Kossuth Township, Manitowoc Co., Wisconsin

Location: 1.2 miles east of County Trunk H on Polifa Road, the cemetery is on the south side of Polifa Road. Copied by members of the MCOCS on October 1, 1978. Reindexed June 7, 2000 by Kristin Spaude. Updated Nov. 2006 by the Manitowoc Genealogy Society, added to this site Dec. 2010. The earliest remaining stone is 1881.


Gustave Anderson/1904-1932 Tombstone, next to:
Ella/1903-1979 Tombstone

AUGUSTIN: John (no dates), next to: Jennie Augustine/March 30, 1900-Oct. 9, 1900/no stone/from record Barbora Augustin/narozena 12 Zari 1865/u Rothyurev Cechach/zemrela 31 Kvet 1912, next to: Frank L. AUGUSTINE/1875-1938 Tombstone, next to: Mary A. AUGUSTINE/Sept. 8, 1893/Apr. 19, 1973 Tombstone


BEMMANN: Irving Stewart Bemmann/1920-1994, ossw: Katherine Chizek Bemmann/1931-2000 (29 Oct 1931/25 Dec 2000/SSDI) Tombstone Irving/Katherine

BLAHNIK: Edward Blahnik/Jan. 24, 1968 Tombstone Victor F. Blahnik/1912-1931 Tombstone, next to: Frank/1880-1962, ossw: Katherine/1884-1958 Tombstone Frank/Katherine Wenzel Blahnik Jr./Father/1885-1926, ossw: Wenzel Blahnik/1848-1929, ossw: Mary Blahnik/1854-1934, ossw: Joseph Blahnik/1877-1949 Tombstone Wenzel Jr./Wencel/Mary/Joseph

BRADACH: Bessie Tesarik Bradach/Mother/1881-1946 Tombstone Fred Tesarik/Father/1881-1926


CASENSKY: Karel Casensky/narozen 26 List 1870/zemrel 10 Kvet 1905 (Note: This is the husband of Anna Casinsky/1900 census Kossuth twp)

CASINSKY: Anna Casinsky/narozena 9 List 1865/zemrela 9 Cerv 1907 Tombstone

CASTRO: John Wayne Castro/July 10, 1974/Apr. 15, 2005

CENEFELS: Jozef Cenefels/zemrel 27 Zari 1910/stari 69 roku Tombstone, ossw: Maria Cenefels/zemrela 13 Ledna 1910/stari 66 roku Tombstone, next to: Joseph Cenefels/Feb. 1872-Nov. 1943 Tombstone, next to: Charles Cenefels/Aug. 1886-Jan. 1952 Tombstone

CENEFELT: Joseph/Father/1861-1939, next to: Mary/Mother/1865-1938, next to: Footstones, Both Read: Baby, J. Cenefelt

CERMAK: Vaclav Cermak/zemrel 3 Kvetna 1903/v stari 30 roku Tombstone, next to: Anton Cermak/narozen 28 Dubna 1843/zemrel 18 Rijna 1923, ossw: Anna CERMAKOVA/narozena 10 Ledna 1850/v Zivonine v Cechach/zemrela 7 Prosince 1901, ossw: Dorota HIPSOVA/narozena 14 Unora 1821/zemrela 8 Srpna 1894 Tombstone Anton/Anna/Dorota (The following were sent in by researcher/see contributors page) Vaclav Cermak/1834-1904 Tombstone Vaclav Cermak, brother of Alzbeta (Cermak) Cizek Emilie Cermak/rozena/2 Listopad 1887/Zemrela/10 Cervence 1905 Tombstone See CIZEK


CHIZEK: Clara/1894-1992, ossw: Joseph C./1895-1986 Helen/1906-1964, ossw: Edward/1899-1966 Tombstone Edward/Helen Magdalena/1880-1964, ossw: Frank/1865-1945 Tombstone Magdalena/Frank, next to: Charles/March 30, 1903/April 21, 1983 Tombstone

CISLER: Helena Cisler/narozena 9 List 1901/zemrela 26 Kve 1903, next to: Marie/Mother/1869-1946, ossw: Wencil/Father/1869-1937, next to: Gertrude M./1902-1973 (b. 26 Apr 1902/d. Jun 1973/SSDI), ossw: William E./1899-1970 (b. 20 July 1899/d. Jan. 1970/SSDI) Tombstone William/Gertrude Josef/Otec/Nar. 11 Ledna 1867/Zem. 23 Ledna 1939, next to: Marie/Matka/Nar. 18 Cervence 1870/Zem. 27 Prosince 1949 Margaret/July 13, 1868/Nov. 10, 1943, ossw: Adolph/Dec. 25, 1870/July 8, 1946 Tombstone Adolph/Margaret Otilie Cisler/narozena 18 Unora 1900/zemrela 17 Zari 1900, next to: Joseph Cisler/Father/1844-1927 Tombstone, next to: Anna Cisler/Mother/1849-1933, next to: John Cisler/1896-1936, ossw: Eleanor (Ebert) Cisler/1903-1984 (See EBERT- have obit) Tombstone John/Eleanor Edwin L./April 21, 1907/April 26, 1979 Tombstone (Anna Cisler/dau. of Vencl Zisler/b. Kossuth/d. 23 Mar. 1878/age 4 mo./no stone) Renee Clair Cisler/-Oct. 15 1998-/Our Precious Little Girl Tombstone

CISLEROVA: Emilka Cislerova/narozena 1898/??? 1898

CIZECH: V. Cizech, next to: Otec A. Matka/Marie Cizek/zemrela 1 Dubna 1890/vestari 80 roku, ossw: Anton CIZEK/zemrel 2 Dubna 1907/vestari 91 roku (picture inset) Anton and Marie CIZEK Tombstone Anton/Mary Tombstone Anton/Mary (This is the stone that has the picture inset of Anton and Marie (Smetanova)Cizek. Anton was the father of Joseph Cizek, and the brother of Jan Cizek, my great-great- great grandfather on both counts. My grandmother's parents were a Cizek (Joseph, son of Jan) married to a Cizek (Rose, daughter of Joseph) The small stone in front is the one that is in the cemetery transcription as V.Cizech - I believe that V should be a J.

CIZEK: (Information and some photos from researcher/see contributors page) Cizek family stone (Stones in relationship to the tree and the Cizek family stone. A group of us (Joseph Cizek descendents) plan to all chip in and have those stones reset.) Joseph Cizek/Feb. 12, 1839/Jan. 14, 1934/Father Tombstone (Joseph Cizek - the 'Father' and dates are buried under the roots. This stone is on the east side of the tree. This is the Joseph Cizek there is an obituary for and he is also my great-great grandfather - father of my grandmother's mother.), next to: Mary Cizek/May 1, 1849/Oct. 1, 1924/Mother Tombstone, next to: Joseph A./1887-1966, ossw: Anna/1890-1960 Tombstone Joseph/Anna Mary/1872-1947, ossw: Alvin/Nov. 22, 1897/May 16, 1966, ossw: Henry/1872-1934, ossw: Lillian/1913-1991 Tombstone Mary/Alvin/Henry/Lillian Jan Cizek/zemrel 6 Rijna 1914/stari 47 Let, next to: Jan Cizek/Otec/1867-1914, next to: Katerina Cizek/Matka/1866-1937 Tombstone Robert/1883-1971 (b. 14 Aug. 1883/d. Sept. 1971/SSDI), ossw: Emma/1878-1964 Tombstone Robert/Emma, next to: Jessie/1882-1964, ossw: Harvey J. "Lost at Sea", ossw: Edward Sr./1877-1963 Tombstone Edward/Harvey/Jessie Rose Cizek/Mother/1875-1947 Tombstone, next to: Joseph Cizek/Father/1867-1929, next to: Olive/1912-1913, ossw; Emilie/1901-1904 Tombstone Olive/Emilie Vaclav CERMAK/1834-1904, ossw: Jan Cizek/1819-1894 Tombstone, ossw: Alzbeta Cizek/1829-1908/Alzbeta (Cermak) Cizek Tombstone, next to: Ella Cizek/1899-1903/daughter of Anton B. and Anna (Stastny) Cizek Tombstone, next to: Emma Cizek/1893-1894/daughter of Anton B. and Anna (Stastny) Cizek Tombstone A.B. Cizek/buried in Virginia/is father of Emma and Ella Tombstone Jiri Cizek Tombstone (We are not sure, but we believe it is the stone of Jiri Cizek, father of Anton and Jan.)

DANIELSON: Evelyn/1911-1972, ossw: Alton/1902-1972 (b. 14 Dec. 1902/d. Feb. 1972/from SSDI)

DEETS: Earl J./1915-1980, ossw: Golda M./1918-2015 Tombstone Earl/Golda

DOUBEK: Jan/Otec/1855-1911, ossw: Mary/Matka/1856-1945 Tombstone Jan/Mary

EBERT: Eleanor (Ebert) Cisler/1903-1984 See CISLER

FIDLER: Father/Joseph F./1884-1933

FROLICK: Theresa/1873-1948, ossw: Wencil/1867-1952 Tombstone Theresa/Wencil, next to: Matt Frolick/1896-1953 Tombstone, next to: Vaclav Frolick/Otec/narozen 7 Pros. 1821/zemrel 2 Cerv 1902, ossw: Alzbeta Frolick/Matka/narozena 22 Cerv 1827/zemrela 6 Cerv 1902, next to: Josef FROLIK/4 List 1803/23 Srpna 1891 William P./1898-1983 Tombstone


HAELFRISCH: Norman E./1913-1976, ossw: Eleanor T./1918-____ Tombstone Norman/Eleanor

HAVLINEK: Joseph Havlinek/born Mar. 9, 1860/died Mar. 21, 1915, ossw: Dorothy Havlinek/1865-1958 Tombstone, next to: Mary/1898-1919, next to: Adolph/1892-1970, next to: Footstones: Mother, Father

HERAN: Frank/1873-1915, ossw: Marie/1884-1958 Tombstone, next to: Frank/1910-1999, ossw: Rose/1912-1998 Karel Heran/narozen 10 Zari 1887/zemrel 22 Brez 1906 Tombstone, ossw: Adolf Heran/narozen 14 List 1879/zemrel 15 Dub. 1909 Tombstone, ossw: John Heran/narozen 22 Pros 1890/zemrel 16 List 1918 Tombstone Barbora Heran/narozena 4 Pros 1854/zemrela 29 Unora 1904 Tombstone, ossw: Jan Heran/zemrel 12 Brez 1916/u stari 72 roku Tombstone

HERDINA: Annie/Mother/1884-1944, ossw: George/Father/1874-1956 Tombstone George/Annie Marie/1911-1959, ossw: Raymond F./"Lost at sea", ossw: George/1906-1979


HOFMAN: Barbora Hofman/narozena v. Cechlach/9 Brez 1850/zemrela 19 Dub. 1927 Tombstone, next to: Jan Hofman/narozen-Sinnetrich v. Cechach/25 Zari 1846/zemrel13 Brez 1896 Tombstone

HOLDORF: Nancy Marie Holdorf/Nov 23, 1961/July 17, 1978 Tombstone Elmer R./1909-1989, ossw: Mabel R./1912-2006/Married Oct 3, 1929 (19 Apr 1912/25 Jan 2006/SSDI)

HOSTAK: Quido Hostak/1914-1914 Tombstone, next to: Edward Hostak/1889-1947 Tombstone, next to: Anna Hostak/1890-1986 Tombstone, next to: Quirin Hostak/1918/U.S.C.G./1943 Tombstone Joseph/Father/1869-1947, next to: Julia/Mother/1869-1938, next to: Wancle/Husband/1896-1945

HRDINA: Marketa Hrdina/zemrela 28 List 1919/v. stari 82 roku, ossw: Jan Hrdina/narozen Onrecgricich, v. Cechach/14 Dubna 1834/zemrel 13 Rijna 1900 (Dorothea Hrdina/d. 8/16/1878) (Joseph Hrdina/d. 3/23/1878/age 14 yrs)

HRONEK: Angela Hronek/narozena 20 Unora 1864/zemrela 1 Rijna 1902 Tombstone

HRUSKA: Anna/1864-1940, ossw: Joseph/1857-1942, ossw: Anton/1882-1955 Mary/1905-1985, ossw: Frank/1889-1984 Tombstone Frank/Mary

HURKA: Emil Hurka/narozen 5 Prosince 1908/zemrel 2 Zari 1909, ossw: Vaclav Hurka/narozen 1830/zemrel 1912, ossw: Wencel Hurka Jr./Nar. 17 Cerven 1873/Zem. 1943, ossw: Barbara Hurka/Nar. 28 Cerven 1878/died Dec. 5, 1967

HYNEK: Emma/narozena 28 Rij 1889/zemirla 6 List 1894, ossw: Emma/narozena 10 Rij 1895/zemirla 12 Led 1901, ossw: Stepan/narozen 7 Kvet 1891/zemrel 14 List 1894 Deti/J. & K. HYNKA Jan Hynek/narozen 12 Ledna 1838/zemrel 16 Zari 1917/Otec, ossw: Marie Hynek/Nar. 18 Pros 1854/Zem. 25 Pros 1938/Matka Photo Louis/son of J. and E. Hynek/born Oct. 23, 1910/died Sept. 21, 1911


IVERSON: Alf/1901-1962, ossw: Mayme/1900-1974, ossw: Adolph WILDA/1896-1929, ossw: Joyce WILDA/1920-1920 See WILDA

JEDLICKA: Jan Jedlicka/Nar. 26 Pros 1841/Zem. 7 List 1916, next to: Marie Jedlicka/Matka/Cervence 16, 1843/Kveten 22, 1922 Tombstone, next to: George Jedlicka/1880-1932 Tombstone, next to: Frank Jedlicka/1884-1943 Tombstone

JOHANEK/YOHANEK: Jan Johanek/narozen 15 Brez 1846 Tombstone, ossw: Anna Lavella/narozena 16 Cervna 1875/zemrela 1 Rijna 1899 Rose/Mother/1880-1946, ossw: Albert/Father/1871-1959 Tombstone Albert/Rose Vojtech Johanek/narozen Chrastucishraj Plzenshy v. Cechach/16 Brez 1839/zemrel 23 Zari 1895 Tombstone Anna Yohanek/d. Feb. 22, 1926/76 yrs old/from obit Photo

JOHNSON: Wendy Mae/May 10, 1970/June 14, 1981/Dau. of Katherine Marshek Tombstone

JOUROVA: Anna Jourova/zemrela 3 Dulma 1896/stari 82 roku Tombstone

JUNG: Margaret Jung/born Mar. 10, 1857/died May 12, 1945, next to: George Jung/died June 22, 1925/aged 69 yrs., next to: Thomas Jung/born Sept. 18, 1818/died Feb. 1, 1912, ossw: Katie Jung/born June 25, 1830/died Dec. 29, 1917, next to: John/1889-1971, ossw: Lucy/1900-1972 Tombstone John/Lucy Erwin/Aug. 26, 1927/Dec. 10, 1992 Tombstone

KADERABEK: Anton KOTIK/narozen 30 Rijna 1848, ossw: Frantiska KOTIK/rozena Kaderabek/2 Ledna 1847/zemrela 4 Cervina 1917, next to: Footstones: Otec/Anton Kotik, Matka/Frantiska Kotik

KALCIK: Andres Kalcik/narozen 6 Srpna 1858/zemrel 30 Kvet 1895 Tombstone

KAZDA: Anton Kazda/Father/1862-1906 Tombstone, next to: Anton F./1906-1985, ossw: Lucy C./1903-1986 Tombstone Anton/Lucy

KELLNER: Delia B./1872-1951, ossw: Joseph A./1868-1949 Tombstone Joseph/Delia Joseph Kellner/Sgt. U.S. Army/Aug. 31, 1909/Jan. 15, 1975 Tombstone Anna F. Kellner/Apr. 2, 1902/Feb. 9, 1955

KIRT: Joseph/1905-1987 (07 Jul 1905/Mar 1987/SSDI), ossw: Ladonia/1912-1981 Tombstone Joseph/Ladonia

KLIMENT: Anton E./1903-1981, ossw: Sylvia J./1902-____ (03 Aug 1902/28 Jun 1996/SSDI) Tombstone Anton/Sylvia Frantisek Kliment/Nar. 5 List 1837/Zem. 5 Rijna 1919, ossw: Marie Kliment/Nar. 24 Unora 1865/Zem. 1 Cerv. 1919 Tombstone Frantise/Marie, next to: Catherine/Mother/1871-1954 Photo, ossw: Anton Sr./Father/1867-1961 Tombstone Catherine/Anton, next to: Frankisek Kliment/narozen 24 Uno 1905/zemrel 21 Kvet 1905 Vernon E. Kliment/1931-2013 Photo

KOCIAN: Charles Kocian/1895-1947 Tombstone, next to: Lawrence/1888-1956, ossw: Joseph/1882-1960, ossw: Frank/1890-1954 Edward J./1917-2000, ossw: Lola Fern/1918-1991 (24 Nov 1918/Mar 1991/SSDI) Tombstone Edward/Lola Becky Kocian/Dec. 12, 1953-Dec. 18, 2012

KOLARIK: Emma/1886-1968, ossw: John/1875-1955 Tombstone John/Emma Lucille Kolarik/1913-1997, ossw: Frances Swetlik/1909-2002 Tombstone Lucille/Frances

KOSTLIVY: Jakub Kostlivy/1831-1912, ossw: Alzbeta Kostlivy/1844-1941

KOTIK: Otec/Anton Kotik Tombstone Matka/Frantiska Kotik Tombstone Anton Kotik/narozen/30 Rijna 1848, ossw: Frantiska Kotik/rozena Kaderabek/2 Ledna 1847/4 Cervna 1917 Tombstone Anton/Frantiska See KADERABEK

KOTYK: Minne Kotyk/zemrela 11 Cervence 1903/u. stari 31 roliu/manzellia/C.H. BUDWEISER Tombstone

KRAJNIK / KRAINIK: Anna/Mother/1874-1954, ossw: Wencel/Father/1868-1956 Tombstone Anna/Wencel Clara Krajnik/1896-1981, ossw: Rudolph/1922, ossw: Otto Krajnik/1894-1993 (26 May 1894/22 Feb 1993/SSDI) Tombstone Clara/Rudolph/Otto, next to: Otto Krainik/Pvt. US Army/World War I/May 16, 1894-Feb 22, 1993 Catherine/Dec. 11, 1902/Jan. 12, 1977, ossw: Emil/Dec. 24, 1899/Apr. 30, 1972 Tombstone Catherine/Emil

KREJCA: Barbora Krejca/narozena 3 Prosince 1830/zemrela 27 Zari 1919, ossw: Vojtech KREJCI/narozen 24 Duben 1830/zemrel 26 Cerven 1897


KRIZEK: Mary/1888-1980, ossw: Adolph/1896-1976 (15 Sep 1895/Oct 1976/SSDI) Tombstone Mary/Adolph

KRUML: Martin Kruml/narozen roku 1837/zemrel 9 Pros 1910 Tombstone, next to: Marie KRUMLA/manzelka/M. KRUMLA/narozena 31 Pros 1839/10 Cervce 1890 Tombstone


KUBSCH: Mary/1890-1958, ossw: Matt/1887-1955 Matt Kubsch/Baby/1910-1910 Tombstone Matt/Father/1877-1939, ossw: Josephine/Mother/1880-1927, ossw: James/Son/1903-1920 Tombstone Matt/Josephine/James

KUBSH: Joseph L. Kubsh/Wisconsin/Pvt 8 Co 161 Depot Brigade/World War I/Dec. 3, 1890 - Dec. 25, 1960 Tombstone Matt/Father/1856-1942, ossw: Anna/Mother/1860-1944 Tombstone Matt/Anna Wencel/1894-1976, ossw: Eleanor/1914-1986 Tombstone Wencel/Eleanor Mary Ann/May 14, 1934/Sept 8, 1997 Tombstone

KUCHENBECKER: Emil Kuchenbecker/narozen 15 Ledna 1902/zemrel 29 Rijna 1912

KUNZ: Frantisek Kunz/narozen 4 List 1834/zemrel 7 Brez 1901 Tombstone, ossw: Marie Kunz/narozena 20 Led. 1836/zemrela 7 Pros. 1905 Tombstone

KUTIL: Emma/Mother/1889-1977, ossw: Frank/Father/1886-1973 Tombstone Frank/Emma, next to: Alvin F. Kutil/1908-1910 Tombstone George Kutil/1848-1911, ossw: Dorothy Kutil/1855-1911 Tombstone George/Dorothy, next to: Footstones: Father, Baby, Mother, next to: George Kutil/Son/1884-1975 Tombstone, next to: Kathryn Kutil/Daughter/Nov. 25, 1879/Dec. 13, 1917 Tombstone

KVITEK: Mary/1874-1960, ossw: Matt/1871-1963 Tombstone Mary/Matt

LEDVINA: Anton/Mar. 4, 1899/Oct. 11, 1969, ossw: Louis/1890-1970 (27 Oct 1890/Jan 1970/SSDI) Tombstone Anton/Louis Marie Ledvina/1871-1921 Tombstone, next to: Mathias Ledvina/1861-1948 Tombstone

LEDWINA: Bedrich syn ???/Ledwina/12 Pros 1887/16 Septna 1892

LIEBHABER: Zoe Patricia Meneau Liebhaber/Our beloved little mouse/July 20, 2001/Dec. 7, 2001 Tombstone

LINDAUER: Lillian/1891-1956/Pfeffer Funeral Home Marker

MALLEY: Anton Malley/Co. G, 39 Wis. Vol./Nar. 20 Kvet 1844/Zem. 17 Srpna 1922, ossw: Marie Malley/Nar. 30 Kvet 1849/Zem. 2 Rijna 1924 Tombstone Anton/Marie, next to: Anton Malley/Co. G./39 Wis. Inf. Tombstone Joseph/July 8, 1881/Aug. 13, 1968,ossw: Josephine/1880-1975

MAREK: Frantisek Marek/narozen/4 Dub 1821/zemrel 11 Rijna 1892, ossw: Anna Marek/narozena 10 Dub 1846/zemrela 21 Pros 1920 Tombstone Frantisek/Anna Walter/Husband/1896-1946, next to: Frank Marek/Nov. 24, 1858/Dec. 22, 1920, next to: Helen Marek/May 5, 1866/Feb. 10, 1948

MARSHEK: Katherine M./Nov. 18, 1950/Mother of Crystal and Wendy Tombstone see JOHNSON

MATEJOWITZ: Frank/1884-1956, ossw: Barbara/1887-1956 Tombstone Frank/Barbara

MCKENNA: Dorothy M./April 27, 1906/Aug. 24, 1976, ossw: Harold F./Aug. 30, 1898/July 8, 1946 Tombstone Dorothy/Harold

MENCHAL: Stephen/Father/1861-1947, ossw: Catherine/Mother/1864-1948 Tombstone Stephen/Catherine

MENCL: Anna Mencl/zemrela 25 Ledna 1900, ossw: Waclav Mencl/zemrela 6 Luchia 1898/84 roku

MILLER: Elwood C./1915-1993 (03 Oct 1915/08 Dec 1993/SSDI), ossw: Gladys M./nee PILGER/Feb. 20, 1921/June 16, 2009/ Married June 26, 1943 Tombstone Elwood/Gladys

MINOVSKY: Bohumil Minovsky/29 Led 1869/27 Kvet 1911 Tombstone, next to: Jan Minovsky/29 Srpna 1827/5 Ledna 1925 Tombstone, next to: Marie Minovsky/8 Zari 1838/23 Dub 1905 Tombstone

MIRINOVSKY: Anna/1872-1902, ossw: Mary/1883-1936, ossw: Marie/1893-1981, ossw: Joseph/1871-1928, ossw: Alvin/1904-1904 Tombstone Anna/Mary/Marie/Joseph/Alvin

MUSIL: Dorothy/Mother/1876-1965, ossw: Joseph/Father/1865-1940 Tombstone Dorothy/Joseph Vaclav Musil/narozen 15 Srpna 1834/zemrel 31 Srpna 1909, ossw: Anna Musil/narozena 2 Zari 1834/zemrela 16 Unora 1908 Tombstone Vaclav/Anna

MUSILA: Marye deera/U. a A. Musila/narozena 27 Brezna 1868/zemrela 24 Cervna 1881

NEUSER: Wayne A. Neuser/May 31, 1934-April 2, 2008

OSWALD: Emma/1893-1950, ossw: Joseph/1893-1962 Tombstone Joseph/Emma, next to: Joseph/son of J. & E. Oswald/born Sept. 12, 1923/died July 8, 1925, next to: Olive/dau. of J. & E. Oswald/born Sept. 28, 1916/died Jan. 13, 1921, next to: Louis Oswald/Oct. 29, 1910/July 13, 1927 Tombstone, next to: Wencel/1866-1919, ossw: Mary/1871-1960, next to: Kristina Oswald/Nar. 4 Dubna 1903/zemrel 16 Srpna 1913

OURADA: Anton Ourada/narozen 2 Pros 1881/zemrel 11 Dub 1904 Tombstone, ossw: Mathis/1851-1932, ossw: Frances/1857-1952, next to: Footstone: Anton O. Olive Ourada/Apr 24, 1904-Jul 19, 1904/from record

PAGEL: Alvina K./Sept 15, 1896/Nov 27, 1995 Tombstone

PAULIS: Rosalia (no other information) Frantisek Paulis/zemrel 15 Runa 1890/stari 29 roku

PECH: Anna Pech/narozena 25 Cervence 1846/zemrela 4 Kvetna 1922 Tombstone Bedrich/syn ??? Pech/narozen 30 Pros 1873/zemrel 18 Cerv 1894 Mathias Pech/narozen 17 Unora 1839/zemrel 20 Kvetna 1915 Tombstone, next to: Mathias Pech/Co. I 4 Wis. Inf. Charles/Father/1875-1931, ossw: Albina/Mother/1888-1931 Mary/Sept. 13, 1882/Jan. 8, 1969, ossw: Jerry/1873-1945

PECKA: Joseph Pecka/born Nov. 17, 1844/died Feb. 13, 1917, ossw: Anna Pecka/born Sept. 30, 1850/died May 20, 1930 Tombstone Joseph/Anna, next to: Footstones: Father, Mother (NOTE: The obits for Joseph and Anna both give their surname as Petska)

PETSKA: Eugene F., Sr./1913-1977, ossw: Viola/1916-2002 (26 Jul 1916/13 Aug 2002/SSDI) Tombstone Eugene/Viola, next to: Clarence Petska/Baby/1917-1918, next to: Anna/Mother/1888-1963, ossw: Fred/Father/1883-1943 Tombstone Anna/Fred Julia/Mother/1872-1946, ossw: Leonard/Father/1867-1943 Tombstone Julia/Leonard

PILGER: Stephen/1888-1967 (02 Apr 1888/Aug 1967/SSDI), ossw: Emma/1891-1969 (b. 16 Apr. 1891/d. Aug. 1969/SSDI) See MILLER

PODRABSKY: Adolph/1883-1973, ossw: Bessie/1885-1971 Tombstone Adolph/Bessie Albina/1893-1985, ossw: Emil/1885-1973 Tombstone Albina/Emil

POLIFKA: Victor J. Polifka/1927-1969 Tombstone, next to: Harvey/Feb 10, 1933/Oct 16, 1991 Tombstone, next to: Clarence/June 17, 1930/Dec. 17, 2000, ossw: Lester/May 25, 1934 Tombstone Clarence/Lester Mary/Mother/1886-1940, ossw: John/Father/1877-1947 Tombstone Mary/John, next to: Raymond Polifka/born Jan. 9, 1913/died Oct. 6, 1913 Ervin Polifka/1910-1986 (13 Aug 1910/July 1986 SSDI)

POLIVKA: Anna Polivka/narozena 8 Zari 1838/zemrela 15 Cervco 1909, ossw: Jan Polivka/narozen 27 Dub 1845/zemrel 29 List 1911 Tombstone Anna/1875-1944, ossw: John A./1873-1949 Tombstone Anna/John, next to: Valclav Polivka/narozen 8 Zari 1866/zemrel 4 Ledna 1907 Tombstone

POPELAR: Michael/1889-1956, ossw: Anna/1892-1981 Tombstone Michael/Anna, next to: John/1863-1940, ossw: Anna/1870-1957 Tombstone John/Anna Wencel/Father/Sept. 21, 1860/Mar. 3, 1946, next to: Esther/Mother/Dec. 4, 1868, Nov. 23, 1921

POPELARS: Emil/1898-1973, ossw: Ella/1906-1986 Tombstone Emil/Ella

PORTER: Helen/1904-1968, ossw: Carl/1904-1970 Tombstone Carl/Helen

PSUTKA: Anna Psutka/narozena roku 1850/zemrella 2 Kvet 1922, next to: Martin Psutka/zemrel 16 Brez 1903/stari 78 roku Tombstone (George Psutka/son of Martin Psutka and Anna Radey/b. Rychwitz, Bohemia/ d. 12 June 1869/age 16 yrs./cause: erysipelas/buried City of Green Bay)

REZEK: Gardy E/Oct 20, 1914/July 9, 1993, ossw: Jeanette/Aug 15, 1929-Oct. 31, 2002 Tombstone Gardy/Jeanette

REZNICEK: Alzbeta Reznicek/narozena 25 Rijna 1832/zemrela 11 Brez 1905, ossw: Oteca Matka, ossw: Jiri Reznicek/narozen 25 Zari 1828/zemrel 31 Brez 1907 Katerina Reznicek/narozena 3 Kvetna 1834/zemrela 29 Cervna 1907, ossw: Waclav Reznicek/narozen 4 Prosince 1825/zemrel 29 Cervna 1909 Tombstone Waclav/Katerina

REZNICHEK: John Reznichek/Father/Mar. 14, 1857/July 7, 1939 Tombstone, next to: Adolph Reznichek/Aug. 25, 1884/Dec. 4, 1944 Tombstone, next to: Anna Reznichek/Mother/Apr. 25, 1862/Mar. 22, 1932 Tombstone, next to: Anton Reznichek/Sept. 19, 1887/May 1, 1967 Tombstone Joseph/Father/1867-1906, ossw: Mary/Mother/1868-1959 Tombstone Joseph/Mary, next to: Joseph Reznichek/1890-1917 Tombstone, next to: Charles Reznichek/1895-1946 Tombstone, next to: Blanche Reznichek/1905-1984 Tombstone

RUZEK: Charles G. Ruzek/Wisconsin Pvt. 1 Cl 40 Field Arty/14 Div./May 28, 1937/age 50 (photo on stone) Tombstone, next to: Libbie J Ruzek/Feb 5, 1898/July 13, 1986 Tombstone Jiri Ruzek/narozen 1840/zemrel 26 Srp. 1915, ossw: Elizebeth Ruzek/Nar. 1842/Zem. 17 Zari 1920 Mary/Mother/1890-1967, ossw: Joseph/Father/1882-1957 Tombstone Joseph/Mary, next to: Daughter Varmila/1920-1930 Victor J. Ruzek/Pvt US Army/World War II/Jan. 3, 1918/Dec. 18, 2003 Tombstone (Infant Ruzek/d. Feb. 1917/child of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ruzek) See SCHULTZ

SCHINDLER: Randall L./SP5 US Army/Vietnam/July 22, 1947 - Sept. 21, 1999, ossw: Kristen L./Mar 11, 1952-____ Tombstone Randall/Kristen

SCHULTZ: Baby (Footstone between Vaclav Schultz and Ruzek) Vaclav Schultz/1844-1926 Tombstone William/1880-1945 Tombstone

SCHUSTER: Frank/1859-1938, ossw: Mary/1871-1948 Tombstone Frank/Mary, next to: Frantisek/1833-1892, ossw: Marie/1834-1906 Tombstone Frantisek/Marie, next to: Emil/June 20, 1897/June 3, 1973, ossw: Anna/1904-1995 Tombstone Emil/Anna

SCHWAB: Samiah Schwab/2003-2003

SEBESTA: Josef Sebesta/narozen 8 Cervna 1844/zemrel 28 Sir. 1926 Tombstone, ossw: Frantiska Sebesta/narozena 14 Brez 1841/zemrela 17 Cerv 1916 Tombstone

SHANDA: Anna/1872-1948, ossw: Math/1868-1945 Tombstone Math/Anna John Shanda/1883-1963 Tombstone, next to: Footstone: Otec, next to: Maggie Shanda/Nar. 15 Cervence 1857/Zem. 25 Zari 1925, ossw: George Shanda/Nar. 15 Dub. 1845/Zem. 8 Unor 1937 Tombstone George/Maggie, next to: Footstone: Matka, next to: Anna Shanda/1872-1940 Tombstone

SHIMON: Adolph/Father/1875-1937, ossw: Barbara/Mother/1887-1990, next to: Victor J. Shimon/1910-1954, next to: Frank/1880-1955, ossw: Rose/1885-1978, next to: Viola Shimon/1912-1929 Tombstone, next to: Ruzena SIMON/Nar. odilesea/zemrela 13 Brez 1907


SKWOR: Frantisek Skwor/Mar. 20 Dub. 1842/Zem. 29 Brez 1918, ossw: Anna Skwor/Nar. 3 Cerv. 1842/Zem. 17 Led 1908 Tombstone Frantisek/Anna John/1873-1961, ossw: Mary/1884-1967 Tombstone John/Mary

SLOVENSKY: Anna V. Slovensky/nee A. WILDA/1900-1957 Tombstone, next to: Edmond S. Slovensky/1900-1962 Tombstone Lucille Slovensky/1932-2004 Duane Slovensky/1931-2007

SOKOL: Marie/manzelka/J. Sokol/narozena 10 Zari 1868/zemrela 20 Cerv 1892 Tombstone

SPILAR: U.S. Soldier/Josef Spilar/Nar. 24 Cervence 1889/Zem. 18 Brez 1935

STEEBER: John Steeber/1863-1957 Tombstone (the photo is on the face of the stone, see Mary's stone), next to: Mary Steeber/1864-1921 (Picture on stone)Tombstone, next to: Loui/1890-1890, next to: Willie/1887-1897 Helen Steeber/Oct. 19, 1893/Oct. 13, 1979

STIBER: Anton/1865-1940, ossw: Marie/1887-1962 Tombstone Anton/Marie

STIPEK: Josephine Stipek/Mother/1860-1927 Tombstone, next to: Joseph Stipek/Father/1861-1946 Tombstone

STOKES: Charles F./Jan. 28, 1851/June 18, 1924, next to: Josephine N./July 2, 1864/Sept. 21, 1933

STRADAL: John Stradal/1881-1926, next to: Anna Stradal/1869-1941, next to: George Stradal/1864-1924, next to: Emil Stradal/Wisconsin/Pvt 108 Engineer CBT Bn/World War II/ Sept. 5, 1897/March 19, 1964 Tombstone, next to: Edwin Stradal/Wisconsin/Tec 5 Co E 254 Infantry/World War II/ March 26, 1899 - March 25, 1965 Tombstone

STRAKA: Allen L. Straka/1939-1939, next to: Frank/Father/1859-1942, next to: Emma/Mother/1863-1943 Victor/1912-1985, ossw: Edward/1904-1964 Tombstone Edward J. Straka/Father/1872-1939 Tombstone, next to: Anna/manzelka Ed. Straky/Nar. 3 Kvetna 1873/Zem. 4 Cervna 1914 Tombstone, next to: Anton Straka/Uncle/1867-1951 Tombstone, next to: Aloisie/manzelka Ant. Straky st/Nar. 11 Unora 1840/Zem. 28 Brezna 1914 Tombstone, next to: Anton Straka/Nar. 7 Ledna 1836/Zem. 6 Cervence 1916 Tombstone Lloyd H./Sept. 12, 1913/Oct. 18, 2003, ossw: Marcella E./Oct. 28, 1917 Tombstone Lloyd/Marcella Albina Straka/1892-1967 Edward E. Straka/1886-1967

STRANSKY: Mary/1901-1983, ossw: Wencel/1898-1995 Tombstone Mary/Wencel

STROUF: Anna Strouf/narozena 16 Unora 1841/zemrela 3 Cerv 1935 Tombstone, ossw: Jan Strouf/narozen 2 Pros 1834/zemrel 15 Dubna 1894 Tombstone, ossw: Musilova/Matka/Annie Strouf/u stari 83 roku Wencel/1864-1935, ossw: Anna/1871-1943

STRZYZEWSKI: Peter/1887-1916 (Pfeffer Funeral Home Marker) Lawrence/1915-1936 (Pfeffer Funeral Home Marker)

SULC: Anton Sulc/zemrel 12 Cervna 1903/stari 84 roku

SVETLIK: Anna Svetlik/narozena 24 Cerv 1884/zemrela 8 List 1893, ossw: Katerina Svetlik/narozena 8 Brez 1880/zemrela 14 Cerv 1909, ossw: Josef Svetlik/Nar. 20 Unora 1850/Zem. 20 Pros. 1922 Tombstone, ossw: Petronila Svetlik/Nar. 8 Kvetna 1854/Zem. 12 Dubna 1920, next to: Frank/Nar. 21 List 1900/Zem. 19 Ledna 1922, next to:

SWETLIK: Frances/1909-2002

SWOBODA: Infant sons of M. & A. Swoboda/1932-1932 Tombstone

SYKORA: Barbora Sykora/1831-1898, next to: Jan Sykora/1805-1902, next to: Julia Sykora/1899-1917, next to: Edward Sykora/1905-1930 Tombstone, next to: Mother/Mary Sykora/1867-1934 Tombstone, next to: Father/Joseph Sykora/1856-1932 Tombstone Father/Joseph Sykora/1853-1942, next to: Mother/Anna Sykora/1859-1932

TAICHER: Clara/1887-1894, ossw: Alvin/1905-1905, ossw: Adolph/1856-1933 Tombstone Clara/Alvin/Adolph Lucille/1895-1948, ossw: Otto/1883-1945 Tombstone Lucille/Otto Adolph Taicher/1890-1962/Private Medical Corps/WWI Tombstone

TEICHER: (Pearl/1895-19__, ossw:)-Engraving of this portion of stone replaced with Raymond Raymond TAICHER/1923-1985, ossw: Edward/1878-1956 Tombstone Raymond/Edward

TESARIK: Bessie Tesarik Bradach/Mother/1881-1946 Tombstone, next to: Fred Tesarik/Father/1881-1926 Tombstone See BRADACH

TIJNOROVA: Anna Tijnorova/Narozena 1814/Zemrela 5 Kvetna 1912 Tombstone

TVRZNIK: Josef Tvrznik/narozen 8Srp 1833/zemrel 18 Kvet 1908, ossw: Anna Tvrznik/narozena 15 Unora 1837/zemrela 26 Pros 1922

VERTZ: Walter W. Vertz Jr./Nov. 18, 1938/Feb. 27, 2007

VORLA: Marie/manzelka F. Vorla/narozena/3 Cervce 1858/zemrela/12 Brez 1908 Tombstone, ossw: Frank/narozen 29 Ledna 1851/zemrel 25 Pros 1934 Tombstone, next to: Footstones: Matka, Otec

VRANEY: Joseph Vraney/born in Bohemia/1838/died Aug. 28, 1918 Tombstone, ossw: Mary/wife of Jos. Vraney/born in Bohemia 1846/died Dec. 25, 1891 Tombstone, ossw: Caroline Vraney/born 1880/died Dec. 11, 1937 Tombstone, next to: Footstone: Caroline

VRANY: Frank/1892-1974, ossw: Rose/1889-1973 Tombstone Frank/Rose

WAGNER: Helen Wagner/1913-1962 Tombstone, next to: Anna/Mother/1875-1963, ossw: Joseph/Father/1867-1946 Tombstone Joseph/Anna

WILDA: Anton/Father/1867-1944, ossw: Anna/Mother/1876-1935 Tombstone Anton/Anna Lila A. Wilda/1903-1967 Mary S. Wilda/Mother/Sept. 29, 1870/Mar. 7, 1921 Tombstone, next to: Stephen Wilda/Father/Sept. 2, 1865/Feb. 5, 1945 Tombstone, next to: Mary Julian Wilda/Stepmother/Aug. 27, 1874/Jan. 23, 1949 Tombstone Adolph Wilda/1896-1929, ossw: Joyce Wilda/1920-1920 See IVERSON See SLOVENSKY

WORDELL: (Information and photos from researcher/see contributors page) Evelyn/1923-2008, ossw: Robert/1920-1972 Tombstone Robert/Evelyn, next to: Robert H. Wordell/Wisconsin/Pvt. Co. I 328 Infantry/World War II/ April 2, 1920 - Dec. 12, 1972

WOREL: Agnes Worel/1909-1955 Tombstone, next to: Joseph Worel/1879-1946, ossw: Christina/1885-1933 Lumir/1912-1950 Frank Worel/1866-1934/from obit

WYSZYNSKI: John Jerry/Oct. 5, 1941/Nov. 25, 1941 Tombstone

YANDA: Mother/Mary Yanda/1863-1955 Tombstone, next to: Father/Jacob Yanda/1857-1931 Tombstone

YANNA: Wenzel/1848-1928, ossw: Anna/1854-1923 Tombstone Wenzel/Anna

YEDLICHKA: (George/d. 9 Feb.1932/age 51 yrs. from record of St. John's United Ch. of Christ, Manitowoc/this surname is in none of the Kossuth twp. cemeteries, but church record said buried at Francis Creek.)

YOHANEK: see Johanek

ZARUBA: Mary Zaruba/Nar. 17 Rijna 1868/Zem. 21 Ledna 1927 Tombstone, next to: Joseph Zaruba/Nar. 7 Brezen 1863/Zem. 2 Kveten 1942 Tombstone

ZEMAN: Mary M./1883-1985 Joseph M./1876-1944 Wencel Zeman/Nar. 29 Leden 1880/Zem. 18 Kvet 1955 Tombstone, next to: Vaclav Zeman/Nar. 14 Zari 1854/Zem. 10 Kvet 1930 Tombstone, next to: Maria Zeman/Nar. 15 Serp 1856/Zem. 14 Cervna 1925 Tombstone Betty Zeman/Jan. 18, 1931/May 21, 2003 Henry J. Zeman/1927-2009/from obit Wenzel Zeman/Sep 18, 1864-Sep 1924/from obit

ZNAMENACEK: Frank Znamenacek/1833/1899