Meeme Township, Manitowoc Co., Wisconsin

Location, take Highway 42, south, to MM, then .8 mile southwest on MM to Spring Valley,
west side of road, in back of church. The cemetery is in well kept condition.
St. James Church is served by the minister from St. Mark Church, Town of Mosel.
Oldest stone is 1857.
Copied July 16, 1977, typed and proofread by Marcie Baer, member of the Manitowoc County Old Cemetery Society.


See LORFELD, Henriette.

BAAR: Large stone-family name only. Smaller stones read: Lena M./Mother/1880-1956, next to: Otto R./Father/1880-1956, next to: Herbert A./1907-1935/Son

BAUER: Adeline/1905-____ ossw: Robert F./1905-1954, ossw: Jeffery/1954

BENNIN: Donald H./1942-____ , ossw: Donna M. /1943-____ (Neil W. Bennin/Dec. 12, 1945/June 22, 2008/from obit) See HEMB

BERGER: Walter J./1892-1962, ossw: Mattie M./1895-1979

BOHNE: Ida Bohne/1876-1967, ossw: Anna M./1864-1941, ossw: Herman H./1868-1960 Photo Photo, ossw:SCHMAHL Helene E./Mother/Jan. 3, 1858/Jan. 6, 1934, ossw: Fred G./Father/Jan. 22, 1860/June 9, 1939 Family Photo Tombstone Fred/Helene Ella/1902-2000, ossw: Henry/1898-1971 Photo Johann/Eheman von/Helene Bohne/Geb. d. 1 Juli 1857/Gest. d. 20 Apr. 1885, ossw: John H./sohn von J & H Bohne/Geb. D. 27 Mar. 1885/Gest./d. 3 Juni 1885, ossw: John Bohne/1810-1888, ossw: Anna E./Frau Von J.H. Bohne/Geb./d. 21 Sept. 1826/Gest./d. 26 Jan. 1868 Tombstone, next to: John Bohne/1885-1885 Tombstone, next to: John Bohne/1857-1885 Tombstone, next to: John Bohne/1810-1888, next to: Anna E. Bohne/1826-1868 Tombstone, next to: Rosina MOEDE/1786-1857.

BORN: Mathilda/April 23, 1878/June 10, 1965, ossw: Louis/Apr. 2, 1871/Mar. 20, 1933

BRUCK: Jacob Bruck/Geb. d. 11 Sept. 1811/Gest in Yankee Fairy, Ark./den 30 Apr. 1864, ossw: Eva Bruck/Geb. d. 20 Juli 1851/Gest. d. 5 Jan. 1865 Tombstone Jacob/Eva (GAR 1861-1865 flag holder)

BRUECK: Nicolaus Brueck/Geboren d. 6 Dec. 1805/Gest d. 6 Juli 1888 Tombstone


ECKE: Anna A./Gattin von Jacob Ecke/Geb/den 21 July 1809/gest/den 25 Juli 18_5 (balance of stone broken off and recemented on base.) Jacob Ecke/Geboren/Im April 1800/Gest/den 20 Sept. 1882 Tombstone Alwine/tochter von/Herm u H. Ecke/Geb. d. 29 Nov. 1884/Gest. d. 18 Dec. 1881 Auguste Ecke/Geborne/GOSSE/Geb. d. 2 Nov. 1854/Gest/20 Dez. 1879 Tombstone

FESSLER: Alfred G./1916-1989, ossw: Marie R. 1917-____, ossw: Donald/1942-1943 Stone reads. Fessler/SCHNELL. No other info on stone. Separate stones read: Edna E. Fessler/1887-1965 Tombstone, next to: Joseph H. Fessler/1885-1947 Tombstone

FIEDLER: Martha A./1902-1979, ossw: Walter H./Aug. 29, 1900/June 8, 1968, ossw: Emma/1877-1949, ossw: Henry/1876-1959 Large stone, family name only. Separate stones read: Fried Wm. Fiedler/Unser vater/geb. d. 9 Apr. 1812/Gest d. 28 Oct. 1886, next to: Friedricke/Fiedler/Geb. d.4 Dec. 1812/Gest. d. 16 Mai 1907, next to: Robert Fiedler/Nov. 3, 1846/July 30, 1921, next to: Margaretha/Fiedler/Feb. 5, 1849/Dec. 27, 1921

GABSCH: Alfred 1916-2001, ossw: Norma 1921-2003, ossw: Augusta/1891-1956, ossw: Erwin/Feb. 25, 1890/Sept. 24, 1964

GOSSE: Ida C./1906-1969, ossw: Arthur A./1902-1979 (21 Jul 1902/Dec 1979/SSDI) Marilyn L. Gosse/Aug. 3, 1936/Aug. 27, 2007 (Mary Gosse/died July, 1929/from obit. no stone) See ECKE

HAMMELLMANN: Elizabeth/1871-1962, ossw: William/1868-1940

HANSMANN: Elsie/1908-1979, ossw: Arno/1899-1984 (1 Mar. 1899/Jan. 1984/SSDI)

HECKMANN: Janet B. Heckmann/Nov. 22, 1933/July 28, 2005 Laura A. Heckmann/Mar. 27, 1967/Jan. 23, 2002/married May 26, 1990 Gladys E. Heckmann/Aug. 12, 1938/Apr. 17, 2002/married Sept. 24, 1955 Bernice C. Heckmann Nass/1921-1988, ossw: Herman F. Nass/1915-2002, ossw: Cranston F. Heckmann/1892-1990, ossw: Elsie Heckmann/Nov. 24, 1891/July 4, 1979 See NASS

HEMB: Infant Hemb/-1967-, ossw: Nancy E/1948-____, ossw: Kenneth L./1945-1994, ossw: Laverne/1914-1980, ossw: Edwin H./1914-1993, ossw: Leona/Aug. 15, 1895/Oct. 6, 1974, ossw: George/1894-1965 Roma M./Jan. 20, 1925/Jan. 13, 2008, ossw: Frederick E./1923-1976 See BENNIN

HENSCHEL: F. Reinhold Henschel/9 Jan. 1867-28 Sept. 1910, ossw: Christian Henschel/l Dec. 1838/6 Juni 1917, ossw: Mary Henschel/3 Aug. 1848-25 Feb. 1936 Tombstone F. Reinhold/Christian/Mary (stone reads C. Henschel) Hildegard T./1911-1960, ossw: Herbert E./Feb. 12, 1905/May 29, 1968 Ella/Nov. 8, 1882/May 15, 1972, ossw: Louis/1878-1952 Leslie Henschel/1909-1991 (Leslie C./02 Jun 1909/07 Aug 1991/SSDI), ossw: Edna Henschel/1909-1990, ossw: STOLZMANN Norma S. Henschel/June 23, 1919/Jan. 24, 2012/from obit Harvey G. Henschel/Aug. 27, 1915/Nov. 13, 2006/from obit

HERZOG: Flora A. Herzog/June 13, 1912/Oct. 10, 2004, ossw: Willard Herzog/Dec. 11, 1913/Nov. 26, 1988

HINZ: Emilie/Ehefrau von/Gottfried Hinz/Geb. d. 4 Oct. 1833/Gest/d. 14 Feb. 1877 Tombstone

KAISER: E.A.F. Kaiser/Born 8 Sept. 1858/Died/13 June 1866, ossw: F.A.C. Kaiser/Born/20 Oct. 1829/Died 31 Aug. 1870 [Frederick Kaiser 27th WI Infantry, Company D/from Manitowoc county Civil War Roundtable] Tombstone E.A.F/F.A.C. Christiana/Gattin von/Friedrich Kaiser/15 Sept. 1823/24 Juli 1909 (GAR 1861-1865 flag holder) Tombstone

KANTER: Aura S. Kanter/1960-1993

KATHEL: Friedrich/sohn von/G & H Kathel/Geb./15 Juni 1871/Gest. 27 Juni 1872 Tombstone


KOLB: Large stone, family name only Separate stones read: Roland A. Kolb/Oct. 12, 1884/Mar. 13, 1975, next to: Elsa A. Kolb/nee CLUSEN/Feb. 4, 1885/Feb. 11, 1934, next to: Henry F. Kolb/May 24, 1869/Dec. 8, 1939, next to: Selma Kolb/nee KOELLMER/June 19, 1873/Sept. 10, 1930 Hilda/1900-1971, ossw: John/1897-1962 Photo John Photo John/Hilda,ossw: Emelia/1864-1946 Photo, ossw: Reinhold/1863-1923, ossw: Irma/1901-1906, next to: Vicki Lynn Kolb/Dec. 30, 1952/May 9, 1976 Tombstone Kerrie Lee/1966-1968 Large stone, family name only Separate stones read: Amanda/Mar. 1, 1868-June 23, 1955, next to: Edmund E./Feb. 12, 1867/Feb. 14, 1945, next to: Alfred/Mar. 12, 1897/May 7, 1912, next to: Erwin/Mar. 12, 1897-Nov. 13, 1897 Helen/1903-1981, ossw: Hubert/1892-1959 Large stone, family name only. Separate stones read: Emma Kolb/Unser Mutter/Geb. d. 25 Feb. 1849/Gest. d. 22 Mai 1888, next to: August R. Kolb/Geb. d. 13 Juni 1872/Gest. d. 14 Sept. 1890, next to: Lydia C. Kolb/Geb. d. 22 Mai 1888/Gest d. 9 Nov. 1900 next to: Ernst Kolb/Co. D./27 Wis. Inf. (GAR 1861-1865 flag) next to: Ernst Kolb/Vater/Geb. d. 20 Oct. 1839/Gest. d. 20 Feb. 1913, next to: Alvina PAYNE/nee Kolb/Feb. 20, 1879/Nov. 8, 1962 John A. Kolb/Apr. 6, 1928/Dec. 31, 1996 Tombstone [Myra Kolb/March 10, 1904/Mar. 31, 1987/from obit-no stone] See PAYNE

KOLWEY: Large stone reads, Familie Kolwey. Separate stones read: Anna Maria Kolwey/Gattin von Fr. SCHLUENZ/Geb. d. 20 Mai 1862/Gest. d. 1 Oct. 1886, next to: Henry William Kolwey/Unser Vater/Geb. d. 27 April 1824/Gest. d. 18 Aug. 1886 Tombstone, next to: Anna Margareta Kolwey/Unsere Mutter/Geb. D. 1 Jan. 1823/Gest d. 11 April 1893 Tombstone, next to: Emma H. Kolwey/Geb. d. 9 Dec. 1867/Gest. d. 23 Nov. 1927 Tombstone

KRAEMER: Myrtle/1912-2004 (Myrtle L./27 Apr 1912/01 May 2004/SSDI), ossw: Arno/1906-1978 (12 Jul 1906/Jan 1978/SSDI), ossw: Thomas/1937-1954

KRAUSE: John Frederick Krause/July 25, 1992/July 25, 1992(wooden marker) Dolores E. Krause/Aug. 21, 1935/Nov. 10, 2011

LANGENHAHN: Bernard/Geb. d. 21 Juni 1840/Gest. den 14 Jan. 1876, ossw: August/Geb. d. 1 Aug. 1854/Gest. den 12 Oct. 1875/sohn von Seb und Maria Langenhahn Emma O. Langenhahn/Mother/1885-1953 Large stone, family name only. Separate stones read: Henry W. Langenhahn/Apr. 29, 1884/May 21, 1960 Tombstone Mamie E. Langenhahn/Nov. 25, 1908/June 26, 2004 Tombstone Edwin T. Langenhahn/1879-1957, next to: Fred Langenhahn/Mar. 20, 1850/Oct. 9, 1931/Father, next to: Eliza Langenhahn/May 6, 1851/July 17, 1940/Mother, next to: August F. Langenhahn/July 30, 1882/July 23, 1972 Alma/1912-1997, ossw: Edmund/May 1, 1907/Sept. 10, 1970 Leon L. Langenhahn/Nov. 6, 1942/Dec. 3, 2007

LENZ: Alvis Lenz/1921-2007 Photo

LORFELD: Large stone reads: Der Familie Lorfeld, ossw: Wm. Lorfeld Sr. Separate stones read: Henriette/Geborene ABEL/Gattin von Wm. Lorfeld Sr./ Unsere Mutter/Geb. d. 8 Juni 1832/Gest. d. 19 Jan. 1890 Photo, next to: Wilhelm Lorfeld Sr./Unsere Vater/Geb.d. 23 Aug. 1830/Gest.d. 20 Jan. 1914 [William Lorfeld 32nd WI Infantry, Company E/from Manitowoc County Civil War Roundtable] Photo Rose A. Lorfeld/1894-1988 Photo, ossw: Walter E./1893-1941 Photo, ossw: David/1868-1935 Photo, ossw: Cecelia/1872-1963 Photo, next to: Herta Lorfeld/Geb. 11 Dec. 1896/Gest. 22 Jan. 1908 Photo Hertha M./1897-1994 Photo, ossw: Arthur W./Aug. 10, 1902/July 20, 1967 Photo Mary E. Lorfeld/June 3, 1941/Jan. 14, 2006 Donald M./Feb. 10, 1933/Dec. 17, 2010 Photo

LUEBKE: David S. Luebke/July 17, 1949/Aug. 20, 2012/from obit

MARCOE: Gaige Lloyd/Infant son of Val Jean and Dawn/Dec. 20, 1991/Jan. 11, 1992 Tombstone

MEYER: Albert F. Meyer/Father/Sept. 3, 1865/May 23, 1937 Tombstone, next to: Lily/Toch von/A u A Meyer/Geb/18 Mai 1899/Gest/13 Sept. 1899

MILLER: Large stone, family name only. Separate stones read: Cora/Apr. 10, 1888/July 20, 1957/Daughter, next to: Burnetta/Nov. 12, 1889/Dec. 16, 1953,/Daughter, next to: Henry/Jan. 20, 1850/Sept. 6, 1927/Father, next to: Elizabeth/July 16, 1862/Feb. 4, 1904/Mother, next to: Edwin/Apr. 9, 1891/Dec. 12, 1910/son, next to: John Lloyd/July 27, 1905, next to: Henry W. Miller/Wisconsin/Vt. 345 Inf. 87 Div. World War I/ Sept. 20, 1886/Jan. 30, 1947

MOEDE: Rosina Moede/1786-1857 Tombstone, next to: see BOHNE, John (on same lot)

NASS: Bernice C. Heckmann Nass/1921-1988, ossw: Herman F. Nass/1915-2002, ossw:Heckmann See HECKMANN

NEUMANN: Albert/Feb. 8, 1891/Dec. 11, 1968, ossw: Elsie/1892-1983, ossw: Earl/1919-2006, ossw: Helen/1918-1996

OEHMICHEN: Large stone reads, A. Oehmichen. Separate stones read: Adolph Oehmichen/Vater/13 Jan. 1841/30 Dez. 1931 Tombstone, next to: Christine Oehmichen/Mutter/4 Marz 1845/23 Nov. 1912 Tombstone, next to: W. Edmund Oehmichen/Geb. 19 Juli 1873/Gest./16 Aug. 1896 Tombstone, next to: E. Minna Oehmichen/Geb. 7 Feb. 1875/Gest. 8 Aug. 1896 Tombstone A. Louse/tochter von/Aug. Oehmichen/Geb./28 Mai 1881/Gest. 17 Jan. 1884 W. Bertha/Geb. d. 11 Aug. 1871/Gest. d. 4 Sept. 1872, ossw: M. Louise/Geb./d. 12 Oct. 1876/Gest. d. 20 Sept./1877/tochter von __ u __ Oehmichen. Reinhold/1867-1939, ossw: Emma/1869-1958, ossw: Walter/1894-1913 Ella/Sept. 12, 1891/Apr. 30, 1968, ossw: Louis/1886-1960 Tombstone Ella/Louis Bertha Oehmichen/25 Mai 1857/3 Aug. 1930, ossw: Louis F. Oehmichen/22 Aug. 1850/3 Jan. 1929, next to: Arthur W.A./sohn von Louis/und/Bertha OEMICHEN/Geboren d. 26 Dec. 1881/Gest./d. 21 Sept. 1889 Tombstone Leroy A. Oehmichen/Mar. 27, 1915/Jan. 2, 1994 Tombstone

OEXLE: J. Friedrich Oexle/Geboren/d. 27 Feb. 1825/Gest./d. 11 Mai 1889 Tombstone, ossw: Sophie Oexle/Geboren/d. 15 Jan. 1831/Gest./d. 28 Sept. 1904 Footstones: Mutter/Vater. Louise/tochter von/J F und S. Oexle/Geb. d. 25 Jan. 1872/Gest/d. 28 Oct. 1872. (Albert Oexle/d. 1923/from obituary/no stone)

OHSE: Maria Ohse/Geb. D. 13 Oct. 1830/Gest d. 26 Mai 1892 Tombstone August/1876-1945, ossw: Minnie/1861-1950 Emma A. Ohse/Born March 16, 1874/Died June 17, 1927 Anna Ohse/Geb. 16 Jan. 1856/Gest (Illegible), 18__ Tombstone Large stone, family name only. Separate stones read: Adela STEFFEN/1898-1964, next to: Ottilie/Mother/Aug. 25, 1869/June 3, 1903, next to: Edmund/Father/Feb. 17, 1855/July 29, 1935 (Mr. Ohse/d. 11 May 1902/age 82 yr./possibly Edmund Ohse/from obit-no stone)

OSTERLOTH: Goldie M./1916-1990 (22 Nov 1916/28 Aug 1990/SSDI), ossw: Elmer J./Nov. 30, 1911/Oct. 22, 1973

PANKOPF: Louise M. SOHN/Mama/Gattin von/Paul Pankopf/Geb./d. 7 Dec. 1876/Gest./d. 19 Oct. 1904 Tombstone, next to: Johann and Florendine SOHN See SOHN

PAYNE: Alvina Payne/nee KOLB/Feb. 20, 1879/Nov. 8, 1962 Tombstone, next to: See KOLB

PROCHNOW: Lena/1899-1991, ossw: William/July 17, 1898/Sept. 5, 1962 Tombstone Lena/William

QUAST: Marlin Quast/Aug. 30, 1927/Mar. 30, 2004

RIECK: Large stone, Family name only. Smaller stones read: Mary Rieck/Mother/1859-1946 Tombstone, next to: August Rieck/1852-1902 Tombstone

RUSSELL: Mary P. Russell/1859 (OES star) 1928

ST. THOMAS: Dale St. Thomas/1952-2005

SCHLUENZ: Anna Maria KOLWEY Schluenz/Gattin von/Fr. Schluenz/Geb.d. 20 Mai 1862/Gest. d. 1 Oct. 1886 Tombstone, next to: See KOLWEY

SCHMAHL: Emelia E./1896-1941 Photo, ossw: Rev. Carl G./1905-1959, ossw: Ida BOHNE/1876-1967, ossw: Anna M. BOHNE/1864-1941, ossw: Herman H. BOHNE/1868-1960 See BOHNE

SCHMEISSER: Maria, ossw: Ann

SCHMIDT: Wilhelm H. Schmidt/Geb. 6 Okt. 1819/Gest. 19 Feb. 1883 Tombstone Hermann J./Sohn von J M u Ida Schmidt/Geboren/d. 7 Jan. 1886/Gest. d. 5 Sept. 1886

SCHNEIDER: Christiena/Ehefrau von Peter Schneider/(balance of stone broken off and re-cemented to base. Heinrich Schneider/Geb. 3 Juni 1860/Gest. 24 Marz. 1881 Tombstone, next to: Heinrich Wilhelm Schneider/Geboren D. 19 Juli 1814/Gest. d. 17 Dec. 1889, ossw: Johanna Wilhelmina Schneider/Geboren den 7 Mai 1824/Gest. 7 Jan. 1913 Tombstone, next to: Stella Schneider/Mother/1887-1960 Tombstone, next to: Julius Schneider/Born Jan. 11, 1846/Died Feb. 2, 1923 Tombstone

SCHNELL: Harvey Schnell/1916-2000 Lillian Schnell/192-1984

SCHURRER: Lorena E./US Army/World War II/1905-1983 (nee Wolters) (12 Feb 1905 Jan 1983/SSDI) Tombstone

SCHWARTZ: Arthur Schwartz/1911-1959 Large stone,family name only. Separate stones read: Lillie/Daughter of J & L/Schwartz/1906-1909, next to: Louisa/Mother/Jan. 30, 1879/June 1, 1940, next to: John/Father/May 15, 1878/Dec. 5, 1952, next to: Lester/Son/July 24, 1916/July 29, 1949, next to: Roland E. Schwartz/Wisconsin/S. Sgt. 66 Mil. Police Plat/World War II/ March 10, 1922/Dec. 21, 1971 (Amvet and war vet flags) Allen E. Schwartz/1919-1995 Caroline Schwartz/1924-2002

SEIFERT: Melvin Walter Seifert/Sep. 10, 1935/Feb. 4, 1998/PFC US Army Korea Violet Seifert/Jan. 30, 1937/Oct. 8, 2011/from obit

SIXEL: Herbert/1905-1973, ossw: Anna E./1880-1960 Photo, ossw: Peter/1874-1945 Tombstone Herbert/Anna/Peter

SOHN: Louise Sohn/Mama/Gattin von/Paul PANKOPF/Geb./d.7 Dec. 1876/Gest./d. 19 Oct. 1904, next to: Johann Ludwig Sohn/Geb. d. 29 Marz 1828/Gest. d. 12 Marz 1900, ossw: Florendine C./Sohn/1850-1939 Tombstone Johann/Florendine Emma/1874-1950, ossw: Fred/1871-1936 Anna Maria Sohn/Geb. den 3 Mai 1800/Gest. d. 13 Jan. 1879, ossw: Johan Heinrich Sohn/Geb./den 23 Juli 1803/Gest./den 20 Nov. 1877. Roma I.W./tochter von/Jul. & Ida Sohn/Geb. d. 19 Jan. 1912/Gest. d. 2 Mar. 1913 Tombstone, next to: Laurina E.E.M./Tochter von/Jul & Ida Sohn/Geb. d. 23 Dec. 1906/Gest. d. 1 Jan. 1911 Tombstone, next to: Ida/1884-1966, ossw: Julius/Dec. 25, 1879/Apr. 11, 1964, next to: Roy/1914-1993 (17 Feb 1914/05 Aug 1993/SSDI), ossw: Mildred/1914-2003 (Mildred A./22 Mar 1914/03 Jun 2003/SSDI), ossw: Ronald/Mar. 6, 1950/Aug. 19, 1973 Tombstone Roy/Mildred/Ronald Erma/1901-1995, ossw: Arthur A./1902-1998 Adrian F. Sohn/b. 11 Nov. 1922/d. 26 May 1980/PVT US Army WWII

STEFFEN: Adela Steffen/1898-1964 See OHSE

SPINDLER: (Roger M. Spindler/Oct. 27, 1941/July 20, 2008/from obit.)

STOECKIGT: Orvilla/1916-2003, ossw: Walter/19O9-1978

STOLZMANN: Verona/1917-2002 Tombstone, ossw: Clarence/1912-2001 Tombstone, ossw: Leslie HENSCHEL/1909-1991 (See HENSCHEL-have obit), ossw: Edna HENSCHEL/1909-1990 (See HENSCHEL-have obit)

VOSS: Selma/1909-1982, ossw: Ronnie Voss/1939-1960, ossw: Fred C./1898-1974 (19 Apr 1898/Jul 1974/SSDI) Lillian/1903-1996 Tombstone, ossw: Stanley/1903-1989Tombstone, ossw: Emma/1875-1947 Tombstone, ossw: Charley/1871-1959 Tombstone Elmira Schwartz Voss/1915-1989, ossw: Arthur

WAGNER: Baby/Wagner/1945 Harvey J. Wagner/Feb. 7, 1917/Sept. 22, 1992/SGT US Army WWII, ossw: Lorena E. Wagner/1918-1997

WALTERBACH: M. Margarethe Walterbach/gestorben 20 Feb. 1876/Alt. 77 Jahre/Und 10 Tage Tombstone Elizabeth Walterbach/Aug. 24, 1827/Jan. 17, 1916 Tombstone

WOLTERS: Katherina/1878-1965, ossw: John/1871-1940 See SCHURRER

ZIMMERMANN: Wilhelm/sohn von/N und G/Zimmermann/Geb./12 Dec. 1891/Gest./16 Dec. 1891.

??????: Broken stone. Only base remains. Between Maria Ohse and Nicolaus Brueck.