English/                   German(G) or Bohemian(B)
American/Nickname          Translation

Andrew, Andre..............Ondrej(B), Onrej(B)
Anton, Anthony.............Antonin
Henry......................Heinrich (G)
John.......................Johann (G), Jan(B)
Matthew, Mathew............Mathias
Peter......................Petroff, Petr
Wenceslas, Wencil, Wenzel..Vaclav(B)
William....................Wilhelm(G), Vilem(B)

Elizabeth, Lizza...........Alzbeta,Elisabeth
Dora, Doris, Dorothy.......Dorothea
Marie, Maria, Mary
Rose, Rosa


One of the most frequently asked questions here is what does my surname mean. Below is a list of Bohemian names and the origin of it. The list was compiled from a list found on a very good Czechoslovakian History site owned by Karel Kysilka. If you would like more information about Czech immigration please check out his website:

BARTOS- from a first name Barta, Bartolomej, Bartolomeus
BENDA- from a first name Benedict
BENES- from a first name Benedikt (Benedict)
BERAN- a ram, shepheard, hard as ram´s horn, stubborn
BLAHA- from a first name BLAZEJ - Beatus or Benedict
BLAZEJ - Beatus or Benedict
BLAZEK- from a first name 
BROZ- from a first name Ambroz - Ambrosius
BURES- from a first name Burian
CECH- a newcomer from Bohemia, name of inhabitant of Cechy
CERMAK- a name of the bird (red robin)
CERNY- a dark hair man, a dark skin man 
CERVENKA- who is red in face
CHALOUPKA- owner of a small cottage
CHALUPA- owner of a small house with scarcely any land
CHALUPNIK- owner of a small house with scarely any land
CIZEK- a bird´s name - ...
DOLEZAL- part. perf. of to lie
DUSEK- from a first name Duchoslav, duse = soul
DVORAK- a man from a yard, same meaning 
 as SVOBODA, more common in Moravia 
FIALA- viola
FISER, FISCHER- from German name, fisher - Czech equivalent RYBAR
HAJEK- bush, forest 
HAVEL- a first name Gallus
HAVLICEK- from a first name Havel - Gallus
HLAVACEK- from a noun hlava - head
HOFFMANN(HOFMAN)- a German word for a farmer from 
 a lord´s farmstead, a free farmer
HOLUB- a name of a bird - pigeon
HORAK- a man from the hills, a highlander
HRUBY- a adj. coarse, crude
HRUSKA- a pear
JANDA- from a first name Jan - John
JANECEK- from a first name Jan
JANOUSEK- from a first name Jan
JELINEK- a stag, deer
JEZEK- a hedge-hog
KADLEC- occupation - weaver
KASPAR- from a first name Caspar or who makes a fool of s.b.
KLIMA- from a first name Klement - Clemens
KOHOUT- a cock
KOLAR- occupation - cardwright
KOPECKY- who originated in hills
KOVAR- a smith
KOVARIK- dimin. form of kovar - smith
KRAL- from the noun king 
KRATOCHVIL- an amusing man
KRAUS- from a German adj. curly
KREJCI- a tailor
KRIZ- from cross
KUCERA- Adj. curly 
KYSELY- sauer or bitter
MACHACEK- from a first name Mach - Matthew 
MALY- small by the heigh
MAREK- from a first name Markus
MARES- from a first name Marek - Marcus
MARTINEK- from a first name Martin
MASEK- from a first nme MACH, Matthew
MATEJKA- from a first name Matej - Mattew
MATOUSEK- from a first name Matous - Mattew
MORAVEC- from a name of a province of Morava, who came from
MUELLER- holder of a mill
MUSIL- particip. perf. from a verb must 
NAVRATIL- part. perf. of a verb to come back, 
 to return, who returned
NEMEC- a Czech name for a German, originally from nemy=the deaf
NEMECEK- a dimin. form of Nemec = see Nemec
NEUMANN, NEUMAN, NAJMAN- a German word for a newcomer
NOVAK- from the Adj. new. A newly settled neighbor, 
 a newcomer, a newman 
NOVOTNY- the same explanation as NOVAK 
NOVY- the same as NOVAK
PESEK, PESKA, PESKO- from a first name Petr- Peter
POKORNY- from Adj. a humble, tame 
POLAK- Czech name for a Pole
POSPISIL- who was in a hurry

PROCHAZKA- who came back from the Wander 
(from the verb to walk)
RICHTER, RICHTER, RYCHTR, RYCHTAR- the lord´s administrator
 of a village, from German, judge
RIHA- from a first name Rehor - Gregorius
RUZICKA- a little rose 
SAUER- bitter
SEDLACEK- owner of a smaller piece of land - a farmer
SEDLAK- owner of a big piece of land - a farmer
SIMEK- from a first name Simon
SKALA-  strong as a rock
SLAVIK- a bird´s name - nightingale
SMID, SMIDA- a smith
SOUCEK- a knot
SOUKUP- who bought something
STANEK- from a first name Stanislav
STASTNY- from adj. - happy, FELIX
STEPANEK- from a first name Stepan - Stephen
STRNAD- a name of a bird - bunting
SULC, SCHULZ- the lord´s administrator of a 
 village, from German, judge
SVOBODA- a freeman, freeowner, yeoman 
SYKORA- a bird´s name - tit
TICHY- an attribute - silent
TUMA- from a first name TOMAS - Thomas
URBAN- from a first name
VACEK- from a first name Vaclav
VALENTA- from a personal name Valentin
VANEK- from a first name VACLAV - Venceslaus
VAVRA- from a first name Vavrinec - Laurentius
VESELY-  Adv. cheerish, cheerful 
VLCEK- a little Wolf
ZAHRADNIK- a gardener
ZELENKA- from adj. zeleny - green 
ZEMAN- esquire, a member of lowest nobility 
 with the coat of arms