The following entries are from the court index microfilm at the Manitowoc Library, The records pertaining to these are at the Area Research Center in Green Bay. You may be able to order the record here: Cofrin Library request forms

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UHLIG, JOHANNA S. Eickhoff, Edward (Uhlig, Johanna S. vs) Promissory note yr. 1853; X2360; CF17

UHLIG, JOHANNE L. Defendants: Adams, William N; Adams, Mary his wife; Langenfeldt, Frederick; Uhlig, Johanne L; Taylor, David Plaintiff: Adams & wife; mortgage 2 lots on Village of Centerville to Taylor of Sheboygan. Langenfeldt and Uhlig are creditors of Adams. Adams and wife have left the state for California so land was sold thru foreclosure. yr 1853; #2109; Box CF 16 FLB

ULMAN, NATHAN R. Bruss, August (Ulman, Nathan R. etal vs) Money due yr. 1869; X2359; CF 17

URICH, ELEANORA Kalb, Joseph et al Urich, Eleanora Foreclosure yr. 1860; X2364; CF 17

URICH, ELEANORA Kalb, Mary wife of Joseph Kalb see Urich, Eleanora X2364