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From Der Nord Westen, 24 Oct. 1907: (From the correspondent in Mishicott, 22 Oct.) 
This week we report the death of a promising young man. Kurt Tabbert died 
Wednesday evening, after a confinement of only a few days, at age 16. The 
funeral was held Saturday afternoon from the local Lutheran Church to the 
local cemetery. 

TABYCH, DAU. OF PAUL (probably Tadych) From Der Nord Westen, 20 Apr. 1899: Death late Mon. night of the 3-yr. old daughter of Mr. Paul Tabych in Two Rivers of croup.

TADYCH, CHILD OF JOSEPH From Der Nord Westen, 31 Dec. 1908: A small child of the Joseph Tadych family here died Saturday and was buried Tuesday.

TADYCH, CHILD OF JOSEPH An infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Tadych, 915 Madison street, died yesterday. The burial will be held tomorrow morning from St. Mary's church. Manitowoc Daily Herald, Thursday, April 18, 1918, Page 3

TASCHNER, TWIN BOYS Twin sons of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Taschner of 1040 S. 10th St., Manitowoc, were born and died early Friday morning at Holy Family Hospital, Manitowoc. Private funeral services were conducted Friday afternoon with burial in St. Patrick Cemetery, Maple Grove. Surviving in additon to the parents are three brothers (Survivors omitted for privacy.); paternal grandmother, Mrs. Patricia Menser of Kentucky and maternal grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Clemens Althoff of Germany. Mrs. Taschner is the former Margot Althoff. Funeral arrangements were by Piefier(sic) Funeral Home, Manitowoc. Manitowoc Herald Times, Manitowoc, Wis. January 15, 1960

TAUB, GUSTAVUS A boy named Gustavus Taub, about five or six years of age, was drowned in the river on Monday last. His body was not recovered until the next morning. Manitowoc Tribune, Manitowoc, Wis. Thursday, August 2, 1855 P. 5

TAUGHER, BRIDGET FORMER MEEME WOMAN SURVIVES HUSBAND BUT FEW WEEKS, MRS. A. TAUGHER DIES AT MILWAUKEE News was received in the city of the death of Mrs. Anthony Taugher, widow, a former pioneer resident of Meeme, at Milwaukee where she had made her home the past three or four years. Mrs. Taugher was 70 years of age. Mr. Taugher died only a short time ago and his death was a great shock to the wife who had been his companion for nearly fifty years and her health failed rapidly until death came today. Mrs. Taugher is survived by three sons; Dr. James, Dr. Anthony, of Milwaukee; Rev. Thomas Taugher of Fond du Lac and one daughter, the family resided in Meeme for fifty years. Manitowoc Daily Herald, Friday, January 21, 1916 P.8 (Note: Her name was Bridget on 1900 Census for Newton/sheet 5) Burial in Milwaukee

TEGEN, CHILD OF W. TEGEN From Der Nord Westen, 18 Apr. 1901: Death in Two Rivers last week of a small child of W. Tegen. The funeral was held Sun.

TEGGE, CARL From Der Nord Westen, 25 Apr. 1889: Death of 47 yr. old Carl Tegge in the hospital on Fri. of consumption. The funeral took place on Sun. afternoon among a large number of mourners.

TEGGE, CHILD OF WILLIAM Diphtheria has again broken out in our city. A child belonging to Wm. Tegge died from it on Monday morning. Manitowoc Pilot Thursday, June 17, 1880

TEICHER, JOSEPH From Der Nord Westen, 19 Dec. 1878: Death last Tues., 17 Dec., of Joseph Teicher of Cooperstown, a suicide. The son of farmer John Teicher put two gunshots into his chest.

TEITGEN, AUGUST From Der Nord Westen, 14 Feb. 1884 also more in 21 Feb. 1884 issue 61 year old August Teitgen of Town Newton died on Mon. morning. He leaves a wife and eight children of which the youngest is a 17 year old girl. Burial at the Cemetery in Newtonburg. Note: although it says he was buried at Newtonburg, I have no Teitgen buried in Newton township, but there is an August Teitgen in cem. #44 with the appropriate date.

TEPOORTEN, HARTALMA Funeral services for Hartalma Tpoorten(sic), the two year old daughter of G. Tpoorten, of Manitowoc Rapids, were held to-day. The child died Sunday in convulsions. Manitowoc Daily Herald, Tuesday, May 08, 1900, Page 1 (NOTE: There is a Husbaline Tpoorkn(sic) d. May 6, 1900, co. death index v.6 p.250/I put this entry under Tepoorten because I believe that is what it should be)

TERKELSON, ELLA From Der Nord Westen, 14 May 1908: Death Sunday in Holy Family Hospital of Miss Ella Terkelson of typhus with which she had been ill for four weeks. The deceased leaves her mother, 3 sisters and a brother. The body was taken to Jerpen yesterday and buried there.

TESSER, JOSEPH From Der Nord Westen, 09 May 1895: (From the correspondent in Two Rivers, 06 May) Burial of Joseph Tesser here on Thurs. He is survived by 4 brothers, 2 of whom live here, and his mother.

TESSIN, JOHN From Der Nord Westen, 10 May 1877 John Tessin, age 72, died on 1 May in Mishicott. Burial took place on 3 May the birthday of the deceased.

TETEAK, MARY May 03 1894/Jun 1987 (I have a Mary Teteak b. 5/03/1894, d. May 23, 1972 but no burial place. Any other information? Some Teteaks I know were buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Oconto WI.-sent in by researcher/see contributors page)

THEERBURG, CHILD OF HEINRICH From Der Nord Westen, 20 Feb. 1896: (From the correspondent in Two Rivers, 17 Feb.) Death of the 6 mo. old child of Heinrich Theerburg last week, with burial in the Lutheran Cemetery.

THEISS, A. Mr. A. Theiss, an old settler of this city died last Sunday. The funeral took place from the Sacred Heart church last Wednesday morning, Father Leehowski officiating. The deceased is mourned by a devoted wife, a daughter and two sons. The departed reached the ripe old age of 72 years. The [Two Rivers] Reporter, Sat., 24 Aug. 1907, page 1, col. 6

THEISS, JOHN From Der Nord Westen, 22 Aug 1907: Death Sunday at the advanced age of 82 of John Theiss of old age debility. The deceased, who was born 20 November 1825 in the Prussian Province of Posen, came to Two Rivers about 40 years ago and has lived here ever since. He leaves a widow and 3 children. The funeral was held Wednesday morning from the Polish Church.

THEOPHILA, SISTER From Der Nord Westen, 17 May 1900: Death in the local St. Mary's Hospital on Sat. of 21-yr. old Sister Theophila of consumption. The funeral was held Mon.

THIEMANN, WILLIAM Two Rivers news: Hotel Chef Dies William Thiemann, chef at Hotel Hamilton, dropped dead in his room Saturday evening, heart failure being the cause of his sudden demise. Medical aid was summoned immediately after his shriek brought patrons and hotel attendants to his room, but he was beyond earthly help and he died several minutes after his collapse. Thiemann was 50 years old, and had been employed as chef at the Hamilton Hotel for the past year. He had been ill for several weeks. Manitowoc Herald News, February 14, 1923 p.8

THOMAS, CHRISTIAN From Der Nord Westen, 01 Jan. 1903: Death in Mishicott of 83-yr. old Christian Thomas of dropsy. He leaves 5 children. The funeral was held Sat. in Two Rivers.

THOMAS, ROBERT From Der Nord Westen, 21 Sep. 1899: Death in Two Creeks on Thurs. of Robert Thomas at age 76.

THOMLITZ, EHRENFRIED Name: Thomlitz, Ehrenfried D.: 2/25/1876 B.: 10/24/? Reg. D.: 12/27/1876 Sex: M/W Age at Death: B.P.: Nepermitz of Rugen D.P.: Tn. of Two Creeks Cem.: Ch.: Inf. & Address: Rev. C. Jaeger Spouse: F.: M.: Cause of Death: Pg. #: v.1 p.215

THOMPSON, MRS. Mrs. Thomson of Clarks Mills died on Friday of last week. Manitowoc Pilot, Thursday, March 1, 1894 P. 3

THOMPSON, OLE On Thursday, Aug. 10, Ole Thompson, aged 27 years. Manitowoc Tribune, Manitowoc, Wis. Saturday, August 12, 1854 P. 3

THOR, FRANK Manitowoc news: Frank Thor, well-to-do Two Creeks farmer, was found dead in bed Monday morning by a neighboring farmer, having committed suicide some time between Saturday night and Monday morning. He was a bachelor and conducted his forty-acre farm. He lived alone. He killed himself with a shotgun, unloading the entire charge into his breast while in bed. Tri-County Record, Kiel Thursday, December 9, 1920 pg. 4

THORISON, THOMAS Valders – Thomas Thorison, formerly a farmer in the Town of Liberty, but for many years a resident of Chicago, died at his home there last Saturday at the age of sixty-eight years. The body was brought to Valders for burial. Rev. A.O. Alfson, formerly pastor of Jerpen and Valders congregations and Rev. A.O. White, conducting the funeral services. The deceased is survived by his aged mother, one brother and two sisters. Manitowoc Herald Times, Oct. 9, 1924 page 9

THORSTENSEN, RAYNELS Name: Thorstensen, Raynels D.: 6/20/1878 B.: Reg. D.: 4/15/1879 Sex: F/W Age at Death: 48 Yrs. B.P.: Norway D.P.: Mtwc. Cem.: Tn. of Liberty Ch.: Inf. & Address: Rev. A. O. Alfson Spouse: Knud Thorstensen F.: M.: Cause of Death: Accident Pg. #: v.1 p.296

TILELA, VICTORIA From Der Nord Westen, 25 Oct. 1900: Death in the local St. Mary's Hospital on Sun. of 49-yr. old Victoria Tilela. The funeral was held Tues.

TILL, JOHN From Der Nord Westen, 13 July 1893: Veteran John Till died on Sun. morning in the hospital where he had been brought on Wed. following a suicide attempt by slicing his throat.

TIMLITZ, WILHELM From Der Nord Westen, 19 Feb. 1891: (From the correspondent in Two Rivers, 17 Feb.) Death last week here of Wilhelm Timlitz, a young man who was planning to get married next month.

TISCH, MRS. C. Messrs. R. Quistorf and E. Tisch of Wausau, came here Sun. to attend the funeral of Mrs. C. Tisch whose body arrived here Mon. and was interred Tues. afternoon. The C. Tisch family has lived in Tisch Mills for many years, and many members of that family are buried in the local cemetery. (Note: This is probably Augusta Tisch in #63)

TISCH, MARIE From Der Nord Westen, 05 Mar. 1896: (From the correspondent in Mishicott, 02 Mar.) Death Thurs., 20 Feb., in Grand Rapids, of Mrs. Marie Tisch (nee Kibbel), wife of Wilhelm Tisch, of consumption. She leaves a husband and 2 sons – ages 6 and 8. Her body was brought here and buried the following Sun. in the city cemetery with H. Falge delivering the funeral oration.

TISHER, THERESIA or THERESA Name: Tisher, Theresia (Theresa) D.: 6/23/? B.: Reg. D.: 6/1/1870 Sex: F/W Age at Death: 52 1/2 Yrs. B.P.: Germany D.P.: Kossuth, Mtwc. Co. Cem.: Ch.: Inf. & Address: Rev. E. Henzler Spouse: Jos. Hutterer F.: M.: Cause of Death: Pg. #: v.1 p.77

TODD, PETER From the Manitowoc Herald, 29 Jul 1854: Peter Todd died.

TOEBE, MRS. HERMAN Mrs. Herman Toebe, a well known resident of Reedsville is dead at her home there, aged 64. four daughters and one son survive. The funeral will be held at Reedsville tomorrow. Manitowoc Daily Hearld, Friday, April 28, 1916 P.2

TOELLNER, FRIEDRICH From Der Nord Westen, 02 Feb. 1899: Death in Town Rockland recently of Friedrich Toellner at the age of 78-yrs 3 mos. The burial was Mon.

TOMASCHEFSKY, MRS. FRITZ From Der Nord Westen, 13 Aug. 1908: (From the correspondent in Two Rivers, 10 Aug.) Mrs. Fritz Tomaschefsky died Friday night at age 70. She leaves her husband and several grown children in good circumstances. The funeral was held Monday afternoon from the Lutheran Church and was heavily attended. (Have a Louisa in #89A but the age is off quite a bit)

TOMCHEK, CHILD OF ALBERT The five month child of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Tomchek was buried last Saturday. The ceremony took place at the Sacred Heart Church. The Reporter - Tues., Sept. 14, 1909 *Note: There is an Albert in #43

TOMEK, MRS. WENZEL From Der Nord Westen, 14 Feb. 1901: Death in Two Creeks on Fri. of Mrs. Wenzel Tomek with burial in Two Rivers on Mon. (possibly Mother 1835-1901 in #89B)

TOMSCHECKI, JOHN From Der Nord Westen, 21 Mar. 1895: (From the correspondent in Two Rivers, 18 Mar.) Death last Wed. of John Tomschecki, Polish foreman at the Two Rivers Manufacturing Co. He had fallen from a platform in the sawmill and died of his injuries the next day. He was 25 yrs. of age and leaves a wife and two children, one 2 yrs. and the other 7 weeks old. He was buried Friday at the Polish Cemetery. (This is probably John Tomchek in #89B)

TOMSCHEFSKY, CHILD OF MR. F. A 6 month old child of Mr. F. Tomschefsky in Two Rivers died on Thursday, last week. The burial took place Sunday. Der Nord Westen, July 21, 1898 ******** (Note: Tomschefsky is also spelled Thomschefski, Thomaschefsky, Tomaschefsky, Tomashefsky. The surname is in Pioneers Rest and Calvary, the only two cemeteries in Two Rivers at the time.

TOMSCHEK, JOHN From Der Nord Westen, 25 Jan. 1900: Death Sun. of a 4-yr. old son of Two Rivers resident John Tomschek of blood poisoning following a wound to his face from a pitchfork

TORGRIMSEN, ALFRED THEODOR Name: Torgrimsen, Alfred Theodor D.: 7/22/1873 B.: Reg. D.: 8/8/1879 Sex: M/W Age at Death: 4 Yrs. B.P.: D.P.: Cem.: Ch.: Inf. & Address: Rev. A. O. Alfson Spouse: F.: M.: Cause of Death: Pg. #: v.1 p.313

TORRISON, CHRISTINE Christine Torrison a daughter of Ole Torrison of Liberty died on Saturday last. She was 21 years old at the time of her death. Manitowoc Pilot, Thursday, October 18, 1888 P. 3

TORRISON, JOHN Liberty News: We are sorry to record the death of Mr. John Torrison, one of Liberty's most promising young men. The bereaved parents have the heartfelt sympathy of a large number of friends in their deep affliction. Manitowoc Lake Shore Times, Tuesday, January 31, 1882 P. 4

TORRISON, OLE Ole Torrison of Liberty, died quite suddenly on Saturday last. He has an attack of heart trouble on Friday night, but on Saturday morning felt well enough to go out to give workmen some directions about building a fence. He was walking toward his house when he dropped dead. Mr. Torrison was a wealthy farmer and raised quite a large family. He settled early in Liberty and was a most deserving citizen. Manitowoc Pilot, Thursday, April 13, 1893

TORRISON, TOLIC Tolic Torrison, a ship carpenter living on the Northside, died last Sunday, after an illness of several months. He was fifty-five years of age at the time of his death. Manitowoc Lake Shore Times Tuesday, February 6, 1883 pg. 1

TOUHEY, JAS. JAS. TOUHEY, FOMER LOCAL RESIDENT, DEAD Early Day Settler of Town of Franklin Dies At Milwaukee James Touhey, a former well known resident of Manitowoc county, in the town of Franklin and later this city, died at Milwaukee April 25, messages received announcing his demise. Mr. Touhey was a native of Ireland, born in county Clare, June 20, 1836, and came to America in 1848, locating in this county in 1855. From 1873 to 1903 he was engaged in the hotel business at DePere and later resided in this city. He is survived by a widow, but no children. Manitowoc Daily Herald, Thursday, April 27, 1916 P.4

TOWNS, MR. (JOHN?) Branch – An old man by the name of Towns, died at the residence of his daughter, Mrs. Wm. Hollenbeck on Thursday last; he was ninety years of age and had lived in this vicinity for many years. Manitowoc Lake Shore Times, Thurs., Oct. 20, 1885 page 6 ******** John Town is listed on the 1880 Manitowoc Rapids census as father-in-law in the home of Wm Hollenbech. Could not find any other reference to him in Manitowoc County.

TRABB, HELENA From Der Nord Westen, 18 Dec. 1890: Death of 20 yr. old Helena Trabb, daughter of Friedrich Trabb, on Wed. of last week in Cooperstown. The funeral was Friday.

TRAEGER, P. AUGUST From Der Nord Westen, 04 Aug. 1892: Death of P.A. Traeger (referred to as "Dreger" in subsequent issues), overseer of the Two Rivers Cemetery. On Tues. morning, as he was busy digging a grave, he died of a heart attack. ******* From Der Nord Westen, 11 Aug. 1892: (From the correspondent in Two Rivers, 08 Aug.) Burial of August Dreger on Thurs. by Pastor Eilert of the Ev. Church. The decedent died suddenly while digging the grave of Mrs. Conine.

TRAINOR, MICH. Death of 30 yr. old Mich. Trainer on Sun. of consumption. The deceased lived a few miles from the Cloister at Silver Lake. His wife, also a consumption victim, preceded him in death about 2 yrs. ago. Der Nord Westen, 27 Nov. 1890 (This is in cemetery #60: Jane WALSH, wife of Mich. Trainor (see Walsh) (Joanna Theresia Trainor/d. 12 Oct. 1889/age 24 yrs/wife of Michael Trainor/from records of St. Isidore Cath. ch. bk.1 p.203/may be Jane Walsh ?) Note: There is no record for him at St. Isidore where his wife is buried.

TRAP, AUGUST From Der Nord Westen, 09 Mar. 1893: Death in Cooperstown on 23 Feb. of 17 yr. old August Trap. He suffered from inflammation of the lower abdomen. The burial took place the following Sun., attended by a large number of mourners. (Have an A. Trapp footstone in cem. #19)

TRAVER, SON OF L.C. From Der Nord Westen, 16 Jan. 1896: (From the correspondent in Two Rivers, 13 Jan.) Death Sat., from a brain seizure, of the 5-yr. old son of L.C. TEAVERIE (sic) (should be TRAVER?), superintendent of the chair factory. Burial was today. (There is a 5 yr. old Traver child in #89B)

TRONDSEN, BERTHA MARIE Name: Trondsen, Bertha Marie D.: 6/21/1873 B.: Reg. D.: 8/8/1879 Sex: F/W Age at Death: B.P.: D.P.: Cem.: Ch.: Inf. & Address: Rev. A. O. Alfson Spouse: F.: M.: Cause of Death: Pg. #: v.1 p.316

TRONDSEN, CLARA OLINE Name: Trondsen, Clara Oline D.: 9/9/1873 B.: Reg. D.: 8/8/1879 Sex: F/W Age at Death: B.P.: D.P.: Cem.: Ch.: Inf. & Address: Rev. A. O. Alfson Spouse: F.: Ole Trondsen M.: Cause of Death: Pg. #: v.1 p.316

TROSSEN, CLARENCE BOY DROWNS AT TWO RIVERS WHILE BATHING Carence(sic) Trossen, 18, met death in the West Twin river at Two Rivers Sunday when he was taken with cramps while in bathing with a number of companions who were unable to reach the lad before he went down for the last time. The coast guard recovered the body after a short search. The funeral will be held Wednesday afternoon. The accident is the first drowning of the year at Two Rivers. The Trossen family recently removed to that city from Marshfield, having been residents there only a month or two. Manitowoc Herald News, Tuesday, June 1, 1920 p.1

TROST, LENA From the Files of the Pilot - Twenty-Five Years Ago - (1897) Mrs. Joseph Trost of Newton died on Wednesday morning of inflammation of the bowels. Manitowoc Pilot, Thurs., Jan. 26, 1922 ******** (1880 Newton census: Jos. Trost 50; wife Lena 47; Henry 24; Stine 19; Nic 16; Eliza 13; Ann 11; Mary 9; Geo. 3)

TROULLIER CHILDREN BURNED TO DEATH Sad Accident At Gibson, Two Children Burned In A Hay-Loft Two children of Joseph Troullier of Gibson were burned to death in a born in Gibson on Sunday Aug. 5th. The children were left playing in the yard the father being in the house, and the mother and older children were not at home; and it appears that the children got up in the hay loft and started a fire. The children were three and five years old respectively. When found they were burned to ashes only a few bones, the skull and teeth being found. Manitowoc Lake Shore Times Tuesday, August 7, 1883 pg. 1 (*Note: There is a Joseph Troullier in #63)

TRUETTNER, WILHELMINE From Der Nord Westen, 02 Apr. 1896: Death in Newton, after a long and difficult illness, on Mon., 30 Mar., of 39 yr. old Wilhelmine Truettner, wife of Ernst Truettner, of inflammation of the back. She is survived by her husband, but no children. Burial will take place this afternoon in the cemetery of the German Methodist Congregation of Newton.

TUFTS, DAU. OF JOHN From Der Nord Westen, 24 Apr. 1890: Death in Kansas on Mon. of the 18 yr. old daughter of John Tufts of consumption. Before moving to Kansas, the family lived for a long time here in Manitowoc, and it is likely that the body will be brought here for burial.

TUMACHESKI, DAU. OF FRITZ From Der Nord Westen, 02 Oct. 1890: (From the correspondent in Two Rivers, 30 Sept.) Death recently of the little daughter of Fritz Tumacheski. Burial will be today in the Lutheran Cemetery.

TUREK, JACOB Jacob Turek, a Two Rivers man who died at the hospital here, was buried at Two Rivers today. He was formerly a farmer at Stangelville but for years had been employed at the Waverly House at Two Rivers. He divorced his wife years ago and is said to have no relatives in this country. Manitowoc Daily Herald, Thursday, March 16, 1916 P.3

TURGE, DAU. OF OSWALD From Der Nord Westen, 30 Aug. 1883 Last week the 19 month old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Oswald Turge died in Kiel.

TURNER, MRS. H.G. From Der Nord Westen, 15 July 1886: “We hear that the wife (not named) of Mr. H.G. Turner has died.”

TURNER, HARRIET E. Mrs. Harriet E. Turner, 83, formerly of 4439 Fleetwood Drive and Park Lawn Home, Manitowoc, died Friday, May 5, 1989 at Holy Family Medical Center, Manitowoc. Memorial service will be 2 pm Sunday, May 21, at Faith Evangelical Free Church, Rev. John White will officiate. Mrs. Turner was born September 7, 1905 at Esbon, Kansas, daughter of the late William and Martha Cave Simmons. She attended schools in Esbon, Kansas. Following her schooling she attended Aberdeen Teachers College, Aberdeen, South Dakota. Receiving her diploma she then taught 5th through 7th grades for 25 years. She married Daniel Turner on June 15, 1930 at Milltown, South Dakota. He preceded her in death in 1974. In 1976 she came to Manitowoc to make her home. Mrs. Turner was a member of St. Paul United Methodist Church and the Church Women. she was also a member of Order of the Eastern Star No. 196. Survivors include a son and daughter-in-law, Daniel and Patricia Turner of Independence, Missouri; three daughters and two sons-in-law, Beth and John Golata of Morton Grove, Illinois, Patricia and Marvin Werner of Tucson, Arizona, and Miss Ruth Turner of Manitowoc; two brothers and sisters-in-law, Joseph and Frances Simmons of New Underwood, South Dakota and Chester and Agnes Simmons of Wellington, Kansas; 12 grandchildren, 3 great grandchildren, other relatives and friends. She was preceded in death by her husband, five brothers and two sisters. The family will greet friends following services at the church. There will be no visitation at the funeral home. Jens Funeral Home, Manitowoc, is assisting the family with arrangements. In lieu of flowers, memorials may be sent to the American Heart Association. Manitowoc Herald Times - Mon., May 8, 1989 - page B8

TURNER, JOHN From Der Nord Westen, 24 Jan. 1901 (From the correspondent in Mishicott, 22 Jan.) Death last Wed. in Mishicott Home, where he has boarded for many weeks, of John Turner. He was buried Sat. from the Catholic Church. He is a former resident of Sheboygan where his wife died leaving him with a son and daughter. He later suffered a stroke which left him lame on one side, and the City of Sheboygan had to support him and his family. He then came here to be with his mother and stepfather, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bangniet with whom he lived for several years. About a year ago his mother died and his inlaws, Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Pennier of Sheboygan took in the children. In our local area he sold trees and seeds until he fell ill and died shortly thereafter.

TURNER, MRS. JOHN From Der Nord Westen, 25 Jan. 1894: (From the correspondent in Mishicott, 16 Jan.) The body of Mrs. John Turner, who died last week in Sheboygan, was brought here for burial in the Catholic Cemetery. Mrs. Turner was a daughter of Mr. Joseph Pangier, who moved to Sheboygan several years ago but still holds land in Town Mishicott.

ULIHER, JOSEPH SR. From Der Nord Westen, 20 May 1909: Death recently in Town Franklin of 91-year old Joseph Uliher (sic), Sr. (Note: I have a Joseph Uhlir in cem. #44 who was buried 5-18-1909. May be the Joseph in the obit here's the response from the cem. office: Probably. He is buried next to Anna Uhlir (12 years younger – North Main Street resident), and the lot was purchased by Anton Uhlir. There is another Joseph Uhlir buried in Section L. I don’t have a birth date, but could potentially be the Jr.)

ULLWITZ, MRS. From Der Nord Westen, 04 Feb. 1897: Death Sat. in Kellnersville, of Mrs. Ullwitz, of old age debility. The burial took place Mon. at the cemetery there. (Possibly Mrs. Ulovec in cem. #26 but not enough info to determine)

UMBELLUS, BONASA TERRIBLE MURDER: A Vivid Description of the Killing. Just as we go to press we learn of the most melancholy occurrence that it has ever been our painful duty to record. Death is always a solemn event, but when the rude hand of the murderer woefully and maliciously sends the leaden messenger that summons the spirit to another sphere of action, then, truly is it horrible! But to be brief, the circumstances as we learn them are as follows: On Monday last two men from this place went out to a sugar bush ostensibly to get some sugar, but taking a shot gun with them they put it to a terrible use. When going through a dense thicket they met Mr. Bonasa Umbellus a resident of that neighborhood and without hestitation fired; and it is said, killed him instantly. Our informant is Mr. App. Reil Fule, who came to town early this morning. Manitowoc Tribune Thursday, April 1, 1869 pg. 4

UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN BODY FOUND--We learn that on Thursday last the body of a man was found at Centerville having drifted ashore. He was rather short--little over five feet--and appeared to be a sailor. He had not been in the water very long. Name unknown. The Manitowoc Tribune Thursday, April 25, 1867 pg. 4

UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN MAN, LISTED HERE AS BEING BURIED, DENIES DEATH TALE Reports that he had met an untimely death in the Manitowoc river during the past winter were branded as not only being entirely premature but also false by George Fox, itinerant painter who returned to this city yesterday with the statement that he had spent the winter in New Orleans. He also denies that he is buried in Potters' field at Evergreen cemetery. Several months ago a floating body was taken from the Manitowoc river at the shipyards after employes of the company had noticed the corpse in the river. Partial identification was made by two West Side residents who knew Fox and his name was listed on the police records as the victim of an unexplained death. Manitowoc Herald News, Manitowoc, Wis. Tuesday, June 24, 1930 P. 6 (Note: Cemetery office can't determine which burial this would be since none seem to match it) ******** DEAD MAN IS TAKEN OUT OF RIVER AT YARD Identity Unknown As No Marks on Clothing and No One Reported Missing Here Mystery surrounds the identity of a man whose body was taken from the river in the rear of the offices of the Manitowoc Shipbuilding Corporation this morning after discovery of the body had been reported by Frank Kinstry, laundryman, on occasion of his daily visit to the yards. Kinstry noted the body floating in the river and it was pulled out by employees at the yards and turned over to the police. That the man had been dead for many days was indicated by the decomposed condition and search of his clothing failed to reveal anthing that might identify him. There was no money or other valuables, no papers and no mark on the clothing that might aid in establishing who the man may be. Dead Man About 50 The dead man is about 48-50 years of age, weighs 165 pounds, 5 feet, 7 inches and wore a pair of top boots, a combination wool and leather jacket and overalls. There were no marks on the body except a small cut on the leg, due probably to contact with some obstruction in the river. It is possible the man may have been lost from a boat although this not accepted because the body has probably been in the water for so long and with little operation of boats that far up river. The body was taken to the Vogelsang morgue and if it is not claimed, will be buried by the county. Police said that they had no report of any person missing here and no one who has viewed the remains has been able to assist in identification. Manitowoc Herald News, Manitowoc, Wis. Friday, May 2, 1930 P. 11 (Note: This entry and the one above may be the same person)

UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN Two Rivers section: BODY IS UNCLAIMED, STRANGER SOUGHT TO CONCEAL IDENTITY TORE PAGES FROM NOTEBOOK IN HIS POCKET Remains taken to Cemetery and Will Be Buried By the County After 3 Day Wait BULLETIN A message received shortly before two o’clock this afternoon by Sheriff ? the Milwaukee Police Department advised him that some parties, who believed that the stranger found hanging in a deserted shack north of Two Rivers Monday afternoon, was a relative of theirs were enroute to Two Rivers in an effort to identify the remains. The message did not give the names of the persons who were coming but indicated that from the description they thought they could identify the body. With no one being able to identify the stranger found hanging in the lonely shack near the Twin River Point lighthouse Monday afternoon, by Capt. Peter Pietroski Jr. of the local fire department, the body was, late today, taken to the receiving vault at the city cemetery here from the Beduhn and Goetz chapel, where the same has been kept in the hope that someone would be able to identify it. The remains will be kept in the vault there for three or four days, and then if no one claims the body, the remains will be buried at the expense of the county. That the stranger made every effort to conceal his identity is evident from a further examination of a small notebook found among his effects. Two or three pages in this book which probably contained writing and possibly the address of a relative had been torn from the book, so that only blank pages remained. While the man carried a receipt made out to “L.S. Williams” the laundry mark on his shirt and collar bore the initials “K.N.” which would indicate that his name was not Williams. Scores View Body. Scores visited the undertaking parlors yesterday and today but none could identify the stranger. A south side school teacher, whose parents reside on the Sandy Bay road, stated that the stranger looked like a man that passed them on the road Sunday evening and acted suspiciously, seeking to avoid them. She paid little attention to the incident then but recalled the actions of the stranger when the body was found. No Foul Play. There is no indication of foul play. The dead man methodically prepared for death. He hung his hat on a peg, put his rubbers under the bench and then dropped the rope over the rafter, tied one end about his neck, stepped on the bench and kicked the same out from under him to drop to his death. Had the rope been an inch longer, his plan would have failed as when Pietroski found the body his toes were touching the boards on the floor of the shack. The electric railway receipt indicated that he had probably been in Sheboygan on Saturday. The general theory now is that the dead man did not want his identity discovered and used every effort to destroy any means of identification. Manitowoc Herald News, Wednesday, April 25, 1928 Page 11 ********* (NOTE: Subsequent articles found no one who could identify the man, so they decided to bury him in a paupers grave in the pauper's cemetery by the hospital, but there's no stone there for him. (#44a))

UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN A young lady, daughter of one of our Norwegian farmers, who went to Chicago several weeks ago, full of life and hope, was brought back on Thursday a corpse, having died of that dread disease, smallpox. Manitowoc Lake Shore Times, Tuesday, October 18, 1881 P. 1

UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN Two Rivers news: The body of the man which was found a few miles north of here a few weeks ago, has been identified as being that of an aged and infirm German from Cato. Friends of the deceased took the remains of the man to his former home, for burial on Wednesday. Manitowoc Lake Shore Times, Tuesday, November 1, 1881 P. 4 (Possibly Wenzel Schmied/d. 12 Nov. 1881 in cem. #6-he was 64 yrs. of age)

UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN A Bohemian Lady on the North-side who was pretty well posted in the science of medicine, died last week. Manitowoc Lake Shore Times, Tuesday, January 3, 1882 P. 1

URAYNOK, JOHN From Der Nord Westen, 20 Apr. 1899: On Tues. morning last week the body of John Uraynok, who resides about a mile west of Reedsville, was found dead in bed. He lived alone and though he had not been seen for several days his neighbors assumed he was sick and did not want to be seen. From the condition of the body Uraynok must have been dead about 3 or 4 days. A coroner's inquest determined that the 65-yr. old man had died a natural death.

URBAN, JEROME Jerome Urban, four-months-old son of Martha Urban, former Mishicot resident, died yesterday in a Milwaukee hospital. Funeral services will be held Friday afternoon from the Specht funeral home in Mishicot. Manitowoc Herald Times, Thursday, March 30, 1944 P.2

UTTHERSILL, MRS. Mrs. Utthersill, an old resident of our county, died last Friday night at the good old age of 96 years. Manitowoc Lake Shore Times Tuesday, April 3, 1883 pg. 1

VAN LOOK, OLAVE G. Olav G. Van Look, age 60, of 11622 Cty. Hwy X, Newton, died at St. Nicholas Hospital on Friday, April 16, 1999. A Celebration of Olav's life was held on April 18, 1999, at the Opera House in St. Nazianz. Olav was born in Berlin, Germany on August 3, 1938, to Herman and Pavla (Schmidt) Van Look. He immigrated to the United States through the New York City Port of Entry on June 9, 1957. On November 7, 1964, he married the former Diane Silvert, in Milwaukee. Olav was a journeyman machinist, locksmith and blacksmith by trade; having served his apprenticeships in Germany. He had been employed at AMC/Daimler Chrysler in Milwaukee for over 30 years. He has also worked at Hayssen Manufacturing, in Sheboygan for ten years. He was a lifetime member of V.A.W. and N.R.A. He was a charter member of the Gypsy Outlaws Motorcycle Club and a dairy farmer for 25 years. Olav served his country, in Germany, in the United States Army, 4th Mechanized Division. Survivors include his wife, Diane, Newton; a daughter, Christine and grandson, Alexander Pusalkar, Ft. Bliss, Texas, and son-in-law, Sandee Pusalkar, Columbia, Mo.; a second daughter, Barbara, Cave Junction, Ore.; his mother, Pavla and brother, Jurgen and his two nephews, Nils and Robert, all of Berlin, Germany; one sister, Ingeberg and his niece, Britte, and her children, all of Bremen, Germany. The staff of the Ramm-Ziegler-Novak-Rettke Funeral Home, Southside Chapel, is serving the family. Herald Times Reporter, April 23, 1999

VAN ZAN, SON OF JOSEPH From Der Nord Westen, 22 Apr. 1909: A 9-month old son of Joseph Van Zan here died Thursday last week of pneumonia.

VARANO, CHILD OF DAN Two Rivers: The little child of Dan Varano was buried last Saturday. Manitowoc Lake Shore Times, Tues., Mar. 30, 1886 page 3 ******** Emma Varaneau Wisconsin, Death Records Name Emma Varaneau Event Type Death Event Date 1886 Event Place Two Rivers, Manitowoc, Wisconsin Gender Female Age 0 Race white Occupation (fisherman) Birth Date 01 Dec 1885 Birth Year (Estimated) 1886 Birthplace Two Rivers Cemetery Catholic Cem. Father's Name Dionys Varaneau Mother's Name Selina Varaneau "Wisconsin, Death Records, 1867-1907" ******** 1886 Mar 25 VARAUEAU Emma "Manitowoc County Pre-1907 Death Index"

VARISCH, JOSEPHA Name: Varisch, Josepha D.: 11/17/1877 B.: Reg. D.: 12/31/1877 Sex: F/W Age at Death: 22 Yrs. B.P.: D.P.: Tn. of Franklin Cem.: Tn. of Franklin Ch.: Inf. & Address: Rev. Jos. Maly Spouse: F.: M.: Cause of Death: Add Info.: D. 11/11/1877? Pg. #: v.1 p.250

VARUTH, CHILD OF HEINRICH From Der Nord Westen, 30 Sept. 1897: Death Tues. last week of a child of Heinrich Varuth in Manitowoc Rapids. Burial took place Thurs.

VEDENKA, FATHER From Der Nord Westen, 04 June 1885: Death of Catholic Father Vedenka age 38, in Reedsville, last Fri. (Possibly #54/Videnka)

VELASHEK, JOHN From Der Nord Westen, 14 May 1908: John Velashek, an old and prominent resident of Two Rivers, died there Saturday after an illness of several months. He leaves a widow and 3 sons. The funeral was held yesterday.

VELCHECK, STEVEN Larrabee news: Stephen Virshek who had been a patient at Maple Crest sanatorium at Whitelaw for only a short time, died at the institution Wednesday and the body was brought here for burial. The funeral was held this Friday afternoon from the home of his mother where he had always lived. Burial was made at the Larrabee cemetery. Mr. Virshek had been ill for a long time and death came as a release from suffering. He was an ideal patient, however, and his happy disposition had made many friends for him. Manitowoc Herald News, July 2, 1926 p.5 ******** This is probably Steven Velcheck on the 1900 Gibson census. Antoney(?) Velcheck head of house Female age 38; son Antone age 13; son Steven age 11; son Frank age 9; dau. Mary age 7. ****** 1910 Gibson census: Antonie Vlchek head of house Female age 44; son Anton age 20; son Stephen age 18

VENCENT, MRS. Liberty news: Deitrich Vencent's mother who has been ill for some time at the nunery in St. Nazianz died last Sunday. She was 84 years of age. Manitowoc Lake Shore Times, Tuesday, December 30, 1884 P.2

VEN-FON, ANNE Name: Ven-Fon, Anne D.: 5/15/1868 B.: 5/15/1868 Reg. D.: 6/20/1879 Sex: F/W Age at Death: B.P.: Mtwc. Rapids D.P.: Mtwc. Rapids Cem.: Graveyard of R.C.C. Ch.: Inf. & Address: G. Noever, Cath. Priest Spouse: F.: Martin Ven-Fon M.: Katharina Hemricks Cause of Death: Add Info.: D. 6/5/1879? (state microfiche d. Jun. 13, 1879) Pg. #: v.1 p.307 (Should be in cem. #48 but dates don't match the wooden cross)

VERNO, FRANK From Der Nord Westen, 15 May 1902: (From the correspondent in Two Rivers, 12 May) Death Sat. of 23-yr. old Frank Verno of consumption, with burial today from the Catholic Church. He was born and raised here. His father, a French-Canadian, and five sisters have also died of consumption. His mother and 4 other children survive. (Note: He should be in #89B)

VODRA, ISAAC LIVED TO RIPE OLD AGE Isaac Vodra Dead at Two Rivers Aged 92—Mfg. Co. Gives City a Boost TWO RIVERS, Apr. 12—Isaac Vodra, aged 92 years died in this city yesterday. Mr. Vodra is one of the pioneer settlers of Manitowoc county and Wisconsin, coming here more than fifty years ago. For many years he carried on fishing and was one of the best sea faring men in these parts. Mr. Vodra is survived by two daughters and five sons, all grown up. He is a grandfather of F.J. Vodra, president of the E.J. Vodra Canning Co. of this city. Manitowoc Daily Herald, Saturday, April 12, 1902, Page 1 (NOTE: The closest I can come to Isaac, is Frank Vodra 1900 census of Two Rivers, age 89 no occu./Frank Vodriel 1880 census of Two Rivers, age 66 fisherman./The surname isn't in any cems or in the master index for cems. despite the fact that there were several families with the surname Vodra on the 1900 census.)

VOELKER, LOUISA Branch news: Our little village seems to be having its share of trouble lately. About two weeks ago Miss Louisa Voelker died very suddenly and her sister, Mrs. Schmidtmann, on hearing of her sudden death became delirious and has not yet recovered. Manitowoc Lake Shore Times, Tuesday, February 23, 1886 P.2

VOGEL, CHILD OF ANTON From Der Nord Westen, 09 Aug. 1894: Death recently of a 9 mo. old child of Mr. Anton Vogel in Cato.

VOGEL, JOHN From Der Nord Westen, 29 Oct. 1891: Death on Mon., the 26th, of Town Cato resident John Vogel. Burial will take place today.

VOGEL, MRS. DANIEL From Der Nord Westen, 22 Jan. 1903: Death Sat. morning, following a short illness, of Mrs. Daniel Vogel, wife of the headmaster of the local Lutheran school. Mrs. Vogel fell ill on Christmas Day, but the illness was not thought to be serious. On Sat. morning she took a turn for the worse and passed away. The deceased was only 38 yrs. old and had come to Manitowoc with her husband 3 yrs. ago. Mr. Vogel’s family has been followed by bad luck over the past few years. Shortly before coming to Manitowoc they lost a child, then 2 other children died since they arrived, and now the mother is gone. The deeply sorrowing husband and 5 surviving children mourn the passing. The funeral was held Tues. from the Lutheran Church. (Note: Possibly Emma Vogel d. 1903. She is bur. on Daniel Vogel's lot/but her age is different)

VOGEL, MRS. EDWARD From Der Nord Westen, 22 Mar. 1894: (From the correspondent in Mishicott, 20 Mar.) An inquest was held last Sun. afternoon by Justice of the Peace Isaac Crait into the poisoning death of Mrs. Edward Vogel in Town Two Rivers. The verdict was determined to be a suicide, that the 55 yr. old lady had deliberately ingested a large amount of Paris Green. She leaves a husband and a grown son. (Note: This may be the one listed as Barber Vogel in #89B)

VOGEL, MRS. HENRY From Der Nord Westen, 25 Apr. 1907: (From the correspondent in Two Rivers, 22 Apr.) 78-year old widow Mrs. Henry Vogel, a resident of Town Two Rivers, has died of old age debility and was buried Tuesday from the Catholic Church.

VOGHT, JOCHIM Mishicot - Mr. Jochim Voght died Friday and was buried Sunday afternoon. The deceased has been an invalid, unble to leave his bed for years and death relieved him from his sufferings. Two Rivers Reporter, Sat., Dec. 8, 1906

VOGT, CLARA E.C. Name: Vogt, Clara E.C. D.: 9/12/1877 B.: 8/21/1877 Reg. D.: 12/27/1877 Sex: M?/W Age at Death: 24 Da. B.P.: D.P.: Cem.: Ch.: Inf. & Address: Rev. Franz A. O. Pieper Spouse: F.: Christ Vogt M.: Anna Vogt Cause of Death: Sommer Complaint Pg. #: v.1 p.243

VOGT, HENRY From Der Nord Westen, 15 Jan. 1874: Death of Henry Vogt on Tuesday after a long illness. Burial today by the Odd Fellow Lodges of Two Rivers and Manitowoc. "The deceased functioned as our agent for many years".

VOGT, J. From Der Nord Westen, 06 Dec. 1906: (From the correspondent in Mishicott, 04 Dec.) We must report the death of another one of our early settlers. Mr. J. Vogt had been afflicted with old age debility and rheumatism for a long time and was unable to leave his home. He was released from further pain by death Friday morning. Mr. Vogt and his family had lived on a farm near here for many years and he was admired by all. In recent years he lived the life of a recluse and seldom made contact with the outside world. He is survived by his widow and one son… The funeral took place Sunday from the funeral home. Rev. J.W. Huebner of Two Rivers conducted the service and spoke a few words at graveside.

VOGT, JOHN From Der Nord Westen, 27 Sep. 1900: Death in Town Newton on Wed. last week of Johann Vogt (type distorted, age could be 37 or 57, more likely the latter). He is survived by his widow and several children. The funeral was held Sat.

VOLTZ, JACOB Branch news: Mr. Jacob Voltz, of this place, died on Wednesday morning. He was born in Hesse-Darmstadt in 1804. He came to this county over fifty years ago and leaves a wife and four children to mourn the loss. His funeral took place on Friday afternoon and was well attended. Manitowoc Lakeshore Times, Sept. 28, 1886 page 3

VONDRACHEK, MARY From Der Nord Westen, 17 Oct. 1907: Death in Reedsville of 18-year old Mary Vondrachek from consumption. She leaves her parents, 3 brothers and 2 sisters. (Note: There is an Emma Vondracek in cem. #54 who died about the same time.)

VONDRASH, MRS. From Der Nord Westen, 19 Mar. 1908: In the afternoon Mrs. Vondrash was buried. She had only been ill a short while. Her husband had died about a year ago when his bicycle collided with a streetcar. #89A?

VOORIS, CAROLINE Death notice in the Manitowoc Herald, 1855 Mar 24 Francis Caroline Vooris died, dau. of Jacob and Lucretia Vooris

VORAC, MATHIAS Name: Vorac, Mathias D.: 6/8/1877 B.: Reg. D.: 12/21/1877 Sex: M/W Age at Death: 27 Yrs. B.P.: D.P.: Mishicot Cem.: Mishicot Ch.: Inf. & Address: Rev. Adalbert Cipin Spouse: Catharine Vorac F.: M.: Cause of Death: Pg. #: v.1 p.234

VOSSHARDT CHAS. C. Death notice in Der Nord Westen, 14 July 1881 Died 5 July, 19 yrs. 2 mos. and 24 da. old, in Two Rivers, the son of Henry and Louise Vosshardt. Had been ill with an unbearable disease for four years. He has three brothers. (probably in #89A)

VRAALSEN, GUTTOM OSCAR Name: Vraalsen, Guttom Oscar D.: 3/22/1878 B.: Reg. D.: 4/15/1879 Sex: M/W Age at Death: 2 Yrs. B.P.: Tn. of Rapids D.P.: Mtwc. Rapids Cem.: Cato Ch.: Inf. & Address: Rev. A. O. Alfson Spouse: F.: Ole Vraalsen M.: Cause of Death: Pg. #: v.1 p.296

VRANEY, WENZEL Name: Wenzel Vraney Madien Name: - Color& Sex: White Male Occupation:Farmer Age: abt 46 Father: unknown Father's birthplace: Europe Mother: unknown Mother's birthplace: Europe Deceased Birthplace: Europe/Bohemia Birthdate of deceased: Certification: Married Spouse:-- Death Date: July 12, 1899 Cause: Astima Heart Disease Length: Place of death: Residence: Town of Kossuth Miltary: Branch: Name of informant: Volume: #6 Page: #178 - Co. death record

VROLSON, OLE Branch Brevities An auction was held on Saturday last at the place of Ole Vrolsen, the man who recently died from injuries received by his horses running away. His widow intends to remove to Minnesota. Manitowoc Lake Shore Times - Dec. 18, 1883 ******** PRE-1907 DEATH INDEX 1883 Oct 28 WEOLSON Oliver v.3 p.105 *** 1883 Oct 28 WESLON Oliver ****** Oliver Weslson Wisconsin, Death Records Name Oliver Weslson Event Type Death Event Date 1883 Event Place Manitowoc Rapids, Manitowoc, Wisconsin Gender Male Age 63 Marital Status Unknown Race W Occupation farmer Birth Year (Estimated) 1820 Birthplace Norway Burial Place Cato Cemetery Norwjian Cen "Wisconsin, Death Records, 1867-1907" ******** Ole Vraalsen, son of Vraal Olsen, b cl819 Norway, d 28 Oct 1883 Manitowoc Rapids, "run over by his horses". Husmann, later farmer, at Pladset in Bygland. Immigrated 1861. Farmer in Manitowoc Rapids. ml 28 Dec 1843 to Aslaug, daughter of Peder Svendsen, b c1820 Aseral, d 24 June 1848. m2 25 May 1854 to Ragnild, daughter of Knud Nottovsen and "'Ragnild Knudsdatter, b c1829 Norway. Children: Vraal b 2 June 1846, confirmed 1862 Valders; Asloug b 3 July 1854; Guro b 19 June 1856, d 8 July 1856; Gyro b 10 May 1857; Ragnhild b 12 Feb 1860; Osild Gurine b 30 June 1862 bp Gjerpen, d 15 April 1874; Christine b 20 April 1864; Knud b 14 April 1866; Anne b 19 May 1868; Klara Martine b 1 Aug 1873; Karl Oluf b 22 Sept 1875; Gunder Alfred b 24 April 1878. "Manitowoc-skogen; A Biographical and Genealogical Directory of the Residents of Norwegian Birth and Descent in Manitowoc and Kewaunee Counties in Wisconsin from the First Settlement to 1900"; by Robert A. Bjerke pg. 200

WAACK, MRS. R. From Der Nord Westen, 06 May 1909: (From the correspondent in Mishicott, 04 May) Death Thursday last week, in her home a few miles from here, of Mrs. R. Waack at 82. The elderly lady had been sick for a long time and death came as a release from all her pain. Sunday afternoon she was carried to her final rest with a large funeral.

WACEK, DOROTHY A. Mrs. Edward (Dorothy A.) Wacek, age 80, of E243 Bolt Road, town of Franklin, died Wednesday morning, December 6, 1995, at her home. In accordance with Dorothy's wishes, her body was donated for medical research. Memorial Mass of Christian Burial will be held at 10:30 a.m. Saturday, December 9, 1995, at the St. James Catholic Church, Cooperstown, Father Ronald Columbo will officiate. She was born on May 27, 1915, in the town of Cooperstown, daughter of the late Patrick and Agnes (Geimer) Dewane. She was a lifelong area resident. Dorothy was a graduate of Denmark High School. She married Edward Wacek on October 18, 1941, at St. James Catholic Church, Cooperstown, where they are both still members. Survivors include her husband, Edward; their two sons, James and Joyce Wacek, Denmark, Dr. Thomas and Victoria Wacek, St. Joseph, Mo.; seven grandchildren, Chris Hallada, Paul, Sandy, Eddie, Bart, Wiko and Lee Wai Wacek; two great grandchildren; one sister, Viola Leiker, Manitowoc; one sister-in-law, Val Dewane, Valders. She was preceded in death by her parents, her brothers and sisters, Margaret Simon, Catherine Zeddies, Sheridan Dewane, Edward Dewane, Mary Kane, Agnes Krejcie and John Dewane. The family will greet relatives and friends at the church on Saturday from 9 a.m. until the time of service. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the charity of your choice. The Knutson-Cotter Funeral Home, Denmark, is assisting the family with arrangements. Herald Times Reporter, December 7, 1995 P. A2

WACHAL, DAU. OF WENZEL From Der Nord Westen, 01 Jan. 1891: (From correspondent in Two Rivers, 23 Dec.) Death of the 1-yr. old daughter of Wenzel Wachal. Burial was yesterday in the Catholic Cemetery. (This would be #89B, the Catholic. cem. in Two Rivers at the time.)

WACHAL, KATHERINE Complying with the expressed wish of the decedent, the body of the late Mrs. Wenzel Wachel, of Two Rivers, was taken to Chicago for cremation and the ashes were brought back to Two Rivers today for burial. Mrs. Wachel had often expressed the wish to have her body cremated after death and her husband who is the sole survivor, accompanied the body to Chicago and had it cremated. Mrs. Wachel died suddenly during the night, being found dead in bed by her husband. She was 68 years of age and a native of Austria, having resided at Two Rivers for years. She was the mother of seven children, all of whom preceded her in death. Manitowoc Daily Herald, Thursday, May 11, 1916 P.4 (NOTE: She is Katherine Wachal, on the 1910 Two Rivers census with her husband Wentzel. She is 62 yrs. on the census)

WACHART, GEORGE From the files of the Pilot - Twenty-five years Ago (1891) Man Drowned A farmer named George Wachart was drowned in the river, a little below Eighth Street bridge on Thursday evening last. He left Svacina's Hotel about 6 o'clock and said to some of the boys that he was going to wash his hands. He must have walked directly into the river from the docks. He was a man of about 65 years old and of a powerful frame. All his children are married and for some time he had retired from farming. His body was taken to Kellnersville where the drowned man lived. Manitowoc Pilot, Thurs., Feb. 3, 1916

WADRA, SON OF W. From Der Nord Westen, 10 Dec. 1891: (From the correspondent in Two Rivers, 07 Dec.) Death of the 8 yr. old son of W. Wadra.

WADSWORTH, IRENE From Der Nord Westen, 01 Dec. 1904: Death from diphtheria on Sun. of Irene Wadsworth, the 5-yr. old daughter of North 8th St. resident George Wadsworth here. The funeral was held Tuesday.

WAGNER, ANNA Name: Wagner, Anna D.: 6/14/1878 B.: 1801 Reg. D.: 6/26/1878 Sex: F/W Age at Death: 76 Yrs. B.P.: Temmin, Prussia D.P.: Tn. of Two Rivers Cem.: Two Rivers Ch.: Inf. & Address: Henry Wiemann, J.P. Spouse: John Berg F.: ---Wagner M.: --- Cause of Death: Weakness Pg. #: v.1 p.257

WAGNER, CARL L.E. Carl L.E. Wagner, age 74, of 520 Pine St., died Saturday, August 14, 1999 at his residence. Carl was born on April 7, 1925, in Pontiac, Mich., son of the late Carl D. and Charlotte Golding Wagner. He served in the U.S. Army during WWII and Korea. On June 23, 1946 he married the former Lavina Hampson, in Kansas. Carl worked at Manitowoc Shipbuilding for over 40 years, retiring in 1987. Survivors include his wife, Lavina Wagner, Manitowoc; two sons and one daughter-in- law, Carl Jr. and Kathy Wagner, Idaho, Richard Wagner, Manitowoc; one daughter and son-in-law, Karen and Mark Dickenson, Two Rivers; one granddaughter Melissa Tarvin. Any one who wishes to pay their respects to the family can do so by visiting with them at their home and sharing some happy memories on Thursday after 5 p.m. The Pfeffer Funeral Home and Cremation Care Center, Manitowoc is assisting the family with funeral arrangements. Herald Times Reporter, August 16, 1999 P. A2

WAGNER, FRED Fred Wagner, an aged resident of the city, a city charge, died at the hospital last night at the advanced age of 85. The funeral will be held from St. Boniface church tomorrow morning. Manitowoc Daily Herald, Wednesday, August 15, 1917, Page 8

WAGNER, MRS. HEINRICH From Der Nord Westen, 27 Sep. 1906: (From the correspondent in St. Nazianz, 25 Sep.) Death Sunday in Jericho, from consumption, of Mrs. Heinrich Wagner, daughter of Peter Jung here. She leaves her husband and one child.

WAGNER, MRS. JOHN From Der Nord Westen, 25 Jan. 1894: Death in Cooperstown on the 14th, of widow Mrs. John Wagner, mother of Michael and John Wagner of Cooperstown. Burial was the 16th.

WAGNER OTTO From Der Nord Westen, 29 June 1882: 2-1/2 year old Otto Wagner, son of Mr. Emil Wagner, a railroad employee, died on Fri. of last week.

WAGNER, RICHARD Richard Wagner died at the home of his daughter at Sheboygan last Thursday, at the age of 65 years. Mr. Wagner was a well-known cigarmaker in Sheboygan, and secretary of the cigarmakers' union many years. He was employed at the Ammann cigar factory in Kiel a few years ago, and had a number of friends here, who will learn of his demise with regret. He leaves his widow and several children. - No newspaper named, March 1924

WAGNER, RICHARD SIDNEY Richard Sidney Wagner, 46, proprietor of the Wagner tavern and dance hall in Francis Creek, died Thursday night at Holy Family hospital in Manitowoc. Mr. Wagner, a bachelor, was a graduate of Marquette university, where he received a degree in public accounting. He was a public accountant until ill health forced him to retire. Survivors are seven brothers, Joseph, Arthur, Chester, Lewin and Eugene of Manitowoc, George of Milwaukee and Alvin of Florida; and three sisters, Mrs. Leonard Metz and Mrs. Jake Delsmann of Manitowoc and Mrs. Elmer Reinders of Milwaukee. Mr. Wagner was a member of the Holy Name society of the St. Ann Catholic church, Francis Creek. Funeral services will be held at 9 a.m. at the Wagner home and at 9:30 a.m. at the St. Ann Church. The rosary will be recited at the home at 8 p.m. Saturday. Friends may call at the home from Saturday afternoon until time of services. Manitowoc Herald Times Friday, October 13, 1950 pg. 2-T

WAIER, MRS. From Der Nord Westen, 14 Feb. 1907: The funeral of Mrs. Waier was held Friday morning from the Polish Church conducted by Father Dechowski. (Note: She may be in #89B)

WAJECK, MR. From Der Nord Westen, 02 Jan. 1890: Death of 89 yr. old Mr. Wajeck, father-in-law of our sheriff Frank Zemann in Manitowoc on Mon. Burial was yesterday. *Note: Frank Zeman married Emma Pech.

WALKER, ELIZA Eliza M. Walker died in Ravenna Ohio, dau. of John Whittlesbey, wife of Charles H. Walker Manitowoc Herald, July 24, 1862

WALLENSTEIN, JNO CHILD OF School Hill news: Also the little child of Mr. Jno Wallenstein died last Monday, being only three months old. Manitowoc Lake Shore Times, Tuesday, April 28, 1885 P.3

WALTER, GUST. Gust. Walter of Two Rivers, who was working on a building in Milwaukee, died Monday in a fall from that building. The unfortunate man was 48 years of age and is survived in Two Rivers by a widow and several children. Der Nord Westen, 22 Oct. 1908 ******** Gustav Walter Wisconsin Deaths and Burials Name Gustav Walter Gender Male Burial Date 15 Oct 1908 Death Date 12 Oct 1908 Death Place Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin Age 45 Birth Date 11 Apr 1863 Birthplace Germany Occupation Laborer Race White Marital Status Married Father's Name William Walter Father's Birthplace Germany Mother's Birthplace Germany

WALTERBACH, PETER From Der Nord Westen, 24 Nov. 1892: Death on Fri. in Milwaukee, after many years of illness, of Mr. Peter Walterbach, son of the late Peter Walterbach of Meeme. The deceased, who suffered from an illness of the back, had gone to Milwaukee to receive medical attention. His body was brought to Meeme and the funeral was conducted Mon. afternoon.

WALTHER, MYRTLE Mrs. Myrtle Walther, 84, of Two Rivers, died Thursday morning, November 5, 1987 at Hamilton Memorial Home. Mrs. Walther was born July 17, 1903 at Chicago, Illinois, daughter of the late Herman and Luella Sauder Wendt. She attended schools in Chicago and also the Business College there. She was married to Vernon Walther, October 31, 1925 at Chicago. The couple coming from Chicago in 1942 to Manitowoc and residing in Two Rivers from 1959 until now. Mrs. Walther was a Bookkeeper for Schwartz Manufacturing Company from 1942 until her retirement in 1960. She was a member of First Church of Christian Scientists of Manitowoc and a former Treasurer of Manitowoc County Humane Society for 12 years. Survivors include an aunt; three cousins; other relatives and friends. Her husband, Vernon, preceded her in death in 1973. There will be no visitation or services. Jens Funeral Home, Manitowoc, assisted the family with funeral arrangements. Manitowoc Herald Times - Thurs., Nov. 5, 1987 - page 18

WALTON, THOMAS Died – At his residence, in Brillion, on March 26th 1872, Thomas Walton, aged 50 years. He was a native of the Parish of Kilrush, Co. Clare, Ireland, emigrated to the U.S. nineteen years ago and settled in Brillion about 6 years ago. He was buried at the Catholic cemetery in Maple Grove, Manitowoc County, on March 28th. His disease was dropsy. His death is deeply regretted by all who knew him. Chilton Times – April 18, 1872

WANESCH: FRANK From Der Nord Westen, July 2, 1874: Death of Frank Wanesch, of Cooperstown, by suicide yesterday evening about 7 o'clock. He was seen to jump into the river, but 20 minutes elapsed before his body was found. No motive known, but he had sent his money and personal papers to a neighbor.

WANIGER, GEORGE W. George W. Waniger, age 68, of 13632 Hwy Q, Two Rivers, died Friday, April 23, 1999, at his residence. Private family services will be held. George was born April 1, 1931, in Manitowoc, son of the late Leo and Virginia Ploeckeman Waniger. He was a veteran of the Korean War. He married Jane Stueber, on November 26, 1955, in Manitowoc. He was a member of the Operating Engineers Local #139. Survivors include his wife, Jane Waniger, Two Rivers; one son and daughter-in-law, Conrad and Margaret Ann Waniger, Shawano; one daughter and son-in-law, Lisa and John Kloiber, Oshkosh, three grandchildren, Heidi and Brian Kloiber, Oshkosh, Mitchel Waniger, Shawano; two step-grandchildren, Jill and Dana Michel (sic) Shawano; one sister and brother-in-law, Sharon and Wilmer (Pat) Cleeremans, Manitowoc; one sister-in-law and brother-in-law, Beverly and Vernon Greycarek, Manitowoc; nieces, nephews, other relatives and friends also survive. He was preceded in death by one brother, Donald Waniger; one sister, Sandra Speath; one brother-in-law, Gerald Speath. Jens Family Funeral Home and Crematory is assisting the family with funeral arrangements. Herald Times Reporter, April 25, 1999 P. A2

WARBASS, WILLIAM HENRY From the Manitowoc Herald, 31 Oct. 1857: William Henry Warbass died in Ureka California, son of John S. and N.J. Warbass of Newton

WARBASS, THOMAS A. From the Manitowoc Herald, 16 Jun 1855: Thomas A. Warbass died.

WARBASS, THOMAS (probably same man as above) IN PROBATE-Manitowoc County Court. In the matter of the estate of Thomas Warbass, deceased. To all whom it may concern: NOTICE is hereby given that we the subscriber were on the 18th day of August 1859, appointed and commissioned by the Judge of said court, commisioners to receive examine and adjust all claims and demands of all persons against the said deceased, that eight months from and after said day have been allowed and li?i?ed for creditors to present their claims to us for examination and allowance and that we will on the 13th day of October, 1859, and on the third Tuesday of December, 1859 attend to the business of said appointment at the store of A. Roberts & Co., in the village of Manitowoc, from nine o'clock in the morning until four o'clock P.M. and each of said days. Fred Gerge, Wm. Bach, Commissioners. Dated this 25th day of August, 1859. Manitowoc Pilot, Friday, September 16, 1859 P.3

WARBASSE, MRS. M.M. Manitowoc Tribune, Vol. 18 No. 45, February 22, 1872, Page 4 Column 7 Died. In Washington, D.C., on the 16th inst., at the residence of her son-in-law, C.W. Fitch, Mrs. M.M. Warbasse, widow of the late John J. Warbasse, in the seventy-sixth year of her age. Mrs. Warbasse was an occasional resident with her children, while here, for some twenty years and esteemed by all who made her acquaintance, to be a lady of the highest qualifications as a faithful, christian mother, of which the best evidence are her own daughters, three of whom have been among us for many years, honored and beloved by our whole community. May the memory of the departed ever be an incentive for higher exertion, to become like her and thus secure the sweet assurance of again meeting and forever being with her among the angels in Heaven.

WARD, WILLIAM From the Manitowoc Herald, 06 Oct 1859: William Ward died, son of John and Mary Ann Ward. ******* On the 28th inst., William Ward, oldest son of John and Mary A. Jones, aged 10 years and 9 months. The Manitowoc Pilot, Manitowoc, Wis. Friday, September 30, 1859 P. 3 (Note: A John and Mary Jones are in cemetery #44 Evergreen. The cem. records only go back to 1860 so it doesn't show a William Ward or a William Jones, but this boy may be their son.

WARNOVSKY, FRANK Name: Warnovsky, Frank D.: 9/30/1877 B.: Reg. D.: 12/21/1877 Sex: M/W Age at Death: B.P.: D.P.: Carlton, Kewanee Co. Cem.: Mischicot Ch.: Inf. & Address: Rev. A. Apin Spouse: F.: Jacob Warnovsky M.: Mary Warnovsky Cause of Death: Pg. #: v.1 p.236

WATZKE, LILLIAN Mrs. Karl Watzke, 73, of 1017 N. 14th St., Manitowoc, died Wednesday at Memorial Hospital, Manitowoc. Private memorial service will be at a later date. Mrs. Watzke, nee Lillian (Anna) Swetlik, was born May 7, 1898, at Kellnersville, daughter of the late Andrew and Anna Swetlik. She was married to Karl Watzke April 16, 1921, in Indiana. They moved to Manitowoc in 1924. Survivors include her husband, a son, a daughter, a sister, Mrs. Blanch Bruss, of Manitowoc and eight grandchildren. (Survivors edited for privacy) Memorials may be made to Memorial Hospital, Manitowoc. Pfeffer Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements. There will be no visitation. Manitowoc Herald Times, Manitowoc, Wis. December 17, 1971 ******** Memorial services for Mrs. Karl Watzke, 74, of 1017 N. 14th St., Manitowoc, will be 7:30 p.m. Wednesday at Pfeffer Funeral Home, Manitowoc. The Rev. Kenneth Rogers will officiate. Friends may call at the funeral home after 6 p.m. Wednesday until the time of service. Manitowoc Herald Times, Manitowoc, Wis. December 27, 1971

WAWRZYNIAK, ELEANOR Eleanor Wawrzyniak, age 85, of 1807 Emmet St., Two Rivers, died Monday evening, September 8, 1997, at Hamilton Memorial Home, Two Rivers. Eleanor was born December 21, 1911, in Chicago, Ill. On September 7, 1937, she married Ignatius Wawrzyniak in Chicago. The couple lived in the Chicago area moving to Two Rivers in 1991. Survivors include her husband, Ignatius, Two Rivers; three grandchildren, Kim, Wendy and Jeff Wawrzyniak, Vancouver, Wash.; one sister; one sister-in-law, other relatives and friends also survive. She was preceded in death by one son, Norbert; brothers; sisters; brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law. The Klein and Stangel Funeral Home, Two Rivers, is assisting the family with funeral arrangements. Herald Times Reporter, September 10, 1997 P. A2

WEBER, CARL Volume 9 Page 1041 Date of Death: April 4, 1908 at the Manitowoc County Insane Asylum. White - Male - single Born around 1858 in Germany. Age at death: Approx. 50 Occupation: Laborer Parents: None listed Cause of Death: Acute myocarditis Pronounced by H. Thurtell, M. D. Place of Burial: Manitowoc (Sorry, no cemetery mentioned) Undertaker: F. Vogelsang

WEBER, CLARA From Der Nord Westen, 15 July 1897: Death in Two Rivers on Sun. of Clara Weber, the 9-yr. old daughter of R. Weber, of the feared strangler, diphtheria.

WEBER, DOROTHY JEAN The burial of Dorothy Jean Weber will be held Thursday morning at nine o’clock from the St. Boniface church instead of from the home on North Ninth street. Manitowoc Herald News, Wednesday, June 27, 1928 Page 3

WEBER, MRS. JOHN From Der Nord Westen, 30 July 1908: (From the correspondent in Two Rivers, 27 July) Mrs. John Weber from here, who recently had to be taken to the Holy Family Hospital in Manitowoc, has died there. She had formerly been under the care of physicians in Green Bay, and it had seemed that she was improving. Her body was brought here and buried Tuesday from the Catholic Church.

WEBER, SON OF R.J. From Der Nord Westen, 05 Sep. 1901: A baby son of Postmaster R.J. Weber of Newton died Thurs. a few hours after his birth.

WEBLEN, TORSTEN From Der Nord Westen, 16 Apr. 1891: Suicide in Town Liberty a few days ago of 68 yr. old Torsten Weblen, by hanging.

WEGNER, ANNA Anna Marie Luise Wegner, daughter of married couple Diedrich Wegner & Sophie nee Huber, born 11 February 1864, died 18 June 1865, buried 21 June privately. (From the Trinity Lutheran church records, Liberty twp.)

WEGNER, ELISABETH From Der Nord Westen, 21 June 1906: Death in Chicago on Wednesday last week of Mrs. Elisabeth Wegner. The deceased, a daughter of Ferdinand Werra here, was 40. The body was brought here and the funeral held Friday from St. Boniface Church.

WEGNER, NICOLAUS From Der Nord Westen, 10 Jan. 1889: Death last week of Nicolaus Wegner, in Gibson, of cancer.

WEHRWEIN, DAU. OF W.G. From Der Nord Westen, 30 Jan. 1896: (From the correspondent in Centerville, 28 Jan.) Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Wehrwein, formerly teachers here but now at the school in Newton, had a little girl who only lived 10 days, dying of convulsions.

WEICHART, KATHLEEN ANN Kathleen Ann Weichart, age 47 of 4422-A Knuell Court, Manitowoc, died Thursday January 5, 1995, after a long illness. Private family services were held on Saturday, January 7, 1995. Kathy was born November 11, 1947, in Manitowoc, daughter of Arlene Steeber Knauer and the late Edgar Knauer. Kathy was a noted illustrator and artist. She was a member of the Whitecap Writers Club and the Frog Pond. Survivors include two sons, Brian Monczunski and his fiance, Karrie Schulz, Green Bay, Jesse Weichart, Manitowoc; her mother, Arlene Knauer, Manitowoc; four sisters and two brothers-in-law, Karmen and Dale Meissner, Two Rivers, Gail Wetenkamp, Laona, Kristine Bangart, Chilton, Polly and Tony Kraemer, Manitowoc; one brother and sister-in-law, Michael and Kristy Knauer, Manitowoc; close friends, Ray Weichart, Joe and Jean Blashka, Manitowoc, Frank and Mary Koppa, Manitowoc, neices, nephews, other relatives and friends also survive. The Pfeffer Funeral Home assisted the family with funeral arrangments. Kathy you are toadally unfrogettable. Love, B.S. INC. Herald Times Reporter, January 10, 1995 P. A2

WEIMAN, CORA Death in Chicago of 19-year old Mrs. Weiman (nee CORA FOLEY) of Maple Grove. She is survived by her husband and a one-month old child. The body was taken to Maple Grove for burial. Der Nord Westen, 26 Mar. 1908 ******* Cora Weinand Illinois, Cook County Deaths Name Cora Weinand Event Type Death Event Date 13 Mar 1908 Event Place Chicago, Cook, Illinois, United States Gender Female Age 19 Marital Status Married Race White Occupation Housewife Birth Year (Estimated) 1889 Birthplace , , Wisconsin Funeral Home James G Bassett Burial Date 18 Mar 1908 Burial Place Maple Grove, , Wisconsin Source Reference 20021 Residence Place 1071 Herndon St Illinois, Cook County Deaths, 1878-1994

WEINFURTHER, CHILD OF CHARLES From Der Nord Westen, 12 Nov. 1891: Death last Sat. of the 4 mo. old child of Charles Weinfurther in Mishicott. Burial took place Monday. (Note: Charles Weinfurther is in #63)

WEIS, CHILD OF M. From Der Nord Westen, 14 Sep. 1905: A 4-mo. old child of M. Weis in Two Rivers died Monday.

WELK, CAROLINA From Der Nord Westen, 15 Apr. 1909: Death Tuesday of 72-year old Mrs. Carolina Welk, a resident south of the city near the city limits. Mrs. Welk was a resident of our county since her childhood.

WELLHOEFER, CHILD OF MAX JR. Mr. and Mrs. Max Wellhoefer, Jr., are mourning the death of their five month old son. The child died today. The funeral will be held Friday morning. Manitowoc Daily Herald, September 16, 1914 p.1 ******** (This child's parents are in Calvary #43 but the cemetery office can't find a record of his burial. They are in the process of moving written records to computer, so they may find it yet. Until I can place the child for sure, I will leave him in cemetery X.)

WELSCH, FELIX From Der Nord Westen, 03 Sept. 1891: Death in Two Rivers of Felix Welsch on Mon.

WEN(?)ING, CHILD OF MR. From Der Nord Westen, 01 Aug. 1895: Death, from the croup on Tues., of the 3-yr. old child of Town Manitowoc Rapids resident Mr. Wen(-)ing (4th letter, type broken). The funeral took place this morning at the Catholic Cemetery in Silver Lake.

WENDT, RUDOLPH Death notice in the Manitowoc Herald, 1857 Jan 24 Rudolph Wendt died in Milwaukee

WENDTLAND, MRS. HEDWIG From Der Nord Westen. 12 Feb. 1891: Death on Sun., after a 6 mo. illness with consumption, of Mrs. Hedwig Wendtland, daughter of Mr. A.M. Richter of Manitowoc. She was born in 1857 and married 11 yrs. ago to Dr. Wendtland, with whom she resided in Springfield, Illinois. When she came down with the disease her husband chose to go to Berlin on her behalf to study the Koch Method of treatment. Unfortunately, she died in Milwaukee before he could return. The body was brought here and will be buried in the city cemetery today. She is survived by her parents, her husband, and her sisters. There were no children.

WENGEL, GEO. From Der Nord Westen, 25 Mar. 1909: Mr. Geo. Wengel, an old settler in our county, died recently in the home of his daughter, Mrs. Meyer, near Heins Mill. (Note: Have a Gottfried Wengel in #40 who died at this time)

WENHOLTZ, HERMAN Saturday a most distressing accident happened at the ship yards. While one of the men Herman Wenholtz by name, was engaged in driving in a spike, the spike broke or glanced off, struck one of the young man's eyes with such force, as to destroy it entirely. The doctor who examined the unfortunate, could not find the eye and it is not known whether it was knocked out entirely, or whether it is still in the socket, the terrible mangled condition of which preculudes all minute examination. The poor man suffers most excruciating pains. Manitowoc Lake Shore Times, Tuesday, June 6, 1882 P. 1 ******** (1880 Manitowoc ward 1 census: Fredrick Wennholze age 53 carpenter; wife Metha age 52; Metha age 23 dressmaker; Fritz age 21 machenist; Dieterich age 20 farmer; Hermann age 19 carpenter) (Note: I can't locate Herman/Hermann after 1882.)

WENZA, DAUGHTER OF MR. A daughter of Mr. Wenza of Franklin was brought home dead from Milwaukee. Manitowoc Lake Shore Times, Tues., June 2, 1885 page 2 ******** (Note: Can't find that surname in Franklin twp.)

WENZEL, JOHN Name: Wenzel, John D.: 7/14/1874 B.: 4/11/1811 Reg. D.: 1/17/1878 Sex: M/W Age at Death: 62 Yrs. 1 Mo. B.P.: Germany Vill of Lindebude? D.P.: Maple Grove Cem.: Reedsville Wis Ch.: Inf. & Address: Rev. Alb. Kluge Spouse: Rosalia (Born) Tajan F.: M.: Cause of Death: Inflammation of Bowel Add Info.: Farmer Pg. #: v.1 p.253

WERNER, DAU. OF PETER Funeral services will be held at 2 o'clock tomorrow afternoon from the St. Boniface church for the three months old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Werner, Route 3, Manitowoc. Burial will be at Calvary cemetery. Besides the father and mother two brothers William and Joseph and one sister Josephine survive. Manitowoc Herald News, Tuesday, March 25, 1925 p.3 (Note: There is no baby Werner in Calvary per Calvary cem. office/also can find no Peter Werner on the 1920 census for Manitowoc co.)

WERNER, JOSEPH From Der Nord Westen, 04 Feb. 1892: (From the correspondent in Two Rivers, 01 Feb.) Death of 21 yr. old Joseph Werner, a young man of French extraction, last week of consumption. The funeral was last Sun. at the Catholic Church. (should be in #89B)

WERNER, ROMAN Roman Werner, aged 64, died at the family home at 711 Columbus street after a short illness. Deceased was born in Austria and has been a resident of this country for many years. The funeral will be held Monday morning from St. Boniface church. Manitowoc Herald News, Saturday, January 25, 1919 Page 6

WERNET, ROSINA Wernet, Rosina nee Metzger (March 4, 1822-March 14, 1858 -2nd wife of Hugo Wernet [married Feb. 15, 1844 in Oberhausen or Forchheim, Baden] -daughter of Joseph Metzger and Maria Zingele -Rosina was born at Oberhausen, Baden -emigrated to the US with her husband and children on the ship Samuel M. Fox, arriving in New York on Aug. 17, 1854 -the family immediately moved to the St. Nazianz area and established a farm in Section 19, Township of Liberty -Rosina died here in 1858 -four years later, the farm was sold to the Oschwald Association, with the Wernet family moving to Quincy, Illinois) -no stone (no county death record)

WESENER, WILLIAM William Wesener, 66 of the Town of Meeme, died at his home Saturday morning following a lingering illness. Funeral services will be at 2 pm Tuesday at St. Paul Evangelical and Reformed Church in the Town of Meeme, the Rev. William C. Beckmann will officiate and burial will be in the church cemetery. The son of Herman and Katherine Wesener, he was born Sept. 26, 1889 in the Town of Meeme. Upon completion of his basic education, Mr. Wesener attended the University of Wisconsin, graduating in 1912. On June 25, 1918, he married the former Clara Scheib. They resided on the present homestead where he engaged in farming. Mr. Wesener served as an elder of St. Paul Evangelical and Reformed Church and was among the confirmation group which celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 1953, having been confirmed by the Rev. Frank Drether on April 5, 1903. He also served on the district school board several years. Survivors include two daughters, Mrs. Harold Henschel and Mrs. Clyde Mueller of the Town of Meeme; a brother, Robert of the Town of Meeme; a sister, Mrs. Edwin Hasbe of the Town of Herman and two grandchildren. Friends may call at the Stoltenberg Funeral Chapel, Cleveland, after 2 pm Monday until 11 am Tuesday when the body will be moved to the church to lie in state until the hour of service. Manitowoc Herald Times, Mon., May 7, 1956 page M15

WESTERMEIER, FRIEDRICH From Der Nord Westen, 12 Mar. 1896: Death Thurs. of Friedrich Westermeier, who resided 4 miles west of Cleveland, of inflammation of the lower abdomen. He was 71 yrs. 3 mos. of age. Burial Saturday.

WESTPHAL, DAU. OF EDWARD From Der Nord Westen, 25 June 1908: A 6-week old daughter of Edward Westphal died last Friday.

WESTPHAL, CHILD OF JOHN C. From Der Nord Westen, 20 Feb. 1908: (From the correspondent in Two Rivers, 17 Feb.) Also, A 7-week old child of John C. Westphal died and was buried Saturday afternoon by Pastor Grauer of Manitowoc. (possibly Matt Westphal in cem. #89A)

WHEELER, FRANKIE Miss Frankie Wheeler a Manitowoc girl who went to China as a missionary is lecturing throughout the state. She speaks in Appleton this week. In the late massacre in China she barely escaped with her life losing all her personal effects. Manitowoc Lake Shore Times, Tuesday, November 23, 1886 P. 3

WHEELER, PARLEY DIED - At the residence of his father on Sunday the 11th inst., Parley Wheeler, son of Albert Wheeler, aged 20 years. Manitowoc County Herald, Jan. 22, 1852 ******* (1850 Newton census: Albert Wheeler age 48; wife Mary 33; Parley 19; R.A. 16; Cordelia 14; Sylvester 12; Josephine 8; Hulda 2; West 10/12

WHELAN, HORTON MAPLE GROVE MAN FOUND DEAD AT SIDE OF ROAD MYSTERY IN DEATH OF HORTON WHEALAN(sic), 28, WHOSE BODY WAS FOUND BY NEIGHBOR EARLY TODAY. INQUEST TO BE HELD. Horton Whealan, aged 28, a resident of Maple Grove where he had lived all his life, was found dead on the roadway a half mile from the Watt store early today, the man’s death being shrouded in mystery which District Attorney Schmitz and Coroner Falge will seek to solve by holding of an inquest. The dead body of Whealan, who is said to have been a character of the town, was found early this morning by John Gorgan as the latter was driving his cows to pasture. Report was made to District Attorney Schmitz and Sheriff Engelbrecht and Mr. Schmitz immediately departed for the scene. Later Coroner Falge was summoned and an investigation is being made. Details received from Maple Grove are meager and it is said the authorities have been unable to find anyone who was with Whealan last night. It is said there are no marks on the body to indicate that Whealan might have been the victim of automobile speeders as it was at first suggested. Whealen, it is said, was not about his usual haunts last night and nothing is known as to his whereabouts yesterday. The man is said to have been addicted to drink and may have been a victim to exposure, though the weather was not cold last night. It is believed that Whealen met death sometime late last night as physicians say the man had been dead some hours when the body was found. District Attorney Schmitz and Deputy Sheriff Engelbrecht had not returned from Maple Grove late this afternoon. Manitowoc Daily Herald, Friday, October 22, 1915, Page 1 ********* WHEALAN DIED FROM NATURAL CAUSES IS BELIEF INQUEST OVER DEATH OF MAPLE GROVE MAN IS ADJOURNED UNTIL NEXT WEDNESDAY. BLOOD ON CAP OF DEAD MAN CAUSES INVESTIGATION INTO DEATH Although authorities are inclined to believe that Horton Whealen, the Maple Grove man whose dead body was found at the roadside yesterday came to his death from natural causes, there are circumstances revealed by the investigation made yesterday that may result in unearthing a crime, it is said. The inquest called yesterday was adjourned until next Wednesday after the drawing of a jury, members of which are Patrick Cahill, John J. Cohen, Joseph Remiker, Edward Weld, William Kirby and J.D. Nate. Whealen was last seen alive about 6 o’clock Thursday night when Thomas Fenelon passed the man seated at the roadside a short distance from the point where the body was found later. It is said that Whealen appeared to be under the influence of liquor but no trace of his whereabouts from that hour has been found. Whealen’s cap was bespattered with blood though there were no marks of violence on the body to indicate that the man had been attacked. The presence of blood is a mystery which the authorities will seek to solve before the inquest is called. Whealen’s body was found near the Morrisey home and was face down. The remains were taken in charge by Undertaker Ed Watt of Maple Grove. Whealen has a brother residing at Mishicott and is also survived by two sisters. Manitowoc Daily Herald, Saturday, October 23, 1915,Page 8 ********* There is an article in the Maple Grove section saying he is buried in "the potter's field". I don't know if that's supposed to be by Maple Grove or in Manitowoc. He's not listed in the Manitowoc one. The article is not transcribed because it repeats the other articles already transcribed, but does add the potter's field bit at the end. ********* DECLARES BROTHER WAS VICTIM OF MURDEROUS ASSULT, ASKS INVESTIGATION BE REOPENED FRED WHELAN, MAPLE GROVE, WHOSE BROTHER WAS FOUND DEAD AT ROADSIDE, SAYS HE HAS CLEW TO IDENTITY OF MEN HE ALLEGES ATTACKED AND KILLED MAN - SCHMITZ TO CONSIDER INFORMATION GIVEN Declaring that he is in possession of facts which leads him to believe that his brother, whose dead body was found at the roadside in the town of Maple Grove two months ago, was the victim of a murderous assault. Fred Whelan has appealed to District Attorny Schmitz and Sheriff Engelbrecht to reopen investigation of the case. Whelan conferred with officials this week. Whelan's brother, Horton Whelan, was found dead at the side of the road in the town two months ago after having been missing for a day or more. While the circumstances surrounding the death were considered rather peculiar and warranted an inquest, the coroner's jury returned a verdict of death due to natural causes. At the time of the inquest there was a suspicion that the body had been carried to the spot where it was found but there was no evidence to substantiate this theory. Indians who are said to have been in the neighborhood were also referred to. In his statement to the authorities this week Fred Whelan claims to have secured a clew that leads him to believe that his brother was killed by an attack upon him by an indian and white man in a shack near where the body was found. Whelan is of the opinion that his brother may have been killed in a fight, or by ????? upon and that the body was later carried to the spot where it was found. Just what information Whelan has secured has not been made public but District Attorney Schmitz will consider it and if warranted will re-open the investigation. Report is said to have been made to federal authorities that Indians have secured liquor and it was said that some prosecutions might follow but no action has yet been taken. Manitowoc Daily Herald, Tuesday, January 11, 1916 P.1

WHIPPLES, CHARLES Wednesday, Chas. Whipples, a brakeman, lost his balance and fell off the train while it was in motion. The accident occurred near Hadley station. An examination showed that he was hurt internally and at latest reports his life was despaired of. Manitowoc Lake Shore Times, Tuesday, November 1, 1881 P. 1

WHITE, B.J. B.J. White, a pioneer resident of Newton and prominent in the county for many years died at his home there last night, aged 73 years. Death was due to age and infirmities. Mr. White was for many years a teacher in the county schools in his younger days and served as town chairman from Newton for a number of terms. He is survived by his wife, one daughter, Mrs. Daniel Gallagher and three sons, James, at Newton, Edward, of Two Rivers and Walter of Pasadena, Cal. The funeral will be held at Osman Saturday at 10 o'clock. Manitowoc Herald News, Manitowoc, Wis. February 26, 1920 P. 1

WHITE, BRIDGET From the Manitowoc Herald, 24 Mar 1859: Bridget White died, wife of John White.

WHITE, CHARLES W. From Der Nord Westen, 13 Mar. 1902 Charles W. White died Fri. night in a railroad accident in Texas. Following the death of his wife he had been living with his son in Antigo and recently took a trip to the east and south. A few weeks ago it was reported that he met his daughter-in-law in Washington, the wife of his son Clarence who resides in St. Louis. From there they undertook a rail trip through the south and were on a Southern Pacific train last Thurs. night going to Alabama. The train was 2 hours late and in an attempt to make up time by increasing speed, one car of the 6-car train left the tracks on a curve in Sanderson, Texas, and pulled the other cars, locomotive and tender with it. The Pullman car stayed on the tracks. The first car to leave the tracks burst into flames and no one was able to help as its passengers were consumed. 12 people died in this fashion, including Charles W. White and his daughter-in-law. Mr. White was born, if we are correctly advised, in 1826 in New York State and came as a boy with his parents to Wisconsin. His father was a missionary to the Indians in this part of Wisconsin, settling first near Green Bay and then later in Calumet County. Charles learned the Indian language and their hunting methods. As a boy he delighted in playing with the Indian children. In the late 40's he made a trip to Germany with a Mr. Ostenfeldt, brother of F. Ostenfeldt here, and became acquainted with Miss Louise Ostenfeldt there with whom he married in 1849. The young couple resided in Green Bay, Chilton, and Two Rivers, and then settled in Manitowoc in the late 50's where Mr. White practiced law. Mr. White served with the 45th Wisconsin Regiment during the Civil War and was a member of the local G.A.R. Post. Mrs. White died about 2 yrs. ago and Mr. White went to Antigo to reside with his son. He leaves 3 sons, a 4th son having died many years ago.

WHITE, MRS. RICHARD From Der Nord Westen, 04 July 1901: Death Fri. from consumption of Mrs. Richard White of Manitowoc while visiting her parents Mr. and Mrs. John Donohue in Meeme. The deceased, who in addition to her parents is survived by her husband and 2 children, was 24 yrs. of age. The funeral was held Sun. in Meeme. (There is a Maria White in #60 date right but age is off and husband is Jacob. Also in marriages I have Maria Donohue m. Michael White)

WHITE, WILLIAM From Der Nord Westen, 17 Aug. 1905: Death recently in Two Creeks of 80-yr. old farmer William White.

WICKERT, GEORGE From Der Nord Westen, 13 July 1905: After a long illness with consumption, 38-yr. old George Wickert died Mon. in St. Marien Hospital. The deceased, who operated a barber shop here, leaves 3 brothers and a sister. The funeral was held yesterday morning from St. Boniface Church.

WICKERT, CHILD OF JAKOB From Der Nord Westen, 16 July 1891: Death on Fri., 10 July, of the 15 mo. old child of Mr. Jakob Wickert of Manitowoc. The burial took place Sat. in the Catholic Cemetery.

WICKERT, LIZZIE Died In Life's Morning. Miss. (sic) Lizzie Wickert, daughter of Mrs. Catherine Wickert, died at the home of her mother on South 9th street at 11 o'clock last night. Consumption, that elusive, insiduous foe of humanity, was the cause of her death. She had been sick for about a year but, although the ravages of disease had been apparent to friends, death was not expected. The deceased was born June 28, 1876 and most of her short life was passed in this city. She will be remembered as one by whose presence the world was made a little brighter, a little more loving. Of a sweet considerate disposition, her friends were limited only by her circle of acquaintances. Of a bright, sunshiny dispostion, her mere presence brought with it a cheering influence, a gleam of solace for the care-weary hearts of those who were near and dear to her. Death, ever a sad visitor, seems doubly cruel in this instance. Standing in full sunshine of life's morning, surrounded by those she loved and happy in the consciousness of love returned, she seemed to be just entering upon a life of fullest happiness. Within a few short weeks she was to have become the bride of her heart's ideal and, with the pathetic hope of consumption's victims, she fondly believed that her health would be fully restored 'ere the wedding day arrived. But it was not to be. She has passed beyond the reach of human joys or sorrows. Freed from its frail and earthly tenement her spirit has passed beyond the vail (sic). The bereaved hearts left to mourn her loss may surely find solace in the rememberance of her pure and generous character, her life so full of love and kindness. Funeral services will be held at St. Boniface church next Friday morning. Manitowoc Daily Herald, Wednesday, December 7, 1898 P. 1 (Note: There is a Katherine Wickert in cemetery #43 ********* The funeral services over the remains of Miss Lizzie Wickert will be held at St. Boniface church at 9 o'clock to-morrow morning. Manitowoc Daily Herald, Thursday, December 8, 1898 P. 4 ********* The funeral of Miss Lizzie Wickert was held from St. Boniface church this morning and was attended by a large concourse of relatives and friends. The interment was in Evergreen cemetery. Manitowoc Daily Herald, Friday, December 9, 1898 P. 1 (Note: I think the newspaper had the name of the cemetery wrong, because her mother and father are in Calvary #43.) ********* On a Sad Mission. Mr. Frank Nevileir, of West Union, Iowa, is in the city, called here by the illness and death of Miss Lizzie Wickert. Mr. Nevileir and Miss Wickert were betrothed and the wedding which was to have taken place Thanksgiving day was postponed because of the illness of the lady. Mr. Nevileir has many friends in this city who sympathise with him in his peculiarly sad affliction. The following lines, written by him will be an epiteth on the stone which shall mark the last resting place of his lost love. Gone, but never to be forgotten A young life so young and sweet, Gone to join the angels in Heaven May her soul rest in sleep. Manitowoc Daily Herald, Thursday, December 8, 1898 P. 1 ********* Card of Thanks. We desire to express our appreciation of the many kind acts and words of tender spmpathy (sic) extended to us by considerate friends during our recent sad bereavement. MRS. ELIZABETH WICKERT, AND FAMILY. Manitowoc Daily Herald, Friday, December 16, 1898 P. 1 ********* Not True. Some person or persons are circulating a report that others have paid the expenses of my sister's funeral. This is either a misrepresentation or a mistake, as I made the arrangements for the burial and intend to pay for the same myself. JACOB WICKERT. Manitowoc Daily Herald, Thursday, December 22, 1898 P. 1

WIEGAND, JO ANN BABY GIRL DIES Jo Ann Wiegand, aged 10 months, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Wiegand, Manitowoc route 3, died at three o'clock yesterday afternoon at the home of her parents. She was born July 20, 1935. Her parents and three brothers survive. Burial will take place at the Methodist cemetery in Newton tomorrow afternoon at two o'clock. The body will be taken to the home from the Leschke funeral home. Manitowoc Herald Times, Tuesday, May 5, 1936 P. 2

WIEMANN, MR. SUICIDE - It is our painful duty to inform our readers of the sudden death of one of the oldest and earliest settlers of our county, Mr. Wiemann, of Neshoto, who in a fit of insanity took his own life last Monday evening in the rear of his farm on the Neshoto river, by shooting himself. We have known him since he first landed in Two Rivers some twenty five years ago, with his wife and a numerous family of little children. He bought a farm near Neshoto on which he has worked hard ever since, so that he was in quite good circumstances; still the fixed idea grew upon him that he was poor and that his credit was ruined forever, which, with increasing conjugal difficulties, led him to end his troubles by taking his own life. He was well educated and, wherever known, highly esteemed for his strict honesty in every transaction and urbanity and kindness to his family and friends. Manitowoc Tribune Thursday, May 12, 1870 pg. 1

WIEMER, JOHN From Der Nord Westen, 09 Oct. 1890: On Sat., the week before last, John Wiemer of Meeme suffered a fatal accident. While helping with the drilling of a well the machine accidentally broke, causing him to fall and to hit his head against the drive rod of the machine. He suffered a skull fracture from which he passed away within a few hours.

WIER, FRANCES Frances Wier birth: 22 December 1901 Two River, Wis. death: 22 December 1902 Manitowoc Co., Wisconsin burial: Two Rivers, Wis. residence: 1902 Two Rivers, Wis. father: George Wier mother: Josephine Wisconsin, Deaths and Burials, 1835-1968

WIER, JOHN From Der Nord Westen, 14 Jan. 1909: Death in Two Rivers of 76-year old John (disturbed type, might be Wier) of a heart attack. The funeral was held yesterday.

WIESE LOUIS From Der Nord Westen, 5 Oct. 1882: Louis Wiese died, a relative of County Clerk Buhse in Two Rivers

WIESMANN, SON OF JOHN From Der Nord Westen, 17 Oct. 1901: Death Thurs. evening of a 4-yr. old son of John Wiesmann here, of a lung illness. The burial was Sun.

WIESNER, PAULINE Mrs. Adam Wiesner, 93, of 1010 S. 19th St. Manitowoc, died at noon Saturday at Holy Family Hospital following a lingering illness. Funeral services will be at 1:30 p.m. Monday at Urbanek and Schlei Funeral Home. Cremation will follow the services. She was born Pauline Fricke, Dec. 9, 1867, in Manitowoc, daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Charles Fricke. She was married to Adam Wiesner in Manitowoc 76 years ago. He died in 1917. Surviving are a son, Harry Wiesner, of Milwaukee; three daughters, Mrs. Edward Ries, Mrs. William Parks, and Mrs. Joseph Gleisner all of Milwaukee; four sisters, Mrs. Charles Worthington of Rt. 2, Two Rivers, Mrs. Henry Scherer of Rt. 4, Manitowoc, Mrs. Paul Everts of Milwaukee and Mrs. Ida Schwitzer of South Milwaukee; 10 grandchildren and 16 great grandchildren. Friends may call at the funeral home from 3 p.m. Sunday until the hour of services Monday. Manitowoc Herald Times, Saturday Dec. 31, 1960, p. M9, c. 2

WIESNIEWSKA, ELISABETH From Der Nord Westen, 16 June 1904: Death Sun. of 90-yr. old Mrs. Elisabeth Wiesniewska in the local St. Mary’s Hospital where she had been cared for at the expense of the City of Two Rivers.

WIETACK, JOHN ILL TWO DAYS, DEAD. John Wietock, Gibson Man, Dies at Hospital. John Wietock, a former Gibson man and for years an engineer on the lakes, taken suddenly ill Tuesday while a guest at the Wilson House on Commercial street, died at the hospital Wednesday night, aged 39. Mr. Wietock accompanied the Chicago firetug when it was taken from the shipyards here and returned to the city only a few days ago. He was removed to the hospital late Tuesday and death came at 10:30 Wednesday night. Two brothers at Sturgeon Bay survive. The funeral will be at Tisch Mills Saturday. Manitowoc Daily Herald, March 11, 1909 P. 1 ******** Death Wednesday evening last week in Holy Family Hospital of John Wietack, a resident of Town Gibson. For the past several years he had been a machinist on several steamships, and most recently had served on the fire ship “Stewart” to Chicago, and a few days before his death returned here and checked into the Wilson Hotel. He fell ill there Tuesday and was brought to the hospital where he died Wednesday evening. He has 2 brothers living in Sturgeon Bay. The casket was taken to Tisch Mills for burial. Der Nord Westen, 18 Mar. 1909

WILD, ANNA St. Nazianz - Mr. and Mrs. George Scherer and family received word of the death of their aunt, Miss Anna Wild, 92 years and 10 months old who died Friday at the Old People's Home at Manitowoc. Burial took place Monday at Manitowoc. Sheboygan Press, Tues, June 29, 1943 page 7

WILDA, LOUISE From Der Nord Westen, 24 June 1909: Death Sunday, at the advanced age of 85, of Mrs. Louise Wilda in the residence of her daughter on Lake Shore Road, Mrs. J. Scherer. She is survived by a large family of grown children. Her funeral was held yesterday morning from St. Boniface Church.

WILDE, AUGUST LOST ON THE SEA BIRD Information Relative to the Citizens of Manitowoc who were Victims of the Late Disaster. Thirty-One Persons Lost. In fulfilling the painful duty which devolves upon us at this time we have endeavored to present to our readers a correct report containing all the information in regard to the lost which we could obtain. We fear there will be some errors, but we have as far as possible obtained the statements of relatives or immediate friends of the deceased. We would that some other hand than ours--one better skilled in soothing afflicted hearts--might perform the sad office of saying comforting words to the distressed of our Village, but it may not be and we can only say to those who suffer, you have our heartfelt sympathy--and the sympathy of every person in Manitowoc. We have known your friends, respected them, loved them; and your loss is our loss. Let us hope that He who doeth all things well hath not permitted our friends to fall in vain. AUGUST WILDE His family lives two miles from town, on the Calumet road. He was 18 years of age; a shoemaker by trade, but went sailing this spring as deck hand on the Sea Bird. He came to this place when a small boy. We learn he was a quiet, industrious, well behaved young man. (Article continues in the same manner for each individual lost on the SEA BIRD; Geo. W. Emery, James A. Hodges, Capt. N.T. Nelson, Capt. John Sorenson, Charles Riechen, Joseph Doucett, Henry Nieman, Henry Pfeffer, James Leykom, Richard Flossbach, Amos Meyer, John Melka, Martin Rozezguiatee, Wm. Barter, Casper Klimer, John Foucks, Herman Jacoby, Wenzel Hawlichek, P.C. Danahy, Raymond H. Hunt, Fred Henning Jr., and Thorine Oleson.) OTHERS. We hear of others who were on the boat beyond a doubt--one a Norwegian who has been chopping wood in this vicinity, could not learn his name; and two girls from the country who took passage from here with the intention of going either to Milwaukee or Chicago have not been heard from since the disaster. So it will be seen there were Thirty-one from here certainly, and two doubtful, lost on the SEA BIRD. The Manitowoc Tribune Thursday, April 16, 1868 pg. 4

WILHEM, JOSEPH Jos. Wilhelm of Cato while plowing near the Northwestern track in the town of Cato Tuesday was fatally injured. His team was frightened by a train and ran away. Helm was injured internally and had his head cut open, exposing the brain. Manitowoc Pilot Thursday, May 27, 1897 pg. 2

WILLERT, KARL Karl Joachim WILLERT, born 24 April 1796 in Hither Pomerania [Vorpommern], Kingdom of Prussia, died 24 February 1874, buried 26 February. (From the Trinity Lutheran church records, Liberty twp.)

WILLIAMS, JOHN From the Manitowoc Herald, 05 Aug 1854: John Williams died at Maple Grove. ****** At Maple Grove, on Monday night, the 31st ult. John Williams, aged 40 years. Manitowoc Tribune, Manitowoc, Wis. Saturday, August 12, 1854 P. 3

WILLIAMSON, LILLIUS From the Manitowoc Herald, 26 Aug 1858: Lillius Williamson, dau. of Arthur Williamson caught fire from a lamp and died.

WILSON, CAPT. JACK From the Manitowoc Herald, 20 Sep 1860: Capt. Jack Wilson died, a victim of a shipwreck.

WILSON, MYRA BARRY Scatter Remains on Lake Michigan Mrs. Myra Barry Wilson, resident of New York City and former resident of Manitowoc and Two Rivers made the unusual request at her death that her remains be scattered on the waters of Lake Michigan. The wish was carried out in an impressive ceremony on Tuesday, December 7, 1915.(no newspaper cited)

WILSON, TENIS Mishicott news: A young man named Tenis (sic) Wilson, of Gibson, also passed away on Saturday. He was eighteen years and had been ailing for some time. His funeral took place on Monday. Manitowoc Lake Shore Times, Tuesday, May 9, 1882 P. 4 ******** Note: I can't find this young man on the census. Tenis may have been a middle name he used or a nickname (1870 Gibson census: Charle Wilson age 43; wife Mary age 45; Olive age 20; George age 18; William age 16; Harrace age 10; Edward age 8; John age 6; Charles age 5) ****** (1870 Gibson census: Oliver Wilson age 8?; wife Anna age 64; George age 38; John age 24; Betsy age 13; Oliver age 11; Sarah age 6 ****** (1880 Gibson census: Charles Wilson age 55; wife Mary age 56; Haris age 20; Edward age 18; Jay age 15; Charles age 14)

WINDIATE, THOMAS From the Manitowoc Herald, 04 Jul 1857: Thomas Windiate died.

WINKEL, MARY From Der Nord Westen, 28 Feb. 1901: Death in Two Rivers on Thurs. of Mrs. Mary Winkel at the age of 105. The deceased, who could still clearly remember the movement of Napoleon's great army toward Russia, had also lived in 3 centuries. Her funeral was Sat. from the Polish Church.

WINTER, SON OF CARL From Der Nord Westen, 27 Feb. 1890: Death of the 6 mo. old son of Town Manitowoc resident Carl Winter on Sat. morning. The little body was buried Mon. morning in the local Catholic Cemetery. (Should be in #43, there is also a Karl Winter in that cem.)

WINTERS, MRS. From Monday's Daily SAD CASE OF DROWNING. - We get the particulars of a sad case of drowning from Mr. R. McGavin. Yesterday the wife of Mr. Winters got into a canoe at Neshoto to cross the river on a visit to some friends. While crossing, the canoe capsized and the poor woman was drowned. Her body was recovered about 15 minutes after, but the vital spark had fled. She leaves a husband and three children, the youngest of whom is but three months of age. Manitowoc Tribune Thursday, August 11, 1870 pg. 1

WITTIG, CHILD OF MR. From Der Nord Westen, 05 Sep. 1901: Death Sun. of an 8-day old child of Mr. Wittig here, with burial on Mon.

WODWASHEK, MRS. ALBERT From the Two Rivers Reporter, Saturday, Dec. 6, 1913: Mrs. Albert Wodwashek of the town of Two Creeks died last Friday after a lingering illness of about six months. She was born in 1844 in Bohemia. At the age of fourteen she came to America with her parents, who settled in Kellnersville. Later she married Mr. Halla, afterwards they moved to Two Creeks where she suffered many hardships. After five years of married life Mr. Halla died leaving three children two boys and one girl. Later she married Mr. Wodwashek who sold the farm which she owned and bought another farm which he still owns. She had to saw shingles and do a lot of field work to make a living. The deceased is survived by her husband, two sons and one daughter. The funeral took place Monday.

WOJDA, MARY Death in Milwaukee on Wed. of 19-yr. old Mary Wojda of Manitowoc. Her body will be brought here and buried Sat. Der Nord Westen, 22 Feb. 1900 ******** Mary Woida Wisconsin, Death Records Name Mary Woida Event Type Death Event Date 1900 Event Place Milwaukee, Wisconsin Residence Place Milwaukee, Wisconsin Gender Female Age 17 Marital Status Single Race White Occupation Housework Birth Date 28 Mar 1882 Birth Year (Estimated) 1883 Birthplace Manitowoc, Wisconsin Cemetery County Cem. Father's Name Frank Woida Father's Birthplace Germany Mother's Name Mary Woida Mother's Birthplace Germany

WOLF, CHILD OF GEORGE From Der Nord Westen, 12 Jan. 1905: (From the correspondent in Two Rivers, 10 Jan.) Death of a 7-mo. old child of George Wolf after a short illness. The funeral was held today from the Catholic Church with attendance as large as though it were an adult funeral.

WOLF, WILMER F. Wilmer F. Wolf, 78, of 710 St. Paul Street, Kiel, died Thursday, April 30, at his home. Wilmer was born February 28, 1914, at Random Lake, a son of Nicholas and Mary (Funk) Wolf. He attended St. Mary’s Elementary School, Hilbert High School and Sheboygan Business College. On May 24, 1941, he was married to Genevieve Hickey at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church, Menasha. The couple lived in Chilton one year and then moved to Kiel. Wilmer was an officer and active member of the Kiel Municipal Band over 40 years, in 1979 he was honored by National Catholic Development Conference. He attended and organized for retreats for Monte Alverno, Appleton for 52 years. For 50 years, he was a member of the Holy Name Society holding both local and district offices and served several terms as trustee of Ss. Peter and Paul Parish. For 47 years he was employed by the Salvatorian Fathers. Survivors include his wife, daughter, six grandchildren, and one sister-in-law. (Survivors edited for privacy) He was preceded in death by two brothers, Clemens and Victor. Wilmer’s body has been donated to the Medical College of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. A memorial Mass will be held on Saturday, May 16, at 10 a.m. at Ss. Peter and Paul Catholic Church in Kiel. Father Thomas Leannah is celebrant.

WOLFERMANN, JACOB From Der Nord Westen, 01 July 1897: Death Thurs. last week of 75 yr. old Jacob Wolfermann in the home of Mr. Henry Fleutje (Flentje) in Town Two Rivers. Wolfermann moved to Mishicott about 15 yrs. ago. His body was buried Sat. afternoon at the Saxenburg Cemetery.

WOLFERMANN, MRS. JAKOB From Der Nord Westen, 19 Mar. 1896: (From the correspondent in Mishicott, 17 Mar.) Death Sat., 8 days ago, of 82 yr. old Mrs. Jakob Wolfermann of debility of old age. She was one of the oldest settlers here

WOLLMER, AMELIA From the Manitowoc Herald, 12 Aug 1858: Amelia Wollmer died, the daughter of Nicholas and Paulina Wollmer.

WOLSKI, MRS. From Der Nord Westen, 27 May 1909: 91-year old Mrs. Wolski died Thursday morning last week in St. Mary’s Hospital where she had been staying at the expense of the city.

WOOD, THOMAS R. From Der Nord Westen, 17 Dec. 1903: Death Mon., following a long illness, of 64-yr. old Thomas R. Wood, a wellknown resident of our city. He leaves a widow and 4 children. The funeral was held yesterday afternoon.

WOODFIELD, GEORGE From the Manitowoc Herald, 25 Aug 1855: George Woodfield died in Kossuth.

WOOSTER, MARION From the Manitowoc Herald, 08 Mar 1856: Marion Wooster died, the wife of B.W. Wooster.

WORACHEK, MRS. FRANK From Der Nord Westen, 03 June 1909: Death in Two Rivers Tuesday last week of 63-year old Mrs. Frank Worachek. The funeral was conducted Saturday from the Catholic Church.

WOREL, FRANCIS Name: Worel, Francis D.: 5/17/1877 B.: Reg. D.: 12/31/1877 Sex: M/W Age at Death: 58 Yrs. B.P.: D.P.: Kossuth Cem.: Tn. of Franklin Ch.: Inf. & Address: Rev. Jos. Maly Spouse: F.: M.: Cause of Death: Add Info.: Farmer Pg. #: v.1 p.248

WORRICK, GEORGE From Der Nord Westen, 07 Feb. 1901: Death Fri. in local St. Joseph's Hospital of 74-yr. old George Worrick of old age debility.

WRIETH, CHILD OF WILHELM From Der Nord Westen, 18 Sept. 1890: Death of the 7 mo. old child of Mr. Wilhelm Wrieth on Tues. last week after several month’s illness. The burial took place Thurs. from the Catholic Church.

WRIGHT, WILLIAM, JR. From the Manitowoc Herald, 03 Mar 1855: William Wright, Jr. died, the son of William Wright, Sr.

WROBEL, DANIEL Daniel Wrobel, age 72, of 147 McKinley St., Two Rivers, died Monday evening, April 22, 1996, at St. Luke's Medical Center, Milwaukee. Funeral Services will be held at 11 a.m. Thursday, April 25, 1996, at the Deja and Martin Funeral Chapels. Officiating at the service will be Rev Isidro Carrera. Daniel was born June 8, 1923, in Manitowoc, son of the late Peter and Mathilda Sobieski Wrobel. He attended schools in Manitowoc. On July 2, 1956, he married Rosemary Devine at Pine City, Minn. Mr. Wrobel retired in 1985 from the Manitowoc Company after 33 years of service. Daniel enjoyed fishing, hunting and the outdoors. Survivors include his wife, Rosemary; two sisters-in-law, Lucille Nokes, Faith Wrobel, both of Two Rivers; special friends, Patsy and Wall Brefzcynski; his pal, "Kissy"; a number of nieces, nephews, cousins and many friends also survive. Besides his parents he was preceded in death by one brother, Harry. The family will greet friends at Deja and Martin Funeral Chapels after 10 a.m. on Thursday until the time of service. Herald Times Reporter, April 24, 1996 P. A2

WYSSMANN, ELISABETH From Der Nord Westen, 16 Jan. 1908: Mrs. Elisabeth Wyssmann died Saturday morning from a stroke which she had suffered during the night. The deceased, a daughter of Mrs. M. Ripplinger here, was born here 50 years ago, and except for a period of time in Delavan, where she was brought for training for the deaf and dumb, she has always lived here. She is survived by her husband, attorney Arthur J. Wyssmann, as well as by her elderly mother and several sisters. The funeral was held Monday morning.

WYZINSKI, CHILD OF CARL From Der Nord Westen, 09 Sept. 1897: (From the correspondent in Two Rivers, 06 Sept.) Death of a 2-yr. old child of Carl Wyzinski, with burial Sun. in the Catholic Cemetery.

WYZINSKI, DAU. OF W. From Der Nord Westen, 02 Nov. 1905: Typhus claimed the life last week of a 5-yr. old daughter of Mr. W. Wyzinski in Two Rivers. (Netta Wyszniske/d. Oct. 27, 1905/co. death index v.7 p.379/ NOTE: Netaline Wyszynski is in Calvary, Two Rivers but her tombstone shows she d. Oct. 27, 1900 age 6 yrs./Wenzel Wyszinski on the 1900 Two Rivers census shows a Martha b. 1900 which might be the child in this obituary)

YARRINGTON, MARY AUGUSTA (EDWARDS) From Manitowoc Herald, 10 Apr. 1858: Mary Augusta Edwards Yarrington daughter of Jarvis E. Platt and Mary C. Edwards Platt

YATES, MARY From the Manitowoc Herald, 03 July 1858: Mary Yates committed suicide in Kossuth, she hung herself. She was the wife of William Yates. SUICIDE.-Mrs. Yates, wife of a farmer at Frances Creek, town Kossuth, we learn, committed suicide yesterday forenoon, by hanging, in her own dwelling. A messenger arrived in our village in the afternoon, in search of a coroner. We shall have the particulars to-morrow. The Daily Tribune, Manitowoc, Wis. Monday, June 28, 1858 P. 3 ******** The Particulars of the Suicide on Saturday last. On Monday last we gave a brief account of the melancholy suicide of Mrs. Yates, in the town of Kossuth, which occurred on Saturday evening. Mrs. Y. was an English lady nearly 60 years of age, and much respected by her neighbors and friends, and we are informed that she was a member in good standing in the M.E. Church. A desire to return to the land of her birth has been her leading thought for some time past, making her discontented with her situation here. The fear of poverty induced by the depression of the times, perhaps increased the feeling, and doubtless contributed to the causes which deranged her intellect, and led to the commission of the fatal act. She arose from her bed during the night and climbing a ladder in the barn, fastened the rope around some poles above the threshing floor, and descending the ladder a short distance, fixed the noose around her neck, with the knot under the chin, and swung off. As her death was the result of congestion, rather than strangulation, she must have suffered the most terrible agony, and if discovered a short time earlier might have been saved. The circumstances of the case are most lamentable. The Daily Tribune, Manitowoc, Wis. Thursday, July 1, 1858 P. 3.

YOUNG, MR. From Der Nord Westen, 19 Nov. 1891: (From the correspondent in Two Rivers, 17 Nov.) Death last week of farmer Young, an old settler here who resided about six miles from Two Rivers. Burial was last Thurs.

ZAHN, MRS. WM. From Der Nord Westen, 20 May 1909: Death in Grand Junction, Colorado, of Mrs. Wm. Zahn (nee Amelia Grumann). The body was brought to Two Rivers and the funeral held from the Catholic Church.

ZAHARIK, DAU. OF JOSEPH From Der Nord Westen, 01 June 1893: Death on Sun. evening in Town Franklin of the 3 yr. old daughter of Joseph Zaharik, from croup. Her funeral was Wed. morning at the Catholic Cemetery of St. Augustine near Peter Reif's Mill.

ZAHORIK, JOHN (First publication November 29, 1881.) IN PROBATE-MANITOWOC COUNTY COURT. In the matter of the estate of John Zahorik, deceased. On reading and filing the petition of R.D. Smart, administrator of the estate of said deceased, representing among other things that he has fully administered said estate, and praying that a time and place be fixed for examining and allowing his account of his administration filed in this Court and for the assignment of the residue of said estate to the person entitled thereto; It is ordered that said account be exanined (sic) and said petition heard by this Court on Tuesday, the 27th day of December, A.D., 1881, at 10 o'clock A.M., at my office in said County. Ordered further, that notice thereof be given to the heirs of said deceased and to all persons interested, by publishing a copy of this order for three weeks successively prior to said day of hearing, in the Lake Shore Times, a weekly newspaper published at Manitowoc, in said County. Dated at the city and county of Manitowoc, the 25th day of November, A.D., 1881. By the Court, Michael Kirwin, County Judge. C.D. Estabrook, Atty. Manitowoc Lake Shore Times, Tuesday, November 29, 1881 P. 1 ******** (Note: The only John Zahorik I could find on the 1880 census lived in Cooperstown twp. John age 28; John age 71 and John age 3/none in the cems.)

ZAHORIK, ROGER S. Roger S. (Bugs) Zahorik, age 66, of 130 Cherry Ave., Francis Creek, died Monday, September 11, 1995, at his residence. He was born January 20, 1929, in Manitowoc, son of the late Roger and Juliana Vetter Zahorik. He attended schools in Manitowoc. He married Opal Davis December 27, 1982, in Biloxi, Miss. She preceded him in death in 1989. He returned to Manitowoc in 1990. He was an engineer for the Point Marine Boats of Morgan City, La. Survivors include four sons and one daughter-in-law, Brad Zahorik, Paraguald, Ark., Michael Zahorik, Manitowoc, Steven and Bridge, Waupaca, Daniel, Manitowoc; four daughters and sons-in-law, Sandra and Michael Bixler, St. Louis, Mo., Bonnie and Larry Wilker, Manitowoc, Genny and Gary Bauer, Manitowoc, Patty and Kevin O'Connor, Menasha; one brother, Russell, Oshkosh; two sisters and one brother-in-law, Ruth Wiles, Greenville, Mich., Rosiland and Richard Miller, Cedar Springs, Mich.; a special friend, Ivis Wusterbarth, Manitowoc; 10 grandchildren. He was preceded in death by his wife and two brothers. Memorials may be made to the Holy Family Memorial Hospice. The Jens Funeral Home, Manitowoc, assisted the family with the funeral arrangements. Herald Times Reporter, September 12, 1995 P. A2

ZAHORIK, SON OF THOMAS d. Dec. 1891 From Der Nord Westen, Dec. 24, 1891: Death of a son of Thomas Zahorik of Mishicott. He was killed in an accident while working in a lumber camp in the northern part of the state. (sent in by researcher/see contributors page) (Note: This may be Frantisek Zahorek in cem. #66 listed with Zahorik)

ZANDER, MARTHA SCHMIDT Martha Schmidt Zander Wisconsin, Deaths and Burials, 1835-1968 birth: 17 April 1872 Two Rivers, Wis. death: 24 June 1906 Two Rivers, Manitowoc Co., Wisconsin residence: 1906 Two Rivers father: Carl Schmidt mother: Uleria spouse: William Zander Jr. ******* (Note: I believe they have the wrong maiden name with this one. Martha Schlundt, dau. of Carl and Maria married William Zander Sep. 22, 1897. From 1880 Two Rivers township census: Carl Schlund; wife Maria Schlund; Herman Schlund age 11; Martha Schlund age 8; Carl Schlund age 3. This indicates that Martha was b. 1872. and Martha (Schlundt) Zander died in 1906 and is in Pioneers Rest, Two Rivers)

ZARNIK, MR. From Der Nord Westen, 26 Nov. 1891: Death on Fri. of 87 yr. old Mr. Zarnick, father of Alderman Zarnick of the 5th Ward, Manitowoc. Burial was Sunday.

ZARNIK, MICHAEL & WALTER SCARLET FEVER TAKES TWO FROM ZARNIK (sic) HOME WITHIN A PERIOD OF SIX HOURS A spread of scarlet fever as result of exposure of a number of people, who are said to have disregarded the quarantine sign at the Zarnik home, is feared by city health department officials, it is said, and late last night a special officer was detailed to guard the home which had previously been quarantined only by placarding. It is said that more than a dozen people visited the Zarnik home yesterday and that the contagion has probably been spread to that many homes in the vicinity. ******** A double bereavement has come to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wenzel Zarnik, 1317 South Sixteenth street. Within a period of six hours last night death twice entered the home to claim a victim, the two infant sons of Mr. and Mrs. Zarnik passing away. Scarlet fever claimed, Walter, the 3-year-old son of the home, at 6 o'clock and six hours later Michael, aged 2 years, yielded his little life to disease. The home was quarantined. The two bodies were buried in one casket this morning, the burial being private because of thenature (sic) of the disease, which is contagious. It is said that scarlet fever is prevalent to considerable extent in the city though there is no serious epidemic or danger of one. Manitowoc Daily Herald, Friday, May 2, 1913 P.1 ******** (Note: 1910 Manitowoc ward 7, South 16th st. census: Wenzel Zarnik age 26; wife Mary age 25(?) no children/there is a Wenzel and Mary Ziarnik in St. Mary's, Manitowoc)

ZEDDIES, ANNA AMALIA Name: Zeddies, Anna Amalia D.: 4/14/1876 B.: Reg. D.: 12/27/1876 Sex: F/W Age at Death: 6 Yrs. 6 Mo. B.P.: D.P.: Cem.: Ch.: Inf. & Address: Rev. F. Pieper Mtwc. Wis. Spouse: F.: M.: Cause of Death: Scarlet Fever Pg. #: v.1 p.210

ZENSKY, MARION Clarks Mills news: Last Saturday the remains of the late little Marion Zensky, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Zensky, arrived here from Brillion for burial. Mrs. Zensky, nee Anna Tuschel, is well known here. The bereaved parents have the sympathy of the community. Manitowoc Daily Herald, July 21, 1914 p.4 ********* (Could this be this baby in cemetery #6 ) TUSCHL(?): Baby (to left of Clement & Victor Tuschl stone)

ZERB, CHILD OF HEINRICH From Der Nord Westen, 24 Sept. 1891: (From the correspondent in Two Rivers, 21 Sept.) Death of a small child of Heinrich Zerb, from child cholera.

ZERMUEHLEN, DAUGHTER OF HENRY From Der Nord Westen, 18 Nov. 1897: Death on Mon. of the 7-yr. old daughter of Range Line resident Henry Zermuehlen, of diphtheria. The burial took place in the evening of the same day.

ZEROL, CAROLINE From Der Nord Westen, 12 Apr. 1888: Burial last Sun. of 68 yr. old Caroline Zerol who died of a heart attack.

ZIARNIK, SON OF ALEX Mr. and Mrs. Alex Ziarnik, 1916 Hamilton street are mourning the death of a son born at the Holy Family hospital yesterday. Manitowoc Herald News, Thursday, September 4, 1924 P.5 ******* (NOTE: There is an Alex Ziarnik in #43a)

ZIEGLER, IDA From Der Nord Westen, 01 Aug. 1895: (From the correspondent in Mishicott, 31 July) Death last Sun. morning in Town Two Creeks of Miss Ida Ziegler of blood poisoning. The funeral took place yesterday morning.

ZIMMER, CHILD OF JOHN From Der Nord Westen, 22 Oct. 1891: Death from diphtheria of a child of John Zimmer of Manitowoc Rapids.

ZIMROSKY, MRS. F. From Der Nord Westen, 29 Aug 1907: Mrs. F. Zimrosky of Two Creeks died Friday in a Green Bay hospital while undergoing a tumor operation.

ZINKER, MRS. From Der Nord Westen, 18 Mar. 1909: Death Tuesday in Manitowoc Rapids of 63-year old Mrs. Zinker after an illness of a few days. She leaves her husband and 2 sons.

ZINNS, MRS. JOHN Death notice in Der Nord Westen, 2 Mar. 1882 The wife (no name) of Mr. John Zinns died on Tues. morning. She had recently lived in Milwaukee. The following sent in by researcher/see contributors page. ******** This lady is the wife of John Frederick Zinns, an early Manitowoc settler and village trustee, and my 1st cousin 3 times removed. His wife was Elizabeth Mary Mesmer, born Alsace ca 1820, married 21 May 1839 at St. Louis RC Church, Buffalo. They had 10 children, including Victoria who married Richard Klingholz, Julia, who married Henry C L Schmidt, (their son Albert was long time judge in the municipal court of Manitowoc), and Albert J, who became a physician in Milwaukee. The family moved to Milwaukee before 1880. Elizabeth Zinns died 27 Feb 1882 and John died 22 Nov 1885. Both are buried in Calvary Cemetery, Milwaukee, Block 11, Row 3.

ZIRBEL, CARL GOTTLIEB Name: Zirbel, Carl Gottlieb D.: 12/19/1876 B.: 2/14/1816 Reg. D.: 2/27/1876 Sex: M/W Age at Death: 60 Yr. 9 Mo. 5 Da. B.P.: D.P.: Cem.: Ch.: Inf. & Address: Rev. F. Pieper Mtwc Wis Spouse: F.: M.: Cause of Death: Stomach Cancer Pg. #: v.1 p.214

ZOCH, JUSTIN AARON Justin Aaron Zoch, 7 months, son of Bob and Pennae Zoch of 906 State St., Manitowoc, died Sunday at the residence. Private family funeral services were Monday afternoon in Pfeffer Funeral Home, Manitowoc, with the Rev. William Zimmer officiating. Justin was born Sept. 3, 1978, in Manitowoc, son of Bob and Pennae Zarn Zoch. Survivors include his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Zoch of Manitowoc; two sisters, Claudette and Katee at home; paternal grandfather, Claude Zoch of Manitowoc and paternal grandmother, Mrs. Glenn Wunsch of Arizona; maternal grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Zarn of Manitowoc, paternal great grandmother, Mrs. Myrtle Zoch and maternal great grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Meany. Herald Times Reporter, April 16, 1979 P. 3

ZOHN, CHARLES (possibly Zahn?) From Der Nord Westen, 28 May 1903: An accident on Mon. last week in the quarry of Union Line Company near Grimms Station, took the life of Charles Zohn. He had mounted a freight car to set the brakes but fell and fractured his skull as well as sustaining other injuries. He was taken to Reedsville for medical attention but died Wed. He was a farmer living between Grimms and Reedsville and was 45 yrs. old. He leaves a widow and several children. ******** DIES FROM INJURIES. Charles Zohn Falls From Car At Grimms and Sustains Injuries Which Result In Death. ACCIDENT HAPPEND MONDAY. And the Victim Dies Early Yesterday Morning—Was a Well Known Farmer Funeral Tomorrow. Injuries which he suffered in falling from a box car in the quarries of the Union Lime Co. at Grimms Monday resulted in the death of Charles Zohn a short time later. Zohn was employed in the quarries and was assisting other workmen to move the car, being on top to set the brake when it should be place. In doing this he was thrown from the car and sustained a fracture of the skull and injuries to the spine from which he failed to recover. The accident happened late Monday afternoon and the injured man was immediately taken to Reedsville for treatment and died there at an early hour Wednesday morning. A coroner's inquest was held at Reedsville today and a verdict of accidental death was returned. Zohn was well known throughout Manitowoc County and was engaged in farming, residing midway between Grimms and Reedsville. He was 45 years of age, married and the father of a family. The funeral will take place tomorrow from the home. Manitowoc Daily Herald Thursday, May 21, 1903 pg. 1

ZUECKLER, FRANK From Der Nord Westen,05 July 1906: It was reported from Kellnersville that 33-year old Frank Zueckler had committed suicide by hanging himself. He was a single man and operated a farm in Kellnersville with his elderly mother keeping house. He was working in the fields Friday morning as usual and returned to the farm buildings for some reason. His mother called him for lunch, but on receiving no answer went looking for him and found him in an outbuilding hanging from a rafter. He was immediately cut down, but the body was already cold. It was obvious that he had been dead for several hours. It is puzzling why he took this action because he enjoyed the best of health, was financially well-off and had never shown any likelihood of such an action. Whether he led a secret life or was temporarily insane, no one can say. Because the facts of this case were so clear, the County did not call for an inquest. ******** HANGS BY ROPE AND ENDS LIFE Frank Zuekler, Well To Do Farmer Of County A Suicide On Friday Hanging to a rafter in and out house Frank Zuekler, a prominent, well to do young farmer of Kellnersville, was found dead by his aged mother at noon Friday when she made a search for him, alarmed at his failure to appear for the noon day meal. Zuekler had been dead for an hour or two according to physicians who examined the body, summoned hastily after the body had been cut down and removed to the house. Zuekler, who was 33 years of age and a bright young man, left the house early in the morning and was engaged in the field for a time. He returned supposedly to the house, but evidently had stopped at the barn to secure the rope with which he ended his life. No cause is known for the rash deed unless Zuekler may have had trouble of which the family knew nothing. He was well to do financially and had appeared in excellent health and spirits. With his mother he made his home on the farm for years and had never married. The funeral will probably be held Sunday. No inquest was held, it being deemed unnecessary. Manitowoc Daily Herald Saturday, June 30, 1906 pg. 1

ZYROP, SON OF FRITZ From Der Nord Westen, 21 July 1892: (From the correspondent in Two Rivers, 18 July) Death of the small son of Fritz Zyrop, who fell into a cistern last week and drowned. A neighbor who had been watching him failed to observe him running off.