Meeme Township, Manitowoc Co., Wisconsin

Location: Take Hwy. 42 to County Line Rd., then west 3.4 miles to Pigeon River Road, then north .3 mile to the cemetery. The cemetery is on the west side of the road. This is the new part of the cemetery, the old part is in back of the church on County Line Rd. in Sheboygan county. Oldest stone is 1877. Indexed July 16, 1977 by Manitowoc County Old Cemetery Society.
Reindexed by the Manitowoc Genealogy Society, Sept. 2007, added to site Oct. 2010


Eva Altenberger/In memory of Mother/1860-1913, ossw:
Annie and Alfred Eckardt and John Scheib.

ANDRE: Jacob Andre/1880-1949, ossw: John/1878-1923

BECK: Otto P. Beck/1906-1983, ossw: Viola Beck/1908-2000

BOLLMANN: Lydia S. Bollmann/Nov. 1, 1888/June 22, 1972, ossw: Louise C. CONLEY/Mar. 5, 1883/Mar. 14, 1967


DICKMAN: Albert E. Dickman/1932-2006, ossw: Lester E./Son/1933-1958 (war vet flag), ossw: Emma/Mother/1909-1948, ossw: Arno V./Father/1904-2001 (30 Oct 1904/31 Mar 2001/SSDI), ossw: Kenneth E./1942-1944, ossw: Harold H./1936-1937, ossw: Marie/Dec. 18-28, 1940, ossw: Almond/April 21, 1935, ossw: Baby/Apr. 21, 1931, ossw: Children of A.V. & E. Dickman

DIRKS: Amanda Dirks/1895-1961, ossw: Emil/1888-1976 Lester Dirks/Mar. 13, 1922/Mar. 13, 1996

ECKARDT: Annie/Mother/1904-1970, ossw: Alfred/Father/Apr. 14, 1905/July 18, 1968, ossw: John Scheib and Eva Altenberger Alfred R. Eckardt Jr./Apr. 8, 1938/Jan. 11, 1986/PVT US Air Force See SCHEIB See ALTENBERGER

EICKHOFF: Son of A. and A. Eickhoff/1933, next to: Angelina Eickhoff/Darling/1929 Fred H./1869-1948, ossw: Helen/1873-1965, ossw: Hugo and Esther Olm and Adelia and Henry Schleunes Footstones: Helen/1873-1965 Fred H./1869-1948 See OLM See SCHLEUNES

ERTEL: Paul Ertel/1923-1981/SGT US Army WWII/married Dec. 6, 1947

GRUNEWALD: Herbert/1912-1997, ossw: Florence/1917-2006 Gerald M. Grunewald/1935-2003

HAMEISTER: Valentine/1883-1963, ossw: Ida/1888-1982, ossw: Anita I./1915-2002 (12 Feb 1915/21 Feb 2002/SSDI), ossw: Paul and Ruth L. Koeller Edwin C./1886-1965, ossw: Emma/1893-1965, ossw: Elizabeth and Henry Neuhaus See KOELLER See NEUHAUS

HARTMAN: Jeanette Hartman/1924-1998, ossw: (Baby boy/possibly Hartmann baby next entry?)

HARTMANN: Baby (Boy) Hartmann/1959-1959 (Meiselwitz Funeral Home marker)

HENSCHEL: Elmer E. Henschel/Feb. 17, 1903-May 24, 1986 Alvina B./June 3, 1880/June 15, 1953, ossw: Charles E./Sept. 26, 1872/Feb. 12, 1958 Marion Henschel/1925-1981

HUBER: Mary/Mother/1881-1942, ossw: Oscar D./Father/1877-1957, ossw: Lowenbergh (this side family name only) Elmer E. Huber/Sept. 5, 1912/Mar. 2, 2001 Ernest M. Huber/1991-1991 Betty Huber/1916-1999

KERNEN: Carl J. Kernen/July 14, 1915/Apr. 3, 1990 Edna Kernen/Oct. 29, 1913/July 4, 1990

KLEMME: Elva Klemme/July 24, 1910/July 25, 1940

KNOENER: Calvin/1913-2007, ossw: Lorinda/1917-2002, ossw: James, Hildegarde and Albert Moioffer and Emma and Ernst Meyer. See MOIOFFER See MEYER

KOELLER: Paul H./1912-1951, ossw: Ruth L./1917-__, ossw: Valentine, Ida and Anita Hameister. SEE HAMEISTER

KRAEMER: Elmer Kraemer/1915-2005/married Sept. 20, 1943

KRETSCH: John/1872-1942, ossw: Hulda/1874-1960 Judith Kretsch/Feb. 21, 1942/Jan. 11, 1943, next to: Joyce Kretsch/Mar. 6-22, 1939 Lydia R. Kretsch/1903-1994 Armin Kretsch/1901-1997

LORENZ: (Gustav Adolph Lorenz/b. 4 Dec. 1842/d. 11 Feb. 1873/no stone) Mary/1869-1947, ossw: Adolph/1883-1953, ossw: Gustave/1877-1947, ossw: Alvina/1885-1940, next to: Footstones: Gustave/Alvina

LOWENBERGH: Family name only. ossw: Mary and Oscar Huber. Bertha M. Lowenbergh/1907-1992 See HUBER

MAHLOCH: Anna Mahloch/1855-1939, ossw: George/1851-1937, ossw: Iona/1893-1976, ossw: Louis/1891-1976

MARX: Martha Marx/1919-1997, ossw: Fred Marx/1920-2003/STAFF SGT 7

MEINNERT: Marlene Meinnert/1936-1997


MEYER: Frieda C./Feb. 21, 1898/Mar. 17, 1950, ossw: Herman H./Dec. 30, 1895-Nov. 28, 1988 Emma/1894-1982, ossw: Ernst/June 29, 1889/Apr. 15, 1976/Married Jan. 17, 1914 Frederick Meyer/Aug. 23, 1932/Dec. 12, 2006/SP4 US Army See MOIOFFER See KNOENER

MILLER: Mathilda/1896-1969, ossw: Amos/Apr. 20, 1895/Sept. 2, 1973, ossw: Eugene/1928-1967, ossw: Melvin Miller/1926-2000

MOIOFFER: James/Dec. 26, 1942, ossw: Hildegarde/1920-2007, ossw: Albert/Apr. 10, 1918/Apr. 21, 2011, ossw: See KNOENER See MEYER

NENNIG: Erma/1899-1979/married Oct. 20, 1931/nee Stengle, ossw: Joseph Sr./1898-1955, ossw: Hilda A. Nennig/1932-1999

NEUHAUS: Baby (boy) Neuhaus/1953-1953 (Meiselwitz Funeral Home marker) Esther/1922-1923, ossw: Alma/1897-1992 (31 Jul 1897/09 Sep 1992/SSDI), ossw: Albert/1896-1981 (06 Feb 1896/Jul 1981/SSDI), ossw: Roland/1931-1954 Elizabeth/Mother/1858-1937, ossw: Henry/Father/1851-1935, ossw: Oscar/1899-1974 (24 Mar 1899/Jul 1974/SSDI), ossw: Anna/1906-1994, ossw: Terry Armin Neuhaus/1919-1982 Florence E. Neuhaus/Dec. 3, 1926/May 11, 1978 Elmer A. Neuhaus/Oct. 23, 1936/Aug. 16, 2006 Arno H. Neuhaus/May 20, 1929/Oct. 4, 1995 See HAMEISTER See TERRY

OLM: Hugo/Dec. 6, 1899/Mar. 14, 1976, ossw: Esther/1901-1978 (26 Dec 1901/Oct 1978/SSDI), ossw: See EICKHOFF See SCHLEUNES

PHILIPPS: Steven R. Philipps/Jan. 4, 1961/Sept. 1, 2006

PIEPER: Sharon A. Pieper/May 8, 1944/Dec. 10, 2002, ossw: Infant son Pieper/1981-1981

RAHN: Magdalene/Apr. 6, 1900/Aug. 31, 1950, ossw: Hugo E./Sept. 18, 1898/Nov. 5, 1974

RAUTMANN: Alvina/1897-1965 (b. March 23, 1897/d. age 66 years/from obit), ossw: Otto Rautmann/1892-1951, ossw: Lucille Rautmann MEWES/1920-1951 Jerome W. Rautmann/July 3, 1927/Feb. 21, 1991/ SGT US Air Force/Married Dec. 2, 1950

REICHARDT: Violet Reichardt/Sept. 28, 1919/Sept 1, 1939

RIETBROCK: Clara/1882-1950, ossw: Louis/1883-1956, ossw: Wilhelmine/Schwester/Jan. 7, 1852/Oct. 13, 1923 (Schwester means sister), ossw: Wilhelm/Vater/Feb. 24, 1849/Mar. 21, 1932, next to: Louise/Mother/1867-1936, ossw: Andrew/Father/1859-1940, ossw: Infant/1959/Son of V. & L., ossw: Herman/1899-1960, ossw: Viola/1903-1992, next to: Infant Dau. of N. & F./1956, ossw: Arthur/Father/1887-1971, ossw: Ellen/Daughter/1920-1928 Norman Rietbrock/1917-2003 Lois E. Rietbrock/1938-1996

ROETHEL: Reinhold/1905-1991, ossw: Ida/1904-1990, ossw: Alvin, Melitta, etc. Voss See VOSS

SCHEIB: John/Father/1856-1942, ossw: See ECKARDT See ALTENBERGER

SCHLEH: Ray/July 26, 1908/Mar. 27, 1991, ossw: Erna/Nov. 27, 1903/Sept. 24, 1946, next to: Infant son of R. & E. Schleh/Mar. 12, 1943

SCHLEUNES: Adelia/1896-1984 (10 Jun 1896/Dec 1984/SSDI), ossw: Henry/Apr. 21, 1892/Feb. 29, 1968, ossw: See EICKHOFF See OLM

SCHNEIDER: Peter Schneider/Brother/July 21, 1849/Sept. 22, 1935, on same lot with: Milton/May 7, 1912-Jan. 31, 2005, ossw: Wilhelmina/June 8, 1916/July 1, 1993, ossw: Emma/Oct. 15, 1873/Nov. 15, 1947, ossw: Ferdinand/Jan. 13, 1871/Jan. 25, 1950

SCHNELLE: Infant Schnelle/1952-1952 (Meiselwitz Funeral Home marker) Lloyd E. Schnelle/1924-2001

SCHROER: Calvin C. Schroer/Oct. 7, 1902/Apr. 27, 1923, next to: Rev. H. William/Father/1863-1929, ossw: Magdalena/Mother/1871-1945, next to: Anna C. Schroer/1870-1954/Sister of Rev. Schroer

SCHWALENBERG: Katherine/Mother/1832-1901, ossw: Herman/Father/1822-1908, ossw: Christian/1862-1877, ossw: Valentine/1860-1945, ossw: Henry/1853-1939, ossw: Dorothy/1860-1941


SINNER: Anna/Oct. 15, 1871/May 2, 1933, ossw: William/May 2, 1871/Aug. 20, 1943 See MEYER See ZIMMERMAN

SPINDLER: Minna/1885-1957, ossw: John/1881-1953 Elsa/Apr. 4, 1910/Feb. 20, 1954, ossw: Norman J./Oct. 20, 1909/Nov. 19, 1979 Inf. Dau./1952-1952, ossw: Marilyn/1932-__, ossw: Lester/1927-2000, ossw: Wehrmann-Spindler: Louis Wehrmann/1903-1973, ossw: Nelda Wehrmann/1911-1995, ossw: Louisa/1888-1976, ossw: Walter/1886-1959 Paul J. Spindler/1910-1991 See WEHRMANN

STAUSS: Henry/1907-1984, ossw: Marcella/1908-1969, ossw: P.H. Stausz, next to footstones: Louise S./25 Marz 1913/28 Jan. 1927, next to: Ida Sophia/Mutter/12 Mai 1880/31 Aug. 1939, next to: Phillip P./Vater/27 Juni 1865/27 Juli 1936



STIEGHORST: Louis Stieghorst/1885-1950

TERRY: Warren/1917-2000, ossw: Selma/1918-1997 (Selma S./28 Mar 1918/27 Jun 1997/SSDI), ossw: SEE NEUHAUS

VOSS: Larry L. Voss/Nov. 28, 1938/Dec. 17, 2006 Tombstone Margaret Voss/1864-1956 Tombstone, next to: Richard Voss/Apr. 10, 1895/July 26, 1966 Tombstone William/Father/Mar. 7, 1867/June 23, 1937 Tombstone, ossw: Emma/Mother/June 8, 1869/Sept. 16, 1950 Tombstone Marcella L./1919-1981 Tombstone, ossw: Arthur J./Oct. 7, 1905/Oct. 9, 1969 Tombstone Alvin/1906-1986 Tombstone, ossw: Melitta/1911-1986 Tombstone, ossw: Infant Dau./1931, ossw: Russell/1935, ossw: See ROETHEL

WAGNER: Arthur J./June 25, 1901/Dec. 5, 1979 Elizabeth/1878-1954, ossw: Joseph/1875-1934

WEHRMANN: Stone reads: Wehrmann-Spindler: Louis/Jan. 19, 1903/Nov. 19, 1973, ossw: Nelda/1911-1995 (17 May 1911/27 Aug 1995/SSDI), ossw: Louisa/1888-1976, ossw: Walter/1886-1959, ossw: See SPINDLER

WESTPFAHL: Anna Westpfahl/Mar. 25, 1879/Jan. 11, 1958 Carl Westpfahl/Dec. 27, 1874/Jan. 31, 1958 Lillian Westpfahl/Apr. 2, 1906/Feb. 3, 1990 Edgar Westpfahl/Aug. 17, 1903/Feb. 20, 1989

WOELFEL: Hope Woelfel/d. Nov. 24, 1991, ossw: Tracee Woelfel/Jan. 29, 1973/Feb. 23, 1996

ZIMMERMANN: Norma/Feb. 4, 1899/Feb. 15, 1977, ossw: Alvin/Oct. 27, 1897/Oct. 5, 1973, ossw: Marvin Zimmermann/1923-1987

Note: this cemetery has many stones with two and three family names on them.