Development of the county bridges and the piers and lighthouses at Manitowoc and Two Rivers.


First Bridge of County Completed April 5, 1847 The first bridge in the county was completed and accepted on April 5, 1847. It was erected by Thomas Cunningham and Ira Clark over the Manitowoc River at Rapids. Manitowoc Herald Times, Tuesday, June 23, 1936 P. 15


The Harbor.- The Contractors are receiving stones and timber for the Harbor. If our Harbor Superintendent was ready to assume his duties, the construction of the South Pier would probably be commenced immediately. If this is not speedily done the South winds will produce an accumulation of sand on the bar, causing a heavy expense in dredging, which night now be avoided. Manitowoc County Herald, July 30, 1853


We have been requested to suggest to the Board of County Supervisors that an appropriation for a bridge across the Little Manitowoc on the road to Two Rivers, would have a tendency to advance the interest of the county. We should do injustice to our own feelings if we were to let the occasion pass without urging the matter upon the favorable consideration of the Board. The necessity of a good road between Two Rivers and Manitowoc, is too plainly evident to need a word of comment, and when we consider that only two miles of the road needs repairing, it seems as though a work of so much importance ought not to be delayed. But it is a well known fact that a bridge suitable for all the purposes of this road will cost a large sum of money, and the town of Manitowoc will be unable to build the same and repair the road without aid. Considerable money has already been judiciously expended on the road, but there are still portions of it that are almost impassible, and we are almost entirely cut off from communication with our thriving neighbor, resulting in the detriment of the whole county. Will the gentlemen of the board please examine? Manitowoc Tribune, May 6, 1854


Taken from a meeting of the Board of Supervisors- Bill of J.E. Platt for $300 for building bridge across Manitowoc River at Maple Grove accepted and ordered paid. Manitowoc Tribune, June 14, 1855

The proprietor of the North Pier makes his best bow to the public and calls attention to the fact that his is now ready to receive consignments and attend to any business which may be entrusted to him. It is a sufficient commentary upon the increase of business in Manitowoc, that one pier was found entirely insufficient for the wants of the community, and we have reason to believe that the capacity of those we now have will have to be increased at an early day. The length of the new pier is 950 ft. and it will doubtless prove a great convenience to the people of the Northside. Boats make calls at Manitowoc every day and the increase of business in the Mercantile line will justify wholesale dealers and manufacturers in sending large commission Invoices to this point. Strangers who visit Manitowoc are surprised at the number of Stores, and are still more surprised when they learn that all of them are doing a good business and that failures are exceedingly rare, in fact almost unknown. Manitowoc Tribune, June 21, 1855

New Pier At Manitowoc-K.K. Jones has just built a fine substantial pier at Manitowoc. It is 950 feet long 50 wide, and its cost is $6,000. We saw it a day or two since, and it would be hard to beat it. It was pretty well covered with freight, lumber and fired wood-the last two articles awaiting shipment. This pier was commenced the 15th of April last, and it is nearly completed. That is the way, however, that K.K. drives everything he takes hold of. He is chock full of energy and go-ahead-a perfect Napoleon in his line. We commend him and his new pier to the captains of our lake craft and to all bussiness men having freight to forward to that point.-Chc. Press. Manitowoc Tribune, Aug. 9, 1855


MANITOWOC LIGHT-HOUSE- Notice to Mariners.-The Light-House Board gives notice that on and after the 15th of October, there will be displayed at Manitowoc a Fifth Order Lens Light, fixed and varied by white flashes, which will occur at intervals of every two minutes. In an ordinary atmosphere the light can be seen at a distance of eleven miles. Manitowoc Pilot, Friday, Oct. 14, 1859 P.3

OUR LIGHT HOUSE. The workmen are busily employed in re-constructing the Light House at this point, and from the rapid progress they have made so far, we have no doubt that the "regular light" will be made to shine in a short time. Unknown Manitowoc newspaper, Aug. 19, 1859

OUR LIGHT HOUSE.-Government is fitting up our Light House in good style, and improving the grounds adjoining. When the work is completed, we can show as good a light and as neat a Keeper's residence as any town along shore. Manitowoc Pilot, Friday, September 23, 1859 P.3

A Substantial Bridge.- The towns of Mishicott and Kossuth are erecting a fine and substantial bridge over the Nashota river, about eight miles from here, on the town line road. Mr. Joseph Rankin is superintending its construction. Manitowoc Pilot, Sept. 23, 1859

Improvements To Our Light-House.- We have heretofore noticed the repairs which Government was making to the Light-House at this place, and to the improvement of the premises adjoining. All this work is now nearly completed, and the manner in which it has been done reflects great credit upon Mr. Sederle, the Agent of the Light-House Department. The Tribune furnishes us with the following particulars: "The old tower being too small at the top for the new lamp and fixtures, was torn down some ten feet and suitably rebuilt, one foot highter than before. It is now thirty-one feet high, and the focal place of the light is sixty six feet above the lake level. The light is a lens light, fixed and varied by white flashes, which occur at intervals of two minutes. It will be exhibited on and after the 15th inst. The old abiding place of the keeper, is converted into an airy, pleasant dwelling. The lot has been graded and terraced, and the whole surrounded by a wall of mason-work 280 feet in length. The area of the terraces is about 600 square yards, which were sodded by Mr. Chas. Baumgarten of this village. The cost of the new lamp and fixings is $700, and the expense of other improvement is $1000. The Manitowoc Pilot, Oct. 14, 1859


When Judge Larrabee was elected to Congress he made huge promises of aid to our Harbor and River Improvements, &c. (Etc.) He is keeping his promises by voting persistently for Boenek for Speaker, the man whose strongest characteristic, politically, is his inflexible opposition to Harbor and River Improvements. The people will so know how to appreciate the positon of Democratic politicians upon this important question. The Daily Tribune, Jan. 3, 1860


The work on the harbor is being pushed rapidly. There is already 400 feet of piles driven on the north pier. The work of filling in with stone will soon commence. Mr. Geo. Cooper has the contract. We are looking for another steam pile driver, which will be here at an early day. We are looking forward hopefully to the completion of the harbor, and are willing to do our share towards getting the L.S.R.R. here as we want a slice of the benefits derived from it. Manitowoc Tribune, Aug. 12, 1871


Repairs on Cooper & Jones pier are nearly completed. Manitowoc Co. Chronicle (Two Rivers), May 11, 1875

The bridge located one-half mile below the Gibson Mills, in the town of Gibson, has been torn down. It was built only last summer, but so imperfectly was it constructed that it was necessary to rebuild it. Manitowoc Co. Chronicle (Two Rivers), June 1, 1875


Fog Signal. We are informed by Mr. Anderson, lighthouse keeper, that the machinery for a "Fog Signal" is to be sent here within a few days and will be at once erected and put in working order. Manitowoc Tribune, March 31, 1881 P. 1

Eighth street bridge has recived new and substantial side-walks. Manitowoc Lake Shore Times, Tuesday, November 8, 1881 P. 1

Two Rivers news: The city authorities are making arrangements for the building of a new bridge over the east river to supersede the old one, which has of late, by reason of having been built for a number of years, become so used up in a number of places, as to make the crossing of it by teams no longer safe. The work of pile driving for the new structure will be done by Simeno & LeClaire, and will be commenced as soon as the river freezes sufficient to permit travel on the ice. Manitowoc Lake Shore Times, Tuesday, December 13, 1881 P. 4


NOTICE. Notice is hereby given that bids will be received for contracts to build three bridges, as follows: One at the Branch. One near Silver Lak, on the Calumet road. One near Roebke's Mill, on Green Bay road. Bids must be separate for each bridge, and accompanied by bonds, as follows; $500 for the Branch bridge; $100 for each of the others. Specifications may be examined at the office of Fred Ostenfeldt, White's Block, Manitowoc. Manitowoc Lake Shore Times, Tuesday, January 10, 1882 P. 1

Two Rivers news: The work of repairing Walnut street bridge in this city was begun on Monday morning last by Messrs. Simono and LeClaire, to whom the job has been let. Should the weather continue in the state that it is at present, considerable difficulty will be experienced by travelers who may be obliged to cross the river. Already it is unsafe to cross on the ice with a team and much of crossing is now done over the bridge about three miles up the river near the trannery (sic) of the Wis. Leather Co. Manitowoc Lake Shore Times, Tuesday, February 14, 1882 P. 4


Branch Brevities: Work on the bridge is at last commenced here at Branch and under the management of Mr. Hubbard we think the work will be pushed right ahead. Lakeshore Times, Sep. 18, 1883

Branch Brevities: Mr. A. Johnson took the job clearing the rubbish away from the ruins of the old bridge and considers the job so good a one that he is a going to give the folks a picnic on Sunday next at his park at the Branch. Lakeshore Times, Sep. 18, 1883


The west side of the new iron bridge on Washington street has just received an iron railing similar to that on the East side of the bridge, which greatly improves the looks of the bridge. The work was done by George Preston and bears evidence of his skill and taste.-Two Rivers Chronicle. Lake Shore Times, Nov. 18, 1884


The light house has been moved out to the end of the harbor cribs which were sunk this spring, and the raised plank walk is being extended out to it. Messrs. Truman & Cooper have pushed this harbor work this summer with energy and will soon have all done that is planned for this season. Manitowoc Lake Shore Times, Tuesday, July 21, 1885 P.3

Two Rivers: A new iron swing bridge is to be constructed on Monroe street. When completed it is expected to be one of the best iron swing bridges in this county. A pretty high tax will undoubtedly be levied upon the tax payers this year, in consequence of the several new improvments recently made in this city. Manitowoc Lake Shore Times, Aug. 4, 1885

Two Rivers news: Five bridge builders and contractors were in town last Friday soliciting the contract for the construction of the new iron swing bridge. The lowest responsible bidder was Keepers & Rundell, of Milwaukee who was awarded the contract at a cost of $6,142.50. work on the new bridge will soon begin. Manitowoc Lake Shore Times, Tuesday, Aug. 11, 1885 P.3

Two Rivers news: The bridge builders begun work on the new iron bridge yesterday morning. Manitowoc Lake Shore Times, Tuesday, October 6, 1885 P.1

Two Rivers news: The tug A.W. Lawrence, Capt. Harrington, brought a second load of stone for the new iron bridge last Sunday evening. Work on the new bridge is progressing finely. Manitowoc Lake Shore Times, Tuesday, October 13, 1885 P.2

Two Rivers news: The stone work on the new iron bridge was completed last Wednesday. The superstructure is now in process of erection. Manitowoc Lake Shore Times, Tuesday, October 27, 1885 P.3

Rapids news: The talk is now that the people of The (sic) Rapids are to have a wooden bridge. Manitowoc Lake Shore Times, Tuesday, December 29, 1885 P.3


The committee appointed by the City Council at their last meeting to take steps toward securing the erection of a breakwater at the mouth of our harbor are pushing the matter quietly, systematically and with energy. Vessel owners and captains are taking great interest in the project. Manitowoc Lake Shore Times, Tuesday, January 19, 1886 P.3

There is likely to be more trouble with the bridges in the town of Rapids this spring. There are several ice gorges formed in the river which have formed regular dams and have already accumulated a large quantity of water; one especially below Pierce's mill has become so large that it has flooded the whole flat and raised the water higher then the level of the mill dam above it. What is likely to happen when the ice melts and lets this water through with a rush can easily be guessed. We are informed there are still other gorges formed below this one. Old settlers along the river say such a state of affairs has never existed before. Manitowoc Lake Shore Times, Tuesday, January 26, 1886 P.3

OUR HARBOR. Petitions for the construction of a breakwater near the mouth of the harbor to prevent heavy seas from washing into the river have been very generally signed by vessel owners and shippers along the lake. The owners of large steamboat lines and barge shippers of Milwaukee and Chicago are heartily in favor of the project and assure the committee that they will do all in their power to make it a success. The memorials to Congress will be forwarded to Washington sometime during the present week. Manitowoc Lake Shore Times, Tuesday, January 26, 1886 P.3

Assurances have been received from Senator Sawyer and several of the members of Congress from this state that the project to erect a break water meets their approval and they will do all in their power to push the matter. Manitowoc Lake Shore Times, Tuesday, February 2, 1886 P.3


Now that both Eighth street and Tenth street bridges have been temporarily bolstered up again, local vehicle drivers have nothing to worry them excepting the "hump the bumps" and "leap the gaps" of North Eighth street. Manitowoc Daily Herald, Thursday, May 25, 1916 P.3

Suit has been filed by S. Zendella, a bridge contractor, aaginst(sic) the county of Manitowoc and town of Centerville for collection of $900 for a bridge built in Centerville. The bridge is known as the Freis bridge and it is said has sunk about thirteen inches at one end and the county and town declined to pay until repairs were made. A settlement may be made, it is said. Manitowoc Daily Herald, Thursday, April 20, 1916 P.3

Tenth street bridge tenders pulled a new one this morning when they opened the draw between seven and eight o'clock for minor repairs, causing workingmen and other to sprint four blocks out of their way to make their eight o'clock appointments. When will Manitowoc have "bridge hours" as other cities do? Manitowoc Daily Herald, Thursday, June 1, 1916 P.3


First Bridge of County Completed April 5, 1847 The first bridge in the county was completed and accepted on April 5, 1847. It was erected by Thomas Cunningham and Ira Clark over the Manitowoc River at Rapids. Manitowoc Herald Times, Tuesday, June 23, 1936 P. 15