Northeim, Newton Township, Manitowoc Co., Wisconsin

St. Casimir Church Cemetery is located next to and in back of the church and is in well kept condition. Many stones are missing in older sections. Take County Highway LS to County Trunk C, then west .45 miles to Northeim Road, then .5 mile south on Northeim Road to Cemetery. Copied June 18, June 25 and July 4, 1978. Typed and proofread by Marcie Baer, member of the Manitowoc County Old Cemetery Society. Oldest stone, 1867. Copied in original Polish, German, etc.
Reindexed by the Manitowoc Genealogy Society May, 2006. Added to this site Dec. of 2010



ALBRIGHT: See Zielinski.

BASEL: Leona/1902-1988, ossw: John/1895-1977, next to: John P. Basel/PFC US ARMY/World War I/May 26, 1895/Oct. 20, 1977

BECKER: [tt-19]-(Margaret Becker/Mar. 14, 1882/Sept. 1977/from obit)

BERGENE: Scot Allen Bergene/Apr. 7, 1963/May 27, 2004

BIALKOWSKI: Anton/1859-1941 Tombstone, ossw: Suzanna/1869-1937 Tombstone, ossw: Joseph/1895-1959 Tombstone,ossw: Lawrence/1898-1931 Photo Tombstone Esther/Bialkowski/1915-1916 Tombstone, next to: Agnes/Bialkowski/1891-1916 Tombstone

BONIN: Katherine/1885-1985, ossw: Frank/1882-1936 Photo Franciszek Bonin/Ur S.16 List. 1842/Um 2 List. 1908, ossw: Anna Bonin/Ur S. 25 Lipca 1850/Um 15 Wrzes 1918

BONK: Jan Bonk/Umarl/16 Grudnia 1900/Stari 72 Lat, ossw: Agnes Bonk/Umarla/25 Lutego 1909/Stari 68 Lat. Pauline/1883-1933, ossw: Thomas Bonk/1895-1941, ossw: Eleanor Bonk/1895-1980, ossw: Anna/1860-1893, ossw: Xavier Bonk/1845-1917 Thomas Bonk, next to: Mary Bonk Chester J. Bonk/Oct. 14, 1918/Feb. 28, 2004, ossw: Margaret M. Bonk/Jan. 24, 1915/Sept. 24, 2007

BORCHARDT: Lyle H. Borchardt/Feb. 9, 1921/Feb. 1, 1992/PFC US Army WWII See Kadow

BRANTLY: Kenneth P. Brantly/Mar. 14, 1954/Nov. 26, 1994

BRODOWSKI: Benigna STEFANIAK Brodowski/1896-1925 See Stefaniak

BUDNIK: Gertruda Budnik/Urodziela 2 Cpazd 1852/Umarla 15 Wrzes 1871 (iron cross)

CICHY: Jozef Cichy/Ur d. 10 Marca R. 1814/Umarl/d. 11 Maja/ R. 1867

DARON: Mathew Daron/1906-1968, next to: Gertrude/1871-1955 ossw: Andrew/1866-1937, next to: Frank J. Daron/Wisconsin/Pvt. 146 Machine Gun BN/World War I/ April 15, 1896/Feb. 18, 1951 Celia Daron/1910-1986 Edward Daron/1904-1983, ossw: Veronica Daron/1904-2001 (Helen Daron/d. Dec. 15, 1905/age 5 yrs./no stone) (Franz Daron/d. Apr. 3, 1894/age 70 yrs/no stone) (Dorothy Daron/d. April 27, 2008/age 70/from obit)

DEHNE: Walter C. Dehne/Wisconsin/FN US Navy/ Feb. 8, 1939/May 23, 1967, next to: Walter C./1939-1967, ossw: Maureen M./1942-1973 (29 Jun 1942/Jan 1973/SSDI), ossw: William J./1960-1964, ossw: Susan M./1962-1964, ossw: Darla J./1961-1964 Mary Ann Dehne/May 3, 1943/Nov. 15, 1988

DOMBROSKI: (Joseph Dombroski/d. 01 Jan. 1902/age 82 yrs./from obit-no stone)

DONARSKI: Pawel Donarski/Um/26 Styc/1886 Michael Donarski/Sept. 29, 1849-June 9, 1886

DONDLINGER: Anna/1892-1975 (b. 3 Feb. 1892/d. Mar. 1975/SSDI), ossw: Nicholas/1888-1961, next to: Francis James Dondlinger/Baby/Mar. 29 - Apr. 23 1945

DROBKA: Stanislaus Drobka/Urodzil/26 Wrez 1828/Umarl/22 Maja 1904 Tombstone (Mary Drobka/d. May 1922 age 93/from obit/no stone) Ignatz Drobka/1891-1983 Tombstone

DVORAK: Colette A. Dvorak/Feb. 6, 1952/May 3, 1994

FOGLE: Douglas Fogle/1918-2005, ossw: Alice H. Fogle/1917-2003

FOX: Clarence B. Fox/Pennsylvania/Pvt. STU Army TNG Corps/World War I/ Feb. 13, 1899-April 1, 1963 Agatha Fox/Sept. 27, 1898/June 20, 1985

FRUZYNA: Maryianna Fruzyna/Umarla d. 16 Lipca 1891/Bela weku 28 ossw: Adam MATYSIK/Urodzil sie 8 go Listopada 1829/Umarl/25 Lipca 1879, ossw: Maryianna Matysik/Umarla D. 20 Kwietnia R. 1888/Bela wieku 59, ossw: Rozalia Matysik/Umarla d. 17/Pazdziernika 1889/Bela wieku 20 Gertruda Fruzyna (rest of stone to deep in ground to read) Jan Fruzyna/23 Lutego R. 1893 (rest too deep to read) Tombstone Rose/1873-1936, ossw: Andrew/1853-1934, ossw: Jean H. Fruzyna/1937-1993, ossw: Catherine Fruzyna/1893-1987, ossw: Frank J. Fruzyna/1896-1984 Tomasz Fruzyna/Um/3 Grud. 1892/Stari 79 Lat, ossw: Cecelyia Fruzyna/Um 19 Lipca 1903/Stara 86 Lat

GACA: John/1866-1948, ossw: Susan/1875-1928 Lorentyne Gaca/Dec. 14, 1908/July 13, 1992

GATES: Julius E. Gates/Dec. 13, 1897/July 17, 1984/PVT US Army WWII

GLOMSKI: Celia/1911-2001 (19 Apr 1911/02 Dec 2001/SSDI), ossw: John A./1910-1966 Erwin A. Glomski/Tec 4 US Army/Mar. 11, 1908/Sept. 29, 1974, next to: Anton Glomski/Urod sie d. 23 go Ustr. 1876/Umarl d. 1/go Grid 1911, next to: Footstone: A.G. Gordon Glomski/Son/Apr. 17, 1908/July 24, 1928

GLUTH: Joseph F. Gluth, Sr./Apr. 26, 1912/Mar. 7, 2003, ossw: Joseph F. Gluth, Jr./Sept. 23, 1969/Apr. 17, 1999, ossw: Anne L. Gluth/nee Janos/July 24, 1930/Sept. 22, 2002/Mother, ossw: Anna Janos/July 24, 1912/Sept. 28, 1970/Grandmother

GODZINSKI: Jozef J.A. Godzinski/Umarl/19 Lipca 1880/54 Lat.Stary (war vet flag)


GRETZ: (John Gretz/d. Aug. 6, 1911/age 89/from obit. no stone) (Mary Gretz/d. Feb. 9, 1903/age 84/from death record- no stone)

HARTLAUB: James V. Hartlaub/Jan. 7, May 2, 1956, next to: La Verne -, ossw: Clemens/1919-1979, separate stone reads: Clemens A. Hartlaub/Wisconsin/PFC Army Air Forces/World War II/ Oct. 16, 1919-May 18, 1973 Susan C. Hartlaub/Dec. 10, 1947/Dec. 23, 1993

HARTMAN: John T./1926-1957 (war vet flag)

HEIN: Clarence P. Hein/1906-1984, ossw: Blanche A. Hein/1912-2001 See POPP

HOLSCHBACH: Mark Holschbach/Jan. 12-14, 1951 Bruce Dale Holschbach/May 24, 1960/May 9, 1981 Grace Holschbach/1926-1994 (Harold Holschbach/Mar. 4, 1923/Nov. 8, 2012/from obit) Orville J. Holschbach/1932-1993

JANOS: Anna Janos/July 24, 1912/Sept. 28, 1970/Grandmother See Gluth

KADOW: Steven/1832-1915, ossw: Mary Kadow/1838-1921 Maryjanna Kadow/Urod/17 Grudnia 1865/Umarla sie 2 Lipca 1880. (This child's name was actually Nariannis Stephanis Kadow according to family researcher.) Clara Kadow/1898-1965, ossw: Frank/1908-1987, ossw: Antonia Kadow/1871-1946, ossw: John Kadow/1869-1960, ossw: Lyle BORCHARDT/Feb. 9, 1921/Feb. 1, 1992/PFC US Army WWII, ossw: Sophie BORCHARDT/1906-1988, ossw: Frances Kadow/1900-1989 (30 Oct 1900/Jan 1989/SSDI)

KANIA: John/1838-1919 ossw: Anna Kania/1844-1932, ossw: Anna MASIAK/1886-1919 (See MASIAK-have obit), ossw: Anne SIUDA/1913-1987, ossw: Wanda Kania/1903-1921, ossw: Angeline/1870-1958, ossw: Joseph/1866-1923 Jeanette Kania/Mother/1919-1953, next to: Frank/1872-1956, ossw: Pauline/1879-1966, ossw: Jeanette/1919-1953, ossw: Harry/1913-1990 Margaret E. Kania/1921-1990 See MASIAK See SIUDA

KNIPP: Eleanor M. Knipp/1924-1983, ossw: Theresa J. Knipp/1904-1983, ossw: Matylda ZYCH/1874-1956 (See ZYCH-have obit), ossw: Stephen ZYCH/1870-1942 (See ZYCH-have obit)

KOLLATH: Family stone Otto Kollath/1912-1988, ossw: Helen Kollath/1913-2009, ossw: Vanda Zych/1891-1981 (18 May 1891/Sep 1981/SSDI), ossw: Jacob Zych/1886-1954 (See ZYCH-have obit) Tombstone Otto/Helen/Vanda/Jacob See ZYCH

KOLPACKI: [CP3A]-[Constance/Jan. 13, 1875/Mar. 17, 1916]

KORLESKY: Lily Korlesky/Sept. 28, 1900/Sept. 12, 1987 Raymond P. Korlesky/Jan. 20, 1902/Jan. 26, 1977 Alois/June 16, 1896/Jan. 26, 1977, ossw: Daniel/1916-1968, ossw: Mary/1875-1968, ossw: Peter/1861-1942 (U.S. War Vet flag holder) Tombstone Peter/Mary/Daniel/Alois (Simon S. Korlesky/July 17, 1911/Aug. 4, 1983/from obit.)

KORTAS: John/Father/1862-1942, ossw: Katherine/Mother/1872-1957 Julia Kortas/Gest/21 Aug. 1884/Alter/54 Jahre, ossw: Michael Kortas/Gest/9 Apr. 1881/Alter 55 Jahre Footstone: M.K. Erwin/Aug. 24, 1896/May 13, 1976, ossw: Julie (Partenski) Kortas/1956-1984, ossw: Paul/1855-1934, ossw: Anna/1865-1942, ossw: Gloria (SADLER) PARTENSKI/1929-1980 (See PARTENSKI-have obit), ossw: Martha K. SADLER/1903-1985 (See SADLER-have obit), ossw: Joseph P. SADLER/1896-1963 (See SADLER-have obit) Francizek Kortas/Ur./3 Kviec 1911/Um/13 List 1921, next to: Paul Kortas/Aug. 26, 1896/Nov. 16, 1906, next to: Ludwig Kortas/May 1, 1893-/Aug. 13, 1900 Edward Kortas/1907-1980, ossw: Helen Kortas/1911-2006 See KUFFEL See PARTENSKI See SADLER

KRAEMER: Marvin D./Feb. 5, 1932/Dec. 28, 2007 See TOMCHEK

KUFFEL: Mary Kortas Kuffel/Mother/1886-1945 Frank J. Kuffel/Wisconsin/Pvt. U.S. Army/World War I/July 16, 1886-Jan. 11, 1970 Joseph J. Kuffel/1880-1967 (26 Jul 1880/Oct 1967/SSDI) Ervin/1904-1951, ossw: Helen/1880-1978 (28 Jun 1880/Apr 1978/SSDI), ossw: Nick/1878-1950 Tombstone Ervin/Helen/Nick Krystyna Kuffel/Umarla dnia/2 Stycznia R. 1878/Bela Wieku 63, ossw: Jakub Kuffel/Umarla dnia/1 Wrzesnia R. 1871/Bela wieku 63, next to: Footstones: K.K./J.K. next to: family stone, next to: Piotr Kuffel/Ur 13 Kvietnia 1855/Um 17 Czerwca 1908

LA CROIX: Helen LaCroix/B.1941 (John R. LaCroix/Dec. 8, 1950/July 27, 2008/from obit.)

LASKOSKY: Andreas Laskosky/gestorben/1 Mar. 1897/Alter/38 Jah 11 Mo. 19 Ta.

LESCHKE: Casimir/1892-1973 Tombstone, ossw: Helen/Nov. 17, 1899/Apr. 9, 1974 Tombstone Rose V./Mar. 20, 1898/June 28, 1991 (Mar 20 1897/Jun 1991/SSDI), ossw: John S./Nov. 2, 1896/May 17, 1967 (war vet flag holder) Photo Leon Leschke/Apr. 11, 1876/Nov. 26, 1888 Pauline Leschke/Born June 14, 1851/Died Aug. 6, 1924, ossw: Joseph Leschke/Born Mar. 16, 1852/Died May 5, 1914 Raymond S. Leschke/1921-1996 Tombstone

LESZCZ: Family stone, next to: Cecylia Leszcz/Ur 26 Czerw 1902/Um 20 Stycz 1931 Tombstone, next to: Albertina MALICKA/Ur. 21 Czer 1829/Um 3 Maja 1916 Tombstone Anna Leszcz/Ur 11 Czer 1872/Um 13 Maja 1925 Tombstone, next to: Frank Leszcz/Ur. 4 Pazd 1866/Um/16 Kwiet 1948 Tombstone, next to: Anna Leszcz/Ur 3 Lip 1837/Um 14 Stycz 1927 Tombstone, next to: Jan Leszcz/Ur. 12 Maja 1840/Um 29 Lutego 1924 Tombstone Jan i Maryjanna Leszcz

LOOSE: Serena Ann Loose/3-31-1975 (Pfeffer marker)

LULLOFF: Hildegard/1916-1989 (13 Apr 1916/12 Jul 1989/SSDI) Photo, ossw: Emil C./1914-1991 Photo, next to: Arthur Lulloff/Baby/-Oct. 23, 1949- Tombstone

MACEK: John J./July 24, 1912/May 16, 1957, ossw: Irene K./April 23, 1910/Jan. 1, 1963

MALICKA: Albertina MALICKA/Ur. 21 Czer 1829/Um 3 Maja 1916 Tombstone See LESZCZ

MALICKI: Helen Malicki/1909-1969, next to: family stone, next to: Edward J. Malicki/1911-1980, ossw: Charles J. Malicki/1905-1960, ossw: Constance Malicki/1876-1946, ossw: Valentine Malicki/1861-1944 Tombstone Edward/Charles/Constance/Valentine

MASIAK: Harry T. Masiak/1911-1993 Marie Masiak/Oct. 21, 1915/Apr. 26, 2011 Photo Anna Masiak/1886-1919, ossw:See KANIA

MATYSIK: Josef Matysik/Urod sie/ 30 Listopad R. 1898/9 Sierpina (no date) Adam MATYSIK/Urodzil sie 8 go Listopada 1829/Umarl/25 Lipca 1879, ossw: Maryianna Matysik/Umarla D. 20 Kwietnia R. 1888/Bela wieku 59, ossw: Rozalia Matysik/Umarla d. 17/Pazdziernika 1889/Bela wieku 20 See FRUZYNA

MELLA: Frank V. Mella/1909-1984, ossw: Marcella/1887-1955, ossw: Joseph/1871-1953, ossw: Mary Mella/nee Dodlinger/1916-____, ossw: Florian Mella/1908-1996 Francis/Father/1878-1947, ossw: Mathilda/Mother/1882-1944, ossw: Leonard Mella/1922-1982 Tombstone Francis/Mathilda/Leonard Brygeda Mella/Ur 7 Wrzes 1881/Um 21 Grud 1918/Wieku 37 Lat, ossw: Laudie Mella/1877-1961 Veronica/1849-1934, ossw: Frank/1844-1888


MROTEK: Bernadette/1925-___, ossw: Edward/June 27, 1913/Aug. 13, 1976 Paul P. MORTICK/Wisconsin/Cpl. 4 Mech. Reg. Air Svc/World War I/ July 17, 1889-July 17, 1964, next to: Alex F. Mrotek/Wisconsin/Pvt. 313 Aux. Rmt Dept QMC/World War I/ June 21, 1895/May 14, 1970, next to: John/Father/1857-1940, ossw: Anna/Mother/1864-1940, next to: Frank Mrotek/1902-1956, next to: Frances/Mother/1877-1956, ossw: Stephen/Father/1867-1943, next to: Regina A. Mrotek/July 12, 1903/Oct. 29, 1969 Julia C. Mrotek/1894-1934 Frank P. Mrotek/Wisconsin/Pvt. U.S. Army/July 11, 1888/March 27, 1931 Franciszek/Mrotek/4 padin?? 1876/20 Maya 1888 Anna Mrotek Alvin C. Mrotek/Mar. 1, 1915/Nov. 24, 2008, ossw: Agnes C. Mrotek/1917-2005 Emily R. Mrotek/1898-1986 Aloysius Mrotek/1897-1956, ossw: Anna Mrotek/1904-__ Aloysius Mrotek/Wisconsin/Cook CAS. Det. 1527 Demob/ World War I/Feb. 4, 1897/Feb. 26, 1956/separate stone See POKORSKI

MUCHOWSKE: Barthel Muchowske/Born Aug. 24, 1838/Died Feb. 8, 1916, ossw: Mary Muchowske/Born Dec. 8, 1952/Died Nov. 15, 1931 Tombstone Barthel/Mary

MUCHOWSKI: Frank/1881-1950, ossw: Joseph/1886-1950, ossw: Mary/1884-1955, ossw: Rose/1887-1956, ossw: Matt/1874-1953, ossw: Emily/1904-19__, on same lot with: Baby Girl STEFFEN/1978-1978 (Pfeffer marker)(See Steffen-have obit)

MUHOWSKI: Gerald W. Muhowski/Wisconsin/Cpl. Air Corp/World War II/ May 7, 1929/Feb. 15, 1949, on same lot with: Baby Muhowski (Pfeffer marker)

NEILITZ: Anna Neilitz/Geb. 26 Nov. 1837/Gest. 17 Oct. 1912/Gattin von ossw: Peter Neilitz/Geb. 29 Mai 1837/gest 15 Sept. 1922 Footstones: Vater/Mutter

NESPODZANY: Martha Nespodzany/1916/1978, ossw: Roman F. Nespodzany/1908-1983 Tombstone Roman/Martha

NEUMANN: John P./May 17, 1939/May 10, 2010/from obit

NIESPODZIANY: Elizabeth/1897-1964, ossw: Martin/1870-1928, ossw: Josephine/1875-1962 Tombstone Elizabeth/Martin/Josephine

OSEK: (Stephan Osek/d. 04 Oct. 1897/age 28/from obit-no stone)

OSZYK: Marcyn Oszyk/Urodzil sie/19 List 1813/Umarl/26 Lut 1885, ossw: Maryanna Oszyk/Urodzila sie/14 Marca 1811/Umarla/9 Czerw/1890

PALUCH: KS Jgnacy Paluch/Umarl dnia 11 Grudnia R. 1905/Majac lat 63

PARTENSKI: Gloria (SADLER) Partenski/1929-1980 See KORTAS

PATRICK: Michael Patrick/Aug. 29, 1921/Feb. 5, 2000, ossw: Ann Patrick/May 10, 1924/Apr. 3, 2005

PEKARSKE: Robert M. Pekarske/1928-1983 Joseph M. Pekarske/1934-1990 (Agnes L./Feb. 18, 1902/May 20, 1984/from obit) (Max Pekarske/Mar. 19, 1902/Dec. 9 1979/from obit) (Joseph Pekarske/June 17, 1866/Nov. 6, 1954/from obit)

PICK: Elroy A. Pick/1917-1987, ossw: Anna Mae Pick/1920-2005

PIEKARSKI: Monika/1876-1962, ossw: Jozef/1866-1954, ossw: Andrzej/1851-1944, ossw: Zuzanna/1869-1929 Tombstone Monika/Jozef/Andrzej/Zuzanna Jan Piekarski/Urodzil 20 List 1889/Umarl/23 Kwiet 1890

PISZCZEK: Gertruda Piszczek/Um 29 Kwietnia 1918/Stara 63 Lat, ossw: Jan Piszczek/Um 17 Maja 1927/Stari 85 Lat Leonard Piszczek/Ur./6 Sierp 1910/Um 28 Wrzes 1910

PITSCH: Peter Pitsch/Geb. Mar. 5 1803/Gest. Jan. 6, 1875

POKLINKOSKI: Rose C./1891-1979, ossw: Anton J. Sr./1887-1976 Mathew A. Poklinkoski/June 1, 1916/May 7, 2002, ossw: Ruth Poklinkoski/nee Adler/Mar. 23, 1921/Dec. 7, 2002 Edward Poklinkoski/1918-1982/son of Anton J. and Rose C.

POKORSKI: Alex/1903-1961, ossw: Theresa/1905-1978, ossw: Frank/Feb. 25, 1890/Jan. 1, 1966, ossw: Leila/1901-1990 (12 Feb 1901/02 May 1990/SSDI), ossw: Mathias/1861-1943, ossw: Mary/1867-1957, ossw: Aloysius MROTEK/1897-1956 (See MROTEK-have obit), ossw: Anna MROTEK/1904-__ Aloysius MROTEK/Wisconsin/Cook CAS. Det. 1527 Demob/ World War I/Feb. 4, 1897-Feb. 26, 1956/separate stone (See MROTEK-have obit)

POPP: Sherry Violet Popp/1-10-1975 Pfeffer marker Eunice/July 10, 1915/May 3, 1975, ossw: Milton/Mar. 22, 1913/Apr. 20, 1968 George W. Popp/1908-1991/married Aug. 30, 1933, ossw: Margaret E. Popp/nee HEIN/1914-2000 Allen Popp/1944-1985 Carter John Popp/Infant/d. Mar. 29, 2014/from obit

POZORSKA: Juliana/Pozorska

POZORSKI: Poiter/Pozorski/Um/9 Wrzes/1895

PRIBEK: Verona Pribek/1905-1996, ossw: Frank Pribek/1905-1984 (Theresa Pribek/July 10, 1913/Feb. 12, 1983/from obit.) (Richard J. Pribek/Nov. 11, 1922/Aug. 13, 1983/from obit.)

RADZINSKI: Joseph Radzinski/Father/Died Oct. 18, 1894 George Radzinski/April 13, 1887/April 19, 1908

RADZINSKY: John Radzinsky/Pvt./2 Wis. Inf./Dec. 24, 1877/June 9, 1943

RAMION: Ignacy Ramion/Urod/25 Sierpnia 1804/Umarl 14 Marca 1898, ossw: Orsula Ramion/Urodzela/28 Wrzesnia 1816/Umarla 10 Luty 1906.

RATHSACK: Anna M./1899-1989 (b. 13 May 1899/d. 23 Apr. 1989/SSDI), ossw: Ben W./1897-1966

REINDL: Mary Ann Reindl/Aug. 16, 1944/Oct. 22, 1988

REINERTSON: Alma ROHDE Reinertson/1908-1958 Tombstone, next to: Ralph Reinertson/1932-1969 Tombstone

REMION: Elzbieta G. Remion/Urodzena/5 Listopada 1873/Umrala/29 Pazdz__ 1889

ROHDE: John/1909-1909, ossw: Anna/1881-1965, ossw: Edward/1882-1977, ossw: Ralph/1916-1962, ossw: Gerard Rohde/1923-1975, ossw: Felicia Rohde/1913-1981 Anna/1880-1943, ossw: Martin/1875-1948 Tombstone Anna/Martin Mabel M. Rohde/1897-1955 Tombstone Thomas Rohde/1892-1951 Tombstone Zita/1903-1962, ossw: Julius/1902-1964 Tombstone Zita/Julius Anton Rohde (picture inset)/Born June 12, 1885/Died June 16, 1912, next to: Maryanna (nee Melnik) Rohde/Born April 1845/Died August 27, 1933/no stone Martin Rohde/Geb. 4 Feb. 1840/Gest. 30 Nov. 1914 Tombstone Anton/Mary/Martin Sylvan at Anton's stone Lee J. Rohde/Jan. 12, 1928/May 25, 2004 See REINERTSON

RUD: Suzanne J. Rud/June 14, 1932/June 25, 1998

SADLER: Martha K. Sadler/1903-1985, ossw: Joseph P. Sadler/1896-1963 (Note: There is an entry for Martha and Joseph in Calvary, Manitowoc. The cem. office in Calvary and for St. Casimir determined they are both now here at St. Casimir/Joseph was probably moved by Martha before she died) See PARTENSKI See KORTAS

SCHARENBROCH: (Leander J./Oct. 8, 1912/Nov. 26, 1984/from obit)

SCHEFSKY: Marie/1912-1989, ossw: Milton/1908-1965


SCHERER: Mathias Scherer/Geb. 24 Feb. 1826/Gest. 4 Juli 1906

SCHMATZ: Mary E./1901-1994 (26 Nov. 1901/14 June 1994/SSDI),ossw: Joseph B./May 8, 1895/Dec. 14, 1977, next to: Joseph B. Schmatz/Sgt. U.S. Army/World War I/ Mar. 8, 1895/Dec. 14, 1977

SCHWEDA: Ignatz Schweda

SCHWOERER: Donald E. Schwoerer/May 5, 1942/May 23, 1985 (Katheryn/Apr. 23, 1944/June 10, 2012/from obit)

SICKINGER: Robert O. Sickinger, Sr./Jan. 13, 1937/July 23, 1989/ US Marine Corps US Army Vietnam Tombstone, ossw: Elaine M. Sickinger/Feb. 29, 1936/Sept. 14, 1997 Tombstone Victor C. Sickinger/1906-1980 Tombstone, ossw: Emma L. Sickinger/1910-1996 Tombstone

SIERACKI: Mary/1896-1963, ossw: John/1899-1995 Roxane Lea Sieracki/1956 (Pfeffer marker) Edwin Sieracki/1909-1967, next to: Alex Sieracki/1906-1958 Daniel Sieracki/1918-2000 Lucy Sieracki/Sept. 17, 1920/Oct. 21, 2012/from obit William R./Apr. 13, 1916/July 12, 2007/dates from SSDI/ obit has error on birth date (Max A. Sieracki/d. Oct. 13, 2003/from obit. no stone)

SIEVART: Joseph Sievart/Dec. 25, 1900/Mar. 27, 1908 Tombstone Anton Sievart/Born/Sept. 19, 1904/Died/May 31, 1905 Tombstone

SIEVERT: Raymond/1908-1958 Tombstone, ossw: Sophia Sievert/1908-2004 Tombstone

SIEWERT: Family stone, next to: Antonina/Matka/1842-1935, next to: Wawrzyniec/Ojciec/1829-1886, next to: Franciszek/Syn/1877-1895 John/1897-1970 Tombstone, ossw: Ladislaus/1870-1941 Tombstone, ossw: Helen/1875-1954 Tombstone, ossw: Stanley/1910-1941 Tombstone Peter/1906-1982 Tombstone, ossw: Helen/1907-1951 Tombstone

SITKAWITZ: Rose/1880-1959, ossw: John/1873-1960, ossw: Albert/1910-1930

SITKEWITZ: Felix/May 28, 1836/Apr. 30, 1899, ossw: Mary/1847-1925 Tombstone Felix/Mary

SIUDA: Joseph B. Siuda/1866-1923, ossw: Angeline Siuda/1870-1958, ossw: Anne Siuda/1913-1987, ossw: Victor J. SLEGER/1914-1992 (See SLEGER-have obit), ossw: Alice A. SLEGER/1918-2003 (See SLEGER-have obit) See KANIA See SLEGER

SLEGER: Joseph B. SIUDA/1866-1923 (See SIUDA-have obit), ossw: Angeline SIUDA/1870-1958 (See SIUDA-have obit), ossw: Anne SIUDA/1913-1987, ossw: Victor J. Sleger/1914-1992 Tombstone, ossw: Alice A. Sleger/1918-2003 Tombstone

SPRANG: Myrtle R. Sprang/1921-1992

SPREJDA: Anton A. Sprejda/Umar./6 Kwietnia R. 1901/by T Wieku 38 (Sophia Sprejda/10 May 1899/16 May 1899/from death record)

STEFANIAK: Frank/1910-1941, ossw: Benigna BRODOWSKI/1896-1925 Maryanna/1824-1911, ossw: John/1813-1885 Pawel Stefaniak/Umarl/15 Stycznia 1873 r./35 Lat Stary Barbara Stefaniak/Urod 23 Grud 1895/Umarla 6 Marc 1896 (Iron cross) Mary Stefaniak/nee GRADY/Oct 18 1895/Sep 29 1993, ossw: Ladislaw L. Stefaniak/May 29, 1893/Jan. 16, 1974/CPL US Army (Johanna Stefaniak/d. July 20, 1941/age 68/from obit/no stone) (Stanley Stefaniak/Sept. 3, 1902/Oct. 1959/from obit.) See BRODOWSKI-have obit

STEFFEN: Baby Girl Steffen/1978-1978 (Pfeffer marker) See Muchowski

STELLMACH: Valentin Stellmach/Urodzil/5 Mar. 1818/Umarl/20 Lutego 1898.

STELLMACHER: Maryjanna Stellmacher/Um/22 Stycnia 1918/Stara 96 Lat

SWAKOWSKY: Lorenz Swakowsky/Died/Oct. 25, 1882/Age 60 years

SZPREJDA: Anna Szprejda/Ur. 12 Wrzesnia/1880/Um 4 Sierpina/1906

SZUKALSKA: Marianna Szukalska/r 1866/R 186(?)88 Tombstone

SZUKALSKI: Family stone, next to: Pawel/Ojciec/Ur. 2 Lu 1837/Szukalski/Um 11 Mar. 1900 Tombstone, next to: Konstancja/Matka/Ur. 14 Mar. 1832/Szukalski/Um/19 Styc 1919 Tombstone Damazy Szukalski/1871-1875 Tombstone

SZWEDA: Rozalia Szweda/Urod/d 24 Maja 1821/Umarla/d. 27 Grud R. 1910, ossw: Jozef Szweda/Urod/d. 24 Kwiet R. 1837/Umarl/d. 19 List R. 1911

SZYMANSKI: Ignatz/1831-1919, ossw: Mary/1843-1933

TOMCHECK: Joseph Tomcheck/1916-1993, ossw: Erma Tomcheck/1919-1993

TOMCHEK: Gertrude/1873-1925, ossw: Frank/1875-1942, ossw: Anna/1837-1919, ossw: John/1895-1947 Walter/1875-1957, ossw: Frances/1880-1949, ossw: Edward/1914-1933 Photo, ossw: Sharen KRAEMER/1951-1951, ossw: Zeno J. Tomchek/1910-1991, ossw: Alice Tomchek/1913-2004, ossw: Rita Tomchek/1955-1997, ossw: Ben Tomchek/1903-1985

TOMCZYK: Eugenius Tomczyk/Urod sie/30 Czerwr. 1910/Umarl/3 Pazdz R. 1910 Maryjanna Tomczyk/Urodzela/25 Lipca/R. 1842/Umarla/4 Maja/R.1883 S.P. Katarzyna? Tomczyk/Urod 25 List 1837/Umarla/7 Wrez 1883 Franciszek Tomczyk/Urodzil 2 Lutego 1828/Umarla/23 Marca 1906 Anton Tomczyk/Ur. 18 Maja 1860/Um 16 Wrzes 1917, ossw: Getruda Tomczyk/Ur. 27 List 1861/Um 30 Lipca 1917 Valenty Tomczyk/Urodzil 29 Stycnia/R. 1835/Umarl/18 Stycnia/R. 1898 Alojzy Tomczyk/17 List. R. 1890/Umarl/21 Grud. 1891 Cecelija Tomczyk/Ur. 14 Marca 1885/Um 24 Lipca 1893

URBANEC: Ignatz/1897-1979, ossw: Frances/1897-1961


WADZINSKI: John F. Wadzinski/1899-1980, ossw: Celia D. Wadzinski/1901-2004 Familia Wadzinskick, next to: Frank/Father/1851-1938, next to: Anna/Mother/1860-1932, next to: Pauline/Daughter/1890-1963, next to: Martha/Daughter/1896-1953, next to: Franciszka Wadzinska/Urod Sie d. 3 Lutego R. 1882/Umarla/d. 17 Stycz R. 1918, next to: Mary Anna Wadzinska/Urod/d 7 Grud/R. 1895/Umarla/d. 16 Pazd 1918


WANIGER: Edward/1908-1994, ossw: Frances/1912-1957

WEBER: Gardy M. Weber/1922-1989 Leland Weber/1953-1982 Jean Weber/1924-1995 (Albert E. Weber/Aug. 22, 1925/Dec. 12, 2008/from obit)

WETENKAMP: Gerald Wetenkamp/1926-1992/US Army WWII

ZICH: Philip Zich/Ur 4 Maja 1842/Um 3 Pazd 1925, ossw: Anna Zich/Ur 11 Lipca 1850/Um 12 Stycz 1917

ZIELINSKI: Alvina/1919-___, ossw: Harry/Nov. 1, 1913/Nov. 17, 1969, next to: Augusta/1878-1928, ossw: Frank/1877-1959, on same lot with: Thomas ALBRIGHT/1962-1962 (funeral home marker) Klemenc Zielinski/Urod sie 23 Padz 1902/Umarl/16 Grud 1909, ossw: Regina Zielinski/Urod sie 2 Srpn 1907/Umarla 23 Grud 1909

ZINKEL: Edward/Apr. 28, 1891-Jan. 2, 1974, ossw: Rose/1897-1953

ZYCH: Family stone Marcella R./1920-2003 (02 Jul 1920/31 Jan 2003/SSDI) Photo, ossw: Stephen J./1917-1977, ossw: Michael R. Zych/1947-2006 John S. Zych/1899-1973 (war vet flag) Matylda/Mother/1874-1956, ossw: Stephen/Father/1870-1942, next to: Joseph A. Zych/1906-1971, next to: Wenzel Zych/1902-1930 John Zych/1880-1953 Otto KOLLATH/1912-1988, ossw: Helen KOLLATH/1913-2009, ossw: Vanda Zych/1891-1981, ossw: Jacob Zych/1886-1954 Tombstone Otto/Helen/Vanda/Jacob Wenzl Zych/1819-1905 Alex P. Zych/July 15, 1908/May 9, 1987/PFC US Army WWII See KNIPP See KOLLATH

ZYWERT: Jozef Zywert/Urod sie/d 4 Czerwca R. 1863/Umarl/d. 2 Maja R. 1893

????? Last two (2) stones at north end of last row on east end of old cemetery.. ..illegible. Small stone - no name - next to Eugenius Tomczyk, end of second row - short row with children. Stone - standing alone in large empty section at south end of cemetery - even with row 3.