Mishicot Township, Manitowoc Co., Wisconsin

Location: 1.0 miles East of the junction of Hwy 147 and V in the village of Mishicot on V 
to Saxonburg Road, then 0.5 miles North on Saxonburg Road to Benzinger Road, then East on 
Benzinger Road 0.2 miles to the cemetery, which is on the North side of the road. Earliest 
stone left is 1856. Transcribed and indexed on July 20 & 25, 1975, by Ruth & Hilary 
Vanderbloemen, Virginia Posny and Kathy Tolksdorf, members, Manitowoc County Old Cemetery 
Re-walked by Ellen- on May 20, 2000. Changes found from original index can be found in [brackets] Updated by the Manitowoc Genealogy Society in July, 2007, added to this site Nov. 2010.

Names in [Brackets] were from info from the tombstone pics taken 28 July 2001 by Shari Milks.
The link from the surname goes to a page with photos of the tombstone.
If the person's first name is underlined, it is a link to the obituary.


August Ahsmann/Geb. bei Leuten/Geb. 10 Jan 1826/Gest/2 Apr 1903, ossw:
Heinrich Ahsmann/Geb/28 Juli 1799/Gest/2 Aug 1867, ossw:
Charlotte D. Ahsmann/Gebne FRIEDRICH/13 Mar 1806/Gest/2 May 1882 Tombstone August/Heinrich/Charlotte

ALEVIZAKIS: Carolyn Ann Clemens-Alevizakis/Dec. 20, 1946/Sept. 8, 2010/from obit

ARNEMANN: Harry/Sohn ____ /A. & M. Arnemann/Geb 13 Juli 1891/Gest 24 Nov 1903 Tombstone [This gravesite is on the far northeast corner of the cemetery and is surrounded by Mary Schram, Charles Schram, and Carl Schram. The name Harry is on the very top of the stone.]

ASSMAN: Alvin Assman/Geb 1 Juni 1878/Gest 23 Aug 1915 Tombstone

BAHLS: Johann Bahls/Geb 14 Feb 1821/Gest 5 Nov 1898, ossw: Sophie Bahls/Geb MOELLER/Geb 18 Sept 1829/Gest 5 Nov 1898 Tombstone Johann/Sophie Tombstone Johann/Sophie

BENZINGER: Fridolin Benzinger/Mar 5, 1820/Sept 2/1903 Tombstone F. Benzinger/Co. B/9 Wis Inf (Born: March 5, 1820/Died: September 2, 1903) Tombstone

BLOECKMANN: Fred Bloeckmann/Oct 28, 1820/June 19, 1901, ossw: Bertha/His Wife/Oct 14, 1847/Sept 6, 1923 Tombstone Fred/Bertha

BRODKORB: Johann Brodkorb/1827-1920, ossw: Anna HUSS Brodkorb/1825-1908 Tombstone Johann/Anna

BRUEMMER/BRUEMER/BRUMMER: Bruemmer family stone J.Brummer/Co. C/27 Wis Inf (Born: 1834/Died: May 22, 1906/from the Manitowoc County Civil War Roundtable) Tombstone Sophia Bruemmer/Born in Germany/Died Oct 22, 1898/Age 64Y, 5 M, 8D, ossw: Julius Bruemmer/Died May 22, 1906/Age 72 Ys, 1M, 27 D Tombstone Sophia/Julius, ossw: Rudolph/Died Mar. 22, 1880/Age 9 yrs 11 Mo 17 D, ossw: Richard/Died Aug 11, 1872/Age 3 Mo 6 Ds Tombstone Rudolph/Richard, ossw: Julius/Died Apr 16, 1866/Age 10 Dys, ossw: Louisa/Died July 26, 1871/Age 3 Yrs 4 Ds Tombstone Julius/Louisa, ossw: Willie/Died Apr 6, 1857/Age 19 Dys, ossw: Charles/Died Dec 17, 1889/Age 27 Yrs 3 Mos 19 D. Tombstone Willie/Charles Carl Bruemmer/geboren/28 Aug 1862/gestorben/17 Dec 1889 Tombstone Fritz Bruemmer/8 Feb 1820/6 Jan 1896, ossw: Carolina Bruemmer/14 Jan 1834/22 Oct 1921, ossw: Johann F. JONAS/1791-1883 Tombstone Fritz/Carolina/Johann Jonas (Fred K Brummer/Co. D/27th Wis Inf (Born: February 8, 1820/Died: January 26, 1897/from Manitowoc County Civil War Roundtable) Tombstone Fred K. Theresia/Gest/12 Aug 1862/Acht/Monate/(rest illegible), ossw: Wilhelm/Gest/1858/(rest illegible), ossw: Louisa/Died 1856 Note: this stone hidden in bushes Sophia Bruemmer/d. Apr. 1870 Tombstone Christian Bruemmer/b. ? Mai 1792/d. in Aug. 188? Tombstone See JONAS

DOSE: William Dose/Feb. 12, 1873/Jan. 24, 1904 Tombstone Wiebke F. Dose/Aug 4, 1854/Jan 23, 1925, ossw: August C. Dose/May 31, 1869/Oct 16, 1961 Tombstone Wiebke/August

FEIN: Johanna Fein/Geboren/5 Febr 1818/Gestorben/4 Mai 1900, ossw: Adolph Fein/Geboren/15 Nov 1803/Gestorben/16 Marz 1898 Tombstone Adolph/Johanna

FLENTJE: (Ida Flentje/b. 11 July 1880/d. Dec. 1913/from obit) (William Flentje/d. Nov. 27 1925/age 38/from obit)



GRUEMAN: Baby (nothing else)

HALBERG: Halberg family stone Frederich J. Halberg/Father/1813-1891 Tombstone Anna O. Halberg/Mother/1821-1886 Tombstone Maria M. Halberg/Geboren/21 Marz 1845/Gestorben/6 Mai 1862 Tombstone

HEISER: George Heiser/Geb 11 Jan 1873/Gest 10 Sep 1908 Tombstone See KRAUSE

HEYROTH: Heyroth family stone Ervin Heyroth/July 11, 1897/Aug 15, 1897 Tombstone Otto Heyroth/Jan 4, 1899/Jan 25, 1901 Tombstone Alvin Heyroth/May 21, 1888/Oct 30, 1913 Tombstone Helen Heyroth/Mother/Jan 31, 1863/Feb 27, 1935 Tombstone Louis Heyroth/Father/Sept 30, 1858/Sept 1, 1914 Tombstone Jeanette M. Heyroth/Oct. 19, 1932/April 3, 2003/married Aug. 27, 1955

HUSS: John Huss/Born Nov 10, 1827/Died Oct 15, 1897, ossw: Eliza Huss/Born July 13, 1832/Died Aug 20, 1887 Tombstone John/Eliza Minnie Huss/1864-1938 Tombstone Edward Huss/1858-1922 Tombstone Elizabeth Huss/Aunty/Born Nov 22, 1821/Died/Mar 21, 1893 Tombstone John Jr./Born June 16, 1862/Died Mar 9, 1872 Amalia/Born May 11, 1867/Died Nov 10, 1869 Unknown Huss Tombstone see BRODKORB

JACOBS: Johanna Maria Jacobs/Geb 3 Nov 1797/Gest 27 Aug 1885 Tombstone

JENS: Christina/Mar 22, 1817/Aug 4, 1891 Tombstone Christina, ossw: Johann/Nov 26, 1821/Feb 25, 1897 Tombstone Johann, ossw: Albert/Nov 7, 1857/July 11, 1896 Tombstone Albert

JONAS: Friedrich Jonas/Geboren 4 Jan 1816/Starb/6 Juli 1886 Tombstone Friedrich [On May 20, 2000, the cemetery was re-walked. The headstone for Friedrich Jonas appears to be a Jonas stone rather than a Bruemmer stone. The name Jonas is much larger than any of the Bruemmer names. Friedrich is listed ossw: Christian Bruemmer/geboren/2 Mai 1792/starb/in Aug. 1883, ossw: Sophia/Gattin von/G (C?) Bruemmer/Starb/8 Apr.1876/Alter/(illeg.), ossw: Wilhelmine/Gattin von/F.R. JONAS/Gebne Bruemmer/9 Dec 1825/Gest/17 Juni 1910 Tombstone Wilhelmine The stone is under a spruce tree.]next to: [Louis] see below [Emilie] see below Tombstone Emilie [Auguste] see below Tombstone Auguste/Louis Sent in by a family member, see contributors page I also appreciate your update on the Saxonburg cemetery and am glad to see that someone realized that Grandpa and Grandma Bruemmer (Christian and Sophie) are buried on the Jonas plot. There are three little babies buried there too. The stones have only their names on them, no dates: Louis in one grave, and Emilie and Augusta in another. They were my great grandparents' three youngest children, born after 1859. And you mention the spruce tree! I was so surprised! I planted it there in 1961 to shelter the stone a little. That was the year I moved to California. See Bruemmer

KRAUSE: Anna Heiser KRAUSE/Jan 11, 1885/Oct 17, 1972 Tombstone This stone was with George Heiser stone

KUNZ: Frank Kunz/Co. C/27th Wis. Inf. (b. 1826/d. February 1874/from Manitowoc County Civil War Roundtable)

KUNZE: Oswald Kunze/1850-1903, ossw: Eduard Kunze/1858-1904, ossw: Sophia Kunze/1797-1868 Tombstone Front Tombstone Oswald/Edward/Sophia Note:in the lilac bush and to the right of this stone are 2 slabs which may have been bases for earlier stones, since this stone is fairly new. (Franz Kunze/d. Feb. 1874/from obit./only Civil War stone)

LAUROESCH: John Lauroesch/Geb/8 Dec 1824/Gest/21 Apr 1892, ossw: Sidonia Lauroesch/Geb/2 Feb 1835/Gest/3 Apr 1915 Tombstone John/Sidonia John/Geb 16 Apr. 1870/Gest 26/Sept 1870, ossw: Ida/Geb 28 Nov 1865/Gest 12 Marz 1880, ossw: George L./Geb 17 Marz 1868/Gest 15 Marz 1880, ossw: Klara/Geb 12 Marz 1878/Gest 24 Marz 1880/Kinder des John & Sidonia Tombstone John/Ida/George/Klara

LOESCH: Sophie Loesch/d. Feb. 1933/age 70 yrs/no stone

MEINKE: [Fridrich Meinke. Tombstone south of the Jonas stone near a Jacobs stone there is a small stone that says Fridrich Meinke. (period included on stone) next to: a small stone (possibly a footstone) that has the intials JMJ] (Friedrich Meinke/b. 30 Nov. 1803/d. 14 Sept. 1893/from obit-no stone)

MEYER: Joachim Meyer/Geboren 1 Mai 1806/Gestorben 7 Juni 1888, ossw: Dorothea A. Meyer/Geb in Juli 1812/Gestorben In Febr 1881 Tombstone Joachim/Dorothea


MUELLER: Mueller family stone (Frederic Mueller/Dec. 7 1821/Aug. 9, 1901/age 79 yrs./from death record)

PAARMANN: Sophia/Gattin des (J. Paarmann???)/Starb 17 Nov 1867/Alter 44 Jahre, ossw: Johann Paarmann/Geb 19 Mai 1826/Gest 10 Feb 1907 Tombstone Johann, ossw: Emma W.H./Tochter des/J. & C. P./Geb 21 Feb 1875/____(illeg)Jahre 11 Tage, ossw: Wilhelm A.K./Sohn von/J. & C.P./Geb/9 Feb 1871/Gest/7 Oct 1894 Karolina Paarmann/Mutter/1843-1929 Tombstone Footstone: W.A.K.P.

PFINGSTEN: Marie/died 1936

RADOW: Philipp Radow/Geb/27 Mai 1815/Gestorben/28 Dez 1884, ossw: Anna Barbara Radow/Geb/16 Feb 1818/Gest/16 Mar 1915 Tombstone Philip/Anna Helen Radow/1860-1935 Tombstone

REIS: Edward Reis/1882-1960 Tombstone Leona Reis/1888-1931 Tombstone

ROEDGER: Elsie/1899-1962, ossw: Hugo/1895-1981 Tombstone Elsie/Hugo (J. Roedger/d. 30 Jan. 1903/no stone-from obit.) Emma Roedger/Oct. 4, 1866/June 11, 1937/from obit-no stone)

SCHARF: (Sophia Scharf/d. 10 Feb. 1897/age 68 yrs/from obit-no stone) (Husband of Sophia Scharf/d. 18 Feb. 1897/age 77 yrs/from Sophia's obit-no stone)

SCHMIDT: Schmidt family stone Ida Schmidt/Aug 30, 1867/May 14, 1935 Tombstone Wm. Schmidt/May 18, 1857/June 11, 1931 Tombstone Elsie Schmidt/Geb 11 Apr 1899/Gest 2 Juli 1917 Tombstone Arthur/Sohn von/W. & J. Schmidt/Geb. 25 Apr 1892/Gest/7 Feb 1897 Tombstone Johann Schmidt/Geb 1 Apr 1822/Gest 7 Juni 1905 Tombstone Dorothea E./Gattin von J.S. Schmidt/Geb 25 Jan 1827/Gest 9 Dec. 1895 Tombstone

SCHRAM: Schram family stone Mary Schram/Dec 15, 1868/Apr 10, 1955 Tombstone Charles Schram/Feb 2, 1861/May 17, 1919 Tombstone Carl F. Schram/June 14, 1818/Mar 22, 1906 Tombstone

SCHROEDER: Schroeder family stone Schroeder family stone John L. Schroeder family stone John L. Schroeder/9 Apr 1835/16 Sept 1924/Vater Tombstone Johanna Schroeder/Gebne GOLDENSTEDT/29 Juni 1836/22 Dec 1916/Mutter Tombstone Jno Schroeder/Co. D/27th Wis. Inf. (see John L. above) (Born: April 9, 1835 in Mecklenburg, Germany/Died: September 16, 1924/ from the Manitowoc County Civil War Roundtable) Allen Schroeder Tombstone Vera Schroeder Tombstone Mable Schroeder Tombstone August Schroeder/Father/1862-1948 (d. 1947 in obit.) Tombstone Clara Schroeder/Mother/1872-1931 Tombstone Maria/Gattin von/J. Schroeder/Geb 5 Feb 1868/Gest/27 Mar 1900 (and child), ossw: Emil/1893-1894 Tombstone Maria/Emil Charles/Mar 12, 1850/Apr 8, 1926 Tombstone Bertha/July 4, 1854/Jan 30, 1929 Tombstone Caroline/Tochter des/J.H. & F. Schroeder/Geboren/7 Mai 1856/Gestorben/16 Mai 1863 Tombstone Caroline, ossw: Johann H. Schroeder/Gestorben 13 Juli 1867/Alter/62 Jah 5 Mo/4 Tage, ossw: Friedricke/Gattin des/J.R. Schroeder/Geboren/16 Jan 1815/Gestorben/4 Mai 1890 (Dau. of Carl Schroeder/bur. 18 Jan. 1892/age 5 yr. 10 mo./from obit-no stone) (Harvey Schroeder/d. Apr. 2, 1926/age 18 years/from obit)

STELTZER: John M. Steltzer/Father/1859-1938 Tombstone

STELZER: Note: one flat stone to right of this one is not identifiable Johann/geboren/11 Dez. 1820/gestorben/1 Dez 1878, ossw: Katherina/geb. 10 Oct 1823/gest. 4 Marz 1897, ossw: Louis/geb. 4 Mar 1862/gest. 11 Apr 1880, ossw: Minnie/geb. 16 Oct 1869/gest. 7 Mai 1880, ossw: (Eli) Kinder von/J. & A. Stelzer/geboren/8 Aug 1852/gestorben/30 Juli 1871, ossw: Anna/geb. 8 Nov 1849/gest./10 Oct 1871, ossw: Eduard/geb. 24 Juli 1843/gest. 27 Nov 1871 Tombstone John/Katherine/Louis/Minnie/Anna/Eduard E. Stelzer/Co. B./9 Wis. Inf. (Erhardt Stelzer/Born: July 24, 1843/Died: November 27, 1871/ From the Manitowoc County Civil War Roundtable) Tombstone (Regina Stelzer/d. 15 Sept. 1890/wife of Nicolas Stelzer/no stone/from obit) (Nicholas Stelzer/d. Apr. 1915/no stone/from obit)

STREESE: Ludwig Streese/geb/12 Dez 1847/Gest./8 Feb 1904 Tombstone

STROUF: Blanche/1873-1964, ossw: Joseph/1869-1937, ossw: Baby Edward Tombstone Blanche/Joseph/Edward

UNKNOWN: Civil war stone Unknown Unknown Klara Unknown Unknown

VOIGT: Dorothea E. Voigt/Mutter/Geb. m. Brandenburg D./1 Nov 1810/Gest/22 Dec 1883 Johann F. Voigt/Vater/Geb in Brandenburg D./9 Apr 1800/7 Juni 1873 Tombstone Dorothea/Johann

WENTKER: Ottilie/tochter des/F. & R. Wentker/geboren/13 Jan 1871/starb 28 Mai 1880, ossw: Friedrich Wentker/geboren/Mai 1823/gestorben/19 Juni 1907, ossw: Friedrich/Unser Sohn/geboren/28 Sept 1863/Starb/16 Aug 1887, ossw: Rosalia, Wenzel,/Mary,/Maria, Anna & Ernst/Gestorbene (?)Kinder von/E. & R. Wentker, ossw: Wenzel/Unser Sohn/geboren 8 Aug 1862/gestorben/7 Jan 1884, ossw: Rosalia/Gattin von/Fried. Wentker/geboren/2 Feb 1839/gestorben/8 May 1877 Tombstone All the Wentker family is on this stone.

WITTE: Friedrich Witte/Geboren/8 Aug 1818/Gestorben/24 Mai 1878, ossw: Louisa/Gattin von/F. Witte/geb. 9 Nov 1822/gestorben/19 Dec 1891, ossw: Anna/geboren/15 Dez. 1859/gestorben/5 Aug 1877 Tombstone Friedrich/Louisa/Anna Tombstone Friedrich/Louisa/Anna Albert/geboren/19 Jan 1863/gestorben/9 Marz 1866, ossw: Bertha/geboren/29 Juli 1867/gestorben/27 April 1868/Kinder von/F. & L. Witte Tombstone Anna/Albert/Bertha, ossw: Tochter des/Fried. & Emilie Witte/geboren 5 April 1887/gestorben 12 Apr. 1887, ossw: Sohn von/F. & E. Witte/geb. u gest./27 Feb. 1897 Tombstone Daughter/Son

This stone was found only with initials: JMJ see Meinke. above