Veterans of World War I - Navy and Coast Guard

A thank you to the Manitowoc County Veterans Service Office for providing me with this list of servicemen. I found a list of Wisconsin's Gold Star Recipients. A * by the name means the Soldier, Sailor, Marine or Nurse died during the World War thus earning Wisconsin's Gold Star. This was an unofficial list, so may not contain all of the receipents.

MCCORMICK, Edward Joseph
E1 2c - USN - Two Rivers

MALLEY, Albert Frank
S 2c - USNRF - Manitowoc

MALLMANN, William Christian
S 2c - USNRF - Kiel

MANDEL, Harvey
S Cook 4c - USN - Two Rivers

MANDEL, Walter Henry
Painter 3c - USNRF - Two Rivers

MARKHAM, John Dauphin
L Mach A - USNRF - Manitowoc

MAXFELDT, William Herman
L M M A - USNRF - Manitowoc

MAYERL, George Henry
L M M A - USNRF - Manitowoc

MEANY, Allen James
L E R - USNRF - Reedsville

MEISNEST, Walter August
S 2c - USN - Manitowoc

MENGE, Herbert Charles
L M M A - USNRF - Manitowoc

MEURER, Carl Fred
L M M A - USNRF - Manitowoc

MEYER, Howard Phillip
L E R - USNRF - Kiel

MILLER, Earl Franklin
Carp M 2c - USNRF - Manitowoc

MONK, Clement
Sea - USNRF - Two Rivers

MOSUCH, Edwin Frank
S 2c - USN - Two Rivers

MROTEK, John Anton
S 2c - USNRF - Two Rivers

MUEHLBERG, Karl Oswald
M M 2c - USNRF - Manitowoc

MUSIL, Edwin Daniel
G M 3c - USNRF - Manitowoc

MUTZBAUER, Willard Nicholas
Pharm M 3c - USNRF - Two Rivers

NEINER, Albert Matt
Ord Sea - USCG - Two Rivers

NIELSEN, William Kersten
Stkpr 3c - USN - Manitowoc

NOVAK, Alex Marion
Q M 1c A - USN - Manitowoc

O'DAY, Val
Sea - USN - Manitowoc

OAKLEY, John Edward
S 2c - USNRF - Manitowoc

OCHS, Walter Frank
Carp M 3c - USNRF - Two Rivers

PACER, Anton John
F 3c - USN - Kellnersville

PANTEL, Frederick Wilhelm
G M 1c G - USN - Manitowoc

PANKRATZ, Hugo Monroe
E 3c - USNRF - Valders

S Fitter 2c - USNRF - Manitowoc

PATROW, Irwin Herman
Sea - USNRF - Two Rivers

PFINGSTEN, Alfred Adolph
E1 3c G - USNRF - Mishicot

PLANTICO, Victor Dewey
S 2c - USNRF - Manitowoc

PRITCHARD, Robert Lincoln
Sea - USNRF - Cleveland

REHBAUER, William George
M M 2c - USNRF - Two Rivers

REILAND, Leo Andrew
L M M A - USNRF - Manitowoc

REINERTSON, Reinert Mathew
S 2c - USNRF - Valders

RICHARDS, Harry William
Ens - Prov - Manitowoc

RICHARDS, Reuben Irving
C M M - USNRF - Manitowoc

ROEHRBORN, Harry William
Carp M 3c - USNRF - Cleveland

ROERIG, Oscar John
Mus 2c - USNRF - Kiel

ROESCH, Edwin Albert
S 2c - USNRF - Kiel

ROSE, Harry Earl
Sp1 Mech 1c - USN - Manitowoc

ROUILLER, Ralph Edward
E1 3c R - USNRF - Two Rivers

RUCK, Edgar William
S 2c - USNRF - Kiel

RUCK, Oscar Hugo
Yeo 3c - USNRF - Kiel

RUSBOLDT, Erwin Frank
Stkpr 1c - USNRF - Manitowoc

A S - USNRF - Manitowoc

SCHIMEL, Frank Raymond
Carp M 2c, USNRF - Tisch Mills

SCHMIDT, Carl Otto
M M 1c - USNRF - Manitowoc

SCHMIEDICKE, Benjamin Joachim
E1 3c R - USN - Manitowoc

SCHMITT, Karl Emil
F 3c - USNRF - Manitowoc

SCHROEDER, Alfred William
Carp M 1c - USNRF - Manitowoc

SCHROEDER, Leo Aloysius
Carp M 2c - USNRF - Manitowoc

SCHUETTE, Donald Hentscher
A S - USNRF - Manitowoc

SCHUETTE, Elmer Alois
A S - USNRF - Manitowoc

SEITZ, Francis Peter
L M M A - USNRF - Manitowoc

SKALA, James John
Cox - USN - Two Rivers

SMITH, Frank Harry
F 1c - USN - Manitowoc

SMUGLER, Raymond Benjamin
F 2c - USNRF - Manitowoc

SOGGE, George E.
Keeper - USCG - Two Rivers

SOSNOSKY, Jerry Joseph
Cox A - USN - Two Rivers

STOLL, Hugo Phillip
Yeo 3c - USNRF - Kiel

C Yeo - USNRF - Cleveland

STONEMAN, William Francis
A S - USNRF - Mishicot

E1 ?c G - USN - Manitowoc
(the carbon copy is too blurred to read)

Erwin O. Stuempges, served abaord the U.S. Mine Layer, "Glouchester"
Source of photo and information:
"Manitowoc and Two Rivers Part in World War I"
Compiled and published in 1919 by The Wisconsin News in Milwaukee.

TADYCH, Ignatz
S 2c - USNRF - Manitowoc

TECH, Herbert Richard
S Cook 3c - USNRF - Manitowoc

THEEL, William Frederick
L E1 G - USNRF - Kiel

TOMANDLE, James Joseph
L E1 G - USNRF - Two Rivers

TOMCHECK, Frank Alfert
Carp M 1c - USN - Two Rivers

TOUHEY, Walter Michael
L E R - USNRF - Maribel

TROSSEN, Royal Herman (Benj)
L E R - USNRF - Manitowoc

UEK, William Rhinold
M M 2c - USNRF - Manitowoc

URBAN, Richard Sylvester
Mus 2c - USNRF - Manitowoc

Richard S. Urban, Band Master Died while in service, Sept. 24, 1918
Source of photo and information:
"Manitowoc and Two Rivers Part in World War I"
Compiled and published in 1919 by The Wisconsin News in Milwaukee.

VANDREUILL, Randolph John
Pharm M 1c - USN - Two Rivers

VNUK, Alois Jack
S 2c - USN - Manitowoc

VOGEL, Walter Henry
F 3c - USN - Kiel

VOLLENDORF, Benjamin Otto
E1 3c G - USNRF - Manitowoc

WACHTEL, Elmer Michael
Carp M 2c - USNRF - Two Rivers

F 2c - USN - Cleveland

WAGNER, Alfred John
L Mus - USNRF - Cleveland

Yeo 3c - USNRF - Manitowoc

WALTERBACH, Anthony Edward
S 2c - USNRF - Manitowoc

WEBER, Daniel Edward
L M M G - USNRF - Manitowoc

WEGNER, Clarence Joseph
M M 2c - USNRF - Maribel

WENNER, Frank Barney
Water Tender - USN - Two Rivers

WILHELM, Frank John
F 2c - USNRF - Reedsville

WILLS, Howard Boise
Ord Sea - USNCG - Manitowoc

WITTE, William Otto
Water Tender - USN - Hika

Leo Joseph
Enlisted: July 13, 1918 at Milwaukee, WI
Discharged: September 24, 1919 (Honorable Discharge)
Branch: USN
Rank: Fireman Second Class
Ranks held: AS; F3C; F2C
Information obtained from his Enlistment Record amd Discharge papers. At the 
time of his enlistment he was living in Rhinelander, WI. He moved to 
Manitowoc in 1933. Cemetery 44 (Evergreen Cemetery)
Veterans Marker placed at his gravesite
Contributed by a family member.

WYMAN, Ralph O.   (from tombstone)
Eng. 2 USN / Oct. 7, 1895 - Nov. 14, 1959

ZANKLE, Edward Joseph
Yeo 1c - USNRF - Manitowoc

ZAWATZKI, Jozep Anton
M M 2c - USN - Manitowoc

ZIARNIK, Paul Peter
Water Tender - USNRF - Manitowoc