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Name of CorporationFile #Box #County
A-Dell Dairy Products Co.A 00181331Manitowoc
A. J. La Cosse, Inc.L 000988447Manitowoc
A. J. Pasewalk Co.P 001462695Manitowoc
Adams Co., ThomasA 00105518Manitowoc
Ahlswede-Clusen Mfg. Co.A 00166228Manitowoc
Albert Landreth Seed Co.L 000376433Manitowoc
Alberts & Myer Mfg. Co.A 00113920Manitowoc
Alfred Leubner Grocery Co.L 000327432Manitowoc
Allwood Sales Co.A 00179530Manitowoc
Alpha Realty Co.A 00331249Manitowoc
Aluminum Foundry Co.A 00076213Manitowoc
Aluminum Mfg. Co., TheA 0003786Manitowoc
Alverno Co-op. ExchangeA 00153026Manitowoc
Alverno Equity ExchangeA 00153026Manitowoc
American Legion Amusement Assn.A 00176430Manitowoc
Anderson Co., The L. J.A 00113219Manitowoc
Andruskrewocz Co., Inc., The StanleyA 00138824Manitowoc
Appleton House Moving and Engineering Co.A 00264642Manitowoc
Aranel, Inc.A 00265443Manitowoc
Artcraft Specialty Co.A 00208335Manitowoc
Arthur Stericker Co., TheS 001802809Manitowoc
Aslakson Co., O.V 000264926Manitowoc
Automotive Electric Co.A 00250240Manitowoc
Badger Fish Co.B 003741111Manitowoc
Badger State Mfg. Co.B 00002451Manitowoc
Badger Tinsel Fabrics Co.B 003031100Manitowoc
Baetz Printing Co.B 004507118Manitowoc
Baily Babichair Co., TheB 00132373Manitowoc
Barker's, Inc.B 004307117Manitowoc
Behnke Vapor Burner Mfg.B 00275396Manitowoc
Ben's Auto Parts Co.B 004388117Manitowoc
Berge, O. O., Co.B 00156177Manitowoc
Berk's Apparel Shop, Inc.B 004047114Manitowoc
Besden Boucher Bootery, Inc.B 004350117Manitowoc
Beverage Equipment Co.B 004195116Manitowoc
Bloecker Iron Works, TheB 00028254Manitowoc
Boenning Mfg. Co., William M.B 00276796Manitowoc
Bossert Motors, Inc.B 003064100Manitowoc
Bowl-line, Inc.B 005115121Manitowoc
Brandt Printing and Binding Co.B 00242291Manitowoc
Brandt Printing and Binding Co.B 00100966Manitowoc
Brault & Sons Co.B 003090101Manitowoc
Brownie Nut Co.B 004532118Manitowoc
Brunner & Kanzelberger Ice & Fuel Co.C 002948166Manitowoc
Buscheck-Schroedl AgencyB 00237490Manitowoc
Business Furniture Corp.B 004959121Manitowoc
Butternut Co-op. Co.B 00245191Manitowoc
C-Z Stores, Inc.C 004026180Manitowoc
Cadillac Refreshment Co.C 001553147Manitowoc
Capitol Grill, Inc.C 002954167Manitowoc
Capitol Theatre Co.C 002842165Manitowoc
Carbo Draught, Inc.C 004416184Manitowoc
Carldick Mfg. Co.C 004314183Manitowoc
Carlier Service, Inc.C 003912179Manitowoc
Cartwright Mattson Co., TheC 000912135Manitowoc
Cato Co-op. Co.C 002201156Manitowoc
Cato Falls Farmers' Cheese & Mercantile Co.C 002136155Manitowoc
Cato Social Club, TheC 000723132Manitowoc
Cedar Lake Amusement ClubC 001914152Manitowoc
Center Co-op. Cheese Producers Assn.C 003278171Manitowoc
Centerville Brewing Co., TheC 000288126Manitowoc
Central Park Light Co.C 002821165Manitowoc
Charles Salak Co., TheS 000824790Manitowoc
Cherney Construction Co.C 002509160Manitowoc
Chloupek and Thomas Appliance Co.C 004790186Manitowoc
Chris Schoch Lumber Co., TheS 001362.5800Manitowoc
Citizen Publishing Co. of Manitowoc, Wis., TheC 000603130Manitowoc
Citizens Assn. of ManitowocC 001344143Manitowoc
Clark's Mills Flouring Co.C 003439173Manitowoc
Cleveland Auto & Supply Co.C 001672148Manitowoc
Cleveland Canning Co., TheC 000820133Manitowoc
Cleveland Co-op. Shipping Assn.C 002528160Manitowoc
Cleveland Gold & Silver Mining Co.C 000437128Manitowoc
Cleveland Hardware Co.C 001007137Manitowoc
Cleveland Land and Timber Co., TheC 001159140Manitowoc
Cleveland Light & Power Co.C 001630148Manitowoc
Cleveland Welding & Mfg. Co.C 001708149Manitowoc
Cleveland Woodenware Co.C 001251142Manitowoc
Clinton Pattern and Foundry Corp., TheC 004080181Manitowoc
Co-op. Credit UnionC 004410184Manitowoc
Co-op. Equity Oil Co.C 002631162Manitowoc
Collette Cushion Tire Co.C 003432173Manitowoc
Collins Motor Co.C 002074154Manitowoc
Commings Co., LewisC 001707149Manitowoc
Consumers Coal Co.C 002948166Manitowoc
Consumers Ice & Fuel Co.C 002948166Manitowoc
Crystal Amusement Co.C 001358144Manitowoc
D. & S. Liquor Co., Inc.D 001807212Manitowoc
D. Zimmerman, Inc.Z 0002151035Manitowoc
Daily Publishing Co.D 000440193Manitowoc
Daisy Co-op. Cheese Producers' Assn.D 001417207Manitowoc
Dicke Motor Car Co.D 000759197Manitowoc
Dicke Taxi Cab Co.D 000758197Manitowoc
Dickson Hotel Realty Co.D 001154204Manitowoc
Duecker Hardware Co., J. M.D 000411192Manitowoc
Dueno Mfg. Co.D 001859213Manitowoc
E. & L. Plumbing Co., Inc.E 001093231Manitowoc
E. J. Vaudreuil Canning Co.V 000119.75923Manitowoc
Eagles Club Co.E 001091231Manitowoc
East Wisconsin Canning Co.E 000391220Manitowoc
Eastwin Brick And Tile Co.E 001552237Manitowoc
Eastwin Co-op. Cheese Producers Assn.E 001508237Manitowoc
Eclipse Boat Co.E 000508222Manitowoc
Economic Light & Heat Co., TheE 000348220Manitowoc
Electric Light Co.E 000190217Manitowoc
Elite Electric Co.E 000987230Manitowoc
Elks Club Co., TheE 000595224Manitowoc
Elsa Mining Co.E 000135217Manitowoc
Enterprise Boiler WorksE 000473222Manitowoc
Ernst Wagner Co., TheW 000806.5946Manitowoc
Esch Sons Co., HenryE 000810227Manitowoc
Experimental Co.E 000908229Manitowoc
F. E. Farley Agency, TheF 001683269Manitowoc
F. Sixta & Sons Co., TheS 001159796Manitowoc
Fairview Co-op. Dairy Co., TheF 001269263Manitowoc
Farley Agency, The F. E.F 001683269Manitowoc
Feather Fluff Products Co.F 002659280Manitowoc
Federal Casualty Co.F 000594253Manitowoc
Ferromatic Tire Mfg. Co.F 000788256Manitowoc
Fillmore Dairy Corp.F 001462266Manitowoc
First Securities Co.F 001720270Manitowoc
Fischer & Fenlon, Inc.F 001748270Manitowoc
Fischerville Co-op. Dairy Co.F 001225263Manitowoc
Fontenot Oil Co.F 001627268Manitowoc
Fox Hill Mink, Inc.F 002073274Manitowoc
Fox River Railway Co.F 000569252Manitowoc
Francis Creek Co-op. Exchange Co.F 001278264Manitowoc
Francis Creek Co-op. Sewer Co.F 002174276Manitowoc
Francis Creek Farmers Cheese Co., TheF 000268247Manitowoc
Francis Creek Lumber Co.F 001439266Manitowoc
Fuel & Supply Co., TheF 000860257Manitowoc
Gale-Le Boeuf Chevrolet Co.G 002550319Manitowoc
Gass Realty Co.G 001798310Manitowoc
Gegenseitiger Kranken
Unterstuetzungsvereins von Manitowoc County
G 000248284Manitowoc
Geo. J. Schoblaska Co.S 003657840Manitowoc
George Brothers Co., TheG 000726293Manitowoc
Gibson Co-op. Dairy Co.G 001222301Manitowoc
Gibson Farmers Cheese Co., TheG 000182283Manitowoc
Glickmans, Inc.G 002019313Manitowoc
Globe Plating WorksG 001378304Manitowoc
Gloe Brothers, Inc.G 001493306Manitowoc
Golf Club Mink Ranch, Inc.G 002200316Manitowoc
Gould Grain Co., TheG 001030298Manitowoc
Great Lakes Amusement Co., Inc.G 002251316Manitowoc
Groh Poultry Yards, Inc., TheG 001942312Manitowoc
Gunnell Machine Co.G 001045298Manitowoc
Gunnell Tool Co.G 001045298Manitowoc
Guttmann Auto Co., R. A.G 001767310Manitowoc
H. J. Johannes Pickling Co.J 000151381Manitowoc
H. M. S. Motor Car Co.H 001362344Manitowoc
Hamacheck and Sons Co., J.H 001374344Manitowoc
Hamilton Employees' Independent UnionH 002779363Manitowoc
Hamilton Foundation, Inc.H 001769351Manitowoc
Hamilton Invincible, Inc.H 002623361Manitowoc
Hamilton Mfg. Co., TheH 000096323Manitowoc
Hamilton-Brooks Co., TheH 000630332Manitowoc
Handwear Mfg. Co.H 001507347Manitowoc
Handwear Mfg. Co., Inc.H 001609348Manitowoc
Harbor & Dock Assn. of Centerville, TheH 000074323Manitowoc
Hardtke & Hessel Music Co.H 001797351Manitowoc
Haupt Oil Co., Inc.H 003006365Manitowoc
Henry Esch Sons Co.E 000810227Manitowoc
Henry Hinrichs Co.H 000841336Manitowoc
Herald Press Publishing Co., TheH 001357344Manitowoc
Herald-News Publishing Co., TheH 001357344Manitowoc
Herman Lulloff & Sons, Inc.L 002358472Manitowoc
Herman Luloff & Sons Co.L 001027447Manitowoc
Hertting, Inc., Hugo V.H 001381344Manitowoc
Herzog Piano Co.B 003907113Manitowoc
Hess Co., The W. J.H 000764334Manitowoc
Heyroth-Zander Co., TheH 000689333Manitowoc
Hinrichs Co., HenryH 000841336Manitowoc
Hobart Clothing Co.H 001982354Manitowoc
Hoffman Brothers Glove Co.H 000997338Manitowoc
Hogan Monument Co., J. J.H 002059355Manitowoc
Home Supply Co.H 001243342Manitowoc
Hugo V. Hertting, Inc.H 001381344Manitowoc
Hutchinson Scale Co.H 001766351Manitowoc
Industrial Assn. of Manitowoc CountyI 000405372Manitowoc
International Land Co., TheI 000169367Manitowoc
International Store Service Co.I 000025365Manitowoc
J. C. Mueller Co.M 004682569Manitowoc
J. E. Kelley Coal Co., TheK 000362400Manitowoc
J. F. Rappel Co.R 001245749Manitowoc
J. H. Keith Co., TheK 000388400Manitowoc
J. Hamacheck and Sons Co.H 001374344Manitowoc
J. J. Hogan Monument Co.H 002059355Manitowoc
J. K. Rugowski Seed Co.R 001525753Manitowoc
J. M. Duecker Hardware Co.D 000411192Manitowoc
Jacquet Motor Corp.J 000495387Manitowoc
Johannes Pickling Co., H. J.J 000151381Manitowoc
Jonas-Jansky Clothing Co.S 006439876Manitowoc
Jumbo Creek Stock Co., TheJ 000167382Manitowoc
Kahlenberg LaboratoriesK 001257414Manitowoc
Kahlenberg-Klaus Co.K 001257414Manitowoc
Karstedt Restaurant Co., TheK 000958409Manitowoc
Kay Glove Co.K 000514402Manitowoc
Keith Co., The J. H.K 000388400Manitowoc
Kelley Coal Co., The J. E.K 000362400Manitowoc
Kelley Safety Gate Co.K 001306415Manitowoc
Kerscher Brothers Co.K 000706405Manitowoc
Kerscher-Lindemann Co., TheK 000706405Manitowoc
Kettle Range Co-op. Dairy Co.K 000893408Manitowoc
Keune Brothers & Co.K 000516402Manitowoc
Kiehl Buckle Mfg. Co.K 000303399Manitowoc
Kiel Cheese & Butter Co.K 000711406Manitowoc
Kiel Cheese and Butter Co.K 001048411Manitowoc
Kiel Cheese, Butter & Cold Storage Co.K 000711406Manitowoc
Kiel Cold Storage Co.K 000562403Manitowoc
Kiel Community Mercantile Co.K 001549419Manitowoc
Kiel Development Co.K 001081411Manitowoc
Kiel Furniture Co.K 000712406Manitowoc
Kiel Grain & Milling Co., TheK 000290398Manitowoc
Kiel Investment Co.K 001169413Manitowoc
Kiel Machine Co.K 000829407Manitowoc
Kiel Mercantile Assn.K 000664405Manitowoc
Killen Co., W. N.K 000412401Manitowoc
Kimbell Woolen Mfg. Co.K 000224397Manitowoc
Klein and Walsh, Inc.K 001052411Manitowoc
Klinder Land Co.K 000288398Manitowoc
Klingholz Co., R.K 000427401Manitowoc
Klingholz Co., R.K 000160396Manitowoc
Knights of Columbus
Home Assn. of Two Rivers, Wis.
K 000915409Manitowoc
Kohl & Barker Food Market, Inc.K 001821423Manitowoc
Kohls & Leschke Jewelry Co.K 001174413Manitowoc
Kraemer-Hall, Inc.K 001761422Manitowoc
Krefl Mfg. Co., VictorK 001006410Manitowoc
Krumdick-Clark Hardware Co., TheK 000564403Manitowoc
Kuehl Motor Co.K 002102425Manitowoc
Kunz, Bleser Co., Inc.K 000598404Manitowoc
L. J. Anderson Co., TheA 00113219Manitowoc
L. M. Sherman Leather Co.S 000686788Manitowoc
La Cosse, Inc., A. J.L 000988447Manitowoc
Ladies Garment Mfg. Co.L 001701460Manitowoc
Lake Shore Cheese ManufactoryL 000032426Manitowoc
Lake Shore Granite Co.L 000086427Manitowoc
Lake Shore Land & Improvement Co.L 001402455Manitowoc
Lake Shore Mfg. Co.L 000118428Manitowoc
Lakeshore Jobbing Co.L 001804462Manitowoc
Lakeside Glove Co.H 001507347Manitowoc
Landreth Seed Co., AlbertL 000376433Manitowoc
Larrabee Cheese Producers Assn.L 001401455Manitowoc
Leach Clay Products Co.L 001499457Manitowoc
Lee Rule & Level Co., TheL 000651439Manitowoc
Leubner Grocery Co., AlfredL 000327432Manitowoc
Levendusky-Theisen Co.L 002430473Manitowoc
Lewis Commings Co.C 001707149Manitowoc
Lincoln Fields Golf Co.L 002168469Manitowoc
Lipman Sales Co.L 002090468Manitowoc
Lodl, Tess, & Webber Silver Black Fox Co.L 001796462Manitowoc
Louise Candy Co., MarthaM 003712554Manitowoc
Luebke Fish Co.L 001871463Manitowoc
Luebke Mfg. Co.L 002688476Manitowoc
Lulloff & Sons Co., HermanL 001027447Manitowoc
Lulloff & Sons, Inc., HermanL 002358472Manitowoc
Lutz & Olsen, Tailors, Inc.L 001639459Manitowoc
Lutz-Scheurell Co.S 006439876Manitowoc
M. E. Mfg. Co., TheM 002589533Manitowoc
M. G. Madson Seed Co., TheM 000643496Manitowoc
Madson & Pederson Dairy Co.M 001016502Manitowoc
Madson Seed Co., The M. G.M 000643496Manitowoc
Major Auto Co.M 003521551Manitowoc
Mammoth Cold Spring Dairy Co.M 003686553Manitowoc
Man-Planes, Inc.M 006622595Manitowoc
Manitou Co., TheM 003620552Manitowoc
Manitou Flavor Co.M 003214545Manitowoc
Manitou Realty Co.M 003296547Manitowoc
Manitou-e'en, Inc.M 004626568Manitowoc
Manitou-Woc ClubM 006130590Manitowoc
Manitowoc & Northern Land Co.M 001355509Manitowoc
Manitowoc & Northern Traction Co.M 001200506Manitowoc
Manitowoc Agency, Inc., TheM 005292580Manitowoc
Manitowoc Air Service, Inc.M 004742571Manitowoc
Manitowoc Aluminum Novelty Co., TheM 001033503Manitowoc
Manitowoc Art Furniture Co.M 004703570Manitowoc
Manitowoc Athletic Club, Inc.M 005393582Manitowoc
Manitowoc Base Ball Assn.M 001781518Manitowoc
Manitowoc Battery Co.M 001991523Manitowoc
Manitowoc Bedding Co.M 003412549Manitowoc
Manitowoc Boiler Works Co.M 001895521Manitowoc
Manitowoc Brewing Co.M 005686586Manitowoc
Manitowoc Bronze & Brass Co.M 001737517Manitowoc
Manitowoc Building & Loan Assn., TheM 000453493Manitowoc
Manitowoc Building Supply Co., TheM 000884500Manitowoc
Manitowoc Button Co., TheM 000534494Manitowoc
Manitowoc Citizens' Assn.M 000046486Manitowoc
Manitowoc Clay Co.M 001147505Manitowoc
Manitowoc Clay Co.M 002556533Manitowoc
Manitowoc Clay Products Co.L 001499457Manitowoc
Manitowoc Co-op. Assn.M 001370509Manitowoc
Manitowoc Co-op. Beet Growers Assn.M 005286580Manitowoc
Manitowoc Co-op. Publishing Assn.M 006457594Manitowoc
Manitowoc Construction Co.M 003299547Manitowoc
Manitowoc Consumers Co-op., TheM 005766586Manitowoc
Manitowoc County Centennial, Inc.M 006116590Manitowoc
Manitowoc County Co-op. Co., TheM 001493512Manitowoc
Manitowoc County Used Car Exchange, Inc.M 005186578Manitowoc
Manitowoc Dry Dock Co.M 000886500Manitowoc
Manitowoc Electric Implement Co.M 002550533Manitowoc
Manitowoc Farmers' Co-op. Dairy Co.M 003481550Manitowoc
Manitowoc Foundry & Machine Co.M 001879521Manitowoc
Manitowoc Fox & Fur Co.M 003689553Manitowoc
Manitowoc Fur Co.M 001448511Manitowoc
Manitowoc Gas Light Co.M 001179506Manitowoc
Manitowoc Gliders Club, Inc., TheM 005134577Manitowoc
Manitowoc Glove Co.H 000997338Manitowoc
Manitowoc Glue Co.M 000315490Manitowoc
Manitowoc Hardware Co.W 000806.5946Manitowoc
Manitowoc Home Builders Assn.M 002874539Manitowoc
Manitowoc Hotel Co.M 003388548Manitowoc
Manitowoc Knitting Co.M 001458512Manitowoc
Manitowoc Lake View Co-op. Cheese ProducersM 004552567Manitowoc
Manitowoc Land Co., TheM 000925501Manitowoc
Manitowoc Land Investment Co.M 000932501Manitowoc
Manitowoc Lumber Co.M 003025542Manitowoc
Manitowoc Malting Co.M 001112504Manitowoc
Manitowoc Mattress Co.M 001324509Manitowoc
Manitowoc Messenger, Inc., TheM 006031589Manitowoc
Manitowoc Mfg. Co.M 000385492Manitowoc
Manitowoc Mortgage Loan & Investment Co.M 004888573Manitowoc
Manitowoc Mortgage Loan Co., TheM 000939501Manitowoc
Manitowoc Motor Sales Co.M 003827555Manitowoc
Manitowoc Mutual Sick Benefit SocietyG 000248284Manitowoc
Manitowoc New Way Wet Wash Laundry, Inc.M 004189561Manitowoc
Manitowoc Oil Co.M 004254562Manitowoc
Manitowoc Overall Mfg. Co.M 001208506Manitowoc
Manitowoc Pea Packing Co.M 001019502Manitowoc
Manitowoc Pickling Co.M 001110504Manitowoc
Manitowoc Planing MillM 000715497Manitowoc
Manitowoc Plating WorksM 003167.5544Manitowoc
Manitowoc Printing Co., TheM 002020523Manitowoc
Manitowoc Products Co.M 005674585Manitowoc
Manitowoc Real Estate Co.M 000557495Manitowoc
Manitowoc Retail Grocers' Assn., Inc.M 005275580Manitowoc
Manitowoc Sand and Gravel Co.M 005288580Manitowoc
Manitowoc Sanitary Dairy Co.M 002761537Manitowoc
Manitowoc Sanitary Dairy Co.M 002761537Manitowoc
Manitowoc Seating Co.M 000610495Manitowoc
Manitowoc Seating Corp.M 004578568Manitowoc
Manitowoc Seating Works Co.M 001919521Manitowoc
Manitowoc Steam Boiler WorksM 000511494Manitowoc
Manitowoc Town Taxi Service, Inc.M 005988589Manitowoc
Manitowoc Trust Co.M 006230591Manitowoc
Manitowoc Tunnel Site Mining Co.M 002735537Manitowoc
Manitowoc Turner Opera House Co., TheM 001459511Manitowoc
Manitowoc Water Works Co.M 000350491Manitowoc
Manitowoc-Producer Consumer Co-op. Assn.M 005753586Manitowoc
Manumotors Co.M 002914539Manitowoc
Maple Dell Co-op. Cheese Assn.M 003415549Manitowoc
Maribel Co-op. Dairy Co.M 003182545Manitowoc
Maribel Gravel Co.M 004641569Manitowoc
Maribel Mineral Springs Co., TheM 001610515Manitowoc
Maribel Straw Cutter Mfg. Co.M 003447549Manitowoc
Marine Construction Co.M 005451583Manitowoc
Martha Louise Candy Co.M 003712554Manitowoc
Martz Knitting Co.M 004351564Manitowoc
Me, Inc.M 006421593Manitowoc
Meeme Cheese Factory Co., TheM 002369530Manitowoc
Merchants & Manufacturers Printing Co.M 004916573Manitowoc
Metal Ware Corp.M 003427549Manitowoc
Metallic Mfg. Co., TheM 003566551Manitowoc
Metallic Screen Co. TheM 001539513Manitowoc
Metropolitan Barber Shop Co., TheM 001706517Manitowoc
Meyer Brothers Co.M 003830555Manitowoc
Mfg. Co., The M. E.M 002589533Manitowoc
Midway Co-op. Dairy Assn.M 003875556Manitowoc
Milk Producer Co., TheM 003164544Manitowoc
Mill Home Cheese Producers' Assn.M 002391530Manitowoc
Minogue Engineering Co.M 004666569Manitowoc
Mishicot Brewing Co.M 005670585Manitowoc
Mishicot Light & Power PlantM 002363530Manitowoc
Mishicott Co-op. Dairy Co.M 003155544Manitowoc
Mishicott Plumbing & Heating Co.M 002849538Manitowoc
Monarch Account Cabinet Co.M 002209527Manitowoc
Motor Car Co., TheM 002214527Manitowoc
Mueller Oil Co., J. C.M 004682569Manitowoc
Mueller, Strauch, & Reif Co.M 002497532Manitowoc
Mueller-Winkelmiller, Inc.M 004997575Manitowoc
Murdock & Quast Co.M 006310592Manitowoc
Murphy Construction Co.M 003299547Manitowoc
Nash Printing Co., W. F.N 001896632Manitowoc
National State Advertising Co.N 001981633Manitowoc
Nelesen Plumbing Co.N 002207637Manitowoc
New England Mfg. Co.N 000002597Manitowoc
New Hotel Corp.N 001628627Manitowoc
New Times Publishing Co., TheN 001324621Manitowoc
Newton Cheese & Dairy Co.N 001464624Manitowoc
Nick Streff Lumber Co.S 001755808Manitowoc
Nord Western Printing Co.N 000131598Manitowoc
Normingtons', Inc.N 001933632Manitowoc
North End Drug Co.N 000986615Manitowoc
North End Store, Inc.N 001376622Manitowoc
North Side Beauty Shoppe, Inc.N 001735629Manitowoc
Northern Cheese Producers Assn.N 001301621Manitowoc
Northern Clay Products Co.N 001612627Manitowoc
Northern Food Products Co.N 002232637Manitowoc
Northern Produce Co.N 000770611Manitowoc
Nu-Way Service Station, Inc.N 002175636Manitowoc
O. Aslakson Co.V 000264926Manitowoc
Olp's Department Store, Inc.O 001238665Manitowoc
Omsted Motor Co.O 001101662Manitowoc
Onlie Kooker Co. of America, TheO 000571654Manitowoc
Ontonagon Valley Land Co., TheM 003296547Manitowoc
Ontonagon Valley Settlement Co.O 000454652Manitowoc
Ott-Glick Co.O 001020661Manitowoc
Palace Steam Laundry Co.P 001521697Manitowoc
Palm Grove Co-op. Cheese Co.P 001469696Manitowoc
Park Drug StoreP 001767701Manitowoc
Parr Auto Co., W. E.P 002323710Manitowoc
Pasewalk Co., A. J.P 001462695Manitowoc
Paska Clothing Co.P 001936703Manitowoc
Pastime Theatre, Inc.P 002245709Manitowoc
Peerless Furniture Co.P 001607698Manitowoc
Pere Marquette Steamship Co.P 000600679Manitowoc
Pfeifer's Food Markets, Inc.P 002574714Manitowoc
Pilot Nord-Western Publishing Co.P 000584678Manitowoc
Pilot Publishing Co.P 000584678Manitowoc
Pine Grove Co-op. Cheese Co.P 001443695Manitowoc
Pioneer Canning and Pickling Co.P 000486676Manitowoc
Pneumatic Gas Stopper Co.P 002594714Manitowoc
Point Beach Stables, Inc.P 003235721Manitowoc
Postal Shoe Co. Common Law Trust, TheP 002095706Manitowoc
Progressive Farmers of
Francis Creek Local Council (Co-op.)
P 002505712Manitowoc
Property Clearing House Co.P 001948703Manitowoc
Public Loan Corp. of Manitowoc, Inc.P 002373711Manitowoc
R. A. Guttmann Auto Co.G 001767310Manitowoc
R. Klingholz Co.K 000160396Manitowoc
R. Klingholz Co.K 000427401Manitowoc
Rahr GuardsR 000303729Manitowoc
Rahr Sons Brewing Co., The WilliamR 000964743Manitowoc
Rahr Sons' Co., WilliamR 000244728Manitowoc
Rahr-Nash Co.R 001741757Manitowoc
Rand and Roemer Hardware Co., Ltd., TheR 000059725Manitowoc
Randolph Oil Co.R 002211764Manitowoc
Rangeline Creamery Co.R 000955743Manitowoc
Rappel Co., J. F.R 001245749Manitowoc
Realty Co. of ManitowocR 000968743Manitowoc
Record Publishing Co.R 003048776Manitowoc
Record Service ShopR 001578754Manitowoc
Red Clover Dairy Assn.R 001363750Manitowoc
Reedsville Advancement Assn., TheR 000884742Manitowoc
Reedsville Auto Sales Co.R 002319766Manitowoc
Reedsville Cheese Vat Heater Co.R 000398731Manitowoc
Reedsville Mfg. Co.R 000363731Manitowoc
Rehrauer, White & Rhein Hardware Co.R 001885759Manitowoc
Reif Brothers Co., TheR 000336730Manitowoc
Reporter Publishing Co.R 002260765Manitowoc
Republic Chemical Co.R 001685756Manitowoc
Republic Phonograph Co.R 001312750Manitowoc
Republic Phonograph Co.R 001308749Manitowoc
Richards Iron WorksR 001689756Manitowoc
Riverview Motor Bus Co.R 001604754Manitowoc
Riverview Realty Co.R 001367750Manitowoc
Rivoli Theatre Co.R 001662755Manitowoc
Rockville Co-op. Cheese Producers Assn.R 001869758Manitowoc
Rockwood Cheese Producers' Assn.R 001393751Manitowoc
Roecklein Motor Co.R 002016761Manitowoc
Rosinsky-Oestreich Co., TheR 000780739Manitowoc
Rotary Pressure Cooler Co., TheR 002367767Manitowoc
Rugowski Seed Co., J. K.R 001525753Manitowoc
S. & S. Auto Co.S 003575839Manitowoc
S. & S. Service Station, Inc.S 005035861Manitowoc
Salak Co., The CharlesS 000824790Manitowoc
Scenic Romances Corp.S 003653840Manitowoc
Scheibe Brewing Assn., TheS 000309782Manitowoc
Schettl Fur Farms Co.S 004919859Manitowoc
Scheurell Clothing Co.S 006439876Manitowoc
Schibilsky & Morrison, Inc.S 006380875Manitowoc
Schleswig Co-op. DairyS 002147815Manitowoc
Schmidt Bros. Co.S 001309799Manitowoc
Schnorr Bros. Co.S 001715808Manitowoc
Schoblaska Co., Geo. J.S 003657840Manitowoc
Schoblaska Construction Co.S 006056873Manitowoc
Schoch Lumber Co., The ChrisS 001362.5800Manitowoc
School Section Dairy Co.S 002213816Manitowoc
School-Hill Mfg. Co.S 001143796Manitowoc
Schreihart Brewing Co.,TheS 001378801Manitowoc
Schuette Cement Construction Co.M 003299547Manitowoc
Schuette Construction Co.S 003712841Manitowoc
Schuette Real Estate Co.S 004100847Manitowoc
Seibel Clothing Co., William E.S 002590824Manitowoc
Seidl & Dalton Co.S 001561805Manitowoc
Sherman Leather Co., L. M.S 000686788Manitowoc
Sho De Gray Motor & Service Co.S 004770857Manitowoc
Six Corner Co-op. Cheese Producers' Assn.S 003882844Manitowoc
Sixta & Sons Co., The F.S 001159796Manitowoc
Smalley Corp.S 004356851Manitowoc
Smalley Mfg. Co.S 000082778Manitowoc
Snow White Cleaners, Inc.S 006296875Manitowoc
Society of St. Joseph, TheS 000948793Manitowoc
Sorge Wagon Co.S 000716789Manitowoc
South Side Hardware Co.S 005419866Manitowoc
St. Clair Chevrolet Co.S 004108848Manitowoc
St. Clair-Fritsch Co.S 004108848Manitowoc
St. Nazianz Catholic Forester Hall Assn., TheS 002104815Manitowoc
St. Nazianz Fire Co., TheS 003557838Manitowoc
St. Nazianz Realty Co.S 006110873Manitowoc
Standard Aluminum Co.S 001875810Manitowoc
Stanley Andruskrewocz Co., Inc., TheA 00138824Manitowoc
Stelzer & Schmidt Co.S 002886829Manitowoc
Stephani-Strupp Oil Co.S 005280864Manitowoc
Stephenson Machinery Co., TheS 000711789Manitowoc
Stericker Co., The ArthurS 001802809Manitowoc
Sterling Realty Co.S 002895829Manitowoc
Stoll-Boeselager Co.S 004259850Manitowoc
Streff Lumber Co., NickS 001755808Manitowoc
Streu Construction Co.S 004571854Manitowoc
Success Land and Lumber Co.S 001507803Manitowoc
Success Production Co.S 003368836Manitowoc
Sun Gas Light Co.S 000250781Manitowoc
Sunderman & Moeller Furniture Co., TheS 000227780Manitowoc
Sunderman and Moeller Furniture Co., TheS 000227780Manitowoc
Swensen Motor Car Co.S 003458837Manitowoc
Taylor Foundry Co., Inc.T 001978906Manitowoc
Tendick Shoe Co.T 000506886Manitowoc
Teske Clothing Co.T 001429900Manitowoc
Thieman-Barthel Co.T 000849891Manitowoc
Thieman-Erdman Co.T 000872892Manitowoc
Thill, Leicht and Petri Co.T 000687889Manitowoc
Thomas Adams Co.A 00105518Manitowoc
Times Co.T 001458901Manitowoc
Tisch Mills Co-op. Cheese Assn.T 001268898Manitowoc
Toggery Co., TheT 000469885Manitowoc
Tomek Co., TheT 001034894Manitowoc
Town Racquet ClubT 001749905Manitowoc
Tremmel Art Glass Works, TheT 000352883Manitowoc
Tri-County Cheesemakers
and Dairymen's Co-op. Assn.
T 001416900Manitowoc
Tri-County Investment Co.T 001324899Manitowoc
Tribune Printing Co.T 000402884Manitowoc
Two Creeks Cheese and Butter Co.T 000344883Manitowoc
Two Creeks Co-op. Cheese and Butter Co., TheT 000344883Manitowoc
Two Creeks Trading Co.T 000349883Manitowoc
Two Rivers Amateur Athletic Assn.T 001685904Manitowoc
Two Rivers Amusement Co.T 000869892Manitowoc
Two Rivers Assn. of CommerceT 001209897Manitowoc
Two Rivers Automotive Electric Co.T 001556902Manitowoc
Two Rivers Baseball Assn.T 001530902Manitowoc
Two Rivers Co.T 000497886Manitowoc
Two Rivers Coal Co.T 000305882Manitowoc
Two Rivers Dairy Co.T 001111895Manitowoc
Two Rivers Dormitory Co.T 000802891Manitowoc
Two Rivers Dredge and Dock Co.T 000296882Manitowoc
Two Rivers Dredging Co.T 000296882Manitowoc
Two Rivers Equity ExchangeT 000797891Manitowoc
Two Rivers Housing Co.T 000801891Manitowoc
Two Rivers Implement Co.T 001403900Manitowoc
Two Rivers Improvement Co., TheT 000650888Manitowoc
Two Rivers Iron Works, TheT 000193880Manitowoc
Two Rivers Knitting MillT 000299882Manitowoc
Two Rivers Lumber Co.T 000964893Manitowoc
Two Rivers Mercantile Co., TheT 000271881Manitowoc
Two Rivers Millwork and Cabinet Co.T 000874892Manitowoc
Two Rivers Motor Co.T 001389900Manitowoc
Two Rivers Oil & Gas Co.T 000877892Manitowoc
Two Rivers Plating and Mfg. Co.T 000732890Manitowoc
Two Rivers Plating WorksT 000732890Manitowoc
Two Rivers Realty Co.T 000511886Manitowoc
Two Rivers Sash, Door & Blind WorksT 000002878Manitowoc
Two Rivers Tool & Specialty Co.T 001194897Manitowoc
Two Rivers Warehouse Co.T 000608887Manitowoc
Two Rivers Woodenware Co.T 000357883Manitowoc
Union Flouring Co.U 000002906Manitowoc
Union Fouring Mill Co.U 000002906Manitowoc
United Independent Evaporated Milk UnionU 000835921Manitowoc
Urbanek and Wattawa Co.U 000296912Manitowoc
Urbanek Furniture Co., TheU 000296912Manitowoc
Valders Co-op. Marketing Assn., TheV 000253925Manitowoc
Valders Grain Co.V 000133923Manitowoc
Valders Lumber Co.V 000264926Manitowoc
Van Lente-St. Clair Co.S 004108848Manitowoc
Vaudreuil Canning Co., E. J.V 000119.75923Manitowoc
Victor Krefl Mfg. Co.K 001006410Manitowoc
W. E. Parr Auto Co.P 002323710Manitowoc
W. F. Nash Printing Co.N 001896632Manitowoc
W. J. Hess Co., TheH 000764334Manitowoc
W. N. Killen Co.K 000412401Manitowoc
Wagner Co., The ErnstW 000806.5946Manitowoc
Weinert Noodle Co.W 0043611011Manitowoc
Wernecke-Schmitz Hardware Co.W 002582981Manitowoc
Werner's Sanitary Can Co.W 002089971Manitowoc
West Lawn Corp., TheW 0044371012Manitowoc
West Side Power and Lighting Co.W 001254955Manitowoc
Western Steel Gate Co.W 001243955Manitowoc
Western Toy Co.W 001133953Manitowoc
Westphal, Crull & Buckley, Inc.W 0047071017Manitowoc
Whitelaw Cheese Producers' Assn.W 002750.5984Manitowoc
Wiese Laboratory Furniture Co.W 002998989Manitowoc
William E. Seibel Clothing Co.S 002590824Manitowoc
William Rahr Sons Brewing Co., TheR 000964743Manitowoc
William Rahr Sons' Co.R 000244728Manitowoc
Windsor Cheese Co.W 0044651013Manitowoc
Wis-Co Service Station, Inc.W 0049161019Manitowoc
Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry Co.W 002004970Manitowoc
Wisconsin and Western Coal Co.W 000814946Manitowoc
Wisconsin Automobile Supply Co.W 001390958Manitowoc
Wisconsin Basket Co.W 002948988Manitowoc
Wisconsin Bill Posting Co.W 001029951Manitowoc
Wisconsin Casket Co.W 001224955Manitowoc
Wisconsin Cheese Box Corp.W 0043081010Manitowoc
Wisconsin Federal Bakeries, Inc.W 003197992Manitowoc
Wisconsin Gun Club of Two RiversW 000734944Manitowoc
Wisconsin Housing Assn.W 002892987Manitowoc
Wisconsin Knitting MillsW 001457960Manitowoc
Wisconsin Knitting Mills Co.W 001283956Manitowoc
Wisconsin Refining Corp.W 0043781011Manitowoc
Wisconsin Sheep Co.W 001085952Manitowoc
Wisconsin Textile Mfg. Co., TheW 0037271000Manitowoc
Wisconsin Wood Products Corp.W 0037271000Manitowoc
Wisconsin Woodworking Co.W 002085971Manitowoc
WOMT Broadcasting Corp.W 0056671026Manitowoc
Worel, Zeman & Stangel Co., TheW 002351976Manitowoc
Worel-Stangel Co.W 002351976Manitowoc
Zimmerman's Ready to Wear, Inc.Z 0002141035Manitowoc
Zimmerman, Inc., D.Z 0002151035Manitowoc
Zulu Hosiery MillsZ 0000351032Manitowoc
Zulu Knitting Co.Z 0000371032Manitowoc