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NOTE: On all the census. In the index for each township I only listed one instance of
the surname on a page. Sometimes there was someone by that surname living at another
household on the same page, so please look through the whole page. Also, for some
reason known only to the census taker, when listing part of a family on a page and
the rest of the family on the next page, he often spelled the name different on
the second page than he did on the first one. Also if you find the name followed
by a W. that means widow or widower.

NOTE: If anyone sends me someone to move from Cemetery X, please also send the
number of the cem. to move them to. It's easier for me to find the right cem.

Total of obituaries as of November 30, 2017: 73,670

Sunday - December 10, 2017 #1 Sanford S. Smith Alice May Whitcomb #2 Aanen Torjusen/added obituary #4 John Morgan/added obituary #6 Bridget Boland Loughlin/add-on Henry McCourt/added obituary Bernard Murphy/d. 1905/add-on #7 Mary Bleser/add-on #8 Carl G. Fischer/add-on Christine Fischer/add-on #10 Georg T. Wick #14 Alvin Franke/added obituary #15 Mary Haltaufderheide/add-on #16 Frank Hesse Henry Nachtwey/add-on #18 Marie Blashka Marie Sladky #21 Margaret Hogan/added obituary Franciska Stiefvater/add-on #28 M.B. Burtt/added obituary #30 Heinrich Labbus/added obituary #32 Jerold Henzell Adolph Zellner #40 Wilhelm Kattre #41 Ole Anderson/added obituary Ole K. Gigstad/d. 1909 Marin Thronson #43 Andreas Bertler/add-on Theodore C. "Ted" Blashka Wilma H. Budysz Mamie Egan Jacob Hessel/add-on Mary Hills/add-on Nellie R. Jorgensen Leo J. Kattner/added survivors Maria Killer Josephine C. Kohlmann Thomas F. Mangin/d. 1994 Alois Rank/d. 1895/add-on Martin Roth/add-on Agnes Schnorr/add-on Anna Ulovitz/add-on #43a August Kujawski/add-on #44 Marie Behnke-d.1994 Edna Berg Alice Belle Clark-d.1879 Margareta Grun-d.1903-add on Friederike Kasten-d.1913 Edward Kresl-d.1903-add on Frederick W. Raeuber August Rietz-d.1909-add on Gottlob Rudolph-add on Sophia Stahl-d.1909-add on Alois Telleson Vaclav Wilda-d.1917-add on Roland Wienke Emma Wittmann-d.1917-add on George Woytal #55 Hugh Fitzgerald-add on Michael Flynn-add on Bryan S. Lorigan-added brothers obituary #60 Mary Tracy-add on #63 Jerry Sneberk-on the Public side of cemetery #66 Mary Kaiser-add on Josefa Kanera Marie Karmanova-d.1901-with Karman Clarence Kloida-add on Marie Kozelka Rudolph Kraus Anna Krcma-add on Martin Moos Annie Nemetz Emil Nemitz Valentin Rouiller Anton Sauer-add on Vaclav Sauer-add on Emma Shebesta Josef Sklenar-added obituary Leo Skubal-add on Marie Sladky-add on Frantisek Stangel-d.1902-add on Caroline Staral-added survivors Joseph Svoboda Amelia Valenta-add on #70 Marvin Sonnenburg Hertha Waack #73 Margaretha Schuette-add on #82 August Schreiber #84 Fred Stange-add on #89A John Kurtz-d.1903-add on Esther Sogge-added obituary Gertrude Thiede-add on #89B John Flaherty-d.1906-add on #89C Elinor Pilger #89D Mitchell Knitter Mark Siminski CEMETERY X: John Kohn-add on Edward P. Lorigan-moved to St. Patricks cemetery with E.S. Lorigan Margaret V. Newton Carl J. Peters Mrs. H. Rumpf/add-on Anna Svacina CREMATIONS: John "Jack" Allie CIVIL WAR: William Rasch/probate Friedrich Voss/probate MARRIAGES: Added marriage write-ups for the following couples: Edward W. Mackey/Lynda Gerpheide Geo. W. Mahnke/Ida M. Petterson Jac. Mancoske/Celia Dorthy (Dorsey) James Marlborough/Annie Pankratz William H. McKey/Margaret Mines Fred G. Medaus/Maria A. Giese Wm. T. Miller/Minnie Hadrath Roman C. Milski/Irene Alcock DeLano Peter Mrotek/Mary Tadych John Mueller/Ida L. Pfeffer Thos. M. Murphy/Ellen M. Eldred Hieronymus Nennig/Magdalena Hoffman Robert R. Nims/Alice Thompson Benjamin O'Connor/Catherine Scherer August Ott/Bertha Holdorff - 50th anniversary A.F Pierce/Minnie DePons Joseph Pitsch/Ella Mayer Peter Rapl/Cathas Reader Joseph Reiniger (Remiker)/Mary Menchel John Roemer/Catharine Wolf Georg Sanderson/Alice Menge Fred Schmidt/Bertha Rusch Herman C. Schuette/Minnie Margareth Massmann - 10th anniversary Louis Schuette/Clara Schmidt - engagement announcement Louis Schultz/Bertha Rusch Carl A. Schwake/Helene M.L. Wilke John J. Sheridan/Clara Guhin Frank Simm/Rosa Hyrek John Smith/Annie Hall Fred Sohn/Emma Langenhahn Stephan Stiefvater/Katharine Enderes - 25th anniversary Otto Hienrich Wilhelm Stolzmann/Maria Henriette Huhn Alvin L. Truckey/Mary A. Kaufmann Louis Jno Urban/Minnie Meyer Wilhelm Vandeloo/Veronica Klein Joseph Vondrachek/Alvina Forejt Albert F. Wagenknecht/Louisa Mattes Joseph L. Wattawa/Anna Meyer Hermann H. Wehhausen/Augusta C. Glave - 25th anniversary Christ Wellner/Rosa Krumdick Peter Wollersheim/Caecilia Stahl Wenceslaus Wondracek/Mary Kalcik Gustav F. Wordel/Bertha Rieme Leonard Yader/Marie Brackman John Yaeger/Caroline Lulu Schneider Aug. W. Zimmerman/Augusta R.W. Ziemer Charles Zinkel Jr./Emma Ansorge

Friday - December 8, 2017 #89B Fred Beth-d.1944-added marriage writeup Timothy Harrington-added probate notice #89C Barber Jenkins Charles Kitzerow-d.1994-added survivors/name and date of newspaper Alois Shikowski #89D Dorene Bauknecht Frank/Margaret Bauknecht-added marriage writeup Arnold/Edith Becker-added marriage writeup Robert/Cecilia Belonger-added marriage writeup Frank/Pauline Bohne-added marriage writeup Arthur L. Carriveau Andre Casavant Edward/Selinda Colanchick-added marriage writeup Vincent Gajdys Gertrude Geimer Herman/Elizabeth Jaeckel-added marriage writeup Amy Kimmes-added survivors and date of newspaper Joseph/Anna Kreisa-added marriage writeup Urban/Julia LaFond-added marriage writeup Evelyn Lemanchek Wilbert/Agnes Lesperance-added marriage writeup Elaine Patterson Joseph/Mabel Rodkiewicz-added marriage writeup Lewellyn Rohr Hubert/Sibylla Schroeder-added marriage writeup Harold/Mathilda Schultz-added marriage writeup Joseph/Anna Shekoski-added marriage writeup Clayton Thomas Andrew/Mary Zabinski-added marriage writeup Bernard/Margaret Zeman-added marriage writeup

Thursday - December 7, 2017 #6 Wenzel Eigenberger/added obituary Ann Hardgrove William F. McCulley/added obituary Dennis O'Loughlin John O'Loughlin/added obituary #32 Alfred Birr Oscar Gresl Laurence Habeck John S. Hoida, Jr./added survivors Charles Isley Helen Larson Jane Newlin Leona Ruzek Raymond Stahl Harvey Wolf Harvey Worachek #33 Sally Orth Irene S. Wiltgen #39 Patrtick McKeough/added obituary #41 Karin Helenius #43 Margaretha Bleser/add-on Elizabeth R. Dorey William Egan/d. 1896/added obituary Thomas Fitzgerald/add-on/from Cem X Coroline Franz Harold Glesner/added survivors Michael Jagodensky/added obituary John P. Kennedy Gladys V. Kersten Michael M. Kreft Frank Liebl Frank Reindl/d. 1912/add-on Roger F. Rindt Marjia Schweitzer/added obituary Lillian Singer Rose E. Sleger Judie E. Van Patten Henry J. Wilke Manuel R. Zierhut #43a Rudolph Armatowski Poitr Sadowski #44 Peter Blesch-add on Johanna Olp-add on Eliza Spencer-d.1893 Henry Spencer-d.1892 John Spencer-d.1905-add on #45 Wilhelmine Klemme-add on #47 Henry Trainor #66 Frantisek Dolezal Jennie and Joseph Frish-add on Jan Gabriel-added obituary Mary Hallada-d.1910 John Urbanek-d.1904-add on

Wednesday - December 6, 2017 #62 Caroline Niquette #63 Anna Breider-d.1895-added obituary Johanne Breider-d.1894-add on Esther Burt-add on Philip Hoffmann-d.1895-add on Joseph Dvorak-d.1943-added marriage writeup Magdaline Kirst Bernard Langenkamp-add on Clyde Rau Nic Reis Hermann Schramm-d.1909 #64 Gustav Eggert-add on Maria Meyer-d.1905-add on Christian Ihlenfeldt-d.1894-add on Anna Kracht-d.1916 Edward Pentzien William Puls #66 Richard Coppersmith Harvey Honzik Lillian Yanda-added survivors #66a Wenzel Chermak-add on Arthur Schroeder #73 Elroy Bruckschen #82 Freda Neumann-replaced with a better copy #89A August/Fern Cochenet-added marriage writeup Henry Gloe-d.1909-add on Ida Johannes-d.1909-add on Adelia Kresheck William/Lillian Luebke-added marriage writeup Alexander Niell-add on Lydia Pierpont-add on Bertha Richter-add on Joseph Tesar-add on Fred Vietz-add on Frank Wallo-added marriage writeup CEMETERY X: Mrs. F. Burtt-removed to Holy Cross, Mishicot

Tuesday - December 5, 2017 #44 Wm. Flynn-articles Thomas O'Leary Hannah Olsen-d.1895 George Pankratz-d.1894-added probate notice William Pauly-d.1974-added marriage writeup William Pech-d.1954-added marriage writeup Fred Pierce-d.1918-added article Walter Pitz-d.1958-added marriage writeup Minnie Reif-d.1895-add on Erna Roepke Emil Rosinsky-d.1907-add on Irvin Schleis-obituary/marriage writeup Raleigh Schmitz-marriage writeup Ernest Seeger-add on Edmund Selle Arthur Senglaub-marriage writeup Dr. John Shaw-d.1930-add on Louis Sherman-d.1896-add on John Short-added marriage writeup Ernst Steffen Lillian Stefl Regina Svacina Martha Symes Osuld Torrison-d.1892-news article Charles Van Patten-news article Hugo Vits-d.1966-added marriage writeup Juliana Wade Erwin Wernecke-d.1972-added marriage writeup Lexa Werner William Wieboldt-d.1900-added marriage writeup Esther Wilke Joseph Williams-d.1954-added article Anna Wittmann-d.1912-added article Frederick Wurster-d.1895-add on Edward Zeman-d.1965-added marriage writeup #45 Elroy Glavin Agnes Shaffer #46 Sr. Ruth Marie Oliver #54 Caroline Kirch-added obituary #55 James Long-d.1894-added obituary Niel Mc Cullough-add on May Mullins-d.1895-add on #57 Evelyn Koenig #60 Winifred Brady-added obituary Nora Connell-add on James Conway-d.1968-added articles Matthew Fitzgerald-add on Anna Flanigan Peter Flanigan-add on Catherine McMahon-add on James Ryan-added article #61 Robert Fiedler-add on Herta Lorfeld-d.1908-add on John Kolb-d.1962-added marriage writeup Walter Oehmichen Anna Schluenz Johanna Schneider CEMETERY X: Peter Flanagan-moved to St. Isidore

Monday - December 4, 2017 #44 Arthur Behnke-added marriage writeup Emil Bonin-added marriage writeup Scott Brefczynski Anna Budweiser-add on Parmenas Camp-add on Robert Carr-added probate notice Friedrich Carus-d.1896-add on Mary Chobot Fred Fingoust-added marriage writeup Lloyd Frick-d.1895 Louis Frosch-add on Emelie Gennrich Anne Gjermundson-added obituary George Greenwood-add on Todd Hallfrisch Dorothy Hallwachs Lloyd Johnson-d.1994 Jos. Kellner-d.1865-added probate notice Louise Kemper-added birthday writeup George Kiel-d.1945-added marriage writeup Richard Klingholz-d.1895-add on Steven Knechtel-added marriage writeup Francis Kugle-added marriage writeup Otto Lutzke-add on Beverly Maertz Reuben McKeough-add on Vivian McMullen-add on Mary Mielczarek Eleanore Nelson Sam Nelson-d. 1946-added marriage writeup Niels Marcus Nielsen-d.1896 Edward Nelson-d.1935-add on

Sunday - December 3, 2017 #44 John Allinson Emil Buresh Mabel Bushman George Daubert Emily Doubek Harold Fricke-d.1994 Edwin Johnson-d.1994 Frank Krainik-d.1905-add on Lorraine Massman Charles McCarthy-d.1918-add on Eugene McCarthy-d.1909-add on Timothy McCarty Alice McCauley-add on Stanley McCauley-add on Joe McDonald-add on John Nash-d.1994-obituary and marriage writeup Grace Noble Stella Parworth-added survivors Alma Pederson John Stephenson-add on Margaret Weinberger

Saturday - December 2, 2017 #35 Elton R. Hardrath Heinrich Schmaddebeck/probate #38 Josef Kronforst Martha Reif/added obituary Catherine Shimek Delia Zimmer #39 Ellen Hussey/add-on Anita Polifka Mary Shanda/add-on #40 Adolph Wehausen/add-on/marriage #41 Lawrence Ahrens Flora Amunds/added obituary Julia Erickson Ruth Johnston/add-on/marriage #43 Helena Bertler/add-on/probate Robert Herzog Catherine Ligman Edwin Niespodziany Lester A. Rank Francis Rohrer Kurt Selke Gerhard Sickinger Victor W. Walters Joseph C. Willinger/add-on/probate #43a Agnes Mary Gospodarek/add-on/marriage Ethel Jagodinsky Rose Jagodinsky Helen Frances Konkel Josef Michalek/d. 1912 Edward E. Sheraski Matilda Ziarnik/add-on/marriage #44 Daniel Leider-added name and date of newspaper CEMETERY X: Catherine Robinson CIVIL WAR: Comodore Thomas/probate

Friday - December 1, 2017 #1 John F. Bergmann Lois French Margaret Bohman Kolbeck #5 Jerry L. Posen #6 John T. Riederer/add-on/article Clara B. Wallander/add-on/marriage #7 John J. Marlborough/add-on/article John Mayerl/add-on/probate Laura Remiker/add-on/marriage #8 Carl Gottlieb Fischer/add-on/probate #12 Eugene C. Dehne #13 Antonia Leonhard/added obituary #16 Margaret Netzer #21 Anton Ibele/probate Michael Lynch/add-on/probate #26 Mae WANISH Kellner/add-on/marriage Wolfgang Munch/probate Stephen Reindl/probate Rose Valenta/add-on/marriage #27 Knut Thompson/add-on/probate #32 Richard Borchardt Francis Brooks Rosie Fenlon Faith Koch Rosamond Lubeck Anton Marsch Eugenia Miller Edgar Stegemann Lawrence Valleskey #33 Wilmer H. Krueger Richard H. LaFleur Kenneth La Violette Dawn M. Schmieder Monica E. Torrison

Thursday - November 30, 2017 #66a Benjamin Kakes #75 Alwina Haelfrisch Johann Ninnemann #76 Luzetta Maertz #77 George/Theresa Barnard-added marriage writeup #78 Helena Wegner #79 William Rusch-d.1989 #82 Dr. Dreher Helen Schmidt-d.1994-add on #84 Edgar Burkhardt-d.1972-added marriage writeup Alan Henschel Christian Soemmer-probate notice #86 Lydia Ninmer-added marriage writeup John Strassman-add on #89A Carl Barthels-add on Margaretha Barthels-add on Caspar Fleischer-add on Catharina Goedjen-d.1887 Cecilia Kahlenberg-added marriage writeup Emilie Luebke-d.1909-add on Louis Luisier-d.1913-add on Kath. Messerschmidt-added probate notice John Slavik-added obituary Sarah Taylor-d.1909-add on Gertrude Thiede-add on Agnes Weilep-add on Lloyd Wilker Louisa Wilsmann-add on Adolph Zuberbier #89B Odelia Allie Peter Christoffel-add on Cleophas Dionne Margaret Farrell Mary Grimm-d.1908-add on Georg Ruthmansdorfer-d.1886 #89C William/Linda Engelland-added marriage writeup Alvin/Viola Keip-added marriage writeup Keith Retzlaff Edward/Rose Riha-added marriage writeup Herman/Fredericka Schroeder-added marriage writeup #89D Laura Brouchoud Gilbert LaMarsh Kenneth Nystrom Edwin Rank

Wednesday - November 29, 2017 #44 H.J. Anderson August Baensch-d.1863 Elizabeth Barnes-d.1994-added survivors Jesse Barnes-d.1863 William Becker-d.1994 Hedwig Benjert Emanuel Besaw-added his son's obituary Clara Brick-d.1994 Clara Esch-d.1887 Albert Garnett Eduard Goeters-added probate notice LaDonia Greuel Theodore Hartmann-add on Gustav Helwich-add on article Mead Holmes-add on Heinrich Horstmann-add on Paul Hoverson-d.1994 Ruth Howarth-added obituary Sarah Johns-add on Anna Christina Knudson-d.1921 Iver Knudson-added obituary Tonie Kruko Edna Maclean James Markvart Martin Monk-add on Cora Mueller-d.1994 Clarissa Nichols Olavus Olson-d.1886 Emelia Owart-d.1912 M.S. Platt-d.1888-added probate notice A.C. Pool-added probate notice Heinrich Reichert-d.1912-add on Ellen Rose-d.1896 Fred Schultz-d.1895-added probate notice Carl Steffen-d.1896-add on John Stephenson-d.1861-added probate notice Patrick Sullivan-d.1886 Theodore Teitgen-d.1909-added probate notice Helmuth Witt-d.1893-probate notice Lily Zajichek-d.1912 #44a Wencel Rihak #46 Rev. George Fessler-add on #47 Hugh Savage-added probate notice #52 Elizabeth Kings-add on #54 Jan Videnka-added probate notice #55 Nellie Doolan-d.1921-add on John Driscoll-d.1894-added probate notice Owen Finlon-d.1858-probate notice Patrick Meany-add on William Mullins-d.1922-add on John Nolan-add on James O'Hearn-d.1887-probate notice Thomas Watt-d.1896-add on #57 Johannes Jermain Shane Swoboda #59 Louis/Ella Christel-added marriage writeup #63 Angeline Kronforst-replaced with a more complete obit. MARRIAGES: Added newspaper writeup for the following: John Bouda/Mary Wanek Theodore Brenner/Emma Grimm Anton Burkard/Elizabeth Heinzen Chas. Joseph Chloupek/Henrietta Pitz Wm. Crow/Anna O'Shea Evan V. Davis/Anna J. Jenkins Joseph Etersky/Emma Steiner Daniel Falvey/Catherine Fenlon Anton Kautza/Sophia Markee Frank Koplin/Ella Miller

Monday - November 27, 2017 #1 Charles C. Hickock #2 Nels Sylvester Halverson/added obituary Melvin Jacobson Gustav Jomen/add-on Orrin Wrolson/added obituary #5 Clara Alvina Mickelson Evanson/add-on Ole Throndson/added obituary #6 Daniel O'Loughlin Clara Rapl #10 Added tombstone photos for surnames beginning with the letter M through Z *** Daniel Robert Belitz Lois A. Dhein Marlene P. Dhein Marie G. Doersch Doris M. Duellman Winifred M. Eggers Kenneth H. Erbstoeszer Jesse William Fisher Janis K. Fontana Valeria A. Goerke Kenneth C. Green Steven Gutoski Sr. Russell V. Keune Juliane Knuth Adeline C. Kolb Jessica L. Leiteritz James M. Mahlik #18 Joseph Frelich/add-on Vendelina Hulec #21 Anton Geigel/add-on #26 Anna Kukl Josefa Spurny/add-on Vaglav Stradal/added obituary #28 John E. Birdsall George Kind #34 John Dvorny/added obituary Josef Podrabsky/add-on #39 Theresia Stuber #43 Matthew Foreith Mary Gallagher/d. 1914 Adela Lonsdorf/add-on Franz Moser/added obituary Mich'l O'Connor/d. 1904 #44 Wilhelmina Borcherdt-d.1900-added birthday announcement Clara Edwards-added obituary Joseph Goodwin-d.1863 Terah Patchen John Patterson-d.1872 #55 Mary Monahan-d.Jan. 1905 Patrick Reddin-add on Bernard Savage-added obituary Laura Savage Alexander Sullivan Jeremiah Toomey-add on Katie Toomey-add on Infant of Michael Watt-d.1893 John P. Watt-d.1911-add on Margeret Watt-d.1901 Sarah Watt-d.1895-add on Thomas Watt-d.1896-add on Julia Welch #60 Anthony Clark-added obituary Bridget Clark-add on Darby Clark Martin Clark-add on Thomas Finch-d.1864 Ann Fitzgerald-add on Bridget McCarty #63 John Roemer-add on John Wenner-add on MARRIAGES: Added marriage writeup for the following: John Boehm/Laura Jorsch Gilbert Colby/Fredricka Bruno Ertz/Rosa Stupecky Herman Klemme/Bertha Olm Edward F. Maertz/Ellen Cronin Herbert L. Markham/Ida Elizabeth Windiate Charles Martz/Amelia Byrestorff Anton Matheson/Maggie Rebachek Benjamin Mecha/Rosa Zych John A. Meidl/Caroline Heinzen Charles Milhaus/Julia Barta Mathias Mleziva/Barbara Mazanec Charles Moore/Hattie Wagner Teodor Mrozinski/Maria Konovowski Gustav Andrew Nyhagen/Arabella Amanda Windiate Wm. H. O'Toole/Cha. Mary O'Conner Adolph Pech/Emma Berkley Emil Pech/Mary Secora Jaroslav Pech/Mary Libal Jos. M. Pech/Blanche Cizek Mathias Petri/Clara Kornely John J. Pitz/Elisabeth Fetzer John Popars/Anna Wilda Heinrich J. Poppe/Hulda H.A. Doersch Fred Raatz/Ida Johanna Hopp Max Rahr/Ella Piening Thomas Robinson/Emma Phipps Herman Johann Roepke/Wilhelmine Wernecke - added child's obit Karl Fr. Sampe/Bertha L. Keubke John Schrade/Anne Schaleska - added John + Anne's obits Roady Shanahan/Margaret Peppard C.C. Smalley/Josie L. Colburn James P. Tonor/Catharine Trainor John Valier/Mary Poeka Oscar Julia Vogel/Clara L. Boettcher Johann Wellner/Clara Kolbeck Jacob Wickert/Magdalena M. Calmus James Young/Anna Albrecht

Saturday - November 25, 2017 #2 Elma Halverson/added obituary Ethel Larson/add-on/marriage Mary Madson Louis Johnson Riis Thor Tollefson/d. 1921 #5 Inanda Thompson #8 Hulda Poppe #13 Adam Reinart/add-on Johann J. Stucki/add-on #14 Gustav A. Fischer #16 Bernadine Kane/add-on/marriage Lucy King Margaret Meehan #21 Aloysius Adelman/d. 1922 Henry Hendricks Cecilia Meyer/add-on Helen Riesterer/d. 1989/add-on/marriage Elizabeth Wimmer/add-on/marriage #29 Theresa Bohacek/add-on/marriage Camilla Chaloupka/add-on/marriage Jan Dusek/added obituary Vincent Dushek/add-on Alzbeta Novak/added obituary Jindrich Skvor/add-on Jindrich Jujich Skvor Ruzena Weber Skvor/added obituary Emma Soukup/d. 1920/added obituary Marie Wilda/add-on #30 Herman Kitzerow #36 Anton Straka/d. 1916/add-on Josef Tvrznik #41 Ole Erickson/d. 1913/add-on Randi Oleson Lyken/add-on Etta M. Skatrud #43 Patrick H. Hewitt/add-on/article Mrs. Richard O'Connor/added obituary Anna Scholten/add-on #43a Helen Louise Eftemoff Mike Glisch Josephine Kadow/add-on/marriage Peter Knipp/add-on Franciszek Komorowski/add-on Tillie Lipski/add-on/marriage Josephine Stromila/add-on/marriage Rose Tadych/add-on/marriage Valeria Weina/add-on/marriage #55 Mathew Cavanaugh-d.1879 Patrick Cummings-d.1911 Robert Cummings-d.1897 James Mullins Josephine Mullins Mary Mullins-d.1906-add on Maurice Mullins May Mullins-d.1895-add on Martin Nugent-added obituary Daniel O'Brien-d.1907-add on Ellen O'Brien-d.1908 Patrick O'Brien-d.1908 Margereth O'Connor-d.October 1897 Bridget O'Dea John O'Hearn-d.1892 Daniel O'Keefe-d.1900 #60 Mary O'Boyle-add on Michael O'Boyle James O'Grady-d.1878 #63 Baltasar Bartelme-added article Mary Kibble/Kipple Frank Reindl-add on Clarence Spevacek-added marriage writeup August Stueck-add on #64 Marie Sykora #66 Joseph Benesh-d.1921-add on Barbara Chalupsky Joseph Holly-added marriage writeup Joseph Melnarik-d.1930 Matthias Sloup-d.1909-add on Vojtech Zahorik-d.1909-add on CEMETERY X: Margaret Maguire/add-on Sister May Stefanoka/add-on CREMATION: Dale Fredrick Olson, Sr. CIVIL WAR: Timothy Sullivan Horace Walker James H. Whalen MARRIAGES: Added marriage write-ups for the following couples: Henry Mayerl/Elma Lawrence Anton Mlada/Anna Kaderibek Peter J. Murphy/Sarah Cahill - added infants obit Nils A. Nielsen/Anna Cath. Gustavson - added Anna's obit Friedrich W. Raschke/Emilie A.H. Bratz Richard Rudolph/Augusta Emilie Eberhardt Wilhelm Heinrich Rudolph/Bertha Louise Klug Joseph Scheuer/Catherine Gueif - 50th wedding anniversary Louis Schuette/Clara Schmidt Charles Andrew Smalley/Bertha Frida Heinrichs Hershal D. Smalley/Agnes A. Langworthy - 50th wedding anniversary Wenzel Sykora/Julia Dvorak Knud Tostenson/Ragnild Jenson - added Ragnild's obit Aaron V. Walker/Valena Rowley - probate notice Edward H. Wallschlaeger/Lizzie M. Kings William Webse/Lizzie Grosheusch

Friday - November 24, 2017 #10 Added tombstone photos for surnames beginning with the letters A through L\ #55 Mary Cahill-d.1908 Thomas Kirby-article Edward Linnane-d.1921 Anna Logan-add on Mary Long-d.1908 Hannah Long-d.1908 Thomas Lynch Cornelius Maloney Bridget Mangin-d.1895-add on Michael Mangin-d.1902-add on Cath. Ann McCartry John Meehan-d.1913-added article John Monahan-add on Philip Monahan Michael Monahan-add on Margaret Morrissey Thomas Morrissey-d.1906-add on and added marriage writeup Joseph Munhall Lukey Murphy Mary O'Brien-d.1900-added obituary Martin O'Connor-d.1921-add on Edward Rolland Daniel Sheahan-d.1863 Henry Sheahan-added marriage writeup Margarete Sheahan-added infant daughter's obit to her's #60 Patrick Brady-added obituary Ellen Burns-d.1899 Martin Cain-d.1906 MARRIAGES: Added newspaper writeups to the following: Louis Busse/Rose Stelling Barthel Doolin/Sarah Watt John Edwards/Julia Thompson Jno. Edwards/Flora Galbraith George Gisch/Emilie Brandt John Hlavacek/Emilia Etzler

Thursday - November 23, 2017 #52 Thomas Kings-added obituary #53 Friedrich Beyersdorf Christena Haese-added marriage writeup Irene Krueger-added obituary Friedrich Martz-add on Heinrich Siegler-add on #54 Joseph Krizenesky-d.1900 Amalie Novak-d.1900 Frantisek Novak-d.1900 Tomas Satorije-d.1900-with Satorie #55 Dr. Thomas Burke-d.1921-add on James Daley-d.1974-added marriage writeup Bridget Fenlon-d.1904 Ralph Fenlon-added marriage writeup Mary Fielding Odys Fielding Patrick Finnegan Joseph Fitzgerald John Gallagher-added newspaper name and date Michael Gallagher-added news article Bridget Garry-add on Lawrence Gill-added obituary Patrick Guhin/Ellen Guhin-added marriage writeup Lawrence Haggerty-added obituary Hugh Halloran-d.1910 Frank Halron-d.1896 Margaret Hogan-add on Mary Hogan-added obituary Cathrine Keehan John Kings

Wednesday - November 22, 2017 #44 Emma Bentley-add on Mary Engels-add on Nora Friar-add on Willie Gillett-add on Wanda Guttman-add on Fred Hinz-add on Nathan Jackson J.S. Wallace McFarlane Bertha Meyer-d.1907-add on William Randolph-d.1907-add on Ole Tronson-d.1908-added obituary Ione Walker George Wellner-d.1908-add on Ella Wittmann Augusta Zarn-add on #54 Justina Nejdlova added obituary #55 Bernard Brennan-added obituary Edmond Brown-d.1912 Margaret Burke-d.1901 Patrick Cavanaugh-d.1893 James Collins-d.1901 Mary Cooney-d.1891 Patrick Cooney-d.1897-add on Thomas Daley-d.1900 Julia Doolan-d.1879 Mary Doolan-d.1895-added obituary Winnie Driscoll-added obituary Margaret Ebert Mary McCue-d.1898 #89A Elfrieda Kohls-Lupo Friedricke Witt #89B Charles Albright Amos Allie-added marriage writeup Mary Burgard-d.1908-add on Roy Doty-added marriage writeup Julia Kowalsky John Marek-d.1950-marriage writeup Andrew Pishke-added obit for his 1st wife Michael Reinert-added marriage writeup Anna Smongeski-add on Catharina Weber Jacob Wiese #89C Leona Braley Irene Johnson #89D Eleanor Dixon Robert Rezachek-d.1994 CEMETERY X: Gideon Collins-added to obit. Timothy Dillon MARRIAGES: Added newspaper writeups for the following: Dennis Fielding/Alice Manahan Florian Link/Rose Kunz

Sunday - November 19, 2017 #6 Caroline Denk/add-on/marriage Margaret Denk/add-on/marriage Clara Dietrich/add-on/marriage Peter Einberger Belle McCully/add-on/marriage Louise Mullins/add-on/marriage Catherine Wallander/add-on/marriage #10 Katie Griessmeyer/added obituary George Wagner/d. 1900/add-on #16 Ottilia Goessl/added obituary #21 Anna Lackermann/added obituary #27 Isabelle Beseau/add-on Helge C. Ellingboe Christofer Evenson Andrew Halverson/added obituary #29 Vaclav Chaloupka Jan Kovarik/added obituary Mabel Skwor #33 Robert J. Bratz Stanley S. Sayeski Norma M. Schuette #34 Hattie Buckley Olga Chloupek/add-on #36 Jan Doubek/added obituary Barbora Heran #38 George Fleischer/d. 1913 Frantisek Havlicek Peter Kornely/add-on Susan C. Remiker/add-on/marriage #39 Eva Kutil Mary Shanda Joseph Stuber #40 Johann Lutzke #41 Mervin O. Ellestad Anton Erickson/d. 1911/added obituary Anders Oleson Lyken/added obituary Tollef Nelson Dorothea Sorenson #43 Stephen Bertler/add-on Joseph Hoyer/add-on Arlene Kennedy/added obituary John H. Kleman/d. 1908 John Lindau/add-on Peter Massman/add-on John Riederer/d. 1906/add-on Joseph Ripplinger/add-on Henry Scholten/d. 1911/added obituary Colletta Tauschek/add-on George R. Urban/d. 1911/added obituary Anna Wall/add-on #43a Apolonia Bureta/added obituary Josef Burry/add-on Julia Gapa Katarayna Jahn/add-on Viola Levendusky #51 Raymond Hoyer Maria Rank #60 Margaret Carberry-add on Maria Carberry-add on Bridget Clark James Cook-d.1890-news article Joseph Fitzgerald-added marriage writeup Ellen Gast Ann Gillis-added obituary Daniel Gillis-added obituary Mathilda Hogan Mary Kane-d.1905 Elizabeth Kelly-d.1907-added obituary James Kennedy-add on Bartholomew Morris-d.1906-added obituary James Morris-d.1879 Margaret Morris-d.1905-added obituary Michael Morris William Morrisey-d.1894-add on Catherine O'Grady John O'Grady-d.1895 Andrew O'Neil John O'Shea-d.1913 Lyda O'Shea Martin Shanahan-d.1921 Sarah Shanahan-d.1896 Michael Thornton Harold Walterbach #63 Jack Bustabo Wilhelmina Eckardt-add on Mary Jaskolski Eva Kirst-add on Josephine Mueller-add on Terry Petska Edward Rehrauer-add on Arthur Teche Rudolfh Tisch #64 Friederika Kracht-add on Heinrich Kracht-add on William Last-add on #66 Charles Collins Adeline Stangel #72 Paul Hein #75 Henrietta Haese Maria Krueger-d.1920-add on #82 Erna Schmidt-add on

Saturday - November 18, 2017 #1 Alandon R. Classon William Hempton, Sr/d. 1904 Martha C. Miller/d. 1911 #2 August Beierly Isaac Hanson Findall/d. 1908/add-on Gunder G. Gunderson John Hanson/d. 1909 Curtiss G. Hoefner/d. 1989 Christian Jacobson/added obituary Nels Nelson/d. 1911/added obituary Riley Olson/add-on Martin Robley/added obituary #4 Marvill Mason Silas Smith William Weigert/added obituary Vitus Weigert/add-on/article #6 Edmund Burke/b. 1819/added obituary William Lucas/add-on Vaclav Siska Michael Thornton #7 Anton Felber Anna Hastreiter/add-on #9 Johann Jackl Bernard Prowinsky/add-on #11 Mathilda Heinz #13 Mathias Wagner/added obituary #16 Albert Arens/added obituary Michael Collins/added obituary Willie Collins Edward Corbett/add-on John Dewane/d. 1910 Michael Geimer Johanna Houlihan/d. 1911 John Meehan Jacob Miller/d. 1911 Patrick O'Brien/d. 1911 Mary Pelishek/added obituary Michael Wegner #18 Jan A. Bily Marie Doubek Mayme Kubs Katerina Mazna Matias Zeman/added obituary #20 Friedericka Danke Anna M. Reinholdt/added obituary #21 Alfred Brunmeier Joseph Brunmeier/d. 1909/add-on John Dunbar/added obituary Mathilda Hartmann Elizabeth Isselmann/added obituary Johan Kautza Winifred Kirwan John P. Koenig/add-on August Mayer/d. 1911 Barbara Mayer/add-on Edward Neumeyer Herman Riesterer/d. 1909 #25 Nathan Porter/added obituary #26 Joseph Chupita/d. 1909 Jozef Hynek/d. 1909 Katerina Hynek Maria Ledvina Katerina Mazanec/added obituary Ella Neidl Jan Novacek Tomas Pivonka/added obituary Annie Reindl Anna Seidl Amalije Tisler Josef Wachal/d. 1909 Barbara Zankle #44 Violet Gay Karl Kettenhofen Jean Leyendecker Louis Multerer Martha Nielsen-d.1896 Frances Pieschel Alma Plautz Pauline Quick Ellen Speering John Turczynski-d.1989 Frank Wojciehowsky-added obituary Emma Zahorik-d.1989 #46 Sr. M. Amabilis Reh #50 Wilhelm Zahn-add on MARRIAGES: Added marriage writeup to the following: Charles Hintz/Catherine Morrissey

Friday - November 17, 2017 #5 Janet H. Anderson #10 Gustav Keune #12 Allen Goeke #16 Anna Buckley/add-on/marriage Baby Girl Goessl #17 August F. Kohn Bertha A.A. Radu Janet C. Wendt #26 Viola M. Ledvina #32 Daniel Andrastek Roman Decker Helen Haese Walter J. Houghton George Kocian Marcella Petri Clifford Reimer Dorothy Schroeder/d. 1994 Edwin Wanek #33 Marion A. Shimulunas #36 Marie Minovsky #39 Daniel Hussey Joseph Oswald/d. 1896 Marie Simon #43 Ruth J. Fuog Myron Genrich, Sr. Lillian E. Gerl Melvin John Kelley Benjamin Leiker John F. Martin Evelyn L. Monka John Piekarski Theresa Reif/add-on #43a Josef Ziarnik #44 Leo Adelmann Zachary Babich Frances Becker-d.1994 Grace Franken Timothy Ihlenfeld Esther Karn Dolores Konop Estella Kubsch Audrey Lewis #89B Franciszek Migawa Urban Niquette-d.1898 John Roemer #89C Arthur Boelte Lena Bruechert-added marriage writeup Clara Dent-added marriage writeup Henry Greenwood Ray Heldt-added marriage writeup David Mandel-add on Roland Silbersack-added marriage writeup John Waskow-added marriage writeup

Thursday - November 16, 2017 #44 Roland Frazier-added marriage writeup Arthur George-added marriage writeup Alban Holsen-added marriage writeup John Hornes-added marriage writeup Fred Hrudka-added marriage writeup Rudolph Jaehnig-added marriage writeup Fred Kanter-added marriage writeup John Matejovetz-added marriage writeup Charlotte Murphy-added obituary Alice Paulson-added marriage writeup Robert Pritchard-added marriage writeup Gilbert Rankin-added marriage writeup Clarence Rathsack-added marriage writeup Adolph Schenian-d.1973-added marriage writeup Harvey Schmidtman-added marriage writeup Earl Schneider-added marriage writeup Charles Sykora-added marriage writeup Odon Wilda-added marriage writeup #57 Mathias Rock-added obituary #60 Joseph Burns Ida Donahue-add on Dan Sullivan-add on obituary #63 Ralph Detjen Odelia Fortier John Hess Bertha Liese Mary Pries Cunigunde Reinwand-add on Charles Voelker #66 Josef Parma-d.1901 #66a Louis Tess #70 Minnie Duveneck-d.1911 Joseph Kunze-add on Stephen Schwanz-added obituary #77 Joseph Kostechka-d.1963-added marriage writeup Michael Lensmeyer-added marriage writeup #78 Mathilda Wegner #79 Emma Krueger-d.1930-added obituary Fred Schultz-added marriage writeup #80 Sophia Kreimann #81 Elsie Ninmer #86 Gertrude Strassman #87 Christian Garlieb-d.1911-added obituary #89A Charles Ahlgrim Henry Goedjen-d.1911-added obituary August Grimmer John Hashek Katharina Reick Anna Ruzek MARRIAGES Added newspaper writeup to the following: Andrew Anderson/Emilia Reinhardt William Breuer/Isa Hansen John Cisler/Anna Herdina Charles Drumm/Catherine Schnell George Ewen/Adele Boecher Albert Hoyer/Helen Hentscher

Wednesday - November 15, 2017 #44 Walter Hartman Pauline Karl Leona Schuette-add on obituary Henry Schweitzer-d.1911 Ida Selk-d.1870 Charlotte Sibree-add on obituary Morris Stadler-add on Frederich Voelchert-d.1920-add on Lucille Werner Gottlieb Wilke Charles Wilkie Sam'l Williams-add on Gladys Wood Louise Zander-add on #45 Herman Schneider #48 Edward Wickert #53 Maria Fick #54 Adolph Vejchar #55 Michael Cavanaugh-d.1911 Patrick Cooney-d.1911 Jerry Dugan-d.1907 Ellen Fenlon-d.1911 Michael O'Dea-d.1911

Tuesday - November 14, 2017 #44 Ernst Ansorge-d.1918 Amanda Bahr-d.1930 Martha Brey-d.1911 Geo. Burger-d.1911-added obituary Julia Chloupek-d.1911-add on Martin Conklin John Dassey-added obituary Sarah Eatough-add on Corcelia Eisley Friedrich Fischer-d.1911 Mary Fox-d.1911 Hermann Guttman-d.1895-add on Anton Hansen-d.1930-added obituary Augusta Hecker-d.1921-added obituary Ragnild Johnson Godlieb Karnofsky-d.1911 Gust Krahn-d.1908-add on Ralph Kuehne Savilla McCarty-d.1920 August Olp Emma Pilger-d.1911 Ella Plumb-added obituary Martha Riley-added obituary John Robinson-d.1907-add on Joseph Schlager-d.1930

Monday - November 13, 2017 #44 Rolland Sorge #59 Adam Herr-probate notice Andreas Herr-d.1882-added probate notice #60 Bartholomew Hayes-probate notice Michael Kelly-add on obituary Patrick Maloney-d.1864-probate notice Ann Shanahan-d.1894 John Shanahan-d.1897 Leon Shanahan-d.1888 #61 Hertha Lorfeld-d.1994 #63 Aurelia Schlei Johann Wulf-probate notice #66 Dorothea Kohnle Loretta Messman #69 Mary Tomchek #70 Magdelena Horstmann-add on #71 Johann Schultz-d.1888-added probate notice #77 Joseph Wachal #89A Valentine Kaufmann-probate notice Caroline Mertens-d.1921-add on #89B Timothy Harrington-probate #89C Loretta Avery Esther Miller Donna Rahmlow James Torrens #89D G. Ruth Ahearn Helen Buege Donald Nate CREMATIONS: Douglas Hetue

Sunday - November 12, 2017 #44 John Rahr-d.1896-add on G. Rolf Ristad-added marriage writeup Adam Roberts-added probate notice Frank Schemenske-added marriage writeup Jacob Schmidt-d.1877-added probate notice Raymond Schmitt-added marriage writeup Henry Schuette-d.1896-add on John Schuette-d.1972-added marriage writeup Clarissa Spencer-probate notice Joachim Stahl Jr.-d.1908-add on Henry Warren Steele Richard Steele-probate notice Elmyra T. Toltzman Nick Tsopels-added marriage writeup Emma Turpin-probate notice Florence Vits Samuel Whitney-added probate notice Reginald Worel-added marriage writeup Jeanette A. Paque-Yonke John Zagrodnik-added marriage writeup #47 Ann Savage-d.1908-add on #48 Francis Ganterer-from cemetery X #55 John Driscoll-d.1888-added probate notice Thomas Kavanaugh-probate notice CEMETERY X: Francis Gauterer-removed to #48

Saturday - November 11, 2017 #2 Christian Hanson/add-on Hubert W. Harder #4 Christina Boettcher Arthur David Knapp #6 Gladys M. Bergel Johanna Gleeson/probate Michael Kelley/added obituary #7 Joseph M. Gosz/add-on Wolfgang Weiss/add-on Michael Wellner #8 Mabel Grupe #18 Josef Jindra/probate #21 John Gellings/probate William W. Schuler #26 Evelyn Baumann Mary Lynch Vivian M. Muench #27 Isabelle Beseau #29 Ida Mott #32 Stasha Bajdan Charlotte Johnson Edward Junk Ervin Klusmeyer Georgiana Krall Eugenie Lafond Holger Larsen Dorothy Maigatter Roland Meissner Lester Reinke Geraldine Rex Della Stegemann Alvin Wilda Richard Wondrash #33 Lillian J. Martin Russell L. Schaus William H. Yauch #34 Joseph Youra/add-on/probate #38 Margaretha Ewen/add-on Victor V. Kocian Mary Zucchi #39 Michael Fitzmaurice/probate John McKeough #41 Boyer Amunds/add-on/probate Turi Erickson/add-on/probate #43 Joseph Auermiller Henry John Bleser/add-on Margaretha Bleser/add-on James R. Boeder Joseph Buscheck/added obituary Virginia L. Buxbaum Mary Ann Cavanaugh Jenne B. Fitzmaurice Edward Frisch Alan Jorsch Irene Karkow Laurie A. Karlin Lillian E. Karlin Earl W. Kuffel Kathryn Lappen/add-on/marriage John Lindau/add-on/obit moved from Cem X Hazel C. Maresch Erna Nemetz Reinhold C. Neuser Anna Panosh/d. 1920/add-on Lois Pusching Gregory J. Reindl Alexander Sanville/add-on Kenneth J. Schmidt/added survivors Lillian Schroedl/add-on Anton Staddler Raymond Synon Margaret Theisen Anna Wall/add-on Howard G. Wellhoefer Helen Wickert/add-on Ella Winter James Thomas Zilk #43a Erwin B. Mrotek Christine C. Powalisz Rev. Casimir Tomczyk #44 Julia Ames-add on Lillian Ballman Frank Becker-d.1994 Arthur Bleser-added marriage writeup Edward Coffin-added marriage writeup Alfred Filholm-add on John Franz Jr.-d.1896-add on Christian Gelbke-d.1888-added probate notice Evelyn Hansen-d.1994 Lester Hanson-d.1994 George Herrick-d.1907-add on Edwin Johnsrud-added marriage writeup John Jordan Charlotte H. Kanellos-added marriage writeup Anna Ley-add on Clarence Maples-added marriage writeup Herman Meisner-d.1964-added marriage writeup Loretta Myers Nils Nilsson Edward Marcellus Platt-added marriage writeup Emil Prochazka Ella Putney-add on CEMETERY X: Lamuel Newell John Roemer Louis Schalovitz Alex R. Schroeder William Schultz/add-on John Seeman/add-on Andreas Sherberger Freeman Jeddiah Squirrel Christ Stadler Max Stein Nels Stephenson Christine Torrison CREMATION: Edward Wacek CIVIL WAR: August Pickeruhn/probate Christian Schmidt/probate Henry F. Smith/probate WORLD WAR I: Donald W. White/article

Friday - November 10, 2017 #44 Elisabeth Achenbach-d.1881-probate notice Augusta Bibinger-add on Anna Christensen-d.1885-add on Donald Dolan Roy Fricke-d.1989 Stanley Lusnia Ruben Rudolph Baby Torrison-d.1898 Amanda Tostensen-add on Raymond Young-d.1989 #46 Sr. M. Clarissa Cenefels-added obituary #47 Charles Barta-added obituary #52 Wilhelm Wallschlaeger #53 Ida Behnke-add on #60 Ellen Burns-d.1910 Margaret McMahon #63 Edward Braasch-add on #75 Elsie Krueger-d.1918 #85 Herman Kletzien-added article #89A Charles Engel John Thuss-added 50TH anniversary writeup Louisa Tomaschefsky Clarence Toston Bernhardt Ulrich-added marriage writeup William Wagener-added marriage writeup Ottilla Wilsmann-added marriage writeup Minnie Wilsmann-d.1921-added obituary Rev. Charles Wilson-added marriage writeup #89B Minnie Orth-added marriage writeup John Oswald Lucia Breider-added obituary Carrie Rouiller-added obituary Margaret Rouiller-added obituary Frank Weiss-added marriage writeup #89C Kay Becker Iola Gibson Paul Rezachek #89D Hulda Behrendt-added survivors and newspaper date Charles Doncheck Lorrain Klein Mary Kopetsky Roland Landt Clarissa Laurent-added survivors Catherine Lonzo Mary Seim Veronica Skladge Henry Wensing John Zywicki

Wednesday - November 8, 2017 #63 Frank Bartelme-added obituary Joseph Craite-moved from cem. X #66 Anna Sloup Mathias Sloup-d.1909/moved from cem. X Fern Yanda Vojtech Zahorik-d.1909-add on #70 Dora Vetting-add on Hattie Vetting-add on Dorothea Waack #72 Fred Flosbach #76 Elmer Haese #78 Ernest Sy Johann Zutz-d.1913 #83 John Bunge-added marriage writeup August Hanke-added marriage writeup James O'Connor-added marriage writeup Hugo Rach-added marriage writeup #85 Herman Fischer-d.1906-add on Christian Schultz #87 Fritz Dobbert Wilhelm Rumpff-d.1913 #89A Augusta Baerwaldt-added obituary Margaretha Barthels-add on Cunie Baum-add on Barbora Bouda Henry Engelbrecht-added marriage writeup Arling Falk-added marriage writeup Mildred Grenier Louise Halberg-added obituary Ernest Hammel-d.1919 Wm. Hurst-added obituary John Jebavy Clarence Johnson-add on Emma Kasten-d.1908 Erma Koch-d.1994 Ralph Kopplin-add on Emma Kroeger Herman Krueger-added marriage writeup Frank Magee-added marriage writeup Richard Magee-d.1920 Arthur Martin-added marriage writeup Charles Meineke Catharine Ollendorf Herbert Pagels-added marriage writeup William Schaefer Carl Schneider-added marriage writeup Fred Schnorr-added marriage writeup Adeline Shebesta Albert Streu-added marriage writeup

Tuesday - November 7, 2017 #44 Catherine Chermak-added survivors John Erdman Joseph Gilmet Vivian Jole Frank Kuhnle Walter McFarlane Martin Meyer-d.1994 Marcella Puls Elinor Rasmussen Irene Stenson Violet Valibile Conrad Weina #55 Thomas Burke-d. Dec. 1895-added obituary John Driscoll-d.1921 Chester Eiles-added marriage writeup Wm. Garry/Gary-add on John Guhin-d.1920-add on Bryan Lorrigan-d.1895 Edward Monahan-add on Charles Nate-added marriage writeup Martin O'Neil-d.1896 Bridget Savage-d.1920-add on Cora Watt-add on Sarah Watt-d.1895 #57 Peter Miller-d.1908-add on #59 Lorraine Albright #60 William Donahue Catherine Gallagher-add on Mary Maloney-d.1909 Bridget Morris-added obituary Honora Morris-added obituary John Todd

Monday - November 6, 2017 #44 Robert Blake-add on Uri Blake Inga Christensen-add on Barbara Fricke-add on Frederick Groll-d.1909-add on obituary William Groll-d.1909-add on obituary Anton Johnson-d.1901-add on Charles Kelley-d.1904-add on Bernhard Lange-d.1906-add on Mary Leykom Edwin Rand-d.1908-add on Johann Rath-d.1903-add on Charlotte Reineck-add on Catharine Reinken-add on Elizabeth Robinson-d.1909-add on obituary Anna Schlegelmilch-d.1904-add on Christian Schmalfeldt-add on Ernst Schuetze-add on Gordon Stephenson-added obituary Joseph Uhlir-d.1909 Martha Whitney-d.1908-added obituary #45 Frank Shaffer-d.1909 #47 Maria Brunner #55 Mary Fenlon-d.1908 Daniel Hussey John Sheehy-d.1913-add on CEMETERY X: June Keune-added death record to entry. MARRIAGES: Added newspaper writeup to the following: Fred Eggers/Agnes Doolan Edward Linnane/Ellen Gureen CIVIL WAR: Martin Kohn biography SCHOOL PHOTOS: Added Two Rivers 1921 senior class and faculty

Sunday - November 5, 2017 #44 Wanda Carus Anna Fandel-add on Nils Edward Haagenson-add on Lorraine Halverson-add on Anders Olson-d.1887 Paul Schwantz-add on Louise White-add on #47 Bernard Roemer-add on #60 Martin Kane-d.1886 Martin Kane-d.1887 CEMETERY X: Bertha Boettcher Bridget Branigan Child of Connelly Mrs. Fontaign Keune, Dau. of Carl-add on Infant of M. Kittle Infant of Walter Krueger Xavian La Pine Freeman Jeddiah Squirrell CREMATIONS: John Brooks Hilary Koch, Sr. Jerome Kocian CIVIL WAR: William Eldridge-added obituary

Friday - November 3, 2017 #44 Mareen Haugen #55 Michael McCarthy-add on #89B Joseph Gagnon-d.1920 William Hayes-d.1911 Maria Karbon-added obituary Rosie Leicht-added obituary Jennie Schroeder Ewald Schultz Florence Wisniewski-added marriage writeup #89C Eugene Frasch John Henrickson Viola Thorne #89D Katelyn Bjarnarson Walter Collins Richard Froemming Roy Gilbert Hilmore Jacobosky-added survivors and newspaper date Bernice Kust Rose Kwiatkowski Lillian Peterik Harletta Taddy Rhode-bur. with Taddy

Thursday - November 2, 2017 Added the 1919 Two Rivers senior's pictures in the section on School Photos. #44 Anton Anderson-d.1948-added marriage writeup George Brown-d.1946-added marriage writeup Gilbert Burnet-d.1901-anniversary writeup Helen Christensen-d.1995 Robert Christman-d.1995 Robert Falge Estha Glaeser Ethel Hammermeister Glenn Johnson-added marriage writeup Laurine Johnson George Kellner-d.1947-added marriage writeup Lewis Kellner-d.1976-added marriage writeup Clarice Kliment Raymond Leslie Grace Dickson McKeough-added marriage writeup Mary Morris-d.1995 Oswin Mueller-added marriage writeup William Otto-d.1930-add on Conrad Patzer-add on Lucinda Pfefferkorn Marie Pleuss-d.1995 Harvey Polivka Gary Schultz-d.1995 Vincent Stupecky-d.1951-added marriage writeup Walter Thiers-added marriage writeup Alfreda True Henry Wagner-d.1995 Alvina Witt-d.1896-add on #45 Joseph Carbon-d.1982-added marriage writeup Hiram McAllister-news article #53 Hilda Bratz Verona Krueger John Schmidt Auguste Krueger #67 Johann Brodkorb #76 Julius Ebert Robert Thurow-d.1930-added obituary #77 Ernie Zahorik #78 Bernhard Boettcher Lillian Kreplin Mildred Lefky #82 Harry Klemme-added marriage writeup Johann Schroeder-d.1936-anniversary writeup Gerhardt Schwartz-added marriage writeup #85 Eldon Luedke #89A Frank Beitzel-added survivors and newspaper date Merna Burmeister Paul Nienstedt Christine Peck-added obituary MARRIAGES: Added newspaper writeup to the following: Edward Dusold/Nellie Jorsch William Gaterman/Lydia Grosshuesch John Gotfred Johnson/Ida May Spindler

Tuesday - October 31, 2017 #1 Hardy Allison Harris/add-on Joseph Nate Ella C. O'Connell/add-on #2 Ole P. Hanson/d. 1911/added obituary Karen Pederson Holm Gunder Madson/add-on #4 Jane Morgan/added obituary Ernstina Wiegert #5 Clarence Thronson #6 Katharina Miller #9 Adam Schwartz #10 Wilhelmine Heinz/add-on #12 Simon Begemann #13 Kretzenzia Bogenschutz J.W. Braun/add-on Antonia M. Klein Joseph Leonhard/d. 1911 Catharina Schaller Wagner #14 Elisabeth Klessig/add-on #16 Edward Gallagher Patrick Kiley James Reedy/d. 1911/add-on #18 Franciska Forst Josef Mleziva/d. 1910 #20 Heinrich Roeh #22 Josephine Craite #26 Marie Kabela Tomas Kabela Anna Kohlbeck/add-on Marketa Reindl/add-on Martin Remiker/d. 1911 Anna Shavlik/d. 1911 Adam Stradal #27 Doris Robinson #28 Stephen Virshek #29 John Novy Mrs. John Novy #30 Friedericke Albrecht #31 Edward Bergelin Johnnie E.A. Paetz Helmuth Zander #32 Cora Coons Scott Thomas Keery Glenn Klein Nicole Kornely Earl Martin #33 Gary M. Kabat Elaine V. Naibert/added survivors Virgil N. Pilger Orville J. Schultz #34 Frantisek Bohacek Katerina Bohacek Marie Maly/added obituary #35 Eugene Braun #37 Carl Schmidtmann #38 M.J.(Bud) Arkens John Espen/d. 1911 Florence A. Hessel #39 Susanna Reif/added obituary #40 Louisa Lubke #41 Berit Berge/add-on Ole Berge/d. 1911/added obituary Rangdi Knutsen Ole O. Marken O. Richard Thompson/add-on Gulbrand Windingstad/add-on #43 Anna Bodwin/added obituary Helen M. Buresh Gustie J. Jagodinsky Leonard D. Kopidlansky Agnes Kovarik/add-on Barbara Kugler/added obituary George Kuhl John P. Kuhl/added obituary Catharine Norton Edwin F. Peaschek Lucille Pollock/added obituary Jacob Stueber/d. 1911 #43a Michael Golata/added obituary Marcin Szyper/add-on #44 Emilie Dummer Mayme Kazda Minnie Kollath-d.1930-add on Jessie Neuser Doris Severson #63 Katerina Bouda John Jindra-d.1962-added article Jean MacDonald Agnes Peltier Edward Yelmene-added marriage writeup #66 Lucy Karman #68 Margaretha Wernecke-add on #70 Henry Baryenbruch-d.1911 Heinrich Haupt-d.1911 #76 Clara Bubolz Obermann-marriage writeup William Olp-marriage writeup Auguste Schwanke CIVIL WAR: Charles Sabin/added obituary

Monday - October 30, 2017 #6 Bridget Boland Loughlin Marie Sieg #39 Elisabeth Fetzer #40 Anna Kiesow/added obituary Maria Kraase/add-on John Luebke/add-on William Lutzke/add-on #41 John A. Throndson/probate + obituary #43 Frank Bonin/marriage William Brey/marriage Irene Burkart Jerry Crowley/add-on Theresia Cuthbert/article George Degenhardt/d. 1927/golden anniversary Leroy Duebner Michael J. Elfner/marriage Edward J. Grall Patrick H. Hewitt/added obituary John Jr. Korlesky Josephine Kuhl Dr. John Mulholland/added obituary John Albert Schlei/marriage Herbert Schreihart/marriage Peter Schreihart Margaret Simon John Singer/d. 1918/add-on Edwin Stueber/d. 1967/marriage Eugene Sullivan/add-on Timothy Sullivan/add-on Theresa M. Wachtel/marriage #44 Johann Bull-add on James Christel Christ Filholm-add on Ingeborg Hansen-add on Elva Kirchoff Robert Kohls Mathilda Leverenz-add on Floyd Loritz James Mellberg Lars Nielsen Agnes Niles-add on Carl Rathsack-d.1911 Henry Schmidt-d.1911-add on Mena Schmidt-d.1911 Marguerite Shogran Otto Stock Irene Strouf Strauss-with Strouf Jan Subr-add on Frank Svacina-d.1911 Fred Weber-d.1888-add on Jacob Young-d.1911 #45 Reiny Wendt #46 Sr. M. Olga Jungwirth #50 Ida Brandt #53 Bridget Gritt Christena Haese-add on #54 Frantisek Vondracek-d.1911 add on #55 Patrick O'Hearn-d.1911 Katherine Reidy-d.1908 #60 Ellen Brady Thomas Finch-d.1895 Walter Knox-added marriage writeup Anthony Morris-d.1894 Anna Nagle John Rader-d.1968-added marriage writeup Herbert Schmeisser-added marriage writeup Alvin Schneider-added marriage writeup Thomas Taugher-add on Sarah Thornton-Tornton on stone Daniel Tracy-d.1919 Patrick White-d.1920-add on CEMETERY X: Mary Lou Schuette Dorothy A. Wacek MARRIAGES: Added marriage write-ups for the following: Andrew Schuh/Mary Louisa Ganter William Peter Stephany/Louise Niquette

Sunday - October 29, 2017 #2 Marcella Geneva Aslakson/add-on Doris C. Erickson Joan D. Faber Helen M. Griffin Berit Gulikson Bentley Kalen McDonald #8 Diana L. Schuette #13 Edward W. Klein Robert H. Wagner #14 Edith Lutze Sylvia E. Sohn #16 Jean K. Barta Jonathan B. Bradley Timm A. Driscoll Thomas J. Kane Francis P. LeCaptain James J. Schlies Rose Steinhorst Martin Wotruba #17 August O. Duescher Eugene G. Mleziva Ruben Walter Schley Mildred Marie Wegner #18 Janet M. Sullivan #21 Myron P. Ahrens Angeline Christine Broeckert John Howard Schaller Catherine M. Schema #26 Florence E. Decker Joseph Krajnek Olive E. Krajnek Daniel Oswald #30 Christoper D. Tuschel #32 Marcella R. Balzan Norbert G. Brey Wilbert Brey Ralph A. Gries Mildred A. Hynek David H. Lawrenz Edwin Malley Grace M. Novitski Karl Rahn Edward J. Salta Jr. Robert J. Salta #33 Joyce A Cherney Robert T. Gagnon Helen F. Moore Marguerite F. Yench #36 James Kubsch Frank Marek/added obituary Petrolina Svetlik #38 Theodore Dellsman/added marriage Lorraine M. Delsman Edward Keenan Fred Mohr/added marriage #39 Kenneth Baumann Valarian Junk Jeanette Oswald Vernon G. Oswald James Vondrachek #40 Herbert R. Borgwardt #41 Albert Marken #43 Clement Bradley, Sr. Pearl Bronk Linda A. Carter Dorothy Clare Cenefelt Merlin C. Cenefelt Gerald G. Censky Marian E. Cherney Elizabeth J. Christel Lois P. Chupita Emil E. Cisler Rose Marie Cisler James F. Damman David A. D'Aoust Gerald J. Dempski Merle F. Derpinghaus Kenneth J. Dorey Deacon Robert F. Drobka Emil J. Ducat Jr. John J. Holschbach Edward M. Janesky James F. Johnsrud Harvey C. Leider Lorina M. Leider Frances E. Simon #43a Robert E. Schultz #44 Leonard Auton-d.1886 Mary Barnes-d.1896 Robert Bubolz-d.1995 Anna Chadek-d.1926 Joseph Chobot Harriet Cole Edward Ehlert Walter Ertz-add on obituary Vernon Halverson Dorothea Haukohl Joseph Hejda-d.1911-added obituary Helen Hooper-d.1989 Adam Krug-d.1911-added obituary James McCarthy-1911 Ed Mohr Robert Puls-d.1926 Barbara Sladky-d.1911-added obituary Catherine Sladky-d.1911 Harry Torrison-d.1911-added obituary #47 Patrick Lantry #48 Dominick Lambries #60 Margaret Cody-d.1884-add on Mary Fitzgerald-d.1886 Maria McMahon-d.1911 #61 Henry Kolwey-add on #63 Joseph Troullier-d.1911 Louise Yelmene CEMETERY X: Anthony McNulty

Saturday - October 28, 2017 #44 Edward Breitwisch Nels Hansen-d.1995 Viola Johnson-d.1995 Elsie Klingholz-d.1995 Quirin Lensmire Grace Mauer Adeline Parizek John Pekarek-d.1989 Paul Riederer Amy St. Clair Nora Springer #46 Sr. Marie Glim Sr. M. Ann Clare Kapellen-added obituary Sr. M. Elise Winkler #50 Fred Birkholz Rosina Schulz #52 Jacob Caflisch-d.1930-add on #54 Albert Novak-added obituary #63 Julia Peltier #64 Wilhelmine Ihlenfeldt #65 Ana Voigt-add on #66 Magdalena Honzik-add on Allen Skubal Donna Stangel Anna Zahorik-d.1995

Thursday - October 26, 2017 #2 Tomine Aasine Bjorn Ida Gulikson/add-on Kare Larson Josephine W. Olson/added obit #7 Hannah Porten Joseph Sitmann #10 Louis Sachse/add-on #18 Frank Petska/d. 1919 Josef Zeman #21 Henry Baer/add-on/marriage Dorene Cecelia Casper William Dietrich/d. 1971/add-on/marriage Nic Filz/add-on/marriage Anton Kaltenbrun/d. 1920/add-on John Kirwan/added obit George Loessel/add-on/marriage Michael Lynch James McNulty Robert Petrie Maria Sprang Theodore Wolf/add-on #32 Francis Babler/marriage Ruth Neumann Elfrieda Schneider David Sheridan Raymond Taddy #33 Myrtle Olson Edward J. Wieser #36 Alvina K. Pagel #38 Carl Bolle Mary Jane Zucchi #39 Antonin Kabat/d. 1920 Anna Kirt/add-on Emil Vraney/add-on/marriage #41 Albert Alfson/added obit Irene Berge/d. 1995 Synev Nelson Asetca Weblen/added obit #43 Margaret Fischer Ralph R. Kocourek Blanche L. Krause Edwin S. Zagrodnik #43a Vivian Muchowski Julianna Rewolinski/added obit Michael Schipper/add-on #58 Nicholas Dittmar-add on CREMATIONS: Dolores M. Radke Victor Wichman Reimer

Wednesday - October 25, 2017 #60 Bridget Corbett #63 John Kornely #66 William Garceau #76 Freida Sobiech #87 Minnie Luloff Aug. Rautmann #89A Martha Sechrest-add on #89B Etta Gauthier Theresa Hartel Joseph Klein-d.1982-added marriage writeup Elizabeth Mosuch Joseph Mueller-d.1920-add on Anna Nilles-d.1919 Edward Pilon-d.1920-added obituary John Stanek Henry Vogel-d.1920 #89C Irene Kunstmann #89D Carol Ciha Roy LaFond Andrew Rathsack-d.1995 Marie Schultz

Tuesday - October 24, 2017 #44 William Armstrong Charles Bouril-d.1995 Ruth Braunel John Engelbrecht-d.1930 Glenn Fargo Frederich Glander-d.1913-add on Antonia Hynek-d.1932-add on Elfrieda Kanter Mary Nemetz-d.1920-add on Philippina Pankratz-d.1920-add on Anna Panosh-d.1995 John Pentony Peter Rusch-d.1888-add on Harry Sattler-add on Stephen Schenian John Smith-d.1930-add on Luallyn Staudinger Walter Staudt Frederick Steffen-d.1995 George Vollendorf Albert Wetenkamp-d.1930-add on Charles Wimpf-add on obituary #53 Johann Bigalke-add on Elizabeth Krueger-d.1932-add on #55 Johanna Murphy-d.1888 #57 Matthew Riesterer

Monday - October 23, 2017 #1 Francis Hempton #5 Alyce C. Bevan #13 Francis Nennig/add-on #16 Thomas Dewane/d. 1920/add-on Timothy Dewane James Hewitt/add-on/probate John Keenan/add-on/probate James Mulqueen Daniel Noonan John Touhey #21 Antonius Stoll/add-on/probate Helen Stoll/moved from #22 #26 Jan Anderle Michael Brunner/add-on/obit Annie Korinek Jeanette Korinek #29 Joseph Doubek/add-on/marriage Joseph Gruber/add-on/marriage #32 Florian Barbarossa Elaine Bennington Evelyn Carstens Helen Havlichek William Maertz George Palm Donald Remiker #33 Eric A. Blanchard Richard J. Fricke Dana Elizabeth Gass Sharon A. Kiel Richard E. Kleckner Charles W. Lehman, Jr. Tracie A. Nack Raymond F. Peronto Violet M. Reynolds Eugene A. Schroeder #40 Emma Commings/add-on/obit Wm. Otto #41 Mathilde Berge/add-on Fred Swenson/add-on/obit #43 Patrick Bolen/add-on/probate Lorraine M. Buchner William F. Dietrich Celia Gersek Delmar August Kenneke Minnie Lutterman Martin Maier/add-on Kathleen A. McKee James Richgels Cyril S. Zalewski #43a Nicholas A. Gollata Stanley Mrozinski/add-on Constant Siewert/add-on Edward Siewert/add-on #44 Christian Sieker-add on #60 Michael Cain CEMETERY X: Adella Palmer MARRIAGES: Added marriage write-ups for the following: Andrew Reis/Clara Kellner - added Clara's obit William D. Richards/Otilie J. Bock John H. Riley/Eliza Ann Fulton John Henry Ryan/Helen Hagerty Fred C. Schoch/Syvina Louziar Henry Spoentgen/Lydia Gatermann Charles Stahl/Alvina Selsemeier Nicholas H. Terens/Anna Zander Joseph Valenta/Theresa Zahorik Albert A.S. Wetenkamp/Theresia Meyer James Worthington/Alice J. Roberts CREMATIONS: Donald Desimowich Herbert Freitag

Sunday - October 22, 2017 #44 Milton Brandt Albert Fischer-d.1995 Richard Halverson-d.1910-add on George Hodas-d.1995 Angeline Hoffman Carl Schmidt-d.1904-add on Herbert Schroeder-d.1897 Carl Westphal-d.1904-add on #47 Frank Wimmer #53 Emilie Olp-add on #55 Ellen Halloran-add on Edward Linnane-d.1897-add on Michael Touhey #60 Michael Egan-d.1904-add on Mary Fitzgerald-d.1910-add on Eliza Hutchings Margaret Tintinger-d.1909 Peter Tintinger-d.1908 #61 Elizabeth Miller-add on #63 Margretha Wulf #66 Frank Chalupny-d.1904-added obituary Katherine Chalupny-d.1904-added obituary #88 Wilhelmine Flentje-add on #89A Gertrude Plockelmann Peter Plockelmann #89D Ethel Engeldinger Francis Hertel Wilbert Kupsch Karen Schmidt Donald Wondrash-d.1989 MARRIAGES: Added newspaper writeups to the following: Wenzel Blaha/Mary Short Patrick Cahill/Margaret Meany Charles Esslinger/Sofie Schlick-anniversary Emil Fehring/Althea Jackson Rudolph Heins/Anna Dassler Michael Lorrigan/Hannah McCarthy

Saturday - October 21, 2017 #44 Alice Andrews Fred Bartz Irene Boldt Melissa Burns George Casson-added probate notice Henry Drewsen Robert Grall-added survivors and newspaper date Bertha Hecker-d.1918 John Johnson-d.1989 Meta Jonas Louisa Kautsky Michael Kruchinski Nhia Kue Louis Larson-d.1888-add on William Morrison-d.1869 Helen Pitz-d.1989 M.S. Platt-d.1888 (Moses)-add on Harriet Pool Arthur Richards-d.1888-add on Agnes Schmidt-d.1918 Ervie Sherman-add on Claire Stradal Cora Vogt Frederick Weyer Ellen White-d.1888-added probate notice Samuel Whitney-d.1888-add on #55 Daniel Cronin-probate notice #60 John Carey-added probate notice Catherine Simon-probate notice #61 Alfred Fessler #73 Henrietta Rodewald #89A Louise Jorgensen Lillian Nocker Albert Shimon-added obituary Lucy Smejkal Isabella Strong #89B John Weiss-d.1995 #89C Genevieve Radandt-added marriage writeup William Schmidt-d.1995 Norman Stollberg #89D Richard Baldwin

Thursday - October 19, 2017 #44 John Clark-d.1963-added marriage writeup Henry Clusen-d.1936-added marriage writeup Mathew Dufek Jerome Ebert-added survivors and newspaper name and date James Gaton-add on John Gigure Mrs. Frederike Groffman-add on Jack Holsen-d.1989 Oscar Olm-added marriage writeup Walter Pfister Adolph Polivka-added marriage writeup George Warwick-add on Thomas Worthington-d.1889-add on #45 August Brunig-add on #59 Lorenz Herr-added obituary Frank Himmelspach-add on Wm. Pritchard-added marriage writeup #60 Alice Carey-add on Anthony Kelly-add on #63 Sarah Chatterton-d.1889) #69 Hildegard Lulloff Robert Sickinger MARRIAGES: Added newspaper writeup for the following: Charles Koehler/Ida Hellmuth

Tuesday - October 17, 2017 #46 Sr. M. Lyra Putzer #55 Ann Cooney-added obituary Hugh Halloran-added obituary Thomas Morrissey-d.1919 William Watt-added marriage writeup #63 Hans Beyer-d.1950-added marriage writeup John Cochems Eusebe Craite-add on Edwin Krueger-added marriage writeup Sophia Levenhagen Viola Ploeckelmann Lester Redeker August Stueck-add on #77 John Hlavachek #82 George Arnold Edward Bebermeier-add on Albert Damrow-d.1906 Ernst Jochimsen-added marriage writeup Erland Lawrence-add on Erich Temreck-added marriage writeup #84 Wilhelm Rades-d.1919-add on William Striebel-add on #86 Stanley Henschel #89A Christine Ahrndt Paul Bachus Andrew Baetz-d.1919-added obituary Henry Barmel George Feistel-b.1888-d.1919 Henry Hamilton-d.1919-add on Anna Hansen Henry Hartung-d.1908 John Herian-add on Christian Johannes-d.1919-added obituary William Krase Neil McMillan Charles Meisner-added obituary Emma Messman Franklin Oestreich-d.1995 Augusta Peterke Frank Retzlaff-add on Mary Ruebel Albertine Schultz-d.1919-added obituary Carolina Schwarz-d.1908-added obituary Hulda Stechmesser-add on Carl Stueck-add on Henry Thiede-add on Harvey Thompson Emilie Wandtke Baby Weber-d.June 13,1919 Irene Weber Grace Hamilton Sweeney-add on CEMETERY X: Child of Albert Damrow

Monday - October 16, 2017 #2 Norman Gustaveson/add-on/marriage Ingebret Halverson/add-on/obit Palmer Madson/add-on/obit Carl Erickson Riis #5 Engebret Throndson/add-on/obit #21 Joseph Gerhard/d. 1887/probate #26 Wenzel Baxa Jos. Brantle Reverend William Braun/add-on/obit Michael Keehan/add-on/marriage Marie Klimenta Margaret Kocian/add-on/article Barbara Kohlbeck John Remiker/add-on/marriage Jan Sanda Eleanor Swetlik/add-on/marriage Grace Anna Tisler #29 John P. Hagenow, Sr. #32 Lawrence Alfson Miranda Leitner E. Leroy Piper Donald Thomas Anthony Tuschl #33 June Reynolds #34 Jan Suchan/probate #36 Marketa Hrdina Frantisek Kliment/add-on Tillie Lakatos #41 Mary Ellestad/add-on Otto Finkelson Norris Johnston Robert Klann/add-on Nels Nelson Moe Otto Elmer M. Oppen Edevart K. Robley Marit Robley Bennet Skatrud/add-on/marriage Knut Thronson/add-on/obit George Torrison Torval S. Torrison Anders Weblin/add-on/article #43 Arnold Boldt Robert J. Krause, Sr. Florian J. Masiak Frank J. Neuser John Pfeffer/add-on/probate #44 Ernst Barnstein-d.1895-added obituary Valentine Benson James Cross Raymond Flint-d.1919-added obituary Harold Gass-d.1995 Sadie Gibson Wilhelmine Gielow Frank Gleich Ruth Gulseth Wilhelmina Hasper John Hopf-d.1889 Herbert Kasten Charles Kunz-d.1892-add on Marion Kutil Sophia Liebert Johann C. Meyer d.1894-added obituary Friedrich Mueller-d.1889-add on Julia Muth Barbora Nespor-add on William Noble-add on Ida O'Hara James Patterson-d.1889 Marie Pech Virginia Peterik Anna Peterson-d.1919 D.B. Pierce-add on Carl Sass-added probate notice Ione Schleis Wilhelmine Schram Elenore Smith-added obituary Joseph Symes-d.1894-add on King Weeman Emma Weinschenk-d.1869-add on Mary Wenndorf-d.1889-add on John Wilda-d.1894 Raleigh Wilda-d.1995 Julia Williams-d.1919 Dorthea Wittmann-add on #55 Patrick Reddin-probate notice #58 Thomas Jenkins-probate notice #63 Agnes Westgate #66 Jan Gabriel-added earlier probate notice #78 Ludwig Marks-probate notice CEMETERY X: Hattie Richter CREMATIONS: Dolores L. Sousek CIVIL WAR: William Wagner MARRIAGES: Added newspaper write-up for the following: Lyman J. Nash/Emma A. Guyles Henry Patzer/Lizzie Duebler Gottlieb Pautz/Augusta Diekert George C. Reuther/Hattie Behrens John Patrick Roche/Julia Anna Hayes Friedrich Schuette/Laura Kemper Stephan Strouf/Anna Jana Leonard V. Vader/Jennie L. Carmen

Saturday - October 14, 2017 #44 Victor Albrecht A. Andersen-added probate notice Calphurnia Barnes-add on Ernestina Behrens-add on #53 Albertina Krueger Siegler #55 Bridget Nugent Martin Nugent Thomas Nugent #89D Gerald Reich CEMETERY X: John Achten-removed from X and sent to Mount Calvary cem, Green Bay John Coleman CENTENARIANS: John Coleman-cemetery X MARRIAGES: Added newspaper writeups for the following: James Bemis/Wilhelmina Oswald Julius Borcherdt/Carrie Shove C. Frazier/Clara Zander Valentine Goetzler/Katherine John A. Johnson/Inger M. Hanssen Gustav Kiland/Caroline Larson

Thursday - October 12, 2017 #8 Carl J. Leiteritz/add-on/marriage Friederike Leuteritz/add-on J. Christoph Reinemann/add-on/obit Sophia Schuette/add-on #14 Edward J. Hansen #17 Hermann H. Pautz/add-on #32 Lawrence Grall Dustin Jerad Haupt Marie Schetter #43 Margaret Bolen/add-on Roger Carbon Paul Walton Ellig John Engeldinger Alexia M. Fessler/added survivors Evelyn J. Frick Anna Maria Hessel Marigen W. Kleiber George Klein Ruth M. Moser Josephine Novak Leroy J. Robinson Joseph A. Rohrer Helen Ryan/add-on Rita M. Scott Francis E. Trainor #44 Helge Gulickson-added probate notice #77 Anna Kabat-d.1995 #82 Thomas Wilkens-add on #84 Hulda Voigt-probate notice #86 Lydia Krueger Raymond Schmisser #89A Charley Ahrndt Oscar Clusen Emma Hudson George Kahrs-d.1912-added obituary #89B Felix Greenwood Anton Grimm-d.1912 #89C Rose Blazei Harold Buvid Wayne Lusk #89D Raphael Shekoski #90 Katharina Laux CEMETERY X: John Achten Nellie Hussey William Mumm/probate Infant Son of Morgan O'Connell Patrick O'Shea/d. 1862 CREMATIONS: Arnold W. Wolff MARRIAGES: Added newspaper writeup to the following: Coe Birdsall/Augusta Hothersall William Frick/Minie Koch Joseph Halverson/Tillie Osulson Walter Houghton/Etta Holtja

Wednesday - October 11, 2017 #44 Ruth Bentley Clara Brixius Glen Hoffman Louise Jirikowic-d.1995 Agnes Knuth Laura Kriz Allan Seidl Elsie Wage #45 Norman Springstube #46 Sr. M. Bonaventure Pehovic Sr. Therese Marie Rouiller #47 Herman Ruchhoeft-d.1995 #48 Catherine Nuhs-moved from cem. X #55 David Burns-moved from cem. X Frank Rameker-add on Anna Whitehead #59 J.W. Groh d.1912 Infant of Frank Herr-d.1911 #60 John Donahue-d.1912-add on Michael Egan-d.1912-add on Thomas Finch-d.1887 Michael Fitzgerald-d.1889-obituary and probate notice Julia Kelly-d.1890 Patric Nagle-d.1889 Patrick O'Grady-d.1912-added obituary James O'Rourke-added probate notice Rodger Shanahan-add on Peter Walterbach-added obituary Margaret White-d.1890 Roderick White #63 Martha Fortier-add on #64 Anna Dvorakova-d.1893 John Lehrmann #66 Louis Sedmihradsky #73 Heinrich Awe Wilhelm Rosso

Tuesday - October 10, 2017 #44 Anna Anderson-d.1919-add on Frankie Bean-d.1899-add on Richard Burke-add on George Drum-add on obituary Omer Gauthier-d.1995 Richard Lee Groll-d.Sept. 1995 Helen Holdorf-add on obituary Franz Kautsky-d.1873 Mathilda Krase Ardella Mittnacht Elise Rusterholz-add on Julia Seastedt Louise Shove-d.1869 Marie Suchomel Elizabeth Thompson-d.1912-add on Charlotte Wallich Beatrice Wigen-d.1912-add on obituary Minnie Wilde Anna Wittmann ?? Woodbridge-d.1869 #45 Friedrich Kiel-d.1890 #47 John Cashman John Zimmer-added marriage writeup #53 Louise Kiehl-add on Anna Rusch-d.1889-add on #55 Patrick Cavanaugh-d.1911-add on Philip Foley Thomas Goggin-added obituary Patrick Meany-moved from cem. X Maggie Morrisey Michael Mullins-d.1886

Monday - October 9, 2017 #44 Walter Baetke-d.1968-added marriage writeup Chester Berge-d.1975-added marriage writeup Lucile Brodkorb-added marriage writeup Greta Danielson George Demler-added marriage writeup Charles Drumm-d. 1948-added marriage writeup Rachel Eaton Sylvester Fergeson-added marriage writeup Gustave Forrest-d.1890) Elmer Haupt-d.1973-added marriage writeup Martha Hoes-add on Edward Kellner-d.1951-added marriage writeup Edwin Loritz-d.1989-added marriage writeup John McKeough-d.1971-added marriage writeup Calvin Moore-add on Elton Morgan-added marriage writeup Ingre Nelson-d.1886 John Phalen-d.1890-add on Joseph Ramesh-added marriage writeup Leo Rosik-added marriage writeup Otto Schmidt-d.1912-add on Helena Schroeder-d.1890-add on William Scott-add on Reuben Smart-added probate notice Harry Sonsthagen-d.1889 Otto Sonsthagen-d.1911-add on MARRIAGES: Added newspaper writeup for the following: James Anderson/Eva Mills George Bass/Elizabeth Merrill Job Clark/Eliza Andrews

Sunday - October 8, 2017 #1 John Miller/add-on Seymour Pipper/add-on Margaret Brown Playfair #2 Petria Cecelia Christenson/add-on Christian Larson/d. 1887/add-on/obit #4 Calista Chisholm/add-on Fred Klann/add-on/obit #6 Anton Anhalt/d. 1912 Catharine McCourt Theresa Neimeyer Michael Pritzl #7 Helen Benzschawel Frank Gosz Martin Koerner Nellie Reitmeyer #9 Anna Aschenbrenner #10 Wilhelm Kuck #12 Laura Lutze #13 Magdalena Schneider #14 Katharina Sachse #16 Bridget Brady Patrick Fagan Bridget Marinan Catherine Sekora Anton Stadler #18 Vaclav M. Charvat Marie Gruber Josef Kubs Josef Simon Josef Vodvarka Jacob Wotruba Karel Zeman/add-on/obit #21 Margaret Dunbar Nora Kirwan Hannorah Peppard/add-on/obit #25 John Woodcock/added brothers' (James) death notice #26 Thomas Nash Anna Rous Josef Wachal #29 Leonard Maly Frantisek Rezek/add-on #30 Jacob Cordes #31 Justine Kaiser/add-on William Zander #34 Emanuel Fierst #35 Wilhelm Kappelmann/add-on/obit #36 Jakub Kostlivy Emil Kuchenbecker/add-on/obit #38 Johann Espen/d. 1909 Heinrich Herrmann/add-on Jacob K. Hessel/add-on/obit #41 Barbro T. Dover Knut Knutson/d. 1909/add-on/obit Gulbrand Windingstad/add-on/obit #42 Louisa Pautz #43 Martin Galvin/add-on/obit Charles Handl Bernhard Jansen Sophia Jansen/d. 1909 Paul Karnofsky William Mulholland Peter Orth Ignatz Stanzel Joseph Trastek/d. 1912/add-on Therisia Vollendorf/add-on/obit #43a John Gospodarek/d. 1912 Frank Nitka/dd-on Jan Richter Teofilia Tadich #44 Eliza Bacon-d.1912 Charles Beeck-d.1912 Jacob Brei-added obituary Richard Burke-added obituary Robert Carr-added obituary Bertha Engelbrecht-d.1911 Helen Falge Joseph Hamel William Hume-added obituary Johanna Jarchow-d.1912-added obituary Mrs. Hans Larson-d.1887 Louis Lepko #53 Wilhelmina Dobbert-added article CEMETERY X: Patrick Maney John Meal Infant of William Miller Michael Mullins Baby Girl Nelson Sammy Walter Newell Mrs. Adam Nuse Mathias Radie Joseph Reif Mrs. H.S. Seaman John Seibel Mrs. Shanahan Susannah Spencer Roger S. Zahorik MARRIAGES: Marriage writeups from newspaper for the following: Michael Buckle/Annie Burke Julius Bushmann/Maggie Ryan Chas. Christansen/Emma Houghton Ole Christensen/Julia Anderson Cornelius Donahue/Mary Kittrick Anthony Elliott/Sarah McNeil Henry Fuller/Ellen Andiens (Andrews in announcement) Eligal Hargeaves/Louisa Klemme Patrick Hogan/Margaret O'Holloran Chas. F. Jurrs/Mary L. Kaufmann Timothy Leary/Honora Agnes Morris Theodore Madson/Tilda Peterson George J. Martin/Emma Gagnon George W. McDonald/Josephine Gleeson Rudolph Meyer/Mary Fliegl Richard Mott/ Martha Elizabeth Heath Peter J. Murphy/Sarah Cahill Lawrence Nolan/Bridget Gannon Orrini Bartlett Palmer/Isabel Leonard Fredrick Pfunder/Cathrine McMillan Frank Pischel/Mary Pech - 20th anniversary Wm. Morton Preston/Susie Mary Larson Joseph Rankin/Amelia Stella Borcherdt Stephan Rechcygl/Georgiana Howarth August Richter/Christiana Kuehne Wm. Rudolph/Bertha Rauch Friederich Johann Sachse/Maria Martha Schneider Karl Schmoock/Ida A.T. Engelbrecht Ernst Theodor Schwalbe/Bertha Wagner Adam Sechrest/Bertha A. Braasch Hiram Smith/Mary Cisler Emil Teitgen/Elise Rohde John Weeks/Jennie Morgan Henry Wernecke/Bertha Schmitz - Marriage + Silver Anniversary Conrad Werra/Julia Mary Kappes William J. Westphal/Emma Clara Rudebeck Frederick G. Young/Mary L. Pectard Chas. Zander/Elise Lindstedt - Golden Anniversary Edward Zeman/Gladys Allen CIVIL WAR: Rudolph Mendlick/notification of death

Saturday - October 7, 2017 #44 Carl Esslinger-d.1917-add on #55 Nellie McCarty Patrick Mullins-add on #63 Hans Beyer-replaced newer newspaper reference with actual obit from the old paper. #89A Sophia Burmeister-d.1891-from cemetery X #89B Catherine Dietz/d.1912 CEMETERY X: David Burns MARRIAGES: Added newspaper writeups for the following: Albert Baker/Theresa Schiesel Jos. Becker/Etta Gauthier-from newspaper Cory Burt/Lillian Westgate George Craite/Hilda Thompson Anton Fritsch/Anna Hoyer Ed Grumann/Therese Benzinger Christoffer Halvorsen/Alvina Terkelsen Richard Halvorson & Clara Kulnick August Johannes & Clara Burke Frank Kaufmann & Edith Whitcomb Martin Krueger & Elsie Peterke Walter Levenhagen & Mary Kuras DENNIS MOORE'S CIVIL WAR ROSTER: Michael Green-add on Josephus Helms-add on

Friday - October 6, 2017 #44 Sofie Brummer Ronald Christel Roy Fricke-d.1995 Berthe Gilbert-d.1882-added marriage writeup Harriet Kohlbeck Gilbert Rankin-added son's obituary Violet Schubert John Smith-d. 1890 Elaine Weekes #46 Sr. M. Agnes Scheu Sr. M. Joanella Stoffel #77 Norbert Kiernan #89A Earl Melchert #89C Karl Kassel #89D Johanna Ashenbrenner Alice Brigham Frank Fencl-added marriage writeup Stephen Grumann-added marriage writeup Urban LaFond-added news article Paul Larson Janet Laurent Martin Monka-d.1928-anniversary writeup John Moseler-added marriage writeup William Nehrbass Leo Patek John Philipps Stanley Pokorsky-added marriage writeup Winifred Richmond James Sousek-d.1995 Mathias Staudt-added marriage writeup Margaret Van Ess-d.1989 MARRIAGES: Added newspaper writeups for the following: John Burnet/Lona Morse Patrick Cavanagh/Julia Finneley-anniversary Michael Connors/Julia Keil Joseph Czerwinski/Josephine Kadow Rev. Warren Dudley/Alice Steele Quirin Ewen/Ida Schaffland George Flint/Clara Smoke Walter Green/Alice Symes Emil C. Haase/Catherine Wilke Dennis Hays/Bridgitta Shanahan John Horne/Marie Binkelman William Johns/Amanda Niles Patrick Kelley/Julia Lantry-anniversary James Kestly/Bertha Chykowski Fred Krase/Matilda Gueschow Theodore Lyons/Margaret Murphy

Thursday - October 5, 2017 #5 Walton P. Ulness #16 Margaret Keenan #26 Margareta Krall James Ryan #32 Arleen Borchardt Hubert Haupt Marion LeClair Phyllis Vetter Alois Waegli #33 Cecilia F. Jasmer #36 Jan Cizek/add-on/obit Marie Kliment Wencel Oswald #38 Ralph J. Hassemer #41 A.T. Sohus #43 Richard R. Bauer Joseph A. Boelter/add-on/marriage Patrick Bolen Agnes Detjen Hannah Egan/add-on Thomas Fitzgerald Gary J. Gamble Joseph P. Gehrig Frances Gonia/add-on/obit Carolyne V. Kohlbeck Andrew Lewis Joseph Meyer/d. 1917/add-on Maurice Murphy/add-on/obit Rose Murphy/add-on Ervin Ozga/add-on Marlene Ratajczak Charles Rehrauer Mildred Schmitz Philip E. Smith Chester J. Sobieski Anna Waite #43a Alex T. Becker #44 Oscar Anderson-d.1972-added marriage writeup Charles Bresler-added obituary Bertha Carus-d.1887-add on Minnie DePons Carolina Drumm-d.1917-add on C.H. Feuerpfeil-add on Joseph Fidler-d.1912 Ferd Fraenzl-d.1920-add on Thomas Gleason-d.1912 Gordon Hall-d.1989 Frank Jerale Mary Jones-d.1862-add on Margaret Koch-d.1917-add on Ernest Kotick-add on Emanuel Lorenz-d.1892-add on Barbara Miller-d.1912-added obituary Metta Nienaber John Peterik-d.1902-add on Jule Petersen-d.1897-add on Frank Rieder Aimee Schuette-d.1902-add on Mary Solberg Henry Spinke-bur.1872 Joseph Walter-d.1912 Cornelia Windiate-d.1917-add on #47 Josephine Savage-add on Julia Trainor-add on #51 Katherine Miller-d.1899-add on #55 Edmond Brown Thomas Morrisey Thomas Peppard Catherine Toomey-add on #60 Patrick Burns-d.1912 Thomas Donahue-d.1887 #61 Alfred Kolb-d.1912-add on #62 Theresia Filliez #64 Henry Lehrmann-d.1912 #66 Rosa Bunda Antonette Sedmihradsky #73 Wilhelm Wernecke-added obituary #81 Otto Karstaedt-add on #89A Jerome Wilsmann-d.1989 #89B Anna Kimmes Mrs. Joseph Palm-add on Mary Sayer-add on John Skorch-d.1919 Andrew Spaeth #89C Gertrude Scherer MARRIAGES: Added news writeups for the following: Wm. Blank/Ida Guse John Kraczek/Rosalie Schroeder Wencel Polivka/Annie Cermak

Wednesday - October 4, 2017 #44 Anna Hanson-d.1890-add on Elizabeth Haynes Alma Heinig Christine Heintz-add on Mae Heinzen Sofie Hempton-add on Katherine Herrmann Frank Hrabik-added marriage writeup Mabel Jens John Kellner-d.1919-add on Teresie Krcmar Julia Kuchera-d.1889 Mary Lawrence-d.1890-add on Otto Luecke-d.1918-add on Grace McKeough Harley Metzger Reginald Pasewalk-added marriage writeup Jarvis Platt-added probate notice Catherine Polak Rose Schack-added obituary Carl Schaefer-d.1918 Frank Sepnieski-added marriage writeup Walter Stasiek-added marriage writeup Mary Strauss Ingabor Tronson-add on John Tuma-added marriage writeup William Vandegrift-d.1918-add on George Vogel-d.1890 Catharina Wagner-d.1890 #47 Thomas Comer #50 August Prochnow #55 Catherine Robinson-added death record Johanis Robinson-added death record/probate notice Mary Sheehy-d.1890 #59 Leon Albright #60 Patrick Hayes-d.1883-probate notice Rodger Shanahan-d.1888-probate notice #63 Paul Kronforst-d.1989 Henry Nocker-added marriage writeup #67 Charles Schram-d.1919 #68 Friedrich Truettner-add on #69 Ignatz Szymanski-add on Konstancja Szukalski-add on #76 Helma Haese #83 Joseph Kubale Carl Schafer-added probate notice #89A Sophia Baetz W. Meinecke-add on-with Meineke Henry Pierpont-d.1890-add on #89B Elizabeth Gagnon-d.1908-add on Angeline Gauthier-d.1908-add on Mary Grimm-d.1908 Richard Hansen

Tuesday - October 3, 2017 #2 Tennis Anunson/probate #5 Ole K. Berge Dora Odelia Peterson #6 Alice J. Murphy #8 Anna Wokalek/probate #13 Mary Schneider/add-on #16 David Goessl/d. 1890/probate John Johnson/add-on/probate #21 Victoria Koeck/pension given #29 Emma CHALOUPKA Mueller Frantisek Svoboda William Wilda/add-on/marriage #30 Emilie Mueller #31 Charlotte Luepke #32 Esther O'Neil #33 Phillip Mentzer #34 Josef Koci Erving Maly #36 Anna Reznichek/add-on #37 Anna Luecker/add-on #38 Blanche B. Herman #40 August Luebke/add-on/marriage Edwin Lutze/add-on/marriage #43 Anton Sporer/add-on/marriage #44 Eleonora Bauer William Becker-added marriage writeup Walter Bedford-add on John Borgwardt-added marriage writeup Ione Brick Anita Cathryn Donohue Louise Dumke Gust Eggert-added marriage writeup Abraham Garnett Catharina Goetzler-add on Earl Haelfrisch Lillian Haelfrisch #60 Anthony Kelly-d.1889-probate notice CREMATIONS: Arthur Essermann Mary Freitag CEMETERY X: David Eisner Howard Phillip Meyer Henry Schnathorst Mrs. John Simon Charles R. Sontag MARRIAGES: Added writeups about the following: James Bemis/Wilhelmina Oswald Caspar Braasch/Harriet Solsman Edgar Hansen/Ida Sanderson Edward Hubbard/Esther Burnett Jacob Jacobsen/Johanna Peterson Fridolin Benzinger/Veronika Hess Neil McCully/Maggie Meany John C. Naser Jr./Hannah M. Rathe Moritz Chr. Nielson/Maria Elis. Kersten Hugo Pantzram/Odelia Heidorf John Charles Pasewalk/Anna Kazda Knud Paulson/Caroline Olson John Peppard/Ellen Marlborough John Rapel/Mary Riederer William Rehbein/Josephine Stueck John A. Rozum/Anna Forman Wilhelm Friedrich Scholten/Margaretha Barbara Kellner Joseph Ed. Schwab/Mathilda Peterson Carl H. Seeger/Julia Pankratz Mathias Thornton/Catharina Peppard Daniel Van Nostrand/Matilda Damler/added Matilda's obit Jos. Ed. Warren/Louise S. Kenner George Wuellner/Mary Stadler

Saturday - Sept 30, 2017 #1 Emelie Hoyer/add-on #9 August Weiand #12 Elton N. Hackmann #20 Lester L. Lau #21 Joseph G. Knier/d. 1993 #32 Elmer H. Gries/add-on/obit Margaret Haver Clinton D. Hunt Marion Romdenne Margaret Salta #33 Morgan Grace Greetan Rose Lehrmann Norman T. Woodkey #38 Peter Augustin/d. 1891/add-on Martin "Marty" Katska #43 Nestor DeBauch Joseph F. Decker/d. 1995 Adeline E. DeLain Michael Graham/moved from Cem X Arthur C. Holtz/d. 1995 Victor M. Tadych Cheryl A. Zik #44 Sophie Klingholz-add on Rudolph Mendlik-d.1891-add on William Schmitz-d.1995 Ava Smith-d.1891-added probate notice William Edward Suffran-d.1907-add on Joseph Toombs-d.1891-add on Sarah Toombs-d.1891-add on Ronald Toston Kaitlyn Udulutch Harold Vieweger #46 Sr. Mary Hale Sr. M. James Vande Hey #47 Frederick Meyer #53 Jerome Csida #55 Thomas Goggin-probate notice Patrick Long-d.1891 Mary Whelan-added probate notice #70 Dorothea Hackmann Elmer Raether #72 Ray Neilitz #76 Leonhardt Behnke Henry Bubolz-d.1995 #78 Nora Miller #82 Oswald Tuerpe-add on probate notice #89C William Ahrens #89D Lucy Baldwin Joseph Blaha Mark Ciha Robert Ciha-d.1995-added survivors Angeline Duvalle Esther Emond-added survivors Sophia Firkowski Assmann Leonard Gauthier-d.1995 William Klein-d.1995 Howard Perry Donald Pieschel Hubert Schroeder Emma Shavlik Terry Tim CEMETERY X: Johnny Clemons-d.1995 MARRIAGES: Added marriage writeups for the following: E.L.Abbott/Lorena Smith-added information Jacob Bray/Helena Hayes John Cerny/Jenofafa Meyer Frank Eggers/Jessie Maddin August Frome/Elizabeth Herr Michael Gallagher/Catherine Hayes John Gesell/Minnie Goedjen WWI: Edward Fidler Donald White/death notice BIOS: John Schuette/add-on

Friday - Sept 29, 2017 #61 Christian Henschel #63 Hattie Breider-d.1912 Louie Palzer-d.1908-add on Sam Rouiller-d.1908-add on Chas. Wilson-d.1912 #64 Flora Eggert-add on John Last-d.1919 #66 Frank Jaklin-marriage writeup Joseph Konop/Rosalia Konop-added marriage writeup Mary Krcma-d.1919 Anna Prucha-d.1918 William Reif/Catherine-marriage writeup Nick Rosik Fred/Eva Schimel-marriage writeup Antonia Schultz Josephine Sedmihradsky Anna Sklenar Jan Stangel-d.1908-added obituary #66a Catherine Hanek Frank Pivonka-d.Oct.2-add on #73 William Hutchison-add on #77 Clifton O'Connell Edward Schuh #87 Arthur Thielke-added marriage writeup MARRIAGES: Added marriage writeup for the following: Morres Cohen/Bridget Long John Fenlon/Mabel Kavanaugh

Thursday - Sept 28, 2017 #44 Frank Adams-d.1995 Alvin Ansorge Lester Borst Edward Bruckner Harry Cox-add on Edward Eckhardt-add on Stella Egan-add on Capt. J. Galbraith-add on William Green-d.1894 Louis Heyroth-add on obituary Leona Kochorosky Ida Luckow-add on Cornelius Madson-add on obituary Robert Wayne Morris John Norris-d.1919-added obituary Dale Orlopp Lester Oswald Oscar Otto-d.1919-added obituary George Pankratz-d.1894 Edward Ratke John Schaefer-d.1919-added obituary Lewis Sherman-d.1887-added article Germaine Vondrachek Rose Wells William Wetenkamp-d.1919 #44a Roman Busbowezak-add on #45 George/Mary Meisnest-added anniversary writeup Orrin Sheldon #46 Mrs. Mary Maloney #47 Sophia Kodet Thomas Savage Michael Trainor-d.1890 #55 Johannah Connelly William Daley-add on Ellen Donnelly Owen Fenlon-add on Ellen Fitzgerald Michael Flynn-added obituary John Kings Mary Lorrigan-d.1919 James Morrissey-d.1919-add on Frederick and Catherine Nate-d.1948-added marriage writeup Clarence O'Connor Mary Ellen O'Hearn-d.1899-added obituary Ellen Reidy Elsie Rolland Joseph Sheehy Daniel Watt-add on obituary Infant Watt

Tuesday - Sept 26, 2017 #69 Anton Glomski #70 Heinrich Abeling-added probate notice Carl Wernecke-d.1886-add on #76 Wilhelmine Lau John Treichel #84 Anna Bunge Arthur Lindemann-added marriage writeup Wilhelmine Vogel-d.1917 #89A Edward Mueller-d.1871 Elizabeth Schultz-d.1912 Wilhelm Wegner Marvin Hunter-Zoerb #89B Antoine Cayo-add on Frank Hess-added marriage writeup Frances Ringmeier Warren Rudebeck Antoni Stefaniak Felix Walsh-add on Joseph Wolf MARRIAGES: Added newspaper writeup to the following: Albert Busse/Anna Dickert Walter R. Mcautt/Maggie J. McCall John McNeil/Catharine Buchanan William Morgan/Annie Kraynik - 25th Anniversary Franz Muench/Maria Pivonka John H. Mulligan/Jane Lemmerville Franz Munnich/Margaretha Brandl - added Margaretha's obit Francis Niquette/Adline Burbe Knud Paulson/Caroline Olson Patrick Peppard/Sarah Comer Charles W. Pettey/Martha Jane Summer Edward Pilon/Josephine Gehling Robert Price/Mary Steele Edwin Rand/Mary Ann Spencer Nils Remmen/Inga Anna Halverson Lawrence Jos. Rice/Effie Cootway Christian F. Schmitdt/Ella Ihlenfeldt Peter Schuh/Joanne Schelm Joseph Ed Schwab/Mathilda Peterson Carl Schweitzer/Anna Stahl Berlin N. Sniffin/Maria Willott Wesley D. Spalsburg/Ruth O. Johns Edward Jacob Steidl/Clara Karinik George Steitz/Martha Nilles Henry Stoer/Elisabeth Klackner Dennis Tearney/Emma Green Charles Tisch/Augusta Janus William H. Vits/Louise Hendricks John Wattawa/Kate Walsh Mattis Weber/Catherine Soukup Richard Williamson/Kathryn McGavin Charles W. Wilson/Sarah E. Conine

Monday - Sept 25, 2017 #1 Emelie Hoyer Clara Louisa Whitcomb #6 Anita M. Hastreiter #7 Mary Reindl/d. 1912 Frederick Reitmeyer/d. 1912 #11 Friedrich W. Goeke Paul Kielsmeier #12 Sophia Stock #16 James Hewitt #18 Klara A. Dufek/add-on #21 Katherine Anhalt Mary P. Christel/add-on/obit Margaret Dunbar/add-on/obit Joseph Groh/d. 1919 Anton Kaltenbrun/add-on Sixtus Ulrich Kunzweiler Victoria Rauch/add-on John O. Rourke/add-on/obit Mary Rourke Joseph Schimmel Leona Schleh/add-on/marriage Gertrude Schnettler Maria Schwab Frank Stiefvater/add-on/marriage Margaret Stracka Joseph Sukowaty/add-on/added son's notice of death #22 Roman Karcher/add-on #26 Rosa Kellner/add-on/obit #28 Hezekiah Pellet #29 Frank Hershman Vaclav Just #30 August J.C. Janke/add-on/obit Carolina S.D. Plautz #31 Justine Kaiser #33 Florence Bernhardt Gertrude J. Olson Todd Schaus #34 J. Janda Marie Krejci/add-on Frantisek Podrabsky #36 Dorothy Kutil George Kutil/d. 1911 #40 Johann Borgwardt Henriette Lubke Joachim Schultz #41 Iver O. Berge Anna Iverson/d. 1911 Thrond Nelson/add-on/probate #43 Michael J. Bartel/add-on/marriage James MAGUIRE/on Bates lot William S. Bertler/add-on/marriage August Daron Georg Degenhardt William Henry Egan Frank Kerscher Sr. Henry Kleckner Sr. Jerome Leist/add-on/marriage Marie Kalmus McGrath Daniel Hugh O'Hara John O'Hara Frank Reindl/d. 1912 Catherine Sheehy Frank Sladky/add-on/marriage Joseph Trastek/d.1912/article Theresia Vollendorf/add-on Max G. Wellhoefer/add-on/marriage Max Ziarnik #44 Heinrich Gehbe-d.1886 Heinrich Gehbe-d.1887-add on Christian Gielow-d.1885-add on Ida Haynes-add on Friedericka Hemschemeyer-added obituary Axel Hendrickson-added obituary Johannes Holtz-d.1912-added obituary Minna Sander Kluenker-add on William Lynch-d.1911 Francis Nash-d.1886 Emelia Owart-d.1912 Winfield Scott Platt-add on Heinrich Reichert-d.1912 Barbara Richter-d.1862-added on Frank Seidl-d.1912 Carl Stauss-d.1911 William Streich-d.1912 Elizabeth Thompson-d.1912 Bertha Tills Ackley Whitney #45 Josef Kaderabek #47 John Lantry-added probate notice James Savage Mary Savage-d.1887 Edward Trochlell #52 Louise Stern-d.1911-add on #53 Wilhelm Boettcher August Bubolz-d.1911 #55 Michael Carney-added probate notice Mary Jane Morrissey Falvey Thomas Morresey #59 Alois Hauch-d.1918-add on Michael Herr-d.1903-add on Mary Schram-d.1912 #60 Anthony Clark-added probate notice Cecelia Conway-d.1919 Charles Conway-d.1887-add on Thomas Cook Jeremiah Daly-add on Peter Gries-d.1919-add on Patrick Kane-d.1912 Thomas Madigan-d.1919 Rev. Thomas McDonnell-d.1869 Patrick McMahon Owen Murphy-add on Catherine O'Rourke-d.1894 Rose Spaeth-add on John Sullivan-add on Joan Walsh Trainor Anton Walterbach-add on Peter Walterbach-add on Phillip Walterbach #63 Mathias Mathiesen-added probate notice Vencil Nebesky S. Rouiller CEMETERY X: Lisa Eileen Seiler CREMATION: Robert F. (Snuffy) Maciejewski

Sunday - Sept 24, 2017 #44 John Anderson-d.1871-add on obituary Charles Burmeister-d.1871-added probate notice Herman Dumke-d.1890-add on Sarah Ericson Herman Haberman-d.1912 Theodore Hartmann-d.1871 Timothy Kelley-d.1943-added marriage writeup Thomas Lynch Mary Meany-d.1908-add on Orville Mitcheltree-added his infant's obituary Herman Pruss-added probate notice Charles Reineck-d.1870 Leonard Robichaud John Robinson-d.1871-added obituary Herbert Schipper Friedericke Schmelter-added probate notice Colton Schroeder-d.1995 Joseph Shimonek-d.1871 David Smoke Anna Strauch-d.1891-add on Charles Thompson-d. 1912 age 25 Ingabor Tronson Ida Vollendorf Mrs. L. Warnke-d.1891-added probate notice Helen Yohanek-d.1995

Saturday - Sept 23, 2017 #2 Rev. Adolph O. Alfsen/add-on/article Mabel Gustaveson Andreas Larson/add-on #4 Fred Klann/add-on/obit Leroy Schwanke #5 Keith A. Ahrens #7 Adolph "Ed" Brunner/add-on/marriage David Kelley/add-on/obit Mary Kelley/add-on/obit Frank Klabatch/add-on/article Louis J. Vogel/add-on/marriage #16 Michael Bartelme/d. 1905/add-on/80th BDay Patrick Carberry Nicholas Casper Dennis Dewane/d. 1918 Patrick Fagen/d. 1905 Wolfgang Loberger John L. Richdorf #18 Simon Pecka/moved from Cem X #21 Kenneth F. Schmitz #32 Helen Chaloupka #33 Marcella I. Beaupre Isadore W. Wiegert #36 Anna Schuster #41 Lillian Torrison #43 Carol LAPPEN Borik Genevieve M. Brennan Arthur Eisenschink Henry F. Osesek #43a Walter E. Korlesky/add-on/marriage Franciszek Lewandowski Jacob Zagrodnik/moved from Cem X #44 Richard Groll-d.1995 Elton Harpt Inez Klingholz Eleanor Luecke Viola Meyer-d.1995 Earl Parworth-added survivors #45 Robert Reindl #89A Louis Althen-d.1918 John Ammerman-added marriage writeup Mary Becker-d.1918 Minnie Boettcher-add on Frank Boldus-d.1917 Fred Dicke-d.1957-added marriage writeup Gilbert Ellingboe-added marriage writeup John Fischer George Hamilton-added marriage writeup Henry Hansen-d.1918-add on Audrey Koch-d.1918 Frank Kotyk-added obituary Carl Lenhart-d.1948-added marriage writeup Newman Nash-add on John Oswald-d.1907-added obituary Lydia Pierpont-d.1907 Fred Schultz-added obituary Christ Schwake-d.1918 Friedricka Schwarz-d.1918 Carl Sell Edward Thomaschefsky-added marriage writeup Mary Thuss Rose Walters-marriage writeup #89B William Walters-add on

Thursday - Sept 21, 2017 #44 Blanche Belinske Arthur Bergquist-added his son's obituary Daniel Graff Aletha Knuth Arthur Mueller-d.1989 #89A Harry Bartz-add on obituary Ottilia Danek-add on Hulda Dawson Maria Degler-add on obituary Frank Kaufmann-d.1918 Isabelle Lyman Alfred Mahnke-add on obituary Arnold Messman Joseph Naidl-d. John Riley Winifred Stockmeyer Henry Wilsmann-d.1912 Emilie Winter-added obituary

Wednesday - Sept 20, 2017 #44 Dora Hodges-add on Wm. Klug-moved obit from cem. X #45 Caroline Kunz Gottfried Kunz-d.1870 Wilhelm Kunz #46 Sr. M. Cara Vanevenhoven #50 Viola Ottelien #52 George King-added marriage writeup August Somnitz-add on obituary Ernestine Stahn #54 Frantisek Simon Vaclav Simon Anna Vondrachek #58 Habbie Danforth #60 Rev. Lawrence Kenney #82 Kenneth Greuel-replaced obit with better copy #83 Dale Fritsch-add on #84 Viola Kattreh-replaced with better copy #87 Lester Bartz-replaced with better copy #89D Marion Jacobs Anton Zachek-d.1995 CEMETERY X: Edward Boutin-add on Henry Cortes MARRIAGES: Added marriage writeup for the following: Joseph Augustin/Barbara Bredl-anniversary Ed. Washington Borchert/Natalia Ruhr Geo. Kornelly/Mary Koch ARTICLES WITH MANY SURNAMES: Added 1 for 1882 with circuit court case names Added 1 for 1882 with determinations for a State Board Added 1 for a list of 1938 UW graduates BIRTHS FROM NEWSPAPERS: Anton Stuber-twins Math Schaller-girl Chas. Sykora-boy COURT NEWS: Added 1 with Martin William and Eva Allen Added 1 with Ullrich Bloekli COURT INDEX: Carl Benzow/Buenzow vs Minnie Engel Edward Conway vs National Bank Frank Pavlish August Rathke vs Henry Levenhagen and John Krolovitz Mary Soule J.F. Sladky vs Ino Fischer PEOPLE NEWS: Added to the article about Jane Steele George Durbant John Pribek George Zipperer

Tuesday - Sept 19, 2017 #44 Allen Bacon James Bialek Arlene Fischer Richard Hoes-added obituary Louis Musil Ferdinand Pautz Mrs. J.G. Robinson (Sarah) Caroline Rodewald Raymond Trainor Dorothy Wilda Arthur Williamsen Theodor Winkel #46 Sr. M. Joseph Paul Beaudrie #55 Michael Cummings-d.1891-probate notice #60 Andrew Hope-added probate notice #63 Joseph Benesch-add on Gertrude Blank Henry Burmeister Esther Burt Ida Marcotte Nick Schroeder-added marriage writeup #70 Therese Mundt-add on #73 Georg Reineking-add on #75 Christian Krueger-d.1899-add on Christine Krueger-d.1884 Margaretha Seehafer-add on obituary #89C Oscar Hoverson-added marriage writeup #89D Wencel Ciha-added marriage writeup Oscar Gauthier-added marriage writeup Peter Malkowski-added marriage writeup MARRIAGES: Added newspaper writeup to the following: Oliver Dupuis/Catherine Courchene George Haag/Anna Leicht Frank Jacquette/Catherine Polczynska

Monday - Sept 18, 2017 #1 Ester Griffin/add-on #2 Ole Anderson/add-on/obit Gertrude Hanson #6 James Garve Margarethe Many Joseph Miller John O'Loughlin Mary O'Neil Quirk #7 Frank Klabatch/add-on/article #10 Melvin J. Mahlik Jacob Wilbert #13 Peter J. Casper Joseph Dhein/d. 1918 Maria Scheidt Arnold Schill Angelica Weiter/add-on #16 Rev. Eusebius Henzler #17 Lenhard Rabenhorst #18 Mates Sladky/add-on/obit Karel Zeman/add-on/obit #21 Betty J. Groh Edward F. Groh Jr. Mark A. Groh Frank A. Markee/probate #26 John L. (Jack) Tisler #29 Edward Novak #32 Eugene Berg Bernard "Jimmy" Copus, Jr. Edwin Decker Earl Kelliher Warren Proper Theodore Tetzlaff Leroy Yindra #33 Brenden J. Bauknecht Laura M. Luelloff Wayne E. Zunker #38 Charles Havlichek/add-on/marriage Ann Keenan Maria Kries/add-on/probate #39 Mary Fitzmaurice #41 Ole K. Jarstad/add-on/auction Knud O. Oppen/add-on/probate Martha C. Swenson/add-on/probate #43 Fred P. Brandt Arthur Brilliant Catherine A. Close Patrick Doolan/add-on Delia Krcma Helen R. Mergen Ervin Ozga Clara R. Pollen William C. Reif Martha Reindl Ethel Schmitz/add-on Mary G. Schroeder Melvin G. Schultz Joseph A. Schwartz John F. Surfus Sandra L. Woods Frances Zboralski #43a Florence C. Paul Catherine V. Zagrodnik Paul Ziarnik/add-on/marriage #44 Johann Awe-added probate notice Lydia Braunel-add on Osuld Bredesen-add on Lovell Brennan-added marriage writeup Dr. James Brown-add on Emil Dueno-added marriage writeup William Eatough-add on Archie and Mabel Fehring-added marriage writeup John Frick-d.1921-added marriage writeup August Gans-d.1901 add on article Wilhelmine Gelbke-d.1891-added probate notice John Harrington-added marriage writeup Bertha Henricks-add on Alfred Johnson-d.1919-add on Patrick Kelley-added marriage writeup Guy Kelnhofer-added marriage writeup Elmer Kieselhorst-add on Lydia Kiesow-added obituary Sherman Killen-added obituary Hugo Klingholz-d.1891-add on Edward Koehler-added marriage writeup Anna Kolinsky-probate notice Emma Lenz-d.1918-added obituary Fritz [Fred] Luebke Elizabeth Melendy-add on Martin Monk-add on Mary Nelson-d.1894-added obituary Martin Olson-d.1918-added obituary Fred Pierce-d.1918-add on Jerome Pierce-add on John Gordon Robinson-d.1871-added probate notice Jane Robinson-d.1869 Rose Schack-probate notice Theodore Shove-d.1905-add article William Sloan-added marriage writeup Anna Strauch-d.1891-added probate notice Olive Sweikar Helena Thompson-add on Sarah Toombs-added probate notice Harry Wederetz-added marriage writeup Simon Wehrwein-d.1938-added marriage writeup Alvin Weinschenk-d.1869-add on Carl Weinschenk-d.1869-add on Eduard Weinschenk-d.1869-add on Emma Weinschenk-d.1869-add on Dr. O.C. Wernecke-d.1918-add on Julia Westgate Elmer Wills-added marriage writeup Alfred Zahn-add on Belle Zander-added marriage writeup Cornelius Zeckel-b.1881-added marriage writeup #45 Herman Kiel-added probate notice #66 Anton Zahorik-probate notice #89A Augusta Baerwaldt Andrew Baetz-d.1919 CEMETERY X: Frank Pavlish Mary Robinson Francis Schroeder William Shou L. Simpson/add-on Mr. Wiemann Mrs. Winters MARRIAGES: John McFarlane/Mary Thompson George W. Mott/Catherine Juli Wood Wenzel Pech/Anna Taicher Jule Peterson/Julia Wendlik Albert Petzke/Anna Hamernik George Pollard/Catherine Peppard Abraham Joseph Thomson/Catherine Cody Friedrich Trapp/Catharina Maas Frank Wanish/Paulina Kunz Edgar H. Young/Mary Conine

Saturday - Sept 16, 2017 #43 Frank Forster Vernon Kaminski George Kanugh Sherry Karnes Elizabeth F. Kreft Rose Leist Alphonse Lettenberger/add-on/marriage Edward M. Lorrigan/add-on/marriage Edith Maples Michael Mrotek/add-on/marriage Capt. Peter Mulholland/add-on Catherine Pankratz George Reindl Frances Schaefer Helen Scherer Ethel M. Schmitz Joseph Strathmann/add-on/marriage Eleanor Thiers Julius Wergin/add-on/marriage #43a Laverne M. Chapleski Walter Jagodenski/add-on/obit Raymond Jagodinsky Leo Labinski Roman Poklekowski #44 Wanda Boeckmann Edwin Brey-d.1995 Ella Ferdon Erna Knorr Joseph Toombs-added probate notice & statement of respect Markus Wimmer #46 Sr. M. Anne Christine Haack #66 Arnold Bertrand #77 Clarence Linzmeier #78 Anna Habermann #82 Norma Behnke #83 Valentine Baus-replace with better copy #89A Salome Streu #89D Bernard Jacquart Lisa Rehrauer Joyce Sell Dorothy Vieau-added date of newspaper CEMETERY X: Peter Miller Sarah Peterson Simon Petzka Michael Reardon Jacob Sagratnuck Lars Sohuse Hugo Somers Mrs. Thompson Bonasa Umbellus DIED ELSEWHERE/BURIED ELSEWHERE: Curtis Reed MARRIAGES: Added marriage writeup for the following: Fredrick Abrason/Hannah Hansen Erskine Elliott Baily/Mary Pierce Edwin S. Bedell/Jennie Steele Mile R. Burrt/Caroline A. Peck John F. Dumke/Ida Ricker Thos A Edwards/Mary Frances Preston Erick Erickson/Sarah Johnson Quirin M. Ewen/Ida Schaffland Orlando Frick/Matie Bacon Frank Greenman/Jane Sopher Noble E. Jacques/Sarah E. Wilson John Judge/Nellie O'Hara Clifford King/Helen M. Aldrich John Leicht/Clara Radl Patrick McMahon/Catherine Shannahan Charles Merrill/Mary Ann Kent- W. Mulholland/Bridget Trainer Seward Nellis/Amanda Smith Peter Neuser/Veronica Wellner James Noble/Jane Johnson Albert Oleson/Elisa Olson Cyrus E. Porter/Carrie R. Goodenow Frank M. Porter/Melinda Merrill Elijah Rand/Mary Norris Mr. Rautman/Sophia Brickshen Lewis Reigmeyer/Pauline Wellner William Schwartz/Augusta Hermsen Edward W. Sineman/Lucia E. Beach Thomas Skeen/Nannie M. Glover Herschel D. Smalley/Agnes Langworthy Nicholas H. Terens/Anna Zander Norman Thompson/Helen Flentje James A. Tufts/Anna R. Rickaby James H. Tufts/Sophia Braasch Edmund Walsh/Margarette O'Brien Fred Carl Westgate/Anna Eliza Riley Charles M. Wheat/Henrietta L. Johnson Patrick Joseph White/Margarita Morris Francis P. Williams/Julia Frances Jones Cornelius F. Zechel/Mary L. Zlatnik George Zimmer/Emma B. Kortens WWI: Jacob Drews-added to entry Berthold C. Schwantz

Friday - Sept 15, 2017 #1 Deloss S. Robinson #2 Violet S. Harder Adolf Gustaf Johansson/probate #4 Darwin Wilbur Clark Ira Clark/add-on William Morgan/add-on #6 Johann Rapl/add-on/probate #7 Paul W. Grall #10 F. Wilhelm Boettcher/add-on P.P. Jost Arno Dehne #13 Francis Nennig/add-on/probate #16 Johnnie Wanish/add-on #17 Raymond A. Duescher Herman Gaedtke Selma Kasten #20 Dennis C. Rabe/added survivors #21 Victor Endries/add-on Mathias Meyer/add-on/probate Catherine Packard/probate #25 Laucretia Huntley #26 Marcella Stradal #27 Maggie Belgum/add-on Mathias Knudson/add-on #29 Laura Basken William Bohacek/add-on/marriage Vincent Dushek/add-on Joseph Hoffman/d. 1918 Blanka Skvor Theodore Skwor #30 Eva Harpt #32 Katherine Delsmann Irene Dezeeuw Norman Gauthier Elmer Neubert Leona Remaker Meryle Staab Harold Teske Leona Tompkins William Wedegartner #33 Harold E. Downing Harold E. Fairfield Barbara M. Gove #34 Adolph Pech/add-on #36 Elmer R. Holdorf #38 Casper Hessel/add-on/obit Joseph Hutterer/d. 1890/probate #39 Michael Hussey Emma Kostechka #40 Emilie Degner Friedrich C. Free Joachim Vetter/moved from Cem X #41 Wilfred Christianson Anna Finkelson/moved from Cem X O.K. Jorstad/probate Catherine McGlaughlend/probate Erick Ericksen Renne/probate #43 Henry John Bleser Jeanette M. Clayton Orlin R. Coakley Edward Coutley Theodore Foerg Agnes Forster Anna Forster/d. 1895 Anna Forster/d. 1897 Helene Forster Ottilie Forster Theresia Forster #44 Harriet Glover Mary Lawrence-d.1890-added probate notice #46 Sr. Mary Victima Feider #78 Andreas Gother-added probate notice #89A Mary Brothers Frederick Krause-d.1869 Alice Mertens #89B Oliver Pilon-add on Alexandre St. Pierre #89C Elizabeth (Betty) Eis Shelley Monka Gerhardt Siech #89D Michelle Bauknecht Christine Bohne Edmund Grzelczyk Alvin Kopetsky John Kowalsky Peter Virgili-added son's obituary CEMETERY X: Jesse Balcom Thomas Bradach Lydia Clark William Clouk

Wednesday - Sept 13, 2017 #44 Donald Brull John Christianson-d.1891 Gust Griebling-d.1892-added probate notice Madeline Grubic Carl Hartwig-d.1891-added probate notice Emerson Haynes-d.1892-added probate notice Lester Heran Emma Hoyer-d.1891-add on Alvina Leubner-add on Earl Miller-d.1995 Lelah Ott Delmar Schultz Alice Shedivy Ava Smith-d.1891 William Tech-d.1995 Russell Tegelman Sr. Mary Lou Wagner Edith Wegner #45 Bertie Lovely #52 Jamie Muench #55 Timothy Guhin-d.1891-added probate notice #63 Kenneth Krejcarek #66 Alzbeta Bartos Anna Bartos Ida Bartos Emilie Bartos Otilie Bartos William Chalupsky #66a Lillian Pivonka #69 Harriet Scharenbroch #73 Wilhelm Heimann-d.1892-added probate notice #77 Rose Rollmann

Tuesday - Sept 12, 2017 #44 Caroline Alter-d.1870 Henry Berner-d.1869 Gilbert Burnet-d.1869 Levy Campbell Otis Carpenter Harry Cox-added obituary Rudolph Fisher C.F. Fricke-d.1868 Anna Fuszard-d.1870 George Fuszard-d.1870 Anton Hortka John Jones-d.1869 Richard Koebke-d.1869 Henriette Luebke-d.1869 Charles Lyon Leliee Markham William Morrison Lydia Olmsted Marie Pautz-d.1869 Johann Pingel-d.1870 Catharine Quehl Susan Rand Laura Schmidt-d.1869-add on obituary William Schroeder-d.1869 Friedrick Albert Seeger Henry Shepard Louise Shove Luella Smart Mrs. Frank (Mary) Stupecky-d.1869 Mrs. Joseph (Emma) Turpin-d.1869 Alvin Weinschenk-d.1869 Carl Weinschenk-d.1869 Eduard Weinschenk-d.1869 Emma Weinschenk-d.1869 Child of Mrs. Woodbridge (d. 1869) #89A Christian Kasten-add on J.M. Friedericka-add on Louis Kasten

Monday - Sept 11, 2017 #44 Andrew Brudnak Dorothy Clopeck Neva Shaffer Greenwald Esther Luisier George Wilson #62 Franz Fields Euphrasine Filliez #63 Friedrich Drews-add on Alvin Jorgensen John Vertz-added marriage writeup Belle Woodcock #77 Lillian Vesely #89B Daniel Flaherty Mary Gauthier-d.1908 Margaret Jacobs-added obituary Baby Kimmes Isadore Lesperance-add on Leona Maus Genevieve Mixa Franz Neuenberger Frantizek Swada Rudolph Tegen-added marriage writeup August Weier George Wisniewski-added marriage writeup MARRIAGES: Michel LaFond/Margaret Jurden-added marriage writeup

Saturday - Sept 9, 2017 #44 Martha Allen-add on obituaries Mrs. P.B. Clark Mary Engels-added obituary William Glover-d.1867 obituary/civil war vet Helena Hopf John M, Dr. Kelley-added marriage writeup Sherman Killen-added marriage writeup Fred Krahn-d.1893-add on Mabel Killen Lounsbury-added 1st marriage writeup Henry Ladwig-d.1918-added marriage writeup Hannah Millar-added 1st marriage writeup Emil Walker-d.1916-added marriage writeup Arthur Wyseman-added marriage writeup #45 Charles Krohn-added article #70 Ludeke Dunecack-add obituary Johann Roepke-added obituary Ernst Schuette-add on #89A Esther Flegle-add on Peter Wagener #89B Lydia Fliegle #89C William Beduhn-added marriage writeup Albert Klein Mary Pischner Edward Robinson-added marriage writeup Adela Springstube #90 Victor Muetzelburg-added death record CEMETERY X: Edwin Booth Mrs. Dornhaus DIED ELSEWHERE-BURIED ELSEWHERE: Mrs. John Gannon MARRIAGES: Added marriage writeup for the following: George Boldt/Lydia Bruckschen-add on Carl Groth/Adele Haupt Charles Hampke/Theresia Rhode-add on Francis Jansky/Mary Sladky-add on Ferdinand Kaufman/Lizzie Reigelsperger Hugo Koehler/Ida Bormann-add on Paul Kohls/Lenore Eggert-add on John Luther/Mary Schubert-add on

Thursday - Sept 7, 2017 #44 Elfrieda Boeder George Emery Edith Goodenow Joseph Goodwin Grethe Halvorsen-d.1872 Wallace Jones-added obituary Mary Kempton Marie Orlopp Heinrich Pfeffer-added obituary William Reinert Leroy Swartz Lizzie Warbasse #62 Mathias Scheuer #63 Henry Levenhagen-d.1954-added marriage writeup #70 Wilhelm Groth Herman Welk #79 Arline Fischer John Schmidt-added marriage writeup CEMETERY X: Wm. Barter-lost on Sea Bird Alice Caroll Joseph Doucett-lost on Sea Bird Flaska, Daughter of Michael Richard Flossbach John Foucks Fred Henning, Jr.-lost on Sea Bird James Leykom-lost on Sea Bird MARRIAGES: Added writeups for the following marriages: Ernst Leuteritz (Leiteritz)/Emilie Lindner James Leonard/Martha Gould DENNIS MOORE'S CIVIL WAR ROSTER: James Hodges-added obituary

Tuesday - Sept 5, 2017 #2 John Johnson/d. 1916 #6 Josie Rappel #7 Louis Fischer/add-on Laverne Stueber #8 Herman Jacobi #16 Mrs. Allie/add-on Tyler John Nemetz #17 Carl Wegner #21 John Federspiel/added wife's obit Lillian Lutzke #24 Willard W. Skatrud #25 James Monroe Tyler #26 Anna B. Schultz #32 Lee Mahnke Emil Meulemans #33 Alfred Duveneck Harold E. Freidenberger Luis P. Jimenez Edward A. Krogh Ralph Riesterer Ursula A. Schmoock Martin H. Stecker Dolores A. Wester #40 Donald S. Wrolson #41 Norbert A.C. Eichmann Mathilda Erickson John W. Hulin #43 Norbert G. Denor Bernard Egan Stella E. Gallenberger Flora Schnell Frank W. Spacek #44 Amanda Brown Leonard Harder Michelle McIlrath Edward Mrotek-d.1995 Lucian Newberry Emil Shimek-d.1995 Elmer Wetenkamp-d.1995 #57 Russell Ehlenbeck #61 Allen Schwartz-add on #63 Jacob Loeh Lucas Loeh #66 Ruth Collins Beatrice Hodek #77 Joseph Dvorachek-filled in missing parts Joseph Schuh-added marriage writeup #80 Armin Kreimann-added marriage writeup Edward Kreimann-added obituary Evelyn Wieting #89A Carl Bunzow-added court notice Gust Kirst Kenneth Nash #89B Minnie Engel-added court notice John Koch-d.1922 Catherine Sievert CREMATIONS: Catherine "KAY" KING CEMETERY X: John Melka Amos Meyer Lyman Mosher Henry Nieman Niles Nilson Mr. Nytes Thorine Oleson Mildred Peronto Mrs. Albert Rahlinberg Charles Riechen Martin Rozezguiatee Capt. John Sorenson Harriet E. Turner August Wilde MARRIAGES: Added marriage writeup to the following: John Boecher/Magdalene Axen Arthur Braxmeier/Emma Boeckmann Frank Broun/Margareth Grall Frank Clark/Ada Barber Samuel Dexter/Angeline Knapp Eli Dunham/Mary Sulflohn Richard Evans/Jane West Rev. Stephen Frisbie/Alphine Barnes Abraham Garnett/Kate Hamond John Hall/Jane Sniffen Albert Harris/Mary Reed Adolph Hermann/Blanche Stupecky George Hope/Mary Deacon Christian Kabke/Bertha Bode Amasa Kittel/Susan Brichen Gustave Kummer/Maggie Holsen Henry H. Markham/Mary J. Lynch Lycurgus Martin/Flora Knapp John Morgan/Elizabeth Smith Richard Mueller/Catharina Holzknecht Jorgin M. Nelson/Nehrud Patterson I.O. Noble/Ann J. Mosher William H. Noble/Jane Mclane Anderson Job Parworth/Alviria J.L. Loyd Ernst Pautz/Ernstine Rusch Pliny Jerome Pierce/Mary E. Sheldon Wm. Pierce/Laura Carlew James Richards/Emily Crocker Charles Henry Sabin/Margaret Wardlaw Burnet

Monday - Sept 4, 2017 #44 Mary Coventry Barker-added probate notice Alvina Becker-add on Arthur Bertolaet-added marriage writeup Osuld Bredesen-add on Friedrich Eberhardt-d.1907-add on Charles Gustaveson-added probate notice Martha Hoes-added probate notice Ferdinand Kirchner-d.1911-added anniversary writeup Ellen Mallet-add on Stephen Torrison-added probate notice Charlotte Wille-added birthday writeup #55 Mary Cahill-d.1918-added obituary Michael Cooney-d.1893 John Doolan-d.1894-added obituary Hugh Fitzgerald Julia Gallagher-added marriage writeup to Douglas Ellen Hartnett Patrick Healy Catherine Hogan-d.1918 James Long-d.1894-probate notice Maurice Long-added probate notice Frank McGurty-added probate notice William Moloney Joseph Morrissey-d.1898 Mary Mulloy Michael Mulloy Michael O'Brien Jr.-put with his father Michael O'Brien Catherine O'Connell-added marriage writeup Morgan O'Connell-d.1916-added marriage writeup William Sheehy-add on Margaret Sullivan-d.1898 #58 Herman Dobbert-add on Lucette Jenkins-add on William Pritchard #60 Nora Barnes-add on Ann Fitzgerald Simon Fitzgerald-marriage writeup Joseph Gillis Helen Knox Joseph Knox-add on Catherine Madigan-add on Patrick O'Shea Margaret Taugher-add on #66 Anna Blaha Jan Gabriel-probate notice MARRIAGES: Add marriage writeups to the following: Joseph Fligel/Maria Zahorik

Sunday - Sept 3, 2017 #2 Christian Ballestad/add-on/obit Gunder Gunderson/add-on/obit Orin Doyle Osulson Erik E. Robley/add-on/obit Ingeborg Robley/add-on/obit #5 Clara Alvina Mickelson Evanson Peter Peterson Gjevre/add-on Senah Thompson Knut Thorson/add-on/obit #7 Julianna Augustin Leo Herrmann Barbara Lemberger/add-on Johann Zipperer/add-on #13 Peter J. Casper #16 Roy Levenhagen/add-on/marriage #17 Johann Bruss/add-on/obit Helen Jaeger Henriette Wegner #20 Sent Bosma/add-on/obit Herman Buchholz/add-on/marriage Rudolph Lau #21 Adelheide Casper/add-on William Crowe #25 Jessie M. Tyler Edward R. Woodcock #30 Emma Ebeling/add-on #35 Minnie McCarty John Peterik/add-on/marriage Mary Phillips #38 Rev. Andrea Prochazka/add-on #43 Joseph Rappel/add-on/birth of daughter Catherine Schermetzler/add-on John Sullivan/add-on #43a John Mrotek/d. 1918 Infant Daugher Rinka #44 Amund Aastad-added obituary James Allen-add on Hugo Busse Joseph Cermak Peter Danielson-add on Hulda Dobbert-add on Ernest Fricke-add on Henry Hacker-d.1869 Halver Halverson-d.1893 Jorgine Johnson-add on Mary Kiel-d.1918-add on Christian Klett Friedrich Meister-added obituary Theodore Olson-d.1918-add on Samuel Peterson-d. 1899 Hansen Rand-d.1874 Katherine Sattler Catharine Schuette-added obituary Reuben Sniffin-added obituary Catharina Vogel-d.1899 Francis Williams Julia Williams-d.1873 #50 Wilhelmine Brandt-added obituary August Dahlmann-added obituary #53 Theresia Krueger Anna Maertz-d.1917 #54 Vojtech Buric-d.1918 Anna Hlavacek-d.1918 Karel Vondracek-add on CEMETERY X: Doris Audrey Maloy Child of Art Muetzelburg Theodore Novak Peter Perdy Carl H. Schmidt Mary Skubal CREMATIONS: Marian I. Sampe Paul J. Scharenbroch MARRIAGES: William Stumpges/Johana Horn-marriage announcemnet

Saturday - Sept 2, 2017 #44 H.S. Balcom-add on Walter Flint-d.1995 John Grall Francis Kehlnhofer-add on Carl Klingbeil-add on Aurelia Kohlbeck Mary LaChappelle Rita Lorenz Mary Orth Rebecca Schwab Bertha Stahl-add on Amy Thomm Albert Yahnke #45 Mina Meyer Joseph Shaffer-family thank you #46 Sr. M. Rosalima Keeffe #51 Elizabeth Ecker Daniel Geiger-added marriage writeup Elisabeth Kleiber-d.1898 William Wall #54 Frank Kabat-add on #55 Henry Hill-add on #60 John Maloney-d.1897 #66 Matthew Kralovetz-a.k.a. Ledvina #69 Anna Bonin Maryjanna Stellmacher Rozalia Szweda Franziszka Wadzinska-d.1918 #70 William Wicke-add on #73 Dorothea Heimann Meta Rodewald #77 Robert Meulemans #89B Bartholmaus Kaufmann #89C Harvey Baker #89D Delores Hoffman Ida Niquette Earl Sorenson CEMETERY X: Son of Clemens Andres Joachim Fetter Anna Finkelson MARRIAGES: Added marriage writeup for the following: Anthony Cadwell/Anna Bender

Thursday - August 31, 2017 #31 Lester J. Brandenburg #32 Bessie Basken Violet Behnke Robert Kane William Koeser Kenneth La Fleur Florian Pokorsky Douglas Rippe Victor Skarvan #33 Gordon M. Anhalt Kathryn S. Jones Marjorie A. Montz #34 William Nething #38 Maria Koch/add-on/obit #43 Lawrence J. Geiger Margaret Hall Lucille M. Herrmann Lere Holmes Madeline A. Kerscher Clarence Lax Susan Little Marie A. Rezba Paul W. Rohrer Mamie Seibert #43a Grace Boyd John Boyd #44 Josephine Copeland Frances Dueno Nate Fenton-added article Mary Sherman-d.1859 fixed typo in date of death. #55 John Driscoll-d.1888-added article #63 Michael Koch-d.1919 CEMETERY X: Unknown CREMATIONS: John (Jack) Sandstrom MARRIAGES: Edward Lovely/Sarah Van Ostrand-added newspaper name and date Patrick Shea/Emily Clark-marriage announcement DENNIS MOORE'S CIVIL WAR ROSTER: Frederick Abel-added obituary

Monday - August 28, 2017 #44 Anita Anderson-added survivors Dolores Engelbrecht Kayla Garrigan-added obituary Nancy Lemberger Olive Luedtke Laura Maney Cheryl Reindl Arnold Spatchek Reinhardt Stanzel #44aa Friedericka Breidruck #46 Joseph Fullmer Sr. M. Everildis Kerkhof Sr. M. Roman Lingle Clara Schuh-added last paragraph, newspaper name & date #59 Nickolaus Pfilipps #61 Erma Sohn #63 David Bohman #64 Johann Gierke-add on #69 Jean Weber #77 Charles Vondrachek-d.1995 #78 Keith Bratz #86 Henry Goedeke #89A Eva Schroeder-d.1995 #89D Vivien Boncher Vanda Kohl Paul P. Pliszkiewicz Orval Schaden

Sunday - August 27, 2017 #4 Georgia B. Knapp/add-on/father's obit #5 Knud T. Hougen #9 Anna Jackl #10 Viola Hermann #14 John Mueller #30 Timothy "Tim" Bergelin #31 Rosa Zander/add-on #32 Gladys Dembski Hazel Enz Agnes Fecteau/added survivors Eric Maertz Lyle Valleskey #33 Rita "Gail" Hardrath Gustav A. Laabs August F. Meisner #41 Martin Iversen/probate Anna Grace Meinken Orrin K. Wigen #43 Regina M. Burkart Emil C. Czekala John J. Griesbach Ella Klein Lorenz L. Schlorf Loretta M. Schwab Bertha Sturm #44 Carrie Christianson Isaac Craite-add on obituary Friedrich Fender Nate Fenton-added obituary Roy Fischer-d.1918-add on Ann Fisher August Gehbe-d.1917 Walter Gerbinsky-added obituary Otto Hottelmann Dorothy Innes Rose Kellner-d.1918-added obituary Florence Kraemer Vaclav Krajnik-d.1874 Anna Leykom Ida Meier-filled in first 2 paragraphs of obit. William Menge-d.1918-added obituary Victor Mesmer Arthur Packard Raymond Polifka John Rose-d.1873 Carl Rosinsky-d.1918 Sylvester J. Schmelzer August Schmidt-d.1917-add on Jacob Seeger-d.1918-add on Esther Shimek Joseph Sladky-d.1918-add on Margaret Stewart-add on Wenzel Walterbach Chas. Walter-d.1918 Georgia Willis

Friday - August 25, 2017 #16 Adolph Kunz/add-on/probate Daniel Noonan/probate #21 William Q. Rappel #32 Joan Peltier #33 Edward J. Blahnik/d. 1989 Raymond M. Brouchoud Beth M. Durkee Louis W. Feit Omer C. Fischer Carl Hartlich Elsa L. Kolar Alvin W. Lambries Lester A. Landt Sumner V. Lee Robert Mott Martha E. Naibert/added survivors LeRoy E. Plasky Lorraine M. Rockwell Elaine J. Senovich/added survivors George Senovich/d. 1995 Gary Springstube Raymond M. Wiechart Howard A. Wigen Leta I. Winder #35 Maria Puls #38 Katherine Pankratz/add-on #41 Floyd M. Larson #43 Charlotte Brewer John J. Frieder William James Percy Leach Dennis J. Miller Harold Schmitz Eugene F. Wagner #55 Patrick Cummings-added information Tim McCarty #89B Albert Lafond Twins of Frank Lonzo CEMETERY X: Lydia Flegel Esther Fliegle Ole Vrolson CREMATIONS: James E. Spindler Sr. DIED ELSEWHERE/BURIED ELSEWHERE: Wyman Murphy/add-on MARRIAGES: Added marriage writeup to the following- John Betka/Eleonora Miller Jesse E. Schultz/Lena Kasten-marriage announcement Thorval Torrison/Louisa Koehler-marriage announcement Frank Tuschel/Lena Vogel-marriage announcement

Thursday - August 24, 2017 #44 Julius Dettman-d.1961-added marriage writeup Olive Elm Elmer Hecker Arthur Larson M.D.-d.1995 Fred Mares-d.1899-add on Herman Meyer-d.1962-added marriage writeup Elizabeth Narten Mads Ornes-added anniversary writeup Dorothy Peters Frances Pruitt Louisa Schneider-d.1907-add on Daniel Wachholz #46 Katie Davis Sr. M. Gabriel Kerner Sr. Virginia Maria Roll #53 Friedrich Kurth-add on #70 Magdelena Horstmann-add on #76 Lester Schaefer #83 Tim Walsdorf-replaced with more complete obit. #89A Gertrude Schmeichel #89D Gertrude Ellerman Michael Milecki Margaret Sromovsky MARRIAGES- added marriage writeup for the following: Emil Hacker/Ida Franke Gustave Heidemann/Emma Chada

Wednesday - August 23, 2017 #2 Soren Anderson/add-on Ruth Janette Larson/add-on Stephen Olson/add-on/obit #5 Edward B. Anderson Ivan Torrison #7 Helen E. Scott/add-on/obit #8 Norman A. Schuette #16 Frank Wanish/add-on #21 Sr. Basilla Krichel Kenneth James Lutzke Margaretha Ott #26 Anna Hruska/d. 1917 Eugene F. Ledvina Mary Lynch Wencel Swetlik/add-on/marriage #32 Sylvia R. Bolzenthal/added survivors Anna Fickett Howard Hudy Lexie Knutson Carol Koeppe Eugene Krcma Mary Lou LeClair Irene M. Miller Henry Obie Helen Paprocki Melvin Rivest Everett Schroder/add-on Margaret Schwerma William Sisel Dorothy Smith Bertha Waack Adela Wotachek #35 Norbert Anderson #36 Wencel Stransky #38 Cody Jordan Reif #40 Olga Kretsch #41 Christine M. Garrigan #44 Howard Hall Esther Herman Mary Markham-add on Martha Reith-add on Louise Wieboldt-add on #66 Ludmilla Paider #83 Tammy Zorn #89C Lawrence Hansen Willard Nokes Jeannette Ott MARRIAGES added marriage writeup to the following: Henry Cizek/Mary Zirny

Tuesday - August 22, 2017 #34 Alice M. Carlson Alzbeta Chloupek/add-on Marie Drasner/add-on Frantisek Holaj Antonin Joura Adolph Tesarik/add-on/marriage Stephan Wilda #36 Marie Heran Jan Hynek/add-on Katie Jung Kathryn Kutil/add-on Joseph Reznichek Infant Ruzek/add-on Maggie Shanda #38 Gary Jon Meyer #40 Markus Hensel Maria Kattre Emil E. Wehausen #43 Harrison Bean/add-on/marriage Melvin E. Bergel Alfred L. Close Raymond E. Ferry Theresa E. Gehrig Charles Goetz/add-on/marriage Margareth Hutchings William J. Kramer Laura M. Lantlow Eugene Moss Magdalene Mrotek Joseph Ripplinger Raymond Schepper John F. Scherer Emma Schermetzler/add-on Elmer F. Schnell John Schoch/add-on/obit Dr. L.F. Seeger Allen E. Shavlik Michael Singer Anton W. Sporer/add-on/anniversary Eugene Sullivan/d. 1873 Lizzie Wickert Shirley M. Wilfer Arnold M. Wollersheim Stanley E. Ziarnik/add-on #44 Lloyd Anderson Elizabeth Bohacek Rose Budnar Shirley Cigler Jacob G. Drews-add on Shirley Gretz Knut Hougen-add on Lucy Kiel Beatrice Nelson Chester Plantico-d.1995 Catherine Schaefer-d.1995 Ernest Schuetze-add on Lydia Tomaschefsky Edna Willert-add on Edward Wills-add on

Monday - August 21, 2017 #43 Margaret B. Aune Ruth Bies/add-on/obit Stephen Bies/d. 1910 Anna Bodwin William Bradl/add-on Emil J. Budysz Theresia Buehler/add-on/obit Eleanor Bursek Kathleen M. Check Thomas Conway Scott Czekala Richard P. DeBauch Douglas De Roche Mildred Fenlon Albertina Gehrke Charles Goetz/add-on/obit Florence R. Goetzler Susana Goetzler/add-on Ida Grall Hollis J. Greene Margaret Hastreiter William N. Hein Baby Herrmann John J. Hoffman Harvey J. Krause Sherman M. Lorrigan Peter Markus Justine Mecca Anna Meyer/d. 1917 Margaret K. Mirkes Mary Muhowsky Adeline D. Nitka Lena Notz/add-on Catherine O'Hara Francis L. Peterman P.M. Peters/add-on/obit John Rank/d. 1958 Catherine Roemer #43a Anna Kaminski #44 Jacob Brei-court case Arthur Dueno-add on John Johnson-d.1952-add on William McCullough-add on #47 Paul Eisner #89A Marie Hoefert CREMATIONS: William Bergquist Lawrence S. Martell Dale H. Rodewald Mildred M. Schmidt Walter K. Toll DIED ELSEWHERE/BURIED ELSEWHERE: Angelina Smalley MARRIAGES: added writeups to the following couples: Frederick Martin/Hannah Magee August Bruss/Emma Krueger Louis Buritz/Mary Fitz Gibbons George Flint/Emma Kucera Jacob Geimer/Otelia Schmidt Carl Hansen/Mabel Pilger Richard Hansen/Zelma Meyer Otto Jonas/Katharine Kieselhorst Knud Kerkevold/Mathilda Johnsrud Wm. F. Kubel/Maria Kock Lantry/John/Mary/Divorce J.C. McCarty/Sarah Eatough Henry Menges/Ada Caroline Schwartz W.J. Mueller/Clara Zeischold Jacob Naidl/Anna Wemmann John Peterik/Dora Bormel also listed as John Petrick/Dora Bownell Herman Pfefferkorn/Elizabeth Bruhn Carl Retzlaff/Tillie Schultz Anthony N.W. Rhode/Amanda Kurth Heinrich Scherer/Friedericke Stuck-50th anniversary Frank Schroeder/Ervine DeLille Otto Schwantz/Stella Douglas Rudolph Seidl/Margareth Sedlacek John J. Shebesta/Annie Moos Francis Shedivy/Martha Urbanek Nicholas Silbersack/Clara Kornely Alonzo deForest Smith/Mary Behms-25th anniversary Richard Soenksen/Louisa Hermann-25th anniversary Ernst Vogelsang/Louise Wintermeyer George Vraney/Anna Havlinek Joseph Wachtel/Barbara Kabat Ernst F. J. Wetenkamp/Wilhelmine J.S. Gerpheide-21st anniversary Cornelius F. Zechel/Mary L. Zlatnik Franciscus Zellner/Annie Reich COURT INDEX: Max Arndt-judgement Peter Hartlaub-will information Friedrich Krause-will information Francisca Neuser-will information Philip Ramminger-will information

Saturday - August 19, 2017 #55 Martin Egen/Egan Thomas Monahan Louise Gough Morrissey-add on obit George Nate-d.1952-added marriage writeup Mary Nolan James O'Hearn-d.1935-added marriage writeup John O'Leary-added marriage writeup James O'Neil-d. 1917 Richard Rolland-d.1917-add on Edwin Whelan #63 Charles Schroeder-d.1995 Hilda Ullmann #82 Raymond Beckmann-add on #86 Jeanne Schneider Charles Zorn-added obituary #87 Alfred Truttschel-replaced with complete obituary #89A John Albright-added marriage writeup Louis Jacobson Carl Kasten-d.1910 Johanna Kasten Johanna Kuehl-added obituary Johanna Mueller-d.1884 William Ochs-d.1898 John Pfefferkorn-added missing parts and marriage writeup Minnie Schmidt-d.1917-added obituary Viola Shimon Norma Verdon Ruth Wilsmann William Wilsmann/Lillian-added marriage writeup #89B Louisa Funk-add on Emily Harrington-added obituary Larry Kotchi John Nilles-added marriage writeup Alexander St. Pierre-d.1898 Frank Simono-added marriage writeup Bartel Smongesky #89D Rose Beth Clarence Bonfigt Eugene Kopetsky Dorothy Lintereur Joyce Spaeth John Wiese MARRIAGES: James Connelly/Johanna Regan-added marriage writeup Peter Linnane/Nelly Sheehy-added marriage writeup

Friday - August 18, 2017 #44 Jennie Barrie-added obituary Mary Dempsey-added article Carl Esslinger-d.1873 Georg Fechter-d.1873 Mary Grun-d.1892 Howard Hermann-d.1989 Erna Huebner-added survivors, newspaper name and date William Klusmeyer-d.1917-add on Edna Koch Anna Koci-d.1892 Raymond Kruck Louise Larson-d.1873 Ruth Miller Matie Newcomb Ruth Osulson August Pasewalk-d.1892 Julius Prochazka Adeline Rambadt Edward Stanzel Angeline Tollefson Osuld Torrison-d.1892 Agnes Watson Alan Weis Mabel Wilke William Zimmermann-d.1995 #46 Sr. M. Ambrosette Pflueger Sr. M. Berard Schroeder #55 John Daley-d.1959-marriage writeup Edward Linnane-d.1897 #89A Harold Stanull-added articles

Tuesday - August 15, 2017 #44 Linda Adler-add on Mary Braley Leo Brandt-added marriage writeup Henry Bruins-added obituary Conrad Carnot-added marriage writeup William Clark-d.1944-added marriage writeup Rual Cogswell-added marriage writeup Herman Dittmar-added marriage writeup George Dueno-d.1955-added last 2 paragraphs William Eberhardt-added marriage writeup Ira Edwards-added marriage writeup Alois Fanta-added marriage writeup Nora Friar Albert Franzen Emma Groelle Andreas Hartmann-add on Annie Hartmann Walter Hoffman-d.1989 Emma Hoge-add on Ervin Holtz John Hronek-added marriage writeup J.C. Johnson-d.1898-added obituary Timothy Kirway-add on Joseph Komorosky Harvey Kono-added marriage writeup Charles Krumm-d.1955-added marriage writeup Arlyn Lueth-add on Mary Luling-add on Walter Meyer-d.1955-replaced with better copy David Miller-d.1958-replaced with better copy George Nichols-added marriage writeup Anton Prochazka-add on William Rosinsky-d.1961-added marriage writeup Ruth Schenian Edward Schmidt-d.1970-added marriage writeup Grace Schmidt-d.1989 Louis Simon-d.1873 Laurie Smith-d.1873 Louise Warren John Wells-add on Baby York #89A Bernice Becker-added newspaper name and date to obit.

Saturday - August 12, 2017 #21 Stanley Abler/added survivors Joseph Bausch/add-on/obit Crescence Bushman Jacob Durst/add-on/obit William A. Gutman/add-on/marriage Maria Linck/d. 1907 Helen K. Riesterer #32 Roland Boettcher Janice Brusky Elroy Buth Robert Engeldinger Albert Gibeault Orville Kubsch Vincent Miller Raymond Schuh Melvin Schulz Frank Schwoerer Wilton Specht Dorothy Wagner #33 Alice I. Clayton Leon H. Jones Leonard P. Wallau #44 Reginald Worel #57 Kurt Lutz #63 Alexandra Owen William Thielbar #66 Clara Hronek Richard Stangel #69 John Sieracki #89B Richard Hess-added marriage writeup #89C Frank Durand Antoine Gauthier-added article Marcella Luchterhand Edwin Mosuch Henry Oestreich-added marriage writeup Vivien Starkey Alfred Zoerb-added marriage writeup #89D Arthur Benzinger John Buenzow-added obituary Beatrice Baugniet Hansen-listed with Baugniet Martin Brunner-added marriage writeup Marcella Coisman Frank Grimm Roberta Heili Maryon Horn John Kleckner-added marriage writeup Bessie Komoroski Frank Kwiatkowski Cathy Meissner Rosella Gretz Raether-bur. with Gretz Clayton Rocheleau Leona Schimel Frank Smogoleski Emil Stangel-added marriage writeup Andrew Zywicke MARRIAGES: Edward Albright/Mary Lindermann-added marriage writeup Fredrick Chapek/Lucy Jebavy-added marriage writeup Albert Geerdts/Mary Schmidt-added marriage writeup Jacob Geimer/Otelia Schmidt-added marriage writeup Joe Hallada/Antonia Ebel-added marriage writeup Fritz Horstmann/E. Nisdka-added marriage writeup Mathias Koch/Sophie Kerscher-added marriage writeup

Friday - August 11, 2017 #44 Viola Duebner Edna Ferdon William Ollendorf Orrin Owart #66 Jan Fisher Hrdina Infant Eleanora Johanek Josef Kolarik Jan Kralovec-add on Emily Rebitz Francisca Sedmihradsky Filip Tulachka #70 Maria Stuebs #76 Elmer Brandt #89A Paul Leschig Louise Machon-added obituary Henry Mathiesen-added marriages writeup Charley Raatz #89B Frank Beth-add on Joseph Doncheck-added marriage writeup Marie Gagnon-d.1907-add on Theresia Jager Anton Kumbalek-add on Mary Mixa Margaret Pilon Tekla Ribacek John Schroeder-d.1989 Agnes Schwab Philip Suhr-added marriage writeup #89C Elsie Bruechert Philip Grover Lloyd Koehler Clarence Kubsch

Wednesday - August 9, 2017 #44 William Bartel-moved from cem. X Albert G. Becker-add on Ethel Hall Harry Herman-d.1906 Margaret Hunsader Chester Karbon-added survivors Blanche Korcian-added obituary Linda Lewis Edwin Loritz Catherine Miller-d.1995 Linda Rodriguez Hulda Schmitz-d.1909-added obituary Lucille Senglaub Clarence Smalley-d.1908-added obituary Sylvia Steiner Lydia Wachter Walter Wagner-d.1989 #45 Beverly Free #46 Sr. Mary Jacques LaViolette #53 Ottilie Bratz-add on Alfred Reinemann-add on Emil Zahn-added obituary #57 Francis Deehr #63 Bernard Hoffmann-add on John Hoffman-add on Fred Ploeckelmann-add on #66 Mr. Beranek Christine Blaha-add on obituary Katerina Chalupny-d.1907 Anton Ciha-add on obituary Wenzel Hallada-added marriage writeup Frantisek Urbanek-add on #67 Fridolin Benzinger-added better tombstone photos CENTENARIANS: Ethel Hall-from cem. 44 Linda Lewis-from cem. 44 MARRIAGES: Henry Flentje/Paulina Benzinger-added marriage writeup Franciscus Frisch/Anna Sporek-added marriage writeup Johann Kaiser/Anna Jansky-added marriage writeup Joseph Karman/Mary Drab-added marriage writeup Otto Krueger/Bertha Birkholtz-added marriage writeup

Monday - August 7, 2017 #44 Ulrich Braasch-added probate notice Petrine Christiansen-added probate notice Peter Hansen-d.1917-added probate notice William Ploeckelman Sr.-d.1917-added probate notice John Schuette-d. 1972-added article Juda Smoke-added probate notice Katharine Valentine-added probate notice Emma Woerfel-added probate notice #58 Caroline Dittmar Nicholas Dittmar-also his son Albert's obituary #61 Henry Kolwey-added probate notice #78 Johann Busse-added probate notice #82 Wilhelmine Baumann-d.1912 Paul Casper-d.1958-add on Appolonia Hahnemann Jacob Laun-added marriage writeup #83 Christian Becker-added daughter's death notice George Froming-added marriage writeup John Lissack-d.1885 #84 Herman Graenzig-added marriage writeup Bernhard Gutheil-d. 1885-add on #89A Clara Cess Wilhelm Spiegel-added probate notice #89D William Ammermann-added marriage writeup #90 Albertina Bruesso-replaced with better copy William Eckardt Carl Fintlemann Martha Lukesh-buried with Schulz-1st husband Fred Mohme William Umsonst Bertha Weidner Moritz Weidner

Sunday - August 6, 2017 #10 William Krumrey/probate #12 Katharina Conrad/probate #26 Katerina Dufek/probate #41 Added tombstone photos for the surnames of Renne through Zutz Obits: Helen L. Ryan Kevin L. Schumacher Patricia A. Yanda #43 Robert E. Albright Kristeen M. Barbeau Claude R. Barta Joan M. Barta Geraldine Bartelme Glenn L. Bartelme Donald "DJ" Bennett Magdalen M. Bieberitz Milton William Birringer William X. Blashka Karen Boeldt Ruth H. Boll Arthur K. Brachmann Kenneth Brachmann Grace Ann Brandel James H. Brandl Bernard Broeckert Ruth P. Broeckert Bronwen Ann Brooks Rosemary J. Brunmeier Robert Dennis Brunner Alvin J. Budnik Alice J. Burich Joseph C. Burich Arthur J. Bursek Florence M. Bursek Friedrich Gehrke/probate/add-on #43a Mary Derla/add-on/probate #63 Frances Kornely-added newspaper name and date MARRIAGES: Roger Roscow/Jane Taylor-marriage announcemnet

Saturday - August 5, 2017 #16 Thomas Bradley/d. 1892/add-on Wm. Floyd Katharina Goessl Frank Pelishek Charles Steinbrecher/add-on #33 Alice Begotka Marcella St. John #41 Sigrid Knutsen Kvaley/moved from Cem X/add-on/obit #43 Dorothy Thompson/buried on Goetz lot Delores Voehringer/add-on #43a Helen BECKER Novak Rose Janczeski Alexander Krysak/add-on Andrew Mrotek/add-on Felix Ziarnik/marriage/add-on Robert Ziarnik #44 Frank Benishek-d.1948-added marriage writeup Peter Christenson-d.1917-added obituary Stella Egan-added marriage writeup Erwin Gaterman-d.1983-added marriage writeup Katharina Griebling Emerson Haynes Elton Hovi-add on William Hume-add on Carolina Kiel Erwin Miller-added marriage writeup Ralph Patchen-add on John Powless-add on Catherine Read Henry Shove-d.1862-add on Chester Tadych-add on Ida Tegen Sarah Vader Simon Wehrwein-d.1938-add on obituary Henry Zeman-added marriage writeup Ray Zeran-added info about his son #56 Pieper infant son Marcella Voss #82 Glenn Conrad-added obituary #86 Michael Maurer #87 Elmer Lawrenz-added obituary #89B Dorothea Glatzl-moved from cem. X MARRIAGES: John Drumm/Ida Herzog-added marriage writeup Adolph Endress/Calla Luling-added marriage writeup CEMETERY X: Mrs. K.K. Inally is in #41, Sigrid Kvaley CREMATIONS: Steve E. Nelson

Friday - August 4, 2017 #2 Albert Bergene #10 Stella R. Rust #12 Edgar H. Dora #16 Mary Finnel/d. 1994 #23 Father Frederick Dorn/add-on/obit #24 Elsie E. Holdorf #29 Charles Musil #32 Sharon Chevalier William Cisler Edward L. Gauthier Harriet Hofslund Delores Kornely/d. 1995 George Nicholson Harvey Rosinsky David Toepel Edward Zeman #33 Gordon A. Albright John L. Brooks, Jr. Joseph O. Grenier Arlene M. Kielman Leroy C. Matte Geraldine M. Rexses Arnold W. Schmidt Adolph Svatek #38 Wilbur Reif #41 Gloria M. Hecker #43 Lawrence R. Alfson Margaret M. Bastian Ida M. DeBruin Irene A. Feit Clara Fidler Irving W. Johnson Charles Kabat Clare Z. Kelley John F. Knier/add-on George J. Kohlbeck Joseph E. Lakatos Carl T. Longmeyer Hannah M. Nguyen Deborah A. Pfeffer Emma Radandt Blanche Reimer Frederick W. Reseburg Joseph R. Rogala Irene I. Sheahan Charles A. Smith Paul K. Strathmann Roman Wisniewski/article #44 Esther Hardrath Hulda Matznick Alvin Orth #46 Sr. M. Concepta Mertens Sr. Mary Eliza Tucker #47 Alex Brennan #52 G. Jean Stadler #60 Richard O'Shea-add on Alice Peppard-d.1917 Johanna Ryan Sarah Shanahan-d.1917 Erwin Sullivan-added marriage writeup Joseph Sullivan-add on Patrick Tracy Antone Walterbach-d.1947-added marriage writeup #63 Lois Makin Robert Witte #76 Dorothea Braun #77 Archie Dugan Jerome Dvorachek #83 Rebecca Lund Tanya Scott #87 Barbara Blake #89C Sigrid Hansen Lottie Nokes Clifford Tirner #89D Gladys Coenen Jacob Micksch Thomas Murphy Mary Pilzak Stanley Thomas John Wozniak CEMETERY X: Child of Mr. Frank Maas William J. Muma Child of Wm. Raatz John Ryan Tony Soupanzi Jay R. Sprang Jochim Voght Kathleen Ann Weichart CREMATION: William H. (Jack) Van de Grift MARRIAGES: Henry Martens/Clara Ringer-marriage announcement Henry Mendlick/Mary Rechizel-marriage announcement George Willis Patchen/Grace Ione Barnes-marriage announcement George Reis/Carolina Messman-marriage announcement William Robinson/Margaretha Shaw-marriage announcement Albert A. Whitney/Louise A. Wegner-marriage announcement

Thursday - August 3, 2017 #44 Alois Ashenbrenner James Duellman Elda Eberhardt Edmund Freiberg Dorothy Halby Mark Hunsader Wallace Nate Dorothy Olberholzer William Rosinsky-d.1989 Carl Rath-add on Alvin Vraney #60 John Barnes-d.1967-added marriage writeup Cecilia Conway Mary Daly Patrick Donahue-d.1917 Bridget Hayes-add on Andrew Hope Thomas Kane-d.1917 Margaret Knox-d.1917 Walter Madigan-marriage writeup Bridget Mulholland-d.1873 CEMETEY X: Fred Bahr Mrs. Herman Eggert (Eckert?) Mrs. O.C. Gardner Child of Peter Gaza Mrs. Joseph Klotzer Martha Kolbeck Mr. Kraut/Mr. Krant

Wednesday - August 2, 2017 #44 Charlotte Brouchoud Irene Dickens Mark Hooper-d.1995 Donald Jaeger Lydian Kohlbeck Mary York #45 Alois Hartman-added survivors #53 Paul Mahnke #55 Elizabeth Doolan-added survivors/name and date of paper #57 Clara Binversie Theodore Bonde-added son's obit #63 Herbert Ploor #66 Clarence Ducat Richard Johanek #89A Jodell Goetz #89C Clarence Schulz #89D Gerald Kasten-added survivors/name and date of paper Carmajean Spiering Frank Theiss Richard Vanne

Tuesday - August 1, 2017 #44 Evelyn Heinrichs Erna Koepsel Junita Massman Frederick Nauman-d.1917 Nels Nielsen-d.1891-add on Emma Novy-d.1937-add on Lorraine Rathsack Axel Skild-d.1916-add on Lucille Teltzrow Hugo Thielen-d.1928-added marriage writeup Anton Trochlell-d.1942-added marriage writeup Emil Waak-added marriage writeup #76 Ruth Behnke #78 Steven Krepline #89A Henry Althen-d.1958 Henry Goedjen-d.1911 Walter Hachmann-replaced with better copy Adolph Malley-d.1906 Christian Sprenger-add on Mary Young-added obituary MARRIAGES: Rudolph Becker/Bertha Kluender-added marriage writeup William Fetkenheuer/Myrtle Grover-added marriage writeup Fred Lohe/Katie Hoyer-added marriage writeup

Monday - July 31, 2017 #44 Linda Adler-added marriage writeup Edward Allen-d.1917 Eugenia Alter-d.1873 Infant Alter-d.1873 George Barker-d.1876 (Judge Barker) Frederick Christiansen-d.1892 Mary Emery-d.1873 Alma Halvorsen-d.1892 Clarissa Johnston-d.1872 Fred Klusmeyer-d. 1917 Wilhelmine Krug-d.1917-add on Martha Maresh-added marriage writeup Lilah Metzger-added marriage writeup Miss Moore Sarah Moore Lucy Murphy #85 Karen Deehr-added newspaper name and date

Sunday - July 30, 2017 #10 Vernon Doersch #21 Francis J. Gerhard #26 Sylvester Barta #32 George Francl William Frank Diane M. Hansen Merlin Riha #33 Edith C. Czechanski Dalton Fanslau Adeline Kuether Anne M. Menting #38 Elmer J. Koch/added survivors #41 Craig Jon Meyer/add-on #43 Corrine M. Beitzel Michael R. Hranicka Eugene L. Kalista Bernard W. Kleiman Sally Krueger/add-on Eleanor M. Lodl Esther McConnell Georgianna Nennig Oriet Reindl Helen M. Reuther #43a Anna A. Check #44 John Colbeck-add on Carolina Wilms-add on #62 Joseph Cochanett #89B Blanche Elliott-added article Emma Harrington-add on #89D Frank Sinkula CEMETERY X: Mrs. K.K. Inally

Saturday - July 29, 2017 #44 Klaus Larson-d.1958-add on Fred Ostenfeldt-add on obituary Marie Ostenfeldt-add on Ladette Sander-add on Ella Schmidt-d.1919 on stone 1909 in obit. John Schultz-d.1996 George Sedgwick-add on article Mary Strehlow George Valibile Louisa Vetting-d.1909-add on William Willott-d.1910 James York #46 Sr. M. Marcia Hastreiter #61 Lillian Voss #66 Frank Kvitek #79 Milan Krueger #81 Myron Reichwaldt #82 Harley Streiber-add on #89A Joseph Feuerstein #89C Doris Lusk #89D Floyd Gilbert James Juchniewich Leona Rudebeck Erwin Zimmer CEMETERY X: Imogene Benson

Friday - July 28, 2017 #44 Thurine Anderson-add on August Detrois-d.1909-add on August Eberhardt-d.1909-add on Baby Edwards-bur. 1872 Hanna Fick-d.1909-add on Nancy Fulton-d.1906-add on August Gans-d.1910-add on Henry Greve-d.1909-add on Catherine Grall Richard Halverson-d.1910-add on obituary Harold Hartwig-replaced with better copy Robert Holdorf-d.1958-add on obituary K.G. Johnson-d.1910 Augusta Kannenberg-d.1909-add on Hugo Klingholz-d.1891-add on Severt Knutson-d.1910 John Kulnick-d.1910 Edith MacDonald Gloria Nass Wilbur Perry #60 Herbert Schmeisser-d.1989 #89D Edward Bohne John Bonn Karen Sauve Albert Vanne CREMATIONS: Cora Kornely MARRIAGES: J.H.W. Colby/Emily Jones-added obituary for Emily

Wednesday - July 26, 2017 #41 Added tombstone photos for the sunames of Madson through Reinertson #44 Emanuel Teske Erik Zimmerman #61 Helen Neumann #63 Aimee Hopka Donald Trierweiler #69 Florian Mella Mary Mella #70 Anna Borgwardt-d.1996 #73 Alfred Hackmann #89A Robert Orvis-add on Janet Schultz Krueger-bur. with Schultz #89C Jay Jimenez William Siebert #89D Adolph Gauthier Veronica Kodet

Tuesday - July 25, 2017 #44 Arnold Maertz Julia Pederson William Trefz Addison Wood #46 Sr. M. Merilda Kerkhof #47 Eric Wagner #78 Nora Frish #84 James Balz-add on #89D Edward Bunke-added survivors and newspaper info Beatrice Fronk-added survivors and newspaper info Dorothy Nate Rudy Prucha Doloris Seidl CREMATIONS: Gerhardt (Kuby) Kubitz

Monday - July 24, 2017 #44 Claude Allie Grace Carnot Esther Cornils James Foytik Angeline Fraser-add on Raymond Haberland Frances Hoffman "Dottie" Arline Holdorf Eugene Klann Florence Mraz Warren Scheuer Charles Schrimpf-added marriage writeup Harriet Skala Florence Stanzel Wilber Symes Chester Teitgen-added obituary Michael Ziarnik #55 Nellie Cavanaugh-d.1897 Patrick H. Cooney-d.1897 Maggie Egan-with Egen James Fielding-add on Children of M.J. Fitzgerald Tessie Kavanaugh Mary Lynch Bridget McCarty Nell Mullins Peter Murphy Denis O'Brien Margaret O'Connor-d.Jan. 1897 Edward Regan Katie Toomey Thomas Watt-d.1896 #57 Arthur Lange #63 Frank Havel #89B Anita Anhalt Lucy Bartelme-added obituary Joseph Beitzel-add on Dorothy Glatzl-with Glatzel-add on Harry Hartl Kate Kreisa-add on Josephine Lamach-add on Roman Ruthmansdorfer-add on CEMETERY X: Patrick Barrett MARRIAGES: Patrick Dorsey/Mary Daley-added obituary for Mary NEWS SECTION: People News: John Burns

Friday - July 21, 2017 #6 Marie A. Schroeder #13 Loretta Wimmler #16 Clarence Siehr #21 Isadore Joseph Knier Robert P. Meyer/added survivors Helen Riesterer/d. 1989 #23 Brother Stanislaus Gumieny #26 Anna Schlegel/moved from Cem X #29 Raymond Mott #32 Clifford Burgett Phoebe Dolski Robert Jentsch/added survivors David McLinn Adeline Meyer Elaine Nault Lawrence Peik Donald Uhlers Melvin Van Eycke Margaret Van Frachen #33 Mary M. Baird Armilla E. Drossart Reynold F. Groelle Doris A. Hamernik Rachel C. Lambert Leona Lang Anita A. Langley Susan A. Perry Richard Schleh #34 Louis Cootway/marriage/add-on #38 Robert E. Lorenz #40 Baby Boy Rusch/add-on William Rusch/add-on/marriage #41 Antoinette Wildgrube #43 Allen Becker/add-on/obit Anton Berger/marriage/add-on Tillie Blahnik Francis J. Clark Anna A. Kaminski Benjamin J. Kohlmeyer John H. Konop Cecilia Lambries Bernard W. Miller Roland P. Nelitz Michael Pankratz/marriage/add-on Arthur J. Scholl Burtt M. Smith Anna Wiesner Joyce C. Woznick #43a Clara Check #44 Vernon Doerfler Pauline Estenik Frank Fetzer-added survivors Viola Fricke George B. Guyles-add on obit Henry Herzog-d.1989 William Kitzerow-d.1886 Chas. Lawrence-d.1888 Veronika Mendlik-added obituary Karen Moon Clarissa Shaw-add on-d.1886 Catherine Traurig-replaced with better copy Dolores Vandornick Bertha Vetting-add on Engebret Waarum Daniel Whitney #52 Amalie Horn-d. 1882 #61 John H. Bohne-d. June 1885 #63 John Scheuer-d.1916 #66 Harold Schroeder #72 Alice Tollefson #73 Georg Reineking Bertha Rodewald-d.1916-added better copy #89B Louis Klein-add on obituary #89D Elizabeth Konop Henry Praeger CEMETERY X: Mrs. Bresil Mrs. Jos. Cochenet-add on Francis Ruelle MARRIAGES: John Schnell/Maria Ana Herr/marriage announcement Emil Streich/Anna Hessel/anniversary

Monday - July 17, 2017 #44 Katherine Boehmer-added probate notice Hubert Falge-add on Barbara Fylken-add on W.H. Hemschemeyer-add on Alfred Hoefner-added marriage writeup Harry Kelley-d.1951-added marriage writeup George MacFarlane-added marriage writeup Joseph Marek-added marriage writeup John Nagle-add on Elijah Kirtland Rand-add on Casper Regli-add on Rosalia Schrotirz-better copy of probate notice Reuben Smart-add on Paul Staehle-added marriage writeup Herman Strothoff-added anniversary writeup Ida Vincent-added obituary Ben Vollendorf-added marriage writeup Walter Wegner-added marriage writeup for 1st wife #46 Sr. M. Fabian McLaughlin-add on #64 P. Bernhard Moeller #66 Joseph Hlinak-d.1969-added marriage writeup Frank Stangel-d.1924-add on #69 Peter Siewert-added marriage writeup Gardy Weber #73 William Awe-added marriage writeup #79 Herman Haese-added marriage writeup #89A George Koch-anniversary writeup Victor Peterson-added marriage writeup Peter Rau-add on #89B Bartholm Breider-add on #89C Eleanor Schmoock John Steinberg #89D August Grosstueck-added marriage writeup Weggo Nagel-added marriage writeup CEMETERY X: Anna Flynn MARRIAGES: Anton Erickson/Emilia Jackson-marriage announcement

Sunday - July 16, 2017 #21 Maria A. Ristow/added survivors #26 Alice Mleziva #29 Norma Kind #32 Ione Beerntsen Alois Dembski Lawrence Grall/d. 1989 Raymond Jagemann Audrey Catherine Lewis Harold Ott Vernon Schroeder #33 Ruth H. Totten #43 Judith A. Clark Margaret Everard/added son's (Joseph) obit Richard R. Gauthier/d. 1996 Harold W. Ladwig Mary M. Lorenz Clinton W. Marks Carol M. Osieczanek Lorraine Sieracki Leo A. Sydow #44 Kenneth Bellin Dorothy Crain David Engel Arthur Folletz Dorothy Gates Calvin Herbst Brett Hoyt Harold Kallies-d.1989 Marie Knauer Robert MacDonald Carl Prucha Lenore Raduenz Edward Schmelter Lorna Stark Caroline Thompson Julia Williamson #55 Kenneth O'Neil #63 John Cherney-added marriage writeup Joseph Fortier Nelson Fortier-add on Clara Kaufmann Stephen Ribordy-add on Earl Scheuer-add marriage writeup #65 Joseph Brey-added marriage writeup #66 John Krcma-add on obituary Rudolph Krofta-added marriage writeup Wenzel Schultz-d.1965-added marriage writeup #67 Johanna Schroeder #69 Agnes Bialkowski Jan Leszcz-added anniversary writeup Alma Reinertson Theresa Tomchek #73 Jacob Dill Rev. Norman Hoeflinger #79 Elsie Rusch #84 Joan Best Theodore Reichert-add on #89B Frances Mrskosh #89D George Cox Lydia Grimmer Thomas Hoffman Ann Kopetsky-d.1996 Randolph Messman Paul Petkevicius Stella Pietroske Sibylla Schroeder Howard Timm William Tomchek Stella Wagner CEMETERY X: Sister Mary Veronica Dunkas Mary Hickey Joseph Konop Mrs. Mulcahey Anna Sleger Hugo Soenksen Elizabeth Voght Daughter of Mr. Wenza CREMATIONS: Ervin Kolbeck CENTENARIANS: Frances Mrskosh-added from #89B

Thursday - July 13, 2017 #37 Marie Schmidtmann/add-on/marriage #43 Melania Bauer Marie C. Blashka Joseph Budysz Reinhart S. Butz Katherine T. Haas Ronald F. Jeske Robert L. Jorgensen James A. Kautzer Francis A. Kolbeck Dale H. Leiker, Jr William J. Musil Joseph F. Naidl Joanne Pravechek Clarence Schisel William O. Schlei Alphonse H. Schuler Luella E. Schwoerer/added survivors Marcella A. Vetting Chester M. Ziarnik Dominic Zinda/added son Allan's obit #43a Mary C. Kaufmann Alois B. Kowalski CEMETERY X: Valerian F. (Larry) Surmer CREMATIONS: Grace K. Thiel Dee Dee Vigue Bruce E. Walker DIED MANITOWOC COUNTY - BURIED ELSEWHERE Melvin L. Wilson/moved from Cem X MARRIAGES: Thomas Osulson/Hanna Halverson/marriage announcement

Wednesday - July 12, 2017 #2 Gulik Gulbrandson/add-on/obit #3 Rosemary Lueloff #14 Shane Ryan Richter #20 Elsie Neumann/add-on/obit #21 Michael Joseph Ristow #25 Hazel Irene Franssens/add-on/marriage #30 Wilhelmine Kohls/add-on/obit Theodore Mueller #32 Hertha Alfson Clarence D. DeGodt/added survivors Raymond Eslinger Ralph Flentje Rev. A.A. Graf Shirley Knier Kenneth Koeser Amy Linsmeier Lucille Reichardt Sebastian Schuh Edith M. (Henrickson) Sehloff Lorraine Specht John Thiry Julie Tryon #33 Edward W. Basken/add-on/marriage John M. Durben Adolf Eisenmann/add-on/marriage Floyd Groothoff Roger K. Johnston Erwin C. Meser William P. Miller Michael A. Noskowiak Gerald Peterson Raymond H. Thomas John R. Zarling #36 Mathias Pech/add-on Joseph Ruzek/add-on/marriage Frantiska Sebesta Anton Straka/d. 1916 #38 Clara M. Krejcarek William C. Meyer Joseph Staral #39 Bernard Carroll #40 Auguste Reichardt Edwin Vetter/add-on/marriage Beatrice White Ferdinand Zastrow/add-on/obit #41 Paul A. Berge Lars Gulikson Marit Helgesen Elmira M. Huske Joel Johnson/add-on/marriage #44 William Andrusak Howard Awe Marie Brunner Angeline Fraser Harold Grall Muriel Rydzewski Anna Schlager-add on obituary Lillian Schultz Wilbur Wojta #46 Sr. M. Lambert Heezen #51 Peter Mankoskie Joseph Manlick Veronika Pritzl #52 Ida Boldt John Boldt-added marriage writeup David Reichardt-added marriage writeup #53 E. Charlotte Bubolz Gotthilf Gruett-add on Listed under Gritt #56 Erma Nennig Arthur Wagner #57 Joseph Binversie-d.1971-added marriage writeup Gertrude Bushman Mathias Rock-news article #58 John Edwards-add on Esther Williams #63 Olive Boettcher #70 Elvira Sonnenburg #75 Friedrich Krueger-d.1897 Adolph Reinke #77 Mary Hlavacek Ronald Reinke #80 Edna Wieting #82 Dorothy Domke Erna Jaschob #83 Everett Muellenbach-add on #87 Craig Garlieb-add on obit #89A Idamae Zucollo #89B Hildegarde Bast #89C Burton Hanson-d.1964-added son's obituary Ricky Nelson #89D Caroline Bohne Eunice Conley Bette Gandee MARRIAGES: Frank Kubale/Mary Mandlick-added marriage writeup

Thursday - July 6, 2017 #44 Donald Brey Laura Geimer Robert Hammermeister John Plumb-d.1996 Bernard Statfeld Earl Stedl #47 Elmer Brandl #53 Erma Haese-bur. with Maertz #82 Adeline Popp-add on #84 Helen Meyer-add on #85 Charles Dahlman #89C Helen Gleichner-added survivors, newspaper, date. #89D Iris Grzelczyk Julia Koprowski George Spaeth CREMATIONS: Robert Banker, M.D.

Wednesday - July 5, 2017 #44 Marjorie Alquist Julia Brey Ronald Drum William Fisher-d.1996 Nathan B. Markham-add on Anna Olson-d.1996 Hugo Schuette-d.1882 Ursula Sladky #47 Dale Wagner #63 Lola Stahl Kenneth Staudinger #87 Alvina Koeppen-d.1996-added obituary #89C Edward Meisner Arthur Vogel Lillian Wasurick #89D Wilbert Brull Joseph Kust

Sunday - July 2, 2017 #7 Mary Gresl #14 Idabell K. Goeke #20 Edgar Fluhr/marriage/add-on Herman Lau #21 Gregory Stahl/add-on/obit #22 Johannes Liedel/add-on #26 Antone Miench/article/add-on #28 Ira Kind Mona H. Kind #30 Marilyn Valenta #31 Johanna Heidman/add-on Willemina Paetz/add-on #32 Adolph Dvorachek William Habermann Sofus Jensen Ellis Kohls Elmer Reif Gladys Reindl Milton A. Rupp Dorothy Schmidt Marie Terens #33 Marie J. Burns Michelle L. Gehrke Emily RADEY Konop Wayne B. Lorenz Edward R. Monday Joseph Mueller Donald Waniger #44 Gertrude Boldt Lorraine Carroll Grace Clay Almira Umnus #55 Catherine Schmieder #73 Arnold Rambadt #83 Sue Graf Reichwald-buried with Graf #89A Theodore Jergenson-added survivors, newspaper name and date #89C Herman Boness-added survivors #89D Eugene Gates Joyce Marcelle Norma Owart Jerome Paider-added survivors plus add on Edward Zahn CEMETERY X: Melvin L. Wilson

Thursday - June 29, 2017 #44 Elmer Bleck Viola Denk Katherine Dolan Eleanor Fischer Erna Hirning Grace Korinek Lucille Raduenz Katherine Staehle Paul Wachholz #46 Sr. M. Fides Adam-d.1996-added obituary #51 Lauretta Schuh #63 Paul Chevalier Violet Scherer #66a Wenzel Kunesh-added son's obituary #82 Dylan Pierce #89C Sylvia Elfner-added survivors and name and date of paper Hilary Rath Ione Timm Marvin Vanderbusch

Monday - June 26, 2017 #44 Anna Strauch-d.1891-add on #45 Michael Connors Sophia Kiel #46 Rev. Georgius Fessler-d.1885-add on #47 John Lantry #49 Esther Schilling-added obituary #50 Gertrude Goodhew #54 Jan Ev. Videnka #89A August Bruhn-d.1906-add on Hortense Christensen Peter Degler-add on Albertine Gagnon-add on Jan Hollub-add on Sophia Johannes-add on Anna Koeser-d.1906-add on Christoph Miller-add on Carl Moeller Carl Pinger Son of Fred Pufahl-d.1906 Mathias Rudebeck-add on Henriette Schmidt John Wilke-d.1916 add on obituary

Thursday - June 22, 2017 #44 Helen Baruth Raymond Feltz Marian Hermann Rose Hermann Robert Lomprey Earl Mueller-add on obituary Lucas Peterman Curtis Rank Lucille Steinsholt Hazel Wegman Gladys Westphal Paul Zechel #45 Donna Hardrath #66 Richard Fronk #76 Emil Schwanke Gustave Prochnow-added marriage writeup #82 Kenneth Walber #89A Herbert Schmidt-d.1996 #89C Robert Grams Frieda Prust-obituary and marriage writeup Lester Puls Ralph Schroeder #89D Joseph Ciha Mary De Broux Dorothy Lodl Gladys Lousier Mildred Virnoche David Voelker

Monday - June 19, 2017 #1 Mary A. Miller #2 Raymond Mason #4 Ann J. Hammond Jane Morgan #5 Alfred G. Selle #6 Joseph Pankratz/add-on Catherine Thornton #10 Ida Luecker #11 F. Simon Stock/add-on #17 Louis Jaeger/marriage/add-on #30 Harriet Valenta #32 Gladys Bauer Sarah Brull Arthur Buboltz Norman Carron Robert Kirchen #33 Carol A. Kocourek #38 Anna S. Schleis #43 Thomas W. Elfner Kenneth E. Gintner Rose L. Kroll Clarence LeCoque Joseph Lemberger Walter R. Rozoff Joseph C. Strathmann Clara G. Terens #43a Grace A. "Busia" Check #44 Mabel Born Edgar Glaeser Anthony Jeffery Gerald Kipping Carroll Maertz Arnold Mueller-d.1996 Sylvia Olm Wayne Sargent #46 Sr. M. Ellen Emde Sr. M. Noreen Macrorie Sr. M. Mercedes Spaulding #63 Sarah Koller-added obituary Scott Novak-added obituary Cory Throndson-added obituary #69 Emily Muhowski #70 Ruben Hackmann #82 Baby boy Vogel Esther Vogel #89A Charles Meisner-added probate notice #89D Bernice King-added survivors Marjorie Sosnosky-add on MARRIAGES: Joseph Krall/Maria Zipperer-added marriage writeup Augustus Kuhl/Mary Rank-added marriage writeup Adolph Stoltenberg/Helena L. Doersch Frank Wallender/Eva Straka

Sunday - June 18, 2017 #13 Myron W. Griepentrog #21 Michael Dunbar/add-on William Dunbar/add-on #30 Louis Shimek #32 William Dayton Clare Delsmann James D. Johnson Evelyn Kolar Donna Raether #33 William A. Curtsinger Steven A. Greenwood Lucille A. Mleziva Agnes E. Zink #38 Thomas C. Gosz #41 Thomas T. Haugen #43 Dolores T. Berger Phyllis T. Biaggio Rita R. Binversie Carole E. Boeder Virginette Bonde Jane A. Brault Josephine C. Broeckert Anna M. Cerkas Margaret A. Daun Glenn M. DeBaker William A. Greetan James P. Horstketter Mona Horstketter Joyce M. Houle Cassandra & Matthew Kautzer Agnes Mahloch Kathleen M. Rohrer William H. Tyson/add-on #43b Nora Shea

Saturday - June 17, 2017 #44 Willard Erdman Ann Jansky-add on Estelle Jansky Charles Kuhl-d.1989 Jean Lambries Dorothea Schroeder-add on Marion Smalley-add on Katherine Wirtz Suster-listed with Wirtz James Wallen #45 Steve Shavlik #63 Katherine Kielman Joseph Reis #66 Alvin Zellner-1996 #70 Mary Michel #72 Philip Hein #83 Robert Bunge #87 Glenn Rabe-replaced with full obit. #89A Minnie Bemis-add on Grace Krueger Jeanne Welnicke #89C Charles Bugler-add on Fredrick Cowling-added survivors #89D Marjorie Sosnosky CEMETERY X: Marvin Knickelbine Christy Olson Infant Twins of Thomas Peppard H. Peterson Charles Pilgrim Herman Ratz Michael Roland Child of John Smith Child of Dan Varano Frankie Wheeler Parley Wheeler MARRIAGES: Henry Antholz/Amelia Schulz-marriage writeup John Denk/Barbara Meyer-marriage writeup Wilm Krumm/Ida Hopp-marriage writeup John Larson/Rognild Trondson-marriage writeup Joseph Meurer/Louise Westphal/marriage announcement Anton Muller/Christina Christmann/marriage announcement John E. Mullins/Sophia Kings/marriage announcement Franz Oestreich/Martha Magee/marriage announcement Frank Radej/Lillian Alice Tuma/marriage announcement Max Rahr/Ella Piening/marriage announcement Jos. Rapl/Rolleta Smith/marriage announcement Schiller Arnold Rhode/Agnes Eliza Gray/marriage announcement Thomas Robinson/Theresia Rocky/marriage announcement Hiram Smith/Mary Cisler/marriage announcement Frank Vanis/Mary Vacek/marriage announcement

Friday - June 16, 2017 #32 Ronald Broehm Agnes Buchholz Leo Christel Wallace Copeskey Esther Graykowski Faye Hutchins Ethel Jagemann James A. Johnson/b. 1930 Sylvia Kliment Alex Knier Lars A. Kuffel Grace Rahn Clarice Trippler Adele Zeman #33 Mario P. Barbarossa/add-on Herbert C. Beduhn/add-on Mildred Duchon Jason Lee Ernst/added survivors Lydia A. Grimmer Claude B. Hanes/added survivors James Hoffman Gary M. Kabat Judith I. Krueger Arlene R. Krumrey Robert F. Lahaie Daniel Mentzer Lydia M. Nelson Alice E. Pautz Glenn A. Pritzl Otto A. Stein Lester I. Tetzlaff #38 Frantizek Huletz/add-on Joseph Porubcansky Maria Schweda/d. 1885 Irene S. Seidl Viola Stransky #39 Nora Fetzer Daniel Hussey Anna Karban #41 Anna Ahrens Inanda Z. Gigstad/add-on/obit Erik Gilbert/add-on/obit Kenneth Olson Christian O. Reinertson/marriage/add-on Knud E. Robley Charles Schneider/add-on/obit Anders Weblen/add-on/obit #43 Margaret Bartelme Elmer A. Bishop Joseph Burkart Leatrice J. Check Richard J. Denk Emma Donahue Joan Duben Thomas Hayden/marriage/add-on Andrew F. Herrmann Peter J. Holschbach Clarence Holsen/marriage/add-on Clara L. Hronek Clara A. Jagodinsky George J. Kestly Ellen Kope Nina J. Kumbalek Donald LaPean Adeline R. LeCoque Louis Meyer/marriage/add-on Gladys L. Miller Anita Moser Emil W. Pelishek Rev. Edward A. Radey Edward Radl Joseph M. Resch Arlene Ruchhoeft LeRoy M. Schettl Infant Sielski Rose Sieracki Arthur Spahn/add-on Theresa Sporer Walter Stanzel/marriage/add-on Arnold L. Vogel Victor Zboralski #43a Phillip M. Hein/add-on John F. Kennedy #44 O.R. Bacon-d.1882-add on Charles Blesch-add on Mary Clark-d.1916-added obituary Erwin DePons-added obituary Friederich Esch-d.1885-add on Ella Gehbe-d.1887-add on Clara Haltaufderheide-add on Wilhelmina Hemschemeyer-add on August Kollath-d.1916 Karl Kollath-d.1916-add on Joachim Mahnke-d.1882-add on Jean Noble Ralph Patchen Phylura Raymond-add on Edward Rummele-added marriage writeup Lillian Ryder-added obituary

Thursday - June 15, 2017 #1 Ella C. O'Connell/add-on #2 Edward C. Bergene Isabelle G. Hanson Gulik Johnson/add-on/obit Marion Reinertson #5 Conrad Thompson #6 Alois Hastreiter Johann Hastreiter/add-on Henry McCourt/add-on John McCourt Cornelius Quirk Johann Rapl/add-on #7 Charles Abb Anton Braun/add-on/marriage Albert Grimm/add-on/marriage Margretha Sitmann #14 Arno Gabsch #16 Claude Bartelme/add-on George Bartelme #21 Anton Baumgartner Anton Geigel/add-on Antonia Theresa Lax Emil Lutzke/add-on/marriage Stephen J. Rehme #22 Dr. Patrick J. Taugher/add-on #26 Michael Nash Frank W. Oswald/add-on/marriage Leonard J. Skarda/d. 1988 Arlin Stetson George C. Weber #44 Ethel Glaeser Ernestine Graczykowski Bette Huck James Kiefer Robert Schmitz-d.1996

Wednesday - June 14, 2017 #44 Roger Basler-d.1996 Frank Hack Merley Hack Earl Janda Lillian Kubsch Rose Ording Roy Peronto-added survivors Marcella Rauens Viola Thor-added survivors Phillip Woyciehosky-d.1996 #63 Josef Hronek Lucille Kornely Stephen Ribordy Gregory Rouiller Victor Sager-added son's obituary #66 Otelia Lodel #66a Otto Barta #70 Edgar Dahlke Johann Ewald-added better obituary #76 Otto Dahlke Sarah Klann #89C Alma Brakhane Fredrick Cowling-added newspaper date Ruth Gustavson Dale Schmoock #89D Marcella Bonk Leo Rochlewitz CEMETERY X: John Hopper-sent his obit to St. Augustine cem. Calumet co. CREMATIONS: Sharon Lulloff

Monday - June 12, 2017 #44 Constance Cisler Helen Drews Annie Jansky Blanche Koch Joseph Marshek-d.1984-added marriage writeup John Novy-d.1916-add on George Peters-d.1924-added marriage writeup Fred Rohrbach-added marriage writeup Maria Schneider-d.1916 Lothar Schroeder Henry Wage-added marriage writeup Jennie Wintermeyer #54 Mary Kabat Elizabeth Cary-added obituary Jan Novak Stephen Shimek-added marriage writeup #85 Victor Pomranke-added obituary with newspaper and date named #89A Fredericke Bunzow-add on #89D Arnold Feuerstein Mary Monka-d.1989 Lucille Wondrash CEMETERY X: Mrs. Chas. Chasensky Annie Ebert Baby of Mr. Gehbe John Hopper-add on Child of Michael Junk-add on Mrs. Koen

Sunday - June 11, 2017 #44 Bernard Bast Bette Czekala Robert Hansen-d.1989 Meta Hardrath Erna Kohls Victor Meisner-d.1989 #55 Wm. Gary/Garry Daughter of Mike Watt-d.1896 Ellen O'Neil-d.1896 #89A Fred Althen-d.1916-add on Oscar Anderberg-added marriage writeup Arling Falk Vivian Hamernik Caroline Immler-add on obituary Louis Koch-d.1916 William Nash-add on Louis Ochs-d.1941-added marriage writeup Frank Riley-added missing part of obituary Carl Schmeichel-d.1947-added marriage writeup Charles Schultz-d.1916 Augusta Stegemann Helen Stegemann Otto Ulrich-d.1971-added marriage writeup #89C Ervin Wilker-add on MARRIAGES: Owen Finlon/Anna Dorsey-added marriage writeup

Saturday - June 10, 2017 #44 Rose Andersen Dr. H.S. Balcom-add on obituary Louise Breuer-added survivors Robert DeFaut Henry Eberhardt-d.1916-add on William Ely-added marriage writeup Frank Ferdon Glen Ferdon Julius Hamachek-added marriage writeup Earl Kerchefske Philip Kerchefske Joseph Krainik-d.1923-added marriage writeup Delia Mundt Ted Neumann Bernard Simkins Earl Stangel Patty Lou Tuschel Christian Waack-d.1916-add on #46 Sr. M. Theodoret La Londe #55 Michael Carney Alice Fielding-d.1916 Infant Mangin-d.1916 #57 Keith Bennin #63 Dewey Kasten #89C Vernon Kirchen Dorothy Messman CEMETERY X: Mrs. Chas. Benzhof Child of Mr. Clement James Collins Mrs. John Flannigan Child of Michael Junk Mary Kubatsky MARRIAGES: Knut Knutzen/Bertha Hallinzited(Hallingstad)-marriage writeup

Thursday - June 8, 2017 #44 Sgt. G.F. Barker-add on James Cumberlidge-add on Ernest H. Ludwig-d.1923-add on Alfrieda Schultz-d.1914-add on Augusta Wehausen-added obituary for her brother Thomas Windiate-d.1911-added son-in-law's obituary #63 August Filliez-added marriage writeup Baby Franz-d.1954 (son) Eleanor Franz Louis Guex-d.1957-added marriage writeup Frieda Mueller Anna Petri #69 Frances Kadow John Leschke-d.1916 Anna Pitsch-add on #77 Ralph Allen Bertha Kabat #82 Carl Hildebrandt #89A Fred Ollendorf-added marriage writeup CENTENARIANS: Frieda Mueller-from cemetery 63 MARRIAGES: Wm. Halvesen/Nellie Tichnor-added marriage writeup Julius Johnsen/Ragnild Gunderson-added marriage writeup PEOPLE NEWS: Daniel Shanahan-article CHURCH NEWS: St. Boniface-added article

Wednesday - June 7, 2017 #57 Therresia Eisert Child of Peter Mallmann-(Margaret) Catharina Tintinger #60 Charles Conway-d.1887 Mary Fitzgerald-d.1886 Bartholomew Gray Joseph Shanahan-d.1887 Mary Tracy #61 John Bohne-d.1888-add on Myra Kolb-added marriage writeup Elizabeth Walterbach John Wolters-add on #64 Wilbert Krase-add on Mary Schmoock-add on Meta Strutz #66 William Stangel-d.1973-added marriage writeup #78 Gust Valleskey-added marriage writeup #82 Candie Bahr-replaced obit with better copy #89A Minnie Wilsmann-d.1916 William Wilsmann-d.1953-added marriage writeup #89B Charles J. Klein D.D.S.-added marriage writeup #89D Louis Brusky-d.1989 Joseph Jacquette-added marriage writeup John Pelnar-added marriage writeup Dorothy Peroutka Charles Prausa-added marriage writeup Albert Tomchek-added marriage writeup Anton Wisniewski

Monday - June 5, 2017 #44 Dorothea Bentele also listed as Bently-add on Henry Brey-d.1886 Mary Buresh John Cahill Niels Doxrod Knud Erickson-d.1916-add on Louisa Freeman Heinrich Gehbe-d.1887-add on Christian Gelbke-d.1888-add on Hugo Griebling-added marriage writeup Fred Haukohl-add on Hattie Hessel-added article George Holst Georg Kunz-d.1872 Julia Larsen-d.1872 Otto Matznick-added marriage writeup Charlotte Nero Malvin Petersen-d.1888 Arthur Richards-d.1888-add on John Robinson-d.1886 Roland Teitgen-added marriage writeup Louisa Spiegel-d.1914) Charles Sweeting-news article Charles Typner-added marriage writeup Lillian Vollmer Hall-added marriage writeup Lena Weserman-added obituary Minnie Westphal-add on Captain Samuel Whitney #52 Eliesia Braun-d.1895 Friedrich Bubolz-d.1895-add on Wilhelmina Degner-added obituary Willie Haise Gertrude Horn Friedrich J. Roloff MARRIAGES: Coe Birdsall/Margaret Spencer-added Margaret's obituary Lewis Delsman/Anna Baumann-added anniversary writeup Arthur Knapp/Millie Olson-added obituaries for them

Sunday - June 4, 2017 #2 Gulik Johnson/probate Claude Sorenson #4 Ira Clark/article William Morgan/marriage/add-on #6 Anton Reindl/marriage/add-on #16 Michael Goessl/marriage/add-on Patrick Lyons/marriage/add-on A. Mathia Wegner/add-on #21 Emma Burkart Mathias Kautza/probate/add-on Margaret McCabe Anton J. Stahl #29 Roger Alan Hlinak #30 Laura Bergelin #32 Dorothy Keubke Herbert Messman Lester A. Wilda/replaced with complete obit #33 Doris M. Shimulunas #36 Randall L. Schindler/moved from Cem X #38 Richard Keenan/moved from Cem X #40 Louise Giese/add-on/obit Friedrich Lutzke #41 Added tombstone photos for the surnames of JOHNSTON through LYKKEN Iver Alfstad/probate/add-on O. Knudson/d. 1891 Peter Knutsen #43 James Barry/add-on George Bentley/marriage/add-on Louise Bohman Fred Broeker/marriage/add-on Paul J. Budnik Leonard Cerkas Edward J. Kerscher/marriage/add-on Wencel Koutnik/marriage/add-on John Leist/marriage/add-on Adela Lonsdorf Martin Maier Rosemary A. Meyer Rev. R.J. Reindl/article/add-on Carmen Stephany Daniel R. Wiczek James W. Wilhelm/marriage/add-on Gertrude Wood Charles F. Wunderlich/marriage/add-on #43a John Cichantek Adolph Drobka/marriage/add-on Jan Knipp Edward Sieracki #44 Frank Guse-d.1932-added marriage writeup Johann Schnell-d.1885-add on #78 Bonita Korstad #89A Roland Lawerentz-added photo Edward Luebke-added photo #89B Kenneth Jackobski-added photo #89C Roy Krenke-added photo Wayne Krueger-added photo #89D Elmer Albrecht-added photo Eugene Allie-added photo Paul Blasczyk-added photo CEMETERY X: Ralph Blair Fabian Michaud Martin H. Smaxwell Daniel Wrobel MARRIAGES: Wm. C. Roxien/Emma L. Grutzmacher/marriage announcement Berlin N. Sniffin/Maria Willott/marriage congratulations MILITARY: KOREA: Elmer Albrecht-Korea-added photo Paul Blasczyk-Korea-added photo Wayne Krueger-Korea-added photo WORLD WAR II: Added photos for the following: Eugene Allie-WW2-added photo Ornie Boettcher-WW2-added photo Robert Dugan-WW2-added photo Alvin Erickson-WW2-added photo Earl Erickson-WW2-added photo Russel Gauthier-WW2-added photo Burton Hanson-WW2-added photo Melvin Hurley-WW2-added photo Kenneth Jackobski-WW2-added photo Peter Konieczka-WW2-added photo Norbert Kowalski-WW2-added photo Roy Krenke-WW2-added photo George Larson-WW2-added photo Roland Lawerentz-WW2-added photo Roland Le Mere-WW2-added photo Edward Luebke-WW2-added photo Stanley Martinkavitz Andrew Miller + Citation Francis Paulow Moses Romdenne Leroy Shimulunas Oliver Skrivanie Frederick Watson George Watson Floyd Wiltgen Joseph Wisniewski VIETNAM WAR: Added photos for the following: Robert Ruminski Karl Weber

Friday - June 2, 2017 #44 Donna Brey Charlotte Conard Donald Drews Willis Ebelt Leona Eberhardt John Ellerman-d.1996 Carl Felde Daniel Fierst Dorothy Frick Leo Fricke-d.1996 Chester Gustavson Mary Heinzen Gail Johanek Howard Lensmire Thelma Lensmire Katherine Lishka Ann Newberg Berthold Reimschuessel Alrea Schuerer Harold Vetting Charles Williamson John Wilson-d.1996 #53 Karoline Bartz Daniel Beyersdorff Esther Black Adam Herwig-added obituary August Thurow Wilhelm Thurow-d.1895 #54 Marie Etzler Mary Krueger-added marriage writeup Wilhelm Muehlhans Wenzel Wattawa #55 Patrick Carr J.D. Nate-add on John O'Brien-d.1894 John Sheehy-d.1913-added marriage writeup Cora Watt #89A Erma Engelbrecht-added obituary Katherine Kahlenberg-d.1996 #89C Anton Blazei Jean Bruemmer Elmer Diedrich-added survivors #89D Rev. Alfred Ebel Elvira Lalko NEWS (People) Henry Esch-added article MARRIAGES: Daniel Cavanaugh/Catherine Morrissy-added marriage writeup Michael Cavanaugh/Nellie Doyle-added marriage writeup Adam Herwig/Pauline Kruger-added marriage writeup

Wednesday - May 31, 2017 #44 Heinrich Buerstatte-d.1887-added obituary Amy Edwards-add on Albert T. Engel-added marriage writeup Alma Klessig-added obituary and marriage writeup Charles Krumm-d.1955-added obituary Gustave Martin-added marriage writeup Willian Noble-d.1894-added obituary Voida Olson-added marriage writeup Susan Paulsene Joseph Schlager-d.1960-added marriage writeup C. Otto Schmidt-d.1906-add on Grace Sherman-added marriage writeup Arthur Sorge-added marriage writeup Mary Sweeney Olga Teitgen-d.1887 Heinrich Thiele-d.1887 William Thiele-added marriage writeup Frank Woerfel-d.1916-add on #82 Roland Schreiber-added marriage writeup #89A Arvid Asplund-added date of newspaper Herman Schurr-added marriage writeup Arthur Zoerb-added marriage writeup #89C Elmer Diedrich-added date of newspaper #89D Edward Bebeau-added marriage writeup MARRIAGES: Gustav Frase/Augusta Gerpheide-anniversary writeup

Tuesday - May 30, 2017 #44 Dorothea Bentele-added probate notice Robert Christman-d.1996 Heinrich Fehring-added probate notice Charles Hecker-d.1886-added probate notice Elizabeth Hopp Lucile Kohls-added obituary Frederick Kutil Heinrich Michel-added probate notice Dale Nimmer John Pitz-d.1907-added 1st wife's probate notice Tosten Rogne-added probate notice Harry Teteak #45 Margaret Lovely-added news notice Perry Lovely-proof of will probate notice #46 Sr. M. St. John Sprangers-d.1996 #47 Lucille Mailand Rohr-buried with Mailand #51 Andreas Fritsch-added probate notice #59 Maria Herr-buried 1916 #66 Marcella Stodola Reinke-buried with Stodola #67 Friedrich Jonas-added probate notice #69 Frank Mella-d.1888-added probate notice #70 Heinrich Vogelsang-b.1835 #77 Fritz Haelfrisch #83 Eric Detroye-replaced with better obituary #89B Anton Eis-added probate notice #89D Christine Gehrke Frances Hinkley Wesley Kuether-replace with better copy CREMATIONS: Patricia Knapp

Sunday - May 28, 2017 #2 Anne Gurine Aslakson George Gilbertson/marriage/add-on #6 Alice E. Ryan #18 Stanley "Tim" Bors #26 Lester Zipperer #31 Harvey C. Kohls #32 Carole Farr Adver Fickett Joseph Herrmann Eldor Klotzbuecher Lester Lukes Otto Mraz Harriette Neuser Donald Salm Clara Shimek Arland Vogt #33 Herbert C. Beduhn Daniel R. Carriveau Agnes L. Chermak/added survivors Lawrence L. Christiansen Josephine W. Stelzer Thomas L. Swartz Sylvia H. Yauger #43 Vincent Ray Bertler Mildred M. Bradl Norman F. Bradl Wilbert L. Gresl Barbara Kempka Viola Leiker Donald M. Leitner Louis E. Lundmark Lydia M. McKay Raymond Musial Margaret A. Singer Robert D. Wold #43a Clementine Komosa #44 Frank LaGesse-added his mother's obituary Harry Pehrson-added his son's obituary #89D Esther Becker Agnes Bodenstab-added newspaper date Wesley Kuether Gladys McKenna Mildred Stangel Paul Virnoche Sr. Josephine Zima CEMETERY X: F. Bieling-add on John Campion Gerhard Knoblauch Peter Langlan-add on Peter Purdy Daughter of Mr. Scheiss JoAnn Varga George Wachart DIED ELSEWHERE/BURIED ELSEWHERE Odilon Rocque Chris Wilde MARRIAGES: Albert Koeser/Ida Benzinger-added her obituary Daniel Shanahan/Sara Peppard-added her obituary Max Schwab/Caroline Johannes/marriage announcement Robert Schwartz/Anna Kracht/marriage announcement Anton Taugher/Bridgetha Howley/Bridgetha's obituary DENNIS MOORE'S CIVIL WAR ROSTER: Temple Clark-add on

Saturday - May 27, 2017 #41 Added tombstone photos for surnames beginning with the letter A through JOHNSON ***** Darlene Berg Thomas K. Berg Berit Berge Norah Allison Bratt Gary L. Bratz Gerhardt Bratz Ruth L. Christopherson Richard Erickson Marlyn G. Evenson Ole Evenson/d. 1904 Anne Flyken/add-on Marit Haldorsen Marie Johnson/added husbands bio Knud O. Oppen/add-on/obit John Thesen Ingre O. Thompson Glenn Thomsen Erick Olson Thorn Ragnhild Thorn John A. Throndsen Martin Tollefson/add-on Grant M. Valleskey #44 Everett Anderson Donald Groll Germaine Jayr Margaret Johnsrud-d.1996 Emma Mackey/added article Walter Perry Gilbert Rankin Leona Rugowski Norma Vandornick #63 Jill Yanda #66 Bernice Tulachka #69 Raymond Leschke #76 Harvey Bubolz #89A Alice Bocher Arlene Kresheck #89C Glenn Engelbrecht-added survivors and newspaper/date Sharon Redeker Elsie Richmond #89D Frances Gauthier-d.1974 Edward Laurent Augusta Rehrauer MARRIAGES: John Gagnon/Elmera Allie-added wedding writeup

Tuesday - May 23, 2017 #44 Willie Diedrich-d.1900 John Dietrich-d.1974 Locie Foreman Max Jagodensky Elizabeth Martin-d.1906 Manila Peot Herman Tills Ida Vogelsang-added obituary Louis Wilkowsky-added obituary #70 Lena Jonas Fred Kieselhorst Fred Krueger-d.1988 Adolph Schroeder-d.1898 Karl Waack #76 Barbara Bahrs Robert Thurow-d.1930-card of thanks #79 Emma Krueger-d.1930 William Krueger-d.1941-added marriage writeup #82 Frederick Broeckert-add on #89A Reinhold Baedker Alvin Becker John Breivogel-add on Emma Fanslau-add on Fred Mertens-d.1960-added article Jacob Mohr-added obituary Chester Oestrich Anna Pisarik Friedrich Priegnitz-added obituary Carl Schmidt-add on Clara Pufahl Schmidt-added marriage writeup Dorothea Schmidt-add on Mable Tomaschefsky-add on Jacob Trossen Albert Zermuehlen-added obituary #89B Theressa Krey-add on Polina Mella Leona Schipper-added obituary Alexander Simono-add on Delia Vaudreuil Andrew Wachtel-add on #89C Elsie Baker Gilbert Eckstein Lawrence Hall Eunice Vanderbusch #89D John Eggers-added survivors Frances Kornely MARRIAGES: Albert Blashka/Mary Winkel Anton Grimm/Martha Kornelly Albert Johannes/Elenore Zander

Monday - May 22, 2017 #5 Esther O. Fenlon Alexander Sherven #12 Oscar Kielsmeier/marriage/add-on Russell Krause #18 Vaclav Doubek/d. 1906 Daniel Krejcarek Anna Marshek #21 Anton Fessler/d. 1916 Katherine Marx Dorothy Evangeline Meyer Mathias Ruplinger/add-on/obit Gregory Stahl #28 Mary Chase/add-on #29 Edward Cenefelt Karen Verhagen/add-on/obit #32 Arno Behnke Merlin Brose George Engleman Rhoda Kocian Gilbert Neuser Edith Van Eycke #33 Irene M. Menges Donald Stock Frank Tolksdorf Erwin Treptow #35 Cristina Gonzales #36 Jan Doubek Theresa Frolick Marie Jedlicka #37 Julius Burke/add-on #38 Anna Havlinek/d. 1916 #43 Clinton M. Behnke Joseph Drill/add-on Christine Eiermann/add-on Theresa Fuka Etta E. Harmes Clarence E. Hartman Harold Koch Donald R. Kuhl #43a John Jagodinsky Francis Mrotek/d. 1996 #44 Frank Christel-added marriage writeup Robert Clusen-added better obituary John Duffy-d.1910-added daughter's obituary Alma Falck Edward Jirikowic Otto Jochem Fred Krejcarek-added marriage writeup Helen Kunish Doris McNeil Lawrence Nelson-d.1916-add on Minnie Olson-d.1916-add on Mary Peppard-add on Jerome Palmater-add on Harvey Phalen Caroline Pharris Charlotte Rayfield-add on Lawrence Schumacher Thom Skeen-add on Dorothy Svacina Joseph Thalhammer-d.1916 Walter Vetting-added marriage writeup George Zimmer #45 Stephen Swetlik #46 Sr. M. Romanus Ditter #47 Lorenz Bartl-added probate notice #50 Rosina Schulz #55 Michael Cummings-d.1915 Patrick Falvey Patrick Mullins-add on #59 Rosa Brunmeier George Vande Loo #63 Otto Bernhardt-d.1916-add on obit. Henry Cess Charles Huss-added marriage writeup George Jindra-d.1890 Charles Levenhagen-d.1920-add on #66 Joseph Benesh-d.1921-added son John's obituary Frank Frish-added obituary Josephine Jergenson Matej Parma (Matthias) Julia Siehr #67 Alvin Heyroth-card of thanks Louis Heyroth-add on Minnie Huss-add on #68 Friedrich Truettner-d.1890-added probate notice CREMATIONS: Benjamin J. Mann MARRIAGES: Gustav Alter/Hattie Guttman-added marriage writeup Adolph Assmann/Ida Sprang-added marriage writeup Ira Assmann/Mary Gesser-added marriage writeup Joseph Courchaine/Louise Filliez-added marriage writeup Gustavus Forrest/Esther Kress-added marriage writeup Herman Franz/Rose Bonfight-added marriage writeup J.A. Howarth/Nellie Rudolph-added marriage writeup Fred Krajerek/Emma Havlechek (Krejcarek in Evergreen)-added marriage writeup Wenzel Kral/Mary Klojda-added marriage writeup Edward Mack/Louise Otto/marriage announcement John Novy/Catherina Suchan/marrige announcement Vitus Spevacek/Anna Dufek/marriage announcement

Saturday - May 20, 2017 #44 Frank Burham-d.1904-added probate notice Delmer Drumm Margaret Fischer-d.1988 Christopher Fitzgerald Friedrich Fredrich-d.1890-added probate notice John Gerpheide-added probate notice Charles/Mary Haase-added anniversary writeup Olga Hacker Wencil Kolar Addie Krumm-add on Mary Lochmann Margaret Patzer Ernest Pribek #46 Sr. M. Clare Adelle Bolzenthal-added obituary Sr. M. Constantine Fabian Sr. M. Purificata Passinetti #52 Clarence Reichardt #66 Nick Jaklin-add on Mary Stangel-d.1926 #70 Friedrich Awe-added probate notice #78 August Schwanke-added article #88 Friedrich Henries-added probate notice #89B Isadore Brault-added marriage writeup Elizabeth Gagnon-d.1908-add on Amelia Krase #89C Ervin Baker-added marriage writeup #89D Helen Ducketts John Jarzump

Friday - May 19, 2017 #14 Edward J. Freis/25th Anniversary/add-on Robert V. Lorfeld #26 Anna Tisler/article/add-on #32 Dolores Fanslau Betty Valentine/add-on/obit Bjarne Wrolstad #36 Frank Vorla #38 Franz Braun #40 Emma Free Marie Anna Louise Luebke/add-on/obit Ella O.W. Moldenhauer #41 Rev. Dale W. Skatrud Sandra J. Skattebo #43 Clara Dembski Helen Doucha Clarence Fencl/marriage/add-on Lucile K. Kirchen Helen E. Kuffel Ruth Lorrigan George H. Mergen Roy A. Miles/add-on Anna L. Rohrer Ward A. Valentine/marriage/add-on

Tuesday - May 16, 2017 #78 Ernestina Roeseler-add on Ferdinand Zernoth-added son's obituary #83 Thomas Stemper #89A Donald O'Kroley #89B Fred Beth-d.1929 Peter Beth-d.1935 Sebastian Beth Rudolf Bishoff Josephine Bishop Charles Brixius Nicholas Christoffel-d.1922 Edmond Courchene-d.1973 John Geimer Meta Henrickson Margaret Jacobs-added marriage writeup Theresa Kloeckner Anna Scheuer-d.1915 add on obituary #89C Theodore Pagels Louis Posny Erline Ruelle Verna Stuebs #89D Mary Borusky Lillian Ciha-added survivors and newspaper date Joan Czechanski William Durocher Katherine Gagnon Alice Konitzer Robert Kronzer Sylvia Markowski

Monday - May 15, 2017 #13 Jennie Casper/add-on #26 Catherine Denor/article/add-on Joseph Sour #33 William F. Dose Edwin L. Free Matthew James Hetue Henry T. Luelloff/add-on/obit Marie C. Riske Karl W. Stelzer #41 Julia Korstad Otis Korstad/added survivors #43 Joseph E. Becker/d. 1996 Ursula Konrath/probate Wencel Koutnik/article/add-on Alois Rysticken Kenneth Sieracki Caspar Stockinger/add-on Mary D. Wilhelm Stanley Zagrodnik/add-on/obit #43a Martin Korlesky Julyanna Musial/add-on #44 Jeannette Brey Walter Mahlock Mildred McNulty Clara Miley Freda Rudolph Robert Schmidt-d.1996 Katie Schneider-d.1914 Ann Serio George Snowden Joseph Spaeth Paul Wheelock #45 Mariah Hoffman #46 Sr. Mary Edward Schmidt Sr. M. Theresa Vogel #57 John Brost-d.1937-marriage writeup Nickolaus Brost-added obituary Anton Noworatzky-added marriage writeup Magdalena Rock-add on William Scharenbroch-added marriage writeup #60 William Deehr-added 2 marriage writeups James Nagle #63 Eva Amerpohl Dora Kadow-added newspaper date Elsie Lorenz Elmyra Shedal #64 Rev. John W. Mattek #66 Louis Kanera #69 Emma Sickinger #70 Austin Getter #73 Louise Drumm Elmira Scheffler #78 Oscar Behnke-added marriage writeup Willelm Boettcher-added obituary Ferdinand Matznick-d. 1941-added article

Sunday - May 14, 2017 #6 Bernard Murphy/article/add-on John Peppard/marriage/add-on Margaret Pischel #8 Norma Jaeger #32 Seraphin DeWitt Patrick Groh Joseph Hynek Clayton Irick Raymond Ivis William P. Jagemann Henry Lehrmann Dolores Masarik Calla Olson Glennard Schumacher Bernard Stadelman #33 Thomas Steven Riesterer Lillian Sipiorski #38 Patricia A. Wagner #41 Irene C. Larson Cy Loren Lonzo Floyd A. Lonzo Peder B. Peterson John R. Posey Ella Prochnow Carl Johan Rogne Knud Knudsen Rogne #43 Margaret Everard Anna Gallagher Helen Ratajczak Viola Stanzel/add-on/obit Ervin Vetting #44 L. Evelyn Boettger Joseph Crowley Perdita Dramm Allen Eichhorst John Fodden Soua Lue Hang Pearl Hughes Glen Huycke Edward Kronberg-d.1996 Earl Koutecky Dolores Larson Violet Lukes Frances Lusnia Elaine Pultz Robert Rank-d.1988 Herbert Remiker Earl Rosinsky Robert Savage Arthur Schmidt-d.1996 Hortense Trochil Hugo Vetting Helen Wachal Margaret Wagner-d.1988 #46 Sr. M. St. John Francis Aumann Sr. M. Georgeen Brey Sr. M. Dolorose Goetzler-add on Sr. M. Dolores Price-add on #55 John Cronin-d.1872-add on Patrick Meany Patrick Moloney-add on Morgan O'Connell-add on Thomas Welch-d.1933-marriage writeup CREMATIONS: Susan Reuys

Saturday - May 13, 2017 #8 Roy E Voss/marriage/add-on #13 Leo G. Noel #26 Michael Kellner/add-on/obit Sylvia Sauer #32 Del B. Brault Arle Koeppe Louis Kornely Joseph Reedy Alice Taddy #33 Donald Daugs Lillian M. Johnston Robert F. Lawrence Elmer Lindquist Helen F. Randolph Edith Zierzow #41 Herbert K. Knutsen Charles W. Schuh #43 Mary C. Brady Lyman S. Elliot Richard T. Erdmann Alvin Gebhard/marriage/add-on Victor Kohlmann Chester P. Michalek Hilary J. Schroeder

Wednesday - May 10, 2017 #44 Raymond Barta-added marriage writeup Georgine Dokey Harold Halstrom Jean Holschbach Martin Monk-add on Lila Nething Frank Pieschel-added marriage writeup Frank Poklinkosky-added marriage writeup Alberta Schuette Grace Stockmeyer Joseph Wanish-added article #45 Mary Brunig-add on Caroline Gilcrece Veroqua Oakley #63 Infant Meyer Katharina Meyer #75 Heinrich Fischer August Krueger #76 Ernstina Boettcher Herman Boettcher-added obituary Adeline Bubolz Minnie Kuehne #77 Janet Barnard Irene Burich #78 Ferdinand Damm Ferdinand Matznick-added marriage writeup Ida Schroeder #81 Helmuth Gierke-added marriage writeup #89A Mata Crane Edward Kaminsky-added marriage writeup Lulu Kollberg Marilyn Muench Emmett Pawlitzke Richard Reihl Frank Schaefer-added marriage writeup Irene Seefeldt Arthur Sonntag Walter Zander-added marriage writeup #89B William Allen #89C Edward Kastrosky-added marriage writeup Lynn Mackie Thomas Napiecinski-added marriage writeup #89D Bob Bauknecht Ernestine Gagnon-also listed as Mahlik Mamie Gironimi Stephen Paprocki Arne Patrick Wanek-add on #90 Theodore Meyer-added marriage writeup CEMETERY X: Wenzel Hrdina Chas. Kuehn Erving Lindauer CREMATIONS: Leon Brandl DIED ELSEWHERE/BURIED ELSEWHERE/RELATIVES HERE James Alan

Monday - May 8, 2017 #12 Edwin Goeke/marriage/add-on #14 Herman W. Haefke #21 Anton Riesterer/marriage #30 Harry A. Bergelin/marriage/add-on #33 Walter Shambeau/marriage/add-on #43 Reuben Otto Bergner Joseph T. Pfeffer/marriage license/add-on Florence B. Pracki Grace L. Radlinger Edward A. Schwartz/marriage/add-on #43a Clara L. Orchekowski Louise Weber/add-on/obit #44 Raymond Fischer-added obituary Evangeline Holschbach Muriel Janesky Sarah Johns-add on Clara Kerscher Betty Kolerus Louis Marshek-added marriage writeup Lillian Meisner Susan Nicholson Allan Ozga Paul VanZon Helen Pape Stepan Polifka-Up coming marriage article. Helen Revolinsky Paul VanZon Myrtle Zander-d.1996 #46 Sr. M. Rita Forgach #47 Rosella Schroeder #63 Arnold Chaloupka Christina "Tena" Kadow Alexander Robinson CEMETERY X: June E. Richardson CREMATIONS: Margaret M. Soucoup Bruce A. Wilde

Sunday - May 7, 2017 #7 Joseph Gresl/added daughters marriage Mary Zipperer/d. 1996/add-on #12 Walter W. Dehne/marriage/add-on #13 Elvira Scheidt #16 Baby Finnel John Johnson Elnore Metz/add-on Michael Richdorf/added son's marriage + daughter's marriage/add-on Robert J. Van Abel #17 Richard Becker/marriage/add-on Herman Habeck/marriage/add-on Herman Jaeger/2nd marriage/add-on Amanda L. Mathies Daryl & David Pahl/listed under Jaeger #29 Jerome K. Lovick Bohumil Mayer Anna Podhola #30 Carl Kohls/add-on Melvin A. Valenta #32 Harry Baroun Eunice Brixius Alice Busse Frank Delsmann Paul Dirkmann Evelyn Ertman Delvin Groelle Walter Groelle Viola Habermann Lorraine Hetue Frank Kaderabek Lloyd Kornely Colleen Kouba Joseph M. Maichle/add-on/obit Louis Schultz LeRoy Welch #33 Delia E. Berkedal Mary E. Blahnik Stanley A. Gospodarek Harvey Hassemer Victor Jansky/marriage/add-on Robert J. Lee Florence M. Raatz Harry E. Schaefer, M.D. Henry W. Schneider Arvin H. Waack #38 Melvin Havlichek Henry Wacek/marriage/add-on #39 Florence Herdina/add-on/obit John Polifka/d. 1940/add-on/obit Dorothy J. Zahorik #41 Reed Laverne Halverson/add-on Martha C. Swenson Baby Boy Thompson Goodnow Torrison/add-on/obit #43 Edward Auermiller/add-on Joanne Hartman Lillian Kacynski Daniel R. Konkle John Kropp/d. 1953/marriage/add-on Judy A. Krueger Joseph D. Lambries Joseph J. Rappel/marriage/add-on Mark E. Rathsack Alex Robert Schroeder/moved from Cem X Mary B. Seitz Anthony J. Singer/marriage/add-on Celestine C. Sleger Jeanne G. Smith Carl Tauschek/marriage/add-on Raymond Van Able Catherine Wallen #44 Helen Allen Glenn Berger Peter Staalson-added marriage writeup Edward Stedl-added marriage writeup Albert Stock-added marriage writeup Joseph Suchomel-added marriage writeup Virginia Telleson Arthur Truttschel-added marriage writeup Mathilda Vogel-add on #46 Sr. M. Anaclette Durant Sr. M. Corrine Emmert Sr. M. Elizabeth Munch Sr. M. Louis Vogel #66 Jeffrey LeClair #77 Charles Kostechka Ruth Schuh #89A Frank Gebler-added full obituary Edward Grover-added marriage writeup Marie Levenhagen-added better obituary Myrtle Lodl Frank Miller-added marriage writeup Earl Reis Emilie Vietz Augusta Walter-add on Harry Wilsmann-added marriage writeup Grace Wyszynski-added marriage writeup #89C Earl Bruechert #89D Arthur Brull-d.1937 CEMETERY X: John Johnson Riis John Shaw MARRIAGES: John Garry/Henrietta Anderson-added marriage writeup Joseph Suchomel/Maria Krivanek-marriage announcement

Saturday - May 6, 2017 #44 Louis Delsman-d.1970-added marriage writeup Harvey Eggert-d.1937-added marriage writeup Marcella Fogltanz Gerald Franz Evelyn Granger Walter Hamilton-added marriage writeup Roland Handel-added marriage writeup Anita Jindra Mary Maguire-added obituary Edna Meisner George Peterson-d.1960-added marriage writeup Irma Rank-d.1996 Esther Schrank Leonard Schrank William Simmer-added marriage writeup MARRIAGES: Ben Bean/Olga Klingholz-added marriage writeup Edward Carus/Mary Bahr-added marriage writeup Charles Klingbeil/Annie Tesch-added marriage writeup

Friday - May 5, 2017 #44 Patricia Butler Ella Cichantek Joseph Novachek-d.1987-added marriage writeup #63 Clarence Ebeling-added marriage writeup Helen Cigler-added date of newspaper John Wenner-moved from cem. X Peter Wenner-moved from cem. X #77 Arthur Ottelien-added marriage writeup #83 Roger Muehlbauer #84 Arno Hagenow #89A Fred Carpenter-added marriage writeup #89D Barney Flanagan J. Irene LeClair Lorraine Marcelle-add on Leo Rebarchek Edward Schultz-added marriage writeup Frances Wichlacz Clifford Williquette-added marriage writeup DIED ELSEWHERE/BURIED THERE/RELATIVES HERE: Fred Burkart MARRIAGES: Willie Frank/Clara Wilde-added marriage writeup LIFE IN THE EARLY 1900s Added interesting story from 1921 about a ship and a dove

Thursday - May 4, 2017 #44 Edwin Braunel-added marriage writeup George Denk-d. 1988 Charles Groffman-d.1955-added son's marriage writeup Ruth Heinrichs G. Harry Kallies-added daughter's marriage writeup Ruth Karlin Anna Kollath-d.1988 Norman Kornely Louis Larson-d.1986-added marriage writeup Alice Neuser Thomas Schultz Allen Steeber Clara Streich-d.1979-added marriage writeup John Strodthoff-d.1932-added daughter's marriage writeup Robert Williquette Alex Zagrodnik-added marriage writeup William Zahn-d.1960-added marriage writeup Walter Zeman-d.1918-add on #53 Erwin Wenzlaff-added marriage writeup #55 Laura Daley-added marriage writeup Peter Falvey-d.1989-added marriage writeup James Rolland-added first marriage writeup Benjamin Kings-added marriage writeup #63 Oscar Benzinger-added marriage writeup #82 Julius Bornefeld Katherine Bornefeld-add on #89B Joseph LaFond-d.1940 Caroline LaForce Theresa Leiterman Joseph Mueller-d.1920 William Mueller-d.1930 Henry Short-add on Katherine Simanek Eva Smongeski Julia Staidl Michael Stoer #89C Frank Walter-added marriage writeup CREMATIONS: Alice Hansen MARRIAGES: Friedrich Grapentin/Alvine Willert-added daughter's marriage writeup Jacob Naidl/Anna-added son's obituary DENIS MOORE'S CIVIL WAR LIST: August Grupe-add on

Sunday - April 30, 2017 #1 Ruben Piper/added daughter's (Electra Rutherford) obit #7 George T. Zipperer/add-on/marriage #13 Peter Scheidt/add-on/marriage #21 Nicholas P. Loessl/add-on/birth announcement #26 Anton Schleis/add-on/marriage #33 Albert G. Ellestad/add-on/marriage #34 Edwin Chloupek/add-on/marriage #36 Josef Sebesta #38 Joseph Sladky/add-on/marriage #43 George Bentley/add-on/marriage Dudley Cuthbert/add-on/marriage Stephan F. Egan/add-on/marriage Margaret Gates/add-on/marriage Alvin Grall/add-on/marriage Fred Granzow/add-on/marriage Cornelius McGovern Thomas J. Ozga/add-on/marriage Vaclav Panosh/add-on/obit Anna Tepoorten/add-on/marriage Charles J. Tikalsky/add-on/marriage #43a Anton F. Becker/add-on/marriage Charles Hettmann/add-on/marriage #63 Griselda Johanek Bernadine Mott #66 Joseph Fabian-d.1976 Clara Martin-added full obit Matt Schleis-added survivors Adolph Yanda-add on Rosalie Zahorik-add on #66a Mary Toupal Wenzel Valenta-d.1973 #69 Otto Kollath Verona Pribek #70 Gottfried Naumann-probate notice #77 Judith Denor Elizabeth O'Connor Mary Shimek-d.1974 Robert Wilhelm #79 Gustave Fredrich Milford Schulz Baby Boy Streckert #81 Helmuth Boeldt Edgar Henning-added marriage writeup #82 Della Beil Katherine Borneman-add on George Buchman Arthur Dedering-added marriage writeup Lucille Piper-added marriage writeup #84 Jeanette Conrad Charlotte Reseburg Helena Stecker-add on #88 Wilhelmina Flentje #89A Frank Preles-added marriage writeup #89B Jacob Kirschkofski Mary Simonis Henry Short Michael Shubert-added obituary 89C Emma Barschow Sophia Heide-add on David Kvitthyll Mary Jean McNulty Clarence Miller Ramona Schiman Ernest Zermuehlen-added marriage writeup 89D Alfred Grimm Veronica Hoffman Genevieve Jansky Albina Kvitek-added obituary James LaChappelle-add marriage writeup Lois LaRose Lorraine Marcelle Louis Melicher Norbert Naidl Joseph Schroeder Wenzel Valenta Edward Vanderbloomen-d.2014 Raphael Zipperer CEMETERY X: Anne Noddy Irving O. Paul Patricia E. Roedig Alex R. Schroeder Deloris M. Schuh Peter Werner CREMATIONS: Edward R. Steckmesser MARRIAGES: George Allwardt/Minnie Althen-added marriage writeup Anton Dresner/Anna Bohacek-added marriage writeup John Morris/Rosann O'Neil-marriage announcement Iver Nelson/Trina Nelson-marriage announcement Joseph Pech/Mary Kresner-marriage announcement Leo H. Robbins/Susan E. Arens-marriage announcement Carl O. Schmidt/Minna Engel-marriage announcement Hershal D. Smalley/Agens A. Langworthy-marriage announcement Charles Streich/Josephine Schlier-marriage announcement Anton Taugher/added obit Henry Tendick/Annie Treick-marriage announcement Jacob Trossen/Barbara Werner-golden wedding anniversary Frank Wacek/Anna Lusta-marriage announcement Francis P. Williams/Julia Frances Jones-marriage announcement

Saturday - April 29, 2017 #2 Reinhardt A. Gaedtke/add-on #14 Harold H. Sohn #21 Lucille M. Berres Katie F. Crowe William A. Groh/add-on/marriage Raymond Meyer/add-on/marriage Louis Schema/add-on/marriage Bernard Wilbershide/add-on/marriage Johann Wimmer/add-on/obit #32 Reginald Buyeske Leo Elsen Ruth Irick William Ross Frank Shavlik/add-on Oscar Zunker #40 Robert Kasbaum/add-on/marriage Evelyn Lenz William Lenz Baby Boy Rusch #43 Catherine Benthein Max M. Mrotek Susan Tepoorten/d. 1988 Elaine M. Walsh Frances Witte/add-on/added father's obit-Ignatz Klaubauf #44 Vincent Bast Lena Bull-add on William Carle-add on Edward Cerull/Josephine-added marriage writeup Joseph Chasensky-added birth of son Sharon Dvorachek Wm. Hacker/Haker-added birthday announcement Adolph Haese-added engagement announcement Beatrice Hansen-added marriage writeup Albert Heim-added marriage writeup Martha Hoes Naomi Kreisa Caroline Krueger-d.1915-add on Frank Kunish-added anniversary writeup Johanne Lemke-added obituary Fred Liermann Clara Neuhaus E.W. Packard-added obituary Herman Pries-added obituary Charles Archie Randolph-added marriage writeup Jeremiah Reardon-added obituary Charles Sauer-added marriage writeup Bernard Simkins Hubert Simon-d.1915 add on Thomas Sporer-d.1950 added anniversary writeup Calvin Zenk-article added #46 Sr. M. Columban Hoegerl Sr. M. Rosalita Sromovsky #51 Minnie Moser Mary Pritzl-d.1925 #52 Marlene Vanderlinden #53 Corey Bubolz Ferdinand Haese-add on #57 Aaron Koenig Sheri Koenig #60 Mary Garry-added information about her husband Michael Hayes Mary O'Grady-d.1950 Michael Trainor MARRIAGES: Charles Dedrich/Mary Kragnic-added their daughter's marriage writeup Daniel Fitzgerald/Helen Muehlenbruch-added marriage writeup John Kelley/Christina Nelson-added obit. for Christina

Friday - April 28, 2017 #2 Rudolph Meidl #4 Esrom Knapp/add-on #6 Patrick McClough Joseph Meyer/add-on/obit Laura Pritzl Anastasia Schadeberg #8 Bertha Siggelkow/add-on/obit #12 Ida Hintz #13 Lena Schill/add-on #14 Deloris Jabes Roland H. Jaeger #15 Edgar H. Dahlke #16 Mary Haws #20 John H. Reinholdt #21 Elmer J. Adelmann/add-on/obit Bruno J. Burkart/add-on/obit August Mayer/added daughter's obit/Sister M. Ampelia Stuart McMunn/add-on/obit Lorenz Stiefvater/add-on Alvina Sukowaty #22 Sarah Reddin #32 Desmond Dunne Evangeline Engelbrecht Bernice Hackbarth Clara Herrmann Willis E. Horn William Kracht Sigismund J. Lemke Daniel Lodl Walter O'Connell John Petrashek, Sr. Alvin Siebert Ethel Sprang Carol Strutz Joseph Urban #33 Erhardt W. Commings Arnold R. Francisco Reuben G. Gove Herman E. Heimer Edna A. Herrick Walter C. Jance/add-on/marriage Inga J. Mix Deane A. Peckham Majorie R. Roberts John E. Shimon #34 Adela Trocil/add-on #35 Elda M. Miller John Peterik/add-on/obit #38 Melvin Brockhoff #40 Bertha Lenz Marcella Scheidt #41 Boyer Amunds/add-on/obit #43 Mathilda Benzschawel Mary Block/added son's obit, Walter Block Thomas Donahue/add-on/golden anniversary Marie L. Habeck Stephanie Claire Hackbart John Herbert Holmes/add-on Catherine A. Knier/add-on Albert F. Koeck/add-on/marriage Albert Korzinek Paul Leist William E. Miller Eddie J. Moseler Leroy E. Owart Ann Poehls Lucille Pollock Arthur P. Posvic/add-on/marriage Wencel Reindl/add-on/marriage Melvin J. Schisel John Schoch/add-on/wife's second marriage Eleanore M. Simon Pauline M. Slager Arthur Spahn Frank Svoboda/add-on/marriage Leonard A. Woytal Lydia Zinkel #44 Harvey Behnke Lucy Graycarek Margaret Hacker-d.1995 Evelyn Hayden Renata Kieselhorst John King Florence Kubsh Melvin Luckow William Scheurell

Monday - April 24, 2017 #44 Noble Anderson Glen Anklam Edward Bishop Edward Hornes Esther Hussey Frank Kerscher-added obituary Anna Knell-d.1988 Blanche Lindner Raymond Reinert Robert Schroeder-d.1988 #57 Alvin Morgan #77 Daniel Behnke #89C George Babich Esther Buvid Gary Miller Janice Ringmeier Emil Siewert #89D Eunice Brault Matt Krummel-added obituary Angeline Kummerow Winton Jonas-added survivors CEMETERY X: George Barbeau Sr.

Friday - April 21, 2017 #44 Willott Pitz Viola Schuette Deidre Vitale Charles Ziemer #63 Shirley Niemojuski #69 Rita Tomchek #70 Susan Kieselhorst-added obituary Elsa Stock #76 Dora Busse Giles Haelfrisch #84 Gordon Ehlers-add on #87 Franz Krueger Friedrich Ninmer-d.1914 Melvin Ott #89A Bruno Daetz-added marriage writeup Herman Krueger Selma "Sally" Levanetz Selma Markwardt Frank Mathiesen Henry Pierpont-d.1890 Fred Puls-d.1957 Henry Ruether-d.1937 Henry Rusboldt Robert Schuster-d.1923 Harold Simons-d.1970 Lionne Smith Ella Sonntag Robert Spiering Mary Thompson-thank you card #89B Alice Kosobucki

Thursday - April 20, 2017 #44 Richard Beduhn-d.1955-added marriage writeup Robert Behrmann Genrose Birkenstock Joseph Birkenstock Joseph Brennan-d.1937-added marriage writeup Eugene Chloupek-added marriage writeup Louis Cummings Arthur Gennrich-added marriage writeup Nancy Jeffries Katherine Kirwan-add on Anna Kohlbeck-d.1974-added obituary Petr Kostlivy Christian Pfeil William Robinson-d.1914-add on Lucy Siebold George Sladky-d.1950-added marriage writeup Reuben Smart-add on Edwin Soukup-added obituary Marie Staudt Mildred Strauss Dorothy Teitgen Donald Teteak Stephen Torrison-add on Peter Vader-add on Harry Whitcomb-added marriage writeup William Woodin #53 Gottliebe Fechner Johanna Judes Caroline Raschke-add on Herman Zummach #60 Martin Cain-d.1915 Anthony McNulty-d.1917 Helen Miller-add on James O'Rourke #63 Hans Beyer-d.1890 Joseph Kouba-add on Clara Streese Albertine Stueck-add on #66 Antonie Zeman CENTENARIANS: Antonie Zeman

Wednesday - April 19, 2017 #44 Frieda Braun-add on Emelia Dallmann Olina Danielson-d.1926 Reginald Hammond-added marriage writeup Vaclav Hruska-add on Joseph Kellner-d.1890 Karl Klackner Harold Koeppe-added marriage writeup Blanche Kozlovsky Joseph Kozlovsky-d.1976 Mary Lovell Gerald Nechodomu Lana Nechodomu Mary Peroutka-d.1997 Helen Rechcygl Gary Schwalbe Martha Shimon Ida Simmet #89A Adolph Balge-moved from Cem. X CEMETERY X: William Hein add on Fred Ihlenfeldt-sent his obit. to Kewaunee co. on usgenweb.org. He is there.

Monday - April 17, 2017 #5 Caroline A. Robison #7 John I. Fischer #8 JoEllen Grupe #12 Albert Goeke/add-on/marriage announcement #13 Peter H. Scheidt/add-on/marriage license #21 Mary Dunbar/add-on/obit Hildegard Schnettler #26 Hilda Schiesl #29 Joseph Bohacek/add-on/marriage license Lillian E. Rezek Helen M. Skarivoda #32 Diana (Dee Dee) Groelle Clarence Hutchison Erna Langreck Sophie March/added survivors Harold Olp Betty Szalewski #33 Lawrence O. Bolen Kenneth E. Carstens Doris Gauger Vivian Halverson Peter Kochrosky/add-on John W. Martell Albert J. Pollen Erna L. Wernecke #38 Lillian J. Heran Paul Leist Wilbur E. Newman Anna Pankratz Lawrence Wallau/add-on #43 Sophie E. Ansorge William J. Ballard/add-on/marriage license Cynthia M. Cooper Alphonse Holschbach/add-on/marriage announcement Emma Holschbach/add-on/marriage announcement Kenneth P. Holschbach Sylvester J. Koneczka Louis Paulow Evelyn Rohrer Theresa B. Schmelzle Anton Zboralski/add-on/marriage announcement Dominic Zinda #43a Bernard Weina/add-on/marriage announcement #89D Lawrence Kaczrowski

Sunday - April 16, 2017 #44 Tenyk Olmsted-added his wife's death notice Wilhelmina Petska Friedrich Pingel-added article Jarvis Platt John Polak-d.1960-added marriage writeup Rudolph Reininger-added marriage writeup Karl Sampe-added marriage writeup Joachim Schroeder-d.1923-added anniversary writeup Wm. Schroeder-d.1915-add on Mary Vreeland Sibree-d.1890 Otto Strouf-added marriage writeup Henry Vits-d.1921-added anniversary writeup #46 Sr. M. Petronille Haley-added article Sr. M. Lillian Kubs #51 Joseph Geiger-no dates #55 Edward Monahan #56 Florence Neuhaus #63 Mary Chaloupka-add on Richard Dalebroux Emma Haese-d.1997 Laura Haese Myrtle Landt Hugo Ploeckelmann-marriage writeup Edward Samz-d.1921-add on Johanna Schwartz Clara Terens #73 Norma McCurdy Wenndorf (buried with McCurdy-1st husband) #76 Wilma Schultz] #82 Baby Kraemer-d.1953 Susan Kraemer #83 Alois Gellings-added mar. license app. #84 Infant Vogel-d.1960 #89A Frederick Clarke Christine Peck-added son's obituary #89C Harry Hartway-added marriage writeup Emil Havel-added marriage writeup #89D Emil Cigler-added marriage writeup Richard Soucoup-added survivors CEMETERY X: J. Balge Earle Draper James Hagerty Wilhelm Hein Fred Ihlenfeldt MARRIAGES: Charles Drumm/Bertha Unger-added mar. writeup Paul Groth/Elsie Schuler-added mar. writeup Joseph Hrudka/Anna Jachimstal-added mar. writeup John Kelley/Maria Egan-added mar. writeup

Friday - April 14, 2017 Caspar Bartley Ruth Behnke C.H. Boughton-add on obituary Charles Buss-d.1997 Ruth Dempsey-add on Walter Dorsch-announcement of daughter's birth Emily Endries Roy Giffey-marriage writeup Minnie Hall-d.1963-added article Gordon Hallwachs Anders Hanson-d.1914-added info. about spouse Paul Haselow-marriage writeup Gyles Hubbard Francis Kasbohm John Krumdick-d.1956-marriage writeup Leland Mahnke Christopher Mast Elizabeth Maurer

Tuesday - April 11, 2017 #44 Wilma Buerstatte Frank Kadletz Inez Matejovetz-added correction Kathleen Meyer-d.1988 Patrick Meyer-d.1968 Eleanor Nilsen Constance Quistorf Milda Rhode Ida Rodewald Etta Schmill Emily Seidl Morten Tveten-d.1942-added son's obituary Grace Weina Vernette Wicke Erna Wilms Joyce Zabler #46 Sr. M. Therese Poquette #89A Clifford Anderberg Ethel Strye #89C Alice Mull Russell Tess #89D Norbert Bretl Garland Lebrick Edward Lodl Lillian Puta Agnes Stoeger

Monday - April 10, 2017 #44 Julia Bishop-added marriage announcement Merlin Borgwardt-add on Linda Born-added marriage announcement Alois Budnik William Chapman C.D. Christiansen-add on Catherine Cyr Robert Diedrich Mayme Doyle Clifford Erdmann Reginald Hammond-added obituary Sherman Long Rudolph Ludwig-added anniversary writeup David McLaughlin Mabel Rapp-added obituary Marguerita Squires-add on Archie Wolfe-added engagement announcement #44a Henry Yoenger #52 Adella Braun Elsa Braun #69 Anna Pitsch #89A Friedrich Beck-d.1930 George Feistel-added son's obituary Sophia Grade Harry Guehlstorf Jane Johnson George Klein Elizabeth Knipfer Carolina Pitzoldt Emil Ribitzki Augusta Ahlgrim Schoenborn Gertrude Wilker-add on #89B John Comer

Sunday - April 9, 2017 #2 Reinhardt A. Gaedtke Theodore Jeske/add-on Maria Madson #4 James Smith #5 Marit Olson Walter Norman Reinertson #6 Joseph Dietrich/add-on/obit George B. McGuire/add-on/marriage #8 Anthony D. Jaeger/add-on Walter G. Schuette #9 Anna M. Kress #13 Esther Brunmeier Arthur J. Salm #16 Claude Bartelme Murt Driscoll/add-on/article Gertrude Duckart Charles Goessl/d. 1932/add-on/anniversary Carrie Ann Metz Catherine Ryan Joseph Wotruba/add-on/wedding #17 Hugo G. Radue #20 Frieda Bosma Lorraine M. Lau #21 Anton P. Schwartz Sylvester Stein/add-on #23 Brother/Luke Manning #26 William Fidler/add-on/marriage John Seidl/add-on/marriage Frederick Trost Carl S. (Bud) Willman #29 Mildred Chaloupka/add-on/obit Jan Hypsa/add-on Gary L. Kilbride Charlotte Kittell/marriage Matt Polifka/add-on/marriage Carl F. Prochazka #32 Gertrude Bishop Earl Bubolz Audrey Burmeister Elmer Fecteau Butch Gehrke (Gerald) Mel Kitzerow Paul Koldoff Floyd Meyer Howard Miller Russell Peterson Victor Polifka William Protz Robert Rutherford Elmer Sand Frank Shavlik Earl Stegemann Glynn Zietlow #33 Pearl A. Ansorge Jean M. Cavanaugh Ida L. Hein Fred H. Meisner Roland W. Oestreich #36 Mary Kubsch/add-on/obit Josephine Malley #38 Anne M. Brazzale #40 Erich Haupt #41 Louise Mathilde Gilbert #43 Milton "Shorty" Bruns Marie V. Cannon Clara B. Cisler Clinton E. DeBauche Anna Duben/replaced with complete obit Odile E. Entringer Angeline Evard Melody Marie Groelle Emily M. Hein Dale A. Holschbach Leona Kahl Blanche G. Karl Clarence Komorosky Emma A. Kugler Dorothy G. Litersky Terry R. Lutterman Helen E. Mangin Joseph Mrotek/d, 1988 Alice J. Nelson Irma C. Phalen Wayne A. Pozorski August E. Riederer Clarie A. Tauschek Leonard D. Trost/d.1988 Wanda C. Zandala #43a Marion Drill/add-on/obit Mary Mrozinski John Skrzypczynski #44 Inez Matejovetz Dr. John Moeller Maxine Nelson William O'Neil Ralph Petersen Hilda Rambadt John Schmidt-d.1997 Joseph Schweigl-d.1997 Patricia Severson Walter Sonnenburg #46 Sr. M. Clotilda Bott Sr. Mary Francis Hoesche #60 Thomas Walsh #63 Isabel Jost #66 Lillian Siebold #66a Matthew Kakes-d.1997 #69 Sophie Borchardt #70 Mary Schramm Mabel Vetting #72 Gertrude Kowalski #89D Ben Domenoski-added survivors plus add on. Irene Kornely CEMETERY X: Frank McGraw John O'Leary Kelly A. (Coombs) Piazza Mary Schlaeter/add-on Eleanor Wawrzyniak CREMATIONS: Richard Carey Edward G. Konecny MARRIAGES: Joseph Hronek/Julia Shedivy-added 25th ann. writeup

Friday - April 7, 2017 #44 Marie Behnke-d.1975 Helen Doolan John Gennrich-added obituary Marshall Gotchy Albert Lindholm Agnes Meyer-d.1975-added obituary Lorane Stecker Elsa Tech Beverly Ziarnik-added obituary #89C Louise Eckardt Dorothy Hoverson Henry Reimer Raymond Schwahert

Thursday - April 6, 2017 #44 Chadwick Baertschy Rolland Baker Paul Fischl Florence Flowers Leonard Gorecki Cornelius Healy-added legible obituary Dorothy Heier Vivian Helgerson Diane Herrmann Clarence Jaecks Clinton Marks Maldon Maule Earl Parworth-added marriage writeup Emil Peterik-added legible obituary Chester Plantico-d.1952 Blanche Prucha George Schipper #55 Patrick Cahill-replaced with better copy of obit. John Sheehy-d.1890 #64 Theodor Becker William Prestien #69 Valentine Malicki-replaced with better copy of obit. Rose Muchowski #87 Jessica Oner-add on obit. #89A Mary Fanslau Herman Gross Charles Meyer-d.1923 Ida Saubert-add on Albert Shimon-added marriage writeup Robert Suettinger-d.1988 Wm. Voigt-add on #89B Robert Schubert-added legible obituary #89C Augusta Ahrens-added legible obituary Fred Gringel-added legible obituary MARRIAGES: Ernst Duebner/Annie Scherer-added marriage writeup

Tuesday - April 4, 2017 #44 Olga Abendschein Irene Alfredson Elmer Behnke Rudolph Behnke-added son's obituary Gretna Brown-add on Grace Chizek James Dailey Leila Felde Evelyn Fors Carrie Herr Samuel Herbert, Benjamin James and Jacob Lothar Kinscher Emily Klinkner Michael McGann Leo Phillips Mary Pilger-d.1975-add on Lynne Plantico Esther Rosinsky Ruth Schaus Muriel Scheinoha Francis Scheuer Emily Thielen #63 Alice Kesting Holly Peters Agnes Rhein Melvin Schnell #66 Harold Funk Nancy Funk #82 Dora Klaus Ernestine Renn #85 Wilhelmina Karstaedt-added obit. #89A Julia Currens Carolina Erler Julia Havel Christ Hering Carl Kirst-added anniversary writeup Phyllis Lahey Elizabeth Spahn-added obit. Rose Neils-add on Luella Terry-added marriage writeup Gustav Tomaschefsky-d.1914 Augusta Weber Sophia Wiese-add on Arthur Zoerb-added marriage writeup #89D Joseph Juchniewich Norman Kronforst Theresa Vanderbusch #90 Myrtle Schreiber CEMETERY X: Lawrence Byrne John Hussey Mr. Lenious

Monday - April 3, 2017 #44 Andrea Larson James Lee-added obit. Adolph Mancel-added marriage writeup Catherine Metzger-funeral thank you notice Anna Neider-d.1929 Frank Nemetz-d.1913 Silas Pierce-added marriage writeup Ella Plumb James Powers Blanca Rahr Hermann Rietz-add on Augusta Rosinsky-add on Charles Schrimpf-added marriage writeup John Shuber-added marriage writeup Joseph Turpin Martha Weeman Edward Wilda-d.1975-added marriage writeup #47 Margaret Brunner-d.1956 Lester Trainor #54 Amalije Buric Jan Dvoracek Anna Hlavackova-added obit. Vaclav Kabat-added obit. Vaclav Vondracek #55 Sarah Halron-add on Elizabeth Sullivan-d.1914-added obit. #56 Ellen Rietbrock #60 Daniel Peppard-added marriage writeup Rodger Shanahan #61 Julius Schneider-added funeral thank you #63 Pascal Brouchoud-added marriage writeup Vivian Dvorak Louise Greenwood Florence Jost Fred Ploeckelmann-added news article Lloyd Ploeckelmann Alphonse Rhein-added marriage writeup #73 Friedrich Grotegut #77 Charles Burich-d. 1945-added marriage writeup #78 Friedericke Gother Alwin Krueger Bernard Reinke-marriage writeup Gust Valleskey-marriage writeup

Sunday - April 2, 2017 #2 Belle Nelson/add-on/obit #21 Nick Backhaus/add-on Kenneth Theodore Delsmann Michael Dunbar/d. 1914/add-on Mary Alexia Koeck/add-on Elizabeth Lettenberger Margaretha Loos #26 Martin Keehan Josef Konop/d. 1914/add-on Helena Muench/add-on/obit Wencil Novachek/add-on/obit Alvin Swetlik Dorota Yohanek #33 Deanna M. Bernhardt/add-on/obit Gabriel Bernhardt Jeremy Bernhardt Robert Lenzner Thomas R. Lenzner Joseph F. Mleziva Shawn R. Popp Mabel R. Wagner Marian H. Wassink Alfred A. Wollersheim/add-on/obit #34 Louis Cootwey/add-on Stephen Maly/add-on Amalie Trocil #36 Joseph Cizek/add-on #38 Mary Dvorak Reinhardt Hessel/marriage announcemen Dorothy M. Hutterer #39 Jan Svacina Kenneth J. Tisler, Sr. Louis Vogeltanz #41 Nora Torrison #43 Charles A. Bartel Christopher L. Gersek Robert J. Johnson Marie G. Koebke Paul T. Massman Alfred Ruchhoeft Richard "Rick" Vogel Yvonne C. Wollersheim/add-on/obit #43a Peter P. Dryll/add-on/obit Ella Kartheiser Barney Kowalewski John Partenski Joseph Schultz #43b Sr. M. Damiana Kwacigroch Felicyanka Sr. M. Leona Smoguluska Felicyanka #44 George Beer Katherine Boehmer CREMATIONS: William C. Protz Elizabeth A. Reed

Friday - March 31, 2017 #6 Catherine McCulley Laurence McCully #9 Anna Kohn Heinrich T. Kohn Joseph A. Kohn/add-on/obit Thomas A. Kohn Frank Martens M. Pfalz (Magdalena) #10 Roland Dassler Anna Cathania Werner Peter Werner Sr. #12 Elinora L. DEHNE Fischer Edward H. Free Conrad Stock/add-on #16 Anna Cermak/d. 1914/add-on Catherine Engeldinger/d. 1967/add-on Ann COONEY Penney #21 Adeline Kautzer Harrison Anna Waller Theresia Waller Wenzel Waller #29 George Basken/add-on/obit Jan Dusek Miloslaw Dushek #32 Elwood Holmes Eugene Mott #82 Robert Bruesewitz-replaced with newspaper name and date and survivors #83 Margretha Menne #89A Wayne Kummerow Ida Schroeder Albert Streu Emil Wilsmann #89B Gertrude Augustine Maryana Bonk Sophia DeLille #89C Roger Garceau-added obituary Kenneth Johnson Catherine Monk Ida Voelker Alfred Zlatnik-d.1973-added son's obituary #89D Roberto Fung CREMATIONS: Charles Altmann Roland DeBauche Frank Jennings Jr.

Wednesday - March 29, 2017 #44 Walter Bugenhagen-d.1997 Henry Burger-d.1988 Lloyd Eucher Lillian Fisher Hilton Flavin Earl Haugh Loretta Heinzen Eleanor Kienzler Alvin Klein Helma Lenz Adolph Mancel Lucille Markvart Elva Moakler Milton Mueller Kenneth Neubauer Floyd Novak Arndt Pederson William Prahl Gustav Reisner George Rutherford Emma Sattler Anna Sindelar-d.1975 Hilarie Theodorou Edith Todl Fannie Wagner Bonnie Weina Cyril Wuellner #46 Sr. M. Bridgetine Gauthier Sr. M. Anicetus Groessel Sr. Maribeth Zehnpfennig #53 Augusta Bubolz Sarah Krueger #69 Elaine Sickinger #82 Cody Pierce-replaced with obit with newspaper/date named #89A Emerentz Galecki-added survivors #89D Helen Diedrich-added survivors

Monday - March 27, 2017 #55 John E. Doolan-d.1969-marriage writeup Michael Dorsey David Fitzgerald #57 Anna Binversie-d.1928 #59 Anna Herr-d.1914-added obituary Maria Herr-d.1914 Klara Hertel Peter Schwartz-added obituary #66 Adolph Hallada-d.1936-add on Henry Wallace Anna Wojta-d.1967 #78 Amanda Draheim Ella Draheim Florella Schaefer Friedrich Zarnoth #81 Christian Henning-d.1914 #83 Harvey Nickel #89D John Bonfigt-d.1988 Albert Frasch Derek Genrich Arthur Grimm Lawrence Grimm Roland Hartell Eugene Jacquart Grace King Ethel Komoroski Agnes Krey Frances Kuich Irene Lesperance Charles Lodl Lawrence Maresh Beatrice McClellan Herbert Schrimpf Carol Silverman

Sunday - March 26, 2017 #13 Eleanora Koerber/add-on/obit #21 Monica S. Endries Alois J. Schad/d. 2014 David A. Schneider Beatrice K. Schueler Niles L. Schueler Ken C. Stoffel #26 Jan Anderle Agnes Baumann Ronald J. Bonk Alzbeta Decker John Filip Mary Filip Marije Frolikova Tomas Genefels Mathes Havlovic Frances Heier Jiri Herlik Anna Johanek Joseph Kellner Randolph Kvitek/add-on #44 Leo Brandt Myrtle Edgar Dorothy Eucher Lillian Fellner Orlando Herman Joseph Kirt Earl Meacham-d.1973-added obituary Barbara Pejsar William Protz-d.1997 Alois Radl-d.1988 Adam Raether Minnie Richardson-add on William Robinson-d.1914-add on Louise Schroeder-d.1988 Irwin Schwartz-d.1997 Donald Siebold-added obituary Lena Simonsen Vendetta Skarda Walter Skarda Robert Turek Evelyn Valibile Matthew Virnoche #45 Janice Kutil Hunt-buried with Kutil Robert Kutil Raymond Sampe Kenneth Shaffer Charles Sydow #55 Maurice Long-add on #57 Rose Schneider #61 Henry Miller-d.1927 #63 Mabel Abbet Alfred Marcotte #66 Albert Hallada Marcella Johanek #72 Josephine Parworth-added survivors #78 Amanda Wagner #85 Gustave Kletzien-add on #89A Alma Albrecht Martha Gloe Myrtle Schneidewend #89B George Vanderbloemen #89D Victoria Bauknecht John Buffone

Saturday - March 25, 2017 #32 Walter Piepenburg #33 Vivian Bergel Benjamin Gauthier/added survivors Lawrence H. Hokenson Noel L. Karl Alonzo G. Martin Mildred R. Meyer James R. Montz Rick L. Mrotek Otto H. Riske #36 Mary Ann Kubsh #38 Martin P. Augustine #39 Lucy Kirt Agnes Pekarske Andreas Schoermetzler #41 Lyda L. Berge Ole L. Erickson/add-on/obit Arthur Steinhilb Omen Swensen/add-on/obit #43 Michael A. Bennett Rose C. Brey Max Drost Sylvester Finnel Bernice A. Gagnon James Michael Gamble Mary V. Gogat Jeanette Graczykowski Anna Klein Hopf/Klein lot Vivian E. Joyce Jane M. Kaufmann Pauline E. Keil Capt. Norman L. Kleman Kathleen A. Kowalski William J. Kronschnabel Lisa Kuklinski Kay E. Levendusky Gaynell M. Manlick Robert F. Martell Robert H. Reinicke Laree M. Riederer LeRoy T. Wagner Nellie Watzke Hubert G. Willis #43a Leonard F. Gospodarek/d. 1952 Severyna Gospodarek Dorothy Novy #44 Marion Arpin Charles Behringer Leone Brennan Bonnie Clover Ida Eberhardt-added obituary Edwin Franz Michael Hoffman Thomas Hoffman William Just Anton Kaderabek-replaced with better copy Henry Kope-d.1988 Lisa Kruzicki Emma Marks Lynette Marks Manda Martin-added obituary MARRIAGES: Herman Schwab/Mathilda Zingsheim/marriage announcement

Friday - March 24, 2017 #2 Olga Cerull Ruth Esse/add-on/obit #6 George Marlborough/added daughters obit (Sister M. Madeline) Margaret Thornton #12 Clifford A. Helke #13 Peter Hoffman/add-on Christian Schneider Dorothy Schneider Rudolph Schneider Jacob Shoenung #14 Mary Born Sylvia Duessing/Belitz lot #18 Vaclav Cerny Franticek Cigler Jozef Cigler/d. 1906 Wenzel Elmer Vojtech Zeman/add-on/obit #20 Willie "Bill" C. Becher/add-on/obit #21 Johann Schad Lillian Elizabeth Schad Maria Schad/d. 1870 #29 Joseph Bohacek Barbora Peterik Selma Pfefferkorn #30 Iola Born/add-on Mary Schultz Baby Boy Valenta #32 Pearl Reindl Paul Risch Bernhard Schwake/add-on/obit Dorothea Stefaniak Vivian Taylor Jacob Warrens

Wednesday - March 22, 2017 #44 Henry Baetke-add on Nancy Behrendt James Daley-added marriage writeup Wilhelmina Eberhardt Marie Girardi Frank Jahn Joseph Jana John Jensen-d.1933 Rose Kellner-d.1918 Helen Klicka Pamela Kloida Frank Kordecki-add on Emil Kowalke-d.1967 Edmund Krohn Marion Kummer Florence Leider Bess Luebke Pauline Mahloch Emma Manthey Edward Moakler Joseph Nemetz-d.1933-add on Alan Ohde-added wife's obituary Lillian Pech-d.1997 Joshua Petersen Robert Poradek Adolph Schwartz-d.1988 Michael Sorge Edward Stefl-add on Ferdinand Welke-add on Caroline Wilda-d.1988 Albert Zagrodnik #46 Sr. M. Catherine Griffin Sr. M. Viola Hubatch Sr. M. Martin Tours Jackl Sr. M. Justin Pollak #57 Richard Steffen #60 Hildegard Knier-add on #63 Ruth Anderla #72 Kathleen Hardie #77 Anna Kostechka-d.1988 Scott Rolf Stanley Van Der Louis #89A Amalie Fischer Mildred Franzmeier Julia Huebner Emma Marek-added her daughter's obituary Edmond Niquette Valerie Rocheleau Alice Voshardt Lucia Wilke Alice Wolfe #89D Johanna Brusky-added survivors Theresa Kapitz Gertrude Moseler Robert Rozmarynoski Mary Saubert Chester Solenski Milton Tess Peter Wondrash CREMATIONS: Candice Foster

Thursday - March 16, 2017 #12 Elsa Stock #32 Claire Foley Adolph Frelich Irene Leicht Ross Parish Louis Uhlers #33 Paul J. Bergel Theresia Stinson Fry Clara M. Jergenson Irene E. Maedke Evelyn McCarty Mary C. Novak Delmar Post/added survivors Paul C. Tadych Nathan N. (Holtz) Waskow #43 Ferdinand Behnke Leonard Fogeltanz Maurice Gallagher Anna Goetz/d. 1958 Anna E. Hady Robert H. Mertz Emma Scheurell Stephani Weber/add-on Edward F. Young #43a Arlette Kaminski #44 Nancy Aulik Donna Burish Jared Finnegan Grace Lambkin Marion Schmiedicke #46 Sr. Marie Teresa Kilawee Sr. Mary Paul Vollmer #57 Norman Schad #78 Theodore Schwalbe #89C Paul Riha #89D George Bonk-d.1973 Adam Brull-add on obit. Emily Duffek Marion Karbowski-added obituary Elmer Ruelle Raymond Schrimpf John Sievert-d.1973 Lorraine Skrivanie Brenda Vanne CEMETERY X: Nor Kaeovongphet Joseph Edward Rec Barbara Sadro Olav G. Van Look CREMATIONS: Gregory Bergman Gregory R. Omernick

Wednesday - March 15, 2017 #44 Leonard Bashaw Viola Jirikowic Hedwig Nash Nora Petersen Robert Schindler Mabel Schwarz Rose Zankle #45 James Benishek-d.1973 #46 Sr. M. Anne Benish Sr. M. Thomas Francis Grogan Sr. M. Venard Tompitch-added obituary #57 Christian Scharenbrock #63 Edward Bodwin Sophia Greenwood Anna Koch-d.1914-add on John Ording Clarence Urban #66 Victor Konop #66a Emil Kakes #72 Eva Kleinbauer-add on #81 Carl Reichwaldt-d.1926 #82 Raymond Moritz-add on Kenneth Schnell-added newspaper name and date Steven Wagner Carol Zimmerman-add on #89A Nora Bishop #89D Leonard Larsen Anna Peeschek Henry Rehbein Mary Schultz-d.1997 Sueko Smith Jerry Sosnosky Hermus Yelmene-added son's obituary Sandra Zipperer #90 Louis Zimmermann

Tuesday - March 14, 2017 #6 Rita Ann Waniger #11 Auguste Rauber #16 John Bartleme/d. 1928/add-on Jimmie Collins Anna Corbett Edward Corbett John Corbett Michael Corbett Patrick Corbet John Lynch #21 Barbara Koenig/add-on/obit Philip Koenig/added complete obit Adelia D. Neumeyer Elsie Pankratz Amalia Sprang Barbara Sukowatey #43 Eugene C. Budnik Elizabeth M. Check Thomas J. Gauthier Elizabeth Junk Norman J. Kulnick #44 Gertrude Asuma John Gibson-d.1973 Charles Huchthausen-d.1988 Jean Huchthausen Walter Huchthausen-d.2013 Leonard Kraft Laura Kruck-added obit Louisa Kruck Lydia Mueller-d.1973 Rudolph Schwartz Elaine Slager Sylvia West

Monday - March 13, 2017 #10 Gilbert Busse #13 Clara C. Leonhard George Leonhard #41 Robert W. Wildgrube #43 Jerry Paul Alaers Paul W. Boeckman Nancy L. Duebner Loretta S. Farr Andrew L. Finley Lloyd W. Gossen Emil R. Havel Dorothy M. Kodet Orville Kodet Esther T. Kuehnl Edward McConnell Agnes A. Moreau Eulalia B. Pauly Gertrude P. Plotka Alice T. Pollen Vernon Steinbrecker Dr. Charles E. Wall/add-on/obit Hugh Williams Fred P. Wirtz #43a Siegfried Kadow Joseph Smugler Josephine Sobieski #44 Pauline Balik Marie Eberhardt-d.1914-thank you for funeral help Eugene Handl Anton Hansen-added list of people who attended funeral Clara Herman Roman Herman Nelle Johnson Lou Mahnke-d.1997 Mary McIntyre Quinn O'Connor Anne Reichard Joseph Wagner-d.1988 #45 John Carbon-d.1988 #47 Reuben Schneider CEMETERY X: Larry A. Marker

Saturday - March 11, 2017 #2 Mark Haupt Kenneth L. Reno #6 George Tusche #13 Anton Wagner #16 Anna Cermak/d. 1914 Alice Dewane/d. 1997 Jacob Miller/d. 1947 Marie C. Moyer #21 Mary Kaltenbrunn/replaced incomplete obit Ann Katherine York #25 Gorman O. Lex, Sr. #32 Betty Anschutz Jack Goossen Lucille Gronke Leone Jergenson Raymond Johnson George Kalcik Verona Kraus Lynden Lambrecht Eugene Peltier Richard Perry Marie Pikulik Natasha Remiker Lorraine Voight #33 Martha L. Hansen Doris M. Jones Arlington Knapp Hattie P. Krueger Ann Marie Larson Noreen M. Mancel Gerhardt F. Mueller Thomas J. Rauen Pearl Sanders Richard L. Siehr #36 Mary Cizek/d. 1947 Lucille Kolarik Frank Kutil/add-on/obit Emil Podrabsky #38 Claire Arkens Andrew Augustine Donald P. Leist Clifford Mullins #41 Guri Anderson Charles Blumenstein/add-on Ingeborg J. Halverson/60th Wedding Anniversary Janice Jandrey Irma E. Johnson Pearce Alexander Khail Blanche M. Knutson Ragnild Skatrud #44 Barbara Eberhardt Elsie Haupt Armando Herrera Charles Hynek Ada Jackson Jean Jackson Emil Jole Pauline Klug Mary Krueger-d.1947 Ignatz Lefky-added obituary Roger Olson-d.1988 Mayme Opichka F. Carl Schmidt-d.1947 William Spinker Robert Tuesburg Mary Wilson-d.1973 Gladys Wurtz #45 Helen Kaderabek-added obituary #50 Anna Weichart #53 Julius Jantz-added obituary #60 Ronald Bauer Nellie Deehr Hildegard Knier Geraldine Laures #76 Anton Olp #89A Felix Moreau #89C Edith Burmeister Harold Hanson Sophia Heide James Jansen-added obituary Robert Ruoho

Wednesday - March 8, 2017 #44 Bernice Bernhardt Vernon Bishop Mary Haase-d.1997 Alliette Houghton Mark Houghton Jilian Krueger Madeline Leifer Karin Ramirez Geraldine Ramminger Orville Skaren Frances Walker Clara Weber #46 Sr. M. Philomena Boyce #51 Mary Geiger-d.1992 #53 Raymond Behnke #60 Richard Knox-d.1997 #77 Joseph Dvorachek-d.1992 John Hlavacek-d.1974 #79 Gerald Mack #85 Bertha Sy #89A Gertrude Daetz Nora Sibenhorn #89C Vince Becker Hazel Behnke Frederick Fink-d.1988 Nona Gauger Kristin Peterson Avis Weber #89D Marilyn Barner Tillie Burbey Anna Hoffman-d.1988 Luella Kronzer Roy Oehlke Carol Peterson Stanley Smogoleski Regina Steffel Lawrence Vanne Cyril Walotkiewicz #90 August Schleunes

Tuesday - March 7, 2017 #44 Alvin Bailey Freda Basken-added funeral thank you notice Charles Borcherdt-d.1939 Wilhelmina Borcherdt-d.1930 Merlin Borgwardt Linda Breitwisch Frederick Breunig-d.1911 Baby Brixius-d.1948 John Brixius-d. 1958 Gretna Brown Geo. Burger-d.1911 Edna Burkart Robert Bursek Edwin Busch Frances Cavanaugh Anna Cermak Reuben Hartl Earl Rasmussen Eugene Spacek Harriet Wheelock #46 Sr. M. Thaddeus Stratman #53 Anna Sohrweide-add on Alice Sonnabend #63 Agnes Cisler Mary Guex Mary Keller #66 Leona Cole Mary Jaklin-listed with Koenig #76 Lloyd Behnke Joy Brandt #78 Judith Korstad Leland Krepline Kenneth Mattes Beverly Meyer Anna Schroeder Lucille Wenzel CEMETERY X: Wallace Barber

Sunday - March 5, 2017 #44 Marvin Schultz Cecile Spoerl Otillia Streeter Paul Teltzrow Robert Trochlell #46 Sr. M. Ambrosine Kloiber #59 Joseph Schramm #69 Leona Basel #73 Harvey Voss #82 Thekla Schultz #83 Warren Neils-add on #84 Adam Ruh-added obituary #87 Louis Sohn-add on Elizabeth Thieleke #89A Otto Franzmeier Adeline Klabunde Wilbert Koeser Luella Terry #89C Betty Schnorr #89D Nial Gates

Saturday - March 4, 2017 #13 Dennis J. Leonhard #14 Eugene E. Voigt Catherine Wimmler #21 Janice Mae Diedrich Flora Diem Irene Scherer Arnold Schuler #22 Wendelin Gross Casper Loeble/add-on #29 Olive Suchomel #32 Genevieve Beilfuss Magdaline Belitz June Bergelin Albert Bolzenthal Gordon A. Brehmer Donald Gates/added survivors Blanche Greunke Fern Jergenson Arnold Ozga Walter Paulson Arthur Schroeder Elaine Tadych Milton Tegen Leona Wondrash #33 Gregory Ciha Margaret A. Hackelberg Eleanor K. Sittman Joseph L. Tadych #34 Walter Maresh #38 Roman L. Gosz/added survivors Maria Gruber #41 Alvin H. Glaeser Danielle Marie Beth Olson #43a Alex I. Betke/add-on/obit John Boniewski/d. 1899/add-on/obit Dennis M. Chapleski Marion Drill Charles Hettmann Cecilia Klosinski John Koneczka Sylvester Koneczka Frank Kubacki John Lewandowski Mary Mrotek/d. 1939 Antonitte Musial/add-on/obit Anna Rozmarynowski Joseph Rozmaarynowski/add-on/obit Martin Rydzewski/better copy Michal Zagrodnik Mary Zboralski #44 Anne Ahrens Arline Aschenbrenner Kenneth Brixius Sadie Denor Oscar Dick Stella Egan Barbara Foerg Phyllis Hammond Anita Houghton Dona Johnson Richard Johnson Alice Napiezinski Alfrieda Osieczanek Alfred Reimer Mabel Reimer CEMETERY X: William Thiemann MARRIAGES: J. Tintinger/add-on

Friday - March 3, 2017 #43 Josephine Bastianelli Francis Clayton Clyde J. Dassey Margaret Endries/add-on Nicholas Engeldinger/add-on Nick Everard/d. 1947 Cora A. Fritsch Hazel M. Gates Alma HOIDA Herrmann Mary Herzog Megan Rose Hilke Barbara Holschbach Mary Holschbach/d. 1988 Theresa A. Holub Robert Jageman Janet Kabat Darline M. Kane Harry Kollath James J. Kornely Martha R. Markowski Edward F. Miller Mary Mrozinski Nicholas Orth Aug. B. Redner Margaret Reimer Brian Lee Rozanski Roger D. Rusch Margaret Schneider/d. 1997 Charles Schweigl, Jr./add-on/obit Matthew Simmer/add-on/obit Mary Smith/d. 1921 Helen M. Vassar Mary Ann C. Walters Amalia Wendarsky #44 Alois Bartel Peggy Bartel Robert Bruechert Howard Scheinoha Marilyn Scherer Nicholas Schiesl #47 Harvey Krueger #73 Elmer Grosshuesch-added obit. #76 Huldina Lau Elroy Siebert #82 Mary Drews Augusta Hedler #86 Delores Strade #89B Dorothy Gauthier Raymond Lodl

Tuesday - February 28, 2017 #44 Friedericke Schmelter-moved obit. from cem. X #66 Joseph Etersky #82 Anton Sieling-added obit #89A Baby Belz-child of Charles #89b Peter Strong-add on CEMETERY X: Louis Jonas

Monday - February 27, 2017 #44 Paul Arndt Daniel Brault Napoleon Brault Clyde Christiansen-d.1988 Orville Fehrman Cecilia Fitzgerald Helen Franz Austin Frisch Joseph Gresl Marjorie Huletz Elsie Juedes Wencil Karbon-replaced obit with better copy William Kirby-d.1988 Evelyn Kliment Charlotte Lohmann-added information Ida Meier-added better copy of obit Adolph Muehlenbruch-add on Hubert Nelesen Walter Olson-d.1997 Joseph Valenta-d.1959-replaced obit with better copy Horace Walker-add on #46 Sr. M. Benedict Dier #63 Rev. Michael Koch #77 Ione Cohan #89A Marian Stollberg #89B Marie Funk Agnes Kuffel-add on obituary Bruno Mittnacht George Rudolph-added obituary Emanuel Ruelle Peter Strong Mary Vogel Maria Weiss-d.1914 #89D Francis Lesperance-d.1997 Agnes Wachtel

Saturday - February 25, 2017 #5 Gertrude Marshall #16 Elizabeth Dewane Michael Hager Michael E. Murphy Loretta Wimmer #17 Delton Sense #32 Cletus Lumaye Alice Peronto Elaine Remiker #40 Howard Bratz #43 Arthur Bachmann John E. Denk Robert E. Freiburger Ben Herman George Kaufmann Otto E. Kollath Martin Kostyra Florence LeClair Helen R. LeClair Francis W. Loritz Theresa Mally Norman F. Mayer Roman Meyer Shirley A. Miller James G. Mirkes Edward Murphy Rose Murphy Francis T. Nitka Geraldine M. Norkosky Arthur Nuhs Vaclav Panosh Barbara Pejsar Peter Pejsar Wenzel E. Pejsar Violet Pitsch Patricia Prince Barbara L. Rand Dorothy Mae Rank Raymond F. Ratajczak Anna M. Roemer/d. 1924 Tillie Rohrer Harry J. Rozmarynowski June M. Salzman Henry Scholten/d. 1911 Grace Smith Mathilda Smith Pearl M. Stoker Frank W. Tomchek #44 Todd Ayotte Lawrence Furst Elizabeth Kelley-d.1997 Ronald Rasmuson Kenneth Rutherford-d.1997 Nora Schultz-d.1997 Reuben Strodthoff Mark Vits Gladys Weina #46 Sr. M. Annellus Lotter #63 John Anderla-add on Emma Brouchoud-add on George Wavrunek-add on #72 Patricia Leach #89C Ruth Jacquette Gladys Meissner #89D Charlotte Bonk Sylvester Copeskey #90 Laura Meyer-added obit. CEMETERY X: Kenneth Blaisdell, Sr. Gary Pagels CREMATIONS: Betty Keil Terrie Jean Schreiber

Friday - February 24, 2017 #2 Christina M. Thone Elsa Wilharms #8 Florence A. Voss #9 Marvin Kress #20 Fredrick Graf/add-on/obit #21 Norbert Backhaus Helen Casper/add-on Peter Gellings/add-on Stephen R. Riesterer #26 Marie Krummel #29 Marie Prochazka #32 Fred Bubolz Frank Gosz, Sr. Raymond Wanek #33 Robert R. Denfeld Leonard J. Ernst Kristopher R. Haese Lillian E. Hibbard #38 Edward Pech/add-on/obit #39 Infant Granddaughter Meyer/under Schermetzler #40 Edgar M. Pleuss #41 Lowell Rusch/add-on/obit Stella V. Rusch James O. Wigen #43 Clara Balog August Bieberitz Mary Bies Margaret M. Bishop Hattie Boehm George F. Bonin Patricia Klein Carbon Classina Dethlefson Francisco Diaz Edward Arthur DuBeau Dennis Foley Henry J. Fullmer Katherine Gallagher Susana Guidinger Thomas Handl Sophie M. Handler #44 Patrick Feeney-replaced with better copy George Gander-add on Seward Guinter-add on Alex Hoyer-replaced with better copy William Knuth-added obit. Carl Ludwig-d.1921-add on Lucina Muehlberg Herbert Pitz-add on Gladys Pleuss Joseph Porten-added obit. Charles Randolph-d.1947 John Shaw-d.1907-add on Omar Truettner-d.1956-added obit. Josephine Wachowski #82 Mathias Dedering #89A Evelyn Downing #89D Clara Heili Ralph Hoffman Baby Girl Lepine LaVerne Scheer Edgar Schmeichel Helen Schmeichel Helen Soucoup John Sromovsky Frank Stangel-d.1956 #90 Minna Schreiber CEMETERY X: Herman Burbey Minnie Courneye Raymond Klug

Thursday - February 23, 2017 #44 Hugo Becker William Dicke-d.1997 Hugo Feile Jennifer Peterson Mary Schmidt-d.1907 add on from cem. X #46 Sr. M. Charlotte Scherrer #56 Marlene Meinnert-add on #59 Herman Brunmeier Mathias Hauch-added obituary Anton Willmes #60 Jane Walsh #63 Hazel Burtscher #70 Ethel Gustafson #82 Hilda Boeselager Alfred Fromm Dorothy Jaschob Bardel Wieseckel-added obituary #85 Caroline Spann #89A Leona Asplund Austin Jorgensen Virginia Matthai Antoinette Orvis Ruth Spaeth Adelaide Stewart Bonnie Zuehl #89B Useb LeClair-obit moved from cem. X Wiktoria Saikowski-added obituary #89C Jeanne Malley Ruth Usitalo

Wednesday - February 22, 2017 #44 Ethel Anderson Arline Baltos George Benzschawel Adolph Boeckman Ruth Brouchoud Warren Bunscheck Jerome Crowley Irene Fink Yvonne Haver Helen Hooper-d.1987 John Hynek-d.1997 Dr. William Kemper-added article about his son Loretta Kirby Norbert Kohlbeck Willard Korte Harland Krueger Carrie Kummer Donald Lepsch Wenzel Lishka-d.1987 Arnold Nickisch Mary Otto-d.1997 Frederick Pleuss-d.1997 William Plumb Frances Prue Roger Radzinske Evelyn Schmill Clifford Shulander Sylvia Siebenborn Irene Stuebs Albert Vits-d.1972-added son's obituary Earl Willmann-add on #44a Christus Kittelson #46 Sr. M. Daniel Engelbert #47 Eva Koelzer

Sunday - February 19, 2017 #2 Janet C. Madson #9 Ida J. Kohn/add-on Joseph Polenz #25 Alice Mary Pankratz #26 Gladys Suchomel #29 Blazena Duskova/add-on Alzbeta Novak #32 Wesley Graykowski Lloyd Grimm Esther Klein Harvey Kleist August Kuehn Marian Nemetz William Rosinsky Joseph Taddy #33 Bernard J. Copus #38 Joseph Stransky/d. 1922/add-on/obit #39 Catharine Kirt Marie Shuber/add-on #43 Rose E. Hessel Theresa Hettich Ann Marie Holschbach/d. 1953 Anna Holschbach/d. 1949 Anna Holschbach/d. 1972/add-on/obit Arthur W. Holschbach Baby Girl Holschbach David Holschbach/added survivors Doris Holschbach/added survivors Earl H. Holschbach/added survivors Edmund Holschbach/added survivors Joseph E. Holschbach/d. 1958 Leonard Holschbach Rosemary L. Holschbach/added survivors Ruth M. Holschbach/added survivors Paul F. Holsen Anna NIEDERCORN Klein/d. 1922 William G. Lalko Helen McGraw/add-on Olive M. NACHTWEY/buried with Hessel Harold L. Schneider Laura C. Schoblaska Helen Finkelmier Scott/buried with Finkelmier Barbara J. Zucchi #44 Lyndall Beyer William Gallenberger Lillian Gauthier Sylvia Gilbertson Elizabeth Kluczykowski Martha Kluczykowski Margaret Kott Oscar Lorenz-d.1987 Harold Maertz Frances McLaughlin Pearl Milton Florence Pentony Orea Rosinsky Russell Wheelock-add on Norma Woerfel Emma Worthington Dale Zannacker #61 Edwin Hemb Kenneth Hemb Laverne Hemb #66 Daniel Fronk #77 Kenneth Koch #87 Roland Hemb #89A Amanda Witt #89B John Bast #89C Joseph Pasek #89D Daniel Dreger #90 Elwood Hemb Pauline Hemb Herman Zimmermann CEMETERY X: Marvin and Carol Halstrom CREMATIONS: Nancy Chambers

Wednesday - February 15, 2017 #7 Clara Grall/buried with Reis #18 William Sladkey/add-on/obit #19 Emilie Luebke #21 Ambrose Joseph Sukowaty #30 Robert A. Klug/add-on/obit #32 Lillian Anderson Frederic Glandt Alfred H. Kirchman/added survivors Norbert Konell Carol Ligman Ruth Palm Rose H. Schwoerer/added survivors Ruth Ann Taddy #33 Alma M. Habeck Eugene F. Holly Otto Kinzel Myles H. Krejcarek Gale J. Langley Lavern M. Murray #38 Helen A. Dorner Blanche Leist Julia Rowe #43 Dr. Eugene F. Bertler/add-on/obit Erna KANERA Brandt Helen C. Goff Joseph E. Panosh, Sr. Lucy Shimek Arthur J. Strupp Norbert Tuschl #43a Frances Andrastek Lucille Witczak #44 Chester Anderson-d.1987 Joyce Carter Ada Clark Eleanor Clasen Erna Clasen Viola Gresl Libby Kautsky Lawrence Lehman Erna Pfister #46 Sr. M. Francis Catherine Brittnacher Sr. M. Leonora Meinholz-add on Sr. M. Vera Nagan #66 Joseph Sloup #82 Baby Boy Kuester #87 Anna Rumpff CEMETERY X: Joseph Daul Anna Wild SCHOOL PICTURES: Added photos for 1933-1934

Monday - February 13, 2017 #2 Gustav Knutson/add-on #6 Frank Pischel/add-on #7 Anton Leiterman #8 Emma Jacobi/add-on Emma Wehrwein #10 Helen Stoldenberg/add-on #14 Herman Gabsch/add-on Ernestine Seifert/add-on Clara Ernestine C. Toepel/add-on #17 Ferdinand Rabenhorst #20 Sophia GREVE Meggers #21 William Birkle/add-on Gerhard Frank Frank Gerhard/add-on Katie Hougan Adam Kremer Leo Peter Schwoerer Joseph Sukowaty/d. 1921 #22 Anna Katharina Jeschka Margaretha Weber #40 William Lutzke/d. 1921 #43 Dudley Cuthbert/add-on/article Mathew Simmer/add-on/obit Alvin J. Van Lannen Therisia Vollendorf Mary Beth Walske Rose Wanish John J. Woytal Anna M. Yindra Rose Zielinski/add-on/obit #43a Franciszek Komorowski/add-on Joseph Plotka/add-on #44 Walter Bedford-add on Ned Belz-added obituary Louise Christensen Lee Dallman Maria Frosch Edwin Gadzinski-added survivors William Kohls-d.1921 Mary Krejcie-add on John Naidl Carrie Nelson-d.1922 Sandra Olm Marvin Rein Joseph Shimek-d.1997 Luella Swensen Anna Wagner-d.1964-added article Charles Walter-d.1922 Russell Wheelock-added obit Lucille Wranovsky #46 Sr. M. Paula Rae Rose #54 Elizabeth Kraus #56 John Andre-corrected obit.-had wrong John Calvin Schroer #57 Nick Binversie-d.1921 #59 Antonella Kutz #61 Robert Fiedler #73 Elmer Grosshuesch-article #76 Louis Rusch-d.1921-add on #79 Herman Rusch-d.1997 #81 Eunice Reichwaldt #82 Louis Harbrecht Alma Pike John Schmidt-added obituary Dorothea Schumacher #84 Elizabeth Grant Leslie Vogel #87 Elenora Garlieb Augusta Goetsch Herman Lawerenz #89A Patsy Carpenter Ethel Fink Valentine Komoroski Rosalia Viel #89C Thomas Holly Mildred Stickney #89D Wilma Buenzow Martha Cretton John Goessl-d.1997 Eugene McCoy Mary Michalkiewicz Zygmunt Mogucki John Paprocki William Puta Clement Rocklewitz-added son's obituary Ruby Schmidt Emily Skrzycke #90 Wilhelmine Baars Eleanora Roeder PEOPLE NEWS: Benj. Hein Albert Kolancyk John Reindl BUSINESS NEWS: The Savoy Cafe=

Tuesday - February 7, 2017 #73 William Hutchison-add on #76 Lydia Olp #78 Sylvia Behnke-replaced obit. with one from Manitowoc with date Ida Mattes #79 Vernon Hall #81 Evelyn Henning Heinrich Radder-added obit. Fred Schnell #82 Judith Freund Robert Freund Harold Zimmerman #83 Gerald Schuh-replaced obit with one from Manitowoc with date #86 Maria Koeser #87 Arno Rabe-replaced obit with more complete one #89B Julius Wisner #89C Ira Ariens-added his son's obituary Earl Blake Josephine Guetschow Walter Guetschow #89D Lily Hayes Donald Jacquette-added survivors and date of newspaper Elaine Jacquette Victor Lodl William Pilon Joseph Rochon-added his son's obituary William Stone-added survivors Michael Webb CEMETERY X: Francis Bouda Marie Kubitz

Sunday - February 5, 2017 #13 Baby Girl Leonhard #14 LeRoy E. Wiegand #15 Rudolph A. Busse #16 Barbara Kiefer/add-on John Lyons Infant Walton #17 Ella Gauger/add-on John Gauger/d. 1959 Arthur Karnopp/add-on #21 Anna Filz/add-on/obit Helena Gutman/add-on John McMunn Elizabeth Mueller Magdalena Neumeyer/add-on Sylvia Sprang #22 Veronica Koenig #30 Robert A. Klug #32 Richard Becker Thecla Bentley Anton Freda Paul E. Frenz/added survivors Kenneth Knutson Harold Mertens Irma Mueller Valgene Valleskey #33 Florian Glischinski Norman J. Kreie Clarence J. Oestreich John L. Stecker Alvin C. Youra #38 John G. Kunz #43 Althea M. Anhalt Dr. Eugene F. Bertler David J. Brault Evelyn E. Brilliant Robert W. Christensen Edward A. Duzeske Imelda Gruber Viola A. Kattner Jack F. Kestly Robert C. Koch Leo J. Labinski Dorothy Ann Scheuer #43a Anne Brone #44 added tombstone photos for the following surnames: Brockhoff, Guse, Haberman, Kraft, March, Markowski Darryl Brixius Norman Danielson Elvira Dettman Viola Gruber Claire Haberman Jesse Hibbard Theodore Hutchison Dorothy Kraft Ruth Lyons Alice March Guse-buried with March-1st husband Rose Markowski Blanche Mull-added daughter's obituary Ethel Pasewalk Ervin Piechocky Lorraine A. Regenfuss William Stochdale Margaret Thielen #46 Sr. M. Ann Kalscheuer Sr. M. Josepha Van Derhyden-added obituary #54 Vojtech Buric-corrected information added to obituary #57 Jack Bushman Mary Lotten #61 Alma Langenhahn #63 Eugene Brouchoud William Petska #66 Elda Plos CEMETERY X: F. Beatrice Molnar Frank Thor

Saturday - February 4, 2017 #33 Doris M. Laabs David J. Lemberger Valeria E. Madsen Hildegarde R. Mazanec David B. Miller Donna Mott Eloise M. Perdue Gary L. Peronto June M. Peronto John F. Resch Robert D. Schaus Marian L. Schmitt Martha Schultz Earl G. Stecker Paul F. Stecker Ronald J. Stock William L. Swiggum Josephine M. Teesch Richard Claude Vraney Richard B. Walker Paul B. Wernecke Barbara Esther Wiegert Charles A. Wilda #41 Oliver Carlyle Christopherson #43 Edmund Arthur Arndorfer Germaine A. Bauer Alice J. Becker Robert E. Brey Heidi A. Buretta Alice Marie Chermak Walter A. Cypher Jeanette Agnes Dahm Patricia A. Decker Kenneth J. Delsman Grace K. Felten Stephen Wayne Foreman Betty Jane Griesbach Jean Hack Georgiana Hilke Patricia Mae Holschbach Vernon W. Holschbach Gladyce Rose Hopkins Patrick Henry Huntington Charles R. Jacobson Janice L. Jacobson Helen R. Janczeske William L. Jarosh Mary J. Johnson Arnold Kapitz Richard Joseph Kapitz Donald G. Kautzer Charles Kestly Florence Donahue Krause Joyce A. Lambert Louis Joseph Lambries Christian Farrell Lewis Arthur L. Litersky Rita E. Londo Eleanor Lynch Dr. John Daniel Lynch III Anne T. Maki Eunice C. Mella Agnes Mae Meyer Elizabeth J. Michaels Leona E. Miller Florence M. Montague Marian C. Muchowski Robert J. Neuman Sr. Reverend John C. Neuser Karen Ann Neuser Anton F. Nikolai Dianne R. Nonnemacher Elaine M. O'Connor Leroy W. O'Leske Audrey A. O'Neil Mary Lou I. Oestreich Helen A. Panosh Joan M. Peterson William A. Peterson Joseph T. Pfeffer Sr. Marilyn F. Pfeffer John J. Pitroski Clarence F. Poklinkoski Monica C. Prince Jeanne L. Rank John A. Stanzel John C. Strodthoff Pauline C. Strohfeldt Eleanor M. Suchocki Patrick R. Sullivan Helen M. Surfus Gerald J. Teteak Sr. Mary E. Vallejo Timothy E. Vetting Theresa Holschbach Waack Lucille Mae Waller Duane E. Ward Mary M. Weir Br. Joseph Weithman, O.F.M. Mildred W. Weyenberg Theresa J. Wiesner James R. Wilda James F. Wilhelm Richard A. Wilke Verna M. Wit LeRoy W. Wollersheim Margaret M. Woods Floyd J. Zeman #44 Frieda Budzien Helen Jaeger Francis Muth-d.1987 Mary Nemetz Philippina Pankratz-added obit. Grace Puchner Lillian Stewart-added obit. #66 Clara Jansky Clara Kopetsky Lorraine Parma Mary Riha Infant son Tulachka Anna Zahorik-d.1958 #70 John Clasen-d.1920 #82 Herman Giese #89B Rev. Leo Schmitt-added survivors #90 Heinrich Schreiber-d.1920 CEMETERY X: Born, Baby boy of Frank CENTENARIANS: Mildred W. Weyenberg from #43

Thursday - February 2, 2017 #9 Norbert Kress #26 Doris M. Cherney Reuben R. Fischer/add-on Frank Lensmeyer/d. 1958/add-on/obit Rev. Frank J. Svatek/add-on/obit Frank Swetlik #32 Emil Blahnik Claro Hansen Adolph Jana Rita V. Krcma Kenneth F. McGlin Sharon M. Meier Kenneth G. Meyer Agnes Ann Miller Mary Lynn Ruehr Robert A. Schaefer Bernard E. Shedal Louis G. Weber George Ziegelbauer #40 Esther Rusch/add-on #41 Earl O. Berge/add-on/obit Even Nelson/add-on Theophilus A. "Teddy" Zutz #43 Marie A. Block Joseph Broeckert Gabriel Gallagher/add-on Kenneth J. Jurgens Lawrence LeClair Michael H. Pankratz/d. 1987 Susan Pfeffer/add-on Delores K. Swokowski Anna Tepoorten/add-on Eleanor Thiers Elizabeth W. Woida John Woznik/d. 1997 #43a Antonia Bonk/add-on Walter Jagodenski #44 Neil Manthey-added newspaper date to obituary Ben Nienaber-added article CEMETERY X: Mary Maloney Milton McKeough Glen J. Pankratz Mrs. Fred Schadeberg George Schedler CREMATIONS: Don Olson, Jr. Harold A. Olson Walter C. Rathsack Bernice Saltenberger MARRIAGES: James Alter/Lynda Kunz- added marriage writeup George Bently/Mary Schaf- added marriage writeup

Tuesday - January 31, 2017 #66 Sophie Remiker #77 Harold Geiger #78 Karl Olm #84 Mildred Ninmer-replaced obit with one with newspaper name and date #85 Carl Ninmer-added obit that was corrected by editor #89C Gilbert Broecker Karl Jonas Leona Trapp #89D George Ahearn Rose Langer Minnie Rozmarynoski Catherine Stueck CEMETERY X: Mildred Belinske

Monday - January 30, 2017 #2 Elizabeth Bergene #6 Mary Ebenhoe #10 Otto Born/add-on/marriage license Gertrude Toepel/add-on #13 Frank Schill/d. 1920/add-on Mary Schneider/add-on Simon Zimmer/add-on #14 Erwin R.J. Barthel/add-on Ernst F. Jaehnig/d. 1919 Anita Klessig Dorothy Klessig Bernett A. Lorfeld #16 Geraldine M. Thelen #18 Lorraine M. Bernier Paulina Blashka #21 Imelda Christel Peter Clemens/add-on Esther Dyzbalys Stephania Profatz/add-on/obit Joseph Sadkowski Sr. M. Virgilia Schuesler #22 Maria Schaller Hermann Sprang #23 Father/Edward Lesch/add-on/obit Father/Gregory N. Vogelsang/add-on/obit #29 Jindrich Skvor/add-on #31 Geraldine Bergelin Herman J. Heidmann/add-on Albertina Paetz Augusta Schultz #32 Anna Behrmann Dorothy Benzinger Edward Freis Edwin Greunke Emma Plekan Richard Schuh Melvin Stuiber Malitta Swetlik #33 Robert K. Kadow Alfred A. Wollersheim/article #34 Adolph Pech Emma Pech #38 Cathy Schwantes/add-on #39 Anna Hrdina/add-on #44 Amelia Anderson Parmelas Camp-add on Adelaide Detjen Carolina Huebner Mary Hynek-d.1997 Wencil Karbon-add on Charles Kelley-add on Elsie McDougall Wenzel Mussil Genevieve Peterson Patrick Scherer Leonard Schurr-d.1897 Jane Sfat Joseph Vilas-d.1905-add on Lorraine Vogel Nettie Wurster-add on #57 Christina Kirsch #59 Dr. Lawrence Kutz #63 Mark Brouchoud Edward Wentker-added son's obituary #77 Mary McFarlane Christine Waniger #82 Andrew Vander Sande #84 Henrietta Collin #87 Rudolph Bichsen Maria Guetschow Wilhelm Lenz CEMETERY X: Edward Goldenstedt Hugo Lemke

Sunday - January 29, 2017 #44 Lydia Braunel Minnie Brinkman Bertha Henricks-add on Helen Holdorf Patrick Kelley-add on Matt Kelley Lydia Kiesow Carl Klingbiel-add on obit. Ida Luckow-add on Harlan Wehrwein-article O.C. Wernecke-add on #44a Roman Busbowezak #57 Peter Binversie Elvira Harlfinger-add on #60 George Kelley #66 Tom Pivonka-d.1918 #69 Anna Tomchek #70 William Wicke #81 Ernst Voss #82 Edna Kuester-filled in the ? with a better copy and added name and date of the newspaper. #83 Mary Krebsbach #89A Henry Lensing-add on Elizabeth Wilke-d.1920 #89D Marilyn Brull William Dufano-d.1997 Emma Evrard Marcella Frank Genevieve Gauthier Jean (Angeline) Klaus Mary Nebesky Elaine Peterik Alice Schmitt LeRoy Taddy Lester Zich #90 Louisa Schulz

Friday - January 27, 2017 #2 Lewellyn L. Robley Vivian G. Robley Judith Wrolson #6 Louis B. Gintner Rosemary Gintner Rita T. Pritzl Edward R. Staudinger, Jr. Pauline Wallander #7 Barbara A. Braun/added survivors Jerome "Jiggs" Braun Leo H. Dietrich Edward Ebenhoe Jeanette M. Herrmann Harold Lemberger Marion D. Mayerl Andrew Joseph Preston Jeanette L. Preston Mary J. Rank Betty A. Reitmeyer Margaret A. Schuh Leona F. Vogel Lois A. Wallander #8 Carol J. Grupe Marilyn T. Schuette #10 Trudy M. Dhein Eugene R. Duesing Keith W. Leiteritz Milton R. Pahmeier Victor H. Pahmeier Orville A. Voss Warren Weiand #13 Jan R. Divelbiss Esther M. Hermann Elroy T. Klein Joseph F. Leonhard James Orth Kenneth Roger Salm Adrian F. Wagner Sr. Edward Zill Mary Jane Zill #20 Carol L. Gaedtke Glen E. Riesterer #21 Adelheide Casper/add-on/obit Joseph Hillebrand George Kellenbenz Helena Lettenberger/add-on/obit Maria Schad/d. 1921 Peter J. Wagner Mary Wollersheim #22 Michael Schneider #44 Paul Rank Evelyn Sampe Blanche Stecker Hamilton Swiggum Charlotte Treat-add on Lily Zajichek #46 Sr. M. Serena Steinbach Sr. M. Bernadelle Trischler #61 John Kolb-d.1996 #63 Emma Beyer-d.1957-add on Vincent Peters #73 Esther Dill #77 Christine Benzschawel Monica Geigel #81 Louise Henning #82 Harvey Ehnert-add on #83 Christ O'Connor Anna Taubel #89A Ivan Luebke Kenneth Mosuch #89C Mary Cody Marjorie Klein Brenda Niemojuski #89D Lucille Braun Niquette-buried with Braun

Thursday - January 26, 2017 #5 Elfrieda Draheim Anita Evenson Lenard L. Turnell #9 Joseph Aschenbrenner/add-on Wenzel E. Tienor #10 Walter Stoltenberg/add-on #13 Gertrude Schoenung/add-on #15 John Busse #23 Father/Eugene Brochtrup #25 Florian Lewandowski #32 Donald Gordon Mabel Halderson Marsha Meyer Frederick Rusboldt Kathryne Schmidt Albert Stebane Gilbert Van Drisse #33 Shirley L. Boulanger Jean M. Haupt Donald C. LaRose/add-on Edward J. Wagner Elaine D. Wagner #38 Helen Schultz #43 William P. Gillen Walter J. Golding/KC Honors article Ann. C. Karkow Alois E. Lutterman/add-on/KC Honors article Ann L. Riederer Leonard Strzyewski Raymond E. Sullivan/add-on/KC Honors article Clarence J. Tomchek/add-on/KC Honors article #44 Raymond Barta-article Dr. Harold Belson-add on article DeLoris Cherney Roland Damman Ralph Ewert Gerald Gass Carl Hecker-d.1997 Esther Heinzen Esther MacEachran Mary Nickels-d.1997 Magdalen Pauly-add on Douglas Prahl

Monday - January 23, 2017 #17 Emma Bruss William Mathies #21 Leona Heinzen #33 Howard A. Sauve Emma R. Stadler Joyce A. Stuewe Elmer G. Trousil #43 Joan T. Scheurell Robert P. Scheurell Arthur E. Schmatz Rita E. Schroeder Jerald O. Schulz, Jr David A. Schweigl Lenora F. Sheahan Mildred E. Shimek Beatrice A. Sieracki Shirley A Simmer James J. Sladkey #43a Raymond Ludka Sr. Mabel J. Rysticken #44 Norman Fischer Shirley Hallock Paul Kurth Marion Schaff Mildred Schiffleger Jean Shoemaker Eugenia Stenson Ella Yelmene Viola Zimmer #73 Clarence Reichwaldt #76 Laura Bubolz #82 Pandora Aschenbach Daniel Raeder #83 George Foertsch #84 Fredrich Boos Michelle Vogel-add on obituary #85 Edgar Sievert-added obituary #86 Julius Westphal #87 Mavis Gutschow #89A Andreas Lorenzen-added probate notice #89B Marie Gagnon-d.1907 add on obituary Hilary Short Adeline Tragesser #89C Daniel Klimesh Michael Kulow #89D Valeria Durocher #90 John Gruenagel-d.1919 add on Heinrich Kammann-d.1919 add on CEMETERY X: Claro Hansen Jacob "Jack" Misun Myrtle Walther CREMATIONS: Carol S. Cochenet

Saturday - January 21, 2017 #14 Eleanora Sohn/add-on #17 Hugo Pantzlaff #21 Verona Hickmann #32 Mary Egbert Elizabeth Fiecko Norbert Horn Jerome Hutterer Irene Klingeisen Elmer Markwardt Joseph Parkos John Schnell #33 Florence T. Gagnon Selmer Markusen Bernard Sipiorski Raymond F. Wisnowski Ronald R. Wisnowski Verna Youra #43 Agnes K. Alswede Jean "Gene" M. Barbier/added daughter's (Judith M. Waedekin) obit Anne Denk Louis John Frechette Julius Junk Stephen Kacynski Joseph Mancheski, Sr. Charlotte Noll Joseph L. Pauze Theodore C. Schadeberg Susan B. Strupp Anna Swokowski #44 Conrad Hamann Helen Hoyer-d.1987 Clarence Jens Jean Shoemaker #46 Sr. M. Julia Berse Sr. M. Irma Gerig Sr. M. Lucile Kolbeck #66 Teresie Havlichek Joseph Kaiser-d.1999 Martha Rabitz Shebesta-bur. with Rabitz #67 Karolina Paarmann August Schroeder #79 William Schultz

Friday - January 20, 2017 #7 Barbara Grimm Sylvester R. Koerner/add-on Baby Pritzl #9 Anna Schwartz #12 Julius Bahr/add-on/obit #13 Allan F. Cote Mathilda Wagner #16 James A. Allen Phillip Brady/added son's (Philip) obit #17 Kenneth W. Kasten #21 Gertrude M. Riesterer #32 Lyle Balge Elsa Behnke Ferdinand Behnke Glenn Boettcher Raymond Bohacek Evelyn Dahlke Otto Horner Earl Mueller Allen Schrimpf Clarence Stefaniak #33 Hunter T. Preston Viola Shimon Jean Stepanek #36 Frank Heran/d. 1999 Edward Teicher #43 Elizabeth Bertler/add-on/probate June A. Bonk Adelbert L. Hebert Susan M. Kaufman Dorothy Klinkner Bertha J. Novak Wanda T. Prince #43a Stanley Mrozinski #44 Karen Alecksen Frank Boissonault Waylon Budan Danalgene Campbell Eugene Engelbrecht-add on Frank Fierst-add on obituary Waldemar Freis Elizabeth Jarosh Arno Jonas Marylyn Klein Fred Krahn-d.1893 Bonnie O'Connor Evelyn Stockmeier Joseph Willott-marriage writeup #46 Sr. M. Marguerite Kingston Sr. M. Frederica Kohlbeck #51 Anton Pritzl-d.1927-add on #55 Hugh Halloran-d.1919 #57 Joseph Schad-d.1920 #59 Alois Hauch #63 Anton Kornely #66 Agnes Duckart CEMETERY X: William McCullough/add-on

Monday - January 16, 2017 #2 Florence J. Busse #6 Jacob Ebenhoe/add-on Annie Eigenberger Henry Hardgrove/add-on Herman Hunke #32 Kevin Frasch Erwin Junker #34 Anna Zeman/add-on #36 Frank Kocian #38 Timothy Meyer #39 Erwin J. Lakatos Susanna Reif #41 Ruth Bleck #43 Leslie Grall James McGovern Joseph Ulovitz Celestine T. Walters #43a Magdalen Budysz Maryianna Musial Marcelle Soblesky #43b Sr. M. Leonarda Felicyanka #44 Hedy Emme Norbert Kieselhorst Amanda Schwalbe #89B Gertrude Weiss-added her son's obituary #89C Edgar D. Marquardt #89D Walter Crabb-added survivors Ronald Gabel Victoria Kronzer Charles Maigatter Arlene Piasecki Sheldon Schaden #90 John Deicher Walter Scheib-add on MARRIAGES: Henry Mahnke/Minna Pinger-marriage license Edward Oberland/Emma Schultz-return from honeymoon Hugh Savage/Agnes Munchell-wedding announcement Ferdinand Schwalbe/Alvina Holdorf-marriage license S.A. West/Ella Dolbert-wedding announcement Farrand Williams/Ida Handl-wedding announcement

Sunday - January 15, 2017 #66 Ignatz Blaha Ruth Carlson-added newspaper name and date Margaret Dworak Julia Grall Joseph Henish Mary Henish Wencel Karman Anna Kopetsky Frank Lodel-d.1927-add on Joseph Lodel-d.1980-added marriage writeup Wencel Melnarik Emil Nemitz Wenzel Prucha Eva Schimel Anton Shusta Anna Sinkula Katerina Stangel-d.1927 Norbert Steinberger Josefa Urbanek-add on George Valenta-added obituary #66a Matej Kakes-d.1910 Rose MacDonald Frank Melichar Henry Nooker Jacob Sedlacek-added obituary Barbora Shebesta #76 Ernst Behnke Otto Bessert Amalia Heberer Barbara Voeltz #77 Christina Kirch #82 Raymond G. Koeser #84 Friedrich Glock #87 Dorothea Schuhmacher #89A Adolph Schmidt

Saturday - January 14, 2017 #2 Violet R. Kustka #6 Mary Conrey/add-on Albert Gnadt/add-on/obit Charles J. Wilhelm #13 John Fox/d. 1919 #14 August C. Barthel Herman Dassler Elmer Zill #21 Rose Bebeau Joseph Filz/add-on Alma M. Glueckstein Mary Olive Gnadt/add-on/obit Peter P. Kautzer George Knier Herman Schwoerer #22 Joseph Halama #30 Fred Albrecht Carl Reimer/add-on #32 Ervin Brandenburg Joyce Carle Joseph Chizek Wallace Clarksen Roy Hargraves Helen Hillmann Paul Larsen Evangeline Ledvina Hazel Lehman Vivian Meiselwitz Viola Meissner Cora M. Mrotek Bernice Oswald Florence Schiesl #33 Ethel A. Bohm/added survivors Edward C. Dyzbalys Jerome Patrick Hetue Gail M. Kiel Gladys M. Kornely Adella L. Marshek Lillian Salveson #38 Carol J. Dvorak Roland Peltier #43 Stephanie T. Bieda Susan Therese Bonin Harold Budnik Audrey H. Burkart Dorothie Mae Burkart Irma E. Decker Hilda E. Denk Stanley J. Graczykowski Evelyn Gruber Virginia Henning Josephine M. Henschel George Herman/add-on Shaun J. Jagodinsky Stanley H. Kleman Clarence LaRock Betty J. Leannah Blanche M. Luchsinger Loretta M. Masar Ervin Nuhs Jerry J. Pravechek Frances H. Robinson Sadie A. Schultz Edward J. Sheahan, Jr. James R. Sheahan Cyril G. Taddy Lloyd H. Witt James J. Woytal Lucille C. Young Benjamin D. Zboralski Mary Ziarnik/d. 1940 Hildegard B. Zimmer Mary Zimmer/d. 1929 Eva Zywicki #44 James Christensen Roland Duebner Stanley Eckels-added his son's obituary Matthew Harsch Carolina Kansier-d.1907-add on Anton Melichar Leo Peroutka-d.1987 Nancy Rabenhorst Jane Scholten Alvin Schroeder Bette Vits Ernest Wilsmann Rev. William Zimmer #45 Frank Watruba #52 John Hoyer #53 Arnold Goldbeck #54 Frantisek Vechart #58 Ruth Pritchard #63 Lester Hronek Adolph Seidl-add on obit Ladonia Specht Caroline Urban Betty Wentker Amy Wuellner

Tuesday - January 10, 2017 #89A Ferdinand Krueger Lena Krueger Floyd Mueller Hugo Schmeichel Helen Zander-added death record info Martha Zander-added obit. from cem.X #89B John Saier-add on Mary Sayer-added obit from cem.X Denise Schwahert-added obit from cem.X John Skorch-no date-added obit from cem.X Samuel Stone-add on #89C Gerhardt Griep Jerry Jira Louis Lehrmann Helen Landt Steinhauer-listed with Landt Norman Messman Effie Olsen Ted Stobbe #89D Edna Blandin Marie Brault-d.1987 Julia Ciha Alfred Duvalle Claude Elliott Ervin Houska Howard LaFond Loretta LeClair Rose Ott Bennet Pritzl Leo Samz

Monday - January 9, 2017 #44 Richard Smith-d.1999 Alma Sporer-added obit from cem.X Gustave Staalson-added obit from cem.X Norman Stephenson-obit from cem.X Wilhelmina Streich-obit from cem.X #45 Antoinette Schneider-added obit from cem.X Olga Schuette-added obit from cem.X #46 Sr. M. Edana Gerl Sr. M. Ann Hennes #47 Margareth Schmidt-added obit from cem.X Lester Zimmer-added obit from cem.X #54 Frank Prikop-added obit from cem.X Josef Simon-added obit from cem.X #59 Frank Himmelsbach James Wasmer #63 Edna Schram Marianna Schroeder-added obit from cem.X Wm. Sievert-add on #67 Harvey Schroeder-add on from cem.X #70 Fred Schuette-add on from cem.X Ralph Stuebs #72 Elizabeth Scherer Mathias Scherer-b.1900-added death record Mathias Scherer-b.1867-add on from cem.X Phillip Scherer-added obit from cem.X Joseph Schindler #73 Wilhelm Schuette-add on Carl Schuetze-add on #77 Vernon Bauknecht Marie Kabat #78 Georgianna Holdorf Marie Johnson Esther Schlei-added obit. from cem.X Lily Schneider-add on #79 John Schmidt #82 James Konen Eva Pingel Lydia Wagenknecht #83 Magdalena Becker-add on obit. #84 Louisa Baltz Henry Soemmer Helena Stecker #85 Erla Dahlman Wilhelmine Lulloff Gustav Sy-d.1920 #87 Louis Heckmann Edgar Weitzel

Sunday - January 8, 2017 #44 Amy Jensen Elsie Levenhagen Viola McDonnell Edward Pech-d.1999 Bernard Schade-added obit from cem.X Fritz Schnell-d.1903 add on obit from cem.X Emma Schroeder-d.1908 Gregory Max Schuh Adela Schultz-d.1902 add on obit from cem.X John Schultz-d.1880 add on obit from cem.X Christian Selk-d.1899-add on Mary Sherberger-add on obit from cem.X F. Joseph Shimek also listed as Simek Pearl Small John Subr-d.1907-added obit from cem.X #63 LeRoy Reif #66 Kevin Mitchell Albert Rehak #69 Lily Korlesky

Saturday - January 7, 2017 #5 Walter Sorenson/add-on from Cem X/obit #7 Frank Siglinsky/from Cem X #11 J. Friedrich W. Stocksmeier/add-on from Cem X/obit #12 Arlene Dehne Spitzer/from Cem X #13 Aloysius John Schulte/add-on #14 Johann Gottlob Sachse/add-on from Cem X/obit Auguste Schmidt/add-on from Cem X/obit #17 August Schley/from Cem X #20 Louisa Schroeder/from Cem X #21 Joseph Schnettler/add-on from Cem X/obit #26 Tomas Genefels/from Cem X Katharina Scharda/add-on from Cem X Anna Sleger/from Cem X Peta Sour/from Cem X Josefa Spurny/add-on Joseph Stefl/from Cem X Theresa Stefl/add-on from Cem X/obit Barbora Subr/from Cem X #34 Alzbeta Skaryvoda/add-on Antonin Skaryvoda/add-on #35 Raymond Schuette/from Cem X Helen Schuette Sophia Schultz/add-on from Cem X/obit #38 Barbara Seidl/from Cem X #40 Maria Schultz/from Cem X Maria S. Willert/from Cem X #41 Ole K. Gigstad/add-on from Cem X/obit Karine Sohus/from Cem X Johannes Thompson/add-on from Cem X #43 John Schave/add-on from Cem X/obit Mrs. Lena Schave/from Cem X Baby Schindler/from Cem X Maria Anna Schmelzle/add-on from Cem X Agnes Schnorr/add-on from Cem X/obit Margarethe SEIDL/Sedlacek Lot/from Cem X Ignatz Seitz/add-on from Cem X/obit John Stephani/d. 1908/from Cem X Klara Stich/add-on from Cem X William Strathmann/from Cem X Elizabeth Suffern/add-on from Cem X/obit Anna Svacina/Rank Lot/from Cem X #43a Joseph Sobieszczyk/add-on from Cem X/obit Anna Spidler/add-on from Cem X/obit Martha Zawatski/add-on from Cem X/obit #44 Helen Cummings Henrietta Perrodin Christine Schmitz-d.1987 Arden Teuke #46 Sr. M. Carmelita Bentzler #47 Alissa Brandl David Brunner #57 Anna Binversie #59 Agnes Woelfel-add survivors #60 Walter Donahue #63 Rev. Herbert Kesting Harold Petri CEMETERY X: Emily St. Martin/add-on Maxim St. Martin/add-on Lena Nikolai Randall L. Schindler Marie M. Schwers/add-on Daughter of George Shipper/add-on Johanna Wiulhelmina Schirmer/add-on Mary Schlappa/add-on Child of Frank Schliesleder/add-on Anton Schloeter/add-on Adelheid Schloeters/add-on Herbert & Ruby Schmidt/add-on Daughter of George Schmidt/add-on Mrs. John Schradi/add-on J. Schroeder/add-on Son of John Schroeder/add-on Anton Schultz/add-on Carl Schultz/add-on Chris Schultz/add-on Child of E. Schultz/add-on William Schulz/add-on J. Sharweck/add-on Frank Shea/add-on Harry Shipper/add-on Son of George Slager/add-on Joseph Slopa/add-on Wilhelm Springstock/add-on Margarethe Stadl/add-on Child of Mathias Staudt/add-on Stephan Stephan/add-on Constanzia Stryzenski/add-on Carl L.E. Wagner William Wesener DIED HERE BURIED ELSWHERE: Edwin Schultz/from Cem X MARRIAGES: Wilhelm Schaf/Paulina Koch/added child Viola from Cem X Nicolaus Schimmel/Theresa Totle/added child Louise from Cem X Philip Anton Schnorr/Rose Vanderbloomen/added child Clarence from Cem X August Schreiber/Louise Vogel/added August's obit from Cem X Heinrich C. Schroeder/Emma M. Schmidt/added child Paul from Cem X Julius Albert Schultz/Bertha Reif/added Bertha's obit from Cem X Herman Sprang/Bertha Durshmidt/added child Rose from Cem X William Springstube/Barbara Binzow/added William's obit from Cem X + probate John W. Strathmann/Theresa Reif/added child Henry from Cem X Frank Stupecki/Anne Schubert/added child Frank from Cem X Anton Sturm/Barbara Springstube Binzow/added child John from Cem X Emil Svatek/Agnes Vondracek/added child from Cem X

Friday - January 6, 2017 #7 William Bredesen #13 Paul Wolf #14 Ferdinand Franz #21 Arthur Gerhard John Holzer Louisa Meyer Irene C. Wolff #22 Johann Gramlich/add-on #32 Alex Anderson John C. Danielson Gladys Engels/add-on Howard Geier Julius Kottke Mary Schwoerer #33 Emil F. Glaeser Harold C. Homeyer Gertrude Seibel Lilah D. Sprang #38 Everett E. Bolle Bernadine K. Vandenbusch #43 Joseph Jagemann Arlene Nemec #44 Charles Christman Frances Dietz Richard Engel Inez Herman Wilber Huntington-d.1987 Helen Jurow Christopher Kracht Evelyn Lohse Veronica Markowski-replaced with better copy. Reubin Marshburn David Penkala Helen Plumb George Rosinsky-d.1999 Helen Schuette-d.1987 June Schultz-d.1987 Emma Smalley-d.1956-add on CREMATIONS: Edward L. Radke Matthew R. Williams

Wednesday - January 4, 2017 #44 Laura Braunel Frank Brindza Edgar Hansen-d.1930-added his son's obituary Loraine Herman Robert Hutchison Olga Klemm-added survivors Agnes Nebel-added survivors Antoinette Stechmesser Siegfried Weinert-added son's obituary Joseph Welnicke-d.1987 #46 Sr. M. Agnes Ann Drueke Sr. M. Ann Strauss #55 Mary Morrissey-d.1928-added son's obituary #57 Lucille Koenig-b.1922-add on #63 James Bruhn-added survivors Infant Redeker-d.1898 #66 Mary Pivonka-d.1953-add on Ann Wesler #81 Lila Gierke-add on #82 Ira Wagenknecht #86 Elmer Hickmann #87 John Schmidt-added missing part of obit Ramona Phillips #89A Ramona Beth-added survivors Ruth Mueller-d.1999 #89C Anna Dewey #89D Agnes Michels Marion Ploeckelmann Helen Reis CREMATION: Allen R. Copiskey

Monday - January 2, 2017 #5 George Robley Agnes Thompson #6 Jerry Rolland/add-on/marriage #8 Lydia Zimmermann #10 Margaretha Boettcher/add-on/obit #13 Andrew Bogenschutz/add-on/obit Wilhelm Bogenschutz/add-on/obit Barbara Jean Logan Aloysius John Schulte/add-on/obit #17 J.F. Ferdinand Olp/add-on/probate #19 Richard Busse Wilhelmine Krieser/add-on/obit #21 Elizabeth Burkard/add-on/obit Maria Dyzbalys/add-on/obit Theresa Loos/add-on/obit Arnold Joseph Reindl/add-on/obit John O. Rourke/add-on/probate Veronica Schuler #26 Helen R. Sleger Victor I. Wanish #32 Dorothy Aggen Darrell Behnke Ernie Breivogel Delores Carlson Dale Glaeser Verna Habermann Louis Kappelmann Joyce King Frank Kolar Hugo LaCroix Florence Podrabsky Marie Reif Bernhard Schwake/marriage Harry Sipiorski Regina Vraney Albina Wachtl Paul J. Waskow #33 Kelly Behnke Edmund H. Hoeffner John E. "Jack" Kochrosky Doris M. Koeppel Omar J. Mott Clarence Reichard Lorraine J. Saindon William F. Smith David Snow Adam C. Sprang Frank J. Weber Juanita M. Williams #38 Leona Kerscher #40 William F. Free #41 Theresa Evenson #43 Ignatz Bonk/add-on/anniversary James A. Brooke Shirlee M. Butz Loretta DeSmidt Virginia R. Dufek Joseph Dusold/add-on John Fricke/add-on Eleanor J. Hein Jacob Hessel/add-on/probate Leona Hoffman Marie P. Jorgensen Raymond A. Ligman/add-on/marriage Morgan Sara Lipski June A. Morris Bonnie Mueller Kurt Mueller Grace C. O'Connor Carol Peronto William T. Pollen Charles E. Quistorf Alois Rank/add-on/probate Fern Rank Mary Antoinette Rehbein/add-on/obit Rudolph Rick Willard F. Sauve Allen Schweigl Raymond R. Siebert Peter Strupp Sr./add-on/anniversary Lilah M. Surfus Sadie V. Tadych Marie A. Thiel Melvin Trost Ella M. Waniger Florence R. Zierhut Viola Zima #43a Eleanor Becker #44 Dorothy Becker-d.1999 Olive Benishek William Dicke-d.1898 Ronald Emme Fred "Fritz" Engel Aleta Haberland-add on obit Gordon Klotz Frank Kraft-add on Carol (Koch) Meihsner-added survivors Patricia Menten Marian Neubauer Kenneth Oestreich Imogene Schaus Manilda Serwe Claude Sielski Edmund Smalley-d.1898 Violet Steffen Anton Topic-d.1898 James Walsch Erwin Waskow John Wopp-add on