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From Der Nord Westen, 22 Nov. 1888: 
Death of 94 yr. old Mrs. Mary Jacket in Two Rivers on Tues. She 
enjoyed excellent health until just a few days before her death.
(1888 Nov 12  Jacquette Mary co. death index v.3 p.284)

JACOB A Sudden Death. Quite a commotion occurred in the Catholic Church of this city by the sudden death of an old man familiarly known as "Old Jacob," a native of Holland, and shoemaker by trade. He has been a resident of this city for the last fifteen years, and last Sunday morning at 8 o'clock while attending services he suddenly dropped dead in his pew. Heart disease and old age are thought to be the cause. Manitowoc Lake Shore Times, Tuesday, November 22, 1881 P. 1

JAEGER, FRIEDRICH From Der Nord Westen, 05 Dec. 1907: Death in Town Centerville on Thursday last week of 92-yr. old Friedrich Jaeger, an old settler of that town. He leaves 2 sons and a daughter. The funeral was Friday.

JAEGER, JOHN GOTTLIEB b. Germany/d. 29 July 1878, Cooperstown/age 81 yrs. 4 mo. 21 da./husband of Friedericke Kroening

JAEGER, MRS. FRIEDRICH From Der Nord Westen 25 Dec. 1890 Death of 58 yr. old Mrs. Friedrich Jaeger on Fri. of last week in Cooperstown after a long illness. She is survived by her husband and 4 grown children - 3 daughters and 1 son. The burial took place Mon.

JAEGER, MRS. FRIEDRICH From Der Nord Westen, 30 Dec. 1897: Death of 75 yr. old Mrs. Friedrich Jaeger, who lived on Manitowoc Road 2 miles north of St. Wendel, on Sat. in her home of a heart attack. She was buried Christmas Day in the Lutheran Cemetery of St. John's by Pastor Ph. Sprengling. She leaves her aged husband and 2 sons and a daughter.

JAEGER, OLD From Der Nord Westen, 31 May 1906: (From the correspondent in Two Rivers, 28 May.) Old Jaeger has died at age 81. For many years he had served as warden for the school, church, and nunnery of the local Catholic congregation, and fulfilled his duties with care. He leaves a widow and 3 married sons. (Note: I have an Xavier Jager in cem. #89B but that one is 64 according to the b. and d. dates. The death date is about the same though.)

JAGODINSKI, MARY Mrs. Mary Jagodinski, a pioneer resident of Newton, is dead at the advanced age of 75 years. The funeral was held from the church at Newton this morning. Mrs. Gustave Plotke, Mrs. S. Jagodinski were at Newton to attend the funeral. Manitowoc Herald News, Wednesday, February 19, 1919 Page 2

JAHIRS, MRS. THEO. Mrs. Theo. Jahirs, an aged pioneer residing on South 24th street, died suddenly Sunday morning of heart failure. Decendent was 80 years of age and had resided here for half a century. Two daughters survive. The funeral will take place Wednesday. Manitowoc Daily Herald, Monday, February 29, 1904 P. 2

JANA, CHARLES Charles Java (sic) birth: 7 December 1899 Kossuth, Manitowoc Co. death: 21 December 1899 Kossuth, Manitowoc Co., Wisconsin burial: Kossuth residence: 1899 Kossuth, Manit. Co. father: Waelan Java mother: Annie Wisconsin, Deaths and Burials, 1835-1968 ****** (1900 Kossuth census: Wencle Jana age 51; Annie age 43; Joseph age 10; Emma age 8; Julia age 6; Adolph age 1-b.1898) (From county death index: Charles Jana d. Dec. 21, 1899-v.6 p.220) ******* Charles Java (sic) Wisconsin, Death Records Name Charles Java Event Type Death Event Date 1899 Event Place Kossuth, Manitowoc, Wisconsin Residence Place Kossuth, Manit. Co., Gender Male Age 0 Marital Status Single Race W Birth Date 07 Dec 1899 Birth Year (Estimated) 1899 Birthplace Kossuth, Manitowoc Co., Burial Place Kossuth, Cemetery, National Cemetery Father's Name Waclav Java Father's Birthplace Bohemia Mother's Name Annie Java Mother's Birthplace Bohemia ******** Charles Java (sic) Wisconsin Deaths and Burials Name Charles Java Gender Male Burial Place Kossuth Death Date 21 Dec 1899 Death Place Kossuth, Manitowoc Co., Wisconsin Age 0 Birth Date 07 Dec 1899 Birthplace Kossuth, Manitowoc Co. Race White Marital Status Single Father's Name Waelan Java Father's Birthplace Bohemia Mother's Name Annie Mother's Birthplace Bohemia

JANDA, CHILD OF MR. From Der Nord Westen, 15 Dec. 1892: Death in Gibson several days ago of a child of Mr. Janda, from diphtheria. Burial was Sunday. Two other children in the family are gravely ill.

JANECEK, MR. Death Fri. in the local mental facility of 72-yr. old Janecek, an inmate there since 1880. Der Nord Westen, 29 Aug. 1901 ********* Wenzel Janecek Wisconsin, Death Records Name Wenzel Janecek Event Type Death Event Date 1901 Event Place Manitowoc, Wisconsin Residence Place Manitowoc, Gender Male Age 71 Marital Status Married Race W Occupation Taylor Birth Year (Estimated) 1830 Birthplace Bohemia Father's Name Janecek Father's Birthplace Bohemia Mother's Name Janecek Mother's Birthplace Bohemia

JANNING, FRED From Der Nord Westen, 12 Sep. 1901: Death in a local hospital on Mon. of Fred Janning of Newton of appendicitis. An operation brought no help. The deceased, who was 40, operated a smithy in the vicinity of Timothy Post Office. He leaves a widow and 3 children. The funeral was yesterday.

JANNING, HERMANN Name: Janning, Hermann D.: 3/5/1870 B.: Reg. D.: 8/13/1873 Sex: M/W Age at Death: 11 Yrs. 8 Da. B.P.: D.P.: Tn. Newt. Cem.: Ch.: Inf. & Address: Rev. T. Grosshusch Spouse: F.: M.: Cause of Death: Pg. #: v.1 p.148

JANNING, MARIA Name: Janning, Maria C. Henrika D.: 7/8/1877 B.: 1826 Reg. D.: 8/10/1877 Sex: F/W Age at Death: 51 Yrs. B.P.: Germ. D.P.: Tn. Newt. Cem.: Centereville Ch.: Inf. & Address: Rev. John Blaetgen Spouse: F.: -----Biemann M.: Cause of Death: Dropsy Pg. #: v.1 p.225

JANSEN, SON OF BERNHARD From Der Nord Westen, 26 July 1888: Death of the 8 mo. old son of Bernhard Jansen of Manitowoc on Wed., 25 July. Burial will take place Fri. morning in the Catholic cemetery. (Possible name: Julius Johnson/d. July 25, 1888/co. death index v.3 p.274/ there is a Bernhard Jansen in #43)

JENS, SON OF CLARENCE Infant Son of Clarence Jens' Dies On Sunday The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Jens, 2222 Michigan avenue, born at the home Sunday died Sunday evening and was buried today from the Shimek and Schwartz funeral home. Interment was in Evergreen cemetery. Survivors are the parents and two brothers, Jack and William. Manitowoc Herald Times, June 1, 1936 p.1 ******* (Called the cemetery office and this child is not buried in Evergreen. It's possible the family changed its mind on where they wanted to bury him. His burial is not on the site.)

JENSEN, JENS B. Name: Jensen, Jens B. D.: 10/3/1873 B.: Reg. D.: 8/8/1879 Sex: M/W Age at Death: 28 Yrs. B.P.: D.P.: Tn. Liberty Cem.: Ch.: Inf. & Address: Rev. A. O. Alfson Spouse: F.: M.: Cause of Death: Pg. #: v.1 p.313

JERABEK, JOS. From Der Nord Westen, 19 Feb. 1891: Death Tues. noon in the vicinity of Reedsville of 60 yr. old Jos. Jerabek. He was felling a tree, but it landed directly where he was standing, hitting him with its full weight and so injuring him that he died two hours later.

JERGENSEN, TWINS OF FRED Twin babies born to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Jergensen Saturday lived but a short time, both dying within a few hours Sunday. Manitowoc Daily Herald, Monday, May 12, 1902 Page 4 ******* From death index: T. Gergensen d. May 10, 1902 (co. death index v.7 p.71) Bertha Gergensen d. May 11, 1902 (co. death index v.7 p.71) From state microfiche: F. Gergenson(sic) d. May 10, 1902 Bertha Gergenseu d. May 11, 1902

JIRANEK, JOHN John Jiranek, of Maple Grove, an old man, died recently. He was at work when suddenly one of his arms dropped at his side, limp and lifeless. Gradually his entire body became paralyzed and death came to him. Manitowoc Lake Shore Times, January 1, 1884 p.1 ********* (1880 Maple Grove census: John Jeraneck age 67; wife Francise age 60; John age 26; grandson Carl age 2)

JOCHMANN, FREDERICH THOUGHT MISTAKE MADE WHEN DEAD MAN REPORTED TO BE FROM THIS COUNTY-MATTER CLEARED UP Committed to the Northern hospital at Oshkosh by the Sheboygan county probate court Jan. 6, Frederich Jochmann, a Kiel man, died at that institution less than a month after his commitment, advices having been received here from the hospital authorities to this effect. When the news of Jochman's death was received by Judge Chloupek it was thought by local authorities that a mistake had been made as there was no record in probate court here of the commitment of a patient of that name. This information was sent to the hospital officials at Oshkosh and today Judge Chloupek received records of the commitment of Jochman by the Sheboygan court with the information that the man was a resident of Kiel. Relatives at Kiel have been notified. Jochman was a man of advanced age. Manitowoc Daily Herald, Friday, February 12, 1915, Page 5

JOHANNES, MRS. W. From Der Nord Westen, 21 Mar. 1895: (From the correspondent in Two Rivers, 18 Mar.) Also, death of the wife of farmer W. Johannes, of a stroke. There were children. (Death index: Johannas Mary Mar 16 1895 co. death index v.4 p.277)

JOHN, CHILD OF J. Died:-The little 2 month old child of the widow Mrs. J. John's of Clark's Mills. It was her only child as she buried her husband and first born a short time ago. Manitowoc Lake Shore Times, Tuesday, August 10, 1886 P. 3

JOHN, THOMAS Thomas John died. He was shot in the abdomen. Manitowoc Herald, 09 Aug 1856 ******** Burgard, Stephen Defendant State of Wisconsin Plaintiff Dfndt accused of murder as a result of the shooting to death of Thomas John in the village of Manitowoc. yr. 1856; #2048; Box CF 15 FLB From the court index on this site

JOHNS, JOHN W. From Der Nord Westen, 02 May 1895: Death in Meeme on Mon. of John W. Johns of blood poisoning at age 44. He was the son-in-law of Mr. Edwards' second wife in Meeme where he spent many years as a Justice of the Peace. His death resulted from being wounded by a rusty nail. The burial took place Tues., Apr. 30.

JOHNSON, NO NAME Johnson birth: 16 May 1906 Two Rivers death: 17 May 1906 Two Rivers, Manitowoc Co., Wisconsin residence: 1906 Two Rivers father: Herman Johnson mother: Lucy Wisconsin, Deaths and Burials, 1835-1968 ****** Also have Ella and Oscar, same parents

JOHNSON, CHILD OF H. From Der Nord Westen, 09 May 1901: Death Mon. in Two Rivers of a small child of Mr. H. Johnson. (Death index: 1901 May 05 Johnson Ella co. death index v.6 p.355.)

JOHNSON, ELLA Ella Johnson birth: 10 April 1901 Two Rivers, Wis. death: 5 May 1901 Two Rivers, Manitowoc Co., Wisconsin burial: Two Rivers, Wis. residence: 1901 Two Rivers, Wis. father: Herman Johnson mother: Lucy Wisconsin, Deaths and Burials, 1835-1968 ****** Also have No Name Johnson and Oscar, same parents

JOHNSON, GEORGIA Liberty news: Died of Consumption last Thursday Miss Georgia Johnson. She has been sick for some time. Manitowoc Lake Shore Times, Tuesday, February 3, 1885 P.6

JOHNSON, HALVOR From Der Nord Westen, 27 Aug. 1896: On Fri. morning, as a farmer came down the main highway from Two Rivers to Two Creeks, he found well-known Capt. Halvor Johnson of Two Creeks, lying unconscious along the way. He notified the Two Rivers Police who determined that Johnson was still breathing and called a doctor. However, he died Fri. evening without regaining consciousness. It’s not known whether Johnson’s horse, who returned to the house alone, had run away and overturned the wagon, or whether there had been an accident. Many people have indicated that when Johnson left Two Rivers on Thurs. evening, he was carrying an unspecified amount of money which was not on his person when he was found.

JOHNSON, INGEBORG Name: Johnson, Ingeborg D.: 11/9/1878 B.: Reg. D.: 4/15/1879 Sex: F/W Age at Death: 85 Yrs. B.P.: Norway D.P.: Lib. Cem.: Lib. Ch.: Inf. & Address: Rev. A. O. Alfson Spouse: F.: M.: Cause of Death: Pg. #: v.1 p.301 (Note: Probably in #41)

JOHNSON, JOHN From Der Nord Westen, 04 Sept. 1890: (From correspondent in Mishicott, 02 Sept.) Sudden death of a heart attack of John Johnson last Sat. evening in Town Gibson.

JOHNSON, OLE From Der Nord Westen, 11 Feb. 1904: Death of 77-yr. old Ole Johnson, a long time resident of Town Manitowoc, following an illness of several years. He is survived by several children. The funeral was held Saturday.

JOHNSON, OSCAR Oscar Johnsen birth: 10 April 1900 Two Rivers death: 20 June 1905 Two Rivers, Manitowoc Co., Wisconsin residence: 1905 Two Rivers father: Herman Johnson mother: Lucy Wisconsin, Deaths and Burials, 1835-1968 ****** Also have No Name Johnson, Ella Johnson, same parents

JOHNSON, RUBEN Name: Johnson, Ruben D.: 11/18/1876 B.: 11/28/1876 (sic) Reg. D.: 1/2/1877 Sex: M/W Age at Death: 7 Hrs. B.P.: D.P.: Mtw. Cem.: Mtw. Ch.: Inf. & Address: R. K. Paine M.D. Spouse: F.: John Johnson M.: Eliza Johnson Cause of Death: want of vitality from prem. birth Pg. #: v.1 p.219

JONAS, LOUIS Body of Louis Jonas, former Two Creeks man, is found at Rib Lake with two bullet wounds. May have been a murder victim. Manitowoc Herald News, February 12, 1923 p.3

JONES, KYLER KENT Death notice in the Manitowoc Herald, Aug. 16, 1856 Kyler Kent Jones died, son of Kyler K. Jones

JONES, LODEMA From the Manitowoc Herald, 11 Aug. 1855: Lodema Jones dau. of Benjamin Jones died in Chicago

JONES, THOMAS From the Manitowoc Herald, 07 May 1861: Thomas Jones died. His arm was caught in a tug engine-amputated. He almost recovered.

JONES, MRS. WM. On Wednesday, the 15th inst., of consumption, after a long and painful sickness, Mrs. Wm. Jones, aged 50 fifty-six. Mother of our fellow citizen K.K. Jones. Manitowoc County Herald, Saturday, February 25, 1854 P.2

JORSCH, MATTHIAS From Der Nord Westen, 31 July 1902: Matthias Jorsch, a notorious character of our city, was found dead in his room yesterday. All signs indicate that he died several days ago. Jorsch lived apart from his family, but a son had come to his room on Wed. to visit his father and found the body. He probably died of a heart attack and a coroner's jury is being convened to determine the cause of his death. (From 1880 Newton census: Matt Jorsch head age 35; Cate wife age 27; John age 9; Nellie age 7; George age 5; Catie age 4; Gust age 2; Willie age 1/this is the only Matt Jorsch family on the 1880 census, and Matthew age 57 the father is the only one on the 1900 census he is living in Manitowoc ward 1)

JOYCE, DAU. OF WALTER From Der Nord Westen, 09 Aug. 1906: The 1-year old daughter of Walter Joyce here died yesterday following an illness of several days. The funeral will be held tomorrow morning from St. Boniface Church. (Death index: 1906 Aug 08 Joyce, Phyllis co. death index v.8 p.52 There is a Walter & Ellen Joyce buried in # 43)

JUERGENS, SON OF FRIEDRICH (From the correspondent in Mishicott, 19 Sept.) Death, week before last, of the 3-yr. old son of Friedrich Juergens of child cholera. The burial took place Sun., 8 days ago in the local cemetery. Der Nord Westen, 21 Sept. 1893 (Death index: 1893 Sep 08 JURGENS, Willie Her. co. death index v.4 p.195)

JUNEAU, JOSETTE Josette Juneau died (wife of Solomon Juneau/dau. of Jacques Viau) Manitowoc Herald, 24 Nov. 1855

JUNK, CHILD OF MICHAEL School Hill news: Died - On Oct. 11th, a little child of Mr. Michael Junk Manitowoc Lake Shore Times, Tues., Oct. 18, 1887 page 3 ******* This may be: (County death index: Magdalena Junk/d. Oct. 10, 1887 v.3 p.243) ******* Also may be: Magdalena Janke Wisconsin, Death Records Name Magdalena Janke Event Type Death Event Date 1887 Event Place Meeme, Manitowoc, Wisconsin Gender Female Age 0 Marital Status Single Race white Birth Date 10 Oct 1887 Birth Year (Estimated) 1887 Birthplace Meeme, Wis. Cemetery School Hill Cemetery Father's Name Michael Janke Mother's Name Marie Wahl

JURGOWSKI, MARY Mrs. Mary Jurgowski, who died at the Polish hospital Tuesday was buried Wednesday morning in the Polish cemetery. Manitowoc Daily Herald, Thursday, August 1, 1901, p. 2

JUUL, MRS. From Der Nord Westen, 15 Aug. 1889: Death on Sun., 11 August, of the mother of Ed. Juul. The deceased who had reached the advanced age of 83 was buried Tues. in the Norwegian Cemetery in Town Cato.