Maple Grove Township, Manitowoc Co., Wisconsin

Location: 2.10 miles north of the junction of Hwy. 10 and Calumet County Trunk PP on PP,
then east on Rusch Rd. for 1.55 miles. South side of the road, in Manitowoc Co.
Updated by the Manitowoc Genealogy Society October 2007, added to this site October 2010.
A big thanks to the ones who photographed this whole cemetery. Your work is invaluable.


Hienrich/sohn von H. & H.E. Adler/geb. 25 Marz 1858/gest 10 Sept. 1881

ANSORGE: Franziska/geborne LUH, geb. den 22 ___ /6 Sept. 1878 Tombstone

BADHKE: Peter (stone 4"x20") Tombstone

BANDER: John/son of Frank & Elizabeth Bander/May 29, 1924/May 29, 1924 Tombstone

BATHKE: Johann S./sohn von P & C Bathke/geb. 18 Feb. 1882/gest. 28 Okt. 1882 Tombstone Peter Bathke/gest. 2 Juni 1875/Alter 61 jahre Tombstone

BETHKE: Edward A./geb. 22 Dez. 1843/gest. 2 Feb. 1915, ossw: Pauline/geb. 7 Jan. 1848/gest. 5 Okt. 1926 Tombstone Edward/Pauline Paulina/dau. of E & P Bethke/1884-1929 Tombstone Peter/10 Aug. 1849/12 Dez. 1925 Tombstone Peter/Katharina, ossw: Katharina/15 Sept. 1859/30 Juli 1914 Tombstone (Mary Bethke/Aug. 14, 1880/Nov. 16, 1968/from obit/no stone) (Notes on Bethke family from researcher/see contributors page.) Edward A. & Pauline - Edward might be a brother of Peter Paul Bethke Peter and Katherine. Peter Paul Bethke is the son of John Bethke and Mary Dick? Mary is also buried in this cem. with her second husband, John Draheim. It appears that Mary and John Draheim came over as a married couple with her son Peter and a daughter Josephine. Katherine is the daughter of Wenzl Pischl and Anna Rappel/Rapl/Rapel/ etc. Wenzl and Anna are buried in St. Mary's Cem. Cato Township.

BRAULT: Mary Ann/July 4, 1962 Tombstone

BRUHL: Jacob/geb. 10 Aug. 1821/gest. 20 Mai 1897 Tombstone Katherine M./gattin von J. Bruhl/geb. 24 Okt. 1818/gest. 8 Okt. 1902 Tombstone


DRAHEIM: Maria/gattin von Johann Draheim/gest. den 11 Sept. 1874/Alter 54 Jahre 11 Monate Tombstone Johann/geb. den 12 Apr. 1812/gest. den (?) Juni 1884 (corner broken off) Tombstone

DYKES: Mary Ann/born Sept. 15, 1865/died June 5, 1902 Tombstone

ECKER: Elizabeth/1 Jan. 1839/29 Aug. 1917 Tombstone Joseph Ecker/6 Juli 1842/30 Apr. 1918 Tombstone Anna M./geb. WEINS/geb. 13 Apr. 1847/gest. 2 Juli 1878 Tombstone Margaret/Mother/1868-1953 Adolph/Father/1866-1942 Tombstone Frank P./Son/1894-1910 Tombstone Margaret/Adolph/Frank

FELBER: Margaretha/geb. 22 Sept. 1831/gest. 28 Feb. 1912 Tombstone Joseph/geb. 24 Marz 1824/gest. 30 Nov. 1883 Tombstone Rosina/gest. 26 Okt. 1881/Alter 15 Jahre Tombstone Maria/gest. 29 Okt. 1881/Alter 7 Jahre Tombstone

FISCHER: Richard Fischer/Apr. 29, 1939/Apr. 29, 2006 Tombstone

FRELICH: Joyce Mae/dau. of Mr. & Mrs. Victor Frelich/July 22, 1940/June 13, 1943 Tombstone

FRITSCH: Anton C./Father/1871-1952 Tombstone, ossw: Mary/Mother/1876-1957 Tombstone, ossw: Paul/Son/1909-1923 Tombstone Anton/Mary/Paul Andreas/gest. 30 Juni 1886/alter 69 Jahre 7 Mon. Tombstone Margaretha/gest. 7 Dec. 1901/Alter 100 Jahre Tombstone Maria Ann/Toch. des C. & K. Fritsch/geb. & gest. in Marz, 1868 Tombstone Charles/1870-1954, ossw: Albina/1876-1940 Tombstone Charles/Albina Joseph/1868-1925 Tombstone Charley/1840-1915 Tombstone Katherine/1847-1932 Tombstone Tombstones Joseph/Charley/Katherine Louise/toch. von C. & K. Fritsch/geb. 20 Juli 1888/gest. 14 Jan. 1889 Tombstone Peter/sohn von Aug. & A. Fritsch/geb. 23 Dez. 1885/gest. 6 Mai 1887 Tombstone Rosie/Mother/May 11, 1904/Mar. 21, 1973, ossw: Leonard/Father/1891-1953, ossw: Victor/Baby/1929 Tombstone Rosie/Leonard/Victor Helena/Toch. von A. u A. Fritsch/geb. 9 Marz 1876/gest. 24 Nov. 1880 Tombstone (Notes on Fritsch family from researcher/see contributors page.) Anton C. is the son of Carl Fritsch and Catherine Zeiniger/Zeaniger. They are also buried in this cem. Joseph, Charley, Katherine. Joseph is the son of Charley and Katherine. Charley is the son of Andreas Fritsch and Eva Margaretha Biedermann. Andreas was born in Gossengruen, Falkenau, Boehmen Koenigreich, Austria and is the son of Franciscus Christophorus Fritsch and Maria Magdalena Sandner. Katherine Zeaniger/Zeiniger is the daughter of Kate. Leonard, Rosie, Victor. Leonard is the son of Charley Fritsch and Katherine Zeaniger. Rosie is the daughter of Anton Koeppel/Kippl and Francis Grall. Victor is the infant of Leonard and Rosie. Margaretha. Margaretha was also known as Eva Margaretha Beidermann. She was the wife of Andreas Fritsch. Birth dates that have been found range from 1801 to 1815 in Schossenreuth, Eger, Boehmen Koenigreich, Austria. If her tombstone can be believed she died at the age of 100. Her husband Andreas Fritsch is supposed to be buried in this small cem., but his tombstone could not be found. There were a few that were either missing or so worn from the elements that they were unreadable. (Note: From another researcher/Andreas listed in the transcription just above Margaretha's entry is the Andreas in the above info from a researcher/see contributors page)

GEIGER: Daniel P./1894-1968 Tombstone, ossw: Ida P./1896-1971 Tombstone Daniel/Ida Monica F./1921-2007 Tombstone, ossw: Norbert B./June 6, 1920/Aug. 6, 1966 Tombstone Monica/Norbert Gerald Frank/son of Mr. & Mrs. Norbert Geiger/Oct. 7, 1943/Oct. 18, 1943 Tombstone Simon/Vater/1847-1921 Tombstone Barbara/Mutter/1855-1930 Tombstone Simon/1921-Floyd/1931/Sons of P. & M. Geiger Tombstone Floyd/Simon Bartholomeus/geb. 9 Juni 1856/starb 2 Feb. 1893 Tombstone Simon P./sohn von S. & B. Geiger/geb. 30 Juni 1882/gest. 29 Nov. 1898 Tombstone Margarita/toch. von J. & M. Geiger/geb. 26 Sept. 1892/gest. 4 Aug. 1894 Tombstone Jeffrey G. Geiger/SP4 US Army/C Btry 2nd Field Artillery/ Dec. 1, 1964/Jul 5, 2012 Tombstone Francis E. Geiger/Wisconsin, Sp3 HQ BTRY 6 ARTILLERY/ May 25, 1935/April 3, 1958 US War Vet. Tombstone Diane/daughter of R. & S. Geiger/1968-1969 Tombstone Mary/1903-1992 Tombstone, ossw: Frank/1899-1935 Tombstone Francis/Son/1935-1958 Tombstone Mary/Frank/Francis Franziska/geb. 19 Juni 1858/gest. 17 Sept. 1886 Tombstone Maria/geb. KLEIBER/gest. 13 Aug. 1886/Alter 27 Jahre, 5 Mon. 13 Tage Tombstone Simon/geb. & gest/19 Nov. 1884 Tombstone John/Father/1860-1923 Tombstone, ossw: Mary/Mother/1867-1938 Tombstone Elizabeth/born April 14, 1824/died May 14, 1874 Tombstone Elizabeth Simon/born June 24, 1824/died Dec. 26, 1878 Tombstone Elizabeth/Simon Simon Geiger/Co I 18th Wisconsin Infantry Tombstone Francis M./Mar. 28, 1934 Tombstone Joseph Geiger/no dates Tombstone Steven J. Geiger/June 20, 1957/Sept. 12, 1990 Tombstone (Joseph Norvin Geiger/May 20, 1931/Apr. 24, 2015/from obit-no stone) (Jonathan Geiger/Nov. 26, 1985/Mar. 20, 1986/from obit-no stone)

GIESE: Roman H./1917-1936 Tombstone Earl Giese/1914-2001 Photo

GILL: Francis J./born Sept. 5, 1912/died Dec. 6, 1912, ossw: Mary/born Jan. 2, 1915/died Jan. 3, 1915/children of J. & M. Gill Tombstone Francis/Mary

HERWIG: Maria/toch. des A. & F. Herwig/geb. 1 Juli 1860/gest 11 Juli 1860 Tombstone Footstone: K.H.

HICKEY: Jane M./died Aug. 16, 1881/aged 6 years Dennis F./died July 31, 1881/aged 9 years/children of Mary Ann Hickey Tombstone Jane/Dennis (Cathrine Hickey/d. 08 Jul 1905/age 96/from death record/obituary) (Daniel Hickey)

HOYER: Edward P. Sr./1898-1954 Tombstone William F./Brother/1890-1949 Tombstone Peter/Father/1861-1934 Tombstone Joseph P. Hoyer/July 3, 1894/Nov. 10, 1912 Tombstone Raymond C./sohn von P. & M. Hoyer/geb. 29 Marz, 1900/gest 5 Sept., 1900 Tombstone Margaretha/wife of P. Hoyer/born Nov. 29, 1868/died Sept. 4, 1908 Tombstone David/Dec. 8, 1966/Jul. 14, 2013 Tombstone

KABAT: Ottilia Kabat/Daughter/1875-1901 Tombstone

KLEIBER: John/Father/1850-1918 Tombstone Elisabeth/Mother/1851-1935 Tombstone Esther/tochter von M. & M. Kleiber/geb. & gest. 17 Juli 1915 Tombstone Ralph/sohn von M. & M. Kleiber/geb. 26 Marz 1914/gest. 5 Apr. 1914 Tombstone Elisabeth/Gattin von M. Kleiber/geb. 21 Okt. 1822/gest 14 Sept. 1898 Tombstone Michael/gest. 26 Mai 1887/Alter 64 J., 11 M., 2 D. Tombstone (Wendolin Kleiber/died at age 81/no stone left/from researcher) Paul Kleiber/1888-1965 Tombstone See GEIGER

KRUEGER: Audry/1932-1955 Tombstone


MANCOSKE: J. Peter/geboren & gestorben 15 (17?) Mai 1875 Georg/geb. 9 Jan. 1879/gest. 13 Sept. 1879 Tombstone Peter/George Marie Anna/M__ 25, 1877 - 31 M__ 1877/and (illegible)/kinder von J. u. Anna Mankoske Cecelia/Mother/Sept. 19, 1879/Nov. 12, 1945, ossw: Jacob S./Father/June 9, 1879/Jan. 13, 1947 Tombstone Cecelia/Jacob James/son of J. & C. Mancoske/born & died Sept. 18, 1906 Tombstone Bertha/John Jr./geb. 22 Apr. 1880/gest. Sept. 23, 1901 Tombstone (Notes on Mancoske family from researcher/see contributors page.) Jacob and Cecelia. Jacob S. Mancoskey is the son of John Mankoske and Anna Zipra. John is the son of Bartholomous Mankosky and Juliana. The Mancoskey name has also appeared as: Mankoske, Mankowski, Mankesky, Mankoski, McKosky, Makofsky, Mateoska, Mancoskey, Mankosky, Mancoske, and Muncosky. Clement P. Mancoske/1913-1987 Tombstone, ossw: Marie E. Mancoske/1915-1976 Tombstone Clement/Marie

MANCOSKEY: John/Father/1850-1902 Tombstone Catherine/Mother/1854-1929 Tombstone John/Catherine (Notes on Mancoskey family from researcher/see contributors page.) John and Catherine. John is the son of Bartholomous Mankosky and Juliana. Catherine is his second wife. Her maiden name is likely to have been Otzmann.

MANKOSKI: Anna/geb. ZIPRA/geb. 12 Marz 1853/gest. 8 Febr. 1887 Tombstone (Notes on Mancoski family from researcher/see contributors page.) Anna, geb. ZIPRA, geb. 12 Marz 1853, gest. 8 Febr. 1887. Anna is John's first wife and is also buried in this cem.

MANKOSKIE: Peter/sohn von J. & A. Mankoskie/geb. 12 Okt. 1881/gest. 2 Apr. 1895 Tombstone

MANLICK: Joseph/geb. 7 Juni 1845/gest. 6 Sept. 1916 Tombstone, ossw: Anna/seine Gattin/geb. 8 Juni 1846/gest. 4 Nov. 1914 Tombstone Mary/Mother/1880-1952 Tombstone Joseph Jr./Father/1879-1940 Tombstone Mary/Joseph Frances/toch. von J. & M. Manlick Jr./geb. 10 Dez. 1914/gest. 26 Dez. 1914 Tombstone Maria/geb. 1 Aug. 1871/gest. 11 Nov. 1881 Tombstone Johann/geb. 9 Sept. 1868/gest. 10 Nov. 1880 Tombstone

MILLER: Gertrude L. Miller/1917-2002 Tombstone Norbert J. Miller/1916-2001 Tombstone Gertrude/Norbert Son of N. & G. Miller/Nov. 19, 1949 Tombstone Caroline/Mother/1888-1964 Kosmos/Father/1883-1942 Tombstone Mary M./Dau./1912 Tombstone Caroline/Kosmos/Mary Shellie & Marie/dau. of Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Miller/1965 Tombstone infant dau. of C. & D. Miller/Sept. 8, 1959 Tombstone Sharon/dau. of Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Miller/1955 Tombstone Ottilia/Mother/1847-1902 Tombstone Katherine/Daughter/1880-1899 Tombstone Theresa A./Daughter/1878-1937 Tombstone Joseph/Father/1847-1928 Tombstone Joseph A./Son/1871-1909 Tombstone

MOSER: John M./Father/1883-1939 Tombstone, ossw: Wilhelmina/Mother/1886-1953 Tombstone John/Wilhelmina Tombstone Other side of John/Wilhelmina John/born & died Feb. 4, 1914, ossw: Minnie/born Nov. 30, 1914/died Apr. 5, 1915/children of J. & M. Moser Tombstone John/Minnie Michael/Vater/geb. 16 Juli 1841/gest. 25 Mai, 1930 Tombstone Theresa/Mutter/geb. 28 Sept. 1844/gest. 1 Sept. 1926 Tombstones Michael/Theresa Paul/geb. 17 Aug. 1811/gest. 22 Okt. 1894 Tombstone (Magdelena/1812-1912/no stone-from obit) Paul/Father/1846-1926 Tombstone Mary/Mother/1856-1933 Tombstone Agnes/Dau./1891-1915 Tombstone Elizabeth/Dau./1876-1935 Tombstone Elizabeth/Mar. 26, 1884/May 29, 1969 Tombstone Paul Jr./1879-1965 Tombstone Elizabeth/Paul Joseph/1886-1967 (21 Dec 1886/Nov 1967/SSDI) Tombstone Lena/1889-1983 Tombstone, ossw: John/1881-1964 Tombstone John/Lena Tressia A./born Mar. 29, 1885/died May 16, 1909 Tombstone George M./born May 2, 1883/died Jan. 4, 1908 Tombstone Tombstone Maria/toch. von F. & M. Moser/gest. 11 Nov. 1880/Alter 4 J., 1 M., 11 T. Tombstone Anna M./toch. von F. & M. Moser/gest. 16 Nov. 1880/Alter 1 J., 5 M., 10 T. Tombstone (Notes on Moser family from researcher/see contributors page.) John M. and Wilhelmina. John M. is the son of Michael Moser (1841-1930) and Theresa (1845-1926). Wilhelmina is the daughter of Bartholomous or Patrick Geiger and Wilhelmina Fritsch. Wilhelmina Fritsch is the daughter of Charley Fritsch and Catherine Zeaniger. Wilhelmina Fritsch's second husband was Joseph Traxler / Drexler. Moser child of John and M. John and Minnie had two children who died before a year. John born and died on 2-4-1914. Minie Moser was born 11-30-1914 and died 4-5-1915. Michael and Theresa. Michael is the son of Paul Moser and Helena. Paul, Mary, and Agnes. Paul is the son of Paul Moser and Helena. Mary's maiden name was something like Sturin or Storm. Agnes is the daughter of Paul and Mary. Paul. His tombstone was almost unreadable. He is the husband of Helena and the father of Michael, Paul, and Frank (buried in Calvary Cem. Manitowoc City). (Extra note from another researcher per phone call: Wilhelmina is the daughter of Bartholomous and Wilhelmina Fritsch.

MULLER: Marie Anna/geboren 25 Marz, 1877/gestorben 31 Mai 1877 Tombstone

NAGEL: Johann/geb. 27 Mai 1813/gest. 27 Apr. 1894 Tombstone Albert/1870-1942 Tombstone, ossw: John/1878-1965 Tombstone Albert/John Anna/geb. BURICH/Gattin von Jos. Nagel/geb. 13 Marz 1842/gest. 14 Juli 1907 Tombstone Joseph Nagel/geb. 22 Juli 1845/gest. 16 Okt. 1917 Tombstone Johanna Anastasia/Gattin von J. Nagel/geb. 14 Marz 1803/gest. 16 April 1888 Tombstone See RENK

PRITZEL: Caroline/toch. von W. & F. Pritzel/gest. 15 Sept. 1884/Alter 1 Monat Tombstone Sophia/toch. von W. & F. Pritzel/gest. 27 Marz 1878/Alter 1 J, 4 M, 4 T. Tombstone

PRITZL: Anton/geb. 3 Apr. 1897/gest. 24 Mai 1897 Tombstone Tombstone Veronika/geb. 25 Oct. 1895/gest. 24 Nov. 1895 Tombstone Franz S./geb. 4 Okt. 1852/gest. 4 Jan. 1911 Tombstone, ossw: Mary/geb. 26 Juni 1860/gest. 22 Feb. 1925 Tombstone Mary/Mother/1861-1932 Tombstone Anton/Father/1855-1927 Tombstone Clara A./geb. 24 Apr. 1888/gest. 12 Marz 1911 Tombstone Albert/sohn von F. & M. Pritzl/geb. 14 Nov. 1892/gest. 19 Marz 1894 Tombstone Anton/geb. 6 Mai 1878/gest. 27 Mai 1878, ossw: Anton/geb. 16 Apr. 1881/gest. 28 Apr. 1881/kinder von P. & M. Pritzl Tombstone Anton/Anton Wolfgang/Father/1844-1902 Tombstone, ossw: Frances/Mother/1852-1919 Tombstone Wolfgang/Frances (Jerome/May 7, 1919/Nov. 14, 1940/from obit-no stone)

RANK: Maria A./toch. von J. & K. Rank/geb. 11 Sept. 1900/gest. 30 Okt. 1900 Tombstone Alma E./toch. von J. & K. Rank/geb. 8 Apr. 1894/gest. 25 Aug. 1894 Tombstone

REICHARDT: Roland O. Reichardt/Nov. 20, 1938/Oct. 27, 2001 Tombstone

RENK: Albert/Father/Jan. 2, 1887/Aug. 11, 1978 Tombstone, ossw: Anastasia/nee NAGEL/Mother/Oct. 13, 1886/Jan. 11, 1938 Tombstone Albert/Anastasia

SCHMIDT: Georg/gest. 2 Feb. 1892/Alter 68 J, 8 M., ossw: Wilhelm/gest. 8 Juni 1893/Alter 7? (possibly 8) Jahre, 5 Mon., 5 Tage, ossw: Katharina/Mutter von die Schmidts/gest. 29 Okt. 1865/Alter 69 Jahre, Tombstone Georg/Wilhelm/Katharina

SCHUH: George/Oct. 15, 1894/Dec. 28, 1970 Tombstone, ossw: Lauretta/1907-1980 Tombstone George/Lauretta Alfred/son of G. & L. Schuh/Nov. 11, 1949 Tombstone Hier ruhet der Saugling von S. & M. Schuh/geb. & gest. 28 Jan. 1884 Tombstone Maggie/1863-1942 Tombstone, ossw: Sebastian/1858-1926 Tombstone Maggie/Sebastian Margaret/1901-Dec. 3, 1980 Tombstone, ossw: John/1892-1973 Tombstone Margaret/John Franziska/Gattin von S. Schuh/geb. 28 Juli 1824/gest. 17 Dec. 1886 Tombstone Sebastian/geb. 14 Jan. 182(3 or 8)/gest. 22 Jan. 1877 Tombstone Wilhelm/Feb. 14, 1890/Jan. 29, 1917 Tombstone, ossw: Sebastian/Apr. 29, 1899/Nov. 30, 1922 Tombstone Wilhelm/Sebastian John Schuh/b. 1924/d. 1924/died at birth/son of John and Margaret (Theresa) Schuh/sent in by family researcher/see contributors page) Tombstone Carolin/dau. of S. & M. Schuh/Aug. 23, 1901/Aug. 30, 1901 Tombstone Elmer Schuh/1932-2011 Tombstone

SCHWALLER: Katharine/Gattin von A.F. Schwaller/gest. den 18 Sept. 1881/Alter 21 Jahre, 23 Tage Tombstone

SCHWANDNER: Gerhard/geb. 20 Aug. 1816/gest. 27 Nov. 1906. US War Vet Tombstone Bernhard Schwandner/Geb 20 Aug. 1816/Gest 27 Nov. 1906 Tombstone (It appears these two are the same person.)

TRAXLER: Wilhelmina/Gattin von Jos. Traxler/geb. 30 Nov. 1866/gest. 21 Okt. 1908 Tombstone

WALL: William/died Feb. 1, 1898/aged 70 Yrs. Tombstone

WEINS: Elizabeth/1856-1925 Tombstone, ossw: Joseph/1855-1936 Tombstone, ossw: John/1888-1970 (18 Jul 1888/Jun 1970/SSDI) Tombstone Elizabeth/Joseph/John See ECKER

WERNER: Joseph F./born June 29, 1878/died Nov. 24, 1878 Tombstone Irene S./born Feb. 11, 1887/died May 17, 1887 Tombstone daughter/1865-1902 Tombstone, ossw: Mother/1847-1934 Tombstone Daughter/Mother (Anna/1844-Dec. 6, 1931/from obit./no stone)

WITTMANN: David A./Son/July 19, 1955/May 24, 1958 Tombstone

WURASCHITZ: Paul/geb. 27 Mai 1822/gest. 6 Mai 1890 Tombstone

WURSCHITZ: Elisabeth/Gattin von P. Wurschitz/geb. 29 Jan. 1819/gest. 14 Jan. 1899 Tombstone


???: Marker: Joseph (possibly Geiger or Schuh) ???: also three large ornamental iron crosses, seem to be marking graves, as there are no stones. Nothing evidently on these iron crosses, even after chalk rubbing.