Cato Township, Manitowoc Co., Wisconsin

Location: North on Hwy J from center of Clarks Mills, over the bridge to the first left road, then 0.1 miles west. Transcribed June, 1975 by the Manitowoc Co. Old Cemeteries Society. Earliest stone is 1860.

(Contributed by researcher/see contributors page)


Darlene Ahl/1964-1964 Tombstone
Baby/Ahl/Apr 29-30/1956 Tombstone

ANDERSON: L Barnatt-Anderson/1951-2007 Tombstone

ANHALT: Anton/Father/Dec. 25, 1876/Oct. 7, 1957, ossw: Mary/Mother/July 9, 1881/Nov. 28, 1949 Anton Anhalt/1852-1912 Tombstone Mary/1854-1924 Tombstone William/July 23, 1884/Mar. 3, 1970 Tombstone, ossw: Elsie/June 7, 1890/June 26, 1968 Tombstone Anna/Tochter von/A. & M. Anhalt/geb 27 Marz 1892/gest/27 May 1893 Tombstone Joseph/1894-1981 Tombstone, ossw: Matilda/Wife/1898-1969 Tombstone, ossw: Joyce/Sept. 15 - Nov. 20/1942 Tombstone, ossw: Roy/Feb. 12 - Feb. 27/1933 Tombstone, ossw: Joseph/Feb. 12 - Feb. 13/1933 Tombstone George Anhalt/December 11, 1906/April 27, 1979 Bernard Anhalt/1916-1944 Tombstone

BACHMEIER: Anna/Gattin von/Jos. Bachmeier/geb/28 Juni 1845/gest/8 Feb. 1904 Tombstone Maria/Gattin von/J. Bachmeier/geb in Wazenrid Bayern/14 Feb. 1814/gest/20 Febr. 1893 Tombstone

BARNATT: See Anderson

BARNES: Robert T. Barnes/1917-1984/Vet. Tombstone, ossw: Lila L. Barnes/1924-1983 Tombstone

BENZSCHAWEL: John Benzschawel/1903-1909 Tombstone Mathias/Father/1871-1952 Tombstone, ossw: Rose/Mother/1882-1945 Tombstone Joseph O./1911-1973 Tombstone, ossw: Dorothy S./1914-1999 Tombstone

BERGEL: Adolph J. Bergel/March 9, 1912-Sept. 25, 1980 Tombstone, ossw: Gladys M. Bergel/March 27, 1914-Dec. 29, 1993 Tombstone, ossw: Marvin F./June 22, 1936-Sept. 11, 1936 Tombstone, ossw: Marvinen/Dec. 19, 1939-Dec. 19, 1939 Tombstone

BERGELT: Marvine Bergelt/Our dear/Born & Died/Dec. 19, 1939 Marvine Bergelt/Our dear/June 22/Sept. 11/1936

BERRES: Kathleen A. Berres/Feb. 3, 1954-Sep. 24, 2011 Tombstone

BISHOP: Andrew David Bishop/6-10-1997/11-24-1998/Baby Tombstone

BLAHA: Nancy M. Blaha/Dec. 12, 1938/May 6, 1968 Tombstone Arthur J. Blaha/1959-2013 Tombstone

BODART: Claudia Bodart/1955-1980 Tombstone

BOETTCHER: Barbara/1880-1959 Tombstone

BOHM: Jos. Bohm/Hier ruht in Gott/geb 12 Sept. 1813/Gest 6 Aug. 1886 Tombstone Maria Bohm/Hier ruht in Gott/geboren/17 Dec. 1817/gestorben/23 Mar. 1904 Tombstone

BOHMANN: Eva/Geb 17 Apr. 1853/Gest 6 Mar. 1904/Alter/50 Jah. 10M./19 Tage Tombstone

BOURISH: Thomas/Died June 9, 1904/Age 85 years Tombstone, ossw: Anna/Died Oct. 25, 1914/Age 85 years Tombstone Mary/1869-1957 Tombstone, ossw: Joseph/1869-1957 Tombstone

BRANDEL: Infant (Judy) Daughter of/O. & G. Brandel/May 20, 1946 [disinterred 7-16-1999 from St. Mary's in Clarks Mills/moved to Evergreen, Manitowoc]

BRANDL: Charles/1882-1966 Tombstone, ossw: Sophie/1885-1966 Tombstone Joseph W./Father/1879-1953 Tombstone, ossw: Mary/Mother/1882-1981 Tombstone Sophie/Dau. of/J.W. & M. Brandl/Aug. 13 - Nov. 11, 1909 Tombstone George/1887-1950 Tombstone, ossw: Anna/1885-1962 Tombstone Anna/Tochter von/G. u A. Brandl/geb-gest/17 Oct. 1914 Richard/May 30, 1925 - July 28, 1925 New stone for above two entries: Anna/Oct. 17, 1914-Oct. 17, 1914 Tombstone, ossw: Richard/May 30, 1924-July 28, 1925 Tombstone George J./Son/Aug. 2, 1913/Dec. 25, 1933 Tombstone Harold Brandl/Sept. 11, 1925/Feb. 18, 1985 Tombstone Walter Brandl/April 29, 1920/Feb. 11, 2006 Tombstone, ossw: Evelyn C. Brandl/Feb. 19, 1922-May 23, 2014 Tombstone, ossw: James Leo Brandl/Son/Aug 29, 1942/Sept. 25, 1945 Tombstone Wolfgang Brandl/17 Oct. 1856/26 Nov. 1925 Tombstone Catherine Brandl/6 Jul. 1857/4 Nov. 1932 Tombstone

BRANTL: Joseph Brantl/Hier ruht/geb/11 Juni 1877/gest/27 Mar. 1879 Tombstone Katharina Brantl/geb/26 Nov. 1883/gest/13 Juni 1884 Tombstone

BRAY: Jack Bray/1933-1969 John B. Bray/1929-2001 Tombstone, ossw: C. E. Bray/1896-1961 Tombstone, ossw: Mary Bray/1899-1989 Tombstone Clarence Eugene Bray/Wisconsin/QM 1 USNRF/World War I/Sept. 11, 1896 - Aug. 3, 1961 Tombstone

BRENNAN: William C./Born June 17, 1881/Died/Dec. 24, 1918 Tombstone Raymond L. Brennan/1908-1975 Tombstone, ossw: Alma L. Brennan/1909-1984 Tombstone Douglas G. Brennan/Nov. 13, 1935-Mar. 18, 2004 Tombstone Mary/April 10, 1946-Sept. 23, 1956 Tombstone, ossw: Harold C. "Cub" Brennan/10-16-1906/10-10-1987 Tombstone, ossw: Ruth A. Brennan/August 27, 1904-April 18, 2000 Tombstone William Brennan Baby/1919-1920 Tombstone Eugene P. "Jim" Brennan/March 8, 1915-January 11, 2000/married 10-18-1941 Tombstone, ossw: Isabel B. Brennan/nee Kasbaum/1916-2009 Tombstone Lawrence G. (Kelly) Brennan/1916-1999/LT. COL. US Air Force Tombstone

BRICKNER: Leo B. Brickner/Oct. 25, 1922/April 10, 1997 Tombstone

BRULL: MaryJane "Shane" Brull/April 6,1959/April 30, 2008 Tombstone

BRUNNER: Neal Brunner/Our Beloved Son/Sept. 18, 1967/Feb. 10, 1971 Tombstone Leonard J. Brunner/1913-1950 Tombstone Leonard L. Brunner/March 17, 1939-Aug. 24, 2011 Tombstone Adrian Brunner/1914-1998/married 10-24-1959 Tombstone, ossw: Gertrude Brunner/1925-2005 Tombstone

BURICH: Leonard Burich/Sept. 22, 1933/Apr. 17, 2007 Tombstone

BURKE: Edmund Burke/In Memory of/1819-1904 Tombstone, ossw: Margaret/wife of/E. Burke/1828-1886 Tombstone, ossw: Edmund/1855-1904 Tombstone, ossw: Margeret/1867-1883 Tombstone, ossw: Winfred/1862-1888 Tombstone Footstones for the above 5 as follows: Father/Maggie/Mother/Winnie/Ed

BURKHARDT: Cyril R. Burkhardt Jr./1942-2001 Tombstone

CARLSON: David/1921-1982/Vet. Tombstone, ossw: Bernice/1916-1964 Tombstone

CASEY: Timothy/Born in Limerick, Ire./Feb. 9, 1816/Died June 9, 1897 Tombstone, ossw: Mary/His Wife/Born in/County Cork, Ire./Aug. 15, 1820/Died Sept. 16, 1899 Tombstone, ossw: Ellen Engels/Dec. 23, 1859/Jan. 13, 1942 Tombstone See Engels

CHRISTEL: Norbert W./1902-1975 Tombstone, ossw: Esther M./1900-1972 Tombstone Minnie Christel/1897-1993 Tombstone, ossw: Albin F./Father/1898-1941 Tombstone

CHRISTIANSON: Darlene Christianson/-1948- Tombstone Leroy W. Christianson/1922-2003 Tombstone, ossw: Leona F. Christianson/Nov. 30, 1920-May 11, 2015 Tombstone

CHRISTOPHER: Ralph T./Son of R. & A./Christopher/1915-1921 Tombstone

CLARK: Catherine/1839-1913 Tombstone, ossw: Bernard/1822-1907 Tombstone George Clark/1883-1886/from record

COHEN: John F. Cohen/WI Tec 5 78 Field Arty Bn/WW II/Aug. 22, 1920/June 23, 1950 Tombstone Olive Cohen/Oct. 9, 1897-Dec. 28, 1985 Tombstone Edward Cohen/Sept. 20, 1894-March 3, 1983 Tombstone

CONREY: Mary/Wife of/Ed. Conrey/Born/In Crossmalina/Co. Mayo, Ireland/ May 10, 1817/Died/Oct. 9, 1899 Tombstone, ossw: Edward Conrey/Born/in Crossmalina/Co. Mayo, Ireland/Mar. 4, 1825/Died/Sept. 16, 1907 Tombstone

CONWAY: Riley G. Conway/1907-1991 Tombstone, ossw: Florence E. Conway/1911-2001 Tombstone

DENCK: Franziska Denck/Geb/10 Sept. 1842/Gest/21 Juni 1903 Tombstone, ossw: Joseph Denck/Geb/18 Mar. 1839/Gest 25 Apr. 1923 Tombstone

DENK: Eva/Mother/1874-1953 Tombstone, ossw: Joseph/Father/1872-1949 Tombstone Anton/1877-1958 Tombstone, ossw: Margaret/1881-1962 Tombstone Edward/Born Aug. 22, 1902/Died July 30, 1913 Tombstone Anna/Mother/1880-1904 Tombstone, ossw: Frank/Father/1875-1954 Tombstone, ossw: Anna/Mother/1885-1930 Tombstone, ossw: Norbert/Son/1924-1944 Tombstone Louis Denk/Born/Oct. 27, 1887/Died/Mar. 15, 1916 Tombstone Charles/Feb. 24, 1883-Feb. 18, 1973 Tombstone, ossw: Mary/1882-1968 Tombstone Barbara/Gattin von/J. Denk/Geb/12 Juni 1876/Gest/19 Mar. 1903 Tombstone John W. Denk/Father/Sept. 24, 1870/Apr. 30, 1948 Tombstone Caroline Denk/Mother/born/Jan. 20, 1863/died/Oct. 15, 1912 Tombstone Michael Denk/Born/Sept. 29, 1879/Died Feb. 26, 1918 Tombstone Mary/Mother/1881-1939 Tombstone Louis Jr./Son/1935-1950 Tombstone, ossw: Louis/Father/1898-1955 Tombstone, ossw: Agnes/Mother/1898-1945 Tombstone, ossw: John/Son/1937-1937 Tombstone Elizabeth/1882-1955 Tombstone, ossw: Catharine Denk/1919-1941 Tombstone Harvey Denk/1906-1984 Tombstone, ossw: Caroline Denk/1909-1993 Tombstone Walter Denk/1913-1944 Tombstone Alex Denk/d. March 14, 1916/from obit

DENOR: Maggie Denor/Hier ruht/Geb & Gest/28 Aug. 1884 Tombstone

DESTEFANIS: Benjamin/1885-1962 Tombstone, ossw: Ersilia/1883-1952 Tombstone

DHEIN: Daniel Jr./Baby/Mar. 30 - May 20, 1944 Tombstone

DIETRICH: Joseph/Father/1859-1926 Tombstone, ossw: Louise/Mother/1862-1930 Tombstone Robert Dietrich/1922-1936 Tombstone Lois Ann Dietrich/Oct. 26 - Nov. 5/1938 Tombstone Arthur F./Father/1897-1969 Tombstone, ossw: Clara D./Mother/1897-1955 Tombstone Johann/Geb 9 Okt. 1821/Gest 13 Marz 1915 Tombstone, ossw: Magdalena/Gattin von/J. Dietrich/3 Juli 1818/Gest 8 Aug. 1899 Tombstone Ed Dietrich/Dec. 11, 1886-June 5, 1971 Tombstone Jerome E. Dietrich/1931-2010 Tombstone

DINOR: Adam Dinor/Geb 24 Dez 1865/Gest 23 Sept. 1875 Tombstone

DISTEFANIS: Ainessa Distefanis/1915-1919 Tombstone

DOUBEK: Frank L./Father/1875-1956 Tombstone, ossw: Magdalena/Mother/1885-1986 Tombstone, ossw: Alice T. Doubek/Daughter/1909-2000 Photo + Tombstone Bryant J. Doubek/Sep. 27, 1945/May 30, 2006/SP4 US Army/Vietnam Tombstone

DUGAN: Brian M./1-1-1967/10-5-1986 Tombstone Joseph F. Dugan/1-6-1907/5-18-1996 Tombstone, ossw: Emma B. Dugan/2-28-1914/10-27-1998 Tombstone

DURBEN: Paul Durben/1891-1941 Tombstone

EBNHOE: Anna/Gattin von/Jacob Ebnhoe/Geb 12 Juli 1863/Gest 20 April 1899 Tombstone Edward/Sohn von/J. & A./Ebnhoe/Geb 21 Feb. 1899/Gest 25 Sept. 1899 Tombstone

EBENHOE: Stephan Ebenhoe/geboren/26 Nov. 1825/Starb 5 Sept. 1908 Tombstone

OBNHOE - EBENHOE: Maria Magdalena/Gattin von/St. Obnhoe/geb in Bohmen/gestorben/13 Juli 1897/Alter 72 Jahre Tombstone Mary Ebenhoe/13 May 1869/16 Oct. 1918/Wife of Jacob Tombstone Jacob Ebenhoe/21 Dec. 1863/13 Nov. 1928 Tombstone

EIGENBERGER: Andrew/Died Oct. 12, 1900/Aged 46 years Tombstone, ossw: Barbara/Died May 15, 1917/Age 58 years Tombstone Barbara/Gattin von/J. Eigenberger/gest 22 Sept. 1914/Alter 88 Jahre Tombstone Joseph/Geb 11 Juli 1832/Gest 11 April 1899 Tombstone Simon/Father/Mar. 1, 1857 - died Sept. 10, 1918 Tombstone Annie/Mother/1860-1928 Tombstone William/Born Feb 14, 1891 - Died March 7, 1944 Tombstone Margaret/Sept. 22, 1886 - May 21, 1961 Tombstone Wenzel Eigenberger/Geb 28 Sept. 1853/Gest 26 Oct. 1884 Tombstone (Magdalena Eigenberger/d. 2/6/1879/age 14 da./from co. record)

EINBERGER: LeRoy/1914-1996 Tombstone, ossw: Margaret/1917-1971 Tombstone Adolph Einberger/July 7, 1896/Apr. 26, 1897 Tombstone Frank Einberger/1883-1976 Tombstone, ossw: Kathrine/Mother/Wife of/F. Einberger/1883-1919 Tombstone John/1878-1964 Tombstone, ossw: Ida/1882-1965 Tombstone Peter Einberger/born/Mar. 15, 1842/July 9, 1920 Tombstone Barbara Einberger/born Jan. 6, 1850/died Aug. 25, 1935 Tombstone Ellen M. Einberger/1907-1987 Tombstone

ELLESTAD: James/1952-1963 Photo + Tombstone, ossw: Elton/1917-1993 Tombstone, ossw: Dolores/1923-2015 Tombstone

ENDRIES: Marie C. Endries/Dec. 3, 1905/April 14, 1985 Tombstone

ENGELS: Ellen Engels/Dec. 23, 1859/Jan. 13, 1942 Tombstone, ossw: Timothy Casey Tombstone

ERICKSON: Raymond/1900-1954 Tombstone, ossw: Frances/1906-1987 Tombstone Raymond G. Erickson/1928-1978/Vet. Tombstone Emma Quirk Erickson/1889-1984 Tombstone

FALVEY: LeLand E./July 3, 1932-May 18, 1996, ossw: Mary Lou/Sept. 8, 1933-____ Patricia Lynn Falvey/Nov. 7-8, 1962 Tombstone Patrick Lee Falvey/Oct. 24, 1959 Tombstone

FEDERSON: See Zipperer

FISCHER: Theresia Fischer/d. 28 Oct. 1878, Cato/from death record Daniel P. Fischer/1916-2006 Tombstone, ossw: Marie M. Fischer/1918-2015 Tombstone Paul D. Fischer/Aug. 30, 1942/Oct. 18, 1991/Vet Tombstone

FOGELTANZ: Lillian/Wife of/John/Fogeltanz/1906-1928 Tombstone

FOYE: Margaret/Wife of/P. Foye/died/May 3, 1881/Aged 54 years Tombstone, ossw: Sarah/daughter of/P. & M. Foye/died Jan. 29, 1868/Aged 17 years Tombstone

FRANDA: Hier ruhen/in Gott/Kinder/von/Simon Franda Tombstone (Here rest in God Children of Simon Franda)

FRITSCH: Barbara Fritsch/Hier ruht in Gott/geb 27 Juli 1824/gest 18 Mar. 1899 Tombstone Jakob Fritsch/geb 15 Dec. 1813/gest 11 Juni/1894 Tombstone

GARVE: James Garve/Jan. 2, 1899-March 26, 1899 Tombstone

GAUTHIER: Brandon Gauthier/12-15-1991/12-16-1991 Tombstone

GEIGEL: Baby/Geb 2 Nov/Gest 5 Nov. 1914 Tombstone, ossw: Anna Helena/Geb 18 Aug./Gest 3 Sept./1898/Kinder von J. & M. Geigel Tombstone Mary/Mother/Aug. 6, 1877/Feb. 20, 1960 Tombstone, ossw: John/Father/Aug. 20, 1869/Mar. 17, 1943 Tombstone Mathias Geigel/Gest 25 Apr. 1902/Alter 72 Jahre Tombstone, ossw: Katharina Geigel/11 Nov. 1919/Alter 89 Jahre Tombstone Peter/1870-1950 Tombstone Elizabeth/1884-1942 Tombstone


GENSKE: Marion/dau of R. & A. Genske/1912-1914 Anna T./Mother/1885-1937 Robert G./1880-1968 Mildred T. Genske/9-14-1912/8-24-1987

GERBER: Ludmilla Gerber/geboren/8 Sept. 1809/gestorben/30 Juli 1885 Tombstone Martin Gerber/Geboren 21 Juli 1806/Gestorben 16 Juli 1893 Tombstone Arnold/1904-1926 Tombstone Caroline L. Gerber/Mother/1882-1955 Tombstone Peter J. Gerber/Father/1875-1948 Tombstone Eva/Gattin von/Peter Gerber/Geb 2 Feb. 1847/Gest 24 Jan. 1906 Tombstone, ossw: Peter/Geb 15 Oct. 1847/Gest 3 Mai 1931 Tombstone Adam/son of P.E.Gerber/Geb 12 Feb. 1869/Gest 17 Sept. 1875 Tombstone

GERGO: Alma Lemberger Gergo/1901-1983 Tombstone

GERL: Lester E. "Les" Gerl/1917-2000 Tombstone, ossw: Veronica "Queenie" Gerl/1921-1996 Tombstone

GINTNER: Gintner Family Stone John Gintner/Nov. 11, 1908-Dec. 30, 1930 Tombstone Theresia Gintner/Jan 25, 1866-Aug 14, 1926 Tombstone, ossw: John Gintner/Sept. 14, 1859/Feb. 11, 1957 Tombstone Alvin Gintner/July 23, 1853-Aug. 28, 1905/no stone/from record Baby Gintner/Sept. 15, 1897-Sept. 15, 1897/no stone/from record Joseph Gintner/Hier ruht in Gott/Geb 24 Apr. 1884-Gest 16 Mai 1898 Tombstone Johann Gintner/geb 27 Nov. 1877-gest 6 Juni 1893 Tombstone Clara M./Mother/1897-1968 Tombstone, ossw: Louis W./Father/1895-1950 Tombstone Louis B. Gintner/Dec 27, 1933-Apr 15, 2016 Joseph Emil Gintner/Dec. 30, 1938-Nov. 27, 2012 Tombstone Rosemary Gintner/Feb 14, 1943-Oct 28, 2016 George/1891-1974 Tombstone, ossw: Agnes/1891-1964 Tombstone Minnie/1899-1919 Tombstone Margret/Mother/wife of/J. Gintner/1856-1919 Tombstone Joseph Ginter/Father/1852-1932 Tombstone

GLAESER: Ronald E. Glaeser/Dec. 30, 1938-June 27, 2009 Tombstone, ossw: Judith M. Glaeser/Nov. 22, 1927-Sept. 27, 2008 Tombstone

GLEESON: Patrick Gleeson/Died/Dec. 2, 1860/Aged/52 yrs./Born in parish of (K or R)illascully. Co./Tipperary, Ireland Tombstone, ossw: Johanna Gleeson/Died/Jan. 7, 1888/Aged/78 yrs/Born in parish of Newport/Co. Tipperary/Ireland Tombstone

GNADT: Hildegarde/Daughter/1902-1943 Tombstone Mary/Mother/1866-1934 Tombstone Albert/Father/1866-1955 Tombstone

GOEHRING: Edward/April 13, 1905-Nov. 1985 Tombstone, ossw: Clara/1911-1988 Tombstone, ossw: Kermit J./1934-1955 Tombstone Edward A. Goehring/1931-1994 Tombstone, ossw: Catherine M. Goehring/May 22, 1935-Dec. 8, 2014 Tombstone

GOMER: Peter Gomer/Died Nov. 17, 1897/Age 78 years Tombstone

GOSZ: Herbert/1929-1930 Tombstone, ossw: Eugene/1915-1931 Tombstone Mary F./Mother/1892-1970 Tombstone, ossw: Edward M./Father/1887-1974 Tombstone Eleanore/1922-1997 Tombstone, ossw: Daniel P./1913-1973 Tombstone

GRADY: Joseph J. Grady/1904-1987 Tombstone, ossw: Margaret SHAD Grady/Aug. 28, 1916-March 23, 2005 Tombstone

GRALL: Alfred Grall/1914-1992 Tombstone, ossw: Marcella Grall/1919-2009 Tombstone

GUENTNER: Elisabeth Guentner/Geb 18 Sept. 1823/Gest 8 May/1895 (I.C.) Tombstone

GUNTHER: Ida Gunther/Geb 17 Juni 1884/Gest 15 Juli 1884

HAAS: Donald K./1930-1969 Tombstone, ossw: Eileen E./1938-____(uncut) Barbara A. Haas/no dates

HACKER: Heinrich/geb 21 April 1830/gest 24 Dec 1916 Tombstone, ossw: Marie/Gattin von/H. Hacker/geb'n Schubert/geb 12 Mai 1832/gest 28 Mar. 1902 Tombstone

HAGERMAN: Albert P. Hagerman/3-30-1903/6-20-1975/PLC US Army/WWII Tombstone

HAKER: John/1888-1960 Tombstone, ossw: Elizabeth/1900-1969 Tombstone, ossw: John/1920-1920 Tombstone, ossw: Raymond/1924

HALLORAN: Mary/wife of H./Halloran/Died Nov. 12, 1892/Aged 69 years Tombstone, ossw: Hugh Halloran/Died/May 4, 1885/Aged 64 years Tombstone James Halloran/Died Sept. 20, 1877/Aged 55 years Tombstone, ossw: Margaret Halloran/Died Jan. 30, 1902/Aged 69 years Tombstone

HALVERSON: Russell Halverson/Jan. 12, 1965-Feb. 20, 1968 Tombstone

HARDGROVE: Ann/Wife of/George Hardgrove/Born/Apr. 6, 1846/Died Oct. 29, 1884 Tombstone, ossw: George Francis/son of/G. & A. Hardgrove/born/Oct. 23, 1882/Died/Mar. 19, 1883 Tombstone Hardgrove Family Stone Henry Hardgrove/May 22, 1873/Jan. 8, 1926 Tombstone

HARTMAN: Andrea Jean "Andi" Hartman/1947-2003 Tombstone Ralph E. Hartman/11-7-1921/8-20-2001/US Army/WWII Tombstone

HARTSWORM: Keith E. Hartsworm/April 12, 1919-Aug. 30, 1992/Vet. Tombstone, ossw: Elizabeth Hartsworm/Feb. 21, 1920-May 11, 2015 Tombstone

HASTREITER: William/Father/1888-1941 Tombstone, ossw: Mary/Mother/1892-1967 Tombstone Julia A. Hastreiter/Mother/born/Sept. 3, 1880/died Feb. 22, 1923 Tombstone Joseph Hastreiter/Father/born Sept. 20, 1875/died June 17, 1920 Tombstone Anita M./dau of J. & J. Hastreiter/born/Jan. 3, 1912/died/Jan. 5, 1912 Tombstone Ferdinand Hastreiter/gestorben 5 Oct. 1896/Alter 7 Jahre Tombstone Victoria Hastreiter/1848-1926 Tombstone Johann Hastreiter/gestorben/28 Sept 1896/Alter 13 Jahre Tombstone Frank Hastreiter/geb/13 Jan. 1841/gest/30 Oct. 1918 Tombstone Alois Hastreiter/gestorben/21 Sept. 1896/Alter 16 Jahre Tombstone Anton/1878-1966 Tombstone, ossw: Ida/1883-1964 Tombstone Herbert Hastreiter/1915-1992/married 10-9-1943 Tombstone, ossw: Mary Hastreiter/1922-____

HAUCH: Matt/1897-1970 Tombstone, ossw: Susan M./1946-1964 Tombstone, ossw: Elizabeth/1910-1990 Tombstone

HEIMERL: Joyce Ann/Aug. 3, 1939/Oct. 17, 1939 Tombstone

HEIN: Walter Hein/6-9-1917/2-2-2001/S. Sgt/US Army Tombstone, ossw: Jeanette Morgan

HOEFT: Mae E. Hoeft/1903-1988 Tombstone, ossw: August W. Hoeft/1914-2010 Tombstone

HOFF: Robert Hoff/April 18, 1942-June 19, 2005 Tombstone, ossw: Lorna Hoff/Jan 19, 1954-Jan. 9, 2015 Tombstone

HUNKE: Herman Hunke/geb/26 Dec. 1865/gest/1 Dec. 1914 Tombstone

JUNK: George/1920-1973 Tombstone, ossw: Grace/1921-1994/Married Aug. 30, 1941 Tombstone

KASBAUM: Edwin L./1885-1954 Tombstone, ossw: Kathrine/1886-1982 Tombstone

KELLEY: Michael C./1847-1907 Tombstone, ossw: Mary A./1860-1904 Tombstone

KELLY: Michael Kelly/died/Jan. 10, 1878, AE 68 years Tombstone

KENDALL: Anna Laura/Dau. of/Ed. & A. Kendall/born July 15, 1891, died May 17, 1893 Tombstone

KLABATSCH: Anna/Gest 19 April 1930/Alter 96 Jahre Tombstone Franz/Gest 11 Apr. 1914/Alter 80 Jahre Tombstone

KLAPATSCH: Anna/Geb 22 Mai 1869/Gest 14 Dez. 1895 Tombstone (Note: This transcription had the wrong d. date of 1869. If you look close you can see it should have been 1895. Thank you Yvonne)

KLEIN: Archie Klein (nothing else) Mary Ann Klein/Died/Nov. 15, 1895/Aged 73 years Tombstone, ossw: Elizabeth Klein/Died Apr. 15, 1886/Aged 25 years Tombstone, ossw: Martin Klein/Born/Aug. 10, 1818/Died May 8, 1884 Tombstone Volney/1888-1961 Tombstone, ossw: Rose/1890-1965 Tombstone Carl L. Klein/1927-2007/Veteran Tombstone Daniel D. Klein/1954-1987 Tombstone

KOHLBECK: Margaret/Mother/Oct. 3, 1855/Sept. 3, 1934 Frank/Father/Feb. 25, 1845/Oct. 12, 1928 John A./1898-1952 Tombstone, ossw: Viola O./1904-1961 Tombstone Clarence/1906-1907 Tombstone, ossw: Joseph/1876-1927 Tombstone, ossw: Frances/1878-1932 Tombstone Frank/1880-1965 Tombstone, ossw: Emma/1884-1965 Tombstone Anton/Father/1878-1954 Tombstone, ossw: Clara/Mother/1882-1948 Tombstone William J. Kohlbeck/1908-1958 Tombstone Robert J. Kohlbeck/1921-1993/married 9-8-1945 Tombstone, ossw: Dolores A. Kohlbeck/1923-2002 Tombstone Leonard J. Kohlbeck/5-22-1912/2-28-1990/TEC 5/US Army/WWII Tombstone

KOPPEL: Johann Koppel/gest/30 Jan. 1875/Alter/55 Jahre Tombstone

KRALL: Beatrice Krall/1921-1943 Tombstone, ossw: Rose Krall/June 28, 1899-Dec. 8, 1993 Tombstone, ossw: Edward Krall/Jan. 19, 1895/Jan. 27, 1992/CPL US Army/WWI Tombstone, ossw: Eugene Krall/1930-1995/CPL US Army/Korea Tombstone

KRIPPNER: Walter Krippner/1915-1992 Tombstone Genrose M. Krippner/Aug. 28, 1919-Oct. 20-2012 Tombstone

KVITEK: Anna Kvitek/5-29-1909/2-15-2005 Tombstone

KWITEK: Martin E. Kwitek/1915-1979 Tombstone, ossw: Mary A. Kwitek/June 9, 1909-Aug. 4, 2009 Tombstone Martin J. Kwitek/Dec 28, 1946-Dec 3, 2008/from obit

LA CROIX: Brian Paul/child/Oct. 4, 1974/Feb. 9, 1978 Tombstone

LANG: Michael/1889-1958 Tombstone, ossw: Dorothy/1895-1964 Tombstone

LAUGHLIN: Kathryn/1882-1952 Tombstone Mayme Laughlin/d. Oct. 16, 1951 See LOUGHLIN

LAWLISS: Maurice Lawliss/Died/Aug. 29, 1882/Aged 62 years Tombstone

LEIST: Rosina Leist/Geb 1 Apr-Gest 9 Oct 1898 Tombstone Edward Leist/1914-1986 Tombstone, ossw: Agatha Leist/March 20, 1914-Nov. 24, 2013 Tombstone

LEMBERGER: Anna/Gattin von/J. Lemberger/geb/29 Jul 1777/gest/11 Feb 1874 Tombstone Maria/Gattin des/Jos. Lemberger/gestorben/10 Aug. 1877/Alter 30 Jahre Tombstone Joseph Lemberger/gest/15 Juli 1880/Alt. 77 Jahre Tombstone Kath Lemberger/Gest 1 Mai 1880/Alt. 76 Jahre Tombstone Anna/1885-1888 Frank/1875-1963 Tombstone, ossw: Anna/1878-1948 Tombstone, ossw: Frank Jr./Mar. 30, 1905-Feb. 8, 1997 Tombstone Louis/Father/1872-1927 Tombstone Barbara/Mother/1878-1931 Tombstone Joseph/Father/Born/Feb. 2, 1842/May 21, 1920 Tombstone Anna/Mother/Born/May 3, 1849/Died Oct. 30, 1922 Tombstone Catherine/Mother/1870-1921 Tombstone Ferdinand/Father/1866-1955 Tombstone Julia/1911-1954 Tombstone Leona Lemberger/1914-1997 Tombstone, ossw: Harold Lemberger/1905-1988 Tombstone See Gergo

LETTENBERGER: Victoria Lettenberger/1951-2006 Tombstone Leona Lettenberger/1923-2005 Tombstone, ossw: John W. Lettenberger/1923-2003 Tombstone

LEWIS: Matthew/1881-1935 Tombstone, ossw: Louisa/1892-1979 Tombstone

LINSMEYER: John G./1918-1955 Tombstone, ossw: Marcella/1917-2009 Tombstone John A./1884-1954 Tombstone, ossw: Anna/1884-1954 Tombstone Andreas Linsmeyer/Geb/23 Mar. 1870/Gest/12 Mar. 1905 Tombstone, ossw: Susanna/Gattin von/A. Linsmeier/Geb 25 Apr 1875/Gest 23 Jan. 1906 Tombstone Andrew George Linsmeyer/b. 22 Mar. 1905/d. 4 Jan. 1982 Tombstone Tillie Linsmeyer/9-23-1899/3-24-1977 Tombstone Father Andrew Linsmeyer/Mar 22, 1905-Jan 4, 1982/ordained Jun 7, 1929 Tombstone

LORITZ: Paul R./Our Baby/April 4, 1962/April 18, 1963 Tombstone Jane D. Loritz/Our Beloved Child/1959-1964 Tombstone Margaret E. Loritz/April 27, 1924-June 26, 1997 Tombstone Juanita K. Loritz/Mar. 23, 1950/Apr. 12, 2007 Tombstone

LOUGHLIN - LAUGHLIN: Dr. D.M./Died Jan. 29, 1949 Tombstone Bridget Boland/Wife of/Patrick/Loughlin/Born Feb. 2, 1823/Died Feb. 18, 1895/A Native of Tologhboy Parish/Kilinaly Co. Clare, Ireland Tombstone, ossw: Patrick Laughlin/Born Mar. 17, 1823/Died Dec. 27, 1897/A Native of Tologhbou(?) Parish/Kilinaly Co. Clare, Ireland Tombstone

LUCAS: William J./Born May 14, 1885/Died Mar. 28, 1909 Tombstone, ossw: Bernice/Born/March 13, 1907/Died Mar. 23, 1908 Tombstone

LUTZKE: Russel F./1917-1965 Tombstone, ossw: Marcella/1921-1998 Tombstone

LYONS: Michael/Born Sept. 16, 1813/Died Jan. 16, 1881 (Top of stone broken off with name on itand leaning against the base of the stone) New stone Tombstone Patrick John/son of/J. & M. Lyons/Died/Dec. 13, 1866/AE 21ys 8ms/10ds Tombstone

MAHLOCH: Luella M. Mahloch/3-2-1937/3-10-1998 Tombstone, ossw: Allen L. Mahloch/1934-2014 Tombstone Leon Mahloch /1966-2007 Tombstone

MALLMANN: Dorothy Mallmann/Mother/1874-1961 Tombstone John Mallmann/Father/1873-1942 Tombstone Alice Mallmann/1915-1937 Tombstone

MANEY: Margaret/1864-1930 Tombstone James A./1859-1939 Tombstone Raymond/1894-1943 (U.S. War Vet) Tombstone Raymond J. Maney/Wisconsin/Pvt. Vet Hosp # 8/January 7, 1943 Tombstone Michael/husband of/Eliza. Maney/Died May 25, 1883/Age 56 Yrs. Tombstone, ossw: Anna/Daughter of/MIC & EL Maney/Born/Mar. 19, 1861/Died Apr. 9, 1882 Tombstone Margarethe Many/Died/Nov. 30, 1873/Aged/19 yrs & 6 Mo. Tombstone Alice Maney/Aug. 17, 1934/Jan. 21, 2004 Tombstone, ossw: John Maney/1932-2010 Tombstone

MANLICK: Magdalena Manlick/July 25, 1847-Jan 27, 1926 Tombstone Frank Manlick/Jan 28, 1843-Mar. 31, 1923 Tombstone Joseph F./1885-1963 Tombstone, ossw: Mathilda/1891-1969 Tombstone Edward J. Manlick/Wisconsin/Cpl 907 Guard Sq AAF/World War II/ March 13, 1918-Jan. 16, 1966 Tombstone John/son of/W. & B./Manlick/Born/May 20, 1873-Died/Dec. 7, 1900 Tombstone Joseph ?/Father/Died/Aug. 28, 1929/Age 84 yrs. Tombstone Mother (Annie)/Died/Nov. 30, 1914/Aged/64 yrs. Tombstone Lizzie/gest/21 Sept./1871/Alter/2 Jahre/5 Mo. Tombstone, ossw: Johann/gest/1872/Alter/8, mo. Kinder von F.(E?) und M/Manlick Tombstone Roman Manlick/1923-1999 Tombstone

MARLBOROUGH: Marie/Dau of/Cyril & Helen/Marlborough/Nov. 28 - Nov. 29/1925 Tombstone Cyril/1899-1970 (moved to Evergreen cemetery #44, Lot no. E-11-4 on 15 Sept 1983/obit is in Evergreen), ossw: Helen/1906-1994 (buried in Evergreen w/husband Cyril), ossw: Jean/1937-1938 (buied in Evergreen w/Cyril and Helen) George/Father/1865-1944 Tombstone, ossw: Mary/Mother/1876-1964 Tombstone, ossw: Thomas/Son/1909-1970 Tombstone Francis/Died/March 24, 1903/aged 88 years Tombstone, ossw: Ann C./wife of/F. Marlborough/Died/Jan. 15, 1902/Aged 82 years Tombstone Francis Marlborough/d. 1917/age 63/from obit/no stone

MARTIN: Wallace D. Martin/1923-1991/PFC US Army/WWII Tombstone Jeanette I. Martin/1927-1973 Tombstone

MCCARTHY: John E./1884-1965 Tombstone, ossw: Margaret/1886-1966 Tombstone John/Dec. 10, 1845/Jan. 27, 1917 Tombstone, ossw: Hannah/May 18, 1853/Nov. 25, 1931 Tombstone, ossw: Eugene/Mar. 7, 1880/Aug. 18, 1901 Tombstone, ossw: George M./May 26, 1878/Mar. 9, 1931 Tombstone Leroy McCarthy/March 6, 1923-Feb. 12, 2005 Tombstone Ruth M. McCarthy/Oct. 9, 1926-Jan. 20, 2012 Tombstone Earl J. McCarthy/March 10, 1918-April 14, 2015 Tombstone, ossw: Shirley J. McCarthy/May 25, 1926-Sept. 8, 2011 Tombstone

MCCLOUGH: Lizzie/Daughter of/P. & E. McClough/Born/Jan. 16, 1868/Died Feb. 23, 1879 Tombstone, ossw: John McClough/Born/in Co. Tyrone, Ireland/May 20, 1818/Died June 3, 1888 Tombstone, ossw: Patrick McClough/Born/in the Co. Tyrone, Ireland/Mar. 20, 1820/Died/Apr. 28, 1890 Tombstone, ossw: Elizebeth Horen/wife of/P. McClough/Born/in Co. Carlow Ireland/ Jan. 2, 1839/Died/Dec. 22, 1870 Tombstone Also footstones as follows: J.C. McC/Father/Mother/Lizzie

MCCLOUGH ?: Small white stone - nothing else - "N. McC - between Wallender and Marlborough stones.

MCCOURT: Catharine McCourt/Feb. 2, 1818 - Feb. 1, 1908 Tombstone, ossw: Henry McCourt/Apr. 17, 1860 - Oct. 8, 1905 Tombstone also 2 small headstones to the left of this stone: "Brother", "Mother" John Charles McCourt/son of/John & Catherine/died/May 25, 1878/aged/24 years Tombstone (John McCourt/d. Dec 31, 1884/from obit)

MCCULLEY: / MCCULLY: William F. McCulley/1882-1905 Tombstone John/1857-1921 Tombstone Catherine/1853-1929 Tombstone Walter McCulley/1883-1941 Tombstone, ossw: Rose/1888-1985 Tombstone Charles J./June 17, 1887/Feb. 28, 1960 Tombstone, ossw: Margaret J./Aug. 18, 1883/July 2, 1970 Tombstone Neill McCully/A native of/Co. Tyrone, Ireland/Died/Oct. 2, 1857/Age 31 years Tombstone A footstone "Father & Unkle" Laurence McCully/Feb. 28/Mar. 12/1903 Tombstone Neil McCully/1870-1934 Tombstone Belle McCully/1874-1947 Tombstone Charles L. McCulley/1919-2001 Tombstone, ossw: Lenora C. McCulley/1919-2005 Tombstone Bernard J. McCulley/1920-1990 Tombstone, ossw: Beatrice M. McCulley/1921-2009 Tombstone Alloy F. McCully/1912-1980 Tombstone, ossw: Jean G. McCully/1914-1977 Tombstone Mary A. McCulley/1892-1989 Tombstone Patrick McCully/d. May 1917/age 56 years/from obit/no stone Ludene A. McCulley/Jan. 23, 1946-May 30, 2014 Tombstone

MCGUIRE: George B. McGuire/Father/1889-1946 Tombstone Elsie McGuire/1896-1987 (wife of George B.) Tombstone Charles/1891-1967 Tombstone, ossw: Richard/1863-1933 Tombstone, ossw: Margaret/1865-1941 Tombstone

MEANY: Henry Meany/1865-1947 Tombstone, ossw: Joanna Meany/1869-1947 Tombstone Elizabeth/wife of/M. Meany/Died/Feb 20, 1897/Aged 72 Y's 8 M's Tombstone Henrietta Meany/no b. date/d. Mar. 7, 1994 Tombstone John Meany/d. Apr. 1925/no stone Note: Winifred Meany, d. 09-26-1873/moved to Evergreen cemetery, Manitowoc, WI on 11-27-1908. John Meany, d. 09-20-1882/moved to Evergreen cemetery, Manitowoc, WI on 11-24-1908.

MENDLICK: John Mendlick/Died March 13, 1912/Age 96 years/His wife/ Tombstone Elizabeth Mendlick/Died Dec 21, 1912/Age 78 years Tombstone Barbara Mendlick/d. 1913/from obit Wencel Mendlick/1845-1929/from obit

MEYER: Baby/Mildred/dau of Geo & Anna/Dec. 22, 1920 - Jan. 1, 1921 Tombstone George/1893-1963 (U.S. War Vet) Tombstone, ossw: Anna/1894-1948 Tombstone LeRoy George/Meyer/Oct. 2, 1927/Jan. 24, 1928 Tombstone August J./Nov. 8, 1895/Mar. 24, 1970 Tombstone, ossw: Anna M./Jan. 6, 1901/May 4, 1992 Tombstone, ossw: August J Meyer/Wisconsin/Sgt Quartermaster Corps/World War I/Nov. 8, 1895/March 24, 1970 Tombstone Wolfgang/July 5, 1848/Aug 30, 1937 Tombstone, ossw: Magdalena/Aug 3, 1858/Oct 12, 1932 Tombstone Joseph/1896-1988/Father Tombstone, ossw: Elizabeth/1898-1932/Mother Tombstone, ossw: Mary Jane/1926-1945/Daughter Tombstone Richard A. Meyer/1-6-1976/11-13-2003 Tombstone August M. Meyer/4-25-1921/2-10-2000/Vet. Tombstone, ossw: Germaine M. Meyer/12-5-1920/9-30-2001 Tombstone Francis A. Meyer/5-30-1924/2-7-2006/S SGT US Army Air Force/WWII Tombstone

MILLER: Katharina/Gattin von/J. Miller/Geb/9 Feb 1827/Gest/(never cut) Tombstone, ossw: Joseph Miller/Geb./11 Feb 1832/Gest/27 Apr 1898 Tombstone Margaretha Miller/nee Rappel/Jan 4, 1861 - Oct 16, 1918/Wife of/ Tombstone Wenzel Miller/June 6, 1858 - May 28, 1941 Tombstone

MOORE: John D. Moore/Nov 19, 1910-Oct 6, 1988/Vet. Tombstone, ossw: Catherine Moore/4-2-1910/8-5-2001 Tombstone

MORGAN: Harold/1889-1961 Tombstone, ossw: Helen/1895-1984 Tombstone See Hein

MROTEK: Timothy P. Mrotek/1953-2009/Vet. Tombstone James H. Mrotek/1922-1999/Vet. Tombstone, ossw: Catherine "Rita" R. Mrotek/1927-1990 Tombstone

MUELLER: Robert D. Mueller/June 16, 1969 Tombstone

MULLER: Eduard Muller/geb 7 Sept 1891-gest 10 Apr 1906 Tombstone

MULLINS: Earl/1903-1964 Tombstone, ossw: Anna/1903-1981 Tombstone Raymond/1898-1928 Tombstone Leo/Son/1915-1970 Tombstone, ossw: Julia/Mother/1876-1955 Tombstone, ossw: Brian/Father/1871-1943 Tombstone Maurice/1896-1981 Tombstone, ossw: Louise/1893-1953 Tombstone Donald and/Daniel/1933 Tombstone Elizabeth/1893-1985 Tombstone

MURPHY: Bernard Murphy/died/May 19, 1882/Aged 67 yrs Tombstone, ossw: Catharine/wife of/B. Murphy/died/Dec 24, 1877/Aged 70 years Tombstone Bernard Murphy/Born Dec 19, 1844/Co. Monanhan Ireland/Died/Oct 22, 1905 Tombstone Stone at foot of Bernard Murphy: Alice J. Murphy/born Sept 25, 1886/died July 12, 1919 Tombstone John W. Murphy/Jan. 2, 1932-Nov. 16, 2009 Tombstone

NAIBERT: Nathan J. Naibert, Jr./5-15-1983/10-20-2004 Tombstone

NAIDL: Dau. of J & V Naidl/Born & Died Jan 7, 1945 Tombstone

NEIMEYER: Ignatz Neimeyer/Geb/10 Sept 1819/Gest/3 Juli 1896 Tombstone (Theresa Neimeyer/d. May 21, 1912/from obit)

NETT: Carol Nett/1929-1986 Tombstone

NEUSER: Baby/Daugh of/Adolph & Agnes/Neuser/May 30, 1930 Tombstone

NEVILLE: Arthur J. Neville/1900-1977 Tombstone, ossw: Irene B. Neville/1909-1999 Tombstone

NIEHAUSEN: W. Neal Niehausen/1939-1983 Tombstone

O'CONNOR: Clarice/May 3, 1921/Feb. 24, 2007 (husband Thomas) Tombstone, ossw: Thomas H./7-7-1920/8-26-2008/S Sgt US Army/WWII/Bronze Star medal Tombstone, ossw: Ervin/1904-1967 (wife Mabel) Tombstone, ossw: Mabel/1911-2000 Tombstone Ann/1951-1973 Tombstone John/1947-1970 Tombstone, ossw: Lois/1949-(uncut)

OESTREICH: Paul Oestreich/1943-1943 Tombstone

O'LOUGHLIN: Daniel/1910 Tombstone, ossw: Bridget/1880 Tombstone Dennis/1840-1905 (stone flat in ground) Tombstone Mary/1850-1927 (stone flat in ground) Tombstone Michael O'Loughlin/A native of Parish Kilmaly/Co Clare Ireland/Died/Dec 27, 1872/Aged 72 yrs. Tombstone Hanora/Doh?n/wife of Michael O'Loughlin/A Native of Co. Clare Ireland/Died/Sept 13, 1877/Aged 78 years Tombstone Dr. Thomas F. O'Loughlin/M.D./Died Mar 17, 1944 Tombstone, ossw: Meta B. O'Loughlin/His Wife/d. July 10, 1959 Tombstone John/1833-1905 Tombstone, ossw: Bridget Gleeson/His Wife/1844-1913 Tombstone Michael G. O'Loughlin/1870-1940 Tombstone Elizabeth O'Loughlin Zipf/died June 19, 1945 Tombstone Michael O'Loughlin/1869-1934 Tombstone (John O'Loughlin/66 yrs/d. Jun 27, 1918/from obit) (Ellen O'Laughlin/d. Oct 4, 1864/from obit)

OLSON: Katrina Marie Olsen/1966-1969 Tombstone

O'NEIL: Dorothy/Nov. 14, 1928/June 9, 1999 Tombstone, ossw: Micheal F. O'Neil/Apr. 16, 1930/Mar. 23, 2011/CPL US Army/Korea Tombstone

PANGRATZ: Catharine/Gattin von/J. Pangratz/Gest/d. 4. Mai/1893/Im Alter von/71 Jahre Tombstone

PANKRATZ: Katie/geb/4 Apr 1879/gest/5 Apr 1879 Tombstone, ossw: Clara/geb/22 Marz 1880/gest 22 Juli 1880 Tombstone Max/1895-1986 Tombstone, ossw: Agnes/1898-1974 Tombstone Joseph Pankratz/Geb in 1818/Gest 26 Mai 1864 Tombstone Joseph A. Pankratz/Father/July 11, 1857/Dec 28, 1916 Tombstone Theresa Pankratz/Mother/Apr 5, 1859/Oct 31, 1941 Tombstone Louis M./Father/Oct 13, 1882/May 31, 1964 Tombstone, ossw: Angeline/Mother/Mar 31, 1889/Oct 25, 1969 Tombstone

PEPPARD: Ellen Peppard/1857-1943 Tombstone, ossw: John/1850-1936 Tombstone Frank J./Aug. 12, 1893/Mar. 9, 1974 (U.S. War Vet) Tombstone Thomas Peppard/Jun 21, 1883-Jan 23, 1901/from record

PIESCHEL: Lawrence Pieschel/born/May 6, 1921/died/May 31, 1921 Tombstone

PISCHEL: Frank Pischel/Father/Sept. 27, 1863-Apr. 17, 1921 Tombstone Mary Pischel/Mother/Jan. 3, 1867-Sept. 1, 1936 Tombstone Clara M. Pischel/Baby/born/May 25, 1886/died/Jan 9, 1897 Tombstone Julia E. Pischel/Baby/born/Oct 6, 1902/died/Nov 1, 1902 Tombstone Family of Martin & Margaret Pischel: William/Born Dec 5, 1890/Died Aug 7, 1910 Tombstone Ida M. Pischel/Born May 22, 1895/Died Aug 12, 1919 Tombstone Margaret/Mother/Born July 28, 1867/Died June 16, 1942 Tombstone Martin/Father/Born Aug 10, 1865/Died June 12, 1928 Tombstone

PISCHL: Joseph Pischl/Gest/15 Mai 1892/Alter/34 Jahre Tombstone Anna Pischl/Geb/6 Feb 1826/Gest/4 Oct 1906 Tombstone Wenzl Pischl/Gest/8 Juli 1867/Alter (rest illegible-stone broken through and recemented)

PIVONKA: Louis W./1896-1977 Tombstone, ossw: Mathilda T./1899-1981 Tombstone Marvin L. Pivonka/April 9, 1929-Feb. 28, 2008 Tombstone Margaret Pivonka/July 8, 1929-Sep. 27, 2012 Tombstone Harold N. Pivonka/2-19-1927/10-9-2003/TEC 5/US Army/WWII Tombstone Monica N. Schmidt Pivonka/1926-2015 Tombstone

POPP: Charles/Son/1895-1977/Vet. Tombstone Michael/Father/1844-1931 Tombstone Barbara/Mother/1859-1923 Tombstone William/Son/1897-1971 Tombstone

PRITZL: Mary/1900-1978 Tombstone, ossw: John A./1884-1966 Tombstone, ossw: Caroline/1883-1918 Tombstone Theodore/Father/1884-1968 Tombstone Mary Pritzl/d. Jan. 25, 1925 Tombstone Agnes Brennan Pritzl/1889-1969 Tombstone Michael Pritzl/Geb/24 Oct 1850/Gest/5 Jan, 1911 Tombstone, ossw: Catherine Pritzl/Geb/4 Dec 1851/Gest/19 Feb 1943 Tombstone, ossw: Edward Pritzl/Geb/30 Juni 1881/Gest/27 Marz 1908 Tombstone Arthur Pritzl/1913-1976 Tombstone, ossw: Bernice Pritzl/1916-2004 Tombstone Othmar Pritzl/1912-1983 Tombstone, ossw: Laura Pritzl/1910-1997 Tombstone John Michael Pritzl/1-5-1928/9-16-1989/US Army/WWII Tombstone Harold J. Pritzl/12-23-1910/8-24-1998 Tombstone, ossw: Leona A. Pritzl/1915-2010 Tombstone Imelda P. "Mitzie" Pritzl/1924-1975 Tombstone, ossw: Jerome "Jerry" Pritzl/1919-1991/Vet Tombstone Rita T. Pritzl/Oct 15, 1928-Feb 5, 2016

PYLES: John Pyles/Sept 26, 1970 Tombstone

QUANTE: Eleanore/1906-1972 Tombstone, ossw: Rudolph C./1900-1957 Tombstone, ossw: Rueben/Oct 27, 1926-Nov 5, 1926 Tombstone Ervin J. Quante/Husband/1927-1956 Tombstone

QUIRK: Mary O'Neil Quirk/wife of/Cornelius/Died/Nov 1, 1874/Aged 47 years/ A Native of Co. Cork/Ireland Tombstone, ossw: Cornelius Quirk/Died/Jan 15, 1895 Tombstone William/May 26, 1869/Mar 13, 1925 Tombstone Emma Quirk Erickson/1889-1984 Tombstone Philip Quirk/1944 Tombstone

RAPL: Jacob/Sohn von J & E Rapl/Geb/13 Dec 1882/Gest/7 Oct 1904 Tombstone Clara/Tochter von/J & F Rapl/Geb/15 Sept 1883/Gest/16 Nov 1901 Tombstone Theresia/Tochter von/J & F Rapl/starb/27 Aug 1896/18 Jah, 4 Mon, 11 Tage Tombstone Johann Rapl/gest/3 Aug 1891/Alter/58 Jahre Tombstone Susanna Rapl/gest/25 April 1876/Alter/31 Jahre Tombstone

RAPPEL/RAPEL: Joseph T./1895-1978 Tombstone, ossw: Mathilda/1897-1963 Tombstone Mary/1872-1953 Photo John/1871-1928 Annie Rapel/born Sept 8, 1903/died Feb 23, 1909 Tombstone Laura Rapel/born April 16, 1907/Died Feb 16, 1909 Tombstone Baby Rapel/Born & Died/Mar 27, 1902 Tombstone Magdalena Rappel/geb 20 Juni 1837/gest 25 Jan 1887 (Iron Cross) Tombstone Wenzel Rappel/geb 15 Juni 1837/gest 5 Juni 1882 (Iron Cross) Tombstone Joseph F. Rappel/Wisconsin/Sgt 69 AAA Gp CAC/World War II/March 2, 1921/Dec 30, 1964 Tombstone Gilbert/1889-1959 Tombstone, ossw: Emma/1888-1961 Tombstone Josie/born/Dec 20, 1894/died/Sept 16, 1909 Tombstone Joseph F./Father/1863-1937 Tombstone Rolletta/Mother/1867-1954 Tombstone Marion Rappel /1919-2007 Tombstone

RAUTCHKA: Margeretha/Geb 20 Juli 1822/Gest 15 Nov 1906/Mutter von Eva Gerber Tombstone

RAUTSCHKA: Philip Rautschka/Gestorben/1 Aug 1866/49 Jahre Alt

REINDL: Elizabeth/Mother/1893-1944 Tombstone, ossw: Anton/Father/1891-1974 Tombstone Joseph Reindl/1928-1984 Tombstone

REISS: Elisabeth Reiss/geb/15 Feb 1802/gest/14 Dec 1887 (Iron Cross) Tombstone Johann Reiss/gest 18 Maerz 1897/Alter 33 Jahr (Iron Cross) Tombstone

REMIKER: Gertrude Remiker/Nov. 28, 1913-March 21, 2005/nee Kasbaum/married 7-12-1938 Tombstone, ossw: Victor P. Remiker

RIEDERER: Blasius/Father/1875-1973 Tombstone, ossw: Mary/Mother/1877-1943 Tombstone Theresia/geb 10 Jul 1868/gest/20 Aug 1905 Tombstone Bernhart/Sohn von/B & M Riederer/Geb 6 Mai/Gest 7 Mai 1901 Tombstone Carl J. Riederer/Wisconsin/PFC Co. A 26 Inf, 1 Inf Div/Viet Nam BSM - ARCOM - PH/Sept 30, 1948 - Feb 23, 1969 Tombstone Marcella/1919-1999 Tombstone, ossw: Isadore F. Riederer/1918-1991 Tombstone Isadore F./5-18-1918/5-22-1991/Tec4 US Army/WWII Tombstone Thomas Riederer/Geb 5 Mar 1814/Gest 15 Jan 1891 Tombstone, ossw: Theresa Riederer/Geb 15 Oct 1835/Gest 31 Oct 1923 Tombstone Michael/Aug 20, 1857/June 5, 1922 Tombstone, ossw: Mary/Apr 21, 1855/Nov 1, 1948 Tombstone Jason Riederer/-March 8, 1993-/Son of Mark and Colleen Tombstone Edward J. Riederer/5-9-1906/1-9-1985 Tombstone, ossw: Irene C. Riederer/12-15-1911/3-19-1990 Tombstone John T. Riederer/6-3-1904/3-24-1977 Tombstone, ossw: Hilda E. Riederer/6-3-1907/5-15-1989 Tombstone, ossw: James/-1931- Tombstone, ossw: Jeffrey/-1942- Tombstone Robert M. Riederer/6-4-1918/4-10-1993 Tombstone Mark F. Riederer/11-22-1956/12-20-2001 Tombstone Clara/1894-1960 Tombstone, ossw: Frank/1890-1966 Tombstone Celestine/Dau./1931-1931 Tombstone, ossw: John/Son/1933-1933 Tombstone, ossw: Betty/Dau./1934-1934 Tombstone, ossw: Urban/Son/1921-1945 Tombstone Thomas Riederer/Gest 17 Juli 1901/Alter 41 Jahre Tombstone

RIPP: Peter/geboren 2 Aug 1822/gestorben/5 Oct 1894 Tombstone

ROLLAND: Clem/1913-1990 Tombstone, ossw: Ann/1911-1963 Tombstone Mary/1887-1976 Tombstone, ossw: Jerry/1884-1962 Tombstone

RYAN: Charles T./Father/1904-1969 Tombstone, ossw: Minnie E./Mother/1906-1955/Apr. 4, 1943 Tombstone John/1909-1959 Tombstone, ossw: Mary/1910-1986 Tombstone Edgar J. Ryan/1906-1980 Tombstone, ossw: Alice E. Ryan/1908-1996 Tombstone Charles Ryan/Aug. 16, 1923-Jan. 20, 2005 Tombstone Joanne L. Ryan/Oct. 20, 1935-March 12, 2014 Tombstone

ST. DENNIS: Richard B./1934-1950 Tombstone Mary Agnes St. Dennis/d. 1-17-1986/nee Meany Tombstone

SCHAD: John/1884-1951 Tombstone, ossw: Theresia/1890-1956 Tombstone

SCHADEBERG: William Schadeberg/1879-1952 Tombstone, ossw: Anastasia/1883-1974 Tombstone Margarette Schadeburg/June 25, 1905-June 25, 1905/no stone/from record Eugene C. Schadeberg/12-18-1918/10-6-1999/PVT US Army/WWII Tombstone Hilary Schadeberg/1913-1976 Tombstone, ossw: Leroy Schadeberg/1907-1981/Vet. Tombstone

SCHAMBUREK: Mary Rose Schamburek/April 6-17, 1961 Tombstone

SCHARENBROCH: Raymond Scharenbroch/4-8-1906/1-18-2002 Tombstone, ossw: Theresa Scharenbroch/5-15-1910/2-24-2002 Tombstone

SCHERMETZLER: Steven Schermetzler/1957-2005 Tombstone Donald Schermetzler, Jr./1952-2006 Tombstone Jeanette T. Schermetzler/Aug. 9, 1928-Dec. 12, 2013 Tombstone

SCHISEL: Matthew R. Schisel/b. and d. 6-9-1993 Tombstone

SCHLEH: Danny Schleh/Apr 4, 1969/May 19, 1969 Tombstone

SCHLUCK: Joseph Schluck/Geb 26 Jan 1880/Gest 11 Sept 1901 Tombstone Margeretha/Geb 1821/Gest 26 Mai 1904 Tombstone

SCHMEID: Albert H./Wisconsin/Pvt 31 MG BN 11 DIV/World War I/Feb 29, 1890/Oct 21, 1952 Tombstone

SCHMELTER: Margarethe/Gattin von/J. Schmelter/geb 12. Okt 1879/gest 23. Aug 1909 Tombstone

SCHMIDT: John/1882-1952 Tombstone, ossw: Sophie/1886-1960 Tombstone Gordon E./1919-1973 Tombstone, ossw: Monica N. Schmidt Pivonka/1926-2015 Tombstone Louis E./Father/1896-1979 Tombstone, ossw: Rose Ann/Mother/1896-1944 Tombstone Anna F. Schmidt/Jan 31, 1892/Oct 6, 1928 Tombstone Margaret Schmidt/Mother/Apr 30, 1864/Dec. 31, 1935 Tombstone John Schmidt/Father/June 22, 1856/Oct 25, 1934 Tombstone Gordon J. Schmidt/Apr 19, 1945/Apr 20, 2004/Vet. Tombstone Edward J. Schmidt/1918-1982/married May 11, 1940 Tombstone, ossw: Lucille M. Schmidt/1917-2008 Tombstone Jerome Schmidt/1924-1982/married Sep 27, 1947 Tombstone, ossw: Dolores Schmidt/1926-2007 Tombstone, ossw: Michael Jerome/Mar 5, 1960 - June 7, 1960 Tombstone Elizabeth Bessie Schmidt/Aug 24, 1902/Mar 31, 1999 Tombstone, ossw: Joseph Henry Schmidt/Nov. 29, 1892-Oct. 19, 1980/PVT US Army/WWI Tombstone Alvin W. Schmidt/1908-1998 Tombstone, ossw: Luella F. Schmidt/nee Mullins/1908-1995 Tombstone

SCHMIED: Maria/Gattin von/W. Schmied/Geb/28 Sept/1818/Gest/14 Sept 1901 Tombstone Wenzel/Schmied/geb/28 Nov 1817/gest/12 Nov 1881 Tombstone Edward F./son of/M(?) Schmied/Geb/1 Nov 1905/Gest/18 Nov 1905 Tombstone

SCHROEDER: Elroy G. Schroeder/1918-1983 Tombstone, ossw: Marie A. Schroeder/1918-1996 Tombstone

SCHUH: Nicholas B./Son/Wisconsin/FFC 6 ARMD INF/World War II/Aug 17, 1922/Jan 9, 1944 Tombstone, ossw: Joseph G./Son/Wisconsin/Tec 4 ORD DEPT/World War II/Nov 24, 1920/Oct 1, 1945 Tombstone, ossw: Joseph P./Father/Dec 4, 1891/June 3, 1960 Tombstone, ossw: Helen Schuh/Mother/Dec. 15, 1899/Jan. 27, 1985 Tombstone Ralph/Father/1896-1967 Tombstone,ossw: Agnes/Mother/1900-1932 Tombstone Eugene Schuh/Son/1926-1934 Tombstone John J./1928-2007 Tombstone, ossw: Mary Ann/1928-1971 Tombstone Harold Schuh/Aug. 18, 1921-Oct. 15,1995/TEC 4/US Army/WWII Tombstone, ossw: Dolores Schuh/Aug. 21, 1921-Dec. 15, 1996 Tombstone, ossw: George J./Father/Feb. 14, 1893-Dec 16, 1957 Tombstone, ossw: Blanche E./Mother/Nov. 15, 1895-Jan. 28, 1976 Tombstone Joseph T./Father/1863-1934 Tombstone, ossw: Elizabeth C./Mother/1872-1954 Tombstone Catherine Schuh/1929-2012 Tombstone James R. Schuh/May 3, 1928-Aug. 9, 1993/Cpl US Army/Korea Tombstone Samuel Howard Schuh/b. and d. Oct. 8, 1998 Tombstone

SCHULER: Anton P. Schuler/1912-1986 Tombstone, ossw: Amanda A. Schuler/1913-1990 Tombstone Janet M. Schuler/1940-1984 Tombstone

SCHWOERER: David/-Dec 24, 1958 Tombstone-

SEVERO: Melina C. Severo/-May 18, 2001- Tombstone

SHIMEK: Agnes M. Shimek/Dec. 28, 1926-May 31, 2014 Tombstone Ann Marie Shimek/Feb. 1, 1964-April 9, 2014/from obit

SIEG: Marie Sieg/July 10, 1908/Feb 7, 1930 Tombstone

SIEGEL: Joseph Sr./1878-1934 Tombstone, ossw: Lena/1880-1959 Tombstone Bernice/1915-1917 Tombstone

SISKA: Margeretha Muller Siska/Geb 1835/in Kostelzen/Bohmen Tombstone, ossw: Vaclav Siska/Geb 1838/in Zelivel/Bohmen/Gest 26 Juli/1911 (Stone erected in 1908) Tombstone

STADLER: Arthur/1914-1972 Tombstone, ossw: Agnes/1913-2002 Tombstone Robert W. Stadler/Wisconsin/CT 2 U.S. Navy/Nov 11, 1943 - July 15, 1968 Tombstone Sandra Stadler/Feb. 24, 1943-Dec. 21, 2013 Tombstone

STARZ: John/1872-1926 Tombstone, ossw: Teresa/1876-1945 Tombstone

STAUDINGER: Josepha Staudinger/Geb/20 Feb 1823/Gest/2 April 1901 Tombstone, ossw: Georg Staudinger/Geb/18 Oct 1813/Gest/23 Nov 1904 Tombstone George/Father/1859-1945 Tombstone Mary/Mother/1864-1928 Tombstone Emily/dau of Ch. Staudinger/Sept 5, 1918/Mar 31, 1919 Charles/Father/July 3, 1889/Jan 4, 1970, ossw: Clara A./Mother/Oct 27, 1890/April 29, 1968 Infant/Son of/L. & C. Staudinger/Born & Died/May 28, 1940 Tombstone Edward/May 8, 1891/Dec 13, 1957 Tombstone, ossw: Bertha/July 2, 1893/Feb. 7, 1992 Tombstone Edward R. Staudinger, Jr./Dec 27, 1931-Apr 19, 2016 Paul G. Staudinger/12-5-1933/9/11/2006 Tombstone Mark A Staudinger/9-14-1958/8/13/2005 Tombstone Kenneth Staudinger/1962-1982 Tombstone, ossw: Michael Staudinger/-1954- Tombstone Harold Staudinger/1920-2003 Photo Christine R. Staudinger/1917-2010 Photo

STEINER: Adelbert Steiner/geb 8 Okt 1810/Gest 24 Feb 1890 Tombstone Barbara Steiner/Geb 7 Feb 1818/Gest 1 April 1899 Tombstone John/Father/1839-1914 Tombstone George Steiner/1882-1947 Tombstone Catherine/Mother/1849-1928 Tombstone

STRACKA: Barbara Stracka/Gest 16 Nov 1915/Alter 91 Jahre Tombstone, ossw: Joseph Stracka/Gest 10 Feb 1902/Alter 72 Jahre Tombstone

STRAUSS: Frank J./1895-1971 Tombstone, ossw: Johanna/1904-1991 Tombstone William J./1942-1971 Tombstone Harold P./Feb. 25, 1920-June 28, 1996/Vet. Tombstone, ossw: Rose Mary/1925-(uncut) Wilbert E. Strauss/1922-1985/married 5/2/1942/Vet. Tombstone, ossw: Geraldine Strauss/1920-2002 Tombstone

SYKORA: Frank Sykora/Died Mar 17, 1905/Age 40 years/Father Tombstone

THONE: Elaine A. Thone/1938-2004/married 11-5-1960 Tombstone Donald D. Thone/1930-2014Tombstone

THORNTON: Thos. F./Thornton/Age 3 Ms. 4 Ds. Tombstone Isebel E./Thornton/Age 3 Ms. Tombstone Walter/1878-1953 Tombstone Josephine/1881-1950 John A. Thornton/Brother/1860-1930 Tombstone Thomas/Jan 25, 1831/Nov 23, 1897 Tombstone, ossw: Catherine Thornton/Born/Feb 22, 1873/Died/Nov 19, 1896 Tombstone, ossw: Mathias M. Thornton/Died Feb 11, 1900/Aged 29 years Tombstone, ossw: Margaret Thornton/Born Mar 8, 1857/Died/May 12, 1914 Tombstone

TIENOR: Julia/Mother/June 16, 1871/Jan 10, 1945 Tombstone Wencel/June 5, 1861/July 9, 1930 Tombstone Four Infant Children of F & E Tienor Tombstone Edward/June 28, 1907/May 15, 1928 Tombstone Frank/1911-1974 Tombstone, ossw: Evelyn/1920-1986/Married Nov 21, 1939 Tombstone Terrence A. Tienor/Aug 12, 1956/Aug 6, 1972 Tombstone William Tienor/Baby/1942-1943 Tombstone William/1901-1968 Tombstone, ossw: Mary/1917-1994 Tombstone Joseph/1886-1975 Tombstone, ossw: Katherine/1885-1968 Tombstone Rosalia Tienor/1863-1889 Tombstone Wenzel 1889-1977 Tombstone, ossw: Rose/1882-1960 Tombstone Ruth Ann/April 12, 1957 Tombstone Peter P./Father/1898-1964 Tombstone, ossw: Isabell R./Mother/1916-2000 Tombstone Regina/Gattin von/P. Tienor/Gest/28 Juni 1908/Alter 82 Jahre Tombstone Peter Tienor/Geb 12 Juli 1818/Gest 22 Mai 1912 Tombstone George/Son of W. & R./Tienor/born/Aug 28/Died/Sept 15, 1912 Tombstone Arnold W. Tienor/4-26-1911/11-26-1991/married 6-15-1944 Tombstone, ossw: Albertha K. Tienor/9-18-1914/9-22-2004 Tombstone Raymond Tienor/Son/10-7-1914/7-21-1997 Tombstone Leonard Tienor/1917-1997 Tombstone, ossw: Mabel Tienor /1918/2007 Tombstone, ossw: Pauline Tienor/1947-1975 Tombstone Marie Tienor/June 5, 1950-Jan 3, 2015 Tombstone

TIMLIN: Sarah Timlin/Mother/1868-1916 Tombstone Eugene C. Timlin/Wisconsin/Corp. 355 INF/89 DIV/November 4, 1918 Tombstone

TODL: Dennis R. Todl/1941-2012 Tombstone Sandra A. Todl/1945-2012 Tombstone

TORRISON: Gustave Torrison/1919-1993 Tombstone, ossw: Grace Torrison

TUSCHEL: Joseph/Father/1857-1941 Tombstone Margaret/Mother/1858-1937 Tombstone Frank J./Father/1883-1941 Tombstone, ossw: Lena/Mother/1887-1965 Tombstone Joseph/Son of/J and M/Tuschel/Born/July 10, 1899/Died Oct 20, 1899 Tombstone Barbara/born June 8,1825/died Oct 17, 1909/Age 84 Years Tombstone Celia/Sept 11, 1908-Jan 5, 1934 Tombstone George/1882-1947/Father Tombstone, ossw: Bertha/1883-1954/Mother Tombstone Rev. Walter/Born Dec 15, 1916/Ordained Apr 25, 1942/Died Jan 8, 1970 Tombstone John C./1897-1972 Tombstone, ossw: Hazel D./1901-1980 Tombstone Betty L. Tuschel/1928-2004/married 6-16-1948 Tombstone Anton J. Tuschel/1895-1980 Tombstone, ossw: Pauline Tuschel/1913-1991 Tombstone John E. Tuschel/1926-2010 Tombstone

TUSCHL: Frank Tuschl/Dec. 26, 1888/Aug. 28, 1957 Tombstone John Tuschl/Vater/Geb/20 May 1838/Gest/22 June 1925 Tombstone Franziska Tuschl/Mutter/Geb/8 Mar. 1846/Gest/5 Jan 1931 Tombstone Ida Tuschl/Feb 19,1893/Apr 18,1970 Tombstone Clement/1913-1927 Tombstone, ossw: Victor/1915-1927 Tombstone John Sr./1876-1947 Tombstone, ossw: Barbara A./1879-1972 Tombstone George L. Tuschl/Apr 2, 1921-Dec 9, 2008 Tombstone

TUSCHL(?): Baby (to left of Clement & Victor Tuschl stone)

TYSON: Joseph D./1879-1960 Tombstone, ossw: Barbara/1892-1976 Tombstone Marian/Daughter/1921-1934 Tombstone Jeffrey/Jan 14, 1964 Tombstone

VOGEL: Loretta T./Vogel/geb/30 Mai 1903/gest/3 Apr 1904 Tombstone Roman W./Vogel/geb/22 Feb 1902/gest/16 Apr 1902 Tombstone Anna/Vogel/geb/20 Oct 1900/gest/21 Oct 1900 Tombstone Theresia Vogel/Hier Ruhen/Geb 8 Mai 1869/Gest 2 Mar 1874 Tombstone, ossw: Anna Vogel/1872 Tombstone, ossw: Johann Vogel/1888 Tombstone (also one small stone to left of above - illegible) Theresa/Mother/1878-1966 Tombstone, ossw: Louis/Father/1876-1948 Tombstone, ossw: Appollonia/1905-1905 Tombstone, ossw: Francis/1918-1918 Tombstone, ossw: Leander/1915-1924 Tombstone The following is a 4' iron cross next to the above Vogel stone. the remains of the lettering look like: M.(?) Vogel/Died/1873 Tombstone Another iron cross: C. Vogel/Died/1873 Tombstone Josef/G?tt? (Gatte?)/von Mary Vogel/geboren 14 Sept 1815/ gestorben/28 Oct 1876 (Note: this stone broken in two pieces, with one break through the death date.) (Note from stone photographer: The birth date is behind the broken part of stone on the ground - if it was '14' Sept, then judging by the 4, I would say the birth year is 1845 instead of 1815. Tombstone Frank Vogel/geb/4 Mai 1878/gest/28 Nov 1902 Tombstone, ossw: Tina Vogel/geb/1 Nov 1850/gest/26 Oct 1891 Tombstone Therese/Mother/1846-1932 Tombstone, ossw: Alois/Father/1848-1895 Tombstone Edward Vogel/Born/Sept 2, 1888/Died/March 25, 1919 Tombstone, also: Ed Vogel/Wisconsin/Pvt QM Corps/March 25, 1919 Tombstone Herbert V. Vogel/1911-2003 Tombstone, ossw: Olga M. Vogel/1913-1976 Tombstone Alma Brennan Vogel/1909-1984/see Brennan-have obit Tombstone

WALLANDER/WALLENDER: Arthur J. Wallander/geb/23 Nov/gest/27 Nov 1909 Tombstone Frank Wallander/May 22, 1902/Aug 31, 1925 Tombstone Eva/May 12, 1867/July 27, 1946 Tombstone, ossw: Frank/Aug 7, 1865/June 8, 1948 Tombstone Baby Wallander/1957-1957 Harold/1950-1969 Tombstone, ossw: Pauline/1928- , ossw: Michael E. Wallander/1928-2000 Tombstone Pauline Wallander/Jun 14, 1928-Sep 15, 2016 Melvin Wallander/May 30, 1952 - Sept 22, 1953 Tombstone Joseph WALLENDER/1872-1931 Tombstone, ossw: Catherine WALLENDER/1872-1961 Tombstone George/1871-1952 Tombstone Alvin/1911-1970 Tombstone, ossw: Margaret/1913-1998 Photo + Tombstone Edward J. Wallander/8-10-1895/2-22-1983/PVT US Army/WWII/married 6-8-1920 Tombstone, ossw: Theresa Wallander/1899-1980 Tombstone (Edward and Theresa placed here by researcher/see contributors page) (Infant Wallander/-Apr 28, 1957-/from obit) Raymond F. Wallander/1904-1977 Tombstone, ossw: Clara B. Wallander/1909-1997 Tombstone Janet M. Wallander/1944-2009 Tombstone, ossw: Raymond C. Wallander/1935-1996/Vet. Tombstone William J. Wallander/3-25-1935/4-10-1997/SP3 US Army/Korea Tombstone Charles J. Wallander/5-24-1947/7-7-1998/SP5 US Army/Vietnam Tombstone Lawrence Wallander/1921-1998 Tombstone Marla K. Wallander/11-3-1984/9-3-2006 Tombstone Clarence J. Wallander/1903-1983 Tombstone, ossw: Beatrice K. Wallander/1907-1992 Tombstone, ossw: Clarence/May 20, 1935/Aug 13, 1935 Tombstone John N. Wallander/1931-2011 Tombstone

WALLENTA/WALENTA: Adam Walenta/Born Oct 19, 1838/Died Dec 15, 1913 Tombstone, ossw: Kathie Walenta/Born Oct 6, 1844/Died March 1, 1923 Tombstone Barbara Wallenta/Geb 11 Juni 1806/Gest 7 Aug 1879 Tombstone Johann/Sohn von/A & K/Wallenta/geb/22 Dez 1868/gest 25 Sept 1875 Tombstone

WANIGER: Thomas H. Waniger/June 13, 1937-March 25, 2015 Tombstone Daughter of/Thomas and Carol/Waniger/June 30, 1964 Tombstone Son of/Thomas and Carol/Waniger/Dec 10, 1967 Tombstone Arthur Joseph Waniger/1910-1993 Tombstone, ossw: Mary C. Waniger/nee Siegel/1911-2005 Tombstone, ossw: Rita Ann/-1936- Tombstone

WEBER: Charles Henry/son of/P & M Weber/Died July 17, 1878/AE 4 Mos. 17 ds. Tombstone

WILHELM: Charles J. Wilhelm/May 1, 1880-Nov 25, 1955 Tombstone Cecelia/Wife of/Chas. Wilhelm/Dec 21, 1882-Nov 8, 1919 Tombstone Helen G. Wilhelm/July 4, 1882/Dec 24, 1952 Tombstone Cecelia A./June 7, 1896-June 20, 1929 Tombstone Maggie M./Dau of/F & K Wilhelm/Born May 12, 1885-Died Oct 1900 Tombstone Joseph Wilhelm/Jan 30, 1872-July 19, 1922 Tombstone Barbara/Dec 4, 1873-Aug 25, 1944 Tombstone Frank/Nov 1, 1848-April 16, 1938 Tombstone, ossw: Katherine/His Wife/June 25, 1848-June 16, 1928 Tombstone Maria/toch von/F und J.K. Wilhelm/geb 20 Nov 1869/gest 15 Marz 1872 Tombstone

YOUNG: Peter Thomas Young/Sept 4, 1954-Sept 7, 1954 Tombstone

ZIPF: see O'Loughlin

ZIPPER: Elisabeth Zipper/geborene Kellner/geboren/4 Dez 1849/gestorben/23 Febr 1873 Tombstone

ZIPPERER: Arthur Zipperer/Feb. 15, 1923-Dec. 15, 2008/married 6-17-1950/Vet Tombstone, ossw: Irene Zipperer/1-13-1925/3/5/1985 Tombstone Melissa Pederson Zipperer/Feb 23, 1978-Feb 16, 2002 Tombstone Norbert Zipperer/1921-2001 Tombstone, ossw: Bernadine/1926-2015Tombstone

??? Footstones: M.W./Mother/Father/P(R?B?) & J.L./R.D./A.E./G.F.H. Jose--? Top--? Tombstone Note: There is ample evidence that some stones are missing, and this like the other cemetery listings, may not be complete