Head Quarters, State of Wisconsin, Adjutant General's Office, Madison, 
March 19, 1863
General Order No. 5.-
Upon the report of Captain Alfred Marschner, Draft Commissioner of Manitowoc 
it is ordered:
I. That the following named persons be discharged from the draft for physical 

1.  Ole K. Louis, of Liberty.
2.  Frederic Kassbon, of Newton.
3.  William Nass, of Liberty.
4.  Charles Kruger, of Maple Grove.
5.  Miles Kelly, of Maple Grove.
6.  John Jennan, Maple Grove.
7.  August Schimpf, of Manitowoc.
8.  Michael Kennedy, of Meeme.
9.  Knud Knudson Tous, of Liberty.
10. Andrew Kleiber, of Meeme.
11. Gottfried Gulgus, Jr. of Rockland.
12. Peter Kaiser, of Eaton.
13. Simon Stoe, of Newton.
14. David Dodd.
15. Matthias Plautz, of Cooperstown.
16. John Entringer, of Kossuth.
17. Thomas Hays, of Two Rivers.
18. Chas. Brakmann, of Mishicott.
19. John Kore, of Cooperstown.
20. Phil Miller, of Two Rivers.
21. John Malinwsky, of Cooperstown.
22. John Graff, of Meeme.
23. Lorenz Barthel, of Newton.
24. Henry Spella, of Cato.
25. Carl Aigettiger, of Mishicot.
26. John Zerehtmas, of Liberty.
27. Fred Kaser, of Kossuth.
28. Moses Fleury, of Manitowoc Rapids.
29. John Last, of Two Creeks.
30. August Krase, of Two Creeks.
31. James Weeks, of Meeme.
32. Henry Mulholland, of Meeme.

II. The the following named persons be discharged, as being either over age or under age: 1. Gottfred Gulgus Sr., of Rockland. 2. Dennis Shelby, of Franklin. 3. Joseph Freimuth, of Franklin. 4. Marnell Fischer, of Liberty. 5. Henry Kibbell, of Mishicott. 6. Joseph Shalka, of Newton. 7. Christian Drews, of Rockland. 8. Ole Siverson, of Rockland. 9. Henry Vogt, of Manitowoc, Town. 10. John Spicht, of Liberty. 11. John Jiefer, of Cooperstown.

II. (sic) That Tostenson of Eaton be discharge as being a sailor; and that Joseph Schink of Rockland be discharged as being wrongully enrolled.

IV. That all other persons, holding furloughs for an indefinite period of time, may remain at home until further orders.

V. That all those furloughed for definite period must report at Camp Randal at Madison in person at the expiration of their furloughs.

VI. That names of all other persons, drafted from the County of Manitowoc, who have not reported to the Draft Commissioner of said County-and are not comprehended in either of the foregoing classes-will be handed to the United States Provost Marshall for arrest. By order of the Governor and Commander-in-Chief. Aug. Gaylord, Adjutant General Manitowoc Semi Weekly Tribune, Tuesday, April 7, 1863 P. 3