Kossuth Township, Manitowoc Co., Wisconsin

Location: 1.0 mile North of the junction of County V and Highway 141 to Polifka Road, then West 0.1 mile on Polifka Road to the cemetery. Cemetery is set back from the road about 100', and is being maintained as of September, 1975. Cemetery was indexed in August, 1975 by Marcie Baer, Carol & Dick Cote, MCOCS, and by Anne and Roger Sisel. The earliest remaining stone is from 1864.
Many photos taken July 2007 by Becky Holly
Updated by the Manitowoc Genealogy Society in Nov. 2006, added to this site Dec. 2010.


Albert/1858-1931 Tombstone
Emma/1862-1929 Tombstone

BENYSEK: Alzbeta/manzelka/IG. Benysek/narozena v Lecicich v Cechach/zemrela/ 8 Cervna 1894/a dve dithy/Ig. a Al. Benysek Tombstone

BOHACEK: Frantisek Bohacek/v pokoji/narozen/24 Prosin 1823/zemrel/13 Dubna 1911 Tombstone, ossw: Katerina Bohacek/narozena/Roku 1827/zemrela/16 Rijen 1908 Tombstone

BONIN: Josephine Bonin/1861-1901/Our Dear Mother Tombstone

BUCKLEY: Hattie/Dau of J & F/Buckley/1884-1904 Tombstone Hattie Buckley Tombstone

CARLSON: Fritz H. Carlson/Jan. 16, 1903/Jan. 25, 2000 Tombstone, ossw: Alice M. Carlson/Mar. 5, 1905/Feb. 21, 1995 Tombstone

CHLOUPEK: Edwin A. Chloupek/Sept 27, 1893-Nov 10, 1972 Tombstone Anna L. Chloupek/Oct 18, 1891-July 11, 1973 Tombstone Olga Sylvia Chloupek/31 Pros. 1891/15 Cervce 1911 Tombstone Adolf S. Chloupek/Otec/11 List 1854/27 Brez 1906 Tombstone Anna Chloupek/Matka/24 List 1861/12 List 1935 Tombstone Victor A. Chloupek/2 Pros 1881/6 Cerv 1930 Tombstone Alzbeta Chloupek/narozena 14 List 1830/zemrela 13 Pros 1916 Tombstone, ossw: Anton Chloupek/narozen 13 Cerv 1826/zemrel 2 Rijna 1880 Tombstone, ossw: Josef Chloupek/narozen 18 Brez 1790/zemrel 11 Pros 1871 Tombstone, ossw: Marie Chloupek/Rozena Sipek/nar. 15 Kvet 1800/zemrela 2 dubna 1874 Tombstone

CHVALA: Ladonia Chvala/Mother/1899-1957 Tombstone

CIZKA: Anna/manzelka/A. Cizka/narozena/29 Pros 1869/zemrela/16 Pros 1889 Tombstone

COOTWAY: Blanche/1886-1955 Tombstone, ossw: Louis/1888-1961 Tombstone

DOUBEK: Matilda Skarievoda (Doubek)/manzelka/Josefa Doubka/Narozena 30 Srpna 1889/Zemrela 7 Srpna 1913 Tombstone Nas Milacek (Our Baby)/narozen a zemrel/28 Cervence 1913 Tombstone

DRASNER: Raymond Drasner/1925-1959 Tombstone Terezie Drasner/narozena/18 Rijna 1829/zemrela/30 Srpna 1899 Tombstone, ossw: Jan Drasner/narozena/1 Kvet 1824/zemrel/11 Pros 1895 Tombstone Fred Drasner/Wisconsin/Pfc Vet Hosp 12/World War I/June 26, 1892/Dec 23, 1948 (VFW) Tombstone Julia Drasner/1896-1961 (Ladies Aux. VFW) Tombstone Edwin Drasner/1900-1929 Tombstone Adolf/1894-1895 Tombstone, ossw: Ruzena/1900-1900 Tombstone, ossw: Edwin/1900-1900 Tombstone Emil Drasner/Syn/1897-1930 Tombstone Marie/Manzelka/J. Drasner/Narozena/24 List. 1864/Zemrela 26 Dub. 1907 Tombstone MarieMarie Drasner/Matka/1864-1907 Tombstone Josef Drasner/Otec/1854-1941 Tombstone Anna Drasner/1869-1946 Tombstone Anton Drasner/1865-1904 Tombstone, also another stone: Anton Drasner/1865-1904 Tombstone Anna: see also Justa listings

DUMKE: Christoph Dumke/Gestorben/7 Feb 1864/Alt 68 Jahre Tombstone

DVORNY: Emma/1873-1956 Tombstone, ossw: Anton/1870-1957 Tombstone Elizabeth Dvorny/1834-1924 Tombstone John Dvorny/1836-1900 Tombstone

ENGELBRECHT: Jan Engelbrecht/June 26, 1965 Tombstone

FIERST: Babies/Anna & Mary Fierst (no dates) Tombstone Anton F. Fierst/Wisconsin/Wagoner 33 Evac Amb Co./World War I/June 10, 1888/May 9, 1957 Tombstone Anna K. Fierst/Mother/1891-1931 Tombstone Norman Fierst/1927-1928 Tombstone Ruben Fierst/narozen/15 Cer 1913/zemrel/4 Led 1914 Tombstone Mary/Mother/1857-1933 Tombstone, ossw: Emanuel/Father/1856-1890 Tombstone

FISER: Vaclav Fiser/narozen/1803/zemrel 15 Zari 1879 Tombstone, ossw: Alzbeta Fiser/narozena/1804/zemrela/5 Kvetna 1886 Tombstone

FOGELTANZ: Emil/Syn S.A.M./Fogeltanz/narozen/22 Cervce 1889/zemrel/8 Unor 1891 Tombstone

FRYE: Libbie/1880-1961 Tombstone, ossw: Joseph/1877-1942 Tombstone Eleanor S. Frye/June 14, 1903/Dec. 30, 1992 Tombstone

HAVLICHEK: Michael/Husband/1879-1966 Tombstone, ossw: Anna/Wife/1884-1947 Tombstone

HOLAJ: Frantisek Holaj/narozen/24 Pros 1824/zemrel/29 Zari 1906 Tombstone, ossw: Marie Holaj/narozena/29 Cervce 1831/zemrela/8 Cervna 1903 Tombstone

HROUDA: Anna Hrouda/narozena/28 Zari 1824/zemrela/23 Srp 1907 Tombstone, ossw: Joseph Hrouda/narozen/28 Zari 1820/zemrel/3 Pros 1883 Tombstone Joseph Hrouda/Wisconsin/Pvt Co I 17 Regt Wis Inf/Civil War/Sept 28, 1820/Dec 3, 1883 Tombstone

HRUDKA: Jan Hrudka/Nar/24 Cerv 1820/Zem/5 Pros 1899 Tombstone, ossw: Anna Hrudka/Nar/25 Pros 1826/Zem/19 Ledna 1893 Tombstone Anton Hrudka/Nar/8 Rijna 1854/19 Brez 1884 Tombstone Blazena Hrudka/Baby/Nar/24 Dubna 1895/Zem/20 Ledna 1896 Tombstone Anna Hrudka/narozena/30 Kvetna 1862/zemrel/8 Ledna 1870 Tombstone

JACHIMSTAL/-STALA: Vaclav Jachimstal/zemrel/10 Dubna 1809/v. stari 72 Roku Tombstone, ossw: Anna/manzelka/V. Jachimstala/zemrela/24 Srpna 1867/v. stari 62 Roku Tombstone

JANDA-JANDY: J. Janda/a/Rodina Tombstone Anna Janda/Nar 29 Kvet 1874/zem/30 Rijna 1877 Tombstone Dorothy Janda/Jan 1, 1854-Jan 28, 1924 Tombstone Anna/manzelka/J. Jandy/narozena v cinovsi/v Cechach/24 Cervce 1806/zemrela/9 Cervce 1866 Tombstone Jos. Janda/Co. G./39 Wis Inf Tombstone Josef Janda/narozen/v labske tejkici/v cechach/16 Kvet 1808/zemrel/13 Brez 1905 Tombstone (From researcher: "I had puzzled before over the last two words, Josef's birthplace, and couldn't identify it with an actual place. Now that the tombstone's picture is linked and I can read it myself, I see it's actually spelled "LABSKE TEJNICI" (with "N" not "K"). This is a real place and the modern or more formal name of the town is Tŭnec nad Labem.") Katerina/manzelka/V. Jandy/Rozena v. ctinorest/v. Cechach/Roku 1811/zemrella/27 Pros 1888 Tombstone, ossw: Vaclav Janda/narozen v. Bechline/v Cechach/ Roku 1813/zemrel/Roku 1894 Tombstone

JELINEK: Albert/Dec 18, 1884/Apr. 12, 1971 Tombstone, ossw: Emily/Feb 4, 1883/May 28, 1959 Tombstone Rose Marion/Dau of A & E Jelinek/Nov 28/Dec 5, 1916 Tombstone Jan Jelinek/zemrel/15 Ledn 1875/stari/57 Roku Tombstone Katarina/zenu od J./Jelinek/zemerla/17 Pros 1894/stari/70 Roku Tombstone Verna E. Jelinek/Aug. 23, 1922-Nov. 29, 2006 Tombstone

JOURA: Antonin Joura/zemrel/9 Pros 1916/u stari/76 Roku Tombstone, ossw: Marie Joura/zemrela 19 Brez 1904/u stari/63 Roku Tombstone, ossw: Vaclav Joura/narozen/Roku 1812/zemrel/31 Brez 1902 Tombstone

JURANEK: Tomas Juranek/narozen/21 Pros 1810/zemrel/2 Brez 1890 Tombstone, ossw: Marie Juranek/narozena/22 Unora 1872/zemrela/26 Kvet 1893 Tombstone Rosa Juranek/1829-1919/Grandma Tombstone

JUSTA/JUSTY: Anna/manzelka/V. Justy/rozena/Drasner/27 Zari 1863/zemrela/17 Prosince 1885 Tombstone

KAPITAN: Jan Kapitan/narozen/27 Cervce 1877/zemrel/28 Brez 1896 Tombstone

KASA/KASY: Josef/Syn V a. R. Kasy/narozen/13 List 1878/2 Cerv 1887/J.Kasa Tombstone

KASE: Jan/Syn J. a A. Kase/narozen/21 Pros 1845/zemrel 16 Unora 1883 Tombstone, ossw: Jan/manzel/A. Kase/narozen/4 Unora 1819/zemrel/22 Zari 1905 Tombstone, ossw: Anna/manzelka/J. Kase/narozen/11 List 1812/zemrella/20 Led 1883 Tombstone

KNUTH: Emma/1892-1927 Tombstone

KOCI: Josef Koci/1837-1912 Tombstone, ossw: Katerina Koci/1840-1918 Tombstone

KOTCHE: Louis Kotche/May 17, 1886/Dec. 23, 1918 Tombstone, ossw: Emma Kotche/His Wife/nee Wachholz/Aug. 24, 1889/Jan. 7, 1919 Tombstone Evangeline V./dau of/L & E Kotche/Born Oct. 8, 1910/Died June 11, 1911 Tombstone

KRAJNIK: Matej Krajnik/narodilse 1812/zemrel/29 Srpna 1872/rozen s obce/strem v cechach Vaclav Krajnik/narozen/27 Srpna 1816/zemrel/20 Rijna 1894 Tombstone, ossw: Marie Krajnik/zemrela/8 Cerv 1907/v stari/84 Roku Tombstone, ossw: Marie Krajnik/narozena/Roku 1860/zemrela/20 Rijna 1877 Tombstone Rosalie Krajnik/zemrela/10 Brez 1877/stari/17 Roku Tombstone, ossw: Jan Krajnik/zemrel/21 Zari 1875/stari/18 Roku Tombstone Vaclav Krajnik/1842-1924 Tombstone, ossw: Anna Krajnik/1834-1928 Tombstone

KREJCI: Marie Krejci/narozena 12 Kvet 1834/zemrela 27 Pros 1912 Tombstone (same cut & shape as Josef Janda stone, which it is near)

LEPICH: Otto T./1893-1962 Tombstone, ossw: Libbie A./1893-1982 Tombstone Infant Lepich/1949 Tombstone Otto Lepich/Wisconsin/Cpl Co B 340 Infantry/World War I/Dec 5, 1893/Oct 16, 1962 Tombstone George V./April 22, 1922/November 7, 2002 Tombstone, ossw: Mildred M./July 21, 1925/uncut

MALY: Erving Maly/June 2 - Nov 18, 1918 Tombstone Blanka/Ocera V. a. W./Maly/narozena/12 Cerv 1877/zemrela/5 Cerv 1881 Tombstone Vaclav Maly Sr./narozen ve Stremach/v. Cechach/24 Cervna 1817/zemrel 10 Brez 1903/Otec Tombstone, ossw: Katerina/manzelka/V. Maly/narozena v. Borci/Kraj Mladoboleslavsky/ v cechach/zemrela 15 Cervna 1901/v stari 86 Roku/Matka Tombstone Vaclav Maly/nar Roku 1842/zem. 9 Cerv 1935 Tombstone, ossw: Marie Maly/nar. 15 Zari 1849/zem. 22 Cerv 1920 Tombstone Stephen/1882-1961 Tombstone, ossw: Clara/1890-1965 Tombstone

MARES: Alois Mares/narozen/15 Zari 1895/zemrel/9 Rijna 1895 Tombstone Zdenek Mares/narozen/4 Cervna 1897/zemrel/30 Srpna 1897 Tombstone also a stone by the lot corner stone: Senia

MARESH: Blanche E./1890-1941 Tombstone, ossw: Vincent/1881-1951 Tombstone Henry Maresh/1871-1946 Emma Maresh/1873-1931 Blanche Maresh/1911-1937 Tombstone, ossw: Walter Maresh/1903-1988 Tombstone, ossw: Gladys Maresh/July 11, 1920-May 23, 2015 Tombstone Otto Maresh/1899-1981

MEYER: Victor G. Meyer/1893-1965 Tombstone Rosey/Mother/May 24, 1859/Dec 13, 1930 Tombstone Joseph N./Father/July 19, 1855/June 4, 1928 Tombstone Leo A. Meyer/Jan 15, 1898/May 28, 1920 Tombstone

MORAVEC: Wencil/Moravec/1876-1951 Tombstone

MOSS: Charles Moss/1886-1963 Tombstone

NETHING: Fred/Father/1880-1956 Tombstone, ossw: Mary/Mother/1877-1949 Tombstone Terry Jon Nething/Oct. 21, 1971-April 10, 1977 Tombstone Rose M. Nething/1917-2011 Tombstone John F. Nething/1922-2003 Tombstone William Nething/1906-1995 Tombstone (Adolph Nething/d. Oct. 27, 1918/from obit/no stone)

NEY: Waleska H. Ney/Feb. 6, 1901/July 13, 1967 Tombstone Emil F. Ney/Wisconsin/Pvt. 314 Aux. RMT Dep. QMC/World War I/Jan 6, 1889/March 14, 1956 Tombstone

OTRADOVEC: Marie Otradovek/Nar. 26 Dubna 1873/Zem. 22 Srpna 1913/Matka Tombstone

PECH: Marie Pech/2 Cervce 1849/21 Unora 1914 Tombstone Ignatz Pech/31 Cervce 1845/14 Brez 1922 Tombstone Stepan Pech/13 Pros 1886/24 Pros. 1913 Tombstone Adella Pech/Rozena Titera/21 Cervce 1899/23 Pros 1918 Tombstone Mary/Mother/June 29, 1866/Feb 16, 1901 Tombstone, ossw: Joseph M./Father/Nov. 23, 1864/May 6, 1947 Tombstone Robert Pech/May 22, 1898/Jan. 21, 1966 Tombstone Anton Pech/narozen/2 Srpna 1862/zemrel/1 Pros 1868 Tombstone Henry Pech/1879-1952 Adolph Pech/1884-1918 Tombstone, ossw: Emma Pech/his wife/1886-1918 Tombstone Geanette R./Dau. of/A & E Pech/Born Oct 22, 1909/Died Dec. 24, 1909 Tombstone

PECKA: stone broken through in 3 pieces: illeg./Pecka/illeg. 1884/illeg. 1887 Tombstone

PODRABSKY: Josef Podrabsky/7 Pros. 1873/9 Zari 1909 Tombstone Frantisek Podrabsky/zem. 10 Led. 1913/v stari 66 Roku Tombstone Marie Podrabsky/6 Zari 1850/19 Kvet 1917 Tombstone Joseph/Father/1843-1924 Tombstone, ossw: Antonia/Mother/1857-1937 Tombstone Antonin/Syn Jos. a A. Podrabsky/Narozen/29 Rijna 1877/Zemrel/21 Pros 1898 Tombstone Anna/Manzelka Jos. Podrabsky/zemrela 7 Rijna 1879/v stari 33 Roku Tombstone

POLIVKA: Vaclav Polivka/1833-1904 Tombstone, ossw: Marie Polivka/1833-1887 Tombstone

RENO: Mabel/Mother/1883-1964 Tombstone, ossw: William/Father/1878-1941 Tombstone, ossw: Florence/Baby/1924-1927 Tombstone Leonard Reno/1920-1999 Tombstone Lorraine Reno/1923-2008 Tombstone

REZBA: John Rezba/1813-1889 Tombstone

RUMPEL: Peter Rumpel/gestorben/11 April 1880/Alter 73 Jahre Tombstone

SARA/SHARA: Joseph Shara/Mar 19 1841/Pvt. 34 Wisc. Mil Inf./June 15 1885/Co. I. Tombstone Josef Sara/Narozen/19 Brezna 1841/Zemrel/15 Cervce 1885 Tombstone, ossw: Jindrich Sara/Narozen/18 Zari 1880/Zemrel/7 Led 1913 Tombstone

SCHENIAN: Ponschock/Baby - 1918 Tombstone, ossw: Infant/1881 Tombstone, ossw: Rose/1882-1890 Tombstone

SCHROEDER: Liesbeth Schroeder/1932-2010 Tombstone

SIMONEK: Jan/Syn Jana a. A?my Simonek/zemrel/30 Ledna 1876/stari/1 Rok 4 Mesice Tombstone

SIPEK: Zde odpociza/Adolf Sipek/Narozen/v Centerville/8 Zari 1864/Zemrel/26 Kvet 1889 Tombstone Adolph/Syn. A. u. A.(?) Sipek/narozen 31 Cervce 1889/zemrel 13 Cervna 1892 Tombstone Ema/Dcera. A. u. A./Sipek/narozena/2 Brez 1888/zemrela/4 Ledna 1891 Tombstone Joseph/1887-1891 Tombstone, ossw: Blanche/1892-1892/children of Wencel and Anna Sipek Tombstone

SKARIEVODA: Adolph/Father/1866-1943 Tombstone, ossw: Anna/Mother/1869-1944 Tombstone See: DOUBEK

SKARYVODA: Antonin Skaryvoda/narozen/20 Unora 1838/zemrel/9 Dubna 1903 Tombstone Alzbeta/Manzelka A. Skaryvody/Rozena Krejci(?)/19 List 1839/zemrela/29 Srp 1901 Tombstone

SPEVACEK: Ludmila Spevacek/zemrela/2 Dubna 1892/stari 66 Roku Tombstone, ossw: Frantisek Spevacek/zemrel/3 Srp. 1889/stari 70 Roku Tombstone

STASTNY: Emil/1897-1897 Tombstone John/1846-1921/Father Tombstone

STROUF: Bozena/1867-1944 Tombstone, ossw: Frank/1867-1948 Tombstone+

SUBRA: Katerina/Manzelka/J. Subra/Zemrela/28 List 1889/u stari 78 Roku Tombstone

SUCHAN: Jan Suchan/narozen/6 Pros 1819/zemrel/6 Ledna 1889 Tombstone

SVOBODA: Jan Svoboda/zemrel/23 Srpna 1883/Star 89 Roku Tombstone Joseph/1876-1941 Tombstone, ossw: Wencil/1881-1949 Tombstone

SVOBODY: Marie/manzelka/J. Svobody/zemrela/19 Cervence 1900/v stari/50 Roku

SWABODA: Jos. Swaboda/Co. B/9th Wis Inf/Narozen/Roku 1830/Zemrel/25 Led. 1883/US War Vet Tombstone

SYKORA: Anton Sykora/Narozen/14 Brez. 1878/Zemrel/8 Unora 1889 Tombstone Antonin Sykora/zemrel 20 Led 1893/v stari/75 Roku Tombstone, ossw: Anna Sykora/zemrela/22 Pros 1898/v stari 68 Roku Tombstone

TESARIK: Joseph Tesarik/Father/1859-1927 Tombstone Marie Tesarik/Mother/1862-1941 Tombstone Henry/Father/1883-1941 Tombstone, ossw: Emily/Mother/1895-1961 Tombstone Adolph Tesarik Jr./1932-1950 Tombstone Adolph/1890-1954 Tombstone, ossw: Emilie/1895-1958 (Ladies Aux. VFW) Tombstone Jan Tesarik/narozen/2 Srpna 1816/zemrel/16 Unora 1892 Tombstone, ossw: Anna/Manzelka/J. Tesarik/narozena/28 Kvet 1834/zemrela/16 Pros. 1913 Tombstone Othelia Tesarik/1872-1942 Janice G. Tesarik/1940-2013 Tombstone Kenneth H. Tesarik/1933-2009 Tombstone Infant Daughter/July 20, 1970/July 20, 1970 Tombstone

TITERA: Vaclav Titera/Otec/1860-1937 Tombstone Alzbeta Titera/Matka/1865-1925 Tombstone Vaclav Titera/Otec/1826-1917 Tombstone Marie Matka/1826-1917 Tombstone Frantisek/1888-1891 Tombstone, ossw: Helenka/1890-1891 Tombstone

TROCIL: F.M. Trocil Tombstone Amalie Trocil/narozena/30 List 1905/zemrel/29 Rijna 1914 Tombstone Frantisek/Otec/1853-1932 Tombstone, ossw: Anna/Matka/1851-1937 Tombstone Frank Trocil/1881-1946 Tombstone Adela Trocil/1885-1915 Tombstone

TROULLIER: Anna/1881-1923 Tombstone, ossw: Joseph/1884-1956 Tombstone

VACEK: Laura Vacek/narozena/29 Srp 1909/zemrela/9 Zari 1909 Tombstone

WACEK: Anna Wacek/Nar 10 Ledna 1871/zem 2 Ledna 1951 Tombstone Frank Wacek/Nar 20 Rijna 1859/Zem. 27 Ledna 1923 Tombstone

WARM: Adam Warm Tombstone Anna Warm/1830-Aug. 9, 1899/from record

WEGER: Charles H. Weger/July 8, 1924/Aug. 31, 1985/ENS. US Army/WWII Tombstone

WILDA: Stephan Wilda/narozen/18 Pros 1853/zemrel/19 List 1896 Tombstone

YOURA: Mary/1866-1956 Tombstone, ossw: Joseph/1864-1888 Tombstone

ZEMAN: Annie Zeman/Apr 26, 1869/Apr 24, 1922 Adolph Zeman/Feb 28, 1867/Oct 20, 1942 Jan Zeman/14 Kvet 1838 - 8 Led 1915 Tombstone, ossw: Josefa Zeman/22 Unora 1841 - 1 Cervna 1914 Tombstone footstones with the above: Otec Matka Nase Milackove Marije Zeman/narozena/26 Listopadu/1866/zemrela/6 Prosince/1903 Tombstone Anna Zeman/Nar. 3, List 1898/Zem 9 Brez. 1917 Tombstone

ZIVNY: Josef Zivny/narozen/10 Kvet 1875/zemrela/4 Dubna 1898 Tombstone, ossw: Anton Zivny/narozen/4 Ledna 1886/zemrel/19 Rijna 1889 Tombstone

??? Jar??????/?????? J?u?a? Marie (stone broken through) ??? ??? ??? 15 Brezna 1869/zemrel/14 Pros 1876 ??? Footstone M.K. under tree next to Vaclav & Marie Krajnik stone ??? (stone broken through)...22 Roku 5 Mes (near Vaclav Maly stone