Mishicot Township, Manitowoc Co., Wisconsin

Location: This cemetery is located 0.4 mile south of the junction of County BB and Tisch Mills Road,
on Tisch Mills Road, the west side of the road, next to St. Isidore Catholic Church aka St. Mary's.
St. Mary's Church has also been renamed to St. Isidore the Farmer but the cemetery
has retained the name St. Mary.
Copied by members of the Manitowoc County Old Cemetery Society on Sunday,
August 1 and Sunday, August 22, 1976. Oldest stone: Alzbeta Maly, 1858


Ottilio Allech/1898-1981

AULIK: Jiri Aulik/Nar. 20 Brez. 1830/Zem 3 Cerv 1910, ossw: Marie Aulik/Zemrela/31 Kvei 1896/v. stari 65 Roku Bessie/Mother/1890-1947, ossw: Joseph/Father/1884-1958 Large Aulik monument - name only. Separate stones: Anton Aulik/Father/1859-1929 next to, Dora Aulik/Mother/1863-1938, next to: Anna Aulik/1889-1924 Tombstone Anton W. Aulik/Nar. 20 Cerve 1894/Zem 27 Zari 1916. Also picture inset. Frank/Father/1861-1951 Tombstone, ossw: Francis/Mother/1865-1947 Tombstone

BALOUN: Joseph A./Mar. 9, 1885/Apr. 14, 1968 Tombstone, ossw: Josie/1888-1970 Tombstone Joseph/Josie, ossw: Albert Baloun/Roku 1840/28 Brez 1914 Tombstone. ossw: Josie Baloun/Narozen/30 Brez. 1847/Zemrela/12 Pros. 1913 Tombstone

BARTA: Alan J. Barta/Mar. 29, 1929/Feb. 19, 1998 Calvin D. Barta/1901-1978 Tombstone, ossw: Leilah B. Barta/1901-1991 Tombstone Edward Barta/Sept. 12, 1908/Dec. 19, 1993/US Army World War II

BARTOS: Ditky/Jos. & Alzbety Bartos, ossw: Alzbeta/narozen/6 Kvetna 1858/zemrela/17 Brezna 1870, ossw: Anna/narozen/22 Cervna 1862/zemrela/11 Brezna 1870, ossw: Ida/narozen/22 Srpna 1864/zemrella 13 Brezna 1870, ossw: Emilie/narozen/25 Dubna 1867/zemrela/15 Brezna 1870, ossw: Otilie/15 Rijn 1869/19 Brezna 1870.

BARTOSCH: Anezka Bartosch/nar. 28 Srp. 1834/zem 25 Kvet 1905 (Note: This is probably Agnes Bartos on the 1860 Rowley/Two Creeks census) wife of Joseph Bartos/Bartosch)

BENESCH: Anna Benesch/Feb. 12-May 9, 1904 Tombstone, next to: Mary/Mother/1881-1944 Tombstone, ossw: William/Father/1878-1942 Tombstone

BENESH: Joseph Benesh/1870-1948 Tombstone Joseph Benesh/Father/Dec. 28, 1834/Mar. 1, 1921 Tombstone, next to: Mary Benesh/Mother/Born June 13, 1839/Died Apr. 24, 1915, next to: Mary Benesh/narzena/26 List. 1870/Zemrela 2 Kvet 1911

BERANEK: Josephine/Mother/1871-1950 Tombstone, ossw: Joseph/1902-1970 Tombstone, ossw: Anton/Father/1867-1943 Tombstone, ossw: Veronica/1835-1911 Tombstone, ossw: Joseph 1832-1900 Tombstone Josephine/Anton/Joseph/Veronica/Joseph Alvin/1913-2001 (Alvin J./06 Oct 1913/09 Nov 2001/SSDI) Tombstone, ossw: Eleanor/1914-2012 Tombstone, ossw: Mary/1875-1970 Tombstone, ossw: Wenzel/1870-1953 Tombstone Tombstone Alvin/Eleanor/Mary/Wenzel (Mr. Beranek/d. Sept. 1906/from obituary)

BERNKLAU: Elizabeth Bernklau/Zemrela/11 Ryna 1922/u stari/61 Roku

BERRES: John/1876-1957 Tombstone, ossw: Elizabeth/1887-1971 Tombstone, ossw, Hilary/1911-1970 Tombstone, ossw: Leona Berres/1919-2002 Tombstone, ossw: Leonard Berres/1908-1998 Tombstone John/Elizabeth/Hilary/Leona/Leonard

BERTRAND: Arnold H. Bertrand/1917-1995/US Army World War II Tombstone

BLAHA: Ignatz/Father, ossw: Christina/Mother Ignatz/1871-1940/Father, ossw: Christine/1872-1907, ossw: Franz/1822-1903, ossw: Anna/1838-1917 Frank/1869-1927 Tombstone, ossw: Lucy/1900-1902 Tombstone, ossw: Mary/1878-1969 Tombstone Tombstone Frank/Lucy/Mary Gordon Blaha/1933-1985 (Victor Blaha/May 14, 1901/June 3, 1988/from obit) Clara Blaha/1907-1977 James J. Blaha/July 19, 1938/Jan. 31, 2008 Mary Blaha/1903-1990 Victor Blaha/1901-1988 See WAIS

BLAHNIK: Josephine/1878-1963, ossw: Mary/1871-1959 Vaclav/Blahnik/Otec/4 Pros. 1838/15 List. 1920, next to: Marie Blahnik/Narozena/28 Zari 1840/zemrela 1 Rijna 1911 See Coppersmith

BLAHY: Josef/sun fu L Blahy/narozen/4 Kvetna 1876 zemrel 19 Unora 1891 Tombstone Footstone: J.B. (lying on ground) On same lot: George/1905

BOOSE: Frances (Shebesta) Boose/Nov. 20, 1920/Aug. 18, 1993 Tombstone See Shebesta

BOR: Stepan/Born Stano Cech/Zde Odpaciva/narozen/Domalhoi Ch 1809/Zemrel 18 Zari 1878 Barbora/de___ a/Stepana a Ann Bor/narozena/3 dubna 1869/Zemrela 13 Unora 1884 Tombstone

BOSDECH: Anton/Father/1880-1964, ossw: Mary/Mother/1883-1941

BOSDECK: Lawrence Bosdeck/1877-1953 Tombstone

BOURIL: Family monument with name only. Three separate footstones read: Mary Bouril/Mother/1869-1937 Anton Bouril/Father/1859-1934 Francis Bouril/Aug. 13, 1891/Jan. 26, 1918

BROUCHOUD: Peter J. Brouchoud/1890-1963 Emma Brouchoud/1891-1936

BRUEMMER: Earl A./July 2, 1916/Oct. 23, 2008 (Leona E./July 14, 1918/Apr. 21, 2014/from obit)

BRUSKY: Robert Daniel Brusky/-June 2, 1971-

BUNDA: Rosa Bunda/Born Apr. 6, 1861/Died May 15, 1912 Tombstone, ossw: Mathes Bunda/Born/Nov. 25, 1851/Died Aug. 9, 1935 Tombstone

BURBEY: Roger/1885-1955, ossw: Anna/1888-1968 Other side of stone reads SHEBESTA - see Adolph & Pauline.

BURESH: John/1874-1925 Tombstone, ossw: Katherine/1887-1971 Tombstone John/Katherine Joseph/1910/1911 Tombstone, ossw: Josephine/1912-1918 Tombstone Joseph/Josephine Large Buresh stone, no other names on it Leona M. Buresh/1924-2005 Frank Buresh/June 16, 1922/June `4, 2013/from obit Mary Jane/Oct. 24, 1924/Aug. 21, 2009 Tombstone

CABRIEL: Frank Cabriel

CALE: Leone L. Cale/1904-1988, ossw: Kenneth A.

CARLSON: Harold John Carlson/July 12, 1925/Jan. 8, 1999/ US Army World War II Tombstone Ruth E. Prucha Carlson/May 26, 1919/Apr. 28, 2014 Photo See PRUCHA

CECHACH: see Dolezal

CHADA: Anna Frances Chada/Mother/1885-1945 Tombstone, ossw: Adolph Frank/Father/1883-1965 Tombstone Anna/Adolph, next to: Infants/Evelyn/1913 Tombstone, ossw: Adolph/1913 Tombstone, ossw: George/1913 Tombstone Evelyn/Adolph/George, next to: Otto Chada/Son/1910-1920 Tombstone

CHALUPNY: Frantiska Chalupny/narozena/24 Pros. 1876/zemrela/2 Unora 1892, ossw: Marie Chalupny/zemreia/5 Unora 1888/u stari/20 Roku Josef/Syn J. a K. Chalupny/zemrela 10 Cerv. 1893/v.stari 18 Roku, ossw: Josefa JOHNSON/Roz. Chalupny/Zemrela/23 Srp. 1898/ v. stari 30 Roku, ossw: Katerina Thanzellia J. Chalupny/Zemrela/20 Dub. 1907, v. Stari 66 Roku Footstone: J. Ch. Jennifer Mary Chalupny/-June 2, 1975- Tombstone Catherine/1869-1950, ossw: John/1867-1955, ossw: Frank Chalupny/1906-2001, ossw: Anna Chalupny/1911-2005 Wenzel/1825-1904 Tombstone, ossw: Katherine/1831-1904 Tombstone, ossw: Frank/1889-1904 Tombstone Wenzel/Katherine/Frank

CHALUPSKY: Emma/1876-1963, ossw Wenzel/1868-1936 Joseph/1830-1905, ossw: Barbara/1842-1909 Ed Chalupsky/Son/May 17, 1899/April 5, 1921 Photo/Tombstone Lillian Chalupsky/1912-1981, ossw: William Chalupsky/1911-1995 Clara Chalupsky/1906-1977 Adolph Chalupsky/Nov. 11, 187_/May 21, 1954/from obit

CHERNEY: Joseph F. Cherney/Feb. 8, 1916-Apr. 24, 2000

CHRISTIANSEN: Anna Christiansen/narozen/2 Brezen/1851/zemrela 24 unora 1871, ossw: Martin and Anna SCHIMEL See SCHIMEL Footstone: A.C.

CIGLER: Helen M. Cigler/1932-1996 Charles Cigler/1924-2008

CIHA: Albert/Father/1862-1935, ossw: Mary/Mother/1867-1956, next to: Anton Ciha/Son/1888-1906 Tombstone

CIRMON-RAISLEGER: Both Cirmon and Raisleger on stone. Thomas Cirmon/1889-1962, ossw: Katherine Cirmon/1892-1974, ossw: Mary Cirmon/1885-1971, ossw: Theresa Raisleger/1920-1963 (See RAISLEGER-have obit) Richard Cirmon/1930-1985 Footstone: Theresa

COLE: Kenneth A./1897-1963 , ossw: Leone L./1904-1988

COLLINS: Ruth Collins/1915-1989, ossw: Charles Collins/1915-1994

CONTER: Johann/Sohn Von/? A. Conter/Geboren 24 Oct. 1875/gestorben 19 Marz 1878 Annie/wife of Theo. Conter/Born Jan. 14, 1854/Died Aug. 5, 1911, ossw: Theo. Conter/Born April 10, 1849/Died Aug. 29, 1926 Footstones: Mother/Father, next to: Charles/1879-1953 Tombstone (Counter in obit and 1920 census), ossw: Anna/1877-1961 Tombstone Charles/Anna

COPPERSMITH: Denise A. Coppersmith/1966-1970/Angels visits Short and bright Tombstone Isadore/1910-1963 Tombstone, ossw: Evelyn/1913-1987 Tombstone Isadore/Evelyn Gerald M. Coppersmith/Mar. 30, 1951/Nov. 12, 1988/US Army Vietnam Richard Coppersmith Sr./1931-1994/US Air Force Korea Tombstone Carol Coppersmith/July 1, 1941/Mar. 26, 2012/from obit See Dunham

DEDINA: Anna Dedina/narozena/5 Brez. 1818/Zemrela 15 Unora 1899 Tombstone

DERENNE: Victor/1898-1963, ossw: Anna/1898-1971 Ervin A./Oct. 6, 1926/Sept. 19, 2013 Photo Mitchell S./June 3, 1963/June 27, 2011

DOBRY: Josephine Dobry 1864-1890

DOLEZAL: Frantisek Dolezal/Poz. v. Cechack/Poku 1830/Zem 30 Srpna/L.P. 1901 Thomas/1875-1946, ossw: Emma Dolezal VALENTA/1883-1960, next to: Nellie Dolezal/Mother/1868-1945 Tombstone, next to: Wenzel Dolezal/Father/1864-1951 Tombstone, next to: Louis Dolezal/May 10, 1901/Apr. 23, 1975 Tombstone

DOSTALEK: Emily Dostalek/nee Sleger/1902-1975

DOUBEK: Anton R. Doubek/1871-1947 Anton/1905-1993, ossw: Tillie/1910-1930

DRAB: Joseph C. Drab/July 26, 1924/Dec. 21, 2009

DUCA: Louise Duca/1897-1935 Tombstone

DUCAT: (Clarence A. "Duca" Ducat/Nov. 22, 1921/Jan. 6, 1995/from obituary)

DUCHON: Jan Duchon/narozen/22 Dub 1822/zemrel/26 Zari 1897, ossw: Katerina Duchon/narozen/18 Brez 1830/Zemrela/6 Rijna 1898

DUCKART: Raymond H./Jan. 18, 1910/Feb. 15, 1991, ossw: Agnes/1914-1954, ossw: Clara/1923-1998 Tombstone Raymond/Agnes/Clara (Photo sent in by researcher/see contributors page.)

DUFECK: Clara Dufeck/1879-1921 Tombstone, ossw: Jan Dufeck/1854-1928 Tombstone, ossw: Anna Dufeck/1857-1938 Tombstone Clara/Jan/Anna Footstones: Father/Mother/Daughter

DUFEK: Jacob/Father/1877-1957 Tombstone, ossw: Mary/Mother/1895-1950 Tombstone Jacob/Mary

DUNHAM: Joy Dunham/nee Coppersmith/1973-2003 Tombstone

DUSEK: Jan Dusek/narozen/5 Sep. 1839/Zemrel/4 Zari 1890 (Barbara Dusek/d. June 14, 1933/from obit)

DVORAK: Josef Dvorak/narozen 3 Srpna 1836/zemrel 10 Ledna 1885 Tombstone Jan Dvorak/narozen Roku 1825/zemrel 18 List. 1914, ossw: Marie Dvorak/narozen Roku 1828/zemrela 28 Rijna 1914 Tombstone Jan/Marie

DWORAK: Margaret Dworak/1873-1952 (Klein & Stangel Funeral Home Marker), next to: Wenzel/Father/1866-1935 Baby Dworak/Dec. 15, 1909/Dec. 15, 1909 Emma Dworak/Feb. 5, 1901/Aug. 16, 1901

EBEL: Anna/1852-1932 Tombstone, ossw: Lawrence/1835-1918 Tombstone, ossw: Katherine/1880-1964 Tombstone, ossw: Josephine/1878-1940 Tombstone Chris Ebel/1894-1958 (Deja and Martin Funeral Home marker)

EIS: Harvey Eis/1915-1986 , ossw: Marie Eis/1920-2001, ossw: Otto Sporer/1897-1984 (See SPORER-have obit), ossw: Julia Sporer/1899-1989

ETERSKY: Wenzel/Father/1868-1948 Tombstone, ossw: Anna/Mother/1873-1947 Tombstone Wenzel/Anna, next to: William J./1901-1980 Tombstone (Joseph Etersky/d. Sept. 2, 1954/from obituary) (Infant Etersky/d. Apr. 9, 1909/from obituary) (Note: This surname is also spelled Eterske and Jitersky/sent in by researcher see contributors page under Etersky) See Olsen

FABIAN: Joseph/1897-1953 Helen Fabian Wilson/1906-1969 (See WILSON-have obit), ossw: Joseph M. Fabian/Cpl. Army Air Forces/World War II/ Mar. 9, 1927/Mar. 19, 1976, next to: Joseph Fabian/Wisconsin/Pvt. 375 Repair Unit MTC/World War I/ March 24, 1897/July 7, 1953 (Metal flag holder) Tombstone

FENCL: Large stone with family name only. Four separate stones read: Frank W./Father/1863-1947 Tombstone, next to: Mary/Mother/1867-1947 Tombstone, next to: Clara/Daughter/June 28, 1900/July 13, 1993 Tombstone (d. in Milwaukee), next to: Joseph J./Son/1890-1941 Tombstone

FERRICK?: Aneztia/narozen/2 Ledna/1888, ossw: Frankseh/narozen/10 Zari 1891/zemrel 20 Kvetna 1892/Dutky F u B Ferrik?

FICHTA: (Josephine Fichta/Jan 19, 1824-May 9, 1904/from record/no stone) Matej Fichta/Roz. 7 Unora 1819/Zem/20 Rijna 1898 Tombstone John/1859-1922 Tombstone, ossw: Rose/1883-1964 Tombstone John/Rose Joseph Fichta/1910-1978 Tombstone, ossw: Louis Fichta/1903-1998 Tombstone Joseph/Louis

FICK: Marie Fick/zemrela/24 Rij 1887/v stari 25 Roku above on same stone with Josef & Terezie HOLUB

FICTUM: Wencel/Father/1862-1945 Tombstone, ossw: Katherine/Mother/1864-1925 Tombstone, ossw: Rose/1893 Tombstone Wencel/Katherine/Rose, next to: Joe Fictum/Nar. 20 Zari 1821/zem 23 Zari 1915 Tombstone

FIERST: Alvina Fierst/1904-1960 Tombstone

FINNEL: Lawrence/1949-1972, ossw: Bernard/1916-2008, ossw: Lillian/1917 -

FISHER: Jan Fisher/zemrel 17 Cervna 1906/stari 84 Roku

FLEGLE: Karl Flegle/Nar. 5 Cervenec/Zem 12 Cervenec 1890 Tombstone, ossw: Vouticek Flegle/nar 1 List/Zem 10 List. 1909 Tombstone Albert/Karl (Note: Old transcription/new stone), next to: Joseph J./July 11, 1881/Dec. 20, 1967, ossw: Mary D./1886-1963, next to: Jacob/Father/1858-1942 Tombstone, ossw: Mary/Mother/1861-1933 Tombstone Jacob/Mary

FOGELTANC: Bartolomej Fogltanc/narozen/l Brezna 1820/Zemrel/27 Zari 1885 Tombstone On same stone with Katerina VOGLTANC. See VOGLTANC Two small footstones next to above: K.V./B.F.

FORST: Josef Forst/Narozen/16 Unora 1856/zemrela/4 Cerve 1868/ossw: Marie Forst/narozena/1 Brez 1865/zemrela 18 Zari 1873 Vaclav Forst/Father/1839-1887 Tombstone Large stone with family name only. Two separate stones: Mary Forst/1873-1937 Tombstone, next to: Wenzel Forst/1875-1926 Helen F. Forst/1903-1992

FRANK: Mayme/1903-1972 Tombstone

FRISH: Frank Frish/July 11, 1882/Jan. 29, 1916 Emma Frish/1889-1965 Tombstone, ossw: John/1825-1908 Tombstone John Frish/narozen 9 Unora 1859/zemrel/3 Cerv. 1935 (added to new stone below) Footstones: Matka/Otec/Matka/syn Dedeceh Joseph/1899-1907 Tombstone, ossw: Frances/1866-1944 Tombstone, ossw: John/1859-1935 Tombstone, ossw: Jennie/1865-1907 Tombstone

FRONK: John/Son/1898-1898 Tombstone Anna Fronk/1834-1927/Mother Tombstone, ossw: Mathias Fronk/1830-1903/Father Tombstone, ossw: Anna Fronk/1856-1937/Daughter Tombstone Anna/Mathias/Anna Anna J./Apr. 2, 1900/Mar. 5, 1974 Tombstone, ossw: William J./1893-1977 Tombstone, ossw: Katherine Fronk/1895-1975, ossw: Richard W./1921-1996, ossw: Bernard A./1925-2011 Tombstone, ossw: Elizabeth D./1925-____, ossw: Grace E./1933-____ Emma Fronk/Narozena 24 Brez. 1866/zemrela 13 Dubna 1917 Tombstone, ossw: Vaclav Fronk/narozen 15 Srpen 1860/zemrel 24 Zari 1922 Tombstone Large family stone. Separate stones read: Frank/Father/1867-1939, next to: Anna/Mother/1874-1942, next to: Alma/Dau. of 0 & J Fronk/B & D Feb. 20, 1941, next to: Mae/Dau. of 0 & J Fronk/B&D May 7, 1944, next to: J. Glenn Fronk/Mar. 23, 1946/Dec. 3, 1946 Tombstone Daniel J. Fronk/1910-1997, ossw: Josephine Z. Fronk/1915-1999 Jeremiah W. Fronk/June 6, 1954/Dec. 12, 2007 Tombstone

FRYSE-FRYS: Johanka/manzelka J. Fryse/Narozena 8 Cerv. 1865/zemrela 26 Pros. 1907, ossw: Pauel Frys/narozen 29 Cerv. 1825/zemrel 30 Leil 1908, ossw: Josef/Syn J. & J Fryse/narozen 19 Srp. 1899/zemril 27 Pros. 1907

FUNK: Harold L. Funk/Sept. 20, 1945/Oct. 7, 1997/US Army Vietnam, ossw: Nancy A. Funk/Jan. 29, 1947/Oct. 7, 1997/married July 20, 1968

GABRIEL: Jan Gabriel/zemrel/20 Kvet 1889/Stari 59 Roku Tombstone

GARCEAU: Dorothey Garceau/Sept. 23, 1925/May 10, 2001, ossw: William B. Garceau/Feb. 20, 1924/Nov. 1, 1995

GASPER: Oscar Gasper/1921-2000 (04 Oct 1921/24 Sep 2000) Mayme Gasper/1923-1989

GAUTHIER: Harold A. Gauthier/Wisconsin PFC 122 Evac Hosp/World War II Nov. 25, 1919/July 18, 1972 Tombstone Harold A. Gauthier/Nov. 25, 1919/July 18, 1972

GERLACHE: Julia/1897-1976, ossw: Kenneth/1913-1990 Also Lambert Funeral Home Marker: Julia Gerlache/June 15, 1976

GESSER: Large stone-family name only. Smaller stone reads: Lucille/Mother/1897-1948, ossw: Joseph/Father/1892-1979 Charles J. Gesser/1923-2003, ossw: Gladys M. Gesser/1925-2000

GOESSL: Donald/1935-2014 Photo, ossw: Caroline/1938- , ossw: Brian/1964-1965 Benjamin A. Goessl/Apr. 8, 1959/Mar. 14, 1991/married Oct. 21, 1978

GOSPODAREK: Alois J. Gospodarek/1910-1987, ossw: Marcella Gospodarek/1915-2002

GRALL: Julia Grall/1894-1927 Tombstone

GULBRAND: Helen Gulbrand/Oct. 19, 1922/June 2, 2006 (Vernon D./July 2, 1928/Apr. 9, 2013/from obit)

HALADA: Veronika/Halada/zemrela/21 Unora 1882 stara 46 Roku Jan Halada/narozen/16 Zari 1828 - uncut, ossw: Dorota Halada/narozena/15 Kviet 1832/zemrela 9 Dub 1915, ossw: Jan Halada/narozen/18 Led. 1867/zemrel/30 Zari 1890

HALLADA: Katherine E./Feb. 24, 1895/May 25, 1975, ossw, William/1893-1942, next to: Carl Hallada/1918-1918, next to: Anthony J. Hallada/Wisconsin/PFC Btry A.688 Field Arty Bn/World War II Dec. 25, 1923/March 14, 1967 U.S. War vet flag Tombstone Large stone the following were all separate stones, now on large stone Amanda/Nov. 16, 1883/July 19, 1947 Tombstone, ossw: Wenzel/Sept. 28, 1883/Jan. 31, 1959 Tombstone, ossw: Pearl Hallada/Oct. 17, 1910/Apr. 17, 1975 Tombstone, ossw: Albert Hallada/April 8, 1908/Aug. 30, 1997 Tombstone, ossw: Annie/July 26, 1910/July 28, 1910 Tombstone, ossw: John Hallada/Jan. 6, 1949/June 23, 1949 Tombstone Tombstone Amanda/Wenzel/Pearl/Albert/Annie/John Gladys Hallada/1915-1998 Raymond Hallada/PVT US Army/World War II/ Aug. 6, 1913/Aug. 23, 2000 Tombstone Vivian E./Jan. 19, 1923/Sept. 18, 2011 Photo Mary Hallada/1871-1910, next to: Anton Hallada/1872-1941, next to: Adolph Hallada/1895-1936, next to: Frances Hallada/1899-1967, next to, John Hallada/1869-1945, next to: Anna Hallada/1858-1934, next to: Anton Hallada/1837-1932, next to: Anton Hallada/1877-1954 Louis/1887-1968, ossw: Martha/1892-1954, next to: Caroline Hallada/Born/Sept. 11, 1920/Died/Mar. 4, 1945, next to: Roy Hallada/Born/June 28, 1913/Died/Mar. 1, 1938, next to: Louis J./Hallada/Born/Feb. 14, 1918/Died/Sept. 14, 1918 Large stone - family name only. Separate stones read: Lily/1885-1886, next to: Alice/1898-1898, next to, Anna Hallada/1861-1927, next to: Thom Hallada Sr./1861-1940 Jacob/1846-1904 Tombstone, ossw: Therisa/1857-1912 Tombstone, ossw: Emma/1883-1976 Tombstone, ossw: Vincent/1881-1945 Tombstone Jacob/Therisa/Emma/Vincent Roman Hallada/1913-2000 (Joseph Hallada/1894-1954/from obit/no stone) (Emanuel Hallada/19 Jan. 1895/1 Dec. 1895/from death record)

HANEK: Josef Hanek/narozen/26 Srp. 1902/zemrel/23 Zari 1903 Tombstone

HAVLICHEK: George/1907-1959 Tombstone, ossw: Emily/1912-2002 Tombstone George/Emily Charles/Father/1867-1929 Tombstone, ossw: Teresie/Mother/1867-1954 Tombstone Charles/Teresie

HAVLOVITZ: Emil/1912-2009 Tombstone, ossw: Helen/1917-2008 Tombstone Emil/Helen


HENISH: Mary/Apr. 28, 1855/Oct. 13, 1927, ossw: Joseph/1854-1941 Tombstone Mary/Joseph Footstone: Mother.

HIMLER: Edward/sohn von/F.A. & A Himler/geborern/20 Sept. 1862/gestorben 20 Jan. 1870

HLINAK: Joseph F./1895-1969, ossw: Emma/1898-1958, next to, Roger Hlinak/Sept. 8, 1957 John Edward Hlinak/Wisconsin/Pvt. U.S. Army/World War II/ Oct. 10, 1921/Jan. 15, 1947 Tombstone Mary/Mother/1893-1944, ossw: Joseph J./Father/1882-1956 Tombstone Mary/Joseph Francis M. Hlinak/Apr. 25, 1921/Sept. 22, 1992/US Army World War II

HODEK: Josefin Hodek/Nee SKUBAL/1859-1910 (On Skubal lot)Tombstone This is Josefa N.(Skubal) Hodek, daughter of: Antonin Skubal/19 Srpna 1828/25 Cervna 1910, ossw: Katerina Skubal/30 Zari 1831/8 Srpna 1892 Josefa was her birth name; Josephine was her American name. Her parents are both buried on the SKUBAL lot. (photo and info contributed by 2 researchers/see contributors page) Large family stone. Four separate stones: Katherine Hodek/Mother/1865-1914 Tombstone, next to: Joseph Hodek Sr./Father/1858-1926 Tombstone, next to: Rose Hodek/Mother/1890-1974, next to: Joseph Hodek Jr./Father/1886-1930 Tombstone Norman F. Hodek/Wisconsin/Sgt. 3500 Base Unit AAF/World War II/ Feb. 23, 1919/Aug. 19, 1968 Am. Leg. Flag Tombstone, ossw: Beatrice Hodek/Mother/1921-1995 Tombstone, next to: Martin/Father/1883-1938 Tombstone, ossw: Emma/Mother/1884-1960 Tombstone Martin/Emma, next to: Irene/1912-1913 Benjamin Hodek/1914-1999

HOLETZ: Jos. Holetz/Co. A./18 Wis. Inf. (Born: March 1840 in Austria-Bohemia/Died: March 17, 1915/ From the Manitowoc County Civil War Roundtable) Tombstone

HOLLY: Marie Holly/Narozena/6 Led. 1814/zemrela 23 Dub. 1885, ossw: Jakub Holly/narozen/22 Rijna 1819/zemrel 23 Cervec 1907 Footstone: K.Z./M.Z. Anna Holly/1882-1969, ossw: Anton and Catherine STRADAL See STRADAL Large stone - name only. Separate stones: Joseph/Father/1873-1966 Tombstone, next to: Albina/1886-1938 Tombstone Elsie/1825-1926 Tombstone Joseph/1915-1915 Tombstone Irene/1911-1911 Tombstone Miles/1909-1910 Tombstone

HOLUB: Anton Holub/narozen/17 List 1850/zemrel/12 Zari 1893 Footstone: A.H. Josef Holub/zemrel/26 Dub 1900/v. stari/77 Roku Tombstone, ossw: Terezie Holub/Zemrela/4 Cerv 1889/v stari/64 Roku, ossw: Marie FICK See FICK Jan Holub/Narozen/18 Cerv 1839/zemrel/31 Brez 1880 Tombstone Katerina Holub/nar. vo. Volesnel Kraj Plzensky/v. Cechach/Roku 1822/zemrel/23 Rijna 1894 Tombstone, ossw: Vojtech Holub/nar. ve Volesne/Kraj Plzensky,/Cechach/Roku 1810/24 Brez. 1897 Tombstone

HONZIK: Wenzel J. Honzik/Sept. 5, 1895/Oct. 19, 1971, ossw: Anna Honzik/1900-1967 Tombstone Wenzel/Anna, next to: David James Honzik/Son of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Honzik/Nov. 21-22, 1964 Tombstone, next to: Magdalena Honzik/1859-1919 Tombstone Harvey Honzik/July 11, 1936/Mar. 17, 1994 Tombstone

HRABIK: Otto J./1898-1955, ossw: Mayme A. Hrabik Pivonka/1900-1988

HRDINA: Mailia Marie Hrdina/Narozena/3 Led 1866/zemrela/13 Srp. 1909 (Infant of J. Hrdina/d. May 1907/from obituary) Footstone: M.H.

HRONEK: Large stone with family name only. No names cut on it-newer stone. Clara Hronek/1904-1995, ossw: Joseph W. Hronek/1902-1978 Stone reads: Shefchek-Hronek Josephine Hronek/March 20, 1906/Aug. 24, 1978, ossw: Raymond Hronek/1902-1961, ossw: Shefchek See SHEFCHEK

HULETZ: Vaclav Huletz/narozen/26 Cerv. 1850/zemrel/21 Kvet 1900 Tombstone

JAKLIN: Frank/Father/1885-1964 Tombstone, ossw: Mary/Mother/1887-1944 Tombstone Frank/Mary Anna/Mother/1855-1939 Tombstone, ossw: Nick/Father/1838-1932 Tombstone Josephine/1890-1932 Tombstone, ossw: Orlcendo "Orlie" Jaklin/1912-1990 Tombstone, ossw: (Nick Jaklin/b. Aug. 2, 1883/d. Oct. 1971 Tombstone Richard Jaklin/Born/Apr. 13, 1920/Died Oct. 19, 1920 See KOENIG

JANDA: Josef Janda/narozen/26 Brez 1840/zemre1/7 Kvet 1900 Tombstone, ossw: Alzbeta Janda/zemrela/4 Srp. 1916/v. stari/73 Roku Tombstone Footstone: J.J. (leaning against above stone). Wenzel/1878-1958, ossw: Anna/1880-1960, ossw: Helen/1911-1937, ossw: Anna/1905-1921 Tombstone Wenzel/Anna/Helen/Anna Rose Janda/1909-2001 Tombstone, ossw: Laudy/1904-1950 Tombstone Harold Janda/1924-2003/US Army World War II

JANSKY: Louis F./1889-1977, ossw: Lucy E./1891-1967, ossw: Chester/1914-1931 Edward/1892-1972, ossw: Clara/1895-1987 Joseph Sr./1852-1930, ossw: Mary/1864-1943 Tombstone Joseph L. Jansky/1876-1966 Tombstone

JERGENSON: Josephine Jergenson/Jan. 4, 1886/March 21, 1906 Tombstone Footstone: J.J. James Jergenson/1951-1978, ossw: Warren Jergenson/1928-1994

JITERSKY: Vaclav Jitersky/narozen 27 Rijna 1834/zemrel 9 Rijna 1905, ossw: Annie Jitersky/zemrel/2 Zari 1928/stari 84 Roku Tombstone Vaclav/Annie Footstones, Vaclav/Lucie/Anna (all three lying flat on ground) (Note: This surname is also spelled Eterske and Etersky/sent in by researcher see contributors page under Etersky/Other first names you’ll run into are their children, Wencil, Emma, Johanna, Joseph & Anna, plus their kids, etc)

JOHANA: Matej/Johana/zemrel/12 Rijna 1879/v. stari/60 Roku, ossw: Marie/Johana/zemrel 19 Unora 1908/v. stari/78 Roku

JOHANEK: Thomas Johanek/zem 8 Cervce/1902 stari 67 Roku Thomas J./1885-1964, ossw: Catherine A./1888-1974 Tombstone Thomas/Catherine Joseph J./Sept. 8, 1896/Aug. 12, 1965, ossw: Emily M. Johanek/1899-1990 Tombstone Emily/Joseph Frank/Father/1872-1946, ossw: Barbara/Mother/1876-1955 Tombstone Frank/Barbara Evelyn/Mar. 28, 1908/July 3, 1928, ossw: Eleanora/Aug. 31, 1904/Oct. 24, 1906 Tombstone Evelyn/Eleanora Eugene J. Johanek/March 30, 1924/May 2, 2001/ US Army World War II Tombstone, ossw: Dorothy H. Johanek/July 3, 1927/May 13, 1999, ossw: Frank Roidt/1898-1977 (See ROIDT-have obit), ossw: Florence Roidt/1905-1980 Tombstone Eugene/Dorothy/Frank/Florence Albina Johanek/1908-2000, ossw: Stephen Johanek/1904-1993 Richard E. Johanek/Apr. 3, 1914/Dec. 31, 1994, ossw: Edna A./Apr. 3, 1918/Mar. 27, 2008 Tombstone Richard/Edna Evelyn A. Johanek/1918-1980, ossw: Daniel W./1916-2009 Tombstone Evelyn/Daniel Daniel F. Jr.Apr. 26, 1944/Nov. 20, 2007 Julius Johanek/1903-1993, ossw: Marcella Johanek/1911-1997 Tombstone Julius/Marcella Celestine T./June 11, 1922/May 21, 2011 Tombstone Frances/Oct 11, 1883/Feb. 23, 1963, ossw: Joseph A./Oct. 14, 1879/Aug. 31, 1963 Tombstone Frances/Joseph See Roidt

JOHNSON: Josefa JOHNSON/Roz. Chalupny/Zemrela/23 Srp. 1898/ v. stari 30 Roku Tombstone, ossw: See CHALUPNY

KAISER: Jacob Kaiser/Born Jan. 12, 1825/Died/July 30, 1904, ossw: Mary Kaiser/Born Jan. 28, 1825/Died Jan. 6, 1914 Joseph Kaiser/1914-1999, ossw: Helen Kaiser/1916-2002, ossw: John/1883-1957, ossw: Anna/1887-1957 Tombstone Joseph/Helen/John/Anna, next to: Albert Kaiser Tombstone Joseph Kaiser Tombstone Mary Kaiser/June 25, 1858/Sept. 29, 1921, ossw: Albert Kaiser/July 4, 1852/Mar. 19, 1931 Tombstone Mary/Albert Kaiser/Father Mother on Fronk lot (Charles Kaiser/Jan. 14, 1942/Dec. 28, 2011/from obit) (Doris Kaiser/Apr. 17, 1938/Feb. 21, 2014/from obit)

KALIES: Dolores M. Kalies/June 25, 1927/Sept. 13, 1998

KANERA: Katerina/manzellia/Josefa Kanery/zermrela/18 Cervence 1894/u stari 52 roku, ossw: Josefa Kanera/zemrela/17 Brezna 1902/u. stari 69 Roku Tombstone Katerina/Josefa Louis/1899-1974, ossw: Alice/1909-1999 Anna/1897-1966, ossw: Joseph/1907-1992, ossw: Frank/1863-1947, ossw: Mary/1877-1953, ossw: Joseph/1870-1965 Tombstone Anna/Joseph/Frank/Mary/Joseph

KANERY: See KANERA, Katerina

KARMAN: Anna/1900-1925 Tombstone, ossw: Elizabeth/1873-1953 Tombstone, ossw: Wencel/1870-1940 Tombstone Joseph G./1882-1963 Tombstone, ossw: Mary/1883-1963 Tombstone, ossw: Lucy/1910-1911 Tombstone, ossw: Richard/1920-1923 Tombstone, in front of: Marie Karman/narozena 15 Rijna 1850/zemrela 10 Brez 1922, ossw: Jiri Karman/narozen/4 Dub 1847/zemrel/25 Kvet 1926 Footstone: J.K. Marie Karmanova/nar. 26 Led 1881/zem 19 Kvet 1901 (Stone reads Karman) Joe F. Karman/Nov. 17, 1916/Nov. 29, 1984 Rosemary Karman/July 2, 1920/June 29, 2013


KASMER: Andrew Kasmer/1906-1984, ossw: Ann Kasmer/1920-1977

KAUFMANN: Mary Kaufmann/born/Aug. 15, 1858/died/June 28, 1902, ossw: John ZOUBEK/born/May 20, 1826/died/Nov. 19, 1894

KAUKALIKOVA: Johanna Kaukalikova/zemrela/Dubn 1882/stari 28 roku Footstone: J.K.

KAZMIERSKI: Ceslaw Kazmierski/Rodzony Dnia 8 Maja 1917 Roku/umar Dnia 16 Lisitopadoy 1930 Roku Tombstone Herman/Sept. 11, 1873/Aug. 2, 1967, ossw: Katherine/1879-1961

KEMPKA: Adolph A. Kempka/Oct. 31, 1914/Oct. 27, 1991, ossw: Elizabeth E. Kempka/Oct. 6, 1914/Sept. 11, 2002 Tombstone Adolph/Elizabeth

KENVILLE: John F./Aug. 31, 1925/July 14, 2008, ossw: Gladys M./Sept. 8, 1926/June 5, 2010 Tombstone John/Gladys

KERCH: Emil/1884-1957 Tombstone, ossw: Josephine/1888-1961 Tombstone Rev. Rudolph Kerch/Dec. 31, 1913/Apr. 13, 1998/ Ordained June 1, 1940 Tombstone

KERSHEK: Barbara/1870-1948, ossw: Charles/1866-1934, ossw: Andrew Kriescher/1902-1984, ossw: Lucy Kriescher/1908-1967 See KRIESCHER-have obits.

KETTNER: Pictures contributed by researcher/see contributors page. Viola Kettner Noel/1919-1957, next to: Annie J. Kettner/Mother/1890-1952 Tombstone, next to: Wencel E. Kettner/Father/1885-1944 Tombstone, next to: Grace A. Kettner/Daughter/1914-1914 Tombstone Benjamin Kettner/1912-1990, ossw: Veronica Kettner/1914-1986 Leonard Kettner/1916-1977 Cecelia M./Nov. 21, 1917/April 4, 2008/from obit

KIRCHEN: John Kirchen/1944-2006

KIRKWOOD: Adeline Kirkwood/Dec. 26, 1925/July 17, 1991 Tombstone

KLOIDA: Wooden cross: V. Kloida Frank/Father/1853-1946, ossw: Mary/Mother/1859-1943, next to: Clarence C. Kloida/Born May 8, 1908/Died July 20, 1915

KOBES: Donald Kobes/March 13, 1952/March 13, 1968 Tombstone Dolores M. Kobes/June 25, 1927/Sept. 13, 1998 Tombstone

KOENIG: Michael/1907-1973, ossw: Evelyn Koenig Urbanek/1912-1989 (See URBANEK-have obit) Tombstone Michael/Evelyn Photo contributed by researcher/see contributors page. Eli Koenig/May 28, 1914/July 15, 1984 Leo Koenig Jr. "Coonhound"/1933-1993 Mary E. Koenig Jaklin/1899-1988 Tombstone Norbert F. Koenig/Mar. 1, 1924/Mar. 26, 2008 Florence Koenig/1931/Sept. 4, 2009

KOHNLE: Josef V./1900-1960, ossw: Dorothea Kohnle/1913-1994 Tombstone Josef/Dorothea Separate Klein and Stangel marker reads: Josef Raphael Kohnle/1900-1960 (this is no longer there/2013)

KOLAR: Rev. Francis Kolar/Born Apr. 25, 1865/Ordained Mar. 3, 1889/Died Aug. 1, 1946 Tombstone

KOLARIK: Carrie Kolarik/narozen/22 Zari 1910/zemrel/11 Unora 1911, ossw: Josef Kolarik/narozen/25 Brez 1880/zemrel/26 Rij 1910 Joyce Kolarik/Feb. 3, 1929/Oct. 24, 2008 James Kolarik/May 6, 1926/May 25, 2012

KONDERHEL: Marie Konderhel/narozena/27 Cerv. 1828/zemrela/29 Pros. 1913 Jan Konderhel/narozen/31 Kvet 1822/zemrel/17 Dub 1900 Charles Konderhel/1871-1958 Tombstone

KONIECZNY: Alexander/1892-1981, ossw: Martha/1898-1968 Tombstone Alexander/Martha Casimer P. Konieczny/Jan. 24, 1924/Dec. 22, 1987/ US Army World War II Tombstone Francis R. Konieczny/Oct. 22, 1935/June 12, 2002/ US Army plaque Tombstone Harold R./Sept. 29, 1938/Nov. 11, 2009 Tombstone

KONOP: Jakob Konop/11 Listopadu/1834/zemrel/27 Brezna/1903 Anna Konop Tombstone Schumil Konop/narozen/8 Rijna 1871/zemrel/11 Srpna 1885 Konop Stone reads: Konop-SCHLEIS only. Separate stones read: Maggie Konop/1844-1930, next to: Andrew Konop/1842-1920, next to: Joseph T. Konop/1882-1931, next to: Rosalia Konop/1885-1921, next to: Leona Konop/1907/1930, next to: Anna HAWVER/1876-1947, next to: Mary Konop/1877-1966 Victor C. Konop/1911-1997, ossw: Gladys Konop/1915-1998 (Lucille Konop/d. 1930/from obit)

KOPETSKY: John/Father/1878-1946, ossw: Mathilda/Mother/1883-1976 Anna Kopetsky/July 22, 1844/Sept. 1, 1921, next to: Jan Kopetsky/nar. 14 Dubna 1836/zem 15 Srpna 1918 Tombstone Leo A. Kopetsky/1912-1987, ossw: Clara D. Kopetsky/1914-1987

KOPIDLANSKY: Daniel L. Kopidilansky/Husband/1916-1946 Tombstone

KOSTKA: Edward Kostka/Son/1902-1922 Frank Sr./Father/1876-1921, ossw: Mary/Mother/1878-1953

KOUDELLA: Rosa/Koudella/Born/A.D. 1828/Died March 5, 1872/Aged 44 Years

KOUKALIK: Ludmila Koukalik/nar. 20 Kvetna 1815/zem 15 Unora 1889 Tombstone, ossw: Josef Koukalik/nar 15 Brezna 1822/zem 25 Cervna 1904 Tombstone Large stone-family name only. Separate stones read: John Koukalik Sr./Father/Died Sept. 2, 1908/Age 62 years Tombstone, next to: Frances Koukalik/Mother/Died Dec. 16, 1942/Aged 84 years Tombstone, next to, Frances Koukalik/Daughter/Mar. 9, 1891/Apr. 19, 1932, next to: Joseph Koukalik/Private/of Company A 14th Battalion U.S.A. Guard/ Mar. 7, 1895/Oct. 3, 1918 War vet flag Tombstone, next to: John/1885-1949, ossw: Mary/1890-1963, next to: Raymond Koukalik/Apr. 2, 1911/Oct. 8, 1918 Tombstone

KOWALSKI: Frank/1886-1971, ossw: Anna/1903-1983 Tombstone Frank/Anna

KOZELKA: Anna Kozelka/narzena Svejkarova/narozena/v Brezna 1830/Zemrela/9 Pros. 1883 Large monument, family name only. Separate stones read: John A. Kozelka/1888-1942, next to: Anna Kozelka/1871-1947, next to: John Kozelka/1865-1931, next to: Anna Kozelka/1850-1922, next to: Thomas Kozelka/1821-1890, next to: Marie Kozelka/1871-1907

KRAL: Joseph Kral/nar/1 List 1842/zem/7 Pros. 1911, ossw: Barbara Kral/nar/25 Pros. 1840/zem/23 Dubna 1919 Tombstone Joseph/Barbara Footstones: Matka/Otec (broken and lying on ground) next to: Josef M. Kral/narozea/2 Listop 1878/zemrel 21 Unora 1901 Tombstone, ossw: Barbora Kral/narozena/28 Listop 1876/zemrela/17 Kvetna 1892

KRALL: Carl W./1909-1969, ossw: Janet D/- Daniel J./1907-1969, ossw: Esther/1908-1975 Mary Krall/Born/Jan. 6, 1886/Died/Mar. 3, 1922 Wenze1/Father/1879-1939 Footstone Mary/Mother/1886-1922 Footstone

KRALOVEC: Martin Kralovec/narozen/22 Kvet 1868/zemrel/8 List. 1886, Footstone: M.K. Jan Kralovec/zemrel/12 Brez 1907/v. stari 77 Roku Footstone: J.C.

KRALOVETZ: Anna Kralovetz/Died/Apr. 7, 1922 Age 88 years Matthew Kralovetz/d. Apr. 30, 1922 (a.k.a Ledvina)

KRAUS: Vojtech Kraus/narozen/Roku 1821/zemrel 1 Srpna 1898, ossw: Katharina Kraus/zem 5 Dubna 1911 Rudolph Kraus/Mar. 6, 1902/Feb. 26, 1910, ossw: Frank Kraus/born June 3, 1901/Died/Aug. 30, 1901 Peter/1856-1923, ossw: Josephine/1871-1938, ossw: Rudolph and Mary KROFTA Jan Kraus/nar. 8 Dub 1831/zem 11 Rij 1909, ossw: Anna Kraus/nar. 23 Zari 1831,/zem 1 Cervna 1922 Three footstones: Father/Mother/Antonia/1872-1923 Martin Kraus/nar. 26 Kvet 1837/zem 30 Srpna 1917 Tombstone Footstone: Martin Kraus See SHEDIVY

KRAUSE: Katerina/manzellia/narozina/4 List 1846/zemrela/18 Cervre 1886 Footstone: K.K.

KRCH: Photo contributed by researcher/see contributors page. Monument with family name plus Otec/Matka at base. Separate stone reads: Frantisek/Krch/narozen/14 Rijna 1817/zemrel/25 Dub 1882, ossw: Marie Krch/Narozena/21 List. 1821/zemrela/5 Kvet 1890 Tombstone Frank/Mary Footstone: F.K.

KRCMA: Paul/1929-2004, ossw: Martin/1953-1961, ossw: Clara/1930 - Wencil/1885-1966, ossw: Della/1890-1949, ossw: Marie/1920-1951, ossw: Lorraine Krcma/1929-2000 Joseph J. Krcma/1878-1969, next to: John Krcma/1849-1916, next to: Mary Krcma/1851-1919, next to: Anna Krcma/1877-1908, next to: Emily/1892-1978, ossw: Charles Krcma/1886-1979, ossw: Baby/1923 Joseph P. Krcma/May 26, 1934/Dec. 9, 1993/US Army

KREMA: Dolores L. Krema/1926-2003

KRIES: Marie (Spevacek) Kries/1899-1977 Tombstone (Placed here by researcher/see contributors page) See Spevacek

KRIESCHER: Barbara Kershek/1870-1948, ossw: Charles Kershek/1866-1934, ossw: Andrew Kriescher/1902-1984, ossw: Lucy Kriescher/1908-1967 See KERSHEK-have obits

KRIZEK: Frank Krizek/July 25, 1866/Jan. 20, 1898 Tombstone Matej Krizek/narozen/9 Unor 1831/zemrel/19 Cervce 1908 Tombstone Antone Krizek/Father/1873-1948 Tombstone

KROFTA: Josef Krofta/Zemrel/30 Rijna/1883/star 46 Roku Stone reads Krofta. See LODEL, Tomas Charles Krofta/Oct. 11, 1870/June 20, 1921 Tombstone, next to: Joseph Krofta/Father/1891-1957, next to: Anna/Mother/wife of Joseph Krofta/1893-1945 John Krofta/Father/June 7, 1839/Jan. 21, 1928 Tombstone, next to: Anna Krofta/Mother/Nov. 1, 1849/Jan. 31, 1929 Tombstone, next to: Mary Krofta, next to: Joseph G. Krofta/1923-1972 Vet Flag Tombstone Rudolph/1892-1954, ossw: Mary/1894-1990, ossw: KRAUS, Peter and Josephine Mary Krofta/1879-1983 See KRAUS

KRSEK: Anna Krsek/narozena/26 Cervency 1872/zemrela/24 Brezna 1886. Stone is broken - near west end of road 2 footstones lying loose nearby: A.K./B.L. Jan Krsek/zemrel/6 List. 1897/v stari/69 Roku

KRUMMEL: Joseph B. Krummel/1913-1994, ossw: Agatha A. Krummel/1914-1985

KUBIAK: Adelaide/1906-1962, ossw: Walter/1900-19___

KUGLE: Michael/1862-1918, ossw: Caroline/1872-1957, ossw: Joseph/1893-1972 Footstone: Father

KUHN: Georg Kuhn/gestorben 19 Nov. 1876/alter 55 Jahre

KUKL: Tomas Kukl/zemrel/29 Zari 1887/stari 63 Roku Tombstone

KUNESH: Joseph A./1913-1974 (10 Jan 1913/Dec 1974/SSDI), ossw: Mayme A./1911-2001

KVITEK: Emma/1904-1992, ossw: Matt/1903-1992, ossw: Frank/1909-1996, ossw: Lillian/1912-1981 Tombstone Emma/Matt/Frank/Lillian

LAMBERT: Mayme Lambert/1913-1994, ossw: Arnold Lambert/1906-1982, ossw: Baby Lambert/June 27, 1948 John M. Lambert/1894-1981, ossw: Frances Lambert/1897-1961 Ladies Aux. VFW flag Daniel Lambert/1929-1999

LECAPTAIN: Nelson J./1907-1994,ossw: Mary E./1906-1968

LECLAIR: Jude/July 2, 1927/Sept. 29, 1974, ossw: Donna/1931-1994 (U.S. war vet flag) Jeffrey/1952-1996


LITEL: John Litel/d. 1937

LISKA: Bernard Liska/zemrel/16 Srpna 1885/stari 73 roku

LODEL: Joseph C./1889-1980, ossw: Mary/1894-1925, next to: Frank M. Lodel/Wisconsin/Chauffeur Co. 12 Ammo TN/World War I/ Feb. 17, 1895/Aug. 17, 1957, Amer. Leg. flag, ossw: Daniel Lodel/Apr. 1, 1922/Aug. 13, 1922, ossw: Otelia Lodel/1898-1996 Tombstone Frank/Daniel/Otelia William Lodel/1897-1970, next to: Frank Lodel/Died July 8, 1927/Age 72 yrs., ossw: Anna Lodel/Died Mar. 17, 1934/age 72 yrs. Tombstone Frank/Anna, next to: Charlie Lodel/Nov. 23, 1886/Mar. 3, 1890 Tombstone, next to: Charles Lodel/1861-1940, next to: Voyta LODL/Bugler Co. K/34 Wis. Inf., next to: Vojetech Lodel/narozen/16 Cervce 1829/zemrel/30 Kvet 1900 Tombstone, next to: Anna Lodel/1829-1922 Louis/1921-1998, ossw: Agnes/1922-2007, ossw: James/1950-1958, next to: Albina/Mother/1894-1982, ossw: Frank L./Father/1886-1942 Tomas Lodel/narozen/20 Rij 1827/zemrel/11 Led/1909 (above name on stone which reads: KROFTA

LODL: See LODEL Frances Lodl/1904-1994, ossw: Alois/1900-1949 Joseph/1864-1950, ossw: Anna/1867-1933, ossw: Otto/1893-1903, ossw: Ladi/1903-1905 Tombstone Joseph/Anna/Otto/Ladi

LUKES: Joseph/1893-1963, ossw: Emily Lukes/1887-1968 Raymond J. Lukes/1917-2002 Allen J. Lukes/1962-1980

MACH: Marketa Mach/narozena/13 Serv 1794/zemrala/7 Dub 1872 Tombstone

MALECHEK: Carol Ann/1948, ossw: John/1919-1988/US Army World War II Tombstone, ossw: Alice/1923 - Carol Ann Malechek/-Oct. 19, 1948- Tombstone Joseph/1856-1933, ossw: Margaret/1858-1927, ossw: Antonette/1895-1912 Tombstone Joseph/Margaret/Antonette Archie Malechek/Mar. 1, 1916/May 14, 2001/married Oct. 20, 1948 Mildred Malechek/April 21, 1921/May 3, 2009/from obit

MALEGEK: Matej Malegek/zemrel/30 Kvet 1896/v. stari/78 roku, ossw: Marie/manzelka/M. Malegek/zemrela/22 Cervce 1897/u stari 80 Roku

MALY: Alzbeta Maly/narozena/3 Dubna 1785/zem v Dub. 1859, ossw: Alzbeta Maly/narozena/6 Unora 1815/zem v Cerc/1858/ Matka and Manzelka/Jozefa Maly

MARTIN: Carl J./1894-1958, ossw: Clara B./1892-1976 Tombstone Carl/Clara

MATEJOVEC: Jan Matejovec/zem/28 Brezna/1898/v stari/78 Roku, ossw: Theresa Matejovec/zem/29 Unora/1896/v Stari/71 Roku

MELICHAR: Anton Melichar/1916-1917 Adolph/1884-1976 Tombstone, ossw: Tillie/1890-1978 Tombstone Adolph/Tillie Lester/1925-1941, ossw: Wenzel/1914-1914 Tombstone Lester/Wenzel

MELNARIK: Photo contributed by researcher/see contributors page. Charles/Dec. 23, 1908/June 26, 1977 Helen/1906-2006 Tombstone Charles/Helen Joseph/1840-1930, next to: Kathrine Melnarik/1842-1938, next to: John/Father/1883-1941, ossw: Mary/Mother/1885-1961 Wencel/Father/1873-1946, ossw: Josephine/Mother/1884-1937 Joseph G. Melnarik/1905-1977, ossw: Llyone A. Melnarik/1915-2003 (Anna Melnarik/1908-1939/from obit/no stone?)

MESSMAN: Kathrine/1873-1965, ossw: Charles/1874-1936 Tombstone Kathrine/Charles Louis Messman/1906-1994, ossw: Loretta Messman/1905-1994 Tombstone Louis/Loretta Anna Messman/1887-1910 Tombstone, ossw: Frank/Josephine/Francisa/Antonette/Joseph SEDMIHRADSKY See SEDMIHRADSKY

MEZERA: Adolph Mezera/Son/1888-1892 Anna Mezera/Mother/1834-1894 Anton Mezera/Father/1831-1912 Large monument - name only. Also separate stones read: Joseph Mezera/Father/1861-1938 Mary Mezera/Mother/1864-1933

MICHALSKI: Geraldine A./Sept. 1, 1925/Jan. 11, 2008, ossw: Norbert F./Aug. 24, 1925/Apr. 28, 2013 Tombstone Geraldine/Norbert

MILLER: Jan Miller/Zemrel/15 Unora 1887/stari 74 roku Daniel/1904-1976, ossw: Libbie/1906-1959 Footstone: Mother Joseph/1863-1929, ossw: Mary/1864-1919 Edward Miller/Nar. 16 Srpna 1890/Zem 7 Srpna 1905 Tombstone Joseph Miller/Father/1864-1947 Tombstone, next to: Mary Miller/Mother/1869-1934 Tombstone, next to: Mary/1900-1972 Tombstone John/Father/1840-1917, next to: Catherine/Mother/1840-1912 Tombstone, next to: Emma/Daughter/1875-1960 Bernice Miller/May 16, 1934/Apr. 5, 2005, ossw: Edward/July 12, 1930/Aug. 23, 2008 Tombstone Bernice/Edward Clarence Miller/1906-1978 (Vivian M. Miller/Feb. 29, 1912/Aug. 17, 2008/from obit.) Craig J. Miller/April 15, 1987/Feb. 16, 2008 (James J./Mar. 28, 1942/Apr. 13, 2008/from obit) See MELICHAR

MITCHELL: Kevin L. Mitchell/1977-1999

MLEZIVA: Marie Mleziva/Umrela 7 Kvetna 1929/V Stari 71 Roku Tombstone, ossw: Jan Mleziva/narozen/20 Dub 1856/Zemrel 15 Brez 1915 Tombstone Footstone: J.M. Anna/Mother/Mar. 10, 1887/Jan. 17, 1931, ossw: Denver/Son/May 18, 1915/Aug 12, 1939 Louis Mleziva/Jan. 22, 1892/Nov. 4, 1985 Tombstone

MOELLER: Joseph Moeller/1914-1997

MOOS: Martin Moos/Narozen/Roku 1846/Umrel/26 Led. 1913, next to: Mary Moos/1844-1922

MOSIG: (Theresa Mosig/d. 28 Feb. 1892/age 83 yrs./from obit-no stone)

MUDROCH: (Elizabeth Mudroch/24 October 1816/27 January 1904/from death record) Jan Mudroch/Narozen/12 Kvet 1812/Zemrel/25 Cervce 1888 Antonin Mudroch/Zemrel/Zari 1897/v stari/6 Roku Tombstone

MUELLER: Russell S. Mueller/Son/1940-1941

NEHRING: Norman H. Nehring/1928-2006 Tombstone, ossw: Julian Nehring/1900-1979 Tombstone, ossw: Josephine, ossw: Daniel

NEMETZ: Marie Nemetz/Nar 1848/Zemrela/7 Led. 1914 Jacob Nemetz/Born 1825/Died Nov. 19, 1907, ossw: Annie/His wife/Born 1822/Died Aug. 29, 1907 Large stone with name Nemetz only. Joseph Nemetz/Father/1877-1930

NEMITZ: (Emil Nemitz/d. Mar. 31, 1927/from obit)


NOOKER: Frank Nooker/Father/Dec. 26, 1864/Nov. 26, 1907 Frank Nooker/Mar. 12, 1844/Feb. 25, 1917, next to: Anthonia Nooker/Mother/Apr. 9, 1841/Apr. 17, 1931

OLEWINSKI: Genevieve/1914-1949, ossw: Alexander P./1900-1972 (01 Nov 1900/Apr 1972/SSDI) (Patricia Olewinski/Jan. 24, 1937/Nov. 2, 2012/from obit)

OLSEN: Olga M. (Etersky) Olsen/Aug. 28, 1905/Oct. 31, 1997

OPICHKA: Frank/1896-1953, ossw: Clara/1899-1983 U.S. War Vet flag. Frank Opichka/Wisconsin/PFC 4 Mil Police Co./World War I PH/ March 29, 1896/Oct. 11, 1953

OSWALD: Richard J. Oswald/1950-1989 Juanita E./May 7, 1927/Oct. 2, 2013/from obit

OURADA: Sandra/Susan/Twins of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ourada/Mar. 11, 1960

PAIDER: Joseph M. Paider/1932-1978, ossw: Ludmilla R. Paider/1935-1995

PARMA: Matej Parma/narozen/27 Rijna 1831/Zemrel/28 Led 1906 Barbra Parma/Grandma/1845-1940 Jan R. Parma/Narozen/23 Cerv. 1890/Zemrel 11 Cerv. 1908 Dorota Parma/Narozena/2 List 1867/Zemrel 18 Rijna 1904, ossw: Josef Parma/Narozena/13 Cerv. 1862/Zemrela/27 Cerv 1901 William E. Parma/Wisconsin/PFC Medical Department World War II/ April 4, 1900/Oct. 26, 1963, next to, Wenzel/1860-1898, ossw: Annie /1868-1910, next to: Emil J. Parma/1891-1946 Josef Parma/Zemrel/31 Brez 1886/stari 49 roku a 6 mes. Charles/1887-1961, ossw: Frances/1892-1960 Lorraine A. Parma/1938-1987 David J. Parma/Feb. 22, 1957/Jan. 2, 2001 Elmer Parma/1915-1994, ossw Cecelia Parma/1916-1980

PAULU: Frank/Father/1863-1899 Tombstone, ossw: Anna/Mother/1865-1949 Tombstone

PETERIK: Jan Peterik/Narozen/Dedece/24 Cerv. 1830/Zemrel/15 Brez 1911

PILGRIM: Stone reads, Pilgrim-STANGEL Rudolph/1881-1952, ossw: Emil/1905-1994, ossw: Mary/1900-1980 Anna R. Stangel Pilgrim/Jan. 23, 1879/June 5, 1968 See STANGEL

PIVONKA Large stone - name only. Six smaller stones read: Mary Pivonka/1839-1919/mother, next to: Thomas Pivonka/1859-1921/Father, next to: Mary Pivonka/1869-1953, next to: Leo Pivonka/1910-1938, next to: Clara A. Pivonka/1906-1930, next to: Tom C. Pivonka/Nov. 10, 1894/Nov. 20, 1918 Mayme Hrabik Pivonka/Mar. 26, 1899/Oct. 26, 1988 (See HRABIK-have obit)

PLOS: George F. Plos/Jan. 1, 1919/July 14, 2000/US Army World War II, ossw: Elda Plos/1922-1997, ossw: Joseph Plos/1889-1977, ossw: Mary Plos/1898-1993

PODAREK: Terezie/Poradek/Zemrela/14 Dubna 1899/Stari 82 Roku, ossw: Jan Poradek/Zemrela/5 Srpna 1898/Stari 80 Roku Footstone: J.P.

POZORSKI: Robert L. Pozorski/Jan. 14, 1945/Dec. 21, 1982

PRIBYL: George Pribyl/1905-1998, ossw: Tillie Priblyl/1902-1992

PRIES: William/1918-1973, ossw: Walter/1894-1972, ossw: Julia/1896-1945

PRINCL: Emil Princl/1892-1907 Jiri Princl/1805-1895 Mathias R./1868-1950, ossw: Barbara A./1869-1955 Georg Princl/1840-1934 Magdalene Princl/Nar. 1 Cervce/1841/Zem 7 Pros. 1905

PROCHASKA: Frantisek Prochaska/Nar. 15 Unora 1858/Zem 28 Brez 1911 Katerina Prochaska/Nar 17 Pros. 1852/Zem 8 Dubna 1928, next to: Jan Prochaska/Nari Dobesicich V. Roku 1817/Zem 26 Cervna 1903, ossw: Katerina Prochaska/Nari Dobesicich/Roku 1813/Zem 19 Cervna/1903

PROCHAZKA: James F./May 30, 1928/July 5, 1985/US Army Korea, ossw: Delores J./Oct. 24, 1930/Dec. 27, 2000 (Delores J Prochazka 24 Oct 1930 27 Dec 2000 (V)/SSDI)

PRUCHA: Edward L./1908-1967, ossw: Ruth E. Prucha Carlson/Apr. 28, 2014- See CARLSON-have obit Large Prucha Stone - name only 4 separate stones read: Anton/Son/1879-1941 Louis/Son/1881-1959 Wenzel/Father/1854-1932 Francis/Mother/1858-1934 Rudolph Prucha/1894-1954 Charles Prucha/1896-1957 Anna Prucha/1901-1953 Anna Prucha/1894-1918 Anna/Mother/1908-1939 Edward Prucha/1911-1980

RABITZ: Joseph/Son/1921-1922, next to: John/Father/1881-1939, ossw: Martha Rabitz Shebesta/Mother/1889-1956

RAISLEGER: Stone reads: CIRMON and Raisleger Thomas Cirmon/1889-1962, ossw: Katherine Cirmon/1892-1974 (11 Feb 1891/Dec 1974/SSDI), ossw: Mary Cirmon/1885-1971 (17 Aug 1885/Mar 1971/SSDI), ossw: Theresa Raisleger/1920-1963 Richard/1930-1985 See CIRMON

RAMIREZ: Roberta Ramirez/Dec. 21, 1974/May 28, 1998

RASMUSSEN: Infant son/Rasmussen/Nov. 7, 1923 Tombstone Charles E./Sept. 27, 1907/Jan. 7, 1976, ossw: Mary/1906-1987 Alfred/Father/Mar. 4, 1883/May 13, 1930 Tombstone, ossw: Adeline/Mother/Mar. 4, 1881/Jan. 23, 1966 Tombstone, ossw: Alfred J./Son/Jan. 12, 1913/Nov. 2, 1946 Tombstone Separate stone: Alfred J./Son Florence S./Daughter/1919-___ Ruth R. Rasmussen/Nov. 21, 1938/Mar. 11, 2007 Ralph J./June 6, 1932/Aug. 3, 2013 Photo James Rasmussen/Oct. 29, 1943/Apr. 12, 2007

RATAJCZAK: Joseph B. Ratajczak/Jan 23, 1919/Aug. 4, 1982/US Army World War II

REBIC: Bardora Rebic/Narozena/4 Prosince 1811/Zemrela/26 Kvetna 1892/v stari 81 Roku Jan Rebic/Narozen/24 Cervce 1810/Zemrel/28 Srp. 1887

REBITZ: Jacob/Father/1853-1935, ossw: Mary/Mother/1857-1936, next to: Emily/Daughter/1916-1917, next to: Elizabeth/1897-1977 ossw: Mary/1885-1957 (John Rebitz1881-1939/from obit)

REHAK: Catherine/1921-1992, ossw: Albert/1918-1999, ossw: James/1961-1965, ossw: Roseann/Nov. 24-27, 1952 Alois/1873-1953, ossw: Anna/1877-1963 Martha F. Rehak/1917-1985 Joseph A. Rehak/July 31, 1919/Jan. 31, 2008

REIF: Albert Reif/Father/1865-1940-(I believe this should be William. Can find no Albert) Tombstone, next to: Catherine Reif/Mother/1868-1944, (On same lot as Richmond) Tombstone (Note: When photographing stones, a stone for Albert isn't there, but there is one for William who according to obits, was the one Catherine was married to. No Albert Reif/Rief could be found on the old census, but William showed up in 1910. It's possible the Old Cemetery Society made an error when typing up the notes?) Also William's and Catherine's stones are made alike.

REINKE: Melvin A. Reinke/Nov. 5, 1918/Dec. 26, 1990/US Army World War II

REMIKER: George/Father/1902-1959, ossw: Sophie/Mother/1908-1997

REZACH: Thomas/1827-1886, ossw: Marie/1829-1891

RICHMOND: George Richmond/Jan. 23, 1866/Jan. 12, 1905 George Richmond/1866-1905 (on same lot with Reif)

RIGEL: RIGLE (Mary Poplar Rigel/1819/22 January 1906/from death record) Petr Rigel/narozen/7 Cervre 1836/zemrel/30 Duben 1888 Anna Rigel/Born/July 19, 1833/Died/May 11, 1876, ossw: Frank/Son of F.& A. Rigel/Born/March 9, 1863/Died/Nov. 23, 1875

RIHA: Ardyce Riha/1932-1991, ossw: Frank G./1887-1982, ossw: Barbara/1888-1960 Arthur Riha/1923-2006, ossw: Joseph J./1885-1956, ossw: Mary/1886-1957, ossw: Baby/1915 Barbara Riha/Nar. 6 Zari 1858/zem 2 Srpna 1918, ossw: Alois Riha/Nar. 5 Unora 1893/Zem 17 Brezna 1918, ossw: Joseph Riha/Nar. 2 Brezna 1852/Zem 8 Unora 1943 Footstone: Mother Alois Riha/1893-1918 Footstone: Alois (leaning against above stone) Sylvester Riha/1910-1977, ossw: Clara Riha/1916-1982 Mathias Riha/1891-1976 U.S. War Vet Flag

ROIDT: Josef Roidt/Nar. 17 Zari 1873/Zem 16 Cervence 1920 Josef Roidt/narozen/5 Kvet 1840/Zemrel/5 Rijna 1909, next to: Joseph Roidt/1837-1908, next to: Kattie Roidt/1836-1921, next to: Wenzel Roidt/1896-1954 Frank/Father/1862-1947, ossw: Josephine/Mother/1863-1932 Eugene J. Johanek/March 30, 1924/May 2, 2001/US Army World War II (See JOHANEK-have obit), ossw: Dorothy H. Johanek/July 3, 1927/May 13, 1999 (See JOHANEK-have obit), ossw: Frank Roidt/1898-1977, ossw: Florence Roidt/1905-1980 See Johanek

ROSIK: Joseph/1920-1939, ossw: Mary/1891-1958, ossw: Peter/1892-1977 Tombstone Peter/Mary Andrew/1866-1945, ossw: Mary/1865-1956, ossw: Rosalia/1901-1902, ossw: Magdalene/1904-1906, ossw: John/1906-1906, ossw: Nick/1890-1918 Tombstone Mary/Rosalia/Magdalene/John/Nick Tombstone Andrew/Mary/Rosalia/Magdalene/John/Nick

ROUILLER: Valentine Rouiller/Narozen/14 Unora 1826/Zemrel/20 Brezna 1904

ROUS: Josephine/wife of Jos. Rous/Born/Mar. 25, 1875/Died/Apr. 25, 1919, ossw: Joseph E. Rous/Born Mar. 20, 1877/Died Sept. 1932 Footstones: Joseph/Josephine

RUBY: Joseph Ruby/Died Apr. 10, 1919

RUSSELL: Delores M. Russell/July 1, 1942/Dec. 29, 2007

SALAMON: Herman/1888-1972, ossw: Myrtle/1894-1975

SAUER: Anton Sauer/Narozen/7 Unora 1880/Zemrel 15 Ryna 1909 Saur Frantiska Saur/zemrela/13 Rijna 1888/v. Stari/71 Roku, ossw: Vaclav Saur/Zemrel/16 Led. 1902/V. Stari 88 Roku 6 mo. Footstones: F.S./Matka/Otec. (Stone is broken off and lying on pile - lots of red ants)


SCHAUER: John/1878-1951, ossw: Agnes/1889-1975 Mayme/1886-1975 (17 Sep 1886/Feb 1975/SSDI), ossw: Martha/1888-1954 Anton G./June 13, 1860/May 2, 1932, next to: Sybil/Daughter/May 7, 1891/Jan. 10, 1910 Vaclav Schauer/Nar. 19 Zari 1842/Zem 23 Rijna 1924.

SCHIMEL: Martin Schimel/Narozen/13 List. 1820/Zemrel 10 Unora 1902, ossw: Anna Schimel/Narozen/26 Unora 1836/Zemrela 1836/16 Ledna 1913, ossw: Anna CHRISTIANSEN/Narozena/2 Brezen/1851/Zemrela/24 Unora 1871 Footstones: M.S./A.C. See CHRISTIANSEN Eva Schimel/Mother/1879-1947 Fred Schimel/Father/1867-1939 Edward Schimel/1911-1982

SCHLEIS: Charles A./Father/1877-1935, ossw: Josephine/Mother/1883-1971 Frank/Father/1860-1952, ossw: Mary/Mother/1863-1945 Matt/1886-1959, ossw: Blanche/1896-1994 Large stones Schleis-KONOP. Also separate stones: Margaret Schleis/1882-1959 Tombstone, next to, Charles Schleis/-1920- Tombstone, next to: Edward J. Schleis/1873-1955 Tombstone, next to: Frances Schleis/1878-1920 Tombstone Stanley Schleis/1903-1984 Norbert Schleis/1915-1977, ossw: Dorothy Schleis/1923-2003 Tombstone Norbert/Dorothy Joseph/1889-1938, ossw: Sybil Schleis/1896-1969 Tombstone Joseph/Sybil Mark Schleis/Son/1918-1920 Tombstone See KONOP See HAWVER

SCHLIES: Jos. Schlies/Zem/Ledna/1887-/V Stari/25 Roku William/1913-2002, ossw: Isabel/1918-1975 Diantha Schlies/Dec. 1, 1937/Nov. 11, 1939 Ernest G. Schlies/Jan. 27, 1916/July 5, 2001/US Army World War II

SCHMIDT: Helen J./1899-1973, ossw: Edward M./1897-1984

SCHNEIDER: Laverne/Schneider/1930-1932

SCHRADE: John Schrade/1886-1916

SCHROEDER: Harold C./1924-1989 Tombstone, ossw: Marian C./1926-1970 Tombstone

SCHULIST: Robert/1933-1971 (Robert J./21 Feb 1933/15 Apr 1971/SSDI), ossw: Anna/1891-1972 (24 Sep 1891/Mar 1972/SSDI) Richard F. Schulist/Feb. 21, 1933/Mar. 19, 1998/US Army Korea Tombstone

SCHULTZ: Wenzel/1829-1907, ossw: Catherine/1840-1876. Footstone nearby C.S. Wenzel Schultz Tombstone Wenzel F./Nov. 30, 1891/Oct. 8, 1965 Tombstone, ossw: Frances/1891-1965 Tombstone, ossw: Dorothy/1861-1945 Tombstone, ossw: John/1859-1945 Tombstone Baby Schultz/1964-1964 (Klein & Stangel Funeral Home marker) Karel Schultz/Narozen/22 Zari 1876/Zemrel/18 Zari 1905 Tombstone Footstone: K. Sch. Antonia/1871-1907, ossw: Frank S./1869-1909, ossw: Frank Jr./1892-1919, next to: Barbara C./Mother/1872-1945 Tombstone, ossw: Anton F./Father/1866-1945 Tombstone Ray W. Schultz/1922-1998, ossw: Baby/-June 17, 1965-

SCHUTZ: Josef Schutz/Narozen/5 Dub 1871/Zemrel/23 Kvet 1896 Footstone: J.S. (Josef Schutz stone is lying on ground near fence.)

SEBESTA: Magdalena/Sebesta/Narozena/15 Kvet 1821/Zemrela/16 Kvet 1896. Footstone: M.S. Vaclav Sebesta/narozen/29 Srpna 1825/Zemrel/30 Srpna 1880

SEDLACEK: Raymond Sedlacek/1925-1999

SEDMIHRADSKY: Frank Sedmihradsky Frank/1858-1937, ossw: Josephine/1857-1907, ossw, Anna MESSMAN/1887-1910, ossw: Francisa/1883/1907, ossw: Antonette/1891-1912, ossw: Joseph/1893-1912 Jan Sedmihradsky/narozen/28 Dubna 1879/zemrel/9 Cervna 1900 Marie Sedmihradsky/narozena/3 Led. 1822/Zemrela/14 Pros. 1879 (Louis Sedmihradsky/d. Oct. 1912/age 17/no stone) Separate stone leaning against above: M.S.

SEDMIHRASKY: John Sedmihrasky/Died Ju1y/1898/aged 81 yrs.

SEFCIKOVA: Anna E. Sefcikova/Nar. 26 Unora 1886/Zem 14 Srpna 1902, ossw: Anna Sefcikova/Nar. 15 Zari 1873/Zem 7 Dubna 1885

SEIDENGANZ: Katerina/Narella/Frant Seidenganz/zemrela Stari 62 Roku Footstone: K.S. (Above stone is flat in ground partly under small bush.)

SEYOL: Josefina Seyol/Narozena/19 Zari/1871/Zemrela/23 Zari 1873 Footstone in front of above with no info on it.

SHEBESTA: Frank/Father/1857-1929, ossw: Barbra/Mother/1862-1942 Emma Shebesta/Narozena/12 Pros. 1891/Zemrela 23 Led 1914 Footstone: E. Sh. Annie/Mother/1885-1941, ossw: John/Father/1883-1966, next to: Paul R. Shebesta/Wisconsin/S.Sgt. 12 AFFTR Escort Gp/World War II/ July 22, 1923/April 1, 1951 American Legion Flag holder. Stone reads: Shebesta-BURBEY Adolph Shebesta/1875-1936, ossw: Pauline Shebesta/1883-1955 Tombstone Adolph/Pauline, ossw: Roger and Anna BURBEY - See BURBEY Marie Shebesta/Nar. 8 Ledna 1852/Zem 22 Ledna 1915, ossw: Mathias Shebesta/Nar. 12 Unora 1853/zem 3 Dubna 1926, ossw: Wencel Shebesta/Nov. 19, 1885/Mar. 3, 1937, ossw: Mary Shebesta/June 22 1891/May 1, 1980, ossw: Frances (Shebesta) Boose/Nov. 20, 1920/Aug. 18, 1993 Tombstone Marie/Mathias/Wencel/Mary/Frances Footstones: Matka/Otec/Father Alfred Shebesta/1915-1979 Tombstone, ossw: Helen/1919-2013 Tombstone, ossw: Ray Shebesta/1914-1985 Tombstone, ossw: Lucille/1915-2009 Tombstone Tombstone Alfred/Helen/Ray/Lucille Above on same lot with MALECHEK (Lucille Shebesta/July 16, 1907/July 3, 1963/from obit) See RABITZ

SHEDIVY: Emma/Nar 5 Zari 1881/Zem 27 Cerv 1882 Edward/1901-1960, ossw, Tillie 1901-1992 Matka/Roz. 6 Brezna/1868/Zem 2 Rijna 1918, next to: (Wenzil)/Otec/Roz. 19 Srp. 1864/Zem 21 List. 1932 Mary KRAUS Shedivy/July 13, 1869/Mar. 3, 1942 Anton/Grandpa/1838-1931, ossw: Josephine/Grandma/1843-1918, ossw: Joseph/Father/1872-1960, ossw: Annie/Mother/1877-1946 Carolyn STANGEL/wife of Adolph Shedivy/Sept. 22,1893/Feb. 26, 1924, next to, Stephen Shedivy 1953, next to: Adolph Shedivy/Born Aug. 19, 1889/Died Sept. 28, 1930 John J. Shedivy/Apr. 23, 1928/Apr. 2, 1999/married 30 Dec. 1950 (Clarence Shedivy/Apr. 18, 1924/Nov. 24, 2008/from obit.)

SHEFCEK: Kathrine Shefcek/1861-1946

SHEFCHEK: Stone reads: Shefchek-HRONEK Catherine/1853-1934, ossw, Joseph/1846-1933, ossw: Josephine/1906-1978 (See HRONEK-have obit), ossw: Raymond Hronek/1902-1961 (See HRONEK-have obit), ossw: Other side of stone reads Shefchek only: Eleanor Shefchek/1913-1982, ossw: Bert Shefchek/June 23, 1907/Apr. 6, 1976, ossw: Bartha Shefchek/1877-1956, ossw: Anna/1881-1909 See HRONEK

SHIMEK: Helen M. Shimek/1903-1985

SHUSTA: Frank Shusta/1896-1960 Large stone reads: SUSTA-GRALL (note spelling) Separate read, Albert Shusta/1890-1918, next to: Barbara Shusta/1862-1926, next to: Anton Shusta/1859-1938, next to: Emil Shusta/1898-1954, next to, Julia GRALL/1894-1927

SIEBOLD: Lillian Siebold/1919-1997 Frank/June 9, 1912/Mar. 15, 2012

SIEHR: Vincent/1912-1980 ossw: Julia/1920-1964

SINCULA: Josef Sincula/Starb/17 Oct. 1875/Alt. 18 Jahre/ossw: Gustav Sincula/Starb/1 Jan. 1870 Alt. 3 Jahre 6 Mon.

SINCULAR: Ida Sincular/Gest. 28 Juli 1895/Alter 17 Jahre Family stone with man's picture on it

SINKULA: Gerald/1898-1981, ossw: Joseph/1871-1961, ossw: Mary/1877-1961, ossw: Julius/Jan. 14, 1901/May 8, 1966, ossw: Mary/1902 Wenzel Sinkula/Born May 5, 1845/Died June 4, 1907 (Anna Sinkula/d. 1917-from obit. no stone)

SKLENAR: ? Sklenar/Zemrela/6 Cervce 1886-Stari 73 Roku Josef Sklenar/zemrel/3 Unora 1899/v Stari 88 Roku Footstone: J.S. Anna Sklenar/Nar. 15 Unora 1875-zem 14 Dubna 1908/ Manzelka/Josefa Sklenare


SKLENARS: Martin Sklenars/Narozen/Roku 1844/Zemrel/1 List 1912, next to: Footstones: Martin/Father/1844-1912, next to: Catherine/Mother/1844-1939, next to: Mary/1871-1955

SKUBAL: See HODEK Antonin Skubal/19 Srpna 1828/25 Cervna 1910, ossw: Katerina Skubal/30 Zari 1831/8 Srpna 1892 Tombstone Antonin/Katerina Footstones: Otec/Matka, next to: Antonin F. Skubal/narozen/4 Cervce 1861/zemrel/2 List 1883 Tombstone (photos contributed by researcher/see contributors page) Footstone: A F S Albert Skubal/Father/1839-1888 Tombstone Anna Skubal/Mother/1838-1921 Tombstone Louis/Mar. 20, 1886/June 27, 1974, ossw: Frances/1889-1956 Leo Skubal/June 16, 1914/Oct. 22, 1914, next to: Allen Skubal/Apr. 20, 1919/Dec. 28, 1919, next to: Gladys Skubal/May 23, 1916/Apr. 13, 1917 Bratr/Jozef, next to: Matka, next to: Otec

SLABY: Marie Slaby/narozena/4 Led 1836/zemrela/24 Zari 1910, ossw: Vojtech Slaby/narozen/21 Dub 1824/zemrel/12 Brez 1888 Footstones: V.S./M.S. Josef/syn/V & M Slaby/Zemrel/2 Zari 1881/stari 23 Roku Wenzel Slaby/Aug. 10, 1867/Dec. 25, 1931 Peter Slaby/1865-1946 Mary Slaby/Nov. 1, 1866/July 10, 1936 Anton Slaby/1900-1962 Agnes Slaby/March 12, 1896/June 3, 1918

SLADKY: Antonie/deera/J a M Sladky/narozen/24 Zari 1881/Zemrela/19 Srp. 1890 Marie Sladky/zemrela/24 List. 1900/stari/72 Roku

SLEGER: Large stone with family name. Separate stones read: Anna/1892-19__, ossw: Mary/1892-1969 Tombstone Anna/Mary, next to: Margaret/1862-1942, next to: John/1862-1950

SLOUP: Tomas Sloup/zemrel/25 Kvet 1892/stari/35 Roku Peter Sloup/Nar. 1 Zari 1847/zem 7 Duben 1924, ossw: Marie Sloup/Manzelka/Nar. 20 Unor. 1854/zem 18 Pros. 1919 Mathias/Father/1852-1938, ossw: Mary/Mother/1861-1944, next to: Joseph/1890-1959, ossw: Emily/1893-1972 (Matthias Sloup/d. Feb 15, 1909/from obit/no stone) (Anna Sloup/d. Dec 8, 1901/from record/no stone)

SOUCOUP: Tillie/1896-1989 Tombstone, ossw: Anton Sr./1893-1972 Tombstone

SOUKUP: Frantiska/Manzelka/V. Soukupa/narozena/15 Pros. 1826/Zemrela/7 Pros. 1888 Stone reads Soukup


SPEVACEK: Vit/1883-1953, ossw: Anna/1884-1961 Emil/1890-1980 (Veteran), next to: Charles/1887-1972 Tombstone, next to: Emma/1895-1974 Tombstone, next to: Frank/Father/1852-1939, next to: Antoinette/Mother/1856-1934, next to: George/1896-1944, ossw: Marie (Spevacek) Kries/1899-1977 (See KRIES-have obit), ossw, Antoinette/Mother/Oct. 10. 1856/July 10, 1934, ossw, Frank/Father/Nov. 17, 1852/Oct. 5, 1939, ossw: Emma Spevacek/1895-1974, ossw: Charles Spevacek/1887-1972, ossw: Tombstone Emil/Charles/George/Frank/Emma/Marie/Antoinette Viola Spevacek/Sept. 5-18, 1919 Tombstone

SPORER: Marie/Manzelka/J. Sporer/narozena/Roku 1856/Zemrela/30 Zari 1910 John Sporer/Father/1854-1928 Marie Sporer/Mother/1856-1910 Otto Sporer/1897-1984, ossw: Julia Sporer/1899-1989, ossw: Marie Eis/1920-2001, ossw: Harvey Eis/1915-1986

STANGEL: / STANGLOVA: Jan Stangel/v. stari 5 Roku Stanglova Ludmila Stangel/Roz. 5 Kvetna/1817/Zem 14 Cervence 1902, next to: Joseph W. Stangel/8 Dubna 1854/29 Rijna 1932, ossw: Anna Zenoat Stangel/Zemrel 31 Rijna 1894/v. Stari 40 Roku Footstone, A.S. Tomas Stangel/Roz. 3 Ho Srpna/1873/Zem 24 Ho Srpna 1915 Frantisek Stangel/Nar. 29 List 1881/Zem 14 Pros. 1902 Tombstone, next to: Maria/Dcera V a H Stangel/Narozena 18 Srpna 1885/Zemrela 30 Rijna 1890 Tombstone Footstone: M.S. (lying on ground) Klara/Dcera/J a K Stangel/narozena 12 Srpna 1888/zemrela 21 Rijna 1890 Vojtech/Antonin Stangel Richard/1906-1995 ossw: Alice/1908-2001 William J. Stangel/Apr. 12, 1891/Aug. 14, 1973, ossw: Lillian C. Stangel/1891-1956, ossw: Ruth Collins/1915-1989, ossw: Charles Collins/1915-1994 Large stone reads: Stanglova. Separate stones read: (Stanglova/Rodina/Prvni/Pioneri) Vaclav Stangel/Nar. 25 List 1819/Zem 31 Brez 1880, next to: Alzbeta Stanglova/Nar. Kvetna 1822/Zem 16 Kvet 1867, next to: Jiri Stangel/Nar. Kvetna 1795/Zem 9 Srp. 1872, next to: Marie Stanglova/Nar. Brezna 1801/Zem 15 Unora 1875 Ben J./Mar. 10, 1893/Mar. 12, 1969, ossw: Anna/1896-1978, ossw: Wenzel/1863-1936, ossw: Catherine/1872-1945 ossw: Cecelia/1899-1909 William W. Stangel/1897-1977 Tombstone, ossw: Christine J. Stangel/1894-1980 Tombstone, ossw: Victor/Son/1905-1931 Tombstone, ossw: George W./Father/1859-1933 Tombstone, ossw: Frances/Mother/1867-1955 Tombstone Jan Stangel/Nar. 2 Brez. 1831/Zem. 8 Brez. 1908, next to: Dorota Stanglova/Nar. 30 Cervc. 1832/zem 26 Brez. 1873, next to: Josef Stangel/Nar. 22 Kvet 1836/Zem 22 Led. 1924, next to: Marie Stanglova/Nar. 8 Zari 1837/Zem 27, Cerv. 1905 Frank W./1861-1924, next to: Marie E./1863-1939, next to: Daniel/1896-1945, next to: Edward D./1886-1949, ossw: Esther/1886-1982 Tombstone Edward/Esther, next to: Otto A./1889-1956, ossw: Mildred M./1892-1972 Tombstone Otto/Mildred, next to: Joseph I./Nov. 8, 1883/May 23, 1964, ossw: Emma/1897-1992 (2 June 1897/1 Nov. 1992/SSDI) Tombstone Joseph/Emma Arlette E./Infant of Leonard Stangel's/Oct. 4. 1941/Oct. 11, 1941, next to: Mary Stangel/1885-1926, next to: John M./Father/1863-1943, ossw: Frances/Mother/1864-1943 Tombstone John/Frances Joseph J./1858-1939, ossw: Mary/1859-1899 Tombstone Joseph/Mary, next to: Rudolph Stangel/1884-1952, ossw: Emma/1884-1964 Tombstone Rudolph/Emma Vaclav/1851-1920, ossw: Katerina/1854-1927 Tombstone Vaclav/Katerina Joseph A./1879-1951, ossw: Mary/1880-1960 Adolph/1902-1956, ossw: Mary/1906-1968, next to: Vaclav I. Stangel/Nar. 1 Leden 1876/Zem 8 List. 1940 Tombstone, next to: Anna/Manzelka/V.I. Stangel/Nar. 12 Rijna 1876/Zem 17 Cerv. 1905 Tombstone Melvin Stangel/Feb. 6, 1931/June 6, 1975 Tombstone, next to: Arthur Stangel/1929-1959 Tombstone Stone reads: PILGRIM-Stangel Rudolph/1881-1952, ossw: Emil Stangel/Feb. 28, 1905/Sept. 19, 1994 Tombstone, ossw: Mary Stangel/Feb. 13, 1900/Jan. 14, 1980 Tombstone Emil Stangel/1879-1905, ossw: Anna Stangel Pilgrim/1879-1968 (See Pilgrim) Tombstone Emil/Anna Norbert L. Stangel/June 18, 1951/Feb. 8, 2006 Norbert B. Stangel/1922-2006, ossw: Marion J. Stangel/1929-1992 Tombstone Norbert/Marion Robert Stangel/1910-1992, ossw: Adeline Stangel/1910-1994 Tombstone Robert/Adeline Donna M. Stangel/1926-1995 Tombstone Melvin A. Stangel/Jan. 15, 1925/June 21, 2012/from obit Louis Stangel/1889-1981, ossw: Barbara Stangel/1892-1981 Beverly A. Stangel/1936-2002, ossw: Benjamin Stangel/Dec. 3, 1935/Feb. 7, 2010 Tombstone Beverly/Benjamin (Daughter of J. Stangel/d. June, 1880/age 3 yrs./from obit) (Infant of Wenzel Stangel/d. Oct. 12, 1893/from obit) (Eugene Stangel/Dec. 29, 1916/Jan. 4, 2009/from obit) (Stella Stangel/Dec. 21, 1919/Feb. 28, 2010/from obit) (Mark J., Reverend/July 13, 1929/Nov. 2012/from obit.) See SHEDIVY, Carolyn See COLLINS

STANGELA: Anna/Dcera J & J Stangela/Narozena 28 Pros. 1876/Zemrela/22 Cerva 1882

STANGL: Jan a. Ludmila Stangl/1892

STANGLOVI: Styry Ditki/Josefa a Maria Stanglovi

STARAL: Louis J./1909-1991, ossw: Caroline/1910-1994 Tombstone Louis/Caroline (photo contributed by researcher/see contributors page)

STEFL: Joseph/1905-1976, ossw: Alice/1907-1978

STEINBERGER: Joseph/1908-1973, ossw: Rose/1906-2002, ossw: Norbert/1931-2014, ossw. Bernice/1929-__ Matt J. Steinberger/Oct. 23, 1973/May 30, 1994

STODOLA: Large stone with name only. Separate stone reads: Elmer/1916-1957, next to: Marcella/1918-1996

STRADAL: Anton/1865-1933, ossw: Catherine/1873-1964, ossw: Anna HOLLY/1862-1969 (24 Mar 1882/Jun 1969/SSDI) have obit/see Holly See HOLLY

SVOBODA: Vaclav Svoboda/narozen/1 Zari 1821/Zemrel/31 Rij 1910, ossw: Magdalena Svoboda/narozena/1 List. 1829/Zemrela/1 Kvet/1894 Josephine Svoboda/? April ? (stone cracked and flush with ground) Joseph Svoboda/1887-1917

TENGLER: Martin Tengler/Narozen/25 List. 1813/Zemrel/22 Srp 1897, ossw: Katerina/Manzelka/M. Tengler/narozena/16 Kvetna 1816/Zemrela 1 Srpna 1911

TENIENTA: Santiage Tenienta, Jr./Sept. 3, 2004/Mar. 1, 2006

TESAR: Eva Tesar/Narozena/16 Kvet 1827/Zemrela/10 Kvet 1909

TESS: William A./1886-1961, ossw: Julia A./Apr. 12, 1893/May 11, 1977 Gordon W. Tess/July 31, 1915/Jan. 8, 2002/US Army World War II/Purple Heart

TOUPAL: Marie Toupal/Zemrel/14 Pros. 1879/Stari/14 Roku Footstones: M.T./J.T.

TROSSEN: Clara Trossen/July 20, 1883/Dec. 20, 1959, next to: Lester Trossen/Jan. 4, 1911/Feb. 19, 1942

TULACHKA: TULACKA: Frank/1879-1960 Tombstone, ossw: Anna/1882-1963 Tombstone, ossw: John/1885-1965 Tombstone, ossw: George/1851-1942 Tombstone, ossw: Veronika/1850-1933 Tombstone Rudolph Tulachka/May 12, 1918/May 17, 1994/US Army World War II, ossw: Infant son/-Oct. 4, 1956- Arthur Tulachka/1945-1988 Tombstone, ossw: Elizabeth/1951-2010 Tombstone Arthur/Elizabeth George Tulachka/1916-2000 Tombstone, ossw: Bernice Tulachka/1926-1996 Tombstone Stone reads, TULACKA-Tulachka. Tulachka side reads: Joseph Tulachka/1909-1979 Tombstone, ossw: Evelyn/Sept. 4, 1906/Aug. 7, 1960 Tombstone, ossw: Anna/1882-1948 Tombstone, ossw: Joseph Tulachka/1881-1966 Tombstone, ossw: Joseph/1903 Tombstone, ossw: Lenhardt/1902 Tombstone TULACKA side reads: Edward/1905 Tombstone, ossw: Anna/Sr. Mary Raphail Tulacka/1911-1980 Tombstone This stone in front of Tulacka headstones Filip Tulachka/Father/1850-1907, ossw: Mary Tulachka/Mother/1859-1935

TYR: Wenzel Tyr/1870-1949

UHLERS: John/1856-1939, ossw: George/1893-1907, ossw: Mary/1851-1943, ossw: Antonie (Uhlers) ZEMAN/1895-1997 (See ZEMAN have obit) Separate stone for above: John/Father/1856-1959

UHLIR: Jiri Uhlir/narozen/7 Pros. 1893/Zemrel/16 Led 1907

URBANEK: Josefa Urbanek/Nar. 5 Srpna 1835/Zem 1 Dubna 1903, ossw: Jan Urbanek/Zem 23 Rijna/Uslari 74 Roku Frantisek Urbanek/Nar. 3 Pros. 1833/Zem 26 Zari 1906 Frank/Father/1863-1942, ossw; Rose/Mother/1868-1941 Baby Joseph Urbanek/Nov. 17. 1865/Feb. 18, 1916, ossw: Antonie Urbanek/Sept. 29, 1889-Jan. 29, 1891, ossw: Sophia Urbanek/Mar. 4, 1868/June 30, 1957 (Evelyn Koenig Urbanek/December 4, 1912/June 11, 1989/from obit) Mrs. Frank Urbanek/d. May 1923/age 90 yrs.(Katie on 1900 census)

VALENTA: Katerine Valenta/Nar 13 Led./1825/Zem 14 Zari 1899, ossw: Kaspar Valenta/Nar. 5 Kvetna/1820/Zem 19 Cerce/1902 Tombstone Kasper  Tombstone Kasper/Katherina Rosialia/1886-1943, ossw: John/1881-1957, ossw: Mary/1884-1956 Tombstone Rosialia/John/Mary Frank/1880-1968, ossw: Barbara/1886-1973 Tombstone Frank/Barbara Charles/1908-1971, ossw: Helen/1915-1991 Tombstone Charles/Helene, next to, Amelia Valenta/narozena/2 Srpna/1896/Zemrela/4 Listopadu 1904 Tombstone George Valenta/Father/1867-1928 Tombstone, next to: Theresa Valenta/Mother/1873-1931 Tombstone Frank Valenta/Born Sept. 10, 1898/Died 1 Apr. 1939 Tombstone E. Valenta/Oct. 26, 1918 [Evelyn] Tombstone Paulina Valenta/Narozena/29 Cervna 1904/Zemreala/26 Rijna 1904 Tombstone (All photos contributed by researcher/see contributors page) See DOLEZAL

VALTA: Norbert A. Valta/Dec. 29, 1941/Mar. 5, 1993

VAN DEN HEUVEL: Robert/July 22, 1906/Nov. 13, 1975, ossw: Caroline/1918-1976

VLCEK: Antonie Vlcek/1861-1927/Mother Tombstone

VOCADLO: Tomas Vocadlo/Zemrel/21 List. 1908/V. Stan 85 Roku, ossw: Katerina Vocadlo/Zemre1a 20 Kvet 1903 v. Stari 80 Roku

VOGEL: Frank J./1894-1985, ossw: Mary L./1905-1971 Robert G. Vogel/Wisconsin/Pvt. 87 Inf. 10 Inf. Div./ May 10, 1931/Aug. 31, 1949 War Vet flag.

VOGELTANZ: Vaclav Vogeltanz/Nar./10 Srpna 1870/Zem 13 Dubna 1903 Large monument - family name only. Separate stones read: Josef Vogeltanz/1859-1929, next to: Mary Vogeltanz/1867-1943

VOGLTANC: Stone reads: Fogltanc-Vogltanc Bartolomej Fogltanc/narozen/1 Brezna 1820/zemrel/27 zari 1885, ossw: Katerina Vogltanc/narozena/12 Brez 1823/zemrela/28 Srp. 1907 Footstones read: K.V./B.F.

VRANOVSKY: Frantisek/zemrel/30 Rijna 1877/star 4 roku/a 7 mesieu, ossw: Marie/zemrela/2 Srpna 1880/stari 1 rok/a 8 mesieu Ditky Jakubu ??/Marie Vranovsky. Footstone: F.V.

WAIS: Louis Wais/Father/1894-1978 Harriet BLAHA Wais/Mother/1896-1953, next to: BLAHA

WALES: Joseph Wales/Zemrel/17 Ho Cervna/1898/v stari 19 Let Dej Tombstone Tombstone

WALESH: Stone with just Walesh on it. Separate stones read: Katharine Walesh/1836-1898, next to: Lawrence Walesh/Born 1831/Died May 16, 1909 Johanna/1869-1909, ossw: James J./1893-1972, ossw: Elva/1896-1967, ossw: Wenzel/1858-1927

WALLACE: Henry A./1888-1965, ossw: Angela E./1897-1986, ossw: Richard Wallace/1919-1980/Son, ossw: Joseph Wallace/Dec. 3, 1916/Apr. 29, 2004/Son/US Army World War II

WESLER: Ann Wesler/Aug. 31, 1901/May 24, 1999

WILSON: Helen Fabian Wilson/1906-1969 (1st spouse Fabian/2nd spouse Wilson) See FABIAN

WITAK: Josefa Witak/Narozena/1 Unora 1833/Zemrela/15 Kvet 1903, ossw: Josef/Witak/narozen/23 Led 1833/Zemrel/13 Cervna 1900

WOJTA: Josef Wojta/Nar. 18 Brezna/1818/Zem 9 Pros./1900 Tombstone, ossw: Katerina Wojta/Nar. 21 Dubna/1820/Zem 12 Cervna/1904 Tombstone Mary C./Mother/1881-1944, ossw: Wenzel I./Father/1873-1954 Margaretha/Mother/Apr. 30, 1847/Apr. 3, 1905, next to: Ignatious Sr./Father/July 11, 1845/Dec. 14, 1929 Angeline/1919-1924, ossw: Anna/Our Darlings/1917-1924 Tombstone Angeline/Anna, next to: Anna D./1885-1967 Tombstone, ossw: Ignatius W./1876-1965 Tombstone Anton/1879-1963, ossw: Anna/1898-1961 Hilary W. Wojta/1921-2006, ossw: Marion A. Wojta/1923-2004 Jerome Wojta/1927-2003, ossw: Phyllis/Aug. 17, 1926/May 6, 2010 Tombstone Jerome/Phyllis

WOLLAK: Anton/1889-1966, ossw: Ann/1898-1988 (War vet flag) Anton Wollak/Wisconsin/PFC Co.D. 18 Infantry/World War I/ March 17, 1889/April 23, 1966

WORACHEK: John C./July 2, 1898/July 18, 1969, ossw: Lester E./1921-1921 Emily K./1901-1988 Tombstone John/Emily/Lester (photo contributed by researcher/see contributors page)

WOTACHEK: Joseph/Father/1879-1936, ossw: Emma/Mother/1887-1955

WRANOVSKY: Wencel/1867-1909, ossw: Anna/1876-1943 Tombstone Wencel/Anna Tombstone Wencel/Anna (photo sent in by researcher/see contributors page) Large stone with family name only. Three separate stones: Mary Wranovsky/Born May 22, 1814/Died Oct. 20, 1922 (Note: Stone probably misread. She shows to be 108.), next to: Jacob Wranovsky/Born Feb. 5, 1837/Died Oct. 10, 1915, next to: Marie Wranovsky/Narozena/16 Rijna 1806/Zemrela/27 Unora 1908

YANDA: (photos sent in by researcher/see contributors page) James F. Yanda/Sept. 17, 1899/June 15, 1972, ossw: Louise A./1907-1981 Tombstone James/Louise Joseph/1896-1972, ossw: Mary/1898-1960 Ernest/1902-1957, ossw: Lillian/1905-1994 Tombstone Ernest/Lillian Katerina/1871-1936, large stone, ossw: Robert/1928-____, ossw: Lucille/1931-____,ossw: Joseph Yanda/1871-1918, ossw: Adolph/1899-1915, ossw: Fern Yanda/1922-1994, ossw: Esther Yanda/1932-1992

ZACHEK: Frantisek Zachek/Zemrel/22 Zari 1894/stari 77 Roku Tombstone Julia Zachek/daughter/1890-1903 Tombstone, next to: Mary Zachek/Mother/1845-1922 Tombstone, ossw: George Zachek/Father/1843-1925 Tombstone Anton/1892-1960 Tombstone, ossw: Josephine/1905-1981 Tombstone

ZAHORIK: Mathias Zahorik/Narozen/2 Unora 1837/Zemrel/22 Ledna 1916, ossw: Mary Zahorik/1845-1931 Tombstone Mathias/Mary Marie Zahorik/30 Pros. 1888/v Stari 80 Roku Anton Zahorik/Narozen 17 Ledna/1867/Zemrel/18 Srpna 1887, ossw: Frantisek Zahorik/Narozen 23/Kvetna 1876/Zemrel 8 Cervna/1902 Vojtech Zahorik/Narozen/16 Unora 1889/Zemrel/30 Brezna 1909 Tombstone, next to: Jan Zahorik/Zemrel/1 Rijna 1883/stari 6 Roku Tombstone, next to: Petr Zahorik/Zemrel/8 Rijna 1883/Star 3 Roku, ossw: Marie Zahorika/Zemrela/9 Rijna 1883/stara 14 Mesieu Tombstone Petr/Marie, next to: Karel Zahorik/narozen/15 Rijna/1885/Zemrel/22 Srpna 1903 Tombstone, next to: Jan Zahorik/Zemrel/1 Dubna/1885/Star 72 Roku John M. Zahorik/narozen/Roku 1849/zemrel/18 Unora 1935/star 86 Roku, ossw: Rosalie Zahorik/narozen/Roku 1849/Zemrela/9 Led 1915 Antonin Zahorik/narozen/13 Cervna/1870/Zemrel/3 Kvetna/1892, ossw: Frantisek Zahorek/narozen/4 Prosince/1874/Zemrel/4 Prosince 1891 Josef Zahorik/Nar. 26/Unora/Zem 28 Dubna 1878 Large stone with names only. Two separate stones read: Albert/Father/1869-1929 Tombstone, next to: Mary/Mother/1876-1945 Tombstone Wenzel/Father/1880-1931, ossw: Emma/Mother/1884-1961 Tombstone Wenzel/Emma (Wenzel Zahorik 1st husband/Adolph Chada 2nd husband) Frank/Dec. 2, 1909/Dec. 1986, ossw: Helen L./Apr. 11, 1914/Feb. 24, 2010 Gertrude/1934-1954, ossw: Edward/1897-1971, ossw: Mary/1898-1989, ossw: Marjorie/1931-1954, ossw: William/1903-1984, ossw: Anna/1899-1995 Tombstone Gertrude/Edward/Mary/Marjorie/William/Anna Alvin Zahorik/1925-1981 Anna/1876-1958, ossw: Daniel/-1914-, ossw: John/1872-1948 Tombstone Anna/Daniel/John

ZAR: Rudolph E. Zar/1908-1979 Tombstone, ossw: Angela T. Zar/1912-1978 Tombstone

ZELLNER: Alvin/1943-____, ossw: Catherine/1946-____, ossw: Chad/Feb. 26, 1974/Feb. 16, 1975 Alvin S. Zellner/May 5, 1920/June 16, 1996/US Army World War II, ossw: Eleanor M. Zellner/1923-1990

ZEMAN: Albert Zeman/Sept. 14, 1919/Mar. 2, 2001/US Army World War II Antonie (Uhlers) Zeman/1895-1997, ossw: UHLERS,see John, George and Mary.

ZIMA: Jacob Zima/1831-1920, next to: Mary Zima/1838-1924, next to: Anna Zima/Mother/1882-1938 Tombstone, next to: Frank Zima/Father/1873-1946 Tombstone, next to: Joseph Zima/Jan. 8, 1900/Sept 28, 1964 Tombstone, next to: Edward J. Zima/Jan. 27, 1905/Oct. 3, 1961, ossw: Blanche A./Aug. 29, 1908/Jan. 20, 1975, next to: Charles Zima/Father/Nov. 8, 1869/July 14, 1943, ossw: Mary Zima/Mother/Aug. 14, 1881/Mar. 3, 1952 Tombstone Charles/Mary

ZOUBEK: John Zoubek/Born/May 20, 1826/Died/Nov. 19, 1894, ossw: Mary KAUFMANN/Born/Aug. 15, 1858/Died/June 28, 1902 The following sent in by researcher/see contributors page: (My great great grandmother, Josephine Zoubek, is buried with my great great grandfather John Zoubek and their daughter - Mary Kaufmann. Josephine's name is on the monument Josephine was born in 1827 in Bohemia and died in 1910 in Wisconsin. I noted that you have a mother listed between Mary and another person.(see ?? stones below) I presume that would be Josephine.

?????????: Two metal crosses next to Zahorik Footstone: V.H., next to Jan Konderhel Mother - between stones for Kanera-Wojta and the Kaufmann-Zoubek stone Baby H., near back part of Cemetery Vaclav/Nar. 17 Led. 1878/Zem 12 Led 1895 Tombstone Footstone: Stefi - next to Frank Krizek Footstones: I.K/V.S./J.S. Footstone: T.S., Broken off & lying next to north fence line in old section, behind Fronk. Mother/Anna/1828-1901, next to Father/Mathias/1821-1909, next to Tomas Sloup lot Footstones:A.K. - lying on ground under tree on K. Seidenganz lot Two broken stones - stone has dates 1863-1926 on it. Other footstone: M.H., both next to Marie Hrdina Funeral Home marker with no information - between Ording and Sedlacek monuments but nearer Sedlacek stone