Kossuth Township, Manitowoc Co., Wisconsin

Location. 2.55 miles north of Highway 10 on County H, to Reifs Mills Road, then east on Reifs Mills Road for 0.45 miles to church and cemetery is located on the north side of road. Copied by Adeline Tolksdorf, Alloy Mc Cully, Ruth and Hilary Vanderbloemen, and Marcie Baer, MCOCS, on September 3, 1978. Typed and proofread by Hilary Vanderbloemen. Re-checked and updated June 17, 2000 by Kristin Spaude. Tombstone photos submitted by Becky in July of 2007. Cemetery is the Parish Cemetery of St. Augustines Catholic Church. Maintained in fair condition. Earliest remaining stone 1866.
Updated by the Manitowoc Genealogy Society, Nov. 2006, added to this site Dec. 2010.



ANDRES: Edward Andres/Mar. 24, 1912/Jan. 2, 1929 Tombstone, next to: Joseph/1887-1975Tombstone Joseph/Mary, ossw: Mary/1889-1972 Tombstone Joseph/Mary Elisabetha Andres/Geb. 19 Nov. 1854/Gest. 19 Marz 1917 Tombstone Jacob Andres/Geb./25 Dec. 1851/Gest. 4 April 1907 Tombstone Joseph Andres/Geb. in/Buch. Preus./18 Oct. 1826/Gest./12 Juli 1870 Tombstone

BAESL: Joseph Baesl/Vater/Geb. 27 Juni 1832/Gest. 24 Dez 1881 John Baesl/Geb./4 Aug. 1877/Gest. 19 Nov. 1881 Tombstone Iron cross, no inscriptions, between Anna Blazek and Joseph Baesl.

BAROUN: Bernard/1900-1981, ossw: Agnes/1902-1963 Tombstone Bernard/Agnes

BARTA: Anton Barta/narozen/15 Srpna 1894/zemrel/1 Srpna 1898 Tombstone John Barta/1885-1926 Tombstone, next to: Frank Barta/1853-1925 Tombstone, ossw: Mary Barta/1856-1939 Tombstone Frank/Mary

BAUMAN: Michael/sohnien G. u. B. Bauman/Geb. 14 Mar. 1866/Gest. 28 Mai 1866 Tombstone, ossw: Johann/sohnien G. & B./Bauman/Geb. 3 Febr. 1872/Gest. 14 Nov. 1873 Tombstone Johann/sohnein G. u. B. Bauman/geboren 5 April 1876/gestorben 7 Mai 1876, next to: Iron cross, no remaining inscriptions, next to: Johann/sohnein G. u. B. Bauman/geboren 3 Juli 1878/gestorben 14 Aug. 1878

BAUMANN: Georg Baumann/Geb. 8 Apr. 1840/Gest. 24 Aug. 1910, ossw: Barbara Baumann/Geb. 28 Sept. 1847/Gest. 1 Juni 1929 Tombstone Georg/Barbara Julia/Dau. of/J. & F. Baumann/born & died May 29, 1914, next to: J.Baumann/May 16, 1903, next to: Harvey/son of J. & F. Baumann/born & died July 8, 1917 Michael Baumann/Geb. 2 Mar. 1812/Gest. 1 Apr./1889 Tombstone, ossw: Barbara Baumann/Geb. 10 Dec. 1830/Gest. 27 Sept. 1906 Tombstone Kenneth Baumann/Jan 28, 1947-Aug 7, 2015

BLAHNIK: Clara Blahnik/Mar. 24, 1971 (10 Mar 1890/Mar 1971/SSDI) Tombstone, next to: Doris V. Blahnik/June 16, 1916/Dec. 26, 1927 (stone gone as of 6/17/2000) Tombstone

BLAZEK: Anna Blazek/narozena/roku 1809/zemrela/roku 1883 see BAESL

BOEHM: Louis Boehm/1874-1923, ossw: Anna Boehm/May 21, 1885/Sept. 22, 1968 (b. 1886 on SSDI), ossw: Edward Boehm/1906-1976 Tombstone Louis/Anna/Edward/Boehm Mary M. Boehm/born June 1, 1847/died Apr. 8, 1914, ossw: Max Boehm/born May 1, 1839/died Oct. 6, 1924 Tombstone Mary/Max, next to: Joseph/1868-1932 Tombstone, ossw: Christina/1868-1939 Tombstone Tombstone Joseph/Christina

BRAUNREITER: Frank/Father/1848-1932, ossw: Catherine/Mother/1849-1936 Tombstone Catherine/Frank, next to: Rose/dau. of Fr. & A. Braunreiter/born/Jan. 11, 1908/died/May 20, 1915

BRAUNRFUTER: Franz Braunrfuter/Geb. 1807/Gest. 8 Aug. 1890, The above on iron cross.

BREI: Johann/sohn von/G. & A. Brei/geboren/Juni 24, 1869/gestorben/Febr. 15, 1874

BREY: Anna/1898-1987, ossw: Michael J./Oct. 29, 1897/May 21, 1975 Tombstone Michael/Anna

BURISH: Frank J. Burish/born July 30, 1890/died Feb. 2, 1919 Tombstone

CARROLL: Barney Carroll/died Apr. 12, 1905/aged/78 years Tombstone, ossw: Mary Carroll/died Oct. 26, 1883/aged/46 years Bernard Carroll/died Dec. 19, 1916, ossw: Margaret Carroll/died May 17, 1917

CENEFELS: Marie/dcera J. u M. Cenefels/narozena 14 Kvetna 1870/zemrela 13 Rijna 1886 Tombstone

CHERNEY: Wencel/1894-1981, ossw: Mary/1900-1981 Tombstone Mary/Wencel

CISLER: Annie/1875-1913, ossw: Charles/1875-1953 Tombstone Annie/Charles Joseph H./son of/C. and A. Cisler/born May 30, 1902/died Mar. 19, 1903

DECKER: Anna K./Mother/1883-1942, ossw: Mathias M./Father/1877-1954 Tombstone Anna/Mathias Anne/1914-1967, ossw: George/1916-1999

DUGAN: Geraldine Dugan/neePekarske/1924-2009 Tombstone

DVORAK: Florence/dau. of J. & I. Dvorak/born Jan. 10/died Feb. 15, 1920 Tombstone (Daughter of John C. and Ida J. (Huinker) Dvorak)

FETZER: Frank Fetzer/1850-1929 Tombstone, next to: Frank Fetzer/May 2, 1892/Sept. 23, 1974, ossw: Caroline Fetzer/1853-1939, ossw: Franz Fetzer/1859-1929 Tombstone Frank/Caroline/Franz/Nora, ossw: Nora Fetzer/Oct. 20, 1898-Jan. 26, 1989 Tombstone Frank/Caroline/Franz/Nora (Franz Fetzer/d. 11 Feb. 1888/may be Franz below?) Franz Fetzer/geboren/22 Feb. 1812/19 Feb. 1887/und seine gattin, ossw: Elisabeth Fetzer/geboren 19 Mar. 1819/gestorben 19 Nov. 1893 Tombstone Franz/Elisabeth Gottfried Fetzer/geboren 8 Juni 1815/gestorben 26 Dez. 1886 Tombstone, ossw: Rosa/gattin des G. Fetzer/geborene WEGNER/12 Marz 1819/gestorben 30 Mai 1873

FITZMAURICE: Michael/husband of Bridget Fitzmaurice/died Sept. 21, 1883, aged 69 yrs., next to: Footstone: Mary (no stone remains 6-17-2000)

FOGELTANZ: John Fogeltanz/Father/1862-1950 Tombstone Tombstone, next to: Baldwin/son of/J. & A. Fogeltanz/Mar. 22, 1902/Nov. 18, 1922 Tombstone Melvin Fogeltanz/Mar. 18, 1927/Jan. 14, 1928 Tombstone

FREIDENBERGER: Charles H./1923-2003, ossw: Mary Ann/1931-1960 Tombstone Mary Ann/Charles

GEIGEL: Timothy Geigel/1987-2013 Tombstone

GRAFF: Eric J Graff/Feb. 8, 1985/May 3, 1985 (Stone closely between stones for Helen STELZER and Lawrence and Verna STELZER)

HAVLINEK: Frantiska Havlinek/narozena/9 Brez 1814/zemrela/19 Cer. 1907 Tombstone Tombstone, next to: Jacob Havlinek/born/May 1, 1819/died/Jan. 8, 1896 Tombstone

HAVLOVIC: Anna Havlovic/narozena 27 List 1827/zemrela 9 Rijna 1917, ossw: Petr Havlovic/narozen 8 Pros. 1829/zemrel 27 Pros 1885 Ema/dcera/M. & A. Havlovic/narozena 26 Unora 1894/zemrela 3 Rijna 1894 Tombstone Willie Havlovic/29 Lec. 1897 Tombstone

HAVLOVITZ: Agnes/1916-1975, ossw: John/1902-1980 (21 Mar 1901 Jan 1980/SSDI) Tombstone Agnes/John Charles/Sept. 12, 1905/Dec. 7, 1969, ossw: Ludmila/1911-1999 Tombstone Charles/Ludmila, next to: Kenneth/Mar. 5, 1950/April 17, 1998, ossw: Doris/April 3 1950 Tombstone Kenneth/Doris Frank/1895-1984 Tombstone, ossw: Allen/Oct. 10, 1936/Sept. 17, 2001 Tombstone, ossw: Emma/1895/1978 (9 June 1895/Aug. 1978/SSDI) Tombstone Frank/Allen/Emma Lester/son of F. & E. Havlovitz/born Apr. 17, 1925/died Apr. 29, 1925 Tombstone Matt/Father/1856-1947, ossw: Elizabeth/Mother/1866-1955, next to: Joseph F./1891-1959 Tombstone

HERAN: John J. Heran/Nov. 27, 1940-March 3, 2014/from obit

HERDINA: Florence E./1914-1969, ossw: Wenzel P./1908-1971

HERMANN: Luke Hermann/born/Oct. 8, 1811/died Mar. 30, 1876 Tombstone, ossw: Carolina Hermann/born Apr. 15, 1820/died Dec. 21, 1915

HEROLD: Josef Herold/1843-1920, ossw: Josefina Herold/1846-1890 Tombstone

HERRMANN: August Herrmann/Geb. 28 Aug. 1844/Gest. 2 Sept. 1904, ossw: Margeretha Herrmann/Geb. 6 Mai 1844/Gest. 9 Mai 1924 Tombstone Charles/1883-1962, ossw: Frances/1887-1976 Tombstone Charles/Frances, next to: Joseph N./1918-1990 Tombstone Christian/Father/May 8, 1854/Nov. 17, 1935, ossw: Margaret/Mother/Sept. 3, 1862/May 14, 1945 Tombstone Christian/Margaret Lena/Mother/1884-1972, ossw: John/Father/1882-1950, next to: Arthur Herrmann/1908-1935 Melvin C. Herrmann/Jan. 8, 1919/Sept. 11, 1920 Baby Herrmann/Geb. und Gest./6 Mai 1908 Fred E./1914-2006, ossw: Lillian T./1918-2002 Tombstone Fred/Lillian

HOUSNER: Jan Housner/narozen 10 Rij. 1834/zemrel 15 Rij. 1885, ossw: Marketa Housner/narozena 15 Srp. 1841/zemrela 14 List 1914, next to: Ema/&/Eva (No other information.) Mary & Joe (No other information.), next to: Two metal crosses, stone on other side Josef Polivka.

HRDINA: Anna Hrdina/Sept. 20, 1871/Oct. 14, 1918, ossw: John Hrdina/Oct. 15, 1865/Apr. 6, 1933 Tombstone Anna/John, next to: Mary Hrdina/1895/1973 Tombstone, next to: Emma A. Hrdina/1903-1959 Tombstone Dorota Hrdina/narozena 19 Brez 1862/zemerla 16 Srp. 1878 (Dorothea Hrdina/dau. of John and Margaretha Hrdina/b. Kossuth/d. 16 Aug. 1878, Kossuth) next to: Iron cross between above and Masmann stone.

HUSSEY: Francis Hussey/1858-1883, ossw: Mary Hussey/1866-1883, ossw: Anna Hussey/1864-1882 Tombstone Francis/Mary/Anna, ossw: Michael Hussey/1827-1910, ossw: Ellen Hussey/1827-1921, ossw: Daniel Hussey/1854-1896

JANA: Frank/born Sept. 14, 1877/died July 22, 1914, ossw: Dora Jana/born Feb. 15, 1850/died Oct. 24, 1922 Tombstone Frank/Dora

JUNK: Valarian/1919-2017, ossw: Kathleen/1941-1962 Tombstone, ossw: Mayme/1921-2001 Tombstone Valarian/Kathleen/Mayme

KABAT: Anton Kabat/narozen/15 List 1873/zemrel/27 Cervce 1910 Antonin Kabat/Nar. 25 List 1845/Zem. 12 Kvet 1920, ossw: Marketa Kabat/Nar. 6 Ledna/1846/Zem. 30 List 1917 Tombstone

KALCIK: Jiri Kalcik/narozen/9 Kvet 1834/zemrel/9 Pros 1881 Tombstone, next to: Barbara Kalcik/narozena/27 Zari 1838/zemrela/9 Unora 1918 Tombstone, next to: Footstones: Vaclav/Kalcik, Joseph/Kalcik

KARBAN: Peter Karban/narozen 23 Cervna 1825/zemrel 11 Maye 1909 (Anna Karban/1830-Jan 31, 1916)

KARBON: Elizabeth/Mother/June 8, 1858/Sept. 19, 1931, ossw: Peter/Father/May 15, 1848/Oct. 30, 1937 Tombstone Peter/Elizabeth Peter Karbon Jr./1882-1944 Tombstone

KIRT: Lucy/1900-1988, ossw: Adolph/1897-1990, next to: Evelyn R. Kirt/Daughter/1926-1946 Peter Kirt/born Oct. 18, 1838/died Apr. 1, 1908/age 89 yrs. 5 mo. 14 ds., ossw: Catharine Kirt/born Dec. 25, 1840 Tombstone Simon Kirt/narozena 28 Una 1865/zemrela 25 Mar. 1944, next to: Joe Kirt/narozen 30 Kvet 1895/zemrel 21 Cervna 1918 Tombstone, next to: Anna Kirt/Matka/narozena 28 Zari 1871/zemrela 23 Brez 1920 Tombstone, next to: Mary Kirt/born Jan. 28, 1892/died Apr. 23, 1914 Tombstone

KOCHAN: Agnes/1894-1984 Tombstone, next to: Joseph/Father/1857-1945, ossw: Theresia/Mother/1865-1965 Tombstone Joseph/Theresia, next to: Carl/1896-1978 Tombstone F. Kochan/Geb. u. Gest./20 Oct. 1904 Franciskus/sohn von/A. & A. Kochan/Geb. 9 May 1898/Gest. 8 Jan. 1899 Joseph H./sohn von/J. & T. Kochan/Geb. 5 Juli 1899/Gest. 14 Sept. 1901 Julianna Kochan/Geb. 16 Feb. 1831/Gest. 21 Apr. 1879 Tombstone, ossw: Joseph Kochan/Geb. 23 Dec. 1824/Gest. 13 Juni 1908 Tombstone Joseph/Julianna

KOPITLANCKY: Marie Kopitlancky/stari/73 roku Tombstone

KORINEK: Emily/dau. of L. & A. Korinek/born Dec. 5, 1916/died Dec. 6, 1918 Louis/Mar. 5, 1886/June 2, 1968 Tombstone, ossw: Anna/1887-1954 Tombstone Anna/Louis

KOSTECHKA: Thomas/Oct. 25, 1894/July 14, 1974 Tombstone, ossw: Emma/Jan. 12, 1897-May 17, 1989 Tombstone Thomas/Emma

KOUKOL: Mother/Regina A./1896-1924

KRIZEK: Frank J./1931-1984, ossw: Louella/1932-1956 Tombstone Frank/Louella Donald/1933-1952, ossw: Frank/1888-1969, ossw: Emma/1896-1990 Tombstone Donald/Frank/Emma John Krizek/Nar. 19 Kvet 1855/Zem. 25 Brez 1923, ossw: Marketa Krizek/Nar. 27 Zari 1861/Zem. 4 Led. 1949 Tombstone John/Marketa, next to: Charles J. Krizek/June 28, 1902/Feb. 9, 1969 Tombstone

KRT: Vaclav/syn of J. & A. Krt/narozen/25 List 1899/zemrel/25 Sept. 1900

KUTIL: Baby/dau. of/Geo. & Dorothy/Kutil/born & died/1888 Michael Kutil (No other inscriptions.) Eva Kutil/narozena/14 Dubna 1863/zemrela/14 Listopadu 1911 Katerina Kutil/zemrela/16 Kvetna 1910/stari/91 roku Julia Kutil/1884-1932 Tombstone

LAKATOS: Erwin J. Lakatos/1895-1922 Tombstone, next to: Mary Lakatos/Mother/1869-1927 Tombstone, next to: Michael Lakatos/Father/1870-1928 Tombstone Tillie/1909-1989, ossw: Elsie/1900-1986 Tombstone Tillie/Elsie

LANDA: Joseph F. Landa/March 10, 1918-Aug. 28, 2003/from obit

LEITERMANN: Joseph/1884-1966 Tombstone, ossw: Amelia/1890-1979 Tombstone, ossw: Loretta/1913-1991 Tombstone Joseph/Amelia/Loretta


LINZMYER: Maria Linzmyer/Gest./4 Aug. 1881/alt 19 jahre Tombstone Mary/wife of/Joseph Linsmeyer/died/Sept. 18, 1911/ aged 77 yrs., ossw: Joseph Linsmeyer/died/Nov. 25, 1912/aged 89 yrs.

MANZA: Anna Manza/narozena/12 Listop 1864/zemrela/27 Kvetna 1885 Tombstone Two iron crosses between Anna Manza and Matous Osvald.

MASMANN: Marie/tochter von P. & M./Masmann/Geb./20 Juli 1867/Gest. 22 Aug. 1869 Peter Masmann/Geb./31 Aug. 1824/Gest. 21 Nov. 1876 see HRDINA

MATEJOVETZ: Jan Matejovetz/narozen/9 Rijna 1868/zemrel/31 Prosince 1909 Josef Matejovetz/zemrel/24 Cervna 1915/stari 83 Let./manzelka, ossw: Elizabeth Matejovetz/zemrela/3 Cervna 1915/stari/83 Let

MCKEOUGH: George McKeough/Nov. 14, 1880-May 20, 1920, next to: Michael McKeough/1843-1926, ossw: Rose McKeough/1846-1939 Tombstone Micheal/Rose Mary McKeough/d. 1921 Patrick McKeough/1840-1904 Tombstone, next to: John M. McKeough/Husband/1863-1922 Tombstone Wm. McKeough/Company C/14th Wisc. Infantry/1827-1870 Tombstone (Info. from WI Vet. Museum, submitted by relative, he served in Co. E/14th under name Wm. McKough.) John McKeough/1795-1869 (newer stone) Tombstone next to: Anna McKeough/1802-1867 (newer stone) Tombstone Edwin McKeough/d. 25 Mar. 1890/age 21/from obit/no stone

MEIDL: Mary/Meidl

MEIER: Johann Meier/d. 16 Nov. 1893/from obit-no stone

MENZA: John Menza/narozen/10 Zari 1861./zemrel/17 Pros. 1910, next to: Margretha Menza/narozena/12 List 1825/zemrela/15 Duben 1899, next to: Jan Menza/narozen/1 List 1826/zemrel/28 Srpen. 1904 Marie Menza/1833-1887 Martha/1911-2001, ossw: Joseph/1902-1962, next to: Son/Victor Menza/1910-1934, next to: Mother/Anna Menza/1877-1936

MEYER: John Meyer/1810-1892 Tombstone, ossw: Gertrude Meyer/1806-1888 See Meier

NAIDL: Robert G./Sept 9 1943/Jan 11 1999, ossw: Lily Ann F. Naidl /Aug. 17 1942/July 25, 2007 George C./1917-2002, ossw: Marion R./1920-2000 (14 Jul 1920/24 Mar 2000/SSDI), next to: Marian A./1932-2015, next to: Melvin J./Jan. 7, 1932/Feb. 16, 1993/PFC US Army/Korea, next to: George E./1928-____, next to: Donald G. Naidl/1926-2007, next to: Erwin J./1924-____ Edward J./1894-1968 (17 Jul 1894/Apr 1968/SSDI), ossw: Elizabeth/1896-1965 Mary/Mother/1867-1930, ossw: Joseph/Father/1859-1947 Agnes Neidl/July 11, 1906-Oct. 30, 1906/no stone/from record Jan/1862-1915, ossw: Frances/1871-1962, next to: Footstone/Baby Irene Naidl Joseph Naidl/Oct. 18, 1900-Nov. 4, 1900/no stone/from record Joseph/1892-1961, ossw: Rose/1891-1938, next to: John Naidl/Son/1916-1937 Jiri Naidl/narozen/13 List 1830/umrel/1 Cervenec 1914, next to: Maria ANDERLE/manzellia/Jiri Naidl/narozena/24 List 1831/zemrela/1 Kvetna 1910, next to: Maria Naidl/narozena/1808/zemrela/23 Dubna 1891 Marie Naidl/1900-1990

NEDVECKI: Kathryn/1896-1974 (Jan. 18, 1895/Sep., 1974/SSDI)

NEIDL: George Neidl (No other inscriptions.) (John Neidl/d. Dec. 1915/from obit/no stone)

NESPER: Frank Jr./1909-1909, ossw: Frank/1872-1957, ossw: Anna/1884-1966

NEUSER: Anton Neuser/Vater/24 Juni 1836/24 Apr. 1922, next to: Kathrine Neuser/Mutter/8 Mai 1846/17 Apr. 1929 Baby Neuser/Son of/H. & M. Neuser/Geb. 22 Juni 1906/Gest. 10 Juli 1906 Tombstone, next to: Footstone: Baby - Located between NEUSER & POLIFKA stones. Rosanna/tochter von ?? ? ??/Neuser/geboren/22 Nov. 1877/gestorben/30 Juni 1883 Baby Neuser/Geb. u. Gest./9 Sept. 1901, next to: Footstone: P.K.

NIESPODZIANY: Paulin/Matka/1842 (remainder buried), next to: Josef/1888 (remainder buried)

NIKOLAI: Anna Maria/gattin von/Jac. Nikolai/Geb./27 Mai 1827/Gest./23 Dec. 1903 Tombstone

OSVALD: Vilem/Osvald/narozen/18 Led. 1898/zemrel/22 Cer. 1907 Jindrich Osvald/narozen/17 Led. 1816/zemrel/10 Unora 1898 Tombstone, ossw: Marie/JINDRICHA/manzelka/Osvalda/narozena/1 List 1812/zemrela/13 Pros. 1893 Tombstone Matous Osvald/narozen/4 Brez 1824/zemrel/9 Brez 1911 Tombstone, next to: Katerina/manzelka/M. Osvalda/zemrela/13 Pros. 1883/ v. stari/43 roku Tombstone see MANZA


OSWALD: Joseph P./1914-1988, ossw: Irene K./1915-2006 Charles/1903-1982, ossw: Anna/Sept. 28, 1906/Dec. 27, 1975 Frank/Father/1883-1951, ossw: Mary/Mother/1891-1977 Georgea Oswald/Our darling/born Apr. 6, 1917/died Dec. 23, 1918 Jiri Oswald/narozena/8 Kvetna 1849/zemrel/12 Kvetina 1917, ossw: Marie Oswald/narozena/20 List 1850/zemrela/20 Rij. 1921, next to: Frank Oswald/Aug. 17, 1855/Feb. 4, 1937 Tombstone, ossw: Rose Oswald/Apr. 4, 1861/Feb. 20, 1927 Tombstone Frank/Rose John Oswald/1867-1929, ossw: Annie Oswald/1873-1936 Joseph Oswald/born Aug. 22, 1863/died Jan. 11, 1896 Tombstone Katerina Oswald/narozena/24 Pros 1828/zemrela/27 Pros 1903 Tombstone Vaclav Oswald/Jan. 3, 1821-June 19, 1909 Tombstone Lester/son of F. & A. Oswald/born Sept. 2, 1915/died Dec. 28, 1915 Marcella Oswald/Oct. 17, 1922/Jan. 12, 1923 Tombstone Theresa Anne/June 19-Aug. 4, 1962, next to: Edwin/1917-2013 Photo + Tombstone, ossw: Jeanette/1924-2017 Vernon G. Oswald/Jan 11, 1937-Oct 28, 2015 Shirley Oswald/Dec. 24, 1939/Dec. 3, 2007

PECKA: Jan/Pecka/narozen/21 Kvet 1821/zemerel/26 Uno 1880 Tombstone

PEKARSKE: Harry/1898-1971, ossw: Agnes/1899-1973

PFEFFER: Theresa/Mother/1842-1926, ossw: Mathias/Father/1840-1929, next to: Johann Pfeffer/1872-1896

POLIFKA: Ervin/1932-2013, ossw: Carol/1935-2013 Anton/syn/S. u A. Polifka/30 Rijna 1909/9 Dubna 1909 Frank/1907-1981, ossw: Anita/1909-1994 John/Father/1891-1940, next to: Footstone: Our Baby, next to: Johnny Martin Polifka/Oct 17, 1928/Dec. 21, 1928, next to: Maggie/born Oct. 13, 1856/died Oct. 14, 1926, next to: John/1859-1942, next to: Rose/1891-1962 Katherine Polifka/1850-1935/from obit Josef Polivka/narozen/1 Brez. 1892/zemrel/23 Pros. 1905, next to: Anton Polifka/narozen/9 Cervc. 1866/zemrel/15 Cervc. 1906 Jan Polivka/narozen/14 Unora 1832/zemrel/4 Pros. 1898 Tombstone Marie Polifka/narozena/25 Leden 1835/zemrela/9 List. 1910 see NEUSER

POLIVKA: Francis Polivka/Apr. 24, 1863/Aug. 12, 1924, next to: Anna/1870-1969 Josef Polivka/narozen/18 Dub. 1887/zemeral/28 Cerv. 1889, next to: Mates Polivka/narozen/4 Zari 1894/zemrel/26 Cervina/1900 see HOUSER see POLIFKA

PRESTON: Wash/1881-1943, ossw: Viola/1892-1976

RADEJ: John/1862-1937, ossw: Rosa/1861-1937

RADEY: John Radey/born May 16, 1840/died Dec. 5, 1921 (died in town Franklin/b. Bohemia/father: Matt Radey, b. Bohemia/cause of death: Hemplegia), ossw: Barbara his wife/born Dec. 4, 1837/died Dec. 9, 1917 Tombstone John/Barbara

REIF: Catharina/gattin von/N. Reif/Geb. 13 Juli 1822/Gest. 20 Jan. 1887 Tombstone, ossw: Nickolaus Reif/Geb. 3 Apr. 1816/Gest. 8 Dec. 1897 Tombstone Peter Reif/Geb. 7 Feb. 1818/Gest. 15 Jan. 1882 Tombstone, ossw: Susanna/gattin von/Peter Reif/Geb. 6 Dec. 1833/Gest. 8 Apr. 1911 Photo Johann Reif/Geb. 22 Juni, 1834/Gest. 7 Oct. 1905, next to: Coleta Reif/Geb. 3 Apr. 1845/Gest. 31 Aug. 1931 Tombstone Child of Peter Reif/d. 17 Feb. 1890/age 10 months Peter Reif/bur. 4 April 1893/from obit-no stone

SAFROVA: Marie/Safrova/narozena/3 Zari 1876/zemrela/10 Dub. 1880, next to: Two iron crosses, no remaining inscriptions.

SCHERMETZLER: Norbert/May 18, 1918-March 15, 1999 Tombstone, ossw: Anna/1920-2010 Tombstone Norbert/Anna, next to: John & James Schermetzler/April 17, 1950 Tombstone John/James, next to: Jacob/Father/1876-1934, ossw: Mary/Mother/1890-1977 Tombstone Jacob/Mary (Infant Granddaughter Meyer/-Nov 4, 1956-/from obit) Melvin Schermetzler/d. Jan. 22, 1924 Lena Schermetzler/d. Dec. 1889/from obit

SCHOERMETZLER: Andreas Schoermetzler/Geb. 30 Dez. 1816, (balance uncut.), ossw: Louisa/gattin von A. Schoermetzler/Geb. 12 Aug. 1818/Gest. 15 Dez. 1894 Lena/tochter von P. & K. Schoermetzler/geboren 5 Mai, 1883/gestorben 26 Dez. 1886

SCHULTZ: Emma/1891-1979, ossw: John/1881-1964 Tombstone Emma/John

SEIBEL: John/1864-1937 Tombstone, ossw: Mary/1865-1933 Tombstone John/Mary

SEIBERT: Maria Seibert/Geb. 10 April 1867/Gest. 29 Jan. 1891 Tombstone

SHANDA: Mary/1870-1913, ossw: Joseph/1875-1954 Tombstone Mary/Joseph

SHIMEK: Blanch/1892-1921, ossw: Hugo/1884-1966 Tombstone Blanch/Hugo

SHIMON: John Shimon/Wisconsin/Bglr 2 Regt Fa Rep/Draft/World War I Dec. 10, 1887 June 25, 1963, next to: Mary I. Shimon/Mar. 18, 1878/Jan. 23, 1965

SHUBER: Marie Shuber/1847-1921 Tombstone

SIMON: John Simon/born Dec. 19, 1847/died Oct. 5, 1927, ossw: Marie Simon/born Aug. 15, 1864/died Nov. 29, 1920 Tombstone John/Marie

SPERL: Agnes/1896-1940 Tombstone, ossw: Joseph W./Feb. 4, 1890/Sept. 5, 1966 Tombstone Agnes/Joseph Jiri/Sperl/narozen/12 Kvet 1815/zemrel/24 Srp. 1891 Tombstone, ossw: Alzbeta/Sperl/narozena/6 Brezna 1821/zemrela/1 Dubna 1896 Wenzel Sperl/Dec. 23, 1854/Oct. 20, 1921, ossw: Catherine Sperl/Sept. 6, 1862/July 11, 1946 Tombstone Wenzel/Catherine Adolph Sperl/Wisconsin/Cook Co. B 340 Infantry/World War I/ Sept. 18, 1894/April 2, 1970

SPODZIANY: Nie Spodziany/1916, next to. Matka/Pauline/urad. sie/d 8 go Grud r. 1842/umarta/d. 2 go Stucz r. 1918, next to: Tu spoczylua S.P. Jozef/urod. sie/7 go Utego 1888/umarta/25 go Kwiec 1919

STEEBER: John/1889-1981, ossw: Barbara/1889-1960 Tombstone John/Barbara Martin/Father/1859-1929, ossw: Anna/Mother/1858-1936 Tombstone Martin/Anna, next to: Bernard J. Steeber/1920-1936 Tombstone

STEFL: Odpociva v Panu/Jakuf Stefl/star 37 roku, Tombstone

STELZER: Helen A. Stelzer/1942-1966 Tombstone, next to: Lawrence H/1920-2001, ossw: Verna A./1920-1993 Tombstone Lawrence/Verna

STENZEL: David L. Stenzel/Aug. 15, 1931/Feb. 11, 1992/TSGT US Air Force/Korea Tombstone

STRADL: Anna Stradl/d. 5 Oct. 1876, Kossuth/no stone

STUBER: Joseph Stuber/Geb./24 Dec. 1891/Gest./21 Feb. 1904 Tombstone Theresia Stuber/narozen/12 Okt. 1821/gestorben/30 Aug. 1907, ossw: Johann Stuber/geboren/17 Marz 1813/gestorben/23 Juli 1891 Theresia/tochter des/J. & T. Stuber/geboren/20 Juni 1853/gestorben/9 Nov. 1867

SVACINA: Josephina/Svacina cera/Jakuba Svacini/zemrela/12 ho Srpna/1888/stara 12 roku Tombstone Panu/zesnula Marie/Svacina/manzelka/Jakuba/Svacini/zesnula dne 25/no Listopadu/1881/ve stari/28 roku Tombstone Jan Svacina/sin Jakuba/Svacina/zemrel/dne 4 ho Kvetna/1895/stari 17 Let.


THEISEN: Anton/1871-1952 Tombstone, ossw: Rose/1885-1962 Tombstone Anton/Rose Grosz-vater/Peter/Theisen, next to: Grosz-mutter/Elizabetha/Theisen, next to: 2 iron crosses, no remaining information. Peter/Theisen/Gest. 15 mon., next to: Joseph/Theisen/alter/7 jah., next to: Heinrich/Theisen/alter/3-1/2 jah. Peter Theisen/born Mar. 29, 1838/died Feb. 20, 1917, ossw: Eleanora Theisen/born Feb. 17, 1842/died Oct. 2, 1927 Tombstone Peter/Eleanora

TISLER: Kenneth J. Sr./1939-1997, ossw: Diane L./1945-____ Daniel F./Father/1922-1949 Tombstone, next to: Mary/1886-1948, ossw: Andrew/1884-1962 Tombstone Mary/Andrew

VIZNER: Anna/Vizner/narozena ???? zari ????

VOGELTANZ: Louis Vogeltanz/narozen/7 Cev. 1906/zemrel/8 Kvet. 1907

VOGLTANZ: Josef Vogltanz/nar. 5 Cervence 1838/zem. 4 Kvetna 1928, next to: Dorota Vogltanz/nar. 23 Brez. 1843/zem. 27 Cervna 1915 Tombstone

VONDRACHEK: James Vondrachek/Jun 12, 1939-Mar 23, 2016

VRANEY: Joseph/Sept. 4, 1915/Apr. 9, 2007 Tombstone Joseph/Clara, ossw: Clara Vraney/Jan. 1, 1917/Dec. 4, 2007 Photo Anna Vraney/Mother/born Oct. 5, 1825/died/Oct. 1, 1872 Tombstone, next to: Marie/di?era, (Bottom half of stone missing, no last name.) Joseph/1878-1951, ossw: Julia/1882-1969 (12 Aug. 1882/June 1969/SSDI) Tombstone Joseph/Julia Mary Vraney/1874-1946 Tombstone, next to: Emil Vraney/1875-1937 Tombstone Vaclav Vrany/zemrel/12 Cervce 1899/v. stari/46 roku Tombstone, ossw: Anna Vraney/zemrela/30 Srpna 1942/v. stari/89 roku Tombstone Vaclav/Anna

VRANY: see VRANEY next to: VACLAV VRANY above: Father/Wenzel, next to: Mother/Anna

WEBER: Eugene J./1931-____, ossw: Linda J./June 1954 Sept., ossw: Geraldine J./1933-1969 Frances Weber/Mother/1866-1950 Tombstone Johann Weber/Geb./1 Oct. 1894/Gest./5 Dec. 1896


WILHELM: David F. Wilhelm/1955-1973 (Picture on stone) Tombstone, ossw: Dolores A. Wilhelm/1934-____, ossw: Donald F. Wilhelm/June 1, 1931/Jan. 31, 2008 Tombstone David/Dolores/Donald Marie Wilhelma/manzelka Martina Wilhelma/29 Rina 1871 narozena/6 Zari 1898 zemrela


WOTAWA: Jakub/zemrel/17 Unora 1902/77 roku

YOHANEK: Charles/1887-1929, ossw: Mary/1889-1952 Tombstone Charles/Mary

ZAHORIK: Anton/1892-1979 Tombstone, ossw: Anna/1903-1981, next to: Dorothy J./1928-1988 Tombstone George/Father/1855-1936, ossw: Catherine/Mother/1859-1941 Tombstone George/Catherine, next to: George Zahorik/Wisconsin/Cook Btry 69 Arty CAC/World War I/Nov. 5, 1886/Jan. 6, 1968 Tombstone John G./1885-1965 Tombstone, next to: John/June 24, 1859/Aug. 2, 1935, ossw: Elizabeth/Apr. 5, 1863/Jan. 19, 1948 Tombstone John/Elizabeth

ZIMMERMAN: Brianna Marie Zimmerman/-March 24, 2015-/from obit