Manitowoc Rapids Township, Manitowoc Co., Wisconsin

Location: 0.4 miles south of the junction of Highway 10 and Branch River Road. The cemetery is located on the west side of Branch River Road. Transcribed by the Manitowoc Old Cemetery Society on July 10, 1977. The earliest remaining stone is 1841, of Francis W. McAllister. The tombstone photos were taken by Shari in the last 2 weeks of April, 2007. Transcriptions updated April 2007, added Oct. 2010

Map of Cemetery

Wm. Albrecht/Co. I 3rd Wis. Cav./Gest./27 Jan. 1883 Tombstone, next to:
Mother (Wilhelmy)/1841-1923 Tombstone

ALTERGOTT: Gottfried/1872-1943, ossw: Marie E./1876-1964 Tombstone Gottfried/1902-1984 Tombstone

BENISHEK: Barbara Benishek/1852-1933 Tombstone Thelma/1899-1987, ossw: James/1893-1973 Tombstone Thelma/James Vaclav Benishek/1852-1933 Tombstone James G./Sept. 19, 1953/Jan. 26, 2000 Tombstone James L./Aug. 7, 1925/Oct. 21, 2008/married July 8, 1950, ossw: Agnes S./Oct. 7, 1927/July 12, 2009

BERGE: Kendall J./1903-1987, ossw: Margaret M./1913-1990 Tombstone Kendall/Margaret

BIRRINGER: Dolores M. Birringer/Nov. 11 1925/July 3, 2010

BRAUN: Charlotte/Gattin von/Fr. Braun/Gebne VOELKER/4 Apr. 1826/Gest./24 Aug. 1889 Tombstone  Tombstone Footstone: Mutter

BREYER: Heinrich W. Breyer/Gest. 11 Nov. 1900/Alter 84 jahre Tombstone, ossw: Sophia M./Gattin von/H.W. Breyer/Gest./11 Mai 1877/Alter/63 Jahre Tombstone, ossw: Dorothea S./Gattin von G. Breyer/Gest. Mai 1872/Alter 81 Jahre Tombstone  Tombstone

BRUNIG: August Brunig/Jan. 31, 1834/Nov. 27, 1889, ossw: Mary Brunig/Apr. 10, 1840/Apr. 24, 1915 Tombstone August/Mary Tombstone August/Mary Charles/1882-1946, ossw: Sophia/1884-1968 Tombstone Charles/Sophia

BUDEL: Jan Budel/Father (no dates) Tombstone

CARBON: Lucille/1909-1974, ossw: John/1902-1988 Tombstone Lucille/John Joseph Carbon Jr./Wisconsin/S1 USNR/World War II/March 20, 1924/Dec. 6, 1953 Tombstone, ossw: Joseph Jr./1924-1953 Blanche/1894-1981, ossw: Joseph/1884-1982 Tombstone Joseph Jr./Blanche/Joseph Elizabeth K. Carbon/Dec. 3, 1885/Nov. 28, 1976 Tombstone, next to: Anna/Mother/1864-1945, ossw: Joseph/Father/1860-1934 Tombstone Anna/Joseph, next to: William Carbon/Wisconsin/Pvt US Army/World War II/July 4, 1901/Feb. 23, 1972 Tombstone John Carbon/Baby/B & D 1894 Tombstone Judith M./May 15,1940, ossw: Raymond/Mar. 11, 1941/Aug. 1, 2003 Tombstone Judith/Raymond, ossw: Raymond Carbon/Mar. 11, 1941/Aug. 1, 2003/SP5 US Army

CHENOHA: (Katharina Chenoha/nee Mlaida/wife of Simon Chenoha/b. Gross-Feithof Bohemia/d. 13 Feb. 1878/no stone)

CHILDS: David A. Childs/1963-1976 Tombstone

CONNORS: Michael Connors/May 12, 1870/July 16, 1916, ossw: Sophia Connors/Feb. 2, 1869/Mar. 25, 1939 Tombstone Michael/Sophia

DALLWIG: Friedrich Dallwig/Geboren/20 Okt. 1816/Gestorben/27 Marz 1894 Tombstone  Tombstone Footstone: Friedrich (Amelia Dallwig/d. Jan. 1901/age 77 yrs./no stone)

DICKERT: Mary Dickert/1846-1928, ossw: Henry/1833-1906 Tombstone Mary/Henry

ELLERMANN: Fred Ellermann/Mar. 3, 1851/July 29, 1897 Tombstone

ELLIOTT: Ralph G./1910-1992/Father (24 Oct 1910/23 Sep 1992/SSDI), ossw: Marian A./1923/Mother Tombstone Ralph/Marian

FAHRENWALD: (Christina Fahrenwald nee Strehlow/b. Jan. 31, 1807/Goeritz, Brandenburg/ d. May 16, 1895 in Branch, Wis./St. John's United Church of Christ) (Note: possibly Dorothea Falenwalde in next entry?)

FALENWALDE: Dorothea Falenwalde/16 Mai 1895/Alter 89 Jah. Tombstone, ossw: Wilhelm Springstube/20 Nov. 1839/9 Jan. 1916 (See SPRINGSTUBE-have obit), ossw: Ernestine Springstube/23 Juni 1842/23 Jan. 1907 (See SPRINGSTUBE-have obit) Tombstone Wilhelm/Ernestine  Tombstone Wilhelm/Ernestine See SPRINGSTUBE

FOLLSTAD: Anna M./1892-1977 (11 Jul 1892/Oct 1977/SSDI) Tombstone

FREE: Michael/Oct. 8, 1947/married July 20, 1968, ossw: Beverly M./nee Gadzinski/Oct. 12, 1950/Feb. 3, 1995 Tombstone Michael/Beverly

FREIDENBERGER: Blasius Freidenberger/1891-1961 Tombstone, next to: Flora Freidenberger/1890-1967, ossw: Charles Freidenberger/1887-1973 Tombstone Flora/Charles, next to: Frank Freidenberger/Born June 9, 1849/Died Apr. 4, 1906, ossw: Anna Freidenberger/Born Aug. 1, 1857/Died Nov. 3, 1921 Tombstone Frank/Anna Footstones: Mother/Father

GADZINSKI: Mable A./June 15, 1925, ossw: Leonard F./Feb. 4, 1925/July 12, 1994 Tombstone

GILCRECE: Francis/Son of/S & H Gilcrece/Died/April 25, 1876/Aged/25 yrs. 9 m's 18 d's Tombstone, next to: Caroline/Dau of Sam L & Hannah/Gilcrece/Died/Mar. 28, 1865/Aged/10 yr 3 ms 13 ds Tombstone

GLAVIN: Elroy Lorance Kiel-Glavin/-Mar. 3, 1994- Tombstone  Tombstone

GRAVES: (Joseph Graves/Aug. 25, 1946/Oct. 28, 2009/from obit)

GRIMSTAD: Frances H./1913-2003, ossw: Paul C./1903-1998 Tombstone Frances/Paul Paul Hayden Grimstad/Apr. 12, 1944/Mar. 26, 2009

HACKEL: Florence Hallwachs Hackel/1911-2009 Tombstone

HALLWACHS: Harley Hallwachs/1909-1962 Tombstone

HARDRATH: Donna L./nee Gadzinski/Sept. 2, 1952/July 26, 1996 Tombstone

HARTMAN: Alois A./1918-1994, ossw: Grace A./1921-2008 (13 Sep 1921/25 Mar 2008/SSDI) Tombstone Alois/Grace Alois A./Cpl US Army/World War II/Jan. 22, 1918-Dec. 30, 1994 Tombstone

HASTREITER: John (Jack)/Father/July 8, 1951, ossw: Katie Jo/Daughter/Sept. 23, 1980/April 3, 2000 Tombstone John/Katie Tombstone Katie  Plaque (Katie Hastreiter/Grand-daughter of Alois and Grace Hartman)

HECKER: Chad Hecker/Jan. 8, 1984/Aug. 5, 2006/fire dept. logo/bench monument Tombstone  Tombstone  Tombstone

HEINZEN: Johan Heinzen/Wisconsin/Pvt. Co. E 3 Regt. Wis Inf/Civil War/April 28 1823 - Dec. 3, 1892 Tombstone

HERRMANN: Jeffrey J./1959-1993/married 7-9-1988, ossw: Shelley A./1962 Tombstone Jeffrey/Shelley Margaret K./Oct. 24, 1922/In Gods Care, ossw: John J. "Jack"/July 25, 1916/Nov. 11, 2000 Tombstone Margaret/John

HOFFMAN: Mariah Michelle/-Mar. 12, 1996- Tombstone


HUTTERER: Paul Sr./Father/1913-1998, ossw: Verienna/Mother/1918-2009 Tombstone Verienna/Paul

JEFFERSON: Clyde F./1928-2001, ossw: Bertha E./1928 Tombstone Clyde/Bertha Fay/daughter of C. & B. Jefferson/-Feb. 17, 1950- Tombstone

JENSEN: Joellen Rose/-March 17, 1986- Tombstone

KADERABEK: Alois/Father/1917-1986, ossw: Marie A./Mother/1918-1986 Tombstone Alois/Marie Adolph Kaderabek/Narozen/1 Cerv. 1887/Zemrel/17 Zari 1908, ossw: Klara Kaderabek/Nar. 27 Zari 1896/Zem. 27 Led 1901 Tombstone Adolph/Klara, ossw: Anna Kaderabek/Narozena/born Sept. 6, 1856/Zemrela/died Aug. 18, 1923 Tombstone  Tombstone, ossw: Josef Kaderabek/Narozen/9 Brez. 1894/Zemrel/17 Unora 1912 Tombstone, next to: (note: the above have been replaced by new stones which are in the photos) Footstones: A.K., J.K., Clara Kaderabek, next to: Helena Kaderabek/Narozena/20 Rijna 1891/Zemrela/8 Zari 1914 Tombstone, next to: Frank Kaderabek/Father/Born Nov. 9, 1849/Died Dec. 31, 1932 Tombstone, next to: Mary Kaderabek/Born MINOUSKY/May 6, 1859/Died/April 11, 1942 Tombstone, next to: Ludmilla Kaderabek/Daughter/1912-1916 Tombstone, next to: Erma E. Kaderabek/Mother/1889-1974, ossw: Charles J./Father/1884-1979 Tombstone Erma/Charles, next to: Laura A. LEX/1914-1958 Tombstone (See LEX-Have obit) (Gene A./Oct. 7, 1970/Apr. 8, 2011/from obit)


KARBON: Joseph/Apr. 28, 1866/Nov. 28, 1960, ossw: Ella/Oct. 26, 1894/June 4, 1970 Tombstone Joseph/Ella, next to: Adolph/1892-1968, ossw: Verna/1903-2000 Tombstone Adolph/Verna Germaine Karbon/Oct. 1, 1927/Oct. 18, 2005 Tombstone Esther Mildred Karbon/wife of Gordon/May 30, 1915/May 28, 1988 Tombstone Gordon Karbon/Sgt US Army/World War II/July 22, 1922-Jun 23, 1982 Tombstone Helen M. Karbon/1924, ossw: Melvin J./1927-1985 Tombstone Helen/Melvin, ossw: Melvin J. Karbon/US Army/Aug. 16, 1927-Jul.7, 1985 Tombstone Norman Karbon/Tec 4 US Army/World War II/Jun. 3, 1921/Jul. 13, 2006 Tombstone, ossw: Norman/June 3, 1921/July 13, 2006, ossw: Jeannette M./Jan. 10, 1922/May 31, 2002 Tombstone Norman/Jeannette Elmer A. Karbon/Feb. 20, 1916/Nov. 14, 2009 (Lloyd Karbon/Nov. 8, 1917/Sept. 2, 2008/from obit) (Milton/Jan. 4, 1924/Mar. 23, 2012/from obit)

KEISER: Frank Keiser/Wisconsin/Pvt. Co. A. 5 Regt. Wis. Inf./ Civil War/1829-1884 Tombstone

KIEL: Arthur/June 16, 1894/Feb. 3, 1967, ossw: Evelyn/1914-2000 (Evelyn A Kiel/26 Nov 1914/15 Oct 2000/SSDI) Tombstone Arthur/Evelyn Herman Kiel/Born/7 Juni 1827/Gestorben/17 Marz. 1891 Tombstone  Tombstone, ossw: Louise Kiel/Geboren/16 Nov. 1842/Gestorben/13 Juni 1901 Tombstone, ossw: Emil/Sohn des H. und L./Kiel/Geboren/17 Okt. 1876/Gestorben 19 April 1896 Tombstone Footstones: Mutter, Vater Wilhelm Kiel/Geboren 20 Juni 1825/Gestorben 25 Juni 1897 Tombstone, ossw: Sophia/gattin des W. Kiel/Geboren 13. Jan. 1831/Gestorben 9 Jan. 1887 Tombstone, ossw: Friedrich Kiel/Geboren/24 April 1863/Gestorben/8 Jan. 1890 Tombstone, next to: William Kiel Jr./Wisconsin/Tec 5 Med. Det. 287 QM Bn/World War II/ July 12, 1909/Aug. 20, 1968 Tombstone, next to: William/1874-1961 Photo, ossw: Mathilda/1879-1953 Tombstone William/Mathilda, next to: Charles Kiel/Father/1861-1936 Tombstone, next to: Amanda Kiel/Mother/1867-1938 Tombstone, next to: Baby Kiel/1956 (Pfeffer Funeral Home marker) Tombstone, next to: Oscar W./1892-1976 (19 Aug 1892/Jan 1976/SSDI), ossw: Adelaide/1897-1931 Tombstone, ossw: Oscar W. Kiel/Sgt. U.S. Army/World War I/Aug. 19, 1892/Jan. 12, 1976 Elroy R./June 29, 1929/May 30, 2008, ossw: Margaret M./Feb. 22, 1920/Nov. 4, 2006 Tombstone Elroy/Margaret See Glavin

KLEMME: Christian Klemme/b. 19 Sept. 1837 (note: Christian Klemme/b. 19 Sept. 1836/d. 9 Mar. 1917 is in Evergreen cemetery. He remarried in 1906 to Charlotte Levenhagen after Wilhelmine died. Charlotte is buried with the Levenhagen family in Evergreen cemetery, Manitowoc.), ossw: Wilhelmine Klemme/b. 11 Jan. 1838/d. 21 Oct. 1904 Tombstone Christian/Wilhelmine See ZUNKER


KOMOROWSKI: Vetania Leah/Aug. 25, 1979/Apr. 20, 2002 Tombstone  Tombstone  Tombstone

KROHN: Krohn family stone Sophia Krohn/Mother/1863-1951 Tombstone, next to: Charles/Father/1855-1929 Tombstone

KUKRAL: Frantisek Kukral/Narozen/26 Rijna/1847/Zemrel/13 Pros. 1918 Tombstone, ossw: (new stone reads Frank Kukral/Oct. 26, 1847/Dec. 13, 1918) Tombstone Barbora Kukral/Narozena/28 Zari, 1847/Zemrela 18 Led. 1921 Tombstone  Tombstone (new stone reads Barbora Kukral/Sept. 28, 1847/Jan. 18, 1921)Tombstone Footstones: Father, Mother

KUNZ: Kunz full stone Kinder von/Gottfried & Elisabeth Kunz: Caroline/Geboren/22 Mar. 1862/Starb/11 Mar. 1870, ossw: Emilie/Geboren/31 Jan. 1864/Starb 21 Febr. 1864, ossw: Wilhelm/Geb. 2 Juni 1868/Starb 16, April 1870 Tombstone Emilie/Wilhelm, ossw: Gottfried/Geboren/24 Oct. 1858/Starb 13 Mai 1870 Tombstone, ossw: Gottfried Kunz/Gestorben/27 Mai 1878/Alter 48 Jahre Tombstone Footstone: G. Kunz

KUTIL: Joseph R./Son/Mar. 15, 1954/Sept. 5, 2005, ossw: Janice Kutil Hunt/Apr. 12, 1931 Tombstone Joseph/Janice  Tombstone Barbara E./July 11, 1953/Dec. 11, 1983 Tombstone (Robert Kutil/July 23, 1929/June 27, 2015/from obituary)

LAVECK: Carl J./Mar. 10, 1915/June 13, 2006 (veteran), ossw: Olive K./Sept. 6, 1913/Feb. 5, 2005/nee Kutil Tombstone Carl/Olive

LAWRENCE: (Herbert Lawrence/d. 1914/age 45/cause: T.B./from record of St. James Epis. ch., Manitowoc) (Ann Lawrence/d. Feb. 1913/from obit)

LEX: Laura A. LEX/1914-1958 Tombstone See KADERABEK

LOVELY: Margaret/Wife of Perry Lovely/Born Jan. 7, 1805/Died Dec. 25, 1881/ A native of the Town of Sterling, Vt. Tombstone, next to: Perry Lovely/Died/Jan. 28, 1875/Aged 84 yrs. 5 mos. & 16 days Tombstone, next to: Chas. W. Lovely/Son of/???/Died/Feb. 8, 1868/Aged/3? or 6? yrs., 2 mo., 8 d. Tombstone, next to: Bertie/Son of/H. & A. Lovely/Died/20 April 1869/Aged 8 yrs 1 d. Tombstone The Chas. and Bertie stones have degraded considerably since transcribed.

LUCHSINGER: Magdelena HUBER Luchsinger/Died/June 12, 1918/Age/69 years. Tombstone Fridolin Luchsinger/can't read dates Tombstone  Tombstone

LYON: Elsie A./1918-2003, ossw: Lee F./Jan. 12, 1901/June 21, 1974 Tombstone Ellen M. Lyon/Mother/1897-1940 Tombstone James L./Jan. 17, 1946/June 4, 2010/from obit.

MAGANITY: Frank E./Son of Wm. & E. Maganity/Died Jan. 25, 1882/Aged 20 years/4 mos. 12 d's

MAJETICH: Jean Majetich/beloved wife and mother/Feb. 14, 1929 Tombstone, next to: Joseph Majetich/Sgt US Air Force/World War II/ Apr. 9, 1930-Nov. 7, 1993 Tombstone

MCALLISTER: Fenced in area Tombstone Base McAllister Tombstone Hiram McAllister/Born June 20, 1808/Died Sept. 3, 1886, ossw: Harriet/His Wife/Born Jan. 4, 1819/Died May 23, 1880 Tombstone Hiram/Harriet, ossw: Philip S./Died July 25, 1862/AE 18 yrs 3 mos 14 tage, ossw: Alexander/Died June 24, 1849/AE 8 yrs. 5 mos. 24 days/Sons of H. & C. McAllister Tombstone Philip/Alexander, next to: Caroline/Wife of H. McAllister/Died Jan. 1, 1849/Aged 32 years, ossw: Francis W. McAllister/died July 24, 1841/Aged 64 years Tombstone Caroline/Francis Footstones: Hiram McAllister, Harriet, Philip S., Alexander, Caroline, Francis W.

MCINTOSH: George B./Son of T. & A./McIntosh/Died/Aug. 25, 1866/Aged/1 yr. 9 ms, 4 ds. Tombstone

MEINERT: Edna/Daughter of/C. & I. Meinert/3 Nov. 1905/6 May/1907 Tombstone

MEISNEST: Meisnest family stone Meisnest family stone Kate Stoehr/1860-1892 (have obit/See STOEHR) Tombstone Emma/1869-1889 Tombstone, next to: Mary/Mother/1838-1926 Tombstone, next to: George/1833-1924 Tombstone, next to: Etta/1869-1938, ossw: John/1864-1936 Tombstone Etta/John Frank Meisnest/Father/1874-1954 Photo Tombstone, next to: Anna Meisnest/Mother/1878-1922 Tombstone, next to: Elizabeth/Jan. 9, 1872/Jan. 16, 1966 Tombstone

MEYER: Meyer family stone Henry W. Meyer/1874-1953 Tombstone, next to: Barbara Meyer/1876-1966 Tombstone, next to: Mary Meyer/Mother/Feb. 18, 1846/Sept. 26, 1929 Tombstone, next to: Frederick Meyer/Father/Jan. 1, 1852/Aug. 12, 1937 Tombstone, next to: Mina Meyer/1824-1917 Tombstone Arthur J. Meyer/Nov. 7, 1919/Sept. 3, 1993 Tombstone Thomas A. Meyer/1939-1990, ossw: M. Lynn Kaiser/no dates


NEMITZ: Katherine Nemitz/Mother/1863-1938 Tombstone

OAKLEY: Byron L. Oakley/June 10, 1858/July 16, 1883, ossw: Veroqua/Wife of B.L. Oakley/Jan. 24, 1856/July 3, 1890 Tombstone Byron/Veroqua Footstone (Broken): Initials V.O.

OLSON: (Sam Olson/b. 1862/d. Sept. 20, 1939/from obit-no stone)

PLOECKELMANN: Wilhelmine/Gattin v./H. Ploeckelmann/Gest./16 Sept. 1899/Alter/49 Jahre Tombstone, ossw: Hartwig Ploeckelmann/Gest./5 Jan. 1906/Alter/29 Jahre Tombstone Harvey/Mar. 22, 1876/Jan. 6, 1906 Tombstone (Laying against the Hartwig Ploeckelmann stone.), next to: Henry/Father/Dec. 10, 1842 and Tombstone Wilhelmine/Mutter/Gattin von/H. Ploeckelmann/Gest./16 Sept. 1899/Alter 49 Ja. 4 mo. 10 ta. Tombstone (Ploeckelmann infant/d. May 1885/no stone) (Albert Ploeckelmann/Aug. 24, 1892/Sept. 14, 1939/from obit)

REGLING: Gottfried Regling/3 Dec. 1830/21 Dec. 1905, ossw: Wilhelmine Regling/7 Jan. 1834/17 Juni 1908 Tombstone  Tombstone Gottfried/Wilhelmine

REINDL: Robert D. Reindl/SP4 US Army/Vietnam/Feb. 21, 1952/May 27, 1989 Tombstone Robert D. Reindl/Feb. 21, 1952/May 27, 1989 Tombstone Tombstone Norman A. Reindl/Pfc US Army/World War II/May 30, 1917/Apr. 20, 1980 Tombstone

REIS: Peter Reis/1834-1915, ossw: Minnie Reis/1848-1885, ossw: John/1884-1885 Tombstone Peter/Minnie/John

SAMPE: (Raymond Sampe/Aug. 2, 1929/Aug. 27, 2015/from obituary)

SCHAAF: Esther A./Dec. 7, 1928, ossw: Milton A./July 9, 1911/Jan. 31, 1998 CPL US Army Air Corps WWII Tombstone Esther/Milton

SCHADEBERG: Heinrich/geb in Ladgensalza Duetcsht/Gest 12 Mar. 1894/Alter 72 Jahre Veteran marker Tombstone Charles Schadeberg/1882-1973 Tombstone Carl Schadeberg/June 24, 1844/Mar. 1913/from obit/no stone

SCHAMBUREK: David J./July 18, 1942/May 2, 2005/Veteran marker Tombstone

SCHATEBERG: H. Carl Schateberg/1845-1913/seine gattin, ossw: Philipine Schateberg/1845-1919 Tombstone H. Carl/Philipine

SCHNEIDER: Frank/1887-1889, ossw: Antoinette/1879-1900, ossw: Clara/1877-1903, ossw: Herman/1888-1904, ossw: Anton/1873-1919 Tombstone Frank/Antoinette/Clara/Herman/Anton

SCHRAM: William Schram/Oct. 30, 1901/Jan. 22, 1940 Tombstone (same as record of St. John's United Ch. of Christ, Manitowoc)

SCHUETTE: Reinhard Schuette/Geboren/9 Feb. 1892/Gestorben/21 Apr. 1893 Tombstone, next to: Olga Schuette/Geboren/10 Aug. 1900/Gestorben/4 Febr. 1903 Tombstone

SHAFFER: Shaffer family stone Agnes/1902-1994, ossw: Ben/1896-1965 Photo Tombstone Agnes/Ben Frank Shaffer, Jr./Born/July 8, 1889/Died/May 30, 1909 Tombstone, next to: Joseph Shaffer/Born/Aug. 7, 1883/Died/June 13, 1910 Tombstone, next to: Amelia Shaffer/Mother/Jan. 15, 1854/July 6, 1931 Tombstone, next to: Frank J. Shaffer/Frank/Nov. 1, 1853/Sept. 13, 1933 Tombstone Gary K./HM3 US Navy/Vietnam/May 27, 1950/Sept. 30, 2000 Tombstone (Kenneth W. Shaffer/June 10, 1926/Mar. 22, 2015/from obit)

SHAVLIK: Joe/Lillian Shavlik Joe Shavlik/Father/1881-1968 Tombstone Joe, ossw: Lillian/Mother/1886-1943 Tombstone Lillian Barbara/1950-1975, ossw: Steve "Speedo"/Son/1969-1996 Tombstone Victor C./1917-1988, ossw: Marcella/1920-2003 Tombstone Victor/Marcella

SHELDON: (Henry Sheldon/d. Sept. 1854/age 3 yrs./no stone/from obituary) Orrin Sheldon/1805-1893/and his wife/ Nancy Sheldon/1812-1898 Tombstone Orrin/Nancy, next to: Mark L. Sheldon/1898-1906, ossw: David Sheldon/1844-1915 Tombstone Mark/David (Aurelia Sheldon/d. July 10, 1880/age 23/from obit)

SHIMON: Ronald R. Shimon/1948-2007/US Army 1969-1971 Tombstone

SIEBERT: Reinhardt/1896-1905 Tombstone Reinhardt/1896-1905, ossw: Wilminnie/1866-1937, ossw: Henry/1864-1926, ossw: Amanda/1889-1961 Tombstone Reinhardt/Wilminnie/Henry/Amanda Adeline/b. 18 Feb. 1898/d. 16 March 1980, ossw: Marcella/1923-1924, ossw: Richard/1892-1970 Tombstone Adeline/Marcella/Richard

SOULAK: Katherine Soulak/Wife of/F. Soulak/Died Oct. 14, 1900 Tombstone  Tombstone Fabian Soulak/Jan. 21, 1846/Feb. 14, 1929 Tombstone

SPRINGSTUBE: Frances Springstube/1875-1964 Marker, next to: August Springstube/1872-1952 Marker Dorothea FALENWALDE/16 Mai 1895/Alter 89 Jah. Tombstone, ossw: Wilhelm Springstube/20 Nov. 1839/9 Jan. 1916, ossw: Ernestine Springstube/23 Juni 1842/23 Jan. 1907 Tombstone Wilhelm/Ernestine  Tombstone Wilhelm/Ernestine Footstones: Vater, Mutter, next to: Walter M.W./Sohn von/H. & E. Springstube/Geb. 15 Apr. 1911/Starb 20 Sept. 1911 Tombstone, next to: Elizabetha Springstube/Geb'ne KLINDT/Geb. 2 Oct. 1883/Gest. 21 Nov. 1918/Gattin von, ossw: Herman Springstube/Geb. 5 Oct. 1869/Gest. 2 Feb. 1956 Tombstone Herman/Elizabetha Tombstone Herman/Elizabetha Footstones: Father, Mother, next to: Doris/1924-1977, ossw: Norman/1912-1989 Tombstone Doris/Norman See SCHRAM

STEINER: Steiner family stone Frank J. Steiner/Dec. 31, 1874/Jan. 28, 1949 Tombstone Emil Steiner/Nov. 11, 1866/d. Jan. 12, 1920 Tombstone John Steiner/Born 1842/June 29, 1922 Tombstone Emma Steiner/Oct. 23, 1876/Dec. 17, 1956 Tombstone Frances Steiner/July 28, 1847/Aug. 6, 1935 Tombstone Tillie Steiner/1906-1950 Tombstone, next to: John/Father/1871-1937 Tombstone Libbie/Mother/1881-1938 Tombstone John C./1909-1984, ossw: Margaret C./1913-2000 (01 Apr 1913/19 Feb 2000/SSDI) Tombstone John/Margaret

STIEBER: Frank Stieber/Died May 28, 1917/Aged 66 years Tombstone  Tombstone (This stone located in the Northwest corner of the cemetery, all by itself)

STOEHR: Kate/1860-1892 Tombstone See MEISNEST

STOKES: Emil E./1885-1959 Tombstone, next to: Camilla/1887-1964 Tombstone, next to: Frank C./1855-1950, ossw: Catherine/1865-1963 Tombstone Frank/Catherine, next to: Baby Stokes/Feb. 22, 1902/Feb. 23, 1903 Tombstone Frank Stokes/1911-1993 (15 Apr 1911/25 Oct 1993/SSDI) Tombstone Marie Stokes/1907-2003 Tombstone

STRADAL: Katherina/1870-1946, ossw: Peter J./1867-1947 Tombstone Katherina/Peter, next to: Agnes T. Stradal/1901-1906 Tombstone

SWETLIK: Stephen Swetlik/1914-1996, ossw: Calla Swetlik/Dec. 30, 1914/June 11, 1977 Tombstone Stephen/Calla Ned C./1934-1990 Tombstone

SYDOW: Charles I./1919-1984, ossw: Jeanette E./1931-1986 Tombstone Charles/Jeanette Charles Sydow/Nov. 10, 1942/Sept. 3, 2013/from obituary)

VALIBILE: Joseph/Father/1885-1944, ossw: Elvina/Mother/1883-1916 Tombstone Joseph/Elvina See NEMITZ

VANDERLOOP: Allen R./Mar. 5, 1931/Apr. 5, 2003, ossw: Shirley R./Aug. 1, 1936 Tombstone Allen/Shirley

VETTER: Eleanore Virginia/December 15, 1917/March 3, 2003 Tombstone Milton J./F1 US Coast Guard/World War II/ Aug. 6, 1923/Mar. 10, 2003 Tombstone Tombstone


WATRUBA: (Frank Watruba/d. 21 Apr. 1919/age 48) See WOTRUBA

WEHRWEIN: Lester/1915/July 19, 2008, ossw: Louise/1923-1992 (Louise H./10 Nov 1923/04 Nov 1992/SSDI) Tombstone Lester/Louise

WENDT: Reiny G./May 30, 1909/Nov. 30, 1995, ossw: Hermine M./July 15, 1917/July 13, 1974 Tombstone Reiny/Hermine

WERNECKE: Lloyd O./1925-1990 (21 Jun 1925/04 Sep 1990/SSDI), ossw: Delores M./1933-2009 Tombstone Lloyd/Delores

WHITE: Harvey White/Co F/1st ILL. Art. Tombstone

WOTRUBA: (Annie Wotruba/d. 28 Nov. 1918/age 90 yrs./cause: influenza/from record of St. James Epis. ch., Manitowoc) See WATRUBA

YOHANEK: Charles P. Sr./1942-1994, ossw: Mary F. Tombstone Charles/Mary

ZUNKER: Julius/1880-1961 Mayme/1888-1950 Elton/1923-1964 Tombstone Julius/Mayme/Elton (Julius Zunker, his wife Mayme, and their son Elton. Mayme was Mayme (aka Mary) Siebert, granddaughter of the Klemmes. Leona Zunker/1909-1998 Tombstone Reinhardt Zunker/1909-1975 (04 Jun 1909/Apr 1975/SSDI) Tombstone (Reinhardt Zunker, son of Julius and Mayme.)Tombstone Reinhardt/Leona (Information sent in by researcher/see contributors page)