City of Two Rivers, Manitowoc Co., Wisconsin

Location: South half of cemetery, upon entering cemetery from the East on 25th Street, City of Two Rivers. North boundary from East to West, from North sidewalk on 25th Street, West to Forest Avenue. Boundary path on Southside of grandstand in center of cemetery. Copied by Hilary & Ruth Vanderbloemen, Jenny Posny of Manitowoc County Old Cemetery Society, with help from Donna Moon and Edna Smith, interested friends, on Aug. 29 and Oct. 3, 1976, June 19 and 26, July 4 and July 17, Aug. 7 and Sept. 4, 1977. Typed and proofread by Hilary Vanderbloemen. Cemetery was acquired by the City of Two Rivers, WI in 1929. Maintained in excellent condition by the City of Two Rivers. Earliest remaining stone 1854.

Tombstones re-photographed in April/May 2007 by Shari who originally photographed it in 2001. Where the earlier photo is better I left it, otherwise it has been replaced by the newer.
Updated by the Manitowoc Genealogy Society Sept. 2009. Added to this site Feb. 2011.

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ADAMS: [D-3]-Frank Adams/Father/1860-1927, ossw: [D-3]-Agnes Adams/Mother/1860-Nov. 1943 Tombstone Frank/Agnes, ossw: [D-3]-Agnes Kanugh/Mother/1899-[Feb. 1985] (Agnes Kanugh/10 Feb 1899/Feb 1985/SSDI), ossw: [D-3]-Joseph Kanugh/Father/1896-[Oct. 1979](b. 5 Dec. 1896/d. Oct. 1979/SSDI) Tombstone Agnes/Joseph, ossw: [D-3]-Children of J. & A. Kanugh/ [D-3]-Adeline Kanugh/1935-[Feb.]1936 (See KANUGH-have obit), ossw: [D-3]-Agnes Kanugh/1920-1920 Tombstone Adeline/Agnes, ossw: [D-3]-Children of F. & A. Adams/ [D-3]-Joseph/1895-1897, ossw: [D-3]-Mina/1896-1899, ossw: [D-3]-William/1889-1899 Tombstone Joseph/Mina/William [Unk-1-20]-[Adams/bur. 1912] See KANUGH

ADAMSKA: [18-4]-Julia Adamska/Mother/1873-1915 Tombstone

AHEARN: [6-5]-Ahearn Family Stone [6-5]-Martha A. Ahearn/1886-[Mar.]1962 Tombstone, next to: [6-5]-Leo A. Ahearn/1888-1918 Tombstone, next to: [6-5]-Rev. Roland Ahearn/1892-Mar. 1985 Photo Tombstone, next to: [6-5]-Urban J./1883-1888/Ahearn, ossw: [6-5]-Frank A./1885-1885 Tombstone Urban/Frank, next to: [6-5]-Mary Ahearn/Mother/1857-Apr. 1942 Tombstone, next to: [6-5]-Wm. F. Ahearn/Father/1857-Apr. 1942 Tombstone, next to: [6-5]-Joseph J. Ahearn/Rt. Rev. Monsignor/1890-July 1967 Photo Tombstone [21-5]-[Baby Boy/bur. 06-22-1953] (fetus of William and Marion Ruelle Ahearn/from fam. researcher/see contributors page)

AHRNDT: [K-5]-Henry H./1880-Sep., 1960, ossw: [K-5]-Loretta/1912-[Jan.]1916, ossw: [K-5]-[Petronella J.] Nellie/1885-[Jan.]1963 Tombstone Henry/Loretta/Nellie, next to: [K-5]-James George/son of/G & B Ahrndt/May 26, 1942/Aug. 9, 1942, ossw: [K-5]-George Henry/1907-1989/age 82 yrs.] (5 May 1907/30 May 1989/SSDI), ossw: [K-5]-Beatrice Ahrndt/Aug. 5, 1910/Oct. 4, 2006 Photo Tombstone James/George/Beatrice

ALBRIGHT: [28-2]-Charles Albright/born/June 22, 1908/died/Mar. 18, 1909 Tombstone

ALLEN: [9-4]-[William Allen/no other information]

ALLIE: [D-6]-Florence Allie Wisniewski/1898-1943 (See WISNIEWSKI-have obit), ossw: [D-6]-Adolph Gauthier/1833-1897, ossw: [D-6]-Alvina Gauthier/1832-1899 Tombstone Florence/Adolph/Alvina, ossw: [D-6]-Olive C. Allie/1866-Jan. 1950, ossw: [D-6]-John V. Allie/1862-Nov. 1937 Tombstone Olive/John [E-1]-[Baby Allie/bur. 10-07-1935] [E-1]-Edward Allie/died Sept 27, 1904/Age 14 yrs. 8 m. 15 d., ossw: [E-1]-Julius Allie/died May 19, 1889/Age 4 yrs. 6 mo. Tombstone Eduard/Julius  Tombstone Eduard/Julius Tombstone Eduard/Julius on 23 April 2007, next to: [E-1]-Eugene Allie/Aug. 4, 1856/May 31, 1920/Father Tombstone, next to: [E-1]-Sophia Allie/Apr. 8, 1860/July 5, 1940/Mother Tombstone, next to: [E-1]-Prvt. Charles E. Allie/Co. C. 57th. Engineers/born Nov. 18, 1893/ died in France/Sept. 18, 1918 Tombstone [E-1]-[Gervaise/bur. 03-16-1951/age 46 yrs.] [F-4]-Amanda A. Allie/Daughter/Jan. 1897-Nov. 1905 Tombstone [F-4]-Helena Allie/Daughter/July 1898-Jan. 1969 Tombstone [F-4]-Frank Allie/Father/Dec. 1869-Dec. 1954 Tombstone [F-4]-Amelia Allie/Mother/Mar. 1876-Dec. 1932 Tombstone [F-4]-Flavia M. Allie/Daughter/July 1898-Apr. 1942 Tombstone [G-3]-Mary L. Allie/born May 11, 1892/died Aug. 17, 1909, ossw: [G-3]-Oliver Allie/born Apr. 20, 1859/died Oct. 13, 1939 Tombstone Mary/Oliver Tombstone Mary/Oliver, ossw: [G-3]-Odelia Allie/born Nov. 20, 1866/died Mar. 17, 1913, ossw: [G-3]-Louise Allie/born Aug. 6, 1900/died May 5, 1913 Tombstone Odelia/Louise [G-3]-Albert (Baby)/Jan. 10, 1906/Aug. 28 1906/age 7 Mo. [G-3]-Footstones: Oliver, Odelia, Albert/triplet baby/Age 7 ms. 15 d., Mary [H-4]-JH. Vincent Allie/decede (Bottom half of stone buried in concrete.) Tombstone (Note: This was thought to be JR. Vincent but it is JH. He was mostly called John but on official records i.e. marriage and death he was Vincent) [H-5]-Sealastique Allie/born Feb. 28, 1834/died Nov. 14, 1916 Tombstone, next to: [13-4]-Norman [B.]/Sept. 8, 1888/Jan. 22, 1973 Photo, ossw: [13-4]-Charlotte/1887-Aug. 1963 Tombstone Norman/Charlotte [14-3]-[Blanche/(Baby)age 2 Mo.] Tombstone [14-3]-Bennie Allie/born/Apr, 25, 1888/died/Jan. 10, 1911 Tombstone  Tombstone, next to: [14-3]-Footstones: Bennie, Blanche/2 months, next to: [14-3]-Nelson/Father/1858-Jan. 1926 Tombstone, next to: [14-3]-Alice/Mother/1864-[Dec.]1923 Tombstone, next to: [14-3]-Dorothy/1903-[Feb.]1924 Tombstone [23-1]-Henry J. Allie/1881-1918, ossw: [23-1]-Jane/1881-Apr. 1956 Tombstone Henry/Jane [28-2]-Baby Allie/Born and Died/Oct. 6, 1922 Tombstone [28-3]-Amos Allie/1884-Sep. 1923 Tombstone [28-4]-Baby Allie/born & died/Mar. 5, 1920 Allie family stone [Unk]-[Baby Twins/bur. 08-03-1936] See PRESTON See SCHUSTER.


AMMERMANN: [A-6]-Xavier Ammermann/Father/1867-Apr. 1940 Tombstone, next to: [A-6]-Mary Ammermann/Mother/1869-Mar. 1952 Tombstone, next to, [A-6]-Anna Ammermann/1893-1960 Tombstone, next to: [A-6]-Johanna AMMERMAN/1901-Jun. 1969 Tombstone [A-6]-John A. Ammermann/1903-1991 Tombstone [16-2]-[Baby Henrickson/no more information] [16-2]-Meta Henrickson/1889-1920, next to: (not in city record) [16-2]-Joseph Ammermann/Father/1856-Nov. 1940 Tombstone, next to: [16-2]-Mary Ammermann/Mother/1861-1925 Tombstone, next to: [16-2]-Baby (No dates, but stone is same make as the rest above. next to: [16-2]-Gertrude Ammermann/Oct. 1, 1891/July 11, 1893 Tombstone [16-2]-[Joseph Xa./bur. 05-05-1960/age 76 yrs.] [27-4]-Caroline/Baby/dau. of W. & L. Ammermann/born & died/May 10, 1920 Tombstone, next to: [27-4]-(No family name.) Baby/Thelma Tombstone (Ammermann twin (1)/bur. 26 Sep. 1897/age 5 mo./from obit-no stone) (Ammermann twin (2)/bur. 07 Oct. 1897/from obit-no stone)

ANDERSON: [Unk.1-20]-[And. Anderson/bur. 1892] [17-6]-[Bernice Anderson/bur. 03-25-1924/age 7 yrs.] (Daughter of William Anderson and Veronica Panowitz)

ANHALT: [11-4]-Anita F. Anhalt/May 5, 1940/Mar. 3, 1989 Tombstone

APEL: (these are all on the same stone, with no more information) [5-6]-Catherine Apel Tombstone, ossw, [5-6]-Lorie, ossw: [5-6]-Theresa, ossw: [5-6]-Cathryn

ATWOOD: [29-1]-Mary Ann Atwood/died Dec. 23, 1969 Tombstone

AUER: [G-6]-Auer family stone (all names are on this stone) [G-6]-Franz/1848-May 1925, ossw: [G-6]-Frances/1905-1907, ossw: [G-6]-Franciska/1842-1914 Tombstone Franz/Frances/Franciska, ossw: [G-6]-Agnes/1908-1992 (6 Dec 1908/Aug 1992/SSDI), ossw: [G-6]-Rev.[Alvin A.]/1906-Feb. 1972 Photo Tombstone Agnes/Alvin, ossw: [G-6]-Mary M./1883-1973, ossw: [G-6]-Carl J./1879-Jul. 1944 Tombstone Mary/Carl

AUGUST: (That is all that is on the stone, buried next to Catherine Winkel.) See WINKEL

AUGUSTINE: [2-6]-Gertrude/1828-1914 Tombstone see ROLLINGER

[ B ]

BACHUS: [6-2]-[Jacob Bachus/no other information]

BACKES: [6-4]-[Mary Backes/bur. 04-01-1971/age 81 yrs.]

BALTHAZOR: [30-3]-Melvina Balthazor/Apr. 28, 1921/aged 50 ys. Tombstone [32-4]-Leonard Balthazor/July 10, 1921/Mar. 7, 1922 Tombstone [32-5]-Elmer Balthazor/1922-[Jun.]1922 Tombstone

BANNON: [10-4]-John Gabriel Bannon/1899-1949 Tombstone [10-4]-Margaret Mary Bannon/1908-1960 Tombstone see SCHROEDER

BARETT-BARRETT: [Unk]-[Doris Barett/bur. 1918]

BARSUL: [20-4]-Jan Barsul/urodzon/31 Sierp. 1881/umarl/10 Maja. 1909 Tombstone  Tombstone, next to: [20-4]-Iron cross, no information.

BARTA: [12-2]-[Catherine Ann/bur. 12-02-1953/age 1 da.]

BARTEL: [18-4]-Amelia/1875-1961/age 85 yrs. Tombstone [18-4]-Frank/1871-1959/age 87 yrs. Tombstone [18-4]-Josephine/1874-1952/age 77 yrs. Tombstone See BARTOL

BARTELME: Bartelme/Schultz family stone [K-4]-Eugene B. Bartelme/Wisconsin/Sgt. Co. E 342 Infantry/World War II Bsm-Ph/ Dec. 15, 1917/April 1, 1958 Tombstone, next to: [K-4]-Peter [J.] Bartelme/1876-Jan. 1942 Tombstone, next to: [K-4]-Julia Bartelme/1894-1918 Tombstone [1-1]-[George Bartelme/no other information](d.1896) [1-1]-[Mrs. Chas. Bartelme/no other information] [1-1]-[Charles M. Bartelme/bur. 09-09-1949/age 66 yrs.] [1-1]-[Catherine Bartelme/bur. 1936/age 47 yrs.] [1-1]-Michael Bartelme/starb/Dez. 1893/alter/38 Ja. 2 mo. 11 Tag. Tombstone, next to: [1-1]-Footstones: Father, Mother [13-6]-(Lucy St. Pierre Bartelme/03 April 1878/July 7 1906 Tombstone see SCHULTZ see ST. PIERRE

BARTOL: [18-4]-Bartol family stone [18-4]-[Jacob Bartol]/Father/1834-1924 Tombstone, next to: [18-4]-[Catherine Bartol]/Mother/1838-Mar. 1925 Tombstone, next to:Bartel [18-4]-Antonia BECKER/nee Bartel/July 11, 1882/Mar. 27, 1913 Tombstone See BECKER

BAST: [9-3]-John Bast/1908-1987, ossw: [9-3]-Hildegarde/1907-1996 Tombstone John/Hildegarde (Bast stone at base and behind Fuchs family stone)

BATZOLT: [Unk-1-20]-[Gottfret Batzolt/bur. 1905/age 82 yrs.]

BAUKNECHT: [2-4]-[Baby Boy Bauknecht/bur. 1937] [2-4]-[Joseph Bauknecht/bur. 02-29-1936]

BEAUBIEN: [16-1]-Jennie M. Beaubien/nee Sanville/1878-1939 Tombstone see SANVILLE

BEBEAU: Bebeau family stone [14-2]-Denise Bebeau/1866-1919 Tombstone [14-1]-[Baby/no other information] [14-1]-[Rueben (Baby)Bebeau/no other information] [14-1]-[Valerina (Baby)Bebeau/no other information] [14-2]-Leah Bebeau/1837-1922 Tombstone, next to: [14-2]-Moses Bebeau/1843-1915 Tombstone

BECKER: Becker family stone [H-5]-Clement/Apr. 25, 1915/June 18, 1967 Tombstone  Tombstone [K-10]-Christian/1887-Dec. 1948, ossw: [K-10]-Emma/1887-Apr. 1968 Tombstone Christian/Emma [11-3]-Peter [H.] Becker/Father/Apr. 18, 1859/June 6, 1928 Tombstone, next to: [11-3]-Ricca Becker/Mother/Sept. 15, 1868/May 6, 1957 Tombstone, next to: [11-3]-Anton Becker/Jan. 23, 1891/Nov. 26, 1894, ossw: [11-3]-Tillie Becker/Apr. 29, 1893/Nov. 26, 1894 Tombstone Anton/Tillie, next to: [11-3]-Eleanore Becker/Apr. 11, 1903/May 24, 1968 Tombstone [11-2]-Christoph Becker/geboren 1 Marz 1825/gestorben 24 Marz 1889 Tombstone, ossw: [11-2]-Margeretha Becker/geboren 14 Mar. 1832/gestorben 2 Apr. 1903 Tombstone  Tombstone [11-2]-Footstones: C.B., M.B. [18-4]-Antonia Becker nee Bartel/Born July 11, 1882/Died Mar. 27, 1913 Tombstone see BARTOL, BARTEL

BEDBUR: [6-6]-Anna Bedbur/Geb. 22 Nov. 1847/Gest. 27 Jan. 1917/gattin von, ossw: [6-6]-Winand Bedbur/Geb. 12, Jan. 1860/Gest. 17, Aug. 1933 Tombstone Anna/Winand Tombstone Anna/Winand [6-6]-Footstones: W.B., A.B., next to: [6-6]-Footstone: T.H.

BEECK: [Unk-1-19]-[Bertha Beeck/bur. 1919]

BEGOLD: [Unk-1-20]-[Carolina Begold/bur. 1914]

BEHLOW: [28-3]-[Baby Behlow/bur. 1896] Roland H. Behlow/born/July 22, 1907/died/Jan. 11, 1908 [not in city record] Tombstone [Unk-1-20]-[Alvin (Baby) Behlow/bur. 1900/age 3 mo.] [Unk-1-20]-[Child Behlow/bur. 1898/age 4 mo.]

BEITZEL: [2-6]-[Donald J. Beitzel/bur. 11/25/1938] [2-6]-[Baby] BEITZEL/born/Oct. 8, 1914/died/Apr. 22, 1915, next to: [2-6]-[Mary A. Beitzel/bur. 08-23-1939] Tombstone [2-6]-[Michael Beitzel/bur. 10-10-1930] Tombstone [6-2]-Elizabeth/wife of /Jo. Beitzel/died/Feb. 7, 1896/age 23 yrs. 5 ms. Tombstone, ossw: [6-2]-Etta Gauthier/born/17 Apr. 1825/died/10 July 1920, ossw: [6-2]-Joseph Beitzel/born/5 Mar. 1866/died/11 July 1906 Tombstone, next to: [6-2]-Mary Beitzel/1861-Sep. 1955 Tombstone, next to: [6-2]-Joseph Beitzel/1866-1906 Tombstone, next to: [6-2]-Footstone: E.B. [13-4]-Anna Beitzel/June 3, 1873/Dec. 11, 1901 Tombstone, next to: [13-4]-Peter J./1899-May 1975, ossw: [13-4]-Esther L./1900-Apr. 1987 Tombstone Peter/Esther, next to: [13-4]-Bernard J./1874-1959, ossw: [13-4]-Bertha [A.]/1881-1971 Tombstone Bernard/Bertha, ossw: [13-4]-Baby 1907 Tombstone, next to: [13-4]-Footstone: Mother [16-4]-Nickolaus/1841-Jan. 1927, ossw: [16-4]-Katherine/1863-Jul. 1942 Tombstone Nickolaus/Katherine, next to: [16-4]-GR??OS? (Rest of stone buried in ground.), next to: [16-4]-Nickolaus Beitzel/Geb. 4 Mar. 1870/Gest. 13 Ockt. 1893 Tombstone Tombstone [27-2]-Mary Beitzel/1881-1883 Tombstone [29-4]-Barbara Beitzel/1845-1880 Tombstone see NEUMANN

BELAK: [F-4]-Mechalina Belak/Ur. 15,/May 1887/Urn. 10, Kwi. 1917 Tombstone  Tombstone [27-2]-Josephine Belak/Ur. 1/May 1911/Um. 24/Sier. 1911, next to: [27-3]-Victoria Belak/Ur./1/May 1911/Um. 2/Sier 1911

BELMONT: [B-5]-[Mae E. Belmont/bur. 11-08-1972/age 79 yrs.](28 Aug 1893/Nov 1972/SSDI) [B-5]-[William H. Belmont/bur. 10-30-1962/age 70 yrs.]

BELONGER: [12-3]-Agnes [C.]/1897-Jul. 1973, ossw: [12-3]-Oliver [I.]/1897-Dec. 1981 Tombstone Agnes/Oliver [20-6]-[Catherine/bur. 11-26-1968/age 70 yrs.] see TOMCHECK

BELROSE: [K-2]-Joseph Belrose/Father/died/Oct. 31. 1869/age 75 yrs. Tombstone [16-1]-[Victoria Belrose/bur. 02-13-1939] [16-1]-[Baby Belrose/no other information] [16-1]-Joseph [B.] Belrose/died Nov. 10, 1904/age 65 years Tombstone, next to: [16-1]-Footstone: Joseph [28-4]-Mary Belrose/Mother/died/Dec. 27, 1882/age 66 yrs. Tombstone, next to: [29-4]-Moses Belrose/Son/died/July 10, 1880/age 29 yrs. Tombstone

BELZ: [10-3]-Violet Belz/born Sept. 3, 1909/died Nov. 10, 1919 Tombstone see MALK0WSKI

BENESCH: [23-2]-Joseph J./1892-Oct. 1934/PFC World War I, ossw: [23-2]-Rose E./1894-Aug. 1983 Tombstone Joseph/Rose [23-2]-John J. Benesch/US Navy/Korea/Jan. 4, 1931-Aug. 8, 1994 Tombstone [23-2]-John J. Benesch/1931-1994, ossw: [23-2]-Marianne J. Benesch/1935-___ Tombstone John/Marianne see RINGMEIER

BERDSELL: [Unk-1-20]-[Rosa Berdsell/bur. 1912]

BERGSBAKEN: [A-5]-Hilry O. Bergsbaken/June 12, 1929/Oct. 7. 1929 [Hillary] Tombstone

BERMEL: [H-2]-Veronika/Bermel Tombstone

BERNERS: [10-2]-Josephine/Mother/1826-1916, ossw: [10-2]-Mary Berners/1853-1916, ossw: [10-2]-Josephine/1855-Mar. 1939 Tombstone Josephine/Mary/Josephine, ossw: [10-2]-Ferdinand/1865-1898, ossw: [10-2]-Raphael PILON/1897-1898 (See PILON-have obit), ossw: [10-2]-Edward C./1860-1939 Tombstone Ferdinand/Raphael/Edward

BESON: [1-5]-Lucy Beson/1866-Apr. 1936 Tombstone, next to: [1-5]-Gladys M. SHEKOSKI/Apr. 10,/1912/Nov. 23, 1958 (See SHEKOSKI-have obit) Tombstone, next to: [1-5]-Lester Beson/Mar. 18,/Oct. 15,/1890 Tombstone, next to: [1-5]-May Beson/born & died/Feb. 4, 1897 Tombstone, next to. [1-5]-Siles Beson/Aug. 13, 1891/Mar. 22, 1894 [Silas]Tombstone [1-5]-Peter John Beson/Grandpa/Dec. 2, 1868/Apr. 26, 1949 Tombstone

BETH: Beth Family Stone [1-4]-Fred J. Beth Jr./1883-1944 Tombstone [1-4]-Frank Beth/1890-1916 Tombstone [1-4]-Angeline Beth/1860-Jan. 1946 Tombstone [1-4]-Fred Beth Sr./1859-1929 Tombstone [1-4]-Cunnie Beth/1885-Jun. 1964 Tombstone [1-4]-Mary E. Beth/1884-Jun. 1967 Tombstone [1-4]-Evalyn (Evy)/1914-1988 Tombstone [14-1]-[Ella (Baby)/no more information] [15-4]-Katherine/1863-1947, ossw: [15-4]-Peter J./1861-1935, ossw: [15-4]-Magdalene/1824-1893 Tombstone Katherine/Peter/Magdalene, ossw: [15-4]-Clotilda/May 5-July 14/1895, ossw: [15-4]-Rev. George F./ordained 5-7-1930/1905-1973 Photo, ossw: [15-4]-Peter F./1898-Oct. 1971 Tombstone Clotilda/George/Peter [15-5]-John K. Beth/Father/Oct. 2, 1871/Feb. 24, 1923 Tombstone [15-5]-Elizabeth Beth/Mother/Dec. 15, 1876/Feb. 13, 1938 Tombstone [15-5]-[Catherine Beth/bur. 02-21-1922] [15-5]-[Hubert Beth/no more information]Tombstone [15-5]-[Sebastian Beth/no more information] [15-5]-Hortense CORNILS/Jan. 11, 1905/May 24, 1924 Tombstone See Cornils, next to: [15-5]-Footstones: Father/S.B., Mother/C.B., Hubert, B.B. (Hubbard Beth/d. 26 Aug. 1893/age 9 yrs/drowned/from obit-no stone) [Unk-1-7]-[Lawrence Beth/bur. 11-28-1924]

BIECHLER: [5-3]-John A. Biechler/US Navy/World War II/Sep 3, 1907-May 25, 1975 Tombstone, ossw: [5-3]-John A. Biechler/1907-1975, ossw: [5-3]-Marion G./1911-2000 Tombstone John/Marion

BIGWOOD: [Unk-1-20]-[Baby Bigwood/bur. 1906]

BISHOFF: (Bishop on cemetery records) [2-3]-Bishoff Family Stone [2-3]-Rudolf Bishoff [BISHOP]/1828-1914, ossw: [2-3]-Catherine Bishoff [BISHOP]/1837-1915, ossw: [2-3]-Anna [BISHOP]/1870-1880, ossw: [2-3]-Louis [BISHOP]/1872-1892, ossw: [2-3]-Frances [Frances Anna BISHOP]/1868-Apr. 1925 Tombstone Rudolf/Catherine/Anna/Louis/Frances, next to: [2-3]-Footstones: Mother, Louis, S.B., Anna, M.B., Frances, next to: [2-3]-Mollie [Mollie Dorothy BISHOP]/1878-1959 Tombstone

BISHOP: Bishop family stone [2-3]-[Carrie F. Bishop/bur. 08-12-1964/age 81 yrs.] [2-3]-[M. (Baby) Bishop/no other information] [2-3]-[S. Bishop/no other information] [2-5]-Rose/beloved wife of/Ed. Bishop/born/Mar. 18, 1881/died/May 2, 1903 [18-3]-[Joseph B. Bishop/bur. 06-05-1937] [18-3]-[Josephine Bishop/bur. 09/19/1941/age 83 yrs.] [18-3]-Stanislaw Bishop/born/May 8, 1850/died Mar. 16, 1913 [Stanley Bishop]Tombstone [27-3]-Henry Bishop/(1892-1903) Tombstone See BISHOFF

BLASHKA: Blashka stone [16-6]-Albert/1877-1945 [1944/age 68] Tombstone, next to: [16-6]-Mary/1881-1957 Tombstone Tombstone Albert/Mary [Disinterred]-[Becky Blashka/bur. 07-13-1977](26 Apr 1979 - moved to Evergreen cem., Manitowoc) [Disinterred]-[Cyril Joseph Blashka/bur. 09-12-1949]

BLESER: [28-4]-Baby/Bleser/1911 Tombstone


BOHNE: [10-5]-Lester/Bohne/1914-1924 Tombstone [Unk-1-1]-[Baby Boy/bur. 12-13-1943]

BONFIGT: [6-3]-Anna M./1862-1890, ossw: [6-3]-Lena/1868-1898, ossw: [6-3]-Martin/1810-1885 Tombstone Anna/Lena/Martin, ossw: [6-3]-Margaret/1822-1906, ossw: [6-3]-George/1859-Nov. 1947, ossw: [6-3]-Anna/1871-Dec. 1961 Tombstone Margaret/George/Anna, next to: [6-3]-Footstones: Vater, Mutter

BONK: [A-4]-Frank J./1887-1963 Tombstone, ossw: [A-4]-Susan/1893-1962 Tombstone [E-4]-Jakub Bonk/urodzon/1 Maja 1821/umarl/20 Marca 1889 Tombstone [18-5]-Maryana Bonk/Ur/5 Sierpnia/1833/Um/3 Sierpnia/1914 Tombstone (Daughter of Frank Bonk/d. July 1906/age 4 mo./from obit) No Tombstone

BONN: [7-5]-Eva Bonn/Geb./13 Juni 1833/Gest. 19 Jan. 1899 Tombstone, ossw: [7-5]-Barthol/Bonn/Geb./28 Okt. 1824/Gest. 31 Mai 1886 Tombstone, ossw: [7-5]-Rose [E.]GROVER/Geb. 6 Nov. 1856/Gest. 17 Okt. 1926 (See GROVER-have obit) Tombstone, ossw: [7-5]-Lena KAUFMAN/Geb. 5 Jan. 1864/Gest. 7 Aug. 1928, next to:See KAUFMAN for obit [7-5]-Wm. E. Bonn[William E. Bonn]/Co. H/2 Wis. Inf./Sp. Am. War Tombstone Tombstone Rose/Lena/Wm., next to, [7-5]-Footstones: Lena, Rose see MERMUYS

BOOTH: [5-2]-Carry Booth/1883-Aug. 1931 Tombstone

BORETSKY: [7-5]-Mary Boretsky/Mother/1835-1912 Tombstone

BORUCKI: Antoni Borucki/urodzony/22 Pazd. 1853/amarl/14 Grud. 1899 Tombstone  Tombstone, next to: Footstone: M.B. See BORUSKY

BORUSKY: [9-6]-Joanna Borusky/1883-Feb. 1966 (This stone on SKORCH lot) Tombstone [17-1]-[Anton Borusky/bur. 1899/I think this is Antoni Borucki above] [17-1]-[M. Borusky/no other information] [17-1]-Paul Borusky/1878-1942 Tombstone See BORUCKI

BRAKER: [25-5]-Maria Anna Braker/born Apr. 12. 1895/died Apr. 28, 1901 Tombstone

BRANDT: [18-3]-Antoinette R. Brandt/1898-1982 Tombstone

BRANDTNER: [K-9]-Joseph Brandtner/1849-Mar. 1934 Tombstone, next to: [K-9]-Catherine Brandtner/1851-Nov. 1947 Tombstone

BRAULT: [F-3]-Leon J. Brault/1870-May 1933 Tombstone [13-4]-Isadore Brault/1894-Jul. 1973 Tombstone, next to: [13-4]-Isabella Brault/1896-Jun. 1967 Tombstone [13-4]-Dedious Brault/1907/1982 Tombstone [31-2]-Raymond Brault/born Feb. 2, 1908/died Apr. 30, 1920 [Unk-1-3]-[Mary Therese/bur. 07-11-1936]

BRAUN: [4-1]-John Braun/1851-1921, ossw: [4-1]-Laura Braun/1882-1935? [Jan. 1936], ossw: [4-1]-Edward Braun/1862-1939? Tombstone John/Laura/Edward (NOTE: The above are all on the same stone with John but the dates don't match these below) [4-1]-[Edward Braun/bur. 01-15-1944/age 60 yrs.] [4-1]-[Laura Braun/no other information]

BREIDER: [7-2]-Bartholm Breider/Geb. 8 Aug. 1826/Gest. 14 Feb. 1894, ossw: [7-2]-Lucia Breider/Geb. 2 Dec. 1820/Gest. 4 Nov. 1901 Tombstone Bartholm/Lucia Tombstone Bartholm  Tombstone Lucia See FEUERSTEIN

BREY: [20-5]-Anton Brey/1860-1916, ossw: [20-5]-Frances Brey/1870-Sep. 1931 Tombstone Anton/Frances

BRIXIUS: [6-4]-[Charles J. Brixius/bur. 04-12-1941/age 47 yrs.] [6-4]-[Johanna Brixius/no other information] [6-4]-[Josephine Brixius/no other information] [6-4]-Nickolas Brixius/Geb./7 Feb. 1847/Gest./29 Sept. 1904, ossw: [6-4]-Elizabeth Brixius/Geb./23 Dec. 1853/Gest./11 Apr. 1926 [1927] Tombstone Nickolas/Elizabeth  Tombstone Nickolas  Tombstone Elizabeth, next to: [6-4]-Footstones: Johann, Josephine, Mutter, Charles, Vater

BROKER: [8-6]-Roland P./1897-1970, ossw: [8-6]-Adeline H. Broker/1901-1983 Tombstone Roland/Adeline See BROCKER

BROUCHOUD: [9-5]-[Baby Girl/bur. 05-12-1952]

BRUNNER: [20-5]-Frances Brunner/1879-Sep. 1928 Tombstone, next to: [20-5]-W.G. Brunner [Wolfgang G. Brunner]/1878-Jul. 1967 Tombstone, next to: [20-5]-May Brunner/1888-Oct. 1955 Tombstone

BUDA / BUDO: [5-1]-Frank Budo/d. Apr. 1953 [Frank R. Buda] [5-1]-Adeline Budo/born Oct. 31, 1873/died May 18, 1917

BUDNIK: [9-5]-[Francis Budnik/bur. 1913] [9-5]-Anna Budnik/Matka/narziela 25 Lipciec 1846/?????/19 Czerw 1933 Tombstone, next to: [9-5]-Franciszek Budnik/Ojcieg/urodzdziedsie/6 Pazdz. R. 1836/?????/24 Sierpalar. 1913 Tombstone, next to: [9-5]-Waclawa Mary Budnik/May 28, 1868/Oct. 31, 1929 Tombstone [13-1]-[F. Budnik/no other information] [13-1]-[Mary Budnik/no other information] [13-1]-[P. Budnik/no other information] (John Budnik/1881/28 June 1894/from death record) see SKORCH

BUDWISER: [Unk-1-20]-[Child/bur. 1897/age 6 mo.]

BUENZOW: [22-6]-Buenzow Family Stone [22-6]-Margaret Buenzow/Mar. 30, 1887/Oct. 17, 1918 Tombstone

BUGLER: [10-6]-Bertha/1872-1899, ossw: [10-6]-Charles [Sr.]/1869-1940 Tombstone Bertha/Charles, ossw: [10-6]-Agnes Amelia (Funk) Bugler/6 June 1899/16 Nov. 1986, ossw: [10-6]-Erwin J. Bugler/b. 31 Jan. 1898/d. 7 July 1965/son of Charles and Bertha Franz Bugler Tombstone Agnes/Erwin [10-6]-[Judith Marie/bur. 05-31-1950/age 3 da.](the following sent in by family researcher/see contributors page) Judith Marie Bugler/b. 28 May 1950, Two Rivers, WI/d. 31 May 1950/ Infant daughter of Leo Christopher and June Mae (Raatz) Bugler [10-6]-Charles C. Bugler/Prvt. 1st Class, Co. I, 4th Inft./born June 3/ 1895 killed in action Oct 22, 1918 soldier of the World War Tombstone Charles C. Bugler/son of Charles and Bertha (Franz) Bugler/b. Town of Two Rivers, WI.


BUNKER: [3-2]-Joseph Bunker/1858-1918 Tombstone, next to: [3-2]-Mary Delia Bunker/1858-1937 Tombstone, next to: [3-2]-Sophia Bunker/1883-1904 Tombstone [19-1]-Moses Bunker/Father/1842-1914 Tombstone [19-1]-Margaret Bunker/Mother/1846-Jan. 1932 Tombstone, next to: [19-1]-Harriet Bunker/1875-Aug. 1947 Tombstone, next to: [19-1]-Anna KAUFMAN Bunker/1877-Dec. 1956 Tombstone, next to: [19-1]-Alexander Bunker/1876-Mar. 1959 Tombstone, next to: [19-1]-Libbie Bunker/1884-Sept. 1946 Tombstone [19-5]-Emily Doty/daughter of Mr & Mrs/Mose Bunker/born/Apr 15,1879/died/Feb 2, 1912 Tombstone  Tombstone [30-1]-Vincent J. Bunker/died/Sept. 16, 1904/age/8 mths. 3 ds. Tombstone See HANSEN

BUNZOW: [4-4]-Anna M. Bunzow/born Dec. 12, 1840/died Dec. 15, 1916 Tombstone  Tombstone [4-4]-Henry/1875-1943, ossw: [4-4]-Katherine/1888-Nov. 1976 Tombstone Henry/Katherine, next to: [4-4]-Johnie Rothmund/Baby/born/Dec. 17, 1899/died/Jan. 7, 1900 [4-4]-Charles/July 13, 1913/May 30, 2008, ossw: [4-4]-Violet [O.]/1908-2001 (04 Dec 1908/10 Apr 2001/SSDI) Tombstone Charles/Violet

BURBEY: [Unk-1-3]-[Baby Girl/bur. 06-03-1936]

BURGARD: [D-4]-[Alvin Burgard/bur. 1929] [D-4]-[Anna Burgard/no more information] [D-4]-[Baby/no more information] [D-4]-[Baby/no more information] [D-4]-[Baby Girl/bur. 1929] [D-4]-[Gertrude Burgard/bur. 11-05-1929] [D-4]-[Grandfather (Sebastian) Burgard/no more information] [D-4]-[John (Baby) Burgard/bur. 02-01-1927] [D-4]-[Mary Burgard/no more information](d. 1908) [D-4]-Anton Burgard [bur. 08-21-1937] Tombstone Tombstone, next to: [D-4]-Footstones: Grandpa, Alvin, Baby, Anna, Mary, Mother, Father [Unk-1-7]-[Anton (Baby) Burgard/bur. 01-04-1924]

BUVID: [Unk-1-8]-[Wilfred Buvid/bur. 07-01-1922]

BUYESKE: [F-2]-Julia M. Buyeske/Apr. 6, 1892/May 8, 1982 Tombstone, next to: [F-2]-Joseph J. Buyeske/Wisconsin/PFC 32 Mil Police Co/World War I/ Feb. 29, 1892-Jan 5, 1966 Tombstone, next to: [F-2]-Joseph Bujewski Sr/Father/1850-Dec. 1938 Tombstone, next to: [F-2]-Estela [Estella Buyeske] Bujewski/Mother/1857-1932 Tombstone, next to: [F-2]-John Buyewski [John BUYESKI]/Husband/Nov. 30,/1884/Dec. 23, 1916 Tombstone [F-2]-Lydia L. Buyeske/Nov. 15, 1920/May 8, 2007



[ C ]

CAMPBELL: [Unk-1-19]-[Daisy Campbell (Baby)/bur. 1918]

CARRIVEAU: [Unk-1-5]-[Mertell Carriveau/bur. 04/17/1928]

CARROLL: [15-6]-[Blanche/bur. 01/20/1926]

CATZKA: (Jozef Catzka/1830-1905)

CAYO: [5-3]-Antoine Cayo/1840-1912 Tombstone, next to: [5-3]-Hedwig Cayo/1850-1898 Tombstone [5-3]-[Mitchell/bur. 11-24-1931] [31-2]-Russell Cayo/1916-1920 Tombstone (Eliza Cayo/d. 12 Feb. 1895/from newspaper obit/she may be in Pioneers Rest as there are Cayo people in there also. No stone.) (Joseph Cayo/d. Jan. 1921/age 88 yrs./from obit/no stone) [Unk-1-8]-[Baby Cayo/bur. 01/03/1923]

CECH: [17-2]-Julius E. Cech/born July 1, 1884/died May 7, 1911 Tombstone, next to: [17-2]-Anton A. Cech Sr./1857-1930 Tombstone, next to: [17-2]-Anna N. Cech/1860-1950 Tombstone, next to: [17-2]-Julius E. Cech/1884-1911 Tombstone

CHALUBNIK: [Unk-1-9]-[John Chalubnik/bur. 1923]

CHAPEK: [18-1]-Marvin Chapek/Feb. 27, 1911/Oct. 18, 1916 Tombstone

CHLEBOWSKI: [F-3]-Lawrence Chlebowski/born/Aug. 5, 1839/died/May 30, 1917 Tombstone [19-1]-Cecilia Chlebowski/Ur. 19 Luteuo/roku 1846/Um.7 Sierpnia/roku 1911 Tombstone  Tombstone

CHRISTOFFEL: [F-4]-[Angela Christoffel/no more information] [10-2]-Elisabeth/gattin von/N. Christoffel/gebne/GLUCKSTEIN/Gest. 6 Dez. 1891-[1922]/ alter/47 j. 11 m. 8 t. Tombstone, ossw: [10-2]-Nickolas Christoffel/Geb. 1 Dez. 1879/Gest. 12 Mai. 1904 Tombstone Tombstone Elisabeth/Nickolas, next to: [10-2]-Footstones: Nickolas, Mutter, next to: [10-2]-Joseph Christoffel/1886-[Nov.]1924 Tombstone, next to: [10-2]-Nicholas Christoffel/May 4, 1845/Sept. 29, 1922 Tombstone [16-6]-Jacob Christoffel/Oct. 1829/Feb. 1921 Tombstone, next to: [16-6]-Helen Christoffel/July 1839/Oct. 1927 Tombstone [Unk-1-7]-[John Christoffel/bur. 08-11-1923] [Unk-1-4]-(Peter Christoffel/d. 16 Jan 1895) (NOTE: Dates in city records are switched on Elisabeth and Nicholas.) See DE FORGE

CIELKE: [Unk-1-9]-[Raymond Cielke (Baby)/bur. 06-04-1932]

CIHA: [Unk-1-6]-[Baby Ciha/bur. 02-28-1927]

CLAYTON: [Unk-1-4]-[Baby Clayton/bur. 02-02-1932] [Unk-1-8]-[Carl Clayton/bur.02-09-1922] [Unk-1-7]-[Dale Warren Clayton/bur. 07-12-1923] [Unk-1-7]-[David John Clayton/bur. 07-02-1924]

COLANCHEK: [Unk-1-3]-[Baby Boy Colanchek/bur. 1933] [Unk-1-3]-[Eugene F. Colanchek/bur. 05-15-1933]

COLLINS: [Unk-1-19]-[D.L. Collins/bur. 1920]

COMER: [1-2]-Thomas Comer/1787-1879 Tombstone, next to: [1-2]-Catherine Comer/nee FITZSTEVENS/1785-1884 Tombstone (John Comer/d. Mar. 12, 1890/from obit. no stone) See Walsh

COOPER: [29-3]-Baby Bernard/May 2, 1904/July 9/1905/son of C.B. & J. Cooper Tombstone, next to: Stone, (no family name.) /1901-2

COPE: [4-6]-Julia E. Cope/June 6, 1897/Sept. 22, 1967 Tombstone

COPELY: [Unk]-[Baby Girl Copely/bur. 07-31-1946]

CORNILS: [15-5]-Hortense Cornils/Jan. 11, 1905/May 24, 1924 Tombstone [19-5]-Edward/1905-2003, ossw: [19-5]-Richard [W.]/1925-Aug. 1928, ossw: [19-5]-Adelia/1904-1980 Tombstone Edward/Richard/Adelia see BETH

COURCHANE: [Unk-1-8]-[Liston Courchane/bur. 02-11-1922]

COURCHAINE: [C-5]-Marquerite/Courchaine/born/May 4. 1833/died/Oct. 4, 1891 Tombstone  Tombstone

COURCHENE: [COURCHAINE on City Record] [6-6]-Edmond/1858-1898, ossw: [6-6]-Jennie/1868-1896, ossw: [6-6]-Ruth/1893-1956 Tombstone Edmond/Jennie/Ruth, ossw: [6-6]-Harvey/1888-1913, ossw: [6-6]-Edmond E./1892-Jul. 1973, ossw: [6-6]-(John) Baby/1896-1896 Tombstone Harvey/Edmond/Baby

CRABB: [5-3]-Kenneth Jon Crabb/7 Sept. 1968/27 Nov. 1989 Tombstone

CRAITE: [Unk-1-3]-[Julia Craite/bur. 02-03-1934/age 74 yrs.]

[ D ]

DAHM: [13-6]-[Delores Dahm/bur. 02-18-1927] [13-6]-Petronella Dahm/Geb./18 Feb. 1852/Gest./17 Mar. 1902 Tombstone  Tombstone, ossw: [13-6]-Anton Dahm/Nov. 7, 1892/Dec. 28, 1924 Tombstone, next to: [13-6]-Footstone: A.D. [13-6]-Nicholas/Dahm/Aug. 15. 1841/Feb. 10, 1929 Tombstone, next to: [13-6]-Footstone: P.D.

DANEK: [13-3]-Eleanor Danek/1898-1993 (25 May 1898/06 Apr 1993/SSDI), ossw: [13-3]-Armella Foerster/1912-1987 (16 Aug 1912/Jan 1987/SSDI) Tombstone Eleanor/Armella see NEUMANN

DAVIS: [Unk-1-21]-[Thomas Davis/bur. 1856]

DEBAUCHE: [18-4]-[Baby/bur. 08-12-1949]

DEERING: [A-5]-Catherine M./[bur. 10-13-1951/age 67 yrs.] ossw: [A-5]-Michael J./[bur. 11-16-1959/age 88 yrs.] Tombstone Catherine/Michael

DE FORGE: [10-2]-Meta CHRISTOFFEL De Forge/1891-1960 Tombstone, next to: [10-2]-Charlie E. De Forge/Minnesoto/PFC. Co. E. 54 Pioneer Inf./ World War I/Aug. 14, 1894/Feb. 24, 1967 Tombstone

DEJA: Deja family stone [B-1]-Jozef Deja/Ur./19/Gred. 1870 [1892]Tombstone [B-1]-Alex Deja/born/Apr. 18, 1879/died/Oct. 22, 1918 Tombstone Large monument KRAJECK-DEJA. Krajeck-Deja family stone, next to: [13-2]-Frank Deja/1873-1913 Tombstone, next to: [13-2]-Francis Deja/1873-Mar. 1939,[Frances] Tombstone, next to: [13-2]-John Krajeck/1877-[Dec.]1944, ossw: [13-2]-Rose [Krajeck]/1877-[Aug.]1939 [24-5]-Kazimer Deja/Ur. 12. List 1840/Um./3 Luteyo 1897, ossw: [24-6]-Mary Deja/1843-1917 Tombstone Kazimer/Mary

DELILLE: [11-1]-John DeLille/1858/1940, ossw: [11-1]-Emily DeLille/1858-1943 Tombstone Emily/John [19-5]-Sophia Delille/born Mar 5, 1840/died July 19, 1914 Tombstone Tombstone (The above stone next to Frank SCHROEDER) see SCHROEDER

DEWEY: [6-2]-Elizabeth J. Dewey/1953-1956 Tombstone See LE CLAIRE

DICKENSHIED: [Unk-1-6]-Gustea Dickenshied/1882-1904 Tombstone

DIETRICH: [10-1]-Johann G. Dietrich/Gest. 1 Aug. 1888 alter 78 jah./ossw: [10-1]-Catharina Dietrich/seine gattin/Gest. 5 Dec. 1899-alter 84 jah. Tombstone Johann/Catharina, next to: [10-1]-Footstones: Mutter, Vater

DIETZ: [4-4]-Anton Dietz/Co. D [September 14, 1826/December 17, 1899/from Manitowoc County Civil War Roundtable] Tombstone taken 2001  Tombstone taken 2007 (Catherine Dietz/Nov. 9th, 1826/May 10, 1912/from obituary)

DIONNE: [21-2]-Cleophas Dionne/born Aug. 10, 1827/died Mar. 22, 1904, ossw: [21-2]-Lizette Dionne/born May 25, 1837/died May 22, 1910 Tombstone Cleophas/Lizette (Adeline Dionne/bur. 14 Mar. 1882/from obit/no stone)

DIPPLER: [Unk-1-19]-[Baby Dippler/bur. 1911]

DOEHLER: [Unk-1-19]-[Baby/bur. 1910]

DOLEYSCH: [Unk-1-9]-[Baby/bur. 1930]

DONCHECK: [15-2]-Anton/1882-1970, ossw: [15-2]-Claire/1896-May 1977 Tombstone Anton/Claire [19-3]-Caroline/1913-1914, ossw: [19-3]-Katherine/1883-Jul. 1966, ossw: [19-3]-Joseph C./1878-1962 Tombstone Caroline/Katherine/Joseph [19-3]-Leon/1917-1992 (Leon G./02 Sep 1917/06 Jun 1992/SSDI), ossw: [19-3]-Eleonore/1919-2013 Tombstone Leon/Eleonore [23-4]-Mary Doncheck/Mother/1853-1920 Tombstone See DONCHYK

DONCHYK: [15-2]-Martin Donchyk/1839-Sept. 1925 Tombstone, next to: See STEHLIK

DOOLAN: [14-1]-Mary Elizabeth/1877-1967 Tombstone [14-1]-William E./1876-1955 [bur. 10-12-1955/age 78 yrs.]Tombstone [14-1]-William (Baby)/1905-1906 Tombstone see VAUDREUIL

DOSE: [Unk-1-5]-[Baby Boy/bur. 05-04-1928] [Unk-1-5]-[Ruth (Baby)/bur. 05-30-1927]

DOTY: [19-6]-[Child/no more information] [19-6]-[Roy/bur. 10-25-1947/age 73 yrs.] [19-5]-Emily Doty/daughter of Mr & Mrs Mose Bunker/born Apr 15,1879/died Feb 24, 1912 Tombstone  Tombstone see BUNKER

DUERSCHMIDT: Duerschmidt Family Stone [8-4]-Joseph/Father/1858-May 1924, ossw: [8-4]-Fredericka/Mother/1867-1941, ossw: [8-4]-Frank J./1895-1986 Tombstone Joseph/Fredericka/Frank Tombstone Fredericka/Frank  Tombstone Joseph/Fredericka [8-4]-[Amelia/bur. 1903/age 3 mo.] [8-4]-[Anton/bur. 1903/age 78 yrs.] [24-4]-Agatha Duerschmidt/1820-1894 Tombstone (no name Duerschmidt/27 Oct. 1899/27 Oct. 1899/from death record)

DUNCZYK: [E-3]-Antonina Dunczyk/died/Dec. 7, 1888/age 47 yrs. Tombstone

DUPUIS: [J-2]-Louis J. DuPuis/Aug. 24, 1864/Jan. 24, 1923 Tombstone [30-4]-Baby/of O. & C./Dupuis/born & died/June 11, 1921 Tombstone

DUROCHER: [Unk-1-2]-[Baby Girl/bur. 01-12-1942]

DUVALL: [3-1]-Clarence/1920-Aug. 1980/WWII Veteran, ossw: [3-1]-Alice/1927-[Oct. 1990](1 June 1927/Oct. 1990/from SSDI)Tombstone Clarence/Alice, ossw:

[ E ]

EBEL: [5-4]-[Annie Ebel/no other information] [5-4]-[Emma Ebel/no other information] [5-4]-[John Ebel/no other information] [5-4]-[Thresy Ebel/no other information] [5-4]-Emma Ebel/born/Dec. 11, 1894/died/April 19, 1910 Tombstone, next to: [5-4]-Pauline/Ebel/Mother/1871-1932 Tombstone [5-4]-John Ebel/Father/1869-[May]1940 Tombstone, next to: [5-4]-Footstones: Annie, Thresy, E.E., John, Emma

EDWARDS: [Unk-1-9]-[David (Baby)/bur. 1923]

EGGERT: [Unk-1-3]-[Baby/bur. 01-04-1936]

EIERMANN: [7-4]-Frank J./Aug. 25, 1882/Nov. 26, 1965, ossw: [7-4]-Pauline A./1886-Feb. 1970 Tombstone Frank/Pauline

EIS: [8-4]-Eleanor/8 mo.-1896-, ossw: [8-4]-Martha/1876-Oct. 1962, ossw: [8-4]-Julius/1867-Oct. 1949 Tombstone Eleanor/Martha/Julius, next to: [8-4]-Footstone: A.E., next to: [8-4]-Jule Eis/May 29, 1955/[age 20 hr.] Tombstone [8-4]-(Anna Eis/d. 5 Apr. 1900/wife of Anton/from obit-no stone) [from cem. records-Anna/no other information] [8-4]-[Anton/no other information] [8-4]-[Reinhold/no other information]

ELLER: [Unk-1-19]-[Baby/bur. 1917]

ELLIOTT: [A-3]-Niel B. Elliott/Wisconsin/Pvt/72 Sq. Spruce Prod Div. April 1, 1929 Tombstone [A-3]-Kate/1856-1935 [Catherine], ossw: [A-3]-Niel/1894-1929,[Neil B.] ossw: [A-3]-Elmer J./Feb. 25, 1881-May, 1974, ossw: [A-3]-Henry/1892-1896, ossw: [A-3]-Howard/1908-1988 (20 Nov 1908/19 Oct 1988/SSDI), ossw: [A-3]-Blanche/1881-1915, ossw: [A-3]-Katie KAUFMANN/1879-1917 Tombstone Kate/Niel/Elmer/Henry/Howard/Blanche/Katie [9-6]-Julia Elliott/1886-1971 Tombstone [25-1]-Henrietta Elliott/Baby/died/Nov. 29,1916/age 9 days Tombstone (This is the only Henrietta Elliott in the cemetery)

EMLER: [Unk-1-19]-[Franz Emler/bur. 1901/age 70 yrs.]

ENGEL: [Unk-1-6]-[Minnie Engel/bur. 01-29-1927]

ERDMAN: [30-3]-Joseph/Erdman Jr/died/May 28, 1921/age 32 yrs. Tombstone

ETRINGER: [4-2]-[Helen Etringer/no other information] [4-2]-[Mary Etringer/no other information]