Meeme Township, Manitowoc Co., Wisconsin

Location: Located on the east side of Highway 42 in Osman, directly in back of the church and school. The cemetery is well kept but does have large areas where there are no longer any markers. Copied Saturday and Sunday, August 20 and 21, 1977 by Marcie Baer, a member of the MCOCS. Earliest remaining stone is 1856.
Re-transcribed by the Manitowoc Genealogy Society in Sept. 2007, added to this site in Nov. 2010.



NOTE: Some of the dates of death from the St. Isidore church records are 
      probably burial dates as they are quite often 2 or 3 days after the 
      date on the tombstone. Also there are no death records from August 1890 
      to September 1894, for over three years between June 1901 and October 
      1904, and no records for the year 1910.

ADOLPH: Peter Adolph/Dec. 21, 1830/Aug. 3, 1914, ossw: Mary Anna Adolph/June 19, 1844/Feb. 11, 1925 Tombstone Peter/Mary The following 3 entries have no last name They are between Adolph and Lulloff stones and in front of Peppard. A researcher(see contributors page) sent in information based on census information that these three are children of Peter and Mary Adolph. Henry/1867-1932 Tombstone, next to: Elizabeth/1881-1939 Tombstone, next to: Peter/1878-1945 Tombstone

AHL: John C. Ahl/Feb. 20, 1902/July 12, 1969

BARNES: Francis J. Barnes/1923-1948 (WWII flag 1941-1945)next to: Harriet/1879-1952, ossw: John/1878-1967 Erwin J./1892-1955, ossw: Agnes M./1897-1975 James/Brother/Feb. 8, 1880/Nov. 2, 1965, ossw: Katherine/Sister/1883-1971 John Barnes/Died Sept. 10, 1881/Aged 68 years, next to: (broken off) (Mary)/wife of John Barnes/born in the Parish of Mullinavat/ Co. Kilkenny Ireland/Died May 1, 1880, next to: Nora/wife of Ed Barnes/Died July 21, 1893/Aged 38 years, ossw: Edward Barnes/Died Nov. 13, 1936/Aged 82 years

BAUER: Charles E. Bauer/1916-1978 Ronald R. Bauer/July 20, 1947/Feb. 13, 1988 Mary Bauer/Mar. 31, 1901/Jan. 25, 1990 Photo

BENNETT: Catherine/Died Jan. 11, 1878/Aged 11 years, ossw: James/Died Mar. 21, 1866/Aged 3 Years, ossw: Ellen/Died Apr. 10, 1870/Aged 3 mo. ossw: Children of Peter and Catherine Bennett, ossw: Peter Bennett/Died Mar. 31, 1882/Aged 47 years, ossw: Catherine/wife of/Peter Bennett/Died Feb. 14, 1883/Age 46 years.

BERTSCHE: William Bertsche/Sept. 16, 1861/Sept. 24, 1934, next to: Anna/1876-1954, ossw: John L./1859-1943, ossw: Bridget/1868-1896 (Bridget Bertsche/d. 24 Feb. 1896/age 27 yrs/from records of St. Isidore Cath. ch. bk.1 p.206), ossw: Sylvester/1907-1980, ossw: Julia/1895-1896 (Julia Bertsche/d. 22 Nov. 1896/age 13 yrs/from records of St. Isidore Cath. ch. bk.1 p.206) William/1890-1975, ossw: Lena/1895-1978 Lester Bertsche/1917-1982

BONDE: John Bonde/July 5, 1841/May 16, 1897 Photo, ossw: Margaretha Bonde/his wife/Sept. 6, 1851/Aug. 23, 1919 Photo Footstone: Mother, next to: Elizabeth Bonde/1877-1950 Photo Eleanor Bonde/Oct. 7, 1913/May 2, 1928, next to: Raymond Bonde/Jan. 24, 1917/May 13, 1928 Peter J./1881-1950 Photo, ossw: Agnes M./1893-1981 Photo

BRADY: Alice T. Brady/1888-1983 Tombstone, ossw: Walter/1883-1954 Tombstone, ossw: Harold/1895-1966 (war vet flag) Photo Tombstone, ossw: Mary A./1885-1966 Tombstone, next to: Edwin/1890-1977 Tombstone, ossw: Margaret/1890-1955 Tombstone Margaret Brady/1851-1937 Tombstone, next to: Peter/1843-1927 Tombstone, ossw: Marguerite/1891-1894 Tombstone, next to: Patrick Brady/Died July 15, 1899/Aged 90 years Tombstone, ossw: Ellen/wife of/P. Brady/Died/April 28, 1886/Aged 78 years Tombstone, next to: John/Son of/P & E Brady/Died May 5, 1860/AE 12 yrs. 10 ms. Tombstone, next to: John P. Brady/1874-1936 Tombstone (Winifred Margaretha Brady/no stone/b. 5 Jan. 1893/d. 10 June 1896/ from records of St. Isidore Cath. ch. bk.1 p.221)

BRANDL: Mary Ann Brandl/Baby/Born May 14, 1933/Died May 23, 1933.

BRUNMEIER: Alfred/1899-1986, ossw: Leona/1904-1966

BURNS: Nellie/Dau. of L & E Burns/Died Aug. 30, 1880/Aged 23 yrs. 6 mo., next to: Michael Burns/Died Mar. 7, 1892/Aged 27 years, ossw: Luke Burns/Died May 28, 1896/Aged 87 years, ossw: Ellen Burns/Died June 18, 1899/Aged 87 years. William Burns/Died Apl. 28, 1894/Aged 66 years (GAR and U.S. War vet flag holders.) John Burns/d. Apr. 16, 1914 Anna/wife of John Burns/Born in Limerick Ireland/Died June 23, 1903/Aged 56 years, next to: Emily/wife of/B. Burns/nee SCHNEIDER/Aug. 20, 1879/Dec. 24, 1903, ossw: Edward/Her son/Dec. 13, 1903/Dec. 19, 1903 Patrick Burns/Born in Roscommon Ire./Mar. 17, 1830-Died May 5, 1912, ossw: Ellen Burns/Born Shallue/Mar. 10, 1835 in I______ Ire,/Died May 9, 1910, ossw: Joseph Burns/Born Mar. 10, 1866/Died July 28, 1911 (Lucie Burns/no stone/d. 29 Nov. 1896/age 77 yrs./from records of St. Isidore Cath. ch. bk.1 p.206) (Edward Burns/1870-1944/age 74 yrs./from obit/no stone)

BUSHMAN: Carol Bushman/Mar. 26, 1940/Apr. 1940/no stone (found by researcher)

CAIN: Norah Cain/Died June 6, 1875/Aged 7 yrs. 7 ms. 6 ds. Tombstone Michael Cain/1829-1894, ossw: Bridget Cain/his wife/1826-1905 Tombstone Michael/Bridget, next to: Mary/1857-1940 Tombstone, next to: Mother/Father (Martin Cain/d. 4 Oct. 1906/no stone/age 3 yrs) (Martin Cain/d. 4 Apr. 1915/no stone] (Bridget Cain/Jan. 12, 1864/1919/from obit and death record)

CARBERRY: (Michael Carberry/no stone/d. 2 Oct. 1909/from records of St. Isidore Cath. ch. bk.1 p.214) Margaret/Dau. of M and M Carberry/B. Jan, 26, 1904/D. Oct. 4, 1905, next to: Mary/Baby/Dau. of M. & M. Garberry/Dec. 16, Dec. 22, 1906.

CAREY: Thomas Carey/A native of Co. Mealh, Ireland/Died Oct 2d, 1867, next to: Large Carey stone. Separate stone reads: Alice/Died Dec. 3, 1889/Aged 19 yrs., next to: Nell Carey/1866-1953, next to: Footstone: John Carey, next to: Nora Carey/Born May 3, 1874/Died Oct. 8, 1899 (see Nona Cary), next to: Honora Carey/Born Apr. 15, 1845/Died July 20, 1924 (John Carey/no stone/d. 19 June 1888/age 49 yrs}

CLARK: Anthony Clark/Born Co. Mayo/Ireland/Died Jan. 5, 1887/Aged 63 yrs. Tombstone, ossw: Bridget/wife of A. Clark/born in Co. Mayo I./Died Apr. 27, 1896 Aged 65 years. Tombstone Martin Clark/Died Feb. 10, 1902/Aged 71 years Tombstone, ossw: Darby Clark/Died May 25, 1878/aged/72 years/Native of Co. Mayo Ireland. Tombstone (Maria Clark/no stone/infant/d. 31 Dec. 1888/par. John Clark and Catherine O'Neil/from records of St. Isidore Cath. ch. bk.1 p.203) No Tombstone James R. Clark/July 30, 1990/Aug. 13, 1990 Tombstone

CODY: (Margaret Cody/no stone/d. 26 Jan. 1899) John Cody/Died Dec. 3, 1882/Aged 59 years. Tombstone (Margaret Cody/d. Nov. 1884/no stone/from obit)

COLLINS: Elizabeth HAYES Collins/Apr. 1827/Apr. 1892, ossw: HAYES, Timothy. See HAYES

CONNELL: Margaret/wife of John Connell/Born in Co. Limerick/Ire./Aug. 15, 1823/ Died Feb. 18, 1899/Aged 75 yrs., ossw: John Connell/Born in County Clare, Ireland 1821/Died Sept. 24, 1886/ Aged 65 yrs. (erected by his wife Margaret Connell) Footstones: Mother/Father. Large stone name only. Smaller stones read: Joseph/1865-1928, next to.: Nora/1863-1921

CONNORS: (Catherina Ellen Connors/no stone/infant/d. 22 July 1889/par. Christopher Connors and Maria McCarthy/from records of St. Isidore Cath. ch. bk.1 p.203)

CONWAY: Charles E. Conway/Born/Nov. 20, 1846/Died/June 24, 1897 John/son of Charles and Cecily Conway/Died Aug. 25, 1861/ aged 19 yr. 6 mos. & 7 days. (Erected by his father). James/1888-1968, ossw: Lucy/1888-1990 Charles Conway/Born in Co. Mayo/Ireland/May 14, 1812/Died Jan. 31, 1887, ossw: Cecilia/wife of Chas. Conway/Born in Co, Mayo, Ireland/Died May 31, 1891/Aged 81 years. Patrick J. Conway/1849-1931, ossw: Susan M. Conway/1851-1931 (Carl Conway/no stone/d. 3 Dec. 1888/par. Patrick Conway and Susanna O'Grady/ from records of St. Isidore Cath. ch. bk.1 p.202) Charles E. Conway/1917-1999 (Verona Conway/d. Nov. 6, 1893/age 18/from obit/no stone) (Cecelia Conway/d. May 1919/from obit/no stone)

COOK: William Cook/Died/Dec. 22, 1880/Aged 20 yrs. 11 mos. & 22 ds., ossw: Maggie Cook/died/Dec. 28, 1881/Aged 15 years, ossw: Mary/wife of/James Cook/Aug. 15, 1822/Oct. 19, 1902, ossw: James Cook/Died/March 20, 1890/Aged 78 years, ossw: Thomas Cook/1846-1893, ossw: James Cook/May 1, 1854/Jan. 23, 1943 (Jacob Cook/d. 1 Mar. 1890/age 78 yrs/husband of Maria Cook/ from records of St. Isidore Cath. ch. bk.1 p.204)

COONEY: See Bridget Cooney MALONEY.

CORBETT: Bridget Corbett/Born in/Co. Clare, Ire./Died/Dec. 21, 1888/Aged/85 years. McMahon Tombstone (It appears that the stone has been remade since this transcription was taken)

DAILY: See Hayes, Julia

DALEY: See Hayes, Ellen

DALY: Mary Daly/Born in Cork/Ire./Died. Jan. 2, 1892/Age/72 years (GAR flag holder 1860-1865) Tombstone, ossw: Jeremiah Daly/Born in Co. Cork, Ire/Died in Chicago,Ill./ Nov. 18, 1918/Aged 87 years Tombstone

DEEHR: William/1888-1987, ossw: Nellie/1894-1988 Peter/1877-1974 (04 Jun 1877/Mar 1974/SSDI), ossw: Louise/1880-1963 Twins Richard J. Deehr/1946, ossw: David F./1946-1947 Large monument. Separate stones. Top of stone is buried in ground so could not be read: _______/Dec. 8, 1882/Age 3 years (possibly Annie Deehr b.1879/1880 Meeme census), next to: _______/Died July 15, 1889/Age 3 yrs. 11 dys, next to: _______/Died/Aug. 21, 1895/Age 1 day, next to: Elizabeth Deehr/1858-1940

DIEHR: (Josephine Diehr (Wife)/no stone/d. 22 Aug. 1895/from records of St. Isidore Cath. ch. bk.1 p.205)

DONAHOE: Michael/Son of/T.& M.A. Donahoe/Born/Sept. 20, 1885/Died Febr. 16, 1886/ Budded on earth, in bloom in heaven., ossw:

DONAHUE: Patrick Donahue/ossw: Hanorah/wife of P. Donahue/Died June 20, 1896/Aged 63 years/a native of Roscommon Ire., ossw: John/Son of/P.&.H. Donahue/Died/June 23, 1897/Age 34 years. Thomas Donahue/Born June 9, 1857/Died/March 14, 1887 (War vet flag) Footstone: T.D. (Patrick Donahue/d. 9 Jan. 1917) (Patrick Donahue/d. 7 Dec. 1899/age 22 yrs) (Hanora Donahue/d. 22 June 1896/from records of St. Isidore Cath. ch. bk.1 p.206) (John Donahue/d. 25 June 1897/age 30 yrs/from records of St. Isidore Cath. ch. bk.1 p.207) (Catherine Donahue/d. 8 Oct. 1897/age 78 yrs/from records of St. Isidore Cath. ch. bk.1 p.207) (John Donahue/no stone/d. 1 Oct. 1912/age 62) (Jeremia Donahue/d. 23 Dec. 1909/was buried at St. Michaels, Mitchell, Wis. moved to St. Isidore Cemetery, 3 Oct. 1911/from records of St. Isidore Cath. ch. bk.1 p.216) (Ida Donahue/no stone/d. 18 July 1911/age 20 yrs) (William Donahue/no stone/d. 30 Nov. 1906) (Kathryn Donahue/1900-1927/from obit) (Walter Donahue/d. Apr. 7, 1920/from obit-no stone) See DONOHUE

DONOHOE: Mikey/son of Cors & Mary Donohoe/Born Sept. 25, 1863/Died Aug.17, 1873 Tombstone Tombstone

DONOHUE: Mary Donohue/daughter of/Patrick & Mary HAYES/and wife of Michael Donohue/Born March 20, 1818/Died Oct. 7, 1876 Tombstone, ossw: See Hayes Large stone-family name only. Separate stones read: Katherine/1856-1928, next to: Nellie/Apr. 9, 1865/Apr. 23, 1913, next to: Katharine/Sept. 15, 1819/Oct. 6, 1897, next to: Jeremiah/Jan. 6, 1822/Dec. 20, 1909

DORSEY: Patrick Dorsey/Top broken off. Balance of stone in ground next to tree - too deep to dig out to read.

DRISCOLL: Margaret/1860-1947, ossw: Daniel/1857-1935 Photo, ossw: Florence/1892-1909 James/1890-1980, ossw: Priscilla/1898-1977 Eliza/wife of Jermiah Driscoll/Died Sept 1, 1862/Aged 38 years, ossw: Jermiah Driscoll/Died. Oct. 12, 1882/Aged 73 years David Jason Driscoll/July 26, 1983/Mar. 19, 1999 James Patrick Driscoll/Mar. 21, 1980/Feb. 15, 1984

DRUSCH: Nick Drusch/Nov. 1, 1868/Oct. 16, 1935, next to: Catherine Drusch/Born April 30, 1830/Died/June 28, 1909 (Catherine Drusch/d. 1 July 1909/age 79 yrs/from records of St. Isidore Cath. ch. bk.1 p.214)

DUELLMAN: Edna/1903-1950, ossw: Walter/1902-1992 (16 Dec. 1902/12 Oct. 1992/SSDI)

EGAN: Large stone family name only. Smaller stones read: Ellen Egan/Mother/1851-1938, next to: Michael Egan/Father/1838-1912 Tombstone, next to: Edward Egan/1870-1938 (US War vet flag in front of large stone) Martin Egan/1866-1935, next to: Footstone: M.E., next to: Johnne/son of M.& E.E. Egan/Died Mar. 2, 1876/AE 4 ys. 6 mo. 22 d., next to: Large monument-family name only. Separate stones read: Michael H. Egan/Born Jan. 6, 1842/Died Feb. 11, 1904 Tombstone, next to: Ellen A. Egan/Born/Dec. 24, 1844/Died Sept. 18, 1913 (U.S. War vet flag in front of M.H. stone.) W.F. Egan/Died/May 3, 1882/Aged 3 Mo. & ? days, ossw: Edward Egan/Born May 2, 1806/Died May 17, 1884. (Michael Donald Egan/no stone/infant/d. 2 Aug. 1890/par. Michael and Ellen Egan/from records of St. Isidore Cath. ch. bk.1 p.204) (Brigitta Egan/no stone/d. 7 Dec. 1894/age 83 yrs./from records of St. Isidore Cath. ch. bk.1 p.205)

FINCH: Thomas Finch/Born in the Parish of/Roscrea Co. Tipperary Ireland/ Died/Sept. 19, 1887/Aged 76 years, next to: Thomas/Son of T.& M.Finch/Died/May 16, 1864/Aged/17 ys. 1 mo. 29 ds. (Thomas Finch/no stone/d. 5 Oct. 1895] (Laura Finch/no stone/b. 17 Apr. 1895/d. 20 June 1896/from records of St. Isidore Cath. ch. bk.1 p.206)

FITZGERALD: Bridget Fitzgerald/Born 1866/Died 1892 Tombstone, ossw: Ann Fitzgerald/Born 1820/Died 1898 Tombstone, ossw: Michael Fitzgerald/Born 1815/in County Clare/Ireland/Died 1889. Tombstone (Mary Fitzgerald/d. Mar. 1886/from obituary) Tombstone Footstone: Michael. Large stone-family name. Separate stones read: John/May 6, 1857/July 13, 1928/Father Tombstone, next to: Bridget/Nov. 6, 1861/Mar. 18, 1936,/Mother Tombstone, next to: Mary/Nov. 26, 1891/Apr. 16, 1909/Daughter Tombstone, next to: Matthew Fitzgerald/Sept. 12, 1886/Aug. 26, 1907 Tombstone Footstone: Matthew. Mary/1899-1981 Tombstone, ossw: Joseph/Jan. 21, 1893/May 7, 1964 Tombstone Genevieve Fitzgerald/Dec. 21, 1924/Dec. 5, 1988 Tombstone John Fitzgerald/Dec. 17, 1918/December 7, 1988 Tombstone, next to: William Fitzgerald/Feb. 10, 1953/Mar. 19, 1963 Tombstone, next to: Simon/1888-1928 Tombstone, ossw: Nellie/Jan. 18, 1890/Oct. 14, 1974 Tombstone

FLANIGAN: Peter Flanigan/native of Dunherth/Co. Kildare Ireland/ Died Oct. 15, 1886/Aged 72 years. (Anna Flangan(sic)/no stone/d. 2 May 1895]

FLORES: David Lee Flores/1975-1986

FOLEY: See LYNCH, Johanna

FORHAN: (Maria Forhan (Mrs. Thomas Peppard/d. 20 Feb. 1912/from records of St. Isidore Cath. ch. bk.1 p.217)

FRICKE: Anna Pinter Fricke/1908-1995

FRIES: (Maria Fries/d. 31 Aug. 1897/age 73 yrs/from records of St. Isidore Cath. ch. bk.1 p.207)

GALLAGHER: Daniel Gallagher/Died July 3, 1870/And his wife: Elizabeth Gallagher/Died Aug. 17. 1909. Footstones: Mother/Father. Daniel F. Gallagher/1913-1959 (U.S.War vet flag holder)next to: Daniel/1864-1931, ossw: Mary/1875-1945, next to: Ward Milton Gallagher/Born Mar. 30/Died May 2, 1905, next to: James Gallagher/1866-1923 Mary Gallagher/Baby/Died Feb. 28, 1900/Aged 9 mos. 23 ds., next to: Edward Gallagher/Feb. 14, 1872/June 10, 1934, next to: Michael Gallagher/Born in Co. Mayo, Ire./1825/Died Aug. 22, 1903 Catherine Gallagher/d. Mar. 10, 1913/from obit/no stone (Maria Alma Gallagher/d. 4 Mar. 1900/par. John Gallagher and Elizabeth O'Grady/from records of St. Isidore Cath. ch. bk.1 p.210) (Edward M. Gallagher/d. 3 May 1905/age 33 yrs/from records of St. Isidore Cath. ch. bk.1 p.212)

GARDINER: Philip Gardiner/Born in Co. Mayo Ire./Died/Jan. 29, 1901/at age 70 years, ossw: Mary Gardiner/Died July 29, 1879/Aged 49 years.

GARDNER: (Philipp Gardner/d. 25 Jan. 1901/from records of St. Isidore Cath. ch. bk.1 p.210)

GARREY: (Thomas Edward Garrey/no stone/d. 6 Dec. 1896/age 4 yrs/from records of St. Isidore Cath. ch. bk.1 p.205)

GARRY: Mary Garry/Died Sept. 19, 1877/Aged 52 years.

GAST: Ellen/Daughter of /E.& M. Gast/Born/Mar. 13, 1853/Died/May 16, 1879, next to: Ernest Gast/[1823/26 December 1897/from death record], next to: Michael/Son of E.& M. Gast/Born/Oct. 3, 1864/Died June 30, 1869, next to: John/Son of E.& M. Gast/Born Sept. 28, 1862/Died/Oct. 6, 1863, next to: Ernest son of E.& M. Gast/Born May 18, 1867/Died July 1, 1869, next to: Anna/Daughter of/E.& M. Gast/Born/Oct. 26, 1869/Died/Oct. 26, 1872

GILLIS: Daniel Gillis/Born/Sept. 27, 1817/Died/Sept. 11, 1900, ossw: Ann Gillis/Born/Feb. 7, 1824/Died/Oct. 21, 1895, ossw: Joseph Eugene Gillis/Born July 20, 1865/Died/Feb. 20, 1893

GLESSING: Jeffery Jerome Glessing/1966-1968

GRADY: Marcella/Mother/wife of George Grady/1909-1935.


GRAY: See McMAHON, Margaret Patrick Gray/1829-1901 Tombstone, ossw: Ellen Gray/1825-1885 Tombstone, ossw: Michael Gray/1856-1881 Tombstone, ossw: Bartholomew Gray/1864-1891 Tombstone

GRIES: Peter Gries/Born Mar. 22, 1816/Died May 8, 1890, (Peter Gries/d. 11 May 1890/age 74 yrs. husband of Maria Gries/ from records of St. Isidore Cath. ch. bk.1 p.204), ossw: Mary A./his beloved wife/born Mar. 10, 1822/Died Aug. 29, 1897, ossw: John/son of/H.& M. Gries/Born Dec. 9, 1880/Died Jan 19, 1887. Footstones: John/Mother/Father. Large monument - family name only. Smaller stones read; Helen/Mother/Mar. 28, 1868/Mar. 15, 1946, next to: Peter/1849-1919/Father Tombstone Albertina/Mother/1878-1943, ossw: Joseph P./Father/1879-1943, next to: LaVern Gries/1929-1953 Tombstone (Infant of Henry and Maria Gries/no stone/from records of St. Isidore Cath. ch. bk.1 p.201) Michael Gries/Apr. 29, 1962/May 18, 1970, ossw: Darlene M. Gries/1934-1998 Hattie Gries/Sept. 18, 1907/Apr. 5, 1981 John A. Gries/Aug. 25, 1924/Sept. 29, 2000 John F. Gries/May 24, 1898/Sept. 15, 1987 Melvin J. Gries/1921-2005 Lucille M. Gries/June 26, 1919/November 24, 2012

GUIDINGER: John B. Guidinger/Born June 14, 1824/Died April 28, 1884 Tombstone Tombstone, ossw: Henry Guidinger/Born March 7, 1855/Died at 9 oclock p.m./ Aug. 24, 1881/Aged 26 years 5mos. 17 ds.

HANSEN: Gary R. Hansen/1955-1974 (01 Jun 1955/May 1974/SSDI) Delores R. Hansen/April 13, 1927/Oct. 15, 2009 Tombstone Harvey J. Hansen/Sept. 7, 1920/Dec. 31, 2009 Tombstone Tombstone Harvey/Delores

HAYES: Elizabeth Hayes COLLINS/Apr. 1827/Apr. 1892, ossw: Timothy Hayes/son of/Patrick and Mary Hayes/Born July 26, 1825/Died Sept. 4, 1865, ossw: Bartholomew Hayes/son of/Patrick & Mary Hayes/Born March 20, 1838/ Killed at the Battle of Shiloh/April 6, 1862, ossw: Patrick Hayes/Born in Co. Cork, Ireland/Aug. 30, 1787/Died Sept. 8, 1854, ossw: Mary McCARTY/Wife of Patrick Hayes/Born in Co. Cork, Ireland/ Feb. 3, 1798/Died. Feb. 13, 1868 Tombstone Tombstone Patrick/Mary, ossw: Mary DONOHUE/Daughter of Patrick & Mary Hayes/and wife of Michael DONOHUE/Born March 20, 1818/Died Oct. 7, 1876.(DAR flag holder) Julia DAILY/wife of Denis Hayes/native of Co. Cork, Ireland/who departed this life Aug. 19, 1860/ Age 28 ys. Erected by her Brother Jeremiah Daily in memory of his beloved sister. Robert Virgil/Born Sept. 22, 1899/Died June 18, 1901 Dennis Hayes/1869-1929 Tombstone, next to: Large momument, next to: Ellen DALEY Hayes/1838-1898 Tombstone Large Stones - D. Hayes, ossw: Dennis Hayes/Born in Co. Cork, Ire./1835-1884 Footstones: Father, next to: Mary Hayes/1856-1939, next to: Patrick J. Hayes/1870-1942 Patrick Hayes/Died July 1, 1883/Aged 51 years, ossw: Agnes Hayes/Died Mar. 15, 1875/Aged 2 mts, ossw: James Hayes/Died Sept. 25, 1882/Aged 3 mths Bridget Hayes/Died July 10, 1916/Age 78 years (Rosa Anna Hayes/no stone/d. 12 Nov. 1882/age 7 yrs./par. John Hayes and Maria Gallagher/from records of St. Isidore Cath. ch. bk.1 p.200) (Ellen Hayes/d. 14 Apr. 1898) (Michael Hayes/no stone/d. 27 Oct. 1909) Photo (Victor Hayes/d. 20 June 1901/par. Michael Hayes and Maria Taugher/ from records of St. Isidore Cath. ch. bk.1 p.211)

HERR: Angeline O'GRADY Herr/Born Mar. 14, 1880/Died Oct. 16, 1930, ossw: Patrick O'GRADY/Born Apr. 4, 1867/Died Aug. 25, 1912 See O'GRADY-have obit

HICKMANN: Alvin/1892-1961, ossw: Minnie/1898-1985

HILLSTROM: Arlene M. Hillstrom/1920-1986 Donald R. Hillstrom/1914-1991

HOBAN: Edward J./1908-1981, ossw: Agnes E./1910-1968 Tombstone Edward/Agnes William E./1871-1939, ossw: Margaret M./1876-1964 Tombstone William/Margaret, next to: Hannah/1848-1884, ossw: Patrick/1842-1916, ossw: Mary/1870-1897 (Baby Hoban/no stone/d. 27 May 1907/private baptism/from records of St. Isidore Cath. ch. bk.1 p.213) Frances Hoban/1913-2001

HOBEN: (Patrick Hoben/d. 7 June 1916/from records of St. Isidore Cath. ch. bk.1 p.220/ may be Patrick Hoban in above entry)

HOGAN: Michael Hogan/Died July 23, 1903/aged 82 years, ossw: Mathilda/his beloved wife/died Aug. 11, 1901/Aged 74 years

HOLFELTZ: Joseph/Oct. 22, 1888/Sept. 28, 1972, ossw: Susan/1893-1898, next to: John Holfeltz/Born in Remerschen/Luxemburg/June 9, 1818/Died/Nov. 11. 1893, ossw: Susan Holfeltz/Born Mar. 7, 1893/Died Nov. 10, 1898, next to: John/Father/1854-1934, ossw: Mary/Mother/1865-1948 Anna/1868-1928, ossw: John R./1857-1945, next to: Peter Holfeltz/June 10, 1907/July 7, 1959

HOPE: Patrick/son of A.& C. Hope/Born Jan. 10, 1855/Died/Feb. 26, 1861, ossw: Andrew Hope/born in/Co. Mayo Ire/May 12, 1813/Died Oct. 11, 1891/Aged 77 yrs. 5 ms., ossw: Catherine Hope/wife of/A. Hope/Died/Dec. 16. 1903/Aged 86 years. (b. born 1817)


HUTCHINGS: (Albert Hutchings/no stone/d. 26 May 1887/age 65 yrs/husband of Elizabeth/ from records of St. Isidore Cath. ch. bk.1 p.201) Tombstone (Eliza Hutchings/no stone/d. 19 Aug. 1909) Tombstone

JUDGE: Thomas Judge/Born in County of Mayo, Ireland/Died June 4, 1892/Age 77 yrs.

JUNK: (Maria Junk/d. 21 Sept. 1894/age 10 yrs./from records of St. Isidore Cath. ch. bk.1 p.205)

KANE: Michael/Died/Nov. 26, 1898/Age 27 yrs., ossw: Ellen Kane/wife of/Patrick/Died May 27, 1900/Age 63 years, ossw: Martin Kane/Died Feb. 5, 1886/Age 88 years, ossw: Martin/Died/Mar. 25, 1887/Aged 20 yrs 2 mos., ossw: Thomas/Age 2 weeks, ossw: Martin/Age 14 mos., ossw: Children of P.& E. Kane Martin/son of Patrick and Ellen Kane/Died Mar. 25, 1887/age 20 yrs. & 2 mos./Separate stone Thomas Kane/1873-1917 Tombstone, ossw: Mary/his wife/1878-1905 Tombstone (Patrick Kane/no stone/d. 22 Jan. 1912) No Tombstone (Ellen Kane/Wife/d. 31 July 1900/from records of St. Isidore Cath. ch. bk.1 p.210) (Mary Kane/Jan. 18, 1857/Mar. 11, 1940/from obit/no stone) Tombstone

KAUFMANN: David Kaufmann/Son1943-1964, ossw: Joseph M. Kaufmann/1947-1994 Edna M. Kaufmann/Feb. 9, 1917/Dec. 24, 2003 Tombstone Milton T. Kaufmann/Mar. 1, 1916/Apr. 22, 2003 Tombstone Tombstone Milton/Edna

KELLEY: William H. Kelley/1864-1936, ossw: Agnes/wife of/Wm. Kelley/1878-1897 Frank Kelley/Father/1860-1938 (U.S. War vet flag), next to: Elizabeth Kelley/Born Apr. 25, 1865/Died Oct. 5, 1906 George E. Kelley/1894-1918

KELLY: Mary/wife of M. Kelly/Born in the Parish/of Castle Connor/Co. Sligo Ire./ Died June 4, 1888/Aged 58 years, ossw: Michael Kelly/Born in Co. Mayo, Ire/Died Jan. 1, 1904/Aged 78 years. Mary Ann Kelly/June 18, 1857/Jan. 15, 1933, next to: Anthony Kelly, Sen./Died Apr. 11, 1901/Aged 77 years, ossw: Elizabeth Kelly/Died/Apr. 11, 1907/Aged 82 years, ossw: Anthony Kelly Jr./Died Oct. 13, 1889/Aged 31 yrs, 13 dys, and family Footstone: Anthony K. Jr. Bridget/1866-1941, ossw: Michael/1871-1952 (Julia Kelly/d. Mar. 2, 1890/from obituary) (Maria Kelly/d. 4 June 1888/age 60 yrs./wife of Michael Kelly/ from records of St. Isidore Cath. ch. bk.1 p.202) (Maria Kelly/no stone/infant/d. 25 Jan. 1916/par. Emmet Kelly and Dorothea Philipps/from records of St. Isidore Cath. ch. bk.1 p.220) (Anton Kelly/d. 11 Apr. 1907/age 83 yrs./from records of St. Isidore Cath. ch. bk.1 p.213)

KENNEDY: Michael Kennedy/Died/Mar. 4, 1901/Aged/72 years, ossw: Mary/wife of/Michael Kennedy/Born in Co. Meath, Ireland/ Died June 27, 1887/Aged 70 yrs., next to: Margaret Cath./Dau. of M.& M. Kennedy/Died Oct. 29, 1862 (stone broken near base and re cemented to new base.) (James Kennedy/d. 04 Mar. 1901/age 78 yrs./from obit.)

KENNEY: Rev. Lawrence N. Kenney/Native of Co. Galway, Ireland/Died Feb. 25, 1870/Aged 31 yrs. 3 Mos. 28 days.

KIRWAN: John Kirwan/1856-1936

KITTRICK: Margaret Kittrick/Aged 72 years, see McCARTHY

KNIER: Ronald/1938-1958, ossw: Hildegard/1902-1988, ossw: George/1899-1978 Large stone. Family name only. Smaller stones read: George/Oct. 23, 1870/Mar. 4, 1939, next to: Gertrude/Mar. 18, 1875/Dec. 18, 1921.

KNOX: Edward Gerard Knox/Oct.1,/Nove. 25, 1920, next to: Mary/1882-1962, ossw: Walter M./1884-1961 James R. Knox/1948-1969 Tombstone, ossw: Dolores/1922-____, ossw: Richard J./1920-1997 Tombstone James/Dolores/Richard Separate stone reads: James Richard Knox/Wisconsin/Cpl. Co. B 26 Inf. 1 Inf. Div. Vietnam BSM-Arcom-PH/July 27, 1948/Jan. 21, 1969 Tombstone Thomas/1883-1955, ossw: Ella/1887-1972 Anthony/Oct. 23, 1948, ossw: Judy/Mar. 21, 1960 John Knox/Born in Kilkenny, Ireland 1819/Died April 21, 1890, ossw: Margaret Knox/Born 1820/Died Jan. 27, 1917 Richard Knox/Born/May 10, 1855/Died/July 8, 1901, ossw: Kathryn M. Knox/Born/Nov. 1, 1893/Died/Nov. 29, 1912, next to: Catherine Knox/1857-1941/next to stone with verse only, next to: Joseph F. Knox/Oct. 29, 1879/Apr. 15, 1918. John/1881-1956, ossw: Elizabeth/1884-1970, ossw: Helen/-1918- William J. Knox/1915-1998 (Verina E. Knox/Mar. 19, 1919/Apr. 11, 2008/from obit) (Walter Knox/Sept. 26, 1924/Apr. 4, 2008/from obit)

LACKERMAN: Andrew Lackerman/1862-1931.

LAURES: Geraldine Laures/1915-1973, ossw: with LESCHKE

LEARY: Large monument. Separate stone flat in on top of stone illeg. Leary/died/Ar/25, 1888/Aged/30 yrs.

LESCHKE: Joseph/Mar. 13, 1885/July 4, 1973, ossw: Lillian/1896-1974, ossw: Geraldine LAURES/1915-1973 (See Laures-have obit)

LULLOFF: Herman W./Father/July 9, 1884/Nov. 27, 1948, ossw: Mary/Mother/June 20, 1886/Apr. 22, 1938, next to: Kenneth Lulloff/Son/Jan. 29, 1922/June 28, 1941.

LYNCH: Johanna FOLEY/Wife of Thomas Lynch. (Balance of stone broken off. Recemented to base. (Catherine Lynch/(no stone)/d. 16 Nov. 1882/age 22 yrs.] (Mary Lynch/b. 1810/d. 01 Jan. 1903/from obit/no stone)

MADIGAN: Michael Madigan/Born in County Clare/Ireland/Died Mar. 20, 1904/Age 82 years, ossw: Catherine Madigan/Born in the year 1833/Died Dec. 21, 1919/Age 86 years. Footstones: Mother/Father. Anna/1890-1955, ossw: Walter/1891-1973 Large stone-family name only. Smaller stones read: Harry/Died Jan. 8, 1903/Age 16 years, next to: Edwin Madigan/Feb. 5, 1920/22 years, next to: Michial/1862-1941, ossw: (name as such on transcription) Elisabeth/1865-1924 (Joseph Madigan/no stone/infant/d. 23 Nov. 1887/par. Michael and Elizabeth Madigan/from records of St. Isidore Cath. ch. bk.1 p.202) (Delbert Thomas Madigan/no stone/infant/d. 10 Oct. 1888/par. Michael Madigan and Elizabeth Walterbach/from records of St. Isidore Cath. ch. bk.1 p.202) (Thomas Madigan/d. Feb. 1919/from obit. no stone)


MALONEY: Bridget COONEY Maloney/Mother (no dates cut), ossw: John Maloney/born Dec. 5, 1812/in Co. Clare, Ireland/Died Apr. 12, 1897 Patrick/Born in Co. Clare, Ire./1816-1864, ossw: Mary/Born in Co. Clare, Ire/1831-1909, ossw: Sarah E./Born in Meeme, Manitowoc Co./1860-1880 Footstones: Daughter/Father/Mother (Maria Maloney/d. 13 May 1909/age 77 yrs/from records of St. Isidore Cath. ch. bk.1 p.214)

MCCAFFERTY: John McCafferty/Died Nov. 12, 1856/Aged 52 years.

MCCARTHY: (Maria McCarthy/d. 1 Apr. 1898/age 74 yrs./from records of St. Isidore Cath. ch. bk.1 p.208) Dennis McCarthy/Died 2 July 1888/Aged 60 years ossw: McCarty

MCCARTY: Erected by Denis McCarty/in memory of his deceased relatives his Charles McCarty/Father/Aged 77 years, ossw: Bridget/his wife/aged 38 years (d.1878), ossw: Patrick/his son/Aged 15 years and, ossw: Margaret KITTRICK/his Mother-in-law/Aged 72 years. John McCARTHY/died Nov. 10, 1873/Age 40 years, ossw: Mary/his beloved wife/died Mar. 28, 1898/Age 73 years.

MCDONNELL: Rev. Thomas McDonnell/Born in County Kerry/IreLand/A.D.1812/ Began his labors as Pastor in Meeme/October 1866/Died Febr. 24. 1869 Tombstone

MCKENNA: Sarah (Connell) McKenna/May 1, 1864/April 22, 1887 No Tombstone

MCMAHON: Margaret Gray McMahon, ossw: Catherine SHANAHAN McMahon. ossw: Ellen McMahon, ossw: Patrick McMahon, ossw: Mary McMahon, ossw: Ellen McMahon Miller, ossw: Bridget CORBETT (Patrick McMahon/d. 27 Dec. 1886) Tombstone (Ellen McMahon/infant/d. 3 Feb. 1887/par. Patrick and Margarita Mahon/ from records of St. Isidore Cath. ch. bk.1 p.201) Tombstone (Margaret McMahon/d. 29 Oct. 1888) Tombstone (Maria McMahon/d. 19 Feb. 1911) Tombstone (Catherine McMahon/d. 18 July 1907/age 41 yrs/from records of St. Isidore Cath. ch. bk.1 p.214) Tombstone

MCNULTY: Patrick/1863-1952, ossw: Margaret/1866-1955, ossw: J. Adrian/1904-1973 (Anthony McNulty/d. Sept. 1917/from obit.-no headstone) (There is a footstone with Anthony on it) Large stone: Family name only. Separate footstones read: Father/Mother/Anthony/Grandmother. Mary McNulty/1867-1952, next to: James McNulty/1864-1940, next to: Edmund/June 10, 1899/Sept. 9, 1975 Tombstone, ossw: Alice/1905-1998 Tombstone Edmund/Alice, next to: Joseph/1886-1957, ossw: Mary F./1888-1972, ossw: Margaret/1896-1974, next to: Peter/Father/1857-1939, ossw: Mary Ann/Mother/1864-1938 (Jacob McNulty/no stone/d. 25 Aug. 1890/husband of ____ McNulty/ from records of St. Isidore Cath. ch. bk.1 p.204) (Ann McNulty/d. Dec. 6, 1922/from obituary/no stone)

MEYER: Raymond G. Meyer/June 28, 1907/Oct. 19, 1908 Ronald J./Mar. 13, 1951/Dec. 9, 1975 Mary Gloria Meyer/-Mar. 13, 1957-, next to: Gilbert C./son of/J.& L. Meyer/Nov. 2, 1939 Victor J. Meyer/Mar. 19, 1928/June 25, 2003

MILLER: Ellen McMAHON Miller, See McMAHON Fred/1892-1943, ossw: Mary/1901-1990 Walter Miller/1919-1927 (Helena Miller/d. Sept. 5, 1900/no stone) Wilfred Miller/1925-1991

MOORE: Emily PINTER Moore/1906-1941, next to: See PINTER

MORRIS: Margaret/Feb. 5, 1851/Jan. 25, 1934/Mother Photo, next to: Thomas/July 25, 1845/Mar. 7, 1929, next to: Michael E. Morris/Oct. 6, 1883/Aug. 10, 1914 (K of C Mtwc. flag) Large stone - no names. Martin I. Morris/1880-1911, next to: William Morris/1860-1926 George Morris/1881-1957 (Pfeffer Funeral Home marker attached to sturdy wooden cross.) Catherine/wife of D. Morris/Born in The Parish of Castle Connor, Co. Sligo, Ire./Died Aug. 20, 1893/Aged 73 years, ossw: Dudley Morris/Died/Dec. 31, 1885/Aged 76 years. Margaret Morris/1856-1905, next to: Anthony Morris/Died Sept. 19, 1894, ossw: Bridget Morris/Died Dec. 5, 1901 Bartholomew Morris/1827-1902, ossw: Honora Morris/his wife/1832-1906, next to: James/Son of B.& H. Morris/Died/Nov. 15. 1879/Aged 27 yrs./8 Mo. 23 ds. (William Morris/no stone/d. 13 June 1907/age 27 yrs/ from records of St. Isidore Cath. ch. bk.1 p.213) (James Morris/d. Feb 28, 1923/from obituary) (Bartholomew Morris/d.1906/from obituary/apparently moved to Evergreen, Manitowoc)

MORRISEY: William Morrisey/Died May 29, 1894/Aged/26 yrs., 1 Mo. 21Ds, ossw: Tracy

MUELLER: Marvin E. Mueller/1929-1979

MULHOLLAND: Henry Mulholland Sr./Father/Born in Glasgau Scotland/Sept. 5, 1813/Apr. 23, 1894, ossw: Agnes/Mother/wife of H.M. Sr./Born in Campsie, Scot./Oct. 18, 1862/Age 46 yrs. Tombstone Henry/Agnes, ossw: Bridget/wife of/H. Mulholland Jr./and dau. of/Peter & Mary TRAINOR/born in Carlingford, Ireland/April 11, 1847/died in Manitowoc, Wis. April 12, 1873.Tombstone, ossw: Dr. Francis H. Mulholland/son of/H. Mulholland Jr./ born in Manitowoc, Wi. Mar. 12, 1870/Mar. 14, 1903 Tombstone (tombstone photos sent in by researcher/see contributors page)

MULLINS: John E./1867-1938, ossw: Sophia J./1876-1941, next to: Laverna Mullins/July 17, 1916/Aged 7 Mo., next to: Agatha Mullins/1912-1999

MURPHY: Maggie Murphy/Born Dec. 25, 1856/Died Aug. 8, 1858 Tombstone Large stone-no data. One small stone, buried in ground..too deep to read (Note: This may be Katie Murphy who died the same day as Johannah), next to: Johannah Murphy/Aug. 22, 1874/Age 22 yrs Tombstone Owen Murphy/Born in Ireland/Dec. 13, 1866/Died Nov. 28, 1918 Tombstone, ossw: Bridget Murphy/1864-1939 Tombstone, next to: Stephen Murphy/1904-1952 Tombstone (John Murphy/too deep in ground for dates) Tombstone

NAGEL: Huge monument-family name only. Separate stones read: Patrick/1854-1890, next to: Mother/1820-1886, next to: (Dennis)/Father/1809-1901

NAGLE: (Patric Nagle/no stone/d. 22 Jan. 1889) (Jacob Nagle/no stone/d. 31 July 1890/age 91 yrs./husband of Maria Nagle/ from records of St. Isidore Cath. ch. bk.1 p.204) (Anna Nagle/no stone/d. 27 Sept. 1895) James Nagle/Born 1800/Died July 30, 1890

NETZER: Peter Netzer/Geb. d. 20 Nov. 1869/Gest. d. 7 Nov. 1896

NEWCOMB: Erected by Mrs. Michael TAUGHER/in memory of her stepfather/John Newcomb, ossw: Her mother, ossw: and her sister/Mrs./Mary Graham/Natives of Co. Mayo, Ire. (Mrs. Nancy Newcomb/From the Manitowoc Pilot, Thursday, July 19, 1888/ Mrs. Nancy Newcomb died at the home of her son-in-law Michael Taugher on Wednesday of this week. At the time of her death she was at the advanced age of 90 years, and did not die of old age but as the result of an accident, a window frame having fallen on her hand, the wound inducing erysipilas. She was born in Ireland, county Mayo in 1798 and emigrated in 1845, reaching this county in 1854. For the last 17 years she lived with Mr. Taugher) (Anna Newcomb/no stone/d. 18 July 1888/age 87 yrs./wife of John Newcomb/ from records of St. Isidore Cath. ch. bk.1 p.202)

O'BOYLE: (Michael K. O'Boyle/no stone/d. 31 Dec. 1909/age 41 yrs/from records of St. Isidore Cath. ch. bk.1 p.215) (Mary O'Boyle/d. 01 July 1903/no stone-from obituary)

O'CONNOR: Alice PEPPARD O'Connor/1867-1947. See PEPPARD. (Obit. is from 1946) Tombstone

O'GRADY: Patrick O'Grady/Born Apr. 4, 1867/Died Aug. 25, 1912, ossw: Angeline O'Grady HERR/Born Mar. 14, 1880/Died Oct. 16, 1930 (See HERR-have obit) Large stone name only. Separate stones read: Catherine/1830-1906/Mother, next to: Lawrence/1834-1898/Father, next to: Bridget/wife of____ died____, next to: Bartholomew O'Grady/Died 29_____These two stones are flat in ground and buried partially. Bartholomew/1860-1900/Brother, next to: James O'Grady/Died Dec. 7. 1878/Age 38 yrs. 11 mo. ll ds./Born in Co. Kildare/Ireland, next to: Agnes J. 0'Grady/Jan. 21, 1884/Age 5 yrs., next to: James B. O'Grady/Mar. 30. 1881/Age 11 yrs. Mary/wife of/John O'Grady/born in Haterford/Ireland/1827/Died/April 14,1887. Lawrence/1865-1947, ossw: Mary/1868-1950. (John O'Grady/no stone/d. 30 Mar. 1895]

O'LEARY: (Timothy O'Leary/no stone/d. 25 April (1889?)/husband of Hannah O'Leary/ from records of St. Isidore Cath. ch. bk.1 p.203/note: no year given but with 1889 deaths)

O'NEIL: John O'Neil/born at Ottawa Canada/Died October 1864/Aged 25 years Thomas O'Neil/1853-1928, ossw: Patrick/1863-1937 Tombstone Thomas/Patrick, next to: Mary/Mother/1824-1881, ossw: John/Father/1818-1883 Raymond/1889-1956, ossw: Rita/1913-1915, ossw: Eliza/1884-1975 Lillie/daughter of P.& B. O'Neil/Died/Oct. 16, 1888/Aged 2 yrs. & 2 Mo., next to: Bridget/wife of Andrew O'Neil/Died/Apr. 14, 1881/Aged 60 years. Footstone: Mother, next to: Andrew O'Neil/Father/Died Sept. 13, 1888/Aged 80 yrs. Bridget O'Neil/1857-1928, ossw: Patrick O'Neil/1859-1928 (Elizabeth Bridget O'Neil/no stone/infant/d. 16 Oct. 1888/par. Patrick O'Neil and Bridget Clark/from records of St. Isidore Cath. ch. bk.1 p.202) (Michael O'Neil/d. Apr. 24, 1920/age 57 yrs./from obit)

O'ROURKE: James O'Rourke/Born in. Co. Mayo, Ire./Aged 78 years/ A soldier of the late Mexican War (Mexican War Vet) Tombstone (Catherine O'Rourke/d. Apr. 1894/from obituary/no stone)

O'SHEA: Lyda, ossw: John, ossw: Patrick [d. May 5, 1893], ossw: Bridget(d. Sept. 8, 1880/from obit), ossw: Richard O'Shea/Born October 6, 1864/at St. Nazianz, Manitowoc Co. Wis./ Died November 14, 1881/at Chicago, Ill. (John O'Shea/d. 17 Sept. 1913/age 54 yrs)

O'SULLIVAN: Mary KILLEN/Erected by Jeremiah O'Sullivan/In memory of his wife/ A native of County Clare, Ireland/Died Nov. 5. 1859/Aged 35 years.

PATTERSON: (John Patterson/no stone/d. 11 June 1901/age 80 yrs/pneumonia/ from records of St. Isidore Cath. ch. bk.1 p.210) (Mrs. James Patterson (Jane)/d. June, 1901/from obit/no stone)

PEPPARD: Daniel/1873-1958, ossw: Alice/1880-1917, ossw: Joseph/May 17, 1917- James Peppard/1862-1939, next to: Thomas Peppard/Born Feb. 2, 1827/Died Jan. 12, 1917, ossw: Mary Peppard/his wife/Born 1830/Died Feb. 16, 1912 Footstones: Father/Mother, next to: Nellie Peppard/Born Feb. 22, 1859/Died Feb. 24, 1930, next to: Mary Peppard/1855-1943, next to: Alice Peppard O'Connor/1867-1947 (See O'CONNOR-have obit) In memory of James & Ellen Peppard. Stone flat in ground. (Daniel Peppard/no stone/infant/d. 7 Jan. 1887/par. John and Honora Peppard/from records of St. Isidore Cath. ch. bk.1 p.201) See FORHAN

PETERSEN: Magdalin Pinter Petersen/1908-2000

PINTER: Vernon Pinter/1913-1937, next to: Emma M. Pinter/Mother/1876-1959 Large stone-family name only. Separate stone reads: John F. Pinter/Father/1872-1946 (John Pinter/4 March 1823/4 May 1903/from death record) See Moore

RADER: Mary Rader/1866-1943, next to: John Rader/1872-1933 John Rader/1897-1968, ossw: Stella Rader/1899-1971 Joseph T. Rader/1922-2002 (Veteran WWII) Marilyn M. Rader/1926-1986

ROACH: (Roche?) James Roach - no dates given.

RUMPFF: (Frederick Rumpff/d. Mar. 26 1931/age 36/from obit)

RYAN: James Ryan/Jan. 6, 1840/Sept. 14, 1901, ossw: Martin/Nov. 11, 1846/Sept. 9, 1923, next to: Johannah/wife of Martin Ryan/died/Sept. 24, 1891/aged 75 years, ossw: Martin Ryan/Born/May 1, 1808/Died/Dec. 3. 1883, next to: Mallick Ryan/Jan. 17, 1872/Age 20 yrs./6 mos. 2 days. See: SHALLUE, Annie

SAVAGE: Mary/wife of J. Savage/Daughter of T.& M. THORNTON/Died/ August 21, 1883/Aged 21 years 7 mos Tombstone Tombstone, ossw: Sarah Tornton/Died/Apr. 22, 1886/aged 19 years

SCHMEISSER: Calvin/1923-1937, ossw: Herbert Jr./1926-1948, ossw: Gordon/1921-Aug. 5, 1945, ossw: Herbert/1898-1989 (2 World War II and 1 Vet of Foreign War flags), ossw: Caroline/1901-1982

SCHMELTER: Frank Schmelter/Father/Feb. 20, 1898/Nov. 17, 1936

SCHMITZ: Norbert/1911-1969, ossw: Millie/1914-1978 (19 Dec 1914/Aug 1978/SSDI)

SCHNEIDER: Albert M./Son of/A.& H. Schneider/Born/Dec. 26, 1877/Died/Feb. 5, 1878 Albert W./1877-1951, next to: Mary Schneider/Born Jan. 12, 1880/Died June 12, 1916 Footstone: Mary, next to: Donald F. Schneider/M. Sgt. U.S. Air Force/WW II, Korea Vietnam/Dec. 4, 1926/Apr. 20, 1975, (War vet flag holder.)next to: Large Schneider monument - name only. Smaller stones read: Albert/Sept. 26, 1849/Feb. 10, 1928, next to: Helen/Mother/1854-1946 Alvin/Father/1898-1947, ossw: Anna/Mother/1898-1951 Carol M./1950-1965, on same lot with: Baby Schneider/3-5/1956 (Pfeffer Funeral Home marker) Joseph Schneider/May 9, 1988/May 9, 1988, ossw: Bernard J./1910-1974, ossw: Lucinda M./1910-2001 (05 Jun 1910/10 Dec 2001/SSDI), ossw: Jerome/1908-1968, ossw: Leona/1910-1990 Julius Peter Schneider/Born June 3, 1887/Died Jan. 25, 1908, next to: Mathilda Schneider/Apr. 17, 1882/Jan. 14, 1924, next to: Elizabeth Schneider/Jan. 1, 1874/June 25, 1928, next to: Elizabeth Schneider/Mother/Apr. 24, 1852/Aug. 29, 1938 See: BURNS, Emily

SCHNELL: William A./Father/1873-1933, ossw: Barbara/Mother/1884-1976 Raymond/1909-1982, ossw: Marcella/1911-1969 Anna Schnell/Apr. 18, 1849/Oct. 13, 1904 (Eugene Michael Schnell/no stone/infant/d. 31 Dec. 1916/par. William Schnell and Barbara Igl/from records of St. Isidore Cath. ch. bk.1 p.220) Enos Schnell/b. 1838/d. 1914 (aka Ignatius)

SCHULTZ: (Joseph Philipp Schultz/no stone/infant/b. 20 June 1901/d. 21 July 1901/Cholera/ par. Joseph Schultz and Catherine Gardner/from records of St. Isidore Cath. ch. bk.1 p.211)

SHALLUE: James/1876-1954, ossw: Elizabeth/1875-1947, next to: Edwin F. Shallue/Father/1919-1976 Dennis Shallue/Oct. 29, 1840/Mar. 28, 1905, ossw: Annie Ryan Shallue/his wife/May 5, 1849/Feb. 5, 1882. Bridget HOWARD Shallue, next to: John Shallue Sr. Edwin F. Shallue/1919-1976 See BURNS, Ellen

SHANAHAN: Margaret/wife of D./Shanahan/Died/Jan. 27, 1904/Aged 83 yrs. Tombstone, ossw: Daniel Shanahan/Died/July 13, 1888/Aged 66 yrs (husband of Margaret Shanahan/age 67/from records of St. Isidore Cath. ch. bk.1 p.202) Tombstone, next to: Rodger Shanahan/Died/Jan. 7, 1888/Aged 77 years, next to: Martin Shanahan/born in Tipperary, Ireland/Born 15,___18__, balance illegible, next to: Jerry Shanahan(d. Oct. 12, 1880/from obit) James (balance of stone broken off and cemented on base) Tombstone, next to: Catharina Shanahan/Died May 1, 1868/Aged 45 years Tombstone, ossw: Mary Ann died Jan. 25, 1870/Aged 13 years Tombstone, next to: John Shanahan/Died 1859/Aged 50 years, ossw: Julia/his wife/died 1863/Aged/52 years John Shanahan/Died Febr. 9, 1888/Age 82 yrs./A native of Co. Tipperary, Ireland Tombstone, ossw: Ann/Wife of J Shanahan/Died Aug. 7, 1894/Aged 85 yrs. 6 mos. Tombstone John/Ann Shanahan family stone Smaller stones read: Sarah Emma/d. 1896 Tombstone, next to: John Tombstone, next to: Catherine/1889-1913, next to: (Sarah Shanahan)/Mother/1852-1917 Tombstone, next to: (Martin Shanahan)/Father/1852-1921 Tombstone Gervase Shanahan/1914-1937 Tombstone Gervase, next to: James/1878-1948, ossw: Theresa/1875-1951 Tombstone James/Theresa (Joseph Shanahan/no stone/infant/d. 1 May 1887) (Leon Jacob Shanahan/no stone/infant/d. 10 Dec. 1888) (Alice Zita Shanahan/no stone/d. 26 Feb. 1896/age 2 yrs/ from records of St. Isidore Cath. ch. bk.1 p.204) (John Shanahan/d. 14 Sept. 1897) (Martin Shanahan/d. 11 Sep. 1897/from obit) Bernard J. Shanahan/May 8, 1908/Dec. 17, 1979/PFC US Army WWII See McMAHON, Catherine. See THORNTON

SHERIDAN: (Thomas Sheridan/no stone/d. 13 Jan. 1887/par. Patrick and Ellen Sheridan/ from records of St. Isidore Cath. ch. bk.1 p.201)

SIEHRS: Arnold Siehrs/Dec. 25, 1866/Apr. 8, 1939 Mary Siehrs/Dec. 25, 1819/Apr. 30, 1915, next to: Large Siehrs monument, next to: Arnold Siehrs/Dec. 13, 1817/Jan. 3, 1896, next to: John/Sept. 26, 1863/Oct. 13, 1934, ossw: Catherine/July 31, 1873/May 12, 1941

SIMON: Eliza/Daughter of Hubert Simon/Born July 26, 1872/Died March 4,1873, next to: Gr. Simon, ossw: Catherine Simon/Born Feb. 11, 1808/Died Dec. 4. 1887, ossw: Elizabeth A. Simon/Born July 26, 1872/Died Mar. 21, 1877, ossw: Marie Simon/Born Nov. 9, 1876/Died Apr. 7, 1892.

SPAETH: Large stone-family name only. Separate stones read: Sophia Spaeth/1865-1938/Mother Tombstone, next to: Anton Spaeth/1857-1925/Father Tombstone, next to: Rosa Spaeth/1888-1919 Tombstone Anna Theresa Spaeth/1907-1988 Tombstone, ossw: Ernest H. Spaeth/1899-1981 Tombstone

SPRANG: Catherine Sprang/1911-1993

STAHL: Audrey/1941-1942/baby, ossw: Herbert M./1912-1977, ossw: Veronica C./1916-1986

SULLIVAN: John Sullivan/1894-1918, next to: Joseph Sullivan/1902-1917, next to: Dan Sullivan/Born Aug. 15, 1861/Died Nov. 13, 1911, next to: Sarah Sullivan/1869-1929 Genevieve/May 14, 1888/Apr. 17, 1921, next to: Catherine/Mother/Feb. 9. 1859/May 26, 1943, next to: James/Father/July 31, 1853/Feb. 29, 1912, next to: Julia A./Feb. 10, 1884/Jan. 30, 1941 Erwin/1890-1949, ossw: Gertrude/1890-1970 (25 Apr 1890/Mar 1970/SSDI), next to: Emmet/1893-1973, ossw: Armella/1909-1991 Mary C./wife of James Sullivan/Died Dec. 4. 1870/Aged 42 years. See: WHYTE, Mary Floyd J. Sullivan/Jan. 1, 1919/Mar. 17, 1990/Capt. US Army Air Corps WWII

TAUGHER: Large stone Separate markers read: Lucy Taugher/1840-1924 Tombstone, next to: Thomas Taugher/1837-1920 Tombstone Mary/wife of James Taugher/Native of the Parish of Lillalla(?) Co. of Mayo,Ireland/Died Feb. 16, 1864/Aged 30 years. Large stone: In memory of the children of Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Taugher Separate stones read: Michael A., next to: Michael E., next to: Mary, next to: Lily, next to: Agnes, next to: Ann Rose/Born Nov. 24, 1863/Died March 11, 1881, ossw: James F./born May 15, 1870/Died July 3, 1873 Tombstone Ann/James, ossw: children of Michael & Bridget Taugher (Zita Taugher/no stone/infant/d. 26 June 1889/par. Jacob Taugher and Anna Hope/from records of St. Isidore Cath. ch. bk.1 p.203) (Margaret Agnes Taugher/d. 10 Sept. 1897) See NEWCOMB, GRAHAM

THORNTON - TORNTON: Mary/wife of J. Savage/daughter of T.& M. Thornton/Died/Aug. 21, 1883/ Aged 21 years 7 mos (See SAVAGE-have obit.), ossw: Sarah Tornton/Died/Apr. 22, 1886/Age 19 years. Tombstone Michael/son of T.& M. Thornton/died Aug. 30, 1861/Aged 3yrs, 7 mos. Tombstone, next to: Mary/wife of Thomas Thornton/died March 11, 1873/Aged 35 years. Tombstone

TINTINGER: Peter Tintinger/March 5, 1870/March 22, 1960 Tombstone, next to: Michael Tintinger/Nov. 15, 1863/Dec. 23, 1907 Tombstone, next to: Frank Tintinger/Feb. 28, 1868/Aug. 2, 1939 No Tombstone, next to: Large stone, next to: John Tintinger/Dec. 19, 1856/June 7, 1930 Tombstone, next to: Margaret/Wife of J. Tintinger/Aug. 12, 1868/Jan. 5, 1898 No Tombstone, next to: Peter Tintinger/Aug. 31, 1827/June 18, 1908 Tombstone, next to: Margaret Tintinger/Mother/Apr. 16, 1832/Aug. 13, 1909 Tombstone

TODD: (John Todd/no stone/d. 7 Mar. 1913)

TOLLEFSON: Kenneth B. Tollefson/1923-1985/WWII Veteran Margaret M. Tollefson/1924-2003

TRACY: Mary/Nee MALLOY/wife of/P. Tracy Born/in the Parish of Killochey/ Kings Co., Ireland in the year A.D. 1811/Died/Jan. 1, 1887/ Aged 76 years, ossw: Patrick Tracy/Born in the Parish of Killochey/Kings Co., Ireland/ March 7, 1810/Died/May 16, 1892/Aged 82 years. William MORRISEY/Died/May 29, 1894/Aged/26 yrs. 1 mo. 21 ds, ossw: Daniel Tracy/Born/Oct. 8, 1843/Died/Oct. 2, 1919 (Erected by his uncle and aunt), next to separate stone: Daniel Tracy (broken off at base), next to: Catharine Tracy/1850-1928

TRAINOR: Jane WALSH, wife of Mich. Trainor (see Walsh) (Joanna Theresia Trainor/d. 12 Oct. 1889)Tombstone See Mulholland

WAGNER: Theckla/1904-1954, ossw: Theodore/1905/2002

WALSH: Michael/died Apr. 2, 1861/Aged 2 yrs. 6 mos., ossw, Bridget/died March 27, 1867/aged 13 yrs, 2 mos., ossw, Lawrence/died/Aug. 12, 1873/aged 2 yrs. 1 mo. ossw: Laurence Walsh/died Dec. 24, 1883/age 60 years/Native of Kildare, Ireland, ossw: Michael/died Dec. 27, 1885/aged 19 yrs. 10 mos. ossw, Ellen/died Dec. 27, 1887/aged 19 years, ossw: Maggie/died April 4, 1888/age 21 yrs. 8 mos. (Margarita Walsh/d. 4 Apr. 1888/ age 22 yrs/par. Laurence and Joanna Walsh/from records of St. Isidore Cath. ch. bk.1 p.202), ossw: Mary Walsh/died Sept. 29, 1889/age 29 yrs. 4 mos, ossw: Jane Walsh/wife of Mich. TRAINOR/died Oct. 2, 1889/aged 26 yrs. 2 mo. (See Trainor) Tombstone Catherine/1871-1947, ossw: Thomas/1863-1922, next to: Magdelane/daughter of/T.& K. Walsh/June 10, 1901/Oct, 12, 1901 (William Walsh/no stone/d. 27 Dec. 1887/age 19 yrs/par. Laurence and Jane Walsh/from records of St. Isidore Cath. ch. bk.1 p.201) (Bartholemew Walsh/no stone/d. 6 April 1889/husband of Bridget Walsh/ from records of St. Isidore Cath. ch. bk.1 p.203) (Maria Walsh/d. 26 Sept. 1889/age 28 yrs./par. Laurence and Joanna Walsh/ from records of St. Isidore Cath. ch. bk.1 p.203/may be Mary Walsh in above entry) Lawrence R. Walsh/1946-2003 Thomas J. Walsh/1915-1988 Lucille Walsh/April 23, 1921/Aug. 23, 2013 William L. Walsh/1903-1984 (Jane Walsh/d. Feb. 23, 1924/from obituary)

WALTERBACH: Harold/(d.1896) ossw: Raphael, ossw: Elizabeth Anton Walterbach/Born Oct. 16, 1825/Died Apr. 13, 1894/Age 68 yrs. 6 mo. Footstone: Father. (Peter Walterbach/no stone/d. 6 May 1889/age 66 yrs.] (Raphael Walterbach/d. 28 Nov. 1899/par. Anton Walterbach/ from records of St. Isidore Cath. ch. bk.1 p.209) (Elizabeth Maria Walterbach/d. 3 Dec. 1899/par. Anton Walterbach/ from records of St. Isidore Cath. ch. bk.1 p.209) (Mary A. Walterbach/d. 10 Dec. 1905/age 39 yrs] (Phillip Walterbach/no stone/d. 26 Dec. 1911) (Antone Walterbach/d. Mar. 1947/age 78/no stone)

WASMER: Joseph Jr./1923-1965 (War vet flag), ossw: Shirley/1931-____ Mary Jo Wasmer/1960-1979 Michael A. Wasmer/June 12, 1953/April 15, 2010 Tombstone

WEINSHEIM: Peter T. Weinsheim/1888-197O (09 May 1884/Dec 1970/SSDI)

WHITE: James P. White/1879-1967 (23 Dec. 1879/15 Oct. 1967/SSDI), next to: Patrick/Father/1847-1920, ossw: Eugene/Son/1884-1896, ossw: Margaret/Mother/1858-1929 (Roderick White/no stone/d. 14 Sept. 1887) (Dennis White/may be Dennis Whyte below/d. 26 April 1889/age 42 yrs./ husband of Maria White/from records of St. Isidore Cath. ch. bk.1 p.203) (Margaret White/no stone/d. 5 Mar. 1890) (Maria White/no stone/d. 14 July 1895/age 38 yrs/from records of St. Isidore Cath. ch. bk.1 p.205) (Michael White/no stone/d. 28 July 1895) (Anna White/no stone/d. 16 Nov. 1896/age 75 yrs./from records of St. Isidore Cath. ch. bk.1 p.206) (Maria White/d. 29 June 1901/age 22 yrs/husband of Jacob White(sic)/Tuberculosis/ from records of St. Isidore Cath. ch. bk.1 p.211) (Helena White/wife of Mathias White/d. 24 Jan. 1905/age 66 yrs/ from records of St. Isidore Cath. ch. bk.1 p.211)

WHITF: Rodger Whitf/Died/Illegible/Aged/74 years/Native of County Clare, Ireland. Stone broken and flat in ground-on same lot with White.)

WHYTE: Dennis Whyte/1847-1889, ossw: Mary SULLIVAN Whyte/his wife/1852-1939

????? Martin/son of H and (balance of stone broken off, buried flat in ground & illegible. Southeast corner of cemetery last stone in first row. ???? Thomas/Died Feb. 12, 1894/age 11 days. Between Mary Ann Brandl and E.J. Madigan.