The history and growth of the fire departments in the county


CHURCH STRUCK BY LIGHTNING.-During the severe thunderstorm on Sunday afternoon, the Episcopal Church in this town was struck by lighning. The fluid passed down the front and rear of the bellgable, tearing the boards and shingles and doing considerable injury. The building was unoccupied at the time of the accident. Manitowoc County Herald, Saturday, July 2, 1853 P.2

St. James The Rev. Mr. Thompson, formerly of Cincinnatti, Ohio, has accepted a call to the rectorship of St. James Church, Manitowoc, and has assumed the duties of his office. Mr. Thompson has had several years experience in the Ministry and comes among ??? ??? the most gratifying testimonials of th?se ???? which ???? a Clergyman. Manitowoc County Herald, July 30, 1853


Methodist A barn attached to the premises of the parsonage of the Methodist denomination, was destroyed by fire, on Wednesday night. The exertions of Sheriff Van Valkenburgh, saved the horse and buggy, but the rest of the contents of the barn, were consumed. The horse was scorched, but was not seriously injured. The fire caught from an ash house in the immediate vicinity of the stable.

Manitowoc Tribune, Nov. 18, 1854


Methodist The Methodist Church is nearly completed and will be dedicated in about two weeks.-Rev. J.J. Alpin is the present pastor. Manitowoc Tribune, Apr. 19, 1855

Episcopal There is regular service at St. James (Episcopal) Church on the Sabbath Rev. M. Hoyt, Pastor. Manitowoc Tribune, Apr. 19, 1855

St. James Bishop Kemper administered the rite of confirmation to eight persons at St. James Church on Tuesday last. Manitowoc Tribune, Apr. 19, 1855

Presbyterian The new Presbyterian Church is rapidly approaching a state of completion. Mr. S. Hill has the contract, and will push the work with vigor. Manitowoc will now have four churches, all of which will be open for services previous to the first of November. The village shows a proportionate more use. Manitowoc Tribune, Sept. 6, 1855

St. James The rite of Confirmation was administered by Rt. Rev. Jackson Kemper at St. James Church in this village, on Sunday last. Manitowoc Tribune, Sept. 20, 1855

Presbyterian The Order of Odd Fellows in Manitowoc, will please accept the thanks of the Presbyterian Church, &c., (etc) for their kindness in opening their Hall for a Concert, recently given for the benefit of said Church, &c. Mead Holms, Pastor. Manitowoc Tribune, Oct. 18, 1855

Presbyterian Dedication.-The dedication of the house of worship, known as the Tabernacle, recently erected by the Presbyterian Society, will take place on Sunday, the 18th inst. An apppo???? ?????? may be expected from the Pastor. Services to commence at 10 1-2 o'clock A.M. The evangelical Churches of Manitowoc, Two Rivers, and Maple Grove, with their Pastors, are fraternally invited to join in the exercises of the occasion. The presence of the Contributors to the Tabernacle enterprise, is especially desired. In the evening, at 7 o'clock, an address may be expected to the Young People of Manitowoc. On Monday, at 10 A.M., the Tabernacle will be opened for the purpose of renting slips. All wishing regular seats, are requested to meet the Trustee there, at that time. Manitowoc Tribune, Nov. 8, 1855


Presbyterian Messrs, W.W. Deming, J.W. Thombs, Geo. Deming, A. Wittmand, Mrs. A.N. Baker, and Miss M.E. Oliver, will please accept the thanks of the Presbyterian Church, for an elegant set of heavy silver plated communion furniture. As they have thus aided in furnishing the table of the Lord, may they be abundant partakers of its benefits-may they be speedily prepared with melting hearts and bursting prayers to receive the symbols of the Savior's body broken and blood shed. The Editor of the Tribune will also accept thanks for gratuituous printing in connection with the Concert. Mead Holmes, Pastor. Manitowoc, Wis., Jan. 1, 1856 Manitowoc Tribune, Jan. 3, 1856


Presbyterian The resignation of Rev. M. Holmes, Pastor of the Presbyterian Church was to take effect last Sunday but owing to some misunderstanding the Minister appointed for the purpose, refused to declare the pulpit vacant. Mr. H. we learn intends to make an early application for an unqualified dismissal. The Daily Tribune, July 8, 1858

St. John/St. James Communicated. Fourth Of July At Maple Grove.-S.S. Pic Nic. The S.S. children in this flourishing town had a gala day on the Anniversary of our National independence. At an early hour a beautiful bower was constructed, above which floated the Stars and Eagle of the Union. At 11 o'clock the children marched in procession, into the church, singing, "From the field victorious." The congregation were then addressed by Rev. Messrs. J.C. Holms, North, Ropper, and M. Holmes' singing by the juveniles interspersed. After the Benediction, the children marched out, singing "Crambambuli" a temperance song, and being the first invited gathered around tables richly spread under the Bower. In the Church and at the tables they observed the utmost decorum, a good example in the day of rudeness and Border Ruffianism. After the children, the heroes of the occasion were served, a luxuriant repast was prepared for the adults and they enjoyed it at their leisure. No sign of hard times appeared in the entertainment, rich and superabundant. The Congregation Church is a pleasant House of Worship, an ornament to the town, a monument of zeal resolution and liberality. May it ever be a centre of healthful, moral and religious influence. May the spirit of the 4th or rather the 5th always prevails in that locality. Intelligent, enterprising and united the people can but prosper, more and more. The Daily Tribune, July 14, 1858


CATHOLIC CHURCH.- We understand that our Catholic fellow citizens have made arrangements for regular service in their Church every Sunday after and including October 2nd. Rev. Max DeBere is Pastor, who will also perform divine service at Manitowoc Rapids every Sabbath. Manitowoc Pilot, Friday, September 23, 1859 P.3


Catholic The Catholic congregation of this village are putting up a building on Walnut street which they intend for a parish school when complete. Manitowoc Co. Chronicle (Two Rivers), May 11, 1875

Rev. Father Seubert, formerly of Maple Grove, is now located in Menasha. Manitowoc Co. Chronicle (Two Rivers), May 18, 1875

M.E. church Rev. H. Yarwood will deliver a temperance lecture at the M.E. Church, in Gibson, on tomorrow evening. Subject, "The Devil's Meal all Bran." Lecture to begin at 7 1-2 o'clock. Manitowoc Co. Chronicle (Two Rivers), June 1, 1875

Lutheran The town of Cato to have a new Lutheran church. The corner-stone was laid last Saturday. Manitowoc Co. Chronicle (Two Rivers), June 8, 1875

Lutheran The following officers were elected to the Two Rivers Bible Society: President F.W. REISLAND; Vice President Harry KAHRS; Secretary Rev. C.W. WILSON; Treas. Rev. Conrad YAGER ******* The local agents appointed were: For the Lutheran Church, Fred HARTUNG; Evangelical Association: Wm. WAGNER; American: E.H. YOUNG Manitowoc Co. Chronicle (Two Rivers), June 15, 1875


Last Friday while four men were engaged in lathing the new church at Northeim the scaffolding suddenly gave way, the men falling a distance of thirty feet to the floor below. Three of them escaped with slight bruises, but the fourth had an arm broken and received other injuries. Manitowoc Lake Shore Times, Tuesday, October 11, 1881 P. 1

Two Rivers news: P.H. Hewitt, one of Manitowoc county's most enterprising and successful teachers, and for the last few years at the head of the Edwards "seminary," spent last Sabbath with your correspondent. Manitowoc Lake Shore Times, Tuesday, October 25, 1881 P. 4


Gibson news: Rev. C. Jaeger, pastor of the German Lutheran church, preached his farewell sermon on New Year's day. Mr. Jaeger is a man of superior education and a minister of uncommon ability. His family will hereafter reside in Manitowoc. Manitowoc Lake Shore Times, Tuesday, January 3, 1882 P. 4

Liberty news: The people of Gjerpen and Valders congregations have invested in church bells, but which of the bells gives the best satisfaction it is difficult to determine. Manitowoc Lake Shore Times, Tuesday, January 3, 1882 P. 4

The convent near the Silver Lake, which was destroyed by lightning last summer, will be rebuilt on the old site. Manitowoc Lake Shore Times, Tuesday, February 7, 1882 P.1


Presbyterian The repairs on the Presbyterian church are about completed. A front entrance has been built which can hardly be considered as improving the appearance of the church however useful or convenient it may prove to be, a new furnace has been put in and the old ones repaired and there can be no doubt but the church will be comfortable now in the most severe weather. We are informed that there is a small debt still remaining on account ofthe (sic) repairs. Lake Shore Times, Nov. 4, 1884


Kellnersville news: Rev. Father Stern left his parrish at Francis Creek on Wednesday. Manitowoc Lake Shore Times, Tuesday, February 3, 1885 P.6

Catholic THE CORNER STONE LAID. The laying of the corner stone of the new St. Bonifacius church brought large crowds of people to the city yesterday. The day was beautiful. A little too warm perhaps, but on the whole most that could be desired. The procession was formed promptly on times and marched through the principal streets with Weinschenk's and the city bands discoursing music. Upon their return to the church the Rev. Father Wilmee delivered an excellent discourse in German which seemed to be highly appreciated by those understanding that language. Upon the conclusion of the discourse the corner stone was laid with the impressive ceremonies peculiar to the Roman Catholic Church, by the Rt. Rev. Monseigneur L. Batz of Milwaukee, assisted by the clergy in attendance. The circuit of the wall was then made and the walls blessed, after which the Rev. J.L. Cleary of Kenosha preached a powerful sermon from the gospel of St. John Chap. 13 V. 26. Father Cleary has the name of being a powerful pulpit orator and he certainly did justice to his reputation on this occasion. Within the Corner Stone was placed a scaled copper casket, containing the following documents. Copies of each of the city newspapers. Copies of the Columbia and Catholic Citizen of Milwaukee. Constitution of the United States. Constitution of the Catholic Knights of America. Constitution of the Catholic Knights of Wis., Constitution of the St. Bonifacius Society. Offices of the church. Consulters of the church. Building Committee. Name of the Architect. City Charter of Manitowoc and list of city officers. A parchment containing the names of the reigning Pope, the Archbishop of this diocese, of Monsigneur Batz officiating prelate, of the parish priest, Father Piel. The Pres. of the United States and the Governor of the State of Wisconsin. A portion of brick from one of the sacred edifices of the city of Treves. The following clergy from abroad were present and assisted in the services: Rt. Rev. Mong. L. Batz of Milwaukee. Rev. J.L. Cleary of Kenosha, Rev. H. Wilmes, Port Washington. Rev. J.J. Fox, of Marinette, Rev. M. Welbes of Two Rivers, Rev. P. Schweiger of Sheboygan, Rev. A. J. Gerhardt of Silver Lake, Rev. J.J. Smith of Meeme, Rev. Father Dudkaewitz of St. Mary's church in this city was also present. Manitowoc Lake Shore Times, May 26, 1885

Kellnersville news: A new wire fence is to be built in front of St. Joseph's church. Manitowoc Lake Shore Times, Tuesday, August 4, 1885 P.1

The Catholic church is making good progress. The roof being nearly all on. The workmen say the slate for the roof is the finest quality of slate they ever used. Manitowoc Lake Shore Times, Tuesday, October 20, 1885 P.3 ********** Rev. Mr. Wills the new pastor of the Methodist church preached to his congregation, Sunday. Manitowoc Lake Shore Times, Tuesday, October 20, 1885 P.3 ********** The Reformed Lutherans (German) have a private school in their new church his (sic) winter. Manitowoc Lake Shore Times, Tuesday, November 24, 1885 P.3 ********** Gibson news: The Lutheran Society have a German school in connection with their church taught by the pastor in charge. Manitowoc Lake Shore Times, Tuesday, December 29, 1885 P.3


The donation at the Methodist parsonage last Friday evening was a very pleasant affair, socially. A large number of friends congregated to show their appreciation of their pastor, Rev. Mr. Wills who has won the esteem of his entire congregation. The receipts-about $105-are considered satisfactory in these "hard times." Manitowoc Lake Shore Times, Tuesday, February 23, 1886 P.2 ________________ Gibson news: Rev. H. DeFord pastor of the M.E. church of Gibson, has removed to Gravesville to take charge of the work there and to attend school at Appleton. His place is filled every two weeks by Rev. Wills of Manitowoc. Manitowoc Lake Shore Times, Tuesday, April 13, 1886 P.2 ________________ Artists are now frescoing the new Catholic church. The work is very elaborate and although a number of artists are employed, will not be completed before the middle of October. One of the gentlemen who has the decoration in hand is Mr. Liebig formerley a druggist here. Manitowoc Lake Shore Times, Tuesday, September 14, 1886 P.1 ________________ CHURCH DEDICATION. The dedication services of the new St. Boniface church will take place on Thursday (Thanksgiving Day). Large delegations from Catholic congregations and societies in the adjoining counties have responded to an invitation to be present and the occasion (sic) will be a notable one. The consecration will be performed by His Grace Most Rev. M. Heiss, Archbishop of Milwaukee, assisted by a large number of clergy from abroad. Services in the church will begin about 10 o'clock A.M. Manitowoc Lake Shore Times, Tuesday, November 23, 1886 P. 3


Immaculate Conception The parishowners of the Immaculate Conception congregation are again pushing the work on their new church edifice. The foundations were l aid two or three years ago but the work dragged, owing to various difficulties, financial and otherwise. Some time ago the matter was taken in hand by Archbishop Katzer, of Milwaukee and the prospects now are that the church will be finished next season. Contractor Bartke is at work and is making good progress. Manitowoc Daily Herald, Oct. 26, 1898

Presbyterian A Union Thanksgiving service will be held at the Presbyterian Church on Thanksgiving Day. In place of the usual sermon, the (sic) will be addresses by Judge Baensch, Judge Kirwan, Lyman Mash and Mr. John Schuette, on questions pertaining to municipal and national government. Special music by the choirs and an interesting meeting is promised. Service will begin at 10:30 and a cordial invitation is extended to all to attend. Manitowoc Daily Herald, Nov. 17, 1898

Lutheran The Lutheran Band will give a concert in the school hall of the Lutheran church on Thursday evening Dec. 15. They will be assisted by the choir of the church and an exceptionally interesting program will be rendered. The Band is one of our best musical organization and no doubt will be accorded a hearty endorsement. Full particulars will be published later. Manitowoc Daily Herald, Nov. 17, 1898


The second annual ball, by the congregation of the Polish church, will be given at Ig. Neidy's hall on the evening of Sunday, Jan. 22. The Marine orchestra will furnish the music and the public is cordially invited. Manitowoc Daily Herald, Tuesday, January 17, 1899 P. 4

Norwegian Lutheran ALMOST COMPLETED. The New Norwegian Lutheran Church Will Soon Be Ready. The new church buiding for the St. Paul's Norwegian Lutheran congregation is rapidly nearing completion, and will probably be ready for use in about two more weeks. The stained glass windows are all in but one. There is a large window besides several smaller ones on each of the sides, facing north, south and east. The glass for the windows was funished by the Tabitha society a woman's organization connected with the church. The decorations in the stained glas windows are very handsome and are real works of art. In the north window is a full figure picture of Christ with the word "Tabitha" under it. The south window has a picture of the Bible character Tabitha who is represented as being a beautiful young woman. In the east window is a bust picture of Martin Luther. Manitowoc Daily Herald, Feb. 3, 1899

Catholic The Sisters of St. Francis are preparing to give a fair on May 1 for the benefit of the new hospital. They have already rented Turner Hall for the occasion. Manitowoc Daily Herald, Feb. 3, 1899

Norwegian Lutheran Rev. Royne and family arrived in the city yesterday from Austin, Minn., and will take up their abode here. Mr. Royne is the pastor of the new norwegian (sic) Lutheran church. The edifice is almost completed and will soon be ready for dedication. Manitowoc Daily Herald, Feb. 18, 1899

Catholic The members of the Polish-Catholic congregation at Two Rivers have decided to build a new brick-veneer church. The church will be 45 feet wide and 85 feet long with a tower of solid brick. It will cost from $5,000 to $10,000. Manitowoc Daily Herald, Mar. 11, 1899

Episcopal Several plans for the new Episcopal church are on exhibition in G.W. Fechter's window on N. Eighth street and others are expected this week. Manitowoc Daily Herald, Mar. 21, 1899

Lutheran Rev. Hoyme, who came here to attend the dedication exercises of St. Paul's New (sic) Lutheran church, returned to his home at Eau Claire to-day. Manitowoc Daily Herald, Mar. 22, 1899

Norwegian Lutheran Rev. Michelson returned to Neenah this afternoon. He was here to assist in dedicating the new Norwegian church. Manitowoc Daily Herald, Mar. 22, 1899

Catholic The interior of the St. Mary's Polish church is being artistically decorated. Manitowoc Daily Herald, Mar. 25, 1899

Catholic The second and last edition of the Fest Blatt, being issued by the St. Boniface Benevolant society, was given to the public to-day. It is a 40 page book and is profusely illustrated. The cover is unque (sic) and attractive. The back page is devoted to an advertisement of Schuette Bros., and is worked in bronze to carry out the golden anniversary idea. The first page of the cover is worked in silver, emblematic of the silver anniversary of the organization of the St. Boniface Benevolent society. The book was issued from this office. Manitowoc Daily Herald, Apr. 27, 1899

The corner stone of the new Polish church at Two Rivers will be laid next Sunday, May 14. The work on the basement has already been completed. Appropriate exercises will be held Sunday and many from this city will attend. Manitowoc Daily Herald, May 8, 1899

Christian ScientistThe Christian Scientists in Manitowoc, as elsewhere, are growing rapidly in numbers. Their doctrine which was introduced here not very long ago has attracted much attention and many followers have been secured. Of late they have increased so rapidly that their old quarters have proven too small to accommodate those who desire to attend the meetings. New rooms have been leased in the Beers block and the Scientists will meet there hereafter every Wednesday evening and Sunday morning. Manitowoc Daily Herald, May 8, 1899


Catholic A class of 160 were confirmed at St. Boniface Sunday. Archbishop Katzer of Milwaukee was present to administer the sacrament, being assisted by Fathers Fessler, Kzwonos, Mueller and Peil. Manitowoc Daily Herald, July 2, 1901


NOTICE. FOR SALE.-The old Polish church building located on the corner of Twenty second and Marshall Sts. This building is a frame structure the material in which is still good. It occupies a site upon which the new Polish school house is to be built and for that reason the sale is made. Any one can call and investigate the building. Sealed bids will be received at the parsonage of Rev. Joseph Chylewski until and including Monday March 7, when they will be opened. Committee. Manitowoc Daily Herald, Friday, February 26, 1904 P. 1


NEW CHURCH AT KIEL TO ORGANIZE, AXTELL OFFICIATES A new church organization, Presbyterian denomination, will be launched at Kiel, this county, this evening, when Rev. M.S. Axtell, of this city, in his official capacity as moderator of the Milwaukee Presbytery with which the church will be affiliated, will formally approve the organization. Assisting Rev. Axtell will be Rev. Cutler of Milwaukee and Rev. Hencamp of Sheboygan. A banquet will preceded the ceremonies of installation of the new church and Rev. Axtell will give an address on "The Duty of the Church to the Community." Following the banquet an organization meeting will be held with reception of members, election of officers and other features carried out to launch the new church on its mission. Arrangements will be made for supplying the pulpit, securing quarters, etc., by local committee. The church at Kiel was authorized at the recent meeting of the Presbytery held in this city and Revs. Axtell, Hencamp and Curtis were named a special committee to have charge of the organization. It is said that a membership of thirty or more has been enrolled for the new church. Manitowoc Daily Herald, Tuesday, May 23, 1916 P.4

Rev. F. Weertz, who has been in charge of the Lutheran church at Liberty for many years, has been tendered a call by a church at Wauwatosa and will probably accept and remove to that city. Rev. Weertz is well known throughout the county and has been located here for a long period. Manitowoc Daily Herald, Wednesday, May 24, 1916 P.2


Catholic The Rev. Fr. Rausch of Tisch Mills as been transferred by order of Bishop Rhode, head of the Green Bay diocese to be in charge of St. Joseph's church at Kellnersville to succeed the Rev. Fr. Reindl, recently deceased. The Rev. Rausch is the third new priest at Kellnersville with in little more than a year, two vacancies having been caused by death at St. Joseph's church in that short time. Manitowoc Herald News, Feb. 21, 1920