Cato Township., Manitowoc Co., Wisconsin

Location: Follow Highway 10 to the village of Whitelaw. Turn North on Pine Street. The cemetery fronts
on Pine Street and is behind the church. The cemetery was indexed by members of the Manitowoc County
Old Cemetery Society on May 16 and June 27, 1976. Updated by Bruce Huffer
and the Manitowoc Genealogy Society August 2009, added to the site September 2010


John Abb/Died Oct. 14, 1897/Age 77 years, ossw:
Mary Magdelena Abb/Died Dec. 11, 1906/Age 80 years, ossw:
Charles Abb/Born May 4, 1850/Died July 25, 1891, ossw:
Anna Abb/Born Oct. 8, 1859/Died Feb. 26, 1907

ANDERSON: Elmer Anderson/1901-1997 Mildred Anderson/1910-2010/from obit

ARAUS: Alfredo Ventura Araus/1938-1996 Tombstone Diane M. Grall Araus/Sept. 4, 1940-Sept. 8, 2014

AUGUSTIN: Julianna Augustin/Geb./13 Apr. 1862/Gest./11 Juni 1921, ossw: Frank Augustin/Geb./28 Apr. 1862/Gest. 12 Juli, 1939 Footstones: Vater/Mutter Kinder/Helena/Bernard/Anna/Franciska

BAESL: Anna M.T. Baesl/Geb./6 Nov. 1899/Gest. 17 Nov. 1899/Unserliebling

BARBIER: Imelda/1884-1963 Photo + Tombstone, ossw: Otto/1880-1960 Photo + Tombstone See Hendricks

BASEL: Joseph Basel/Vater/Geb. 17 Feb. 1865/Gest. 9 Juni 1930, ossw: Theresia Basel/Mutter/Geb. 18 Sept. 1865/Gest. 6 Juni 1914 Tombstone Peter Basel/Wisconsin/Cpl. Infantry/World War I/Oct. 25, 1902/June 7, 1969/Metal Flag holder Elizabeth M. Basel/Sept. 7, 1909/Oct. 10, 2008/Husband Peter

BAUMANN: Joseph Baumann/Gest./28/Nov. 1890, ossw: Anna Baumann/Geb./26 Dec. 1837/Gest./10 Juli 1923 Frank/1879-1969, ossw: Sophia/1880-1953 Clara/Baumann/1910 Maria Baumann/Gest. 1 Aug. 1902/Alter 60 Ja. Maria Baumann/Geb. 25 Jan. 1830/Gest./10 Feb. 1923, ossw: Ferdinand Baumann/Geb./1 Juni 1835/Gest./31 Dec. 1926 Josephus BAUMAN/b. 15 Sept. 1867 at Cato/d. 24 Jan. 1877 Five footstones: Theresa Baumann/1865-1931 Maria Baumann/Mother/1830-1923 Veronica Baumann/1872-1932 Tombstone Ferdinand Baumann/Father/1833-1926 Tombstone Joseph Baumann/Geboren/26 Sept. 1865/Gestorben/29 Jan. 1877

BAZL: (Mary Anna Bazl/d. 17 Nov. 1898 from records of St. Michael's, Whitelaw)

BEATH: Mary/Geb 7 Dez 1873/Gest 10 Nov. 1889 Tombstone Tombstone (Note: Possibly Beach?)

BECK: Georg/Beck/Gest./25 Oct. 1896/Alter/62 Jahre

BENZSCHAWEL: Helen/1885-1911 Paul Benzschawel/1905-1956 Michael/1875-1953 Nicholas Benzschawel/1880-1935 Alvina Benzschawel/1903 - 1985 Joseph Benzschawel/d. 29 Mar. 1907 from records of St. Michael's, Whitelaw

BLESER: Mary/wife of/Arthur/Bleser/Born/Nov. 5, 1873/Died/Oct. 30, 1905

BLINN: Jacob Blinn/Father/1896-1943

BLOOM: Cameron E. Lequa/Son/1926-1966, ossw: Lillian Lequa Bloom/Mother/1901-1966. American Legion marker

BRADEL: Frank/Bradel/Geb./4 Nov. 1843/Gest./13 Juni 1901 Tombstone, ossw: Anna Engeldinger/Geb./25 Nov. 1834/Gest./19 Nov. 1911 Footstone: Mutter

BRANDL: Donald A. Brandl/Nov. 1952 (Barbara Brandl/d. 13 Feb. 1903 from records of St. Michael's, Whitelaw)

BRANTL: Catharina/Brantl/Geboren/8 Juni 1818/Gestorben/9 Feb. 1892

BRAUN: F.P. Braun/Frank P./1870-1948, ossw: Margaret/1879-1946 Peter Braun/Geb./10 Mar. 1830/Gest./15 Jan. 1915, ossw: Barbara Braun/Geb./13 Apr. 1842/Gest./2 Juni 1926 Tombstone Peter/Barbara Tombstone Peter/Barbara Louise/1925-2003, ossw: Reinhold/1919-1969 Casper Braun/Jan. 16, 1853-May 12, 1932/from obit (Lena Braun/d. 28 May 1921 from records of St. Michael's, Whitelaw) Melvin Braun/1942-1960 Louis Braun/1872-1951 Dennis M. Braun/1949 George/1876-1964, ossw: Clara/1882-1961 Anna/1904 -1987, ossw: John W./1901-1960 Viola/1912-1967, ossw: Jack/1911-1963 Larry Braun/1957-1974 Laura/1932 - , ossw: Anton J./1929-1974 Frank Braun/1878-1952 Louisa Braun/4 Nov. 1855/29 Sept. 1910/Gattin von/, ossw: George Braun Sr./14 Jan. 1849/9 Oct. 1935 Tombstone Louisa/George Leonard/1916-1996, ossw: Mary Braun/1914-1975 Georgiana Braun/d. 24 Feb. 1925 John Braun/1874-1954 Lena Braun/1886-1921/wife of John Braun/1874-1954 Gail Braun/Dec. 18, 1935-Jan. 23, 2014/from obit Kathryn Braun/Aug. 15, 1938-July 3, 2012/from obit (John G. Braun/d. 24 Aug. 1963 from records of St. Michael's, Whitelaw) (Mary Braun/d. 10 Jan. 1946 from records of St. Michael's, Whitelaw) (Matilda Braun/d. 29 Apr. 1921 from records of St. Michael's, Whitelaw) The following were sent in by a researcher Anton Braun/11-8-1893/9-8-1984, ossw: Louise Braun/10-22-1896/6-28-1979 Elmer J. Braun/1922-1979 (Janet)/McDaniel Braun/11-19-1918/6-18-2000 Esther T. Braun/1920-1994, ossw: Peter P. Braun/1908-1989 Peter Braun Jr./1960-1978 Joseph E. Braun/1904-1979 Frank F. Braun/1911-1991, ossw: Marian A. Braun/1913-2004 Raymond Michael Braun/10-12-1929/6-1-1983/PVT US Army James R. Braun/2-8-1953/5-29-1994 Herbert F. Braun/8-26-1923/1-17-1985/PVT US Army Marie A. Braun/1944-2009 Jerome "Jiggs" Braun/Jul 19, 1942-Dec 10, 2015 Barbara A. Braun/1941-2009

BREDESEN: David John Bredesen/Wisconsin/HM 3 US Navy/Vietnam PH/Sept 14, 1948/May 15, 1969 David/1948-1969, ossw: Elizabeth/1926-1987, ossw: William/1923-1999

BREDL: Barbara Bredl/geboren/4 Feb. 1809/gestorben/16 Mar. 1900

BREY: A. Maria Brey/Geb./21 Jan. 1840/Gest. 21 Nov. 1899 Anton Brey/Geb./1 Juli 1831/Gest./17 Nov. 1892 Louis Brey/19 Juli 1871/13 Apr. 1902, ossw: Jacob Schad/18 Juni 1871/30 Sept. 1942 (obit under Schad), ossw: Anna Schad/1 May 1876/21 Aug 1976 Tombstone Louis/Jacob/Anna (Mary Brey/d. 22 Nov. 1899 from records of St. Michael's, Whitelaw) See SCHAD

BROCKHOFF: See: Schisel/Grace Brockhoff

BROEDL: Wolfgang Broedl/Geboren/17 Feb. 1809/Gestorben/7 Marz 1892 Tombstone (Above next to Barbara Bredl)

BROWN: Paulina Brown/Geb./28 Feb. 1856/Gest. 30 Jan. 1920, ossw: Casper Brown/Geb. 16 Jan. 1853/Gest. 12 Mai 1932 Tombstone Casper

BRUNER: Sophia Bruner/Geboren/31 Dez. 1871/Gestorben/5 Dez. 1880 Tombstone

BRUNIG: Donald C./1908-1976, ossw: Eleanor A./1913-2002 Tombstone Donald/Eleanor

BRUNNER: Sophia Brunner/Geb./15 Mai 1848/Gest. 4 Apr. 1942, ossw: Wolfgang Bruner/Geb./11 Feb. 1844/Gest. 15 Dec. 1902 Joseph Brunner/1881-1939 Erna/1892-1981, ossw: Anton/1887-1974 Theresa M./1886-1969, ossw: Adolph "Ed"/1889-1986 Winifred Brunner/1923-1948

BURNS: David James Burns/1960 (D.J./d. 8 July 1960 from records of St. Michael's, Whitelaw)

CHRISTIANSEN: Judith Christiansen/7-8-1943/5-17-1986/married 8-8-1964

CISLER: Magdaline Cisler/1914-2004 Tombstone

CONNOLLY: Michael Connelly/June 26, 1949 Clarence Connolly/9-15-1917/4-1-1982/SF2 US Navy/WWII

DIEDRICH: Mark Alan Diedrich/Dec. 20, 1960/Aug. 9, 1966 Shirley Mae Diedrich/April 23, 1936-Apirl 12, 2013/from obit

DIETRICH: Leo H. Dietrich/Dec 16, 1936-Nov 5, 2014

DVORAK: Honora/1917-2015, ossw: Arthur/1914-1968 Tombstone Honora/Arthur

EBENHOE: Edward Ebenhoe/Jul 16, 1948-Sep 6, 2016

EBERT: Clara Ebert/1938-1939 Mary A./Mother/1901-1941 Edward/Geb./4 Feb. 1839/Gest./9 Feb. 1912 (in ditch north of cemetery) Large Ebert Monument with Ebert name only Four separate stones: Reinhart Ebert/1913-1946 Ann A. Ebert/Oct. 29, 1915/Nov. 18, 2011 Anna M. Ebert/1876-1964 Photo Jacob Ebert/1875-1950 Ferdinand Ebert/Geb./15 Apr. 1880/Gest./11 Nov. 1895/Im alter von/15 Jahre, ossw: Anton Ebert/Geb./22 Feb. 1872/Gest./1 Nov. 1895/Im Alter von/23 Jahre Anna Ebert/Geb. 15 Mar. 1843/Gest./27 Feb. 1885 John/Father/1907-1999 , ossw: Margaret/Mother/1911-1953 Baby Ebert/d. 24 May 1934/stillborn from records of St. Michael's, Whitelaw Baby Ebert/d. 2 Feb. 1935/premature from records of St. Michael's, Whitelaw Baby Ebert/d. 11 Nov. 1936/premature from records of St. Michael's, Whitelaw Baby Ebert/d. 1 Nov. 1941/premature from records of St. Michael's, Whitelaw Jacob Ebert/d. 19 June 1900 from records of St. Michael's, Whitelaw James Ebert/d. 30 Nov. 1946/stillborn from records of St. Michael's, Whitelaw Louis Ebert/d. 22 June 1900 from records of St. Michael's, Whitelaw Joseph Ebert/1901/died 12-7-1977/from researcher see contributors page Andrew R. Ebert/4-12-1944/10-29-2002/married 10-3-1964 Loretta Ebert/1906-1988 Andrew Ebert Sr./1904-1982 Edward C. Ebert/8-6-1947/4-19-2007

ELLERMAN: Mary Ellerman/Sept. 30, 1887/Sept. 19, 1961 George Ellerman/Jan. 27, 1878/May 23, 1942 Fred Ellerman/Wisconsin/Pvt. Bakers & Cooks/Sch. Q M.C./Mar. 19, 1929 Theresa Ellerman/Jan. 1, 1854/June 14, 1933 (Theresa Ellerman Baumann)

ENGELDINGER: Mathias Engeldinger/Born June 16, 1818/Died Mar. 13, 1890, ossw: Magdalena Engeldinger/Born Sept. 22, 1822/Died Sept. 20, 1885 Frank Bradel/Geb. 4 Nov. 1843/Gest/13 Juni 1901, ossw: Anna Engeldinger/Geb./25 Nov. 1834/Gest./19 Nov. 1911

FANSLAU: Lucille nee Sickinger/Feb. 8, 1917/May 6, 2004 Tombstone

FELBER: Mathias/1829-1905 (Mathias Felber/d. 16 July 1905 from records of St. Michael's, Whitelaw), ossw: Maria/1829-1903 (Maria Felber/d. 31 Jan. 1903 from records of St. Michael's, Whitelaw) John/1883-1923, ossw: Anna/1857-1915, ossw: Anton/1853-1903, ossw: Marie/1894-1966 Baby Felber/d. 20 May 1950 from records of St. Michael's, Whitelaw

FETZER: Godfrey/1873-1961, ossw: Margaret/1882-1967, ossw: Lorraine/1919-1925

FISCHER: Large monument with Fischer name only. Two smaller stones: Edwin A. Fischer/Son/1904-1942 Eleanor Fischer/1902-1953 Ferdinand Fischer/1879-1946, ossw: Bertha/1887-1980 Joe F./1883-1977, ossw: Frances/1890-1979 Clara Fischer/Geb./7 Apr. 1888/Gest. 27 Feb. 1904, ossw: Anna Fischer/Starb/1 Feb. 1915/Alter 70 Jahre/Gattin von, ossw: Joseph Fischer/Starb/11 Juni 1924/Alter 80 Jahre Wolfgang Fischer/Gestorben/20 Mai 1892/im Alter von/59 Jahren Tombstone Louis/sohn von/A. Fischer/Gest. 1 Juli 1894 (Baby Fischer/d. 10 July 1937) (Barbara Fischer/d. 19 Mar. 1898) (Francis Fischer/d. 26 Dec. 1897) (Joseph Fischer/d. 23 Mar. 1947/premature) Mary Fischer/d. 5 Feb. 1950 Charles J. Fischer/1899-1981, ossw: Lillian J. Fischer/1904-1980 Richard J. Fischer/1911-1992, ossw: Helen A. Fischer/1910-2008 Harvey Fischer/1911-1980, ossw: Emily Fischer/1911-2000 John I. Fischer/June 20, 1923/Dec. 9, 1997

FITZGERALD: (Peter Fitzgerald/d. 17 Feb. 1941/age 3 hrs. from records of St. Michael's, Whitelaw)

FOGLE: (Frank Fogle/d. 29 Dec. 1896 from records of St. Michael's, Whitelaw) (Margaret Fogle/d. 11 May 1889 from records of St. Michael's, Whitelaw)

FRANZ: George A. Franz/1915-2000, ossw: Phyllis A. Franz/1917-1998

FRITSCH: Andrew Fritsch/July 9, 1848/Mar. 18, 1928, ossw: Margaret Fritsch/Jan. 1, 1854/July 11, 1929 Tombstone Andrew/Margaret Two footstones: Father/Mother

GERL: Anna/1864-1900, ossw: Louis/1861-1920 Anna M. Gerl/Nov. 18, 1871/Aug. 11, 1927, ossw: Frank Gerl/Sept 3, 1865/Oct. 19, 1936 Tombstone (Charles Gerl/d. 3 Sept. 1969 from records of St. Michael's, Whitelaw) Harold J. Gerl/1913-1995 Bernice R. Gerl/June 15, 1913-June 12, 2015

GIESE: Therese/1888-1945, ossw: Charles/1889-1969

GOSZ: Five footstones: U.S. Inf./Joseph M. Gosz/1895-1918/Private of Co. F 59th Inf. Died in action/Argonne Sector Tombstone George Gosz/1858-1913 Tombstone Christine Gosz/1864-1942 Tombstone Frank Gosz/1891-1908 Gertrude Gosz/1904-1910 Martin (Honey) Gosz/1906-1983/married 7-18-1933, ossw: Betty Gosz/1905-1989

GRALL: Franz Grall/Geb./17 Jan. 1880/Gest. 7 Apr. 1896 Joseph A. Grall/1894-1947 Cora Mahloch Grall/1904-1959 Large Grall stone with name only. Two separate stones: Anton Grall/1872-1934 Thresa Grall/1874-1949 Johann Grall/Geb./11 Sept. 1833/Gest. 20 Juni 1904/, ossw: Barbara Grall/11 Apr. 1837/gest./14 Mai 1913 Tombstone Johann/Barbara Aloysius Grall/1904-1925 Lena Grall/Mother/1874-1950 , ossw: Ignatz/Father/1867-1949 Carry Grall/May 5, 1901/Nov. 17, 1907, ossw: Ella Grall/Nov. 4, 1905/Aug. 18, 1919 Mary Grall/Mother/1874-1961 Paul W. Grall/Apr 26, 1912-May 15, 1989/from obit Joseph Grall/Father/1867-1933 Terry Lee Grall/1955-1955(Terry Lee Grall/d. 17 Sept. 1955 from records of St. Michael's, Whitelaw) J. Grall Two footstones: Louisa/Mother/1877-1910 John/Father/1877-1961 Anna Sickinger Grall/1880-1946 (see SICKINGER-have obit) Anton Grall/Geb. 25 Juli 1839/Gest. 29 Apr. 1918 Two footstones: Anton/Father/1839-1918 Mary/Mother/1846-1931 Alfred/1914-1971, ossw: Eunice Grall/1923-1967 Margaret/Mother/1882-1963, ossw: Wolfgang/Father/1874-1950 Dorothy/1913-1964, ossw: Roman/1912-1996 Charles/1919-1925 Richard/1909-1978, ossw: Hildegarde/1913-1969 Alberta Pankratz/Grall/1897-1920 Anna Grall/1880-1946 (Baby Grall/d. 3 July 1943 from records of St. Michael's, Whitelaw) Harold John Grall/d. 21 Jan. 1925 Cora Grall/1916-2002 Arthur F. Grall/1916-2011 Photo Frank Grall/1907-1981, ossw: Emily C. Grall/1909-2007 Russel "Buzzy" Grall/June 22, 1943-Nov. 11, 2013 Photo see REIS

GRASSL: Aloisia/Grassl/geb. 26 Aug. 1861/gest./10 Mai 1885

GRESL: Joseph/Father/1867-1947, ossw: Sophia/Mother/1871-1942 Tombstone Joseph/Sophia Mary/Daughter/1895-1916 (Joseph Frank Gresl/d. 20 June 1932/premature from records of St. Michael's Whitelaw)

GRESSL: Joseph N./Geb. 7 Dec./gest. 14 Dec. 1902, ossw: Franz/geb. u. gest./19 Dec. 1903, ossw: Johann R./geb. 20 Mai/gest 27 Mai 1908 Kinder von/J u S Gressl

GRIMM: Catherine/1884-1971, ossw: Charles/1882-1938 Photo Charles/Catherine Rose O. Grimm/Apr. 28/May 7, 1925 George Grimm/1896-1915 Barbara/Mother/1866-1928, ossw: Joseph/Father/1855-1945 (Joseph Grall/d. 20 Dec. 1945 from records of St. Michael's, Whitelaw) Albert Grimm/1886-1944 Anthony/Infant son of/Harry & Bernice Grimm/Oct. 6, 1949 (d. Milwaukee, Wis. from records of St. Michael's, Whitelaw) See: Schirathin, Margaret Grimm

HANSON: Dobora J. Hanson/March 30, 1955-Nov. 4, 2014

HARTLAUB: Anna/1898-1984, ossw: Ferdinand/1906-1959 Anna Hartlaub/Mother/1874-1948, next to: Peter Hartlaub/Father/1869-1939 Dorothy/1921-1933, ossw: Clara/1898-1981, ossw: Peter/1897-1970 (Anton Richard Hartlaub/d. 30 Dec. 1921 from records of St. Michael's, Whitelaw) (Theresa Hartlaub/d. 17 Oct. 1920 from records of St. Michael's, Whitelaw) Joseph/1898-1984/Vet., ossw: Theodore/1916-1982 Tombstone Joseph/Theodore

HARTMANN: Wilhelm F./Hartmann/geboren/6 April 1812/gestorben/3 Sept. 1898 Tombstone Maria Cordula/Hartmann/geb./22 Oct. 1821/gest./22 Apr. 1891 Tombstone Tombstone Taken 2010

HASTREITER: Anna Hastreiter/Geb./27 Aug. 1876/Gest./9 Nov. 1901, ossw: Frank X./1869-1951

HASTRIETER: Lena Hastrieter/June 15, 1868/Feb. 4, 1935

HEBEL: Lillian M. Hebel/1917-2008, ossw: Matt E. Hebel/1913-1986

HEINDL: Michael Heindl/1910-1971 [12 Sep 1910/Mar 1971/SSDI) Frank Heindl/1859-1939 Barbara Heindl/1838-1919 Tombstone Wolfgang Heindl/1830-1901 Tombstone (Frank Heindl/d. 1 June 1905 from records of St. Michael's, Whitelaw/no stone) (Martha Heindl/d. 15 June 1900 from records of St. Michael's, Whitelaw/no stone) Dionysius Heindl/d. 8 Oct. 1877/age 10 yrs./no stone Michael Heindl/b. 31 Mar. 1876, Cato/d. 17 Feb. 1878/no stone

HEINRICHS: Brian J. Heinrichs/July 31, 1964-Aug. 10, 1977/Son Bruce A. Heinrichs/7-4-1963/8-24-1998/Son Elmer W. (Butch) Heinrichs/1942-1996/married 12-1-1962, ossw: Helen L. Heinrichs/1945-2006

HEINZEN: John/1879-1958, ossw: Louise/1884-1971, ossw: (Ray)/Son/1909-1973 Metal War vet flag holder. Also three footstones: Father/Mother/Ray Joseph/Heinzen/Nov. 6, 1900/June 5, 1935 Tombstone

HELGESON: Sarah Helgeson/June 7, 1910/Oct. 21, 1967 Beverly Anne Helgeson/Nov. 27, 1932/Sept. 28, 1938 Mary Jane/Helgeson/Dec. 24, 1937/Dec. 25, 1937 (Baby Helgeson/d. 10 Apr. 1940 from records of St. Michael's, Whitelaw) (Baby Helgeson/d. 21 Dec. 1937 from records of St. Michael's, Whitelaw)

HENDRICKS: Jeanne Barbier Hendricks/1908-1993 Tombstone Wedding photo

HERMAN: Edward/1909-1993/Vet. (Edward P. Herman/19 Apr 1909/10 Mar 1993/SSDI), ossw: Robert/1907-1977, ossw: George/1905-1980, ossw: Rose/Oct. 2, 1880/Jan. 1, 1972, ossw: Fred G./1878-1920 Margaret/Herman/Nov. 7, 1936/Nov. 8, 1936 next to: Jerome/Herman/Nov. 19, 1926/Dec. 18, 1926

HERRMANN: Jean Marie Herrmann/Mar. 15, 1956/Oct. 16, 1967 Frank/1880-1962 Photo, ossw: Sophie/1885-1954 Sohn von F u S Herrmann/(Leo)//14 Nov. 1913/7 Mar. 1917 This stone is lying on the ground. Jason J. Herrmann/8-9-1985/8-9-1985 Norbert Herrmann/Mar 24, 1921-Apr 14, 2001 Jeanette M. Herrmann/Nov 28, 1923-May 30, 2016 Richard J. Herrmann/11-16-1910/4-18-1990, ossw: Mary A. Herrmann/12-28-1911/1-25-2004

HESSEL: Daniel Hessel/1926-2010/from obit Ione B. Hessel/12-7-1927/1-1-2000

HEYMEN: Fr. Richard H./Born May 2, 1929/Ordained May 26, 1956/Let us pray for one another Tombstone

HILL: Joseph/Father/1864-1944, ossw: Emma/Daughter/1893-1907, ossw: Mary/Mother/1870-1950 Margaret/1899-1974, ossw: Frank/1895-1967 Kevin Hill/Mar. 31, 1970 Raymond J. Hill/1931-1952 Leroy Hill/1928-1987 Georgianna M. Hill/1931-2011

HINKEL: Clara Pankratz/Beloved wife of/Henry Hinkel/April 3, 1883 - Jan. 5, 1913 Tombstone

HUINKER: Herbert/1916-1938 Tombstone Harold T./1918-1991 Tombstone Alois H. Huinker/Father/1888-1972, ossw: Anna C./Mother/1892-1959

HUSSLEIN: Small stone next to huge monument in center of cemetery: Rev. John W. Husslein/Born Oct. 26, 1875/Ordained June 13, 1909/ Died Dec. 31, 1956. U.S. vet metal flag holder

JACKL: Joseph/Father/1869-1935, ossw: Frances/Mother/1869-1957 Leander Jackl/1900-1956

JAGEMANN: Marion K. Jagemann/1916-2010/from obit

KADERABEK: Frank W./1899-1973 (b. 27 Feb. 1899/d. Feb. 1973/SSDI), ossw: Eugene/1923, ossw: Cecelia/1900-1987 Rita Schuh Kaderabek/see SCHUH/have obit

KALIES: Jane/1936-___, ossw: Donald/1931-1981/mar. June 26,1957/Korean War Vet Tombstone Donald/Jane

KASTEN: Jeremy J. Kasten/11-5-1976/7-11-1977

KEALEY: Daughter/Edith Kealey/1877-1891 Corp'l/Pat'k Kealey/Co. D./27th Wis. Inf. [1843/November 9, 1895/From Manitowoc County Civil War Roundtable], next to: Mary/wife of/Patrick/Kealey/1846-1922 (the following two entries were placed in the unknown section at the bottom of the transcriptions for this cem. Thanks to Wendy, who found them, she has been able to identify them: Alice E???/Born Dec. 9, 1872/Died March 19, 1888, ossw: Charlotte/Born/June 17, 1876/Died/March 19, 1888

KEEHAN: Grace C./1901-1991, ossw: John M./1897-1970, ossw: Donald J./1930-1970, ossw: Virginia M./1929-1952

KELLEY: David Kelley/Born Feb. 21, 1881/Died Nov. 29, 1918, ossw: Mary Kelley/Born July 1, 1888/Died Nov. 28, 1918

KIEL: Christopher/Son of/Alfred & Lois/Kiel/Mar. 28, 1973 Henry Kiel/Aug. 28, 1935-Nov. 28, 2012/Korean War Vet Judith Kiel/July 24, 1959-Oct. 23, 1960

KLABATCH: Joseph Klabatch/Died/Sept. 26, 1918/Age 72 yrs.

KLABATSCH: Frank X./1866-1953, ossw: Mary/1876-1953, ossw: Frank Jr./1907-1907 (Frank S. Klabatsch/d. 20 Sept. 1907 from records of St. Michael's, Whitelaw), ossw: Frances/1860-1942 Tombstone Frank X/Mary/Frank Jr./Frances

KLANN: Herman/July 25, 1881/Oct. 15, 1964, ossw: Rose/1881-1959

KLINGEISEN: Frank Klingeisen/Dec. 12, 1878/Apr. 5, 1959 Theresa Klingeisen/Oct. 21, 1885/Oct. 22, 1955

KOEPPEL: George M. Koeppel/Wisconsin/CPL MG Training Center/World War I/ Jan. 22, 1896 - Sept. 17, 1959 Elsie/1900-1985, ossw: George Koeppel/1896-1959 Vernon E. Koeppel/March 21, 1926-July 25, 1985 Antone Koeppel/Father/1855-1935 Frances Koeppel/Mother/1861-1930 Rose Koeppel Shimek/1893-1968/Shimek, ossw: Peter/1893-1918 Herbert F. "Herbie"/Mar. 21, 1926/Jan. 25, 1991/mar. May 10, 1952, ossw: Dolores A./Feb. 20, 1929/Oct. 5, 2001, ossw: Tombstone Herbert/Dolores Gerald Teteak/no other data

KOEPPLE: (Marion/d. 14 June 1923 from records of St. Michael's, Whitelaw)

KOERNER: Large stone - Koerner name only. Three smaller stones: George/Son/1913-1947 Rose/Mother/1886-1949 Joseph/Father/1887-1928 Anton Koerner/Geb./14 Dec. 1853/Gest./29 Feb. 1944, ossw: Franciska/Gattin von/An. Koerner/Geb./6 Nov. 1856/Gest./28 Dec. 1898 William J./Father/1897-1991, ossw: Mary M./Mother/1900-1964, ossw: Sylvester R./Tec 5 776/Amph Tank Bn/1922-1945, next to: Sylvester R. Koerner/Wisconsin/Tec 5 Co. D 776 AMPH Tank BN/ World War II PH/June 27, 1922 - May 14, 1945 Anna Koerner/b. 1847/d. 17 Mar. 1928/from obituary Hugo H. Koerner/2-27-1916/6-10-2004/CPL US Army/WWII Joseph Koerner/1911-1991, ossw: Gertrude Koerner/1911-2007 (Martin Koerner/d. Jan 7, 1911/from obit)

KOHLBECK: Todd Lee Kohlbeck/1964-1964 Baby Kohlbeck/1963-1963 Thomas Kohlbeck/Dec. 8, 1962/Apr. 12, 1963 (Baby girl Kohlbeck/d. 13 May 1963 from records of St. Michael's, Whitelaw) (Baby Kohlbeck/d. 6 June 1951 from records of St. Michael's, Whitelaw) (Baby boy Kohlbeck/d. 17 Aug. 1950 from records of St. Michael's, Whitelaw) Roger Roman Kohlbeck1938-1938 Tillie P. Kohlbeck/nee Grall/1910-1996, ossw: Harvey L. Kohlbeck/1908-1981 Paul W. Kohlbeck/1912-1989/Son Rosa J. Kohlbeck/10-4-1891/3-3-1993, ossw: George Kohlbeck Sr./5-4-1892/3-23-1985 Raymond Kohlbeck/1911-1996 Flossie Kohlbeck/March 16, 1915-Nov. 19, 2012/from obit Louis Kohlbeck/1888-1978, ossw: Ruth Kohlbeck/nee Reitmeyer1894-1977

KOLBECK: Stone with Kolbeck name only

KONSELA: August Konsela/July 20, 1928-Dec. 31, 2014/from obit

KOPPEL: Katharina Koppel/Gest./8 Dec. 1900/Alter/82 Jahre

KORNELY: Kenneth/1942-1960, ossw: Catharine/1919-2014, ossw: Paul/1913-1975 Tombstone Kenneth/Catharine/Paul

KOSTECHKY: (Baby boy Kostechky/d. 1 Mar. 1969 from records of St. Michael's, Whitelaw)

KRAINIK: Frank Krainik/d. Jan. 1916/from obit/no stone

KUEHNL: Katharina Kuehnl/Gest. 27 Juni 1921/Alter 78 Jahre Theresa Kuehnl/1886-1970 Lawrence Kuehnl/Vater/Gest. 13 Sept. 1948/Alter 65 Jahre Franz Kuehnl/Vater/Gest. 23 Juni 1917/Alter 69 Jahre Lorraine/1916-1968, ossw: Victor/1914-1967 Mary Kuehnl/1908-1981, ossw: Reinhold Kuehnl/1913-1980 See: Zipperer/George

KUHNEMUND: Magdalena/Kuhnemund/Geb./26 Nov. 1809/Gest./9 Jan. 1897, ossw: Philipp/Kuhnemund/Geb./15 Aug. 1802/Gest./1 Mai 1877

LAACK: Diane Patricia Laack/Jan. 16-18, 1958 (on stone with Lemberger)Tombstone

LAMACH: Marion/Lamach/1916 to _____

LEITERMAN: (Anton Leiterman/d. 5 June 1921 from records of St. Michael's, Whitelaw)

LEMBERGER: Large stone with Lemberger name only. Four smaller stones: Theresa Lemberger/Born/Mar. 1, 1843/Died/Sept. 6, 1927, ossw: Wolfgang Lemberger/Born/Sept. 15, 1848/Died/Apr. 26, 1925, ossw: Mary Lemberger/Born/Aug. 15, 1877/Died/Nov. 20, 1945, ossw: Joseph W. Lemberger/Born/Aug. 30, 1878/Died/July 10, 1967 Photo, ossw: Diane Laack/Jan. 16-18, 1958 Tombstone Theresa/Wolfgang/Mary/Joseph/Diane Grace K./1912-2002, ossw: Anton J./1904-1970 Anna Lemberger/1873-1944/Mother Anton Lemberger/1870-1951/Father Anna/1892-1969 Photo, next to: Edward/1893-1959 Photo, next to: Barbara Lemberger/Mother/1855-1922, next to: Frank Lemberger/Father/1847-1921 William/1946-1956, ossw: Michael/1951-____, ossw: Leo/1923-1955 Leo L. Lemberger/Wisconsin/S. Sgt. Co. C. 8 Infantry/World War II BSM/ Dec. 31, 1923/Sept. 24, 1955 Reiner/1915-2005, ossw: Lorraine/1920-1971 Joseph/1909-1992, ossw: Marie/1907-1974/Married Sept. 25, 1937 Franziska Lemberger/Geb./6/Nov. 1817/Gest./15 Aug. 1883/Alt 66 Jahre (Baby Lemberger/d. 21 May 1928 from records of St. Michael's, Whitelaw) (Anton Lemberger/b. 2 Feb. 1879/d. 2 Feb. 1879/no stone) Edna G. Lemberger/1919-1978 Erwin C. Lemberger/Sept. 16, 1912-Oct. 8, 1975/from obit Alice C. Lemberger/Jan. 3, 1915/Oct. 13, 2008 John F. Lemberger/1909-1994, ossw: Marcella B. Lemberger/1917-2006 Harold Lemberger/Apr 20, 1925-Feb 7, 2012

LEQUA: Cameron E. Lequa/Son/1926-1966, ossw: Mother/Lillian Lequa Bloom/1901-1966. American Legion marker See BLOOM

LINK: Peter Link/Geboren/2 Aug. 1838/Gest./15 Oct. 1892

LINSMEIER: Mary A./1899-1993, ossw: Frank X./1890-1966 Anton Linsmeier/1902-1969 Patricia A./1931-___, ossw: Joseph F./1929-1964 Joseph F. Linsmeier/Wisconsin/Cpl Btry A f AAA Bn/Sept. 21, 1929 - May 17, 1964 Alois L. Linsmeier/11-5-1930/1-20-1996/CPL US Army/Korea, ossw: Elaine Linsmeier/1934-2001/married 7-12-1955 Christopher J. Linsmeier/1937-2001

LONDO: Clifford E. Londo Sr./4-10-1930/5-20-2009, ossw: Marietta D. Londo/8-1-1935/3-2-2005, ossw: David A. Londo/5-8-1957/5-8-1957

LUCHSINGER: Anna/wife of/Fr. Luchsinger/Born/Feb. 28, 1871/Died Jan. 12, 1921 Tombstone

MAHLOCH: See: Grall, Cora Mahloch

MANGIN: Darryl Mangin/1939-2010/from obit

MARLBOROUGH: George/Marlborough/Died/Apr. 7, 1897/Aged 69 years, ossw: Margaret/His wife/1838-1922, ossw: Tombstone George/Margaret George/1920-1928, ossw: Peter/1879-1943, ossw: Pauline/wife of/Peter/1880-1958, ossw: Mary/1859-1939, ossw: Patrick/1871-1943 Tombstone George/Peter/Pauline/Mary/Patrick, ossw: John J. Marlborough/died/Sept. 7, 1900/Aged 28 years, ossw: Michael Marlborough/Died/Dec. 22, 1900/Aged/56 years, ossw: Nell/1869-1940 Tombstone John/Michael/Nell Annie/wife of/J.W. Marlborough/Died/July 7, 1900/Aged/24 years, ossw: Mary C./Wife of J.W. Marlborough/Died/Jan. 1, 1913/Aged/33 years, ossw: James Marlborough/1867-1937 Tombstone Annie/Mary/James (John Marlborough/d. 27 Oct. 1907 from records of St. Michael's, Whitelaw) (Walter Marlborough/d. 18 June 1907 from records of St. Michael's,Whitelaw)

MARTIN: Jerome A./1908-1977, ossw: Bernice M./1900-1962

MAYER: Daniel L. Mayer/8-29-1976/9-30-1976

MAYERL: Emily/1888-1953 Frank/1878-1951 Paul/1928-1950 William/1881-1938 Frances/1919-1920 John/1913-1916 Rose/1915-1928 Anna Mayerl/1839-1909/Mother John/1830-1912/Father John Mayerl/Born Dec. 9, 1862/Died/July 1, 1895 John Mayerl/1919-1992/married 8-26-1944 Marion D. Mayerl/Jun 22, 1924-Nov 24, 2014 Jerome J. Mayerl/1946-1998

MCARTHEY: Sarah/wife of C. McArthey/Our Mother/Died June 5, 1888/Aged 63 years/ a native of the county/Antrim/Ireland/Erected by her sons/ Daniel H./Charles L./Michael H. & Edward

MCCULLEY: Jill Marie McCulley/1969-1999

MEIDL: Vincent J. Meidl/Wisconsin/Tec. 5 1891 Engr. Aun. Bn/World War II/Oct 30, 1921/Sept. 13, 1948 Blase/Father/1878-1944, ossw: Mary/Mother/1882-1962 Blasius Meidl/Geb. u. Gest./12 Feb. 1917 George Meidl/Geb. u. Gest./2 Nov. 1919 Norbert Meidl/Geb. u. Gest./23 Feb. 1918 Blasius Meidl/Geb. 21 Nov. 1838/Gest. 28 Dec. 1911, ossw: Margaretha Meidl/Geb. 7 Nov. 1841/Gest. 25 Apr. 1912 Viola/1908-1984, ossw: Michael/1902-1961 Theresa Meidl/1872-1952 Michael Meidl/1867-1925 Louis M./Meidl/1908-1966 Margeretha/tochter M & T/Meidl/20 Feb. 1905/22 Apr. 19, 1905 Joseph B. Meidl/b. 10 May 1908/d. 16 Jan. 1979, ossw: Agnes T. Meidl/wife of Joseph Meidl/b. 21 Mar. 1908/d. 27 Nov. 1986 (info. on Joseph and Agnes sent in by family member/see contrib. page) Kenneth John Meidl/March 15, 1936-Jan. 5, 1999/from obit Dominic Meidl/Dec. 28, 1959-Dec. 29, 1959

MENLIK: Meyer and Menlik on same stones: Meyer reads: Louis/Father/1894-1961 , ossw: Florence/Mother/1895-1942 Menlik reads: Joseph/Husband/1871-1949, ossw: Barbara/Wife/1879-1965

MEYER: See Menlik above Joseph A./Father/1878-1935, ossw: Clara M./Mother/Oct. 9, 1880/Oct. 6, 1972 Large stone with Meyer name only. Two separate stones read: Clara/1881-1952 Wolfgang/1875-1950 Glenn/1942-1959, ossw: Mayme/Aug. 23, 1903/Feb. 26, 1976 Photo, ossw: Anton/1905-1993 Caroline/1887-1961, ossw: John M./1882-1948 Barbara Meyer/geb. 14 Mar. 1854/gest. 6 Apr. 1920, ossw: Martin Meyer/Geb. 11 Nov. 1845/Gest. 29 Juni 1933, next to: Mother/1854-1920, next to: Father/1845-1933, next to: Anton/Meyer/geb./26 Okt. 1887/gest./31 Mai 1903, next to: Mary/1888-1978, ossw: Frank/1881-1959 (Frank Meyer/d. 17 Aug. 1906 from records of St. Michael's, Whitelaw) (John Meyer/baby/d. 23 May 1907 from records of St. Michael's, Whitelaw) Eldora Meyer/1918-2000 Edmund P. Meyer/1910-1998 Raymond J. Meyer/1913-2000

MITTNACHT: Catherine/Daughter/born/Oct. 20, 1887/Died/Nov. 28, 1946, next to: John MittnachtJohn Mittnacht/Wisconsin/PFC 1 GAS Regt./1887-1951, next to: Catherine/Mother/Born/Oct. 7, 1861/Died/July 3, 1943, next to: John/Father/Born/Jan. 7, 1857/Died/Sept. 21, 1925 Ruth/Dau. of/P & A Mittnacht/Born/Aug. 1, 1897/Died/Sept. 5, 1901 (Catherine Ruth) Eugenia/Dau. of/P & A Mittnacht/died/Jan. 1, 1892/Aged 2yrs. 9ms. 20ds. Mittnacht child/d. 02 Jan. 1892/child of J. Mittnacht/cause diptheria/from obit Margeretha Mittnacht/geb./28 Aug. 1826/gest./23 Mai 1908 Georg Mittnacht/Geboren/14 Sept. 1822/Gestorben/28 Febr. 1891 Tombstone

MUENCH: Frances Muench/Mother/1856-1927 Joseph Muench/Father/1848-1926 Anna/Mother/1881-1954 Alois/Father/1883-1935 Agnes/Mother/1915-1947 , ossw: Louis/Father/1912-1948 Charles Muench/Wisconsin/Pvt. 338 Field Hosp./World War I/Sept. 24, 1890 - May 19, 1956 Dennis N. Muench/Wisconsin/Sp4 US Army/Vietnam/May 25, 1949/Feb. 13, 1972 War Vet metal flag holder. Dennis/1949-1972, ossw: Dorothy/1925-2015, ossw: Walter/1921-2012 Bernard Muench/8-14-1908/7-27-1996/PFC US Army/WWII, ossw: Lydia Muench/1914-1957 Oscar L. Muench/12-12-1909/1-3-1991 Norbert Muench/1919-2011/from obit Margaret M. Muench/1928-2010/from obit

MUHLBAUER: Maria/Gattin von/Fr. Muhlbauer/Geb. 4 Apr. 1861/Gest. 13 Oct. 1905, ossw: Frank Muhlbauer/Geb. 20 Apr. 1861/Gest. 4 Nov. 1923 Julia Muhlbauer/1887-1928 Joseph Muhlbauer/d. 6 Jan. 1958 George Johan Muhlbauer/Aug. 8, 1890-Nov. 20, 1896/from record

NEUSER: Eberhart Neuser/Gest./12 Oct. 1886/Alter/84 Jah., ossw: Agnes/Gattin von/E. Neuser/Gest./22 Mar. 1892/Alter/79 Jah. Maria Neuser/Geb. 4 Juni 1839/Gest. 8 Jan. 1911, ossw: Wilhelm Neuser/Geb./Juni 1838/Gest. 10 Mar. 1923 Clara Neuser/Mar. 17, 1883-Nov. 3, 1935 Henry Neuser/Jan. 25, 1876-Apr. 25, 1953

NICOLAI: Jacob/Nicolai/geboren/12 Mai 1828/gestorben/18 Feb. 1913

OLSON: Kim Marie Olson/baby/d. 18 Mar. 1964 from records of St. Michael's, Whitelaw Lyman Joseph Olson/d. 4 Aug. 1902 from records of St. Michael's, Whitelaw

ORTH: Clifford J. Orth/7-5-1930/3-12-2000/married 6-21-1958/PVT US Army/Korea

OTTO: Russell V./Father/July 31, 1921/Feb. 21, 2003, ossw: Married Nov. 20, 1941, ossw: Emily A./Mother/Oct. 24, 1920/Sept. 23, 1989 Tombstone Russell/Emily Marvin R. Otto/4-25-1952/9-27-2007

PANKRATZ: Catherine/Dau. of M&M Pankratz/Born/Dec. 18, 1866/Died/July 14, 1895 Threasa Pankratz/Mother/1848-1933 Tombstone Anton/Father/1843-1888 Large Pankratz stone with name only. Also four stones: Frank/1871-1957 Catherine/1874-1955 Margaret Pankratz/1847-1928 Michael Pankratz/1843-1916 Eleanor M. Pankratz/1915-1997, ossw: Francis G. Pankratz/1912-1994 See: Grall, Alberta Pankratz See: Hinkel, Clara Pankratz

PAUTZ: Kay Linn Pautz/-Jun 2, 1960-

PIPER: (Josephine Piper/d. 23 Jan. 1908 from records of St. Michael's, Whitelaw)

PORTEN: John Porten/Died/Apr. 23, 1915/Aged/61 years Tombstone Tombstone (Hannah Porten/d. Jan 24, 1930/from record) William Porten/d. May 2, 1922/age 30/from obit

PREISINGER: Barbara/Gattin von/G. Preisinger/Geb. 16 Juni 1824/Gest. 3 Juni 1905 Georg Preisinger/Geb. 18 Okt. 1821/Gest. 12 Sept. 1882 Tombstone Georg/Barbara Tombstone Georg Tombstone Barbara

PRESTON: Steven Michael Preston/3-19-1983/3-19-1983 George N. Preston/Dec 6, 1917-Nov 28, 1998 Jeanette L. Preston/Jan 22, 1922-Jan 29, 2016 Diana J. Preston/1949-2013 Justin L. Preston/1983-2001, ossw: Jerome L. Preston/1950-1993 Francis L. Preston/1921-2014 Leona I. Preston/Nov. 19, 1925-March 12, 2015/from obit Andrew Joseph Preston/Sep 13, 1993-Nov 15, 2014

PRISMYER: (Barbara Prismyer/d. 3 June 1905 from records of St. Michael's, Whitelaw)

PRITZL: Leopold Pritzl/1871-1930 Tombstone Frank X./Nov. 23, 1874/Oct. 22, 1959, ossw: Mary/Oct. 4, 1876/April 27, 1910 (Baby Pritzl/d. 18 July 1943 from records of St. Michael's, Whitelaw) (Mary Pritzl/d. 24 July 1925 from records of St. Michael's, Whitelaw) (Scholastica Pritzl/d. 30 Mar. 1905 from records of St. Michael's, Whitelaw) Frank X. Pritzl/1906-1985, ossw: Cecilia W. Pritzl/1907-2004 Photo

PRUESS: Michael/Dec. 4, 1894/Sept. 19, 1902 Fredrick W./Jan. 25, 1868/June 8, 1926 Mary/April 11, 1873/Aug. 31, 1931/Mother

RADY: Edwin J. Rady/Mar. 13, 1903/May 14, 1903. Stone broken off and lying on base.

RANK: Ferdinand Rank/gest./4 Mai 1908/Alter/96 Jahre (Mrs. Minnie Rank/d. 5 Mar. 1920 from records of St. Michael's, Whitelaw) Joseph Rank/1862-1938 Theresa Rank/1869-1954 (death date mistranscribed) George Rank/1891-1963 Ida F. Rank/d. 23 Sept. 1900 from records of St. Michael's, Whitelaw Loraine Marie Rank/d. 23 Oct. 1921 John Rank/1904-1977 Mary J. Rank/May 7, 1938-Jan 26, 2016

REHBEIN: Edward/Sohn von/O & M Rehbein/Geb. 18 Marz 1883/Gestorben 12 April 1883

REIMER: Large stone with Reimer name only. Also three smaller stones: Michael/1887-1971 (21 Feb 1887/Nov 1971/SSDI), ossw: Magdalena/1895-1968 John B. Reimer/1933-2013/Korean War Vet Clemens/1920-1921 Stone lying on ground (Clemens Reimer/d. 23 Aug. 1921 from records of St. Michael's, Whitelaw) John Reimer/1845-1921 Stone lying on ground Tombstone (John Reimer/d. 19 Aug. 1921 from records of St. Michael's, Whitelaw) Franziska Reimer/Geb. 25 Oct. 1854/Ges. 23 March 1882-Iron Cross Tombstone Magdalin Reimer/d. 22 Apr. 1926 (Francisca Reimer/b. 8 June 1877/d. 8 June 1877//no stone) Clemens J./May 6, 1922/Aug. 31, 1995 Tombstone Clemens S. J./5-6-1922/8-31-1995/SGT US Army/WWII Leonard L./Nov. 8, 1916/Dec. 29, 1985 Tombstone Sylvester M./Dec. 31, 1917/Aug. 21, 1987 , ossw: Alice M./Dec. 16, 1925-Oct. 8, 2002 Tombstone Sylvester/Alice Matilda M. Reimer/"Tillie"/9-22-1923/7-30-2004 Raymond E. Reimer/1919-1990, ossw: Dolores R. Reimer/1929-1977

REINDL: Mary Reindl/Born/Oct. 31, 1852/Died/Mar. 8, 1912, ossw: Joseph Reindl/Born/May 9, 1851/July 10, 1916 Mary/1893-1989, ossw: Charles/1888-1973 Katherine/Reindl/Daughter/nee Zipperer/1892-1927 (Katherine (Mrs.) Reindl/ d. 18 Oct. 1927 in Antigo, Langlade co., Wis./ from records of St. Michael's, Whitelaw)

REIS: Clara/1914-1997, ossw: George/1912-1967 Mary/Mother/1876-1949, ossw: Ferdinand/1875-1944 Richard C. Reis/Nov. 21, 1947/Apr. 28, 1967 August Reis Sr./Sept. 13, 1878/July 16, 1903 August Reis Jr./Feb. 25, 1904/Jan. 25, 1924 Ida Reis/Apr. 3, 1883/Nov. 10, 1930 Mary A. Reis/Mother/1901-1941 (also listed with Ebert)

REITMEIER: Joseph/Reitmeier/Geb. 8 June 1812/Gest. 23 Jan. 1890

REITMEYER: William Reitmeyer/Aug. 3, 1862/Nov. 20, 1927 Elizabeth Reitmeyer/Apr. 28, 1868/Apr. 13, 1949 Frederick/1890-1973, ossw: Margaret/1890-1988 (Husband Frederick), ossw: Frederick/1912, ossw: Sylvester/1917-1921, ossw: Marie/1926 Nellie Reitmeyer/Dec. 1, 1881 - June 6, 1912/wife of, ossw: Joseph Reitmeyer/Jan. 6, 1872/July 26, 1945, ossw: Georgie Reitmeyer/June 5, 1901 - July 22, 1902 Footstones: Georgie/Mother/Father, next to: Emma Reitmeyer/Mother/1890-1979, next to: Emilia/1918 John/1928 (John Reitmeyer/d. 3 Mar. 1928 from records of St. Michael's, Whitelaw) Rodney Reitmeyer/1930-2006 Joseph Reitmeyer/1903-1983, ossw: Mary Reitmeyer/1908-1977 George H. Reitmeyer/1919-2012/WWII War Vet Betty A. Reitmeyer/Jul 15, 1929-Sep 13, 2015

REMIKER: Edward/1902-1984 (Wife #1 Laura/Wife #2 Mary Riederer Zipperer(m. 1966-1981), ossw: Laura/1899-1964, ossw: Virgil/1934-1940 Norbert P. Remiker/1933-1968

RESCH: Louis Resch/1897-1945 Margaret Resch/1901-1963

RHODE: Leona/1900-1971, ossw: Erwin/1897-1985 John R. Rhode/1926-2011/WWII War Vet

RIPP: Adam/Ripp/Geb. 2 Aug. 1820/Gest./3 Juni 1860

SAUER: Lucille/1923-2005, ossw: Joseph/1921-1972 Louis/1919-1979/US Coast Guard/WWII, ossw: Agnes/1919-2011, ossw: William/1946-1966 William Louis Sauer/Wisconsin/U.S. Navy/Nov. 21,1946 - May 29-1966 James J. Sauer Jr./2-6-1968/9-22-2003/Fireman, ossw: Julianne Sauer/5-8-1969/9-28-1983 Mary B. Sauer/Sept. 5, 1955-June 21, 2012/from obit

SAURER: Barbara/Gattin Des/J. Saurer/Geboren/26 Okt. 1825/Gestorben/26 Dez. 1877 Tombstone Joseph/Saurer/Gest./14 Nov. 1900/Alter 78 Jahre

SAVAGE: Clarence/1910-1986, ossw: Lillian/1912-2009

SCHAD: Louis Brey/19 Juli 1871/13 Apr. 1902, ossw: Jacob Schad/18 Juni 1871 - 30 Sept. 1942, ossw: Anna Schad/1 May 1876/21 Aug 1976 Tombstone Louis/Jacob/Anna Leonard Schad/Father/1912-1946 Tombstone

SCHAMBURECK: Anton/Father/1871-1943, ossw: Theresa/Mother/1876-1942 John R. Schambureck/1911-1990, ossw: Daisy M. Schambureck/1917-2008

SCHAMBUREK: Joseph Schamburek/Geb. 25 Mar. 1847/Gest./11 Mai 1902, ossw: Barbara Schamburek/Geb./26 Dec. 1853/Gest. 24 Mar. 1912 Hildegard/Schamburek/1916-1920 Frank Schamburek/1887-1963 Tombstone Michael/1886-1921 Frances/1889-1961 Frances/Mother/1894-1970, ossw: Louis/Father/1879-1979 Beatrice/Daughter/1926-1932 Grace H./Mom/1913-1984, ossw: John B./Dad/1908-1966 John G./1881-1967, ossw: Clara M./1886-1950 Schamburek/Twins/1904-1904 (Saur Funeral Home marker) (Margaret R. Schamburek/d. 30 Apr. 1954/age 5 hr. 6 min. from records of St. Michael's, Whitelaw..Twin of Mary Ellen) (Mary Ellen Schamburek/d. 30 Apr. 1954/age 5 hr. 6 min. from records of St. Michael's, Whitelaw..Twin of Margaret R.) Devota C. Schamburek/1919-2000 Joseph G. Schamburek/1917-2009/Vet.

SCHIESEL: Edward F. Schiesel/12-22-1902/7-6-1976/PVT US Army/WWII, ossw: Ida Schiesel/1912-1945 This couple is also listed as Schiesl

SCHIESL: Elizabeth/Mother/1876-1959, ossw: Joseph A./Father/1875-1953, ossw: Ida A./1912-1945, ossw: Edward F./1902-1976 Anna Schiesl/Geb./12 Apri. 1846/Gest. 16 Oct. 1913 Tombstone, ossw: Anton Schiesl/Geb. 10 Feb. 1840/Gest./18 Feb. 1916 Ferdinand Schiesl/April 21, 1884-May 26, 1970 Mary Schiesl/Sept. 10, 1887-Sept. 22, 1968 Alvin Schiesl/August 28, 1917-July 17, 1933 Richard F. Schiesl/Nov. 11, 1956-Aug. 20, 1970 Reuben J. Schiesl/May 16, 1923-Sep 28, 1989 Bernadine F. Schiesl/Apr 5, 1925-Aug 25, 2011

SCHIRATHIN: Margaret Grimm Schirathin/1893-1976

SCHISEL: Frances/Mother/1845-1930 (actual death date: May 14, 1930), ossw: Joseph/Father/1841-1930 (Jan. 9, 1843/Jan. 06, 1930) Mary Ann/Dau. of C & H Schisel/Oct. 11, Oct. 23, 1933 Richard F. Schisel/1956-1970 Grace Brockhoff Schisel/1916-1937 Tombstone Mary/1883-1968, Photo ossw: Ferdinand Schisel/April 21, 1884-May 26, 1970 Herbert F. Schisel/1914-2003 Margaret Schisel/June 27, 1928-March 3, 2012/from obit Orie F. Schisel/May 6, 1924-Sept. 1, 2014/from obit

SCHMATZ: Arthur Schmatz/Son/1893-1917. American Legion flag holder Anna Schmatz/Mother/1873-1957 Tombstone, next to: Frank Schmatz/Father/1862-1929 Tombstone, next to: Eugene Schmatz/Son/1920-1939 Tombstone, next to: Raymond Schmatz/Son/1913-1958, next to: Clarence/Sohn von/F & A Schmatz/Geb. 12 Jan. 1898/Gest. 30 Juli/1901 Anna/Gattin von/W. Schmatz/Gestorben/30 Okt. 1892/Alter 75 Jahre Wolfgang/Schmatz/gest./17 Mar. 1891/Alter/82 Jahre Clarence F. Schmatz/July 31, 1901-May 8, 1982/from obit

SCHNEIDER: Baby Schneider/1960 Funeral home marker - stuck in front of Grall stone. (Sylvester G. Schneider/baby/d. 29 Dec. 1929 from records of St. Michael's, Whitelaw)

SCHRIMPF: Barbara/Schrimpf/Gest./13 Feb. 1896/Alter/92 Jahre

SCHROEDER: Elmer F. Schroeder/1906-1992, ossw: Sylvia/1907-1971, ossw: Frank/1878-1959, ossw: Theresa/1885-1955 Sylvia/Mother/1907-1971 Frank/Father/1878-1959 Theresa/Mother/1885-1955

SCHUH: George/1889-1969, ossw: Elizabeth Schuh/1891-1963, ossw: Norbert/1932-1933, ossw: Marie/1917-1920 (Marie Schuh/d. 5 May 1920 from records of St. Michael's, Whitelaw) Gary E. Schuh/1-27-1959/4-7-1991/Son Rita L. Schuh/nee Meidl (Kaderabek)/1927-Dec. 12, 1986, ossw: John A./1925-1961 Godfrey/1895-1966, ossw: Agnes/May 15, 1897/July 1974 Oliva Schuh/Geb. 25 Jan. 1901/Gest. 8 Apr. 1904 Mary/Mother/1870-1941, ossw: Oliva/Daughter/1901-1904, ossw: George Sr./Father/1862-1951 Theodore/1905-1964 Margaret/1899-19___ (Carol Mary Schuh/d. 17 Aug. 1958 from records of St. Michael's, Whitelaw) Leo J./1924-1989 Tombstone Raymond V. Schuh/1928-2005/Vet., ossw: Inez A. Schuh/1932-1990 George Richard Schuh/4-3-1929/4-3-2006/CPL US Army/Korea Margaret A. Schuh/Dec 23, 1936-Dec 23, 2011

SCOTT: Helen E. Scott/7-17-1907/4-17-1989

SEIBOLD: Patricia Seibold/July 14, 1931-July 9, 2011/from obit

SHEAHAN: Timothy Scott/Son of J & J Sheahan/1961

SHIMEK: (Rose Koeppel Shimek/b. 28 Nov. 1893/d. 29 May 1968 from records of St. Michael's, Whitelaw she is buried with her first husband Peter Koeppel/info from researcher/see contributors page) See Koeppel

SHIMON: Susan M. Shimon/Dec. 28, 1952-Oct. 16, 2014/from obit

SICKINGER: Florian Sickinger/Wisconsin/P.F.C. Batry B67 Armd Fa.BN/World War II/Dec. 26, 1904/Jan. 1, 1965 Martin Sickinger/Jan. 26, 1906/Sept. 28, 1984 Erwin Sickinger/Nov. 4, 1900/Oct. 9, 1971 Tombstone, next to: Anna Sickinger/1880-1946 Tombstone, next to: Phillip Sickinger/1864-1918 See Fanslau

SIGLINSKY: Anna/Gattin von/A. Siglinski/Gest./8 Dec. 1895/Alter 32 Jahre Frank Siglinsky/May 8, 1862-Jul 22, 1889/from record

SIMMET: John Simmet/1879-1970 (b. 21 Oct. 1879/d. Jan. 1970/SSDI) Mother (Anna)/1845-1927 (September 23, 1845-July 15, 1927) Father (John)/1842-1927 (September 1, 1842-July 2, 1927/from obit.)

SITMAN: Margaret/1906-1961, ossw: Joseph/1899-1957 Tombstone Joseph/Margaret

SITMANN: Theresa/1916-2000, ossw: Anton/1901-1955 Margretha Sitmann/Gest./17 Nov. 1914/Alter 84 Jah. Joseph Sitmann/Gattin von/Gest./17 Mar. 1921/Alter/86 Jahre Lucille Sittman/1879-1937 Anton Sittman/1869-1945



SPAETH: Frank Spaeth/d. 3 Apr. 1900 from records of St. Michael's, Whitelaw/no stone

STAHL: Gary Lee Sr./1946-1987

STAUDINGER: John/1880-1958, ossw: Mary/1882-1968 Helen Staudinger/Sept. 20, 1924/Oct. 22, 1924 John W. Staudinger/1-30-1905/7-25-1983/PFC US Army/WWII

STEEBER: Lillian/1907-1994, ossw: Emil J./1903-1965

STUEBER: Anna Stueber/Geb./25 Marz 1845/Gest./1 Jan. 1917 Thomas L./Aug. 20, 1956/Sept. 27, 1975 Kathleen A. Stueber/1935-1948 Theresa Stueber/Dec. 22, 1897-Feb. 26, 1941 Thomas L. Stueber Jr./Dec. 21, 1976-June 12, 2005 Alvin G. Stueber/3-6-1931/2-16-2004/CPL US Army/Korea Laverne Stueber/1931-1995/married 5-26-1954, ossw: George J. Stueber/1929-2009/Vet. Pauline M. Stueber/1905-1993, ossw: Anton W. Stueber/1906-1982 George Stueber/1901-1983, ossw: Violet Stueber/1911-1983

STUIBER: Joseph/1896-1977, ossw: Mary/1896-1955 Maria/Gattin von/A. Stuiber/Geb. 22 Mar. 1870/Gest./1 Juni 1899, next to: Anton Stuiber/Father/1868-1926, next to: Mary Stuiber/Mother/1875-1963 Richard A. Stuiber/1904-1981 (Frank Stuiber/d. 1 Apr. 1899 from records of St. Michael's, Whitelaw) (George Stuiber/d. 20 Sept. 1921/stillborn/from records of St. Michael's, Whitelaw) Joseph G. Stuiber/1928-1994 Donna Stuiber/Dec. 19, 1936-June 12, 2013

SUKOWATY: Andrew W./June 30, 1927/Nov. 8, 1984/SGT US Army/Korea, ossw: Lynabelle/1933-2010 Tombstone Andrew/Lynabelle

TETEAK: Gerald/on stone with Herbert Koeppel/no data

TETZLAFF: Joseph Tetzlaff/Geb. 11 Mar. 1842/Gest. 17 Dez. 1882

TISLER: Anna Tisler/7-26-1909/10-16-2003, ossw: Victor Tisler/9-7-1909/1-30-1985 Edward F. Tisler/1914-1979

TUSCHEL: Stella V. Tuschel/1906-1996, ossw: Edward M./1893-1968 (22 Sep 1893/Jan 1968/SSDI)

TYPNER: (Baby boy Typner/d. 2 June 1947 from records of St. Michael's, Whitelaw) (Chas. Typner/d. 11 Sept. 1945/age 10 da./from records of St. Michael's, Whitelaw) (Mary Susan Typner/d. 14 Feb. 1950/age 6 hrs./from records of St. Michael's Whitelaw) Joseph C. Typner/1916-2001 Lenore M.Typner/Jan. 28, 1924-March 25, 2015/from obit


VOGEL: Cecilia/1900-1978, ossw: Jacob J./1892-1974 Maurus/1920-1921 (Maurus Vogel/d. 11 Mar. 1921 at Manitowoc Rapids/from records of St. Michael's, Whitelaw), ossw: Mary Anna/1930-1930, ossw: Joseph VESELY/1952, ossw: Therese G./1958 Bernard/Father/Jan. 20, 1895/May 25, 1974, ossw: Ida/Mother/Mar. 30, 1899/May 5, 1974 Tombstone Bernard/Ida Tombstone Bernard Tombstone Ida Harold Richard Vogel/Wisconsin/Cox U.S.N.R./World War II/ Sept. 24, 1924/Jan. 15, 1947 John/Father/1853-1934, ossw: Mary/Mother/1853-1945,ossw: John G./Son/1888-1969 Theodora/Mother/1869-1963 , ossw: Joseph/Father/1881-1949, next to: Susan Vogel/1950-1960 Dorothy/1928-____, ossw: Harold/1929-1965 Harold A. Vogel/Wisconsin/PFC WM Co. 2 Inf. Div/Korea/May 19, 1929/July 12, 1965 Louis J./1890-1960, ossw: Mary F./1891-1971 (Ladies Aux. VFW) Johan Jacob Vogel/Geb. 11 Jan. 1817/Gest. 1 Apr. 1906, ossw: Frank Joseph Vogel/Geb. 19, Oct. 1876/Gest. 29, 1898, ossw: Eva Margaret Vogel/Geb. 15 Apr. 1818/Gest. 11 May 1899, ossw: Ludwig F. Vogel/Geb. 25 Aug. 1885/Gest. 11 Juli 1915 (Marlene M. Vogel/d. 7 July 1939/premature/from records of St. Michael's, Whitelaw) Robert J. Vogel/1919-2001/Vet. Louise Vogel/July 12, 1918-Oct. 30, 2011 James F. Vogel/Aug 16, 1932-Mar 28, 1990/married 10-6-1962 Leona F. Vogel/Aug 6, 1938-Dec 20, 2014 Anton Vogel/1921-2000 Dorothy E. Vogel/1921-2009/from obit Marcus I. Vogel/1930-1983 Frank A. Vogel/1891-1981, ossw: Rose S. Vogel/1893-1986

VOGL: Anna Vogl/Alter 1 Jahr Tombstone (Anton Vogel/Mar 1848-Feb 22, 1937)

WALLANDER: Bernie L./1936-2004 Tombstone Lois A. Wallander/Jan 22, 1937-Sep 23, 2015 Barbara/Nov. 12, 1873/Mar. 1953

WALLENDER: Peter/Jan. 14, 1867/Aug. 20, 1930

WALSH: Jerome Walsh/1947-1997/married 1-18-1969

WEBER: Joseph/Weber/Geboren/12 Sept. 1866/Gestorben/29 Sept. 1883 Frances/Weber/1842-1927 (Frances Weber/d. 11 Sept. 1926 from records of St. Michael's, Whitelaw)

WEIS: Theresia Weis/1853-1928/Mother (in Mayerl grouping)

WEISS: Wolfgang Weiss/d. July 1888/from record

WELLNER: Margaretta/Wellner/Born 1802/Died Sept. 15, 1880, ossw: Mathias Wellner/Born 1804/Died May 12, 1884, ossw: Michael Wellner/Born Aug. 19, 1845/Died July 21, 1888 Tombstone Margaretta/Mathias/Michael George M. 1868-1956/Father, Tombstone, next to: Mary/1877-1925/Mother (Mary Wellner/d. 17 Feb. 1925 from records of St. Michael's, Whitelaw) Tombstone, next to: Darling/Regina/Wellner/Born/Nov. 1, 1915/Died June 7, 1918. Tombstone Robert M. Wellner/1912-2013, ossw: Carol M. Wellner/1916-1986 Tombstone Robert/Carol Bernard A. Wellner/Sept. 3, 1921-Jan. 14, 2008/SGT US Army Air Forces/WWII Tombstone Wellner family stone

WILHELM: Gladys Wilhelm/1920-2004, ossw: Gervase Wilhelm/1920-1998

WITTMANN: George Wittmann/Died Apr. 9, 1918/Aged 53 years, ossw: Theresia Wittmann/Died May 12, 1908/Aged 43 years Tombstone George/Theresia Serena A. Wittmann/Sep 29, 1900-Jan 23, 1901/from record

ZAHORIK: Edward Zahorik/1900-1989, ossw: Viola L. Zahorik/1912-2007 Harry Zahorik/1898-1981, ossw: Ida Zahorik/1908-2004 Tombstone Harry/Ida

ZIPPERER: Charles Zipperer/Nov. 28, 1875/Oct. 29, 1955 Tombstone Elizabeth A./Sept. 3, 1907/Mar. 14, 2000, ossw: Edmund/Jan. 28, 1907/Nov. 25, 1974 John/Father/1871-1938, ossw: Edwin/Son/1903-1905, ossw: Theresia/Mother/1878-1976 Theresa/Mother/1834-1903 (Theresa Zipperer/d. 8 Feb. 1903 from records of St. Michael's, Whitelaw), ossw: Joseph/Father/1822-1892, ossw: Joseph/Son/1860-1946 George Zipperer/1867-1941, ossw: Theresia/Gattin von/Geo. Zipperer/Geb'ne Kuehnl/Starb 18 Aug. 1913/Alter 37 Jahre Joseph/Mar 1873-Oct 17, 1925 Tombstone Mary/1910-1981 (Husband #1 Walter Zipperer/Husband #2 Ed Remiker/m. 1966-1981/from transcriptions update 2009), ossw: Walter/1900-1951 Tombstone Walter/Mary Georg Zipperer/Geb. in Friedrichsth/1823/Gest. 26 Nov. 1895 Wenzel/Father/1866-1936, ossw: Frances/Mother/1874-1952 Tombstone Wenzel/Frances Also separate stones: Walter/Matha/Alfons. Top of stone broken off and lying against bottom part. (Walter Zipperer/baby/d. 28 Nov. 1899 from records of St. Michael's, Whitelaw) Lawrence/Sohn von/G & T Zipperer/Geb. 21 Juli 1901/Gest. 1 Aug. 1901. Stone broken off at base and lying against large monument Frank C./1896-1981/Vet., ossw: Mary A./1902-1996 Alfons/1906-1992, ossw: Vlasta/1909-1990 Tombstone Alfons/Vlasta Mary/Mother/1872-1937, ossw: Anton/Father/1866-1947 Johann Zipperer/Geb. 22 Mai 1844/Gest. 30 Jan. 1898, ossw: Maria A. Zipperer/Geb. 9 Juli 1846/Gest 14 Dez 1929 Barbara/Gattin von/M. Zipperer/Geb. 20 Juli 1820/Gest 6 Sept. 1899, ossw: Martin Zipperer/Geb. 19 Mar. 1821/Gest. 14 Mar. 1904 Peter Zipperer/Geb. 20 Juli 1843/Ges. 30 Juni 1921, ossw: Theresa Zipperer/Geb. 20 Nov. 1846/Ges. 27 Juli 1934 Tombstone Peter/Theresa Lori Jean Zipperer/Our Beloved Child/Sept. 3, 1965/May 6, 1967 LeRoy A. Zipperer/April 10, 1931-April 8, 2013/from obit Louis T./1880-1972 Mary/1884-1970 Anna/1850-1925 Thomas/1842-1923 Elizabeth/1893-1965 Louis J./1884-1964 Alois/1839-1929/Father Mary/1841-1926/Mother (Mary Zipperer/d. 15 June 1926 from records of St. Michael's, Whitelaw) Clara/1898-1961, ossw: Urban/1898-1973, ossw: Urban Sr. 1942 Tombstone Clara/Urban/Urban Sr. Frances/1884-1967 (04 Mar 1885/Apr 1967/SSDI), ossw: George T./1881-1934 Lucy/1921-1922 (Lucile Zipperer/d. 16 June 1922 from records of St. Michael's, Whitelaw) George Zipperer/June 18, 1865 - Apr. 25, 1929, ossw: Frances Zipperer/Mar. 28, 1860 - Oct. 19, 1937, ossw: Frances Zipperer/June 14, 1885 - Oct. 25, 1980 Tombstone George/Frances/Frances 2 Footstones: Mother/Father Theresia Zipperer/Mutter/Geb. 3 Feb. 1839/Gest. 25 Aug. 1920 Frank Zipperer - large stone. Also 4 footstones: Frank Zipperer/Father/1864-1938 Tombstone Julia Zipperer/Mother/1878-1952 Tombstone Katherine Reindl/Daughter/nee Zipperer/1892-1927 Berthold/Mar. 29, 1912/Apr. 20, 1912 Wilbert Zipperer/1910-1994 Tombstone (Charles Zipperer/d. 23 Jan. 1925 from records of St. Michael's, Whitelaw) (Edwin Zipperer/d. 6 Feb. 1905 from records of St. Michael's, Whitelaw) (Marcella Zipperer/d. 11 Sept. 1925 from records of St. Michael's, Whitelaw) (Baby Boy Zipperer/d. 30 Oct. 1942/stillborn/from records of St. Michael's, Whitelaw Donald E./Jan. 29, 1984/Dec. 31, 1986/Son of Walter and Mary Zipperer Tombstone Herbert F. Zipperer/1917-1994 John A. Zipperer/1900-1983 George Zipperer/1901-1991 Louis F. Zipperer/1903-1987, ossw: Leona E. Zipperer/1902-1994

????? 1 iron cross to left of Georg Zipperer. no inscription Son/Harold/Jul. 12, 1918/Jan. 21, 1925 (between Julianna Augustin and Cora Mahloch Grall (Harold John Grall, church record, same date) Georgianna/Nov. 15, 1923/Feb. 24, 1925. Lying flat on ground next to George and Clara Braun stone.(Georgianna Braun in church record, same date) Illegible Louis. Balance of stone completely illegible. Also broken in two, lying on base. No stone nearby. Three iron crosses to left of Louis Fischer stone, all markings gone Iron cross - west side near Maria Baumann Iron cross - west side near Franziska Reimer. 3 pieces of broken stone - west: Near Reimer