Newton Township, Manitowoc County, Wisconsin

Location: Directly behind the Newton Town Hall/Fire Station at the junction of the Carstens Lake Road and Center Road. Maintained by the Town of Newton in good condition as of July, 1975. Transcribed by Dick & Carol Cote of the Manitowoc County Old Cemetery Society in July of 1975. (SW1/4 SW1/4 SW1/4 Section 15, Newton Twp.)


George Eberhardt/geb/22 Feb 1862/gest/16 Mar 1863, ossw:
Sophie Mundt/geb'ne Junker/23 Nov 1807/Get 9 Mai 1861 Tombstone George/Sophie
Anna M.W./Gattin von/Au. Eberhardt/geb/12 Sep 1864/gest/28 Juli 1901
Carl Eberhardt/Vater/geboren/30 Apr 1802/starb/8 May 1868 Tombstone Carl, ossw:
Sophie Pohlmann/geboren Thiele/geboren/16 Nov 1850/starb/7 Febr 1869
   Tombstone Sophie, ossw:
Gustav/Sohn des/A & A Eberhardt/geboren/8 Marz 1866/starb/10 Jan 1869
   Tombstone Gustav

HEBECKER: Gottfried Hebecker/Geb/1 Apr 1805/Gest/18 Febr 1892, ossw: Dorothea/Seine Gemahlin/Geb/24 Aug 1807/Gest/1 Jan 1889.

HIERMANN: see Truettner.

JONES: (Sophia Jones (d. 1869 from record of Methodist Episc. ch.)

JUNKER: Edward Junker/July 23, 1873/May 10, 1921 (Elias Junker/d. 12 May 1880 from record of Methodist Episc. ch.) (Sophia Junker/d. June 1873 from record of Methodist Episc. ch.)

LEHMKUHL: Johann D/Sohn des D & M Lehmkuhl/geboren/18 Nov 1842/gestorben/23 Juni 1854, ossw: Adelheid Lehmkuhl/geboren/10 Oct 1845/gestorben/18 Sept 1871.

MUND: Heinrich Mund/geboren/1811/gestorben/27 Jan 1868 (Wilhelmine Mund/d. 28 Feb. 1878/cause: measles from record of Methodist Episc. ch.)

MUNDT: see also Eberhardt. Gottfried Mundt/geb 19 Mar 1809/gest 13 Dec 1893 Tombstone Guenther Mundt/geb 14 Nov 1847/gest 27 Apr 1917. (Note: this stone flush with ground, overgrown with grass) (Laura Mundt/1850-1938/no stone/from obit)

MUNDT?: Baby 1912 (this stone near Mundt family, but not positively identified with Mundts.)

POHLMANN: Sophie Pohlmann/geboren Thiele/geboren/16 Nov 1850/starb/7 Febr 1869 Tombstone Sophie, ossw: see Eberhardt

SAMM: (Dietrich Samm/d. 8 Feb. 1870 from record of Methodist Episc. ch.)

SCHMITZ: Augusta/Gattin des/H. Schmitz/gestorben/18 Apr 1868/Alter 36 Jahre.

THIELE: see also Eberhardt. Heinrich/geboren 22 Nov 1846/starb 7 Febr 1860 Tombstone Heinrich, ossw: Maria/geboren 17 Juni 1856/starb 14 Febr 1860/Kinder des Heinrich & Dorothea Thiele. Tombstone Maria

TRUETTNER: Friedrich R. Truettner/Geboren/24 Sept 1843/Gestorben/25 August 1864. Friedrich Truettner/Geboren/25 April 1812/Starb/4 Mai 1890, ossw: Wilhelmine/Gattin von/E. Truettner/geb'ne Hiermann/23 Feb 1817/Starb/12 Mai 1906 Ernst A. Truettner/30 Mai 1855/25 Feb 1917

WERNECKE: Friederich T. Wernecke/Geb. d. 13. Oct/1824/Ges. d. 18. Nov 1877, ossw: Margaretha D. Wernecke/Geb. d. 26. Oct/1828/Ges. d. 3 Nov 1903, ossw: Friedericka/Geb. d. 13 Oct 1853/Ges. d. 14 Oct 1854, ossw: Anna/Geb. d. 8 Dec 1858/Ges. d. 10 Jan 1860, ossw: Friederich/Geb. d. 17 Dec 1856/Ges. d. 20 Jan 1860.

??? Baby/1911, Baby/1920 (in row next to Edward Junker stone) ??? Baby/1902, Father/1846-1905, Mother/1856-1927 (no family name anywhere) ??? 2 small stones - blank ??? Footstone: C.T.