Liberty Township, Manitowoc Co., Wisconsin

LOCATION: Trinity Lutheran Church Cemetery is located 0.1 miles east of the junction of Nagel, Madson and Wehausen Roads, on Wehausen Road, the south side of the road. The church was founded in 1853 and the oldest stone is that of Maria Ch. Hacker, May 29, 1858. The cemetery is well kept though some very old gravestones are partially covered by grass growth. Also some of the oldest stones have been replaced by new monuments. Indexed July 24, 1976 by Lucille Heinzen and Marcie Baer, a member of the Manitowoc County Old Cemetery Society. Reindexed by the Manitowoc Genealogy Society Oct. 2007, added to this site Nov. 2010. Most of the tombstone photos taken by Paulette in 2011.


Maria Ahrens/Gest./In 1861/alter 84 Jahre. 

BERG: Emma/1901-1986, ossw: Sigwart/1899-1975 Tombstone Emma/Sigwart

BLAUMANN: Ferdinand Wm. Ernst Blaumann/b. 30 May 1871/d. 23 Sept. 1871

BLECK: Large monument with name only. Separate stones on same lot read: Father/Edward C./1866-1947, next to: Mother/Augusta/1867-1939 Esther R. Bleck/1902-1989/Daughter Tombstone Tombstone Edward/Augusta/Esther Edward J. Bleck/1899-1991/married Nov. 10, 1934, ossw: Viola A. Bleck/1904-1994 Tombstone Edward/Viola

BLEICHWEHL: Susanna Bleichwehl/PETERSON/Mother/1884-1936 (See PETERSON/have obit), next to: Louis Bleichwehl/Father/1884-1918 Tombstone

BORGWARDT: See: NAGEL, Maria. Ella/Aug. 27, 1885/Sept. 27, 1937, ossw: August/May 3, 1883/May 14, 1942 Tombstone Ella/August Lisette/Gattin von/J. Borgwardt/Gebne HINSDORF/zu Mechlenburg Schw./ 2 Juli 1844/Gest. 4 Marz 1901 Tombstone, ossw: Johann Borgwardt/Geb./26 Aug. 1831/gest/2 Mar. 1912 Tombstone Tombstone Johann/Lisette Erwin 1913-1992 (b. 22 May 1913/d. 26 Apr. 1992/SSDI), ossw: Erna/1912-1973 Tombstone Erwin/Erna, ossw: Ruth WEINHOLZ/Daughter/nee Borgwardt/1923-1941 (See WEINHOLZ/have obit), ossw: Baby/Sohn von E u. E. Borgwardt Ernest Frederic Charles William/b. 4 Mar. 1869/d. 27 Aug. 1869/no stone Herbert R. Borgwardt/1912-1995 Tombstone Lillian M. Borgwardt/1923-2011

BRATZ: Wayne Bratz/1949-1969 Tombstone, ossw: Wayne Bratz/Wisconsin/Sgt. Co. C. 12 Inf. 4 Inf . Div./Vietnam BSM-Ph/ Feb. 21, 1949 - March 11, 1969 Tombstone Howard Bratz/Apr. 8, 1935/May 11, 1997/married July 21, 1956, ossw: Virginia Bratz/June 12, 1938/Mar. 23, 1993 Tombstone Howard/Virginia Raymond O. Bratz/PFC US Army World War II/ June 22, 1922/Sep 22, 2003/Purple Heart/Bronze Star Tombstone Raymond O. Bratz/1922-2003, ossw: Florence A. Bratz/Sept. 13, 1928-March 23, 2014 Tombstone Raymond/Florence

BULDHAUPT: Ida/Buldhaupt/geboren/6 Juni 1882/gestorben/13 Sept. 1882 (Ida Bulthaupt/d. 12 September 1882)Tombstone

BURGWARDT: Louis F. Wm. Burgwardt/b. 10 July 1873/d. 19 Sept. 1873 John BURGWARD/d. 04 Mar. 1901/age 56 yrs/from obit/no stone

BUSS: Baby Buss/Geb. und Gest./6 Jan. 1906 Tombstone


COMMENZ: Louisa Gattin von/Fr. Commenz/Gebne PULS/10 Mai. 1825/starb/29 Sept. 1894/ (Louise Commings/wife of Friedrich Commings/1 son & 1 daughter & several grandchildren/cause: dropsy), ossw: Friedrich Commenz/geb. in Regel Mech. Sch./16 Sept. 1828/starb/22 Aug. 1899 Tombstone Friedrich/Louisa Johann Commens(sic)/May 22, 1858/Dec. 4, 1858/son of Friedrich and Louisa/no stone

COMMINGS: Ludwig Commings/geboren den 24 Juni 1860/gest. d. 29 Oct. 1876 Stone flat in ground, partially covered. (Kommenz on ch. record) Tombstone Emma Commings/gebne HARTER/geb. 25 Juni 1873/gest/25 Aug. 1919 Tombstone Emma, ossw: Milton W.L./Commings/geb. u. gest. 16 Oct. 1900 Tombstone William Commings/24 Jan. 1846/15 Feb. 1920/Father Tombstone William Commings/Co. B/7 Wis. Inf. (War vet flag holder) Tombstone Minnie Commings/2 Mar. 1855/23 June 1930 Tombstone

CUMMINGS: William Cummings/Co. B/7 Wis. Inf . (War vet flag holder) (next to William Commings stone)

DEGNER: Michael Degner/geboren/16 Sept. 1799/gestorben/10 October 1878 Tombstone Emilie Degner/Tanta/g. 20 Sept. 1831/g. 14 Feb. 1918 Tombstone (Fried. Degner/d. 5 Oct. 1878 from record of Methodist Episc. ch.) See: QUANDT, Dorothea L.

EHLERT: Gotthard Ehlert/Geb. 9 Oct. 1814/Gest. 15 Mai. 1887 (Gotthard K. C. Ehlert/d. 18 May 1887/age 72 yrs., 7 mo., 9 da.), ossw: Dorothea Ehlert/Geb. 14 Juni 1813/Gest. 27 Mai. 1890 Tombstone Gotthard/Dorothea (Friederike Maria Dorothea Ehlert/14 June 1813 - 27 May 1890/family: Johann Ehlert) Anna Ehlert/geb. 7 Jan. 1881/gest. 10 Juli. 1881 Tombstone Tombstone (Anna Auguste Pauline Ehlert/d. 06/10/1881/bur. 06/12/1881/from records of St. Johns Evang. Luth. Ch.) Johann Ehlert/Geb. 7 Sept. 1848/Gest. 6 Mar. 1906, ossw: Maria Ehlert/Geb. 9 Sept. 1854/Gest. 26 Aug. 1926, ossw: Carl/Geb. 10 Juni 1876/Gest. 28 Juli 1902, ossw: Maria/Geb. 16 Aug. 1879/Gest. 20 Mai. 1900 Tombstone John/Maria/Carl/Maria, ossw: August/Geb. 5 Feb. 1885/Gest. 12 Juli 1913

EICHMANN: Otto Eichmann - footstone in older section of cemetery near road Tombstone (Otto Heinrich Emil Eichmann/b. 26 April 1891/d. 20 May 1891/ parents: Carl Eichmann & Caroline nee Kuehn) Carl Eichmann/25 Jan. 1824-13 Apr. 1912, ossw: Louisa Eichmann/9 Mai 1822-20 Feb. 1909 Tombstone Carl/Louisa Carl Eichmann/1846-1926, next to: Caroline Eichmann/1856-1931 Tombstone

ENDERS: Michael J. Enders/Oct. 7, 1946/May 20, 2010 Tombstone

FENSKE: Fenske on one side of stone - MEYER on other side. Also see MEYER, Henry. Susanna Fenske/Mother/Born Aug. 27, 1832/Died Apr. 1, 1933 Tombstone, next to: August Fenske/Born Apr. 26, 1844/Died July 28, 1927 Tombstone Fredericka/Geb. KROEGER/Gattin von/J. Fenske/Geboren/25 Oct. 1810/Gest. d. 10 Mai 1871 Tombstone Maria Geb. SCHNELL/Gattin Von/Aug. Fenske/Geboren d. 7 Jan. 1816/Gest. d. 7 Juli 1869 Footstones: M.F. & F.F. (Latter about 3 ft. in front could be of a child.)

FISCHER: Fischer family stone Separate stones read: John G./1896-1973, ossw: Mary/1898-1975 Tombstone John/Mary, next to: Minnie/Aug. 7, 1857/May 24, 1926 Tombstone, next to: William/Aug. 5, 1860/Nov. 14, 1935 Tombstone Louis Fischer/1885-1885 Tombstone Lena Fischer/1885-1885 Tombstone (died 21 December 1885 at age of 11 weeks/from the Trinity Lutheran church records, Liberty twp.)

FISHER: Lawrence Fisher/1916-1990 Tombstone Frederick L. Fisher/July 5, 1940-Jan. 23, 2014/from obit

FREDRICH: Carl Fredrich/Geb./6 Sept. 1831/Gest. 18 Mai 1905, ossw: Wilhelmine E./Gattin von/Carl Fredrich/Geboren WIENKE/28 Oct. 1820/Gest./22 April 1889 Tombstone Carl/Wilhelmine

FREE: Mary I./1884-1968, ossw: Louis G./1877-1952 Tombstone Mary/Louis William L. Free/May 21, 1891/Feb. 22, 1943, ossw: Lillian Free/Apr. 7, 1897/July 1, 1983 Friedrich C. Free/Geb. 7 Jan. 1838/Gest. 7 Mar. 1918, ossw: Augusta Free/Geb. 18 Apr. 1856/Gest. 5 Dec. 1938 Tombstone Friedrich/Augusta Friedrich/Sohn von F. u. A. Free/G. 15 Feb. 1883/G. 11 Nov. 1885 Tombstone Georg Free/Geb./22 Mar. 1797/Gest. 4 Aug. 1877, ossw: Sophia (Marie) M./Gattin Von/ G. Free/Geb. 28 Aug. 1808/Gest. 14 Oct. 1875 Tombstone Footstones: Mutter/Vater George/1888-1973, ossw: Emma/1889-1974 Tombstone George/Emma George Free/Born & died/Feb. 23, 1915 Tombstone William F. Free/1908-1987, ossw: Marie E. Free/1911-2003 Tombstone William/Marie

FROSCH: Louis Frosch/Co. C./14 Wis. Inf. [b. 1828/from Manitowoc Civil War Roundtable](War vet flag holder) Tombstone

GATTING: Christian Gatting/4 Aug. 1806/28 Dez. 1879 Tombstone Karl Gatting/Geboren 20 Juli 1866/Gestorben/16 Sept. 1866 Tombstone Footstone: K.G. Next to Jonas Gatting lot. Friederika Gatting/Geboren 25 Juni 1824/ Gest. - rest uncut Tombstone Tombstone, ossw: Heinrich and Franciska Gatting JONAS See JONAS Footstone H.J./F.J.

GAUGER: LeRoy H. Gauger/1926-1980, ossw: Lois M. Gauger/1930-2007 Tombstone LeRoy/Lois

GENZ: Anna Genz/Wife/1876-1946 Tombstone, next to: Carl Genz/Father/1875-1961 Tombstone, next to: Augusta Genz/Mother/1880-1909 Tombstone Footstone: C. Genz. Maria Genz/Gebne SCHWARTZ/Geb. 24 Juli 1808/Gest. 2 Dec. 1894, ossw: John LIPPERT/Geb. 14 April 1823/Gest./22 Dec. 1903.

GIESCHEN: Pastor Paul J./1900-1964, ossw: Norma K./1900-1970 Tombstone Paul/Norma

GIESE: Louise Giese/d. Apr 6, 1888 Tombstone John Giese/d. Sep 28, 1888 Tombstone Carolina Giese Minnie Giese/1847-Sep 2, 1888 Tombstone August Giese/1846-Feb. 22, 1900 Tombstone Above are footstones scattered throughout the older sections of the cemetery.

GLAESER: Baby Boy Glaeser/Aug. 11, 1963 Tombstone Clara/1904-1973, ossw: Gerald/1902-1967 Tombstone Clara/Gerald Carl Glaeser/Geb. 28 Dec. 1834-Gest. 10 Dec. 1914, ossw: Augusta H. Glaeser/Seine Gattin/Geb. 16 Sept. 1835/Gest. 23 Oct. 1915 Tombstone Carl/Augusta Emilia Glaeser/7 Nov. 1873/28 Mai. 1912 Tombstone William son of G.& C. Glaeser/Sept. 27, 1934/Sept. 16, 1939 Tombstone Pauline/Mother/1875-1955, ossw: August/Father/1866-1936 Tombstone Pauline/August Herman Glaeser/Geb./4 Aug. 1875/Gest./9 Sept. 1922, ossw: Mathilda/Sein Gattin/Geb./10 Aug. 1878/Gest. 22 Mai 1918 Tombstone Herman/Mathilda, ossw: Mathilda Glaeser/1918-1933 (picture inset), Tombstone ossw: Maria KATTRE/Geb. 12 Jan. 1856/Gest./12 Mai 1917, ossw: Wilhelm KATTRE/Geb./6 Sept. 1855/Gest./10 Apr. 1895 Robert W. Glaeser/Sept. 29, 1925/May 27, 2010/married Oct. 27, 1945 Tombstone Walter Glaeser/1912-2003, ossw: Edna Glaeser/nee Kraase/1915-2006 Tombstone Walter/Edna

GOETHKE: Mina A. Goethke/Geboren/l Juni 1856/gestorben/18 Jan. 1877 Tombstone Anna Goethke/Geb. 9 Nov. 1888/Gest. 14 Dec. 1907 Tombstone, next to: Minnie Goethke/Gattin von/Herm. SPINKE/Geb. 22 Juli 1833/Gest. 30 Aug. 1904, next to: Bertha Goethke/Geb. 22 Juli 1883/Gest. 12 Nov./1898 Tombstone Mary Goethke/Born Feb. 6, 1867/Died Apr. 6, 1924 Tombstone, next to: August Goethke/Born Aug. 29, 1859/Died Nov. 3, 1946 Tombstone

GRUETZMACHER: Anna Christin Gruetzmacher/b. Prussia/d. 27 Dec. 1869, Liberty/no stone/from death record Christian Friedrich Gruetzmacher/Apr. 12, 1799/Dec. 14, 1863/no stone/from ch. records

HACKER: Ernest F. Hacker/Geb. in Grossen Poserin/Mech. Sch./28 Nov. 1790/Gest. 28, Apr. 1890 (Ernst Friedrich Hacker/28 November 1791, 28 April 1890/cause: old age/ family: Christ Hacker and Fried. Hacker) Tombstone, ossw: Maria Ch./Gattin des E. Hacker/Geb. 28 Aug. 1805/Gest./29 Mai 1858 Tombstone Friedrich W. Hacker/12 Juli 1825/30 Dec. 1912, ossw: Maria J. Hacker/Gebne. SCHNELL/2 Dec. 1830/17 Mar. 1918 Tombstone Friedrich/Maria Willie/Sohn von/Carl u. Anna Hacker/geb./24 Mar. 1879/Gest. 4 Sept. 1879 Tombstone (Wilhelm August Karl Hacker/d. 09/04/1879/bur. 09/06/1879/from records of St. Johns Evang. Luth. Ch. Friedericka Hacker/Geb. 24 Mar 1813/gest. 31 Juli 1902, ossw: Johann F. Hacker/geb. 20 Jan. 1811/gest. 27 Oct. 1898 Tombstone Friedericka/Johann Footstones: Mutter/Vater. Friedrich Hacker/Geboren 20 Sept. 1796/Gestorben/26 Apr. 1885, ossw: Maria Hacker/geboren 28 Sept. 1810/gestorben/3 Apr. 1889 Tombstone Friedrich/Maria Tombstone Friedrich/Maria (Catharine Maria Johanne Hacker/b. 28 September 1810/d. 3 April 1889/family: Fried. Hacker) Footstones: F.H/M.H. Martin Hacker/5-12-1887/1-18-1927 Tombstone, next to: Alvina Hacker/10-6-1887/1-24-1955 Tombstone Larger Hacker stone. Separate footstones read: Friedrich Hacker/4-10-1843 - 6-25-1925, next to: Wilhelmine Hacker/11-27-1852/1-15-1929 Above two on same lot next to Friedrich and Henrietta MAAS. See: KATTRE, Henriette W.

HAEFKE: Friedrich/1859-1920/Father, ossw: Maria/1853-1940/Mother Tombstone Friedrich/Maria See: LINDEMANN, Dorothea

HAKER: Carl/Haker/Geb. 30 Sept. 1858/Gest./23 Jan. 1860/ Ein bruder von Emma and Albert Haker Tombstone Ida/Gattin Von/Albert Haker/22 Jan. 1866/5 Apr. 1918 Tombstone Footstone: Mutter.

HALVERSON: Hildegarde/1902-1971, ossw: Mandville/1898-1972 Tombstone Hildegarde/Mandville Lee Halverson/SP4 US Army/Sept. 19, 1940/Oct. 31, 1993 Donna Lee Halverson, ossw: Lee Halverson/1940-1993 Tombstone Tombstone Donna/Lee

HAMMEL: Esther/1901-1985, ossw: Louis F. Hammel/1891-1962, ossw: Gordon/1924-1948 (U.S. War vet flag holder) Tombstone Esther/Louis/Gordon


HAUPT: Charles/1859-1953, ossw: Emma/1877-1924 Tombstone Charles/Emma, ossw: Erich Haupt/1906-1988, ossw: Alma Haupt/1909-1992, next to: Ottomar Haupt/1911-1981, ossw: Gertrude A. Haupt/1917-2010 Tombstone Erich/Alma/Ottomar/Gertrude

HEIN: (Auguste Joanna) Hein/Geb./7 Feb. 1872/Gest. 11 Mar. 1895 Tombstone

HENSEL: Markus Hensel/Oct. 19, 1915/Jan. 9, 1918 Tombstone

HILL: Walter E./Nov. 15, 1906/June 6, 1915, ossw: Emil E./May 25, 1910/July 31, 1911, ossw: Dorothy I./Nov. 29, 1911/Sept. 6, 1931 Tombstone Walter/Emil/Dorothy, next to: Elizabeth T./Mar. 24, 1880/Sept. 26, 1931, ossw: Emil R./Oct. 28, 1874/Apr. 18, 1963 Tombstone Elizabeth/Emil


HINZ: Florence I. Hinz/1923-2013 Elmer R. Hinz/1917-1989/married Apr. 15, 1944 Tombstone

HOLDORF: Anna Holdorf/1888-1889 Tombstone (Anna Bertha Henriette Holdorf/b. 18 Dec. 1888/d. 3 June 1889/ family: Franz Holdorf & Ernestine nee Brodke) Carl Holdorf/1880-1883 Tombstone (new stone in oldest section) Karl Holdorf died 24 March 1883 at age of 2 years, 4 months, 14 days. (b. about 10 November 1880)(From the Trinity Lutheran church records, Liberty twp.) Carl F.W./Holdorf/geboren zu Gallnon D./29 Juli 1822/Gest./3 Sept. 1909, ossw: Wilhelmine/Gattin von C. Holdorf/gebne Grutzminchen/Schonhagen Pom/ 18 Oct. 1824/Gest. 7 Apr. 1899 Tombstone Carl/Wilhelmine stone in front reads: Charles HULLDORFF/Co. C./17 Wis. Inf. (metal flag holder) Tombstone (Born: July 29, 1822/Died: September 3, 1909/from The Manitowoc County Civil War Roundtable) Frank/1854-1902, ossw: Ernestine/1853-1931 Tombstone Frank/Ernestine Carl/1854-1922, ossw: Ida/1868-1960 Tombstone Carl/Ida

HOLDORFF: Carl J.W./Sohn von C. u. I. Holdorff /geb./7 Juni 1895/gest. 2 Sept. 1895, ossw: Hedwig L.C./tocher von C. u. I. Holdorff/Geb. 17 Juni 1897/gest. 1 Dec. 1909 Tombstone Carl/Hedwig

HORSTMAN: Carl F. Horstman/Geb. den 14 Aug. 1863/Gestorben 15 Dez. 1885 Tombstone (Carl F. Horstman/Geb. den 14 Aug. 1863/Gestorben 15 Dez. 1885/ from records of St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Ch.), ossw: Wilhelmena/gattin von J.F. Horstman/Geb. den. 19 Mai 1827/gest. 26 Juni 1894 Tombstone Carl/Wilhelmena Tombstone Wilhelmena Large monument Separate footstones read: Arnold A.H./sohn von L & A. Horstman/Geb. 8 Jan. 1898/Gest./9 Feb. 1898, next to: Anna/Mother/1864-1923, next to: Louis/Father/1860-1935, next to: Mary/1855-1922 Alma Louise Mary Horstmann/March 26, 1904-April 25, 1904/no stone/from record Harvey F. Horstman/1902-1982

HORSTMANN: Johann F./Horstmann/gestorben/11 April 1879/Alter 57 Jahre Tombstone Tombstone Footstone: J.F.H.

IBE: Herman/1887-1970 (29 Sep 1887/Aug 1970/SSDI), ossw: Hattie/1894-1974 (13 Nov. 1894/Mar. 1974/SSDI) Tombstone Herman/Hattie Photo

IMHOOF: Anna Imhoof/Geboren im Canlan Baren Schweitz/im Jahre 1793/Gest. 25 Aug. 1876 (Anna Imhof died at age of 83 years./From the Trinity Lutheran church records, Liberty twp.) Tombstone Footstone: A.I.

ISAACSON: Keith Isaacson/Dec. 17, 1979-Dec. 18, 1979/from obit

JACOBSON: Arthur/1906-1977, ossw: Margaret/1904-1961 Tombstone Arthur/Margaret

JAEGER: Harold F. Jaeger/Dec. 23, 1922/Sept. 2, 2008 Tombstone

JONAS: Heinrich Jonas/Geboren/12 Marz 1872/gestorben/1 Sept. 1872 Tombstone, ossw: Franciska Jonas/Geborene GATTING/27 Feb. 1851/gestorben/18 Marz 1872 Tombstone, ossw: Friederika GATTING/geboren 25 Juni 1824 (balance uncut) Footstones: H.J./F.J. Mallie Jonas/Born June 7, 1851/Died July 20, 1939, ossw: John Jonas/Geb. 17 Dez. 1842/Gest. 14 Apr. 1908 Tombstone Mallie/John

KAHN: Wm. Kahn/Mar. 22, 1824/Feb. 11, 1905 Tombstone, next to: Minnie Kahn/Jan. 9, 1828/Jan. 19, 1920 Tombstone

KASBAUM: Elsie Kasbaum/1891-1897 Tombstone Robert/1887-1980, ossw: Amanda/1896-1965 Tombstone Robert/Amanda, next to: Joachim/1851-1919 Tombstone, ossw: Emilia/1855-1937 Tombstone Joachim/Emilia, next to: Joachim Kasbaum/Geb. 9 Mai 1851/Gest. 10 Mai. 1919 Tombstone

KASTEN: Raymond G. Kasten/PVT US Army World War II/Oct. 8, 1918/Oct. 23, 2008 Tombstone, ossw: Sylvia Kasten/1919-2011 Photo + Tombstone

KATTRE: Friedrich Kattre/Geb./29 Feb. 1820/Gest./5 Juli 1895 Tombstone, ossw: Dora/Gattin von/F. Kattre/Geb./20 Mai 1829/Gest./5 Marz 1893 Anna/Toch von F.& H.W. Kattre/geb. 11 Juni 1883/gest. 22 Dez. 1883 Tombstone The following are on GLAESER stone with Herman and Mathilda, (2 - only) Maria Kattre/Geb. 12 Jan. 1856/Gest./12 Mai 1917, ossw: Wilhelm Kattre/Geb. 6 Sept. 1855/Gest./10 Apr. 1895 Henriette W. Gattine von/F. Kattre/Gebrn HACKER/8 Feb. 1855/Gest./30 Aug. 1891 Tombstone

KATTREH: Kattreh family stone Fritz Kattreh. (Obviously baby because of cement base around edge of grave.) Friedrich Kattreh/6 Sept. 1852/19 Juli 1907 Tombstone

KAUTZER: Arnold Kautzer/1914-1937 Tombstone Tombstone, next to: Josephine Kautzer/Nov. 14, 1880/Mar. 30, 1923 Tombstone

KIESOW: Maryann Kiesow/Aug. 18, 1927/Dec. 15, 1931 Tombstone Anna/1867-1930, ossw: Henry/1861-1919, ossw: Flora/1905-1984, ossw: Herbert/1898-1964 Tombstone Anna/Henry/Flora/Herbert

KNUTSON: Hover S./Mar. 22, 1913/July 8, 1973, ossw: Ruth H./Dec. 19, 1915/May 23, 2007 Tombstone Hover/Ruth

KOEPPEN: William C.P./Father/1878-1950, ossw: Augusta F.L./Mother/1877-1936 Tombstone William/Augusta William Gottfried Christian Koeppen/June 13, 1901-Oct. 23, 1901/from record

KRAASE: Large stone August Kraase/Nov. 25, 1862/Dec. 28, 1938, ossw: Maria Kraase/Feb. 7, 1867/Dec. 31, 1920, ossw: Carolina Kraase/June 16, 1830/Mother/June 29, 1907, ossw: Christian Kraase/Father/Nov. 5, 1826/Mar. 9, 1907 Tombstone August/Maria/Carolina/Christian Clarence W. Kraase/Son/1910-1932 (Picture inset) Tombstone, next to: Lydia/Mother/1884-1958, ossw: Carl/Father/1871-1949 Tombstone Lydia/Carl See Glaeser

KRETSCH: Daniel Kretsch/1902-1984 Tombstone, ossw: Olga Kretsch/1906-1995 Tombstone Tombstone Daniel/Olga

KROEGER: See: Fredericka FENSKE

KRUEGER: Carl/Father/1863-1944, ossw: Maria/Mother/1873-1937 Tombstone Carl/Maria Mary Krueger/Mother/1877-1941 Tombstone Judith Krueger/1937-2001/married Aug. 5, 1961 Tombstone Gotthilf Krueger/Co. B/9 Wis. Inf. [May 21, 1842/December 7, 1897/ from Manitowoc County Civil War Roundtable]Tombstone

KRUGER: J. Gottlieb Kruger/Gest. 7 Dec. 1897/alter/94 Jah. 5 Mon., ossw: Maria Sophia/seine Gattin/Gest/31 Aug. 1874/Alter 70 Jah. 5 mon. (Marie Sophie Elisabeth Krueger/d. 08/31/1874, Buried: 09/02/1874/ from records of St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Ch.) Tombstone Gottlieb/Maria Tombstone Gottlieb/Maria Footstones: Mutter/Vater.

KURTH: E. Friedrich Kurth/geb. 12 Mai. 1815/gestorben/19 Sept. 1873. Tombstone (Ernst Friedrich Kurth from Schoeneberg, Pomerania, b. 13 May 1815-d. 10 September 1873 cause: inflammation of the lungs, pneumonia)

LAWRENCE: Harold W. Lawrence/1917-2006 Tombstone, ossw: Agnes J. Lawrence/1918-2013 Photo + Tombstone

LEIDER: Large Leider stone. Separate stones read: Augusta Leider/1890-1968 (12 Jul 1890/Dec 1968/SSDI) Tombstone, next to: Otto Leider/1892-1927,(Picture inset)Tombstone Large Leider Stone - name only. Two smaller stones read: Vater/Gottfried E. Leider/Geb. 27 Feb. 1853/Gest. 14 Sept. 1921 Tombstone, next to: Mutter/Augusta Leider/Geb. 14 Mar. 1858/Gest. 16 Dec. 1937 Tombstone Augusta Tombstone Gottfried/Augusta Edward/1890-1970 (19 Feb 1890/Oct 1970/SSDI), ossw: Anna/1890-1959 Tombstone Edward/Anna

LEMKE: Wilhelmine/Gattin von/M.F. Lemke/Geb./10 Jan. 1832/Gest. 4 Apr. 1924 Tombstone, ossw: Michael F. Lemke/Geb./20 Sept. 1821/22 Okt. 1912 Tombstone Separate stone reads: Micherel Lempke/Co. F./18 Wis. Inf. (metal flag holder) Tombstone Large Lemke stone Separate stones read: Ella/tochter von/W. u. M./Lemke/geb. u. gest. 17 Nov. 1907 Tombstone Mary Lemke/Sept. 19, 1873/Oct. 13, 1929/Mother Tombstone, next to: William Lemke/Apr. 25, 1873/July 7, 1952/Father Tombstone, next to, Arnold Lemke/May 7, 1911/Oct. 3, 1971 Tombstone, next to, Viola Lemke/Apr. 5, 1913/Feb. 1983 Tombstone (Ernstine Wilhelmina Lemke/b. Tn. Liberty/d. 5 Feb. 1870/ age 8 yrs. 11 mo. 18 da. no stone) Lemke family stone Lemke family stone

LENZ: Elton R. Lenz/In memory of/Born Nov. 14, 1925/Killed in action Nov. 20, 1944/ somewhere in France/(metal flag holder) Tombstone, next to: Hattie Lenz/May 2, 1903/Sept. 29, 1927 Tombstone, next to: Irene Lenz/Sept. 20, 1908/Nov. 6, 1921 Tombstone August Lenz (b. 1844—d. January 22, 1931) Tombstone Emilie G./Gattin des/A. Lenz/geboren/2 Dez. 1845/gestorben 4 Okt. 1898 Tombstone, next to: Mary/Mother/Mar. 10, 1879/Apr. 26, 1942 (obit is from 1943), ossw: August/Father/Dec. 18, 1870/Sept. 2, 1947 Tombstone Mary/August Norman/1912-1979,ossw: Alice/1911-1972 Tombstone Norman/Alice Emma/1883-1901, ossw: Henrietta/1849-1924, ossw: William/1842-1925, ossw: Carl W./1878-1970 Tombstone Emma/Henrietta/William/Carl, ossw: Evelyn/Oct. 14, 1920-May 10, 2010, ossw: Arthur/May 27, 1909/Feb. 12, 1979, ossw: Christopher/Aug. 27, 1974/Oct. 9, 1974, ossw: Baby/Feb. 20, 1942 Tombstone Evelyn/Arthur/Christopher/Baby Bertha Lenz/Gattin von C. Lenz/Gebne OTTO/Geb. 15 Sept. 1873/Gest. 5 Marz. 1903. Footstone: Mutter, next to: Carl Lenz/Father/1872-1944, next to: Alvina Lenz/Mother/1886-1958 Tombstone Carl/Alvina (Anna Martha Mary Lenz/b. 6 Jan. 1870, Liberty/d. 31 July 1870/no stone)

LIERMANN: Helmuth Louis Franz Liermann, Sr./8 July 1896/14 Aug. 1981, ossw: Hertha C. Wilhelmina Sophia nee Brick/12 Jul 1901/17 Sep 1992, ossw: Infant son/1936 Tombstone Helmuth/Hertha/Infant, ossw: August/Father/1860-1935, ossw: Henrietta/Mother/1860-1955, ossw: Ethel/wife of Orville/1919-1945 Tombstone August/Henrietta/Ethel Maria Liermann/Mother/1871-1956 Tombstone Maria Liermann/4 Jan./1860/19 Sept. 1894, ossw: Carl Liermann/22 Aug. 1862/28 Juni/1912 Tombstone Maria/Carl James R. Liermann/May 6, 1955/Nov. 30, 2008 Tombstone Kermit H. Liermann/April 1, 1929-Feb. 17, 2015, ossw: Mabel E. Liermann/May 2, 1926/May 17, 2011 Tombstone

LINDEMANN: Claus Lindemann/21 Apr. 1817/Gest./22 Apr. 1867 Tombstone (cause: chest disease/Trinity Luth. ch. record) Grosz-mutter/Dorothea/Lindemann/gebne HAEFKE/Geb. 3 Sept. 1827/Gest. 23 Aug. 1905 Tombstone August J.F./Lindemann/Geb. 12 Aug. 1859/Gest. 17 Mai. 1882 Tombstone Tombstone Both of the above stones are flat in ground in older section and nearly covered by grass. Carl Lindemann/Geb. 27 Apr. 1856/Gest. 2 Sept. 1913, ossw: Emelie Lindemann/1855-1935 Tombstone Carl/Emelie Footstones: Mutter/Vater Fredericka/Lindemann/Geb. 31 Dez. 1840/Gest. 7 Feb. 1903 Tombstone, ossw: Herman Lindemann/Geb. 8 Juli 1833/Gest. 27 Apr. 1927. Footstones: Vater/Mutter, next to: William/Oct. 24, 1868/Aug. 17, 1931, ossw: Delia/July 14, 1873/Jan. 5, 1963 Tombstone William/Delia Ernst Lindemann/stillborn/Maerz 1862-Maerz 1862 Ernst Joachim Friedrich Lindeman The tombstone for Ernst Lindemann is actually for Ernst and his stillborn sibling. Ernst was born 22 March, 1862. He died 31 March, 1862. If you don’t have the church records readily available, you can make out the “31” just under the clump of grass on the left middle of the picture, especially if you blow the picture up. The second part of the stone refers to “and a stillborn child born on 26 April, 1858. (From researcher/see contributors page) Tombstone Tombstone

LIPPERT: Lippert family stone Frieda/1888-1975 (19 Dec 1888/Jun 1975/SSDI), ossw: Louis/1889-1952 Ella Lippert/1890-1936, next to: Kathryn L. Lippert/1932-2010 Tombstone Ella/Kathryn Marion Lippert/Nov. 26, 1927, ossw: Harold Lippert/June 10 - 27, 1920 Tombstone Marion/Harold Edwin Lippert/Geb./3 Apr. 1887/Gest/9 Juni 1889 Tombstone (Edwin Lippert/cause: diptheria/family: Carl Lippert & Auguste nee Pleuss) Maria GENZ/Geb'ne SCHWARTZ/Geb. 24 Juli 1808/Gest. 2 Dec. 1894, ossw: John Lippert/Geb. 14 April 1823/Gest./22 Dec. 1903, ossw: Sophie Lippert/d. Dec. 1908/age 78 yrs/wife of John Lippert Tombstone Maria/John/Sophie John Lippert/Wisconsin/Pvt. 18 Regt. Wis. Inf. Civil War/Dec. 24, 1904 (should be 1903)/ (U.S. War vet flag holder) Photo Mary/Mother/1862-1947, ossw: Louis/Father/1858-1938 Tombstone Mary/Louis, next to: Alma/Sept. 11, 1894/Mar. 2, 1960, ossw: Herman/Sept. 30, 1891/Jan. 14, 1972 Tombstone Alma/Herman

LIPPMANN: Friedrich Lippmann/1 Jan. 1812/? Aug.? 187? Tombstone

LUBKE: Carl Lubke/Geboren/27 Feb. 1821/Gestorben/26 Juli 1890 (Carl Luebke/27 February 1824, 26 July 1890/Trinity Luth. ch.) Tombstone Tombstone, ossw: Louisa/Gattin Von/C. Lubke/Geboren 24 Sept. 1823/Gestorben/8 Apr. 1911 Tombstone H.L. Lubke, ossw: Hermann Lubke/Geb. in Matsdorf/Pommeren/27 Feb. 1824/Gest./31 Dec. 1893 Tombstone, ossw: Vater und Mutter, ossw: Henriette Lubke/Geb./16 Mar. 1828/Gest./16 Mar. 1912 Tombstone Friedriecke Lubke/Geb. 29 Juni 1829/Gest./3 Marz. 1904 Tombstone, ossw: Gottlieb Lubke/Geb./30 Apr. 1825/Gest/22 Jan. 1881. (Johann Gottlieb Lubke) Tombstone Friedriecke/Gottlieb See: RUSCH, Ida

LUEBKE: Augusta Luebke/Geb. 8 Sept. 1857/Gest. 25 Oct./1900 Tombstone Tombstone Georg/sohn von G (illegible)/Luebke/(Illegible) 1889 Tombstone Above stone broken off at base and re-cemented. Footstone: G.L. Augusta Luebke/1912-1912 Tombstone Tombstone Bertha/Dec. 5-12, 1902 Tombstone, ossw: August/1851-1929 Tombstone, ossw: Ida/1862-1936 Tombstone Bertha/August/Ida Louis W.F./Sohn des G und L Luebke/geboren/10 Sept. 1882/gestorben/18 Okt. 1882 Tombstone Footstones: L.L. Frank Luebke/1868-1957 Tombstone Tombstone Footstones: Vater/Mutter/Groszvater John Luebke/1868-1920, ossw: Martha Luebke/1872-1944 Tombstone John/Martha, ossw: Elmer Luebke/July 29/Sept. 29, 1899 Tombstone John/Martha/Elmer Footstones: Mother/Father. Marie Anna Louise Luebke/nee Buck/24 May 1895/7 August 1988, ossw: August Luebke/1891-1979, ossw: Ione Luebke/1931-1932 Tombstone August/Marie/Ione

LUECKE: Ida Luecke/Geb./26 Jan. 1871/Gest/2 Juni 1897 Tombstone Footstone: I.L.

LULLOFF: Raymond/Sohn von T. u E. Lulloff/geb. 3 Sept. 1909/gest. 23 Dec. 1909 Tombstone Tombstone

LUTH: See: WIENKE/Friedricka

LUTZE: Adeline Lutze/1921-2014 Tombstone Wesley Lutze/Apr. 15, 1917, next to: Gilbert Lutze/Nov. 17 - 19, 1915 Tombstone In memory of Edwin G. Lutze Tombstone, ossw: Henrietta/Dec. 16, 1899/Jan. 6, 1984/Mother, ossw: Edwin G./Sept. 5, 1894/July 24, 1944/Father, ossw: Verna/Sept. 27, 1923/Feb.14, 1934/Daughter, ossw: Norman/Feb. 17, 1921/Feb. 21, 1921/Son Tombstone Henrietta/Edwin/Verna/Norman, ossw: Milton Lutze/Husband/Feb. 3, 1922/July 26, 1999, ossw: Dorothy Lutze/Wife/Nov. 24, 1922/Feb. 17, 1990 Tombstone

LUTZKE: Arthur/1896-1973, ossw: Linda/1901-1966 Tombstone Arthur/Linda Henriette S. Lutzke/Geb. In Jahr 1816/Gest./9 Sept. 1896 Tombstone, ossw: Johann Lutzke/Geb. 7 Mai 1819/Gest. 5 Juli 1911 Tombstone Footstones: H. L./Father. Ida/1880-1952, ossw: Louis/1879-1970 Tombstone Ida/Louis, next to: Milton Lutzke/Nov. 25, 1905/June 16, 1938 (Picture inset), next to: Anna/1856-1927, ossw: Carl/1848-1928 Tombstone Anna/Carl Large monument Separate footstones read: Friedrich Lutzke/1 Aug. 1843/21 Mai 1916 Tombstone, next to: Henrietta Lutzke/12 Feb. 1858/20 Juli 1936 Tombstone Pauline Marie Lutzke/13 July 1886/19 February 1889/no stone/from obit William/Father/1854-1934, ossw: Wilhelmine/Mother/1864-1938 Adolph Lutzke/d. Apr. 25, 1900/age 18 months/no stone/from obit Wilhelmine Lutzke/4 June 1856/18 January 1877/no stone/from obit William Lutzke/Oct 18, 1888-Jan 14, 1921 Leroy W. Lutzke/April 24, 1923-March 7, 2015/from obit

MAAS: Fritz Maas/Co. K. 5 Wis. Div. (Metal war vet flag holder)., next to: Friedrich and Wilhelmine HACKER stones: Friedrich Maas/12-5-1824 - 12-19-1902, next to: Henrietta Maas/2-7-1822 - 4-15-1911

MATTHIAS: Freda Matthias/Geb. 31 Mar. 1890/Gest. 19 Jan. 1892 Tombstone Freda (Frida Louisa Matthias/father Heinrich Matthias & wife and 8 siblings/cause: from cramps) Large stone with name only. Separate stones read: Hilda Matthias Tombstone, next to: Agnes (Matthias) Skoglund/Aug. 17, 1888/Apr. 30, 1928 Tombstone, next to: Mother/May 22, 1852/Feb. 19, 1926 (May Anna "Marie" nee Siebert), next to: Father/Sept. 11, 1845/Apr. 20, 1926 (Heinrich "Herny") Tombstone Father/Mother Marie/Apr. 26, 1889/June 20, 1960, ossw: William/Feb. 26, 1880/Mar. 5, 1960 Tombstone Marie/William, next to: Baby/sohn von W. & M./Matthias Tombstone Edward W. Matthias/Feb. 27, 1924-Feb. 6, 2012/from obit

MEIER: Ida/Tochter von/H & B Meier/Geb. d. 23 Dez./1878/Gest. d. 2 Apr. 1879 Tombstone Footstone: I.M.

MELLSTROM: Lindsay Lynn Mellstrom/Mar. 23, 2006/Mar. 23, 2006, ossw: Nicolle Leigh Mellstrom/Mar. 23, 2006/Sept. 8, 2006 Tombstone Lindsay/Nicolle


MEYER: Lenhardt/Sohn von/0. & L. Meyer/Geb. u Gest. 31 Mai. 1914 Tombstone Large stone reads FENSKE on one side and Meyer on other side: Separate stones read: Henry G. Meyer/Father/1886-1970 Tombstone, next to: Minnie Meyer/Mother/1887-1951 Tombstone Heinrich Meyer/Feb. 8, 1851/Aug. 12, 1901, ossw: Bertha Meyer/Mar. 1, 1854/Feb. 7, 1938 Tombstone Heinrich/Bertha See Susanna and August FENSKE

MOLDENHAUER: Mary Moldenhauer/Dec. 3, - Dec. 4, 1948, ossw: Howard W. Moldenhauer/1918-2002, ossw: Marion A. Moldenhauer/1922-2009 Tombstone Mary/Howard/Marion Large stone - Name only. Separate stones read: Ella O.W. Moldenhauer/May 21, 1891/Aug. 28, 1988, ossw: Willam C. Moldenhauer/Dec. 1, 1887/Apr. 9, 1961 Tombstone Ella/William, next to: William Moldenhauer/5-23-1928/6-7-1928 Tombstone Gustav Moldenhauer/Geb. 28 Sept. 1817/Gest. 29 Sept. 1910, ossw: Henriette Moldenhauer/Seine Gattin/Geb. 21 Aug. 1821/Gest. 27 Nov. 1880 Tombstone Gustav/Henriette Gustav Moldenhauer/d. Oct 16, 1860/from record/no stone Paulina Moldenhauer/3.19.1856/11.17.1939, next to: Ernst Moldenhauer/4.29.1846/1.14.1922 Tombstone Paulina/Ernst Tombstone Paulina/Ernst See NAGEL, Mathilda

MORRIS: Ruth SCHMIDT Morris/Jan. 22, 1920/Apr. 10, 1942 Tombstone

NAGEL: Large monument Separate stones read: Gustav Nagel/Geb. 15 Oct. 1873/Gest. 6, Apr. 1895 Tombstone Tombstone (Gustav Louis Johannes Nagel/leaves parents & 10 siblings, cause: brain fever/ From Trinity Lutheran Ch. records, Liberty Twp.), next to: Mutter/Mathilda Nagel/Gebne MOLDENHAUER/23 Marz 1850/Gest. 15 Jan. 1927 Tombstone, next to: Vater/Ludwig Nagel/Geb. 31 Marz 1842/Gest. 29 Dec. 1922 Tombstone A large flat stone the size of the grave covers each of the above graves and the history is given on each as on the regular stones. next to: Raymond Nagel Tombstone Christian Nagel/geboren/27 Aug. 1810/Gestorben/2 Febr, 1889 Christian Nagel/b. 27 August 1810/d. 2 February 1889/cause: old age/family: Maria Nagel),ossw: Seine Gemahlin/Maria/Geb. BORGWARDT/1 Sept. 1804/gestorben/25 Jan. 1890. (Maria Nagel/cause: old age/family: a son Ludwig Nagel) Tombstone Christian/Maria Tombstone Christian/Maria Tombstone Christian/Maria Meinhold C./1904-1969 (26 Aug 1904/Sep 1969/SSDI), ossw: Lorena E./1913-2013, ossw: Howard A./1940-1960 Tombstone Meinhold/Lorena/Howard Mother/Alvina/1883-1941, ossw: Father/Ernst/1872-1955 Tombstone Alvina/Ernst Anna/1887-1974 (20 Apr 1887/Jan 1974/SSDI), ossw: Christian/1878-1933 Ronald Nagel/1940-2002/married June 5, 1965, ossw: Elmer Nagel/1910-1977/married Sept. 28, 1935, ossw: Norma Nagel/1910-1992 Tombstone Ronald/Donna/Elmer/Norma Markus L. Nagel/Oct. 20, 1918/June 17, 1993, ossw: Lorraine E. Nagel/Dec. 6, 1927/Dec. 10, 1993 Tombstone Markus/Lorraine See SCHNELL, Johanna

NASS: One side of stone reads Nass, other side, QUANDT Ernst J. Nass/Geb. 1 Juli 1851/Gest. 5 Juni 1905 Tombstone, ossw: Dorothea L.W./Gattin von/C.F. QUANDT/gebne DEGNER/20 Feb. 1829/Gest./23 Mar. 1896, ossw: Christian Fr. QUANDT/Geb. 25 Dec. 1827/Gest/25 Apr. 1895 Frank J. Nass/Geb./2 Juli 1889/Gest./7 Sept. 1920 Tombstone Footstone: F.J.N. Large Nass monument Louisa/1864-1950 Tombstone (Maria "Louisa" Krueger) Frank/1857-1932 Tombstone William Nass/1825-1902 Tombstone (He's the person that was in civil war) Louisa/1824-1899 Tombstone (Charlotte "Louise" Zastrow) Marvin Nass/June 1, 1915/Nov. 22, 1923 Tombstone, next to: Raymond Nass/Feb. 18, 1912/Apr. 9, 1982 Tombstone William Nass/Co. C/17 Wis. Inf. [1825-1902/from Manitowoc County Civil War Roundtable] (war vet flag holder) Tombstone Marilyn B. Nass/1930 Tombstone, next to: Arlyle I. Nass/1929 Tombstone, next to: Earl 0. Nass/1932-1963 Tombstone, next to: Henry E. Nass/Apr. 13, 1887/June 12, 1966 Tombstone, next to: Ida J. Nass/1899-1968 Tombstone Auguste Nass/Geb. QUANDT/Feb. 5, 1858/July 14, 1931 Tombstone, next to: Ernst Nass/July 1, 1851/June 5, 1905 Tombstone William F. Nass/June 15, 1879/Oct. 24, 1922 Tombstone, next to: Ida M. Nass/Geb. RUSCH/Nov. 7, 1879/Mar. 24, 1973 Tombstone Arthur Nass/1900-1987, ossw: Oscar Nass/1905-2002 Tombstone Arthur/Oscar Ella___ M/Tochter von/E. u A. Nass/geboren/14 Feb. 1891/gest./23 Mai 1892 Tombstone

NAUMANN: Alma/1881-1967 (b. 6 Nov. 1881/d. Nov. 1967/SSDI), ossw: Gustav/1878-1950 Tombstone Alma/Gustav

NOERENBERG: Carl Noerenberg/1866-1932 Tombstone Caroline H. Noerenberg/1825-1916 Tombstone Fred C. Noerenberg/1829-1910 Tombstone

OTT: Carolina/Tochter von/Aug. & B. Ott/Geb. 14 Dez. 1889/Gest. 7 Aug. 1906 Tombstone August/Aug. 4, 1840/Apr. 13, 1927, ossw: Bertha/May 29, 1851/Apr. 23, 1927 Tombstone August/Bertha Johanna/1888-1977, ossw: William/1888-1951 Tombstone Johanna/William

OTTO: Carl L./Sohn von/W. u W. Otto/14 Aug. 1866/Gest. 16 Aug. 1866. Footstone: C.L. Wilhelmine Otto/Mother/May 11, 1847/Nov. 28, 1922, next to: Wm. Otto/Father/Aug. 14, 1839/Jan. 7, 1919 Otto family stone See LENZ, Bertha Huldah/1881-1948, ossw: Adolph/1879-1939 Tombstone Hulda/Adolph Meta Otto/Born/Aug. 2, 1907/Died/Aug. 3, 1907 Tombstone

PAUTZ: Carl Pautz, Sr./d. 23 Dec. 1863 from record of Methodist Episc. ch.

PETERSON: Susanna BLEICHWEHL Peterson/Mother/1884-1936 Tombstone, next to: Louis BLEICHWEHL/Father/1884-1918.

PILZ: These three people immigrated from Salzkammergut, Austria. Information from Michael Kurz in Salzkammergut who is tracing emigrants from there to the United States. Matthias Pilz/geb. 26 Juli 1811/gestorben (balance not cut) (b. 26 July 1811/d. 30 October 1894/wife Katharina/cause: apoplexy/from ch. record), ossw: Katharina/seine Gattin/geboren im Marz 1809/gestorben (balance not cut), ossw: Katharina Pilz/mit Ihren Kindein/geboren 20 Nov. 1846/gestorben 16 Nov. 1863 Tombstone Matthias/Katharina/Katharina

PLEUS: Anna S.M./tochter von/E.& A. Pleus/geboren/3 Aug. 1868/gestorben/2 Jan. 1870 Tombstone

PLEUSS: Louis G. Pleuss/Geb. 25 Dec. 1857-Gest. 25 Mai 1912, ossw: Friedericka Pleuss/Geb. 31 Juli 1861/Gest. 15 Jan. 1921 Tombstone Louis/Friedericka Arthur/Geb. 4 Oct. 1893/Gest. 29 Dec. 1903 Tombstone Adolph/1886-1959, ossw: Sophia/1886-1972 Tombstone Adolph/Sophia Edgar M. Pleuss/1914-1997 Tombstone Bernice L. Pleuss/1921-2014 See PLEUS

PROPSON: Michael J. Propson/1939-1993 Tombstone Michael J. Propson/SP4 US Army/Apr. 3, 1939/Nov. 7, 1993 Tombstone


QUANDT: Stone reads Quandt on one side and NASS on other side. Ernst J. NASS/Geb. 1 Juli 1851/Gest. 5 Juni 1905, ossw: Dorothea L.W./Gattin von/C.F.Quandt/Gebne DEGNER/20 Feb. 1829/Gest. 23 Mar. 1896 Tombstone, ossw: Christian Fr. Quandt/Geb. 25 Dec. 1827/Gest./25 Apr. 1895 Tombstone See NASS, Auguste See WIENKE, Johanna

RASCHKE: Reinhold Raschke/Mar. 18, 1901/Nov. 16, 1983, ossw: Florence Raschke/Mar. 12, 1900/Jan. 2, 1958 Tombstone Reinhold/Florence

REICHARDT: Auguste Reichardt/Gebne RUSCH/Geb. 22 Mar. 1843/Gest. 16 Juli 1916, ossw: Wilhelm Reichardt/Geb. 24 Jan. 1841/Gest. 20 Dez. 1930 Tombstone Auguste/Wilhelm Charles Reichardt/Oct 18, 1885-Jul 9, 1963/from obit

REINDL: Andrew J. Reindl/June 22, 1986-Sept. 10, 2011/from obit

ROEHR: Mary Roehr/b. 1796, Mecklenburg Schwerin/d. 3 Feb. 1872/cause: old age/no stone

ROHL: (also Roehl) Johann J. Rohl/geboren/30 Marz 1818/gestorben/26 Mai 1883 Tombstone Footstone: J.R. Maria Rohl/geborene ROSENBAUM/geboren 1794/gestorben/2 Feb. 1872 Tombstone (widow of Friedrich Roehl who died 1847/she was born 1796 in Ruchitz, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, died of old age weakness on 3 February 1872)


RUSCH: See NASS, Ida M. Baby/Dau. of R.& D. Rusch/Born & Died/Aug. 9, 1940 Tombstone, next to: Baby/son of/R.& D. Rusch/Born & died/Feb. 23, 1955 Tombstone Elsa Rusch (in old section) Tombstone Large stone Separate stones read: Wilhelmine/Mother/1851-1936 Tombstone, next to: William/Father/1840-1927 Tombstone, William/Father/1881-1957, ossw: Elizabeth/Mother/1884-1946 Tombstone William/Elizabeth See REICHARDT, Auguste Mary Rusch/Mother/1874-1936, ossw: Gust/Father/1871-1949 Tombstone Gust/Mary, next to: Baby Boy/-Jan. 24, 1915-, next to: Baby O. Rusch/Ida Rusch/geb. LUEBKE/1871-1938 Tombstone O. Rusch, next to Sylvia Rusch Tombstone, next to: Esther/1900-1920 Tombstone, next to: Ida/Mother/1872-1938 Tombstone, next to: Otto/Father/1870-1942 Tombstone, next to: Adolph/Son/1905-1940 Tombstone Arnold W. Rusch/1901-1979 ossw: Leona L. Rusch/1902-1999 Tombstone Arnold/Leona Dorothy A. Rusch/1920-1994, ossw: Ruben A. Rusch/1916-1991 Tombstone Dorothy/Ruben Martha Rusch/d. Feb. 1897 Tombstone

SCHEIDT: David Dean Scheidt/Son/Dec. 29, 1948/Nov. 20, 1951, ossw: Marcella Scheidt/1924-1997, ossw: Norman Scheidt/1922-2008 Tombstone David/Marcella/Norman

SCHMIDT: Emma M./Mother/1886-1972, ossw: Fredrich L./Father/1877-1965 Tombstone Emma/Fredrich Viola Schmidt/July 24, 1906/Mar. 7, 1991 Tombstone, next to: Ruth Schmidt MORRIS/Jan. 22, 1920/Apr. 10, 1942 (picture inset), next to: Edna Schmidt/Baby/Oct. 22/Oct. 23, 1914 Tombstone See MORRIS

SCHNEIDER: Vicki Lynn Schneider/1972-1993, ossw: Rev. Glenn R. Schneider/1945-1987 Tombstone Vicki/Glenn

SCHNELL: Carl F./1889-1975, ossw: Ella F./1892-1977 Tombstone Carl/Ella Johanna/Gattin von/P. Schnell/Gebne NAGEL/22 Apr. 1839/Gest. 3 Sept. 1859 Tombstone See HACKER, Maria J. Paschen Schnell/geboren/Januer 1823/gestorben/13 Nov. 1871 Tombstone (Note: new part has b. 1822) Johann/Sohn von/J. u E. Schnell/Gest. 21 Sept. 1860/Alter 1 Tag. Tombstone Harold 1922-1999 , ossw: Alice/1921-2012, ossw: Agnes/1893-1976, ossw: Edwin/1889-1985 Tombstone Harold/Alice/Agnes/Edwin Ernst/Sohn von/Fritz & Hana Schnell/geboren 16 Jan. 1876/gestorben 11 Apr. 1882 Tombstone Louis J./May 29, 1858/ Apr. 25, 1942, ossw: Alwina/Mar. 12, 1869/July 5, 1953 Tombstone Louis/Alwina, next to: William A. Schnell/Mar. 24, 1893/July 7, 1937 Tombstone Johann F. Schnell/geb. 9 Jan. 1859/gest. 19 Feb. 1919, ossw: Mary Schnell/Wife/Born Feb. 28, 1866/died Mar. 18, 1958 Tombstone Johann/Mary, ossw: Augusta Schnell/Geb. 31 Dec. 1859/gest. 18 Jan. 1910/Gattin von, ossw: Louis A. Schnell/Geb. 8 Juli 1857/Gest. 20 Juni 1934 Tombstone Augusta/Louis, next to: Johann F. Schnell/Vater Tombstone, next to: Mary Schnell/Mother/Feb. 28, 1866/Mar. 18, 1958 Tombstone, next to: Augusta Schnell/next to: Louis A. Schnell, next to: Fred H. Schnell/Apr. 8, 1886/Feb. 16, 1956 Tombstone Tombstone, next to: Jean Schnell/Jan. 9, 1915/Oct. 31, 1960 Tombstone Tombstone TEESCH footstones on Schnell lot. See TEESCH See FENSKE, Maria

SCHREIBER: Judy R. Schreiber/Mar. 7, 1939/Dec. 20, 2004/married Dec. 2, 1961, ossw: Myron E. Schreiber/Sept. 5, 1940-Jan. 26, 2012 Tombstone


SCHROEDER: Irma Schroeder/1902-1938 Tombstone Albert Schroeder/1868-1951 Tombstone Florendina Schroeder/geb. 18 Oct. 1842/gest. 20 Mar. 1934, ossw: Julius T. Schroeder/geb. 17 Juni 1837/gest/15 Aug. 1909 Tombstone Florendina/Julius

SCHULER: Cheryl J. Schuler/Apr. 11, 1945/May 5, 2001 Tombstone

SCHULTZ: Schultz family stone Johann Schultz/Geboren/13 Aug. 1793/Gestorben/23 Juli 1892 Tombstone, ossw: Maria Schultz/Geboren/2 Feb. 1811/Gestorben 27 Feb. 1893 Tombstone Lewis A./1878-1970 (31 Oct 1878/Jun 1970/SSDI) Tombstone, ossw: Bertha H./1883-1973 (25 July 1883/Dec. 1973/SSDI) Tombstone Tombstone Lewis/Bertha, next to: Elda WALKER/Tochter/gebne Schultz/Geb. 18 Nov. 1906/gest. 10 Sept. 1933,next to: Ottilie Schultz/Mutter/geb. 15 Mai. 1849/gest. 30 Nov. 1919 Tombstone, next to: Joachim Schultz/Vater/geb. 21 Dec. 1840/gest. 13 Jan. 1913 Tombstone Elisa/Mother/1873-1956, ossw: Carl/Father/1870-1940 Tombstone Elisa/Carl Ralph A. Schultz/CPL US Army/World War II/ Sep. 1, 1919/Mar. 29, 2010 Tombstone Ralph A. Schultz/Sept. 1, 1919/Mar. 29, 2010/married June 12, 1948, ossw: Jane L. Schultz/Dec. 23, 1925/May 1, 2006 Tombstone Ralph/Jane

SCHULZ: Joachim Schulz/Co. F/26 Wis. Inf. (On Schultz lot) (U.S. war vet flag holder.) Tombstone

SCHWALBE: Caroline M. Schwalbe/Dec. 11, 1923-Aug. 3, 2012, ossw: Earl F. Schwalbe/Dec. 20, 1921-June 16, 2000 Tombstone



SCHWARZ: (also Schwartz) Ernst Adam John Schwarz/b. 1 June 1784/d. 18 Feb. 1873/no stone

SELLE: Ervin A.W./Sohn von/G.& A. Selle/1 Oct. 1896/29 Mar. 1897 Tombstone Large Selle stone. Separate stones read: Auguste Selle/20 Sept. 1871/11 Feb. 1924, next to, Carl Selle/25 Juli 1862/18 Dec. 1919 Tombstone Auguste/Carl Wilhelm Selle/19 Sept. 1823/7 Sept. 1910, ossw: Friedericke Selle/Seine Gattin/19 Apr. 1836/13 Sept. 1920 Tombstone Wilhelm/Friedericke Anna Selle/Feb. 22, 1869/July 11, 1936, ossw: Julius Selle/Jan. 1, 1867/Jan. 4, 1937 Tombstone Anna/Julius Footstone: 1867/Julius Selle/1937 Footstone: 1868/Anne Selle/1936 Footstones: Mutter/Vater Emil C. Selle/Oct. 6, 1892/July 30, 1984 Tombstone Dorothy Selle/1915-1984, ossw: Elmer Selle/1907-1985 Tombstone Dorothy/Elmer

SEMANN: Elmer/15 Juli 1902/2 Sept. 1902, ossw: August/11 Dec. 1866/13 Juli 1904 Tombstone Elmer/August

SKOGLUND: Agnes (Matthias) Skoglund/Aug. 17, 1888/Apr. 30, 1928 Tombstone See MATTHIAS

SLATER: Gerald Henry Slater/1945-1955 Tombstone Jean B. Slater/1925-1991 Tombstone Ross G. Slater/1922-1998 Tombstone Tombstone Jean/Ross

SONNENBURG: Large monument. Separate stones read: Anna L./Mother/1871-1945 Tombstone, next to: Father/William F./1875-1928 Tombstone

SPINKE: Minna/GOETHKE/Gattin von Herm. Spinke/Geb. 22 Juli 1833/Gest. 30 Aug. 1904 Tombstone See GOETHKE

STEEGE: (also Stege) Gottlieb Steege/geboren 17 Aug. 1797/gestorben 2 Mai 1876 Tombstone

STOCKMEIER: Anita/tochter von W. u. L. Stockmeier/Nov. 21, 1905/Sept. 5, 1921

TEESCH: Auguste M. Teesch/Geboren 3 Dez. 1865/gestorben 6 Feb. 1891 Tombstone (Auguste Maria Teesch/family: Christian Teesch & wife, besides siblings/ cause: consumption) Footstone: A.M.T. The following stones are on SCHNELL lot: Bertha Teesch/Mother/1877-1948 Tombstone, next to: August/Teesch/Father/1869-1941 Tombstone, next to: Augusta Teesch/Mother/1832-1901 Tombstone, next to: Christian Teesch/Father/1836-1916 Tombstone Roland A. Teesch/Grandson/1904-1980 Tombstone Marie Teesch/Grandmother/1813-1901 Tombstone

THALHAMMER: Franziska O. ThalhammerBaby//Nov. 27/Dec. 2, 1908 Tombstone (Mary Ann Thalhammer/b. Liberty, Manitowoc co./d. 1 May 1870/age 5 mo./no stone)

TOMASCHEFSKY: Baby Harold Tomaschefsky/-Dec. 9, 1924-

TUSCHEL: Ervin Tuschel Sr./1918-1979, ossw: Ervin Tuschel Jr./1952-2004, ossw: Marie M. Tuschel/1921-1999 Tombstone Ervin/Ervin/Marie

ULNESS: Oscar/1890-1973, ossw: Linda/1895-1984 Tombstone Oscar/Linda

Unknown 1 Unknown 2

VETTER: Wilhelmina/O.L. Gattin von/J. Vetter/gebne Nided? in Pommern/ 18 Aug. 1830/Gestorben 24 Nov. 1886, ossw: Joachim Vetter/Geb. in Elsass./7 Juli 1813/gestorben 3 Feb. 1894 Tombstone Wilhelmina/Joachim August Vetter/Geb. 7 Juli 1866/Gest/26 Apr. 1905, ossw: Louisa Vetter/Geb. 24 Juli 1867/Gest. 13 Juni 1930 Tombstone August/Louisa Separate footstones: Mother/Father/Arnold. Edwin F./1889-1953, ossw: Maria E./1893-1975 (13 Oct. 1893/Dec. 1975/SSDI), next to: Elroy E. Vetter/Wisconsin/T. Sgt. 325 Base Unit AAF/World War II/ D.FC. AM & 3OLC/Nov. 8, 1918-July 2, 1958. Metal vet flag holder. Reaka/wife of Louis Vetter/Born May 18, 1888/Died Dec. 27, 1918 Tombstone, next to: Bertha/1898-1953, ossw: Louis F./1886-1946 Tombstone Bertha/Louis Peter Vetter/Geb. 28 Juni 1852/Gest. 2 Feb. 1917 Tombstone Footstone: Vater (Melvin/Jun 29, 1912-Jun 15, 1913/from obit) Fred/1860-1938, ossw: Sophia/1863-1940 Tombstone Fred/Sophia, next to: Linda/tochter von/Fr. & S. Vetter/geb. 2 Nov. 1891/gest. 18 Oct. 1912 Tombstone Baby/Vetter Tombstone Baby/Vetter Tombstone Vernon W. Vetter/Aug. 8, 1923/Feb. 6, 1984, ossw: Lucille F. Vetter/Jan. 4, 1924-May 27, 2013, ossw: William E. Vetter/Dec. 9, 1953/Apr. 13, 1999 Tombstone Vernon/Lucille/William

VETTING: Robert Vetting/1927-2007, ossw: Bernice M. Vetting/March 11, 1925-June 25, 2014 Tombstone Roger A. Vetting/1953-2010

WALKER: Tochter/Elda Walker/Gebne SCHULTZ/Geb. 18 Nov. 1906/gest. 10 Sept. 1933 (On Schultz lot) Tombstone

WALLSCHLAEGER: Emma E.C./Geb. Oct. 9, 1868/Gest./Sept. 29, 1869, ossw: Eddie/Gest. Oct. 27 1869/Gest./Oct. 27, 1869 Tombstone Emma/Eddie Kinder von A. u A. Wallschlaeger Johanne Wallschlaeger/Sohn von August/Geb. 15 Aug.1841/Gest.2 April 1865 Tombstone Wilhelm F. Wallschlaeger/Geb. 21 Nov. 1796/Gest. 1 Aug. 1887 (Wilhelm Wallschlaeger/d. 1 August 1887/age 89 yrs., 7 mo., 21 da.), ossw: Marie F.W. Wallschlaeger/Frau von W./Geb. 21 Juli 1801/Gest./12 Juli 1860 Tombstone Wilhelm/Marie

WEERTS: Wilhelm/Baby/Sohn von/Pastor E.& G. Weerts/Geb. U Gest. 23 Mai. 1903.(as on transcription) Tombstone

WEHAUSEN: Edmund/sohn von H.u J. Wehausen/Geb. 13 Mar. 1892/Gest. 7 Juli 1914 Tombstone, next to: Ella/tochter von/H.u J. Wehausen/Geb. 24 Juli 1902/Gest. 7 Mar. 1927 Tombstone, next to: Henry L./Nov. 18, 1863/Apr. 17, 1939, ossw: Johanna/Dec. 4, 1864/Aug. 21, 1929 Tombstone Henry/Johanna Louis/1894-1976 (23 July 1894/Jan. 1976/SSDI), ossw: Hildegard/1904-1967, ossw: Helen/1939-1965 Tombstone Louis/Hildegard/Helen Clifford/1923-1923, ossw: Maria/1895-1961, ossw: Emil/1896-1982 Tombstone Clifford/Maria/Emil Loui H.H. Wehausen/Sohn von/E.F u CR/Geboren 17 Mai 1889/Gest. 23 Mai 1889 Tombstone (Louis Hermann Heinrich/b. 17 May 1889/d. 23 May 1889/family: Ernst Wehausen and Christine nee Carstens) Christina/Gattin von/Ernst F. Wehausen/gebne CARSTENS/geb. 18 Jan. 1863/gest. 12 Mai 1910 Tombstone Fred C./1883-1950 Tombstone Ernst/Father/1860-1931 Tombstone Christina/Mother/1863-1910 Tombstone Paul H. Wehausen/Oct. 20, 1921/Nov. 1, 2006 Tombstone Adolph Wehausen/1895-1948, ossw: Linda Wehausen/1894-1993 Tombstone Adolph/Linda Reuben Wehausen/1924-2000 Tombstone Johann Friedrich Wehausen/6 A???? 1830/28 Oct. 1896 Tombstone Anna Barbara Wehausen/Geb. 5 Feb. 1882/Gest. 3 Sept. 1910 Tombstone Walter/sohn von H. u J. Wehausen/Geb. 4 Aug. 1900/Gest 10 Nov. 1913 Tombstone Frederick A. Wehausen/Sept. 20, 1936-April 9, 2014/from obit

WEINHOLZ: Ruth Weinholz/Daughter/nee BORGWARDT/1923-1941 Tombstone (on Borgwardt lot.)

WENZEL: Auguste Wenzel/b. 26 Dec. 1851/d. 5 July 1870 Augusta Wenzel/no other date/in older section of cemetery Tombstone Hanna Wenzel/Nov. 15, 1819-Dec. 7, 1898, ossw: Gottfried Wenzel/Feb. 10, 1821-Mar. 18, 1909 Tombstone Hanna/Gottfried (Note: The tombstone reads Wengel but all other records read Wenzel) Gottfred Wenzel/Co.O./22 Wis. Inf. (War vet flag holder) Tombstone

WHITE: Leo L./1906-1992, ossw: Beatrice/1909-1996, ossw, Arnold/1937-1966/son Tombstone Leo/Beatrice/Arnold, next to: Arnold O. White/Wisconsin SP4 US Army/May 23 1937/Aug. 14, 1966 (War Vet flag holder) Tombstone

WIENKE: See FREDRICH, Wilhelmine E. Friedricka/Gattin von/L. Wienke/Gebne LUTH/23 Mai 1824/Gest./26 Aug. 1890 Tombstone, ossw: Johanna M./Gattin von/L.Wienke/Gebne QUANDT/9 Juli 1832/gest. 12 Dec. 1858 Tombstone, ossw: Ludwig Wienke/geb./22 Mar. 1828/gest/20 Juni 1902 Tombstone Julius A.W./sohn von/W. und Ch. Wienke/Geb. d. 26 Juli 1886/Gest. d. 16 Sept 1886 Tombstone Alwina E./tochter von/W. & C. Wienke/geboren 2 Ock. 1889/gest in alter var 1 Jah 3 mon. Tombstone (Alvine Emilie Louise Winke/b. 2 October 1887/d. 22 January 1889/cause: consumption/ family: Wilhelm Winke & Charlotte nee Conrad) Oscar August Friederich/Wienke/Geb. 11 Sept. 1894/Gest. 12 Oct. 1894 (cause: cramps/Trinity Luth. ch.) Tombstone Ludwig Winke/Co. F/18 Wis. [March 22, 1828/June 20, 1902/from Manitowoc County Civil War Roundtable] (metal flag holder.) Tombstone Sohn von/A.& B. Wienke/geb./17 Juni 1894/gest. 4 Aug. 1899.

WILLERT: Maria S. Willert/geboren/SCHRODER/geboren 25 Marz 1798/gestorben 20 Febr. 1880 Tombstone Carl J. Willert/1 Apr. 1790/? Febr. 1871

WROLSON: Donald S. Wrolson/Sept. 17, 1915/June 5, 1995, ossw: Nathalie E. Wrolson/Jan. 25, 1912/May 2, 1998/married May 20, 1939 Tombstone Donald/Nathalie

ZARWELL: Arthur/sohn von Pastor H.C. & Flora/Zarwell/geb. 17 Feb. 1895/gest/18 Feb. 1895, ossw: Angelica S. Zarwell/19 Oct. 1908/31 Oct. 1908 Tombstone Arthur/Angelica Footstones: ASZ/A.Z.

ZASTROW: Baby/Zastrow. In oldest section. Tombstone Franz Zastrow/geb. 21 Juli 1882/gest. 29 Mar. 1892 Tombstone (Franz Wm. Emil Zastrow/Ferd. Zastrow & family/cause: consumption) Wilhelmene Zastrow/geb./26 Nov. 1813/gest./19 Juli 1897 Tombstone. next to: Gottlieb Zastrow/Geb. 23 Marz/1802/Gest. 23 Jan. 1889 Tombstone Gottlieb Zastrow/b. 23 March 1807/d. 23 January 1889/cause: old age/ family: Wilhelmine Zastrow nee Goetting) August Zastrow/Geb. 13 Aug. 1879/Gest. 17 Nov. 1918, next to: Wilhelm Zastrow/Geb. 4 Juli 1889/Gest. 7 Marz. 1918 Large stone - separate stones read: Ferdinand Zastrow/Geb. 17 Mai 1845/Gest. 26 Dez. 1916 Tombstone, next to: Fredricka Zastrow/Geb. 20 Sept. 1856/Gest/31 Aug. 1936 Tombstone Tombstone Ferdinand/Fredricka

ZUNKER: Lilly Zunker/1879-1936, ossw: Henry Zunker/1874-1939, ossw: Augusta Zunker/Geb. 15 Nov. 1845/Gest. 15 Mar. 1909/Gattin von, ossw: Julius Zunker/1850-1932, ossw: Olga/1916 -, ossw: Elvira/1920 Tombstone Lilly/Henry/Augusta/Julius/Olga/Elvira Footstone: A.Z.

????????????: Footstone: L.C. between Paschen Schnell and Fredericka Fenske Tombstone L.O. possibly mis-read as L.C. ? Walled grave, obviously a child -near Pleuss Anna SM and Wengel Augusta Footstone: no initials. Row 1 - north east edge of cemetery. A. L. - next to above and Anna Kattre Footstone reads: Baby - between Willie Haker and Baby Zastrow Heinrich - last name gone on top of stone. Stone almost all in ground. Tombstone Heinrich (Illegible)treh/Baby - between Julius Wienke and Louis Fischer. Paulina/between Alvina Wienke and Loui H. Wehausen Willie/Born Mar. 15, 1901/Died Aug. 2, 1901 Tombstone Above behind Ervin Selle/Bertha Vetter and Ida Luecke, next to: Babies/Born and died/Mar. 13, 1902. Tombstone Mutter - footstone between Olga Zunker and Bertha Luebke