About me

I am a German musicologist, genealogy researcher, professional freelance 
translator (english – german, german – english, latin – german, latin – english, 
arabic – german), located near Cologne, Germany.

Fields of experience
Literature / Art
Technology / Computing

What you have got/May want to get

Academic and educational certificates Birth, baptism, marriage, and death certificates Community and family histories Diaries Emigration records Letters Manuscripts Military papers. Obituaries. Other items of genealogical interest Other literary items

What I can do for you

A. Transliteration of your documents / texts written in Old German script (Suetterlin, Kanzleischrift) B. Translations of your documents English -> German German -> English Latin -> German Latin -> English C. Lookups and research

What you may be charged

A. Transliterations: documents (1 page with up to 100 words - names included): 6-8 cts per word texts (continuous): 4-6 cts per word Pricing subject to readability B. Translations: documents (1 page with up to 100 words - names included): 12 cts per word texts (continuous): 8-10 cts per word, pricing subject to difficulty Handwritten copies (not to be transliterated) may add 10-25 % according to degree of readability Combine transliteration and translation and save: documents (1 page with up to 100 words - names included): 16 cts per word texts (continuous): 13-15 cts per word, pricing subject to readability and/or difficulty C. Lookups (e.g. birth/baptizm, marriage, death/burial) and research simple (i.e. all necessary personal data (full names, dates, places) supplied by requestor): $15 medium (i.e. essential personal data (e.g. names, places) supplied by requestor): $30 complicated (i.e. (some) essential personal data (e.g. given names, places, dates) missing): research charged per hour ($30). In this case researcher will give an estimate first, at any rate. Prices include all necessary steps taken by researcher to provide requestor with a copy / an excerpt of the pertinent certificate (e.g. church record, civil registry entry). Please note that each case is a unique one and has to be treated as such. Fees given above serve as indication and may vary according to following conditions: a. Some church and/or civil registries enforce an extra charge for excerpting. This fee adds to researcher's fee, as well as archival fees. b. In case data provided by requestor turns out to be incorrect, so that the lookup will be more difficult, researcher will carry on only after reconfirmation by requestor. c. Possible travel expenses will have to be agreed upon between requestor and researcher and are based upon distance. Even in case of researcher's impossibility of performance the pertinent fee is due and payable (because the lookup has to be done in any case); if only scarce information can be found, the fee may be reduced by 25%. Should the documents be translated, only 75% of translation fees are charged. Discount may be possible for "bulk order" (A – C)

Contact me

For a free cost estimate without obligation For submitting copies of documents to be transliterated or translated For inquiries about lookups For method of payment For any further questions Dr. Peter Bruns Euskirchen, Germany Tel.: +49 - (0)2251 - 6505705 Fax: +49 - (0)2251 - 75397 e-mail: Dr. Peter Bruns Be assured that all documents are kept in strictest confidence, no personal data will be handed on to third parties.