Mishicot Township, Manitowoc Co., Wisconsin

Location: This cemetery is located 0.4 mile south of the junction of County BB and Tisch Mills Road,
on Tisch Mills Road, the west side of the road, next to St. Isidore Catholic Church aka St. Mary's.
Copied by members of the Manitowoc County Old Cemetery Society on Sunday,
August 1 and Sunday, August 22, 1976


Harold/1906-1970 Tombstone, ossw:
Evelyn/1912-1970 Tombstone 

BARTA: Jan Barta/Zemral/23 Pros. 1888/star 53 Roku/11 m., ossw: Jero manzelka/Marie/narozena 23 Srp. 1829/Zemrel/26 Srpen 1885 Anna/1905-1961 Tombstone, ossw: Frank/1897-1940 Tombstone Frank Barta/1860-1951, next to: Anna Barta/Mother/1868-1934, next to: Wenzel Barta/Wisconsin/Pvt. 48 M6 Bn 16 Div/World War I/ Nov. 22, 1890/Jan. 30, 1952, next to: Joe Barta/1898-1936 Raymond F./Apr. 21, 1931/May 7, 2005 Tombstone, ossw: Betty L./Feb. 15, 1932/Jan. 28, 2008 Tombstone Otto/1905-1996 Tombstone, ossw: Esther/1906-1988 Tombstone (Alvina Barta/Mar. 18, 1899/Mar. 22, 1899/from death record/no stone)

BAUER: Katharine Bauer/Mother/1863-1926 Frank/Father/1862-1926 Tombstone, next to: Mary/1890-1970 Tombstone, next to: Frank W./1887-1973 Tombstone, next to: Frances/Mother/1866-1955 Tombstone Anna/1863-1948, ossw: Joseph/1860-1938 Joseph A. Bauer/1891-1959 Tombstone

BIEL: Alois/1915-1980 Tombstone, ossw: Florence/1919-1972 Tombstone Joseph/1909-1991 (b. 15 Apr 1909/d. 28 Jun 1991/SSDI), ossw: Irma/Mar. 28, 1911/Dec. 6, 1974

BOURIL: Mary Bouril/Aug. 16, 1896/Aug. 8, 1979 Tombstone, ossw: Joseph Bouril/Aug. 14, 1895/Mar. 19, 1985 Tombstone

CHERMAK: Wenzel Chermak/1871-1899 (recut), ossw: Wenzel Chermak/Died/April 4, 1899/Aged 27 yrs. 11 mons. 15 dys. Tombstone

CIHA: V.Ciha - large monument in bushes. Next to: Wencel Ciha/Narozen/28 Zari 1860/Zemrel/7 Pros. 1927, next to: Ludmila Ciha/Narozena/l0 Kvet/1858/zemrela/17 List. 1917

CIMRHAKEL: Alzbeta/Dcera F.a A. Cimrhakel/narozen 15 Led. 1867/zemrela/10 Dub. 1895. Tombstone On either side of the above are Rudolph and Rosie ZIMMERHAKEL See ZIMMERHAKEL

DOLE: Josephine Dole/1908-1961 Tombstone Victor W. Dole/1902-1983 Tombstone

DUFECK: Theresa Forst Dufeck/Mother/1885-1937/buried with Forst (1st husband Forst/2nd husband Dufeck) Tombstone

DWORAK: Large monument with family name on it. Separate stones read: Mary Dworak/Mother/Aug. 5, 1880/June 2, 1941 Tombstone, next to: John W. Dworak/Father/June 10, 1862/Dec. 31, 1940 Tombstone John W. Dworak/1916-1990 Tombstone, ossw: Mary O. Dworak/1921-2007 Tombstone Rudolph Dworak/May 25, 1900/Mar. 28, 1985 Tombstone

ENGELDINGER: Ralph J. Engeldinger/1914-1993 (5 June 1914/4 Aug. 1993/SSDI) Lucille Engeldinger/Mar. 24, 1921/Apr. 21, 2011 Tombstone Ralph/Lucille

FICHTA: Anna Fichta/1906-1978 Tombstone

FORAL: Emma Foral/Died Sept. 21, 1921/Age 29 years Tombstone, next to John TOUPAL Jr. and in back of Mary and John TOUPAL

FORST: Family stone with name only. Two separate stones read: Joseph/Father/1877-1915 Tombstone, next to: Theresa Forst Dufeck/Mother/1885-1937 (See Dufeck-have obit) Tombstone

FOWLER: Emma Fowler/Mother/1882-1957 Tombstone

FRONK: Frank W./Father/1886-1948 Tombstone

GESSER: Family stone - name only - Two footstones read: Adam Gesser/Father/1856-1934 Tombstone, next to: Barbara Gesser/Mother/1859-1953 Tombstone

HANEK: Frank/Father/1868-1938, ossw: Catherine/Mother/1874-1958 Tombstone Frank/Catherine

HOLLY: Mildred/Oct. 2, 1900/June 23, 1974 Tombstone, ossw: Ralph/1899-1952 Tombstone, ossw: Jeanette/1928-1944 Tombstone Anton/Father/1875-1932, ossw: Mary/Mother/June 21, 1881/June 4, 1974 Tombstone Anton/Mary

JILEK: Joseph Jilek/Father/1868-1947 Tombstone

JIRASEK: Wenzel Jirasek/Nar. Kveten 4, 1847/zem Cervna 18, 1914 Tombstone, ossw: Barbora Jirasek/Nar. Srpen 8, 1852/zem Cervna 9/1927 Tombstone Footstones: Otec/Matka

JOHANEK: Joseph M./Nov. 16, 1899/Feb. 28, 1980 Tombstone, ossw: Celia/Sept. 1, 1894/Nov. 19, 1989 Tombstone

KAKES: Mateje Kakes/Barbora Kakes/narozena/4 dubna 1835/zemrela/25 Cervence 1871, ossw: Vojtech/nar/dubna 1871/zem 15 Srpna 1871 Matej Kakes/narozen/14 Unora 1832/zemrel/15 Zari 1910, ossw: Barbora Kakes/narozena/Roku 1844 zemrela/3 Brez 1910 Tombstone Matej/Barbora Anton Kakes/nar. 30 Dubna/1884/zem 27 Kvetna/1890 Tombstone Benjamin Kakes/1914-1989 Tombstone Thomas Kakes/Father/1874-1933 Tombstone Alois Kakes/Feb. 26, 1919/June 13, 2012 Tombstone Anna Kakes/Mother/Apr. 23, 1881/June 21, 1975 Tombstone Eugene J. Kakes/Jan. 30, 1941/Aug. 25, 1992 Tombstone Loretta Kakes/1920-1988/married Nov. 22, 1939, ossw: Edward A. Kakes Sr./Oct. 26, 1906/Feb. 13, 2008 Tombstone Loretta/Edward Matthew Kakes/1911-1997/Son Tombstone Emil Kakes/1904-1997 Tombstone Raymond C./1923-2008 Tombstone

KLIMESH: Adam/1906-1970 (03 Aug 1906/May 1970/SSDI) Tombstone, ossw: Alice/1913-1969 Tombstone, ossw: Baby/1941 Tombstone Adam/Alice/Baby, ossw: Joseph/1865-1941 Tombstone, ossw: Elizabeth/1874-1950 Tombstone, ossw: Joseph/1913-1953 Tombstone Joseph/Elizabeth/Joseph, next to: Joe/Father/1865-1941 (this is probably a footstone) Ernest Klimesh/Sept 21, 1937/Oct. 30, 1992 Tombstone (See contributors page)

KOLARIK: Joseph F. Kolarik/1900-1984 Tombstone, ossw: Anna Kolarik/1904-1993 Tombstone

KRIZEK: Bertha Krizek/July 29, 1875/Aug. 5, 1909 Tombstone

KUNESH: Wenzel M./1895-1955 Tombstone, ossw: Marcella Kunesh/1910-1999 Tombstone

MACDONALD: Rose MacDonald/Feb. 9, 1881/Sept. 19, 1928 Tombstone

MALECHEK: Otillia Malechek/Apr. 17, 1888/May 14, 1963 Tombstone, next to: John Malechek/Oct. 27, 1884/Nov. 6, 1918 Tombstone, next to: John and Barbora SHEBESTA See SHEBESTA

MARSALEK: Karel Marsalek/zemrel 21 Srpna 1898/v stari 53 Let Tombstone, ossw: Marie Marsalek/zemre1a 31 Kvet 1887/stari 14 roku Tombstone

MELICHAR: Frank W. Melichar/1858-1932 Tombstone, ossw: Jerome Melichar/1900 Tombstone, ossw: Jerry Melichar/1900-1970) Anna Melichar/1862-1945 Tombstone, ossw: Marie B. MILLER/1870-1985 (See MILLER-have obit) Tombstone Frank/1865-1950 Tombstone, ossw: Joseph/1872-1959 Tombstone

MIDLE: John/1882-1968 Tombstone, ossw: Agnes/1888-1964 Tombstone, ossw: John/1928-2008 Tombstone, ossw: Rose/1924-1927 Tombstone G. Midle Tombstone, ossw: Barbora Midle/Zde Odpociua/Zemrela/24 Ledna 1919/v. stari 77 Roku Tombstone Two footstones: Mother/Father

MILLER: Charles/1881-1961 Tombstone, ossw: Ida M./1884-1956 Tombstone Marie B. Miller/Sept. 14, 1890/Mar. 1985 Tombstone

NOOKER: Henry Nooker/Nov. 9, 1873/Feb. 8, 1942 Tombstone (Note: His obituary was in the 1943 paper)

NUHLICEK: Peter/Feb. 8, 1890/Jan. 11, 1969 Tombstone, ossw: Mayme/1900-1993 Tombstone, next to: Elgene A. Nuhlicek/Ju1y 2, 1935/Mar. 5, 2004 Tombstone Mary/1900-1990 Tombstone, ossw, Charles/1891-1952 Tombstone

OLLECH: Carl/1896-1965 Tombstone, ossw, Ottilia/1898-1981 Tombstone

ORDING: Roland/1929-1975 Tombstone, ossw: Frances/1907-1983 Tombstone, ossw: Harvey/Nov. 25, 1904/Oct. 15, 1967 Tombstone

PIVONKA: Francis E. Pivonka/Nov. 12, 1918 -/U.S.Navy World War II (In front of Frank E. & Lillian) Frank E. Pivonka/Born Mar. 3, 1893/Died in Liverpool Eng./ Oct. 2, 1918/A soldier of the World War Tombstone, next to: Lillian Pivonka/Oct. 18, 1897/June 21, 1995 Tombstone

PRUCHA: Anna/1889-1967 Tombstone, ossw: Wenzel/1886-1947 Tombstone

RADEY: Joseph Radey/1919/July 8, 1965 Tombstone

RIHA: Robert L. Riha/1918-1983 Tombstone, ossw: Sophie L. Riha/1916-2002 Tombstone

ROIDT: Joe W. Roidt/Wisconsin/PFC/603 Engineers/World War I/ November 17, 1887/December 27, 1951 Tombstone

ROSINSKY: Carl R. (Ray) Hunt Rosinsky Jr./June 12, 1923/Oct. 4, 1983

SCHAUER: Frank/Father/1846-1929 Tombstone, next to: Mary/Mother/1857-1933 Tombstone, next to: Joseph Schauer/1888-1971 (Soulek Funeral Home Marker) Baby, next to: Frank/1883-1953 Tombstone, ossw: Caroline/1890-1961 Tombstone

SCHROEDER: Arthur A. Schroeder/1902-1918 Tombstone

SEDLACEK: Jakub Sedlacek/Nar. 10 Unora 1850/Zem. 8 Dubna 1919 Tombstone, ossw: Anna Sedlacek/Nar. 24 Srpen 1853/Zem 14 Prosinec 1927 Tombstone Louis/1891-1973, ossw: Emma/1893-1986 (2nd wife of Louis/daughter of Adolph and Anne Zeman. Louis's first wife was Blanche (Chaloupka) who died early in their marriage of small pox. Blanche is buried in Mishicot Public Cemetery) Two Footstones: Matka/Otec

SHEBESTA: Barbora Shebesta/Born Mar. 2, 1849/Died May 29, 1923 Tombstone, next to, John Shebesta/Born/Nov. 11, 1847/Died Nov. 13, 1926 Tombstone

SINKLER: Irene Sinkler/Daughter/1920-1935 Tombstone, next to: Jane/1882-1965 Tombstone, ossw: Joseph/1876-1955 Tombstone

SKUBAL: Josef Skubal/Narozen/16 Kvet 1851/Zemrel/28 List. 1914 Tombstone Susan Skubal/1960-1962 Tombstone, ossw: Glen Skubal/1927-2006 Tombstone Anton Skubal/Sept. 14, 1894/Mar. 2, 1982 Tombstone, ossw: Julia Skubal/Apr. 28, 1895/Apr. 10, 1986 Tombstone (Joseph Skubal/Aug. 19, 1876/Oct. 21, 1925/from obit) (Mary Skubal/d. Apr. 10, 1922/age 79/from obit.)

SMITH: Jos. Smith/1862-1932 Tombstone

SOUCOUP: Large Family monument - name only. Two separate stones read: Rudolph/Father/1855-1927 Tombstone, next to: Annie/Mother/1861-1937 Tombstone

SWETLIK: Agnes Swetlik/Mar. 19, 1910/Feb. 4, 1984 Tombstone, ossw: Wencil Swetlik/Sept. 19, 1918/Aug. 9, 1970 Tombstone

SYKORA: Julia Sykora/Oct. 17, 1871/March 31, 1920 Wenzel Sykora/Aug. 1, 1859/May 13, 1932 Tombstone, next to: Joyce C. Sykora/1930-1984 Tombstone, next to: Wenzel E. Sykora/Son/1934-1940 Tombstone, next to: Edwin A. Sykora/1896-1956 Tombstone, next to: Margaret Sykora/Nov. 9, 1896/May 17, 1974 Tombstone

TESS: Louis/1855-1924 Tombstone, ossw: Lena/1862-1940 Tombstone

TOUPAL: Emma FORAL/Died Sept. 21, 1921/Age 29 years (picture on stone - in back of Mary & John Toupal stone), next to: John Toupal Jr./Died/Aug. 19, 1922/Age 22 yrs. Tombstone, next to: Mary/Mother/1872-1958 Tombstone, ossw: John/Father/1868-1934 Tombstone

VALENTA: Wenzel/Father/Born/Apr. 19, 1864/Died/Aug. 20, 1935 Tombstone, ossw: Mary/Mother/Born/Sept. 5, 1872/Died Aug. 14, 1934 Tombstone Wenzel/Mary Wenzel Valenta/Pvt. U.S.Army Aug. 1, 1901-Aug. 17, 1973 Tombstone Frank Valenta/Sept. 10, 1898-Apr. 1899 Tombstone Joseph W. Valenta/Wisconsin/Pvt. 310 Inf. 78 Div./World War I/ May 6, 1896-May 21, 1947 Tombstone

VODVARKA: Marie Vodvarka/narozena/23 Dub. 1815/Zemrela/28 List/1913 Tombstone Footstone: M.V.

WOTOCHEK: (Wotachek on obit) Frank W. Wotochek/1901-1945 Tombstone

ZIMMER: George Zimmer/1907-1983 Tombstone

ZIMMERHAKEL: Rudolph Zimmerhakel/Son/1891-1897 Tombstone, next to: Rosie Zimmerhakel/Daughter/Died 1897, Age 5 Ds. Tombstone, next to: Alzbeta/Dcera F.a A. Cimrhakel/narozen 15 Led. 1867/zemrela/10 Dub. 1895. Tombstone On either side of the above are Rudolph and Rosie ZIMMERHAKEL See CIMRHAKEL