Names of persons receiving mail along the routes in alphabetical order

The *star indicates the head of the family. "R" stands for route and the figure indicates the number of the route at which such person receives mail.

[A - F][G - L][M - R][S - Z]

Abb Annie, Cato R 2
Abb George, Cato R 2
Abb Mrs. Marie,* Cato R 2
Aberling Wilhelmine, Manitowoc R 1
Abraham Emma, Reedsville R 1
Achenbach Chas., Manitowoc R 1
Achenbach Ida, Manitowoc R 1
ACHENBACH JAC.,* Manitowoc R 1
ACKERMANN H.,*  Manitowoc R 3
Ackermann Joe, Manitowoc R 3
Ackermann Paul,* Manitowoc R 3
Adams Harvey, Kiel R 2
Adams Hilda, Kiel R 2
Adams Jacob Jr.,* Kiel R 2
Adelman J A *   Valders R 1
Adelmann Joe * Manitowoc R 3
Adolph Anna, Cleveland R 2
Adolph Anton, Cleveland R 2
Adolph Catharine, Cleveland R 2
Adolph Christ,*  Cleveland R 2
Adolph Christian, Cleveland R 2
Adolph Elise, Cleveland R 2 
Adolph Henry, Cleveland R 2
Adolph John, Cleveland R 2
Adolph Julia, Cleveland R 2
Adolph Mary, Cleveland R 2
Adolph Peter, Cleveland R 2
Adolph Peter Sr.,* Cleveland R 2
Adolph Peter Jr., Cleveland R 2
Affeld Julius,* Valders R 2
Aherns John B.,* Two Rivers R 2
Ahl Peter,* Manitowoc R 2
Ahlers John,* Manitowoc R 2
Ahlswede Anna, Manitowoc R 6
Ahlswede Benj.,* Manitowoc R 6
Ahlswede Mrs. Carl,* Manitowoc R 6
Ahlswede Chas., Manitowoc R 5
Ahlswede Edward,* Manitowoc R 6
Ahlswede Henry,*  Manitowoc R 6
Ahlswede Hugo, Manitowoc R 6
Ahlswede Mathilda, Manitowoc R 6
Ahlswede Rosa, Manitowoc R 6
Ahlswede Wm., Manitowoc R 6
Ahrens Aug.,* Manitowoc R 6
Ahrens Edward, Manitowoc R 6
Ahrens Flora, Manitowoc R 6
Ahrens Harry, Manitowoc R 6
Ahrens Louis,* Two Rivers, R 3
Ahrens Mrs. Tillie, Manitowoc R 6
Ahrens W. J.,* Manitowoc R. 6
Ahrenstorff Gust.,* Mishicott R 3
Ahrenstorff Lillie, Mishicott R 3
Ahrenstorff Louisa, Mishicott R 3
Alberts Mrs. Agnette, Mishicott R 3
Alberts Ellen, Mishicott R 3
Alberts Emil,* Mishicott R 3
Alberts Louis, Mishicott R 3
Albrecht Anton,* Kellnersville R 2
Albrecht Aug.,* Two Rivers R 3
Albrecht Fred,* Cleveland R 1
Albrecht Joseph, Kellnersville R 2
Albrecht Lizzie, Kellnersville R 2
Albrecht Mary, Kellnersville R 2
Albrecht Wm.* Cleveland R 2
Alfson A. 0.,* Manitowoc R 4
Alfson Albert, Reedsville R 3
Alfson Alf.,* Reedsville R 3
Alfson Ida, Reedsville R 3 
Alfson Harvey, Reedsville R 3
Alfson John,* Valders R 1 
Alfson Lulu, Manitowoc R 4
Alfson Marie, Reedsville R 3	
Alfson T.,* Reedsville R 3 	
Alfstad Tom, Valders R 2
Altenberger Henry, Kiel R 2
Anderson George, Valders R 2
Anderson Nels,* Manitowoc R 4
Anderson Nettie, Manitowoc R 4 
Anderson Mrs. Ole,* Manitowoc R 2
Andre B.,* Cleveland R 1
Andre Charley, Cleveland R 1
Andre Fred, Cleveland R 1
Andre Jacob, Cleveland R
Andre John, Cleveland R 1
Andres Jacob,* Whitelaw R 1
Andres Frank,* Cato R 2
Anhalt Albert, Kiel R 4
Anhalt Anton,* Reedsville R 3
Anhalt Anton,* Cato R 1
Anhalt Aug.,* Kiel R 4
Anhalt Barbara, Kiel R 2
Anhalt Clara, Kiel R 2
Anhalt Franz,* Kiel R 2
Anhalt John,*  Kiel R 2	 
Anhalt Joseph, Kiel R 2
Anhalt Mencie, Kiel R 4
Anhalt Minnie, Kiel R 2
Anhalt Peter, Kiel R 1
Ansorge Emma, Manitowoc R 2	
ANSORGE E.,* Manitowoc R 2
Ansorge Mrs. H.,* Manitowoc R 2
Ansorge Herman, Manitowoc R 2
Anthold Alma, Manitowoc R 6
ANTHOLD CHAS.,* Manitowoc R 6
Anthold Geo., Manitowoc R 6
Anthold Minnie, Manitowoc R 6
Anthold Rose, Manitowoc R 6
Antholz Henry,* Manitowoc R 5	 
Arends Albin, Cleveland R 3
Arends Emma, Cleveland R 3
Arends Frank,* Cleveland R 3
Arends Henry, Cleveland R 3 
ARENDS JOHN, Manitowoc R 3
Arends John, Cleveland R 3
Arends Willie, Cleveland R 3
Arndt Ernst,* Timothy R 1
Arnemann Aug.,* Two Rivers R 2
Arnemann Geo., Two Rivers R 2
Arnemann Hy.,* Two Rivers R 2
Arnemann Herm.,* Two Rivers R 1
Arnholz Aug.,* Two Rivers R 3	
Arnold Anna, Kiel R 2
Arnold Arthur, Kiel R 2
Arnold Christof Sr.,* Kiel R 2
Arnold Clara, Kiel R 2
Arnold Edwin, Kiel R 2
Arnold George,* Kiel R 2
Arnold Jacob, Kiel R 2
Arnold Louisa, Kiel R 2
Arnold Philip,* Kiel R 2
Arnold Sophia, Kiel R 2
Arnold Valette, Kiel R 2
Arnold Walter, Kiel R 2
Aschenbrenner A.,* Manitowoc R 7
Aschenbrenner A., Manitowoc R 7
Aschenbrenner J. Jr., Cleveland, Wis.
Aschenbrenner Joe.,* Cleveland, Wis. 
Aschenbrenner John, Manitowoc R 7 
Aschenbrenner L., Manitowoc R 7
Aschenbrenner P. Manitowoc R 7
Aslackson L.,* Manitowoc R 4
Attrigee Eli,* Cato R 1
Attrigee Ervin, Cato R 1
Attrigee Eva, Cato R 1
Attnigee Roman, Cato R 1
Aubel Mrs. A., Valders R 1
Auberg A. S., Valders R 1
Auberg E. V.,* Valders R 1	 
Aubol Carl,* Valders R 2
Aubol Martin, Valders R 2
Auborg S. G.,* Valders R 1
Augustin Chas.,*  Whitelaw R 1
Augustin Frances, Manitowoc R 6	
Augustin John J·,* Whitelaw R 1
Augustin John P.,*  Whitelaw R 1
Augustin Peter Jr.,* Whitelaw R 1
Awe Alwine, Manitowoc R 3
Awe Anna, Manitowoc R 3
Awe Amanda, Manitowoc R 3
AWE ERNST,* Manitowoc R 3
Awe Mrs. Fred, Manitowoc R 2
Awe Fred,* Manitowoc R 3	 
Awe Henry,* Manitowoc R 3
Awe Marie, Manitowoe R 1
Awe Wm., Manitowoc R 3
Axley Albert, Sr.,* Cleveland R 1
Axley Albert Jr., Cleveland R 1
Axel Paul, Cleveland R 1
Axley Sophia, Cleveland R 1
Axel Willie,  Kiel R 3

Baarsch Gustav,* Cleveland R 3 Baars Otto,* Cleveland R 2 Bachmeier Joe,* Manitowoc R 4 Backhaus John,* Manitowoc R 1 Baeckmann Annie, Manitowoc R 2 Baeckmann C. Sr., Manitowoc R 2 Baeckmann Emma, Manitowoc R 2 Baeckmann Martha, Manitowoc R (?) Baeder Robert,* Manitowoc R 3 Bahr A., Cleveland R 3 Bahr Alert, Cleveland R 3 Bahr Alma, Manitowoc R 3 Bahr Ella, Cleveland R 3 BARR GUSTAV,* Cleveland R 3 Bahr Hermann,* Manitowoc R 3 Bahr Hulda, Cleveland R 3 BAHR JULIUS,* Cleveland R 3 BARR LOUIS,* Cleveland R 3 Bahr Louise, Cleveland R 3 Bahr Wm.* Cleveland R 1 Balz John,* Kiel R 3 Balz Nic. Sr., Kiel R 3 Balz Willie, Kiel R 4 Barl Jos., Whitelaw R 1 Barnes Ed. Jr.,Timothy R 1 Barnes Edward Sr.* Timothy R 1 Barnes Elmer, Timothy R 1 Barnes James, Timothy R 1 Barnes John, Timothy R 1 Barnes Kate, Timothy R 1 Barnes Warren, Timothy R 1 Barone Joe,* Grimms R 1 Barschow George,* Mishicott R 3 Barschow Lillie, Mishicott R 3 Barschow William, Mishicott R 3 Barta Annie, Mishicott R 3 Barta Chas., Mishicott R 3 Barta Frank,* Mishicott R 3 Barta Frank,* Manitowoc R 6 Barta Frank, Jr., Mishicott R 3 Barta Jas., Grimms R 1 Barta Joe, Grimms R 1 Barta Joe, Mishicott R 3 Barta Kate, Grimms R 1 Barta Mary,* Grimms R 1 Barta Peter,* Two Rivers R 1 Barta Wenzel, Mishicott R 3 Bartel Mich., Manitowoc R 6 Bartels Wm., Manitowoc R 7 Bartelme Bal.,* Manitowoc R 7 Bartelme Cate, Manitowoc R 7 Bartelme Chas., Kellnersville R 2 Bartelme David, Kellnersville R 2 Bartelme Geo., Manitowoc R 7 Bartelme Katie, Kellnersville R 2 Bartelme Lizzie, Manitowoc R 7 Bartelme Mamie, Kellnersville R 2 Bartelme Mike, Kellnersville R 2 Bartelme Minnie, Manitowoc R 7 Bartelme Tilly, Manitowoc R 7 Bartelme Pet W.,* Kellnersville R 2 Barth Brutus, Kiel R 5 Barth Elizabeth, Kiel R 3 Barthel August, Cleveland R 3 Barthel Hedwig, Cleveland R 2 Barthel Henry,* Cleveland R 3 Barthel John, Cleveland R 2 BARTHEL OSCAR,* Cleveland R 2 Barthel Richard, Cleveland R 2 Barthel Rob.,* Cleveland R 3 Barthels Mrs. S.,* Manitowoc R 7 Bartl Dora, Timothy R 1 Bartl Otto Sr.,* Timothy R 1 Bartl Otto Jr., Timothy R 1 Bartl Theresa, Timothy R 1 Bartol Frank,* Mishicott R 3 Bartol Jacob, Mishicott R 3 Bartsch Hans, Cato R 2 Bartz Aug.* Reedsville R 2 Baruth Bertha, Manitowoc R 1 Baruth Elsie. Manitowoc R 1 Baruth George, Manitowoc R 1 Baruth R.,* Manitowoc R 1 Baruth Reinhold, Manitowoc R 1 Baryenbruch Heinr.,* Manitowoc R 1 Basken Ernst, Mishicott R 1 Bauch R.,* Manitowoc R 1 Bauch Wm.,* Manitowoc R 1 Bauer Adolf, Manitowoc R 2 Bauer Anton, Manitowoc R 2 Bauer Emma, Manitowoc R 2 Bauer Ferdinand,* Manitowoc R 2 Bauer Ida M.,* Manitowoc R 4 Bauer Mary, Manitowoc R 2 BAUER PETER,* Cleveland R 1 Bauer Reinhard,* Manitowoc R 4 Bauer Willie, Cleveland R 1 Baugniet Belle, Mishicott R 1 Baugniet Frank, Mishicott R 1 Baugniet Fred,* Mishicott R 1 Baugniet Lillian, Mishicott R 1 Bauman Geo. Sr., Whitelaw R 1 Bauman Jos. L.,* Whitelaw R 1 Bauman M. J.,* Whitelaw R 1 Baumann Anton,* Whitelaw R 1 BAUMANN EDWARD.* Kiel R 1 Baumann Frank,* Cato R 1 Baumann Fred,* Cato R 1 Baumgaertner Ida, Manitowoc R 6 BAUMGAERTNER MRS. T. F.,* Manitowoc R 6 Bausch Peter,* Manitowoc R 3 Bebermeier Edi, Cleveland R 3 Bebermeier Hy,* Cleveland R 3 Bebermeier Ida, Cleveland R 3 Bebermeier Tilli, Cleveland R 3 Bechle Anton,* Kiel R 4 Bechle Joe,* Kiel R 4 Beck Fred,* Manitowoc R 7 Becker Albert C.,* Kellnersville R 1 Becker Alma, Kellnersville R 1 Becker Aug.,* Reedsville R 2 Becker August, Kellnersville R 1 Becker Christ., Two Rivers R 1 Becker Ella, Kellnersville R 1 Becker Emma, Kellnersville R 1 Becker Henry Sr.,* Kellnersville R 1 Becker Martha, Two Rivers R 1 Becker Pauline, Kellnersville R 1 Becker Pet.,* Two Rivers R 1 Becker Philip, Kellnersville R 1 Becker Richard, Kellnersville R 1 Becker Wm.,* Reedsville R 2 Becker Wilhelm, Kellnersville R 1 Beckmann Fred,* Cleveland R 3 Bedell E. S., Manitowoc R 4 Begalke Ed.,* Mishicott R 2 Begalke Emma, Mlshicott R 2 Begalke Mathilde, Mishicott R 2 Begemann Fred, Cleveland R 3 Begemann Simon,* Cleveland R 2 Behm August, Manitowoc R 3 Behm Christ,* Manitowoc R 1 Behm Emma, Manitowoc R 1 BEHM FERD.,* Manitowoc R 3 Behm Fred,* Manitowoc R 1 Behm Lenchen, Manitowoc R 1 Behm Louis, Manitowoc R 1 Behm Walter, Manitowoc R 1 Behnke Carl A.* Reedsville R 2 Behnke Carl F., Reedsville R 2 Behnke Clara, Reedsville R 2 Behnke Friedrich, Reedsville R 2 Behnke Henry,* Reedsville R 2 Behnke Sabine, Reedsville R 2 Behnke Wm.,* Reedsville R 2 Behnke Wilhelm, Reedsville R 2 Behringer Caroline, Manitowoc R 2 Behringer Clara, Manitowoc R 2 Behringer Henry,* Manitowoc R 2 Behringer Jac. Sr.,* Manitowoc R 2 Behringer Jacob,* Manitowoc R 2 Behringer Math., Manitowoc R 2 Belgum Barey, Valders R 1 Belgum Christina, Valders R 1 Belgum Ida, Valders R 1 Belgum Nels.,* Valders R 1 Belgum Henry, Valders R 1 Belitz Bros., Cleveland, Wis. Belitz Robert,* Cleveland, Wis. Belitz W.,* Cleveland, Wis. Belmore Mrs. C., Mishicott R 3 Bemich Annie, Cleveland R 2 Bemich Wm.,* Cleveland R 2 Bender Bertha, Cleveland R 1 Bender Charley, Cleveland R 1 Bender Christoph,* Cleveland R 1 Bender Ella, Cleveland R 1 Bender Fred Sr., Cleveland R 1 Bender Willie, Cleveland R 1 Benesh Joe Sr.,* Mishicott R 2 Benesh Joe Jr., Mishicott R 2 Benesh Marie, Mishicott R 2 Benesh Rose, Mishicott R 2 Benesh Wily,* Mishicott R 2 Bonin Chas., Kellnersville R 1 Benisch Ed., Two Rivers R 1 Benisch Emil, Two Rivers R 1 Benisch Jos.,* Two Rivers R 1 Benisek Frank, Manitowoc R 6 Benzhoff Carl,* Manitowoc R 7 Benzinger Fridolin,* Two Rivers R 2 Benznichek Joe,* Whitelaw R 1 Beors Joe, Kiel R 1 Berg, Aug. F.,* Kiel R 4 Berg Carl, Valders R 1 Berg Clara, Kiel R 4 Berg Ernest,* Kiel R 3 Berg Hugo, Kiel R 3 Berg Ida, Kiel R 3 Berg, Knut,* Valders R 1 Berg Mathilda, Kiel R 4 Berg Richard, Kiel R 4 Berge, A. W., Valders R 2 Berge Albert, Valders R 2 Berge Annie, Valders R 2 Berge Anton,* Valders R 2 Berge Belinda, Valders R 2 Berge Chester, Valders R 2 Berge Gustav, Valders R 2 Berge Harry, Valders R 2 Berge J. O.,* Valders R 2 Berge John,* Valders R 1 Berge Knut,* Valders R 2 Berge Ole K.,* Valders R 1 Berge Ole 0.,* Valders R 2 Berge Olga, Valders R 2 Berge Oline, Valders R 2 Berge Oscar,* Valders R 2 Berge Oscar, Valders R 2 Berge Otis, Valders R 2 Berge S.O., Manitowoc R 5 Berge Sophie, Manitowoc R 5 Berge Thena, Manitowoc R 5 Berge Walter, Valders R 2 Bergemann Mrs. S.,* Timothy R 1 Bergene K. K.,* Cato R 1 Berger Mrs. Annie,* Kellnersville R ?(cut off) Berger Anton, Kellnersville R 1 Berger Anton, Kellnersville R 1 Berger Emil, Kellnersville R 1 Berger Emma, Kellnersville R 1 Berger Frank,* Manitowoc R 7 Berger Frank, Kellnersville R 1 Berger Joseph* Kellnersville R 1 Berger Katie, Kellnersville R 1 Berger Martha, Kellnersville R 1 Bergner Carl,* Cleveland, Wis. Bergner Hermann,* Cleveland R 3 Berkedal T. A.,* Manitowoc R 6 Berlin Charley Sr.,* Cleveland R 1 Berlin Chas. Jr., Cleveland R 1 Berlin Elsa, Cleveland R 1 Bernhardt Otto,* Two Rivers R 2 Bersch J.,* Cleveland R 2 Berth Clare, Cleveland R 2 Berth Frank,* Cleveland R 2 Berth Henry, Cleveland R 2 Bertsche J. L.,* Cleveland R 2 Bertsche Joe, Cleveland R 2 Bertsche Willie, Cleveland R 2 Bertschy Alvin, Cleveland R 1 Bertschy Jacob Sr., Cleveland R 1 Bertschy Jacob,* Cleveland R 1 Besser Ferd.,* Reedsville R 2 Bessert Herm., Reedsville R 3 Betzold Gustav, Kiel R 2 Betzold Willie,* Kiel R 2 Beyer Alva, Mishicott R 2 Beyer Mrs. Caroline, Mishicott R 2 Beyer Emma, Mishicott R 2 Beyer Hans, Mishicott R 2 Beyer Ira,* Mishicott R 2 Beyer Mrs. R. E. Mishicott R 2 Bialkowski A.,* Timothy R 1 Bierhaus Herman,* Manitowoc R 3 Bierhaus Martha, Manitowoc R 3 Bierhaus Mary, Manitowoc R 3 Bierhaus Tillie, Manitowoc R 3 Bierhaus Zilla, Manitowoc R 3 Bierman Anna, Manitowoc R 6 Bierman Ernst,* Manitowoc R 6 Bierman Mrs. Sop, Manitowoc R 6 Bierman Sophia Jr., Manitowoc R 6 (sic) Bihrringer Nic.,* Manitowoc R 7 Bilitzke A.,* Manitowoc R 3 Binversie Joseph, Kiel R 2 Binversie Nic.,* Kiel R 1 Binversie Willie, Kiel R 1 Binversie William,* Kiel R 3 Birkholz Dan,* Reedsville R 1 Birkholz Emilie, Reedsville R 1 Birkholz Ida, Reedsville R 1 Bishop Dick, Manitowoc R 7 Biskup Annie, Two Rivers R 1 Biskup Joe, Two Rivers R 1 Blskup Stanislaus, Two Rivers R 1 Biskup Stella, Two Rivers R 1 Blacha Frank, Two Rivers R 1 Blacha Ignatz,* Two Rivers R 1 Blahnick Edward, Whitelaw R 1 Blahnick Emma, Whitelaw R 1 Blahnick Frank, Whitelaw R 1 Blahnick James, Whitelaw R 1 Blahnick Joe, Whitelaw R 1 Blahnick Rose, Whitelaw R 1 Blahnick Vaglav,* Whitelaw R 1 (sic) Blanik Frank, Kellnersville R 1 Blank Arthur, Mishicott R 2 Blank William,* Mishicott R 2 Blashka Albert, Kellnersville R 1 Blashka Joseph, Kellnersville R 1 Blashka Julius, Kellnersville R 1 Blashka Leon,* Kellnersville R 1 Blashka Willy, Kellnersville R 1 Bleck Edward,* Valders R 2 Bleemel Frank,* Manitowoc R 6 Bleemel Frank, Jr., Manitowoc R 6 Bleichwedel Louis,* Manitowoc R 3 Bleiwedel Ernst,* Manitowoc R 1 (sic) Bleiwedel Heinrich, Manitowoc R 1 Bleser Adam,* Manitowoc R 6 Bleser Albert, Manitowoc R 6 Bleser Arthur, Manitowoc R 6 Bleser Ida, Manitowoc R 6 Bleser John, Manitowoc R 6 Bleser L.W.,* Manitowoc R 6 Bleser Lizzie, Manitowoc R 6 Bleser Martha, Manitowoc R 6 Bleser Olive, Manitowoc R 6 Bleser P. C.,* Two Rivers R 1 Bleser Walter, Manitowoc R 6 Bleser Wm.,* Manitowoc R 6 Bloy Hattie, Valders R 1 Bloy Herm., Valders R 1 Blumenstein Arth., Manitowoc R 1 Blumenstein Mrs. H.* Manitowoc R 1 Blumenstein Herb., Manitowoc R 1 Blumenstein Mabel, Manitowoc R 1 Blumenstein Walter, Manitowoc R 1 BOACKHAUS JOE,* Manitowoc R 4 Bodwin John,* Manitowoc R 7 Boecher J. H.,* Manitowoc R 6 Boecher Mary, Manitowoc R 6 Boeckmann C. Sr.,* Manitowoc R 3 Boeckmann C. Jr., Manitowoc R 3 Boeckmann John, Manitowoc R 3 Boeckmann Lizzie, Manitowoc R 3 Boege Jacob,* Kiel R 2 Boelt Hy Sr.,* Kiel R 4 Boeh Hy Jr., Kiel R 4 Boehm Annie, Grimms R 1 Boehm Emma, Cato R 2 Boehm Joe, Cato R 2 Boehm Louis,* Grimms R 1 Boehm Max,* Cato R 2 Boeldt Carl, Kiel R 2 Boeldt Fred,* Kiel R 2 Boeldt Jennie, Kiel R 2 Boeldt Louis, Kiel R 2 Boeldt Martha, Kiel R 2 Boeldt W.,* Cleveland, Wis. Boeldt Walter, Kiel R 2 Boermke Alwine, Cleveland R 3 Boermke Anna, Cleveland R 3 Boermke Frank,* Hika, Wis. Boermke Louise, Cleveland R 3 Boermke Max, Cleveland R 3 Boermke Wm.,* Cleveland R 3 Boeslager Dederich,* Kiel R 1 Boeslager Edward,* Kiel 4 Boettcher Aug.,* Reedsville R 2 BOETTCHER F. W.,* Hika, Wis. Boettcher Fred,* Reedsville, R 2 Boettcher Herm., Reedsville R 2 BOETTCHER W. G.,* Cleveland R 3 Bogenschuetz A. Cleveland R 3 Bogenschuetz Alb.,* Cleveland, Wis. Bogenschuetz Mrs. D.* Cleveland R 3 Bogenschuetz Frank, Cleveland, Wis. Bogenschuetz Fred, Cleveland R 3 Bogenschuetz Henry, Cleveland R 3 Bogenschuetz Mrs. W.* Cleveland R 3 Bohacek Eddie, Kellnersville R 2 Bohacek Frank, Kellnersville R 2 Bohacek Stephen,* Kellnersville R 2 Bohne Etta, Cleveland R 2 Bohne Fred,* Cleveland R 2 Bohne George, Cleveland R 2 Bohne Herman,* Cleveland R 2 Bohne Mary, Cleveland R 2 Boldt Alma, Manitowoc R 1 Boldt August, Manitowoc R 1 Boldt Emma, Manitowoc R 1 Boldt Hugo, Manitowoc R 1 Boldt John,* Manitowoc R 1 Boldt Lydia, Manitowoc R 1 Bolle Chas.,* Manitowoc R 5 Bolzenthal A.,* Manitowoc R 7 Bolzenthal A.,* Manitowoc R 7 Bolzenthal Anna, Manitowoc R 6 Bolzenthal Wm.,* Manitowoc R 6 Bonde Clara, Manitowoc R 3 Bonde John,* Manitowoc R 3 Bonde Lizzie, Manitowoc R 3 Bonde Mary, Manitowoc R 3 Bonde Peter, Manitowoc R 3 Bonde Phillip, Manitowoc R 3 Bodne Theodore, Manitowoc R 3 (sic) Bonin Adelaide, Kellnersville R 1 Bonin Annie, Timothy R 1 Bonin Anton, Timothy R 1 Bonin Cecilia, Timothy R 1 Bonin Emil, Kellnersville R 1 Bonin Joe, Timothy R 1 Bonin John, Kellnersville R 1 Bonin Julia, Timothy R 1 Bonin Martha, Kellnersville, R 1 Bonin Max,* Kellnersville R 1 Bonin Peter, Timothy R 1 Bonk Celia, Timothy R 1 Bonk Edward, Timothy R 1 Bonk Helen, Timothy R 1 Bonk Pauline, Timothy R 1 Bonk Xavier,* Timothy R 1 Borcherdt Henry,* Grimms R 1 Borgwardt Rudolf,* Manitowoc R 2 BORN ADAM,* Cleveland R 2 Born Agnes, Manitowoc R 1 Born Albert, Cleveland R 2 Born Edwin, Cleveland R 2 Born Emma, Manitowoc R 1 Born Henry,* Cleveland R 1 Born Henry J.,* Cleveland R 1 Born Jacob,* Manitowoc R 1 Born John,* Manitowoc R 2 Born Louise, Cleveland R 2 Born Minnie, Cleveland R 2 Bosma Alfred, Kiel R 4 Bosma Mrs. Anna,* Kiel R 4 Bosnia George, Kiel R 4 Bosma Harry, Kiel R 4 Bouda Mrs. Cathr.,* Mishicott R 1 Bouda. Joe B.,* Two Rivers R 2 Bouda Wenzel, Mishicott R 2 Bourish J.,* Reedsville R 3 Braasch Frank,* Manitowoc R 3 Braasch George, Manitowoc R 3 Braasch Julia, Manitowoc R 3 Braasch Leo, Manitowoc R 3 Brady Alice, Timothy R 1 Brady Mary, Timothy R 1 Brady Peter,* Timothy R 1 Brady Walter, Timothy R 1 Brand Emma, Cleveland R 3 Brand Lora, Cleveland R 3 Brandt Anna, Cleveland R 3 Brandt Bertha, Cleveland R 3 Brandt Fred,* Cleveland R 3 Brand Otillie, Cleveland R 3 Brandel Joe,* Cato R 2 Bratz F. R., Reedsville R 2 Bratz Frank,* Kiel R 3 Bratz G. F.,* Reedsville R 2 Bratz Henry,* Kiel R 3 Bratz Richard,* Valders R 1 Braun Anna, Manitowoc R 6 BRAUN ANTON,* Manitowoc R 5 Braun Charles, Manitowoc R 6 Braun F. F.,* Manitowoc R 3 Braun Jac.,* Manitowoc R 6 BRAUN JOHN,* Whitelaw R 1 Braun Jos., Kellnersville R 1 BRAUN JOS.,* Manitowoc R 6 Braun Lena, Manitowoc R 6 Braun Peter, Whitelaw R 1 Braun Rosa, Manitowoc R 6 Braun Theo, Valders R 1 Braun Theodore, Manitowoc R 6 Braun Theresa, Two Rivers R 2 Braun Theresa, Manitowoc R 6 Braunreiter F.,* Manitowoc R 5 Breider John,* Manitowoc R 7 Breider Peter,* Manitowoc R 7 Bremer Edna, Manitowoc R 4 Bremer Harvey, Manitowoc R 4 Bremer Mrs.,* Manitowoc R 1 Bremer S.,* Manitowoc R 4 Brendl Chas.,* Cato R 1 Brendl Ed,* Manitowoc R 4 Brennan James,* Cato R 1 Brennan Lovell, Cato R 1 Brennan Mamie, Cato R 1 Brennan Willy, Cato R 1 Brennel George, Cato R 1 Brennel Sophie, Cato R 1 Brennel Wolfgang,* Cato R 1 Brey Anton,* Two Rivers R 1 Brey Jacob, Manitowoc R 1 Brick Anna, Manitowoc R 4 BRICK CARL A.,* Manitowoc R 3 Brick Chas.,* Manitowoc R 4 Brick Ehrhardt, Manitowoc R 4 Brick Elsa, Manitowoc R 3 Brick Ida, Manitowoc R 4 Brick Lilly, Manitowoc R 3 Brickheimer Adam, Kiel R 1 Brickheimer Benjamin, Kiel R 1 Brickheimer Ed.,* Kiel R 1 Brickheimer Isabella, Kiel R 1 Brinkman Alvina, Manitowoc R 7 Brinkman Eddie, Manitowoc R 7 Brinkmann Aug.,* Manitowoc R 7 Brinkmann Augusta, Manitowoc R 7 Brinkmann Emma, Manitowoc R 7 Brinkmann Mrs M., Manitowoc R 7 Brocker Arthur,* Kiel R 4 Brocker Chas.,* Kiel No. 4 Brocker Edwin, Kiel R 4 Brocker Fred,* Kiel R 4 Brocker George, Kiel R 4 Brocker Paul,* Kiel R 4 Brockhoff Joe,* Manitowoc R 5 Bredkorb Gustav,* Two Rivers R 2 BROECKER CHRIS.,* Mishicott R 3 Broecker Fred, Mishicott R 3 Broecker John,* Manitowoc R 3 Broecker Lena, Mishicott R 3 Broecker Theresa, Mishicott R 3 Broeckert Anna, Kiel R 3 Broeckert Edward, Kiel R 3 Broeckert Fred,* Kiel R 3 Broeckert Rosa, Kiel R 3 Broeckert Willie, Kiel R 3 Brokman Mrs. Fr.,* Manitowoc R 7 Brokman Lena, Manitowoc R 7 Brost Clara, Kiel R 1 Brost Joe, Kiel R 1 Brost John,* Kiel R 1 Brost John, Kiel R 1 Brost Maggie, Kiel R 1 Brost Nic.,* Kiel R 1 Brost Pet., Kiel R - Brouchoud Andrew, Mishicott R 1 Brouchoud Mrs. Camilia,* Mishicott R 1 Brouchoud Clara, Mishicott R 1 Brouchoud Emma, Mishicott R 1 Brouchoud Eugent,* Mishicott R 2 (sic) Brouchoud Joe, Mishicott R 1 Brouchoud John, Mishicott R 1 Brouchoud John A., Mishicott R 1 Brouchoud Margareth, Mishicott R (no number) Brouchoud Marie, Mishicott R 1 Brouchoud Peter F., Mishicott R 1 Brown Emeline, Manitowoc R 7 Brown Peter,* Mishicott R 1 Brown Mrs. R. C.,* Manitowoc R 6 Bruce Ed.,* Kiel R 3 Bruckschen Edwin, Manitowoc R 3 Bruckschen Emma, Manitowoc R 3 Bruckschen Mrs. E.,* Manitowoc R 3 Bruckschen Herm., Manitowoc R 3 BRUCKSCHEN H.,* Manitowoc R 3 Bruckschen Mrs. J.,* Manitowoc R 3 Bruckschen Martha, Manitowoc R 3 Bruckschen Otto, Manitowoc R 3 Bruenig William,* Mishicott R 1 Bruhn Elizabeth, Mishicott R 3 Bruhn Fred, Mishicott R 3 Bruhn Fred.,* Mishicott R 3 Bruhn Frida, Mishicott R 3 Bruhn John, Mishicott R 3 Bruner Frank, Manitowoc R 4 Bruner Geo.,* Manitowoc R 4 Bruner Joe, Manitowoc R 4 Bruner Mike, Manitowoc R 4 Brunmeier Anton, Kiel R 3 Brunmeier Aug.,* Valders R 2 Brunmeier Joseph,* Kiel R 3 Brunmeier Katie, Kiel R 3 Brunner Miss Anna, Manitowoc R 6 Brunner Anton, Cato R 1 Brunner Barbara, Manitowoc R 6 Brunner Martin,* Cato R 2 Brunner Mrs. Sophie,* Cato R 1 Brunner Sophie, Cato R 1 Bruns Carl, Sr.,* Manitowoc R 2 Bruns Carl, Jr., Manitowoc R 2 Bruns Frank,* Manitowoc R 1 Bruns Otto, Manitowoc R 2 Bruss Adolf, Kellnersville R 1 Bruss Alfred, Kellnersville R 1 Bruss Aug.,* Kellnersville R 1 Bruss Beata, Kellnersville R 1 Bruss Edwin, Kellnersville R 1 Bruss Emil, Kellnersville R 1 Bruss Emma, Kellnersville R 1 Bruss Henry,* Kellnersville R 1 Bruss Herman, Kellnersville R 1 Bruss Herm. Jr., Kellnersville R 1 Bruss Ida, Kellnersville R 1 Bruss Reinhardt, Kellnersville R 1 Bruss Sophie, Kellnersville R 1 Bruss Theodor, Kellnersville R 1 Bruss Viola, Kellnersville R 1 Bruss Walter, Kellnersville R 1 Bruss Willie, Kellnersville R 1 Bruss Wm.,* Kellnersville R 1 Bub Henry,* Cleveland R 1 Bubolz Adolph, Reedsville R 2 Bubolz Anna, Reedsville R 1 Bubolz Bertha, Reedsville R 1 Bubolz Fred,* Reedsville R 2 Bubolz Fred Jr., Reedsville R 2 Bubolz Friedrich, Reedsville R 1 Bubolz Henry, Reedsville R 2 Bubolz John,* Reedsville R 1 Bubolz Lina, Reedsville R 2 Bubolz Louis,* Reedsville R 2 Bubolz Willy, Reedsville R 2 Buchholz Bertha, Kiel R 3 Buchholz Carl, Kiel R 3 Buchholz John,* Kiel R 2 Buchholz Joseph,* Kiel R 3 Buchholz Mary, Kiel R 3 Buchholz R. F., Two Rivers R 1 Buck John,* Manitowoc R 2 Buck Wm.,* Manitowoc R 3 Buckley Clara, Grimms R 1 Buckley Margarete, Grimms R 1 Buckley Mike,* Grimms R 1 Buda John,* Manitowoc R 7 Buenzow John,* Two Rivers R 3 Bugler Chas., Two Rivers R 2 Bugler John,* Two Rivers R 1 Bugler John,* Two Rivers R 1 Bugler Julia, Two Rivers R 2 Buhk Agnes, Manitowoc R 7 Buhk Wm., Manitowoc R 7 Buhk Wm.,* Manitowoc R 7 Buhk Wm. Jr., Manitowoc R 7 Bukosky Arthur, Mishicott R 1 Bukosky Mrs. H.,* Mishicott R 1 Bukosky Rose, Mishicott R 1 Bull Emil, Manitowoc R 4 Bull Emma, Manitowoc R 4 Bull John,* Manitowoc 4 Bull John,* Hika, Wis. Bull Walter, Manitowoc R 4 Bunda Andrew, Mishicott R 3 Bunda Frank, Mishicott R 3 Bunda Math.,* Mishicott R 3 Bunda Rosa, Mishicott R 3 Bunda Trasy, Mishicott R 3 Bunge Ad.,* Kiel R 2 BUNGE BERNARD,* Kiel R 4 Bunge Emma, Kiel R 2 Bunge Emma, Kiel R 4 Bunge Hubert, Kiel R 2 Bunge Meta, Kiel R 4 Bunk John,* Cleveland R 3 Bunke Marie, Mishicott R 3 Burgwardt Anna, Timothy R 1 Burgwardt August, Timothy R 1 Burgwardt Auguste, Timothy R 1 Burgwardt Christ, Timothy R 1 Burgwardt John,* Timothy R 1 Burich Chas. Reedsville R 3 Burich Chas. Jr., Reedsville R 3 Burich Emma, Reedsville R 3 Burich F.,* Reedsville R 3 Burich Frank, Jr.,* Reedsville R 3 Burich Joe, Reedsville R 3 Burish Anton,* Grimms R 1 Burish Frank, Grimms R 1 Burish Jake, Grimms R 1 Burish Joe,* Cato R 1 Burish Joe, Grimms R 1 Burish John A.,* Reedsville R 2 Burckart Alb.,* Manitowoc R 3 Burkart Stephen, Manitowoc R 3 Burkart Wm. P.,* Manitowoc R 3 Burke J,,* Two Rivers, R 2 Burkhardt Anton,* Valders R 1 Burkhardt Mrs. Elizabeth, Kiel R 3 Burkhardt Emilia, Kiel R 3 Burkhardt Henry,* Kiel R 3 Burkhardt Ida, Kiel R 3 Burkhardt Jacob, Sr.,* Kiel R 2 Burkhardt Jacob, Jr., Kiel R 2 Burkhardt Mike, Valders R 1 Burmahln Clarence, Kiel R 4 Burmahln Elmer, Kiel R 4 Burmahln Emelia, Kiel R 4 Burmahln John, Jr., Kiel R 4 Burmahln John H. Sr.,* Kiel R 4 Burmeister Carl, Two Rivers R 3 Burmeister Fred,* Two Rivers R 3 Burmeister Henry* Two Rivers R 3 Burns Edward,* Timothy R 1 Burns John,* Reedsville R 1 Burns John, Kiel R 1 Burns Mike, Cleveland R 3 Burns Patrick,* Cleveland R 3 Burns Patrick, Reedsville R 1 Burns Willie, Cleveland R 3 Bursek John,* Whitelaw R 1 Burt Frank,* Mishicott R 2 Burt Harold, Mishicott R 2 Burt Mabel, Mishicott R 2 Busch Alb. A., Reedsville R 3 Busch Edmund, Two Rivers R 1 Busch Otto,* Two Rivers R 1 Bushmann Alvina, Kiel R 1 Bushmann Andrew, Kiel R 1 Bushmann Anna, Kiel R 1 Bushmann Anton, Kiel R 1 Bushmann Henry,* Kiel R 1 Bushmann John, Sr.,* Kiel R 1 Bushmann Johnny Jr., Kiel R 1 Bushmann Katie, Kiel R 1 Bushmann Pet.,* Kiel R 1 Bushmann Rosa, Kiel R 1 Buss Herman,* Valders R 2 Busse Albert,* Reedsville R 2 Busse Alex, Reedsville R 2 Busse Annie, Kiel R 4 Busse Aug., Kiel R 4 Busse Fred,* Reedsville R 2 Busse Ida, Reedsville R 2 Busse John,* Kiel R 4 Busse Johnny, Kiel R 4 Busse Willie, Kiel R 4 Bussy Aug.,* Kellnersville R 1 Bussy Emil, Kellnersville R 1 Bussy Hattie, Kellnersville R 1 Bussy John, Kellnersville R 1 Bussy Rud. Kellnersville R 1 Buth Alwina, Kellnersville R 1 Buth Louis, Kellnersville R 1 Buth Wm.,* Kellnersville R 1

Cain Tom,* Kiel R 2 Callister C., Kellnersville R 1 Callister John, Kellnersville R 1 Callister Mrs. J.,* Kellnersville R 3 Cannan Mrs. M., Grimms R 1 Carderry Mike,* Kiel R 1 Carderry Patrick,* Kiel R 1 Carey Mrs. Kath, Grimms R 1 Carney Mike,* Grimms R 1 Carr C.,* Reedsville R 1 Carroll Allen, Manitowoc R 5 Carroll B.,* Cato R 2 Carroll Elizabeth, Manitowoc R 5 Carroll George,* Manitowoc R 5 Carroll John, Manitowoc R 5 Carroll Sara, Manitowoc R 5 Carstens Annie, Manitowoc R 1 Carstens Christian, Manitowoc R 1 Carstens Edwin, Manitowoc R 3 Carstens Ernst,* Manitowoc R 3 CARSTENS H.,* Manitowoc R 1 Carstens Heinrich, Manitowoc R 1 Carstens Herman Sr* Manitowoc R 3 Carstens Herm. Jr., Manitowoc R 3 Carstens John Jr., Manitowoc R 3 Carstens Willie, Manitowoc R 3 Casper John, Valders R 2 Casper Joe, Valders R 2 Casper Mrs. Joe,* Valders R 2 Casper Minnie, Valders R 2 Casper Peter, Valders R 2 Cavenaugh Miss J., Grimms R 1 Cenapels Chas., Kellnersville R 1 Cenapels Jos.,* Kellnersville R 1 Cenefels Chas.,* Manitowoc R 5 Cenefels Jos., Manitowoc R 5 Cerney John,* Manitowoc R 7 Cerull Chas.,* Kiel R 4 Cess Amanda, Mishicott R 2 Cess Bruno, Mishicott R 2 Cess Emma, Mishicott R 2 Cess Henry,* Mishicott R 2 Cess Linda, Mishicott R 2 Cess Otto, Mishicott R 2 Chalia Wenzel, Kellnersville R 1 Chaloupka Annie, Mishicott R 1 Chaloupka Emma, Mishicott R 1 Chaloupka Jim, Mishicott R 1 Chaloupka Mrs. Tom,* Mishicott R 1 Chalupny John,* Mishicott R 2 Chalupsky Adolph, Mishicott R 3 Chalupsky Jos. C. Jr., Mishicott R 3 Chalupsky Jos.,* Mishicott R 3 Chalupsky Mrs. Marie, Mishicott R 3 Chalupsky Wenzel, Mishicott R 3 Charvat Mrs. Anna, Mishicott R 1 Charvat Jenny, Mishicott R 1 Chasensky Chas.,* Whitelaw R 1 Chatzky Sam,* Kiel R 1 Chermak Anton,* Whitelaw R 1 Chermak Bessy, Whitelaw R 1 Chermak Caclar, Kellnersville R 2 (sic) Chermak Emma, Whitelaw R 1 Cherney Emil, Kellnersville R 2 Cherney Emma, Kellnersville R 2 Cherney Mrs. M., Kellnersville R 2 Cherry Paul,* Cato R 2 Chervat Joe, Kellnersville R 2 Chervat Marie, Kellnersville R 2 Chesman Mike, Manitowoc R 4 Chizek Frank,* Whitelaw R 1 Chizek John,* Whitelaw R 1 Chizek Kate, Whitelaw R 1 Christel Ed., Kiel R 4 Christel Eduard, Reedsville R 3 Christel Emma, Reedsville R 3 Christel Henry, Kiel R 4 Christel Joe,* Kiel R 4 CHRISTEL RICH, JR.,* Kiel R 1 Christenson C. C.,* Manitowoc R 4 Christenson Mrs. A.,* Cato R 1 Christenson Clarence, Cato R 1 Christenson Paulina, Cato R 1 Christianson Alfred, Valders R 1 Christianson Olga, Valders R 1 Christianson S.,* Valders R 1 Christianson Victor, Valders R 1 Chupita Jo.,* Grimms R 1 Chupita John, Grimms R 1 Chupita Kate, Grimms R 1 Chupita Mattie, Grimms R 1 (could be Hattie, flaw in the paper) Cisler Annie, Whitelaw R 1 Cisler Chas.,* Whitelaw R 1 Cisler Joe, Whitelaw R 1 Cisler Joe A.,* Whitelaw R 1 Cisler John, Manitowoc R 5 Cizek Anton B.,* Whitelaw R 1 Cizek Emil, Whitelaw R 1 Cizek Fred, Whitelaw R 1 Cizek Helen, Whitelaw R 1 Cizek Henry,* Whitelaw R 1 Cizek J. J.,* Manitowoc R 3 Cizek Jos.,* Manitowoc R 7 Cizek Jos. Jr., Manitowoc R 7 Cizek Robert, Manitowoc R 7 CIZEK WENZEL,* Whitelaw R 1 Clark B.,* Reedsville R 3 Clark B.,* Cato R 1 CLASEN J. H.,* Manitowoc R 3 Clasen Mrs. J.,* Manitowoc R 6 Clasen Mary,* Manitowoc R 3 Classen Johann Sr.,* Manitowoc R 3 Clusen Julia, Manitowoc R 6 Clusen Reinhold, Manitowoc R 6 Coakley Mrs. F., Mishicott R 3 Cochems Eliza, Two Rivers R 2 Cochems John,* Two Rivers R 2 Cohen Ed., Grimms R 1 Cohen Eliz, Grimms R 1 Cohen Jim, Reedsville R 1 Cohen John,* Grimms R 1 Cohen Mike, Reedsville R 1 Cohen Pat.,* Reedsville R 1 Cohen Willie, Reedsville R 1 Colanchek Jos. R.,* Two RIvers R 1 Colbeck John,* Cato R 2 Collin Christian,* Kiel R 4 Colin Herman, Kiel R 4 (sic) Collin Joe, Manitowoc R 1 Collin Minnie, Kiel R 4 Collin Willie, Kiel R 4 Collins Thos.,* Reedsville R 1 Commings Annie, Valders R 2 Commings Fred, Valders R 2 Commings Sophie, Valders R 2 Commings Willy, Valders R 2 Commings Wm.,* Valders R 2 Connel Joe,* Valders R 2 Connel William,* Valders R 2 Connell B. S.,* Reedsville R 1 Connell James,* Reedsville R 1 Connell Morgan,* Reedsville R 1 Conners Mike,* Whitelaw R 1 Conway A. J., Cleveland R 2 Conway Agnes, Kiel R 3 Conway Agnes, Cleveland R 2 Conway Mrs. Chas.,* Cleveland R 2 Conway Cicilia, Cleveland R 2 Conway James, Cleveland R 2 Conway Mary, Cleveland R 2 Conway Monika, Cleveland R 2 Conway P. J.,* Cleveland R 2 CONWAY P. J. JR., Cleveland R 2 Conway Susan, Cleveland R 2 Cook James,* Kiel R 3 Cooney J. H.,* Reedsville R 3 Cooney M. H.,* Reedsville R 3 Cooney Wm., Kellnersville R 1 Cootway Tuff.,* Manitowoc R 7 Cootway T. Jr., Manitowoc R 7 Cordes Annie, Kellnersville R 2 Cordes Catherine, Kellnersville R 2 Cordes Henry, Kellnersville R 2 Cordes Jacob, Kellnersville R 2 Cordes John,* Kellnersville R 2 Cordes Lena, Kellnersville R 2 Cordes Willie, Kellnersville R 2 Counter Chas., Two Rivers R 1 Counter Theo.,* Two Rivers R 1 Courchaine Joe, Mishicott R 1 Courchaine John,* Mishicott R 1 Cronin Mame, Grimms R 1 Crowe Francis, Valders R 2 Crowe William,* Valders R 2 Cuhin Joe,* Reedsville R 1 Cummings John,* Grimms R 1 Cummings Miss Julia, Grimms R 1 Cunnell M. H.,* Reedsville R 1 Cutley George,* Manitowoc R 4

Dahn Rev. C. F.* Kiel R 3 Dahnke Aug., Manitowoc R 3 Dallman Wm. A.,* Reedsville R 2 Daniels Arthur, Manitowoc R 4 Dassler Edna, Cleveland, Wis. Dassler Ernst,* Cleveland R 1 DASSLER FRANK, Hika, Wis. Dassler Herman, Cleveland, Wis. Dassler Louis,* Hika, Wis. Dassler Oscar, Cleveland, Wis. Dassler Victor, Cleveland, Wis. Daum John,* Valders R 1 Davis Ben., Cleveland R 2 Davis Benny, Cleveland R 1 Davis George, Cleveland R 1 Davis George, Cleveland R 2 Davis Henry,* Cleveland R 1 Davis Hy.,* Cleveland R 2 Dech Alice, Kellnersville R 2 Dech Anna, Kellnersville R 2 Dech Anton,* Kellnersville R 2 Dech Lillie, Kellnersville R 2 Dech Willie, Kellnersville R 2 Decker Emma, Grimms R 1 Decker John, Grimms R 1 Decker Matt., Grimms R 1 Decker Rosie, Grimms R 1 Dedering C. G.,* Kiel R 3 Dedering Fred,* Kiel R 4 Dedering Gustav, Kiel R 3 Dedering Henry,* Kiel R 3 Dedering Wm.,* Kiel R 3 Dedina Marie, Mishicott R 3 Deehr John, Cleveland R 3 Deehr Louise, Cleveland R 3 Deehr Peter,* Cleveland R 3 Deehr Willie, Cleveland R 3 Deering Wm., Grimms R 1 Defke Clara, Reedsville R 2 Defke Ernst, Reedsville R 2 Degenhardt George,* Manitowoc R 2 Degenhardt Joe,* Manitowoc R 2 Dehne Amalia, Timothy R 1 DEHNE CARL,* Timothy R 1 Dehne Edward, Timothy R 1 DEHNE HENRY,* Timothy R 1 Dehne Hulda, Timothy R 1 Dehne Wm.,* Cleveland R 3 Deja Albert,* Two Rivers R 2 Deja Anton, Two Rivers R 1 Deja George, Two Rivers R 1 Deja Mrs. Mary,* Two Rivers R 1 Deker Eddie, Kellnersville R 1 Deker Martin,* Cato R 2 Deker Math.,* Kellnersville R 1 Delord Charles,* Manitowoc R 4 Delsman Frank,* Manitowoc R 5 Delvis Frank, Mishicott R 1 Delvis Joe, Mishicott R 1 Delvis Victor,* Mishicott R 1 Delzmann Barn., Manitowoc R 5 Delzmann John,* Manitowoc R 5 Delzmann Louis,* Manitowoc R 5 Demsien Albert,* Two Rivers R 1 Demsien Aug.,* Two Rivers R 1 Denk Alex, Reedsville R 3 Denk Anton,* Reedsville R 3 Denk Anton, Cato R 1 Denk Frank, Reedsville R 3 Denk Jos.,* Reedsville R 3 Denk Mike,* Reedsville R 3 Denor P. J.,* Cato R 2 Denor Pet.,* Cato R 2 Detjen Annie, Manitowoc R 3 Detjen Carl, Manitowoc R 3 Detjen Henry, Manitowoc R 3 Detjen Lena, Manitowoc R 3 Detjen Reinhold, Manitowoc R 3 Dexheimer Emma, Kiel R 2 Dexheimer George, Kiel R 2 Dexheimer Henry, Kiel R 2 DEXHEIMER HERM., Kiel R 2 Dickelmann Chas.,* Kiel R 2 Dickert Annie, Cato R 2 Dickert Henry,* Cato R 2 Dickert Otto,* Reedsville R 2 Dickert Willie, Cato R 2 Diederichs Carl, Manitowoc R 3 DIEDERICHS ED.,* Manitowoc R 3 Diederichs J. F.,* Manitowoc R 3 Diederichs Mary, Manitowoc R 3 Diederichs Selma, Manitowoc R 3 Diefenthaler Edwin, Kiel R 1 Diefenthaler Jacob Sr.,* Kiel R 2 Diefenthaler John,* Kiel R 1 Diefenthaler Meta, Kiel R 1 Diefenthaler Oscar, Kiel R 1 Diener Thom.,* Reedsville R 3 Dietrich Eddy, Reedsville R 3 Dietrich Ida, Reedsville R 3 Dietrich John, Reedsville R 3 Dietrich John F.,* Reedsville R 3 Dietrich Minnie, Reedsville R 3 Dill Albert, Manitowoc R 2 Dill Ella, Manitowoc R 2 Dill Emma, Manitowoc R 2 Dill John, Manitowoc R 2 Dirkmann Annie, Manitowoc R 5 Dirkmann Frank,* Manitowoc R 5 Dirkmann Mrs. M., Manitowoc R 6 DIRKMANN T., Manitowoc R 6 Dirkmann Val.,* Manitowoc R 5 Dirks Anna, Kiel R 1 Dirks Emil, Kiel R 1 Dirks Hattie, Kiel R 1 DIRKS HY.,* shoemaker, Kiel R I DIRNER THOM.,* Cato R 1 DITTMANN H. J., Cleveland R 3 Dittmeyer Adolph, Cleveland R 1 Dittmeyer Emma, Cleveland R 1 Dittmeyer Henry, Cleveland R 1 Dittmeyer Lina, Cleveland R 1 Dittmeyer Louis,* Cleveland R 1 Dobbart Fred,* Kiel R 1 Dobbart John, Kiel R 1 Dobbert Carl,* Manitowoc R 1 Dobbert Emma, Manitowoc R 1 Dobbert Louise, Manitowoc R 1 Dobbert Walter, Manitowoc R 1 Dochon Frank,* Kellnersville R 2 Doepel Carl,* Cleveland R 1 Doepel Louisa, Cleveland R 1 Doepel Robert, Cleveland R 1 DOERSCH AD.,* Cleveland R 3 Doersch August,* Cleveland Wis. Doersch Chas.,* Cleveland, Wis. Doersch Chas., Cleveland, Wis. Doersch Ernestine, Cleveland R 3 Doersch Fred, Cleveland, Wis. Doersch Hulda, Cleveland R 3 DOERSCH JETTA, Cleveland, Wis Doersch Michel, Cleveland, Wis. Doerschner Chas.,* Manitowoc R 2 Doerschner Herbert, Manitowoc R 2 Doerschner Lilly, Manitowoc R 2 Doerschner Wm., Manitowoc R 2 Dohnal Joe,* Cato R 2 Dolezal Emil, Manitowoc R 6 Dolezal John, Manitowoc R 6 Donahue Ida, Cleveland R 3 Donahue John,* Cleveland R 3 Donahue Mary, Cleveland R 3 Donahue Wm., Cleveland R 3 Donarth Mrs. Carolina,* Kiel R 2 Donarth Louis, Kiel R 2 Donnelly James,* Manitowoc R 4 Donnovan Richard, Manitowoc R 4 Doolan James, Grimms R 1 Doolan John, Grimms R 1 Doolan Julie, Grimm R 1 Doolen Mrs. Marie, Reedsville R 1 Doolan Mike,* Grimms R 1 Doolan Mike, Reedsville R 1 Doolan Nellie, Grimms R 1 Dora August,* Cleveland R 3 Dora Johanne, Cleveland R 3 Dose Peter,* Two Rivers R 1 Doubek Annie, Kellnersville R 1 Doubek Eddy, Kellnersville R 1 Doubek Frank, Kellnersville R 1 Doubek Joe, Kellnersville R 1 Doubek John,* Kellnersville R 1 Doubek John, Kellnersville R 1 Doubek Marie, Kellnersville R 1 Doubek Wenzel,* Kellnersville R 1 Doubek Wenz. Jr., Kellnersville R 1 Douma Meinhart,.* Cleveland Wis. (sic) Dowork Joe,* Kellnersville R 2 Drake Herman,* Kiel R 2 Drake Wm.,* Kiel R 2 Drasner Jos,* Whitelaw R 1 DREWS AUG. H., Kiel R 4 Drews Mrs. Mary, Manitowoc R 6 Drews Otto,* Manitowoc R 6 Drier Fritz,* Two Rivers R 1 Drier Herman, Two Rivers R 1 Driskoll D.,* Cleveland R 3 Driskoll Edward, Cleveland R 3 Driskoll Elisa, Cleveland R 3 Driscoll W. R.,* Reedsville R 1 (sic) Drobka Stanis,* Timothy R 1 Drumm C. A.,* Manitowoc R 3 Drumm Edward, Manitowoc R 2 Drumm Hugo, Manitowoc R 4 Drumm Ida, Manitowoc R 2 Drumm Jacob,* Manitowoc R 2 Drumm John,* Manitowoc R 4 Drumm John, Manitowoc, R 3 Drumm Lydi, Manitowoc R 4 Drumm Pet,* Reedsville R 2 Drumm William,* Manitowoc R 1 Duchek M.,* Kellnersville R 2 Duebner Bertha, Manitowoc R 3 Duebner Carl,* Timothy R 1 Duebner Christ Sr., Manitowoc R 3 Duebner Christ Jr.,* Manitowoc R 3 Duebner Ernst,* Manitowoc R 3 Duebner Ernst, Timothy R 1 Duebner Lena, Timothy R 1 DUEBNER OTTO,* Manitowoc R 3 Duebner Otto, Timothy R 1 Duebner Theodor, Timothy R 1 Dueck John,* Mishicott R 3 DUECKER H. W.,* saloon keeper, Kiel R 1 Duecker Minnie, Kiel R 1 Duerrwaechter Adolph, Kiel R 4 Duerrwaechter Clara, Kiel R 4 Duerrwaechter Chr.,* Kiel R 4 Duerrwaechter Ida, Kiel R 4 Duerrwaechter Lena, Kiel R 4 Duerrwaechter Lud.,* Kiel R 4 Duerrwaechter Otto, Kiel R 4 DUERRWAECHTER W.* Kiel R 1 Duerschmidt Joe,* Two Rivers R 1 Duesing Bertha, Cleveland R 3 Duesing John,* Cleveland R 3 Duesing Johni, Cleveland R 3 (sic) Duesing Laura, Cleveland R 3 Duesing Lina, Cleveland R 3 Duesing Wm.,* Cleveland R 3 Dufeck Annie, Mishicott R 3 Dufee Tom,* Grimms R 1 Dufek Clara, Kellnersville R 1 Dufek Jacob, Kellnersville R 1 Dufek Jos.,* Kellnersville R 1 Dufek Lydie, Kellnersville R 1 Dufek Rosie, Kellnersville R 1 Duggan Dan, Grimms R 1 Duggan Tim, Grimms R 1 Dunbar Elsie, Timothy R 1 Dunbar Eva, Timothy R 1 Dunbar John,* Timothy R 1 Dunbar Jos.,* Manitowoc R 1 Dunbar Maggie, Manitowoc R 1 Dunbar May, Timothy R 1 Dunbar Mic,* Timothy R 1 Dunbar Michael, Manitowoc R 1 Duveneck Alex. J.,* Manitowoc R 2 Duveneck Carl Sr.,* Manitowoc R 2 Duveneck Ernst,* Manitowoc R 2 Duveneck Gust, Manitowoc R 2 Duvenik Carl,* Manitowoc R 3 Duvenik John, Manitowoc R 3 Duvenik Olga, Manitowoc R 3 Duvenik Peter, Manitowoc R 3 Duwire Jac., Reedsville R 1 Dvorak Adolph,* Mishicott R 3 Dvorak Emma, Mishicott R 3 Dvorak Henry, Mishicott R 3 Dvorak Wenzel, Mishicott R 3 Dvorny Anton,* Whitelaw R 1 Dworsak Jos., Manitowoc R 6 Dyler H., Cleveland, Wis.

Ebel Frank, Mishicott R 2 Ebel Frank, Mlsliicott R 2 Ebel Josie, Mishicott R 2 Ebel Josie, Mishicott R 2 Ebel Katie, Mishicott R 2 Ebel Lawrence,* Mishicott R 2 EBELING AUG.,* Kiel R 2 Ebeling Carl, Kiel R 2 Ebeling Clarence, Kellnersville R 1 Ebeling Elsie, Kellnersville R 1 Ebeling Henry,* Kellnersville R 1 Ebeling Minnie, Kellnersville R 1 Ebenhoe J.,* Reedsville R 3 Eberhardt Edwin, Manitowoc R 3 Eberhardt Alma, Manitowoc R 3 Eberhardt August,* Manitowoc R 3 Eberhardt Aug.,* Manitowoc R 7 Eberhardt Carl,* Manitowoc R 3 Eberhardt Ernst,* Manitowoc R 2 Eberhardt Fred,* Manitowoc R 2 Eberhardt H.,* Manitowoc R 5 Eberhardt John,* Manitowoc R 2 Eberhardt Linda, Manitowoc R 3 Eberhardt Walter, Manitowoc R 3 Ebert Jos., Manitowoc R 7 Ebert Julius,* Reedsville R 2 Eckardt Henry,* Cleveland R 1 ECKARDT HERM.* Cleveland R 1 Eckardt Irma, Cleveland R 1 Eckardt Louis,* Cleveland R 1 Eckart Ernst, Manitowoc R 6 Eckelmann George,* Kiel R 1 Eckhardt Adolph, Mishicott R 2 Eckhardt Augusta, Mishicott R 2 Eckhardt Beni, Mishicott R 2 Eckhardt Caroline, Mishicott R 2 Eckhardt Erna S. B., Mishicott R 2 Eckhardt Herm. Jr., Mishicott R 2 ECKHARDT R.,* Mishicott R 2 Ellingboe Clara, Mishicott R 2 Edwards J. L.,* Cleveland R 2 Egan Ed., Cleveland R 3 Egan Florence, Cleveland R 3 Egan John, Cleveland R 3 Egan Mrs. M. H.,* Cleveland R 3 Egan Martin, Cleveland R 3 Egan Mike,* Cleveland R 3 Egan Stefan, Cleveland R 3 Egan Theresa, Cleveland R 3 Eggers Albert, Manitowoc R 4 Eggerstedt Wm. G.,* Two Rivers R 1 Eggert Emma, Mishicott R 3 Eggert Fred,* Mishicott R 3 Ehnart Aug., Kiel R 2 Ehnart Emma, Kiel R 2 Ehnart Fred, Kiel R 2 Ehnardt Christ.,* Hilka, Wis. (Hika?) Eiche John, Cleveland R 2 Eiche Leopold,* Cleveland R 2 Eiche Louise, Cleveland R 2 Eiche Mary, Cleveland R 2 Eichenberger Mrs. Barbara*, Reedsville R 3 Eichenberger John, Reedsville R 3 Eichenberger Maggie, Reedsville R 3 Eichenberger Willie, Reedsville R 3 Eichmann Christ.,* Manitowoc R 1 Eichmann Emma, Manitowoc R 1 Eichmann Richard, Manitowoc R 1 Eichmann Willie, Manitowoc R 1 EICKHOFF AUG., Sr.,* Kiel R 2 Eickhoff Aug. Jr., Kiel R 2 EICKHOFF FRED,* Kiel R 2 Eickhoff Wm.,* Kiel R 2 Eiermann Mrs Chr, Manitowoc R 7 Eiermann Frank, Manitowoc R 7 Eiermann John, Manitowoc R 7 Eigenberger Annie, Reedsville R 3 Eigenberger Maggie, Reedsville R 3 Eigenberger Willy, Reedsville R 3 Eigenberger Simon,* Reedsville R 3 Einberger Frank, Reedsville R 3 Einberger John, Reedsville R 3 Einberger M.,* Reedsville R 3 Einberger Peter, Reedsville R 3 Eis Juilus,* Two Rivers R 1 (sic) Eisert George,* Kiel R 1 Eisert John,* Kiel R 1 Eisert Johnny, Kiel R 1 Eisle Mich.,* Manitowoc R 2 Eisner Amanda, Manitowoc R 4 Eisner George, Manitowoc R 4 Eisner John,* Manitowoc R 1 Eisner John,* Manitowoc R 4 Eisner Josephine, Manitowoc R 4 Eller Aug.,* Two Rivers R 2 Eller Henry,* Manitowoc R 7 Ellermann Amanda, Mishicott R 2 Ellermann Bertha, Mishicott R 2 Ellermann Emil, Mishicott R 2 Ellermann Emma, Mishicott R 2 ELLERMANN H.,* Mishicott R 2 Ellert August, Valders R 2 Ellert John,* Valders R 2 Ellert John Jr., Valders R 2 Ellert Willy, Valders R 2 Ellestad Albert, Valders R 2 Ellestad Ella, Valders R 2 Ellestad Knut, Valders R 2 Ellestad Marie, Valders R 2 Ellestad Ole,* Valders R 2 Ellestad Ole Jr., Valders R 2 Ellestad Olga, Valders R 2 Elestad Sven., Valders R 2 (sic) Ellestad Theo, Valders R 2 Ellingboe Christ., Mishicott R 2 Ellingboe Gilbert, Mishicott R 2 Ellingboe H. C.,* Mishicott R 2 Ellingboe Oscar, Mishicott R 2 Ellingboe Walter, Mishicott R 2 Elliot Alex, Two Rivers R 1 Elliot Violet, Two Rivers R 1 Elliot William,* Two Rivers R 1 Elliot William Jr., Two Rivers R 1 Elmer Edward, Cato R 2 Elnur Henry, Kellnersville R 1 Elnur Mabel, Kellnersville R 1 Elnur Wenzel,* Kellnersville R 1 Endries Clemenz, Kiel R 3 Endries Gerhard, Kiel R 3 Endries John,* Kiel R 3 Endries Pet.,* Kiel R 4 Engel Eddy, Reedsville R 2 Engel Emma, Reedsville R 2 Engel George,* Reedsville R 2 Engel Henry,* Reedsville R 2 Engel Lina, Reedsville R 2 Engel William, Reedsville R 2 Engelbrecht Ant., Kellnersville R 1 Engelbrecht Mrs. E.,* Kellnersville R 1 Engelbrecht Eddy, Manitowoc R 6 Engelbrecht Eddy, Manitowoc R 5 Engelbrecht Emily, Kellnersville R 1 Engelbrecht Eugene, Manitowoc R 5 Engelbrecht Ferd.,* Manitowoc R 5 Engelbrecht John,* Two Rivers R 1 Engelbrecht Lilly, Manitowoc R 5 Engelbrecht Marie, Manitowoc R 5 Engelbrecht Phil., Kellnersville R 1 Engelbrecht Viola, Manitowoc R 5 Engelbrecht Wm., Kellnersville R 1 Engelbrecht Wm., Kellnersville R 1 Engelland Adeline, Mishicott R 3 Engelland Cathrine, Mishicott R 3 Engelland Hans,* Mishicott R 3 Engelland Henry, Mishicott R 3 Engelland Wm.,* Mishicott R 3 Engelland Wm. Jr., Mishicott R 3 Ensenbach H.,* Cleveland R 2 Erdmann Aug., Two Rivers R 1 Ericksen Erik., Kellnersville R 2 Erickson Alb.,* Cato R 1 Erickson Albert, Reedsville R 3 Erickson Amanda, Reedsville R 3 Erickson Anton,* Reedsville R 2 Erickson Eddy, Reedsville R 3 Erickson Eddie L., Valders R 1 Erickson K.,* Manitowoc R 3 Erickson Lulu, Reedsville R 3 Erickson Martin, Valders R 1 Erickson O. L.,* Reedsville R 3 Erickson P. K.,* Reedsville R 3 Erickson Richard, Valders R 1 Erickson T.,* Valders R 1 Erickson Theo.,* Reedsville R 3 Erler Nic.,* Two Rivers R 2 Esling Christian, Kiel R 2 Espen Annie, Mishicott R 1 Espen John, Mishicott R 1 Espen Nic.,* Mishicott R 1 Evenson Anton,* Valders R 1 Evenson Christ.,* Valders R 1 Evenson Clarence, Valders R 1 Evenson Ed., Valders R 1 Evenson Elmer, Valders R 1 Evenson Emil, Valders R 1 Evenson Emma, Reedsville R 3 Evenson Even, Valders R 2 Evenson Julia, Valders R 1 Evenson Netta, Valders R 1 Evenson Olaf,* Valders R 1 Evenson Otis, Valders R 1 Evenson Sina, Valders R 1 Evenson Sophia, Valders R 1 Evensten Alma, Valders R 1 Evensten Ole,* Valders R 1 Ewald H.,* Manitowoc R 4 EWALD HENRY C.,* Timothy R 1 Ewald John,* Manitowoc R 1 EWEN JOHN, Manitowoc R 6 Ewen Mrs. Mary, Manitowoc R 6 Ewen Math., Manitowoc R 6

Faber Arthur, Kiel R 4 Faber Ella, Kiel R 4 Faber Henry,* Kiel R 4 Faber Lindia, Kiel R 4 (sic) Fagan Joe, Kellnersville R 1 Fagan John C.,* Manitowoc R 6 Fagan Mrs. Lena, Manitowoc R 6 Fagan Patrik,* Kellnersville R 1 Falvey Dan,* Grimms R 1 Falvey Nellie, Grimms R 1 Falvey Peter, Grimms R 1 Fecker W. D.,* Kiel R I Federsiel Peter,* Two Rivers R 2 Feffercorn Aug.,* Two Rivers R 3 Fehring Wm.,* Manitowoc R 6 Fehrmann Carl,* Manitowoc R 2 Feile Ella, Kiel R 3 Feile Mathias,* Kiel R 3 Feile Rud A., Kiel R 3 Felber P. G.,* Manitowoc R 5 Feldt Aug., Kiel R 4 Feldt Carry, Kiel R 1 Feldt Frederich, Kiel R 1 Feldt Johnny, Kiel R 1 Feldt Louis Sr., Kiel R 1 Feldt Louis Jr., Kiel R 1 Fenlon J. M.,* Reedsville R 1 Fenlon Martln,* Reedsville R 1 Fenlon Owen,* Grimms R 1 Fenlon T. J.,* Grimms R 1 Fenlon T. P.,* Reedsville R 1 Fenn Alvina, Cleveland R 1 Fenn Emma, Cleveland R 1 Fenn Willie, Cleveland R 1 Fenn Wm.,* Cleveland R 1 Fensky Annie, Timothy R 1 Fensky Annie, Valders R 2 Fensky Aug.,* Valders R 2 Fensky August,* Timothy R 1 Fensky Minnie, Timothy R 1 Fessler A.,* Cato R 1 Fessler Anton,* Manitowoc R 1 Fessler Anton,* Cleveland R 2 Fessler Anton Jr., Cleveland R 2 Fessler August, Manitowoc R 1 Fessler Chas., Manitowoc R 1 Fessler Frank, Cleveland, R 2 Fessler Frank, Manitowoc R 1 Fessler George, Cleveland R 2 Fessler Joe,* Kiel R 3 Fessler Joe, Cleveland R 2 Fessler Joe, Manitowoc R 1 Fessler Karl, Cleveland R 2 Fessler Mary, Cleveland, R 2 Fessler Rosie, Cleveland R 2 Fessler Sophie, Cleveland R 2 Fessler Tillie, Cleveland R 2 Fetzer Bern.,* Whitelaw R 1 Fetzer Bernhard, Whitelaw R 1 Fetzer Elisabeth, Manitowoc R 5 Fetzer Frank,* Manitowoc R 5 Fetzer Frank, Whitelaw R 1 Fetzer Gotfried, Whitelaw R 1 Fetzer Kathie, Whitelaw R 1 Fey Nic. J., Manitowoc R 6 Fick Henry,* Manitowoc R 2 Fick Hulda, Manitowoc R 2 Fick Lydia, Manitowoc R 2 Fidler Jos.,* Cato R 2 Fiedler Amanda, Cleveland R 2 Fiedler Emma, Cleveland R 2 Fiedler Herm.,* Cleveland, Wis. Fiedler Mary, Cleveland R 2 Fiedler Robert,* Cleveland R 2 Fiedler Tillie, Cleveland R 2 Fiedler Wm., Cleveland R 2 Fielding D. M.,* Reedsville R 1 Fielding P.,* Reedsville R 1 Fierst Charles, Manitowoc R 5 Fifelik Vit., Kellnersville R 1 Filliez Fred,* Mishicott R 1 Filliez Louise, Mishicott R 1 Filliez Marie, Mishicott R 1 Filliez Maurice, Mishicott R 1 Finch Allis, Timothy R 1 Finch Alivna, Timothy R 1 (sic) Finch Frank, Timothy R 1 Finch Hattie, Timothy R 1 Finch Joe,* Timothy R 1 Finch John, Timothy R 1 Fingoust Fred, Cato R 1 Fingoust V. A.,* Reedsville R 3 FINGOUST V. A.,* Cato R 1 Finkelmeier Ant.* Kellnersville R 2 Finkelmeier Geo., Kellnersville R 2 Flnkelson John, Valders R 1 Finkelson Julia, Valders R 1 Finkelson K., Valders R 1 Finkelson Mabel, Valders R 1 Finkelson Olga, Valders R 1 Finkelson Otto, Valders R 1 Finkelson Mrs. P.* Valders R 1 Finkelson Tina, Valders R 1 Finnegan Mrs. Pat,* Grimms R 1 Fisch Peter,* Manitowoc R 3 Fischer Albert,* Reedsville R 2 Fischer Alma, Hika, Wis. Fischer Anna, Manitowoc R 1 Fischer Annie, Manitowoc R 1 Fischer Aug.,* Manitowoc R 1 Fischer Aug.,* Manitowoc R 4 FISCHER AUG. Jr.,* Cleveland R 3 Fischer August,* Cleveland R 2 Fischer Carl,* Manitowoc R 2 Fischer Carl,* Manitowoc R 1 Fischer Charlotte, Manitowoc R 1 Fischer Clara, Kiel R 1 Fischer Eddy, Kiel R 1 Fischer Ella, Manitowoc R 1 Fischer Emil, Hika, Wls. Fischer Ernst, Hika, Wls. Fischer Frieda, Manitowoc R 1 Fischer George, Kiel R 1 Fischer Heinrich, Manitowoc R 1 Fischer Helene, Cleveland R 2 Fischer Herman,* Kiel R 1 Fischer Herman, Reedsville R 2 Fischer Hulda, Cleveland R 2 Fischer Joe,* Cato R 2 Fischer John,* Mishicott R 2 Fischer John,* Manitowoc R 4 Fischer Jos.,* Two Rivers R 3 Fischer Karl,* Hika, Wis. Fischer Louis,* Manitowoc R 5 Fischer Louis,* Kiel R 1 Fischer Minnie, Manitowoc R 1 Fischer Oscar, Kiel R 1 Fischer Otto, Cleveland R 2 Fischer Pius,* Two Rivers R 3 Fischer Robert,* Reedsville R 2 Fischer Walter, Kiel R 1 Fischer Wm.,* Manitowoc R 2 Fischer Wm., Cleveland R 2 Fischer Wm.,* Manitowoc R 1 Fischer William, Manitowoc R 1 Fitzgerald Frank, Cato R 2 Fitzgerald J.,* Cleveland R 3 Fitzgerald John,* Grimms R 1 Fitzgerald John Sr., Grimms R 1 Fitzgerald Lizzie, Grimms R 1 Fitzgerald Math., Cleveland R 3 Fitzgerald May, Cleveland R 3 Fitzgerald Mike,* Cato R 2 Fitzgerald Simon, Cleveland R 3 Flegel H. Z.,* Valders R 1 Flegel Lester, Valders R 1 Flegle Jacob,* Mishicott R 3 Flegle Joe J., Mishicott R 3 Fleischer D. H.,* Manitowoc R 7 Fleischer George, Manitowoc R 6 Flentje Carl,* Two Rivers R 2 Fluhr Edgar, Kiel R 4 Fluhr Edwin, Kiel R 4 Fluhr Alma, Kiel R 4 FLUHR FRED,* Kiel R 4 Fluhr Freida, Kiel R 4 Fluhr John, Kiel R 4 Fluhr Lindia, Kiel R 4 (sic) Fluhr Norma, Kiel R 4 Fluhr Philip,* Kiel R 4 Fluhr Ruby, Kiel R 4 Fluhr Walter, Kiel R 4 Foerster Abolona, Manitowoc R 6 Foerster Barbara, Manitowoc R 6 Foerster Caroline, Manitowoc R 6 Foerster Conrad, Manitowoc R 6 Foerster Gustie, Manitowoc R 6 Foerster Leonard,* Manitowoc R 6 Fogeltanz Jos.,* Cato R 2 Fokette C. G.,* Cbeese Factory, Reedsville R 1, Reedsville R 1 Fokette Chas.,* Reedsville R 1 Foley Mrs. P., Reedsville R 1 Foreman John,* Mishicott R 2 Foreyt Frank,* Reedsville R 2 Foss Karl,* Cleveland R 2 Foulton Albert,* Manitowoc R 1 Fox John Sr., Cleveland R 1 Fox John, Cleveland R 1 FOX JOHN D.,* Cleveland R 1 Fox Lizzie, Reedsville R 1 FOX NICOLAUS,* Cleveland R 1 Fox Pat,* Reedsville R 1 Fraenzl Edward, Manitowoc R 2 Fraenzl Wm.,* Manitowoc R 2 Frank C. Mrs..* Two Rivers R 3 Franke Alvin,* Cleveland R 1 Franke H. G.,* Cato R 2 Franke Laura, Cleveland R 1 Franke Otto, Cleveland R 1 Franz Albert,* Manitowoc R 7 Franz Alex. J., Manitowoc R 7 Franz Conrad,* Two Rivers R 1 Franz Mrs. Edwin,* Manitowoc R 3 Franz Ferdinand,* Cleveland R 1 Franz George, Cleveland R 1 Franz Ida, Cleveland R 1 Franz Matilda, Cleveland R 1 FRANZMIEIER C,. F.* Timothy R 1 Franzmeier Edward, Timothy R 1 FRANZMEIER HY.,* Timothy R 1 Franzmeier Louis,* Timothy R 1 Frasch Henry, Two Rivers R 1 Frasch Louis,* Two Rivers R 1 Fredrich Alb.,* Reedsville R 2 Fredrlch Emil, Reedsville R 2 Fredrich Gustav, Reedsville R 2 Fredrich Martha, Reedsville R 2 Free Anna, Manitowoc R 1 Free Ernst,* Manitowoc R 2 Free Friedrich,* Manitowoc R 1 Free Friedrich, Manitowoc R 1 Free H.,* Manitowoc R 4 Free Henry,* Manitowoc R 1 Frehen Joe, Kellnersville R 1 Free Louis,* Manitowoc R 1 Freie Andrew,* Two Rivers R 3 Freie Clara, Two Rivers R 3 Freimuth Annie, Cato R 2 Freimuth Frank, Cato R 2 Freimuth Marie, Cato R 2 Freimuth Wenzel,* Cato R 2 Frischmuth Wm.,* Manitowoc R 6 Freiss Ernst,* Cleveland R 2 Frelich Albert, Kellnersville R 1 Frelich Anton, Kellnersville R 1 Frelich Emma, Kellnersville R 1 Frelich Frank,* Kellnersville R 1 Frelich Jos.,* Kellnersville R 1 Frelich Jos., Kellnersville R 1 Frelich Marie, Kellnersville R 1 Frenz Carl,* Kellnersville R 1 Frenz Elsa, Kellnersville R 1 Frenz Rose, Kellnersville R 1 Fricke Chas.,* Manitowoc R 5 Fricke George,* Manitowoc R 3 Fricke H.,* Manitowoc R 5 Friedenberger Chas., Manitowoc R 3 Fries Fred,* Manitowoc R 7 Frischl Jos.* Manitowoc R 6 Frischmuth Albert, Manitowoc R 6 Frischmuth Gust.,* Manitowoc R 6 Fritch Andrew,* Cato R 2 Fritch Maggie, Cato R 2 Fritch Willie, Cato R 2 Frolich Jas.,* Grimms R 1 Frosch Annie, Valders R 2 Frosch Carl,* Valders R 2 Frosch John, Valders R 2 Frosch Marie, Valders R 2 Frosch Peter, Valders R 2 Frosch Willy, Valders R 2 Fruhriep Ella, Manitowoc R 2 Fruhriep Wm. Sr.,* Manitowoc R 2 Fruhriep Wm. Jr., Manitowoc R 2 Fruzyna Andrew,* Timothy R 1 Fruzyna Katie, Timothy R 1 Fruzyna Mary, Timothy R 1 Frye Joe,* Whitelaw R 1 Fulton Geo., Manitowoc R 7 Funk Miss Ama, Two Rivers R 2 Funk Emma, Mishicott R 3 Funk Henry,* Two Rivers R 1 Funk Henry Jr., Two Rivers R 1 FUNK JACOB,* Mishicott R 3 Funk Margarethe, Mishicott R 3 Funk Martha, Mishicott R 3 Funk Mathilde, Mishicott R 3