This page was constructed to give you information on how to use this site and how to find what you are looking for. Hopefully those initial questions can be answered here, and save you some time.

Helpful Hints

Please read the information at the top of each page..We put things you need
to know there about that file.

This is fairly new. Red means all have been found in that cemetery, except for
some we don't expect to be able to find, i.e. stillborn children, etc.
It helps the ones who are finding the obituaries in the newspaper to scan
down a cemetery and easily see who is finished up and who is not.

The biographies can be found by going to the marriage pages and clicking 
on the name.

The obituaries can be found in the cemeteries. 

The births are on the marriages pages.

All towns are Manitowoc co. unless otherwise noted.

Eden in the records is Eaton.

What happened to the 1890 Census?

A Quick Way To Search

When you are at a page, if you hold the control(ctrl) button and the f button down at the same time, a find box will appear. Type in the surname and click find next. Be sure to try alternate spellings.

How to Save Information

To take the information off a page, 1) click and hold your left mouse button and highlight the area you want to save. 2) Then click on edit/copy from the menu at the top of your screen or click the ctrl key and the C key (at the same time) 3) Open a file to copy it to 4) Paste the information into the file by going to the Edit Paste menu at the top of the screen or click the ctrl and V key at the same time. 5) You can then print the info if you wish. To get a picture, right click on it, click on "save image as" and save it to a file. Good luck.

Terms and Abbreviations

v. and p. numbers are volume and page number of the vital record at the Manitowoc courthouse. b. means born d. died m. married p. in the marriages and births means Parents (if not preceded by a v.) ossw means on same stone with Translations of Common Foreign Words found on Tombstones Map of Current Towns and Villages in the county. Land and Deed Terminology

Surname Registry

We have developed a page that lists surnames and the emails of people researching the names. You can add your name to the list by filling out the form found using the link at the top of the Surname Registry page.


If anyone has information on families from Manitowoc county I would be more than happy to incorporate it into my are a plus. They can be scanned and emailed, or photocopied and mailed. The pictures will be put with the family information. It can be sent to Shari
List of Contributors


Can't find what you are looking for? You can always ask, we have a number of volunteers that will do lookups. Please see the homepage for a list of volunteers. (p.s. we are always looking for more volunteers if you have the time) Be sure to be as specific as possible when requesting information. (we are pretty good at puzzles, but we have to have the pieces to start)