The following entries are from the court index microfilm at the Manitowoc Library, The records pertaining to these are at the Area Research Center in Green Bay. You may be able to order the record here: Cofrin Library request forms

[ I ]

Ihlenfeldt, Charles See Ehlenfeldt

IMLER, (NO NAME) Baenish - Imler yr. 1890; case no. 1684; CF 43

IMLER, F.A. Baenish Joseph Deft. - Imler F.A. Pltf. Rented land S. of W. yr. 1888; Case no. 1684; Box no. C.F. 43

IRISH, JOHN Durham, Uzziel (Irish, John vs) A mortgage on govertment (sic) lot once owned by Martin Raube, Mary Ann (&) Joseph Hill yr. 1901; #3781; CF60

ISAACSON, OLE Dellebeck, Andrew Oleson (State of Wis) vs Hougen, Ole K. et al; Anderson, Kund; Anderson, Martin T. Anderson, Thomas; Christianson, T.E. Gulikson, Nils; Gutman, John; Gutman, Joseph; Hougen, Knud; Isaacson, Ole; Jurgenson, Gulik; Knudson, Carl; Knudson, K.L.; Knudson, K.O.; Larson, John; Larson, Ole; Nelson, Nels; Olson, Benedict; Pefferle, Stephen; Thompson, Christian; Thompson, Ole H. Charged with shooting & killing of Gudman Olson Dellebeck yr. 1879; CX2445; CF18

IVERSON, IVER Butter, Iver vs Iver Iverson yr. 1860; X1695; CF 13