Kossuth Township, Manitowoc Co., Wisconsin

On Northwest corner of Rockwood Road and County Trunk Q. Many stones are broken and fallen, many not cut, many markers missing as of May 1975. Transcribed by Dick & Carol Cote on May 4, 1975. Many stone remnants and uncut markers are piled in the North corner of the cemetery.

Tombstone pics taken 19 June 2001 by Shari.
Re-transcribed by the Manitowoc Genealogy Society Aug. 2006/added to this site Dec. 2010


[A-3]-Edward Ahlswede/Father/1860-1931 Tombstone
[A-4]-Mathilda Ahlswede/Mother/1863-1939 Tombstone
[C-1]-Ludwig Ahlswede/Hier ruht/geboren/18 Jan 1816/in __?jen Hanover./Er
        brachte ein Alter auf/67 Jahre, 10 Mon, 10 Tage Tombstone
[C-2]-Johanna Ahlswede/Hier ruht/geboren 26 Sept. 1817/gestorben/13 Mai 1899
       (b. Germany/married to Ludwig) Tombstone
[D-15]-Carl Ahlswede/Hier ruht/geb/21 Sep. 1854/gest./20 Nov. 1902, ossw:
[D-16]-Mary Ahlswede Miller/Hier ruht/geb./29 Mar. 1859/gest/25 Jan 1939 Tombstone Mary/Carl

ANDERSON: [G-19]-Arthur S. Anderson/Feb 1-2, 1963 Tombstone

ANTHOLD: Alma Anthold/1899-1990, ossw: Erwin Anthold/1898-1987 (02 Feb 1898/Mar 1987/SSDI) Tombstone Erwin/Alma

ANTHOLT: [A-5]-Minnie/1862-1938, ossw: [A-6]-Charles/1862-1947 Tombstone Minnie/Charles [E-13]-Carolina Antholt/geboren/11 Nov. 1821/gestorben/10 Jan 1905 Tombstone [G-5]-F. Antholt Tombstone

B: (from plot list) [E-10]-M.B. [G-6]-J.C.B.

BASKEN: [D-6]-Johann Basken/geboren/17 Jan 1837/gestorben/15 April 1880 (SFO) Mathilde Basken/geboren 26 ?? 1870, rest illegible (SFO) Tombstone Minna Basken/d. May 1881

BOCK: [C-11]-Johann C.T. Bock/geboren 19 April 1819/gestorben/16 Jan 1889 Tombstone [C-10]-Carolina Bock/geboren 5 Nov 1827/gestorben/6 Aug 1915 Tombstone [E-8]-(Gabe Bock/1800-1866/no stone/from plot list)(my note..possibly Carl Bock?) [E-9]Johann G./Wallincyus/geboren/18 Nov 1801/gestorben/2 April 1886, ossw: Carl Bock/geboren/17 Febr 1800/gestorben/18 Febr 1868

BOLZENDAHL: [D-7]-Johanna/Bolzendahl/geborene Kohs/geboren/19 Mai (Mar?) 1832/gestorben/7 Febr 1879 (SFO) Tombstone

BONKS: [H-9]-Christof/Bonks/geboren/19 Juli 1811 (1814?)/gestorben 26 Marz 18?? (SFO) Johann Bonks/geboren 14 Dez. 1824/gestorben/13 Juni 1884. (SBT between Bonks & dates) Tombstone Johann

BURKE: (Linna (Meyer) Burke/d. 20 Apr. 1884, Wausau/age 27 yrs. 1 mo. 10 da./wife of Julius Burke/from obit) (Julius Burke/b. 01 Nov. 1828/d. 18 Mar 1906/from obit)

ENGELMANN: [F-14]-Theodor/Engelmann/geb 6 Apr. 1891/gest 19 Aug 1891 Tombstone

FREISE: [E-6]-Margaretha Freise/geb 28 Aug 1810/gest 10 Nov. 1885, ossw: [E-7]-George Freise/geb 8 Juni 1818/gest 25 Mar 1866 Tombstone

GATES: [F-3]-Baby/Gates/1955 Tombstone Baby Gates/1957 Baby Gates/1960 Baby Gates/1965 (Information added by the parent)

GROBE: [D-5]-Wm. Grobe Tombstone

KASCH: August Kasch/Hier Ruht in Gott/geb/12 Okt 1825/gest/1 Nov 1897/ U.S. War Vet. Tombstone, ossw: Augusta Kasch/Hier Ruht in Gott/geb/4 Mai 1827/gest/4 Jan 1911 [C-4]-Emma Kasch/Hier Ruht/20 Dec 1874 - 1 Oct 1908/Gattin von/John Kasch. On either side: small headstone "Johnny" and "Mamma" Tombstone [D-1]-John Kasch/1870-1949 Tombstone John Kasch, Jr./d. 1914/11 yrs. old/from obit [D-2]-Father Kasch (from plot list) [D-3]-Daughter Kasch (from plot list) footstone? Tombstone Jon N. Kasch

KIEHN: [A-2]-Christiana Kiehn/1842-1922 Tombstone [D-19]-August Kiehn/Father/1868-1936 Tombstone [D-20]-Sophie/Kiehn/Mother/1874-1954 Tombstone [E-11]-Fritz Kiehn/U.S. War Vet. (1823-1870/from plot list) Tombstone (this cut into marble edging around grave there is no stone) [F-10]-Hulda Kiehn Tombstone [F-11]-Heinrich Kiehn (from plot list)Tombstone Heinrich Kiehn (footstone) Hulda Kiehn (footstone) [H-16]-Hugo Kiehn/d. Nov. 25, 1902/from obit Tombstone Edwin G. Kiehn/1905-1981 Tombstone

KOHS: [D-7]-Johanna/Bolzendahl/geborene Kohs/geboren/19 Mar (Mai?) 1832/gestorben/7 Febr 1879. (SFO) See Bolzendahl

KRUEGER: [C-6]-Johann Krueger/geb. 3 Nov. 1821/gest. 28 Juni 1897 Tombstone [C-7]-Maria Krueger/geb. 25 Nov. 1821/gest. 26 Aug. 1904 Tombstone

LINDAUER: William "Willie" Lindauer/March 17, 1918/July 26, 2010

LINLOGE: [C-9]-(Margeretha Linloge/1821-1896 Tombstone

LUECKER: Luecker tombstone [E-14]-Hier Ruhet/Anna Luecker/geb 22 Feb/1830/gest 25 Dez/1899, ossw: Offenb. Johannis 14. 13., ossw: Jesaia 38. Note: obelisk off base.

M: (no other information..from plot list) [C-13]-M.M. [C-14]-L.M.

MADSEN: Baby buried next to Arthur Anderson/no dates/ information from a relative

MAGEE: [A-1]-Maria Magee/Geb'ne Rohrbach/geb/6 Oct 1867/ gest 10 Apr 1921/MUTTER Tombstone

MEYER: [B-6]-Heinrich Meyer/geb 11 Juli 1851/gest 26 Feb 1914/Hier ruht in Gott/ Tombstone [C-12]-J. Meyer Mary Meyer/Apr 10, 1859-Jan 19, 1884/from record/no stone [D-8]-Heinrich J. Meyer/geboren/15 Nov. 1815/gestorben/19 April 1879. (SFO) Tombstone


NIEPHAUS: [B-7]-E. Niephaus/1848-1928, ossw: [B-8]-B. Niephaus/1838-1917 Tombstone E./B.

OCHS: Ludwig Ochs/gestorben/17 Dec 1878/Alter/53 Jahre,/3 Mon. 3 Tage

PULS: [D-4]-Georg/Puls/geb/18 Dez 1869/gest/19 Mai 1881. (SBT, SFO) [E-2]-Heinrich Puls/1821-1878 (from plot list) Heinrich/Puls/6 Dez 1871/30 Okt 1878. (SBT, SFO)

ROHRBACH: Rohrbach family stone [B-1]-Georg/sohn von/M. u. B. Rohrbach/geb 9 Mar 1886/gest 18 Okt 1911/ Ruhe sanft in Frieden Tombstone [B-2]-Martin Rohrbach/Hier ruhet/geb 16 Okt 1834/gest 1 Aug 1914/Seine Gattin/, ossw: [B-3]-Bertha Rohrbach/geb 1 Juni 1846/gest 4 Jan 1928 Tombstone Martin/Bertha [C-17]-Alma/tochter von/J. & L. Rohrbach/geb/21 Sept. 1903/gest/5 Juni 1911 Tombstone [C-18]-John/son of/J. & L. Rohrbach/July 25, 1914/Apr. 13, 1917 Tombstone [C-19]-John Rohrbach/1866-1924 Tombstone [C-20]-Elizabeth Rohrbach/1869-1952 Tombstone [D-17]-Christian Rohrbach, ossw: [D-18]-Augusta Rohrbach/Hier ruht in Frieden/geb 18 Dec 1844/in Molzahn, Meck. D./ Gest 28 Apr. 1911/Gattin von/Christian Rohrbach/geb 7 Jan 1837/ gest 15 Oct 1925 Tombstone Augusta/Christian See MAGEE

RUTZ: [E-17]-Sophia Adelheide Rutz/Seine Gattin/Geb'ne Grobe./Geb. 20 Mar 1841./ zu Ehrenburg im Konigreich/Hanover/Starb 2 Jan 1925, ossw: [E-18]-Andreas Rutz/Hier ruht/geb 2 Aug 1829/zu Buchs. im Canton St. Gallen/ in der Schweiz./Starb 21 Okt 1909 Tombstone Sophia/Andreas

SCHMIDT: ????rich/Schmidt/starb/18 Apr 1882/Alt. 24 Jahre, 10 Mon. ?? Tage. (SBT ____rich & Schmidt, SFO) [D-13]-Schmidt (from plot list/could be above Schmidt)

SCHMIDTMANN: [E-15]-Margaretha Schmidtman/from plot list [E-16]-G. Schmidtmann Tombstone/from plot list [E-19]-Anna Schmidtmann/Daughter/Jan 20, 1901/Aug 10, 1933 Tombstone [F-15]-Franklin Schmidtmann/geb/20 Jan 1889/gest/20 Apr 1894 Tombstone [F-16]-Wilhelm B. Schmidtmann/geb/21 Juni 1886/gest/27 Apr 1894 (plot list has 1891) Tombstone [F-17]-Walter Schmidtmann/born/Feb. 20, 1895/died/Oct. 9, 1918/in Camp Lee, Va., in the service of the nations World War Tombstone [F-18]-Marie Schmidtmann/1861-1936, ossw: [F-19]-Carl Schmidtmann/1850-1926 Tombstone Carl/Marie

SPECHT: [B-4]-Mathias Specht/Hier ruht/25 Feb 1849-1 Feb 1912 Photo, ossw: [B-5]-Maria Specht/Seine Gattin/20 Apr 1852 - 10 Feb 1934 Photo Tombstone Mathias/Maria [E-4]-Franz Specht/U.S. War Vet [E-20]-Lydia Specht/1892-1939 Tombstone [F-9]-H. Specht Tombstone [G-8]-Fritz Specht Tombstone [G-18]-Roland C. Specht/Aug. 17, 1904-Aug. 1904 Tombstone

TRUE: [C-8]-C. True (nothing else) Tombstone

WALLINCYUS: [E-9]-Johann G./Wallincyus/geboren/18 Nov 1801/gestorben/2 April 1886, ossw: Carl Bock Tombstone

UNIDENTIFIED STONES Pile of Tombstone Tombstone 1 Tombstone 2 Tombstone 3 Tombstone 4 Tombstone 5 Tombstone 6 Tombstone 7 Tombstone 8 Tombstone 9 Tombstone 10 Tombstone 11 Tombstone 12 Tombstone 13 Tombstone 14 ??? Mary, 2 stones south of Heinrich J. Meyer ??? T.M., 1 stone North of Mathilde Basken stone. ??? at least 21 other unidentified stones, maybe more unmarked.

PLOT LIST (Map and list sent in by A. Kiehn) Location Name Born Died A-1 Marie Magee Rohrbach 1867 1921 A-2 Christiana Kiehn 1842 1922 A-3 Edward Ahlswede 1860 1931 A-4 Mathilda Ahlswede 1863 1939 A-5 Minnie Antholt 1862 1938 A-6 Charles Antholt 1862 1947 B-1 Georg Rohrbach 1886 1911 B-2 Martin Rohrbach 1834 1914 B-3 Bertha Rohrbach 1846 1928 B-4 Mathias Specht 1849 1912 B-5 Maria Specht 1852 1934 B-6 Heinrich Meyer 1851 1914 B-7 E. Niephaus 1838 1917 B-8 B. Niephaus 1849 1928 C-1 Ludwig Ahlswede 1816 C-2 Johanna Ahlswede 1819 1899 C-3 Unknown C-4 Emma Kasch 1874 1906 C-5 Unknown C-6 Krueger C-7 Krueger C-8 C. True C-9 Margaretha Linloge 1821 1896 C-10 Carolina Bock 1827 1915 C-11 Johann Bock 1819 1889 C-12 J. Meyer C-13 M. M. C-14 L. M. C-15 Unknown C-16 Unknown C-17 Alma Rohrbach 1909 1911 C-18 John Rohrbach 1914 1917 C-19 John Rohrbach 1866 1924 C-20 Elizabeth Rohrbach 1869 1952 D-1 John Kasch 1870 1949 D-2 Kasch - Father D-3 Kasch - Daughter D-4 George Puls 1869 1881 D-5 William Grobe D-6 Johann Basken D-7 Johann Bolzend 1832 1879 D-8 Heinrick(sic) Meyer 1815 1879 D-9 to D-12 Unknown D-13 Schmidt D-14 Johann ? D-15 Carl Ahlswede 1854 1902 D-16 Mary Ahlswede Miller 1859 1939 D-17 Christian Rohrbach 1837 1925 D-18 Augusta Rohrbach 1844 1936 D-19 August Kiehn 1868 1936 D-20 Sophie Kiehn 1874 1954 E-1 Unknown E-2 Heinrich Puls 1821 1878 E-3 Unknown E-4 Franz Specht (Veteran) E-5 Unknown E-6 Margaretha Friese 1810 1885 E-7 George Friese 1818 1866 E-8 Gabe Bock 1800 1866 E-9 Johann Wallingyus 1801 1886 E-10 M. B. E-11 Fritz Kiehn (Veteran) 1823 1870 E-12 Unknown E-13 Carolina Antholt 1821 1905 E-14 Anna Luecker 1830 1899 E-15 Margaretha Schmidtman E-16 Schmidtman E-17 Sophia Rutz 1841 1925 E-18 Andreas Rutz 1829 1909 E-19 Anna Schmidtman 1901 1933 E-20 Lydia Specht 1892 1939 F-1 Unknown F-2 Unknown F-3 Baby Gates 1955 1955 F-4 to F-8 Unknown F-9 H. Specht F-10 Hulda Kiehn F-11 Heinrich Kiehn F-12 Unknown F-13 Unknown F-14 Theodor Engelman 1891 1891 F-15 Franklin Schmidtman 1889 1894 F-16 Wilhelm Schmidtman 1886 1891 F-17 Walter Schmidtman (Veteran) 1895 1918 F-18 Marie Schmidtman 1861 F-19 Carl Schmidtman 1850 1926 G-1 to G-4 Unknown G-5 F. Antholt G-6 J. C. B G-7 Unknown G-8 Fritz Specht G-9 to G-17 Unknown and shrubs G-18 Roland Specht G-19 Arthur Anderson 1963 1963 H-1 to H-8 Unknown H-9 Christoph Bonks 1811 H-10 to H-15 Unknown H-16 Hugo Kiehn 1902 1902