Weyer's Corners, Newton Township, Manitowoc Co., Wisconsin

Location: Highway 141 to Clover Road. Turn West on Clover Rd. 1 Mile. Turn North on Gass Lake Rd. Then 1 block; on East side of the road. (SW1/4 SW1/4 SW1/4 Section 11) Reindexed by the Manitowoc Genealogy Society June 2006, added to this site Dec. 2010


Elisabeth Bartels/16 Nov. 1807/21 Febr. 1873
(Christian Bartels/Oct. 27, 1813/May 7, 1901/from obit/no stone)
(Christine Bartels/d. Nov. 29, 1902 age 72/from obit/no stone)
footstones either side: C.B.; C.W.B.; and, behind, E.B.

BRUNS: Augusta F. Bruns/Geb./17 Jan. 1879/Gest. 19 Feb. 1913/Gattin von Carl Bruns Jr./Geb. 14 Nov. 1874/Gest. 12 Apr. 1943 Johann/1866-1871 (this was leaning against above stone) 4 yards directly West of Bruns stone are 4 small stones marked: Mutter; Vatter Richard/7 Feb 1910/20 Oct. 1913 Walter/6 Sept. 1912/17 Dec. 1925 Mother/Mary Bruns/1856-1934 Father/Carl Bruns/1847-1922 Herman Bruns/1911

FEHRMANN: (John Gottlob Fehrmann/b. 17 June 1798/d. 22 Dec. 1872/no stone)

GRAPENTIN: Christain F. Grapentin/Geb/1 Apr. 1807/Gest/9 Mai. 1872/from death record)

GROELLE: Increas Groelle/geboren in/Gersbach Pruessen./am 20 Febr. 1805/gestorben/3 Marz. 1880 E.G.; A.G.; A.C.G.; F.W.G.; (small footstones east of Groelle stone. Arthur/sohn von/F. & S. Groelle/geb./1 Nov. 1878/gest./1 Apr. 1900, ossw: Unsre (our) Zwillinge (twins)/geboren/19 Mai 1875/ Friedrich W./gest. 27 Aug. 1875/und/Carl A./gest. 17 Sept. 1875, ossw: Frederick C. Groelle/6 Apr. 1851/9 Juli 1936, ossw: Sophia Groelle/geb./20 Feb. 1851/26 Nov. 1904, ossw: Otto Groelle/Geb. 4 Okt. 1887/Gest. 25 Mar. 1920 (Otto Ernst Christian Groelle/d. 03/25/1920/bur. 03/30/1920/from records of St. Johns Evang. Luth. Ch. Leaning against large Groelle stone are: A. Linda/Tochter von/F.A. und A.L. Groelle/Gestorbenden/3 Sept. 187(2?)5/im alter von/8 Monath Emilie/Gattin des/Andreas Groelle/geb. 20 Juni 1808/gestorben/15 Juli 1885

GROTH: Hilda/Groth/1900-1911 Carl/Groth/1901-1904

HEYDRICH: Theodore/geb.24, Dez. 1882/gest. 5, Sept. 1894, ossw: Wilhelm/geb. 18, Mai 1888/gest. 9, Juni 1889/Kinder von Herman und Luise/Heydrich, ossw: August Heydrich/geb. 15, Marz 1820/gest. 25, April 1897 ossw: Johanna/Gattin von/A. Heydrich/geb. 26, Sept 1812/gest 27 Marz, 1895, ossw: Emil Heydrich/geb. 14 Jan 1886/gest. 23 Juni 1917, ossw: Herman Heydrich/geb. 10, Sept. 1851/gest. 21, Dec. 1930, ossw: Carl KANSIER/geb. 23 Okt 1880, gest. 28 Aug. 1881 Louisa Heydrich/Sept 26, 1859/May 20, 1947 (next to above stone)

KALLE: Friedericka Kalle/geb./28 Oct. 1825/gest/16 Nov. 1896 Julius Kalle/Co. B./9th Wis. Inf.-U.S. War Veteran [November 8, 1817/January 4, 1886/From Manitowoc County Civil War Roundtable]

KANSIER: See Heydrich

KEHNE: (John Andrew Kehne/b. Prussia/d. 11 May 1870/age 61 yrs. 1 mo. 18 da./no stone)

KIRCHHOFF: Otto Kirchhoff/Gest 1895

KREIE: Infant/Dau. of/W. & E. Kreie/born & died/1904

LAWERENZ: Sophia Lawerenz/Geborene Willer/Geboren 17 May 1836/Gestorben 9 Jan. 1873 (stone fallen in ground)

NIEBERLEIM: See Wehrwein

PLEUSS: Baby Pleuss/1910 Baby Pleuss/1918

PROWER: Maria Prower/Geborene SCHMITTEN/geb. in Ganschendorf Preussen/ den 3. Marz 1815/gestorben 14 Febr. 1884

RUCHHOEFT: Henry Ruchhoeft/1823-1899, ossw: Wilhelmina/Ruchhoeft/1833-1916, ossw: Auguste Ruchhoeft/Geb. 18 Sept. 1871/Gest. 15 Juni 1894, ossw: Louise Ruchhoeft/Geb/30. Apr. 1874/Gest. 26. Dez. 1874, ossw: John Ruchhoeft/1864-1924, ossw: Henry Ruchhoeft/1862-1928 Mary Ruchhoeft/Sept. 20, 1867/Apr. 22, 1934 A.R. and L.R. (two small corner markers alongside above) See WAAK

SACHSE: Friedrich Sachse/geboren/20 Jan 1799/gestorben 21 Febr. 1870, ossw: Dorothea Sachse/geboren/28 Oct. 1805/gestorben/31 Dec. 1869 Tombstone Friedrich/Dorothea They are my wife’s g, g, grand parents. She was a HERBICHE. She was his second wife. They came to America from Hamburg aboard the ship Toronto to NY arriving 7-21-1848. With them were 5 children. Three from Friedrich’s first marriage. (Gustav Aug. Henry Sachse/b. 3 Jan. 1871/d. 13 Sept. 1871/no stone/from death record)


SCHULTZ: Johann D. Schultz/1830-1888, ossw: Louisa Schultz/1844-1908 Christina Schultz/Groszmutter/1803-1882 Johann D. Schultz/Vater/1830-1888 Johann Schultz/Groszvater/1793-1873 (several stones were piled behind the Schultz stone. See "unidentifiable section below for possibly more of the famiy.)

SCHULZ: (Anne Schulz/b. 12 Nov. 1862/d. 5 Sept. 1871/no stone/from death record) (John Chas. Schulz/b. 21 Dec. 1866/d. 30 Sept. 1871/no stone/from death record) (Mary Jane Rose Schulz/b. 8 Feb. 1869/d. 1 Mar. 1869/no stone/from death record) (William John Charles Schulz/b. 14 Apr. 1870/d. 13 Sept. 1871/no stone/from death record)

SIEKER: Wilhelmine/Sieker

STRUBE: Marie Strube--See WAAK

STURM: Jonas Sturm/Father/Nov. 21. 1815/Feb. 17. 1873

THIELE: Sophia Thiele/Gebne THIESSEN/Gest 12 Mai 1879/Alter/45 Jahre Wilhelm H. Thiele/Gest./18 Dec 1901/Alter/72 Jahre Caroline Thiele/geboren/23 Apr. 1847/gestorben/4 Feb. 1923


VOGEL: Julius Vogel/July 13, 1792/Sept. 1893-age 101/from obit-no stone Barbara Vogel/Dec. 7, 1828/Dec. 1893/from obit-no stone

VOSS: Maria/gattin von/C. Voss/gest./24 Nov. 1872/Alter 80 JA 4 MO 19 T, (Mary Voss/b. 1792, Mecklenburg-Schwerin/dau. of Henry and Mary Hoppen/d. 24 Nov. 1872, Newton/cause: weakness of old age/co. index), ossw: Christ Voss/gest./16 Mar. 1879/Alter 78 JA 5 MO 17 T

WAAK: Agnes Waak/geb 2 Nov. 1899/gest. 26 Feb. 1914, ossw: Friedericka/gebne RUCHHOEFT/gattin von/Theo Waak/geb./16 Dec. 1860/gest. 16 Feb. 1914, ossw: Theodor Waak/geb. 29 Jan. 1861/gest./19 Juli 1942 Marie STRUBE Waak/1868-1920 Heinrich/geboren/16 July 1819/gestorben 19 Febr. 1873

WEHRWEIN: Georg Wehrwein/geb/11 Dez 1807/gest/28 Juli 1879 (stone off base) Margaretta Barbara Wehrwein/Geborene NIEBERLEIM/Geb. d. 2 Juli 1815/ Gest. d. 17 Jan. 1896 (with footstone: G.W.)

WEYER: Albert Weyer/Vater/5 Mar. 1846/16 Apr. 1939 Minna/Mutter/gattin von/Albert Weyer/6 Nov 1851/21 Mai, 1922 Friedrich Weyer/30 Juli, 1818/8 Feb 1899, ossw: Wilhelmine Weyer/13 Jan. 1820/20 Dec. 1906 Julius Weyer/Alter, 8 Jah. Matilda Weyer

WINKELMANN: Christian Winkelmann/geboren/25 Mai 1811/gest./17 Apr. 1896, ossw: Elizabetha/Gattin von/C. Winkelmann/geb in Munchberg Deu./29 Dec. 1814/Gest/17 Sept. 1905

?? Concrete slab over plot, two footstones "Mutter" "Vater" next to HEYDRICH stone. ?? Footstone T.H. and broken footstone at end of concrete plot; no headstone next to HEYDRICH stone ?? E.H. at end of concrete slab plot next to HEYDRICH stone ?? Footstone C.K. ?? Four unidentifiable footstones alongside broken footing in west-central section marked: Vater, Mutter, Mutter, A.L.G. ?? Southeastern section in a row alongside STURM stone: Albert; Baby; Alfred--These three stones are same construction and lettering ?? A base to left of VOSS stone ?? A base to right of WINKELMANN stone ?? Footing from broken off stone 3 feet south of GROELLE stone ?? Maria/1869-1869 ?? Anna/1862-1871 This stone piled behind Johann D. SCHULTZ with other headstones. ?? Wilhelm/1870-1871 (same as above) ?? Emma/1873-1882 (same as above) ?? Mamie/1883-1893 (same as above)