Kossuth Township, Manitowoc Co., Wisconsin

Location: From 310 between Two Rivers and I-43 turn north on county B,
go 0.8 miles then turn left on Ruby Lane road. Cemetery is on the right about 0.5 miles. Indexed on August 31, 1975. Reindexed by the Manitowoc Genealogy Society Nov. 2006, added to this site Dec. 2010.

Names in [Brackets] were from info from the tombstone pics taken 4 July 2001 by Shari.
The link from the surname goes to a page with photos of the tombstone.
If the person's first name is underlined, it is a link to the obituary.


Dorothea Albrecht/Geb. MEISNER/Geboren 20 Sept. 1833/Gestorben 11 Febr. 1886 Tombstone

ANDERSON: Hans A. Anderson/Wisconsin/Mech. Btry B 39 Arty CAC/World War I/May 21, 1891/Feb. 13, 1965 Tombstone Norman Anderson/1939-1960 Tombstone Olivia Anderson/1917-1960 Tombstone Jacob Anderson/1912-1960 Tombstone Verona Anderson/1919-1953 Tombstone Norbert Anderson/US Army/World War II/Sep 22 1919/Apr 1 1995 Tombstone Lawrence G. Anderson/1915-1976 Tombstone, ossw: Wilma M. Anderson/1922-1998 Tombstone Raymond B. Anderson/1943-1989 Tombstone Robert L. Anderson/1946-1987 Tombstone Victor Anderson/Son of Norbert and Verona/Oct 20 1940/Jul 13 2000 Tombstone

ANTHOLZ: Heinrich Antholz/geb. 24 Dez 1829/gest 25 Apr. 1901 Tombstone Sidonia Antholz/1902-1998 Tombstone, ossw: August Antholz/1893-1976 Tombstone

ARNHOLZ: August Arnholz/Father/Nov. 20, 1845/Sept 23, 1929 Tombstone Mary Arnholz/Mother/Apr. 23, 1853/Mar. 31, 1934 Tombstone (John Wm. Arnholz/son of Aug. and Maria Arnholz/b. 12 June 1877/d. 21 Aug. 1877/no stone)

BARBER: Samantha M. Barber/1970-1970 Tombstone

BECKER: Fred Becker/1880-1959 Tombstone

BEHLING: Loise Behling/geborene DREBLOW/gestorben 11 Jan. 1865/Alt 64 Jahre/11 Mon. 11 Tage Tombstone

BLOUCHER: Andrew Bloucher/geboren 1 April 1872/gestorben 13 April 1897 Tombstone

BOETTGER: Herman Boettger/1845-1914 Tombstone Alvina Boettger/1852-1929 Tombstone

BRANDT: Eva Brandt/geb 26 Mar. 1895/gest. 29 Mar. 1895 Tombstone, ossw: Gottfried Oestreich See OESTREICH

BRAUN: Earl Braun/1914-1967 Tombstone Emil Braun/1879-1934 Tombstone, ossw: Mathilda Braun/1885-1978 Tombstone Eugene Braun/Aug. 9, 1916/Dec. 24, 1995 Tombstone Eunice Braun/May 19, 1911/Dec. 7, 1980 Photo + Tombstone

BRIESKE: Anton Brieske/b. June 10, 1894/d. July 1973/from obituary

BRISKE: base only, stone gone

BUDNIK: Baby Budnik/1956-1956 Tombstone

CRAIG: Angel Craig/1957-1957 Tombstone

DEROSIER: Robert DeRosier/1898-1959 Tombstone


FICK: William T. Fick/1880-1957 Tombstone Ernestine Fick/1883-1959 Tombstone

FOERSTER: Foerster Family Tombstone Wilhelm Foerster/7 Aug. 1871/29 Juni 1892 Tombstone Apollonia Foerster/Mutter/26 April 1842/20 Dez 1909 Tombstone Leonhard Foerster/Vater/23 April 1840/15 Feb. 1914 Tombstone John (Leonard) Foerster/d. Feb. 6, 1881/from obit/no stone

GADZINSKI: Hilary Gadzinski/1927-1989 (7 Nov. 1927/12 Jan. 1989/SSDI) Tombstone

GAUGER: Cora/1900-1991 (b. 9 May 1900/d. Oct 1991/SSDI) Tombstone, ossw: Herbert/July 3, 1899/Dec. 16, 1971 Tombstone Mary Gauger/1879-1928 Tombstone Brian Hugo Gauger/Sept. 3, 1963-Oct. 21, 1963/from obit

GONZALES: Cristina Gonzales/Nov. 3, 1965/Mar. 26, 1996 Tombstone Mavis Gonzales/1924-1966 Tombstone, ossw: KOBER

GROELLE: Elmer Groelle/1890-1965 Tombstone, ossw: Helena Groelle/1888-1972 Tombstone

HARDRATH: (Anna Louise Hardrath/born Pahl/died Dec. 29, 1873/age 69 yrs. 9 mo.) (Minna Emilie Hardrath/age 5 mo./d. 24 July 1874/from death record of First German Evangelical Lutheran ch.) Erna/Oct. 1, 1892/Feb. 19, 1967 Tombstone, ossw: George/1883-1960 Tombstone Mina Hardrath (Minna)/geborene PONS/gestorben 18 Marz 1874/Alter 22 Jahre/3 Mon. 28 Tage Tombstone Maria/Gattin von Fr. Hardrath/geboren 13 Aug. 1805/gestorben(stone broken off and reset) Tombstone Ernst/1891-1894 Tombstone, ossw: Friedrich/1889-1894 Tombstone, ossw: Reinhart/1888-1894 Tombstone Emilie PREUSZ/tochter von/C. & H. Hardrath/gestorben 1 Dez 1895/Alter/43 Jah. 11 Mon. Tombstone Friedrich Hardrath/geboren 15 Okt 1813/gestorben 20 Jan 1897/Alter/83 Jah. 3 M. 5 T. (stone broken) Tombstone John H. Hardrath/Father/1886-1947 Tombstone Fern Hardrath/1924-1960 Tombstone Elton R. Hardrath/1920-1994 Tombstone, ossw: Marcella R. Hardrath/1925-2003 Tombstone Olga Hardrath/1894-1984 Tombstone, ossw: John Hardrath/1886-1947 Tombstone

HOLSCHBACH: Peter Holschbach/Geb 28 Mar 1844/Gest. 9 Dec. 1895 Tombstone Father/1844-1895 Tombstone Mother/1849-1923 Tombstone

JUAREZ: Joseph Juarez/1952-1953 Tombstone

JUNIEWICZ: Wenzil Juniewicz/d. Apr 5, 1963/age 83/from obit

KANE: Edward Kane/1873-1957 Tombstone>

KAPPELMANN: F. Wilhelm/Sohn des W. & D. Kappelmann/geboren 25 Nov. 1860/ ertrunken (drowned) 28 Juli 1885 Tombstone Doris/Gattin von W. Kappelmann/Geb 10 Apr. 1825/Gest. 21 Apr. 1903 Tombstone, ossw: Wilhelm Kappelmann/Geb 13 Sep. 1826/Gest 12 Jan. 1909 Tombstone

KASBOHM: Penny Marie Kasbohm/1962-1962 Tombstone

KIEL: Reinhold Kiel/Born Jan. 17, 1890/Died Feb. 4, 1890 Tombstone Anna/Tochter des H. & W. Kiel/Geboren 23 Febr. 1864/Gestorben 6 Nov. 1888 Tombstone

KIMMERLE: Chris Kimmerle/1876-1957 Tombstone

KOBER: Polly Paulita Kober/Oct. 4 - Nov. 27, 1967 Tombstone, ossw: GONZALES

KONGLEY: Joseph Kongley/1875-1954 Tombstone

KORTENS: Christian Kortens/Geboren 10 Juli 1808/Gestorben 15 April 1880 Tombstone, ossw: Johanna Kortens/Geborene WIEMAN/Geboren 24 Juli 1812/Gestorben 14 Febr. 1884 Tombstone

KRAUSE: O. & H. Krause (no other information) Tombstone Henrietta/Gattin von Aug Krause/2 Nov. 1860/20 Juli 1900 Tombstone, ossw: August Krause/geb 20 Apr. 1853/gest 25 Jan. 1933 Tombstone Charles Krause/1862-1939 Tombstone Elizabeth Krause/1842-1923 Tombstone

KRUEGER: William/1867-1953 Tombstone, ossw: Sophie/1869-1962 Tombstone, ossw: Johann Krueger/geboren 4 Dec. 1814/starb 14 Mai 1891 Tombstone, ossw: Maria Krueger/geboren 5 Mar. 1833/Starb 26 Oct. 1916 Tombstone

LA VOIE: Frederick Joseph LaVoie III/1906-1976 Tombstone, ossw: Veronise A. La Voie/1931-2007 Tombstone

MAAS: William Maas/1862-1937 Tombstone, ossw: Ottilia Maas/1866-1951 Tombstone Olga Maas/1898-1972 Tombstone, ossw: Alma Maas/1899-1980 Tombstone Heinrich Maas/geb 14 Jan. 1819/gest 15 Dec. 1897 Tombstone, ossw: Helena Maas/geb 3 Aug. 1822/gest 20 Mar. 1886 Tombstone

MARKWARDT: Friedrich Markwardt/Born June 1, 1822/Died April 9, 1906 Tombstone

MARTINEZ: Anna Delia Martinez/1954-1954 Tombstone

MCCARTY: Minnie McCarty/Born Oct. 14, 1872/Died Sept. 1, 1906 Tombstone


MILLER: Edward H. Miller/Sept 26, 1887/May 22, 1958 Tombstone Eileen A. Miller/Feb. 28, 1950-____ Francis R. Miller/1919-1998 Tombstone, ossw: Elda M. Miller/1921-2015 Janet M. Miller/1947-____

MISCHOT: Joseph Mischot/died March 1, 1897/Aged 48 years Tombstone

MROTEK: Daniel E. Mrotek/1900-1970 Tombstone

MUELLER: Henrietta/Gattin des/A. Mueller/Geboren 15 Oktober 1834/Gestorben 1 April 1890 Tombstone August Mueller/Geb. 23 Apr. 1832/Gest. 11 Feb. 1902 Tombstone

MULL: 1876 Alwina Mull 1877 1889 Maria Mull 1890

NEUENFELDT: Edna Neuenfeldt/1900-1972 Tombstone

NEWEL: Baby Newel/1960-1960 Tombstone

OESTREICH: A. Oestreich Tombstone [There is a base for a stone between A. and H. Oestreich] H. Oestreich Tombstone H. Oestreich Tombstone (Henry Oestreich/d. July 23, 1900/from obit) Gottfried Oestreich/geb 2 Mai 1830/gest 21 Mai 1892 Tombstone, ossw: [Hulda Oestreich/Geb 2 Aug. 1834/Gest 17 Mar. 1901] Tombstone, ossw: Eva Brandt Tombstone See BRANDT

OLSON: Donna Olson/1954-1954 Tombstone Bruce Olson/1953-1953 Tombstone Infant Son Olson/-Feb. 26, 1965-

ORTIZ: Alvina Ortiz/1874-1941 Tombstone

PESERIK: Anton W. Peserik/July 18, 1903/Apr. 8, 1974 Tombstone Lucille E. Peserik/1917-1979 Tombstone

PETERIK: Edna Peterik/Jan. 25, 1904/Apr. 24, 1924 Tombstone Minnie/Oct. 1, 1881/Aug. 13, 1949 Tombstone, ossw: John/Dec. 15, 1881/Sept. 14, 1960 Tombstone

PETERMAN: Charles L. Peterman/1940-1966 Tombstone

PETERSON: Harold O. Peterson/1911-1974 Tombstone Richard C. Peterson/1940-1991 Tombstone, ossw: Jean Peterson/1940-1991 Tombstone

PHILLIPS: Mary Phillips/1882-1958 Tombstone

PIERCE: Donald Ward Pierce/Wisconsin/Pvt U S Army/World War II Oct. 23, 1917 - July 12, 1972 Tombstone

POKLINKOWSKI: John J. Poklinkowski/Wisconsin/Pvt U S Army/World War II/Oct. 16, 1898 - Sept. 24, 1973 Tombstone


PREUSZ: Emilie Preusz/tochter von/C. & H. Hardrath/gestorben 1 Dez 1895/Alter/43 Jah. 11 Mon. Tombstone See Hardrath

PULS: August Puls/geboren 20 April 1840/gestorben 16 Marz 1902 Tombstone, ossw: Maria/Gattin des/Aug. Puls/geboren 20 April 1849/gestorben 5 Juli 1899 Tombstone

RAHN: Henry Sr./1872-1941 Tombstone, ossw: Emma/Mar. 13, 1880/Feb. 18, 1967 Tombstone, ossw: Henry Jr./Nov. 3, 1901/May 12, 1974 Tombstone

REHM: Albert P. Rehm/Aug. 10, 1901/July 2, 1965 Tombstone Florence M. Rehm/1915-1982 Tombstone

REHME: Gerald A. Rehme/Jan. 5, 1945-June 1, 2008

SANCHEZ: Baby Sanchez/1961-1961 Tombstone

SCHMADDEBECK: Heinrich Schmaddebeck/gestorben Febr. 24, 1874/Alter 52 Jahre/6 Monate Tombstone

SCHMIDT: Herman Schmidt/1878-1956 Tombstone

SCHUETTE: Emilie/Gattin des/A. Schuette/24 Mar. 1835/29 Oct. 1885 Raymond Schuette/Son/May 11, 1900/Sept. 15, 1900 Tombstone Helen Schuette/Daughter/June 10, 1902/June 18, 1902 Tombstone Mary Schuette/Mother/Apr. 8, 1873/Dec. 23, 1936 Tombstone Wm. F. Schuette/Father/May 20, 1869/May 24, 1950 Tombstone

SCHULTZ: Sophia Schultz/13 Juni 1886/Alter/53 Jahre Tombstone Heinrich Schultz/Gest. 1 Jan. 1861/Alter 52 Jahre Tombstone Heinrich/Sohn des (Illegible) (M,N orK?) u. W. Schultz/Geb. 19 Juli 1892/Gest 9 Juni 1893 Tombstone

SHEKOSKI: John Shekoski/1873-1955 Tombstone

SHERIDAN: Kathleen Sheridan/1956-1956 Tombstone

SHIMEK: Edward A. Shimek/Apr. 30, 1963-March 24, 2009 Tombstone

SPECHT: Lydia Specht/Feb. 26, 1875/Jan. 10, 1946 Tombstone Laura Specht/Born July 13, 1876/Died Nov. 13, 1909, ossw: Herman Specht/Jan. 6, 1865/June 8, 1945, ossw: Frank Specht/Sept. 21, 1869/July 14, 1956 Tombstone, ossw: William Specht/Born July 27, 1856/Died Dec. 19, 1920 Katharine Specht/geboren 4 Nov. 1828/gestorben 5 Jan. 1903 Tombstone, ossw: Franz Specht/geboren 17 Sept. 1817/gestorben 31 Marz 1896 Tombstone

SPRICK: Henry Sprick/1846-1926 Tombstone Sophia Sprick/1846-1928 Tombstone Fred Sprick/1857-1929 Tombstone above 3 near large marker: Sprick/Gauger Sprick/Gauger Tombstone

STEINBRICKER: Louisa Steinbricker/geb. zu Schwerta/15 Oct. 1839/gest 26 Sept. 1915 Tombstone

STEINBRUCKER: J. Samuel Steinbrucker/Geb 24 Juni 1830/Ges 19 Mai 1897 Tombstone

THOMAS: Christopher Thomas/May 17-Aug. 17, 1980/son of Luis Tello & Laura Thomas Tombstone

ULLMAN: Albert Ullman/1880-1959 Tombstone

UNKNOWN: Two photos of the same stone, can't identify it. Tombstone Tombstone

VOGEL: Carl Vogel/Wisconsin/Pvt Co I 34 Regt Wis Inf/Civil War/Feb. 20, 1820/April 24, 1902 Tombstone

WACHHOLS: Gottlieb Wachhols/Geb 6 Dec. 1824/Gest 3 Jan. 1902 (stone broken) Tombstone Elisabetha/Gattin von G. Wachols/geb 23 Apr. 1821/gest 16 Nov. 1896 Tombstone

WACHHOLZ: Ludwig Wachholz/Geb 7 Mai 1888/Gest 21 Sept 1888 Tombstone

WALTER: Henry Walter/1872-1957 Tombstone


WILMS: Hulda/Gattin von Wm. Wilms/19 Apr. 1871/29 Jan. 1909 Tombstone, ossw: William Wilms/26 Jul. 1861/12 Aug. 1937 (same as record of St. John's United Ch. of Christ, Manitowoc) Tombstone Footstones: Father Mamma Annie/Feb. 7, 1907-March 5, 1907/from record

WOLFORDT: Family Tombstone D.M. Wolfordt/(Dorathea Marie)/Mother/Feb. 7, 1841/Oct. 13, 1922 Tombstone George Wolfordt/1878-Oct. 13, 1947/from obit

WOZNICK: Gerard Woznick/1958-1958 Tombstone

ZEDDIES: Friedrich Zeddies/Vater/Geb. 27 Dec. 1829/Gest 26 Juli 1898 Tombstone

ZELLE: Edwin Zelle/Baby/Sept. 6, 1940 Tombstone

??? Erwin (footstone piled by Loise Behling stone) Tombstone Alfred W. Tombstone Note: (Moses Smith)/Indian Medicine Man buried in East corner Note: A number of burials were made in the "potters field" section of this cemetery. Many wooden markers that once stood there are gone, and many graves were not marked. Source of this information: Mr. George Hardrath, who cares for the cemetery.