Manitowoc Rapids Township., Manitowoc Co., Wisconsin

Location: 0.4 miles south of Hwy. JJ on Hwy. 141 to Ellis St., then west on Ellis St. for about 200' to unmarked dirt road on the north side of Ellis St. About 300' down the dirt road is the cemetery entrance. The cemetery is visible from Hwy. 141. Indexed in June, 1975. ("WC" = wooden cross)

This cemetery was in very bad shape until Alyce Zietlow took it upon herself to clean it up and through much research, constructed wooden crosses for the stones that should be and are in the cemetery. There is no longer a dirt road, but a mowed grassy area leading to the cemetery located by a red fire hydrant on Ellis road.

Names in [Brackets] were from info from the tombstone pics taken 24 June 2001 by Shari.
If the person's first name is underlined, it is a link to the obituary.


Baby Bauer (WC) Wooden Cross

BAUMAN: Joe Bauman Wooden Marker

BAUMAR: Josephus Baumar/1867-1877 Wooden Cross

BOLLEN: Barbara Bollen/1816-1875 Wooden Cross

BREI: John Brei/1864-1874 Wooden Cross

CARIVEAU: Maggie/Wife of/Frank Cariveau/Born Dec. 25, 1869/Died Sept. 27, 1898

CONYD: Catharina/Gattin des/Cyril Conyd/gestorben/8 Mai 1887/Alter 68 Jahre Tombstone

COURTON: Abraham Courton/1875-1875 Wooden Cross

EISNER: Barbara/Eisner/1826-1911 Wooden Cross

ENDRIES: Peter Endries/1805-1875 Wooden Cross

FISHER: Alois Fisher Wooden Cross

GANTERER: Kate Ganterer/born Dec. 1, 1875/died Oct 20, 1891 Tombstone Matthias Ganterer/Born Mar 8, 1817/Died Jan 27, 1892, ossw: Francis Ganterer/Born Mar 9, 1836/Died Feb 28, 1907 Tombstone Matthias/Francis

GATTIN: Catharina/Gattin/1893 Wooden Cross Maria/Gattin/1893 Wooden Cross

GUDEWER: Lena Gudewer/Toch von J.E. Gudewer/Geb 26 Jul 1895/Gest 13 Oct 1896 Tombstone J.E. Gudewer/Geb 16 Oct 1898/Gest 10 Oct 1899 Tombstone Christian Gudewer/1886-1900 Tombstone

HARTMAN: Louisa Hartman/geb/in Mai 1858/gest/im Ockt. 1861 Tombstone

HAUSER: Hauser/no other information Wooden Cross

HEINDAL/HEINDL: Dionysius Heindal/1867-1877 Wooden Cross (co. index, Dionysius Heindl/son of Wolfgang Heindl and Barbara Braunreiter/ d. 8 Oct. 1877/age 10 yrs./cause: hydropsia/parents in cem.#7, St. Michael Cath. cem. Cato twp./Dionysius is in #7 also.) (Note: I believe the lady who renovated this cemetery mistakenly put this child in this cemetery. His death record says he is buried in the Cato Catholic graveyard (#7))

HEINRICH: Mary Heinrich Wooden Cross

HEINRICHS: Margaret Heinrichs/Sept 13, 1840/Nov 30, 1892 Wooden Cross Tombstone Mary Heinrichs (nothing else) (Maria Katharina Heinrichs/b. 12 May 1805, Germany/d. 15 Apr. 1877, Manitowoc Rapids)


JAGEMANN: George Jagemann/June 11, 1937/Jan 11, 1942 Tombstone

JANVEIRE: Edward Janveire/1877 Wooden Cross

JOHANEK: M. Johanek Wooden Cross

KLEIN: Catherine Klein/1854 Wooden Cross

KUGLER: Katherine/Mother/Wife of/Frank Kugler/Aug 12, 1877/June 1, 1915 Tombstone

KUHNEMUND: Philip Kuhnemund/1800-1877 (wooden cross)

KULANEK: Matt Kulanek/1807-1876 Wooden Cross

LACOUNT: Modest LaCount/died April 26, 1895/Age 83 Y Tombstone Josephine LaCount/died May 8, 1904/Aged 84 years Tombstone footstone: J.L.

LAMBR??: ????????? Lambr??/18?? - 18?8 (1878?) _________ _______/1871 1879 (I believe the two above are these two:) Johann Lambries/b. 3/24/1878/d. 2/21/1879/ Katharine Lambries/b. 6/26/1871/d. 4/14/1879

LAMBRIES: Peter Lambries/1863-1875 Wooden Cross John/1878-1879 Wooden Cross (Note: The lady who made these crosses seemed to have erred. This cross has the dates for John and the name Michael) Catherine Lambries/1871-1879 Wooden Cross Dominick Lambries/Jan 25, 1830/Feb 9, 1911 Wooden Cross Tombstone Agnes Lambries/Mar 1, 1835/Aug 2, 1913 Wooden Cross Tombstone (Michael Lambries/b. 14 Feb. 1874/d. 29 Apr. 1879/no stone)

LAURERER: B. Laurerer Wooden Cross

LENNEVILLE: Francis Lenneville/1812-1897 Wooden Cross (Lydia Lenneville/d. 24 Feb. 1857/no stone)

MARCIN/MROTEK: Top of stone:Marcin. Face of stone: Mrotek/ur da/19 Maja. Ro. 1887/um dn/21 Kwiet. ro 1889 Wooden Cross/Stone is gone

MARTIN: Catherine/wife of/J. Martin/born Sept. 6, 1817/Died Nov. 5, 1878 Wooden Cross, ossw: John Martin/Born June 11, 1811/Died Oct. 10, 1880 Wooden Cross Tombstone (John misspelled on wooden cross)

MEEHA: Meeha/1876-1878 Wooden Cross

MERTEN: Jhon Merten (like that on stone, no other information) (Katharina Merten/b. 8 Sept. 1817, Biegenbach Germany/d. 5 Nov. 1878, Manitowoc Rapids) Wooden Cross (The person who made this cross apparently transposed 1817 to 1871)

MINES: Cornelius Mines/died Apr 30, 1876/Aged 48 years Tombstone

MOECKEL: Joseph Moeckel/1809-1876 Wooden Cross

MROTEK: Top of stone: Marcin. Face of stone: Mrotek/ur da/19 Maja. Ro. 1887/um dn/21 Kwiet. ro 1889 Tombstone Wooden Cross Margaret Christine Mrotek Wooden Cross

NAUMANN: B. Naumann (WC) Baby Naumann Wooden Cross The following are a group of Naumann graves. Mother & Father are on one stone, to the right of that stone, are 4 wooden crosses: Mary Naumann/Mother/1871-1941, ossw: William/Father/1871-1955 Tombstone Mary/William Baby Naumann (WC) Mayme Naumann Wooden Cross Fredrick Naumann Wooden Cross Herbert Naumann Wooden Cross Note: I'm putting the following here as there are no Naumann surnames in the other Manitowoc Rapids cemeteries. (From Der Nord Westen, 15 Apr. 1897: Thurs. 15 Apr - Death on Sat of a 10-mo. old child of 5th Ward resident Wm. Naumann of a lung illness. The burial took place Wed. in Manitowoc Rapids.) (Death Wed. of the 1-yr. old child of local resident Wilhelm Naumann at the home of the child's grandfather in Manitowoc Rapids during a visit by the mother. The burial will take place Sat. in Manitowoc Rapids. From Der Nord Westen, 14 Sep. 1899)

NICKOLAI: Anna Maria Nickolai/geb 26 Apr 1835/gest 12 Mai 1869 Wooden Cross Tombstone

NUHS: Henry Nuhs (iron cross with wood nameplate) Iron Cross (Mary Nuhs/Mrs./d. 27 June 1897/age 38-1/2/from obit-no stone) Adam Nuhs/1841-1933 Tombstone John Nuhs/Feb 8, 1843/Jan 21, 1917, ossw: Pauline Nuhs/Apr 30, 1845/Dec 11, 1928 Tombstone John/Pauline Twins/Christina/Dec 25, 1873/June 17, 1874 Wooden Cross, ossw: Margaret/Dec 25, 1873/June 30, 1874/Children of J. & P. Nuhs Tombstone (Catherine Nuhs/d. Jan. 2, 1871/from obituary) (Clara Nuhs/d. Feb. 4, 1912/from obituary)

NUHS?: Small stone A.M.N. located 3' left of stone of Christina & Margaret Nuhs

O'BRIEN: Mary O'Brien Wooden Cross

OURADA: Baby/Ourada Wooden Cross

POH: Henry Poh/1858-1875 Wooden Cross (Note: cross redone and misspelled) Tombstone Katherina Heckert Poh/Mar. 23, 1819 Baden-Württemberg, Germany/May 22, 1886 Manitowoc Rapids Information Miranda Poh/1852 Manitowoc Rapids/Jun. 8, 1884 Manitowoc Rapids Information

REIF: Anna Maria Reif/Mutter von/Mathias Reif/geb 1790/gest 1856

REINERT: Mary/wife of/M. Reinert/Aug 20, 1874/Nov 30, 1906 Tombstone

REITER: Mary Reiter/1875/1875 Wooden Cross

RIPP: Adam Ripp/1820-1878 Wooden Cross

ROCK: Mary Rock/1833-1880 Wooden Cross

ROEMER: Margaretha Roemer/geb 14 Juni 1813/gest 28 Sept 18?3 (possibly 1863 or 1883) Tombstone (Katharina Roemer/b. 1 Aug. 1820, Croev, Prussia/d. 1 Aug. 1879/no stone) Wooden Cross (Name misspelled on wooden cross)

RUH: Eva Ruh/1804-1879 Wooden Cross

RUNDHAMMER: Marie Rundhammer/1847-1878 Wooden Cross

SCHMITT: Friedrich Schmitt/geboren/18 April 1872/gestorben/23 Sept 1872 Tombstone Wooden Cross

SCHMITZ: A. Schmitz (Anton) Wooden Cross

SEHA: Joseph Seha/1873-1875 Wooden Cross

SENKBEILL: Charles Senkbeill/1880-1950 Tombstone

SIMMER: Elizabeth Simmer/1879 Wooden Cross

SPECHT: Catharina/Gattin von/A. Specht/Geb'ne HEUSER/Gest/10 Nov 1893/Alter/33 Jahre Wooden Cross Maria C./Gattin von/J. Specht/gest/20 Feb. 1893/Alter/70 Jahre Wooden Cross (Stone is gone)

STEFFES: Barbara Steffes/1877-1879 Wooden Cross Susanna Steffes/1818-1877 Wooden Cross

TAUSCHER: Frances Tauscher/1876-1876 Wooden Cross

UNKNOWN: Wooden Cross Wooden Cross Tombstone Tombstone Tombstone Tombstone 1790-1850(?) Wooden Cross Footstones ?

VAN FON: Anne Van Fon/1867-1868 Wooden Cross

VANZON: Elise Vanzon/born Sept 15, 1874/died May 23, 1891 Wooden Cross Martin Vanzon/born Jan 19, 1814/died June 2, 1889 Wooden Cross Tombstone Martin and Elise are on same stone. Catherine Vanzon/Born May 4, 1835/Died June 15, 1903 Tombstone

WELLNER: Margaret Wellner/1802-1880 Wooden Cross

WELNA: John Welna/1873-1875 Wooden Cross Edward Welna/1878-1911 Wooden Cross Katie Welna/1882-1908 Wooden Cross

WICKERT: Katie/1882-1908, ossw: Edward/1878-1911 Tombstone Katie/Edward

ZAMBUREK: George Zamburek Wooden Cross John Zamburek Wooden Cross Mary Zamburek Wooden Cross Wenzel Zamburek Wooden Cross

ZIMMER: Anna Zimmer/1816-1875 Wooden Cross

Note: There were 3 wooden crosses with nothing on them and 2 more in the front by the gate with no inscription. More information may be available from early Catholic church records.(St. Mary's & St. Boniface).