City of Two Rivers, Manitowoc Co., Wisconsin

Location: Southeast side of Mishicot Road, between 37th Street and 40th Street, City of Two Rivers.
Copied by Hilary & Ruth Vanderbloemen, Marcie Baer and Jenny Posny on Aug. 30, 1981, June 6 and 13, 1982.
Typed and proofread by Hilary Vanderbloemen. Cemetery maintained in excellent condition by City of Two Rivers. Established about 1909.

Updated by the Manitowoc Genealogy Society Nov. 2009. Added to this site Feb. 2011.

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Maps of the cemetery



[A-11-6]-Edward A. MELCHERT/1890-1929 (See MELCHERT-have obit), next to:
[A-11-6]-Helen MELCHERT Adams/1892-Apr. 1969 Tombstone, next to:
[A-11-6]-Frank J. Adams/1896-1979 Tombstone	
[Unk-1-20]-[Adams/bur. 1912]

ADENAU: [B]-Shirley M. Adenau/1937-2004 Tombstone

ADERHOLD: [B-23-2]-Doris Aderhold/1919-1993/married Aug. 3, 1941 (2 Jan 1919/18 Mar 1993/SSDI), ossw: [B-23-2]-Norman K. Aderhold/Jan. 12, 1916/Mar. 23, 2009 Tombstone Doris/Norman (information provided by researcher/see contributors page)

AHLGREN: [A-18-11]-Malinda Ahlgren/1921-1984

AHRENS: [A-6-2]-Elmer O./1895-Feb.1957, ossw: [A-6-2]-Helen M./1895-1960 Tombstone Elmer/Helen [A-18-4]-Jerry A./1898-Oct. 1978, ossw: [A-18-4]-Helene/1898-Aug. 1981 [A-18-4]-Jerry A. Ahrens/Pvt US Army/World War I/June 8, 1898/Oct 28, 1978 Tombstone Tombstone Helene/Jerry [A-22-10]-John C./1867-1963 , ossw: [A-22-10]-Augusta/1871-May 1944 Tombstone John/Augusta, next to: [A-22-10]-Elmer John Ahrens/1901-[Aug.]1966 (07 Jan 1901/Aug 1966/SSDI) Tombstone [A-32-6]-Charles H./1874-1947, ossw: [A-32-6]-Amelia P./1881-1960 Tombstone Charles/Amelia [A-32-6]-Lincoln C./1908-Jun. 1964 Tombstone [A-32-12]-Baby boy Ahrens/1965-[Mar.]1965 (Klein & Stangel Funeral Home marker.) [A]-John "Jack" Ahrens/1926-2007, ossw: [A]-Jean Ahrens/1928-2006, ossw: [A]-Neal Ahrens/-1965- Tombstone John/Jean/Neal [B-12-3]-William J./1900-1995 Tombstone, ossw: [B-12-3]-Jermima L./1899-Jan. 1969 Tombstone See SCHINKE

ALBRECHT: [A-21-12]-Herman F. Albrecht/Husband/1875-Jan.1954 Tombstone, next to: [A-21-12]-Ida L. Albrecht/Wife/1875-May 1947 Tombstone [B-14-7]-Clarence H./1917-1982, ossw: [B-14-7]-Evelyn/1923-____, ossw: [B-14-7]-Clarence H./1943-1963 Tombstone Clarence/Evelyn/Clarence

ALLEN: [A-26-3]-Judy Belle Allen/1956-Sept.1956 (Deja & Martin Funeral Home marker.)

ANDERSEN: [B-14-4]-Alan Andersen/1947-1979 Tombstone

ANDERSON: [A-24-8]-Alvin R./1906-Mar.1941, ossw: [A-24-8]-Evelyn/1907-1993 Tombstone Alvin/Evelyn [B-1-3]-David L./June 15, 1922/June 29, 1983/ OM2 US Navy WWII-Korea-Vietnam Tombstone [B-1-3]-Hattie [M.] Anderson/Mother/1899-1957 Tombstone, next to: [B-1-3]-Arthur W. Anderson/Father/1898-Feb.1972 Tombstone [B-14-4]-Paul G./Mar. 16, 1922/Sept. 22, 1989 [B-25-4]-Donald D./1922-Jan.1977, ossw: [B-25-4]-Harriet I. Anderson/1922-2003 Tombstone Donald/Harriet See ANDERSEN

ANDREWS: [B]-Dean C. Andrews/Sept. 1, 1948/Feb. 22, 2007/Fire and Rescue Tombstone

ANKLAM: [A-23-3]-Herman A. Anklam/Father/Dec. 5, 1885/Dec. 16, 1944 Tombstone, next to: [A-23-3]-Ida Anklam/Mother/Oct. 31, 1885/Sept. 11, 1932 Tombstone

ARIENS: [A-7-4]-Ira R./1895-1954 Tombstone, ossw: [A-7-4]-Edith G./1892-Dec. 1979 Tombstone

ARNDT: [B-28-6]-Henry Arndt/1906-1985 Marker

ASCHENBRENNER: [A-30-13]-Herbert/1897-Jul. 1962, ossw: [A-30-13]-Meta/1904-[Dec.] 1991 Tombstone Herbert/Meta


AULIK: [B-41-2]-George L. Aulik/1914-2010, ossw: [B-41-2]-Ethel M. Aulik/1917-2010 Tombstone George/Ethel

AVERY: [A-24-10]-Archie Avery/Father/1880-Apr. 1939 Tombstone, next to: [A-24-10]-Ernestine Avery/Mother/1883-Oct. 1938 Tombstone [A-25-5]-Lorraine Marie Avery/Jan. 26, 1936 Tombstone [B-11-7]-Earl Willard/1914-Nov. 1967 Tombstone, ossw: [B-11-7]-Loretta/1914-1994 Tombstone

[ B ]

BABICH: [B-28-1]-Hazel E. Babich/1920-1986, ossw: [B-28-1]-George/1920-1997 Tombstone Hazel/George

BAETKE: [A-26-3]-Baby [Boy] Baetke/1943-1943 (Klein & Stangel Funeral Home marker.)

BAETZ: [B-5-1]-Evelyn Baetz/1892-Sept. 1961 Tombstone, next to: [B-5-1]-Emerson/Dec. 26, 1906/Sept. 5, 1969, ossw: [B-5-1]-Catherine [B.]/1907-Jun. 1975 Tombstone Emerson/Catherine [B]-E. Patrick Baetz/Mar. 10, 1944/Aug. 10, 2005 Tombstone

BAKER: [A-13-2]-Harvey M./1912-1995, ossw: [A-13-2]-Elva I./1917-2004 (April 1, 1917/Two Rivers/April 27, 2004/Bayfield)/ daughter of William & Meta (Wenholz) Blum Tombstone Harvey/Elva [A-15-4]-[Richard Baker/bur. 02-04-1942] [A-15-4]-William/1871-1929, ossw: [A-15-4]-Caroline/1876-Jan.1958 Tombstone William/Caroline [A-15-4]-Gordon Baker/1904-Nov.1937 Tombstone [B-16-4]-Elsie J. Baker/1906-1996 Tombstone [B-24-8]-Ervin M./1901-1978, ossw: [B-24-8]-Lillian [B.]/1902-1989 Tombstone Ervin/Lillian

BARRETT: [A-25-5]-[Baby Boy Barrett/bur. 05-09-1942] [B-13-3]-Mae Barrett/1897-1978 Tombstone [B-13-3]-James H. Barrett/1885-Jan. 1970 Tombstone [Unk-1-20]-[Doris/bur. 1918]

BARRETTE: [B-14-6]-Joseph H./1915-1969 Tombstone Joseph

BARSCHOW: [A-16-6]-Emma Barschow/1885-Aug. 1926 Tombstone [A-16-6]-George [A.]/1881-1953,[Dec. 1954] ossw: [A-16-6]-Louise/1873-[Feb.]1954 Tombstone George/Louis

BARTEL: [B]-Shirley M. Bartel/1948-2008 Marker

BAUERS: [A-26-5]-Joe Bauers/Minnesota/Pvt 1 Cl 337 Field Arty 88 Div/December 2, 1937 Tombstone

BAUKNECHT: [A-32-5]-Gregory A./Jan. 3, 1957/Sept. 20, 2011/from obit

BEATTY: [B-36-5]-Sean M. Beatty/Jan. 7, 1986/Jan. 25, 2003 Tombstone Photo

BEAUPRE: [B-27-3]-Leroy/1919-May 1979, ossw: [B-27-3]-Inez/1920-____ Tombstone

BECKER: [B-41-4]-Vince Becker/1913-1997, ossw: [B-41-4]-Kay Becker/1915-1994

BEDUHN: [A-8-3]-William C. Beduhn/1891-Nov. 1973, ossw: [A-8-3]-Ina Dorothy Holsen Beduhn/1896-1987 Tombstone William/Ina See HOLSEN

BEECK: [A-21-2]-Walter/1896-1959, ossw: [A-21-2]-Edna/1898-Dec.1944, ossw: [A-21-2]-Olive/1905-[1991] (16 Jun 1906/11 Apr 1991/SSDI), ossw: [A-21-2]-Frederick Raatz/1905-1931 (See RAATZ-have obit) Tombstone Walter/Edna/Olive/Frederick

BEGOLD: [Unk-1-20]-[Carolina/bur. 1914]

BEHNKE: [A-28-8]-Jerome M. Behnke/Wisconsin/Pvt 4144 Qm SVC Co/World WarII/ May 22, 1920-July 13, 1971 Tombstone, next to: [A-28-8]-Hazel Behnke/March 28, 1909/Jan. 29, 1988 Tombstone

BEILKE: [B-12-7]-Bernhard A. Beilke/1894-Jun. 1980 Tombstone

BELLIN: [A-12-10]-William J./Father/1890-Jul.1961, ossw: [A-12-10]-Mother/Gertrude H./1892-1970, ossw: [A-12-10]-Vernal C./Son/1919-Apr.1939 Tombstone William/Gertrude/Vernal [A-14-1]-Mary Bellin 1982 [bur. 02-09-1982/age 2 hr.] Marker see NICHOLSON

BELLING: [A-22-1]-Adeline Belling/Mother/1877-Aug. 1932 Tombstone, next to: [A-22-1]-William Belling/Father/1874-Aug. 1956 Tombstone

BELTER: [B-6-2]-Fred R./1898-1979, ossw: [B-6-2]-Pearl J./1899-Apr. 1976 Tombstone Fred/Pearl

BENESH: [A-24-6]-Anton/1879-Dec. 1975 (Stone should read 1974), ossw: [A-24-6]-Lillian/1895-Dec. 1963 Tombstone Anton/Lillian

BENINGHAUS: [B-40-4]-Romy Beninghaus/July 30, 1934/June 13, 2005 Tombstone

BENSON: [B-15-8]-Oscar K./1905-1978, ossw: [B-15-8]-Marge/1905-Jan.1962 Tombstone O.K./Marge

BERDSELL: [Unk-1-20]-[Rosa/bur. 1912]

BERG: [B-25-7]-Edna E. Berg/nee ENGELLAND/1909-2000 Tombstone Marion Berg/Jan. 10, 1940/Dec. 9, 2009 Tombstone See SORENSEN

BERGE: [A-27-4]-[Edward F. Berge/bur. 08/23/1949]

BERKE: [A-25-4]-Wilhelm Berke/27 Dez 1874/10 Aug 1934 Tombstone

BERMANN: [A-20-8]-Charles [W.] Bermann/1895-Mar. 1982 Tombstone, next to: [A-20-8]-Florence Bermann/1910-Feb.1946 Tombstone, next to: [A-20-8]-Mary M. Bermann/1896-1953 Tombstone

BERNHARDT: [A-21-11]-Agnes A./1900-Nov.1969, ossw: [A-21-11]-George W./1896-1970 Tombstone George/Agnes

BEVER: [A-15-2]-Clarence [A.]/1912-1981, ossw: [A-15-2]-Evelyn [V.]/1913-1987 Tombstone Clarence/Evelyn

BIRR: [A-13-2]-Charles E./1880-Feb.1958, ossw: [A-13-2]-Bertha E./1884-1965 Tombstone Charles/Bertha [A-29-4]-Albert [W.]/1885-Apr.1969, ossw: [A-29-4]-Helen/1887-1973 Tombstone Albert/Helen

BIRRINGER: [A-13-5]-Edward J./1902-May 1982 (15 Aug 1902/May 1982/SSDI), ossw: [A-13-5]-Linda A./1900-1982 Tombstone Edward/Linda

BISHOP: [B-11-1]-Fred G./1885-Aug.1967 (23 Mar 1885/Aug 1967/SSDI), ossw: [B-11-1]-Mildred W./1889-[Jun.]1969 Tombstone Fred/Mildred [Unk]-[Caroline Bishop/bur. 1929]

BLAHA: [B-22-2]-Richard A. Blaha/June 21, 1926/Oct. 27, 1994, ossw: [B-22-2]-June Carol Blaha/Jan. 27, 1927/Dec. 10, 2003 Tombstone Richard/June Photo

BLAKE: [B-22-8]-Elizabeth V. Blake/Mar. 19, 1925/Mar. 11, 2008 Tombstone, next to: [B-22-8]-Earl Guy Blake/Sept. 16, 1921/Feb. 8, 1997 Tombstone

BLAZEI: [A-32-12]-Anton Blazei/1910-1996, ossw: [A-32-12]-Rose Blazei/1907-1995 Tombstone Anton/Rose

BLEEKER: [B-30-1]-Bruce B./1966-1988 Tombstone [B-30-8]-Ivan L. "Ike" Bleeker/May 28, 1940/Apr. 18, 1994 Tombstone


BOEHM: [A-20-4]-John V./1882-Sept. 1952 Tombstone, ossw: [A-20-4]-Bozena/1885-Jun. 1960 Tombstone

BOELTE: [B-12-7]-Arthur J./1893-Aug. 1989 Tombstone, ossw: [B-12-7]-Emma E./1891-Jun.1969 Tombstone

BOESELAGER: [B-20-2]-James Boeselager/1928-2005 Tombstone, ossw: [B-20-2]-Mary Ellen Boeselager/1931-2002 Tombstone

BOETTCHER: [A-26-4]-Lester Boettcher/1925-Oct.1936 Tombstone

BOHM: [B-28-1]-Birdeena F. "Bird"/1908-1989 [bur.10-20-1989/age 81 yrs.] (21 Jun 1908/Oct 1989/SSDI), ossw: [B-28-1]-Elmer A. "Jake"/1905-1987 Tombstone Birdeena/Elmer [B]-LaVern E. “Boomer” Bohm/April 10, 1921/June 20, 2006/ PFC US Army WWII Tombstone Photo

BONESS: [A-13-6]-Herman W./1881-Jul.1961, ossw: [A-13-6]-Anna M./1881-Mar.1953 Tombstone Herman/Anna [A-16-7]-Willard R. "Bill". Boness, Sr./1921-1998 Tombstone [A-16-7]-Willard R. Boness Sr./PFC US Army/World War II/ Jul 20 1921/Jun 7 1998 Tombstone [A-16-8]-Edward C. Boness/24 Feb. 1907/Mar. 23, 1984/ PVT US Army WWII Tombstone, next to: [A-16-8]-Leona H. Boness/Feb. 23, 1903/June 22, 1999 Tombstone [A-16-8]-Raymond F./1919-1986/WWII Veteran [bur. 01-31-1986/age 66 yrs.] (16 May 1919/Jan 1986/SSDI), ossw: [A-16-8]-Eloise M. Boness/Sept. 9, 1926/July 22, 2005 Tombstone Raymond/Eloise [A-16-10]-Herman A. Boness/Dec. 11, 1914/Aug. 28, 1996, ossw: [A-16-10]-Eleanora E. Boness/1915-2007 Tombstone Herman/Eleanora [B-14-5]-Arthur C./1913-1983, ossw: [B-14-5]-Delpha/1925-1982 [bur. 07-27-1982/age 57 yrs.] (20 Apr 1925/Jul 1982/SSDI)Tombstone Arthur/Delpha

BONNIN: [A-25-5]-[Dale Warren Bonnin/bur. 11-16-1935]

BORCHARDT: [A-31-7]-Kenneth [W.] Borchardt/Son/1938-Oct. 1951 Tombstone [A-31-7]-[Dorothy/bur. 03-08-1980/age 74 yrs.] [A-31-7]-[Herman C./bur. 11-10-1980]

BORETSKY: [A-15-12]-Otto/1901-Sept. 1978, ossw: [A-15-12]-Evelyn/1899-Apr. 1980 Tombstone Otto/Evelyn

BORNEMANN: [B-17-3]-Herman A./1887-Jul. 1972, ossw: [B-17-3]-Lovina A./1892-Apr. 1979 Tombstone Herman/Lovina

BOUDA: [A-31-14]-Marcella M. Bouda/1909-1966 Tombstone, next to: [A-31-14]-Wencel/1877-Aug. 1957, ossw: [A-31-14]-Mary/1873-Oct. 1963 Tombstone Wencel/Mary [A-31-14]-Frank P./1902-1982 Tombstone

BRAKHANE: [A-29-5]-Gustave/Nov. 21, 1901/Sept. 7, 1984, ossw: [A-29-5]-Alma/July 9, 1903-June 9, 1996 Tombstone Gustave/Alma

BRALEY: [B-21-1]-Benjamin O./1913-1984, ossw: [B-21-1]-Leona M./1911-1994 Tombstone Benjamin/Leona

BRANDT: [B-41-1]-John A. Brandt/Apr. 11, 1919/Sept. 19, 1987/ 1st SGT US Army WWII Tombstone

BRAULT: [A-9-3]-Ruth C. Brault/1903-1928 [Unk-1-3]-[Mary Therese/bur. 07-11-1936] see SCHROEDER

BRAUNLICH: [A-13-7]-Bernhardt/1862-1943, ossw: [A-13-7]-Marie/1863-Apr.1932 Tombstone Bernhardt/Marie [A-16-9]-William K./1902-Sept. 1980, ossw: [A-16-9]-Viola E./1904-Apr.1975 Tombstone William/Viola

BROECKER: [A-16-4]-[Bertha/bur. 11-03-1932] [A-16-4]-[Frederick/bur. 11-03-1932] [B-12-7]-Carl J./1895-Jun. 1981/Cpl World War I, ossw: [B-12-7]-Pauline/1898-Jul. 1967 Tombstone Carl/Pauline [B-14-3]-Esther Sandow nee Broecker 1901-1991, ossw: [B-14-3]-Gilbert/1905-1987, ossw: [B-14-3]-Paula A./1906-1983 Tombstone Gilbert/Paula Frederick/1850-1894, ossw: Bertha/1851-1880 Tombstone Frederick/Bertha See SANDOW

BROOKS: [B-15-8]-[Baby Girl/bur. 03-01-1966/age 1 Hr.]

BROWN: [B-18-5]-[Roy M./bur. 08-01-1966] see JOHNSON

BRUECHERT: [A-5-1]-Edward F./1882-[Feb.]1968 (20 Jun 1882/Feb 1968/SSDI), ossw: [A-5-1]-Lena/1886-Jul. 1973 Tombstone Edward/Lena [A-12-4]-Otto J. Bruechert/1889-Feb. 1940 Tombstone, next to: [A-12-4]-Lillian H. Bruechert/Mar. 16, 1895/Nov. 15, 1983 Tombstone [A-12-4]-Lucille/1913-1985, ossw: [A-12-4]-Reine Bruechert/1913-1986 Tombstone Reine/Lucille [B-5-4]-Glen H. Bruechert/1937-Nov. 1960 Tombstone [B-5-4]-Earl O./1910-Nov. 1986, ossw: [B-5-4]-Elsie M./1912-1995 Tombstone Earl/Elsie [B-34-8]-Otto E. Bruechert/January 16, 1928/July 23, 1995/ SGT US Air Force WWII Tombstone

BRUEMMER: [B-11-7]-Harold/1901-July 1967, ossw: [B-11-7]-Margaret/1902-2000 (25 Aug 1902/18 May 2000/SSDI), ossw: [B-11-7]-Jean/1928-Apr. 1996 Tombstone Harold/Margaret/Jean

BRUHN: [A-29-6]-Linda M. Bruhn/1888-Nov. 1946 Tombstone [A-29-6]-John F. Bruhn/1884-1957 Tombstone see ZARN

BUCK: [A-32-14]-Fay L./1874-Jul. 1964, ossw: [A-32-14]-Orpha A./Oct. 29, 1896/Mar. 20, 1973 Tombstone Fay/Orpha

BUDWISER: [Unk-1-20]-[Child/bur. 1897/age 6 mo.]

BUEHLER: [B-22-6]-Kenneth A. Buehler/July 16, 1932/Mar. 17, 2005/ SP3 US Army-Korea Tombstone

BUETTNER: [B-28-5]-John A. Buettner/1937-2009, ossw: [B-28-5]-Judith Ann/1940-1990 [bur. 11-19-1990/age 49 yrs.] Tombstone John/Judith

BUHK: [A-19-10]-Ned/1900-Jan. 1956, ossw: [A-19-10]-Hilda/1903-Dec.1980 Tombstone Ned/Hilda [A-32-7]-William F. Sr./1882-Dec. 1951, ossw: [A-32-7]-Louise M./1881-Aug. 1953 Tombstone William/Louise, next to: [A-32-8]-Alfred Buhk/1905-Jul. 1952 Marker

BUNZOW: [A-12-3]-Elmer LANDT/1900-1937, ossw: [A-12-3]-Elsie L./1899-1979, ossw: [A-12-3]-Frank J./Aug. 31, 1907/Dec. 29, 2001 Tombstone Elmer/Elsie/Frank

BURKE: [B]-Eugene F. Burke/June 6, 1939/Dec. 30, 2004 [B]-Lynne C. Burke/nee Matzke/Nov. 3, 1948/May 2, 2005

BURMEISTER: [A]-Charlotte C. Burmeister/Dec. 12, 1940/June 15, 2007 Tombstone Charlotte/Emmanuel [A]-Emmanuel Burmeister/Feb. 11, 1933/Jan. 26, 2014/from obit. [A-1-1]-Alwood/1896-Aug. 1966, ossw: [A-1-1]-Edith/1899-1973 Tombstone Alwood/Edith, next to: [A-1-1]-Elaine/Feb. 12-27/1928, ossw: [A-1-1]-Jane/Oct. 19-Dec. 13/1962 Tombstone Elaine/Jane [B-26-1]-Archie/1901-Nov. 1978, ossw: [B-26-1]-Eleanor/1904-1992 (Eleanor L./18 May 1904/Mar 1992/SSDI) Tombstone Archie/Eleanor

BURNETTE: [A-28-5]-Frank T. Burnette/1881-1946 Tombstone

BUSCHMANN: [A-18-2]-Ernst/1892-1950, ossw: [A-18-2]-Frieda/1893-Sept. 1949 Tombstone Ernst/Frieda [A-18-2]-[Baby Girl/bur. 03-22-1950] [Buschman]

BUVID: [A-31-8]-Esther M./1896-1988 Tombstone [A-32-9]-Harold T. "Buzz"/Apr. 10, 1923/July 1, 1989 Tombstone [Unk-1-8]-[Wilfred/bur. 07-01-1922]

BUZZARD: [B-8-2]-Ruth E. Buzzard/1897-Feb. 1983 Tombstone

[ C ]

CAIN: [A-25-4]-George Cain/1921-Mar. 1931 Tombstone

CANTY: [B]-Marylee H. Canty/Aug. 18, 1949/Mar. 17, 2006 Tombstone

CARLSON: [B-13-1]-Eric/1898-Aug. 1973, ossw: [B-13-1]-Mae/1903-Apr. 1964 Tombstone Eric/Mae

CARRIVEAU: [Unk-1-5]-[Mertell/bur. 04-17-1928]

CARSTENS: [B-14-3]-Emma Carstens/1893-1975 Tombstone, next to: [B-14-3]-Henry Carstens/1895-Jul. 1969 Tombstone

CAULUM: [B-12-5]-Cora Caulum/1890-1970 Tombstone

CHANG: [B-23-8]-Maihoua Vang Chang/June 3, 1968/Nov. 18, 1993 Tombstone

CHASE: [A-18-5]-Harry R. Chase/1883-Sept.1948 Tombstone

CHERNEY: [A-2-3]-Frank [J.]/1884-[May]1957, ossw: [A-2-3]-Sophia/1887-Jan.1958 Tombstone Frank/Sophia

CHERVENY: [A-5-1]-Rita Lois Cherveny/Daughter/1954-Mar.1955 Tombstone [A-5-1]-Milton Cherveny/1916-1999, ossw: [A-5-1]-Adeline Cherveny/1920-2000 Tombstone Milton/Adeline

CHIZEK: [A-23-7]-Family stone [A-23-7]-George P./Father/1886-1963, ossw: [A-23-7]-Clyde E./Son/1910-Dec. 1933,[Clyde Earl] ossw: [A-23-7]-Martha J./Mother/1890-Jul. 1953 Tombstone George/Clyde/Martha

CHOMCZYK: [B-14-4]-Mattie Lou/1927-1983 Tombstone

CHRISTIANSEN: [29-1]-Alfred Christiansen/1895-Feb.1966 Marker

CHRISTOFFEL: [A]-Michael R. Christoffel/May 24, 1954/July 11, 2005 Tombstone

CIELKE: [Unk-1-9]-[Raymond (Baby)/bur. 06-04-1932]

CISLER: [B-34-6]-Earl J. Cisler/Oct. 6, 1920/Mar. 24, 1999/ US Army WWII-Purple Heart, ossw: [B-34-6]-Winnefred Cisler/1925-2001 Tombstone Earl/Winnefred

CLARK: [B-30-4]-Thomas R. Clark/Oct. 5, 1942/July 4, 2002/ US Army-Vietnam, ossw: [B-30-4]-Roselee H. Clark/Sept. 24, 1947/May 10, 2007 Tombstone Thomas/Roselee

CLARKSEN: [B-11-2]-Raymond/1904-Dec. 1971 , ossw: [B-11-2]-Ertel C./1900-May 1987 Tombstone Raymond/Ertel, next to: [B-11-2]-Lowell R./1926-Dec. 1971 Tombstone

CLAYTON: [B-10-2]-Heber/1894-1972, ossw: [B-10-2]-Cecilia M./1897-Nov. 1981 Tombstone Heber/Cecilia, ossw: [B-10-2]-Heber Clayton/Wisconsin/Sgt US Army/World War I/May 15, 1894/Oct 21, 1972 [B-10-2]-Elizabeth A./1922-1986, ossw: [B-10-2]-Owen Edward/June 4, 1920/Aug. 1, 1985/ 1ST SGT US Army WWII Tombstone Owen/Elizabeth [Unk-1-4]-[Baby/bur. 02-02-1932] [Unk-1-7]-[Dale Warren/bur. 07-12-1923] [Unk-1-7]-[David John/bur.07-02-1924] [Unk-1-8]-[Carl/bur. 02-09-1922]


CODY: [B-30-5]-Mary O. Cody/Dec. 16, 1926/Jan. 6, 1997 Tombstone [B-30-5]-Raymond R. Cody/Jan. 5, 1925/June 17, 1991 Tombstone

COLLIER: [A-27-6]-Laurel L. Collier/Indiana/Sgt 46 Inf 9 Div/May 18, 1943 Tombstone

COLLINS: [Unk-1-19]-[D.L./bur. 1920]

CONJURSKI: [B-11-5]-[Chad Eugene/bur. 02-05-1976]

COPE: [B-16-1]-Clarence/1896-1964, ossw: [B-16-1]-Clara/1907-1980 Tombstone Clarence/Clara [B-16-1]-Clarence P. Cope/Wisconsin/Chauffeur 163 Aero Sq/World War I/ Nov 29, 1896-Aug. 19, 1964 [B]-George Cope/1929-2007 Tombstone George/Lorna, ossw: [B]-Lorna R. Cope/Aug. 15, 1934/Sept. 10, 2011

CORNILS: [A-9-8]-Carl/1903-Jul.1961 [A-9-8]-[Regina/bur. 01-15-1964] Tombstone Carl/Regina [A-11-10]-[Violet/bur. 03-25-1936] [A-23-8]-Augustie Cornils/Mother/1867-Sept. 1943 Tombstone, next to: [A-23-8]-John Cornils/Father/1861-Sept.1940 Tombstone, next to: [A-23-8]-Harold Cornils/1908-Aug. 1936 Tombstone

COWLING: [A-32-7]-Fredrick (Fritz) Cowling/April 9, 1929/June 15, 1996/ EM3 US Navy Tombstone

CURNOW: [A-16-2]-[Hertha Curnow/1892-Nov. 1964 see LIEDTKE

CURTIS: [A-12-2]-Leona [KOCH] Curtis/1908-Jun. 1971, ossw: [A-12-2]-Leslie L./1911-Dec. 1981 Tombstone Leona/Leslie Robert W. Curtis/Sept. 3, 1925/Feb. 22, 2011 Tombstone

CUTURIA: [B-11-6]-Leo/1893-Mar. 1982/World War I vet, ossw: [B-11-6]-Irene/1903-Mar. 1986, ossw: [B-11-6]-Leo L./1939-1982 Tombstone Leo/Irene/Leo

[ D ]

DANNER: [B-6-3]-Edmond F./1902-Sept. 1978, ossw: [B-6-3]-Helen A./1906-Jun. 1983 Tombstone Edmond/Helen

DASCHER: [A-25-5]-[Melvin/bur. 12-17-1942/age 19 hr.]

DASSLER: [A-10-3]-[Laura A. Dassler Heide/1901-1990 (Laura Dassler/02 Dec 1901/17 Jan 1990/SSDI) See HEIDE

DAVIS: [B-26-5]-John Robert Davis/S Sgt US Air Force/WW II Korea-Vietnam/ Aug 29 1910/Nov 22, 1975 Tombstone, ossw: [B-26-5]-Natalie E./June 6, 1927/Nov. 10, 1989 Tombstone John/Natalie [Unk-1-21]-[Thomas Davis/bur. 1856]

DAWLEY: [A-24-6]-John M. Dawley/Cpl 15 Minn Inf Sp Am War/ Aug 23 1867/Nov 16 1946 Tombstone, next to: [A-24-6]-Ruth M. Dawley/Apr. 7, 1871/Aug. 31, 1966 Tombstone

DAY: [A-11-5]-Charles Day/Father/1904-Jul.1958 Tombstone, next to: [A-11-5]-Maud Amelia Day/Mother/1878-May 1930 Tombstone, next to: [A-11-5]-Charles T. Day, Sr./Father/1880-Feb. 1948 Tombstone

DE BAUCH: [B-19-8]-Lawrence N./1925-Feb. 1977, ossw: [B-19-8]-Mabel M./1929-Mar. 1990 Tombstone Lawrence/Mabel

DE BAUCHE: [A-27-3]-Bernice De Bauche/1919-Oct.1963 Tombstone [A-27-3]-[Donald Joh./bur. 05-30-1990]

DEBUS: [B-6-2]-Oscar/1908-1975, ossw: [B-6-2]-Paula/1909-Jul.1965 Tombstone Oscar/Paula

DE FOE: [A-9-10]-Rose/1887-Sept. 1977, ossw: [A-9-10]-Ruby C./1912-Feb. 1935, ossw: [A-9-10]-Reuben/1889-Dec. 1964, ossw: [A-9-10]-Roland J./1919-Feb. 1938 Tombstone Rose/Reuben/Ruby/Roland

DE GRAND: [B-10-1]-Michael De Grand/1978-Jan. 1979 Marker

DEJA: [A-2-3]-Betty/1914-2001 Photo, ossw: [A-2-3]-Clarence/1914-Nov. 1986 Tombstone Betty/Clarence

DEKOK: [A]-Arnold A. DeKok/June 25, 1928/Feb. 21, 1998 Photo Photo Tombstone

DELONG: [A-25-5]-Barbara Ann DeLong/Sept. 23-30, 1936 Tombstone [A-25-5]-[Earl (Baby)/bur. 12-08-1933] Norma Jean DeLong/-July 21, 1930- Tombstone Stone

DEMSIEN: [A-10-1]-Albert/1865-May 1940, ossw. [A-10-1]-[Hattie] Hedwig/1880-Apr.1970 Tombstone Albert/Hedwig [A-10-1]-[Ethel Demsien EIS/bur. 04-13-1984/age 79 yrs./Ethyl] (See EIS-have obit) [A-10-9]-Edwin A. Demsien/1899-Jun.1955 Tombstone, next to: [A-10-9]-Lydia MILLER/wife of/Edwin Demsien/1909-Dec.1980 Tombstone [A-12-6]-August Demsien/Nov. 1, 1868/July 11, 1932 Tombstone, next to: [A-12-6]-Christena Demsien/nee SCHROEDER/Sept. 16, 1872/Dec. 10, 1948 Tombstone See EBERT

DENT: [A-19-12]-Olga Dent/Mar. 21, 1913/Aug. 12, 1963 Tombstone [A-25-3]- Clara Dent/1911-Jan. 1931 Tombstone [B-1-6]-Kittie L. Dent/Mother/1884-Jul. 1965 Tombstone [B-18-7]-Woodrow/1913-Jan. 1974, ossw: [B-18-7]-Beatrice/1925-2012 Tombstone Woodrow/Beatrice

DETT: [A-21-10]-Ralph/1900-Feb.1952, ossw: [A-21-10]-Hertha/1902-1984 Tombstone Ralph/Hertha

DEWEY: [A-25-2]-[Rita (Baby)/bur. 12-12-1932] [A-27-1]-Albert [W.]/1893-May 1958, ossw: [A-27-1]-Rose/1899-May 1958 Tombstone Albert/Rose [A-27-2]-Roland C./1926-1990, ossw: [A-27-2]-Arthur/1920-Dec. 1977 Tombstone Roland/Arthur [A-28-2]-Anna T. Dewey/1923-1999 Tombstone


DIEDRICH: [A-20-4]-William/1873-Oct.1945, ossw: [A-20-4]-Bertha/1883-Jun.1969 Tombstone William/Bertha [A-21-10]-Elmer Diedrich/1904-1996 Tombstone [A-21-10]-Elmer C. Diedrich/PFC US Army/World War II/ September 21, 1904/May 7, 1996 Tombstone

DILLON: [B-36-7]-Allen G./1935-2003/Brothers, ossw: [B-36-7]-Gayl L./1945-2008 Tombstone Allen/Gayl

DINSMOOR: [A-13-9]-Mareta Furtney Dinsmoor/1908-2001 Tombstone

DIPPLER: [Unk-1-19]-[Baby/bur. 1911]

DISJARDIN: [B-21-8]-Robert C./1920-Apr. 1981, ossw: [B-21-8]-Lorraine/1920-Apr. 1983 Tombstone Robert/Lorraine

DOBBS: [B-21-7]-Allan J. Dobbs/April 19, 1941/June 28, 2003 Tombstone

DOERFLER: [B-17-7]-Maynard [W.]/1904-Jan.1967, ossw: [B-17-7]-Leona/1910-2002 Tombstone Maynard/Leona

DOHR: [A-32-11]-Theodore A./1904-1983, ossw: [A-32-11]-Rachael A. Dohr/Oct. 6, 1905/Sept. 1, 2004 Tombstone Theodore/Rachael

DOLEYSCH: [Unk-1-9]-[Baby/bur. 1930]

DOLEYSH: [A-20-3]-Wenzel C./1890-Jan. 1977/Father, ossw: [A-20-3]-Mary/1887-Nov. 1945/Mother Tombstone Wenzel/Mary [B-12-2]-Donald Doleysh/1947-Dec. 1967 Tombstone [B]-Wenzel "Jim" Doleysh/Dec. 7, 1917/Mar. 2, 2007 Tombstone [B]-Wilfred "Butch" Doleysh/1926-2008 Tombstone

DOMNITZ: [B-2-5]-Charles/1881-1939, ossw: [B-2-5]-Anna/1886-Oct.1970 Tombstone Charles/Anna, next to: [B-2-5]-Harry T./1905-Dec. 1970, ossw: [B-2-5]-Eva/1905-Dec. 1988 Tombstone Harry/Eva Sheldon "Shelly" Domnitz/1939-2011 Tombstone

DOSE: [A-31-6]-Peter/1867-1957, ossw: [A-31-6]-Bertha/1873-Feb.1952 Tombstone Peter/Bertha [Unk-1-5]-[Baby Boy/bur. 05-04-1928] [Unk-1-5]-[Ruth (Baby)/bur. 05-30-1927]

DRAEGER: [A-25-4]-Minnie Draeger/1851-Mar. 1933 [Wilhelmina] Tombstone

DUFANO: [A-24-2]-Louis J./1861-Nov. 1935, ossw: [A-24-2]-Katherine/1868-1957 Tombstone Louis/Katherine [A-27-7]-Etta DuFano/1903-1960 Tombstone

DUFFY: [A-27-7]-Rose Duffy/1871-1953 Tombstone

DUNN: [B-16-8]-Jennifer Mae Dunn/1961-1965 Tombstone

DURAND: [B-13-6]-Frank A./1916-1995, ossw: [B-13-6]-Rhea F./1917-1969 Tombstone Frank/Rhea

DUSHEK: [B-11-7]-Joseph Dushek/1872-Aug.1967 Tombstone

DUVENECK: [A-16-1]-Emil A./1901-1981, ossw: [A-16-1]-Angeline F./1920-Sept.1965 Tombstone Emil/Angeline [A-18-10]-Ernst/1877-Jun.1964, ossw: [A-18-10]-Emma/1880-Jan.1964 Tombstone Ernst/Emma, next to: [A-18-11]-Carl/1902-Mar. 1957, ossw: [A-18-11]-Malinda/1921-1984 Tombstone Carl/Malinda

DVORAK: [A-21-11]-Stephen/1872-1963, ossw: [A-21-11]-Mary/1879-1944 Tombstone Stephen/Mary

[ E ]

EBERHARDT: [Unk]-[Fannie Eberhardt/bur. 03-03-1931]

EBERT: [A-12-6]-Frank Ebert/May 16, 1859/June 4, 1947 Tombstone [A-12-6]-Louise M. Ebert/nee Demsien/Sept 16, 1866/Jan. 17, 1961 Tombstone [B-15-4]-Henry/1911-Dec. 1982, ossw: [B-15-4]-Celeste [C.]/1908-Jul. 1984 Tombstone Henry/Celeste see DEMSIEN

ECKARDT: [B-23-8]-Marcel V./1905-Nov. 1979, ossw: [B-23-8]-Louise E./1905-May 1988 Tombstone Marcel/Louise [B-12-3]-Herman E./1902-1982, ossw: [B-12-3]-Helen K./1912-Jan. 1970 Tombstone Herman/Helen

ECKSTEIN: [B-43-1]-Gilbert E. Eckstein/Mar. 31, 1925/Mar. 20, 1996/ US Navy WWII Tombstone Tombstone

EGGERT: [Unk-1-3]-[Baby/bur. 01-04-1936]


EIS: [A-10-1]-(Ethel Eis/bur. Apr. 13, 1984)/See Demsien [A-22-5]-Elmer/1902-Mar. 1981, ossw: [A-22-5]-Betty (Elizabeth Eis)/Aug. 8, 1920/June 19, 1995 Tombstone Elmer/Betty See DEMSIEN See HARTMAN

ELFNER: [B-13-8]-Sylvia A. Elfner/1908-1996 Tombstone [B-13-8]-Hugo A. Elfner/1895-Oct. 1979 Tombstone

ELLER: [A-13-5]-Hilda Eller/1914-Nov. 1932 Tombstone, next to: [A-13-5]-Minnie Eller/Mother/1878-Jul.1940 Tombstone [A-15-11]-Wilbert/1906-May 1970, ossw: [A-15-11]-Jeanette [I.]/1913-[Dec.] 1989 (06 Apr 1913/09 Dec 1989/SSDI) Tombstone Wilbert/Jeanette [A-17-4]-August Sr./1904-1982, ossw: [A-17-4]-Mary Eller/1919-1994 Tombstone August/Mary [A-26-5]-August Eller/Father/1858-Aug. 1940 Tombstone [Unk-1-10]-[Baby Eller/bur. 1917]


ELLINGBOE: [B-5-3]-Edward/1893-Jul. 1966 Photo, ossw: [B-5-3]-Clara/1893-Nov. 1980 Tombstone Edward/Clara

ELLIOTT: [25-3]-[Steve Elliott/bur. 02-19-1931] [Unk.]-(Josephine (Allen) Elliott/spouse of Stephen Elliott/d. July 27, 1885/no stone)

EMLER: [Unk-1-19]-[Franz Emler/bur. 1901/age 70 yrs.]

EMOND: [B-19-1]-Harold [Paul]/1923-[Jun.]1979 (7 Jan 1923/Jan 1979/SSDI), ossw: [B-19-1]-Marian V./1925-Jul. 1987 Tombstone Harold/Marian

ENDRIES: [A-28-5]-Myrtle Endries/May 29, 1900/Feb. 6, 1944 Tombstone

ENGELBRECHT: [A-22-11]-Frances E. Engelbrecht/1901-1986 [A-22-11]-William C. Engelbrecht/1898-1986 Tombstone Frances/William [A-22-11]-[William Engelbrecht/bur. 08-30-1984] [A-23-6]-Sandra Ann Engelbrecht/1939-Jan. 1942, ossw: [A-23-6]-Herbert Engelbrecht/June 18, 1913/May 16, 1993 Tombstone Sandra/Herbert [A-24-8]-Herman/1873-Sept. 1947, ossw: [A-24-8]-Albertina/1879-Aug. 1949 Tombstone Herman/Albertina [B-29-6]-Glenn P. Engelbrecht/November 6, 1935/April 14, 1996 US Coast Guard Tombstone Tombstone

ENGELDINGER: [A-22-9]-Joyce E./1920-1991 [bur. 03-29-1991/age 70 yrs.] (31 May 1920/Mar 1991/SSDI), ossw: [A-22-9]-Paul A. Engeldinger/1920-2006 Tombstone Joyce/Paul

ENGELLAND: [A-30-10]-William F./1876-Feb. 1955, ossw: [A-30-10]-Bertha/1875-Jul. 1955 Photo Tombstone William/Bertha [B-1-5]-William H./1901-Jan. 1966 Photo, ossw: [B-1-5]-Linda/1904-May 1959, ossw: [B-1-5]-Robert James RUOHO/May 25, 1973 (See RUOHO have obit.), ossw: [B-1-5]-Mary Engelland/Oct. 20, 1965 Tombstone William/Linda/Robert/Mary [B-27-2]-Arthur H. Engelland/1911-Dec. 1978 Tombstone [B]-Henry Engelland/June 28, 1914/Mar. 5, 2007, ossw: [B]-Hazel Engelland/Jan. 14, 1916/Jan. 18, 2007 Tombstone Henry/Hazel Jeffrey A. Engelland/BT2 US Navy/Persian Gulf/ Mar. 6, 1967/June 13, 2010/"Gone But Not Forgotten"/ "Loving Father Son Brother" Tombstone See BERG

ERICKSON: [A-26-3]-[Baby Girl/bur. 10-21-1948/age 2 hr.] [A]-Marge Erickson/Mar. 16, 1932/Feb. 25, 2007 Tombstone [B-1-4]-August/Mar. 25, 1888/July 30, 1965, ossw: [B-1-4]-Agnes/1903-Sept. 1979 Tombstone August/Agnes [B-29-3]-Paul V. Erickson/1933-1992 Tombstone

ERNST: [A-23-11]-[Baby Girl/bur. 04-08-1958/age 1 hr.]

EUCKE: [A-23-6]-John/1891-Feb.1967, ossw: [A-23-6]-Martha/1890-Jan.1955 Tombstone John/Martha

EVANS: [B-25-3]-Charles J. LEPSCH Evans/Pfc US Marine Corps/ World War II/Sep 15 1907/Sep 7 1975 Tombstone

[ F ]

FAMEREE: [B-17-4]-George J./July 10, 1903/Jan. 16, 1992, ossw: [B-17-4]-Agnes M./1910-Dec. 1979 Tombstone George/Agnes

FANSLAU: [A-27-3]-August/1897-Nov. 1976, ossw: [A-27-3]-Evelyn/1904-Feb. 1987 Tombstone August/Evelyn [Unk]-[Albert Fanslau/bur. 06-24-1930]

FAY: [A-10-7]-Raymond Fay/1906-1949, ossw: [A-10-7]-Elizabeth Fay/1914-2001, ossw: GROVER Tombstone Raymond/Elizabeth/Edna/Henry/Selma See GROVER

FEISTEL: [B-4-1]-Louis C./1896-Feb. 1975, ossw: [B-4-1]-Ethel M./1901-1960 Tombstone Louis/Ethel

FENCIL: [B-9-1]-Charles L./1909-1998 Tombstone, ossw: [B-9-1]-Helen A./1910-1994 Tombstone [B]-Lee C. Fencil/Aug. 17, 1943/Sept. 16, 2006 Tombstone See PITTMAN

FENCL: [Unk-1-1]-[Baby/bur. 09-11-1935]

FERRY: [B-30-1]-Lester J. Ferry/July 18, 1930/October 26, 2001/ SGT 24th INF US Army-Bronze Star Photo [B-30-1]-Rose M. Ferry/June 11, 1929/April 9, 2002 Tombstone

FIDLER: [A-30-3]-Marie Hanson Fidler/Jan. 19, 1914/April 10, 1949, ossw: [A-30-3]-Amy Hanson/-April 9, 1962 Tombstone Marie/Amy See HANSON-have obit

FINK: [A-30-2]-Frederick/1906-1988, ossw: [A-30-2]-Hulda/1908-1977 Tombstone Frederick/Hulda, next to: [A-30-2]-Friedrich/1874-Aug. 1952, ossw: [A-30-2]-Paulina/1877-Aug. 1952 Tombstone Friedrich/Paulina

FLENTJE: [A-24-12]-Charles H./1882-Aug. 1929, ossw: [A-24-12]-Mary B./1887-Jun. 1956 Tombstone Charles/Mary [Unk-1-2]-[Baby Girl/bur. 05-12-1938]

FLESSERT: [B-6-4]-Arthur C./1902-1996, ossw: [B-6-4]-Lydia M./1905-Sept. 1980 Tombstone Arthur/Lydia

FORTIN: [A-25-2]-Andrew Dean Fortin/1924-Jul.1932 Tombstone [A-25-5]-[Baby Fortin/bur. 02-06-1936] [A-24-4]-Andrew Fortin/1901-Aug.1959 Tombstone, next to: [A-24-4]-Gertrude Fortin ZIMMERMAN/1903-[Jan.]1978 (18 Mar 1903/Jan 1978/SSDI) Tombstone [Unk-1-5]-[Baby Fortin/bur. 05-14-1928]

FRANK: [A-21-1]-[August Frank/bur. 10-11-1933/age 45] [A-21-1]-August Frank/Father/1837-1882 Tombstone, next to: [A-21-1]-Caroline Frank WILLERT/Mother/1846-Sept. 1933, next to: [A-21-1]-Anna Frank/1873-1888 Tombstone [A-21-1]-[Anna Frank/bur. 10-11-1933/age 11] [B-28-6]-Edwin H. Frank/Nov. 4, 1915/Oct. 25, 1990, ossw: [B-28-6]-Eva Florence/Mar. 4, 1917/Sept. 16, 1984 Tombstone Edwin/Eva [B]-Jeffrey C. Frank/May 24, 1959/Nov. 9, 2007/ SGT Marine US Army-Persian Gulf [B]-Louis A. Frank/Sept. 24, 1917/Sept. 20, 2007/ CPL US Army WWII See WILLERT-have obit

FRANZMEIER: [A-15-12]-Otto L./1897-Dec. 1980, ossw: [A-15-12]-Angeline/1900-Jan. 1981 Tombstone Otto/Angeline

FRASCH: [B-11-4]-Ricky Gene Frasch/1954-Apr. 1973 Tombstone [B-23-1]-Ira Edward Frasch/May 23, 1919/Apr. 27, 1990/ PFC US Army WWII Tombstone [B-24-1]-Harvey L. Frasch/June 2, 1926/Feb. 12, 1974 Tombstone, ossw: [B-24-1]Harvey L. Frasch/Sgt US Army/Jun 2, 1926/Feb 12, 1974, next to: [B-24-1]-Edna E. Frasch/July 15, 1931/Feb. 12, 1974 Tombstone [B-24-7]-Eugene C./Aug. 2, 1929/July 26, 1989/PFC US Army-Korea Tombstone, next to: [B-24-7]-Candice Frasch/1953-2005 Marker [Unk-1-7]-[Norbert (Baby)/bur. 04-05-1923]

FREA: [B-24-6]-Sandra Lynn Frea/1952-1986 Tombstone

FREDRICKSON: [B-41-1]-John Fredrickson/1910-1991, ossw: [B-41-1]-Ruth Fredrickson/1910-1993 (5 Aug. 1910/10 July 1993/SSDI) Tombstone John/Ruth

FREED: [B-11-3]-Mabel Freed/1923-1985 (2 Feb. 1923/Nov. 1985/SSDI) Tombstone Henry K. Freed/1920-2010 Tombstone


FRENZ: [A-17-1]-Erwin/1898-Jul.1956, ossw: [A-17-1]-Emma E./1899-1965 Tombstone Erwin/Emma [B-28-3]-Donald Ervin Frenz/February 23, 1928/September 1, 1999/ SGT US Army-Korea, ossw: [B-28-3]-Audrey E./May 18, 1927/Aug. 26, 1990 Tombstone Donald/Audrey [Unk-1-19]-[Ada Frenz (Baby)/bur. 1899/age 14 mo.]

FREYE: [A-17-3]-Walter M./1885-Jul.1953, ossw: [A-17-3]-Louise/1885-May 1956 Tombstone Walter/Louise

FRICK: [A-29-3]-Stanley [E.]/1900-Mar.1957, ossw: [A-29-3]-Nora/1898-1964 Tombstone Stanley/Nora

FRISBIE: [B-29-8]-Margaret E. Frisbie/1887-1988/on tombstone "Gregulevitz"

FROELICH: [B-4-1]-George/1888-Nov.1961, ossw: [B-4-1]-Augusta/1892-Apr. 1979 Tombstone George/Augusta, next to: [B-4-1]-LaVerne/1915-2012, ossw: [B-4-1]-Leola/Oct. 15, 1917/Oct. 2, 2007 Tombstone LaVerne/Leola

FUNK: [A-19-12]-Henry P. Funk/Father/1900-Oct.1942 Tombstone, next to: [A-19-12]-Erna E. Funk/Mother/1910-Feb.1956 Tombstone [Unk-1-3]-[Baby Funk/bur. 05-06-1936]

FURTNEY: [A-13-9]-Daisy ATKINSON Furtney/1880-Nov.1946 Tombstone See DINSMOOR Back to Top