Centerville Township, Manitowoc Co., Wisconsin

Location: Interstate 43 to exit No. 137 at Cleveland, Wis. Go East on County Rd. XX and North Ave. Turn South on Westview St. Stay on Westview St. Cemetery is on West Side of the street directly across from the church. Copied June 11 and 18, 1978 by Marcie Baer, member of the Manitowoc County Old Cemetery Society. The oldest existing stone is 1850. The cemetery has some areas where stones are missing, but the cemetery is in excellent condition.
The cemetery there was originally part of the Stephan Grasser homestead that was purchased in 1846. He donated a portion of his farm to the church so that a parish could be established there. A bronze historical marker in the cemetery makes mention of Stephan Grasser.(from researcher/see contributors page)


AHRENDS: (new stones have been purchased for Peter and Helena)
(top part of the stone is broke off)/Gest. d. 26 Feb./1879/Gattin des Peter Ahrends.
(Helena ARENS/d. 26 Feb. 1879/age 55 yrs./from record of St. Wendel Cath. ch./no stone)   
Peter Ahrends/Geb./D. 1 Nov. 1819/Gest/D. 20 Marz. 1877 Tombstone
Helena Ahrends/b. 1824/d.26 Feb. 1879/new stone Tombstone

ALBRIGHT: Christopher B. Albright/-1967-


ARENZ: (no stone) (Michael Arenz/d. 16 Nov. 1864/age 50 yrs./from record of St. Wendel Cath. ch.)

AUSEN: Sherman/1904-1965, ossw: Viola/1904-1986

BAHR: Margaretha/Schwester/BAHR/Geb. d. 3 Maerz 1859/Gest. d. 23 Aug. 1901 See WAGNER

BARBERY: (Rose Barbery/b. 18?4/d. 16 ? 1882) Tombstone

BERSCH: Joseph Bersch/Geb. 28 Juli 1822 (rest too deep in ground) John Bersch/Geb./den 2 Feb. 1874/Gest/14 Feb. 1874 Margaret/Bersch/Geb. d. 15 Okt. 1878/Gest./6 Dec. 1878 (Margaretha Bersch/d. 7 Dec. 1878/age 2 mo./from record of St. Wendel Cath. ch.) (Jacob Bersch/son of Joseph and Barbara Bersch/d. 24 Feb. 1871/age 19 da./ from record of St. Wendel Cath. ch./no stone) (Maria Josepha Bersch/dau. of Joseph and Barbara Bersch/d. 4 Mar. 1875/ age 3 yrs./from record of St. Wendel Cath. ch./no stone)

BIWERSI: (Maria Biwersi/dau. of Nicolai and Angela Biwersi/d. 21 Jan. 1872/from record of St. Wendel Cath. ch./no stone) (Angela Biwersi/d. 12 Feb. 1872/from record of St. Wendel Cath. ch./no stone) (Angela Biwersi/d. 17 July 1872/from record of St. Wendel Cath. ch./no stone)

BOGENSCHITZ: Johann Bogenschitz/Geb/den 16 Dez. 1850/Gest/Den. 16 Nov. 1883 Tombstone

BOGENSCHUETZ: Fredericka/Gattin von/J. Bogenschuetz/Geb. Im Jahre 1817/Gest/27 Oct. 1892 Katherine Bogenschuetz/Mutter/14 Aug. 1865/20 Mar. 1936, next to: Albert Bogenschuetz/11 Sept. 1857/10 Dez. 1923, next to: Familie BOGENSCHUTZ, next to: Christian Bogenschuetz/Vater/22 Jan. 1822/15 Aug. 1899, next to: Kretzenzia BOGENSCHUTZ/Mutter/geb. 10 Feb. 1823/25 Aug. 1911 Joseph W./Father/1891-1944, ossw: Anna A./Mother/1890-1972 large family stone. Ann Marie Bogenschuetz/-1947- Tombstone

BOGENSCHUTZ: Theresa/1862-1936, ossw: Wilhelm/1855-1898, ossw: Andrew/1884-1956, ossw: Gertrude/1889-1980 Bertha/1891-1912, ossw: Rose/1895-1972 (b. 3 Jan. 1895/d. Jan. 1972/SSDI) Dominic/Father/1858-1897, ossw: Anna/Mother/1868-1938 Tombstone Dominic/Anna Joseph/Sohn (illegible)/Bogenschutz/geboren/2 Marz 1869/gestorben 15 April 1871 (Joseph Bogenschuetz/son of Ignati Bogenschuetz/d. 16 Apr. 1871/age 22 yrs./from record of St. Wendel Cath. ch.) Ignatz Bogenschutz/geboren/28 Jan. 1820/gestorben/9 Nov. 1881 (Anna Magdalena Bogenschutz/d. 6 Feb. 1890/age 1 mo./from record of St. Wendel Cath. ch./no stone) Clara Bogenschutz/Mother/Oct. 21, 1892-Jan. 1975, ossw: Henry Bogenschuetz/Father/May 18, 1888/July 13, 1941 See BOGENSCHUETZ

BRAND: Johann Brand/Geb./4 Juli 1824/Gest/9 Apr. 1902 Maria Brand/Geb. d. 20 Sept. 1853/Gest. d. 6 Sept. 1880 (dau. of John and Catharina Brand/in town of Meeme/from record of St. Wendel Cath. ch.) Katharina/Gattin des/J. Brand/Geboren/8 Mai 1820/Gestorben/13 April 1891 Karl Brand/Geb. d. 14 Sept./1859/gest. d. 9 Jan. 1863, ossw: Johan/Brand/Geb. d. 16 Sept. 1857/Gest. d. 20 Sept. 1862 Tombstone Karl/Johan Phillipp Brand/Geb. 24 April 1862/Gestorben/8 Febr. 1885

BRAUN: Family stone, next to: Catherine Braun/Sept. 8, 1829/Nov. 15, 1923, next to: J.W. Braun/Geb. 22 Feb. 1829/Gest. 18 Mar. 1911 (war vet flag holder) (Dorothea Braun/wife of Nicolai Braun/d. 26 Oct. 1864/from record of St. Wendel Cath. ch./no stone) (Maria Braun/dau. of Nicolai Braun and Marg. Fischbach/d. 23 May 1867/ 11 yrs. 8 mo./from record of St. Wendel Cath. ch./no stone) (Joanes Nicolaus Braun/son of Nicolai and Ana Braun/d. 21 Mar. 1870/age 1 mo. 13 da./from record of St. Wendel Cath. ch./no stone) New stone: Catharina Braun/1829-1923, ossw: Nicolas Braun/1829-1911, ossw: Cecelia Ramminger/1856-1922, ossw: William Ramminger/1862-1936 Tombstone Catharina/Nicholas/Cecelia/William

BREMM: (Bremmer?) Jacob Bremm/Gest. den 5 Marz 1882 Tombstone

BRUNMEIER: Edmund/1901-1954, ossw: Esther/1905-1997, ossw: Robert/1927-1944, next to: Patrick G. Brunmeier/-Sept. 2, 1960- (Pfeffer Funeral Home marker)

BURROWS: Sally E. Burrows/Apr 6, 1950-Jan 24, 1998

BUSHMAN: Raymond P./1928-1994/married 11-13-1948

CARBERY: Mary/wife of/Patrick Carbery/Born/Aug. 15, 1852/Died Aug. 8, 1882 Hugh Carbery/Born/Feb. 11, 1834/Died/Nov. 16, 1882, (listed as Hugo Carberry/same d. date/from record of St. Wendel Cath. ch.), next to: Margaret/mother of/Patrick Carbery/Born/June 26, 1798/Died/Jan. 19, 1875 (Margaretha Carberry/d. 20 Jan. 1875/from record of St. Wendel Cath. ch.) (Infant/child of Patrick and Maria Carberry/d. 1 Feb. 1875/from record of St. Wendel Cath. ch./no stone) Maria Carberry/d. 9 June 1882/age 29 yrs. from record of St. Wendel Cath. ch./no stone


CASPER: Wilbert/Father/1907-1969, ossw: Lydia/Mother/1906-1946 (obit is 1945) Rosalie/Dau. of P. & M. Casper/Aug. 26, 1912/Dec. 20, 1918, next to: Peter J. Casper/Father/1882-1917 Arthur/son of Mr. and Mrs./Joseph Casper/June 30, 1904/May 29, 1926 Tombstone, next to: Family stone, next to: Jennie/Mother/1880-1955, next to: Joseph M./Father/1880-1946 Raymond Casper/1917-1985/WWII Vet.


CLEMENS: (no stone) (Jacob Clemens/son of Stephan Clemens and Helena Oberbillig/ d. 14 Feb. 1863/age 4 yrs./from record of St. Wendel Cath. ch.)

COTE: Henry H. Cote/1904-1978, ossw: Olive Cote/1901-1984 Allan F. Cote/5-31-1935/12-13-1999/SP 5 US Army/Korea

DAUN: Leander L./1920-1965, ossw: Theresa E./1928- Tombstone Leander/Theresa

DEIN: Maria E./Dein/Geb./d. 2 Jan. 1884/Gest/10 Jan. 1884

DHEIN: Joseph F./Father/1887-1976, ossw: Clara M./Mother/1900-1968, ossw: Harriet/-1937- Hugo/1881-1940, ossw: Magdelin/1886-1967 Joseph Dhein/Geb. d. 25 Sept. 1855/Gest. d. 15 Aug. 1918, ossw: Louisa/Gattin/Geb. d. 9 Jan. 1861/Gest. d. 16 April 1943 Tombstone Joseph/Louise (Ana Maria Dhein/d. 9 Mar. 1871/age 72 yrs./from record of St. Wendel Cath. ch./no stone)


DIVELBISS: Jan R. Divelbiss/Jan 5, 1943-Jul 27, 2016

DROLL: Juliana L./July 31, 1914/June 30, 2003 Tombstone

DUELLMAN: Mary Ann/Duellman/-1955-

ERDMANN: Marie Erdmann/Mother/1886-1973

FEIDER: Dr. Arnold P./Oct. 15, 1919/May 9, 1959, ossw: Lucille K./Jan. 15, 1922-2016, next to: Arnold P. Feider/Lieutenant (J.G.) U.S. Navy/World War II/Oct. 15, 1919/May 9, 1959

FISCHBACH: Domenick Fischbach/Geb. 1793/Gest. 1872 (iron cross) Tombstone

FORNER: Albert C.E./9-3-1982/5-27-1985

FOX: Family stone, next to: Lena Fox/Mother/Nov. 23, 1884/May 26, 1927 Tombstone John D. Fox/Father/Nov. 27, 1876/Mar. 26, 1940 Tombstone, next to: John Fox/Apr. 1, 1830 - May 16, 1919, ossw: Anna/Gattin/Nov. 7, 1843 - Dec. 2, 1929 (war vet flag holder)Tombstone John/Anna Albert/1903-1962, ossw: Agnes/1905-1981, ossw: John P. Fox/1943-1985 John Fox/1870-1942, next to: Nickolaus P. Fox/Dec. 25, 1835/May 22, 1929, next to: Nicholas P. Fox/Co. K/1 Wis./H.V. Arty Nicholaus Fox Jr./Geb./D. 21 Nov. 1868/Gest. d. 3 Sept. 1899 Tombstone Maria Fox/Gebne MAAS/Geb. d. 16 Mar. 1850/Gest. d. 20 Jan. 1901 (wife of Nicolaus Fox/from record of St. Wendel Cath. ch.) Johann Fox/(iron cross - balance illegible) Marie Dorothy Fox/Jan 24, 1930-Mar 1, 1999 See MAAS

FRANKE: Otto C./Franke/B. 23 Jan. 1888/Died 12 July 1909 Tekla L./Tochter von/A und L. Franke/Geb. 1 Sept. 1877/Gest./1 Dez. 1878

FREIS: Lori M. Freis/1959-1968 Tombstone

FRITSCH: George A./1899-1982, ossw: Johanna M./1906-1986

FUCHS: (Nicolaus Fuchs/son of Nicolai Fuchs (Fox) and Maria/d. 3 Sept. 1899/age 30 yrs. 8 mo./from record of St. Wendel Cath. ch.) See FOX

GAHAGAN: James M.Gahagan/Wisconsin/Sgt. Co. A 16 Inf./1 Inf. Div./Vietnam BSM-PH/ July 20, 1947 - Jan. 17, 1969, next to: Hugh A./June 25, 1920-Dec. 27, 1987/PFC US Army/WWII, ossw: Arleen L./1925-2011, ossw: James M./1947-1969

GAUKEL: Otto Gaukel/Geb./16 Nov. 1853/Gest/6 Jan. 1895 Tombstone Godleva Gaukel/Geboren/den 5 Juli 1823/Gestorben/den 16 Oct. 1887

GEREND: Katharina Gerend/Geb./25 Sept. 1834/Gest./den 23 Marz/1880 Tombstone

GERKEN: Wm. Gerken/Born 1827/Died 1851 (iron cross) Tombstone Tombstone, next to: Sophia/Gerken/Geb. d. 22 Oct. 1848/Gest. d. 23 Oct. 1850

GRASSER: (no stone) (Magdalena Grasser/dau. of Stephan Grasser and Maria Fisbach/ d. 12 Apr. 1863/age 1 yr. 2 mo./from record of St. Wendel Cath. ch.)

GRETZ: John/Father/1886-1941, ossw: Theckla/Mother/1889-1945

GRIEPENTROG: Myron W./1918-1996

GRIES: Angela/Gattin von/M. Gries/Geb. in Kirf. D./22 Sept. 1822/ Gest. 31 Aug. 1897/Alter 76 Jahre (Angela Gries/nee Schaller/d. 31 Aug. 1897/age 74 yrs. 11 mo. 20 da./from record of St. Wendel Cath. ch.) Tombstone (Elisabetha Gries/dau. of Mathias and Ana Gries/d. 13 Jan. 1866/age 5 yrs. 9 mo. 26 da./from record of St. Wendel Cath. ch./no stone)

GROTT: Elaine/nee WITTE/1929-2005, ossw: Francis/11-28-1921/11-17-2005/S SGT US Army/WWII LaVerne/1927-___, ossw: Eugene R./1922-1952, next to: Eugene Raymond Grott/Wisconsin/PFC 1377 AAF Base Unit/World War II/Nov. 27, 1922/July 28, 1952 Frank/1878-1962, ossw: Emily/1883-1947

GUEREND: (no stone) (Nicolaus Guerend/son of Nicolaus Guerend and Katharine Wester/ d. 4 Apr. 1863/age 4 yr./from record of St. Wendel Cath. ch.)

HAESSLY: Lucille/21 Juni 1904/25 Juni 1904, ossw: Hilarion/21 Juni 1904/10 Sept. 1906 Photo Tombstone

HANSEN: Lester F./CPL/1919-1942, ossw: Barbara/1897-1961 (war vet flag holders)



HERMANN: (Joseph Hermann/son of Aug. and Monica Hermann/b. 22 Apr. 1863/age 2 yrs./ from record of St. Wendel Cath. ch./no stone) Robert K. Hermann/1925-2008/married 11-27-1948 Esther M. Hermann/Apr 26, 1928-May 6, 2014

HERZOG: Elizabeth B. Herzog/1937-1997 Albert F. Herzog/1935-1990 John M. Herzog/1903-1979, ossw: Theresa M. Herzog/1905-1979

HICKMANN: Norbert J./8-22-1937/5-19-2002/married 9-2-1966/AM2 US Navy

HILLS: Veronica Phillips Hills/1884-1957 (1st husband Phillips/2nd husband Hills), ossw: Andrew Phillips/1870-1924 (see PHILLIPS/have obit), ossw: John Hills/1870-1953, ossw: Rose Hills/1871-1933 See PHILLIPS


HOFFMANN: Stone reads: STEIN-HOFFMANN Joseph Stein/Father/1869-1965, ossw: Anna Stein/Mother/1871-1946, next to: Nicholas Hoffman/23 Dec. 1844/29 Jan. 1926 Tombstone, next to: Margaret Hoffmann/2 Oct. 1847/25 Jan. 1922 Family stone, next to: Elizabeth SCHALLER/Hoffmann/1847-1885, next to: Peter Hoffman/1842-1914, next to separate marker: Peter Hoffman/Co. C./26 Wis. Inf., next to: Mary Dieringer Hoffman/1860-1930 See WAGNER

HOLSEN: John/1890-1965, ossw: Helen/1891-1981, ossw: Ruth/1928-2012

HORNICK: Andrew Hornick/March 12, 1885-March 20, 1925/from obit

HULA: Anthony/1906-1941, ossw: Anna/1907-____

JAEGER: Christina Jaeger/Geboren ZINGERLING/Geb. d. 27 Juni 1811/Gest. d. 3 Sept. 1883

JAUKEL: (Godoleva Jaukel/d. 16 Oct. 1887/age 64 yrs./from record of St. Wendel Cath. ch./no stone)

JETZER: (John Jetzer/son of Laurence and Veronica Jetzer/d. 27 Dec. 1880/age 14 yrs./from record of St. Wendel Cath. ch./no stone)

JOHANNES: Al W./1902-1962, ossw: Janet E./1903-1965

JOST: Clarence Jost Jr./1937-1963 (war vet flag holder) Rudolph P./Father/1894-1943, ossw: Eleanor M./Mother/1898-1983 (U.S. War vet flag holder) Frank O./Sohn von/F & M Jost/Geb./D. 20 Marz 1889/Gest/D. 11 Mai 1902 Paul P./Father/1887-1943, ossw: Anna M./Mother/1891-1968, ossw: Clara/1909-1970, ossw: Clarence W./1913-1955, ossw: Mary Morgan/-1944-, ossw: Harold/-1925- Mary/1856-1890, ossw: Fred Jost/1854-1936, ossw: Margaret/1869-1939 ____m _____reth____von__& M. Jost/Geb. 13 Juli 1879/Gest. 1 Sept. 1879 (Margaret Jost/d. 1 Sept. 1879/age 16 da./from record of St. Wendel Cath. ch.) Maria M./Tochter von/Fritz & Marg./Jost/Geb. D. 13 Dec. 1898/Gest. 9 Marz. 1899 Thomas F. Jost/Son/1942-1994 Roger Jost/1925-2006, ossw: Jeanette E. Jost/1927-2004

JUNK: John Junk/Wisconsin/Pvt. 4 Engrs./4 Div./May 16, 1934 (Am. Leg. flag holder), next to: Rose Junk/Mother/1905-1933 Henry/1866-1948, ossw: Mathilda/1868-1950, ossw: Aloysius/1900-1900 Andrew/1878-1950, ossw: Mary/1888-1981, next to: Waldemar Junk/1930-1931 Wilhelm Junk/Geb/d. 21 Dec. 1823/Gest/D. 24 Mai 1893, ossw: Johanna Junk/Geb./d. 14 Oct. 1820/Gest. D. 5 Dec. 1906 Tombstone Wilhelm/Johanna, next to: Annie Mary Junk/Mother/Jan. 31, 1892/June 22, 1926 Tombstone, next to: Large family stone, next to: Joseph F. Junk/1926-1926, next to: William A. Junk/Father/Sept. 1, 1881/May 21, 1942 Tombstone, next to: John W. Junk/Oct. 20, 1913/July 20, 1936 Franz Junk/Geb. d. 15 Jan. 1854/Gest. d. 6 Feb. 1895, ossw: Sophia C. Junk/Geb. D. 27 Apr. 1858/Gest. D. 25 Aug. 1909, next to: Father/Born Oct. 25/Died Jan. 15 Johann Junk/Geb./D. 11 Nov. 1800/Gest./D. 11 Marz 1869 Tombstone Christina/Gattin von/Peter Junk/Geb./18 Apr. 1865/Gest./7 Jan. 1887 (Christina Junk/nee Rettele/same d. date/from record of St. Wendel (William Junk/son of Joanis and Elisabeth Junk/d. 8 Feb. 1869/age 4 mo. 7 da./from record of St. Wendel Cath. ch./no stone) (Josephina Junk/d. 1 Feb. 1886/age 9 mo./from record of St. Wendel Cath. ch./no stone) (Clara Joanna Junk/d. 17 Feb. 1887/infant/from record of St. Wendel Cath. ch.) See RETTELE

KAESER: Peter Kaeser/Geb./D. 6 Juni 1872/Gest/D. 12 Marz 1902

KAISER: (Peter Kaiser/d. 6 Mar. 1902/age 29 yrs. 8 mo./from record of St. Wendel Cath. ch.) (Peter Kaeser above?)

KAUFMANN: Rebecca Anne/9-12-1974/4-21-1993

KLEIN: Caroline Klein/1874-1944/from obit Nickolas P. Klein/Father/May 1, 1872/May 31, 1938, next to: Antonia M./Apr. 5, 1910/May 1, 1911, ossw: Walter H./Jan. 23, 1914/May 3, 1914 Tombstone Walter/Antonia John Klein/May 20, 1869/Nov. 29, 1939, next to: Emma Klein/June 23, 1873/Oct. 10, 1945 Helen Klein/1845-1921, ossw: Henry Klein/1840-1928 (war vet flag holder), next to: Mary Klein/1884-1978/Vet-Auxiliary, next to: William Klein/1878-1949 Pvt. Lawrence N. Klein/Aug 10, 1915-1942/from obit Joseph/1903-1970, ossw: Florence/1907-1969, next to: William H. Klein Jr./1911-1972 Rose/Mother/1873-1943, ossw: Henry/Father/1875-1932, ossw: Alois/Son/1915-1955, ossw: Helen CLARK/Daughter/1902-1976 Heinrich/Sohn von/H & R. Klein/Geb. d. 31/Jan. 1900/Gest. d. 23/Apr. 1900 Nickalaus Klein/Geb. 20 Mai 1818/Gest/D. 21 Aug. 1877 Tombstone Willie/Sohn von/L & J Klein/Geb. D. 8 Juli 1876/Gest./D. 27 Oct./1878 (Ana Klein/dau. of Henry and Helena Klein/d. 25 Mar. 1871/age 2 mo./from record of St. Wendel Cath. ch./no stone) Raymond J. "Tex" Klein/12-8-1937/5-14-1994 Elmer H. Klein/1921-2005, ossw: Elsie E. Klein/1920-2002 Ronald F./12-7-1935/11-11-1994 Elroy T. Klein/Oct 16, 1952-Mar 14, 2012 Edward W. Klein/d. July 2, 2017

KNAUF: (no stone) (Catherina Knauf/wife of William Knauf/d. 23 May 1870/age 48 yrs./from record of St. Wendel Cath. ch.)

KOENIG: Sylvester/1921-2010, ossw: Alice/1921-1975 Eunice A. Koenig/Aug. 8, 1943-Nov. 19, 2008 Margaret/1916-1965, ossw: Victor/1918-1983 Vernon Koenig/Son/1948-1956 Jerome J./8-25-1921/6-12-2004/TEC 5 US Army/WWII, ossw: Dorothy J./1924-2001 Edward/10-29-1944/1-31-1986

KOERBER: John/1902-2002, ossw: Eleanora/1910-1997 Tombstone John/Eleanora

KRAUTH: Hilbert F./1902-1974, ossw: Elizabeth/1904-1993

KRESS: (no stone) (Nicol. Bernardus Kress/d. 1 Feb. 1872/from record of St. Wendel Cath. ch.)

KULTGEN: Rose Mary Kultgen/1940-1949, next to: Michael G. Kultgen/1957-1960 Elmer N./Aug. 8, 1934/Feb. 10, 2004/USMC 1953-1956/married 5-26-1956 Elmer D./1907-1981, ossw: Gertrude/1908-1988

KUSTERMANN: (no stone) (Theresia Kustermann/d. 20 June 1882/age 5 mo./from record of St. Wendel Cath. ch.)

LANG: (no stone) (Joan. Bern. Lang/___ of Joannis Lang/d. 13 Dec. 1880/from record of St. Wendel Cath. ch.)

LEONARD: (Helena Leonard/d. 2 Dec. 1881/age 4 mo./from record of St. Wendel Cath. ch./no stone) (Rosalie Leonard/d. 11 Oct. 1881/age 41 yrs./from record of St. Wendel Cath. ch./no stone)

LEONHARD: Paul/1877-1966, ossw: Mary/1892-1969, next to: Regina/Tochter von/P u M. Leonhard/28 Juli 1916/14 Apr. 1917, next to: Mary Loretta Leonhard/1914-1972 (Baby Girl Leonhard/Dec 16, 1920-Dec 17, 1920/from obit) Henry A./Father/1883-1969, ossw: Clara C./Mother/July 15, 1901/Feb. 25, 1988 Albert/1869-1953, next to: Mary/Mother/1875-1923 George Leonhard/Sept. 12, 1835/Sept. 13, 1917, next to: George Leonhard/1876-1943 Henry T./Oct. 23, 1909/Apr. 3, 1975, ossw: Dorothy M./Jan. 7, 1908/June 4, 1994 Andrew/Father/Jan. 23, 1874/June 18, 1944, ossw: Anna C./Mother/May 28, 1873/Jan. 29, 1941 Father (Joseph)/Born Feb. 24, 1839/Died April 3, 1911, next to: family stone, next to: Barbara/Mother/Born Aug. 26, 1852/Died May 26, 1928, next to: Frank/Born Oct. 3, 1888 Died Dec. 11, 1911 Frances/Geb. 6 Juni 1882/Gest 16 Juni 1905, ossw: Antonia/Geb. 7 Feb. 1880/Gest 18 Marz 1906 Maria Josepha Leonhard/Geb. D. 10 Marz 1809/Gest. D. 2 Marz 1898 Hieronimus/Sohn von/C & C Leonhard/Geb. 29 Juli 1892/Gestorben 23 Nov. 1892 A Rosalia/Gattin von/Jos. Leonhard/9 Oct. 1817/11 Oct. 1884 Sylvester Leonhard/1914-1983 Clarence F. "Bud" Leonhard/1922-2005 Joseph F. Leonhard/Mar 9, 1929-Jan 25, 2015 Patricia M./Jul 10, 1928-Dec 3, 1993 (Dennis J. Leonhard/Jan 13, 1950-May 25, 1997/from obit) Rosemary Leonhard/July 20, 1938-Oct. 10, 2009/from obit

LEONHARDT: (Joseph Anton Leonhardt/d. 18 May 1883/age 74 yrs./from record of St. Wendel Cath. ch./no stone)

LIESEFELD/LIESFELD: Peter Liesfeld/d. 5/21/1869/no stone/from death record


LOGAN: John A. Logan/1941-1959 Photo, next to: Gerald E. Logan/1942-1956 Edward/1901-1999, ossw: Catherine/1913-1999 Tombstone Edward/Catherine Barbara Jean Logan/1938-1999

LOMERDING: (no stone) (possibly Lummerding?) (Infant/child of Joanis and Elisabetha Lomerding/d. 22 Apr. 1871/from record of St. Wendel Cath. ch.)

LOMERTING: (no stone) (possibly Lummerding?) (Gertrude Lomerting/dau. of Joanis and Elisabetha Lomerting/d. 12 Dec. 1867/age 2 yrs./from record of St. Wendel Cath. ch.)

LONHARD: Johann Lonhard/Geb. d. 10 Aug./1887/gest. d. 19 Sept./1887, next to: Albert Lonhard/geb. d. 25 April/1875/gest. d. 23 Feb./1887

LUDWIG: Peter Ludwig/d. 22 Dec. 1868/age 82 yrs./from record of St. Wendel Cath. ch./no stone

LUMMERDING: Johann/Geb. Apr. 19, 1821/Gest. Dec. 31, 1901 Maria (Elisabeth)/Lummerding/Geb/d. 21 Marz/1827/Gest/d. 21 Nov. 1896 See Lomerting See Lomerding

MAAS: Anna/Geboren FOX/Gattin von/John Maas/Geb. d. 13 Oct. 1802/Gest. d. 13 Jan. 1891 John Maas/Dec 31, 1825-Oct 1896/from MCCW Round Table Nicholaus Maas/Geboren/10 Jan. 1810/Gestorben/11 April 1884 Tombstone Maria Maas/Geboren/Den 8 Sept. 1812/Gest/den 27 Mai 1885 (Nicolaus Maas/d. 14 Feb. 1884/age 73 yrs./from record of St. Wendel Cath. ch./no stone) (Maria Maas/d. 13 Jan. 1891/age 28 yrs./from record of St. Wendel Cath. ch./no stone) See FOX

MALLMAN: (no stone) (Maria Ana Mallman/d. 14 Sept. 1871/age 55 yrs. 4 mo. 10 da./from record of St. Wendel Cath. ch.)

MARTIN: Anna/Elisabetha/Frau von/Peter Martin/Geb./d. 16 Feb. 1816/Gest/d. 2 April 1882

MAYER: Louis/1889-1971, ossw: Mary/1892-1974 Fred Mayer/May 3, 1915-Dec. 5, 1990

MERTENS: (no stone) (Francis Mertens/d. 7 May 1882/age 2 yrs./from record of St. Wendel Cath. ch.)

MEYER: Kenneth Meyer/son/1939-1952 Raymond/1912-1991, ossw: Gertrude D./1917-1987

MILLER: Edwin M./Father/1910-1948, ossw: Mabel M./Mother/1912-1999 Math/1896-1932, ossw: Lena/1870-1954, ossw: Peter/1865-1934 Norman/1932-2002, ossw: Henry/1891-1960, ossw: Mayme/1900-1974 Roman P. Miller/1927-1993

MOHR: (no stone) (Susanna Mohr/nee Steinmauer/b. Lippshausa, Prussia/d. 11 Sept. 1863/ age 37 yrs./from record of St. Wendel Cath. ch.)


MUELLER: Edith A./Jan. 30, 1925-April 23, 2007/married 8-20-1949, ossw: Barbara/1951-1979 Milton J. Mueller/1922-2012

NENICH: (no stone) (Christina Nenich/dau. of Nicolai and Elisabeth Nenich/d. 25 Mar. 1870/ age 9 mo. 19 da./from record of St. Wendel Cath. ch.)


NENNIG: Family stone, next to: Jerome/Son/July 25, 1915/July 17, 1951, next to: Joseph/Father/Apr. 5, 1869/Nov. 1, 1928, next to: Helena/Mother/Oct. 25, 1875/Apr. 11, 1939, next to: Hildegard/Daughter/Apr. 29, 1917/Apr. 13, 1928 Albert/1870-1951, ossw: Anna/1875-1947 Hyronimus/Father/1873-1952, ossw: Lena/Mother/1872-1950, ossw: Clarence/1901-1963, ossw: Hildegard/1906-1980 Family stone, next to: Mary/1877-1949, next to: (Francis Nennig)Father/Geb. 24 Aug. 1844/Gest. 10 Oct. 1889, next to: Mary/Maria/Mother/Geb. 15 Feb. 1850/Gest. 20 Mar. 1907, next to: John N./Born Feb. 19, 1875/Died Mar. 2, 1910 Frank/1867-1940, ossw: Henrietta/1865-1957 William/1904-1976 (05 May 1904/Sep 1976/SSDI), ossw: Josephine/1899-1966 Olive Nennig/1881-1962 Heinrich W. Nennig/geb 22 Dec. 1906/gest 27 Apr. 1909, ossw: George H. Nennig/Geb. 18 Juni 1909/gest 25 Juni/1909 Emma Nennig/d. 29 June 1890/age 10 yrs./from record of St. Wendel Cath. ch./no stone Francis Wilhelm Nennig/son of Francis and Maria Nennig/d. 23 Dec. 1890/ age 5 yrs./from record of St. Wendel Cath. ch./no stone Theresa K. Nennig/Daughter/Aug. 5, 1911/Aug. 2, 2002 Tombstone Margaret Nennig/1906-1986, ossw: Marcella Nennig/1903-1988

NOEL: Leo G. Noel/Apr 10, 1917-Feb 17, 1996/PFC US Army/WWII Tombstone, ossw: Esther Noel/June 7, 1917-July 23, 2003 Tombstone

OBERBILLIG: Margaretha Oberbillig/Geb./d. 18 Oct. 1818/Gest/D. 30 Mai 1901, ossw: Heinrich Oberbillig/Geb./15 April 1811/Gest/d. 29 Dec. 1901

ORTH: Gilbert/-1922-, ossw: Gertrude/1892-1982, ossw: John/1879-1953 Nickalous/Jan. 2. 1849/Jan. 18, 1939, ossw: Maria/May 14, 1854/Dec. 6, 1930, ossw: Anna/Mar. 9, 1876/Mar. 4, 1953 Tombstone Nickalous/Maria/Anna Angela Orth/Geb. d. 28 Dez. 1810/Gest. d. 7 Feb. 1882 Johann Orth/Geb./d. 2_ Juni 1803/Gest./d. 30 Juli 1880 Betty Orth/1924-1978 James Orth/Jun 28, 1967-Jun 6, 2014 Dennis F. Orth/7-7-1958/12-8-2003/married 9-5-1981

PFEIFER: Nicholas Pfeifer/Son/1885-1942, next to: Albertina Pfeifer/Mutter/Geb. 25 Marz. 1862/Gest. 9 Oct. 1931, next to: der Familie Pfeifer, next to: Vater/Michael/Pfeifer/Geb. 11, Aug. 1855/Gest/22 Juli 1926, next to: Mutter/Elisabeth/Pfeifer/Geb. d. 29 Apr. 1824/Gest. d. 24 Juni 1903 Johann Pfeifer/Geboren D. 19 Nov. 1822/Gest./d. 25 Mai 1889

PHILLIPS: Veronica Phillips Hills/1884-1957, ossw: Andrew Phillips/1870-1924, ossw: John Hills/1870-1953/have obit/see Hills, ossw: Rose Hills/1871-1933/have obit/see Hills See HILLS

PRAHL: Dolores May/Dau. of R & R Prahl/Died May 8, 1929

PRIESTER: Daniel/Priester/Geb. 25 Dec. 1797/Gest. 18 Nov. 187(9?)Tombstone Rudolph/Sohn von/D und A/Priester/Geb./den 17 Apr. 1879/Gest./ den 22 Sept. 1879 (Rudolf Priester/d. 23 Sept. 1879/age 5 mo./from record of St. Wendel Cath. ch.)

PRISTER: (no stone) (Catharina Prister/dau. of Daniel and Maria Prister/b. 23 Apr. 1865/ d. 17 Aug. 1865/age 4 mo./from record of St. Wendel Cath. ch.)

RAMMINGER: Cecelia Ramminger/Born Apr. 6, 1856/Died Apr. 14, 1922, ossw: William Ramminger/Born June 24, 1862/Died Apr. 28, 1936 New stone: Catharina Braun/1829-1923, ossw: Nicolas Braun/1829-1911, ossw: Cecelia Ramminger/1856-1922, ossw: William Ramminger/1862-1936

REINART: Adam Reinart/Geb./26 Oct. 1872/Gest/14 Mar. 1908, ossw: Mary Wagner (Reinart)/29 Feb. 1872/29 Nov. 1951

REINEMANN: Caecilie Reinemann/Geboren/ZINGERLING/Geboren/d. 6 Nov. 1812/Gest d. 3 Apr. 1891 Tombstone Caecilia (we always spelled it Cecilia until we found the grave marker) REINEMANN (ZINGERLING) immigrated with her husband Johann Christoph , reportedly in 1852. She is my g,g,gma.

REINERT: Margaret/1872-1946 Kenneth Edwin Edward Reinert/son of Edwin Reinert and Marg. Reilly/ d. 13 Jan. 1905/age 11 mo./from record of St. Wendel Cath. ch./no stone

RENTERIA: Marcelena R./6-17-2001/8-10-2001 (wooden marker)

RETTELA: William/Mar. 14, 1887/Apr. 27, 1973, ossw: Catherine/Sept. 5, 1890/June 17, 1953 Tombstone William/Catherine

RETTELE: Andrew/Geb. d. 24 Aug. 1831/Gest d. 22 Juni 1914, ossw: Anna Maria Rettele/Geb. d. 2 Marz 1838/Gest d. 26 Jan. 1918 Tombstone Andrew/Anna, next to: Frank J./Father/1860-1941, next to: family stone, next to: Angela JUNK/Mutter/Gattin von/Frank J. Rettele/Geb. d. 1 Apr. 1853/Gestorben d. 26 Marz 1900 Henry/1889-1962, ossw: Clara/Feb. 28, 1895/Jan. 9. 1975 Anna Maria Rettele/Geboren im Juli 1801/gestorben 2 Marz 1888 Tombstone Joseph/Sohn des/A & M Rettele/Geboren 14 Febr. 1871/gestorben 26 Sept. 1888 See JUNK

RIETH: Irene/1916-1998, ossw: Arthur/1913-1968

SALM: Hildegard/1904-1989, ossw: Nick Jr./1886-1948, ossw: Robert/1941-1942, ossw: Marie/1890-1928 Barbara Jean Salm/Aug. 15, 1960/Sept. 3, 1964 Henry/1867-1897, ossw: Mary SCHAEFFER Salm/1867-1947, next to: Heinrich Salm/Geboren/d. 24 Sept. 1867/Gest/d. 17 Jan. 1897 Tombstone, next to: Anne Salm/Mar. 29, 1897-July 27, 1987 Nickolaus Sr./1863-1945, ossw: Elizabeth/1863-1952, ossw: Lucy/1903-1954 Frau Kartheiser Salm/Gebne HEISDORF/7 Sept. 1847/g. 16 Jan. 1918, next to: Maria/Gattin von/Nicolaus Salm/Geb. d. 2 Juni 1833/ Gest. d. 19 Mai 1890, ossw: Nickolaus Salm/Geb./d. 4 Marz 1834/Gest/d. 6 Maerz 1910, ossw: Anna M./Gattin von/Nicolaus Salm/Geb. d. 10 Juni 1842/Gest./20 Feb. 1901 (Anna Margretha Salm/from record of St. Wendel Cath. ch.) Lena M./1897-1974, ossw: William J. Salm/1899-1988 Mathias Salm/Geb./d. 10 Juni 1856/Gest/d. 17 Juni 1910, ossw: Maria M. Salm/Geb. d. 10 Marz 1861/Gest d. 21 Apr. 1910 Tombstone Mathias/Maria Wilhelm Salm/Geb. den 15 Apr. 1872/Gest. 24 Jan. 1874 Mathias Salm/geb. 27 Apr. 1797/gest. 21 Sept. 1862 Margaretha Salm/Born 1800/Died 1871 (iron cross) Michael W./Sohn von/Nic & Ellen Salm/geboren d.1 Jan.1891/Gest d. 1 Mai 1891 Katharine Salm/Geb den 11 Mai 1869/Gest 14 Dec. 1876 Arthur J. Salm/Apr. 20, 1917/Oct. 31, 1997 Tombstone Leo H. Salm/1893-1990 Francis R. Salm/9-1-1934/1-7-2009 Kenneth Roger Salm/Dec 27, 1971-Apr 13, 2012


SCHAETZER: William/1907-1966, ossw: Martha/1906-1987 Tombstone William/Martha Marcella E./nee Michels/3-3-1930/7-18-2006/married 7-30-1949

SCHALLER: Marie Kathrina Schaller/Born (bal. illegible)(iron cross) (Maria Catharina Schaller/d. 11 Apr. 1875/age 5 yrs./from record of St. Wendel Cath. ch.) Anna/Schaller/Geb/d. 15 Oct. 1819/Gest/d. 15 Dec. 1862 Frank/Sohn von/F & A Schaller/Geb. d. 29 Jan. 1903/Gest. d. 13 Sept. 1903 Maria A./Tochter von/Frank u Anna/Schaller/Geb./D. 20 Oct. 1898/Gest/d. 9 Marz 1899 Tombstone Catharina SCHALLER WAGNER/Mutter/Geb/d. 4 Feb. 1844/Gest/d. 21 Marz 1911, next to: Family stone, next to: Carl Schaller/Vater/Geb. 22 Mai 1822/Gest. d. 12 Aug. 1897 Elisabetha Schaller/d. 30 May 1880/age 1 yr./from record of St. Wendel Cath. ch./no stone See HOFFMANN

SCHARENBROCH: Peter/1878-1952, ossw: Theresa/1878-1957 Elizabeth/Dec. 30, 1874/Jan. 16, 1953, ossw: Mary/Feb. 7, 1877/Jan. 2, 1954 Tombstone Elizabeth/Mary Anna Katharina/Scharenbroch/27 Feb. 1846/6 Nov. 1917 Tombstone

SCHEIDT: Henry/1871-1933, ossw: Catherine/1874-1936, ossw: Peter/1898-1959, ossw: Elvira/1899-1996 Joseph Jr./Father/1928-___, ossw: Carol M./Mother/1930-___, ossw: Lisa R./Daughter/1958-1976 Theobald/Scheidt/Geb./20 Apr. 1812/Gest./26 Apr. 1894 (Theobadus Scheidt/ same dt./from record of St. Wendel Cath. ch.) Carol/1935-1935, ossw: Joseph/1900-1969, ossw: Catherine/1908-1986 Family stone, next to: Heinrich Scheidt/31 Mar. 1846/27 Oct. 1906, next to: Maria Scheidt/Geb.STRUPP/21 Apr. 1846/1 May 1918

SCHERMETZLER: Michael/d. 11-22-1983

SCHILL: Nickalaus Schill/Geb./D. 1 Jan. 1820/Gest. d. 14 Aug. 1913, ossw: Maria Schill/Geb./d. 3 Marz 1820/Gest/d. 30 Juni 1903 (Maria Schill/ wife of Nicolai Schill/same d. date/from record of St. Wendel Cath. ch.) next to: Gilbert H./1909-1992, ossw: Marcella/1918-2004, ossw: Leroy A./1950-1966 Photo Frank/Father/1878-1920, ossw: Lena/Mother/1879-1956, ossw: Raymond/1905-1948, ossw: Alois/PFC U.S. Army/1910-1945 Donald/1943-1945, ossw: Arnold/1914-1995, ossw: Margaret/1912-1959 Frank/1853-1932, ossw: Mary E./1857-1933 Tombstone Frank/Mary

SCHMIDT: Family stone, next to: Frank/Father/1875-1936, next to: Mary/Mother/1880-1967

SCHMITT: Henry J./1883-1945, ossw: Anna/1884-1979, ossw: Agnes C./-1925-, ossw: Josephine K./1920-1930 George P./1903-1976, ossw: Mary/1907-1992 Marjorie Schmitt/-1956- Peter Schmitt/Geb/d. 28 Nov. 1845/Gest/d. 17 Sept. 1888, ossw: Margaretha/Schmitt/Geb./D. 12 Sept. 1850/Gest. d. 10 Aug. 1910, next to: Rev. Father James H. Schmitt/Born/Mar. 30, 1877/Died/Mar. 19, 1944/Ordained June 6, 1906 Peter J. Schmitt/Geb/d. 9 Marz 1813/Gest. d. 10 Apr. 1894 Joseph Schmitt/d. 10 Apr. 1894/age 79 yrs./from record of St. Wendel Cath. ch. Magdalena/Tochter von/Peter & M. Schmitt/Geb. d. 20 Dec. 1871/Gest. d. 13/Aug. 1872 Peter Schmitt/Geb./d. 20 Feb. 1873/Gest./D. 17 Juli 1898 Catharina Schmitt/Geborne LINK/Geb. d. 25 Nov. 1809/Gest. d. 14 Nov. 1863 Albert P./Sohn von/Frank/& Mary/Schmitt/Geb./D. 13 Mai 1903/Gest/d. 6 Apr. 1906 Bernice Schmitt/1925-1986, ossw: Wilfred Schmitt/1923-1990 Francis X. Schmitt/1917-1982 William J. Schmitt/1915-2008, ossw: Veronica M. Schmitt/1917-1981 Henry A. Schmitt/1908-1980, ossw: Josephine Schmitt/1908-1998

SCHMITTEN: Mathias Schmitten/Geb.d. 14 Apr. 1833/Gest. d. 12 Aug. 1899

SCHMITZ: Marjorie Schmitz/1947-1948 Robert K. Schmitz/-1949- Kenneth R./5-3-1929/3-17-2006, ossw: Agnes M./1-13-1930/7-29-2007

SCHNEIDER: Anton Schneider/G. 1 Jan. 1856 - G. 11 Dez. 1912 Victoria Schneider/1861-1944/from obit Robert Schneider/Dec 4, 1898-Nov 17, 1985/from obit Ruhestatte/Der/Familie/Friedrich Schneider/next to: Fred Schneider/Mar. 5, 1853/Sept. 1, 1934, next to: Emma Schneider/Mother/July 24, 1862/Oct. 8, 1936, next to: Leonhardt Schneider/Geb. d. 16 Juni 1809/Gest. d. 23 Oct. 1897, next to: Magdalena Schneider/Mutter/Geb. d. 27 Juli 1820/Gest. d. 11 Jan. 1909 Dominikus Schneider/Geb. 4 Aug. 1823/Gest. 15 Nov. 1903, ossw: Mary Schneider/Geb. 24 Dec. 1819/Gest. 26 Jan. 1919 Tombstone Dominikus/Mary, next to: separate flat stone which reads: 1904. John W./1891-1968, ossw: Catherine/1895-1960 (Ladies Aux. V.F.W.) Frank P.Schneider/Mar. 4, 1866/Apr. 20, 1947, ossw: Wilhelmina/Oct. 16, 1876/Oct. 2, 1951 Anna Schneider/Geb. d. 22 Dec. 1868/Gest. d. 19 Feb. 1900 Tombstone George/May 18, 1897/Jan. 30, 1972, ossw: Rose/Oct. 23, 1906-Mar. 3, 1992, ossw: Dorothy/July 26, 1927/Dec. 22, 1927 John/Oct. 24, 1882/Feb. 15, 1958, ossw: Anna/Aug. 17, 1880/Mar. 2, 1956 Johann Schneider/Geb ie Furstenti Hohenzollern/4 Juli 1804/2 Nov. 1892 Albertina/Jan. 22, 1828/Oct. 19, 1913, ossw: Joseph/Feb. 19, 1818/Jan. 3, 1877 Tombstone Albertina/Joseph Joseph D./Dec. 6, 1854/May 22, 1935, ossw: Margaret/Sept. 19, 1858/Dec. 28, 1943 Base only - top of stone (very old) broken off) Rudolph/Sohn von/L & A Schneider/Geb. 30 Oct. 1879/Gest. 30 Sept. 1881 (Elisabetha Schneider/dau. of Wm. Knaf and Katharina Schrand/ d. 20 Mar. 1863/from record of St. Wendel Cath. ch./no stone) (Michael Schneider/d. 27 Nov. 1869/age 86 yrs./from record of St. Wendel Cath. ch./no stone) (Christian Schneider/d. 25 Jan. 1881/age 75 yrs./from record of St. Wendel Cath. ch./no stone) (Crescentia Schneider/d. 24 Oct. 1882/age 53 yrs./from record of St. Wendel Cath. ch./no stone) (Joseph Schneider/11 Apr. 1895/15 Jun 1972/from obit and SSDI) Gerald H. "Gerry"/8-28-1935/5-21-1994/married 6-17-1958 Francis Arno Schneider/7-31-1922/10-4-1992

SCHOENUNG: (Frank Schoenung/Aug 21, 1857-Dec 3, 1940/from obit) (Gertrude Schoenung/d. Feb 21, 1921/from obit) (Jacob Schoenung/Feb 19, 1885-Oct 29, 1904/from record)

SCHONS: Mathias Schons/geb. d./Mai 1793/gest. d. 29 July 1864 Tombstone

SCHULTE: Joseph/Apr. 8, 1860/May 3, 1940, ossw: Mary/Mar. 24, 1862/May 22, 1933, Joseph/Mary Josephine Schulte/March 7, 1895-June 19, 1982/not buried here Family stone, next to: Aloysius/Sohn von/J & M Schulte/Geb. b. 10 Sept. 1893/Gest. d. 11 Nov. 1899 Aloysius John Schulte/Sept. 10, 1899-Nov. 11, 1899

SCHWINN: Peter/1872-1945, ossw: Mary/1871-1952, ossw: Edward/1899-1990, ossw: Lauretta/1904-1970 Frank/Geb. D. 10 Juni 1903/Gest./d. 15 Sept. 1903 (Francis Aloisius Schwinn/son of Peter and Maria Schwinn/same dates/from record of St. Wendel Cath. ch.),ossw: Johann J./Geb. D. 20 Sept. 1905/Gest./d. 13 Apr. 1908, ossw: Kinder von/Peter & Maria Schwinn

SCHWOERER: Lorraine/Mother/Aug. 31, 1908-Aug. 3, 1984, ossw: Alfred A./Father/July 18, 1905/Nov. 29, 1949 Rosina/Mother/July 14, 1877/Oct. 19, 1948, ossw: Joseph/Father/Sept. 4, 1876/July 20, 1949, next to: Herbert/1914-1978, ossw: Viola/1913-2010, ossw: Joyce/Aug. 24, 1953

SHOENUNG: Family stone, next to: Jacob/Geb. 19 Feb. 1884/Gest. 28 Oct. 1904

SENGER: (possibly Singer?) (Sebastian Senger/d. 2 Jan. 1876/age 5-2/3 mo./from record of St. Wendel Cath. ch./no stone)

SINGER: Sebastian/Sohn von/Joseph & Theresia/Singer/Geb. d. 18 Juli 1867/Gest. d. 1 Jan. 1876

STEIN: Otto H. Stein/4-5-1897/6-5-1994, ossw: Virginia J. Stein/7-28-1912/6-18-1997 Kevin J. Stein/11-25-1961/8-30-1988 Joseph Stein/Father/1869-1965, ossw: Anna Stein/Mother/1871-1946 See HOFFMANN

STEINBERG: Michael "Stoner" Steinberg/8-30-1956/5-20-1987

STEINBRUECKER: Beatrice/1916-2001

STEMPER: Alvin/1920-2003, ossw: Margaret/1920-2016, ossw: Daniel/1946-1966

STEPHANI: (Magdalena Stephani/widow/d. 18 Apr. 1870/age 86 yrs./ from record of St. Wendel Cath. ch./no stone)

STRIGEL: Joseph/Father/1876-1958, ossw: Anna/Mother/1874-1943


STUCKI: Johann J. Stucki/___Geb. im Ober Urnen/Im Canton Glarus in den/ Schweiz/den 22 Oct. 1825/Gest. d. 3 Feb. 1863

TAGER: (no stone) (Christina Tager/d. 4 Sept. 1883/age 72 yrs./from record of St. Wendel Cath. ch.)

THOMPSON: Jesse G./3-2-1934/8-7-2000/married 9-4-1982/SN US Navy/Korea

UNDESSER: Elisabeth/Gattin von/C. Undesser/Geb'ne WERNER/8 Juni 1863/Gest./6 Sept. 1895

VAN DE LOO: Jacob/1877-1944, ossw: Mary/1875-1947 Tombstone Jacob/Mary

VOGT: Joseph/Ehr Gatte von/Anna M. Vogt/Gest/den 12 Juni 1870/im alter von 32 Jahr. Tombstone (Joseph Vogt/son of Joanis and Ana Maria Vogt/b. 12 Apr. 1857/d. 17 Dec. 1865/from record of St. Wendel Cath. ch./no stone)

WAGNER: Ruhe Statte/Der Familie/Mich. Wagner, next to: Michael Wagner/Vater/Geb./11 Mar. 1829/Gest/25 Nov. 1900 (d. 24 Nov. 1900/from record of St. Wendel Cath. ch.), next to: Susanna Wagner/Mutter/d. 11 Aug. 1835/Gest./d. 12 Marz 1916 Henry/1878-1946, ossw: Mary/1881-1939, ossw: Rev. Alphonse/1918-1974, Photo next to: Jacob/1876-1946, ossw: Catherine/1877-1952, ossw: Catherine/1915-1916, ossw: Theckla/1902-1957 John/Father/1870-1945, ossw: Mary/Mother/1878-1965, ossw: Rueben/Son/1903-1958 Clarence/1903-1939, ossw: Melanie/1911-1912, ossw: Florence/1909-1910, ossw: Dominic Wagner/1865-1937, ossw: Katherine/nee HOFFMANN/1867-1931 Frank M./1874-1966, ossw: Barbara/1875-1955, ossw: Rosalia/1908-1908 Hugo/Father/1897-1969, ossw: Kathryn/Mother/1900-1968, ossw: Catherine/1935-1946 (Ladies Aux. VFW flag holder) Peter Wagner/July 10, 1864/Oct. 24, 1931, ossw: Carl Wagner/May 1, 1867/Aug. 28, 1890 (son of Mathias Wagner and Elisabetha Salm/from record of St. Wendel Cath. ch.) Tombstone Peter/Carl, next to: Mathias Wagner/Geb. d. 3 Juni 1830/Gest. d. 28 Juni 1907 Tombstone, ossw: der familie/Mathias Wagner, ossw: Elisabeth Wagner/Geb. 1 Aug. 1836/Gest. d. 24 Nov. 1897, next to: Margaretha Wagner/Geb. 8, 1871/Dec. 19, 1874, ossw: Mathias Wagner/May 10, 1855/Feb. 19, 1878 Tombstone Mathias/Margaretha, next to: John M. Wagner/Father/Aug. 7, 1867/Nov. 27, 1949, ossw: Katharina Wagner/Mother/July 23, 1874/May 2, 1923, next to: family stone, next to: Lawrence Wagner/June 30, 1913/June 30/1913, ossw: Eileen M. Wagner/Mar. 30, 1916/Apr. 25, 1916, next to: Edward A. Wagner/Reverend/Nov. 3, 1895/Oct. 18, 1970/Ordained May 20, 1926 Tombstone, next to: Nick/Father/1860-1939, ossw: Christina/Mother/1867-1942, next to: family stone. Stacia A. Wagner/Feb. 28 - Mar. 3, 1971/Daughter of John and Karen Wagner, ossw: Wendel J./1909-1991/married 7-12-1941, ossw: Anita K./1919-1993 Ruth Wagner/1917-1948, ossw: Gordon Wagner/1915-2002/Vet. Anton/1896-1988/Vet., ossw: Nerina/1897-1990, ossw: Mary/1898-1922 Frank J./1887-1953, ossw: Mathilda/1886-1920 Franz Wagner/Geb. D. 27 M?? 1827/Gest. D. 14 Feb.1864 Tombstone Walter N./Geb./d. 27 Sept. 1907/Gest./D. 11 Oct 1907, ossw: Herbert/Geb./d. 16 Maerz 1905/Gest./d. 10 Apr. 1905, ossw: Kinder von H. & M. Wagner Catharina/Tochter von/Nic und/Christina Wagner/Geb. d. 5 Juni/1890/Gest. d. 15 Apr./1891 (Herbert Joseph Wagner/son of Henry Wagner/d. 12 Apr. 1905/age 10 mo./from record of St. Wendel Cath. ch.) Alfred J./4-15-1897/2-13-1986, ossw: Mildred A./11-19-1904/10-13-1998, ossw: Eleanore K./4-26-1900/11-24-1983 Adrian F. Wagner Sr./d. Jul 9, 2014 June A. Wagner/1931-2002 Lillian Wagner/1901-1994 Robert H. Wagner/8-9-1926/12-6-1995/married 10-8-1949 Hilmer Wagner/3-30-1925/5-31-2004/married 8-23-1947 See BAHR See REINART See SHALLER

WARNER: Kenneth/-1934-, ossw: Frank L./1898-1972, ossw: Ida/1900-1989, ossw: Valentine HEIM/1865-1932, ossw: Josefa HEIM/1864-1909, next to: Frank L. Warner/Wisconsin/PFC 136 Guard Co. ASC/World War I/Feb. 6, 1898 - April 20, 1972

WEBER: Franz/Sohn von/Mich. & Elis. Weber/Geboren 8 Mai 1864/gestorben 5 Aug. 1876 Tombstone Michael Weber/Geboren d. 19 Mai 1807/Gest d. 1 Mai 1886 Tombstone

WEITER: Anna Marie/Tochter von/M & M Weiter/Geb d. 6 Jan. 1901/Gest d. 27 Oct. 1915, next to: Angelica Weiter/Geb/d. 9 Jan. 1841/Gest/22 Sept. 1918, next to: Familie Michael Weiter, next to: Vater/Michael Weiter/Geb. d. 3 Nov. 1821/Gest/d. 11 Juli 1899 Irene M. Weiter/Jan. 14, 1928/June 28, 1928, next to: Jerome F. Weiter/Apr. 22, 1934/July 6, 1934, next to: Nick W. Weiter/1896-1944, ossw: Julia A./1897-1945, next to: Caroline V. Weiter/Mar. 14, 1932/May 19, 1933 Father/Nick/Jan. 28, 1863/Mar 5, 1934, ossw: Mother/Lena/Mar. 26, 1867/June 13, 1941 Tombstone Nick/Lena Margaretha Weiter (rest buried too deep to read-third row from street) (Helena Maria Weiter/dau. of Nicolai and Magdalena Weiter/21 Nov. 1898/ 9 Nov. 1899/from record of St. Wendel Cath. ch./no stone)

WERNER: Maria Werner/Geb/Im Jahr 1829/Gest/d. 21 Marz 1904 Vitus Werner/geb. in Kappelrothek D./Gest/28 Aug. 1896/Alter/73 Jahr Ferdinand/Sohn von Vitus & Maria Werner/23 Apr.1861/Gest/30 Sept. 1882 See UNDESSER

WILKE: Richard W./1911-1966, ossw: Ursula M./1916-2011 (Don't know if she is buried here, she remarried Walter F. Rettela)

WILSON: Florence G/Oct. 20, 1873, ossw: George F./Oct 9, 1967

WIMMLER: Harold/1903-1961, Photo ossw: Loretta/1905-1996 Catherine/Mother/1879-1925, next to: Lowell O./Infant son of H & L Wimmler/1943-1943

WOLF: Rev. William Wolf/June 19, 1873/April 27, 1937/Ordained/July 26, 1897, next to: John D. Wolf/1864-1937 Tombstone, next to: Cathrine Wolf/1869-1936, next to: Elizabeth Wolf/Mother/Apr. 9, 1845/Apr. 2, 1925, next to: Paul Wolf/Father/Nov. 25, 1836/Mar.3, 1920


ZECH: I can't tell which John this tombstone belongs to. John/Son of/J&M Zech/Born/Dec. 12, 1872/Died/Sept. 5, 1873 John (U?)/Son of/J&M Zech/Born Feb. 22, 1871/Died/(bal. of stone too deep in ground) (Joanes Zaech/son of Joanes Zaech/d. 21 Apr. 1871/age 2 mo./from record of St. Wendel Cath. ch.) Tombstone Maria M/Tochter von/J & J Zech/geb. 18 Oct. 1852/gest. d. 20 Oct. 1853

ZILL: Barbara J. Zill/1955-1966 Tombstone Edward Zill/Feb 4, 1923-Dec 9, 2012 Mary Jane Zill/Jul 17, 1929-Aug 21, 2016

ZIMMER: Elizabeth Zimmer/1867-1947 Tombstone, next to: Maria Margaretha Zimmer/Geb/D. 4 Jan. 1826/Gest/d. 7 Apr. 1903 Tombstone Johann P./Zimmer/Geb/d. 27 Apr. 1826/Gest/d. 24 Mai 1908 Tombstone Simon Zimmer/Geb. 1 Jan. 1840/Gest. Okt 1918 Tombstone Katharina/Zimmer/Geb/d. 7 Maerz 1849/Gest/d. 4 April 1897 Tombstone (Catharina Zimmer/same d. date/never married/from record of St. Wendel Cath. ch.), next to: Bruder Andreas Zimmer/Geb. d. 7 Juli 1846/Gest/D. 19 Marz 1899 Tombstone


????: 2 iron crosses between Wilhelm Salm and John Zech. Iron cross between Anna Schaller and John & Anna Schneider. Iron cross broken off between John and Anna Schneider and Johann Lonhard. Iron cross between Karl & Johann Brand and Wm. Gerken. Anna/__ 12,___/ 6 Feb. 18__ 2 iron crosses between Maria Zech & Mathias Schons. Iron cross between Mathia Salm and Johann Junk. 2 iron crosses between Johann Junk and Joseph Vogt. Iron cross between Joseph Vogt and Margaretha Salm. Iron cross between Joseph Bogenschutz and Domenick Fishbach. Iron Cross next to Johann Orth & South end, row 3 from street. Iron cross between Hieronimus Leonhard and Katharina Gerend. Stone flat in ground and buried between Albert (?) and Joseph Schneider and Katherine Salm Iron cross between Ignatz Bogenschutz & Hugh Carbery ________/den 10 Jan.181__/Gest/Den 18 Mar. 1883 between Robert & Marjorie Schmitz Iron cross between Frank & Mary Schill and ___ Jost.