003 Tombstone, ossw: Violet Hynek/1918-2013 Tombstone Joseph Hynek/1914-1988 Mildred A. Hynek/Mar 4, 1917-May 5, 2014 Harlan A. Hynek/1927-2009 Tombstone, ossw: Maxine V. Hynek/1930-2007 Tombstone Sheldon C. Hynek/1941-2015 Photo

IHDE: Marie Ihde/1923-2004

IHLENFELDT: Fred C. Ihlenfeldt, Sr./February 15, 1920/April 27, 2000 Tombstone Louise Ihlenfeldt/1913-2007 Millard Ihlenfeldt/1914-1997


IRICK: Clayton Irick/1913-1996 Ruth Irick/1918-1988

ISLEY: Charles Isley/1920-1994 Edna Isley/1923-1998

IVIS: Raymond Ivis/1905-1988 Tombstone Pearle Ivis/nee ANDERSON/June 7, 1900/July 14, 1981 Tombstone

JACKSON: Gladys Jackson/1924-1994 Walter Jackson/1916-1994

JACQUART: Gloria Jacquart/1937-2001 Merlin C. 'Jake' Jacquart/Aug. 11, 1926-March 22, 2009 Tombstone

JACQUE: Diane M. Jacque/Sept. 15, 1953-Aug. 9, 2012 Harvey Jacque/1923-1996 Lois C. Jacque/1926-2007

JAEHNIG: Caroline F. Jaehnig/1923-2011 Robert Jaehnig/1919-2003

JAGEMANN: Raymond Jagemann/1909-1989 Tombstone, ossw: Marie J. Jagemann/nee SAVAGE/Feb. 3, 1905/Sept. 28, 1980 Tombstone Ethel Jagemann/1903-1987 Frances Jagemann/1926-2004 Nicholas Jagemann/1914-2002 Tombstone, ossw: Vivian Jagemann/1916-1986 Tombstone William P. Jagemann/1901-1996

JAGODINSKY: Gregory C. Jagodinsky/March 12, 1923/June 11, 1983 Richard Jagodinsky/1919-1988

JAHNKE: Edward Jahnke/1916-1990 Linda Jahnke/1921-1987 Sherry Jahnke/Feb 10, 1948-Sep 20, 2015 Tombstone

JAMES: Delores Hibbard James/Nov. 5, 1932/Sept. 3, 1995

JANA: Adolph Jana/1885-1987 Tombstone, ossw: Martha Jana/1892-1988 Tombstone


JANDREY: Gerald Jandrey/Apr 14, 1943-Apr 25, 2013 Tombstone

JANKOWSKI: Florian Jankowski/1916-2013 Photo + Tombstone

JANSKY: Norbert O. Jansky/Dec 14, 1916-Oct 25, 2004 Tombstone, ossw: Lorraine Jansky/Sep 2, 1922-Jan 7, 2015 Tombstone

JAPE: Edwin L. Jape/July 26, 1924/Jan. 3, 2003 Kathryn L. Jape/Jan. 21, 1928/Oct. 12, 2006

JAREK: Bernard G. Jarek/1936-2009


JASCHOB: Harold F. Jaschob Sr/Dec. 10, 1920-Dec. 7, 2012 Photo Jannette Jaschob/1921-1996

JENSEN: Sofus Jensen/1905-1996 Tombstone

JENTINK: Oscar Jentink/1913-1990

JENTSCH: Florence Jentsch/1916-2001 Photo Robert Jentsch/1913-1995 Photo

JERABEK: Leo S. Jerabek/1924-2010

JERGENSON: Melvin Jergenson/Dec. 15, 1905/Dec. 1, 1981 Fern Jergenson/1934-1997 Leone Jergenson/1908-1997

JESKE: Elizabeth Jeske/1928-2013 Theodore Jeske/1923-1996

JIMENEZ: Joseph R. Jimenez/Nov. 24, 1919/Feb. 13, 2006 Tombstone

JINDRA: Roy W. Jindra/June 11, 1926/June 27, 2000

JOAS: George Joas/1927-1990

JOHANEK: Joseph J. Johanek/Aug. 14, 1922/Sept. 6, 1981 Tombstone, ossw: Marie A. Johanek/March 3, 1924-Jan. 31, 2009 Tombstone

JOHNSON: Adeline Johnson/1914-2005 Dale Johnson/1921-1995 Lorena Johnson/Aug 22, 1921-Mar 5, 2014 Photo Roy Johnson/1912-1994 Tombstone, ossw: Dorothy Johnson/1920-2007 Tombstone Floyd Johnson/1913-2002 Tombstone June Johnson/1914-1996 Tombstone Harry Johnson/1909-1998 James A. Johnson/1930-1996 James D. Johnson/1921-1996 Tombstone, ossw: Charlotte Johnson/1921-1994 Tombstone Lillie Johnson/1908-2005 Raymond Johnson/1906-1997 Rev. David Johnson/1939-1991 Wayne Johnson/1934-2003 Tombstone Judith Johnson/Mar 19, 1938-Nov 13, 2015 Photo See Longhini

JONAS: Fred W. Jonas/Oct. 6, 1912/May 26, 1978 Tombstone, ossw: Marie A. Jonas/April 24, 1922/January 18, 2001 Tombstone

JONES: Donald Jones/1920-1987 Tombstone Helen Jones/1926-1987 Tombstone Robert E. Jones/Feb 9, 1938-Feb 24, 2016 Photo

JORGENSEN: Burnell Jorgensen/1931-2006 Tombstone

JUCKEM: Elsie Juckem/1931-1996 Ronald Juckem/1967-2008 Photo

JUNG: Melvin Jung/1918-2000

JUNK: Allan J. Junk/March 18, 1947-July 25, 2012 Photo Bonnie Junk/1949-2004 Photo + Tombstone Ann M. Junk/1914-2010 Edward Junk/1910-1993 Philip Junk/1922-1985 Photo Rita M. Junk/Jun 22, 1931-Mar 24, 2015 Photo Troy Junk/1974-1994 Tombstone

JUNKER: Erwin Junker/1893-1987 Tombstone, ossw: Clara Junker/1896-1992 Tombstone

JUUL: Arthur P. Juul/April 6, 1926/Jan. 18, 1983 Kathleen Juul/1926-1985

KABAT: Alice Kabat/1933-2002 Photo

KADERABEK: Charles Kaderabek, Jr./Aug. 14, 1915/Oct. 10, 1983 Alice Kaderabek/1914-1993 Frank Kaderabek/1916-1996 Tombstone, ossw: Hildegarde Kaderabek/1915-2004 Tombstone

KADOW: Roger J. Kadow/Dec. 9, 1927/Aug. 24, 2009 Carol A. Kadow/Mar 12, 1930-Oct 3, 2015 Photo Pamela J. Kadow/1968-2011

KAHL: Leo F. Kahl/1928-2007

KAHLENBERG: Karl W. Kahlenberg/October 29, 1933/February 4, 2000 Tombstone


KAKATSCH: Lawrence Kakatsch, Sr./1919-1994 Tombstone, ossw: Orgena Kakatsch/1922-2007 Tombstone

KAKES: Evelyn Kakes/1915-1990 Photo John Kakes/1908-2000 Photo

KALCIK: George Kalcik/1904-1997

KALLIES: Kathie Kallies/1959-2002 Tombstone William G. Kallies/July 28, 1929/Nov. 9, 2005 Tombstone, ossw: Dorothy E. Kallies/1934-2011 Tombstone

KAMINSKI: Ignatius (Ernie) Kaminski/Jan. 18, 1918/Oct. 20, 1980 Florine Kaminski/1909-1986

KAMINSKY: Gerald E. Kaminsky/1924-2013 Tombstone

KAMKE: Elmer Kamke/1903-1990 Leona Kamke/1911-2008 Harold J. Kamke/Oct 6, 1935-Jun 17, 2013 Photo

KANE: Robert Kane/1920-1995 Wilma I. Kane/1924-2009/from obit

KANERA: Daniel F. Kanera, Sr./Sept. 30, 1910/Jan. 11, 1983

KANTER: Donald G. Kanter/1939-2008/from obit Wilmer A. Kanter/March 8, 1912/Sept. 15, 1977 Tombstone, ossw: Evelyn Ida Kanter/1917-2007 Tombstone Hazel Kanter/1921-2007 Leland Kanter/1921-1965

KAPPELMANN: Martha Kappelmann/nee SEHLHOFF/March 24, 1903/Dec. 16, 1981 Leona Kappelmann/1918-2001 Louis Kappelmann/1902-1987 Paul Kappelmann/1909-1994

KARBON: Dolores Karbon/1929-2007 Tombstone Harold Karbon/1915-1993 Tombstone, ossw: Eleanor Karbon/1919-1989 Tombstone

KARMAN: Jeffrey Karman/Dec. 30, 1961/Dec. 17, 1974 Tombstone Ludger Karman/1914-1999 Tombstone, ossw: Mildred B. Karman/1918-2010 Tombstone

KASPER: Donald Kasper/1915-2002 Photo Viola Kasper/1917-2004 Photo

KATERSKI: Bernice Katerski/1922-2006 James Katerski/1921-1992

KATH: Raymond J. Kath/1921-2010 Tombstone Jane Kath/1922-1987 Tombstone


KAUFMANN: Patricia A. Kaufmann/1970-2011 Photo

KAUTZER: Rueben Kautzer/Aug. 28, 1907/July 27, 1983

KEATING: Elaine Keating/1927-1987 Raymond Keating/1928-2001

KEEHAN: Gerald Keehan/1936-1986

KEERY: Scott Thomas Keery/1995-1995

KELLENBENZ: Ralph G. Kellenbenz/1924-2010 Tombstone

KELLER: Milton Keller/1921-2010 Tombstone

KELLIHER: Earl Kelliher/1922-1995

KELLY: Donald Kelly/1932-1999

KERSCHER: Paul Kerscher/1928-2002 Tombstone

KEUBKE: Clarence Keubke/1910-1984 Photo Dorothy Keubke/1912-1996

KEUNE: Jean D. Keune/Sep 11, 1925-Jan 23, 2016 Photo

KEUP: Lowell Keup/1949-1992 Tombstone Orville Keup/1916-2001 Margaret Ann Keup/1921-2012

KEY: Sandra J. Key/June 5, 1947/May 31, 2007

KIEFER: Paul A. Kiefer/1934-2014 Photo

KIEL: Lester Kiel/1914-1998 Photo + Tombstone, ossw: Beatrice Kiel/1914-2006 Tombstone Timothy Kiel/1955-2003 Tombstone Shirley A. Kiel/1936-2012

KIENBAUM: Willard E. Kienbaum/1924-2010 Tombstone Arno Kienbaum/Mar 3, 1916-Apr 26, 2010 Marie Kienbaum/May 31, 1921-Oct 20, 2015 Photo

KIENETZ: Hugo Kienetz/1921-1984 Photo + Tombstone, ossw: Ruth Kienetz/Apr 23, 1924-Apr 27, 2013 Photo + Tombstone

KIESELHORST: Larry W. Kieselhorst/1933-2011 Tombstone Myrtle Kieselhorst/1906-1986 Raymond Kieselhorst/1906-1991

KILEY: Harold E./Apr. 23, 1918/Aug. 13, 2009 Photo Margaret "Marge" L. Kiley/Nov. 1, 1922/May 21, 2006

KILGAS: John Kilgas/1956-1996

KIMMEL: Celestine Kimmel/Oct 15, 1935-Oct 24, 2014 Tombstone

KIMMES: Mathew J. Kimmes/Oct 25, 1941-May 10, 2015 Photo

KIND: Arnold A. Kind/1922-2008 Hazel L. Kind/1924-2009

KING: James E. King/1941-2014 Photo Joyce King/1942-1999

KINSTETTER: Edwin Kinstetter/1907-1988 Tombstone, ossw: Delia Kinstetter/1910-2001 Tombstone

KIRCHEN: Robert Kirchen/1931-1996 Tombstone, ossw: Ruth Kirchen/1931-2004 Tombstone

KIRCHMAN: Alfred H. Kirchman/October 17, 1898/March 10, 1997 Tombstone, ossw: Genevieve E. Kirchman/January 4, 1906/December 8, 1998 Tombstone

KITZEROW: Reinhard Kitzerow/1897-1986 Frieda W. Kitzerow/Nov. 2, 1897/Nov. 12, 2005 Photo Arthur Kitzerow/1906-1988 Tombstone, ossw: Mabel Kitzerow/1912-1992 Tombstone Mel Kitzerow/1903-1988 Tombstone, ossw: Grace Kitzerow/Oct. 31, 1906/Jan. 4, 2005 Tombstone

KLABUNDE: Edward Klabunde/May 27, 1923-May 6, 2015 Photo Arlene Klabunde/Jun 28, 1927-Feb 5, 2012 Photo

KLATT: Harold Klatt/1909-1992 Sera Klatt/1911-2001

KLECKNER: Albert Kleckner/1920-2003 Tombstone, ossw: Sarah A. Kleckner/1919-2012 Tombstone

KLEIN: Cyril E. Klein/Jun 8, 1921-Nov 5, 2015 Photo Glenn Klein/1942-1995 Jeanne M. Klein/May 27, 1945-Dec 12, 2015 Photo Otto (Bud) Klein/Aug. 14, 1912/Nov. 7, 1979 Tombstone, ossw: Blanche Klein/1915-2004 Tombstone Florence E. Klein/February 3, 1924/June 6, 2000 Gene A. Klein/1938-2009 Tombstone Harold Klein/1913-1985 Tombstone, ossw: Esther Klein/1916-1997 Tombstone Ivan Klein/1921-2007 Tombstone Jerry W. Klein/1941-2012 Mabel V. Klein/1934-2013 John P. Klein, Jr./1944-2001 Marvin Klein/1923-1991 Theodore S. Klein/1966-2010 Tombstone

KLEIST: Harvey Kleist/1906-1987 Ovella Kleist/1910-2001

KLENKE: Henry Klenke/1914-1985 Tombstone Delores Klenke/1921-1999 Tombstone

KLEPPE: Victor E. Kleppe/April 30, 1916/Oct. 17, 1978 Tombstone Alice Kleppe/1923-2002 Tombstone

KLIMENT: Anton Kliment/1903-1981 Charles Kliment/1903-1986 Rose Kliment/1905-2004 Sylvia Kliment/1902-1996

KLINGEISEN: Clarence R. Klingeisen/1909-2012 Photo + Tombstone, ossw: Irene Klingeisen/1913-1999 Photo + Tombstone Lester R. Klingeisen/Nov. 21, 1918-March 24, 2012 Photo + Tombstone Dolores M. Klingeisen/Sept. 23, 1925-April 17, 2009 Tombstone

KLINGHOLZ: Paul A. Klingholz/1922-2011 Naomi R. Klingholz/1925-2011

KLOIDA: James Kloida/Sept. 28, 1902/Feb. 28, 1981 Tombstone, ossw: Myrtle Kloida/1907-1987 Tombstone

KLOSTER: June G. Kloster/1925-2008/from obit

KLOTZBUECHER: Eldor Klotzbuecher/1924-1996 Mary Klotzbuecher/1926-1998

KLUBA: Floyd Kluba/1923-2000 Tombstone Ann Kluba/1926-1998 Tombstone

KLUENKER: Valeria Kluenker/1929-2009

KLUSMEYER: Elroy H. Klusmeyer/1924-2012 Tombstone Ervin Klusmeyer/1910-1994 Photo Ethel Klusmeyer/1913-1992

KNIER: Alex Knier/1916-1989 Elsie Knier/1921-1989 Shirley Knier/1948-1996

KNIPFER: Ivan E. Knipfer/Sept. 9, 1919-June 20, 2009

KNIPP: Alphonse Joseph Knipp/July 4, 1915/Sept. 6, 2004 Tombstone

KNOX: Patricia A. Knox/1947-2012

KNUELL: Minnie Knuell/1904-1993

KNUTSON: Myron Knutson/1915-1984 Tombstone, ossw: Janet M. Knutson/Jan. 3, 1920/Oct. 28, 2002 Tombstone Herbert Knutson/1903-1984 Tombstone, ossw: Lexie Knutson/1905-1995 Tombstone Kenneth Knutson/1916-1997 Tombstone, ossw: Luella Knutson/1913-2003 Tombstone

KOCH: Clarence G. Koch/16 Nov 1912/07 Aug 1993 Tombstone, ossw: Josephine R. Koch/1914-2012 Tombstone Edward M. Koch/31 May 1908/29 Sep 1992 Tombstone, ossw: Anita M. (Zunker) Koch/23 May 1908/5 Mar 2001 Tombstone Bradley Charles Koch/Jan. 13, 1981/Dec. 26, 2007 Charles Koch/1909-2004 Tombstone, ossw: Faith Koch/1914-1994 Tombstone Sheldon A. Koch/Aug. 1, 1936/Nov. 25, 2003 William Koch/1925-2008 Photo LeeRoy J. Koch/1929-2013 Tombstone

KOCHAN: Ralph Kochan/1932-1991 Tombstone Florence C. Kochan/Jan. 4, 1917-Feb. 10, 2009 Tombstone

KOCIAN: Erwin Kocian/1919-2000 Tombstone, ossw: Rhoda Kocian/1923-1996 Tombstone George Kocian/1920-1994 Tombstone, ossw: June Kocian/1923-2008 Tombstone

KOCOUREK: Harold W. Kocourek/1922-2014 Photo + Tombstone, ossw: LaVerne Kocourek/1926-2004 Tombstone

KODET: Edward E. Kodet/Sept. 6, 1895/April 9, 1979 Tombstone Raymond Kodet/1922-2000 Tombstone, ossw: Ruth Kodet/1925-1988 Tombstone

KOEHLER: Victor A. Koehler/Oct. 26, 1907/Oct. 5, 1981 Tombstone, ossw: Cecelia Koehler/1908-2002 Tombstone

KOENIG: Carol Koenig/1951-1991 Krystle Grace Koenig/Jul 9, 1986-Nov 14, 2008 Photo Kenneth Koenig/1947-1985 Mary Koenig/Mar 30, 1952-Nov 25, 2015 Photo Karen Koenig/1947-2009 Tombstone

KOEPPE: Arle Koeppe/1927-1996 Tombstone, ossw: Carol Koeppe/1927-1995 Tombstone Esther/1903-1999 Tombstone

KOEPSEL: Jeanette E. Koepsel/April 15, 1929/February 3, 1999 Tombstone

KOESER: William Koeser/1908-1989 Tombstone, ossw: Anna Koeser/1910-2002 Tombstone Kenneth Koeser/1933-1996 Tombstone

KOHLBECK: Ferdinand Kohlbeck/April 11, 1894/Aug. 9, 1982 Tombstone see GRALL

KOHLMAN: Paul H. Kohlman/1921-2010 Tombstone

KOHLMANN: Michael J. Kohlmann/Aug. 9, 1945/Nov. 21, 2003 see FISCHER

KOHLMEIER: Herbert G. Kohlmeier/1915-2009 Tombstone, ossw: Mildred Kohlmeier/1915-2001 Tombstone Paul H. Kohlmeier/1935-2012 Photo + Tombstone Wayne E. Kohlmeier/1935-2013

KOHLS: Jorun (Margret) Kohls/Oct. 29, 1914-May 13, 2009 Roland A. Kohls/April 23, 1916/April 30, 1981 Ellis Kohls/1908-1996 Tombstone, ossw: Viola Kohls/1913-1991 Tombstone

KOLAR: James Kolar/1922-1987 Tombstone, ossw: Evelyn Kolar/1922-1996 Tombstone Frank Kolar/1898-1987

KOLARIK: Joseph A. Kolarik/Apr 24, 1935-Sep 10, 2014

KOLB: Merlin Kolb/1922-2003

KOLBE: Elmer C. Kolbe/July 12, 1914/February 17, 2010 Photo Helen Kolbe/1918-2006 Photo

KOLDOFF: Emily F. Koldoff/1913-2010 Martin Koldoff/1914-1993 Paul Koldoff/1941-1988

KOMOROSKI: Edwin P. Komoroski/Feb. 4, 1918/Nov. 28, 1982 Tombstone, ossw: Mary Komoroski/nee GRIESBACH/March 20, 1919/Sept. 26, 1976 Tombstone

KONELL: Norbert Konell/1931-1987

KONEN: Harold D. Konen/Feb. 24, 1956-Dec. 14, 2010

KONO: Lester A. Kono/1916-1986 Irene E. Kono/1924-2013 Lester Kono/1948-1991

KONOP: Leo J. Konop/1926-2010

KOPIDLANSKY: Louis J. Kopidlansky/June 15, 1918/July 16, 1983 Tombstone, ossw: Hazel Kopidlansky/1926-2004 Tombstone Joseph Kopidlansky/1913-1986 Photo Mary M. Kopidlansky/1915-2007

KORINEK: Evelyn Korinek/1922-2010 Louis Korinek/1918-2006 Tombstone Victor Korinek/1913-2004 Ervin Korinek/Oct 10, 1926-Jan 25, 2015

KORNELY: Delores Kornely/1925-1995 Dolores Kornely/1927-2003 Lloyd Kornely/1922-1988 Tombstone, ossw: Dolores V. Kornely/1927-2008 Tombstone Leroy Kornely/1917-1993 Lester Kornely/1913-1991 Frederick Kornely/Jun 3, 1917-Sep 6, 2014 Photo + Tombstone, ossw: Jean Kornely/Dec 19, 1917-Jan 28, 2016 Photo + Tombstone Louis Kornely/1910-1996 Melvin Kornely/1914-1999 Milton Kornely/1912-2002 Elaine F. Kornely/1914-2012 Nicole Kornely/1972-1995 Tombstone Violet Kornely/1914-1993

KORPI: Milton Korpi/1915-1990 Tombstone Edith Korpi/May 14, 1916-Feb 6, 2015 Photo

KORTE: Kenneth Korte/June 29, 1924/Apr. 13, 2005 Photo

KOSOBUCKI: Ann Kosobucki/1930-2001 Francis A. Kosobucki, Sr./1958-2010 John Kosobucki/1919-2008

KOSTECHKA: Raymond Kostechka/1922-1999 Photo Leo Kostechka/1920-2003

KOTCHE: Carl E. Kotche/Sept. 16, 1910/Dec. 13, 1982 Evelyn Kotche/1912-1994

KOTCHI: Irene Kotchi/1911-2005 Stanley Kotchi/1910-1986

KOTT: Irene M. Kott/Oct. 30, 1912/Sept. 27, 1983

KOTTKE: Julius Kottke/1897-1987 Tombstone, ossw: Clara Kottke/Jan. 25, 1908/Apr. 18, 2007 Tombstone

KOUBA: Vivian H. Kouba/1924-2004 Colleen Kouba/1954-1996

KOUTNIK: Robert E. Koutnik/May 11, 1923-Feb 11, 2015 Photo Elva S. Koutnik/1926-2012 Photo

KOWALSKI: Virginia C. Kowalski/1926-2011 Tombstone

KOZACZUK: Edward Kozaczuk/1920-2005 Leo Kozaczuk/1917-2002

KOZLOWSKI: Frank Kozlowski/1929-2008 Tombstone

KRACHT: William Kracht/1915-1997 Tombstone, ossw: Frieda Kracht/1915-1986 Tombstone

KRAEMER: Emogene Kraemer/1914-2008 John Kraemer/1914-2006 John Kraemer/1930-2012 Tombstone

KRAFTCHECK: Leigh Kraftcheck/1946-2013 Photo + Tombstone, ossw: Bernice G. Kraftcheck/1951-2011 Tombstone

KRAHN: Betty Krahn/1936-1998 Tombstone Charles Krahn/1900-1985 Tombstone, ossw: Meta Krahn/Sep 24, 1910-Dec 23, 2015 Photo + Tombstone

KRAINIK: Joseph Krainik/b. 20 May 1898/d. 24 Sept 1986 Viola M. Krainik/10 Oct. 1909/26 Sept. 2005 Photo

KRAJNIK: Ernest Krajnik Sr./1917-2013 Tombstone, ossw: Edith Krajnik/1925-2001 Tombstone

KRALL: Georgiana Krall/1925-1994 Photo

KRAMER: Genevieve C. Kramer/1917-2009 Henry Kramer/1912-2002

KRANZ: Leona Kranz/1907-2000 Walter Kranz/1908-1984

KRATZ: Lester Kratz/1918-2005 Myrtle Kratz/1915-2003

KRAUS: Elmer Kraus/1909-1988 Photo Margaret M. Kraus/1914-2012 Photo Janet Kraus/1944-1985 Tombstone Marvin Kraus/1915-1991 Tombstone, ossw: Verona Kraus/1918-1997 Tombstone

KRCMA: Eugene Krcma/Sept. 12, 1925/Mar. 6, 1995 Tombstone Rita V. Krcma/Jun 24, 1950-Dec 11, 2016 Emil Krcma/1920-2014 Photo + Tombstone Lorraine A. Krcma/1923-2012 Photo + Tombstone see ZIPPERER

KREBSBACH: Marietta B. Krebsbach/May 1, 1940-Jul 6, 2015 Photo

KREISA: Frank Kreisa/Oct. 9, 1888/April 26, 1981 Tombstone, next to: Maude Kreisa/nee WATZEL/Aug. 10, 1893/June 2, 1980 Tombstone Kenneth J. Kreisa/1922-1984 Tombstone

KREJCAREK: Clarence Krejcarek/1921-1992 Eugene Krejcarek/1916-2006 Grace Krejcarek/1919-1993 Nobia Krejcarek/1924-1987

KRELL: Gladys Krell/nee: STEFFAN/Dec. 9, 1921/March 15, 1983 Theobald Krell/1916-1993


KREPLINE: Orville Wilmer Krepline/Sept. 23, 1943-May 19, 2009

KRESHECK: Mary Kresheck/1901-1990 Vladimir Kresheck/1898-1993

KRISH: Alberta R. Krish/1932-2011 Photo + Tombstone Harold Krish/Feb 27, 1930-Jul 23, 2016 Photo + Tombstone

KRIZEK: Frank Krizek/1909-1986 Tombstone, ossw: Rosella Krizek/Jun 24, 1925-Jul 22, 2015 Tombstone Donald G. Krizek/Aug 17, 1955-Apr 29, 2013 Photo + Tombstone

KRIZIZKE: Esther A. Krizizke/1919-2008/from obit Florence Krizizke/1927-1999 Tombstone Roland T. Krizizke/1951-2011 Tombstone

KROEGER: Marlyn Kroeger/1928-2011 Tombstone, ossw: Elaine Kroeger/ Photo + Tombstone

KROENING: Donald Kroening/1937-2004 Tombstone

KROFTA: Joan Krofta/1933-2011 Tombstone

KROLL: Anton Kroll/1907-1998 Photo Regina Kroll/1921-1999

KRONFORST: Alvin Kronforst/1905-1986, ossw: Loretta Kronforst/1908-2001 Harold F. Kronforst/1919-2013 Photo + Tombstone LaJune Kronforst/1919-2002 Photo + Tombstone

KRUEGER: Ewald C. Krueger/April 16, 1900/April 8, 1976 Tombstone, ossw: Viola Krueger/1907-1992 Tombstone Lavern Krueger/nee MOSCHEL/July 5, 1932/Sept. 7, 1981 Photo Vilas Krueger/1930-2005 Photo William Henry Krueger/Oct. 21, 1880-July, 1976 Tombstone, ossw: Constance Krueger/nee NAPIEZINSKI/Sept. 26, 1885/Jan. 10, 1977 Tombstone Eugene P. Krueger/1932-2012 Tombstone Nelson Krueger/1913-1994 Clementina Krueger/1924-2006 Harlan Roger Krueger/June 24, 1928-Dec. 9, 2011 Photo + Tombstone Janice Krueger/d. Aug. 17, 2009 Tombstone Edward Krueger/1921-1992 Tombstone, ossw: Joan Krueger/1917-1998 Tombstone Kendall Krueger/1941-1994 Tombstone Marvin Krueger/1942-2002 Otto Krueger/1917-2005 Tombstone, ossw: Edith C. Krueger/1921-2011 Photo + Tombstone Vernon O. Krueger/1932-2008 Photo + Tombstone Orville E. Krueger/Jul 17, 1925-Feb 12, 2015 Photo

KRZIZIKE: Florian P. Krzizike/1916-2013

KUBSCH: Orville Kubsch/1918-1995 Tombstone

KUCERA: Lois Kucera/1919-1998 Steven Kucera/1911-1998

KUEHN: August Kuehn/1914-1987

KUEHNE: [4-I-5]-Raymond Kuehne/1914-1998

KUFFEL: Lars A. Kuffel/1914-1996

KUGEL: Eric Kugel/1967-1987 Tombstone

KUIK: Harold Kuik/1931-2003 Tombstone

KUMBALEK: Ernest Kumbalek/1919-1993 Tombstone

KUMMER: Edwin Kummer, Sr./1909-1990 Marie M. Kummer/1916-2010

KUNESH: Betty Jane Kunesh/1936-2014 Photo + Tombstone Ricky Lee Kunesh/Mar 12, 1960-Jan 19, 2013 Photo + Tombstone

KUNSTMANN: Adolph Kunstmann/1924-1992

KUTIL: Ann Kutil/1912-2003