Meeme Township, Manitowoc Co., Wisconsin

LOCATION: 1.2 mile southwest of the junction of Highway 42 and County MM. Or .2 mile south of the junction of Spring Valley Road and MM, then .2 mile due west on narrow driveway to top of hill and cemetery. The church was torn down some years ago and members are now part of St. Isidore Church at Osman. Cemetery well kept and is surrounded on all sides by farmland. Copied June 26, 1977 by Marcie Baer, member of the Manitowoc County Old Cemetery Society. Oldest stone is that of Karl Herr, 1857.
Re-transcribed by the Manitowoc Genealogy Society in Sept. 2007, added to this site Nov. 2010.


ADAMS: (no stone)
(Joannes Adams/d. 6 July 1893/age 2 mo./from record of St. Fidelis derived 
   from records of St. Wendel Cath. ch.)

ALBRIGHT: Raymond/May 29, 1909/Jan. 25, 1965, ossw: Lorraine/1912-1994 Leon J. Albright/1944-1989/married May 3, 1969

ANDREAS: (no stone) (Peter Andreas/d. 5 June 1891/age 3 mo./from record of St. Fidelis derived from records of St. Wendel Cath. ch.)

BACH: (Jones Bach/d. 14 Mar. 1869/age 67 yrs./from record of St. Fidelis derived from records of St. Wendel Cath. ch./no stone) (Eva Bach/wife of Joanis Bach/d. 23 May 1866/age 60 yrs./from record of St. Fidelis derived from records of St. Wendel Cath. ch./no stone)

BARDON: Elaine M. Bardon/nee Polzin/1924-1994 Gilbert L. Bardon/Jan. 4, 1929/July 11, 1981/US Army Korea

BARTH: (Elisabetha Barth/d. 9 Feb. 1884/age 84 yrs./from record of St. Fidelis Cath. ch.) No stone

BAUER: Roland (Andreas) Bauer/Sohn von/Peter & Bertha (Weidner)Bauer/Born Jan. 14, 1895/Died May 21, 1898 Tombstone

BAUKNECHT: (no stone) (Laurentius Joanes Bauknecht/child of Leon B. and Christina/ d. 23 Jan. 1869/age 1 yr. 7 mo. 15 da./from record of St. Fidelis Cath. ch.)

BENNIN: (Jean Bennin/May 26, 1920/1979/age 58/from obit) William Bennin/1904-1990

BERSCH: John Bersch/Geb./16 Apr. 1883/Gest/18 Marz 1884. (from researcher-see contributors page/John Bersch was a twin to Peter Jr. and son of Peter and Magdelena Bersch) (no name Bersch/born and died March 5, 1911, Wisconsin/still birth due to Dystolia from megalucephalus/v.#10; p. #723 co. death record/says he was buried in Meeme, and this is the only cemetery in Meeme twp. that has the surname Bersch/ no stone/parents: Jacob Bersch (born Wisconsin) and Maria Agnes Tilger-Agnes Bersch died in Manitowoc co., but was buried in Chilton, Wisconsin - co. record v. #18; p. #542)

BERTSCHE: Joseph/Geb. 9 Marz 1819/Gest. 15 Jan. 1905, ossw: Julia/Geb. 12 Mai 1924/Gest. 14 Marz 1885. Edwin/Sohn von/J. u B. Bertsche/Geb. d. 7 Mai 1892/Gest. d. 12 Nov. 1892. (Edwin Bertsche/d. 21 Oct. 1892/age 6 mo./from record of St. Fidelis Cath. ch.) See BOTSCHE

BOGENSCHUTZ: (no stone) (John Bogenschutz/d. 16 Nov. 1883/age 30 yrs./from record of St. Fidelis Cath. ch.)

BOTSCHE: (no stone, but could be Julia Bertsche above) (Juliana Botsche/d. 14 Mar. 1885 from record of St. Fidelis Cath. ch.)

BRAUN: Nicolaus Braun/Gestorben/d. 23 Mai 1880/Alter 58 Jahre/Co. E/45 Reg. Wis. Inft. Tombstone

BROST: [C-27]-Peter/1884-1933 Tombstone, ossw: [C-28]-Rose/1890-1972 Tombstone Tombstone Peter/Rose See Helena HAUCH, Geb. Brost

BROTZ: George K./1898-1954, ossw: Julia V./1898-1967 Tombstone George/Julia

BRUNMEIER: Anna/Mother/1872-1923, ossw: Ernst/Father/1867-1946 Tombstone/Photo Ernst/Anna, next to: Herman Brunmeier/1904-1924 Tombstone Mathew Brunmeier/1902-1942 Rosa Brunmeier/Geb./10 Apr. 1915/Gest./11 Apr. 1915 Marian Brunmeier/Born and died/Aug. 23, 1926 Tombstone

BRUNNER: Martin/July 13, 1878/June 6, 1974, ossw: Mary/April 19, 1883/July 23, 1955.

CASPER: Marie/Mar. 8, 1893/Oct. 24, 1925 Tombstone

CHRISTEL: Ella Hertel/wife of Louis Christel/1900-1926 Tombstone Louis/1900-1976

DHEIN: See Katharina HERR,Gebne Dhein

DICKOFF: (Margaritha Joanna Dickoff/d. 17 Sept. 1889/age 5 wks./from record of St. Fidelis derived from records of St. Wendel Cath. ch./no stone)

DOUGHMAN: Gladwyn N./1930-(uncut), ossw: Joan N. KUTZ Doughman/1935 JMD 1973 (Joan Doughman/11 Sep 1935/Dec 1973/SSDI) Tombstone Gladwyn/Joan

GROH: J.W. Son of Anton & Anna Groh/Born Nov. 7, 1912/Died Nov. 8, 1912 Tombstone Anna Dau of/Peter & Anna Groh/Born Jan. 1, 1875/Died Apr. 28, 1882 Tombstone Peter Joseph/Sohn von/Peter u Anna Groh/Geboren d. 20 Jan 1866/Gest. d. 3 April 1885 Tombstone (Joseph Groh/d. 3 Apr. 1885/age 19 yrs./from record of St. Fidelis derived from records of St. Wendel Cath. ch./no stone) Large stone reads: A. Groh. Separate stones read: Father/Anton/1864-1917, next to: Mother/Anna/1868-1939 Large stone: Groh name only. Separate stones read: Kinder von/A. U A./Groh, ossw: Peter (Anton)/Geb./25 Dez./1895/Gest/3 Jan./1896, ossw: Maria/Geb. u Gest./2 Jan/1897, next to: Mother/Jan. 30, 1845/Mar. 28, 1898, next to: Father/Apr. 30, 1837/Apr. 25, 1917 [Civil war veteran/Peter Groh/from Manitowoc County Civil War Roundtable] U.S.War Vet flag holder marker (no names given on stone) Peter Joseph/Sohn von/Peter u Anna/Groh/Born Jan. 11, 1875/Died Apr. 28, 1882 (Anna Groh/d. 28 Mar. 1893/age 48 yrs./from record of St. Fidelis derived from records of St. Wendel Cath. ch./no stone)

HASLER: (no stone) (Franciscus X. Hasler/b. 9 July 1865/d. 21 Sept. 1865/age 3 mo./parents: Meinradi H. and Maria A. Steiner/from record of St. Fidelis derived from records of St. Wendel Cath. ch.)

HAUCH: Anna/Nov. 14, 1865/Oct. 26, 1943, ossw: Mathias/Sept. 16, 1858/May 30, 1924 Tombstone Mathias/Anna Anna/1888-1927, ossw: Peter/1885-1965 Tombstone Peter/Anna Mike P. Hauch/Jan. 27, 1887/Sept. 8, 1971 Tombstone Wilhelm (Mathias)/Sohn von/M. u A. Hauch/Geb./D. 14 Dec. 1893/Gest/31 Aug. 1894 Alois P. Hauch/March 24, 1899/Dec. 9, 1918 Tombstone Large stone: Hauch name only. Two smaller stones read: Anna Hauch/Mother/1864-1933, next to: Michael Hauch/Father/1853-1938 Maria Hauch/Geborne KLOPP/Ehefrau von/Peter Hauch/Geboren d. 25 Juli 1819/ Geste d. 11 or 12 Apr. 1895 Tombstone, next to: Peter Hauch/Geb. 29 Mai 1823/Gest. 7 Nov. 1904 Tombstone Georgie Hauch/Geb./30 Mai 1901/Gest./30 Mai 1901 Peter Joseph/Sohn von/Fr. U El. Hauch/Geboren/d. 12 Juli 1883/Gest. d. 19 Sept. 1888 Tombstone, next to: Frank Hauch/Geboren/den 21 Sept. 1855/Gest./den 20 Oct. 1888 Tombstone Helena/Geb. BROST/Gattin von/M. Hauch/Geb. d. 10 Sept. 1789/ Gest. d. 13 Marz 1876 Michael Hauch/Geb. d. 16 Marz 1791/Gest. d. 18 Marz 1867

HEIN: (no stone) (Hedwig Hein/b. 16 Feb. 1896/d. 10 Apr. 1896/from record of St. Fidelis derived from records of St. Wendel Cath. ch.)

HEISDORF: Anna/Gattin von/V. Heisdorf/Geboren im Jahr/1826/Gest. d. 18 J__/1878 (stone broken in three pieces.) Valentin Heisdorf/Geboren 17 Sept. 1818/Gest. 9 April 1869. (Margaritha Heisdorf/wife of Francisci Heisdorf/d. 18 Apr 1871/age 50 yrs./no stone) Franz Heisdorf/b. 10 October 1815/d. 22 April 1873 (from researcher/see contributors page)

HENZEN: (Brigitta Henzen/wife of Joanis Henzen/d. 27 Mar. 1866/age 22 yrs./from record of St. Fidelis derived from records of St. Wendel Cath. ch./no stone) (Mathias Henzen/d. 22 May 1866/age 72 yrs./no stone)

HERR: Cornelius/1903-1982, ossw: Lucida M./1902-1984 Tombstone Cornelius/Lucida Katharina/Gattin von/Fr. X. Herr/1 Dec. 1874/15 Juni 1916, ossw: Frank X. Herr/4 Jan. 1866/1 Sept. 1933 Tombstone Katharina/Frank (Infant of Frank Herr/d. Jan. 1911/no stone) Margaretha Herr/Geb. 11 Aug. 1823/Gest. 7 Juni 1900 Large stone: L. Herr. Two smaller stones read: Lorenz Herr/Geb. 23 Mar. 1824/Gest. 19 Mai 1919, next to: Anna Marie/Gattin von/L. Herr/Geb. 12 Apr. 1826/Gest. 7 Juli 1914. Katharina Herr/Gebne DHEIN/Jan. 4, 1825/Aug. 11, 1908, ossw: Michael Herr/Mar. 4, 1823/May 5, 1903 Tombstone Michael/Katherine Maria V./Tochter von/A. u K. Herr/Geb. 28 Marz 1914/Gest. d. 23 Juni/1914, next to: Joseph A./Sohn von/A. u K. Herr/Geb. 19 Marz 1911/Gest. 17 Juni 1911, next to: Andrew/Jan. 24 1863/June 21, 1929/Father, ossw: Catherine/May 31, 1870/Mar. 23, 1949/Mother Tombstone Andrew/Catherine Elizabeth/Geb. 15 Dez. 1835/Gest. 25 May 1906, ossw: Franz/Geb. 5 Juni 1831/Gest. 9 April 1923, next to: Georg Herr/Geb. April 1794/Gest. 13 Juni 1885 Tombstone, ossw: Agnes Herr/Geb./Sept. 1797/Gest. 25 Mai 1890,ossw: Ruhe Statte/Von/Vater/und/Mutter. Georg Herr/Geb. d. 22 Aug. 1820/Gest. 4 Dec. 1900, ossw: Maria Anna Herr/Geb. d. 10 Marz 1821/Gest. d. 28 Nov. 1888. Large stone: Herr name only. Smaller stone reads: Herr/(no first name)/21 Jan. 1857/25 Feb. 1891, next to: George Herr/23 Mai 1860/1 Aug. 1907, next to: Katie/Nov. 20, 1854/June 18, 1927, ossw: Anna/Oct. 8, 1852/May 29, 1942 Tombstone Katie/Anna Franz Herr/Geb. Jan. 1859/Gest. Feb. 1872 Tombstone, next to: Franz/Sohn von (this part of stone broken off and mended) _ u _ Herr/Geb. 5 Apr. 1866/Gest 13 Jan. 1872 Helena/tochter von/F.X. u K. Herr/Geb. 11 Apr. 1905/Gest 15 Mai 1905, next to: Dorathea/tochter von/F.X. u K./Herr/Geb. d. 22 Aug./1899/Gest. d. 28 Aug. 1899, next to: Joseph Herr/Geb. u Gest./15 Juni 1916. Andreas Herr/Geb. 10 Juni 1830/Gest. 14 Juni 1882 Tombstone, ossw: Margretha Herr/Gebne DHEIN/Geb. 18 Juli 1834/Gest. 16 Sept. 1897 Karl Herr/Geboren den 29 Sept. 1780/Gest. den 4 Mai 1857 Tombstone Catharina/Tochter von/L. u A. Herr/Geb. d. 22 Feb. 1856/Gest/d. 21 April 1859, next to: Magalena/tochter von/L. u A. Herr/Geb. d. 27 Marz 1857/Gest. d. 21 April 1859, next to: Johannes/sohn von/L. u A. Herr/Geb./d. 5 Marz 1861/Gest./d. 5 Feb. 1871. (Agnes Herr/d. 25 Feb. 1890/age 32 yrs./from record of St. Fidelis derived from records of St. Wendel Cath. ch./no stone) (Margaritha Herr/d. 3 June 1891/age 43 yrs./from record of St. Fidelis derived from records of St. Wendel Cath. ch./no stone) (Agnes Herr/d. Oct. 31, 1930/age about 69/no stone/from obit) (Maria Herr/buried July 1, 1916/from obit. no stone) (Adam Herr/d. between 1880 and 1888/from obit. no stone)

HERTEL: See Ella Hertel, wife of Louis CHRISTEL Robert J./Father/Oct. 13, 1867/May 17, 1935, ossw: Elizabeth/Mother/June 6, 1875/Dec. 10, 1951. Klara Maria Hertel/Geb. 20 Aug. 1897/Gest/22 Aug. 1914 tochter von Robert u/Elisabeth/Hertel Tombstone, next to: Norbert Joseph Hertel/Geb./5 Aug. 1913/Gest./12 Aug. 1914/Sohn von Robert u Elisabeth Hertel Julia Hertel/Mar. 23, 1908/Jan. 7, 1933 Tombstone Margaret/Daughter of/P. & K. Hertel/Jan. 28, 1920/Jan. 29, 1920 Tombstone Bernard A. Hertel/Dec. 7, 1917/Dec. 28, 1998

HILL: Austin Joseph Hill/May 30 - Oct. 5, 2009/from obit

HIMMELSPACH: Sophia/Geb. 24 Okt. 1878/Gest 25 Apr. 1933, ossw: Frank/Geb. 5 Jan. 1880/Gest 7 Feb. 1920 Tombstone Sophia/Frank

HOFFMANN: Peter Hoffmann/Geboren/d. 18 Sept. 1806/Gest. d. 3 Sept. 1889 Tombstone, next to: Maria Hoffmann/Geboren/d. 1 ten Aug. 1811/Gest/d. 15 Maerz 1892 Tombstone

JOHANNES: M. Helena/wife of/Mathias Johannes/Died Jan. 23, 1862/Aged 25 ys. 6 ds. Tombstone

JUNK: (no stone) (Francis Junk/d. 24 Mar. 1887/age 7 yrs./from record of St. Fidelis derived from records of St. Wendel Cath. ch.)

KAISER: Margaret Kaiser/1860-1930

KLOPP: See Maria HAUCH/Geborne Klopp

KOENIG: Margaretha/Gattin von/John Koenig/Geb. d 7 Marz 1863/Gest. d. 17 Jan. 1902, ossw: John Koenig/9 Apr. 1857/14 Juni 1936 Tombstone Margaretha/John Margaretha (nee STEIN)/Gattin von/J. Koenig/Geb. d. 8 Marz 1830/Gest 15 Apr. 1896, next to: Joseph Koenig/Geb. 1 Juli 1824/Gest. 27 Mai 1898, next to: Peter Koenig/Geboren d. 16 Dec. 1863/Gest. 8 Mai 1895 Photo, ossw: Margaretha Koenig/Geb. d. 20 Sept. 1866/Gest. d. 5 Jan. 1932 Tombstone Peter/Margaretha Anna/tochter von/J. und H. Koenig/Geb. 23 Juli 1888/Gest 24 Marz 1889 Joseph/Father/1888-1946, ossw: Martha/Mother/1886-1952 Tombstone Joseph/Martha (Anna Koenig/Aug. 6, 1874/Nov. 22, 1960/from obit/no stone) Theresa Koenig/Aug. 10, 1923/July 17, 2013/from obit Photo Roman P./Feb. 10, 1920/Dec. 31, 2013/from obit Photo See Scheibl

KRAUTKRAEMER: (no stone) (George Krautkraemer/d. 9 Feb. 1902/75 yrs. 9 mo. 25 da./from record of St. Fidelis derived from records of St. Wendel Cath. ch.) (nOTE: George is buried in St. John Catholic Cemetery,Calumet county Tombstone

KUTZ: Lorenz Kutz/Sept. 24, 1885/May 22, 1966, ossw: Rose SALM/1897-1991 (Rose Kutz/14 Apr 1897/17 Apr 1991/SSDI), next to: Joseph Kutz/1876/Dec. 11, 1877/Sept. 24, 1963, ossw: Theresa/1886-1961 Tombstone Joseph/Theresa, next to: Antonella Kutz/22 Aug. 1917/6 Marz 1921 Tombstone Franz Kutz/Geb. 8 Mar. 1838/Gest. 1 Dec. 1928, ossw: Johanna Kutz/Geb 30 Jan. 1842/Gest 1 Dec. 1915 Tombstone Franz/Johanna Dr. Lawrence Kutz/Dec. 18, 1957/Jan. 23, 1997/son Norman J. Kutz/Feb. 13, 1939/Aug. 15, 2005/father (Kevin Kutz/June 20, 1963/Friday June 21, 1963/from obituary) Footstone: Mutter See DOUGHMAN

LAUER: Johann W./Sohn von/M. u L. Lauer/Geb. d. 11 Dec. 1892/Gest. d. 24 Apr. 1893 (Maria Lauer/dau. of John and Katharina Lauer/d. 5 Aug. 1868/age 5 yrs./ from record of St. Fidelis derived from records of St. Wendel Cath. ch./no stone) (Peter Lauer/son of John and Katharina Lauer/d. 19 Aug. 1868/age 3 yrs./ from record of St. Fidelis derived from records of St. Wendel Cath. ch./no stone)

MEYER: Magdalena Meyer/Geb./22 Juli 1892/Gest./24 Feb. 1901 Armella G./Tochter von/Herman u Margaretha/Meyer/Geb. d. 6 Oct. 1899/ Gest. d. 19 Dec. 1900 Tombstone Theodore Meyer/Sept. 11, 1927/July 4, 2012

NATZER: Elisabeth/Frau von/Matthias Natzer/Gest./d. 21 Mai 1886/Alter 73 Jahre Tombstone next to: Netzer

NETZER: (Elisabetha Netzer/d. 21 May 1886/age 73 yrs. from record of St. Fidelis derived from records of St. Wendel Cath. ch./no stone/probably Elisabeth Natzer above.) Mathiaus Netzer/Geb./d. 10 Marz 1816/Gest./d. 1 Feb. 1892 Tombstone

NID: Catharina PFILIPPS/Geborene Nid (see PFILIPPS)

NIENHAUS: Raymond Nienhaus/1935-2002 (Jan. 5, 1935/Jan. 31, 2002/SSDI) Vivian Nienhaus/1935-2002 (May 30, 1935/Sept. 15, 2002/SSDI) Billy Nienhaus/May 1, 1959/Feb. 12, 2014/from obit

NOWORATZKY: W. Noworatzky/Baby/1920 Tombstone

PFILIPPS: Catharina/Geborene Nid./Ehefrau, Nic Pfilipps/Geb. d. 22 Nov. 1842/ Gest. d. 4 Feb. 1887, next to: Nickolaus Pfilipps/Geb. d. 5 April 1833/Gest. d. 25 April 1893 War vet flag Tombstone

PHILIPP: George C. Philipp/June 27, 1885/June 14, 1975 Tombstone Mathias Philipp/1880-1955 Tombstone

PHILIPPS: Rosalia/Oct. 20, 1860/May 30, 1926, ossw: Andrew/May 6, 1848/Nov. 15, 1900 (Andreas Philipps/d. 15 Nov. 1900/age 52 yrs. 6 mo. 11 da./from record of St. Fidelis) Footstone: Vater, next to: Anna (Maria)/Geb. d. 21 Feb. 1891/Gest./d. 7 Mai 1891, ossw: Peter J./Geb./d. 21 Feb. 1891/Gest. d. 6 Juni 1891, ossw: Andreas M./Geb./d. 11 Juli 1885/Gest./d. 14 Jan. 1888, ossw: Peter/Geb./d. 17 Nov. 1883/Gest/d. 20 Sept. 1884, ossw: Kinder von/Andreas/u Rosalia/Philipps Franz/Sohn von/Nic u. Cath. Philipps/Geb. d. 18 Oct/1878/Gest. d. 24 Marz/1887 (Peter Philipps/d. 23 Aug. 1868/age 64 yrs./from record of St. Fidelis/no stone) (Peter Philipps/d. 20 Jan. 1887/infant/from record of St. Fidelis/no stone) (Katharina Philipps/d. 4 Feb. 1887/age 45 yrs./from record of St. Fidelis/ may be Catharina Pfilipps above) (Albert Nicolaus Philipps/d. 5 Nov. 1887/age 10 mo./from record of St. Fidelis/no stone) (Nicolaus Philipps/d. 14 Jan. 1888/age 1-1/2 yrs./from record of St. Fidelis/no stone) (Michael William Philipps/d. 1 May 1891/age 4 mo./from record of St. Fidelis/no stone) (Gertrude Philipps/d. 18 Oct. 1892/age 87 yrs./from record of St. Fidelis/no stone)

PHILLIPS: Andrew G. Phillips/Sept. 15, 1893/Jan. 3, 1954 Tombstone Nicholas J. Phillips/1886-1961 Tombstone, next to: Mary E. Phillips/1888-1958 Tombstone

PITZ: Robert J./son of J.& M. Pitz/Feb. 25-28, 1957 Tombstone John M. Pitz/Apr. 21, 1902/Oct. 22, 1965 Tombstone, next to: Marie F. Pitz/1916-1994 Tombstone

PRITCHARD: Catherine/1897-1938, ossw: Wm. L. (Bud)/Oct. 9, 1894/Feb. 12, 1973

PROVINSKY: (no stone) (Albert Provinsky/d. 27 May 1897/age 37 yrs. 8 mo./at St. Nicolas Hospital/ from record of St. Fidelis derived from records of St. Wendel Cath. ch.)

REINBRECHT: Grace Reinbrecht/Born Jan. 16, 1895/in Chicago, Ill./Died Jan. 20, 1904/in Mather, Wis. (Crescentia Reinbrecht/dau. of Edward and Anna Reinbrecht/d. 19 Jan. 1904/ age 9 yrs./from record of St. Fidelis derived from records of St. Wendel Cath. ch./no stone)

REMICH: William/1870-1941, ossw: Anna/1867-1951 Tombstone William/Anna

RENZELMANN: Engelbert/1901-2000 (24 Jan 1901/02 Mar 2000/SSDI), ossw: Arlene/1907-1977 (10 Jan 1907/Jul 1977/SSDI) Tombstone Engelbert/Arlene

SALM: Maria/tochter von/Nic U Elisa/Salm/Geboren/d. 7 Mai 1888/Gest/d. 24 Dec. 1888, next to: Anna 0. tochter von/Nic u Elisa/Salm/Geboren/d.14 Sept. 1889/Gest./9 Feb. 1890. Rose Salm/1897-1991, ossw: Lorenz KUTZ/1885-1966 (Maria Ottilia Salm/d. 9 Feb. 1890/age 5 mo./from record of St. Fidelis derived from records of St. Wendel Cath. ch./no stone)

SCHEIBL: Grace A. (Koenig) Scheibl/Oct. 26, 1960/Oct. 29, 2008

SCHNEIDER: Anton/1883-1973 (b. 13 Dec. 1883/d. July 1973/SSDI),ossw: Mary/1885-1960 Tombstone Anton/Mary Harold Schneider/Born May 8, 1916/Died/May 19, 1916, next to: Joseph Schneider/Born/May 26, 1917/Died/May 28, 1917 Anna Schneider/15 Nov. 1901/23 Nov. 1901 Tombstone Marian Schneider/Born and died/Nov. 29, 1926 Tombstone

SCHRAM: Mary/Daughter of H.& M. Schram/Jan. 9, 1912/Jan. 9, 1912 Tombstone Frances R./1879-1963, ossw: Peter G./1878-1929 Tombstone Frances/Peter, next to: Mary/Mother/1854-1944, ossw: Nicholas/Father/1845-1932 Tombstone Nicholas/Mary Joseph/son of Henry & Marie Schram/1920-1925 Tombstone Peter Schram/Geb. 25 Dec. 1843/Gest. 10 Nov. 1907, ossw: Euphrosina Schram/Geb. 7 Oct. 1847/Gest. 31 Aug. 1912 Tombstone Peter/Euphrosina Nickolaus/Sohn von P u E Schram/Geb. d. 30 Marz 1877/Gest. d. 15 Apr. 1877, next to: Maria T./tochter von P u E Schram/Geb. d. 15 Feb. 1878/Gest. d. 23 Jan. 1879 Tombstone, next to: Maria G./tochter von P u E Schram/Geb. d. 16 Juli 1886/Gest. d. 27 Sept. 1886, next to: Anna G./tochter von P u E Schram/Geb. d. 17 Apr. 1885/Gest. d. 18 Apr. 1885, next to: Johann A./Sohn von P u E Schram/Geb. d. 17 Apr. 1885/Gest. 29 Apr. 1885 (Christina Schram/d. 22 Sept. 1886/age 2 mo. from record of St. Fidelis derived from records of St. Wendel Cath. ch.)(no stone)

SCHWARTZ: Peter/Apr. 11, 1868/Apr. 4, 1928, ossw: Louise/July 2, 1871 Oct. 3, 1948 Tombstone Peter/Louise Elisabeth Schwartz Born Oct. 12, 1917/Died May 31, 1918/Daughter of Joseph and Minnie Tombstone Frank/Born Mar. 27, 1877/Died Mar. 29, 1922, ossw: Rosa/Born Feb. 18, 1887/Died May 31, 1922 Tombstone Frank/Rosa Susanna Schwartz/Geb. 12 Apr. 1812/Gest. 12 Mai 1873 Large monument: Schwartz Two separate stones (no first name) Elizabeth/Oct. 20, 1836/Apr. 9, 1899, ossw: Joseph/Feb. 11, 1837/Dec. 2, 1915 Tombstone Elizabeth/Joseph Minnie/1888-1955, ossw: Joseph/Feb. 2, 1871/Jan. 20, 1947 Clarence F. Schwartz/1909-1939 (photo insert) Tombstone Gilbert J. Schwartz/1908-1985 Mathew E. Schwartz/1911-1993 Ruth E. Schwartz/1916-1998 (Kenneth/Oct. 24, 1936/July 23, 2010/from obit)

SCHWARZ: (Joseph Schwarz/d. 3 Feb. 1894/age 89 yrs./from record of St. Fidelis derived from records of St. Wendel Cath. ch.) (No stone)

SEIBEL: see Seipel

SEIPEL: Irma Cecilia/Born Sept. 10, 1906/Died Sept. 24, 1906, ossw: Erwin Andrew/Born Sept. 10, 1906/Died Sept. 26,1906/ Infant children of Henry and Mary Seipel. Katharina SEIBEL (Seipel)/Geb. 30 Aug. 1814/Gest. 18 Feb. 1900 Tombstone, ossw: Adam SEIBEL (Seipel)/Geb. 5 April 1814/Gest. 1 Jan. 1902 Roman H. Seipel/1908-1959, ossw: Lidvina C. Seipel/1909-2001 (14 Apr 1909/17 Feb 2001/SSDI) Andrew Seipel/1880-1967, ossw: Rose Seipel/1883-1960 Tombstone Andrew/Rose Johann/Sohn von J & C Seipel/Geboren 18 Jan. 1853/Gestorben 14 Aug. 1876

SESSLER: John G./Jan. 8, 1919/Oct. 29, 1985/Johnny PFC US Army WWII, ossw: Valeria E./1919-2012/Val Schwartz Tombstone John/Valeria

STEFFEN: Norbert Steffen/Born & Died/Oct. 1, 1930 Tombstone, next to: Joachim Steffen/Feb. 1, 1895/June 25, 1968 Tombstone

STEIN: Margaret A. Stein/1938-1955, next to: Alexander J. Stein/Wisconsin/Pvt. 139 Infantry/World War I/ March 29, 1896/April 5, 1955 (World War 1917-1918 flag) Arthur A./1907-1977, ossw: Rosa, M./1907-1992 (15 Aug 1907/23 Mar 1992/SSDI) Adam Stein/Sept. 25, 1867/Oct. 8, 1921, ossw: Mary Stein/1869-1939 Tombstone Adam/Mary, ossw: Nickolaus Stein/Dec. 11, 1894/Feb. 15, 1922 John A./Sohn von/A und M Stein/Geb. d. 20 Apr. 1893/ Gest. d. 6 Juli 1893 Antonia A. Stein/Geb. 28 Mai 1901/Gest 10 Feb. 1908, next to: Hedwig/tochter von J.und A. Stein/Geb. 16 Feb. 1896/ Gest. 18 Apr. 1896 Tombstone Large stone: Stein. Two smaller stones read: Adam Stein/Father/Born Jan. 22, 1834/ Died March 26, 1907 (vet flag), next to: Margaret Stein/Mother/Born Feb. 11, 1844/ Died May 22, 1922 Tombstone Maria/tochter von Adam u Margare. Stein/Geb. d. 3 Nov. 1884/ Gest. d. 3 Nov. 1884 Tombstone Herman J./sohn von P u T Stein/Geb. 8 Apr./Gest. 29 Mai 1913, next to: Peter Stein/Geb. 10 Nov. 1825/Gest. 29 Apr. 1910, ossw: Eva Stein/Geb. 12 Dec. 1841/Gest. 5 Marz 1910 Andreas/Sohn von Adam u Margare. Stein/Geb. d. 2 Mai 1883/ Gest d. 2 Mai 1883 Tombstone Peter/Sohn von Adam u Margare. Stein/Geb. d. 27 Juni 1881/ Gest d. 5 Mai 1883 Tombstone Johann/Sohn von Adam U Margare. Stein/Geb. d. 2Sept. 1873/Gest. d.3 Oct. 1873 Peter Sohn von/Adam u Margare. Stein/Geb. d. 2 Oct. 1879/Gest. d. 9 Oct. 1879 Peter Stein/Geb. d. 5 Juni 1793/Gest. d. 29 Juni 1877 Tombstone, ossw: Anna M./Gattin von/Peter Stein/Geb. d. 4 Mai 1790/ Gest. d. 19 Marz 1870 Tombstone Peter/Anna (Anna Maria Stein/d. 19 Mar. 1871/age 79 yrs./from record of St. Fidelis derived from records of St. Wendel Cath. ch.)(Note: From researcher - the tombstone d. date is probably correct because she was not in the 1870 census grouped with her son, Adam Stein, but her husband, Peter is. He later died in 1877. Cathrine Stein TRAGESER Rev. Norbert W./1934-2001/Ordained June 3, 1961/SSJ Josephite Missionary to Black America see TRAGESER

SUKOWATY: Herbert W./1916-1984, ossw: Catherine/1918-2002 Tombstone Herbert/Catherine

TINTINGER: (no stone) (Jacob Tintinger/d. 23 May 1888/age 51 yrs./from record of St. Fidelis derived from records of St. Wendel Cath. ch.) (Margaretha Tintinger/d. 29 June 1890/age 46 yrs./from record of St. Fidelis derived from records of St. Wendel Cath. ch.)

TRAGESER: Cathrine STEIN Trageser/Born/Apr. 1, 1800/Died Aug. 27, 1865 Tombstone Photograph

TROULLIER: Virginia Barbara/June 1954/Mar. 1956 Norman J. Troullier/1929-1977 Barbara Ann

VANDE LOO: George J./1917-2000, ossw: Gertrude A./1921-1980, ossw: Patricia M./-1953-

WAGNER: Anna Cile Wagner/1935-1947, ossw: Leona Wagner/Mother/1901-1990, ossw: Carl Wagner/Father/1897-1981

WASMER: Annette Wasmer/Baby/Aug. 24, 1941/Oct. 6, 1941, ossw: James/Son/Apr. 23, 1945/Nov. 5, 1999 Tombstone Annette/James

WESENER: Christine/1955-1968, ossw: Melvin/1922-1992 Delores/1924-___

WESLING: (also spelled Wessling) Frank J. Wesling/Born/Apr. 2, 1904/Died/Apr. 13, 1904, (Francis Wesling/son of Bernard Wesling/from record of St. Fidelis derived from records of St. Wendel Cath. ch.), next to: Johannes Wesling/Geb./4 Jan. 1892/Gest. 14 Mai 1897, next to, Gilbert J. Wesling/Born/Apr. 7, 1905/Died/Apr.29, 1905. (Gilbert Joseph Wesling/from record of St. Wendel Cath. ch.)

WILLMAS: Mathias/1886-1955, ossw: Veronica/1888-1953 Frank L./Apr. 24, 1881/Jan. 23, 1966, ossw: Alma A./1892-1972 (b. 21 Aug. 1892/d. Nov. 1972/SSDI)

WILLMES: Anton Willmes/Mar. 10, 1842/Jan 10, 1924, ossw: Karoline/Gattin/Jan. 23, 1856/June 2, 1947 Tombstone Anton/Karoline (Nicholas Willmes/Aug. 12, 1894/Dec. 1963/from obit)

WILLWERTH: Joseph/1875-1943, next to: Anna/1866-1948, next to: Christopher Willwerth/Geb. 9 Jan. 1832/Gest. 6 Mar. 1910, ossw: Anna Franziska Willwerth/Geb. 26 Mai 1841/Gest. 2 Juni 1919 Tombstone Christopher/Anna

WILMAS: Nick Wilmas/Wisconsin/PFC Co. F 6 Ammo Tn World War I/ Aug. 12, 1894-Dec. 6, 1963 Tombstone (War vet flag)

WOELFEL: Sylvester/May 27, 1908/July 22, 1962, ossw: Agnes/Sept. 19, 1908/Nov. 3, 1999


ZILINSKI: Peter Pau1 Zilinski/Geb./d. 29 Juni 1817/Gest./d. 12 Mar. 1878, ossw: Maria Zilinski/Geb/d. 14 Juni 1824/Gest/d. 30 Juni 1866 Tombstone (Maria Zelinski/wife of Peter Zelinski/d. 2 July 1866/age 42 yrs./from record of St. Fidelis derived from record of St. Wendel Cath. ch.)

????????: Last stone; N/W corner. Top of stone broken off. Geboren/d. 5 Marz 1800/Gest./d. 5 Feb. 1884 (next to Helena Brost.)(Note - this stone is believed to belong to Elisabetha (Brost) Barth. See Barth/no stone) Iron cross last row,s/w corner next to Trageser Two iron crosses 2nd row/s/w corner/in front of Johanna Schramm.