St. George Catholic Cemetery

Centerville Township, Manitowoc County, Wisconsin

(New directions as the roads have changed since 1977 when transcriptions were done.) Interstate 43 to exit No. 137 at Cleveland, Wis. Go East on County Rd. XX and North Ave. Later XX turns South - STAY on North Ave. until (Center St.) Turn South - go to E. Washington Ave. Go East on E. Washington Ave. to Birch St. -Turn North on Birch St. Cemetery is at end of Birch St. Copied by Marcie Baer, MCOCS, on Oct 2, 1977. Typed and proofread by Hilary Vanderbloemen. St. George was established in 1861, as a mission of St. Wendel. St. George Church was closed and members joined St. Wendel, but the cemetery still remains. Maintained in very good condition. Earliest remaining stone dated 1870. Updated 2006 by Manitowoc Genealogy Society/added Sept. 2010.

Photo contributed by Wendy


Melvin F. Arends/Wisconsin/Tec 4 7 Sig Co 7 Inf. Div./World War II/
    April 30, 1922 - July 14, 1951, Tombstone next to:
Mabel E./1926-2010, (See TIENOR-have obit), ossw:
Melvin F./1922-1951 Tombstone Mabel/Melvin

ASCHENBRENNER: Joseph Aschenbrenner/1873-1956 Tombstone Joseph Aschenbrenner/Geb./15 Sept. 1838/Gest./6 Jan. 1921, ossw: Anna/gattin von Jos. Aschenbrenner/Geb. 1835/Gest./23 Juni 1912 Tombstone Joseph/Anna

BAUMANN: Creicentia/Baumann/Geb. 27 Juli 1877/Gest. 11 Aug. 1879 George Baumann/1838-1893, ossw: Theresia Baumann/1842-1897, Tombstone George/Theresia George/unser bruder/1881-1902, Tombstone next to: Margerite Keune/nee Baumann/1874-1946 Tombstone

BROST: Allen E. Brost/June 25, 1944/Feb.24 1980 Tombstone Melvin F Brost/April 20, 1916/Aug. 1, 1993 Tombstone, ossw: Evelyn L. Brost/Dec. 1917-July 4, 2012 Photo + Tombstone

BUCHBERGER: Mary Buchberger/d. Oct. 18, 1922 Anna/1871-1963, ossw: John/1871-1938 Tombstone John/Anna Tombstone Loretta/1918-1991, Tombstone Loretta/Joseph/Dianne Jean/Joseph Jr., ossw: Joseph/1912-1966, Tombstone ossw: Dianne Jean/1943-1959 Photo Tombstone , ossw: Joseph Jr./1952-1952, Tombstone next to: Joseph Buchberger Jr./Our baby 1952 Tombstone


CASPER: Alvin W./1919-1981/PFC US Army/WWII, ossw: Hazel D./1915-2002 Tombstone Alvin/Hazel

DASSLER: Eugene L. Dassler/May 6, 1926-May 7, 1984/T SGT US Army/WWII Tombstone Bernice C. Dassler/Sept. 12, 1917-Aug. 18, 2013 Photo + Tombstone

FEHRENBACH: Maria Ursula/ehefrau von/Anton Fehrenbach/geboren/22 Oct 1818/gestorben/29 Dec 1896 Tombstone Tombstone Anton Fehrenbach/geboren/9 Feb 1809/gestorben/12 Jan 1883 Tombstone Base only between Margareth Kohn and Anton Fehrenbach.

FEKER: George/Feker./Gest./den 16 Juli 1878/Im alter von 39 jahre Tombstone

GALLOGLY: Oliva A.Our little//Dau. of T. & C. Gallogly/born July 13, 1876/died/Aug. 27, 1877

HERMAN: Bendick Herman/Father/Mar. 21, 1837/Mar. 9, 1915 Tombstone

HERTEL: Louis/sohn von/J. und M./Geb./den 1 Jan. 1875/Gest./den 23 Nov. 1877

JACKL: Catherine Jackl/Mother/1872-1902 Tombstone Johann Jackl/Geb./4 Aug. 1876/Gest./30 Aug. 1910 Franz Jackl/Geb. 3 Dec. 1837/Ges. 30 Aug. 1917, ossw: Anna Jackl/seine gattin/Geb. 26 Juli 1835/Ges. 5 Feb. 1918 Tombstone Franz/Anna Frank Jackl/1868-1952, Tombstone next to: Thomas Jackl/Geb.11 Apr. 1873/Gest/29 Jan. 1922 Tombstone

JACOBY: Jacob John Jacoby/Feb. 10, 1983-April 7, 2006 Tombstone

JERZEWSKI: Agnes Jerzewski/Mother/1868-1941, Tombstone next to: Helen Jerzewski/born Nov. 9, 1875-died Apr. 13, 1917, ossw: George Jerzewski/born Dec. 4, 1869-died Apr. 2, 1939 Tombstone Helen/George

JETZER: Johan/Jetzer/Geb. 20 Mai 1866/Gest. 27 Dez. 1880 Tombstone

JOST: Ralph N. Jost/Dec. 26, 1922-May 27, 1992/CPL US Army/WWII, Tombstone ossw: Margaret/1924-2011, ossw: Brian W. Jost/1957-1982 Tombstone Ralph/Margaret/Brian

JUNK: Ellen M./1890-1976, ossw: Frank J./1882-1955 Tombstone Frank/Ellen

KESTLY: Magdalena Kestly/Mutter/Gest. 20 Mai 1873/alter 43 jahre, Tombstone next to: Jacob Kestly/Vater/Gest. 28 Apr. 1903/alter 76 jahre, Tombstone next to: Josephine Kestly/Geb. 16 Dec. 1838/Gest. 8 Feb. 1912/alter 74 jahre Tombstone Tombstone Family


KLECKNER: Hildegard M. Kleckner/1904-1988, ossw: Mathias J. Kleckner/1903-1986 Tombstone Hildegard/Mathias

KLEIN: Norma M. Klein/July 16, 1914-June 29, 1983 Tombstone

KOHN: Rosalia/1810-1870 Tombstone Heinrich T./sohn von/Martin um. Kohn/geboren/d. 27 Oct. 1890/Gest. d. 4 Marz 1892, next to: Thomas A./sohn von/Martin um./Kohn/geboren/d. 13 Juli/1881/Gest./d. 12 Oct. 1881 Helene M./tochter von/Martin um./Kohn/geboren/d. 8 Dec. 1872/Gest/d. 19 Aug./1873 Margareth/gattin von/M. Kohn Jr./Geb./d. 17 Jan. 1850/Gest. d. 1 Dec. 1893 Tombstone Tombstone *Note: Base only between Margareth Kohn & Anton Fehrenbach. Joseph A. Kohn/Nov. 13, 1870/Oct 22, 1934, Tombstone next to: Ida J. Kohn/born Jan. 9, 1878/died Feb. 29, 1924, ossw: Edward Kohn/born Feb. 22, 1847/died Nov. 22, 1931, ossw: Christina Kohn/born June 14, 1848/died Oct. 2, 1931, next to: Footstones: Mother, Father, next to: John A. Kohn/1873-1949, Tombstone next to: Bertha/Mother/1863-1946, ossw: Albert/Father/1855-1926 Tombstone Albert/Bertha Note: Large stone with family name KOHN, with following inscription: "Erected by Alfred J. Buscheck/on behalf of his mother/Agnes Busceck/ in loving memory/of her parents.", Tombstone Family next to: Martin Kohn/Oct. 23, 1814/Jun. 8, 1895, Tombstone next to: Anna Kohn/July 26, 1816/Apr. 18, 1895 Tombstone Albert Kohn/July 30, 1898-June 28, 1986, ossw: Harriet C./Oct. 28, 1905-Feb. 15, 1997 Tombstone Albert/Harriet see SCHURRER

KRAUS: Maria/tochter von/M & M Kraus/Geb. u. Gest./18 Juli 1875 Simon Kraus/6 Feb. 1810/18 Juni 1906, ossw: Anna Maria/seine gattin/4 Nov. 1822/12 Apr. 1917

KRESS: Nicholas Kress/born/Dec. 6, 1825/died/Oct. 24, 1895/Co. B 45th Reg't Wis., Tombstone Nicholas/Anna ossw: Anna M. Kress/born/Aug. 5, 1835/died/May 13, 1896, Tombstone Nicholas/Anna Marvin Kress/1923-1924, Tombstone next to: Joseph Nicholas/1894-1985/PVT US Army/WWI, ossw: Julia/1898-1969 Tombstone Joseph/Julia/Marvin ossw: Marvin/1923-1924, next to: Clarence/Father/1910-1943 Tombstone Frances/1869-1952, ossw: John/1860-1951, Tombstone Frances/John next to: Theodore/1896-Oct. 25, 1940/PVT 309 AUX RMT DEPOT OMC, ossw: Ella/1900-1988, Tombstone Theodore/Ella next to: Theodore J. Kress/Wisconsin/Pvt. 309 Auz.Rmt Depot. QMC/October 25, 1940 Tombstone Anna M. Kress/1907-1997, ossw: Edward A. Kress/1902-1990, ossw: Eleanor Kress/1903-1942 Donald J. Kress/1940-2006 Norbert Kress/1899-1987, ossw: Roma Kress/1904-2006 Tombstone Norbert/Roma

KUSTERMANN: Rosa/Kustermann/Geb./13 Mai 1882/Gest./20 Okt. 1882

LANG: Hugo Lang/Oct. 9, 1881/July 3, 1958, Tombstone next to: John Lang/6 May 1847/3 July 1924, Tombstone next to: Johann Lang/6 Mai 1847 "Note: Balance uncut.", Tombstone Johann/Katherina ossw: Katherina Lang/16 Aug. 1841/17 Juli 1906 Tombstone Johann/Katherina Ida C. Lang/geboren/d. 8 Jan. 1875/Gest./d. 17 Juni 1891 Tombstone Tombstone

LEONHARD: Helen/tochter von/G. & G. Leonhard/Geb. d. 3 Aug. 1881/Gest. 15 Nov. 1881 Arthur P./Aug. 14, 1916-Sept. 26, 1984/SGT US Army/WWII, ossw: Marie/1915-2001 Tombstone Arthur/Marie Mary Leonhard/1946 Tombstone Malitta/1893-1947, ossw: Norbert/1894-1975 Tombstone Malitta/Norbert

LOUISIER: Ann Louisier/Mother/1925-1959/ Tombstone

MARTENS: Frank/tochter von C & T Martens/Geb./den 1 Mar 1879/Gest. ??? 1882 *Note: stone broken in 3 pieces & laying on ground.

MATTHIAS: Merlin/1917-2003, ossw: Jeanette/1917-2000 Tombstone Merlin/Jeanette

NIEMUTH: Mary/1944-2004, ossw: Donald/1940-2006 Tombstone Mary/Donald

PANZRAM: A. Panzram, Tombstone next to: Footstone: A.F.P. *Note: stuck in stone where only base remains (Note: Possibly PANZRAM Apolonia Oct 08 1885 co. death index v.3 p.165)

PEAL: Lena Peal/1861-1951 *Note: Pfeffer Funeral Home marker.

PFALZ: Frank Pfalz/1864-1931, Tombstone ossw: M. Pfalz/1861 *Note: Balance uncut. (Frank's wife Magdaline) (Ferdinand Pfalz/d. Mar 13, 1939/from obit)

PFEIFER: Gary R./Sept. 16, 1951-Oct. 21, 1973/PFC US Army/Vietnam, ossw: Marie/1917-2011, ossw: George/1907-1998 Tombstone Gary/Marie/George next to: Gary R. Pfeifer/Wisconsin/PFC US Army/Vietnam/Sept. 16, 1951-Oct. 21, 1973 Tombstone Erik M./Sept. 24, 1979-May 17, 2003 Tombstone

POLENZ: (Joseph Polenz/d. Feb 3, 1924/17 yrs old/from obit)

PROWINSKY: Georg H./sohn von/Aug. u. Maria Prowinsky/Geb. d. 19 April 1884/Gest. d. 14 Sept. 1891,next to: Gusti/sohn von/A & M Prowinsky/geboren/8 Dez. 1880/gestorben/6 Sept. 1886, next to: Leo/sohn des/A & M Prowinsky/Geb. 10 Apr. 1882/starb 31 Mai 1883, next to: Edward/sohn von/A & M/Prowinsky/gestorben/8 Oct. 1885/alter 8 jahr/5 mon 6 tage Maria Anna/Mutter/gattin von/Aug. Prowinsky/14 Juli 1853/18 Juni 1915, Tombstone next to: Aug. J. Prowinsky/Vater/4 Sept. 1851/25 Sept. 1900, Tombstone next to: Albert F./Prowinsky/Geb./d.18 Sept. 1859/Gest. d. 27 Mai 1897 Tombstone J. Robert/Prowinsky/11 Juni 1890/8 Mai 1905, next to: Bernard Prowinsky/Geb. 1 Feb 1892/Gest. 7 Nov. 1908 Tombstone Family

RETTELE: Andreas/Rettele/geboren/im Febr. 1797/gestorben/14 Mai 1873

SCHAETZER: Margareth Schaetzer/1855-1937, Tombstone next to: John Schaetzer/1877-1950 Tombstone

SCHEIBE: L. Emilie/Scheibe/Geb. Aug 30, 1870/Gest. Sept. 17, 1870 Theresa/gattin von/G. Scheibe/Geb. 6 Mai 1868/Gest. 20 Aug. 1891 Tombstone Tombstone

SCHNEIDER: Reuben/sohn von/A & M Schneider/Geb./21 Jan. 1883/Gest./29 June 1889/alter/6 J. 5 Mo 8 T Tombstone Tombstone Anton/1888-1956 ossw: Joseph/1898-1969, Tombstone Anton/Joseph next to: William/1890-1942, ossw: Magdalena/1896-1993, Tombstone William/Magdalena/Marlene ossw: Marlene/May 19, 1937 (on side edge of base) Tombstone

SCHULTE: Theodor/Schulte/Geb./d. 20 Feb. 1823/Gest./d. 24 Jul. 1871, ossw: Catharina/Schulte/Geb./d. 22 Mai 1823/Gest./d. 17 Apr. 1894 Tombstone Theodor/Catharina Frank/son of/T & K Schulte/born/May 23, 1857/died/May 21, 1875 Tombstone

SCHURRER: Barbara/1872-1964, Tombstone Arthur/Barbara/Hugo/Elsie, ossw: Hugo/1867-1961, Tombstone Arthur/Barbara/Hugo/Elsie, ossw: Elsie/1900-1931, Tombstone Arthur/Barbara/Hugo/Elsie, next to: Arthur J. Schurrer/Wisconsin/T Sgt Co C 707 Tank Bn/World War II/Sept 3, 1908 - Apr. 26, 1972 Tombstone Maria B. Kohn/gattin von/Hugo Schurrer/geboren/d. 11 Oct. 1876/Gest./d. 13 Juli 1897 Tombstone Tombstone

SCHWARTZ: Adam Schwartz/Geb./6 Dez. 1829/Gest./25 Jan 1911, ossw: Anna Schwartz/geb./14 Juni 1846/Gest./20 Juli 1919

SEIPEL: Joseph P./1918-1981, ossw: Lillian C./1920-1998 Tombstone Joseph/Lillian Judith Ann/June 6, 1942-July 1, 1996 Tombstone

TIENOR: Mabel E./Mar. 23, 1926-Mar. 17, 2010 Tombstone Wenzel E. Tienor/Jul 27, 1934-Dec 24, 2014

VAN DE LOO: Francis G./Aug. 12, 1923-July 12, 1983/SI US Navy/WWII, ossw: Lorraine/1924-2009 Tombstone

WAGNER: Katharina Wagner/1823-1882, ossw: Jakob Wagner/1803-1887 Tombstone Katharina/Jakob Edwin A./June 24, 1906-Dec. 3, 1988, ossw: Mathilda J./Mar. 15, 1913-Nov. 4, 1994 Tombstone Edwin/Mathilda

WEIAND: August Weiand/1857-1919 Tombstone

WILSON: Susan Kay Wilson/nee Seipel/1944-2008 Tombstone

YANKUNAS: Peter J./1916-1993 Tombstone Stephen J./Mar. 19, 1954-Sept. 28, 1981/A1C US Air Force Tombstone