Gibson Township, Manitowoc Co., Wisconsin

Location: 0.9 mile north of the unincorporated village of Zander on County Trunk Q. The cemetery is located on a hill 0.1 mile south of the junction of County Trunks Q and BB, on the west side of County Trunk Q. Indexed on Sept. 11, 1977 by the Manitowoc County Old Cemetery Society. Earliest remaining stone is 1859.
The tombstone pics taken Sept. 20, 2001 by Shari Milks.
If the person's first name is underlined, it is a link to the obituary.


Minnie Albright/Mother/1894-1954 Tombstone, next to:
August Albright/Father/1882-1930 Tombstone, next to:
Emil Albright/1873-1960 Tombstone

BERGELIN: Bergelin family stone Bergelin family stone Mathilda/1862-1929/Mother Tombstone, next to: August/1863-1941/Father Tombstone, next to: Henry/1895-1917, next to: Carl/1893-1913 Tombstone Michael Bergelin/Geb. im Jahre 1835/gestorben 29 April 1882/alter 57 Jahre, ossw: Karoline Bergelin/geboren/im jahre 1846/gestorben 22 Marz 1892/alter 56 jahre Tombstone Michael/Karoline, ossw: Auguste Bergelin/geboren 19 Juni 1857/gestorben 29 Aug. 1890 Tombstone, ossw: Herman Bergelin/Geb. im. jahre 1868/Gest. im. jahre 1873 Bertha Bergelin/Geb. 26 Dez. 1871/Gest. im. jahre 1873 Tombstone Herman/Bertha, ossw: Edward Bergelin/geboren 13 Marz 1867/gestorben 19 Mai 1895/alter 28 jahre Tombstone Footstones: H.B., A.B., B.B., M.B., K.B., E.B. Elenora, Daugh. of F. & E. Bergelin/Aug. 28, 1907/Oct. 7, 1907 Tombstone Louise/Mother/Mar. 28, 1869/July 28, 1937, ossw: Albert/Father/Apr. 14, 1865/Jan. 25, 1951 Tombstone Louise/Albert Tombstone Louise/Albert Ronald Bergelin/Son/1932-1932 Tombstone, next to: Geraldine/Dau. of L. & E. Bergelin/1918-1921 Tombstone, next to: Erna Bergelin/1904-1978 Tombstone, next to: Louis Bergelin/1891-1972 Tombstone, next to: Ella/Mother/wife of L. Bergelin/1897-1922 Tombstone Ernestine/Mother/1885-1963, ossw: Fred/Father/1885-1962, ossw: Twin daughters/1923-1923 Tombstone Ernestine/Fred/Twin Daughters, next to: Ernestine Bergelin/nee HEINEMANN/Sept. 29, 1857/Apr. 14, 1888, ossw: John J. Bergelin/May 22, 1841/Aug. 23, 1930 Tombstone Ernestine/John Carol Bergelin/Daughter/1929-1929 Tombstone

BERNER: Wilhm. F. Berner/Geb. 11 Jan. 1785/Gest. 26 Oct. 1870, ossw: Louise F. BOLL/gattin von W.F. Berner/Geb. 11 Marz 1797/Gest. 5 Mai 1870 Tombstone Wilh./Louise Tombstone Wilh./Louise


BRANDENBURG: Mother/Wilhelmine Brandenburg/1846-1931 Tombstone, next to: Father/John Brandenburg/1842-1935 Tombstone, next to: August Brandenburg/31 Aug. 1875/23 Juli 1924 Tombstone, next to: Father/Fred Brandenburg/1878-1949 Tombstone, next to: Mother/Emma C. Brandenburg/1883-1926 Tombstone Baby Brandenburg/-1943- Tombstone Lester J. Brandenburg/Tec 4 US Army/World War II/Jan. 22, 1907/May 23, 1995 Tombstone

DAMM: Friedrich Damm/Gest. 15, Juli 1871/alter von 45 jahre Tombstone

HEIDMANN: Fred Heidmann/Father/1858-1929 Tombstone, next to: Augusta Heidmann/Mother/1866-1927 Tombstone Herman J. Heidmann/April 1, 1869/Sept. 10, 1953 Tombstone Heinrich H.S. Heidmann/Geb. 21 Marz 1825/starb 8 Sept. 1885/aus. Sterlitz-Moecklenburg Tombstone, ossw: Johanna Heidmann/Geb. 17 Mai 1833/Gest. 19 Juli 1916 Tombstone, ossw: Eleonora L.M./Geb. 3 Juni 1876/Gest. 1 Sept. 1879, ossw: Wilhelm/Geb. 25 Sept. 1867/Gest. 20 Jan. 1868/kinder of H. & J. Heidmann Tombstone Heinrich/Johanna/Eleonora/Wilhelm Tombstone Eleonora/Wilhelm See SCHULTZ


HENTZ: Hentz family stone (William Hintz/1876-1944/from obit)

HOLLY: Chester H./son of J. & M. Holly/born Nov. 4, 1895/died March 21, 1897

JANKE: Ralph W. Janke/Wisconsin/Pvt. Co. C 14 Engr. Cmbt. Bn./Korea/Aug. 6, 1930 - July 24, 1971 Tombstone

KAISER: Justine Kaiser/born Nov. 25, 1842/died Mar. 4, 1912 Footstone: J.K. Tombstone

KEMPFERT: Ida/toch von H. und W. Kempfert/Geb. 2 Sept. 1882/Gest. 23 Aug. 1888 Tombstone

KOHLS: Ervin Kohls/September 1, 1974/aged 64 years 1 month 14 days. (Lambert Funeral Home marker), next to: Walter Kohls/Oct. 9, 1901/July 18, 1974 Tombstone, next to: John/1873-1962, ossw: Emma/1880-1956 Tombstone John/Emma Harvey C. Kohls/PVT US Army/World War II/Feb 9 1906/Apr 25 1996 Tombstone

KRUGER: Elizebeth Kruger/Geb. in Mill-waukee, Wis./30 Oct. 1851/Gest. in Gibson/11 Jan. 1902, ossw: Johann Kruger/Geb. in Mecklenburg Schw./21 Juni 1840/Gest. in Gibson/30 Nov. 1893 Tombstone Elizebeth/Johann Tombstone Elizebeth/Johann Footstones: Mutter und Vater Tombstone Elizebeth/Johann The following stones flat in ground, in front of Elizebeth & Johann Kruger. Ernst/geboren 6 Oct. 1888/gestorben 11 Sept. 1889 Rudolf/geboren 22 Juni 1883/gestorben 19 Mar. 1886 Tombstone Johanna/geboren 1 Dec. 1881/gestorben 21 Mar. 1882 Tombstone Eleonor/geboren 18 Feb. 1877/gestorben 5 Juli 1877 Tombstone Johann/geboren 28 Oct. 1889/gestorben 9 Dec. 1889 Ludwig/geboren 29 Juli 1878/gestorben 28 Aug. 1878 Tombstone

LUEPKE: Wilhelm Luepke/Geb. 13 Mar. 1843/Gest. 23 Apr. 1904 Footstone: W.L. Tombstone Tombstone, next to: Charlotte Luepke/Mutter/Geb. 1 Aug. 1815/Gest. 23 Mar. 1908 Tombstone, next to: August Luepke/Geb. 4 Dec. 1850/Gest. 30 Oct. 1923 Tombstone, next to: Herman/1856-1929 Tombstone, next to: Ferdinand Luepke/July 11, 1859/Feb. 27, 1936 Tombstone

MARKOWSKI: Ronald Markoski/May 2, 1935/Aug. 15, 1935 Tombstone

NEITZ: Bertha/1862-1951, ossw: Ernestina/1839-1917, ossw: Carl/1836-1897 Tombstone Bertha/Ernestina/Carl

PAETZ: Edward Paetz/Geb. 28 Jan. 1867/Gest. 30 Oct. 1917, ossw: Albertina Paetz/Geb. 19 July 1866/Gest. 6 June 1934 Tombstone Edward/Albertina Tombstone Edward/Albertina Footstones: Mutter/Vater, next to: Johnnie E.A. Paetz/Geb. in Gibson/10 Mai 1895/Gest. 2 Mai 1911 Tombstone Johnnie Tombstone Johnnie, next to: Benno Paetz/1903-1964 Tombstone Clara Paetz/1904-1974 Tombstone, next to: Leo Paetz/1898-1966 Tombstone, next to: Willemina Paetz/gebne ZAHN in Pomern/7 Nov. 1845/Gest. 2 Feb. 1915/Manitowoc, Wis. Tombstone Willemina, ossw: John Paetz/Geb. in West Preusen/10 Nov. 1840/Gest. 19 Feb. 1930 Tombstone John/Willemina Tombstone John See REHMUS

PAUL: Carl Paul/17 Nov. 1815/gestorben 4 Dez. 1875, Footstone: C.P. Tombstone Tombstone


REHMUS: C. Wilhelm Rehmus/gestorben Marz 17, 1871/alter 51 jahre, ossw: Louisa/gattin von W. Remus/gebne PAETZ/17 Feb. 1823/Gest. 10 Juli 1905 Tombstone C. Wilhelm/Louise


ROHL: Johan Rohl/geboren/18 Febr. 1828/gestorben 20 Mai 1902, ossw: Minne Rohl/Geb. 24 Aug. 1831/Gest. 16 Juli 1904 Tombstone Johan/Minne, ossw: Augusta Rohl/geboren 28 Febr. 1871/gestorben 29 Marz 1885, ossw: Johan Rohl/geboren 12 Sept. 1873/gestorben 10 April 1881 Tombstone Augusta/Johan

ROLOFF: Johanna Roloff/Geb. 17 Dec. 1814/Gest. 13 Juni 1877 Tombstone Johanna, ossw: Christoff Roloff/Geb. 11 Mar. 1815/Gest. 22 Mar. 1866 Tombstone Christoff, ossw: Unsre/Grosz/Eltern Tombstone Johanna/Christoff/Grosz Tombstone Grosz Eltern Footstones: J.R., C.R. (Broken and laying under tree)

SCHMIDT: Ralph Schmidt Jr./-1937- Tombstone

SCHULTZ: William Schultz/Oct. 28, 1854/July 19, 1926, ossw: Augusta Schultz/Oct. 7, 1856/July 20, 1943 Tombstone William/Augusta Footstones leaning against the above stone: (They could belong to Heidemann's) E.L.M.H., W.H. Footstones Louis/Oct. 28, 1892/Sept. 8, 1976, ossw: Martha/Nov. 15, 1898/Nov. 10, 1969 Tombstone Louis/Martha, next to: Louis Schultz/Pvt. U.S. Army/World War I/Oct. 28, 1892/Sep. 8, 1976 Tombstone, next to: Erna C./Jan. 31, 1901/Dec. 23, 1970, ossw: William C./Mar. 25 1890/Dec. 18, 1972 Tombstone Erna/William, next to: William C. Schultz/Wisconsin/WAGR 332 Fld Arty/World War I/Mar. 25, 1890/Dec. 18, 1972 Tombstone

UNKNOWN: Tombstone I couldn't lift this stone but it was next to the Carl Paul stone

VANPEMBROUCK: Adeline E. Vanpembrouck/Mar. 10, 1918 - Mar. 03, 1999 Tombstone

WINTER: Wilhelm/sohn von C. u A. Winter/Geb. 29 Mar. 1866/Gest. 3 Feb. 1899 Tombstone, ossw: Christoph Winter/Geb. 17 Feb. 1827/Gest. 21 Nov. 1888 Tombstone Tombstone Christoph/Wilhelm Footstones: Wilhelm, Vater, next to: N?athile? Winter/alter 5 mo. Tombstone, next to: Carl Winter/Geb. und Gest. 1865, next to: Emma Winter/Geb. 26 Mar. 1861/Gest. 1861, next to: Lena Winter/Geb. 12 Nov. 1872/Gest. 1872, next to: Anna Winter/Geb. 20 Dec. 1863/Gest. 1865, next to: Henriette Winter/Geb. 5 Nov. 1833/Gest. 29 Jan. 1906 Tombstone, ossw: Gottlieb Winter/Geb. 25 Dez. 1829/Gest. 28 Dez. 1900 Tombstone Tombstone Gottlieb/Henriette Footstones: Mutter, Vater


ZANDER: Elenore/tochter von H. & L. Zander/gestorben Mai 10, 1874/alt. 2 jahre 16 tage Tombstone Footstone: E.Z. William A. Zander/1876-1961 Tombstone, next to: Emma Zander/1869-1941 Tombstone, next to: William/1844-1919, ossw: Auguste/1848-1939 Tombstone William/Auguste, next to: Louis/sohn von Wm. & Aug. Zander/Geb. 13 Febr. 1878/Gest. 17 Aug. 1878 Tombstone Helmuth Zander/1825-1911, ossw: Luise Zander/1839-1918 Tombstone Helmuth/Luise, next to: Rudolph Zander/1883-1923, ossw: Lena Zander/1876-1936 Tombstone Rudolph/Lena Johann Zander/geboren 17 Nov. 1793/gestorben 29 Juni 1859, ossw: Maria/seine gattin/geboren 27 Nov. 1800/gestorben 9 Nov. 1883 Tombstone Johann/Maria Tombstone Johann/Maria, next to: Fred Zander/1835-1907, ossw: Rosa/his wife/1844-1918 Tombstone Fred/Rosa, next to: Mary/Emma/Rosa/Karl/Fritz/children of F.& R. Zander Tombstone Mary/Emma/Rosa/Karl/Fritz Wilhelmine Zander/geborene POLZIN/gestorben Sept. 4, 1869/alter 28 jahre Tombstone Footstone: no information, next to Helmuth & Louis Zander.